VayRPG Session 25: Wake Up Call

New Players:
Valhart: Bahamut
Kulgar: Er.. also Bahamut ^_^;
Ana: Windstar

Session Start: Fri Aug 14 18:34:39 1998

<Gwen> >> It's around one or two in the morning. The party spent the entire night looking for Alen....but they have found nothing...exhausted, the party decides to make a small campfire and regain their strength before setting out again...
* John looks around.
* Adek feels in need of regaining his strength.
* Gwen pokes around at the campfire.
* John stays quite a ways from the rest of the group and ponders to himself.
* Naya sits by the fire and looks up the sky.
<Gwen> So now where do we go? We looked for three hours sign of him...
<Adek> We didn't accomplish much, that's for sure..
<John> . o O(I wonder if the guards are looking for me now...)
<Erin> ...
* Erin falls asleep. ^_^
* John looks up into the night sky.
<Gwen> I wonder how Rem's doing...
<Gwen> ^_^ You gotta love the man. You know, he keeps calling me mon chere...but I'm not male. Wouldn't it be 'ma chere?'
<Adek> Heh. It would, Gwen.
* Gwen chuckles!
* John wraps his cloak tigher around him.
<Gwen> So what's our plan of action.
<Adek> I think we have to face facts..
* Naya rests her head on her arms.
<Gwen> Face facts...?
<Adek> ..if he's gone, he's gone. We'll not accomplish anything by searching for him endlessly.
<Gwen> I told you all that from the beginning.
<Adek> No, no.. it made sense to look for him.. these three hours weren't wasted, exactly.. but if we haven't found him by now..
* Gwen leans back.
<Naya> but ...
<John> But, if we haven't found his body, that means that he might still be alive, looking for us....
* Potty is hanging out near the back of the party. Ever since Alen dissapeared, he has been tagging along...since you may be the only friends he has left.
<Adek> There's that, too. We can't forget that Kulgar the unwashed, or whatever the hell that guy's name is, is out there too..
<Naya> Maybe someone found him and is nursing him or something..
* Gwen laughs!
<Gwen> The unwashed! Ha!
<John> Who is Kulgar?
<John> And, who are you people? I mean I know your names, but really, who are you people?
<Adek> We're the most unlucky sons of bitches ever to walk on this planet. Why?
<Gwen> ^_- Don't forget the bitches themselves.
<John> Okay.... that helps. Now, who is Kulgar?
<Adek> Some guy who seriously needs to bathe.
<Gwen> He's this 7 foot tall mercenary.
<Adek>, honestly, he's working for the Daneks.. some kinda bounty hunter, I think.
<Gwen> Big....smelly....guy.
<Adek> And, for reasons known only to the scum who hired him, he's trying to bring us to them alive.
<John> Danek? What are they up to now? And why do they want you?
<Gwen> know the legend of the Armor of Vay, right?
<John> Yeah.
<Gwen> Well.. We're trying to get all the Orbs, the armor, and kick the Danek's ass ^_^
<Gwen> The usual hero gig.
<John> Cool. But won't you need help with that?
* Adek pats his halberd. "Actually, their asses, the orbs, and the armor don't matter to some of us. Gutting every last one of them would do for me."
<Gwen> The armor can help with that, Adek.
<Adek> Wouldn't that be misusing it, Gwen?
<John> Danek is big, I think more than just a ragtag group such as yourselves need more help, maybe get some help from the King?
<Gwen> ....
* Gwen looks away.
<Naya> Gwen, is something wrong?
* Gwen sighs.
<John> So, what's are next plan?
<Adek> Don't get me wrong.. I'd love to see the Danek army decimated, Jeal pulled from power.. but we don't want to annihilate them. If we just took the armor and slaughtered them all.. we'd be no better than they.
<Gwen> Well, everyone says that the armor is the only thing that can destroy all the mechs...but the armor almost destroyed our world once...
* Potty makes a little sad noise.
<Potty> Piggyaaa. :/
<John> So, what are you guys gonna do now?
* Potty curls up into a ball.
<Naya> Poor Potty...
* Sunny pets Potty
<Sunny> We'll find him.
<Jade> I dunno...
* Potty looks at Sunny.
<Jade> I'm not holding out too much hope for finding him.
<Potty> Piggyaa..
<Sunny> I said we will find him!
<John> Well, uh... do you guys know where the orbs are?
<John> And the armor?
<Adek> The orbs.. what.. the Danek have three of them.
<Sunny> Dontcha just hate that?
<Gwen> The orb of wind and soul are still out there... And then there's what Teefa was talking about...
<Jade> What good will it do to find them?
<Gwen> You know, something hidden in the sands...?
<Adek> Ah.. they only have fire and water then, huh?
<Gwen> We have earth..
<John> Do you know where?
<Gwen> I wish we did..
<John> Hmmmm....Maybe we should find someone who knows...?
<Jade> This is getting way too convoluted...
<Adek> How do we know who knows.. if anyone does?
<Sunny> Just gotta find soul somewhere
<Erin> We're heroes. Heroes always find a way. ^_-
* Erin falls back to sleep.
<t;John> Well, I dunno... but you have to try!
* Adek gives Erin an odd look.
<Jade> Maybe we should just explore the nearest cave, or something...
<Jade> Isn't that what everyone usually does?
<Sunny> Where did that river lead off to
<John> What do you know about the remaining orbs?
<Gwen> >> You see a figure heading into the camp. It's Phoebe.
<Phoebe> There you are. :/ I was getting worried.
* John stands. "Who're you?"
<Phoebe> I'm Phoebe. ^^
<John> Hi. I'm John.
* Sunny wonders if she could master locating magic..
<Phoebe> I heard about Alen. :(
<Phoebe> And Dance...
<John> How?
<Phoebe> Around town...the gypsies heard you all talking...
<John> I see.
<John> So, what're doing here?
* Sunny finds a stick with two handles and the other end sticking out.
<Phoebe> I hang out with these people... :P
<John> Well, I could tell
<Gwen> >> Black ash swirls down from the sky, radiating an oddly familiar feeling.
* John sits back down and lays back....
* Phoebe sits down.
* Sunny runs around with the stick chanting
<Phoebe> I hang out with them in hope of finding my....boyfriend. Sigh :/
* Naya watches Sunny
<Gwen> >> The ash begins to swirl around Sunny.
* John yawns "Well, I think I'm gonna turn in for the night, see you guys tomorrow...."
* Jade eyes Sunny
<Sunny> Wow, black ash!
* John turns to his side and slowly falls asleep
* Adek sighs, shaking his head. "This has been a bad day. No, week. Month. Year, maybe."
<Jade> More like life, Adek.
<Gwen> >> The ash swirls quickly down the stick, out in the direction it's pointing, the vanishes again.
<Jade> That was...odd...
* Gwen sighs and lays back.
<Naya> yes
<Sunny> Aw, I thought it was a sign.
<Jade> It's a sign that you should work for Molly Maid, Sunny...
<Sunny> Who's that?
<Sunny> Does she know where Alen is?
<Gwen> Molly maid? O_o
<Jade> Yeah, Molly Maid...since she's so good at gathering up dust with that stick of hers.
<Sunny> Special stick, I bet.
* John begins to snore, lightly at first, but slowly getting louder.
* Sunny puts the stick in John's nose.
<Gwen> Sunny...
<Gwen> What are you doing?
<Sunny> He was snoring!
* John surprisingly snores even louder than before.
* Sunny pulls it out.
<Naya> ...that can't be healthy.
<Gwen> I can kill him. ^_-
<Gwen> That's even unhealther.
<Naya> true...
* John 's snore begins to quiet down after Sunny removes the stick.
<Gwen> >> Dust swirls into John's nose.
<Sunny> Better than nothing.
* John sneezes!
* Sunny runs around with the stick again.
<Phoebe> I'm gonna go get some food.
<Naya> Are you trying to find water or something?
<Adek> Have fun.
<Phoebe> Anyone want anything...?
* Sunny goes to Potty and tosses the stick.
<Gwen> >> The black ash reappears, swirling around Sunny once more.
<Potty> :( Piggyaa..
<Sunny> Black ash!
<Sunny> Thats what I was thinking too Potty.
* Phoebe leaves...right when another figure is walking up toward the camp! O_o
<Gwen> >> The ash begins to swirl around in a familiar pattern in frount of Sunny.
<Sunny> Huh?
<Gwen> >> The ash forms letters...
* John sleeps; his snoring seems to have stopped.
<Sunny> It must be magical ash.
* Sunny watches the letters form too...
* The new figure jumps and weaves about in the darkness.
* Erin sleeps. ^_^
<Gwen> >> The ash forms an "A".
* Gwen blinks.
<Sunny> A!
<Gwen> Who?
<Gwen> >> The ash forms an "r".
<Sunny> Give me a A!
<Sunny> Give me a r!
* Naya looks at where the figure is.
* John slowly wakes up from Sunny's babbling..
<Gwen> >> The ash forms a "c".
<Sunny> Give me a c!
<Arcus> (Booming voice)Boogie...boogie.... Boogie! I am the ghost...of Samuel Erol.......BOOGIE! ^_-
<Gwen> Hey Arcus. :P
<Gwen> >> The ash forms a "u".
<Erin> Arcus! O_o
<Sunny> Arcu!
<Gwen> >> The ash forms an "s".
* Arcus bows to all ^_-
<Arcus> Hiya ^_^
<Erin> You should be in bed! :P
<Erin> Don't make me have to get all shanky on you bro! ^_-
<Gwen> >> The ash forms the whole name in strange glowing letters, then vanishes again.
<Arcus> It didn't like me! It wasn't my fault! ^_-
* John looks up. "Ummm... hi Arcus, goodnight Arcus."
<Sunny> Hey! I thought it was going to be a clue to Alen.
* John goes back to sleep.
* Sunny kicks the black ash!
<Erin> So what's up, bro? ^_-
* Adek looks at Arcus. "Feeling better, are you?"
* Arcus turns back and whistles, "C'mon Rem, bring Freddy with ya, they got free eats here!" ^_-
<Arcus> Hehe! ^_^
* Remy walks slowly into the camp..
* Arcus saunters over to Erin and plops down beside her.
<Arcus> The usual. ^_-
* Remy and a completely hooded figure come into the camp.
<Remy> 'ey ' all look comfy..
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
* Jade raises an eyebrow back at Remy.
<Erin> ^_- Meeting hooded figures, eh bro?
<Adek> Yeah, well, we're not.
<Gwen> Rem! ^_^
* Gwen hugs Remy. "Missed ya.'
<Arcus> Oh yeah, love dem hoods....right Zeth? ^_-
<Zeth> *Shut up*
* Remy smiles at Gwen. "Hey 'dere, chere." and he hugs her back. ^_^
* The figure looks rather nervous..
<Figure> -_- This is a very bad idea...
* Remy coughs and looks at the figure. "Uh......everyone...this is...uh...Fred." :P
<Arcus> Oh come on Freddy, don't be shy, you're among allies now. ^_^
<Figure> They're going to freak, Arcus...
<Arcus> Then that's their problem now, isn't it? ^_-
* Remy slips an arm around Gwen's shoulders and watches everyone.
<Figure> O_o It'll be my problem eventually!
* Adek looks at the guy in the cloak. "Fred. A man named Fred, wearing a cloak. Things just keep getting weirder."
* Gwen sits down.
* Arcus waves a hand at Fred, "Details! Details!"
<Jade> Okay, obviously his name isn't Fred...
<Figure> Trust me... I wish it was Fred....
<Jade> Whoever you are, under there, want to take off that hood before I cut it off?
* Arcus hops back up and walks back over to Fred.
* Remy blinks and plops down next to Gwen, watching the figure.
<Figure> O_o Fine fine...
<Remy> Eesh, Jade....PMSing much?
* Jade stares Remy full in the face. "I am ALWAYS PMSing."
<Adek> Actually.. I'm with Jade on this one. I'd prefer to know who's here with us.. at the very least what they look like.
* The figure turns around, trying to undo the clasp on his cloak...
* Arcus stands next to Fred, waiting and being supportive.
* Remy chuckles at Jade and patpats her on the head.
<Jade> I'll forget you did that as long as you never do it again, Remy.
<Remy> Yes ma'am.
* The figure takes off his cloak and turns around. He is male (duh), around 21 years old. He has long elven ears, green hair which is tyed back into a ponytail, and four little scars under his cheeks. He's wearing peasant type clothes, which are a little battered. He is unarmed and one of his arms is bandaged.
<Arcus> See, that wasn't so bad now was i? ^_^
<Naya> Hi.
* Remy blinks.
<Remy> Damnit.
<Gwen> O_o
<Remy> Is that..? Eh...
* Adek hrms, and mutters "The green hair, the ears.."
<Figure> ... O_o Why aren't these people calling me 'another clone' yet?
<Sunny> Cause, like that was yesterday!
* Remy crosses his arms.
<Gwen> Actually that was a week ago, but I digress...
* Jade raises an eyebrow...
<Jade> Pottle?
* Arcus resists the urge to burst out laughing. ^^;;
<Sunny> You can be called..
* Pottle nods.
<Sunny> An image.
<Gwen> Sunny, what the hell are you talking about?
* John stirs.
<Sunny> Cherries?
<Adek> Well, if you ARE a clone, you're certainly more polite than the last one.
<Gwen> Sunny, did you get into my liquor stash again?
* Remy blinks.
* Sunny looks down and nods.
<Remy> liquor stash? Eh..
<Sunny> Yes... doo doo doo.
<Pottle> I can't really say if I am one or not :/ Jeal told me the orignal had no idea he was one later on...
* Gwen takes out her spear, and beats Sunny into blissful unconciousness.
* Jade sniffs Pottle.
<Pottle> O_o
* Remy raises an eyebrow..
* Naya watches and tries to figure out everything....
* Adek smiles slightly. "For the record, I doubt they'll bother with clones any more. Supposedly the last one we fought was the best they had."
* Sunny sits.
* Adek looks around. "Maybe Phoebe could tell? Where'd she go off to, anyway?"
<Pottle> Phoebe? O_o She's here?
* Pottle smiles. ^_^
<Arcus> Hmm... ^_-
<Jade> Yeah, where is she?
<Gwen> She went off, but she should be back... we'll wait for her...
<Jade> Well, she would be the one to know.
<Naya> She went to go get food.
* Arcus notes the rather large, breathing rock in the background.
* John continues to sleep.
<Adek> Yeah. Take a seat.. or a log.. or whatever. She'll be back soon enough.
<Arcus> What's that?
* Potty stirs a bit, looking at Arcus.
<Potty> Piggyaa?
* Potty then looks at Pottle.
<Arcus> Same to you pal ^_-
<Potty> Pigyaa?
* Potty is wearing that stupid pink collar, BTW. ^_-
* Remy blinks and notices Potty.
<Erin> Why did you put that thing back on him?
* Gwen shrugs.
<Gwen> I felt like it?
<Arcus> Ha! ^_-
<Sunny> She likes PJ.
<Erin> ^_- Good enough.
* Pottle chuckles. "She tagged the poor thing? O_o"
* Arcus flops down next to the fire and gets comfy
* Erin falls back to sleep. ^_^
<Sunny> Yes. :P
<Pottle> ^_^ I can't believe it's still here...
* Potty looks confused... O_o
<Arcus> Go say hi then. ^_-
<Pottle> You don't remember me? Lesse...
* Pottle gets down and starts drawing something in the dirt... a little stick figure of a boy with a beanie.
* Pottle then points to himself.
<Pottle> Me. ^_^
* Remy blinks.
<Jade> Well, it's a good sign that he didn't draw a bong or something...
<Arcus> ^_-
* Potty starts licking Pottle happily. ^_^
<Sunny> Wow, he's happy!
<Adek> Well, he's convinced the dragon that he's genuine..
<Arcus> Well, it seems the dragon is convinced of his authenticity! ^_-
* Gwen whistles.
<Gwen> Go Potty! Hump him next!
* Adek blinks, sounding disgusted. "Gwen!"
<Sunny> I wonder what she is thinking...
<Arcus> Hehe! ^_-
* Naya looks at Gwen oddly..
* Arcus leans back and prepares to get some shut-eye.
* Remy laughs!
<Gwen> Sorry...
* Gwen snickers.
* Remy hauls off his shirt, balls it up and lies back....
* Pottle manages to disengage himself from Potty. ^_^
* Jade eyes Remy's pecs..
* Gwen eyes Jade.
<Gwen> Hands off, girl.
<Jade> My hands aren't anywhere near him, you don't need to worry.
<Gwen> Okay. ^_- Just remember I got dibs.
* Remy listens to the group but lies there, quite happily..
* Naya yawns and curls up near the fire.
* Zeth flits over to Arcus' feet, to get closer to the fire.
* Pottle sits down by the fire...
<Pottle> Um....okay...if you guys have questions...I can answer them.
* Remy idly strokes a hand down Gwen's back, watching the sky and listening....
<Adek> Not even curious to know who we all are? Or have you been filled in?
<Pottle> Well...actually....yeah, I am curious. I mean, I know Arcus...and Remy...but that's about it.
* Adek holds his hand out towards Pottle. "I'm Adek."
* Pottle shakes Adek's hand. "Nice to meet you."
<Sunny> I'm Sunny! I wear boxers!
<Zeth> *And me!*
<Pottle> ^_- Good to know.
* Naya waves from her spot. "I'm Naya! I'm new here."
<Gwen> Gwen.
<Adek> Likewise.
<Pottle> Sorry Zeth... ^^;
<Remy> I'm...uh....Remy....yeh...
* Remy sounds distant, near sleep but now looking at Gwen's back. ^_^;
<Erin> Erin ^_-
<Fureya> ~Fureya.~
* Jade waves to Pottle. "I'm Jade."
* Sunny goes back into Gwen's supply of wine.. ^_^
* Pottle nods.
* Gwen beats Sunny away.
<Gwen> You are a little drunkard!
* Sunny gets drunk and falls asleep
* John starts to snore.
<Gwen> Gah...
<Remy> hmph.
<Pottle> Anything you want to know?
* Remy mumbles something and watches Gwen.. :p
<Gwen> ^_- I'll let Adek ask. He's quite fiesty tonight.
<Adek> Well.. we know how you survived and all.. I can only assume Phoebe knew what she was talking about.. what have you been doing these past months?
<Adek> Restless, Gwen. Restless.
<Pottle> Okay...lesse...tell the story again....
* Pottle leans back.
<Pottle> I was captured by the army about two months ago. I was taken to this faclity underneath the Penan one really knows of it's existance except high ranking officals..
<Pottle> At least...that's what I heard...
<Arcus> And us, as of now. ^_-
* Gwen chuckles.
<Adek> Sounds like another place to hit sometime..
<Pottle> The encampment is designed for bio engeneering...they wanted me because of this...
* Pottle pulls out a golden colored pendant.
<Pottle> I have no idea's just a heirloom!
<Arcus> Aparently, someone thinks different.
* Adek blinks. "Wait.. isn't that.."
* Jade winces...
<Jade> What do they do at that facility, Pottle?
<Pottle> In the beginning of my ...ahem... stay...they strapped me down on a table and injected some sort of needle in my stomach...or somewhere around there..
* Remy murmurs and tries to focus on Pottle's words.. :P
<Pottle> They were able to make that clone thing from that. I saw the damn thing....I'm not sure it was totally ignorant of it's task, either. It told me it would have fun fucking my girlfriend in my place.
* John sleeps some more.
<Arcus> ....
<Pottle> I got out of there by prying a board out from my bunk bed, and hitting a solider with it.
<Pottle> I've been running ever since.
<Jade> Well, I think I believe you...
<Gwen> I'll tell you one thing... you aren't annoying. :P
<Arcus> ^_-
<Gwen> That is a good thing.
<Pottle> How annoying was this clone anyway? O_O
<Arcus> Very. ^_-
<Adek> Well.. he swore and smoked constantly..
<Arcus> He thought he was all that and a bag of chips. ^_-
<Pottle> You're joking? O_o
<Adek> ..his attitude suggested he had a dead skunk shoved up his rear..
* Jade laughs!
<Adek> ..and his people skills needed some SERIOUS work.
<Gwen> He wanted to kill people all the time...oh yeah. And he cheated on your girl.
<Pottle> O_o He...did what? O_o
<Gwen> ^_^ yeah he went out with some chick named Meka...then bounced back to Phoebe before we killed him.
<Adek> In retrospect, he wasn't a very good clone, was he?
<Jade> And Meka let him go out with her?
<Jade> What a vicious, bitchy little SLUT.
<Arcus> Yep!
* Remy yawns cutely and his eyes slowly drift shut..
<Gwen> No kidding ^_- She was allll over him!
<Pottle> -_- Dear god...
<Gwen> (imitating Meka) Oh Pottle this! Oh Pottle that! :P
<Adek> Look on the bright side, Pottle. None of us hold him against you.
* Adek grins. "But if you even THINK about lighting up.."
<Pottle> Nono. I don't smoke. ^_^
<Jade> ...we'll stuff the joint and the cigarettes up your ass.
<Arcus> Heh! ^_-
<Pottle> How could you when everyone thinks your name relates to a giant joint anyway?
* Pottle laughs. ^_-
<Arcus> Heh! ^_-
<Gwen> >> Someone is walking back to the camp.
* Jade cranes her head
<Jade> I wonder if it's Phoebe...
<Pottle> Ah! Cloak! O_o Where is my cloak? O_o
* Pottle fumbles around for his cloak.
* Remy idly hugs Pottle's cloak tightly. :P
* Arcus grins ^_^
* Remy is using it for a blanket!
* Pottle looks at Remy. "Oh GREAT...."
<Adek> Why bother? Go say hello to her, or something.
<Phoebe> I'm back!
* Remy looks very kawaii when he's asleep a little kid..
* Phoebe gets a look at Pottle and drops what she has in her hands.
<Gwen> ^_- I sense something cute about to happen!
<Arcus> Phoebe, I'd like you to meet Fred of the eight golden cuts, cultist of the great deity Tofu, order of the ardent shroud! ^_-
<Phoebe> O_O POTTLE!!!
<Pottle> PHOEBE! ^_^
<Adek> Now _that_ is enthusiasm.
* Phoebe pushes Arcus over in her haste and they both embrace ^_^
<Arcus> Oof! ^_-
<Arcus> I guess I earned that...ha! ^_-
* Phoebe starts, ahem...frenching him, but then Pottle winks and points to the others.
<Phoebe> Ah-! O_o
* Zeth gets annoyed at being dislodged and heads back for Arcus' shoulders
* Remy mumbles something about Gwen in his sleep and rolls over, hugging the "blanket" tighter :P
<Gwen> ...O_o I'd look better as a blonde? Remy?
<Phoebe> Ahem! Sorry. ^^;
* Arcus applauds! ^_^
* Remy blinks awake sleepily as he hears his name from the blissful land of sleep.
* Naya restrains herself from "aww"ing.
<Remy> Huh...?
* John sleeps soundly.
<Gwen> ^_- This is cute.
* Remy blinks a few times and rubs his eyes.
* Phoebe hugs him and goes on an on about how she missed him.
<Arcus> Heh, and they lived happily ever after....the end ^_-
<Gwen> == Meanwhile! ==
* Kulgar is walking toward some unknown destination..
<Gwen> >> Suddenly Odessa appears behind him thanks to a teleportation spell. She pokes him in the back.
<Kulgar> Ah-!
<Odessa> Boo. ^^
<Kulgar> What...what is it NOW?
<Odessa> You know how I told you to go after Erin and her brother, right? Forget them. You have new orders.
<Kulgar> And they are...?
* Odessa gives him a piece of paper. Kulgar reads it over.
<Kulgar> I see.... don't worry, I'll have the elf for you by morning.
<Odessa> I'll hold you to that.
<Gwen> ==And yet again meanwhile!==
* Meka hanging about in a tavern in Mortyr... drowning her sorrows in a glass of ale and whining about her life to some random stranger.
<Meka> And then it turned out that he was some clone!!!
<Meka> I hate my life!! ;_;
<????> Shut up you little bitch.
<Meka> Eh?
<Gwen> >> Suddenly some tough looking men gang up on Meka! One strikes her on the head...and all she can see is darkness...
<Gwen> ==Back to the group!==
<Gwen> >> It's now dawn.
* John sleeps!
<Gwen> >> The party is just waking up.
* Remy murmurs softly..
* Arcus yawns and roused from his sleep.
* Jade is already awake...
* Phoebe is sleeping in Pottle's arms. ^_^
* Gwen gets up.
* Arcus scratches his back and stretches.
* Remy sits up and stretches, his muscles tightening at the movement. "Ehhh....."
* Naya yawns and opens her eyes,she lays there for a moment untill she is awake enough to sit up
* Remy hops up..
* Adek watches the people waking up, having taken the next to last watch of the night and being unable to fall asleep again.
<Gwen> Those!
<Arcus> Ah, guten morgen! ^_^
<Remy> I dunno....I t'ink it's kinda......romantic..? Gah..
* Jade glances at Pottle and Phoebe, her eyes softening momentarily.
* Remy shakes his head and slips on his shirt..
<Adek> You know, it's kind of freaky how you all just woke up at once there.
* Arcus taps Zeth and he also awakens, griping a little.
* John wakes up slowly and stands up, a small lock of purple seems to be visible from John's blonde hair...
<Arcus> Nah, happens all the time. ^_-
<Jade> Just stop wondering why things happen, Adek, it's easier that way...
<Adek> Easier, yeah, but not as interesting.
<Arcus> Anyone for some breakfast? ^_-
* Phoebe snuggles in Pottle's arms. ^_^
<Jade> What's interesting anyways?
* Remy looks at Phoebe & Pottle and then looks at Gwen a bit before mumbling something and stretching again.
* John quickly straigtens out his hair.
<John> Sure! I'm starving. ^_^
<Adek> Just about everything, if you stop and think about it. Lately, though, things have been TOO interesting for our good, though.
<John> What do you got to eat?
* Naya looks at Pottle and Phoebe and can't resist anymore. "awww..."
<Jade> I suppose you're right...
<Arcus> Rock soup, all we need is a good rock. ^_-
<Gwen> I got bread...
<Gwen> That's ...about it.
<Gwen> We need to go food shopping.
<Remy> Bread...yum yum!
<John> Rock soup? Hmmm I think I heard of a story about that....
* Remy pokes Gwen in the stomach. "Hmmm...we could all change our names to Bob and become farmers..."
<Gwen> Perhaps Rem.
* Gwen leans back.
<Adek> I resent.. and resemble.. that remark, Remy.
* Pottle begins to stir a bit.
* Remy grins a bit at Adek..
<Remy> I was joking!
<Remy> you know....hah hah...
<Arcus> I recommend NOT going back to the gypsy camp, I imagine they will be having visitors soon ^__
* Adek grins back. "I know."
<Remy> and all that!
* Remy mumbles something about a 2-way relationship.
<Gwen> O_o Adek...grinned?
<Gwen> My...god! O_o
<Arcus> Ha! ^_-
* Jade mumbles something about her legs being sore as hell.
* John walks over to Arcus "Hey, when are you going cook?"
<Adek> You wound me, Gwen. I can't mope around forever, can I?
<Arcus> As soon as I find a good soup rock. ^_-
<Gwen> ^_- Of course not.
<John> Can't you make something else?
<Gwen> It's funny. In the beginning, I was the depressed little people softened me up!
* Remy growls suddenly and grabs his pouch, tying it onto his belt..
* A warrior crests a hill and continues to approach the group...
* Gwen looks up.
<Arcus> There's something besides rock soup? ^_-
<Gwen> We've got company.
<John> Yes!
<Remy> Lovely.
* John turns around.
<Adek> My, my..
* Arcus looks at the newcomer.
* Remy grabs his bo and looks towards the newcomer.
* John looks at the warrior coming over to the group.
<John> Uh....
<John> Another friend?
* The Warrior draws near.. *
* Adek casually grabs his halberd and leans on it. "Wonder what he wants."
* Naya looks at the warrior
<Gwen> >> The warrior has the insignia of the Kerzalt Royal family on his armor.
<Jade> Oh yay.
<John> .oO(Did they find me?)
<Gwen> Well, at least he's not an enemy.
* Pottle wakes up, and idly looks around.
<Arcus> We could make him one if it'll make ya feel better. ^_-
* Remy hms.
<Gwen> Pheobe still is sleeping.
<Warrior> Lower your weapons, I mean you no harm. I am the Seneschal-Paladin Valhart of Kerzalt, and I am on urgent business.
<Gwen> ^_- Long name you have there. I am are my comrades.
<Arcus> ^_^
* John clears his throat and turns around away from the knight's view
<Remy> Heh..
<Naya> nice to meet you
* Remy drops his bo
<Adek> Uh.. Gwen.. next time could you try a non-transparent lie.. or maybe the truth?
* Pottle looks at Valhart.
* Valhart dismounts his chestnut colored Shire Stallion. * "I am looking for the Princess of Kerzalt, she has left her home."
<Valhart> I have urgent news for her.
<Gwen> Sorry sir, she's not here.
<Arcus> Ain't see 'er ^_^
<Remy> Nope. Not here.
* John turns around "Princess?"
<Adek> I don't think we have any princesses here, sorry..
<John> Uh, I don't think I've seen her....
<Remy> Unless you count our drag queen Arcus.. ;)
* Gwen busts out laughing
<Erin> Ha! ^_-
<Arcus> Oh! You uncovered my secret! You vicous brute! ^_-
* Adek chukcles. "Ooh.. harsh."
* Valhart looks at John. * "Rather, the Queen. His Majesty the King was assasinated four days ago."
* Remy erks.
* John jaw drops. "WHAT?!"
<Gwen> ....O_o what?
<Remy> Assasinated?
<Jade> He...was?
<Arcus> ?
* Adek blinks. "The.. what? He was?"
* Pottle looks down.
<John> Dad---
<Arcus> Well now....
* Gwen looks at John.
* Valhart nods. * "I thought as much."
<Gwen> Dad?
* John turns away....
* Arcus looks at John but says nothing.
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
<Pottle> It was the Danek, wasn't it?
<Valhart> Best you let the facade fall through, your Majesty. The Kingdom needs you.
<Arcus> Ha! ^_-
* Ana removes the wig and lets her purple hair fall
<Erin> ^_- My John is the little drag queen among us. I'm inpressed, your majesty.
* Arcus laughs!
<Ana> How...?
<Remy> Interesting..
<Ana> How did they die? How could they?!
* Remy eyes the woman :P
<Pottle> Why is it that Royalty always gets invovled in these things...?
* Adek blinks again. "I don't believe this.."
<Arcus> Still intersted in that rock soup...John? ^_-
<Valhart> It's not my place to discuss much more about the security of the realm in the presence of the others, Princess. Already I fear that I have divulged too much.
* Ana runs over to Valhart "Tell me! Who killed them!"
<Ana> Please...
* Phoebe wakes up, and looks at John.
<Phoebe> Hello...? O_o
<Adek> Well.. so much for not having any nobles here, huh?
<Valhart> Princess, please return with me to Kerzalt. The details may be discussed there.
* Ana lowers her head and nods "Alright...."
<Arcus> Yeah, never know where a noble is hidin' these days! *lifts a rock and checks under it*
* Remy snickers and thwaps Arcus on the back of the head.
<Gwen> was nice seeing you I guess.....John...? Or whoever.
<Arcus> Hehe! ^_-
<Valhart> I'm sorry, your Highness... I truly am.
<Ana> Give me a moment please.
* Valhart nods. *
<Pottle> Thank god I didn't seek asylum there...I would have been caught...
* Ana turns to the group "I'm sorry I decieved you all, I'm really Princess Ana, if you hadn't figured it out yet...."
* Remy chuckles a bit and then stops. :P
<Gwen> Oh we sorta figured...
<Jade> No...really?
* Jade drips with sarcasm.
<Remy> Yeah. We kinda figured it out.
<Arcus> We'll figure it all out eventually. ^_-
<Pottle> Don't feel bad. ^_- A lot of people thought Sandor was a girl too, and he wasns't even trying to play the drag queen.
<Ana> It was nice meeting you all, and if you guys ever come to Kerzalt's castle, you'll be welcomed with open arms.
<Arcus> As soon as you're gone we'll wonder, "Who was that masked Queen?" ^_-
<Remy> Lovely!
<Gwen> Do you need help finding the killer?
<Adek> Why do I have this suspicion that everyone's favorite empire might have had their fingers in this pie too?
<Jade> I don't think we should go to the castle...
<Valhart> My steed, Glamdrig, will speed us to the Castle, your Highness. I implore that we depart immediately.
<Gwen> That's why I'd like to come along, Adek.
<Arcus> Heh...those wacky Daneks... ^_-
* Ana lowers her head "I'll find that son of a bitch who killed my parents I swear, I'll personally kill him with my own hands..."
* Ana turns around and nods. "Yes."
* Remy crosses his arms.
* Ana mounts Valhart's horse.
<Gwen> Bye Ana...
<Gwen> It was nice meeting you..
<Arcus> Have fun storming the castle! ^_^
* Valhart hauls himself up behind her. *
<Valhart> Fare thee well, friends.
<Ana> If you guys would like to help us, you will be well rewarded...
<Adek> Farewell, John. Ana. Your Highness. Majesty. Whatever.. best of luck.. and you have our sympathies.
<Gwen> We'll think about it, Ana. ^_^
<Gwen> Er.. Your highness.
<Naya> we'll miss you..
* Valhart spurs the horse into action. * "Ho! Glamdrig! To Kerzalt with haste!"
<Gwen> What sort of name is Glamdrig?
<Pottle> Better than Pottle.
* Remy laughs!
* Ana waves good-bye as she rides off into the distance.
<Erin> Well, bro...I hate to leave and run, but adventure other places ^_-
* Adek smiles slightly. "Well.. there are worse names than even yours, Pottle.. screwy stuff, like 'Remy'!"
<Remy> Hey..
* Pottle snickers.
<Arcus> You be careful then, you know how stubborn those Daneks can be. ^_-
* Remy eyes Adek and slugs him in the shoulder.
<Remy> Or maybe "Adek".
* Adek winces.
<Erin> Course, bro. ^_-
* Valhart & Ana head off over the horizon, soon disappearing in the long grasses of the plains... *
<Erin> You know we'll meet up again.
* Arcus hugs Erin good-bye, and plants a kiss on Fureya's nose
<Arcus> You two be good, okay?
<Remy> How cute!
<Fureya> ~Of course. Good bye Arcus, Zeth...~
<Zeth> *Goodbye Erin, Fureya*
<Erin> ^_- Later bro! Be careful of them wacko Daneks yourself!
<Arcus> Righto! ^_^
* Erin walks off in the opposite direction, waving.
<Gwen> what?
<Remy> Hmmm..
<Gwen> Should we partake in Ana's little offer?
<Arcus> Why not? ^_^
<Jade> I don't think so.
<Gwen> You know the Danek's killed him....first Lorath, now Kerzalt..
* Remy shrugs. "Do we have any other immediate concerns?"
<Gwen> You don't? Why not?
<Jade> Well...what about Pottle?
<Pottle> ...I don't really know where else to go..
<Adek> You may as well stick with us, Pottle.. if they're hunting us all, strength in numbers and all that.
<Pottle> Thanks...
<Arcus> Well....Fred. *puts the cloak back on him* if you do come with us, you shouldn't be seen without your sanctioned hood of Tofu, right? ^_- <Pottle> Heh! ^_- Better than the loincloth religion.
* Remy idly runs a hand through his hair..
<Arcus> True, loincloths ride up on you ^_-
<Phoebe> Pottle? O_o
<Arcus> He's not Pottle, he's Fred of the eight golden cuts, cultist of Tofu, order of the ardent shroud. ^_-
<Pottle> A joke. ^_- A joke.
<Pottle> I just happen to like cloaks, okay? =p
<Arcus> And all-around party guy! ^_^
<Gwen> I say we go check out Kerzalt Castle...after all, the King there actually treated me with some respect...
<Remy> Sure. Why not?
<Adek> And if it was the Danek who did it.. well, the enemy of our enemy is our friend, right?
<Jade> I guess it wouldn't do harm to get in good with some royalty...
<Gwen> The guy needs to be avenged or something....and if it is Danek...then Ana has no clue what she's getting into...
<Gwen> Right.
<Pottle> It's worth investigating...
<Pottle> wait...
<Arcus> Yeah, having nobility on your side is a good thing ^_-
* Pottle blinks. "I thought Ana looked familar...I saw her briefly...when I was there ten years ago..."
<Gwen> >> The party starts walking towards Kerzalt Castle..
* Arcus whistles a jaunty travelling tune. ^_-
* Remy walks beside Gwen, idly noting how beautiful she is. :P
* Pottle smirks. "See that? That's the remains of Mt don't wanna go in there...Wind Elementals suck."
<Arcus> I'll take your word for it ^_-
<Jade> There's still an elemental there?
<Pottle> I doubt it, but I'm not taking any risks!
<Remy> Risks are great. :P
<Gwen> I like risks.
<Gwen> They keep me on my toes.
* Remy nods.
<Remy> And what sexy toes they are.
<Adek> I think we've taken enough to last several lifetimes already.
<Remy> Eh, sorry.
<Arcus> And they're fun at get-togethers! ^_-
* Remy coughs and taps his chin, looking innocent.. :P
* Gwen smirks.
* Jade eyes Arcus.
<Gwen> You're so cute when you look innocent, Rem.
* Arcus laughs!
<Remy> Oh? just want me for my body!
* Remy chuckles a bit. :P
* Phoebe walks along, singing a little tune under her breath.
<Gwen> ...not so Rem.
<Gwen> Bodys are nice...yeah...but I go more for brains. ^_- And personality. You got that in spades.
* Zeth flits alongside Arcus, looking for hapless rodents to devour
<Phoebe> I just wanted to thank you all for what you've done. ^_^
* Remy raises an eyebrow at Gwen and smiles at her before looking at Phoebe.
<Arcus> What? I did nothing, you can't prove anyting! ^_-
<Phoebe> Hehe! I meant bringing Pottle back to me. ^_^
<Gwen> >> You pass by the ruined mountain and are now back on the green grasses of the valley. You're nearing Hayhill.
* Remy taps his chin, thinking.
* Zeth flits back to Arcus' shoulder with a fresh kill, and proceeds to eat
* Phoebe stops.
<Phoebe> Someone's here.
<Remy> Eh?
* Adek sighs, looking a little more melancholy and angry with each step.
* Phoebe closes her eyes.
<Pottle> ...?
* Arcus looks at the party, "Yes, there are many here in this very spot" ^_-
<Phoebe> No no...someone is following us....has been following us...
<Adek> Who would be hanging around this area? It's not like there's really anything here any more..
<Adek> ..oh.
<????> "So my covers blown. Shame."
<Jade> Thank you for realizing this NOW, Phoebe...
* Arcus looks at the source of the voice
<Phoebe> Sorry! I just felt his or her aura now!
<Gwen> >> The big bulking form of Kulgar is behind you.
<Kulgar> Greetings.
<Remy> Gah.
* Remy draws his bo.
<Kulgar> So...what is this about me smelling like a Taco Bell bathroom?
<Arcus> Oh its you again, Klergy the unfloppable...or something.
* Adek turns to face him, clutching his weapon. "Pretty impressive that you went unnoticed that long.. you were downwind, huh?"
<Remy> You do. You smell.
* Kulgar snorts.
<Adek> Or did you discover deoderant?
<Kulgar> I see he's with you.
* Zeth spits out the rat bits and hisses at Kulgar.
* Kulgar eyes Pottle.
* Adek sniffs. "Nope. Apparently not."
<Pottle> ...Mercenary...
* Pottle begins to freak out again..
<Naya> Uh oh...
<Jade> Calm down, Pottle...
<Kulgar> You're quite busy, aren't you?
<Adek> Not as busy as you, apparently. We have time to bathe once in a while.
<Kulgar> Hand over the elf and I'll spare you.
<Arcus> Yes we are, but I can sketch you into my appointment book and about three weeks. ^_-
* Remy laughs!
<Phoebe> No!
<Remy> Not a chance, spanky.
<Arcus> No elfs here, Fred just got his ears caught in a pickle machine when he was 6. ^_-
<Kulgar> You actually plan to fight me? That's rich. I've never been beaten.
<Adek> Bad news, Kulgar..
<Pottle> ...
<Jade> There's a first time for everything, no?
<Adek> ..just because every other opponent of yours passed out from the smell doesn't mean we will.
<Pottle> Don't get killed over me...please...
<Remy> Don't worry about it, kid.
<Jade> Just fight fairly and don't lift your armpits, that's all I ask.
<Arcus> Who's planning on dying? Not me! ^_-
<Adek> Oh, no.. I WANT to fight this guy, Pottle.
<Pottle> ...
<Phoebe> Let's go!


<Arcus> I must admit, the idea of seeing this fellow in traction has a certain twisted appeal ^_-
<Gwen> I plan to do more than just traction..
* Adek grins darkly. "Maybe you aren't the person I'm looking for, Kulgar, but you work for the Danek, and that's good enough.. Your guts are going to decorate this place.
* Kulgar tosses his sword away. * "Let's make this interesting, shall we?"
<Gwen> More like in a herse. ^_-
* Kulgar points towards Jade. * "You look like an amusing opponent. Humor me."
<Kulgar> >Jade's attack.
<Kulgar> Jade attacks!
* Jade leaps at Kulgar, going for the throat with her claws...
* Pottle is forced to watch, for he has no weapon..
* Kulgar counters! He grabs Jades arm and quickly punches her undefended head! 12 Damage! *
* Kulgar follows up with a second attack! A Kick! 23 Damage! *
<Gwen> O_O; Ow..
<Naya> uh...oh
<Jade> Is that the best you can do, you fucking pansy?
* Jade grins savagely
* Kulgar lets her arm go and finishes with a third and final pummeling! * 31 Damage!
* Jade spits out some blood
<Pottle> god...
* Kulgar laughs! *
<Kulgar> C'mon! Who's next?
<Kulgar> >Naya's attack.
* Gwen grins.
<Gwen> Can I? ^_-
<Kulgar> >Naya uses SnapShot!
* Naya holds her bow steady "come and get shot
* Kulgar snatches the arrow out of the air and tears it in half. * "Pathetic! I expected better of you!" 0 Damage.
* Remy chants..
<Gwen> O_o Holy mother of...
<Kulgar> >Gwen's attack!
* Kulgar grins. *
<Gwen> Let's see how you fare against magic.
<Remy> fair, babe.
* Gwen chants, a blueish aura surrounds her. She smiles and whispers "Icepick!" Shards of ice pummel Kulgar!
* Kulgar takes 34 Damage! *
* Kulgar laughs. * "Oooh, think you're all fancy with the Magic, eh?"
<Gwen> I'd like to think so. ^_-
* Kulgar's attack... *
* Phoebe starts chanting.
* Remy narrows his eyes.
* Kulgar races towards Remy, taking his bo. * I'd better take this, before you hurt yourself with it.
<Remy> Wha..
<Kulgar> I'd much rather do it for you!
<Remy> You son of a bitch!
<Gwen> Rem!
<Gwen> Look out!
* Kulgar attacks Remy! *
* Remy erks and attempts to dodge!
<Kulgar> > Remy takes 28 Damage!
<Remy> Agh.
* Kulgar attacks again! *
<Kulgar> > Critical! Remy takes 40 Damage!
* Remy winces..
* Kulgar tosses the Bo away. * "HAHAHAHAAHA!"
<Remy> ....t'is just a flesh wound....
<Gwen> Ha ha ha this you asshole! :P Someone kill him please?
* Gwen supports Remy.
<Kulgar> >Remy's attack!
* Remy growls softly..
* Remy grins wryly and lifts his right hand up, his pointer finger pointed at Kulgar. With a throaty growl, he speaks...
<Remy> Blaze!!
* Remy smiles a bit as fire swirls from his pointer finger and slams into Kulgar angrily!
<Kulgar> >Remy casts Blaze on Kulgar!
* Kulgar takes 26 Damage! *
<Adek> Something tells me this calls for something unorthodox..
<Gwen> Like showing him how to use a toliet?
<Kulgar> >Arcus' attack!
* Arcus holds out her hand to Zeth, "Zeth! To me!"
* Zeth is transformed into a streak of green, blue, and silver light, and buries himself into Arcus' chest!
* Arcus is transformed! He grows large luminous wings, and his features become more serpentine. His clothing changes as well, and takes on more of an Aztec look, with scale mail and feathers adorning his armor!
* Zarthus flies high into the air, like an avenging bird of prey
<Adek> Well.. I hope we can make that unnessecary.
<Kulgar> > Arcus merges with Zeth...
* Remy groans and leans on Gwen..
<Gwen> It's okay Remy...I gotcha...
<Remy> this
* Zarthus spirals up and around the group, hising furiously at Kulgar
<Kulgar> And you... you look like a truly formidable opponent. Unfortunately looks can be decieveing...
<Kulgar> >Adek's attack!
* Adek smiles. "Oh really?"
* Adek rushes forward, leaps up, and comes crashing down towards Kulgar, swinging his halberd with all his strength!
<Kulgar> > Adek uses Power Strike!!
* Kulgar claps his hands over the Blade, stopping the attack dead! *
* Kulgar grins... *
* Kulgar rips the sword from Adek's grasp! *
<Adek> ..I think I need to rethink that attack. What the hell are that guy's hands made of, anyway?
<Kulgar> Now THIS is how it's done!
* Kulgar attacks! *
<Gwen> ...
* Pottle watches, almost transfixed.
<Jade> We're getting our asses kicked.
* Remy idly shifts his balance to move a bit in front of Gwen...
* Gwen pushes Remy back.
<Gwen> Don't be a hero, Rem.
<Remy> I ain't tryin' to got pointy shoulders..
<Gwen> Ah..
* Gwen erhems.
* Remy grins a little and shakes his head.
* Kulgar uses Wide Slash! * Jade takes 109 Damage! Gwen takes 87 Damage! Remy takes 92 Damage! Adek takes 79 Damage!
<Kulgar> >Jade is Slain!
<Kulgar> >Gwen is Slain!
* Remy blinks and crumples to the ground.
<Kulgar> > Remy is Slain!
* Gwen screams in surprise and falls to the ground.
<Adek> Ow! You son of a bitch!
<Phoebe> O_o Oh no!!
* Kulgar throws away the sword! *
<Naya> oh no... *frowns*
* Kulgar laughs loudly! * "This is fun!"
* Jade flops onto the ground.
<Zarthus> Hssssss.......rrrrrrrraghs!
<Phoebe> You disgusting little...
<Kulgar> > Naya's attack!
* Naya growls and glares at Kulgar whispering..
<Kulgar> > Naya casts Projection! 31 Damage!
<Kulgar> You mages think you know it all, don't you?
<Kulgar> I'll show you real power!
* Phoebe humphs.
<Phoebe> I'd like you to shut up!
* Kulgar winds up and punches Naya in the face! * 54 Damage!
<Zarthus> Hhhhgrgh......
<Kulgar> Ooh! You want some too, eh?
<Phoebe> Not really ^^;
* Kulgar winds up and punches Phoebe in the face! * 78 Damage!
* Naya falls to the ground
* Phoebe falls
<Pottle> P--Phoebe!
* Pottle leans down and tries his best to stop the blood flow coming from her face.
<Kulgar> >Arcus' attack!
<Zarthus> I yet stand....and so.....I will not yield to you!
* Zarthus rises into the air, before diving at Kulgar like a hawk, his jaws open and dripping with venom!
<Kulgar> >Zarthus uses PoisonFang! Kulgar has a hearty consitiution and resists!
* Zarthus swoops up and away from Kulgar
* Kulgar grabs Zarthus during the dive. *
<Zarthus> Yragh!
<Kulgar> Too slow!
* Kulgar rips the wings from his back! Critical! 119 Damage!
* Zarthus lets out an inhuman shriek, and falls limply to the ground. Zeth and Arcus separate and lie comatose next to one another.
<Kulgar> >Zarthus is slain.
<Kulgar> >Adek's attack!
<Kulgar> I admire you! You are the last one standing.
* Adek flings a fist at Kulgar, a lightning bolt leaping from his hand and rushing towards him. "You're damned good.. I'll give you that.."
<Adek> why've you allied yourself with those butchers?
<Kulgar> >Adek casts Shock! Kulgar takes 45 Damage!
<Kulgar> I am the best! And I'm doing it for the money, not to mention to pass the time.
* Phoebe mumbles. "Unbeatable...foes...too...annoying...they...suck...gaah..."
<Adek> It's a horrible shame.. you could have been such an asset in the fight against them..
<Kulgar> I'll admit, you and your friends have been mildly amusing. But I suppose the fun can only last so long.
<Kulgar> Good night!
* Adek looks and his fallen comrades, and salutes grimly. "But I guess this goodnight, eh?"
<Pottle> No!
* Kulgar roundhouse kicks Adek to the side of the head! 51 Damage! *
* Pottle winces. O_o;
<Kulgar> >Adek is Slain.


* Kulgar grins. * "Well, Pottle?"
* Gwen growls.
<Kulgar> Coming? Or do I have to beat them into a bloody pulp?
* Pottle's eyes widen. "No!"
<Pottle> I--I...
<Pottle> You wouldn't...
* Remy is.... uh.... dead.
<Kulgar> I would.
<Pottle> Bastard...
<Kulgar> Unless you can somehow find a way to save them...
<Kulgar> Like self-sacrifice. You could surrender. It IS honorable.
<Pottle> You'd kill the your own bounty? Idiot.
<Kulgar> Kill you? Oh no... not you, just your friends.
* Pottle sighs, and holds his hands out in surrender. "Fine. Just don't hurt them."
* Pottle glowers. "Any more than you already have..."
* Kulgar nods and pulls out a flask and coats a portion of his cloak in the fluid, and then smothers Pottle with it, robbing him of his concious.. *
* Kulgar hoists the Elf over his shoulders. *
* Odessa suddenly appears o_o
<Odessa> O_o...good work....
* Kulgar grins his manliest grin. * "I told you, I AM the best."
<Odessa> ^_- Of course...and now that we took care of Katarina...our problems are over.
<Odessa> She'll love the gift we gave her. Come! We need to take him back to the base. Jeal wants to meet with him personally.
* Kulgar nods, and begins trekking off... *
<Gwen> >> Meanwhile... ^_-
<Gwen> >> Ana grows a little worried that her friends haven't shown up.
* Ana paces around
* The Chancellor looks at Ana. "A problem, your Majesty?"
<Ana> Yes, my friends.... I would've at least thought that they would consider helping us....
<Ana> But they haven't showed up yet....
<Chancellor> Would you like to organize a search party for them?
* Ana turns to the Chancellor and nods "Yes, and send Valhart along with them, in case they run into any trouble"
<Chancellor> Consider it down, Pri...I mean my Queen
<Chancellor> Would you like to accompany him?
* Ana clutches her head "No... not now, I need time to think..."
<Chancellor> Of course.
<Gwen> >> Meanwhile, you all are so beaten up you cannot even move! :) Sucks to be you, doesn't it?
* Gwen moans.
<Remy> .....
* Jade breathes heavily through her cracked and bleeding lips
<Remy> *moans*....I am so beaten up, I cannot move...
<Gwen> >> Over here, Valhert!
<Arcus> *moan*
* Phoebe sobs, half out of it.
* Remy lies there, blood coming from a cut on his forehead..
* Zeth lies limpy across Arcus' arm
* Naya mumbles about asprin
<Solider> They are over there, sir.
<Valhart> Or so it would seem. They look to be not in the best of condition..
<Valhart> I suggest we take them to the castle.
* Zeth sees the approaching riders and slithers under Arcus' tunic
<Solider> Is that all of them, Sir? The Queen told me there were 8 or 9...
<Valhart> One is missing. But we can't worry about that now. I think it's safe to say that whatever got the best of them, got one of them in particular..
<Solider> Danek Mercenaries?
<Solider> Very well.
<Valhart> Perhaps. God forbid..
<Gwen> >> The Soldiers pick you all up and cart you off to castle Kerzalt.
<Gwen> >> Who knows how much time has all slowly awaken in a small room...
<Healer> They are waking up, your Highness. ^_-
* Arcus groans slightly
* Ana nods
<Remy> ......nnh.....
<Remy> ....?
* Gwen mumbles something under her breath about the GM not making up any more unbeatable foes.
<Ana> Have their wounds fully recovered?
<Remy> ...what....where...??
<Arcus> ...tell the guy with the jackhammer to lay off......
<Healer> For the most part.
* Remy sits up slowly..
* Naya blinks and holds her head
* Remy winces...
* Adek slowly pulls his eyes open. "Agh.."
* Gwen opens her eyes.
<Gwen> Ow.
<Remy> Who...? Where are we...?
* Phoebe mumbles, putting a hand on her face.
<Ana> You guys are safe
<Gwen> Ana!
<Adek> We.. absolutely have.. to stop.. underestimating..
<Naya> what did i do to get this headache
<Remy>'s the cross dressing queen lady..
* Arcus tries to sit up, regrets it, and lies back down
* Jade turns over slowly, burying her head in her pillow.
<Ana> Its been 4 days since we brought you here, you guys certainly took your time healing
<Gwen> Ugh...
* Remy grimaces and rubs the healing cut on his forehead..
* Phoebe sits up wincing. "Po--Pottle! Where is he?!"
<Remy> 4 days? God damn.
<Remy> Huh? Pottle? Oh shit.
<Ana> Valhart said they couldn't find him...
<Arcus> ...cripes.....
<Gwen> >> Pottle is not among you.
<Phoebe> Oh
* Phoebe starts crying. "I was so close..."
<Ana> I'm sorry....
<Remy> ....I sense a rescue mission..
<Arcus> ....
* Gwen baps Remy.
* Ana lowers her head "Damn Danek, damn them all"
<Remy> Augh...ow....
* Arcus looks at Ana, but says nothing
* Ana slowly walks off...
<Gwen> I would suggest rescuing him though. No doubt they'll be much more firm with him this time for running away..
<Arcus> Yeah...damn those Daneks... ^_-
<Gwen> Ana wait!
<Adek> Damn them? That's.. far too.. kind..
<Remy> Kay. Rescuing. Right. Damn. 4 days? Woogh.
<Gwen> But I also think that Kerzalt could be attacked soon...
<Arcus> * A small lump moves slowly underneath Arcus' pillow
<Gwen> It's not unlike the empire to kill off a leader, then take it over...
<Gwen> I'm not sure Ana could handle it...
<Ana> *To herself* How can I be ruler of this country? I can't even help the people of my own kingdom.... I should've been there when dad was assainated.... no I had to be stubborn and run away....
<Remy> whadda we do..?
<Ana> It's my fault...
<Gwen> It's up to you.
<Arcus> * A small streak of blue, green and silver dashes out from under the pillow and into Arcus' tunic
<Gwen> Getting to Penan will be tricky..
<Arcus> Erk! o_O
<Remy> Hm..
<Gwen> But we don't know how much time we've got, either way.
<Remy> Splitting into teams isn't an option, I guess...
<Gwen> Not with people like Kulgar around.
* Remy nods..
* Ana lowers her head tears streaming down her face
<Jade> Not like it'd matter if we stayed together, if Kulgar were to approach us again.
<Gwen> We could track down Potty and use him to fly to Penan..
* Remy taps his chin, thinking.
<Naya> What happened to Potty?
<Gwen> He ran off.
<Gwen> I guess. We'll meet up with him again. He's too big to miss.
* Remy sighs. "Damnit. This sucks."
* Arcus manages to inch up into a seated postion
<Gwen> We need to decide soon.
<Gwen> The army could take care of things here...while we go to Penan..
<Gwen> Destroying their base could be a major blow..
<Remy> Hmm....true....yeah...
* Arcus thinks
* Ana turns around tears on her face "I won't give into Danek! I will not! I'm going to Penan even if I'm alone and I'm going to kill every last one of them!"
<Gwen> O_o Ana?
* Gwen can hear her shouting.
* Ana smiles "So, you guys wanna come?"
<Gwen> ... O_o
<Arcus> Well, there's a testimonial you can't buy ^_-
<Healer> Ana! O_o
<Remy> Woah.
<Healer> Er.... Highness! You can't! You can't go!
* Ana turns to the healer "Wanna bet?"
<Healer> O_o But...but but but but but...
<Ana> No buts I'm going
<Jade> Shut your goddamn trap, she's GOING.
* Remy idly leans on the wall, uneasy on his legs...
<Healer> O_o At least talk to the chancellor about this!
<Arcus> As diplomatic as a ten-day starved jackal ^_-
<Ana> First thing tomorrow, I want everything prepared for me and my friends. Understand?
<Healer> Aahahaa--- O_o
<Remy> Woo..
<Ana> Well?
* Healer runs off, probably to blab this to everyone in the castle o_o
* Arcus laughs!
<Gwen> Let her be. You're coming with us?
<Jade> *sigh*
* Adek sighs. "This might be a bad idea, Ana."
* Valhart walks in. * "I don't know if I could advocate your departure either, you are now the head of the state. You have many more repsonsibilities, Your Highness."
<Phoebe> She knows what she's doing...
<Ana> Screw the responiblities Valhart, I have to do this! If I don't other kingdoms will suffer, like my did!
<Phoebe> Someone she cared about was taken away...
* Arcus leans against the headboard and listens to all this
<Phoebe> She has a right to protect others..
* Remy crosses his arms..
<Valhart> The true suffering of Kerzalt has yet to start. Your Highness.
<Valhart> The realm needs a leader. You are it.
* Gwen leans back.
<Valhart> I cannot allow you to march headlong into the clutches of the enemy!
* Remy idly sits on Gwen's bed, legs tired. -_-
* Gwen lets Remy lean on her and strokes his hair.
<Ana> Valhart, until I return, I will leave all military duties to you, any dipomatic duties will be left to the Chancellor.
<Ana> Valhart, I'm the Queen now right?
* Remy smiles and wraps his arms around Gwen.
<lt;Ana> And my word is law right?
<Valhart> In truth, no. You have yet to be coronated. You are still technically the Princess.
* Gwen grumbles. "Just let her go..."
<Ana> We'll have the coronation cermony then tonight!
<Remy> Yeah. She's a woman, let her do what she wants..
<Arcus> ^_-
<Ana> Then I'll be Queen, and then I'll go to Penan
<Phoebe> Can't you see how much she cares for her country? Sometimes you must take risks..
* Valhart eyebrows raise. * "Tonight? I'm afraid it would take a bit longer to make the appropriate arrangements then a few scant hours, at best." * Ana frowns "How long?"
<Valhart> Having to notify the church and gain their consent, to give invitiation times to the Nobles of Rank, you'd probably be looking at about two weeks, Princess.
<Ana> Two weeks?!
<Phoebe> !!!
<Arcus> Ha!
* Remy smiles a bit, loving the way Gwen strokes his hair. "Uhm.....2 weeks? Jeezus."
<Ana> But, my people Valhart! They need help, and I'm a member of the royal family, my duties are to protect my people!
<Ana> And, to protect them I need to go to Penan!
<Phoebe> Pottle won't last that long...he needs me...
<Valhart> All truth be told, your Highness, I think you'd be happier to just go. But you're right, they are your people. How will it look for them to see you abandon the throne in favor of some haphazard adventure?
* Ana sighs
<Gwen> It's not a picnic, Valhart. :P
<Ana> I-I-I...
<Ana> I don't know....
<Adek> Haphazard? Ha.. we don't just get our asses kicked randomly, you know..
<Arcus> Why doesn't the Queen-to-be leave the detail to her obviously capable man-at-arms? ^_-
<Valhart> If you are going, Princess. Then I will not stand by and watch you throw your life away.
<Valhart> I will go with you.
<Remy> Yeah.
<Ana> Valhart?! You're coming with me? But what about another Thank you Valhart.
* Ana gives Valhart a quick kiss on the cheek
* Arcus chuckles ^_-
<Gwen> How cute.
<Naya> Aww..
* Remy grows distracted by Gwen stroking his hair.. :p
<Gwen> >> The party, their goal now crystal clear, begins their preperations for the desert country of Penan...


Session Close: Fri Aug 14 22:11:31 1998