VayRPG Session 22: Family Ties

Naya: Anaral

Session Start: Fri Jul 24 19:17:06 1998

<Gwen> >> After buying weapons at the local shop, you all headed back into your rooms at the inn....It's early morning now, and most of you are asleep...all save Sabrina. She's quietly getting ready to leave the if to see someone....
<Gwen> >> She tries to sneek out of the room without waking everyone up...
* Sabrina walks out of the inn carefully...
<Gwen> >> The sky is a soft pink color...the golden sun is peaking up over the mountain. You up the road you've known your entire life...the road to your home.
* Sabrina enters her house....
<Gwen> >> The house is a mess. Linens and books are strewn throughout the house...dirt is everywhere...and a cockroach is climbing the wall..
* Sabrina says quietly, "What the hell happened here?"
* Sabrina begins to search the room.
<Gwen> >> A rather large, white trash looking woman lumbers into the room, hair askew...looking like Bertha the Whale...your mom hasn't changed much.
* Sabrina looks at her mother....."You look like shit..."
<Gwen> Mother: Humph! Speak for yourself. What are you doing back here?
<Gwen> Mother: And what's with your fuckin' weight? What the *%_%& have you been eating?
<Sabrina> Just visiting.....It's nice to see that you still give a crap for me.
<Sabrina> It's your fault I'm pregnant you fat whore! If you hadn't thrown me out of the house, I would've been fine!
<Gwen> Mother: Oh, so now you blame me, you slut! It's not my fault you fucked with every guy on the block! Slime...
<Sabrina> I did not!
<Sabrina> I was fucking raped!
<Sabrina> I can't believe I even bothered to come see how you were doing, even caring!
<Gwen> Mother: Humph. Sure you were. Say you're raped so you don't get the rap your your idiotic mistake!
<Sabrina> Whatever.
<Gwen> Mother: Why don't you get the hell out and get a job, Sabrina, instead of coming back here and mooching off more money from me!
<Sabrina> I didn't come here for money!
<Gwen> Mother: I find that hard to believe, you selfish...
<Sabrina> I came here to see how you were doing! It's not me who has a drinking problem, you raging alcoholic!
<Gwen> Mother: Don't you dare accuse me of that! Get out!
<Sabrina> I wish daddy were still alive...I don't know how he ever put up with you.
<Gwen> Mother: ....
<Gwen> Mother looks absolutely livid now.
* Sabrina takes out her emerald necklace and kisses it.
<Gwen> Mother: Don't you dare mention his name like that again.
<Gwen> Mother:
<Sabrina> To hell I'm getting out!
<Sabrina> I want you to realize that you were the reason my life is messed up!
<Gwen> Mother: It isn't my fault! It's your own damn fault for screwing with that boy!
<Gwen> Mother: Grow up!
<Sabrina> With what boy?!
<Sabrina> What the hell are you talking about?
<Gwen> Mother: We went over this. Raped know you're just one big complusive liar who uses everyone to get what she wants. Don't think you're getting any sympathy from me.
<Gwen> Mother: Clive? Are you there??
<Sabrina> What?
<Sabrina> Who's Clive?
<Gwen> Mother: My new boyfriend.
<Bahamut> * Clive enters *
<Bahamut> Clive: Quit cher sassin yer momma, girl!
<Bahamut> Clive: She dun bore ya! Ain't that enough? Ungrateful cur!
<Sabrina> I'm ungrateful?
<Gwen> Mother: Clive, please show my ungrateful daughter out the door before I call the guard.
<Bahamut> Clive: Damn straight. Givin' you momma hell, like that. S'not right of ya.
<Sabrina> She ruined my life! I'd be better off if I was never born!
<Sabrina> Oh shut up, you white-trash red-neck!
<Sabrina> Who the hell are you? Her cousin?
<Bahamut> Clive: Ye'd better leave. Yer not welcome here, not if yer gonna come on in an' insult 'er like that!
<Gwen> Mother: Get out!
<Sabrina> I didn't start it!
<Bahamut> Clive: Shush girl, afore I gotta beat it into your head! Go! An' don' come back!
<Gwen> Mother: Get out! Get out! *Starts to throw things about the room, enraged*
<Gwen> Mother: Go to hell, you little whore!
<Bahamut> Clive: *snarls* Get out!
<Sabrina> Kiss my fat ass!
* Sabrina leaves the house, slamming the door behind her.
<Bahamut> * Clive smacks Sabrina across the face, knocking her to the ground!* "Out!"
<Gwen> Mother: *Calling* And don't come back!
<Sabrina> UP YOURS!
* Sabrina walks back to the inn slowly.
<Gwen> >> As you get up off the ground, you feel a deep, cutting pain in your abdomen...but just as quickly as it dissapears...but it is crippiling..
<Gwen> >> It's now around 9 AM...the others are beginning to wake up...
* Remy stretches slowly, topless but with pants on....his hair is ruffled a little and he looks alot like a child just waking up.. "Mmmmmm...."
* Alen rolls around on his bed.
* Sunny jumps up.
<Alen> Ow ow ow... roasting...
<Gwen> Phoebe mumbles something in her sleep.
* Sabrina looks at the others while sitting on her bed.
* Remy yawns softly and looks around..
* Arcus rolls over and mumbles something.
* Gwen opens her eyes and sits up. "Morning already..."
* Remy chuckles.
<Remy> Yep, be morning..
* Remy stands and stretches again.
* Gwen looks outside. "Oh crap....overslept..."
<Gwen> Who needs to use the bathroom?
* Alen falls off his bed... and doesn't wake up. ^_^
* Adek wakes up with a jerk, letting out a stream of curses as he quickly rolls off his back.
<Sabrina> Not I....Actually........
* Arcus stretches and yawns, slowly waking up.
<Remy> I'm fine but I could use a comb.
* Sabrina hurries to the bathroom and throws up.
* Remy blinks and watches Sabrina go.
<Gwen> O_o
<Gwen> Phoebe makes little meeping noises in her sleep.
<Remy> Uhhh...'dat normal fo' a pregnant woman?
<Gwen> Yeah. Morning sickness...I think...
* Sunny gets some pixie sticks out to eat.
<Remy> 'kay....good..
* Arcus crawls out of bed and lands on the ground with a dull thump.
<Gwen> But it's late...she's in her second trimester already..
* Remy blinks. "Trimester.....ehh..."
<Gwen> Oh well...
* Arcus goes about getting ready for another day.
<Remy> Maybe she ate somethin' dat the tyke didn't well..
* Gwen nods. "Maybe."
* Sunny ponders when the shops open up.
* Remy looks for something to chew on.
<Gwen> Phoebe starts crying in her sleep.
* Sabrina walks out of the bathroom and sits down on her bed.
* Gwen walks calmly into the bathroom.
* Alen comes out from under the bed... -_-
* Arcus gets into some clean clothes and sets out to get some breakfast
* Remy blinks at Phoebe and kneels by her. "'ey. Phoebe?"
<Alen> Don't make so much noise. ;_;
<Gwen> Phoebe opens one eye. "!...oh."
<Remy> T'were havin' a nightmare, I t'ink.
<Gwen> Phoebe sits up.
<Gwen> Phoebe: ;_; Yeah I was...
* Sabrina cringes in pain.
<Arcus> So where's the breakfast trough in this place? ^_-
* Remy glances at Sabrina. "Y'okay, Sab?"
<Sabrina>'s this feeling I started to get when I was walking this morning.....
* Sunny starts to skip off to get some food.
<Alen> Yeah, let's go get breakfas.t =D
<Remy> Eh...need a healer or somethin'? Phoebe is good...
<Sunny> I want some sugar waffles!
<Sabrina> Nah, it's gone now....
* Remy nods..
<Gwen> Phoebe is silent. She walks downstairs alone.
* Gwen comes out of the bathroom, looking much less frazzled.
* Arcus is already dowstairs, getting breakfast.
* Remy watches Phoebe go and grumbles idly, running a hand through his hair.
<Gwen> What's with her?
* Remy looks at Gwen, admiring her. "Eh....not sure, chere...she had a nightmare..."
<Arcus> Mornin Pheobe. Sleep well with all the hacksaws going last night? ^_-
<Remy> As t'what it was 'bout.....I'm clueless..
<Gwen> Phoebe: (Sigh)
<Alen> Maybe she doesn't want to have breakfast? =P
* Gwen hmms.
* Sunny checks her money bag and runs out to see if the armor store is open yet.
<Gwen> Keep an eye on her...
<Arcus> (to Pheobe) Now that doesn't sound like a happy morning person.
<Sunny> It is!
<Remy> Anyways...I need ta get a shirt on...and I will, don't worry...heh...
<Sabrina> That's the first good idea I've ever heard from you, Alen. I need some food.....
* Sunny runs in and buys good stuff.
<Gwen> Phoebe suddenly starts crying.
<Arcus> Oh now, what's this all about eh?
<Gwen> Phoebe: I...I had a dream...about...
* Remy slips on a shirt...
<Gwen> Phoebe buries her head on the table.
<Alen> Pottle? =/
<Arcus> About...?
<Gwen> Pheobe nods.
* Remy heads down to the eating area..
<Sabrina> Don't think about that prissy bitch.
* Sabrina follows Remy.
<Arcus> Come on now....let's hear all about it.
<Remy> Ah.......what goin' on here?
<Gwen> Phoebe: I saw him running, and someone was running after him...and then they jumped him..
* Gwen sits down at the table.
* Remy sits by Gwen. :p
<Gwen> Phoebe: But he looked hurt...
* Remy watches Phoebe..
<Arcus> There there now.....
<Gwen> Phoebe: *Sniff*
<Sabrina> Hey, I don't listen to any dreams about Pottle being raped by some people or anything.
* Gwen leans back in her chair.
<Remy> Hrm.....s'just a dream, petite....
<Gwen> O_o How the hell can he be raped? He's a guy! It's sorta hard.
<Gwen> Not impossible...and why the hell are we talking about that subject again?
<Sabrina> Well, there's always his ass......
<Remy> Probably jus' da affects of whats been happenin' lately.
<Gwen> Sabrina!
<Gwen> Phoebe bawls louder.
* Sabrina shrugs.
<Arcus> Rem's right Phoebe, dreams can't hold any power over you unless you let them.
<Arcus> Aw..
* Alen looks oddly at Sabrina. O_o
<Sabrina> Anyways, Phoebe, dreams don't come true if you say 'em to other people.
<Gwen> Phoebe: T--thanks.
* Alen goes over to Phoebe and pat-pats her shoulder
* Gwen glares at Sabrina.
<Alen> I'm sure Pottle's all right. ^_^
<Sabrina> What?
* Remy chuckles a little..
<Arcus> *Zeth sits on Arcus' shoulder, munching messily on a strip of bacon
<Alen> Maybe... they were playing hide and kidnapped. =D
* Adek comes down the stairs, having already put his armor on and using his halberd as a sort of walking stick.
<Gwen> Hey Adek...better today?
<Remy> Ah...hey 'dere, Adek...y'feelin any better t'day?
<Arcus> Mornin Adek.
<Gwen> >> As Adek walks into the room, he accidentally bumps into someone.
<Gwen> >> You can't see her face well, but she's dressed in exotic clothes.
<Remy> eh?
* Gwen groans.
<Gwen> Now we'll probably get sued. Thanks a lot, Adek.
* Alen waves.
<Alen> Hi. ^_^
<Remy> Adek t'bang into a stripper.....heh..
<Naya> hey!
* Adek winces, inhaling sharply. "Shut up, people. Sorry, miss.."
* Gwen laughs. O_o
* Remy drums his fingers on the table, grinning a little.
* Arcus chows down on his breakfast.
<Naya> Umm...I guess it's ok.. Next time wach where your going.
<Gwen> ^_^; He fell on his head as a small child?
* Remy chuckles a bit..
<Gwen> >> Some erotic looking strippers bust into the that's too silly. (Strike that)
<Sabrina> It's just that someone gave him a good whippin' yesterday and he hasn't gotten over it yet.
<Alen> Did he? O_o
<Remy> Who's cookin' de food in dis joint?
<Alen> I thoght it was because he was whipped. =D
* Adek glares at Gwen and Sabrina, hobbling around the woman at the bottom of the stairs. "Why don't you people just shove it?"
<Gwen> Where Adek? ;)
* Gwen laughs and pulls out a cigarette.
<Remy> Ach.....dirty mind..
<Sabrina> My thoughts exactly, Gwen.
<Gwen> I'm in a dirty mood today.
<Gwen> So sue me.
* Sabrina looks at Gwen. "Please don't smoke..."
* Arcus finished his breakfast and thumps his sternum, releasing a rather noisy belch.
* Remy chuckles..
* Alen yawns.
* Gwen lights up the ciggerette, then puts it out, hearing Sabrina. "All right..."
<Alen> I'm hungry. ;_;
<Remy> Nice one, Arcus.
<Gwen> Maid: Hello?
<Gwen> A pretty maid comes to your table.
<Arcus> Marvelous, a lively way to start the day. ^_-
<Sabrina> Thank you.
* Remy smiles at the maid.
<Gwen> Maid: Can I help you?
<Remy> Hey 'dere.
<Gwen> The maid looks at Naya. "Are you with these people?"
* Sabrina whispers to Remy, "Save the charm for Gwen."
* Remy looks at Sab. "I am. I'm just bein' polite."
<Alen> Pancakes! =D Lots of them. ^_^
* Naya thinks a moment looking at the people.
<Sabrina> Sure.
<Gwen> Maid: ^_^; Pancakes it is. Anything more?
<Gwen> Just toast and coffee.
<Remy> Anyt'in alchoholic.
<Gwen> Maid: O_o This early...? Oh well.
<Alen> Orange juice. =)
<Sabrina> Give me anything and everything edible you have.
* Arcus points at Zeth, "A plate of sausages for my friend here"
* Alen points at Remy.
<Gwen> Maid: O_o; Okay....I'll bring out your food shortly.
<Alen> Alcohol will make your tummy bad!
<Gwen> Hey, excuse me...
<Arcus> Zeth: *I'm hungry*
<Gwen> But how can we get to Penan?
* Remy is pointed at..
<Remy> S'okay, Alen. De rest of me is shot t'hell anyways.
* Alen puffs up. =D
<Gwen> Maid: Penan...oh dear. There used to be a passageway through the mountain...but there has been a rockslide...
<Arcus> Natch. ^_-
<Alen> I've drank orange juice for a thousand years and I still keep going. =D
* Adek stares at the maid for a few seconds, then sighs. "Who wants to bet NOTHING goes right today?"
<Gwen> Maid adjusts her nametag, which reads "Sanae".
<Gwen> Maid: However...
<Gwen> Maid: I'm positive that if you head into Seagazz, down might have some luck. Poeple there use dragons to fly over the mountains...
* Alen oogles. O_o
<Alen> Hiryuu! =D
<Gwen> I thought they nearly died out...
<Arcus> Dragons eh?
* Alen jumps up and down.
<Gwen> Maid: Well, thanks to magic, they are starting to bounce back...
<Alen> I TOLD you we had to fly on them. =D =D
<Alen> But you made us fly with those... those... gasses. ;_;
<Arcus> Good for them.
<Gwen> Maid: Anyway, head down there. I'm sure you'll receive help.
<Gwen> Maid: ...Hey miss? *Points to Naya
* You're a gypsy, right?
<Naya> Um yes!
<Naya> I'm the best there is, but of course I'm a good gypsy.
<Gwen> Maid: I heard the gypsy's are down there right now, if you're looking for them.
<Gwen> Maid: My sister is a merchant, and they often buy things from her.
<Arcus> No false modesty there, heh. ^_-
* Gwen chuckles.
* Remy chuckles also..
* Naya thinks.
<Naya> Hmm, I think I might know that group.
* Arcus pulls a draw from his tankard.
<Gwen> Maid: Just letting you know. I'll get your food now.
<Gwen> The maid leaves.
* Sabrina blinks and says quietly, "I wonder what the bitch and her white-trash boyfriend would say if I went back with everyone...."
<Gwen> Pardon, Sabrina?
<Sabrina> Huh?
<Gwen> What bitch?
* Remy stretchs..
* Arcus waits for Zeth to get his breakfast, listening intently to the conversations around him.
<Alen> A witch? O_o
<Sabrina> Uh....uh....this dog I saw on the streets..I wonder how it would react to me if it were to see me with you all. It was being really mean to me when I walked by it this morning.
<Gwen> O_o...
<Gwen> Okay.
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
<Remy> Must be somethin' she ate.
* Arcus chuckles. ^_-
<Gwen> >> A little later, the maid gives you your food...
<Gwen> >> Except she screwed up Alen's order, and he got grits...again!
* Remy slugs back his drink, grinning at the burning sensation in his throat.
* Alen stares at his order in sad desolation. ;_;
<Alen> I'll never get pancakes ;_;
<Arcus> *Zeth chows down on the sausages.
<Gwen> Maid: What is it, young man?
<Gwen> Maid: Oh no! You wanted pancakes!
* Alen bangs his head against the table.
* Sabrina her eats all her food with incredible speed, leaving only a couple of crumbs on the many plates she had.
<Gwen> Maid scoops up the grits and goes to exchange them for pancakes.
<Alen> Whoo. @_@
<Gwen> Maid: There!
* Remy suddenly feels the urge to slam his hand through Adek's gut and rip his intestines out slowly.
<Sabrina> I'm stuffed...
* Alen falls off the chair and twitches on the floor, one big bruise shining proudly on his head. @_@
<Gwen> Maid: O_o
<Gwen> Maid: What is up with that poor little boy...?
<Sabrina> Don't worry, he's the group schitzo.
<Arcus> Eh?
* Adek is still leaning on hus weapon, nibbling half-heartedly on a roll.
<Sabrina> He hasn't taken his medication yet.
<Gwen> Maid: I see...
<Arcus> Here's a health tip for ya Alen, don't do dat. ^_-
* Remy offers Gwen a sip of his drink..
* Gwen nods. "Thanks."
* Gwen takes a sip
<Alen> P... an... @_@
<Gwen> everyone ready? We'd better get going...
<Arcus> *Zeth belches loudly in a rather-high piched squeaky tone.
* Naya ponders follwing them.
<Sabrina> Can we go somewhere really quick before we head to Seagazz? I have to talk to someone I know from here....
<Remy> Yeah. We gotta travel. And we all know how fun 'dat is. Not as much fun as goin' down a hole in a bucket, though.
<Gwen> I don't see why not. Who do you need to talk to, Sab?
* Arcus waves his hand in front of Zeth's face, "Ew...sausage breath.."
<Sabrina> This....person I know.........
<Gwen> Who?
* Arcus stands up and heads outside, bowing politely to the maids.
<Gwen> Oh okay. Everyone, let's go!
* Gwen gets up with Remy in tow. ^_^
* Alen twitches.
<Gwen> Phoebe stumbles out.
<Naya> Hey..
* Remy is magically pulled up by the hand of the lovely GM. ^_^;
<Naya> Do you guys mind if I tag along?
<Gwen> I don't see why not. ^_^
* Adek hobbles along behind everyone, trying to keep up without wincing at every step.
<Naya> Thanks.
<Sabrina> Actually..........I'd rather not go see her....
<Gwen> Okay...well, let's head out.
* Remy nods. ^_^
* Adek glances at Naya, shrugs slightly as Gwen tells her she can come, and goes back to hobble-walking.
<Arcus> So, where to, oh illustrious leader? ^_-
<Gwen> O_o
<Gwen> You people....we're off to Seagazz.
* Remy snickers.

<Gwen> >> Meanwhile.....

<Gwen> >> In a unknown town...noises are coming from the local bar...
<Gwen> >> A pretty woman with almost white hair walks into the bar, looking at the surroundings.
<Gwen> >> The smell of ale is staggering...several people are huddled around a table, watching two men arm wrestle....
<Gwen> Guy: Go Marty! I got money riding on you!
<Gwen> The woman coughs loudly and yells at the top of her voice. "Where is the one called Kulgar?"
<Gwen> >> One of the arm wrestlers uses the woman's yelling as a distraction, and beats the other guy by slamming his hand into the table.
<Gwen> Man: Son of a bitch! You chea-
<Gwen> >> The bartender growls. "Shut the hell up!"
<Gwen> >> The woman walks to the bartender and sits at the counter. "You're Kulgar, aren't you? Clear everyone out of your bar. Now. I got a propsition for you."
<Gwen> Kulgar raises an eyebrow. "Everyone out!"
<Gwen> Man: But happy hour isn't over yet!
<Gwen> Kulgar hisses and slams a massive hand into the counter. "Out! now!"
<Gwen> >> Everyone cowers at the massively huge man and scrambles out.
<Gwen> >> Indeed, Kulgar is massive. He's at least 7 feet tall...and has massively big muscles. He has a dark, curly hair, with an equally curly beard. He looks at the woman with interest. "Who are you? What's the deal?"
<Gwen> Woman: I am Odessa of the Danek empire..and the Emperor himself has a job for you.
<Gwen> Odessa: You are the best mercenary of your kind, right?
<Gwen> Odessa plops some pictures and folders in front of Kulgar.
<Gwen> Oddessa: We will pay you royally if you apprehend several law evaders.
<Gwen> Odessa: Some of them have formed a small, ragtag party...but they are much stronger than they look. These folders contain a few Danek recruits who have been drafed into the army...but refuse to join..
<Gwen> Kulgar: And the payment?
<Gwen> Odessa: 2 million gold.
<Gwen> Kulgar hmms...
<Gwen> Odessa looks over two pictures, then hmms...
<Gwen> Odessa: Well well well...I didn't make this connection...
<Gwen> Odessa: Seems one of the rebels is really of Danek birth...and his sister is on the run from draft evasion...
<Gwen> Kulgar: And this concerns what way?
<Gwen> Odessa: Oh, nothing. But this one woman....Erin Van Rehl....put a litle extra effort into capturing her. Bring her to me...
<Gwen> Kulgar: For the money your paying me, it's as good as done.

<Gwen> ==End of cut scene :) ==

<Gwen> >> You have just left Mortyr, and are now traveling across the plains of Kerzalt. Nothing out of the ordinary can be seen...thankfully.
* Arcus whistles a jaunty traveling tune. ^_^
* Remy walks by Gwen....l'amour....heh...
* Alen looks around, a strange light in his eyes..
<Gwen> What's up, Al?
<Alen> This is where I come from... it's been so long...
<Sabrina> I can't believe they said I was ungrateful....I hope they both die!
<Gwen> ...the dog said that? -_-
<Alen> Um, nothing. ^^;
<Remy> dog certainly is talented, 'den..
<Arcus> Heh. ^_-
<Sabrina> Well, you could consider her a dog....
<Gwen> So who called you a bitch?
<Sabrina> No one.
<Gwen> Had to be someone...
<Remy> False truths, Sabrina?
<Sabrina> was someone in a dream I had last night? Yeah! A dream.....
* Gwen laughs at the outright lie. ^_^;
<Arcus> She'll talk about it when she's good and ready, no sense in prodding her 'bout it. ^_-
<Gwen> Phoebe keeps to herself.
<Naya> Then why does it upset you so?
* Remy makes an odd noise and throws his hands to the sky. "Eesh!"
<Arcus> *Zeth flits slighly ahead of the group, apparently hunting.
* Alen walks over to Phoebe.
* Remy mutters about not understanding women. :p
<Alen> Are you all right? =)
* Sabrina sighs.
<Gwen> >> You pass by a strange looking temple...high up in the mountains. A clear waterfall falls down the mountains side...
* Sabrina mutters, "That fat whore."
<Remy> Eh...waterfall....beautiful...
* Arcus stops at the falls to get a drink.
<Gwen> Phoebe:
<Adek> Wonder what's with that temple..
<Gwen> >> The temple itself is way too high for you to reach...and the mountain is steep. You must fly there...
<Remy> Anyone grow wings lately?
* Remy chuckles a little and rubs some water from the falls onto his face.
* Adek glances at Arcus. "Well, he can..."
<Sabrina> I've once heard that if a pregnant woman goes into an area with more pressure than what she's used to, like underwater or up in the air, it enhances the rate of going into labor...
<Remy> Eh...
<Gwen> Probably...
<Gwen> But it still looks really high...
<Gwen> Pheobe: Actually...
<Adek> Up in the air would be less pressure, Sab...
<Gwen> Phoebe: That's the Pegasus temple...
<Gwen> Pheobe: Pottle told me about it. Only Seagazzi dragons can fly you there.
<Sabrina> But that's probably until they're a few weeks away from giving birth...
<Naya> Umm are there any Saegazzi dragons around?
<Gwen> Prolly in Seagazzi...
* Adek stares at the mountainside. "I climbed a mountain once.. nothing anywhere near as steep as this, but the air'd thin out up there. It'd be hard to exert ourselves.. not the kind of place you'd want to get into a battle in.."
<Gwen> Anyway...let's keep going...
* Remy taps his chin...
<Gwen> >> Up ahead, you can make out several tents, and very exotic music...very spirited and cheerful.
<Arcus> Nice place. ^_-
<Gwen> ...Is this the gypsy camp?
<Alen> Gypsies. =D
* Naya smiles.
* Remy raises an eyebrow..
<Alen> Let's have fun. ^_^
* Gwen laughs. ^^;
<Remy> Sounds like a pimp house ta me..
<Naya> Hrmph.
* Gwen whaps Remy playfully.
<Gwen> Don't forget we have a gypsy here!
* Arcus calls Zeth back to him, and the snake wraps himself around Arcus' neck again.
<Adek> Nice place.. depending on how your tastes run.
* Remy blinks and grins. "I haven't forgotten....heh....I'm just jokin', chere..." ^_^
* Remy chuckles..
* Naya looks around to who who is there.
* Arcus looks around this place, grinning. ^_^
<Gwen> >> A pretty young girl with dark hair and well tanned skin runs to Naya and hugs her. "Naya! Back so soon?"
<Naya> I got bored.
<Gwen> >> A young boy with the same haircolor and complexion toddles to the girls side. He's about 8...
<Naya> Is there anything good to eat?
* Remy's stomach rumbles. O_o
<Gwen> Boy: Naomi! Naya's back?
<Gwen> Naomi: Yes, Petya. There is some food in that tent over there. We're having a dancing festival tonight.
* Naya smiles at the boy.
<Arcus> Does everyone's name here start with an N? ^_-
<Remy> Dancing festival..
<Naya> Ooo, sounds great!
<Gwen> Naomi: Anyway...wait...
<Naya> What?
<Gwen> Naomi: Hmm...Naya...what are with these.....
<Alen> Hi. ^_^
<Gwen> Petya: What?
* Remy raises an eyebrow at Naomi.
<Naya> You mean the people?
* Arcus sits down on a nearby rock and watches.
<Gwen> Naomi: Sorry, what is with the Giorgios...the know you must ask the Seer first...
<Naya> Yeah...
<Gwen> Naomi: She's not much on strangers...
<Naya> Umm, where is she?
<Gwen> Naomi: Would you like me to fetch her?
<Remy> Eh....we ain't strangers......but we sure are strange...
<Alen> I'm not a stranger. =D
<Arcus> Speak for yourself there Rem. ^_-
<Remy> Eh.....guess I do.
* Arcus laughs!
<Alen> I think I met your people about 500 years ago. ^_^
<Gwen> Naomi: Hang on, I'll be right back.
<Naya> Ok.
<Gwen> Naomi runs off.
<Remy> So...we gonna stay fer the dancing festival?
<Gwen> If they let us in...
<Arcus> We should, Gypsy dancing is not to be missed.
<Naya> Hafta get permission.
<Arcus> In June....under that stars.....
<Remy> Should be interestin'..
* Remy's stomach rumbles loudly again. :p
<Gwen> Naomi rushes back. "She's coming. Come Petya! We must prepare for the festival...hope they get allowed in, Naya!"
<Naya> Me too.
<Gwen> Naomi drags Petya off.
* Arcus pulls out his flute and knocks some traveling dirt out of it.
* Adek sighs. "Dancing festival, eh.."
<Gwen> >> An older woman walks towards the party...she is small, portly, and in her fifties. She has rapidly graying hair around her temples...but you can see the fire in her eyes...she's not one to be pushed around.
* Remy blinks.
<Alen> Hi. =D
* Naya gulps. "Hi again."
<Gwen> Woman: I am Iphigenia, the Seer of this tribe. Why do you Giorgios wish to stay here?
<Alen> We want to go to the festival. =D
<Arcus> Because Gypsy monthly gave your troupe a five-star rating. ^_-
<Gwen> Iphigenia ignores Naya for the moment, but gives her a kind look out of the corner of her eye, yet stern at the same time. An odd combination.
<Gwen> We are travelling to Segazzi...but we wish to camp out here for the night. We'll be gone by early morning.
<Gwen> Iphigenia: I...I see.
<Gwen> Iphigenia thinks to herself. "You may stay...but I shall keep my eyes on you. Is this understood?"
<Remy> Yes ma'am.
<Arcus> Yes ma'am. ^_-
<Adek> Perfectly.
<Gwen> Iphigenia: You may partake of our festival tonight, if you wish. Just don't cause trouble.
* Remy grins.
<Alen> Thank you! =D
<Arcus> No problem. ^_-
<Gwen> Iphigenia: Then I shall leave you. The tent to your far right shall be set up for you.
<Gwen> Iphigenia: And is good to see you again, my dear. Shall you dance tonight?
* Sabrina looks at Iphigenia...
<Naya> If need be.
<Gwen> Iphigenia: Excellent. I shall leave then. Enjoy yourselves.
<Gwen> Iphigenia leaves.
* Arcus chuckles dryly to himself. ^_-
* Remy gently nudges Gwen. "Can y'dance, chere?"
<Gwen> Not really..
<Gwen> But I can move...
<Gwen> And sing.
<Sabrina> What kind of dancing do want her to do, Remy? ;)
* Remy grins.
<Gwen> If that counts for anything.
<Gwen> Phoebe walks off...
* Remy blinks at Sabrina and actually blushes lightly. "Shush."
* Arcus laughs again.
<Sabrina> I wish I wasn't pregnant sometimes....
<Naya> Hmmm. *looks for the food*
* Alen frowns.
<Arcus> Dancing is all up here Gwen *taps his forhead*, just go with what feels natural and you can't miss. ^_-
* Alen follows Phoebe. =/
<Gwen> >> Surprisingly, there are quite a few non-gypsy's around...although the gypsy population far outnumbers them...
<Gwen> Heh! Okay Arc.
* Remy grins..
* Sabrina looks for someone interesting to talk to.
<Remy> Can't wait t'see ya dance....heh..
<Gwen> >> A woman sitting near a tent eyes your party very closely...
* Naya heads towards the food and goes to talk with her friends.
<Arcus> Take that as you will. ^_-
* Remy glances at the woman.
<Gwen> >> The woman has dark, curly hair, however it's all pulled up now into a simple braid. Something is draped over her shoulders.
<Gwen> >> She then stares at Arcus. O_o
* Arcus leans back on the rock and looks up at the darkening sky.
* Adek sighs again, muttering and looking around with a frown on his face.
<Gwen> What's up, Adek?
<Gwen> Why the frown?
* Remy looks around..
<Gwen> Pissed you didn't kill any Danek bastards today? ;)
<Gwen> >> The woman still stares at Arcus. O_o
<Arcus> o~Like every tree...stands on its own.... o~
<Gwen> Woman: Nah...can't be.
* Adek looks at Gwen coldly for a second, then slowly shakes his head. "Worried that they're following us. It's entirely possible we have them after us.. and it'd be a horrible shame if they attacked this place..."
<Gwen> Woman: O_o Only one person sings that song...
<Gwen> The woman stands up and waves a hand in the air. "Arcus!"
<Arcus> Eh?
* Gwen nods. "I agree..."
* Remy blinks..
* Arcus looks around for the voice.
<Gwen> Woman: Over here!
* Arcus looks.
<Gwen> >> The thing draped over her shoulders....moves. O_o
<Arcus> Hey there! :D
* Arcus waves!
<Gwen> >> It's a looks like Zeth...only it has different coloring! ^_^
* Adek sighs again. "What have we gotten ourselves into, anyway, Gwen?"
<Gwen> The woman rushes up to Arcus and gives him a hug! "Long time, no see bro!"
* Arcus hurries over to the woman and grab her in a fierce bear hug!
<Gwen> I honestly don't know...
<Arcus> Looking good sis!
<Gwen> Erin: You're not looking half bad yourself. ^_-
<Arcus> What brings you about?
<Gwen> Erin shutters. "Er....well...-_-"
* Naya skips up to the group with some food.
<Gwen> Erin coughs.
* Arcus elbows Erin, "Come on, spill." ^_-
<Gwen> Erin: -_- I'm in a fix.
<Arcus> How so?
<Gwen> Erin: Well, see.. ^_^; Ahem. A funny little thing happened to me in Coryan..these Danek punks came up to me and told me I had to enlist in the army cuz I was born in the Empire. Is that stupid or what?
<Arcus> Born in the Empire? That's a laugh. ^_-
<Arcus> So what did you do?
<Gwen> Erin: of ran...And I heard I'm on their wanted list..^^;
<Gwen> Erin: So I've been hiding out here.
* Arcus looks at Erin critically, "You always were good at getting into trouble. Luckily, you're good at getting out of it too." ^_-
<Gwen> >> A cute guy walks up to Sabrina. "^_^ Hey baby."
<Arcus> Better than I if my memory serves. ^_-
<Gwen> Erin: I dunno about this one...the Danek army is huge...
* Remy idly slips his arm around Gwen's waist.
<Arcus> Yeah, but they're stupid. ^_-
* Gwen blinks, but smiles to herself.
<Gwen> Erin: Ya got a point there. So what have you been up to, bro? ^_^
<Arcus> You just have to watch out for the ones with actual names. ^_-
* Sabrina looks at the guy and smiles. "Uhh...Hi..."
<Gwen> Guy: What's your name?
<Arcus> Puttering around. I seem to have gotten wrapped up in worldly events. ^_-
<Sabrina> My....My name?
<Gwen> Erin gives him a look.
<Gwen> Erin: You've been getting into trouble as well, I see. ^_-
<Arcus> Naturally. ^_-
* Remy grins, happy he wasn't brushed off. :p
<Arcus> You heard of the Armor of Vay?
<Gwen> Erin: Who hasn't?
* Arcus winks at Erin. ^_-
<Sabrina> Uhh......Sabrina.......Sabrina Cozo....
<Gwen> Erin: O_o
<Arcus> Like I said, wordly events. ^_-
<Gwen> Erin: You're trying to revive it? O_o
<Gwen> Erin: You're part of that rebel group? O_o
<Gwen> Erin: Well well well.. ^_-
<Gwen> Erin: You HAVE been busy.
<Arcus> Either that or preventing others from doing it, but yes, you could say I am of the rebellious persuasion. ^_-
<Gwen> Erin: Nice work, Bro. ^_-
* Arcus bows mockingly, "Was there ever any doubt?"
<Arcus> Why thank you. ^_-
<Gwen> Erin: Not really.
<Gwen> Erin mock bows as well, laughing.
* Arcus laughs and hugs Erin again.
<Remy> How...cute. ^_-
<Gwen> Guy: I'm Jander...
<Arcus> Its nice to be together again, I missed ya.
<Sabrina> That's a nice name, Jander.
<Gwen> Erin: Me too. Fureya as well.
<Gwen> Jander smiles.
<Sabrina> Where are you from?
<Gwen> Jander: Want me to show you around?
* Arcus rubs Fureya along her neck ridge, "How'z it hanging Fureya? Eh?"
<Gwen> Fureya: ~It hangs...somewhat.~
<Sabrina> Sure.
<Arcus> Zeth: *I concur.*
<Gwen> Jander takes her by the hand and shows her the sights.
<Arcus> Lemme introduce you to my cohorts, follow me. ^_^
* Remy is quite happy being close to Gwen. ^_^
<Gwen> Erin follows her bro.
* Arcus leads Erin and Fureya over to Gwen and Remy.
<Arcus> Erin, this is Gwen and Remy.
<Arcus> Gwen, Remy, this is my sister, Erin.
<Gwen> Erin: Pleased to meet you. ^_-
<Remy> Hi 'dere, Erin. I guess de wit runs in de family, eh?
* Gwen laughs out loud. O_o
<Gwen> ..ahem!
<Gwen> Sorry.
* Arcus laughs.
* Remy grins.
<Gwen> Erin snickers.
<Arcus> Gwen is our fearless leader, and Remy is her stud muffin of glory. ^_-
<Gwen> O_o Pardon?
<Remy> Stud muffin of glory?
<Gwen> Erin: ^_- So I see...the fearless leader has taste!
* Remy blinks.
<Arcus> Indeed. ^_-
* Remy blinks again.
* Gwen blinks as well.
<Remy> I'm a muffin now?
<Arcus> Was there ever any doubt Rem? ^_-
<Gwen> Naomi: Attention!!
* Remy blinks.
* Naya looks to Naomi.
<Gwen> Naomi calls out to everyone. "^^ Let the festivities begin!"
<Gwen> >> Some violin music begins to play, along with the clacking of castinets.
<Remy> Awesome!
* Arcus elbows Erin, "Feel like adding to the atmosphere? For old times sake?" ^_-
<Gwen> Erin: ^_^ I thought you'd never ask.
<Naya> Fun!
* Naya smiles.
* Arcus takes Erin's arms and strolls over to the festivities. ^_^
<Gwen> How cute. ^_^;
<Gwen> Shall we join them, my stud muffin? :P
* Remy chuckles!
<Remy> Sure t'ing, chere. ^_-
<Gwen> Heh!
* Remy grins and leads Gwen after Arcus and Erin.. ^_^
<Gwen> >> Night falls, and a large campfire burns in the center of the settlement. Several dark skinned girls in long dresses dance around the campfire.
<Gwen> Erin pulls out a guitar. "Ready when you are!"
* Arcus sits next to Erin and pulls out his reed flute, "Lets go then."
* Sabrina walks back to the others with Jander.
<Arcus> Start us off would you?
<Gwen> Erin strikes the cords!
<Gwen> Erin: Take it away, bro! ^_-
* Arcus listens for a bit, then joins in, laying down a quick dance tune.
<Gwen> Jander: Would
<Gwen> Jander: Like to dance?
* Sabrina smiles. "I'd love to."
* Remy watches Gwen's face in the firelight.. -_-;
* Remy finds himself staring a bit. ^_^;
<Gwen> Jander takes her and carefully *Cuz he can tell she's pregnant
* dances with her gracefully.
<Arcus> *Zeth hangs around Arcus' neck, conversing quietly with Fureya.
<Gwen> Jade appears quietly.
* Jade sits morosely by the fire.
* Remy bows to Gwen and brushes her knuckles with his lips. "M'lady....would you honor this vagabond with a dance?"
<Gwen> Vagabond?
<Gwen> Heh! Sure. ^_^
* Remy grins and starts to dance.....rather nicely too.. O_o
* Gwen follows. O_o
* Arcus watches the people dancing around the fire, thoroughly enjoying himself as he continues to play.
* Naya sits back and sighs contently.
<Gwen> Erin stops for a moment. "Drat! O_o"
* Arcus stops, "What's wrong?"
<Gwen> Erin: Stupid guitar snapped!
<Arcus> Again?
<Gwen> Erin: I probably have a spare somewhere...
* Adek watches the festivities for a minute or two, then shakes his head and slowly makes his way towards the edge of the gypsy encampment.
<Arcus> Hurry back then, I can't entertain everyone by myself you know. ^_-
<Gwen> Erin: Gotcha! ^_-
<Gwen> Erin runs off.
* Remy snickers and watches Gwen, eyes glowing lightly in the firelight.
* Arcus winks at Erin and resumes his playing.
<Gwen> Jander: ^_^; Getting tired?
<Sabrina> No.
* Sabrina smiles. "I've never had this much fun my entire life."
<Gwen> Jander spins her once. "I'm glad I could share it with you."
* Remy moves in time with Gwen. "See? You aren't so bad at 'dis, chere!"
* Jade smirks...
* Arcus continues playing with all his heart and soul.
* Jade starts poking at the embers with her claw.
* Gwen grins, and dips Rem!
<Gwen> ^_^ Really?
* Sabrina rests her head on Jander's shoulder.
<Gwen> Jander smiles.
* Remy is dipped and stares at Gwen... "Yes......"
* Gwen smiles and puts her head on Rem's shoulder.
* Remy grins and holds Gwen close. ^_^
* Jade retches.
* Arcus slows down the tempo a bit, keeping the liveliness going.
<Gwen> >> Arcus can hear some struggling behind one of the tents, then a recognizable. "Let the hell go!"
* Arcus bolts up and hurries to the voice!
<Arcus> Erin!
<Gwen> >> Erin is being held by a O_o
<Arcus> A-hem!!
<Gwen> >> Fureya is biting at him, but it's not making much difference.
<Gwen> Man: ... Yes?
<Gwen> Erin:!
<Arcus> The lady doesn't want to dance with you mister.
<Gwen> Erin kicks at him.
<Arcus> Zeth, get the others....quickly.
* Jade wanders in...
<Arcus> *Zeth flies off in a rush of green, blue, and silver!
<Gwen> The mans lip curls into a smile. "Arcus Van Rehl?"
<Arcus> Maybe I am, maybe I'm not.
<Gwen> Man: Don't play dumb with me.
<Gwen> Man: Looks like you're coming with me as well.
<Arcus> Who says I'm playing? ^_-
<Arcus> I think not.
<Gwen> Man lashes out with his massive arm, flinging Arcus into a nearby tent!
<Gwen> Erin: O_o Arc!
<Gwen> >> Zeth flies towards Gwen, agitated...
<Gwen> Man: Are you coming peacefully or not?
* Remy still has Gwen in his arms. :p
<Gwen> Man reaches into his satchel and pulls out some strange looking darts.
<Gwen> What? O_o
* Gwen rushes off!
<Gwen> Erin: Let me go, you small dicked bastard!
* Arcus spits out some dirt and tries to rise, "Thems some good meathooks you got there pal..."
* Arcus draws his sword angrilly.
* Jade looks the man up and down...
* Gwen rushes to where Jade is.
<Arcus> We can do this the easy way, or the hard way, your choice.
<Gwen> Man: *Laughs
* Too bad...looks like I got to do this the hard way for you.
<Arcus> Heh, fine by me....
<Gwen> Man flings a dart at Arcus! It hits him in the leg!
* Sabrina looks at Remy. "Excuse me, Jander.....I need to go see what's going on with friends."
<Gwen> Hey! O_o
<Arcus> Yah!
* Gwen pulls out her spear.
* Arcus falls to one knee.
* Remy nods to Sabrina and rushes off after Gwen. :p
<Gwen> >> Arcus begins to feel sleepy.
* Sabrina goes after Remy as fast as possible. She calls back to Jander, "If you can help, we'd be much abliged..."
<Gwen> Erin bites the man on the hand. He lets go!
* Remy blinks at Arcus' downed body..
<Remy> Shit.
<Arcus> *shakes his head*....can't fight gentlemanly, huh?
<Gwen> Jander: I'm sorry, I'm not much of a fighter...good luck.
* Remy draws his bo and glares at the big man..
<Gwen> Erin: O_o He's too strong...let's get out of here!
<Gwen> >> Arcus really feels sleepy now...
* Jade draws a breath.
<Gwen> >> Those darts were laced with a sleeping potion.
<Gwen> O_o
* Remy twirls his bo quickly in front of him, readily deflecting any blows. ^_^
<Gwen> Man: ...The rest of you. The empire wants you. I have been assigned to bring you back to them. And Kulgar here never botches a job.
* Sabrina enters the scene. "Who the hell are you?"
<Remy> Hah. G'luck tryin, bucko.
<Gwen> Kulgar: Kulgar. :P
<Sabrina> What are you doing to my friends?
<Jade> What kind of a name is Kulgar?
<Gwen> Kulgar: What kind of name is Jade?
<Gwen> Kulgar: I know all about you.
* Jade grunts and acts like a monkey. "I'm Kulgar the skull crusher."
<Remy> One an ashamed mom gives to an ugly child, Jade...
* Arcus stuggles to stay awake....tilting to one side.
<Remy> You know all about who? :P Jade? Big whoop. :p
<Gwen> >> Arcus finally can't keep awake anymore. He faints.
* Sunny eats a cherry.
<Arcus> *Zeth returns to Arcus' shoulder and hisses at Kulgar.
* Adek walks up to the others slowly, having noticed the goings on as he was wandering the area. "You know all about us.. and you STILL can't figure out how to use deoderant? Incredible."
<Arcus> *thud*
<Gwen> Kulgar: Humph. Insults will get you no where. Believe it or not, I'd rather not kill you all.
<Adek> Oh? And what DO you intend to do?
* Remy rolls his eyes.
<Arcus> ZZzzZZzz...
<Gwen> Kulgar: Take you back to the empire...and get my pay.
<Gwen> Kulgar: Oh, by the way...that little sleeping concoction is actually a poison.
<Gwen> Kulgar: I have the cure. Come with me and he won't die.
<Gwen> Kulgar grins.
<Gwen> Erin: O_o
* Remy narrows his eyes.
* Adek narrows his eyes, voicing going from hostile to extremely hostile. "You're working for those butchers.."
<Gwen> Erin starts spouting profanities too lengthy to type.
<Adek> ..and you don't have enough honor to fight us? You have to resort to this? Disgusting..
<Sabrina> Why do we have to go to the Empire...?
* Arcus snores, lying face-down in the dirt.
* Remy glares at the big man.
<Gwen> Kulgar: As I told you, I honestly have no desire to kill you.
<Gwen> Kulgar: I don't care what the empire has done. I'm just getting paid.
<Sabrina> Umm....I have to go get my things....I can't travel without my things. I'll be right back!
<Gwen> Sabrina!
* Adek looks at the others, lowering his voice. "Delivering us to the empire is the same as killing us.. we can't save Arcus without the antidote.. what do we do? Go along with him? Fight him and try to take it?"
<Sabrina> What? I left my stuff back there, Gwen!
<Gwen> I'm not going with him. If there's a cure...maybe we can find it on our own.
* Jade whispers softly..."We could take him...he's only one man."
* Remy looks uncertain..
<Gwen> Erin: A very big man, no doubt. :P
<Sabrina> He's not fat, he's big-boned.
<Sunny> Oh yeah.
<Arcus> ZZzzZZzz....
* Adek nods slightly. "I'm with Jade.. I'd feel no remorse if we accidentally spread his internal workings around the area.."
<Sabrina> I'll be right back....I promise...
<Remy> Yeah..
<Remy> I s'pose you're all right..
<Gwen> Kulgar: Try it...I have several more of these darts left. I never miss.
<Naya> Don't you want to know why they want you *pokeing her head in*
<Arcus> *Zeth hisses furiously at the evil, hairy man.
<Sabrina> I can't leave? Ummm...let me say bye to my friend...Please?
* Remy glares at Kulgar and steps forward. "Jus' a chance we'll hafta take, chien."
<Gwen> Fine, go Sabrina. :P
<Gwen> Kulgar takes out a large sword.
<Adek> There's always a first time, bastard. You work for those murders.. and expect US to come along peacefully? Never.
<Gwen> >> Suddenly several gypsies appear! O_o
<Gwen> Jander is behind them!
* Adek plants the butt-end of his halberd in the ground in front of him, staring at Kulgar.
<Sunny> That's alot.
<Gwen> Jander: There! He's the one that's harrassing them!
<Arcus> ZZzzZZzz....
<Gwen> Kulgar: ....
* Sabrina blinks. "I was just about to go get you..."
<Gwen> Kulgar: Too many...
<Sabrina> Nevermind. I don't need to leave.
<Gwen> Jander: ^_^ I thought ahead.
* Jade grins.
* Remy smiles coolly.
* Sabrina smiles.
<Gwen> Kulgar sighs. "Well, since you won't be rational...I will be nearby. Come to me and surrender, or your friend dies...and believe me..the symptoms will get much worse...just wait till the fever kicks in."
<Sabrina> Now let's kick ass and chew bubblegum!
<Gwen> Kulgar: I don't need to fight you, you'll come crawling to me.
<Gwen> Kulgar turns tail and flees!
* Remy smirks.
<Gwen> Erin starts shaking her brother. "Wake up!"
* Adek swears vehemently, and shouts after him. "Coward!"
<Arcus> *Zeth looks at Arcus with a great deal of worry.
<Gwen> They all are, Adek. Let him be for now.
* Arcus does not stir.
<Gwen> Erin looks really worried. "%$&(%..."
<Sabrina> Thank you, Jander...
<Gwen> Erin: They were after me, dammit...and look what happened...
<Adek> Poisoned..
<Gwen> Jander: It's no problem.
<Naya> There is a cure.
* Adek frowns. "Zeth? When you and Arcus meld together.. does poison still affect you two?"
<Gwen> Naya?
<Naya> Maybe we could find it.
<Arcus> Zeth: *It will affect me too. I can't help him.*
<Gwen> Maybe...
* Adek sighs. "Just wondering."
<Sabrina> What good would a breast do? I don't think that's the cure....
* Remy grumbles..
<Gwen> Gypsy: The people of Seagazz are wise with herbs...You could also travel to the Shrine of Taltana...but it's been destroyed..
<Jade> Breast milk cures a ton of stuff, actually...
* Jade eyes Sabrina.
<Sunny> Hmm.
* Gwen snickers.
<Remy> Uhhh..
* Sabrina looks at Jade. "Don't get any ideas!"
<Remy> Didn't need ta hear 'dat..
<Sabrina> Leave my tits out of this!
<Arcus> *Zeth curls up around Arcus' neck, concern showing openly on his little snake face.
<Adek> Can we be serious, people? Just for once?
* Remy groans a bit. :p
<Sunny> Couldn't there be some super healer guy somewhere?
<Jade> Well, why don't we go to Seagazz?
<Gwen> Where did Phoebe go...?
<Jade> I mean, if they know their stuff...
* Gwen nods.
<Remy> O_o
<Remy> Good question..
<Jade> This is just some cheap poison...
<Gwen> Alen....and where is Alen? O_o
<Adek> The Seagazz.. that temple we saw on that you think..?
<Gwen> I don't's an idea...
<Arcus> ~sweat beads begin to form on Arcus' forehead~
<Remy> Eesh....maybe Phoebe and Alen...?
<Gwen> Eloped? ^_-
* Remy chuckled. "Uhmmm.....eloped wasn't the word I was lookin' for, beautiful.....but sure...eloped..." :p
<Gwen> Erin: I'm going with you...
<Gwen> Erin: If this is all right, of course. ^_-
<Naya> But don't we need a dragon for that?
<Sunny> Fun.
<Adek> Erin.. yes. If he's after you too, you should stick with us.. plus your brother..
<Gwen> Erin: Gotcha. ^_-
<Gwen> Erin goes back to looking worried.
<Gwen> Fureya curls around Erin's neck, looking on...
<Adek> We don't have time to sit around here acting indecisive. Do we go to the Seagazz?
<Remy> much for de dancin'...
<Gwen> We do...but it's too late tonight. Besides, Kulgar's out there.
<Remy> Yeah.....we wait till mornin'?
<Adek> Dare we wait until morning?
<Gwen> We're being watched....even now. I know it.
<Gwen> We leave at the crack of dawn. No later.
* Remy coughs a bit at the time. "Errr...sure t'ing..."
<Gwen> We could be ambushed if we go now...
<Adek> I don't like this..
<Gwen> ...dare we try going now?
<Remy> . o O (Oooh boy....I'm gonna be grumpy t'mmorrow... :p)
<Gwen> Erin: ...
<Adek> We could get ambushed tomorrow, as well. Or whenever we leave. Kulgar'll be there tomorrow.. and I say if he wants a fight, we give him one. It'd spare us the trouble of finding a cure..
* Gwen nods. "You've got a point. Let's go."
<Gwen> Erin turns to Naya. "Comin?"
<Naya> Yeah.
<Naya> I feel bad.
<Gwen> >> Some gypsys carry Arcus off.
<Gwen> Erin: Don't...not your fault...
<Arcus> *Zeth wipes some sweat from Arcus' brow with a feathered wing.
<Remy> Well. There goes the funny man of de group..
<Naya> But you were at my home. In a way you all should have been protected.
<Gwen> Erin: Zeth...look after Arcus.
<Arcus> Zeth: *Believe me, I will.*
<Gwen> ...
<Gwen> Let's go.
* Remy nods.
<Gwen> >> The party walks off into the inky blackness, west towards Seagazz...but the question remains, are they being followed...and how much time do they have?


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