VayRPG Session 23: From the Ashes

Erin, sister of Arcus: DNW
John: Windstar
and Potty the dragon.. PIGGYAA! ;)

Session Start: Fri Aug 07 18:46:21 1998

<Gwen> >> As the party sets out over the Kerzalt plains to their destination, Segazz...the King of Kerzalt, King Marcus, spends the night looking over paperwork for his country...
<King_Marcus_XIV> *sigh*
<Gwen> Voice: "King Marcus the XIV....."
<King_Marcus_XIV> I need to hire someone to...
<King_Marcus_XIV> ?
<Gwen> >> A figure walks into the room.
<King_Marcus_XIV> Who are you?
<Gwen> >> It looks like a young guard.
<King_Marcus_XIV> Speak up, lad.
<Gwen> Guard: I am here to tell you a very important message, sir.
<King_Marcus_XIV> What might that be?
<Gwen> >> The Guard nods. "It is..."
<Gwen> >> Without warning, the guard pulls a gun out of his trenchcoat. Before the King can react, he shoots the confused King in the head. He blows smoke off the muzzle of his gun.
<Gwen> Assassin: That the Danek now has control over your pathetic Castle, my liege...
* King_Marcus_XIV keels over, blood and brains mixing as they ooze over the clean tiled floor...

<Gwen> >> Meanwhile (YOU PUKES! :P)

<Gwen> >> The party has just left the Gypsy incampment, on their way to Segazz. Alen is running behind the party, confused as ever.
<Gwen> >> It's midnight, and it's very difficult to see. It's also quiet...too quiet.
<Jade> Was it really smart to leave in the middle of the night like this?...
<Erin`> *Fureya sticks close to Erin, not knowing anyone very well.
<Dance> I don't think we had a choice.
<Gwen> >> Phoebe is not there.
* Gwen grumbles as she walks.
* Erin` walks along, not saying much.
<Adek> If I was wrong, Jade, you can take it out on me later. We really can't afford to spend the night there.. We might not have enough time as it is.
<Gwen> >> Dance caught up with the party a short while ago.
<Gwen> Do any of you guys know the area well? Are we close?
* Alen arrives, panting. O_o
<Alen> I come from here. =D
<Gwen> Alen, are we close? O_o
* Adek shrugs slightly, wincing at the motion. "I've been in this area before, but I have no clue where everything is."
<Erin`> Well, how far from Segazz are we?
<Alen> It's so good... I hadn't been here for at least 200 years... =D
* Alen scratches his head.
<Gwen> ...this is Alen we're talking about. How would he know. ^_-
<Alen> To what? ^_^
<Gwen> See?
* Naya listens and follows quietly.
* Erin` laughs!
<Erin`> Just our luck I suppose ^_-
<Alen> What are we close to? =)
<Gwen> >> The party continues on through the tall grasses till they hear inhumane noises....monsters.
* Erin` grins.
<Gwen> ...looks like we get ambushed a different way.
* Dance stops and draws his staff.
<Alen> O_o Are you that hungry, Adek?
<Adek> ...That's not me, Alen.
* Alen searches in his pockets.
* Erin` draws her boomerang quietly.
<Alen> I've got some grits left if you want. ^_^
<Gwen> >> The monster sounds come from all directions.
<Alen> It isn't? O_o
<Dance> Everyone back to back.
<Alen> Who is it then? Gwen?
* Adek grips his halberd a little more tightly, already using it as a walking stick. "No. It seems we have company. AGAIN."
<Gwen>'s not any of us!
<Alen> Oh. ^_^
* Alen puts the grits back.
<Dance> Alen, get out your weapon and stand behind me!
* Alen takes out his rod!
<Gwen> >> The monsters pounce and attack!


<Bahamut> >> Bunny Rabids (2) FlyTraps (3)
* Alen hops to the back row!
* Gwen whips out her spear. "^_^ Good old fashioned Monster slaying!"
* Erin` takes position in the back row.
* Dance takes front in fron of Alen.
* Gwen takes the front.
* Adek blinks, standing in the front. "Two rabbits and a bunch of PLANTS?"
* Naya steps to the back row.
<Gwen> The plants have fangs. O_o
<Dance> Don't take them for granted until they're dust.
<Bahamut> >> The Rabid's snarl in Adek's direction, bearing saliva coated fangs!
* Alen waves his new rod around, making up a new spell-casting style. =D
<Gwen> I bet if that thing bit you, you'd be foaming at the mouth. ;) Bet Sav would like that.
<Bahamut> >> Dance, the honor of the first attack is yours.
<Alen> These are native Kerzalt monsters, which usually prey on small furry wild animals. =)
* Adek glances at Gwen. "What in the world are you babbling about?"
<Gwen> Oh, nothing. ;)
* Dance swings his Preist Rod at the first Bunny Rabid.
<Alen> The bunnies taste good when fried. ^_^
* Gwen whistles innocently.
<Erin`> Ha! ^_-
<Bahamut> >> Dance attacks Rabid 1! Miss!
<Dance> Good, we need food.
<Dance> Hold still ugly!
* Alen hands Dance some grits. ^_^
<Alen> I knew someone was hungry. =)
<Dance> Hm...
<Bahamut> >> Erin's attack!
* Dance has an idea.
* Erin` leaps up and lets fly with her boomerang!
* Adek glances at Gwen again, drops to one knee, holding the halberd so the blade barely touches the ground, and proceeds to roll his eyes. "Right, Gwen. Gotcha. Whatever."
<Bahamut> >> Erin attacks Flytrap 1! 57 Damage!
* Erin` lands and catches the 'rang on its return trip.
<Bahamut> >>Jade's Attack!
<Erin`> Eyacha! ^_-
<Gwen> Not bad, Erin!
* Erin` bows to Gwen.
* Gwen grins. "Like Brother, Like..."
<Erin`> Ain't seen nothing yet sugar. ^_-
<Bahamut> >> Jade attacks Rabid 1!
<Bahamut> >> Attack 1 - 29 Damage!
<Bahamut> >> Attack 2 - 34 Damage!
<Bahamut> >> Attack 3 - 32 Damage!
<Bahamut> >> Gwen's attack!
<Gwen> ^_- Now watch this, Erin. This is gonna blow you away.
* Gwen attacks Rabid 1!
* Erin` watches and grins. :)
<Bahamut> >> Gwen attacks Rabid 1! 64 Damage!
* Gwen leaps back, with a grin.
<Erin`> Well done. ^_^
<Adek> Bet I can beat that, Gwen.
<Bahamut> >> Naya's attack!
<Erin`> Aww...are we feeling challenged? ^_-
* Gwen snickers.
* Erin` laughs!
* Naya glances at Rabid 2 and shoots an arrow at it.
<Bahamut> >> Naya uses Snap Shot against Rabid 2! 56 Damage!
<Bahamut> >> Alen's attack!
* Alen is surrounded by a weird dark-purplish glow that emanates from the ground, and starts working on the incantation...
<Alen> What little do we know, that we can't even begin to understand ourselves... the crimson flow of blood, the pulsing of the will to live, we have yet to unleash upon this world engulfed in war! Fraction of the power sealed in my soul, burning, searing light of hope, I call you now to smite my enemies! Projection!
* Alen points at Bunny 1, sending a searing purple beam of energy at it from his rod!
<Bahamut> >> Alen casts Projection on Rabid 1! 55 Damage! Rabid 1 is slain!
<Gwen> Bout time!
<Bahamut> >> Adek's attack!
* Adek grits his teeth, flexes his legs once, and with a war cry throws himself into the group of enemies, slashing wildly!
<Gwen> Show off. -_-
<Erin`> butt warrior man. ^_-
<Gwen> Remy's got a much tigher packed ass, ma'am. ^_-
<Erin`> To each their own I suppose. ^_-
<Gwen> Right.
<Dance> Stop talking about people's butts and kick some!
<Gwen> Would you like us to talk about people's manhood's instead? ^_-
<Erin`> Ooh...kinky. ^_-
<Bahamut> >> Adek uses Blade Anger! Rabid 2 takes 57 Damage! FlyTrap 1 takes 63 Damage! FlyTrap 2 takes 80 Damage! FlyTrap 3 takes 63 Damage!
<Dance> No, thank you. I'd rather kick bunny butt and plant ass.
* Adek hops back into place, wincing. "That was a bit bad for the back.. how's THAT, Gwen?"
<Gwen> Not bad.
<Gwen> But now you can barely stand up!
<Erin`> The results were okay, but the implementation was nice on the eyes. ^_-
<Bahamut> >> Rabid 2 lashes out at Adek! Miss!
<Adek> Gwen.. I could barely stan bef- yikes!
<Gwen> O_o Careful!
* Adek hops sideways. "Damn rabbit."
* Adek glances at Erin. "Thanks. I think?"
<Erin`> No problem sugar. ^_-
<Gwen> She's saying you have a nice body.
<Dance> Hey Alen.
<Bahamut> >> FlyTrap uses StickyGoo on Dance! Dance is Paralyzed!
<Dance> Ick!
<Dance> Help!
<Alen> Yes? =)
<Bahamut> >> FlyTrap2 uses StickyGoo on Gwen! Gwen is Paralyzed!
<Gwen> .....
<Gwen> Damn.
* Adek looks at Dance and Gwen. "For the record.. I think this is bad."
* Gwen can't move and falls on her ass.
<Dance> Alen, I heard once that fried food is bad for you, could you roast me some bunny steaks and greens please?
<Alen> O_o You smell Gwen. ;_;
<Gwen> Hmm? O_o
<Bahamut> >> FlyTrap 3 attacks Adek! 5 Damage!
<Alen> Okay. ^_^
<Bahamut> >> Dance is Paralyzed..
* Adek rolls his eyes. "Oh. The pain. Stick to insects, willya?"
<Bahamut> >> Erin's attack!!
* Erin` crouches low and flicks the 'rang again.
<Bahamut> >> Erin Attacks FlyTrap 1! 57 Damage!
* Gwen grumbles cuz she can't move to wipe the goo off. -_-
* Erin` catches the 'rang on its return trip and spins around with a flourish. ^_-
<Bahamut> >> Gwen is Paralyzed!
<Adek> Nice throw..
<Bahamut> >> Jade's Attack!
<Erin`> Why thank you. ^_-
<Bahamut> >> Jade Attacks Rabid 2!
<Gwen> . o O (She's perky.)
<Adek> ..I have to ask.. how in the world DO you throw it to keep it arcing around like that after it hits something?
<Erin`> With great skill dear man, great skill. ^_-
<Bahamut> >> Attack 1! 37 Damage!
<Bahamut> >> Attack 2! 30 Damage!
<Bahamut> >> Attack 3! 32 Damage! Slain!
* Gwen grumbles. "This sucks. Can someone wipe this stuff off? I feel like the inside of a nostril."
* Adek sort-of half-chuckles. "Heh. I'll keep that in mind."
<Bahamut> >> Naya's attack!
* Naya takes a deep breath and shots a whole bunch of arrows.
* Dance wishes for a rainstorm, a very heavy rainstorm.
<Bahamut> >> Naya uses Arc Shot! FlyTrap 1 takes 26 Damage! FlyTrap 2 takes 33 Damage! FlyTrap 3 takes 31 Damage!
* Alen pat-pats Gwen... and gets his hand sticky. =/
<Erin`> Fureya, would you be so kind to lick dear Gwen clean? ^_-
<Gwen> O_o
<Erin`> Fureya: ~No~
<Gwen> Uhhhh..
<Erin`> Oh poo. ^_-
<Bahamut> >> Alen's attack!
<Gwen> Ha! Don't blame her! You go Fureya!
* Alen is surrounded by a fiery orange glow that emanates from the ground, and starts working on the incantation...
<Alen> Essence of fire, creator and destroyer of nature alike... your basic power is enough to cope with my enemies! Spirits of fire... Flame Bolt!
* Alen ejects a fiery bolt of energy from his rod, which flies rapidly at FlyTrap 1!
<Bahamut> >> Alen casts Flame Bolt on FlyTrap 1! 50 Damage! FlyTrap 1 is Slain!
<Alen> ^_^
* Gwen whistles.
<Bahamut> >> Adek's attack!
* Adek throws himself off to the side, swirling to rebound and launch himself along the plants, angling the axe-head and side of the spear to strike both of them.
<Erin`> Go sexy! ^_-
<Bahamut> >> Adek attacks with a Wide Slash! Critical!! FlyTrap 2 takes 147 Damage!! Slain!! Critical!! FlyTrap 3 takes 153 Damage!! Slain!!

== Victory! All members gain 240 Exp, 275 Gp & 65 Tp! ==

<Alen> O_O
<Gwen> O_o Okay that was impressive.
<Erin`> Woo hoo!
<Gwen> Now wipe this shit off of me!
<Dance> Me too, please.
* Adek pauses near the dead fly-traps, and bows as far as his back will let him.
<Gwen> Show off ;)
* Alen picks some long-leaved plants and cleans Gwen off a little. =)
* Erin` looks at the paralyzed people with a critical eye.
* Gwen can move.
<Gwen> >> It's now close to dawn.
<Gwen> >> The sun is just starting to come up over the mountains.
<Erin`> Shall we move on? ^_-
<Gwen> When we get to Segazz, I hope they have coffee.
<Alen> Segazz? =)
* Gwen yawns.
<Alen> It's pretty near. ^_^
<Gwen> Yes, that's where we're going.
* Adek hobbles along as best he can, worse off than he was before. "And some place to lie down. Preferably on my stomach."
<Dance> Yes, Alen. How close are we to Segazz?
<Gwen> Damn, Odessa did a number on you..
<Alen> I think we've already done about half of the road. ^_^
<Gwen> HALF? O_o
* Adek frowns. "No kidding, Gwen. I owe her."
* Gwen grumbles.
<Dance> And you say we're close?
<Dance> Compared to what?
* Alen takes in some deep healthy Kerzalt air.
<Dance> How far away we were last night when we started?
<Alen> Um... Lorath. ^_^
* Gwen snorts.
* Gwen baps Alen.
* Alen scratches his head.
<Alen> Where were we last night? =)
<Gwen> The gypsy camp.
<Alen> Oh. =)
<Alen> We were... um...
* Dance thinks about bapping Alen.
<Alen> Two halfs away. ^_^
<Gwen> >> Around 7 AM, you begin to see the city of Kerzalt.
* Erin` leans on Alen and winks at him, "You're not the sharpest crayon in the box are you dear heart?" ^_-
* Adek smiles slightly. "I'd like to request a new guide. One who know where we are."
* Alen points!
<Alen> See? =) I told you we were near. ^_^
<Gwen> Yeah, about 2 hours later!
<Alen> But that's not far away, so it's near. =D
<Gwen> >> The city is on a very small plateau. In's not really a city at's not even a town. It's more like a small village.
<Erin`> Ah ha.
<Gwen> >> A little woman with long pointed ears looks at you.
* Naya looks to the woman "Hi.."
<Gwen> Woman: Welcome to Segazz. We're also known as the cheap-little-runts-who-never-leave-a-tip!
<Erin`> How quaint. ^_-
<Gwen> Woman: Tell me about it. I got to tell every bloody person that.
<Gwen> Woman: How can we assist you?
<Dance> We need a person who makes anti-toxins.
<Alen> Breakfast. ^_^
<Gwen> Woman: ^_- Ah. The Elder. Third house on the right. But he's sleeping right now.
* Alen suddenly becomes inspired.
<Dance> Ok. Is the armory open?
<Gwen> Woman: In the meantime, why not look around town. All four houses worth!
<Erin`> Ooh...hold me back. ^_-
<Alen> We need to have some really good pancakes with strawberry sauce or we'll never save our friend!
<Gwen> Woman: All we got is this. The first house is the inn.
<Gwen> Woman: Second house is someone's house...
* Adek looks at Erin. "Yeah. You could really lose yourself here.. maybe for a whole five minutes!"
<Gwen> Woman: Third place is the Elder's residence..
* Erin` winks at Adek and goes to look around. ^_-
<Gwen> Woman: Fourth house is the item shop which is closed. ^_-
<Gwen> Woman: Knock yourselves out.
* Dance stares at Alen. Then remembers that he may be 1000 years old, but his intelligence is that of an 8 year old
<Alen> Don't worry Adek! I'll be your guide. ^_^
* Gwen snickers.
<Naya> Can we go to the inn? I'm tired....
<Gwen> We might as well go to the inn.
* Dance goes top the inn.
* Alen looks at the woman.
<Alen> Can I?
<Gwen> Woman: Do what?
* Adek rolls his eyes. "I appreciate it, Alen. I wouldn't want to get lost between two buildings and lose whole seconds of my life finding my way out!"
<Alen> Knock myself out? =D
<Gwen> Woman: Uh. O_o
<Gwen> Woman gets an evil grin.
* Naya heads towards the Inn.
* Dance goes back to Alen.
<Gwen> Woman: Why yes, little boy. =D
<Dance> Let me do it for you Alen.
<Alen> Thanks!! =)
* Erin` laughs!
* Alen is surrounded by a fiery orange glow that emanates from the ground, and starts working on the incantation...
* Alen points at himself...
<Alen> Ash! ^_^
<Gwen> Woman: Dumb ass.
* Dance sucker punches Alen into unconsciousness.
<Gwen> >> Alen falls into unconciousness.
<Erin`> Well, that was something you don't see every day. ^_-
<Dance> Good night Alen.
* Alen is surrounded by toxic fumes and collapses!
<Gwen> Woman: Is he on drugs? O_o
* Dance carries Alen to the Inn to let him sleep.
<Dance> No.
<Gwen> Woman: Is he stupid?
<Dance> Just out of it.
<Gwen> Woman: Ah. ^_^ Then stupid. I gotcha.
<Dance> Something like that.
<Adek> He's.. yeah.
<Gwen> >> The party heads into the inn. It's incredibly small....the sleeping room is in the same room the desk is! O_o
<Gwen> >> A man is standing at the desk.
<Dance> Hm... limited privacy.
<Gwen> >> In fact...there are no beds. Only mats.
<Dance> Hi.
<Gwen> This'll be fun. -_-
<Erin`> If you all don't mind, I'll wait for the Elder to finish his nap.
<Gwen> Clerk: Yessssss?
* Dance jumps a little at the hiss.
<Dance> Do you have a blanket or two I can borrow, I'd like to make a tent behind the Inn.
* John is lying on one of the mats snoring very loudly.
<Gwen> Clerk: Sssssure.
<Gwen> Clerk: Excusssseeee my lisssspp
<Gwen> Clerk hands Dance some blankets.
* Adek mutters quietly. "Lithp? What lithp? We never noticed..."
<Dance> Thanks.
* Gwen kicks John. "Can you like...move over, mathog? O_o"
* Dance goes outside and uses his staff anf armor to make a tent and sleeps.
* John turns over and snores even louder.
<Gwen> ...
* Gwen kicks HARDER. O_o
<Gwen> Hello! O_o
* John sits up and yawns.
* John looks up with a grin on his face, as soon as he sees Gwen his grin dissappears "Uh...."
<Gwen> Sorry. Can you scoot over a little?
<John> Uh, sure.
* Erin` lies on the ground outside the Elder's place.
* John moves closer to the edge of the mat "Better?"
<Gwen> >> A little man baps Erin a bit. "My seat! My seat! ;_;"
<Gwen> Yes, thank you
* Gwen plops down and snores. O_o
* Jade eyes the little man.
* Erin` winks at the small fellow and moves. ^_-
<Gwen> Man: Oh thank you. =D
<Gwen> Man plops down and falls asleep. ^_^
<Erin`> *Fureya curls up on Erin's stomach and snoozes.
* Naya lays down on the first mat closest to her and sleeps.
<Gwen> >> An hour passes, until you hear the little man sleeping by Erin making little noises. O_o
<Gwen> >> Then a loud crash.
* John lays back down for a moment then stands up.
<Erin`> ?
<Gwen> Little Man: Oh no! They're back! My house! My house! ;_;
* Erin` stands and looks for the source of the noise.
* John walks outside and looks toward the crash.
<Gwen> >> You see something gigantic soaring through the sky. O_O
<Gwen> Man: ;_; My house...
* Adek hobbles out. "What's..?"
* John looks up.
<Gwen> >> It's a....Dragon! O_o
* Alen lies on a mat peacefully unconscious. ^_^
* Dance wakes up and goes to the noise, armor on, weapon in hand, tent a pile on the ground.
* Gwen looks outside. O_o "Holy shit!"
<Erin`> Hmm...?
<Dance> Kaija!
* Naya looks "Wow.."
* Jade gapes.
* John looks up with awe.
<Gwen> >> The dragon almost looks as though it's posessed. It's irritated and angry. The little people of the village are trying to drive the dragon away.
* Dance remembers Alen and tries to wake him, believing his magic may be needed.
<Adek> ..someone PLEASE tell me that's not hostile.
<Gwen> >> The dragon begins to destroy the little inn you were at.
* Alen snores comfortably. =)
<Jade> My thoughts exactly, Adek...
<Gwen> I always thought the dragons here were docile...
<Erin`> Definitely a bad thing.
<Dance> Alen, WAKE UP!
* John runs away from the collapsing houses.
* Adek watches the dragon, and sighs. "Looks like we should do something... I hate my life."
<Gwen> I don't know if we can! Look at it!
<Gwen> It's huge! o_O
<Alen> ... bzzt... bloobloobloo...
<Jade> I don't think it's a good idea to do something about it right now...
<Dance> Jade? Slap him please.
<Adek> We.. we should try SOMETHING.
<Gwen> >> The dragon begins to eat the building. o_O
<John> Like what Igor?
<Gwen> Little man: My inn! ;_;
* Jade hauls Alen up by the collar and slaps him repeatedly, attempting not to draw too much blood.
<Alen> ...! A-oww! O_O
<Gwen> Hurry up!
<Jade> Sorry.
* Alen shakes his head dizzily.
* Jade plops Adek back on his feet.
<Alen> Why did you do that? ;_;
<Erin`> Any idea why its behaving like that?
<Jade> Er..
<Gwen> I have no clue o_o
<Dance> Thanks Jade. Alen... what's the nest thing to do with a possessed dragon?
* Alen stumbles back and tries to remain standing.
* Dance points to indicate the dragon.
<Jade> How
<Jade> It could torch us in two seconds flat...
<Gwen> >> The dragon rears back, to ignite the inn on fire!
<Alen> ... say... what is that big Hiryuu doing? ^_^
<John> Looks like its possessed.
<Gwen> Or insane..
<Erin`> Well someone needs to stop it or this whole town is going poof!
<Dance> Hiryuu?
<Adek> Tell me about it..
<Alen> Were you playing with him? =)
<Dance> Nevermind!
<John> Well, what are you guys going to do about it?
<Jade> What *can* we do?
* Gwen paces. -_-
<Adek> Maybe we can distract it?
* Dance jumps on top of a building by the dragon.
<Jade> Besides sit here jabbering moronically?
<Dance> Hey you!
* Alen hmms. =)
<Gwen> >> The dragon ignites the inn.
<Gwen> Dragon: ?!
* Alen approaches the dragon tipsily.
* Alen is surrounded by a weird dark-purplish glow that emanates from the ground, and starts working on the incantation...
<Gwen> Dragon: . o O (Lunch)
* Dance jumps on the Dragon's neck!
<Alen> Show him the wonders of humanity! Awe! ^_^
<Gwen> Dragon: O_o
* Alen shows off and points at the dragon .^_^
* Naya slips out the back and walks to them.
<Gwen> >> Awe has no effect.
<Jade> Oh my God...
<Alen> Oh. =/
<Jade> What are you DOING?
* Dance climb up to beind the dragons horns.
<Dance> What's it look like?
<Gwen> >> The dragon roars and throws Dance off with powerful force to the ground below. Roaring, it flys off to the east.
<Erin`> ....
<Dance> Aaaah!
<Gwen> Dance!
<Jade> You dumbass, you're lucky you didn't get skewed.
* Jade shakes her head
* Dance bounces... hard.
<Gwen> Ow...
<Gwen> O_o
<Alen> That looks bouncy. O_o
* Dance goes unconscious.
<Erin`> Oh dear....
<Gwen> Is he okay? Someone check!
* Alen toddles over to Dance and looks down at him curiously.
* John rushes over to Dance and takes his pulse.
<Adek> Someone with healing magic, preferably.. that was a nasty fall..
<Alen> Why is he sleeping in a time like this? O_o
<John> He's still alive, but barely .
* Alen pokes him in the belly.
* John glances at Alen. "Was he dropped on his head when he was a baby?"
<Naya> ....umm..
* Dance spits something's red.
<Jade> Okay, someone heal him and let's get going already...
<John> Going? Going where?
* Alen wipes the red drool from his face. -_-
* John gets up.
<Adek> This.. is bad.
<Alen> Maybe he's hurt. =/
<Gwen> >> Dance convulses.
* Adek hobbles over in Dance's direction. "SOMEONE has to have some sort of curative abilities.. NO SHIT, ALEN."
<Erin`> Is someone going to heal the poor fellow or are we going to admire his broken body?
* Jade laughs.
* John takes out one of his herbal extracts and uses it on Dance.
<Gwen> >> Dance Recovers enough so he's not convulsing.
* Dance's body glows yellow.
<Alen> That looks funny. ^_^
<Gwen> First red, now yellow? Are you a fucking stoplight?
* John looks like he's about to puke.
<Gwen> >> The glow fades.
* Erin` looks on, not saying much at the moment.
<John> That's an awful color.
* Alen tugs on Gwen's sleeve.
<Gwen> Yes Alen?
<Alen> What's a stoplight?
<Gwen> ... -_-
<Gwen> When we get to Ossyk you'll understand.
<Gwen> >> Dance awakens.
* John starts to leave town heading east after the dragon.
<Gwen> >> Somewhat. ^_^;
<Dance> Unnh..
<Gwen> Hey you!
* Gwen points at John.
<Alen> Hey Dance. =D
<Dance> W-huh?
<Gwen> Where are you going?
<Alen> Did you sleep well? =)
<Dance> Pack... please.
* John turns around. "I'm going to go kill that dragon."
<Gwen> Alone?
* Dance's speech is slurred.
<Adek> On your own? Please...
<Gwen> Why don't we work together on this? Obviously the poeple here can't help us till we get rid of their dragon problem.
<John> I have to, it's my---- nevermind. I just want to okay?
* Erin` laughs, "THIS I have got to see!" :D
* Alen tugs on Gwen's sleeve again.
* Gwen looks at Alen.
<Gwen> WHAT? O_O
<Alen> What was wrong with that dragon?
<Gwen> >> The Elder of the village comes out and inspects the damage.
<Gwen> I dunno.
* John walks back to the group. "If you want to come and help, then come!"
<Dance> Pack... me... please.
<Gwen> Boy you are rather bossy. :P
<Alen> Then why didn't it respond to my magic? Hiryuus do. =(
* Gwen pats Alen.
<Gwen> Maybe we should ask the Elder.
* Jade nods to Gwen.
<Erin`> I think we should. ^_-
<Gwen> We got to find a cure for Arcus, anway.
<Jade> Let's.
<John> Who is Arcus?
<Adek> Arcus' cure first. Dragon later.
* Alen looks down at Dance.
<Gwen> >> The Elder hobbles up to the party. "More Adventurers? Too many to keep track of."
<Alen> You want me to pack you? O_o
<Erin`> Hi. ^_^
<Dance> Bring my pack... herb..
<Gwen> Elder: What can we assist you with?
* Dance coughs.
<Alen> Oh. ^_^
* Alen brings Dance's backpack and puts it on top of him. ^_^
* John fehs and starts to leave the village again.
<Dance> Ugh.
<Alen> Have fun. =D
<Dance> Use... extract... me.
* Gwen pulls on John's cloak.
<Gwen> Stay.
<John> Hey!
<Gwen> ^_^; You're not going out alone.
* John snaps the end of his cloak away from Gwen.
* Erin` looks down at the Elder, "How much do you know about poisons?"
<John> Alright alright, I'll stay and wait .
<Gwen> Just stay put. Maybe the Elder knows what the hell is wrong with your dragon.
* Adek looks at the Elder. "Our friend's been poisoned.. some sort of sleeping poison.."
* Alen takes out a herb and uses it on Dance.
<Gwen> Elder: I see.
<Gwen> Elder: Well, this poison wasn't injected by a type of dart, was it?
* Dance glows yellow again for a few seconds.
<Adek> It was.
<Dance> Thank you Alen.
* Alen bounces back to the group.
<Erin`> Yes it was actually.
<Jade> It happened to be, yes...
<Gwen> Elder: Oh dear. Your friend isn't sleeping. He's in a coma.
<Alen> No, he's up already. =D
* Dance hobbles over to group... Coma?
<John> Can someone please tell me who the heck is Arcus?
<Erin`> Hmm....
* Alen points at Dance.
<Sunny> Oh my.
<Dance> Comas are bad.
<Gwen> Elder: A fever induced one, but anyway, yes. We can produce a cure...there is just one little problem.
<Dance> Not me Alen...
<Adek> A coma.. well.. coma or deep sleep.. what's the problem?
<Erin`> And that is?
<Sunny> You need something?
<Gwen> Elder: Part of the cure involves a dragons scale and dragon's horn. And most of our dragons...
<Sunny> Are Dead?
<Dance> Yes?
<Jade> I *knew
* this was coming...
<Adek> Are insane?
<Gwen> Elder: No.
<John> Who is Arcus?
<Erin`> Ah...
<Gwen> Elder: Insane.
<Jade> Are big firebreathing motherfuckers?
<Alen> Oh...
<Sunny> Well, that's better than dead.
<Dance> Yeah.
<Sunny> Lets kill one and take its stuff!
<Gwen> Elder: We believe it is because soemone or something is tainting our water supply from the Pegasus shrine.
<John> I can't stand this, Hey pay attention to me!
<John> Who is Arcus?
<Gwen> Elder: But you need a dragon to get there.
<Adek> So we'll have to go and deal with this thing at the shrine.. ..I REALLY hate my life.
<Erin`> Gee....I wonder who'd be despicible enough to do that. ^_-
<Dance> I felt someting in the Dragon's soul before I was thrown.
<John> Hey dingbats!
<Gwen> Danek maybe? ^_-
* Alen blinks...
<Jade> Yeah, let's go cope with the shrine. I'd rather do that than screw with the dragon.
<John> Who is Arcus?
<Alen> Of course!
<John> ;_:
<Dance> A friend John, a friend.
<Gwen> Elder: You NEED a dragon to get there. One of our own.
<John> 'Bout time, hey how did you know my name?
* Erin` turns to John, "Arcus happens to be my brother. Happy now?"
<Dance> Someone said it.
<John> And how did they know my name?
<Gwen> ^_- You tell them Erin! You tell them all!
<Adek> Are there any unaffected ones? You said most were insane..
<Gwen> Elder: I might have an idea for you all.
<Gwen> Elder: One might be unaffected if you journey into their lair.
* John turns to Erin. "Sorry.... I just wanted to know"
<Dance> Please not the fairy again...
* Erin` winks at John. ^_-
<Gwen> Elder: I don't think the water supply goes that deep.
* Alen frowns.
<Alen> Okay. =/
<Gwen> Elder: We were able to clear it of monsters, so yo should have no problem getting down there. The Pegasus shrine is another story.
* Jade sighs.
<Dance> Yeah. Which way is the lair, the shrine, how do we talk to the dragons?
* Alen nods...
<Adek> Well.. we're the nutcases for the job, I suppose.
<Gwen> Elder: The lair is West. The shrine is East.
<Erin`> Don't Dragons say 'Pigyaa' or something like that? ^_-
<Sunny> Sounds easy.
<John> Nutcases? Who are you calling a nutcase?
<Gwen> I think so.
* Adek looks at John. "You. Me. All of us."
<Gwen> Let's go.
<Gwen> You coming John? ^_^;
<Adek> It's a stupid thing to do, but Arcus' life depends on it.. we have to go to the shrine.
<Erin`> Let's. ^_^
<John> I'm no nutcase! I happen to be--- errr..... nevermind.
<Dance> I agree.
<Gwen> The Layre first, then the shrine.
<John> Yeah I have to come.
<Sunny> Maybe I can get a baby pet dragon!
<Alen> Are you sure it's such a good idea Gwen? =/
<Erin`> Somehow I doubt it dear heart. ^_-
<Dance> Sunny..
* John heads off toward the west
<Gwen> We sorta have no choice.
<Dance> I don't think the dragon's mommy would like that.
* Gwen follows John the mighty. :P
<Alen> A Hiryuu is... protective... of its offspring...
<Adek> Alen. We have no choice whatsoever.
* Alen sighs.
<Sunny> Why not?
<Dance> What is a Hiryuu, Alen?
* Erin` heads off, whistling a jaunty traveling tune.
* Naya follows Gwen.
<Alen> If we go into their lair... and they don't respond... =/
<Adek> I suppose we can't force you to go.. but I'm going. And I assume the rest of us are too.
<Gwen> We're screwed.
* Dance follows the group, trying to get Alen to follow.
<Alen> Okay then. ^_^
* Adek heads after Erin and Gwen and John, hobbling quickly.
* Alen bounces onward.
* Jade sighs and catches up to the group.
<Gwen> >> After a short walk, you find yourselves at the mouth of a small cave.
<John> This is the place...
<John> I think.
<Alen> I think this is it... I hadn't visited this place in a long time. =D
<John> Well...... uh..... what are we waiting for?
<Gwen> Dark...
<Gwen> Damp...
<Gwen> Fun.
* Dance's eye's are solid blue.
<Gwen> Let's rock!
* Gwen steps inside.
<Adek> Yeah.. or something.
* Alen bounces on inside the cave.
* Adek follows Gwen.
<John> Uh.... yeah, you go first, since you seem to like it so much.
* Dance is holding his head in pain of sorts.
* Naya follows Gwen.
* John quickly follows the rest of the group.
* Dance drops to one knee.
* Erin` follows, looking amused by something.
* John holds his nose. "Smells in here"
<Gwen> >> A natural depression acts as stairs, leading you further down into the cave.
* Adek looks at Erin. "What's so funny?"
<Erin`> Life. ^_^
* Dance's eyes return to normal, he stands and rejoins the group.
<Alen> You're funny Adek. =D
<Gwen> >> There is something carved into the wall.
* Naya looks at the carving.
* Adek grins. "Heh. Looks aren't everything, Alen."
* Dance looks at the carving.
* John looks closely at the carvings...
* Jade *gasp
* looks at the carving!
<Gwen> >> Some of the writing looks different. One looks like cursive, the other just scribbles. Both look as if they were written by young people.
<Erin`> Hmm....
<Gwen> >> It's also very faded. -_-
<Gwen> Do any of you have a light?
* Alen glances at the wall.
<John> What does this mean?
<Alen> Why? =)
* Adek tries to gather enough lightning on his fist to light up the carving.
<Gwen> >> It says:
<Gwen> >> "PJ was here." Then "No, the dipstick klepto was here." then "Pottle the pot was here." Next, "Shut up PJ!" then "You shut up!" The writing then sharply trails off, as if the writers were dragged away. =)
<Erin`> Ha!
<Jade> O_o
* Alen giggles. ^_^
* Gwen busts out laughing! O_o
<John> Very odd.
<Gwen> How...cute..
<Alen> I remember this. =D
* Naya snickers.
<Dance> Hmmph.
* John snickers at the text.
* Adek laughs. "Same PJ that was annoying us, I wonder?"
<Erin`> Its nice to know your dear heroes left their heroic marks whereever they trod. ^_-
<Alen> Yes Adek. =)
<Alen> PJ was a nice person. ^_^
<Gwen> Yep..
<Gwen> PJ...Nice?
<Gwen> Get bent. O_o
<Gwen> This has to be ten years old.
<Jade> This is really discouraging...
<Alen> I think so Gwen. =)
<Jade> I don't want to get my ass dragged across this slimy cave...
<John> Come on. We have to save your friend right?
<Gwen> Let's keep going. ^_-
<Adek> Right!
<Erin`> Let's move on shall we? Perhaps this epic tale continues further down. ^_-
* John proceeds deeper into the cave.
<Gwen> Perhaps we should make carvings too. :P
* Gwen snickers.
* Naya follows John.
<Alen> Mine is further down. =D
* Adek holds his lightning-encased hand up for some extra light, using his other hand to hold the halberd as he hobbles after the others.
<Gwen> You wrote something? O_o
<Alen> Well.. just a little .^_^
* Erin` follows, continuing to be rather amused by it all. ^_^
* Jade keeps walking, very cautiously...
<Jade> I'm going to kill you all if some dragon horn makes me into a tasty little kebob...
<Erin`> If you do, that will be a major feather in your cap. ^_-
<Gwen> >> You come across another carving.
<Gwen> Is this it?
<John> Aww, don't be so deepressing....
* Alen looks at it.
* Dance looks.
<Alen> Yeah. ^_^
<John> Hey, what are your names anyways?
* Adek glances over, looking genuinely puzzled. "I don't get it, Erin.. your brother's lying back there like he is.. and you're enjoying yourself?"
<Gwen> Gwen.
<Gwen> What does it say, Al?
<Erin`> Being upset and worried won't help him will it? ^_-
<Dance> I am Dance, this is Adek, Gwen, Alen, Erin, Jade, Nemal, and Sunny..
<Jade> Thanks, Dance. :p
<Adek> Hmm... that's a.. unique way of looking at things.
<Erin`> So while I'm here I may as well enjoy the experience. ^_^
<Alen> It's written on the ancient Kerzalt dialogue... it says...
<Alen> "I went here before you all! Bloo bloo bloo! ^_^"
<Gwen> O_o
<John> And I'm....... uh.. John, yeah, Name's John. Pleasure to meet you all.
<Gwen> You are a messed up little boy, Alen.
<Erin`> Bloo bloo bloo, eh? ^_-
<Alen> Thank you. =D
<Gwen> Hey look! There's something written below!
<Sunny> Hi John, I like cherries.
<Alen> Is there? O_o
* Gwen looks. "It's the scribble handwriting from the last carving."
<Dance> Oh, this is Naya.
* Jade eyes Sunny. O_o
<Gwen> It says. "Show off. ^_-"
<Jade> You...are weird.
<John> Show off?
<Alen> =P
<Naya> Uh..hi..
<Gwen> Guess whoever was here could read it.
* Erin` leans against a wall, "I can see why my brother decided to latch on to you lot." ^_-
* John heads deeper into the cave.
<Alen> That was great. ^_^ I didn't know they got it. =D
<Gwen> Wonder who had the scribble hand writing.
* Dance goes down the cave.
<Adek> This is a rather interesting group.. I'm almost sure that's a good thing.
* Naya follows John and Dance.
<John> It probably is.....
<John> Seems like everyone has been down here.
<Gwen> Pottle prolly. ^_- At least he wasn't saying "Fuck you Alen! And it had ciggerette burns all over it! HA HA!"
<Erin`> Heh. ^_-
* Jade smirks.
* Dance's eyes go blue again!
<Dance> John.. STOP!
<John> What?
* Erin` looks at Dance.
* Gwen stops.
<Gwen> Yes, perky?
* John stops in his tracks.
* Dance seems to be in pain.
* Naya pauses and looks at Dance.
<Naya> Dance?
<Dance> Soul... powerful... DRAGON....
<Dance> Close...
* John turns around and looks at Dance. "..?"
<Erin`> Duh. ^_-
<Dance> Very.. close..
<Gwen> I'll lead.
<Sunny> Can you smell it?
* Dance passes out from stress.
<John> Hmmm.... Yes and...?
<Adek> Right behind you, Gwen..
<Alen> Hmm. =)
<Erin`> Eh.....yeah. ^_-
* Dance falls to the ground.
* John follows.
<Erin`> So, what about Captain obvious down there? Shall we wake him up? ^_-
* Gwen walks inside a large cavern which is empty, save for one large, slumbering dragon. O_o
* John pulls out a small cylinder from his pocket.
* Jade acks inaudibly.
<Alen> Look! There it is! =D
<John> Shhh!!
* Dance shakes a little and stands up.
* Alen toddles over to the dragon.
<Gwen> >> The dragon also has a small collar on. A pink one. o_o It says... "Properity of PJ." -_-
<Naya> ...
* Erin` hoists Dance to his feet.
<Dance> Thank you, Erin.
<Jade> What a fashion statement...
<Gwen> God god, she thinks the dragon is hers? O_o
<Sunny> Wonder how that got there.
<Gwen> What a bitch!
<Erin`> No worries, but you might want to see a doctor about these fainting spells. ^_-
<Alen> PJ. ^_^
* John presses a button on the cylinder and each side extends creating a staff.
<Gwen> >> The dragon stirs.
<Dance> It's hard for me to block out the soul power coming from the dragons.
* Alen pets the dragon.
<Alen> Hi. ^_^
<Gwen> >> The dragon awakens. He looks at Alen curiously. "Piggyaa?"
<John> (W) It's waking up, keep your voices down!
* Dance gasps.
* Erin` waves to the Dragon. ^_^
<John> Too late.
<Gwen> >> The dragon perks up happily. "PIGGYA!"
<Naya> It's....cute.
<Alen> Piggya. ^_^
<Erin`> See, I told you they said Pigyaa. ^_-
<Gwen> >> The dragon then licks Alen's face.
<Gwen> I think it's tame...
* Alen giggles.
* Dance walks up to the Dragon.
<Alen> Hey! Hehe... ^_^
<Gwen> And it knows Alen. ^_- You didn't tell me you knew PJ's own personal dragon. Didya name him?
<Erin`> Either that or it knows ALen.
<John> You know this-this atrocity? *Points to Alen*
* Alen looks at Gwen.
<Sunny> It looks cute!
<Alen> No, she did. =)
<Jade> Is this the same one that torched the Inn?
<Gwen> Well, what did she name herself? O_o
<Gwen> I don't think so. It wasn't wearing a pink collar. :P
<John> It doesn't seem like the one that burned the inn.
* Dance's eyes are blue, but he doesn't seem to be in pain.
* Gwen rips the Pink collar off.
<Alen> Well... she called it Potty...
<Gwen> ....That is sickenly cute.
<Erin`> So, now that we've found Forfu, what do we do next? ^_-
<Alen> But I think it was really Pottle. =)
<Gwen> We fly to the Shrine?
<Alen> It was funny. ^_^
<Erin`> Capital idea. ^_-
<Jade> Thank you, Gwen.
* Alen nods. ^_^
<Gwen> Dragon uses his Tail to hoist Alen on his back!
<Jade> Yeah, let's go for a ride...
* John looks up at the dragon and pats it. "He's kinda cute.."
<Alen> Woo! =D
<Dance> Will you ask Pooty if he'll fly us Alen?
* Alen pats the Dragon.
<Alen> Thanks Potty. =D
<Gwen> Dragon: Piggya!
* Gwen climbs up. "Can it say anything else?"
* Alen scratches his head.
<Alen> Piggya? =)
<Gwen> Yes, well, duh.
<Gwen> >> The Dragon spreads his wings, as if it knows.
* Dance climbs up, eyes clsoed in an effort to block out the waves of power.
<Gwen> O_o Ow I can't hear.
<Alen> ^_^ You go! =D
<Gwen> >> The dragon flies through an opening in the cavern, into the clear blue sky.
<Dance> Does that count as someting else?
<Jade> Holy shiiiiiiit....
* Alen looks happily over at the horizon. ^_^
<Adek> What a rush..
* Dance holds onto Alen, eyes still closed.
<Naya> This is nice.
* Gwen smiles, letting the wind whip through her hair.
<Alen> I told you, Gwen... we had to fly a Hiryuu! =D
* John climbs up on the big fella.
<Gwen> >> You can see the sea behind you, and the green valleys ahead as you soar to your destination!
* John looks a bit nervous, and feminine too.....
* Alen's disorderly mop of brown hair looks like something out of DragonBall Z by now. ^_^
<Gwen> >> You see the village of Segazz whizz by you.
<Erin`> Impressive.
* John looks a bit airsick.
* Gwen pats John on the back. "Let it flow!" :P
<Alen> It's beautiful, isn't it? =D
<John> If I do, I'll puke!
<Naya> Yeah it's lovely.
<Gwen> >> The gypsy camp flies past you...
<Erin`> Its fun, but not as fun as doing it yourself. ^_-
<Erin`> Hi Arcus! Bye Arcus! ^_-
* Naya waves to the gypsey camp.
<Adek> Doing it yourself? Oh.. like Arcus can, huh?
<Erin`> You know it. ^_-
<Gwen> >> The Mountain shrine is straight ahead!
<Alen> The Shrine should be coming into view any time now...
<Alen> There...! =D
* John feels a bit better as the flight continues.
<Adek> Why do I have this feeling that going in there is a big mistake?
<Gwen> >> With another "Pigyaa!" the dragon swoops down to the solitary shrine.
* Alen looks back at Adek
<Erin`> Because you're already a bitter old man? ^_-
<Alen> There's no going back now, Adek. ^_^
<John> I have the same feeling, Adek.
<Jade> Hopefully we won't get swamped with monsters...
<Dance> WHOAH!
<Adek> Not too far from the truth, Erin.. though I'm not old.. at this rate, I won't live to be, either.
<Gwen> >> The Dragon lands gracefully on the stone floor of the shrine. The door way inside is behind you.
<Dance> Hopefully, Potty here torches some as we land.
<Erin`> Ha! ^_-
* John climbs off the dragon and heads into the Shrine.
<Naya> That was fun!
<Alen> Good job, Potty! =D
<Adek> Maybe we'll get lucky. Maybe it was just the Danek who did this.
<Gwen> Potty: :D
* Erin` leaps off with a flourish. ^_^
* Alen hops off and hugs him. ^_^
* Gwen leaps off.
* Naya slides of the dragon.
* Jade jumps off gracefully.
<Gwen> Potty licks Alen again. ^_^
<Alen> You rule. =D
* Sunny slides off.
* Dance steps down, mentally reminding Potty not to drink the water here, it's bad for him.
<Gwen> Potty lays down, to wait for your return!
<Alen> Ow... hehe. ^_^
* Adek hops down, inhaling sharply as it lands. "I'm REALLY going to hurt Odessa when we catch up with her.."
* John already inside the shrine.
* Dance open his eyes. A blue ring outlines them, but they are otherwise nromal.
* Gwen follows John.
<Erin`> Shall we? ^_-
* Naya follows Gwen.
<Dance> Me first!
* Erin` heads off without waiting for the others
* Gwen then stops and breathes the air.
<Alen> Wait outside for us a little, will you? =)
<Gwen> What a tranquil setting. Let's wreck some of it. ^_-
<Erin`> Heh! ^_-
* Dance enters tre shrine, Priest Rod drawn.
* Alen walks on into the shrine.
<Adek> Let's try not to break this place any more than we have to, Gwen. It IS a shrine, after all.
<Gwen> Yeah....sure Adek...sure.
<Erin`> Aww... ^_-
<John> This place looks cool.
<Jade> Who cares. :P
* Adek grins evilly. "On the other hand.. we'd be almost obliged to waste anyone who shouldn't be here, wouldn't we?"
<John> It would be a shame to see this place get trashed.
<Sunny> Let's just do our thing and leave, K?
<Erin`> ^_^
<Gwen> >> The inside of the shrine looks very quiet. Two small man-made cannals create a small walkway. The canals are fed by a small water pumping system at the end of the room.
<Gwen> Maybe if we shut the water system off...
<Alen> That's where the source of the problem should be...
* John cross the walkway and looks at the pumps.
<Naya> But how would we shut it off?
<Jade> I think we should try to get the poison out.
<Gwen> >> There appears to be no switches in this room. A door leads off to your right.
<Erin`> How?
<Jade> If we shut it off, where would they drink?
<Alen> Do you think so? I don't know how much water this shrine provides...
<John> Hmmm..
* Dance goes to the water pumping station and looks at it carefully.
<Gwen> Probably not a whole lot. Someone could always turn it on later once they're able to dulute the poison.
<John> Let's see what's behind that door.
<Alen> You're right. =)
<Alen> Let's look for the valve then. ^_^
<Gwen> Right. Right door anyone?
* Erin` puts a hand on her forehead and states in a mocking tone, "I predict behind that door lurks, large, looming death for us all." ^_-
* John heads into the door on the right. "Coming guys?"
<Gwen> Let's hope not, Erin. I just cleaned my damn coat off from the crap that plant squirted at me!
* Adek readies his weapon. "Ready. If anyone's in there.. they KNOW we're here."
* Naya heads over to the door.
* Alen goes on with John.
<Erin`> Hehe.
<Gwen> >> The door leads into a room where there are several pipes, waterfalls, and water which reaches knee level.
* John looks around the room he just entered.
* Jade -_-'s.
<Gwen> >> It's also a little dark.
<John> Ick.
* Dance stands ready.
<Dance> Whoever's got the bow and arrows, cover the door!
* Erin` hefts her boomerang, ready to act.
<Alen> Woo...
<Gwen> Okay...
<Gwen> Well...see anything?
* Naya readies her bow.
* John lifts his feet up out of the water. "Ick ick ick"
<Gwen> John, it's just water.
* Alen is surrounded by a cyan glow that emanates from the ground, and starts working on the incantation...
<Gwen> >> The water looks a little muckish.
* Alen tries to make a little ball of lightning by using Shock in his hand!
<John> Gwen, still I hate to get my clothes wet.
<Gwen> Alen! O_o
<Adek> Alen! Do NOT discharge that into the water!
* Dance jumps clear of the water!
* Erin` leaps out of the room!
<Gwen> >> Adek gets shocked and his hair stands on end. ^_^;
* Dance holds onto something on the roof.
* Gwen holds onto a pipe.
<Erin`> We seem to have a slight problem with cause and effect here. ^_-
<Alen> Oopsie. O_o
<Jade> Woo, nice 'do...
* Adek glares at Alen. "Thanks."
<Alen> You look funnier now Adek. ^_^
* John looks at Alen. "Don't!"
* Gwen baps Alen and walks deeper into the room.
<Dance> Alen.
<Alen> Ow!
<Erin`> Heh. ^_-
* Naya follows Gwen.
* Dance sounds dead serious.
* Gwen's hair begins to stick up. "Great. :/"
* Alen hops after Gwen.
<Dance> Alen?
* John follows Alen, about to strangle the boy.
<Dance> Did anyone ever tell you water and electricity don't mix?
<Alen> Huh?
<Alen> They don't? O_o
* Dance swings from roof-thingy to roof-thigy, keeping up with the group.
<Gwen> >> The room turns out tbe a small hallway. At the end of it is three pipes, and three valves. Fortuntely. it's obvious one of the pipes is the cause of the poison. Black gook is leaking out of it.
<Adek> What a pain. Let's check these pipes before our resident moron decides to turn us all into high-voltage light bulbs.
<Alen> Are you sure? =D I can try. ^_^
<Naya> Ewww.
<Adek> ALEN. NO!
* Gwen slaps Alen.
* Erin` laughs!
<Gwen> Get a goddamn grip, all right? ^#*(%&!
<Alen> Aaah! ;_;
* Gwen storms off.
* Alen nods tearfully. ;_;
* John grabs Alen. "You little moron!"
<Adek> How are we supposed to deal with this stuff?
<John> Wanna get us all killed?
<Jade> Hrm...
<Jade> Can't we just turn it off?
* Erin` leans on ALen, "A little tip for you my good man, experiment on your own time." ^_-
* John lets go and walks off mumbling.
<Adek> Wouldn't that decrease the water flow? It'd be better to clean it out if we could..
* Erin` tweaks Alen's nose playfully, and walks off. ^_-
<Gwen> >> The three valves are together, and not marked.
<Adek> Of course.. if we can't.. I suppose we shut it off.
<Sunny> Turn one of them?
* Gwen nods.
* Alen rubs his nose..
<John> Maybe we should turn all of them at the same time?
* Gwen turns valve one. One of the 'good' pipes shuts off.
* Gwen quickly turns it back on.
<Gwen> Okay, that one is out.
* John turns the middle valve.
* Dance turns valve three.
<Gwen> >> The bad and last good valve shut off.
* Gwen turns valve three on. The good valve turns on again.
<Adek> Well.. turn one back on.
<Gwen> There. We're done. Let's book it.
<John> Turn the last one back on...
<Erin`> Heh, Gwen the plumber...all that's missing is a butt crack. ^_-
<Gwen> Hey!
* Dance turn his valve on again.
* Gwen fumes.
<Gwen> >> The ground suddenly shakes.
* Erin` laughs and turns to leave.
<Erin`> Eh?
<Naya> Uh...oh.
<Gwen> >> Boom.......booom......Booom.....BOOOM....BOOOm...BOOOM!
* John puts a hand Gwen's shoulder. "Don't worry about it too much, you can get her later."
* Dance is happy he's on the roof.
<Adek> Here we go again..
<Gwen> I think we're gonna have Dragon pork chops.
<Dance> Now what?
<John> Now what?
<Alen> O-oops! o_o
<John> Alen?! What did you do?
<Erin`> I recommend a healthy regiment of running like scared weasels. ^_-
<Gwen> >> The same dragon that was in Seagazz peers out and snarls at you.
<Jade> Oh shit.
<Gwen> Run?
<Alen> It- it wasn't me!
<Jade> Heh, yeah, let's do what Erin says.
<Gwen> Yes, run. Running is good!
<Naya> Great....
* Jade takes off.
* Gwen turns tail and runs!
* John runs.
* Erin` waves bye-bye to the dragon and runs!
* Naya runs off following them.
<Gwen> >> The dragon runs after you!
* Alen follows hard behind Gwen.
<John> We're being followed!
* John tries to run faster.
* Dance is running.
* Adek tries to run, but isn't really making good time.
<Gwen> >> You make it out of the small room, back into the shrine. The dragon pounces after you.
<Erin`> I think it likes us. ^_-
<John> There is no other place to run to!
<John> Except outside..
* Alen pants.
<Gwen> >> You're outside...but it's too late...
<Adek> Don't we.. ow.. have.. ow.. backup.. ow.. in a dragon of our own out.. ow.. side?
<Gwen> >> The dragon is right behind you, he bounces over you and blocks you from reaching your dragon!
<Gwen> Shit!
<Alen> A-ah!
<Naya> umm....
<Gwen> >> He drools at the mouth and roars.
<John> Ahh!
* Dance stops running.
<Erin`> I think it wants us to stay. ^_-


<Bahamut> >> Flaim, Molten Dragon of Seagazz (1)
<Alen> Oh... no...
<Bahamut> >> Flaim's attack..
<John> Look out!
<Gwen> Potty is slumbering and doesn't hear the commotion.
<John> Alen, that dragon of yours is a heavy sleeper.
* Adek sighs deeply. "I REALLY, REALLY hate this."
* Alen twiddles his fingers.
* Erin` heads for the back row.
* Sunny goes back.
* John takes the front row.
* Gwen takes the front.
* Alen goes... to the front.
* Dance goes to the front, eyes a brilliant blue.
* Jade is in the front.
* Naya steps back.
* Adek moves to the front, cursing the whole time.
* John looks at Dance "Will you put those lights out? It's scaring me!"
<Dance> I don't have much control over it right now!
<Erin`> *Fureya uncurls herself from Erin's neck and takes her position.
<Bahamut> >> Flaim creates a Lake of Fire! Sunny takes 14 Damage! Dance takes 35 Damage! Erin takes 20 Damage! John takes 23 Damage! Jade takes 42 Damage! Gwen takes 30 Damage! Naya takes 28 Damage! Alen takes 21 Damage! Adek takes 31 Damage!
* John falls on one knee.
<Adek> Ow! Son of a bitch!
<Alen> Ahh!!
* Gwen cries out and stumbles back, batting the fire out of her coat!
<John> Ow!
* Dance dies.
<Erin`> Jeeze!
<Gwen> Shit shit shit!
* Adek grits his teeth. "Everyone all right?"
<Erin`> Kinda
<Bahamut> >> Flaim looses a triumphant and deafening roar!
<Sunny> Okaaaay.
<Gwen> Dance is dead. I'd say not. Let's kill the thing!
* Naya shakes her head dizzily.
<John> This thing is gone!
* Dance dies, only ashes remain, and those are tossed among the wind and over the mountain...
<Bahamut> >> Dance is Slain..
* Gwen then look at Dance. O_o "SHIT!"
<Gwen> Oh my god...he's REALLY dead!
* Alen clears some of the black dust in his face.
<Erin`> Well now...
<Sunny> Really dead?
<John> Poor guy.
<Bahamut> >> Sunny's attack!
* John lowers his head.
* Adek gapes.
* Gwen fumes, and turns back to the monster.
* John looks back up at the monster with a dark angry look on his face.
<Alen> Dance...
<Naya> ...
* Sunny tries to revive Dance.
<Adek> ..that tears it.
* Black_Ash swirls around the combatants.
* Jade blinks.
* Adek snarls at the dragon. "You.. are DEAD! You hear me? DEAD!"
<Bahamut> >> Sunny casts Vilkyss on Dance! But to no avail...
<John> Huh?
<Bahamut> >> Erin's attack!
<Sunny> Oh My God! I think he's really, really dead..
<Sunny> Cause that usually works!
<Gwen> No shit, Sunny!
* Erin` holds out her hand to Fureya, "Fureya! To me!"
<Erin`> *Fureya is transformed into a streak of yellow, red, and gold light, and buries herself into Erin's chest!*
* Erin` is transformed! She grows large luminous wings, and her features become more serpentine. Her clothing changes as well, and takes on more of an Aztec look, with scale mail and feathers adorning her armor! *** Erin` is now known as Feryuin
* Feryuin flies high into the air, like an avenging bird of prey.
<John> Whoa!
* Feryuin flips her boomerang around with a snarl!
<Gwen> Get used to it, John. Her bro can do that too. ^_-
<Bahamut> >> Erin merges with Furyea!
<Bahamut> >> John's attack!
* John creates a blade of ice and dashes toward the enemy, slashing violently at the beast!
<Bahamut> >> John casts IcePick on Flaim! Critical! 6 Damage!
<Gwen> O_o.
<Gwen> I think we're dead.
<John> Wha...?
<Sunny> Hehhhhhh.
<Gwen> Nice knowing you all. -_-
<Adek> We go down fighting.
<Feryuin> Grrrrrr.....
* John leaps back to the group.
* Alen looks at the ground...
<Gwen> Arc..we're sorry...
<John> We can't win..
<Bahamut> >> Jade's attack!
<John> No!
<Sunny> We can win. :P
<John> I refuse to give up!
<Feryuin> Feryuin will not die today!
<Gwen> .....
<Gwen> So melodramatic, you people. ^_-
<Adek> If we die.. we die like men! Well.. and women! Ah, hell. You know what I mean. I've got a better idea.. let's kill this son of a bitch!
<Alen> ...
* Feryuin hisses angrily at Flaim.
<Bahamut> >> Jade attacks the Legendary Wurm Flaim!
<Bahamut> >> Attack 1! 8 Damage!
<Bahamut> >> Attack 2! 7 Damage!
<Bahamut> >> Attack 3! 4 Damage!
<Jade> Ehm...-_-
<John> We can't lose! We have to fight!
<Jade> That rather...sucked...
<Adek> I REALLY hope someone here has some healing magic that helps more than one person..
<Gwen> I don't know if we do.
<Gwen> Sunny?
<Bahamut> >> Gwen's attack!
<Jade> Sunny's off eating cherries somewhere...
* Adek sighs. "Where ARE Sav and Phoebe when we need them?"
<Feryuin> Rrr.......
* Gwen attacks the dragon.
<Gwen> They're off smoking crack, Adek. Who cares!?
<John> Who Adek?
<Bahamut> >> Gwen attacks Flaim! 30 Damage!
<Adek> A couple of people we know whose magic would be REALLY useful about now, John.
<Gwen> ^_- Hey lookit that. I actually made a scratch!
<Jade> That was pretty good, Gwen...
<Bahamut> >> Naya's attack!
<Adek> Nice..
* Naya looks at the Dragon sending blast at it..
<Bahamut> >> Naya casts Projection! 15 Damage!
<Alen> I don't think we can win...
<John> Maybe we're softing him up a bit!
<Adek> Don't SAY that, Alen! We will!
<Gwen> Potty stirs a little.
<Bahamut> >> Alen's attack!
<John> Gwen's and Naya's attacks seem to have done a bit more damage.
* Alen is surrounded by a weird dark-purplish glow that emanates from the ground, and starts working on the incantation...
<Alen> What little do we know, that we can't even begin to understand ourselves... the crimson flow of blood, the pulsing of the will to live, we have yet to unleash upon this world engulfed in war! Fraction of the power sealed in my soul, burning, searing light of hope, I call you now to smite my enemies! Projection!
* Alen points at the evil Dragon, shooting a searing purple beam of energy straight at it from his rod!
<Bahamut> >> Alen casts Projection! 22 Damage!
<Bahamut> >> Adek's attack!
* Adek kneels and almost gently runs his hand along his halberd, eyes briefly closing. He opens them again in a hate-filled glare at the dragon as he rises to his feet.
<Bahamut> >> Adek uses Kiai Slice! Hit% up 11%!
<Gwen> >> Flaim attacks!
<Bahamut> >> Flaim's attack..
<Gwen> >> Flaim rears his head at Sunny, preparing to throw her off the mountain!
<Sunny> Uh, Hi!
<Gwen> >> Flaim charges!!
<Alen> W-wait!!
<Sunny> Well, it was nice knowing you all..
<John> Sunny, get out of the way!
* Alen runs and pushes Sunny out of the way!
<Gwen> Potty wakes up and looks up. "Piggya?"
<Gwen> >> Alen is pushed off the mountain! O_o
<Sunny> Alen!!!
<Sunny> ALEN!
<Gwen> SHIT!
<Gwen> Potty: PIGGYA!!
* Sunny looks over the side.
<John> Alen!!
<Alen> Agh-aaahhh!!!!!!
<Gwen> Potty dives after Alen!
<Adek> Damn! I hope our dragon can get him..
* Naya looks over to see.
<Gwen> >> Potty tries to reach him, but he misses!
<Gwen> >> Alen tumbles to the point you cannot see him...
<Naya> No!
<John> Alen!
<Gwen> Potty lets out a cry of sorrow...
<Sunny> NOOOO!
<John> No! Alen!
<Gwen> Alen...
* Feryuin snarls!
<Adek> This.. this is too much! DAMN this dragon!
<Gwen> Potty snarls and attacks the dragon in rage!
* John lets his head down....
<Sunny> I kill you Dragon!!!
<Jade> Oh my god...
<Jade> What if it kills Potty?
<Bahamut> >> Flaim utters a guttural, and victorious roar, echoing through the mountains..
* Black_Ash swirls behind Alen.
* Feryuin hisses softly.
* John shudders at the roar.
<Adek> We'll have to make sure it doesn't.. don't let up on the other dragon! Keep hitting him while Potty's after him!
<Gwen> >> Potty slashes furiously at Flaim, leaving a deep red slash on his belly!
<Gwen> Potty: Piggyaa ;_;
* John slowly gets up and looks at the dragon in rage.
<Bahamut> >> Potty's attack! Flaim takes 236 Damage!
<Gwen> O_o
<Gwen> Go Potty!!
<Sunny> Who hoo!
<John> Nice job Potty.
* Feryuin readies her boomerang, summoning her magical powers.
<Bahamut> >> Flaim's attack! Flaim breathes Fiery Wrath! Potty takes 532 Damage!
<Naya> No!
<Sunny> Uhhh.
<Gwen> Potty howls and strikes back!
<Gwen> Let's get back in the shrine!
<Gwen> At least we can't be killed there!
<Bahamut> >> Potty's attack! Potty bites into Flaim's hide! 199 Damage!
<Adek> We can't leave Potty to fight him alone!
<Sunny> What about Alen too!
<Sunny> We got to get him.
<John> We have to help!
<Gwen> We'll die! Move!
<Jade> We can't run this time...
<Sunny> I'm not leaving without alen!
<Bahamut> >> Flaim lashes out at Potty with his maw of deadly teeth! Miss!
<Jade> Yay!
<Gwen> Potty lets out a column of Ice at Flaim!
<Adek> Maybe we will, maybe we won't. Two dragons fighting.. the one with the humans on its side has the advantage, doesn't it? I'm staying.
<Bahamut> >> Potty Attacks! Potty breaths a stream of Ice! 555 Damage!
* Gwen sits and watches the battle.
<Bahamut> >> Feryuin intervene's and attacks!
* Sunny looks down and wonders how to get down there.
* John doesn't know what to do.
* Feryuin throws her boomerang, and it transforms into a circle of light that scythes completely through its target!
<Feryuin> DIE!
<Bahamut> >> Feryuin uses Toss! 78 Damage!
* Feryuin snarls hatefully at Flaim.
<Bahamut> >> Flaim counterattacks! Flaim catches Feryiun in his toothy grin! 141 Damage! Slain!
* Feryuin lets loose with an inhuman cry, and Fureya is expelled from Erin's body. **
* Feryuin is now known as Erin`
* Erin` lands on the ground with a smirk.
<John> Erin!
<Bahamut> >> Potty's attack!
<Gwen> O_o Oh no..
* Erin` falls down dead.
<Naya> Noo....
<Gwen> >> Potty cries and let's out another cold column of ice at Flaim!
<Bahamut> >> Potty unleashes it's icy breath once more! Flaim takes 578 Damage!
<Gwen> Die you son of a bitch!
<Bahamut> >> Adek gets up the nerve, and attacks!
* Adek throws himself at the dragon, trying to hit something vital!
<Bahamut> >> Adek attacks!
<Bahamut> >> Attack 1! 49 Damage!
<Bahamut> >> Attack 2! 50 Damage!
* Adek gives the dragon the finger. "Eat THAT, you son of a bitch!"
<Gwen> Cut off his doodle, Adek!
<Bahamut> >> Sunny's attack!
<Sunny> I'll get you for Alen!
* Sunny meditates and casts a spell on the dragon.
<Bahamut> >> Sunny casts Manifestation! Flaim takes 39 Damage!
<Bahamut> >> John's attack!
* John creates a blade of ice and dashes toward the enemy slashing violently at the beast!
<Bahamut> >> John casts Icepick! Critical! 4 Damage!
<Bahamut> >> Potty's attack!
<Gwen> Potty just goes wild! He spews ice, claws, and bites all in one fluid motion!
<Jade> Goooooo waste disposal unit dragon thing!
<Bahamut> >> Potty goes berzerk! 673 Damage!
<Sunny> Wow.
<Bahamut> >> Flaim attacks..
<Bahamut> >> Flaim calls down Fire from the Sky! Potty takes 968 Damage!
<Bahamut> >> Naya's attack!
<Gwen> Potty is still standing. ^^
<Gwen> Go Potty!
* Naya calls on the heavens and sends a bolt at the drgon.
<Bahamut> >> Naya casts Shock! 1 Damage!
<Bahamut> >> Potty attacks!
<Gwen> Potty goes wild again! Slash, ice, claw, slash, ice, claw!
<Gwen> Potty: ;_;
<Bahamut> >> Potty is still engraged! 306 Damage!
<John> Die you dumb animal!
<Jade> What a persistent sonofabitch...
* Sunny throws a rock at the dragon.
* Erin` proceeds to hold a small part of the floor down with her dead body.
* Sunny throws a little red cherry at the dragon.
<Bahamut> >> Flaim lets loose with Glorious Dawn!! Flames decimate Potty for 923 Damage! Potty Withdraws!
<Bahamut> >> Adek's attack!
<Sunny> Yiiei!
<Gwen> Potty cries out and covers his maw with his claws.
* Adek throws himself at Flaim, again trying to stick the halberd into something the dragon needs.
<Bahamut> >> Attack 1! 50 Damage!
<Bahamut> >> Attack 2! 45 Damage!
<Bahamut> >> Gwen's attack!
* Gwen hisses and leaps up into the air. With cat like grace she tries to impale the dragons brain with her halberd. "DIE!!!"
<Bahamut> >> Gwen deals 41 Damage! Flaim is brought to the earth!
<Bahamut> >> Flaim is subdued!

== Victory! All members gain 550 Exp, 750 Gp, 110 Tp! ==

<Naya> Yey!
* Jade sighs.
* Gwen blinks, looks at Flaim, and starts cussing.
<Naya> Finally...
* Gwen arghs and throws her spear down.
<Gwen> Potty: ;_;
<Gwen> >> Flaim miffs and crawls off.
<Sunny> Potty, Alen....
<Gwen> Potty: ;_;
<Adek> You probably wouldn't have been able to, Gwen... had to wear him down first..
<Gwen> Potty is still alive, and if a dragon could cry, he's doing it now. ;_;
<Jade> Potty. :(
<Sunny> We have to rescue Alen!
<Gwen> I don't think he coulda survived that fall..
<Sunny> Pottle did.
<Sunny> Or something.
<Sunny> He had to.
<Gwen> That wasn't as bad as this. :P
<Gwen> This is really high.
<Sunny> Maybe I can cast the spell of flight or something to get him.
<Gwen> Sunny..
* Gwen puts a hand on her shoulder.
<Gwen> Let it go.
<Sunny> We can't leave him here.
* Gwen looks at the others.
<Gwen> Do you agree? Let's just go save Alen.
* Sunny goes to the ground and cries.
* Gwen picks up a scale and a tooth from the floor
<Gwen> And we got the items...
* Sunny looks at Erin's dead corpse too and casts Vilkyss.
<Gwen> At least Arcus will live...
* Erin` groans and sits up slowly.
* Sunny looks down again and says nothing.
<Gwen> Potty tries to say something, but he's a dragon and you can't understand him.
<Erin`> What happened?
<Adek> Welcome back to the land of the living, Erin.. at least we didn't lose you, too.
<Jade> Yay Sunny. :D
<Sunny> And Dance is dead. Everyone is dead!
<Gwen> Potty doodles a drawing in the dusty ground with his claw.
<Gwen> Potty: ;_;
<Erin`> ....
* Naya looks at the doodle.
<Adek> Dance.. was practically vaporized.. Alen fell from the edge.. DAMN! I KNEW this was a bad idea..
<Sunny> Where does that pit lead to?
<Gwen> >> The picture surprisingly is good for a dragon. It shows 2 stick figures. One is a boy with a beanie cap, the other is boy with a staff. the third is a picture of a face crying.
<Gwen> Potty: ;_;
<Jade> Beanie cap...
<Gwen> Alen must remind him of...
* Gwen sighs.
<Erin`> ....
<Sunny> Potty, can't we save them?
<Erin`> Poor Potty....
<Gwen> Can you take us back to Segazz, Potty?
<Adek> Is there any hope for Alen? Could he possibly have..?
<Gwen> Potty nods as if he understands..
<Gwen> I doubt it, Adek..
* Adek sighs. "It seems wrong to just leave his body down there."
<Sunny> I won't leave!
* Erin` gently strokes Fureya, thinking to herself.
* Sunny cries more.
<Adek> Annoying as he was.. he was one of us..
<Sunny> Maybe.. I can.. jump in and resuce him!
<Gwen> Where the hell could he be? He could be in the waterfall right now, being swept downstream by the current.
<Sunny> You think?
* Gwen sighs.
<Erin`> Well, let's go and find him then, standing around here won't help.
<Gwen> Let's save Arcus first.
<Gwen> Then we look for Alen.
* Adek sighs again. "You're right.. First the living."
<Naya> Yes..
<Gwen> Potty....can we go?
<Jade> I guess...
<Gwen> Potty: ;_;
<Erin`> ....
<Sunny> But what if Alen is still alive, but dying too, somewhere?
<Gwen> Potty lets you all climb aboard.
<Gwen> Sunny...
* Naya climbs on.
<Gwen> Come on. Do you really think he survived a 100 foot drop?
<Gwen> Maybe more?
<Sunny> Yes!
<Gwen> You're dellusional.
<Sunny> He could of surived...
<Jade> There's always a chance.
<Jade> But...
<Gwen> Sunny, I've seen plenty of people die. Sometimes I'm the cause of it. You move on.
* Jade climbs on Potty.
<Gwen> Because you..
<Gwen> Well..
* Sunny just sniffs.
<Gwen> You have to...
<Erin`> ....
* Adek closes his eyes briefly, his face again taking the stony look it wore at Hayhill.
* Erin` climbs onto Potty's back without a word.
* Adek climbs up, shaking his head.
* Sunny eats a cherry and scoots along.
<Gwen> >> You returned to Segazzi with heavy hearts. The Elder was more than happy to mix up the cure for you. After all, you solved the dragon problem.
<Gwen> >> You set out once again for the Gypsy encampment.
<Gwen> >> And reach it by nightfall
<Gwen> Which tent would Arcus be in, Naya?
<Naya> The big one.
<Gwen> >> A man in a blue cloak is looking at you from beind a box. You don't see him. Another well cloaked man is standing by the biggest tent in the place.
<Gwen> The big tent? Okay..
* Naya points to the biggest tent "In there."
* Gwen goes inside.
* Arcus is sweating horribly, his entire body thrashing around!
* Naya follows.
* Jade goes in behind Gwen.
<Gwen> Holy...
<Arcus> Have you seen the muffin man! Have you! Have you seen the muffin man! He's after ME!
* Arcus sits bolt upright and stares.
<Gwen> O_o
<Arcus> Its all so clear to me now!
<Arcus> I'm the keeper of the cheese!
<Gwen> Erin: Arcus!
<Arcus> *points* And you're the lemon merchant!
<Sunny> I love cheese!
<Arcus> *whispered* And he knows it....
<Arcus> That's why...he's gonna....kill us! o_O
* Arcus struggles to get out of the bed!
<Gwen> Erin: Someone hold him down!
<Arcus> We've got to get out of here! Before they set loose the marmasets!
* Adek moves over, grabs Arcus by the shoulders, and forces him down.
<Gwen> Arcus...heel boy! Heel!
<Gwen> Erin: you know who I am?! O_o
<Arcus> Answering all their stupid letters! Those insipid little monkeys!
<Arcus> President....what a joke!
<Arcus> President.....President of WHAT?
<Gwen> >> The cloaked man kneels before you as the last person enters the tent.
<Arcus> *looks at the wall
* His fan club....
<Arcus> How they love him!
<Gwen> Arc..
<Arcus> Look at him.....lying there asleep...the idol of millions.....
<Arcus> He's a fool! Blind...silly...little.....fool......
<Gwen> Arcus..
<Gwen> ^_^ Want a beer?
<Adek> Someone use the damn cure on him! I can't hold him here forever..
<Arcus> How easily I could......end the farce.....
* Gwen waves the antidote around like it's a beer.
<Arcus> With THESE hands....these DIRTY hands!
* Gwen prys Arcus' mouth open!
<Gwen> ^_^ Happy trails!
<Arcus> And with these hands...I hold the fate of MILLIONS!
<Arcus> Awk!
* Gwen pours it down!
* Gwen steps back.
<Gwen> ^_^ There, that wasn't so bad now was it. :P
<Arcus> Jingle balls! Jingle balls are falling down my fair lady! o_O
<Gwen> Erin: How long do we wait. O_o
<Gwen> The elder said in an hour we should see results.
<Arcus> Pan the pumps! Before the fan children get loose!
<Gwen> Erin: We have to listen to this for an hour? O_o
<Naya> What can we do now?
<Gwen> Erin: Well...^_-
<Gwen> >> The cloaked man walks in.
<Arcus> Sweet lord no! You can't drink that water! Beavers do their business in that water! o_O
<Arcus> I just love skinny stomping!
* Naya looks at the cloaked man.
* Adek looks at the cloaked man. "Who..?"
<Gwen> Cloaked man: I can make him fall asleep for you.
<Arcus> Ah! The mitsubishi's are on the move! Bring up the funnel cakes! o_O
<Adek> Who are you?
<Arcus> I want a chumsickle!
<Nemal> My name is Nemal.
<Naya> Is it good that he sleeps?
<Gwen> Erin: O_o Arcus....what have you been doing while I was away? ^_-
<Arcus> Stop! Can you hear it......?
<Nemal> For an hour, till the antidote can set in.
* Nemal checks that his cloak covers his face completely.
<Gwen> Hmm...
* Nemal checks that his gloves are on correctly.
<Arcus> ~Our country reeks of trees! Our yaks are really large! And they smell like rotting beef carcasses!~
<Gwen> >> The blue cloaked figure peers in, then sneaks away! ^_-
<Nemal> Come on, my lords, are you going to listen to him babble for an hour more?
<Gwen> Nevermore! Nevermore! *Cackle* ^_-
* Arcus tries to stand, "~And we have to clean up after them! And our saddle sores are the best! We proudly wear women's clothing and searing sand blows up our skirts!~"
<Adek> "My lords"? I COULD be wrong, but I don't think any of us are of the nobility..
<Gwen> John: ...
<Gwen> John falls asleep. ^^
* Nemal takes a couple of leaves from his pouch, mashes them into paste, adds some water and pours it down Arcus' mouth.
* Adek attempts to force Arcus back down.
<Gwen> >> Arcus falls asleep peacefully.
<Nemal> Excuse me, but seeing the great escort of people I assumed that you were nobility.
<Arcus> ~And the buzzards *glug* *burble* *spit* *gwalk* vour us whole! Our bones will bleach in the sun!~
<Gwen> >> I SAID! Arcus falls asleep! :P
<Arcus> ZZzzZZzzz......Yaks......zzzz.....
<Naya> Me nobilty...hardly...
<Gwen> Not me, pal.
* Nemal points at Arcus. "Poor guy. How did that happen to him, anyway?"
<Adek> I, for one, am decidedly not of the noblility.. and damned proud of it. Thanks for the assistance with our raving companion, though.
<Arcus> *Zeth peeks out from under the pillow, *Is the worst over?*
* Nemal leaps up and screams. "What is that!!"
<Gwen> I would let him sleep tonight.
<Gwen> And look out for Alen now...
* Gwen nods.
<Arcus> Zeth: *What?*
<Gwen> Erin sits by her brother.
<Nemal> It... it... it can talk????!!!!!
<Gwen> It's Zeth, of course it can.
<Arcus> *Zeth curls himself around Arcus' neck and looks worried.
<Adek> Hello again, Zeth... he should be all right.
<Nemal> *shivering* Geez, I thought I had seen strange before!
<Gwen> >> ^_^ An hour passes.
<Gwen> >> Arcus wakes up.
* Arcus yawns and stretches.
<Gwen> Erin: Arcus?
<Gwen> Erin looks at him. O_o
<Arcus> Somebody got a toothbrush?
<Arcus> Zeth: *Its about time you lummox!*
<Gwen> Erin: ARCUS! ^_^
* Arcus blinks and looks at Erin.
<Arcus> Well, I guess I'm not dead then. ^_-
<Gwen> Erin hugs her bro!
* Arcus hugs back with everything he's got. ^_^
<Gwen> Erin: Don't EVER do that again! ^_- I secretly was worried about you there.
<Gwen> Erin: Ya big dummy.
* Nemal says at Arcus. "The worst is over. Just don't drink anything but water for the next two days and you'll be all right."
<Arcus> were worried...that's a first. ^_-
<Arcus> Okay doc, you got it. ^_-
<Gwen> Erin: It is not. ^_- What about the time you nearly blew your nose off with a bottle rocket? I was worried then!
* Nemal slips away with a bow.
* Gwen smirks.
<Arcus> It didn't get anywhere near my nose. ^_-
<Gwen> Guys, let's leave Arcus here and look for Alen now.
<Gwen> We'll come back in the morning when he's rested up.
<Arcus> Besides, it was your idea. ^_-
<Gwen> Erin: :o
<Gwen> Erin: So it was ^_-. My bad.
* Arcus grins and ruffles Erin's hair fondly. ^_^
<Gwen> Erin: ^_^
* Gwen quietly sneaks out.
* Naya slips out.
<Arcus> So, was I entertaining? I heard that I would hallucinate at some point. ^_-
* Adek shakes his head, and also leaves.
<Gwen> Erin: You did. ^_- What was this about cheese and yaks?
<Arcus> I have no idea. ^_-
<Gwen> Erin: Ha! Well, I'm gonna mosey on out and let you sleep.
<Arcus> But I'm sure it made sense to me at the time. ^_-
<Gwen> Erin: Take care, you! ^_-
<Arcus> Kay, you be good and all. And bring me a souvenier this time! ^_-
<Gwen> Erin: Right!
* Arcus lies back and sighs happily.
<Arcus> Zeth: *You're more trouble than you're worth, you know that?*
<Gwen> >> As the party leaves the tent to search for Alen, the blue cloaked figure who keeps following you looks out over a box, puts a hand to his mouth, and giggles...


Session Close: Fri Aug 07 22:44:17 1998