Intro Session #1- Bounty

Gwen, Phoebe, ~Pottle ~Alen, and Random NPCS: GMLucca
Sunny: Cecil
Pottle: Talon
Alexis: Bahamut
Alen: Pippa
Remy: Marrow

Session Start: Tue Sep 02 17:09:53 1997

<Gwen> >>It's early morning in Cannisk...
<Gwen> >>Most of the shops and stores aren't open yet..but they will be shortly. People are just beginning to mill the streets, ready for a new day.
<Gwen> >>Some people are haning about the pub, waiting for it to open, while others are busy trying to find the bounty hunter's guild. Bandits have been reported around the area...and a cool cash reward is offered for their capture...
* Alexis mutters. "Damn city..."
<Gwen> >>Along the street, a pretty young woman walks along with a map in hand. She wears a brown trenchcoat..
<Gwen> Where the hell is it?
* Pottle is up nice and early, about to try another attempt at his big mission.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Pottle, when is it supposed to open?
* Sunny sits at the steps of the pub.
* Alen looks dreamily at the pub and pat-pats his tummy.
* Gwen growls and looks at it again. "Dammit. I hate this town!"
<Pottle> Supposed to open in a few minutes...
<Alen> Ooh... breakfast...
<Gwen> Phoebe: That's good. I'm starved!
* Pottle 's stomach is grumbling.
* Alexis looks around, at various signs hanging over the street. "Hmmm..."
* Gwen arghs "Dammit! It's 1st street, not 11th street! Argh!"
* Sunny is semi-raggedy after traveling for so long and having no real rest.
* Gwen takes a sharp left turn and walks up the street.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Hungry Pottle? You're stomach's growling! *Giggle*
<Gwen> 11th street..that's near the pub...and the mayor's house...
* Pottle chuckles..."Yeah, more like starved..."
* Alexis cocks an ear, overhearing the snippet of info, cutting into an alley in hopes that the Guild is there...
<Alen> These people are so strange... pubs should be made to be open all day...
* Sunny takes a second look at the help wanted poster.
* Remy walks briskly along, running a hand through his hair and looking grumpy. "Where is it......"
* Sunny turns to the man waiting to get into the Pub, "Do you know when it opens?"
<Gwen> Phoebe overhears Alen "Well, it's only 8 in the morning!"
* Pottle looks over at Alen..."Yeah, don't I know it."
<Alen> Hungry.... and thirsty... and hungry... and thirsty...
* Alen turns around.
<Pottle> Phoebe, haven't you ever heard the saying "Open 24 hours"? Why don't they?! :P
<Alen> So what? I usually get up at six :P
* Gwen finally finds the guild! "Yes Yes!.....WHAT?! What do yo MEAN it's not open! Dammit!"
* Alexis reaches 1st Street, and gazes all the way down the street, both directions, in hopes of finding the guild...
<Gwen> Phoebe: I have no idea. Maybe this pub is family owned.
* Sunny sighs again and sits on the side next to the door.
* Alexis notes the sign and quietly remarks. "Ah... excellent..."
<Alen> But I'm HUNGRY!
<Gwen> >>A man turns to Alexis "Wrong street sister! Try 11th."
<Pottle> I guess...but there're hungry people here :P
* Remy stops, trying to get his bearings. He curses darkly. "I have no bloody clue where to go! Damn cities!"
<Alexis> Eleventh?
<Gwen> Phoebe smiles. Well, we'll get in soon.
<Pottle> Myself included! :P
<Gwen> Man: Yup!
<Sunny> Well, I'm not hungry, I'm waiting to get in to get a job.
<Gwen> >>A man opens the door to the pub. "Okay, we're open."
<Sunny> Phew.
<Alen> But I wanna get in NOW! I'm hungry NOW and it's been NOW for too long!!
* Sunny stands.
<Pottle> Yay!
<Gwen> Phoebe smiles and hugs Pottle close.
* Alen jumps up.
* Sunny goes over to the man.
* Alexis stalks off, muttering. "Damn cities..."
* Pottle hugs Phoebe back and walks in holding her hand.
<Sunny> Mr. Pub Owner, I was wondering if you needed another Pub Watriess, or something?
* Gwen waits, tapping her foot against the stone steps.
* Alen runs into the pub chanting something about breakfast.
<Gwen> Pub Owner: Well, yes. We are looking for one. Any past experience? You DO Have a resume? Right?
* Alexis soon finds herself in front of the guild... "Hmmm..."
* Remy eyes the pub and the several people milling around the front. "Mmm. Wonder if they play Poker in there...."
* Gwen doesn't really seem to pay attention to Alexis.
<Sunny> But I know how to serve and cook.
<Sunny> And I could do a good job.
* Sunny looks up with sweet innocent eyes.
<Gwen> Pub Owner: I'm sorry miss, but I need a resume....
* Alexis leans up against a wall and waits...
<Sunny> Co'mon, please. I really need the work.
<Gwen> >>A Waitress walks up to Alen. "Yer order?"
<Alen> Oh!
<Alen> Breakfast! :D
<Alen> A nice glass of water...
<Alen> And...
<Alen> Do you have hamburgers?
<Gwen> Pub Owner: Well...okay. Here. I want you to show me how you do it. See that couple? *Points to Phoebe and Pottle* Serve them and we'll see.
<Sunny> Allrighty :)
<Pottle> *overhears Alen's order*"...that's breakfast for ya?"
* Sunny stands and brushes herself a little.
<Gwen> Waitress: What KIND of breakfast?
<Gwen> Waitress: We've got LOTS of grits.
* Sunny grabs a pad and pen and heads over to Phoebe's and Pottle's table.
* Gwen finally notices Alexis. "Let me guess, here, for the bounty, right?"
<Sunny> Can I take your order?
<Alen> Grits..?
* Remy yawns and lights a cigarette lazily. He turns down a street and notices two people waiting outside a building. "Hmmn....maybe this be the place...."
<Pottle> Phoebe, you go first.
<Alen> Oh no, by breakfast I meant the water and the hamburger :P
<Gwen> Phoebe: I'd like, with lots of syrup on top! And a glass of orange juice please."
<Sunny> Allrighy then, and for you Sir?
<Alen> The hamburgers, really...
* Sunny marks it.
<Gwen> Waitress: Hamburger...ookay. Charlie! One red cow to table 5!
* Alen overhears Phoebe.
<Alen> Oh yes! And pancakes!
<Alen> Lots of them!
* Remy saunters up alongside of Gwen and Alexis. He crosses his arms. "Is this where the guild is?"
<Gwen> Waitress: And 1 flapjack!
<Gwen> Yup.
<Pottle> I'll have 2 eggs, an order of french toast, some bacon...and a glass of orange juice.
* Sunny marks it.
<Sunny> Anything else?
* Alexis looks up at Remy. "I figure as much."
<Alen> A red cow?
<Gwen> Listen, I really hate to break this to you all...but I need that bounty. Badly.
<Alen> Where?
<Alexis> You're not the only one.
<Gwen> Phoebe smiles.
* Remy smirks. "What would a pretty lady like you need that bounty for, eh?"
<Sunny> Allrighty then.
* Sunny goes over to Mr. Pub Owner.
* Gwen looks nonplussed. "Well, frankly, I need it to pay for my meals."
<Sunny> So am I ok? Can I start and go process this order?
<Remy> Ah....then don't be too upset when I get da bounty then.....
<Gwen> Pub Owner: Wait for the order and serve it to them.
<Sunny> Ok.
* Sunny gives the order to Charlie!
* Sunny gets the food right away and wonders over to the Table.
<Gwen> Pub Owner: Okay, now, when I give you their food, I want you to take it over to them.
* Remy pulls at one of the gloves covering his hand absentmindedly and glances up the street. "Hmmn..."
<Gwen> >>Suddenly.....
* Pottle tap-taps Alen. "Ten gold says we get grits. ;)"
<Sunny> Ok Sir, Here's your food.
* Sunny hands Pottle everything he asked for.
<Gwen> >>Sunny trips and Phoebe's orange juice spills all over Pottle!
<Sunny> Whoa!
<Gwen> Phoebe: Ack! Pottle!
<Alen> Grits?
<Sunny> Ack...
* Sunny stands.
<Alen> But! I ordered hamburgers and pancakes!
<Sunny> I'm sooo sorry...
<Sunny> Ah. Aha..
* Sunny panics.
<Pottle> It's's alright...
<Gwen> >>The waitress gives Alen his order. "Tough squirt. All we have is grits."
<Sunny> Let... me fix that up for you.
<Gwen> Pub owner groans.
<Pottle> Just give me a couple napkins...
<Alen> NOO!
<Sunny> Yes... Yes...
<Alen> No hamburgers? No pancakes?
* Sunny quickly retrives some napkins and gets them back to the couple.
<Gwen> >>The Pub Owner looks mad.
* Pottle taps Alen again..."You owe me 10 gold."
<Pottle> Thank you, miss.
<Gwen> Waitress: No hamburgers, and we used the last of the batter for that girl. *Points to Phoebe*
* Sunny shameflully walks up to Pub owner.
* Pottle begins wiping the juice off him.
<Sunny> I'm sorry, I've just..
* Alen takes out 10 coins and gives them innocently to Pottle.
<Gwen> Pub Owner: I'm sorry miss. You're coot, but you're just not who I'm looking for.
<Alen> ...
* Pottle grabs and pockets them.
* Sunny sniffles.
<Alen> Give me the grits then...
<Sunny> Sob...ok...
<Gwen> Phoebe smiles. "At least you smell good."
<Pottle> Thanks a lot...I didn't before?
* Sunny goes over to a table in the back corner and sobs.
<Gwen> Waitress gives Alen the grits. "Here ya go, you're majesty!"
* Alexis leans back against the wall again, blowing her bangs out of the way of her eyes and goes on waiting.
<Gwen> >>The door to the Bounty hunter guild opens. "Come in."
<Alen> A majesty? Where?
* Gwen phews.
<Gwen> Waitress: Cute kid, reeeeeall cute. *Walks off*
* Alexis wanders in, looking around.
* Pottle calls the owner over to him.
* Alen looks desolately at the grits and starts eating
* Remy grins..
<Gwen> Pub Owner: yes?
<Gwen> Bounty Leader: Okay, you came to stop the Blood Eagle bandit gang, I assume?
* Sunny wipes her trears off.
* Gwen nods.
<Remy> Yes..
<Pottle> Sir, your waitress didn't do anything wrong...she um...tripped over my foot. I had it outside the table by accident.
<Alexis> How much for the job?
<Gwen> Bounty Leader: They're a dangerous lot. Until they commit another crime...we can't track them easily. They always seem to change their base.
* Remy nods. "Dangerous is my favorite quality....."
<Gwen> Pub Owner: Hmm...well...she' training..I'm afraid.
* Gwen rolls her eyes at Remy.
<Pottle> Don't let that ruin was completely my fault.
<Gwen> Bounty Leader: But...if you capture or kill all of these guys...the reward is...
* Sunny sighs again.
<Gwen> Pub Owner: Sorry sir. I just don't tolerate things like that in my bar. I'm sorry. *walks off*
<Sunny> Guess I'll go wonder the town for something else....
<Gwen> Phoebe: Too bad...maybe we should buy her breakfast..
* Pottle flings a gold coin at the owner's head when he isn't looking.
<Gwen> Bounty Leader: 10000 GP.
<Sunny> Maybe I can get a job as a mine helper or something...
* Remy tugs again at his glove and shifts his weight. "Oooooh yes...."
* Alexis walks out of the guild, not looking back. "Great. I'll be back soon to collect my bounty."
* Gwen wows. "Oh yeah.."
* Alexis steps out into the street... *
* Remy bows to the Bounty Leader. "Fear not! Just have it ready for me when I return, eh?"
* Gwen nods. "That bounty's mine....meanwhile...I'll go get something to eat..harrass the locals."
* Pottle pulls out the other 9 GP he received..."Yeah...I think we have enough, Phoebe."
* Alen finishes his grits solemnly.
<Gwen> Phoebe: That's great!
* Remy trots out of the guild and heads towards the pub for some poker....
* Gwen walks into the bar and takes a seat.
* Pottle calls the waitress-lady over...
<Gwen> Waitress: Hey! Are you here for the bounty too?
<Gwen> No, I got lost on my way to Vayguess. What do you THINK?
* Remy takes a seat at a table and smiles charmingly at some of the ladies in the room.
<Gwen> Waitres: Ooh! You got a mouth on ya! Ever thought about being a waitress?
<Gwen> No.
<Gwen> Waitress: Suit yourself then! What ya want?
* Alexis reaches the edge of town, wondering where to start...
<Gwen> I'd like some tea, some toast, and some eggs, scrambled softly and DON'T BURN THEM.
* Remy hauls out a stack of cards and begins flipping them expertly.
<Gwen> Waitress walks off to Remy. "Can I help ya sir?"
* Sunny notices the man summoning her so she goes over to Pottle.
<Sunny> I'm really, sorry. But dont worry...
<Pottle> No, no...I'm the one who should be sorry...
<Gwen> Phoebe: We know it's not your fault.
<Remy> Ah, yes, mon chere.....would such a beauty as yerself get me a beer?
<Sunny> I dont work he...Ah, then your ok?
* Remy flashes a charming smile at the waitress.
<Pottle> I just cost you your shot at a job...
<Gwen> Waitress: you've got a mouth on ya? Ever thought about being a waiter?
* Alen looks sadly at his empty plate and thinks how much better he would have liked hamburgers. And pancakes.
<Sunny> What do you mean, I dropped it.
<Gwen> Waitress nods and comes back with both Gwen's and Remy's order.
<Pottle> Don't worry about...mistakes happen.
<Sunny> Really? Thanks :)
<Pottle> Let me buy you breakfast.
<Sunny> Really?
* Remy drinks his beer and thinks about the bounty, while flipping the cards...
* Alen calls out the waitress.
<Sunny> I mean, thats expensive.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Sure!
<Pottle> Yeah. Really.
* Alexis ruthlessly searches high and low for a lead to the bandits...
<Sunny> Well.. ok :)
* Pottle smiles.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Don't worry about it, RIGHT POTTLE *Nudges him*
* Sunny hops down in their table.
<Sunny> Thanks thanks thanks.
* Sunny stops sobing.
<Pottle> Right. *nudges back to be an ass*
<Gwen> Phoebe: Ow!
<Sunny> Boy, I'm hungry! I havent had a decent mean in months.
* Pottle decides to treat the waitress like crap cuz they fired the new applicant...
* Sunny looks dosent look to good cause she hasn't rested in so long and has just been wandering :P
* Pottle grins evilly.
* Sunny picks up her fork and spoon.
<Sunny> Food Food!
<Alen> Uh.. lady... waitress... person... please?
* Pottle continues eating his meal.
<Gwen> Waitress: Yeah?
<Sunny> Food! Lots!
<Alen> You forgot my glass of water :P
* Gwen snickers at Sunny and sips her tea, looking about for a lead.
<Sunny> Everything!
<Sunny> Now!
<Pottle> Sunny...I ain't got THAT kinda money... :P
<Gwen> Waitress: Get this girl some grits!
* Alexis wanders to the bar, in hopes of hearing some interesting snippets of information...
<Pottle> Girl...I ain't got THAT kinda money... :P
<Sunny> Oh yea, I forgot. My hunger and all :(
<Sunny> Ok make it something big and cheap!
* Gwen strolls up to the pub owner. "Sir, do you know anything about the bandits around here?"
* Remy finishes his beer and saunters over to Pottle's table. "Would any of you care for a round of poker?...."
<Sunny> Whats Poker?
* Alen gets up and prods a waitress.
<Gwen> Phoebe: *pales* Not strip poker! O_o
<Pottle> Poker...hehe...let me check yer deck!
<Gwen> Waitress: YES?
<Remy> Poker, beautiful woman, is a betting game....
<Gwen> Phoebe: POTTLE!?
* Remy hands the deck to Pottle.
<Alen> Could you serve me a glass of water?
<Sunny> Betting? Oh.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Don't you dare!
<Alen> Please?
<Remy> I assure you! No tricks!
<Sunny> Betting Food?
* Pottle scans through the entire deck, and sees no markings...
<Gwen> Waitress: Okay. *Plops a glass of water down. It's dirty* Here ya go, and DON'T COMPLAIN!
* Sunny awaits her food!
* Pottle goes to check Remy's ankles, sleeves, etc. for extra cards...
* Remy smiles warmly at Sunny and takes her hand. He kisses it. "And, I am enchanted to meet you chere.....your name?..."
<Alen> But... it's... dirty...
<Gwen> Waitress gives Sunny her food with a scowl.
<Alen> It looks like swamp water...
<Sunny> Oh well heh, its Sunny :)
<Gwen> Phoebe looks sorta disgusted. "Oh brother."
* Sunny is 14 btw :)
<Pottle>'re clean.
* Gwen talks to the pub owner, not getting any information.
* Sunny smiles.
<Gwen> Dammit. I'll never get my bounty this way...
<Remy> Ready to play then, monsieur?
* Alexis seats herself at the bar. "Barkeep, a shot of your best Scotch please."
<Pottle> Sure...
* Alen sighs and walks away and notices the people playing cards.
<Sunny> You seem strong there, Mister Remy.
* Remy shuffles the cards blindingly fast and deals the hands.
<Gwen> Pub Owner: Gotcha! *Gives her the scotch*
* Sunny wonders where her food is.
* Pottle whispers to Phoebe..."Don't worry...what he doesn't know is that I'm not stupid at this game..."
* Sunny gobbles like a pig :P
* Alexis slams it back. "Aaaaaahhh... That'll wake you up in the morning. Another?"
<Remy> Ah, yes, chere.....and you must be a daughter of a god...for only a goddess could attain such beauty as yours....
* Pottle picks up his hand and keeps his face straight.
* Sunny relizes she is around people and then begins to eat properly.
<Gwen> Pub Owner: Dear, don't you think you've had enough.
* Remy nods. "Ante up.."
* Gwen walks up "Hey, give the girl her scotch...and give me one too."
* Alen prods Pottle.
* Sunny is still really dirty. "Really.. Thanks "
* Sunny eats more.
* Pottle drops in a GP for ante.
<Alexis> One?  Enough?  Hardly.  Besides, why turn down the business.
* Pottle looks back..."Yes?"
* Sunny talks with her mouth full. "This is good."
<Alen> Can I play? I have lots of experience in card games :D
* Remy drops in one too and then bets 25 GP....
<Pottle> Knock yerself out...I can use the extra money.
<Gwen> Pub owner nods and gives the girls their drinks "Well, I hate to see my customers dead drunk on the floor at 8 in the morning."
* Gwen turns to Alexis. "I saw you in the Bounty Guild.."
* Alexis tosses the shot back. "I know. I saw you too..."
<Remy> Raise? Call?...hmm??....what does the fine monsieur bet?.....
<Gwen> What's your name, stranger?
* Pottle drops in the GP, and drops a card..."Gimme one."
<Gwen> Phoebe: C'mon Pottle. I think he cheats! Let's go...
* Remy gives Pottle one.... :P
<Alexis> Call me Alex.  An' you?
<Remy> I assure you, chere....I never cheat....
* Sunny looks at Pottle's cards.
* Pottle picks up the card.
<Gwen> Me? Ah. Gwen. Gwen Motanile. Pleasure really. *Shakes her hand in a curt fashion*
* Remy grins. "Your cards?"
<Sunny> Is this a good hand?
<Sunny> Those four four's?
* Pottle sets them down...."Four kings....and an Ace kicker."
<Sunny> :P
* Remy sets down 5 Aces. "Ah, too bad!"
* Remy pockets the GP.
<Sunny> Oooh, who wins?
<Pottle> 5 aces? In a 4 ace deck?!
* Sunny smiles at Remy. "I guess he did."
* Pottle draws his sword!
* Remy blinks and steps back..
* Sunny stares on.
* Alen looks at Pottle's sword.
<Sunny> You cant have 5 of those, black things?
<Remy> Theres no need to fight, kind sir.....
<Pottle> Gimme the 50 gold or you won't live to cheat another person as long as you live...
* Remy winks charmingly at Sunny.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Pottle! Don't!
* Sunny kinda frowns.
<Sunny> Dont fight..
* Remy smiles warmly at Pottle. "Ah, you threaten, eh?"
<Pottle> Cheating little...yeah, I do!
* Alexis watches the commotion with the gambler with amusement...
<Sunny> I dont like those sharp things, Mr...
<Pottle> Actually...I PROMISE.
* Gwen does as well. "Kid's a nieve idiot. I see a cheater from a mile away."
<Alexis> Yep..
* Remy smiles warmly at everyone..
* Pottle is closer to the door than Remy...
* Remy collects his cards and pockets them also..
<Gwen> Phoebe: Pottle....let's go...Please?
* Alexis points at Pottle. "Hey, you, Elf! For half that gold he stole, I'll help you kill him."
<Gwen> Ooh! You're an assasin?
<Pottle> I think I can handle it!
<Alen> Kill?
* Sunny looks at Pottle and Phoebe. "Well thanks for Breakfast..umm Mr?"
* Pottle takes attack stance. "The name's Pottle Eccles. Remember it."
<Gwen> This outta be intresting...
<Alexis> Nope. Just effective.
* Sunny steps back.
<Gwen> You looking for a fight?
<Sunny> I dont like this...
* Remy bows. "Remy Najarro......"
<Gwen> Phoebe: C'mon....let's GO, okay?
* Remy hauls out his bo staff.
<Pottle> Not without my money....
<Sunny> Yea.. like umm, what she said.
<Alexis> Nope.  I'm lookin' for finance...
<Gwen> Phoebe: There is NO need to fight!
<Sunny> What's your name Miss? *looking at Pheobe.*
<Gwen> Phoebe Xeria...
<Alexis> And if I can get it with a cakewalk task like this, that's fine with me.
<Gwen> I go with the Gambler. He's got age. The elf's nieve...
* Remy glances at Gwen and smirks.
* Remy then turns to Pottle.
* Sunny cries a little. "This is scary, I hope they dont fight."
<Gwen> Don't think I'm coming on to you, gambler...I just like to bet every once in a while.
<Alexis> I'll go with whoever'll gimme more money.
<Pottle> Just gimme the cash, and we'll avoid a problem...
* Alen prods Phoebe.
<Gwen> Phoebe: yes?
<Alen> What's going on?
* Remy stares at Pottle for a minute and tosses him the money. "Fine. I see not a need to fight here, in front of so many pub goers..."
<Gwen> Phoebe: I don't know...I'm worried. Pottle, PLEASE? Just let him KEEP the money! It's not worth you getting hurt!
* Sunny sighs in relief.
<Remy> Lets go outside and fight instead. ;)
* Pottle grabs the coins and pockets them. "Thank you."
<Pottle> No need...I got what I want.
* Pottle goes and sits back down after he's sure the coins are real.
* Pottle sheathes his sword.
* Sunny still shivers a bit at the scene of a almost fight.
* Alexis notes the resolution of the confrontation and turns back to the bar. "One last shot, then I gotta go..."
<Alen> That was weird... Why were you going to fight?
<Gwen> >>Suddnely, you hear screams outside. A woman is screaming something like "My babies! My babies!"
<Pottle> ...cuz he took my money!
* Remy blinks.
* Sunny hears!
* Gwen gasps and nearly drops her glass.
<Pottle> ...huh?!
* Alen blinks and walks outside.
<Gwen> Holy....Lead! Lead!
<Alexis> Or maybe not...
* Gwen runs out the door in a mad dash.
* Remy walks out the door.
* Alexis wanders outside to see what gives.
<Pottle> C'mon, Phoebe!
* Remy gets run over by Gwen :P
<Gwen> Phoebe: Okay!
* Sunny checks it out.
* Gwen doesn't even notice Remy!
* Pottle grabs his things and walks from the pub.
* Remy brushes himself off and then follows Gwen to the source of the commotion.
<Gwen> >>A woman, middle aged, is screaming outside of the mayor's house. A crowd of people are gathered around her.
<Gwen> Waitress: Wait! You all gotta pay...SHIT!
<Sunny> This doesn't look good.
* Gwen pushes her way throught the gawkers.
* Sunny hangs close to Remy.
<Remy> Hmmn....
* Alen runs to see what's happening.
<Pottle> Move aside!
* Remy glances down at Sunny and then shoves random people aside.
* Pottle begins parting the people to get through.
<Gwen> Phoebe pushes her way through "Ow! Hey! Ooph! Hey!"
* Alexis dexteriously weaves her way though the croud to the center of the commotion.
<Gwen> Woman: Oh my god! My babies! They took them! My babies!!
<Remy> Who took them, chere?
<Pottle> Who did?!
<Alexis> What direction?
<Gwen> Woman: I..I don't know! They were playing outside!
<Pottle> S'those blasted bandits I bet!
<Pottle> But kids?!
<Gwen> Woman: And I came back, and they were gone! Oh, Cassie, Omari...Briggs...gone!
<Sunny> Thats so sad, and evil.
<Remy> Briggs? Poor child.
<Gwen> I think it was the bandits..l.ook at this.
* Gwen holds up a small red cloth with a strange insignia on it.
* Sunny looks at it coursily.
<Alen> They kidnapped babies...
<Pottle> I'd say so...I saw that at the guild yesterday...
<Gwen> Woman: Well, actually, the oldest is 7...but they're my babies..
* Remy smirks a little and wanders over by Gwen. "Well, which way did they go?"
<Alen> I'll help!
<Gwen> Woman: Oh! Let me introcude myself. I'm Mirin Tonka...I'm the mayor's wife...
* Gwen acks. "Mayor's wife!"
<Remy> Pleased to meet you, madamoiselle.....did you see where the Bandits went??...
<Gwen> Woman: I don't know....I don't all of you! *Points to everyone, who just happens to be together* YOU'LL save my children!
<Gwen> What?!
<Remy> Huh?
<Gwen> Hey listen lady...I work SOLO....
<Sunny> Uh. I'm just a Kid :)
<Remy> Yes, as do I.
<Alen> Yes, why not!
<Gwen> Woman is now estatic. "YOU'LL save them!"
* Alexis stays quiet, no need to state the obvious.
<Gwen> Argh! I don't even KNOW these people!
<Alen> All right :)
<Gwen> I don't WANT to know these people!
<Alen> If they were here, there must be some tracks around...
<Gwen> Woman: But please! I'll give you a reward....
* Remy pushes his hair out of his eyes and groans..
<Remy> Reward?
<Remy> What type?
<Alexis> How much?
<Sunny> Hmm?
<Alen> No, thank you, we'll do it for free!
<Gwen> Reward? *Grins* Well, I can make some sacrifices..
<Remy> No we won't!
* Gwen puts a hand over Alen's mouth. "Shut up!"
* Remy snickers.
* Alexis shoves Alen back. "Bugger off, you! I'm in this for the money!"
<Alen> But- wjmmmfmp!
* Alexis turns back to the woman. "How much?"
<Gwen> Woman: Well, I don't know...we'll give you whatever we have...we're not rich...but please...please help us!
* Remy nods.
* Gwen hmms..."Do I have to work with THEM?"
<Alexis> Well... what do you have?
<Gwen> Woman: Please? I'd give least 5000 GP.
<Sunny> Are you going Mr. Remy?
<Gwen> Okay. I'm game. We'll get those kids back for you. *Mutters* "I just wish I didn't have to do it with THEM."
<Pottle> You'd take MONEY from these people?!
<Pottle> ...
<Alexis> 5000?  Sounds good. But why do these lackwits have to follow?
<Sunny> Can I stick with you? I dont have any where else to go..
<Gwen> Woman: Thank you! I'll be waiting here! Good luck! *Everyone begins to disperse.*
<Gwen> Phoebe: Of course.
<Gwen> Um. Okay. Where do we go from here?
<Gwen> Who are you people...and how did I get myself into this?
* Remy bows to Gwen. "Remy Najarro......."
* Alexis mutters. "Free, pheah... right..."
* Sunny looks up to Pottle. "You'll let me come too right?"
* Alen gesticulates and tries to convey the impression to Gwen that he would appreciate it if she took her hand out of his mouth.
* Gwen laughs. "Sorry pal, I don't go for flattery."
<Gwen> Oh. Here kid. *Let's go of Alen's mouth*
<Alen> *whew*
* Remy snickers.
<Alen> But- why do you want money? The poor children may be suffering!
<Remy> I'd rather keep my kneecaps in working order, thank you sir.......
* Remy smirks.
<Alexis> Want money?  It's a job!  Why else?
<Alen> But... but...
<Gwen> I want to know who you people ARE?
<Sunny> I'm Sunny. I'm hoping they'll let me tag along :)
<Alen> Oh... I'm Alen.... Hi :P
<Remy> I'm Remy Najarro...
<Sunny> Cause I have no where else to go.
<Gwen> Name's Gwen, Gwen Montanile, and you just ruined my shot of getting the bounty to myself. *Grumble*
<Alexis> Alex.
<Gwen> Phoebe: I'm Phoebe.
<Gwen> And who's the elf?
<Gwen> Phoebe hugs Pottle.
<Pottle> The name's Pottle Eccles.
* Pottle extends his hand.
* Remy smirks.
* Gwen begins to laugh. "Pottle? POTTLE?"
<Gwen> What kind of name is that?!
<Pottle> An ELVEN one!
<Sunny> Pot-hole :)
* Gwen laughs harder. "None like I've ever heard!
<Alen> Pottle sounds nice :P
* Sunny giggles.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Stop that.
<Remy> This is all lovely and such, but can we get going?
* Remy looks impatiently at the others.
* Gwen stops laughing. "Okay. The best thing is to find tracks."
<Alen> Where?
<Alen> The pub?
<Gwen> Any ideas, Potty?
* Pottle ahems..."I still can't believe you're charging this poor woman..."
<Alen> Oh tracks :D
<Gwen> Hey, all's fair in love and money.
<Alen> I can do that... I think...
<Pottle> Pottle! POTTLE!!!
<Gwen> Okay Pothead.
* Remy glances down at the ground.
<Alexis> Quiet, elf...  With all of you along, it's hardly worth it now...
<Pottle> That one's fine...
* Pottle holds up a joint :P
<Gwen> The name? Okay Pothead.
<Gwen> Phoebe: POTTLE?!
<Pottle> *blink* WHAT?!
* Remy groans and chuckles. "Great...."
<Gwen> Phoebe nabs it and throws it into a bush
<Pottle> I have more... :P
<Gwen> Let's go already. We should check outside of town. They couldn't have gone far.
* Remy nods...
<Pottle> Fine...
<Gwen> Phoebe: Please don't smoke those things!
<Pottle> You ask so much of me...*sigh*
<Remy> Smokey da Bear: Only you can prevent forest fires.
* Gwen takes out a ciggie herself and lights it. "Leave the kid alone."
<Pottle> No fighting, no drinking, no smoking...
<Alen> Eww... that thing smells.
<Pottle> Gimme one of those...I'm feenin'.
* Alen covers his nose.
* Remy asks Gwen for a light :P
<Gwen> Phoebe hugs Pottle happily.
<Gwen> Get your own.
<Sunny> I dont like all this smoke..
<Pottle> *mutter*
<Remy> Okaaay then....who pissed in your cornflakes this morning?
<Gwen> >>The group heads outside of city limits..
* Pottle flips Gwen a give me two.
<Gwen> No one has.
<Gwen> Don't you people get it? MY cigs. I payed good money for these.
<Pottle> No duh...and I'm paying you for them.
* Remy looks around..."So, what now?...."
<Sunny> So, Pottle, will you protect me if we find any baddies? Cause I'm scared.
<Alen> They cheated you... they should pay you to smoke those things.
* Alen makes a disgusted face.
<Gwen> Sorry, your girlfriend doesn't like you smoking. She seems like the jealous type.
* Pottle pats his sword..."As best I can, Sunny."
<Gwen> Phoebe: Am not!
<Gwen> Are so.
* Sunny smiles.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Am not!
<Remy> Can you two can the cat fight for now?
<Sunny> I've never used a weapon so..
<Gwen> Whatever. Listen...
<Gwen> Wait!
<Gwen> STOP!
* Remy blinks.
<Gwen> Look at this..heheh. Tracks!
<Pottle> ...then why you know I smoke...*shuts up*
* Alen looks.
<Gwen> And they look fresh!
<Gwen> This might be the lead we're looking for.
<Remy> Yessss.....
<Alexis> Amazing that crowd didn't obliterate them...
<Pottle> It's been a while since I've had a good quest...
<Gwen> Thing we have time to follow these...they may not belong to the bandits..
<Gwen> Phoebe: Do we have a choice?
<Sunny> I've just been wondering, I've never been on a... Quest.
* Remy tugs on his glove once more and grins. "I say we go for it..."
* Pottle whispers to Remy..."Think you could steal me a cigarette?"
<Alen> What are the bandits like?
<Gwen> I heard that.
<Gwen> Stupid elf...Spock lover...
<Pottle> ...heard what?
<Alen> You were supposed to hear that... it's a question.
<Gwen> You will NOT steal my cigs!
* Remy chuckles..
<Pottle> Well you won't gimme any for money!
<Alen> I don't want to steal your cigs! I want to know what the bandits look like!
<Gwen> Anyway, follow the tracks..
* Remy hands Pottle one of his own cigarettes.
<Gwen> Maybe I don't want you HAVING any!
<Pottle> Thanks, Remy.
<Remy> Lets go now, eh?...every minute we wait, the farther our bounty gets.
<Gwen> >>The party follows the tracks, which lead north, near the Ice Tower...
<Alexis> What I'd like to know is when this band of bumbling idiots is gonna get it's act together!
* Sunny clings close to Pottle and Remy. "You'll both protect me :) "
* Remy blinks and looks down at Sunny.
<Pottle> ...
<Gwen> I have no idea...I didn't ASK for this.
* Remy shrugs. "Neither did I. Lets just make the best of it."
<Alen> I'll protect you too! :P
<Gwen> >>The tracks lead to a small cave.
* Pottle lights the cigarette and wonders when he became a parent.
<Sunny> You too? Cool :)
<Gwen> Phoebe smiles and hugs Sunny.
* Gwen arghs. "He stole my cigs!"
<Alen> Eww... damp and moldy... these caves never get cleaned up.
* Remy looks around the cave..
* Pottle chuckles.
<Gwen> No duh. Do you think maids live in them?
<Alen> I don't know... do they?
* Remy chuckles..
<Alen> Because if they do, they have a lot of cleaning up to do...
<Gwen> >>You hear a noise...
<Pottle> And you called ME naive, Gwen?
<Gwen> I'm being sarcasitic, you stupid idiot!
* Remy turns in the direction of the noise... "Whats that?"
<Gwen> Phoebe: SHH! Listen!
<Alen> Why are you na´ve, Pottle?
<Gwen> I hear something...
* Pottle listens..."Me too..."
<Gwen> >>Suddenly...7 slimes slither up!
<Gwen> Oh lovely! Battle!

== COMBAT!! ==

* Alexis unsheaths her weapon of choice menacingly. A short beam of light glides the length of the blade before flaring and flickering out.
<Alen> Slimy...
* Remy draws his bo and narrows his eyes......
* Pottle pulls out his sword, small...but effective, stained red in spots where cleaning couldn't get the blood out.
* Gwen whips out her spear, and gets a happy battle look. "Party time."
* Alen gets out his short bow with a clink and draws some arrows from his quiver.
<Gwen> Phoebe pulls out her staff and begins to chant...
* Pottle chuckles as he looks over at Remy..."Looks like we're gonna get along fine after all!"
<Gwen> Kid...haven't you ever heard of WATER for that sword?
* Remy twirls around his bo at high speed and his eyes seem to glow in their deep crimson color......
<Pottle> Man, I cleaned it!
<Gwen> Not that well.
<Alen> Water is for drinking... why would a sword drink water?
<Pottle> It don't come out!
<Alexis> Buy a new one.
<Gwen> Argh! Are you that dumb kid...
* Gwen averts her attention to the monsters..
<Gwen> Phoebe: Don't worry Sunny...we'll protect you!
<Alen> What a fuddy duddy...
<Pottle> *smirk*
* Gwen ignores Alen, the ditz =)
* Sunny gets scared. "Uhaa"
<Gwen> Phoebe: Don't be afraid Sunny! Attack!
<Gwen> Phoebe: Pottle, I'll take over for here. Go back to town and help the Major's wife..
<Gwen> Pottle nods and leaves.
<Gwen> Aww...the pot head left? Pissy.
<Sunny> The Slimes are 2 rows A-D on row 1 and e-g on row 2
<Gwen> Phoebe begins her spell again.
* Alexis leaps at Slime A with her Sword!
<Sunny> Alex:
<Sunny> Swing 1: 6 Damage. Swing 2: 7 damage.
* Sunny panics.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Don't be afraid Sunny! I'll look after you..
* Sunny releases a stream of rocks at Slime B.
<Sunny> 16 Damage.
* Gwen blinks at the spell power.
<Sunny> Hehe, was that good..
<Gwen> Phoebe glows with a soft pink light, and points her cane at Slime A. "Projection!"
<Sunny> 16 Damage, Slime dies!
* Sunny is still scared.
<Sunny> Phoebe..
* Alen decides in favor of magic this turn and hangs his bow on his shoulder, proceeding to start summoning fire magic.
* Gwen likes her spear just fine, thank you.
<Gwen> Phoebe cheers!
<Sunny> Slime E moves to A's position.
<Sunny> Slime B Attacks Alex!
* Alexis moves to parry!
<Sunny> 4 Damage!
* Gwen acks.
* Remy continues twirling his bo, spinning it faster and faster....his hands become blurs.....
<Sunny> Slime C Attacks Gwen!
* Alexis shrugs off the attack...
* Gwen thinks Remy is one big show off :P
<Sunny> 5 Damage!
<Gwen> Argh! C'mon! Don't scuff my coat!
<Sunny> Slime D Attacks Remy!
<Sunny> 11 Damage!
* Alexis knows Remy is one big show off. ^_^ *
* Remy grimaces..
<Sunny> Slime F Shoots Acid at Phoebe.
<Gwen> Phoebe prepares to defend...
<Sunny> It fizzles. 1 Damage.
<Gwen> Phoebe sticks out her tongue. "Was that all?"
<Sunny> Slime G fires Acid at Gwen.
<Gwen> Don't egg them on Pheeb.
<Sunny> 1 Damage.
<Gwen> Will you please stop messing up my coat?!
* Gwen, in a blur, lashes out with her spear at slime B, performing hthe tech of fastswipe, she then runs back to the gang.
<Sunny> Slime B dies!
<Gwen> Take that, asswipe!
* Gwen holds her Spear high and grins.
* Alen twirls his fingers and looks wickedly delighted as they glow a faint red.
* Alen points at Slime E and shoots a Flame bolt!
<Sunny> 13 Damage!
* Remy runs in and does a Low Thrust on Slime E!
<Sunny> It dies!
* Gwen smirks. "This is too easy."

- Combat Round 2 -

* Alexis leaps at Slime C with her Sword!
<Sunny> Swing 1: 4 Damage. Swing 2: 7 damage.
<Sunny> Sunny fires another Rock blast at Slime C.
<Sunny> Slime C dies.
<Gwen> Phoebe casts Shock on slime D!
<Sunny> 17 Damage!
<Sunny> Slime C Swings again at Alex!
* Alexis tries to roll out of the way!
<Sunny> 5 Damage!
<Gwen> Better luck next time Alex..
<Sunny> Slime D attacks Gwen.
<Alexis> No kidding...
<Gwen> Ah c'mon!
<Sunny> 5 Damage!
* Gwen is thrown back.
<Sunny> F and G move to A and B's position.
<Alexis> ...looks like I'm not the only one in need of luck, too...
* Gwen swipes at Slime F with her trusty spear!
* Alen readies his bow and fingers the shaft of an arrow, awaiting his turn.
<Sunny> Swing 1: 11 Damage. Swing 2: 8 Damage.
* Alen tenses the string and shoots an arrow at Slime G!
<Sunny> 2 Damage!
<Alen> ...
* Gwen blinks. "Stick to bigger weapons, kid."
<Alen> At least I hit it :P
* Remy casts Flame bolt on Slime G!
<Sunny> 8 Damage!
<Remy> Tough little son of a...

- Combat Round 3 -

* Alen sticks his tongue out at Remy.
<Alen> Mine hit harder! :P
* Remy smirks. "Shall we see about that, mon ami?"
* Alexis leaps at Slime D with her Sword!
<Sunny> Slime D Dies. 2nd Attack on Slime F, Dies.
<Sunny> Sunny Fires a Rock Blast at G.
<Sunny> Slime G dies!

== Victory! 30xp, 100 Gold ==

<Remy> Yaaaaahoo!
* Gwen twirls her spear ala cloud style.
* Alen jumps up and down raising his arms.
<Gwen> Phoebe jumps up and down!
* Alexis tosses the Short Sword high in the air, and holds out the sheath, watching as the blade drops gracefully into place.
* Remy brushes his hair out of his eyes and grins.
* Sunny cringes.
<Sunny> How.. did I do..
<Gwen> Well, that was fun, where to next!?
<Gwen> Phoebe: Very well!
<Gwen> Let's keep going..
* Sunny sniffs a little.
<Sunny> I didn't like that..
* Gwen keeps walking ahead of the party.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Well, I don't like fighting very much either...but...
<Sunny> It was scary.. I didnt know If I could fight them off, or all of us.
* Remy follows Gwen, muttering to himself.
<Gwen> >>The party comes across a bridge. It looks old, and not very sturdy..
<Remy> Oh great..
<Sunny> You think its safe?
<Gwen> Probably not.
<Alen> Let's go anyway :P
* Gwen begins to walk over the bridge..
<Gwen> Phoebe timidly follows...
* Remy follows also..
* Alexis crosses...
* Gwen crosses as well.
<Gwen> >>The bridge begins to creak loudly..
* Alen walks happily through the bridge, pausing every so often to jump to test the planks.
<Gwen> ALEN! Stop that!
<Gwen> You idiot!
<Alen> Why?
<Gwen> >>The bridge begins to break!
<Sunny> ahhh!
<Gwen> That's why!
<Alen> Oops!
* Sunny darts for the other side!
* Alexis slugs Alen! "You fool!"
<Gwen> Phoebe screams, and darts for the other side!
<Alen> Ow! But-
* Alexis races for the other side!
* Alen starts running after everyone to the other side.
<Sunny> Noooo!
* Remy runs to the other side.
<Gwen> >>Alexis makes it, Sunny makes it, Remy makes it, Alen makes it, but the bridge breaks just as Phoebe's about to cross! She hangs by her fingertips!
<Gwen> Phoebe: AHHH! Help me!
<Remy> Phoebe!
<Gwen> Shit! Now look what you did!
* Alen extends his arm to Phoebe.
<Gwen> Phoebe tries to reach it!
<Gwen> Phoebe: I...I can't!
* Remy growls... "Damnit...."
<Gwen> Anyone got a bright idea?
<Remy> Could my bo reach?
<Alen> Uh... have her grab the bo stick!
<Gwen> Phoebe then starts to glow...
* Remy blinks..
<Gwen> Phoebe begins to chant a spell. She seems to levitate ever so slightly upward..
<Gwen> Grab her!
* Remy grabs Phoebe from the air
<Alen> Hey... that's...
<Gwen> Phoebe nearly passes out from using so much energy.
<Gwen> What Alen?
<Sunny> Poor Phoebe.
* Remy looks concerned at Phoebe..
* Alen shuts up.
<Gwen> Phoebe coughs and wakes up. "Did it work? Yeah! I guess it did!"
<Gwen> What Alen?
<Remy> Yep.
* Gwen grabs him by the collar. "Spill it!"
* Alexis grabs Alen by the scruff of his shirt. "Dammit! From now on you do nothing unless you're told! Before you kill us all!"
<Alen> Sorry... I'm digesting my breakfast. I won't spill it.
<Gwen> Hey! I get first dibs! You grab something else!
<Gwen> Phoebe stands up. "I'm fine. Let's keep going!"
<Alen> Uh... all right... sorry...
* Sunny smiles.
* Gwen drops him with a growl. "You're worse than that Potty kid."
* Remy nods.
* Alexis shoves him against a wall. "The next time you pull a dumb-ass stunt like that again, I'll kill you!"
* Alexis releases him and stalks off...
<Sunny> I'm glad your ok Phoebe :)
<Gwen> Phoebe smiles.
<Gwen> >>The party reaches the end of the caverns...
<Alen> Eww... it smells so moldy in here...
<Gwen> >>You see some people around a campfire, 3 children are tied up nearby!
* Remy smirks. "What? You expect it to smell minty fresh?"
* Remy blinks.
<Gwen> Idiot...
<Sunny> I smell, fire.
<Alen> It should... don't those people ever clean it up?
<Gwen> There's the, do we rush in, or surprise attack...
* Alen points at the people around the campfire.
<Gwen> Phoebe:...
<Remy> I say surprise 'em...
<Gwen> I agree.
<Sunny> I, dont know....
<Alen> Why don't we ask them if they've seen any bandits around?
* Remy groans.
* Gwen smacks Alen on the head. "THEY ARE THE BANDITS!"
<Remy> Someone slap him, will you?
<Alen> Wouldn't that be easier?
<Gwen> >>The bandits overhear Gwen!
<Remy> Thank you. :P
<Alexis> Secure the kids... that way we don't have a hostage situation and can just kill the bandits and be done with it.
<Remy> Uh oh..
<Gwen> Oh shit...sorry...
<Alexis> Shit..
<Gwen> >>Male Bandit: What the hell?! Hey! You're not allowed here!
<Alen> Do you need a pass?
* Sunny shreaks.
<Gwen> Someone cast narcosis on him...please please please....?
* Remy smirks. "Too bad for you, mon ami.....cause we sure as hell ain't leavin' without those kids..."
* Alen walks forward to ask the male bandit about how much would a pass cost.
<Gwen> Female Bandit: Whatever! We're gonna get a good ransom on these kids!
* Remy grabs Alen by his collar and yanks him back.
* Alen then bonks him in the head with his bow and runs to where the kids are.
<Remy> Ugh...
<Gwen> Female bandit begins to play a flute...."Earth Golem! Come forth!"
<Gwen> >>A large creature rises from the ground!
<Gwen> Female: Take care of these pests!

== COMBAT!! ==

* Alexis unsheaths her weapon of choice menacingly. A short beam of light glides the length of the blade before flaring and flickering out.
* Gwen whips out her pike.
* Alen draws his bow with a clink and fishes out an arrow deftly from his quiver
* Alexis leaps at the Golem with her Sword!
* Remy twirls his bo around in a lazy arc, eyeing the golem with non-chalance.
<Sunny> Strike 1: 5 dmamage. 2: 4 Damage.
<Sunny> Sunny blasts water at Golem.
<Sunny> 11 Damage.
<Gwen> Phoebe casts Concentrate. Her wisdom Increased by 10!
<Gwen> Phoebe smirks happily!
<Gwen> Gwen lashes out with her spear!
<Sunny> Strike 1: 8. 2: 6.
* Alen decides on magic and slings his bow on his shoulder.
<Sunny> 7 Damage.
<Gwen> Golem growls.
* Remy casts Flame Bolt!!
<Gwen> Ahh! Careful not to singe my hair!
<Sunny> 2 Damage!
<Sunny> Golem Swings At Gwen!
<Sunny> 22 Damage!
<Gwen> Gwen is defeated and goes dooown!
<Gwen> Phoebe: Gwen!
<Remy> Shiiiit.
<Alen> Whoops!

- Combat Round 2 -

<Phoebe> Gwen makes a nice corpse...she looks nice when she's sleeping.
<Phoebe> er...dead.
<Remy> Gee, thats nice :P
<Remy> You're just a ray of sunshine on our cloudy day :P
<Alen> What a horrible thought Phoebe...
<Alen> Though she does look nice :P
<Sunny> Somehow, the Golem falls.

== Victory! 10 XP, 30 Gold ==

<Alen> Hey! It must have been intimidated by us! :P
<Remy> Our buff selves musta scared the poor stone head :P

Session Close: Tue Sep 02 19:57:27 1997