VayRPG Session 1: Hour of Darkness: Part 1

Gwen, Phoebe, and Random NPCS: GMLucca
Pottle: Talon
Alen: Pippa
Adek: Rasis
Neil: Runestar
Sunny: Cecil

Session Start: Fri Sep 19 17:42:20 1997

<Gwen> >>The golem is now rubble at the heroes feet....the Bandits are a little more than confused..
<Alen> Um...
<Alen> Oops?
<Sunny> Whee. We Defeated the Golem!
<Alen> But it broke... I won't have to refund the bandits, will I?
<Gwen> What the hell?
* Sunny looks over the fallen Gwen. "You think she's ok?"
<Gwen> Bandits: Let's...let's get outta here!
<Gwen> Wait!
<Gwen> >>The bandits flee!
<Gwen> I'm alive, dammit.
<Gwen> You people don't know the difference!
<Alen> Was it something I said?
* Sunny smiles.
<Sunny> Well he sure did a number on you.
<Alen> I've never been much good with my social skills...
* Gwen gets up slowly. "Yeah, nothing I haven't handled before."
<Sunny> Its ok we got those damn bandits :)
* Pottle comes running in, sword drawn for protection...
<Alen> Hey, now we can return the kids!
<Gwen> Phoebe: Where are the children...oh! Pottle!
<Gwen> Phoebe: Did you find help?
<Pottle> We're fucked. Royally.
<Sunny> Pothole? Where?
<Gwen> Fucked? What's up?
<Pottle> I just went to Kerzalt Castle...
<Gwen> Yeah? So?
<Pottle> They absolutely refuse to assist us...
<Alen> But didn't the bandits just run off?
<Gwen> Well, you don't have to worry about it. We kicked their asses. Now I can get my bounty, and far away from you people.
* Sunny never heard of that Castle.
<Sunny> Sounds mean...
<Sunny> Kidies! Where yas?
<Gwen> Girl: We're over here!
* Alen dashes heroicly to where the voice sounded... only to trip again.
<Gwen> >>A little girl, about 7, struggles against the binds.
* Sunny shrugs. "Where's that?"
<Gwen> Um. Right in front of you.
* Gwen rolls her eyes.
<Sunny> Exsuse me :P
* Alen gets up and dusts his robe.
<Gwen> Okay. Which one of you is Cassie, Omari, or Briggs?
* Pottle could honestly care less who is who...
* Sunny thinks. ( What lame names... )
<Gwen> Phoebe unbinds them. "Here you go."
<Alen> Can't we just go and bring them along?
<Gwen> Oh, Pottle...
* Pottle starts feenin' and sparks a cigarette.
<Gwen> Can I ask you um....a question. Like what the hell your girlfriend does for a living?
<Gwen> The children start hugging people. "Thank you! Thank you!"
<Pottle> Oh...she's a priestess in training.
* Sunny looks at Pottle. "What's that your doing?"
<Alen> Pottle... that smells yucky.
<Gwen> >>The littlest boy, Omari, latches on to Alen's leg. "Hiwo."
<Alen> Hi :D
<Alen> I'm Alen, who are you? :P
<Pottle> I'm smoking. What's it look like?
<Gwen> Omari: Picka me up!
<Sunny> I've never seen that before..
<Gwen> Pottle! Answer my goddamn question!
* Alen picks Omari up.
<Gwen> Cassie looks up at Pottle. "Who're you?"
<Pottle> I SAID...she's a priestess in training.
* Gwen grabs the last kid, Briggs, and turns to Pottle. "Liar. I hate those. She was LEVITATING eariier. Priestess don't DO that."
<Sunny> Who? Phoebe?
<Gwen> Yeah, you saw her! She levitated when the bridge collapsed!
<Alen> Um.. well...
<Sunny> Oh yea.
<Pottle> Uh...
<Gwen> C'mon! Out with it!
<Gwen> I refuse to work with people who have secrets!
* Pottle looks over at Phoebe..."You feel like explainin'?"
<Sunny> Well Lets get these kiddies back. I could sure use the reward.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Um...I can't explain it. I had it since I was born. I can talk to people without moving my mouth, move things....
<Pottle> And I thought you were bookin' after this anyways.
<Gwen> I am! But I wanna keep my eye on you. Let's go.
<Gwen> By the way...anyone seen Alex? Remy?
* Sunny looks around.
<Sunny> Weren't they just here?
<Gwen> They went after the bounty!
<Alen> Maybe they tripped somewhere?
<Gwen> Dammit! I can't trust anyone!
<Sunny> How Evil...
<Pottle> Tripped?
<Pottle> Acid? ;)
<Alen> And... and... they fell unconscious?
<Sunny> You can trust me. (Innnocent Smile)
<Alen> It's happened to me :P
<Gwen> >>The party starts to walk about to the town..
<Gwen> Cassie: Hey...(looking at Pottle) What's your name?
<Sunny> Why would they want to do such a thing?
<Pottle> Name's Pottle.
<Gwen> Cassie: That's a weird name! Who's that? (Points to Phoebe)
<Gwen> Damn kid....hurry up. I hate babysitting. (Grumbles about how she lost the bounty)
* Sunny whispers to the kid. "Its pronunced Pot-Hole"
<Pottle> That's my girlfriend Phoebe.
* Sunny giggles.
* Pottle looks at Sunny..."It is not."
<Gwen> Cassie: Girlfriend...ya like her? Ya gonna marry her? *Giggle*
<Sunny> I was just kiddin :)
<Gwen> Will someone shut her up?
<Sunny> She seems ok to me :)
* Sunny prances around somewhat happily now.
* Alen yawns.
<Alen> I'm tired...
<Alen> How far away is the town?
<Sunny> Gwen, Why did Remy run off with out us? He was nice to me.
<Alen> Maybe he was hungry.
<Alen> People always run off when they're hungry...
<Gwen> Well Sunny, he is one of those people I like to call 'Money grubbing bastards'
<Sunny> Bastards..?
<Gwen> Yep.
<Alen> But, I'm not hungry, so I can't run off. But I'm bored. And tired.
<Sunny> Hmm...
<Gwen> He's is king o' the bastards.
<Sunny> I thought he was nice...
<Gwen> Cassie drones on with more questions "Why do you have ears like that?"
<Alen> And bored... and tired...
<Gwen> Alen, will you shut up!
* Pottle practices ignorance...
<Sunny> Gwen, why do you get upset so quickly?
<Gwen> I'm mad! That's why! I spent my day with YOU people only to get NOTHING out of it!
<Alen> ...
<Gwen> Briggs: You're not nice...
* Gwen is silent.
<Alen> But I'm bored. And tired.
* Sunny starts to cry a little and goes over to Pottle.
<Sunny> You're nice, right Pottle?
* Gwen feels bad. "Hey Sunny. Sorry. Um."
<Pottle> Kinda :P
<Sunny> :)
* Pottle takes a drag off his 'grit.
<Gwen> Phoebe: He's very nice :)
<Sunny> And you too Alen, Right? :)
* Sunny kinda still shyes away from Gwen.
* Gwen is silent the rest of the way back.
<Gwen> >>The party finally reaches the Mayor's house.
<Gwen> Mirin: You've found them! My babies!
<Gwen> >>Mirin hugs them like crazy.
<Sunny> Yea..your babies..
<Pottle> You got your kids...
<Pottle> We want our money... :P
<Sunny> Money...yea.
<Gwen> Mirin: Well, I hate to say this, but we're running a bit low on funds...
<Gwen> Damn.
<Pottle> Give me your first born then ;)
<Gwen> Phoebe: Pottle!
<Sunny> Food?
* Sunny's stomach growls.
<Gwen> Mirin: But, my husband and I are heading to Smythe! You do know what's going on there, don't you?
* Pottle looks over at Phoebe..."Yeah?"
<Sunny> Whats Smythe?
<Sunny> Is it a man?
<Gwen> Phoebe just giggles and huggles Pottle.
<Gwen> You don't know, Sunny? Where are you from?
<Sunny> Somewhere....
<Gwen> It's a town in Lorath. A mining town.
<Sunny> Oh..
<Gwen> Mirin: Anyway, there is a huge festival going on there. One that's supposed to have concerts, events...rides...all sorts of fun things!
<Sunny> Do they have food?
<Gwen> Oh yeah. The Technology festival. *Gwen scowls*
<Gwen> A happy festival filled with Propaganda on why Technology is good for you!
<Sunny> Technology? Thats a cool word.
<Pottle> Thrills... :P
<Sunny> Do they have Betas?
<Gwen> Mirin: Anyway, we are taking a boat there. We can get you passage to the festival for free. Would you like that?
* Gwen shrugs. "Eh, why not?"
* Sunny looks around. "If Pottle is, I'll come too!"
<Gwen> Phoebe: Sounds like fun!
<Pottle> Why not...
<Gwen> ~Alen: Okay, as long as they have food :)
<Gwen> Mirin: Okay, just meet us by the boat later today...
<Pottle> A'ight.
<Gwen> >>And soon, it is later in the day! :)
<Sunny> Whee!
<Gwen> >>The townspoeople who could afford the fare are lining up to get on the boat. And a man is ranting to each one of them. All of them look annoyed and disgusted as he speaks.
<Gwen> Who the hell is that?
<Sunny> He smells funny.
<Gwen> Yeah....tell me about it.
<Pottle> Who the fuck is this guy?
<Gwen> >>The man approches them!
<Neil> Hey ppl, join the most awesome group in town!
<Gwen> Yeah, what's that? The NRA?
<Neil> the Sirufa Fan Club!
<Pottle> !
<Gwen> Sirufa?!
<Pottle> SIRUFA WHAT?!
<Sunny> Sirufa? Isnt that a...
<Neil> You heard me.
<Gwen> Isn't she...she the fairy with the...
<Gwen> You like that floating piece of gas?!
<Neil> We travel the world on special members-only events!
* Gwen laughs her ass off.
<Neil> ...
<Gwen> Listen buddy...what are you looking for? Money? Cuz you ain't gettin' it.
* Pottle laughs and coughs cuz he was inhaling.
<Neil> Oh, no.
<Gwen> Then what?
<Gwen> Phoebe: You okay, Pottle?
<Neil> *sigh* People!
<Pottle> *cough* Fine.
<Gwen> >>A person calls from the boat "All aboard!"
<Neil> Look at this. We have a fabulous cruise to Sirufa's actual island scheduled next year, and we want to have enough people or they'll cancel the field trip.
<Gwen> AH! No! Wait!
* Sunny hops on board.
* Gwen pushes Neil outta the way and dashes on the boat. "Later!"
* Neil dashes to the boat as well.
* Pottle gets on the boat.
* Neil mutters something under his breath.
<Sunny> Sorry Dude, got a boat to catch.
<Gwen> >>The boat hoists anchor, and off you go!
<Gwen> >>The boat sails out into the open can see landmarks like the Ice tower and Solon's shrine in the distance.
<Sunny> Pweety.

- Open Ocean - 130 GP 0 MXEP-

* Pottle looks over at the tower and shudders.
* Neil leans on the railing of the boat.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Something wrong? You're shivering? I'm telling you, ciggerettes are terrible for you!
* Neil looks wistfully at the boat, remembering something...
<Gwen> ~Alen: Oh my god, I think I'm gonna be si- *vomits over the side of the boat*
<Gwen> Oh gross Alen.
* Neil runs his hand over his initials :P
<Gwen> Can't you keep your food down.
* Neil walks over to Alen.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Pottle?
<Alen> ... I'd like to, but... oh God! *repeats procedure*
<Pottle> Yeah? :P
<Neil> You know, it's really not that bad if you think about pleasant things.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Are you okay? You were shivering, lost in thought...something's bothering you.
<Sunny> Euu Alen :P
* Pottle is feeling multiple feelings at once cuz he sees where he nearly died.
<Neil> If you focus on the motion it only gets worse.
* Alen shivers a little and looks pale.
<Alen> I hate boats.
<Neil> Ha! You just don't have your sea legs yet.
<Gwen> Hey...kid....I can knock you out...and then you won't feel anymore! Would you like that?
<Alen> I can only think about boats.. and they're not pleasant!
* Gwen looks gleeful.
<Alen> No Gwen...
<Pottle> Ahhh...fuck off.
<Alen> I think.
* Alen harumphs.
<Gwen> Damn...
<Sunny> Gwen is very insensitive...
<Gwen> Can you all quit judging me?
<Sunny> You act so mean..
<Pottle>'s fun judging you, Ms. Apathy.
<Gwen> Shut the fuck up! I don't have to deal with you people. The second this boat docks, I'm getting the hell away from you!
<Alen> Is that your last name Gwen?
<Sunny> Fine..
<Gwen> No!
<Neil> Whoa.
<Gwen> Argh!
<Alen> Mine is- uh... oops...
* Gwen walks to the other end of the boat and glares.
<Neil> Hold on here.
<Pottle> Gwen Apathy ;)
<Neil> What's going on?
<Pottle> Hehe...I like the sound of that...
* Sunny sobs a little
<Sunny> Why is she so mean?
* Neil walks to Gwen's side of the boat.
<Pottle> Maybe she was beaten as a child...
<Neil> You seem unhappy...
<Gwen> >>The boat docks, finally..
<Gwen> No shit. Listen, I don't need you to be my shrink. Just leave me alone.
* Gwen walks off the boat without a word.
<Alen> Oh... God... finally...
<Neil> Wow... cold.
<Sunny> I dont get mean.
<Gwen> Anyway, let me give you all a bit of advice.
* Alen stumbles over by the rail.
<Sunny> Well, maybe this festival will be fun.
<Alen> I don't EVER want to be in a boat again...
* Neil shrugs and hops off the boat in a very unorthodox fashion, knowing the rope setup.
<Gwen> Cuz I'm not all bad. Get a room while you can. This festival will have people from all 4 kingdoms. It's gonna be a zoo.
<Gwen> Later.
* Sunny shrugs.
* Gwen walks off away from view.
<Neil> Ahh... the Festival... maybe now I can... *ahem* (looks around)
<Gwen> Phoebe: She's got a point! :) Let's go get a room!
<Gwen> >>It's almost nighttime. Nothing is happening...yet. Banners and balloons are just being put up.
<Neil> Let's not talk about that.
<Sunny> Yea.
<Neil> About this room...
<Sunny> Wow, it looks so guapo :)

- Smythe's Festival of Techology!- 130 GP 0 MXEP-

<Gwen> >>Everyone goes their seperate ways...
<Gwen> >>All of them find places to stay for the night. The night dissolves into morning, and festival drums can be heard. The day has arrived!
<Sunny> Ah the Festival!
* Neil mrrfs from under the covers.
* Neil realizes it's The Day.
* Gwen is outside of the inn, talking to an old man. "Okay, so you want me to sing where now?"
* Neil leaps out of bed at full tilt.
* Alen snores.
<Neil> Whoa.
* Sunny has awoken excitedly.
<Neil> I've got to get started.
* Neil tries to slide down the rail of the stairs, and fails miserably.
<Gwen> >>In the crowd, a man is walking alone. He seems to be out of place amongst the crowd, stumbling along. Another festival goer, a young girl, is watching Gwen from afar, totally bored outta her mind.
<Neil> ack... I'm too old for this..
<Alen> .... I'd better wake up and get out...
<Alen> ...
<Alen> ...
* Sunny goes and finds Alen.
<Alen> *snore*
<Sunny> Its the Festival!
* Sabrina looks at Gwen idly.
* Sunny pounces on Alen's bed.
<Sunny> Come on, Come on!
* Gwen walks up to a small stage.
* Neil walks out the door of the Inn and walks up to the man.
* Alen oophs.
<Gwen> Okay. Gotta wait for people...
<Alen> Uh...
* Adek just.. wanders aimlessly.
* Sabrina shrugs and goes to look for some food, her style.
<Alen> ...
<Sunny> Its the Festival, Alen! Come on!
* Alen gets up.
<Gwen> >>There is a small market to the far side of the fair, rides are in the left side, a Machine exibit is on the right.
* Alen follows Sunny looking half asleep.
* Sunny leads Alen to the Fiesta.
<Sunny> Do you think they'll have lots of food here?
* Alen trips somewhere and falls on top of Sunny, falling asleep again.
* Neil decides he wants to be near the far end of the fair
<Gwen> Hey! Everyone! Wanna hear the beautiful voice of a desert rose? Only 2 GP a song!
* Sabrina looks at Gwen.
<Gwen> >>Neil enters a marketplace.
<Sunny> Aww Alen :P
* Sabrina walks back to her.
<Sabrina> A rose is going to sing?
<Gwen> >>Sunny and Alen enter the fiesta area. Young couples are dancing to joyous music!
<Gwen> Yeah, well, that's my nickname.
* Neil looks around for just the right person...
* Sunny drags Alen a little bit to the main area to watch the dancing and stuff.
<Gwen> Wanna hear me sing? 2 GP.
<Sabrina> Oh, that's like totally cool!
<Sabrina> Oh, I don't have any money...All I have is this necklace of emeralds but it's not for sale.
* Alen looks a bit better, but still resembles slightly a transylvanian vampire dragged out of its coffin at noon.
* Sunny thinks rides!
<Gwen> Woman: *To Alen* OH MY GOD A VAMPIRE!
<Sunny> Rides!
<Alen> I haven't had a... good night's sleep... for... years...
<Sunny> Come on, Alen!
<Gwen> Sorry kid, no sale.
* Sunny drags Alen to the Rides.
<Alen> Huh? Where?
<Gwen> I don't have any money either.
<Sunny> Bumper Cars!
* Sunny hops in one.
* Sabrina frowns and goes to the market to steal some food from shops there.
* Alen stumbles into one.
<Sunny> Wheee!
* Sunny drives around.
<Gwen> >>A young woman in knights armor wanders up to Gwen's stage.
* Sunny rams Alen!
* Alen presses the accelerator and goes speeding into Sunny's car.
<Sunny> BOOM! :)
<Sunny> The Bumper Cars break :)
<Gwen> Hello young lady. Care for a song?
* Gwen gags on those words.
* Alen is just about fully awake now.
<Sunny> Aww. We broke it :P
<Alen> Oops :P
* Sabrina walks up to a booth with some bread and tries to steal some from there.
<Alen> It always happens...
<Gwen> Bumper Car Owner: HEY! You broke my cars!
<Alen> No... they broke themselves :P
* Neil frowns... slow day?
<Sunny> Well, If you're nice we won't sue, ALEN has a broken neck now :P
<Gwen> >>A man taps Neil on the back. "Psst...looking for Romeo?"
<Neil> Eh? Yeah...
<Gwen> The shopowner is away and Sabrina gets away with it!
<Alen> Uh... yes Sunny...
<Gwen> Romeo: That'sa me. So, what kinds of boats do ya make?
<Sunny> Bumper Car Owner: Hehe, ok.. Well then..
<Neil> What do ya need?
* Sabrina walks away with a loaf of bread and munches on it while walking over to the bumper cars.
<Sunny> Come on, let's try the other rides!
<Gwen> Romeo: I need 50 boats in 3 months.
<Alen> Okay...
<Sunny> Bumper Car Guy to Sabrina: Sorry This ride is..broken :P
* Neil's eyes widen.
<Meka> Hey, girl...
<Sunny> Oh look Alen! A Ferris Wheel!
<Gwen> Romeo: Can you do that?
<Sabrina> Oh, it's alright. I doubt I'd be able to go on it if I had to pay.
<Gwen> Hey. Care for a song?
<Alen> A what?
* Alen turns around and notices Gwen.
<Meka> Sure. What ya play? How much?
<Sunny> Bumper Car Guy: Yea. So scoot all ready :P
<Alen> Hey! :D
<Gwen> 2 GP. Anything you want.
* Neil blinks.
* Sabrina goes back to where Gwen is.
<Neil> Yeah, I can handle that.
<Sunny> Gwen? Sings?
<Sunny> Hmph. How weird.
<Gwen> Romeo: Okay, yer pay, my good man, would be a cool 100,000 gold.
* Sunny hops on the Ferris wheel.
<Sabrina> Hey. Like what if I like gave you some bread. It's totally cool and yummy! You want some?
<Gwen> Romeo: Cuz hey, got tha dough.
* Alen hops in after Sunny.
* Meka tosses her the money. "Sing 'Like the Wind' for me?"
<Gwen> thanks kid.
* Neil relaxes considerably.
<Gwen> No problem.
<Sabrina> Oh well.
<Sunny> Ferris Guy: Kids Are Free :)
* Gwen tunes her guitar and sings. She's VERY good!
<Neil> It's a deal.
<Sunny> Whee!
* Alen looks indignant.
<Alen> What do you mean KID?
<Gwen> Romeo: Okay, later kid. *Leaves*
* Sabrina sighs and goes back to the market to try to steal an apple.
* Meka hums along.
<Sunny> Ferris Guy: No the Girl is free. You sir, A token please :P
* Gwen keeps singing, enjoying herself and actually looking happy.
* Alen grumbles and pays the guy :P
* Neil walks over to the Techology exhibit, grinning broadly.
<Sunny> >> Some Market people Give Sabrina the Eye :P
* Sabrina looks back at the people and keeps trying to steal an apple.
<Sunny> Whee! Faster!
<Gwen> >>Vast Mechs Stand, but all are inactive...mementos to a battle 10 years ago.
* Adek wanders in the direction of the singing, feeling out of place.
<Alen> What if it breaks Sunny?
<Sunny> >>  The people dont see Sab's theivery.
<Sunny> We'll Sue!
<Sunny> Fasssster!
* Meka sighs.
* Gwen stops and looks at Adek. "Hey stranger. Care for a song? 2 GP."
<Sunny> Ferris Guy: Yes Ma'am!
* Sabrina walks away with an apple and still has her half-eaten loaf of bread.
* Alen thinks Sunny is someone after his own heart :P
* Sabrina goes to the Ferris Wheel. "Can I like, go on?"
* Adek looks at Gwen. "Oh.. I would, but it's not worth it."
<Sunny> >> Minutes Later a Dumb Owner counts his apples and acts dumb "Hey... uh" :)
<Sunny> Ferris Guy: Sure Cutie :)
<Gwen> Why not?
* Adek blinks, and winces. "Er.. not that you're not a good singer... I just don't have that much cash on me."
<Sabrina> Do I have to pay?
<Sunny> Ferris Guy stops it and lets on Sab.
<Gwen> Songs cure what ails ya!
<Sunny> Ferris Guy: Na, your cute :)
<Sabrina> OH! WOW! That's like so cool!
<Sunny> Ferris Guy: For Real!
<Gwen> Oh, okay. I'm almost done for the day.
<Gwen> Who the heck are you kid?
<Sunny> Ferris Guy: Hop on :)
* Sabrina hops on the Ferris Wheel by herself and begins to eat her apple slowly.
* Meka tosses another two coins. "Play 'Fade to Black'."
<Sunny> Ferris guy Cranks up the Wheel to the Max.
<Gwen> Heh. Sure lady, yer paying for my ale later.
<Sunny> >> Sunny and Sab Get a little Queezy..
* Gwen tunes her guitar and sings some more.
<Alen> Whoooooa! Faster!
* Sabrina loses grip of her apple and flies out of her hand and off the ride.
<Meka> Only if I can join you.
<Sabrina> MY APPLE!!!!
* Alen jumps up and down in his seat looking happy.

* Neil goes over to the rides section, getting tired of looking upwards
<Sabrina> STOP THE RIDE!!!!!!!
<Sunny> Ferris Guy: Umm yes.
<Alen> No! Go on!
<Sabrina> I WANNA GET OFF!!!!!!
<Sunny> >> Ferris Guy is unable to do so :P
<Sunny> >> The ride goes quicker!
* Alen looks delighted.
<Sunny> >> Ferris Guy pulls the emergency brake and Sunny, Sab and Alen go flying!
* Neil stops at the Ferris Wheel... "Those people look familiar..."
<Meka> :P
<Alen> !!!
<Sunny> >> And all luckily hit the big, big Trampoline :)
* Gwen looks in the dircetion of the Ferris Wheel and stops singing "Heh, kids."
<Sunny> >> Bouncing about 1000 feet.
* Sabrina screams.
* Sabrina waits until she's back at the base of the trampoline and gets off.
* Sabrina looks at Gwen and thinks . o O (She's charging people for singing for them...What if I do some gymnastics for people?)
* Neil stops to think.
* Meka sighs...
<Gwen> Oh! Sorry.
* Sabrina tries to find some type of empty stage.
<Gwen> Where was I...?
* Neil thinks aloud- "Ok, 50 in 3 months.... that means 17 a month..."
<Neil> Half a boat a day...
<Meka> Lasadala...
<Gwen> Oh. Okay.
<Neil> Half a boat a day? Hey, I did better for the SFC. This is allright!
* Gwen begins again.
* Neil looks at the remnants of the Ferris Wheel.
* Alen crashes down with Sunny into the pavement.
* Meka smiles.
<Alen> ...
<Neil> Hey, that looked like fun... this thing still working?
<Alen> Oops.
<Gwen> >>Alen and Sunny see stars.
* Sabrina doesn't find any empty stages so she goes to a clearing and starts to do some gymnastic-type floor routines.
<Gwen> >>Some people look at Sabrina. "Hey, she's good!"
* Adek looks around at everyone, then just listens to the singing, watching various people.
* Meka smirks and makes a pass at an idle male.
* Neil frowns when Ferris Guy informs him that the Wheel will take a while to fix.
<Meka> Hey, babe... :P
* Sabrina stops and looks at all the people, sweating a little.
<Gwen> Man next to her: Get lost, I'm married!
* Neil looks for someone he knows.
<Gwen> >>Some of the people throw her a few Gold Pieces.
* Meka makes a face and moves on to the next male.
<Gwen> >>But Neil is aaalll alone.
<Gwen> Male: Me too!
* Neil frowns.
* Meka frowns.
* Meka flirts with Neil. :P
* Neil flirts back ;)
<Gwen> Man in the back: Don't even try it with me lady. I'm not availble. Name's RuPaul!
* Sabrina collects the gold pieces as quickly as possible and giggles.
<Sabrina> Now to find some type of horse...
* Meka winks at Neil, sees Pottle, flashes him a smile and flounces off.
<Neil> :D
<Gwen> Phoebe: Yawn...guess we shouldn't have stayed up so late..
* Alen gets up.
<Neil> I think I'll call it a day while I'm ahead.
<Gwen> Phoebe: What do you want to do Pottle?
* Pottle shrugs..."It's up to you."
<Gwen> Phoebe: How about...Ferris Wheel? Or the Market?
* Alen looks dizzily around wondering why the stars are going round if it's still daylight.
<Pottle> The ferris wheel'd give us a nice view...Let's go! :)
<Gwen> Okay!
* Sabrina looks at all the people. "Now, for my next routine, I' on a balance beam and do some more stunts on that."
<Gwen> Pheobe smiles and nods.
* Alen decides it doesn't matter and looks at Sunny.
* Neil walks back and sees the Wheel working.
<Neil> Hey! It works!
<Gwen> Pheobe climbs up on the Ferris wheel.
* Sabrina goes to a thin pole and gets on it. Despite the width of the pole, she can still do a routine on it.
* Neil hops in.
* Pottle sits down next to Phoebe.
<Gwen> >>The people clap and give Sabrina more cash.
<Gwen> Hey! That little twit is stealing my business!
* Sabrina collects the money and smiles.
<Gwen> >>The ferris wheel starts...
<Sabrina> Now, to the market. They should have some poles for me to do some like pole jumping, typing stuff.
* Sunny looks around. "Now what?" :)
<Neil> Hey, can we do the trampoline-launch thing?
<Neil> ;)
<Gwen> Phoebe: Wow...this is beautiful...
<Alen> I don't know...
* Pottle leans back in the seat and places his arm around Phoebe.
<Neil> I can see the ocean from here...
* Sabrina goes to the market and looks for some poles that are up in the air verticle-wise.
<Sabrina> Can someone give me a boost to that pole?
<Sunny> >> One Pole Shines out!
* Sunny goes to watch the singing and everything.
<Pottle> .  o  O (Might as well go at it again...)
* Gwen smiles and hums to herself.
<Sabrina> Can someone help me get up to it? I'm a little short if you haven't noticed.
<Neil> Fifty boats...
* Alen looks at the mechs and goes away quickly.
<Sunny> Merchant: Get up to what?
<Pottle> Phoebe, we've been together a long time...and you know I love you very much.
<Sabrina> To the pole that's like way up there?
<Gwen> Phoebe: I know Pottle, I love you too..
* Pottle places his hand in his pocket to get the blasted ring...
<Sunny> Merchant: Ah, so you like it.
<Sunny> The Merchant gets it and shows it to Sabrina.
<Gwen> >>Suddenly, some kids start kicking the seat from the back!
<Sabrina> You idiot!
<Pottle> And, I want you to...
<Gwen> Kids: Weeee!
<Gwen> Phoebe: Ack!
<Pottle> ...stop that!
* Neil looks down.
<Gwen> >>Kids scowl and do it again!
* Neil raises an eyebrow.
* Sabrina leaves the market and goes somewhere else. She passes by Gwen's stage and sticks a tongue out at her.
<Neil> I'm awfully high up..
* Pottle draws his sword just as a threat. "I said, stop that."
* Gwen smiles. "Well, that's it for today. Hey, stranger. *Points to Adek* New around here, huh?"
<Gwen> >>Kids scowl and do it again! ;)
* Neil crouches down to the bottom of the seat.
* Pottle zaps one kid's hand with a fireball...
<Gwen> Kid: Ow! Help help! I'm being repressed!
* Sabrina does a few more floor routines that are very long and with lots of jumps and stuff.
<Sunny> Kid? Where?
<Pottle> I said stop it!
<Gwen> >>The ride stops, the romantic mood ruined.
* Neil waits a while, then peers over the edge, and he's just rising again- "Damn! Missed the ground!"
<Pottle> .  o  O (Mother fucking little brats!)
* Neil sighs as the ride is over.
<Gwen> Phoebe sighs. "Oh well."
* Neil heads back for the inn.
* Adek looks over at Gwen again, seeming almost surprised. "Huh? Er, oh.. Yeah, I suppose you could say I am."
* Sunny takes a little nap on the field.
* Pottle sighs...
* Sabrina finishes her floor routine and looks around.
* Alen sits down somewhere and wonders if he can get something to eat
<Gwen> Well, I am too. Listen, I'm heading over to the tavern for a beer. Wanna come along?
<Pottle> .  o  O (Thwarted again...)
<Pottle> ...I need a cigarette.
<Pottle> Stupid habit.
<Gwen> >>A voice comes over the loudspeaker.. "Attention...attention..."
<Adek> Sure, why not? By the way, I'm Adek.
* Neil hops beside Pottle... "Cigarette? I hear those smell bad though..."
<Gwen> Gwen. Gwen Montanile.
* Pottle sparks one.
* Pottle looks over at Adek. "Pottle Eccles."
<Gwen> >>"If you wanna see the latest tecnology, head on over to Moe's Tavern! Best beer in town!"
<Sunny> Attention? Huh What?
<Adek> Gwen Montanile? That's an.. interesting name.
<Neil> Moes Tavern...? What the hell?
<Sunny> Is Homer there?
<Gwen> Oh god, all of this mech stuff is driving me nuts.
<Sunny> Come on Alen!
* Sunny drags Alen over to the Bar.
<Neil> Don't tell me they put bubbles in beer...
* Sabrina walks over to Gwen.
<Neil> splitting atoms.
<Gwen> You know, people always forget that ten years ago they maimed and killed people.
<Neil> I've tried it with an axe, it's utterly impossible.
<Alen> What do you drink here Sunny?
* Neil heads for the tavern instead.
<Sunny> Hmm.
* Gwen heads to the tavern. "Coming?"
<Sunny> Waiter, I'll take a Mocha!
* Sabrina looks up at her and says annoyingly, "Like..umm..hi!"
<Sabrina> Coming? Where?
* Adek shrugs, and walks along. "Sure."
<Sunny> Waiter servers Sunny Mocha!
<Sunny> Mocha!
* Sunny drinks it up.
<Alen> What is it?
<Gwen> >>All of the waiters are robots! Cute little robots!
<Sunny> Yummy!
<Sabrina> Where are you going?
<Gwen> This is just wrong.
<Pottle> Sunny Delight?
<Gwen> Wrong wrong wrong.
<Neil> Robots...
<Adek> Oh, come on, Gwen. What harm can it do?
<Sunny> Robo Waiter: Thank you for coming to Moe's!
* Neil walks up to a robot.
<Gwen> Robot: Hello. I am robo-waiter. What would you like to order?
<Sunny> >> Notice how they can't pronunce words :)
* Sabrina enters the bar right behind Adek and Gwen.
<Alen> Well... these don't ask you for a tip :P
<Neil> Hey pal... gimme a free drink, will ya?
<Gwen> True...Adek...just trust me...Machines...suck!
<Sunny> Alen.. look its Gwen :P
<Gwen> >>Waiter: Please specify drink.
<Alen> Hi Gwen :P
<Neil> I dunno... beer.
* Alen looks at Sunny.
<Neil> :P
<Sunny> The Robo at the Bar does really fancy drink mixes and skills.
* Sabrina kicks the back of Gwen's knee cap to be annoying and to see what she'll do.
<Adek> I'll take your word for it, but if they can make life easier for people.. they can't be all bad.
<Alen> I hope she's not going to whack me or something.
<Sunny> Everyone appluads.
<Gwen> Fine, you sack of bolts. Gimme a beer.
<Sunny> Yea.. Maybe she's cooler now.
<Gwen> Ow!
<Sunny> I'll go talk to her.
* Sunny heads over to Gwen.
<Sunny> Hi Gwen :)
* Gwen turns around to Sabrina. "What the hell did you do that for!?"
* Neil looks around.
<Sabrina> To be annoying.
<Gwen> Phoebe and Pottle enter the bar.
<Neil> Hey, I know you guys...
<Sunny> Robo: Your Order Sir. (to Alen)
<Gwen> Why?!
<Sabrina> Like, why else would I do something like that?
<Neil> Sure you don't want to join the SFC?
* Gwen pulls out her spear. "I can be annoying too."
<Alen> My Order?
* Sunny goes of from Gwen and over to Pottle and Phoebe.
* Alen thinks.
<Sunny> Hi Pottle!
<Sabrina> Because I totally wanted to. And I, like, got all of your business! Isn't that cool?
* Adek looks back and forth between Gwen and Sabrina. "Whoa!"
<Sunny> Robo: Order...
<Alen> Cherry soda! :D
<Sunny> Robo dispences a Cherry Soda.
* Gwen sees red. "You are the most..."
<Sunny> It places a cup on the table.
<Gwen> Annoying...
<Gwen> Little...
<Gwen> shit...on earth!
<Sunny> And pours that drink out of its eye.
* Neil bangs on Robo's skullplate.
<Sabrina> I am not an annoying little shit!
<Neil> Give me a beer.
<Alen> Eww...
<Sunny> The Robo goes off.
<Sabrina> Whatever!
<Gwen> Are too!
* Alen looks at the robot.
<Alen> Oops...
<Sabrina> No I'm not!
* Sunny goes back to Alen's table.
<Gwen> And I'll rip your throat out if you get near me again!
<Sunny> Got your drink?
<Gwen> Anyway, Adek, where were we?
* Sabrina stands next to Gwen.
<Alen> Yes... but... it came out of its eye...
<Sunny> Cool!
* Neil sighs.
* Gwen ignores Sabrina.
* Alen sips a little.
* Adek steps between the two. "Ladies.. ladies.. I don't know what shoved itself up your collective ass, but.."
<Sunny> How's it taste?
* Neil sits in a corner and looks around the table.
<Alen> Like cherries :D
<Gwen> She started it...:P
<Sunny> Cherry!
<Neil> Straws...
<Sabrina> Hey, miss! I'm like totally sorry if I like took your business. I really didn't like mean to, but I mean, I'm just so much better at gymnastics than you are at like singing. Actually, if you ask me, I think you like totally suck at singing!
<Neil> I've heard of these.
<Alen> Cherry cherry cherry...:D
<Neil> They were for drinking... no, eating...?
<Neil> Oh, bother.
<Sunny> Robot: Sing? Did I hear Sing!
<Sunny> >> The Robot Sings :)
* Gwen finally cracks and slaps Sabrina across the jaw!
<Gwen> That's for not being taught any manners!
<Alen> Hey, that sounds neat :D
<Sabrina> CHILD ABUSE!!!!!!!
<Alen> I can sing too!
<Gwen> Damn straight!
<Sunny> Robo: I put my hand up on your hip! When I did you dip we dip, you put yours and I put mine and we can dip it too.
<Gwen> Go tell the athorities, ya little bum!
* Adek sighs, and mutters "I don't believe this.."
<Sunny> >> Two Robot perform the Dip!
<Gwen> Leave me ALONE.
<Sabrina> I'm not a bum!
<Neil> That's IT.
<Alen> Qhuen I was naikit, ye me clad, Qhuen I was hungry, ye me fed, and... and...
* Neil takes out his axe.
* Neil walks up to the robot.
* Alen struggles to remember what came after the first part.
<Sunny> Hmm Alen?
<Neil> This is an axe.
<Sunny> Robot: I put my hand...!
<Sunny> The robot igonores Neil.
<Neil> Do you know what a short circuit is?
<Alen> I can't remember... I can't remember!
<Neil> Well, neither do I... shall we find out?
* Alen stops trying to sing.
<Sabrina> That was way like harsh, lady. Calling someone a bum when they're not one.
<Sunny> Robot: Hand up on your hip...
* Neil brings his axe down on the robot's head.
<Gwen> Heh. Whatever kid. You can't fool me.
<Sunny> The Robots Boogy down headless :P
<Neil> Arrgh.
<Alen> NO! It sings funny!
<Sabrina> Fool you? I'm not a bum!
<Neil> Beer dammit!
<Gwen> Then why do gymnastics for money?
* Neil slugs its chest with the axe.
<Sunny> Robot's Head: I put my hand up on your hip....
<Gwen> I signed up for this job. Did you?
<Alen> NOOO!
<Sunny> Neil Is Electricuted!
<Sabrina> Because that's how I make my money.
<Gwen> Like a bum.
<Sunny> Robot falls :P
<Sabrina> I had to sign up?
<Sunny> The other Robot continues the Dip!
<Sabrina> I'm not a bum!
* Sabrina gets a tear in her eye.
<Gwen> Yeah. I got my job from a man who helped set up this whole shindig.
<Gwen> Did you?
<Sunny> Robot: Well allrichta, if you aint tripping, you must be dippin..
<Alen> A Dip... and a pip...
<Neil> aaaaaaabcdefghijklmnopiputmyhandarghnoididn'tgettheotheroneandifeel[prettyfunkysoi'mgoingtorestnow
* Neil falls over.
* Gwen looks at Neil. "What's up with you?"
<Sunny> The Robot does the dip on Neil :)
* Alen looks at Neil.
<Neil> Oof.
<Alen> Do it again! :D
<Neil> Ack..get off me.
<Sunny> Another Robot comes in and pulls up Gwen.
<Sunny> Robot: The Macarena!
<Neil> Nooooooo!
* Gwen ignores the Robot.
<Alen> SING :D
<Sunny> The Robot starts to sing the Marcana and makes Gwen do it :)
<Gwen> Anyway Adek, sorry about all of that.
* Gwen does nothing ;P
* Neil shoves the robot off of him and heads for the back of the room.
<Sunny> Robot: Spanish Words... Hey Macarena!
<Adek> I probably don't even want to know..
* Neil looks for the kitchen.
<Gwen> Let's sit down.
<Sunny> Those Robo are funny.
* Neil gets a beer and throws it at the robots.
* Sabrina goes to where Sunny and Alen are and starts to cry at the table next to them.
<Alen> And they sing well too :D
* Neil gets another one and downs it to get rid of the pain.
<Sunny> >> After the Marcana 5 Female Robots come out and do Wanna be.
* Adek pulls out a chair at a table for Gwen.
<Sunny> Robots: If you wanna be my lover, gotta get with my friends, making lots of love!
<Gwen> ~Alen walks off.
<Sunny> Sunny notices Sab.
<Sunny> Hey. You're that girl that was on the Farris wheel with us.
<Gwen> This is sick. These robots are sick.
<Sabrina> Yeah.....
<Sunny> The Robots hop around and do the Spice girls stuff.
<Gwen> Sick sick sick.
* Neil retrieves his axe.
<Sunny> Are you ok?
<Sabrina> No.
* Neil backs away from the tavern cautiously.
<Sabrina> That lady *points at Gwen* called me a bum and hurt my feelings.
<Gwen> Hey. Mister Sirufa lover. Sit at this this table. The robots leave you alone here.
<Sunny> Oh her.. She's mean isnt she?
<Sunny> Rather.
<Neil> Really???
* Neil sits down.
<Sabrina> Yeah. Do I look like a bum to you?
<Gwen> So, why join a club like SFC?
<Sunny> Robots: But now! you got me going around in circles tell me...
<Sunny> Noo..
<Sunny> You're cool :)
<Neil> Well, for one thing if you want to lose all these people...
* Sabrina stands up in front of Sunny with her rags of clothes hanging loose.
<Sunny> Just ignore her. She was mean to me too.
* Sunny shows Sab her Raggity clothes too :)
<Gwen> Anyway Adek, where do you hail from?
<Sunny> Dont feel so bad :P
* Gwen strikes up a conversation with both men :)
<Sunny> I've been a Broke Street Bum for a few weeks now..
<Adek> Oh.. here and there. I don't even remember where I'm from.
<Sabrina> She got mad at me for taking her business away from her. It's not my fault if I can do gymnastics better than she can sing.
<Gwen> Ah. I see. An outcast. Nothing bad about it, really.
<Sabrina> Do I look a little fat? I've gained some weight over the past month...
<Sunny> You do gymanstics? How cool!
<Sunny> Like I whish I could do that :)
* Sunny talks valley too.
<Sunny> Naa, Girl you ain't Fat .
<Sabrina> My mom like totally made me start it.
<Sunny> Now Gwen, thats fat :P
* Adek looks surprised. "An outcast? No, I just like to wander."
<Neil> There's a lot of career opportunities in the SFC, too.
<Gwen> Oh. Sorry, didn't mean to insult ya.
<Sunny> Do you enjoy it?
<Gwen> >>Suddenly, the lights begin to flicker...
* Neil looks around.
<Sabrina> Yeah, it gets me some money though someone always steals it from me by making me buy food for myself. But I guess it's alright...
* Gwen blinks. "Guess they're using too much power."
<Adek> Don't worry about it. Tact isn't your strong suit anyway, it seems. Mine neither, admittedly, but.. whoa.
<Gwen> >>They return to normal.
* Sabrina touches necklace and sighs.
<Neil> I think machines were built to fight... this isn't natural for them...
<Gwen> I hate technology. Hate hate hate.
<Gwen> This whole propaganda filled festival is just plain sick.
<Gwen> Can't say it enough.
<Neil> I agree..
* Gwen raises and eyebrow. "You do?"
<Neil> After seeing this, who wouldn't?
<Gwen> No, it's not that....
<Gwen> You know what happened a decade ago, right?
<Neil> Well... I've heard stories, but not much...
* Sabrina looks at Sunny and then walks over to Gwen's table.
<Neil> I was out in the woods back then... has it really been so long?
<Gwen> You Adek? I'm sure you've heard about it..
<Gwen> It's been a while.
<Gwen> Thank god.
<Adek> Stories, of course.. pick up plenty of them wherever you go..
<Gwen> They aren't stories.
<Gwen> They're very real.
<Sabrina> Look, miss, I'm like totally sorry and stuff about the stuff like the..umm..taking your business and stuff. I'm really sorry about that and stuff.
<Gwen> And you know those mech you saw? You know what their main perpose was? Death and destruction.
* Adek shrugs. "Stories. True stories, perhaps, but they're stories."
* Gwen looks at Sabrina. "Okay. Sorry for slapping you."
<Sabrina> Do you really think I'm a bum?
* Gwen bites her tounge and lies "No. Just got mad at you."
<Sabrina> Really?
<Gwen> Yeah.
<Neil> Just what I'm saying... being subservient to all humans is not robotic nature...
* Sabrina smiles.
<Neil> But you seem to know more about this... where were you when it happened?
<Gwen> Um....
<Sabrina> You're like super cool. That girl over there that I was just talking to says she thinks you're fat. I don't really think you're fat. You're much thinner than me.
* Gwen looks away for a minute. "Just, wandering. Like I do now."
<Gwen> She said I was fat?!
<Gwen> Heh. Whatever.
<Sabrina> Yeah. Wasn't that harsh?
<Sabrina> Do you think I look fat?
<Gwen> No. *Lies again :)*
<Neil> I do some of that myself lately..
<Neil> Though, I think I'm just about done with that...
<Gwen> Hmm...
* Neil smiles distantly and mutters again..."50 ships.."
<Gwen> Come again?
<Sabrina> I think I have...I started getting fatter for the past month...I think it had to do with me..umm..having sex with this guy but he gave me this really cool necklace for it!
<Neil> Hmm? Oh, never mind.
<Gwen> Um...kid. I'm going to teach you a little trick. Don' talk about sex with other people like you were talking about school or something.
<Sabrina> Why?
<Gwen> Cuz...well, people will think you're a slut.
<Sabrina> YOU THINK I'M A SLUT?!
* Sabrina begins to cry.
<Gwen> NO!
<Adek> Oh God..
<Gwen> That's why I'm telling you NOT to say that, so people won't think that.
* Gwen mutters something under her breath.
* Neil raids the kitchen for more drinks and passes them around Gwen's table.
<Sabrina> Tell me the truth. Do you think I'm a slut?
<Gwen> No!
<Sabrina> That I'm just some dumb whore?
<Gwen> No no no!
* Gwen buries her head in her hands.
<Sabrina> You're lying. Just like you were lying about me not looking like a bum and me not being fat.
<Gwen> I AM NOT!
* Neil looks at Sabrina.
<Gwen> Girl, believe what you want, but I am not lying! *Lying yet again.*
<Sabrina> I can tell that you're lying. I think I would know whether or not someone was lying or not. I've been lying my entire life. Hell, my entire life is a lie! I mean... umm...
<Gwen> No, you are not a...
* Gwen sighs.
<Gwen> >>The lights begins to flicker again
<Gwen> >>This time, they go out!
<Neil> Actually, by the sound of it, it seems like you're preg... hey, wuzzat?
<Sabrina> What the fuck?
<Sunny> Huh?
<Sunny> Holy Shitholes Batman!
<Gwen> >> The room plunges into darkness, the robots stop singing, people murmur to themselves..
* Neil stands up and falls over.
<Sunny> Robot: When 2 become 11.....uga......
<Gwen> >>The lights flick back on again.
<Gwen> What was that all about.
<Adek> Someone remind me what I'm doing in here again?
<Gwen> >>One of the robots turns to a man...
* Neil finds himself under his chair.
* Neil rights himself.
<Neil> Something's not right here.
<Gwen> >>The robot eyes glow red and he decapitates the man in one slash! Blood spurts out everywhere!
<Sunny> AHH!
<Gwen> What the fuck?!

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