VayRPG Session 10: Interlude #2 - Homecoming

Katarina, Woman, Persons 1 & 2: GMLucca
Meka: Star

Session Start: Sun Jan 18 13:03:45 1998

<GMLucca> Meka, as you recall, your little vessel was blown away by Albert the swordsman, who was suffering from mass dementia..
<GMLucca> >> You're normally a decent swimmer..but a piece of wood hit your head, and you went down!
<GMLucca> >> You felt yourself drift onto shore, barely conscious..
<GMLucca> >> So even though you can't talk, you can still think...barely. ;)
<Meka> . o O (Pottle...)
<GMLucca> >> You hear some people hovering above you, blocking out the warm rays of the sun.
<GMLucca> Person 1: She's hurt, really bad...
<Meka> . o O (.... Move. Cold.)
<GMLucca> Person 2: What should we do with her?
<GMLucca> Person 1: Hey...isn't she... (The voices grow softer, so you cannot hear them as clearly)
<Meka> . o O (Warm! Too cold...)
<GMLucca> Person 1: Yeah, let's do that.
<Meka> . o O (Speak up...)
<GMLucca> >> Someone picks you up, and you can feel the sun again as he carries you downhill...
<Meka> . o O (Where?...)
<GMLucca> >> You black out...
<GMLucca> >> And you have a dream...
<GMLucca> >> In this dream, you're a little girl...
<GMLucca> >> In a village, and it's burning down..
<Meka> Mommy!!!
<GMLucca> >> You keep calling desperately for you mother.
* Meka cries.
<GMLucca> >> And you head into your small house, still calling for notice footprints of blood leading into the house.
* Meka stumbles slightly. "Mommy!!"
<GMLucca> >> The smell of blood and smoke nearly makes you vomit.
<GMLucca> >> Your mother is no where to be found.
* Meka chokes on both smoke and tears...
<GMLucca> >> A door up ahead is slightly ajar..
<GMLucca> >> A smell of blood wafts from that room.
* Meka looks at the door, and cautiously steps to it...
<Meka> Mommy?!
<GMLucca> >> You see your mom, eyes wide open and vacant...with her throat sliced wide open...
* Meka runs to her mom, crying. "Mommy! Wake up! MOMMY!!!"
<GMLucca> >> Your mom doesn't move...she's dead...
<GMLucca> >> And you hear footsteps leading into the house..
* Meka drops to the floor beside her, crying hysterically...
<Meka> Go away! Leave me alone!
<GMLucca> >> A dark shadow is creeping into the room. It's hovering closer, and closer..
<Meka> Go away!!! *sob*
<GMLucca> >> It reaches out to you with it's long, red nails..
<Meka> You're a bad person! Go away!
<GMLucca> >> And then suddenly, just as it's about to grab you, you wake up in the real a small room, in a soft bed...
<Meka> Uh?....
<GMLucca> >> The room is small. A simple bed, a small window, a little vanity with a mirror, and a closet to the side.
<Meka> Where...?
<GMLucca> >> It seems slightly familiar..
* Meka shakes her head... "Pottle?..."
* Meka blinks...
<GMLucca> >> Pottle isn't there. No one is in the room with you.
* Meka calls out softy... "Hello?"
<GMLucca> >> A knock is heard on the door. "Yes miss?"
<Meka> Where am I?
<GMLucca> Voice: Please let me in, miss.
* Meka starts to climb out of bed and pad to the door...
<GMLucca> >> You notice you're not wearing much clothing...just a shirt ^_^
* Meka looks down at herself, makes a frustrated noise, and uses one hand to hold the shirt down around her thighs and the other hand to open the door.
<GMLucca> >> A pretty young maid smiles at you. "You're awake, Miss Meka. We were worried about you."
<Meka> Where am I? MISS Meka?
<GMLucca> Woman: Don't you know? You were lucky you landed so near your mothers little sea house.
<Meka> Mother....
<Meka> Oh!
<GMLucca> Woman: She's here now. She'd like to see you. I brought you some clothes.
<GMLucca> Woman hands you a nice purple dress...nothing fancy.
* Meka takes it, walks bad to the bed, and looks at the maid...
<Meka> Uhm...
<GMLucca> Woman: Please change into that....I'll leave you now. Please call if you need anything.
<Meka> Okay.
<GMLucca> Woman curtsies, then leaves.
<GMLucca> >> And you're alone with your thoughts.
* Meka looks at the dress... "Nice purple..."
<Meka> ... I want Gwen and Pottle....
* Meka feels like she's about to start crying but shakes her head and pulls the dress on....
* Meka settles the dress around her shoulders and does a few poses in front of the mirror....
<Meka> *giggle*
* Meka leaves the room quietly....
<GMLucca> >> The maid smiles and leads you through the house.
<GMLucca> Woman: So, where have you been, Miss Meka?
<GMLucca> Woman: It's not everyday we find out our mistress nearly drowned!
<Meka> Making a living... Please, just Meka. Miss Meka makes me sound upper-class....
<GMLucca> Woman: Of course, Meka.
<Meka> I've had the adventure of a life time. *sighs* And I've lost him. I don't know where he is...
<GMLucca> Woman: Lost who?
<GMLucca> Woman gives Meka a sad look.
<Meka> A man like the wind...
<Meka> Eyes soft as the moon...
* Meka sighs.
<Meka> But I'll never see him again...
<GMLucca> Woman sighs. "Sounds like a nice one."
<GMLucca> Woman: Anyway, through here.
<GMLucca> >> Woman opens a door...
* Meka peeks in...
<GMLucca> >> You see Katarina sitting by a fire, her back turned to you. She's as lovely and elegant as ever.
<GMLucca> Woman: Later...Mi-...Meka.
<GMLucca> Woman curtsies and leaves.
<GMLucca> Katarina: ...Is someone there?
* Meka walks in the room cautiously....
<Meka> Mother...
<GMLucca> Katarina turns around, and smiles slightly. "Ah. Meka. It's good to see you child. Sit down."
* Meka sits down where Katarina indicates...
<GMLucca> Katarina: I was quite worried about you, Meka. What kind of work have you been doing, hmm...
<Meka> Mercinary.
<Meka> I've gotten quite good at it, too.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Perhaps you should nearly got killed, that's for certain..
<Meka> I was traveling with... some people who hired me out. Some pschyo came and bombed our ship...
<GMLucca> Katarina: I heard about him...Albert...was it? He's on several wanted posters in Shadhook..
<Meka> No wonder.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Anything else?
* Meka clentches a fist.
<Meka> He's on my hitlist... Murdering my love....
<GMLucca> Katarina archs an elegant eyebrow. "Love?"
<GMLucca> Katarina: You found someone, Meka?
<Meka> ... He's dead now, Mother. No one could have survived that.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Well, you did...perhaps he did as well. What's his name?
<Meka> Pottle Eccles.
<GMLucca> Katarina:... I see. Quite a coincidence...since i must speak with him.
* Meka's eyes darken. "You so much as disturb a hair on his head, Mother..."
<GMLucca> Katarina: Oh no, Meka...what has he been telling you?
<Meka> You killed his parents, burned his village...
<Meka> I should hate you just because I'm an Elf...
* Meka motions vaguely to her ears.
<GMLucca> Katarina sighs. "Your friend isn't evil...but he is ignorant."
<GMLucca> Katarina: You know that it's the elves who are the cause of all the problems, correct?
* Meka smiles. "It's what you've taught me all along."
<GMLucca> Katarina: Meka, it was the elves who burned down your village and killed your defenseless mother. I saved you from becoming as wicked as them..
<Meka> .... what?.......
<Meka> My own people.... killed... Mom?!
<GMLucca> Katarina: It's true, Meka..
* Meka shakes her head...
<GMLucca> Katarina: You were crying by your mother's body...and one of the elves sneaked into your house to destroy you...but I stopped him in time..
<Meka> But Pottle isn't like them... he tried to protect me...
<GMLucca> Katarina: Pottle simply isn't versed in what the elves can do.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Pottle is lucky in the fact that he spent most of his life amongst humans...he can still be reasoned with...which is why I need your help, Meka...
<Meka> Then can I go back to him?
<GMLucca> Katarina: You can, but...
<Meka> Anything, mother!
* Meka brightens in hope...
<GMLucca> Katarina's eyes darken slightly. "I need you to bring him back here."
<Meka> You won't harm him, will you?...
<GMLucca> Katarina: Of course not...but if you have to take him by force, please do. Let me explain..
* Meka listens tentivly....
<GMLucca> Katarina: I have no intention of harming Pottle, but we must resolve our differences with the pendant. Pottle is too inexperienced to handle the light side of the pendant alone...
<GMLucca> Katarina: Unfortunatly, he will not listen. He needs to be brought here regardless. Once we resolve our problems, I'll let him go.
<Meka> He said you had been looking for it.
<Meka> And I can go with him?
<GMLucca> Katarina: He's correct. I feel, honestly, that i have more experience to handle such an awesome power...once I'm finished with him, Pottle can return to you.
* Meka shakes her head and takes Katarina's hand...
<GMLucca> Katarina: Is that a yes?
<Meka> Promise me. Let me see what Pottle says isn't true, promise me you won't hurt him...
<GMLucca> Katarina: You have my word.
* Meka nods...
<Meka> I'll bring him back...
<GMLucca> Katarina then takes the dark side of the pendant and holds it to her bosom. She chants a few words, then opens her eyes. "He is still alive."
* Meka yells in joy.
<GMLucca> Katarina: He's hurt, but still alive. He's in the tribal village of Bani.
<Meka> Where is he?! :D
<Meka> I'll go right away, yes?!
<GMLucca> Katarina: Don't kidnap him just yet...wait for my signal. I must prepare for his visit.
<Meka> All right...
<GMLucca> Katarina: And yes...go right away.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Godspeed, daughter.
* Meka hugs Katarina. "I won't fail, Mother!"
<GMLucca> Katarina smiles: I know you won't.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Wait, Meka.
* Meka leaves the room, happy and hopeful.
<Meka> Yes?
* Meka turns around.
<GMLucca> Katarina throws her a small amulet. "A transportation talisman. Works only once. It'll take you to where you wish to be."
* Meka catches it...
<Meka> Should I use it once I have Pottle, or now?
<GMLucca> Katarina: "He's in Bani now...along with many other people."
<GMLucca> Katarina: Oh...perhaps I should give you another..
<GMLucca> Katarina throws her another one.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Use that once you have him.
<GMLucca> Katarina: And this.
* Meka catches this one and ties the string it's hanging from around her neck...
<GMLucca> Katarina throws her a small blue colored bottle. "If he hesitates...put this liquid on a small cloth...and hold it to his nose."
<GMLucca> Katarina: Then you shouldn't have a problem.
* Meka puts the bottle in one of her pouches. "Right."
<GMLucca> Katarina: That's all I can do for now. Good luck.
* Meka nods...
* Meka clasps one of the tailsmans... "I wish to be in Bani..."
<GMLucca> >>The tailsman glows, then flares, and you're gone!


Session Close: Sun Jan 18 13:48:15 1998