Hi! This is the page in which artwork of the characters can be found. =)
The purpose of this page is to provide space for pics which are drawn by us for the character, rather than taken from an anime/rpg series which reflects the spirit of the character. =)
Here, you can find art drawn by either the players, or other people... however, we're always looking for more! If you like VayRPG, draw a picture of your favourite character and sent it in, and I'll post it! ^_^


Alen looks forward, seriously...
Artist: Alen


Phoebe smiles innocently.
Artist: Mia Ausa


Pottle stands, ready for battle.
Artist: Locke

Young Pottle looks rather kawaii.
Artist: Locke


It's Tara the Mighty!
Artist: Storen

Group Art

Cast of VayRPG
Artist: Locke

Remy and Gwen embrace
Artist: Locke

Arcus and Natalya enjoying the sunset
Artist: Locke