VayRPG Session 21: Lashing Out

Dance and Meka returned ^_^

Session Start: Fri Jul 10 18:43:07 1998

<Gwen> >> As soon as Odessa showed up, she happily escorted you all to some nice prison cells. But guess what? The spotlight insn't on you right now, it's on two other people! Wait your turn!
<Gwen> >> Meanwhile, Dance has finally found a boat back to the mainland of Lorath. He stayed back on the island to train himself, and is now at the Jeffle Inn entertaining people. ^_^
<Gwen> >> Meka, on the other hand, is trying to catch up with the others. Coincidentally, she's also in Jeffle...
<Dance> Come one and all. See amazing acrobatic feats that you thought only the girls could do!
* Dance backflips to the splits.
<Gwen> Girl: You're a hermathodite?
<Meka> Dammit, I thought Pottle told them not to let me out of their sight!
<Dance> No!
<Gwen> Girl: Oh. -_-
* Meka curses loudly!
<Gwen> Boy: That guy is soooo cool! ^_^
* Dance stops in mid-routine.
<Gwen> Boy: Hey! Don't stop!
* Dance stands and stares at a semi-familiar face.
<Meka> ... Dance?
<Dance> Meka?
<Dance> MEKA!
<Gwen> Boy: Dammit! Don't stop! ;_; If you stop, I gotta go back to work!
* Dance jumps off the stage, throwing a coin at the boy, and runs to hug Meka.
<Meka> Do you have ANY clue where the others have gone?
* Meka hugs him.
<Gwen> Girl: We won't see anymore hermathodite action. (Snicker)
<Gwen> Boy: Oh boy! :D
<Dance> No. I just goit back to the mainland myself.
* Meka sighs...
<Meka> And Pottle COULDN'T carry out my "sentence" back there...
<Gwen> >> A boy coughs.
* Dance uses a slight bit of projection on the annoying girl.
<Gwen> Boy: Excuse me?
<Dance> Yes?
<Gwen> Girl: OW!!!
<Gwen> Boy: I think I know where they are. They need help.
<Gwen> Boy: My name's Mylo!
* Meka looks at the boy...
<Dance> How do you know who THEY are?
<Gwen> Mylo: Cuz I was with them :P
<Gwen> Mylo: I'm an apprentice to the all powerful Remy! =D
<Meka> So was I... Was there an elf guy named Pottle with them?... All powerful Remy? *laughs!*
<Gwen> Mylo: It's true!! :(
<Gwen> Mylo: Anyway, they got caught by this Odessa chick! I saw! Then I ran here!!
<Meka> Heh...
<Dance> Nevermind. Where are they?
<Gwen> Mylo: Lorath Castle!
<Dance> Again?
<Meka> Lorath Castle. Oh SHIT.
<Dance> Why?
<Gwen> >> You hear someone bitching at the annoying girl.
<Meka> Uh????
<Gwen> Girl: Where did you get that outfit! That's MINE!
<Sabrina> Your's?!
<Gwen> Girl: You stole my outfit, bitch!!
<Sabrina> What are you talking about, you fucking scum bag?!
<Dance> I recognize that voice.
<Sabrina> This is MY outfit!
<Gwen> Girl: Get lost, you whore hillbilly!!
<Dance> I think...
<Sabrina> Hillbilly?!
<Sabrina> You should be one to talk, white trash!
<Gwen> Girl: Yeah, you sure smell lke a sow!
* Dance walks up behind annoying girl and taps her on the shoulder.
<Sabrina> Yeah? Well you smell like a piece of shit!
<Meka> Sabrina!
<Gwen> Girl: Go take a bath, smelly shit bitch!
* Dance eyes glow as he begins to work some magic again.
<Gwen> Girl: WHAT!!!!
<Gwen> Girl: This isn't your issue, hermathodite!
* Dance uses projection on full.
* Meka's eyes flash...
<Gwen> Girl: AHHHH!!! (Smash!)
<Meka> I wouldn't pick on people you don't know, little girl.
<Gwen> Girl: Help help! I'm being repressed!! Help help!
<Dance> You should treat your elders and those who are more intelligent than you with mroe respect.
<Gwen> Girl: What the hell do you mean by elders? I'm thirty!
<Gwen> Mylo: O_o
<Dance> Then act like it.
<Gwen> Girl: Whatever! I'm like, outta here.
<Meka> Act like your age, not your shoe size!
<Dance> You sound like a 15 year old.
<Gwen> Girl puffs up her hair in a very snotty fashion.
<Meka> ... Although your shoe is kinda big. -_-
<Gwen> Girl: Screw you guys, I'm going home!
<Gwen> Girl splits.
* Dance takes the girls hair in his hands to stop her.
<Meka> I would enjoy a screw very much, just not with you! *shouting*
<Gwen> Girl: Ahh, what the fuck is your issue? You have issue problems!!
* Dance ties hair in a knot an and shoves it in her mouth.
<Meka> You have an attitude problem!
<Gwen> Girl: O_O
<Dance> You can go home now.
<Meka> Goooo Dance!
<Gwen> Girl: Mgughgrugh!!
<Gwen> Girl leaves!
<Sabrina> Yeah, and.....and......Yeah!
<Gwen> Mylo: That was fun. =D
<Sabrina> Step to that!
<Dance> Hey-lo Sabrina.
<Gwen> Mylo: But the others need help. :/
<Dance> When is that thing due? Not soon I hope, because we have friends to rescue.
<Sabrina> I don't know.
<Gwen> Meka dissapears....
<Gwen> Mylo: ^_^ Follow me!
<Dance> Hey! Where'd Meka go?
<Gwen> Mylo: I dunno. She always does least that's what Remy told me. =D
* Sabrina shrugs.
<Gwen> Mylo: Remy is so cool. ^_^
<Sabrina> I'm hungry.
<Dance> Nevermind, we'll find her later. She reappears when we least expect it.
<Sabrina> No he's not.
<Gwen> Mylo: :P
<Sabrina> You're idolizing the wrong person, kid.
<Gwen> Mylo: Humph. :P
* Dance hands Sabby a biscuit and drags her out the door.
<Gwen> Mylo: Wait for me!!!
<Dance> Come on.
<Sabrina> That guy thinks he's so funny and suave. If he were suave, he'd been beating that bitch Gwen with his dick!

<Gwen> >> MEANWHILE!

<Gwen> >> Our other heroes are happily sitting in a cell. Well, actually, there not very happy, but oh well.
* Jade rakes her claws along the cell door...
<Gwen> Teefa paces.
<Gwen> Teefa: I am so stupid. I should have known this would happen!
* Alen walks around the room, tripping over somebody every so often.
* Remy idly plays cards by himself :P
* Arcus sits against the wall, lightly stroking Zeth's back, thinking to himself.
* Gwen sits by Remy.
<Alen> So should we. ^_^
<Gwen> So how do we get out of here?
<Alen> But we should be thankful. =)
<Jade> God damn it.
* Jade punches the bars.
<Remy> Good question, chere....mebbe we'll be rescued heroically?
<Alen> This is pretty good as far as prisons go! ^_^
* Adek is standing, gripping one of the bars of the door, shaking his head.
* Remy raises an eyebrow at Gwen.
<Gwen> Teefa: Bet my sister is off %*^(& Jeal right now.
* Gwen shudders at the thought.
<Remy> 'dats a mental picture I don' need right now, Teefa... :P
<Adek> I can't believe we let her get the better of us like that.. DAMN! If I hadn't been poisoned..
<Gwen> Teefa: Get used to it. I'm positive we'll be shipped to Ossyk soon.
<Alen> Why don't we get out before that then? =)
<Gwen> Teefa: Then things will get really bad.
* Remy hrrms and flips an Ace between his fingers. "We'll get out somehow."
<Jade> We are going to get out of here.
<Jade> Okay?
<Gwen> We'd better.
* Jade paces.
<Gwen> Or else...
<Alen> I've got a plan! ^_^
<Remy> Have a little faith, chere. ^_-
* Gwen hugs Remy.
* Remy returns the hug. ^_^
<Gwen> Phoebe: Hmm? What Alen?
<Alen> Let's call the guard...
<Gwen> You think the guard is gonna let us out?
<Alen> And I'll pretend I'm sick...
<Gwen> Ha!
<Alen> And when the guard comes in, we go out. =D
* Arcus grins slightly.
<Gwen> That won't work.
<Gwen> Will it?
* Alen puffs up proudly. ^_^
* Remy stares at Alen for a few minutes. "It might."
<Remy> If done right.
<Alen> It's worked before. ^_^
<Arcus> Let's try it, the worst that can happen is we fail and get killed. ^_-
<Remy> Hell yes, Arcus!
<Gwen> Call for the guard.
<Gwen> Phoebe: (Whistles) GUARD!!!
<Arcus> Can somebody here froth at the mouth at will? ^_-
* Remy readies his fist and waits by the door. ^_^;
* Alen throws himself on the floor and begins to emit weird oogly noises. O_o
* Remy raises an eyebrow at Alen's acting :P
<Alen> Bloobloobloo o_o
<Gwen> He's gonna vomit! Oh heavens. :P
<Arcus> What a terrible tragedy. ^_-
<Alen> WAAAH!
<Jade> When the guard comes in, I can stab him in the stomach...
<Remy> Guard! 'deres somethin' seriously wrong wit' 'dis dude!
<Alen> It's buurning inside... ;_;
* Remy looks at Jade. "Wit' what? Your fist?"
<Gwen> Her killer nails, I'd wager.
<Alen> Hack... cough... bloo...
* Jade waves her claws at Remy...
<Remy> Killer nails?
<Jade> I don't have fists, dear.
* Remy blinks and raises an eyebrow.
<Alen> I'm in desperate need of help O_O
<Remy> Aaaah..
<Bahamut> Guard: ...seriously wrong... right... he looks good...!
<Arcus> Zeth could bite him. ^_-
<Bahamut> Guard: ...for a prisoner.
<Alen> Oh agony! Oh tummy ache!!
* Gwen rolls her eyes.
<Remy> C'mon, Guard! Lookit 'im!
* Alen writhes violently.
<Jade> What harm could it possibly do for you to take him out of the cell and to have him looked at?
<Bahamut> Guard: He's less than 50% puss! What are you complaining about!
<Jade> He's not ARMED...
<Jade> It's not like he could hurt you...
* Alen extends a feverish hand towards a wall.
<Gwen> . o O (He should sticka a finger in his mouth to puke...)
<Alen> Waaahhh :_:
<Jade> And would you really want one of your prisoners to die? You could get fired.
<Bahamut> Guard: Now, I suggest you shut up, before I have him so that his life is really in danger!
<Bahamut> Guard: I'll beat him into within a bloody inch of his life, if you don't shut up!
<Alen> I'm dying.... ;_;
<Jade> I dare you!
<Alen> HEELP!
<Gwen> Phoebe: Pat pats Alen *Psst! Puke!*
<Remy> Yeah! You t'ink we're scared of you, chien?!
* Jade taunts the guard repeatedly.
<Bahamut> Guard: Shut your hole, you bitch!
* Alen coughs.
<Jade> Why don't you come shut it for me, you testically-deficient dog?
<Alen> . o O ("Bloo --;")
<Gwen> Teefa rolls her eyes.
* Arcus laughs!
<Alen> Oh... ugh....
* Gwen laughs.
* Remy snickers..
* Alen makes gagging noises.
* Adek moves over next to Phoebe, and mutters to her. "Think magic would work.. nail the guard right through the bars?"
* Alen manages to vomit something out... -_-;
<Gwen> Phoebe: I don't know...
<Gwen> Phoebe chants silently.
<Alen> Hack... hack... man that sucked.... heeelp ;_;
* Gwen pat pats Alen "Oh look what you're doing to this poor little boy."
* The Guard walks away, his laugher echoing down the hallway. "Shout, scream all you like... you're gonna stay right where you are... and you're all gonna die! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
<Gwen> Phoebe: Dammit!
* Jade sighs...
<Alen> Some kindred soul... heeeelp!! ;_;
* Gwen hefts Alen up. "It's over."
<Alen> Boo =/
<Gwen> Phoebe hugs Alen. "We'll never get out. :/"
<Gwen> Teefa: ...
<Alen> ......
<Jade> Maybe we can break the bars...
<Adek> If we can lure one back here..
<Alen> I'll think of something else. ^_^

<Gwen> >> Meanwhile!

<Gwen> >> Dance and Sabrina are outside of the castle. Like the rest of you, however, they run into the problem of the front gate being locked.
<Dance> Mylo, how are we going to get into the dungeon?
<Gwen> Mylo: Well, last time, Alexis climbed up and opened the gate.
<Sabrina> How are we going to get into the castle, is our first problem...
<Gwen> Mylo: But Alex isn't here.
<Dance> No, but I am.
<Sabrina> All your's Dance.
<Dance> Thank you.
* Dance quickly checks for guards.
<Gwen> Mylo: ^_^ Climb up that wall!
* Sabrina eats her biscuit sloppily.
* Dance climbs the wall.
<Gwen> Mylo: . o O (Pig :/ )
<Dance> Now... Where's the gate release?
<Dance> Hmm...
<Gwen> >> You see guards talking to a female general! They're walking your way! You need to hide!
* Dance looks for a place to hide..
<Gwen> >> The top of the castle is strikingly bare, but there is a small box you could hide in or behind.
* Dance hides in the bow.
<Gwen> >>The woman stops right in front of you, but she does not notice you.
<Gwen> Odessa: Is everything prepared, Issak?
<Gwen> Issak: But of course. (He kisses her hand)
* Sabrina goes to a bush and throws up her partially digested biscuit.
<Gwen> Odessa: Excellent. I want to oversee their deportation myself.
<Gwen> Issak: You have all of them?
<Gwen> Odessa: Almost all of them.
* Sabrina walks back to Mylo after wiping the corners of her lips.
<Gwen> Mylo: ew...
<Sabrina> What?
<Gwen> Mylo: Nothing.
<Sabrina> What's taking him so long?
<Gwen> Odessa: C'mon Issak. You KNOW you want to see them get tourtured before the trip. You love bloodlust.
<Gwen> Issak: Well....
<Gwen> Issak lips form into a small grin. "All right."
<Gwen> Odessa: Excellent. Men! Follow me!
* Sabrina straps on her claws. "I'm going up after him." She looks at the size of the wall. "Nevermind...I wouldn't be able to get 1 foot off the ground."
<Gwen> Odessa and her crew leave the area. Only one guard remains. You could take him on, if necessary.
* Dance tries to sneak around behind the guard.
<Gwen> Guard: Who's there? O_o
<Gwen> Guard: O_o M...mommy?
* Dance tries to shift his voice around.
<Gwen> Guard: O_o AHHH! Mommy!!!
<Dance> Just a lonely ghost...
<Gwen> Guard: O_o Wh..what do you want?!
<Gwen> Guard swings at empty air.
<Dance> You to leave, after telling me where the keys to the dungeon are.
<Dance> The people there are so noisy. I just want some peace and quiet.
<Gwen> Guard: H--Here! Take them! Just don't hurt me!!!!!
<Dance> Thanks. Leave them where you stand, and leave.
<Gwen> Guard throws the keys down to the ground, running off like the pansy he is.
* Dance stops straining his voice.
* Dance picks up the keys and opens the gate.
<Gwen> Mylo: You did it! :D
<Gwen> Mylo runs in!
<Sabrina> It's about time, you slow ass mother fucker!
* Dance snags Mylo's collar.
<Gwen> Mylo: Urk! What what? O_o
<Dance> I had an encounter with Odessa, ok?
<Gwen> Mylo: Did you kick her ass? :D
<Gwen> Mylo: Is it sprayed all over the wall? Can I paint with her behind?
<Dance> No. I shut up. She had someone named Issak with her.
<Gwen> Mylo: Oh. :/
<Dance> I just hid.
<Dance> But, I did get these.
* Dance hold up the keys.
<Sabrina> Shut up, you annoying little piece of shit!
<Gwen> Mylo: The keys! :D But how can we sneak in without them noticing?
<Gwen> Mylo does not like Sabrina. :P
<Dance> By staying quiet and not rushing around like a mouse being chased by a cat!
<Sabrina> You're a fast one, Dance.
<Gwen> Mylo: O...Okay. :(
<Dance> If we're goiging to act like mice, act like the smart ones that are still alive.
<Gwen> Mylo: Mice are smart? O_o
<Dance> Some of them.
* Sabrina rolls her eyes. "All mice are stupid, Mylo! Duh!"
<Gwen> Mylo: Can we go kick ass and chew bubble gum now?
<Sabrina> No, because we're all out of gum.
<Dance> Now let's go. Which way is the dungeon besides down?
<Gwen> Mylo: I don't know! O_O
* Dance heads to the guards' building.
<Gwen> Mylo: Why are we going there?
<Gwen> Mylo: We'll get caught!
<Dance> Because when people build dungeons, they like to post guards. They keep their guards happy by not making them walk across the courtyard at night.
<Gwen> Mylo: Oh.
* Dance tests the door.
<Gwen> >> It's unlocked.
* Dance peers in, but does not enter yet.
<Gwen> Guard: Is that the pizza?
* Sabrina still has her claws on and scratches her ass.
<Dance> Nope, sorry. I'm the maintence man, these are my assistants. Someone said there was lock that needed fixing in the dungeon?
<Gwen> >> Looking in, you see this is only part of the dungeon. There is a long, maze-like hallway that leads into the dungeons.
<Gwen> Guard: Um. No. Sorry. (A sound of a sword being drawn is heard.)
<Gwen> Guard: Listen, you little pranksters, why not go home? Me and my three boys here don't want to cut you up.
<Sabrina> Cut us up? Umm.....I think you're mistaken, fatty.
<Gwen> Guard: I am not fat. I am big boned.
<Sabrina> Yeah, sure. And I'm smart.
<Gwen> Guard: Sure.
<Dance> I'm not a prankster, Just an ordinary man by the name of Kinser.
<Gwen> Guard: ... ..... .... Oh fuck.
* Dance has a strange glint in his eye.
<Gwen> Guard: Go downstairs and tell Issak that we got a problem here!
<Bahamut> Main Guard: Here's the scoop, kiddies. You clear out now, or I'll have your asses rotting in the dungeon so fast your hair'll be flyin' through the wind.
<Dance> You aren't going anywhere!
<Gwen> Guard: Don't you know who this guy is? O_O
* Dance projections the messenger!
* Sabrina makes a fist and lightning crackles.
<Bahamut> Guard: On the contrary, you won't be going anywhere...
<Gwen> Messanger: Ow.
<Gwen> Mylo: O_o
<Bahamut> * Guard unsheaths his sword...

== COMBAT!! ==

<Gwen> Mylo doesn't have a weapon, so he stays to the side.
<Dance> Mylo! Stop that messemger. Sabrina, make this quick and quiet!
<Bahamut> >> Guards (2)
<Gwen> Mylo: Okay!
<Gwen> Mylo rushes off!
* Dance pulls his Bo.
* Sabrina chants and extends her arms far away from each other. A bright wall of lightning forms between her arms and shoots out a the front row.
<Bahamut> >> Sabrina casts ¤Blitz!
<Bahamut> >> Guard 1 takes 52 Damage!
<Bahamut> >> Guard 2 takes 62 Damage!
* Dance bashes the head of Guard 1.
<Dance> Nighty-night!
<Bahamut> >> Dance attacks Guard 1! 18 Damage!
<Bahamut> >> Guard 1 Attacks Dance! 8 Damage!
<Bahamut> >> Guard 2 Attacks Sabrina! 17 Damage!
* Sabrina charges the first guard and slashes in every direction across his gut, stomach, neck, and face.
* Sabrina then does a backflip away from the guard and laughs.
<Bahamut> >> Sabrina uses Tiger Cut! Guard 1 takes 37 Damage!
* Dance goes in low on Guard 1 with his Bo.
<Dance> Kiya!
<Bahamut> >> Dance uses Low Thust against Guard 1! 34 Damage! Guard 1 is dispatched!
<Bahamut> >> Guard 2 attacks Sabrina! Miss!
< >> Sabrina sctracthes her ass!
<Bahamut> >> Sabrina just stands there...
<Bahamut> >> Dance's attack!
<Bahamut> >> Dance uses Low Thrust on Guard 2! 40 Damage!
* Dance brings his Bo up between the guards legs.
<Gwen> Guard: Ow O_O
<Bahamut> >> Sabrina makes her move!
* Sabrina attacks the guard savagely.
<Bahamut> >> Sabrina attacks Guard 2! 71 Damage! Critical!
<Bahamut> >> Guard 2 is Dispatched!

== VICTORY! Dance & Sabrina gain 120 Exp, 50 Gp, 20 Tp! ==

<Dance> Mylo, you get the messenger?
<Gwen> Mylo: I got him!!
* Sabrina hears some cheesy music. "Where the hell is that coming from?"
<Gwen> Messanger: Get off me, you puke. O_O
<Dance> Good. Gag him and come on.
<Gwen> Mylo gags him like a good little boy.
* Sabrina checks the guards for anything.
<Gwen> Messanger: Umph!
<Gwen> >> The guard has a mandicore on him!
* Dance looks for armor of the right type and size.
<Gwen> >> You find nothing!
* Dance also looks for anything else useful.
<Gwen> >> All there a lousy mandicore!
* Dance gives the mandicore to Mylo.
<Gwen> Mylo: Let's go! O_o


<Gwen> >> The party is still locked in the cell, when they hear someone walking through the halls. No, make that a whole group...
<Gwen> Teefa: They're coming.
* Remy stands and gets ready to fight. -_-
* Jade whistles...
* Arcus urges Zeth back into his hood.
<Gwen> >> A man smiles at you.
* Adek takes a step back from the bars, tensing himself.
<Gwen> Issak: ...and there they are. Just as you said.
<Gwen> Odessa: Of course.
* Remy growls..
* Gwen looks at Adek.
<Arcus> Oh look, its Ikum and Stickum. ^_-
<Gwen> Oh boy. O_o
* Adek blinks, his eyes widening as he recognizes the voice.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Let us out!
<Gwen> Issak: Well, so much for your little resistance, eh?
* Adek clenches his fists tightly, trembling with rage. "God DAMN you, Issak! When I get out of here.."
<Alen> We're not finished yet!
<Gwen> Issak: Now it's going to cost you your lives...unless....
* Remy leaps against the bars and stretches his arm out through the bars and towards the two.
<Gwen> Issak grins.
* Gwen pulls Remy back.
<Jade> Unless what, coward?
* Remy is pulled back and growls.
<Gwen> Issak: You surrender to us.
* Arcus looks at Issak and Odessa and grins. ^_^
<Arcus> That would take the fun out of life now wouldn't it? ^_-
<Remy> Oh, right. Like we'll surrender.
<Gwen> Odessa: You know, joining up with the Empire isn't so bad. It has a lot of benefits...
<Gwen> Teefa: Stuff it, sister.
<Gwen> Odessa hisses.
<Adek> I'll surrender to your corpse, maybe.. but only AFTER I've pulled you inside out! Let me out of here, you goddamned bastard!
<Jade> Do we get to become ugly and whorish like you?
<Arcus> Such as becoming dickless and souless perverts? I think not. ^_-
<Gwen> Issak grins at Adek.
<Gwen> Issak: Should we do as he says?
<Gwen> Odessa: What are you planning?
* Jade looks befuddled.
<Gwen> Issak: Hehe. Operation *mumbles*
<Gwen> Odessa: Oh that is too cruel!
<Alen> Why don't you just let us go before this gets nasty. -_-;
<Gwen> Odessa: Do it! ^_^
<Gwen> Issak: All right, Adek. You can get your chance.
<Arcus> Oh but these twisted bastards like nasty, just look at their taste in clothing. ^_-
<Gwen> Issak: Is that what you want?
* Jade sizes up Odessa and Issak.
<Gwen> Odessa: Hurry up, we haven't all day.
* Adek narrows his eyes, his hate-filled glare fixing on Issak. "Do you even have to ask, murderer?"
* Remy glares at Odessa and Issak. -_-
<Gwen> Phoebe:
* Arcus glances at Adek.
<Alen> Um...
<Gwen> >> Guards bar the door, and they pull Adek out of the cell. They then lock it up again before the others can react.
<Arcus> ....
* Remy growls!
<Gwen> Phoebe:....
<Gwen> Issak: Well, what are you waiting for? Come for me?
* Adek pauses only briefly, then throws himself at Issak, hands reaching for his throat.
<Gwen> >> Suddenly, guards pin Adek down to the floor! O_o
<Gwen> >> You cannot get up!
<Gwen> Issak: You didn't really think you had the RIGHT to fight me, did you?
* Adek snarls, fighting to get loose. "Can't fight for yourself, Issak? Coward!"
<Alen> ....
<Gwen> Odessa pulls out a whip.
<Arcus> Oh look, he doesn't fight fair.....big shockerdoo....
<Alen> o_o;
<Gwen> Odessa: I always have one handy. ^_^
<Gwen> Odessa: Listen up, you cretins!
<Gwen> Odessa: You WILL surrender, or we'll be doing a lot of...this!
<Jade> Yeah, she likes punishing Issak for his 'naughtiness' in her spare time...
<Gwen> Odessa savagely whips Adek across the back!
* Jade winces...
<Gwen> Phoebe: Adek!!
* Arcus crossses his arms defiantly and glares at Issak and Odessa.
<Alen> Ow...
* Remy is quiet, watching..
<Gwen> Odessa whips him again, eyeing the party.
<Arcus> ....
* Adek keeps trying to get towards Issak, almost ignoring the whip except to react with a stream of vehement curses.
<Gwen> Odessa: Oh yeah! I laced the whip with salt. ^_^
<Gwen> Odessa: Bet THAT stings!
* Jade grits her teeth...
<Arcus> How origional....ho hum.....
<Gwen> Odessa: Surrender or he dies!
<Gwen> Odessa whips again!
* Remy glares at Odessa..
<Jade> Alright! God damn it...
<Alen> Poor Adek... what should I do? -_-
<Gwen> Odessa: You give up?
<Adek> Listen you.. ow.. fucking stupid..ow.. bitch.. you'd BETTER kill me now, or I swear..~
* Gwen shakes her head.
<Arcus> Fat chance, Madame Wide Load.
* Jade looks at Gwen...
<Remy> Not a chance, you slut..
<Gwen> Teefa: ..
* Gwen shakes her head. "I don't know..."
<Jade> Well, are we going to let him just die?
<Gwen> really think they'll let him go?
<Remy> Are we just going to throw away all we've strived for?
<Arcus> Do you think they are going to let us live if we do surrender? I doubt it.
<Gwen> Odessa whips again. :D
<Gwen> *Crack!*
<Arcus> These are the worst kind of Daneks, remember that.
<Alen> If worst comes to worst... I'll...


<Gwen> >> The rescue party races down the hall.
* Sabrina is lagging way behind Dance.
<Dance> If Issak is down there, the others are in trouble.
<Dance> We have to hurry!
<Sabrina> Slow down!
<Gwen> Mylo: What's this? O_o
<Dance> What's what?
* Dance stops.
<Gwen> Mylo finds a small little bag on the ground.
<Dance> Let me see, please.
<Gwen> Mylo hands it to Dance.
* Dance opens the bag and looks in.
* Sabrina catches up to the others.
<Gwen> >> Dance sneezes, and a fine powder hits his nose! He promptly falls asleep. o_o
<Gwen> Mylo: Uh...are you okay? O_o
<Gwen> >> You found a bag of Gnome Sand! (Causes sleep ^_^)
<Gwen> Mylo pokes Dance.
<Gwen> Mylo: (SMACK)
<Gwen> The Gnome sand drops to the ground, but does not explode.
* Dance snaps awake and insticntivley slaps Mylo back harder.
<Gwen> Mylo: AHHH!!!! O_O
<Gwen> Mylo cries!! O_o
<Dance> Sorry Mylo.
* Dance carefullly picks up the bag.
<Gwen> >> Mylo holds his nose and reseals the bag.
<Sabrina> Shut up, Mylo! You wanna give us away?!
<Gwen> Mylo: Maybe we can use it on the guards!
<Dance> This could be useful. Let's go!
<Sabrina> Maybe? *rolls her eyes*
<Dance> Forget guards, I'll bet Odessa's with Issak!
<Gwen> >> You hear a cracking noise of a whip..
<Gwen> >> And a cry of pain. O_o
<Gwen> Mylo: S & M?
* Sabrina eyes Mylo. "You've gotta get away from Remy. He's a bad influence..."
* Dance slows down and rounds the corner.
<Gwen> >> A woman's voice is heard. "Make up your minds! Now! Your friend is on the verge of death!
<Gwen> Mylo: Humph!
* Dance tries to see the woman w/o being seen.
<Gwen> >> Odessa is still happily beating on Adek, who's back is looking...well...meat loafish. O_o
<Gwen> Mylo pukes. O_o
<Gwen> Issak is standing by Odessa.
* Adek has become incoherent by this time, half of his curses not even real words any more.
<Dance> Not now Mylo, you'll give us away.
<Gwen> >> You could hit them with the sand, but it would also hit Adek as well, and only would last long enough for you to get away.
<Dance> Shall I try this stuff on them Sab?
<Gwen> Mylo wipes his mouth.
<Sabrina> I'm thinking.
<Dance> Think faster.
* Alen twiddles his fingers.
* Remy growls.
<Arcus> Obviously you don't know Adek too well. He's just napping you know. You've bored him to tears. ^_-
<Alen> I shouldn't... but...
<Gwen> Odessa: ~Mary had a little *CRACK* lamb, little lamb, little lamb *CRACK*
<Sabrina> Well, what I was thinking, was that that bitch had an annoying voice....I wish I could just mute her right now....
<Dance> Argh.
<Gwen> Mylo: Hurry! O_o
<Alen> But but but... I shouldn't let him die... but but but...
<Gwen> Stop it, for gods sake!
* Dance throws the sand and Issak, Odessa, Adek, and the guards!
<Gwen> >> The sand explodes. O_o
<Gwen> Odessa: WHa.. O_o
* Arcus leaps back, wondering who that voice was.
<Alen> H-huh!?
<Dance> Don't breathe too deeply!
<Gwen> >> The guards, Odessa, Issak, Adek, and the potted plants fall asleep!
<Arcus> Well now... ^_-
<Gwen> Mylo: Hurry! They won't be out for long!
<Arcus> Bottom rail on top I think. ^_-
<Gwen> Who's there!!
<Sabrina> Give me the keys!
<Alen> WHew ^_^;;
<Arcus> Lemme kick em in the head a few times beforw we go. ^_-
<Alen> Open the door!
* Dance tosses Sab the keys.
<Gwen> O_o Oh man, are we glad to see you.
* Sabrina takes the keys, holds her breath, and opens the cell.
<Remy> Mylo? Kiddo!
<Gwen> Mylo: REMY =D
<Dance> Someone with more muscle than me grab Adek and let's go!
* Remy grins.
<Alen> You guys got just here just in time. ^_^
<Gwen> >> The sand dissapears. The others are beginning to stir. Hurry!
* Sabrina motions for the others to get out and for someone to help her with Adek as she picks up one of his arms.
<Dance> Life happens that way.
<Sabrina> COME ON!!!!!!!
* Arcus holds his breath and grabs Adek's other arm.
<Alen> Um... okay...
* Remy growls.
* Dance leads the groups towards the door.
* Gwen grabs Adek's torso.
<Remy> Why don't we just kill Issak and Odessa now?!
* Alen starts dashing with rabbity agility up the hall. ^_^
<Gwen> Because they'll wake up and kill us, idiot!
<Gwen> Besides, Adek needs medical attention!
* Remy arghs and helps with Adek. :P
* Arcus motions for the group to get moving.
* Sabrina lets Remy take Adek and hurries ahead.
<Gwen> >> You make it outside in record time, especially for carrying a comotose man. :D
<Gwen> >> But you hear the others coming after you..
<Dance> Think fast, where do we run. They'll find us in town!
<Jade> We should have at least cut off their hands or something...
<Alen> Um... is there a way to shut off the dungeon from this place?
<Arcus> Look for a door we can lock.
<Gwen> We didn't have time....besides...I'd rather had the satisfaction of killing them while awake!
<Gwen> Teefa: The boat should still be in Coryan!
* Sabrina also locks the door. :P
<Dance> Then let's go!
<Alen> Yeah... let's take the boat!
<Gwen> >> You hear the others banging on the door.
<Arcus> To the boat! ^_^
<Alen> Just... uh....
<Gwen> Odessa: You little --~
<Gwen> Teefa: Bye sis ;)
<Sabrina> SHUT UP!!!!
<Alen> WHere's the exit? ^^;
<Arcus> Bye bye, freak lady! ^_-
<Remy> Hey! Odessa! Fuck off. ^_^
<Gwen> Issak: Grr..
<Alen> I've never found my way in this castle. ^_^
<Gwen> >> The gate is still open.
<Dance> Remy, shut up and run!
* Remy growls at Dance..
* Sabrina runs towards the gate as fast as possible.
* Remy shrugs and runs.
<Dance> Through the gate, I'll be out after you!
<Gwen> What are you planning, Dance?!
* Arcus hurries along, cackling to himself. ;D
* Dance watches the others go out then let's the gate fall shut.
<Gwen> And where's Alexis? We still haven't found her!
* Alen follows.
<Gwen> Phoebe: He's going to get killed :/
<Alen> Ieehh?
* Dance climbs the wall back over to join his friends.
<Gwen> Phoebe: ^_^ Oh, hello.
<Dance> I don't know.
<Gwen> Phoebe: We did it :D
<Gwen> Phoebe: Thank you, thank you mister Dance sir. ^_^
<Dance> We still have to get away!
<Gwen> Phoebe hugs him.
<Alen> Phew. ^_^
<Gwen> Phoebe: I know. :/
<Dance> Unh.
* Dance is squished.
<Arcus> Let's boogie back to the ship. ^_-
<Gwen> Right.
<Dance> Thank me later, keep moving.
<Alen> If we had a hiryuu. ;_;
<Gwen> What about Adek...
* Gwen pokes Adek to get a reaction.
* Remy looks at Adek..
* Dance uses an Herbal Extract on Adek.
<Gwen> >> Teefa holds up a bag. ^_^
<Gwen> Teefa: I grabbed this on the way out.
<Gwen> Teefa: Call me wonder woman.
<Arcus> Ha ha! Excellent. ^_^
* Sabrina sighs and mutters. "I helped too..."
<Remy> about we just call you Teefa? :P
<Gwen> Teefa: Humph.
<Arcus> How about we compromise and call you Weefa? ^_-
<Dance> Good girl, figure whose is whose in the boat.
<Alen> Wonder woman, do you see my bow down there? =D
<Gwen> Teefa: Ha ha, funny Arcus. Yes, I see a bow.
<Arcus> Heh.
<Alen> I have to get my stuff back... good thing they didn't notice my wristband...
* Dance jumps into the boat, then help Adek on.
<Gwen> Why, what's so important about a wristband?
<Alen> Eeh!?
<Gwen> Kane: You're back, I see?
* Sabrina gets on the boat with a little trouble.
<Alen> Why, nothing, nothing at all Gwen. ^_^
<Gwen> Drunk Sailor: Took you long e'nuff! *Hic*
<Alen> What COULD be important about a wristband? ^^;
<Arcus> Let's shove off, shall we? ^_-
<Dance> Shut up and get us out of here!
<Sabrina> Thanks for the help....
<Gwen> Kane: Nice talk.
<Gwen> Kane summons the winds, and you sail out of the port.
<Alen> It's not like I'll die without it or anything. ^_^
* Arcus bounds to the missenmast and gets to work on the rigging.
* Dance remembers his manners.
* Gwen sits down by Adek and Remy.
<Dance> Thanks, we needed your help.
* Remy looks at Adek, eyes dark.
<Gwen> Kane: No problem.
* Adek groans slightly, stirring.
* Jade leans against the side of the ship...
* Dance goes to Adek and company.
<Gwen> Adek?
* Dance holds up another extract. "More?"
* Alen leans over the railing and wipes his brow.
<Remy> Adek? Homme?
<Gwen> Pheobe: His injuries are massive...I don't know if I can cure it...
<Alen> Whew -_-;
* Sabrina looks out at the sea sadly.
* Arcus continues moving along the mainsail, keeping things going.
* Dance wishes he could do more to help.
* Adek starts to try to get up, but lets out an almost hissing noise and collapses again. "What's..?"
<Dance> Unfortunately, my specialty is people's souls, not their bodies.
<Gwen> Cool. Souls are cool.
* Arcus begins to sing again.
<Gwen> Phoebe: We got away, Adek. So did Issak and Odessa.
<Gwen> Mylo: Cuz we LET THEM. :P
<Arcus> When I was just a lad, looking for my true vocation o~
* Remy glances at Mylo.
<Arcus> My father said, "Now son, this choice deserves deliberation"
<Dance> Shut UP MYLO.
<Gwen> Mylo: :/
* Adek sighs, and mutters "Damn."
<Remy> Dance, fuck off.
<Remy> Okay?
<Arcus> "Though you could be a doctor, or perhaps a financeer"
<Arcus> "My boy, why not consider, a more challenging career!"
<Arcus> Hey ho ho...
<Arcus> You'll sail to foreign shores...
<Arcus> And you'll keep your mind and body sound by working out of doors...
* Dance tunes out Arcus.
<Alen> How's he doing? ^_^
<Gwen> Mylo goes off to a corner.
<Arcus> True friendship and adventure are what we can't live without..
* Alen points at Adek.
<Remy> Mylo..
<Arcus> And when you're a professional pirate...
<Gwen> Mylo: :/ Dance scares me.
<Arcus> That's what the job's about!
<Dance> I'm no medic, ask Phoebe.
* Remy grits his teeth and makes an odd hissing noise. -_-
<Gwen> Teefa keeps to herself.
* Remy squeezes Mylo's shoulder.
* Dance goes over to Mylo.
<Arcus> Now take the Lady Kinsey, the Danek all despise 'er!
<Arcus> But to Exteter, she's a hero, and they idolize 'er.
<Arcus> Its how you look a bucaneers, that makes 'em bad or good..
<Arcus> And I see us as brothers of a noble brotherhood!
<Gwen> Phoebe: I dunno how he'll be. Maybe we can find a medic in Mortyr.
<Dance> Sorry about being so angry towards you, I've got a lot on my mind.
* Jade eyes Arcus...
* Sabrina goes over to the others and leans over the side to look at the water.
* Dance goes back to Adek.
<Arcus> Haha! I love it! ^_^
<Gwen> Mylo: ^_^ Sokay.
<Arcus> Hey ho ho...
<Arcus> We're honorable men.
* Remy walks off, heading to the front of the ship. -_-
<Gwen> Arcus...have you ben smoking again?
<Arcus> And before we lose our tempers we will always count to ten!
* Gwen laughs. ^_^
<Arcus> On occasion there may be someone you hafta execute!
* Dance holds the Extract up to Phoebe. "Will this help?"
<Arcus> But when you're a professional pirate...
<Arcus> You don't hafta wear a suit!
<Gwen> Phoebe: It'll sooth the cuts...but I doubt it'll get rid of them.
* Arcus mimes various pirates.
* Dance uses his last Extract on Adek.
<Arcus> I could have been a surgeon, I like taking things apart!
<Arcus> I could have been a lawyer, but I just had too much heart.
<Gwen> That's nice to know Arcus. O_o
* Alen flops down somewhere.
<Gwen> Kane: We're almost there. Get ready.
* Sabrina looks at Adek and at Phoebe. "I have like a couple of Strange Brews if you like need 'em....and stuff."
* Dance goes to the Crow's Nest and Meditatates.
<Gwen> Phoebe applies the Extract on Adek. "^_^ Here."
<Gwen> Phoebe: Sure. Hand them over, Sabrina. ^_^
* Dance reacts to the get ready statement.
* Adek sounds a little stronger, though still doesn't bother trying to move. "Thanks.."
<Dance> Ready for what?
<Sabrina> I'll hold onto one of them, for future's sake...
<Gwen> Kane: Well, the boat may stop suddenly. Just hang on to something.
* Sabrina hands Phoebe one of her Strange Brews.
* Remy hangs onto the railing..
<Gwen> Phoebe: Thank you. *She pours the concoction on Adek's back*
* Dance meditates with his legs wapped around the mast that pokes throught the Crow's Nest.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Next time, Adek...don't go after Issak alone, okay?
* Dance is surrounded by an orange glow, but otherwise seems normal.
* Adek grits his teeth. "Next time.. I'll.. be watching.. for outside interference. I _will_ kill that son of a bitch.."
<Gwen> >> You see the city of Mortyr up ahead.
<Gwen> Phoebe: I'd like to get Jeal myself...for taking Pottle away from me....buit we have to work together, Adek...or we'll never make it!
* Arcus spirals down the missenmast, his song rather finished kinda suddenly. :P
<Alen> Teamwork, huh? ^_^
<Arcus> Ah, that was invigorating. ^_^
* Arcus goes to reclaim his gear.
* Remy says nothing, deep in thought.
<Adek> ...maybe you're right, Phoebe.
<Gwen> Phoebe nods.
* Dance's glow begins to pulse brightly.
<Gwen> >> You arrive in Mortyr!
<Gwen> Drunk Sailor: Thanks a lot come again *Hiccup*
* Adek sighs again.
<Gwen> Kane: Yes, thank you. We'll tell Rohan and Natalya of your return.
<Gwen> Teefa gets off the boat, and begins to walk away.
* Dance glows brightly once, then exits the ship.
* Jade looks morose...
* Jade walks off the boat.
<Alen> Okay. ^_^
<Gwen> Teefa: I have some issues I must resolve...
<Arcus> Thank you kindly good sir, for such a wonderful journey, may your tankard....never run dry. ^_-
* Sabrina gets off the boat with the same trouble she had with getting on.
<Gwen> Teefa: I am sorry, but i must part company...for now.
* Adek slowly pulls himself to his feet.
* Alen pokes Arcus in the ribs.
* Dance aids Sabrina.
<Gwen> Teefa: Head into Penan.
* Arcus heads down the gangplank with a jaunty step. ^_^
<Alen> Can you walk?
<Arcus> Yes. ^_^
* Remy straightens and walks off the boat.
* Sabrina mutters, "Geeze, a pregnant woman would think someone would help her GET OFF A FRICKIN' BOAT!!!!"
<Dance> I think he was talking to Adek, Arcus..
<Gwen> Teefa: You will need the help of the Segazzi tribe for that....but I remember Jeal telling me of something important hidden in the desert sands.
<Arcus> Ha.
* Adek winces, taking a couple tentative steps. "I think so, Alen."
* Alen turns around.
<Alen> Desert sands?
* Dance has no clue what Teefa is talking about.
<Gwen> Teefa: That's all I know...
* Arcus thinks.
<Gwen> Teefa: I'm sorry.
<Arcus> Maybe that's where Jeal hid his baby pictures. ^_-
<Alen> Do you know more or less the general location? The desert's big. ^^;
* Gwen gags.
<Dance> Mayeb the Orb of Earth is there?
<Alen> I got lost there once. -_-
<Arcus> Dirt. Ord of Dirt. ^_-
<Gwen> We found that, Dance. ^_^
<Gwen> That's the only orb they didn't take from us!
<Dance> Oh. Train for a while on a remote Island and you don't get too much news about the world.
<Adek> Yeah.. we still have it, don't we? They.. didn't take it back there...?
<Alen> Makes you wonder... about the orb of the soul...
* Arcus walks up to Dance. "By the way, who are you?" ^_-
<Gwen> Teefa: I don't.
<Dance> A friend and a traveler seeking to right a wrong.
<Alen> I wonder who's got it now...
<Gwen> Teefa: Anyway, good luck. Also, you should beware of Katarina...
<Gwen> Teefa: Something tells me it won't take long for her to start biting back.
<Arcus> That's a pretty funny name, but if you say so Mr. a Friend and Traveler seeking to right a wrong. ^_-
<Alen> Thanks Teefa .^_^
<Gwen> Teefa: you mind if I take Mylo along with me?
<Dance> My guess is that with the strength of Remy's and my own soul magic we can tune into it and find it somehow.
<Gwen> He's not here.
* Arcus laughs and walks away.
<Gwen> But he'll understand. I'll tell him.
<Gwen> Teefa: Thank you.
<Jade> Soul magic is used to cure conditions...
<Dance> My name is.. well, call me Dance.
<Gwen> Teefa: Good luck! Remember! You have to get to Penan!
<Gwen> Teefa walks away with Mylo.
<Arcus> Ah, much better than, Mr A friend and traveler seeking a wrong to right. Nice to meet you Dance. ^_-
<Dance> And you too, Arcus.
<Gwen> >> It's mid afternoon. the shops are still open. Do you want to go shopping? ^_^
<Arcus> Oh, and the snake is named Zeth. He won't bite unless you tick him off. ^_-
* Sabrina walks to the armour shop.
<Alen> Hmmm. ^_^
* Dance heads to a armor shop.
* Remy tags along with the group.
* Alen toddles over to the armor shop as well.
<Gwen> Phoebe: ^_^ Let's go shopping!!
* Arcus follows after the others, humming a jaunty traveling tune. ^_^
* Gwen gags at Phoebe's cootness.
* Adek idly limps his way towards the weapon shop.
<Alen> Shop till you drop! ^_^
<Gwen> >> You head into the "Shop till you drop armor and weapon store."
<Jade> How clever...
* Jade smirks.
* Sabrina goes to the counter.
<Gwen> Merchant: 'Ello! How can I help you fine folks today?
<Jade> You can be less perky!
<Alen> I want a new tunic... and a headband. =D
<Sabrina> Excuse me, sir, but what goods might you have?
<Arcus> I like traffic lights. ^_-
<Gwen> Merchant: Well, we've got...
<Bahamut> Equip Table:
<Bahamut> Combat Template: C
<Bahamut> Rounded Template: R
<Bahamut> Skilled Template: S
<Bahamut> Weapon: Power: Cost: Special:
<Bahamut> Broad Sword +40 350
<Bahamut> Rapier +18 270 +1 Attack
<Bahamut> Silver Sword +101 10000 Strong vs. Undead/Unholy
<Bahamut> Halberd +50 330 -3 Reaction
<Bahamut> Raking Claw +29 310 +1 Attack, May Blind Enemy
<Bahamut> Poison Dagger +21 200 May Poison Enemy
<Bahamut> Composite Bow +34 250
<Bahamut> Banded Staff +33 250 +7 Defense
<Bahamut> Priest's Rod +20 240 +20 Wisdom
<Bahamut> Helmets: Defense: Cost: Equip: Special:
<Bahamut> Iron Helm +10 150 C +2 Magic End.
<Bahamut> Ranger's Cap +8 110 C, R
<Bahamut> Iron Diadem +6 90 S +3 Wis
<Bahamut> Shields: Defense: Cost: Equip: Special:
<Bahamut> Gilded Shield +12 180 C
<Bahamut> Etched Armband +8 160 R, S +3 Wis, +3 Magic End.
<Bahamut> Armor: Defense: Cost: Equip: Special:
<Bahamut> Iron Plate +25 310 C +5 Magic End.
<Bahamut> Half Plate +19 250 C, R +4 Magic End.
<Bahamut> Wizard's Cloak +11 180 S +2 Wis, +2 Magic End.
<Bahamut> Other: Cost: Equip: Special:
<Bahamut> Berzerker's Ring 1000 C, R, S +30 Attack, -20 Mag.End.
<Bahamut> Silver Cross 400 C, R, S Half Dam
<Bahamut> Talisman 600 C, R, S +15 Wisdom
<Arcus> Hmm..
<Alen> Woo =D =D =D
* Remy quietly waits his turn.
<Dance> How much for the Preist's Rd, and is it useable by a master of the staff?
* Adek frowns, and mutters, "I don't believe it. No katanas here either.."
<Gwen> Sucks to be you, Adek.
<Gwen> I'll have the Halberd and the Half Plate, please.
<Gwen> And that wipes out my funds. -_-
<Bahamut> >> Merchant: The Priest's Rod is 240, and yes a Master of the Staff can use it.
* Gwen is miffed cuz Dance took her place in line!
<Alen> I want... a Wizard's Cloak... and a Priest Rod!
* Jade discreetly shoves her way in behind Gwen.
<Alen> No... I don't have enough... um...
<Sabrina> I'd like to buy a raking claw, half plate, and ranger's cap.
<Alen> Could anyone loan me 5 GP? ^^;
<Alen> Er... 9?
* Gwen loans Alen 9 GP. ^_^
<Alen> Thank you oh thank you thank you. =D
<Alen> I want a Priest Rod and an Iron Diadem! =D
<Gwen> No problem. Now where's that Halberd and half plate?
* Gwen taps her foot.
* Arcus thinks about what he wants.
* Remy stands there and crosses his arms, waiting..
* Merchant gives Gwen her stuff...
* Adek calmly waits his turn, looking just a little annoyed.
<Gwen> A random guy toddles about the armor store. " pointy swords. I'm like a kid in a candy store! =D"
<Bahamut> >> Merchant: Who's next?
<Sabrina> ME!
<Alen> Me!
<Gwen> Gwen equips it.
<Jade> I am.
* Jade is behind Gwen.
<Alen> Priest Rod and Iron Diadem!
<Bahamut> >> Merchant - What would you like, Miss?
<Sabrina> I'd like to buy a raking claw, half plate, and ranger's cap. And I'd like to sell my old claws, armor, and helmet.
<Gwen> Phoebe waits patiently for her turn.
<Bahamut> Merchant - We don't buy old stuff... we're overstocked at the moment with other people's crap... you'll have to find another store for that... I'm sorry, Miss.
<Sabrina> Okay, then I'll take what I asked for.
<Bahamut> >> The Merchant Gives Sab her stuff...
<Gwen> Phoebe: Can I buy stuff yet?
<Bahamut> >> Merchant: Next!
<Dance> I would like a priest's rod.
<Gwen> Phoebe waits. ^_^
<Alen> Priest Rod and Iron Diadem! Rod and Diadem! =D
<Dance> I would like a priest's rod.
* Arcus twiddles his thumbs and waits patiently. ^_-
<Dance> That's all for me. This place is too rich for my blood.
<Gwen> Phoebe hugs Alen.
<Alen> =)
<Gwen> The random guy fondles the swords. O_o
<Gwen> Man:! O_o
* Jade eyes the man...
* Dance watches the man carefully.
<Bahamut> >> The Merchant gives Dance his Priest Rod...
<Bahamut> >>Merchant: Next!
<Alen> Um... you go next Phoebe =)
<Dance> Thank you.
<Gwen> Phoebe:...too late. :/
<Jade> A raking claw and a ranger's cap...
<Bahamut> >> Merchant: Okay. Jussa sec...
<Arcus> *Chuckle* Like kids in a candy store. ^_-
<Alen> ... okay, it doesn't matter, I'm patient. =P
* Sabrina looks at the guy, takes his sword, and accidently stabs him in the gut with it.
* Dance picks up a map of the town, looking for a place to sell his stuff.
<Gwen> Man fondles the arrows next. O_o
<Gwen> Man: Ow X_X
<Gwen> Man: Akumako....socks...bleed.
<Gwen> Man falls down. O_o
<Arcus> Oh boy.....
<Jade> Save that for the bedroom...
<Gwen> What was that about?
* Sabrina also accidently shoves a couple of arrows into his chest.
<Gwen> Man: Ow Ow ow.
* Sabrina lets out a sigh of relief.
<Dance> There are less messy methods of dealing with people like him.
<Sabrina> Yeah!
<Arcus> Sab, you have to work on those compulsive agressive tendencies, you know? ^_-
<Alen> Sabrina O_o
<Gwen> Phoebe waits.
<Bahamut> >> The Merchant gives Jade her new weapon & helm.
* Sabrina takes the sword and drives it through the man's head, between the eyes.
<Bahamut> >> Merchant: Next!
<Alen> You go Phoebe ^^;
<Gwen> Phoebe: Okay! That boy would like a priest rod and an Iron Diadem!
<Sabrina> That should put me out of my misery.
<Gwen> ...O_o
<Gwen> What the hell did you do sab! O_o
* Arcus shakes his head, sadly.
* Jade equips her new stuff...
<Gwen> Phoebe points to Alen.
* Sabrina blinks.
<Alen> ^^;
<Gwen> Phoebe: I would like the priest rod, the Iron Diadem, the Wizard's cloak, and the tailsman ^_^
<Gwen> Phoebe plops a lot of money down.
* Sabrina eyes Phoebe's money with curiosity.
<Gwen> Phoebe: That depletes my funds...
<Gwen> Man: Bleed bleed.
* Arcus rolls his eyes and goes to help the recently assaulted man.
<Gwen> Man: Ow ow.
<Gwen> Man: Bleed bleed
<Arcus> There ya go. ^_^
<Gwen> Man gets up.
<Gwen> Man: O_o That woman is crazy! I'm outta here!!!
<Gwen> Man runs out of the store, terrified of Sabrina!
<Bahamut> >> The Merchant gives Phoebe her stuff.
* Arcus calls after him, "Have a nice day!"
<Gwen> Phoebe equips it and thanks the man.
<Arcus> Haha. ^_^
<Bahamut> >> Merchant: Next!
<Alen> Um... and my stuff...?
<Sunny> I'll go next if I can see the stuff for sale and get my info. :)
<Alen> A priest rod and an iron diadem? -_-;
* Arcus leans back against the wall, laughing to himself. ^_^
<Bahamut> >> The merchant gives Alen his stuff...
<Bahamut> >> Merchant: Next!
<Alen> ^_^
* Alen puts it on.
<Arcus> Anyone else?
<Arcus> I guess I'll go then. ^_^
<Arcus> I would like *holds up one finger
* A Rapier, *two fingers
* Guilded Shield, *three fingers
* Iron Plate. Please. ^_^
* Alen adjusts the diadem on his head.
<Alen> Woo. ^_^
* Alen whacks the nearest person/object/thing in the vicinity while swinging his rod around.
<Arcus> Ow!
<Alen> Hi. ^_^
* Gwen laughs. ^_^
<Alen> I wanna bash stuff. =D
* Alen toddles out of the store. ^_^
<Sunny> Not me. :P
<Bahamut> >> The Merchant gives Arcus his stuff, and turns to Adek. And you sir?
* Adek steps forward, wincing slightly. "A halberd, and an iron plate." He pauses, considering how iron plate mail would feel against his back right now, and shakes his head. "Forget that. A halberd, a gilded shield, and an iron helm."
* Arcus bows to the Merchant and walks out of the store.
<Bahamut> >> The Merchant hands Adek his stuff. "There you go Sir."
* Arcus equips his new gear, walks to an open area, and gives his new rapier a try. ^_^
<Adek> Thank you.
* Adek tests the weight of the halberd, murmuring "Next best thing.."
<Gwen> >> The party is now equipped for the journey ahead...but what did Teefa mean by "A secret in the desert"? What would they find there..tune in next time and find out.


Session Close: Fri Jul 10 21:30:30 1998