Neme Hauberk

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Neme is a thirteen year-old Nazan girl fumbling through the first few years of her adolesence. She has a sort of boyish appearance that isn't helped by her slight frame. Her dark brown hair is fairly straight and kinda long, she often ties it back into a big ponytail or sometimes braids it. Her eyes aren't quite as dark has her hair, but also share the same coloring, and are remarkably piercing when she wants them to be. One of the taller members of her race, she stands at just under 4' 5". (Slightly more than, if you count her ears. ^_^)

Lastly, she has a tail, which is her pride and joy. Her tail is nearly two feet in length, easily reaching down past her knees if it's still. Her tail is like that of a fox's tail, being moderately bushy. It's the same color as her hair, except for the tip, which is white. Her tail is almost always moving, and is an ideal way to judge her mood by watching the way she moves it. Although most of the time, it reacts to her subconsious, she can make an effort to make it do what she wants relatively easy. She hates when people touch it, especially to try to stop her from moving it.

Neme wears a heavy furred cap that hear ears poke out in front of. Likewise, she wears heavy furred gloves with her claws strapped over them, and furred moccasins on her feet. Other than that, she usually just wears a heavy leather jerkin that has a really short skirt. She also tries to sinch it about her waist as best she can, in a self-concious attempt to look a little more feminine.

Neme is very much a tomboy, and she's very happy with her rough and tumble life. Other than that, her mood is empathetic, tending to vary depending upon what's around her at the time. If she's cast in the role of leader, she tends to have a very take-charge attitude, but in presence of an overwhelming authority figure, she becomes somewhat subdued. Towards individual people, she too tends to be empathetic, making it really easy for her to become friends with people because she seems to turn out exactly the way they want her to be. If however, the person tries to change her too quickly, she often digs her heels in, becoming very stubborn, mean and uncooperative. Even surroundings have an effect on her. She's much happier in brighter places and open spaces than she is in a more dank place such as a cave. It's not known if her natural empathy is a concious act on her part, or if she is oblivious to this impressionable state.

Neme doesn't have much in terms of an exciting past, she was born to a Nazan couple thirteen years past. Her mother died during childbirth, leaving Neme in the care of her father, who was a forgesmith of notable skill. Four years later, he would die in a stable accident at a neighbor's homestead, trampled by a horse. After that, Neme was sent to live with her grandparents in the nearby town of Pleasant Hill.

Four years old, Neme grew up in somewhat of an uneventful household. Her grandmother was a simple homemaker with strong ideas on how Neme should carry herself; and her grandfather was a kind old furrier.

Her grandfather made it easy for the young Nazan to rebel, often allowing her to get away with things that would make other parents aghast. Neme took full advantage of this, and started down the adventuring and seemingly carefree path that she follows today.

Not more than three years after moving to Pleasant Hill, Neme became attached to Tara Hallowood, a human girl who lived nearby. The two quickly bonded, becoming inseperable friends and adventuring companions.

Most recently, Neme was on one of her countless adventures (Tara was grounded because of their adventure the week before.) and she happened to travel a little bit further away from the town then she usually did when Tara was with her. It was on this journey that she came across a place that wasn't quite a place. A glade that just didn't quite "feel" right to Neme. Here she met a serpentine incarnation of the Sage Kahdega, to whom she became deeply mentally intwined and bonded to. Another event also took place, but Neme hasn't talked about it. After returning home, Neme tried to bring her Grandfather back to the place, but no matter how hard she looked, she could not find it again.




Occupation: Would-be Master Adventurer & Seeker of Fortune


Age:      13
Hair:     Brown
Eyes:     Brown
Height:   4'5
Weight87 lbs.

Combat Orientation (2 attack, 2 skills, best weapons/armor)


Muscle-         24
Stamina-        16
Intelligence-   19
Talent-             5
Dexterity-         9
Agility-           17


Weapon(s): Claws



-Claw Techs
- Fusion Techs (?)


Player : Bahamut