VayRPG Session 11: Escape from Bani

Gwen, Laura, Pig, Anje, Random NPCS: GMLucca
Alen: Will
Adek: Rasis
Alexis: Bahamut
Neil: Runestar
Sabrina: Danny
Pottle: Talon
Meka: Star
Remy: Jupiter
Sunny: Cecil

Note: From here on, Alexis/Neme/Bahamut took over as Tech GM.

Session Start: Fri Feb 06 17:34:48 1998

<Gwen> >> Alexis and Neil were seperated from the gang when their little ship went "BOOM".
<Gwen> >> But thankfully, and coincidentally...they have just arrived at the island where the others washed up!
<Gwen> >> Unfortunately, they are still unconcious on the beach...
<Gwen> >> But not for long.
* Neil grimaces.
<Gwen> >> A girl goes up to Alexis and starts poking her with a stick.
<Gwen> Girl: She's dead. ^_^
<Gwen> Girl pokes some more.
* Alexis snaps awake and grabs the stick! "Where..? What the...?"
<Alexis> Who are you?
<Gwen> Girl: AAAAAAH! It's alive! It's alive!!
* Neil evacuates his lungs.
<Gwen> Girl: Don't kill me, barnicle lady!!
<Alexis> Of course I'm alive! Where am I?
<Gwen> Girl sniffles.
<Alexis> Don't worry, I won't kill you.
* Neil finishes hacking up salt water and tries to open his eyes.
<Gwen> Girl: You're on the island of Bani. ^_^
<Neil> Ick! Natural light!
* Neil shades his eyes and stumbles into the shade.
* Alexis mumbles.. "Barnicle lady? Gah... where do these people get these things.."
<Gwen> Girl: Are you okay, Barnicle lady?
<Alexis> Bani, eh?
<Gwen> Girl: Uh-huh.
<Alexis> I'm fine. Where's the nearest town?
<Gwen> Girl: Just up this hill...ten minutes away...
* Neil adjusts and sees the girl and Alexis.
* Alexis gets to her feet, and staggers over to Neil. "You alive?"
<Neil> Hey... umm... who the hell are you two?
<Gwen> Girl: ^_^ I'm Laura.
<Gwen> Girl smiles a bit too sweetly.
<Neil> Nice to meet you... I'm, uh, well who I am escapes me for the moment, but I FEEL like crap.
<Neil> Oh yeah, Neil.
<Alexis> Amnesia?
<Neil> Naw, no such luck.
<Alexis> Heh... c'mon... she says there's a town not far from here...
<Gwen> Laura: Come with me! :D I'll take you back!
<Gwen> Laura skips up the hill in a sickenly annoying way, her braids bobbing along.
* Alexis checks to see if she still has her weapon.
* Neil closes his eyes and recites 3 letters - "SFC"... no, all the unpleasant stuff is still there..
<Gwen> >> You still do.
* Neil stumbles up the hill after the people.
* Alexis mutters... "Ugh... kawaiiness sickens me..."
<Gwen> >> You arrive at the town. It's a very tropical, native type place.
<Neil> Oh great... I washed up on Costa Del Sol...
<Alexis> Wow... just like in the brochures...
<Gwen> Laura: What's a brochure?! O_o
<Gwen> >> You both notice a woman is standing outside of a small hunt. She has a long spear and is smoking a ciggarette. You should recognize her!
* Alexis mumbles... "Gwen?"
* Gwen looks up.
<Gwen> Alexis?
<Gwen> O_o You're alive!
* Gwen drops her ciggerette on her foot and cusses.
<Alexis> I'm a born survivor. What's happened?
<Gwen> Well, let's see.
* Gwen stomps the ciggie out with her foot.
<Gwen> We came here...and the natives have this little problem with a monster eating their crops...and the monster turned out to be a giant pig.
<Alexis> Mmmm... sounds imposing...
<Gwen> And then Pottle washed up. He's still knocked out in the hut. Everyone's in there...I just needed a smoke.
<Gwen> Meka is still gone...
* Gwen sighs.
<Gwen> Anyway, why don't you two come in?
* Gwen opens the flap to the hut.
* Alexis wanders on in.
<Gwen> >> Everyone is sort of sitting about in the tent. Pottle is on a small cot...and everyone is looking a little drained...or maybe a little bored.
* Pottle is unconscious, as usual.
* Remy yawns :P
* Sabrina looks up at Alexis and looks back down at her belly.
* Gwen points at Pottle. "I swear...all he does is get himself into trouble."
* Alen snores on a corner.
* Sunny wanders about.
* Alexis stares blankly around the room... "My, don't we look like an inspired group..."
<Pottle> Zzzz....fuck you, Gwen...zzzz....
* Gwen points to Alexis and Neil. "They're ALIVE, morons."
* Neil draws something up on some parchment.
* Gwen growls at Pottle.
<Sabrina> So?
* Remy raises an eyebrow at Alexis. :P
<Neil> Just in case..
* Adek looks up from his unhappy examination of his new sword and smiles. "Hey, you two."
<Sunny> We fought a pig!
<Sabrina> We're alive too. I don't see anyone making a big deal out of that...
<Remy> Inspired, mon ami?....I'm so inspired, I want to have a nap. ^_^
<Gwen> >> Suddenly, a jug of water falls off a shelf, right on to Alen's head!
<Neil> Wow, a pig? Umm... wait a second... um. Why?
<Gwen> Don't ask.
<Alexis> So, since I haven't been around. What's the plan?
<Neil> Ok
<Alen> AAH! O_O
* Gwen jumps when Alen screams.
<Gwen> Dude, lower the decibels!
* Alen looks traumatized, sitting on the floor with his eyes wide open and all wet.
* Remy smirks at Alen.
<Neil> Yeah, I mean people will wonder enough as it is with ten of us in one tent :P
<Alen> My head... my head.... O_o
<Gwen> But anyway...we can't get off this little happy coconut hole til we defeat this monster..
<Neil> Ack... don't remind me.
* Neil rubs the side of his head.
* Alen groans.
<Neil> That's the last time I expect water to break my fall.
<Remy> Hm. I have a hankering for bacon. :P
* Alen looks around.
* Gwen looks at Remy and smirks.
<Alen> ...?
* Neil raises an eyebrow.
* Remy grins.
<Sabrina> You too, Remy? I also have one for eggs, bread, pancakes, a side of hash browns, some coffee, orange juice, sausage, milk, and ham!
<Alen> Where are we?
<Gwen> >> Suddenly, you hear a strange sound from outside...
* Alexis looks outdoors...
<Gwen> >> Almost a shimmering sound...then pop.
<Neil> Haven't you been listening Alen? We're on a little happy coconut... Uh, what was that?
* Remy blinks..
<Gwen> >> Then suddenly, Meka appears out of nowhere..and gracelessly lands in a mud puddle.
<Alen> We're on a coconut? O_O
* Meka coughs.
<Meka> Hiya.
<Neil> Whoa.
<Alen> I thought we were on a ship!!
<Neil> Hello.
<Gwen> No, Alen. We're on a guava...WHAT DO YOU THINK?
* Meka looks at her bland, MODEST, light purple dress...
* Remy helps Meka :P
<Meka> Can someone get me some decent clothes? I hate this. :P
<Gwen> Meka, where the HELL have you been?
* Remy glances at Sabrina. "Jeezus." :P
<Meka> Thanks, Remy. :>
* Alen rubs his head.
* Gwen has to admit, she made quite an entrance.
<Alen> How did we get here? O_o
<Remy> No problem, chere.
<Neil> Um, somehow I don't think my clothes will fit you :P
<Gwen> Anje looks out from the hut. "What's going on?"
<Sabrina> What else do you expect, Remy? I'm pregnant! Duh!
<Meka> I... was rescued by my... Mother.
<Meka> Never mind.
<Gwen> Mother?
* Remy grins evilly. "I just thought you were pleasantly plump, Sabrina.."
* Remy ducks :P
<Meka> It's not important...
<Gwen> Okay Meka.
* Meka looks away...
<Meka> Pottle?
<Gwen> Pottle? He's inside...he's sorta out of it...
<Neil> Hmm.
<Gwen> *psst* He keeps calling your name in his sleep!
* Sabrina glares at Remy. "YOU SON OF A....." She then stops and sighs.
<Remy> Sorry, Sabrina. :P
<Sabrina> Don't even talk to me.
* Remy hauls a rose out of his pouch and offers it to Sabrina.
* Meka blushes...
<Meka> Can I see him?
* Neil walks towards Meka for a couple steps, shakes his head, and walks back to the tent.
<Gwen> Yeah, sure.
* Gwen opens the flap to the tent, and heads back inside.
* Neil scribbles on his parchment a little more.
* Meka ducks into the tent and goes right to Pottle's side and takes his hand...
* Neil examines the canvas the tent is made of.
<Neil> I wonder...
* Neil hops outside.
<Neil> Anyone know what kind of wind this tent will stand up to?
* Sabrina takes out her emerald necklace and looks at it.
<Gwen> Um....I don't.
<Alexis> No clue..
<Neil> It looks a little thicker than an ordinary sail...
* Pottle clenches Meka's hand tightly in his sleep.
<Gwen> Anje: Hmm..
<Sabrina> Who the hell cares?
<Neil> Uhm.. I care.
* Alen stands up rather wobbily and stumbles over to the entrance of the tent.
* Adek grins slightly. "I'm sure you could blow on it until it collapsed, and find out."
* Neil examines the thickness again.
* Pottle moans and comes to...
<Sabrina> And I thought I was a smart ass, Adek.
* Gwen laughs and pats Adek on the back. "Good one."
<Neil> Well, I guess if this material is too thin, I can find a better one.
* Meka winces slightly at the pressure on her hand, but smiles...
* Neil goes back to scribbling.
<Meka> Pottle?
<Pottle> ...Meka?
* Meka brushes a lock of hair out of his face.
* Alen tugs on Gwen's sleeve
<Gwen> Yeah, Alen?
<Pottle> You're here...*smile*
* Gwen turns around.
* Adek chuckles. "Ah, Sabrina.. there's a difference between a smart ass.. and an ass. You're the former.. I suppose I'm the latter."
<Meka> Yeah...
<Alen> Why are we on a giant coconut, how did we get here and why does my hurt head so much? -_-
<Gwen> What's the ass is an ass...
<Pottle> How long have I been out...
<Sabrina> Then you're saying I'm smart and you're not. No complaints.
<Gwen> .....Well, at least he's back to his...normal self
<Neil> Hmm... a sail will not work...
<Gwen> Okay, we are on an island WITH coconuts...our boat sunk...and a jar hit your head.
<Remy> Normal? Heh.
* Adek blinks. "Hey. Wait a sec.. I didn't mean.. er.. I.. you.. doh."
<Meka> I don't know...
<Meka> I just got back.
* Remy grins an leans against a pole holding the tent up.
<Neil> But if I trap the... oh! But... hmm, what about forward..
* Meka looks at her ugly dress.
* Sabrina smirks and looks down at her necklace again.
* Neil frowns and continues scribbling.
<Alen> A jar hit my head on the boat and we sunk into a coconut island?
* Gwen still wonders how Meka was able to teleport here.
<Gwen> .....nevermind Alen. You just go on being clueless.
* Alen is confused and woozy ^_^
<Meka> Heh... I want my usually outfit...
<Neil> Yes Meka, I'm interested in that too...
* Remy twirls a rose in his hand. :)
<Gwen> Anje pulls Alen aside and explains very slowly what happened.
<Meka> In what? :P
<Neil> And your dress really isn't bad..
<Alen> Okay.... but I wish you would tell me where we're going the next time... -_-
<Neil> :P
* Pottle laughs..."I like that outfit myself, Meka. ;>"
<Neil> How'd you get here?
<Meka> Oh...
<Meka> Well... It doesn't really matter.
* Alen looks at Anje, his right eye twitching.
<Pottle> Hey, you're cute no matter what. :>
<Gwen> Anje: O_o Don't do that with your eye!
<Neil> Just wondering... if we could teleport I'd better stop drawing up these right away ^_^
<Meka> I was hired out while I was gone. I... finished the job, and my employee transported me here.
<Meka> Okay?
* Meka looks nervous.
<Neil> Oh.
<Gwen> Your employer likes you to do the job in a dress?
<Alen> But why don't I remember? O_o'
<Pottle> the truth, Meka? ;>
<Gwen> Anje hmms...
<Neil> Hmm.
<Sabrina> Wow, that must have been a simple job.
<Neil> Wait.
<Gwen> Anje: Maybe cuz a jug hit your head?
<Neil> We shouldn't drill her like this.
<Neil> One person..
<Pottle> Or does your employer like you dressed up for some odd...eesh, reason...
<Neil> Uh..
<Gwen> I don't WANT to even KNOW, Pottle.
<Neil> The rest of us should, um, beat it.
<Neil> Er..
<Gwen> Beat it?
<Meka> I washed up half-naked, for your information. :P
<Neil> That sounded wrong..
<Neil> LEAVE.
* Alen rubs his head.
* Gwen thinks horrid thoughts O_o
* Sabrina mutters. "I'm sure I know where she was with her 'employer'."
<Remy> Can we get back to the discussion of how to defeat that pig?
<Gwen> Oh yes. The pig....yeah, how do we beat it?
<Meka> My employer was female, thank you very much.
<Pottle> . o O (Something seems odd.)
<Alen> If you say so -_-
<Gwen> I really don't want my weapons to be eaten all over again.
<Sabrina> We were on that conversation, Remy?
* Meka gets indignant.
* Alen looks at Gwen.
<Alen> I can beat a pig! ^_^
<Adek> We'll have to outsmart it.. if we get close enough, it'll die just like anything else... I hope.
* Neil shakes his head.
* Neil scribbles some more.
<Alexis> Dig a big pit with spikes, and lure/goad it into running into it.
<Gwen> .....Could work.
<Meka> And I want my old clothes! I can't fight in this!
<Gwen> But do we have the manpower to build one?
<Neil> Hey, umm, how do ya move forward...
<Neil> I know, stupid question...
<Meka> It's too much bulk...
<Alen> Why don't we just run in and defeat it?
<Adek> One heck of a pain in the rear, though. Digging a pit's a lot of effort..
<Gwen> Cuz that's the stupid way, Alen.
<Alexis> Big pits work great... my mentor and I used to make great use of 'em.
<Sabrina> Adek, I doubt you'd be able to outsmart, being that you said you weren't smart.
<Alen> I can beat a pig by myself, really ^_^
<Meka> A pig.
<Gwen> >> Suddenly, a native comes in screaming in a foriegn toungue... reaaaaally loudly!
<Pottle> Yeah, Alen...maybe if it's dead on your plate.
<Neil> Hmm.
* Neil stands up.
<Gwen> OH GOD. My ears are bleeding..
<Gwen> Shit shit shit!
* Neil annoys everyone by walking across the center of the tent.
<Alexis> I bet that's our que...
<Gwen> Native: Nookie wookie ^(+^*)(?$
<Gwen> ....
* Sabrina cringes in pain when the native screams.
<Gwen> What...?
<Neil> ACK.
* Adek looks at Sabrina. "Don't push it, kid. I.. uh.. oh, hell."
<Gwen> >> The girl, Laura, comes back in.
<Neil> How can I do kinematics with that screaming?
<Gwen> Laura: Hi!
<Alen> Nookie wookie woo?
<Neil> Hi Laura.
<Alexis> Hi, Laura.
<Gwen> Man: YIbber jibbeee nookie woookiesss AAAAAAAAH!
* Gwen can't help laughing.
<Alen> Ah ^_^
<Neil> What's this person saying?
* Remy blinks.
<Gwen> Laura: Want me to tell you what he's saying? Okay.
* Alen looks at Neil.
<Alen> That's obvious =P
<Alen> He's saying Yibber jibbee nookie wookie ^_^
<Gwen> Laura: Well, basically, the pig is back...and now he wants a human to sacrifice themselves so he can eat them ^_^
* Pottle pulls himself from the cot and realizes he's in his boxers. *blush*
<Gwen> Larua: So we gotta choose one!
* Alexis smacks Alen! "Shut up you idiot!"
<Neil> Hmmmm..
* Neil looks at Alen evilly.
<Remy> Yer kidding, right? :P
<Neil> Sacrifice?
<Alen> Ow! O_o;;
<Neil> hmmmmmmmmm..
<Gwen> Laura: Oh! And I choose....YOU! *Points at Adek*
<Adek> To a PIG?
<Remy> O_o
<Gwen> Laura: You've got a lotta meat on ya!
<Neil> Hey!
<Remy> Take me ^_^
* Adek stares at Laura, and laughs. "You're kidding, right?"
* Pottle pulls on his pants.
* Alexis doesn't quite believe it... "Man-eating pigs?"
<Gwen> Anje stares at Pottle.. O_o
<Neil> If anyone's going to be sacrificed here, it's the wise one :P
<Alen> Why don't we sacrifice the pig so we can eat it instead? =D
* Meka looks politely away...
<Gwen> >> Some guards with pikes grab Adek!
<Neil> Seriously though.
<Gwen> Hey!
* Pottle looks at Anje..."What are you thinking? :P"
<Gwen> Anje: Nothing!
<Remy> Hey, you pricks! :P
* Pottle hrmphs..."Perverted little..."
<Meka> Don't ask me what I'm thinking, Pottle... *choke*
<Alexis> Hey! Hey! Hey! Let him go!
<Neil> I don't feel like sacrificing one of us..
<Gwen> Laura: I'm sorry and all that...but the pig says he'll leave us alone!
<Sabrina> I'm surprised they didn't pick me to be sacrificed...
* Meka blushes deep red.
<Alexis> The pig... talks?
* Adek tries to rip the arm he was still holding his sword in free. "Hey, let me go, you primitive son of a whore!"
<Gwen> Laura: Of course it talks?
* Pottle grabs his Mediterranean style tieup shirt and looks at Meka.
* Alen looks at Alexis O_o
<Alen> Pigs don't talk, they squeal ^_^
<Pottle> Interesting thought...later. ;>
<Gwen> Guard: O_o Watch it, you son of a submariner!
<Gwen> .....
<Neil> Hmm..
* Meka giggles.
* Pottle pulls on his shirt and ties it at the chest.
* Remy growls. :P
<Gwen> >>The guards drag Adek out!
<Alen> Hey!!
<Alexis> Well... talking pigs are just wrong... Let's kill it and be done with the matter.
<Gwen> Laura: Bye bye now!
<Gwen> Laura skips away.
<Remy> We can't let Adek become pig bait, damnit!
<Neil> The pig will leave us alone.
* Pottle puts on his boots and ties them..."Okay, let's go. ;>"
* Alen waves his arms around.
<Gwen> I dunno, it's rather tempting ^_^
<Neil> But we will not leave IT alone.
<Alen> I wanna eat pig too!
<Sabrina> Good, we don't need any dumb-asses in our group anyways. :P
<Gwen> Wait, that's Sabrina I'm thinking of.
* Pottle pulls his cloak around himself and ties it at the neck.
* Remy blinks at Gwen. "Uh..." :P
<Alen> Why does he get to have all the fun?
<Neil> Be warned, swine grunts..
* Adek is drug off, his protests rather vocal as his voice fades with distance.
<Neil> You will be the first to DIE.
* Meka shakes her head...
<Gwen> ....Neill....umm...
<Gwen> That was really really lame..
* Neil looks at Gwen.
<Sabrina> Thanks alot, you stupid bitch!
<Neil> What?
* Gwen ahems and walks out of the hut. "Let's just go already!"
<Alen> Yeah! =D
* Sabrina glares at Gwen.
* Neil packs up his parchment and marches after the guards.
* Meka takes Pottle's hand...
* Pottle grabs his sword and sheath and attaches it..."Vamanos!"
<Meka> I'm so cold...
* Alen hops out merrily, not having the least idea of what's going on and enjoying it immensely ^_^
<Gwen> Vamanos?
<Gwen> Huh?
<Pottle> ...cold? Why, Meka? It's warm...
<Pottle> means "Let's go!"
<Gwen> Yeah, it's humid....What's up Mek?
* Neil throws a cloak over Meka.
<Neil> It's warm.. none of us need this I think ^_^
<Gwen> little spanish 101 I guess.
* Meka takes it and wraps it around herself...
<Meka> I guess I'm getting ill or something...
* Pottle wraps an arm around Meka's waist...
<Neil> Hmm.
<Gwen> Well, you nearly died at sea....
<Gwen> Okay, this is the plan...
<Pottle> I hope you're okay.
<Gwen> We follow them...
<Gwen> But keep very quiet...okay?
<Neil> Why?
<Neil> :P
<Gwen> Cuz they might fight us if we interfere.
* Pottle yells loudly. "Okay!"
* Meka hugs Pottle, sighing...
<Neil> Ok, I'll be quiet :P
* Pottle smirks.
<Gwen> >>The guards look around.
<Gwen> You dumb shit!
* Gwen pulls Pottle into a bush.
<Pottle> Bite me, Gwen...
<Alexis> Incompetant...
* Neil is behind a tree or something.
<Gwen> Go suck your left nut and make your right one jealous, Pottle!
<Gwen> Unlike you, I actually give a shit about Adek's life!
<Pottle> Stick your tongue up yer hole and let it pop out yer ass...
<Gwen> >>The guards stop looking around, and continue to drag Adek up the path
<Gwen> Shut up Pottle, just shut up..
<Gwen> Selfish arrogant bastard.
* Meka blushes madly, letting all this run through her imagination...
* Gwen gets up and goes back to the path.
* Neil thwaps the tree and acquires a Coconut (small variety, not island-sized :P), which he hurls softly at Pottle.
* Alexis hisses! "Must we suffer this petty infighting!?"
* Sabrina is still holding onto her emerald necklace while waiting.
* Neil trudges on after the guards.
* Adek hears the shout, and tries to distract the guards by redoubling his tirade, using colorful phrases such as "If your head wasn't shoved halfway up you ass.."
* Pottle grabs it, uses his sword to pop a hole in it, and drinks the milk, offering some to Meka.
* Alen catches up with the guards and asks if he can help with whatever they're doing ^_^
<Gwen> Guard starts speaking in spanish! D'oh! :D You're outta luck, Adek ^_^
* Pottle begins translating the Spanish ;>
<Gwen> Alen!
* Meka accepts it and drinks a tiny bit. :>
<Gwen> You dumb...argh..
* Neil should have saved the coconut for Alen...
<Gwen> Guard starts speaking to Alen in spanish ^_^
<Pottle> "Shove your dick up your ass...?"
<Pottle> That guard's got a mouth...
* Neil look at his feet.
* Alen blinks.
* Neil pokes Gwen.
* Gwen mutters. "And you don't...hypocrite..."
<Gwen> Yeah Neil?
* Neil speaks quietly.
<Neil> Umm..
<Pottle> Chupa mi bicho, puta.
<Neil> What am I doing here... pushing against the ground?
<Gwen> >> You realize Anje is not with you. She must have stayed behind with Sunny ^_^
<Neil> Why do I go forward?
<Gwen> I don't know Neil....
* Sabrina watches Alen and sighs. She walks slowly to Gwen and follows behind her.
<Neil> Hmm..
<Neil> Maybe there's some sort of stick-force-thing going between my feet and the ground..
* Alen sighs, frustrated, and goes to ask Gwen if he knows what the guard is doing so he can help.
<Gwen> But unless we want the empire ovethrowing hte world...we gotta press on...even though half of this bunch just happens to be morons.
* Pottle grabs Alen and throttles him.
<Sabrina> Gwen?
<Neil> ..and when I try to move my feet against the stick-force-thing I "accidentally" push myself forward...
<Alen> AAH! Ow! Ow! Stop that!
* Gwen hmms.
<Gwen> I think I just went off on a tangent. Nevermind.
* Alen jumps back and rubs his head.
<Sabrina> I'm sorry for what I said earlier....
<Gwen> ...Me too, Sabrina..
* Meka loosens her whip in it's holder...
<Neil> ...but then there's no stick-force-stuff in the air... so you really can't move there...
* Alexis mutters... "I'm surprised Adek isn't dead by now... all this foolery.."
<Neil> But... that's not right...
<Gwen> >> You continue up the seems to be leading up to the volcanic mountain in the islands center.
* Meka shivers again...
* Neil looks at Meka.
<Neil> You don't look well...
* Pottle hugs Meka and holds her close..."Are you alright?"
* Neil frowns.
<Meka> Yeah. Just... never mind.
<Neil> Meka..
<Neil> You're not alright.
<Pottle> Meka...tell me...please?
* Adek again starts shouting from up ahead. "What the hell are you doing, dragging me to some oversized suana? Dammit! Let me go, and I'll take you all out, you blasted swine-worshippers!"
* Sabrina looks down at her necklace while following Gwen and sheds a small tear which hits the larger emerald.
<Neil> It's like 80 degrees out and you're freezing in a cloak.
<Gwen> She's nervous.
* Gwen sighs. "What is it, Mek?"
<Neil> Hmm..
<Neil> Yes.
<Neil> Pottle, talk to her.
<Meka> Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
<Gwen> Yeah, loverboy. Talk.
<Neil> The rest of us should get out of the way.
<Pottle> She don't get like this...*hugs her*
<Alen> Uh...?
* Alen tugs on Alex's sleeve.
* Neil jogs up ahead.
<Alexis> What?
<Alen> Why is Adek shouting?
<Gwen> >>The guards start whacking Adek to shut him up, cussing in spanish.
<Pottle> Bullshit, Meka...dammit, talk to me!
<Alexis> Well, I suppose if he were about to be killed, that might be one reason...
<Neil> Actually, the rest of us, run! We know where they're going, let's bust these guards up.
<Pottle> "Your mother sucks her own dick?" Colorful. I like ;>
<Gwen> Damn...
<Alen> He's going to be killed? O_O
<Alen> We have to save him!
* Adek keeps fighting to get free, obviously not doing to well as he keeps getting nailed, but doesn't let up his own string of insults.
<Meka> I didn't finish my last job, all right?
<Alexis> Well... yeah... what did you think they were doing?
<Sabrina> Pottle, I think you have more to worry about than translating what they're saying.
<Gwen> Did Adek just say. "Emphgh.. pass the peas.. "
<Meka> I'm just nervous about being able to finish the job. I got paid in advance.
<Pottle> . o O (She's lying...bah, can't do any harm. I'll just leave her alone.)
* Alen hmms.
<Pottle> Okay...
<Gwen> >>The path leads into a field..and it's now going downhill.
* Neil shouts. "Hey, guards! Yes, you, with the colorful vocabulary. No! Not you Adek!"
<Gwen> Guards: ?
* Alen takes out his bow with a barely audible clink.
<Meka> I love you, Pottle...
<Alen> Let's go ^_^
* Neil draws his axe.
<Adek> That's.. ow! Right, you stupid pig fuckers! I'll tear you apart with my bare hands! God damned pig! I bet.. ow! I bet I know WHY you worship the thing.. ow!
* Alexis draws her sword... "Oh shit... I hadn't planned on this..."
<Gwen> Guards: $*)%*_$^%)($*%
<Gwen> Wow...
<Gwen> Thank god they speak spanish...that'd make even ME blush!
<Pottle> Love you too...
<Pottle> . o O (Even though I wish Phoebe was alive...)

== COMBAT! ==

* Sabrina straps her claws on.
* Gwen whips out her spear.
* Meka takes out her whip.
* Pottle draws his sword and snaps the hilt into place.
<Alexis> >> Native Guards (2)
* Pottle assumes defensive position in front of Meka.
* Gwen twirls her spear around menancingly.
<Alen> Hey, hey, wait!
* Remy leans on his bo :P
<Gwen> What Alen?
<Alen> Weren't we going to kill the pig? O_o
* Meka sighs.
<Gwen> They're blocking the way, Alen!
<Alen> But they're not bad guys!
* Remy coughs and whispers. "They have Adek too, ya know."
<Gwen> They're trying to kill us, idiot!
<Alen> -_-
* Gwen bops Alen on the head, hard!
<Gwen> Just fight!
<Remy> Yah! Lets kick some ass!
<Alen> Okay... :|
<Gwen> Some spanish ass?
<Gwen> ..hehe. Si si!
* Remy grins.
* Neil works the kinks out of his hands.
<Neil> I think I'm getting carpel tunnel syndrome..
* Remy grins and starts twirling his bo.
<Gwen> Guards start taunting you in fun and quirky ways!
<Gwen> Guards: Mueren! Mueren!
<Gwen> What's that mean, Pottle?
* Neil whispers to pottle from behind. "What is that gesture they're making?"
<Pottle> "Die! Die!"
* Alexis attacks!
<Alexis> Critical! 56...
<Alexis> 2nd - 28...
<Gwen> The guards then say something that sounds like "argshgds! argshgds!"
* Sabrina begins to chant lowly to herself, and a cold wind stirs up around her. The wind rushes over to Guard 1 and surrounds him.
<Alexis> Sabrina casts Freezyr! Guard 1 is muted!
<Gwen> Ooooh. Not bad.
* Pottle looks at the guards..."You pklepie are damn huge vultires."
<Gwen> >>Soldier 1 clutches his throat and tries to talk. Soldier 2 mutters "argshgds".
* Meka growls and raises her hands. The wind picks up, and begins crackling with static electricity! "SHOCK!"
<Alexis> 93 damage to Guard 1...
* Gwen snickers.
* Pottle kneels begins muttering in the arcane...
* Gwen twirls her spear about and a icy blue hue swirls about her, transforming into ice crystals that slam into soldier one! "Chill!"
* Neil stands behind pottle and mutters in more arcane.
<Alexis> 49 damage, Guard 1 is slain...
<Gwen> Hee hee ^_^
<Remy> Go Gwen! ^_^;
* Neil ACKS, stupid *@$$^@%#$.... these things will pay for making my hands hurt..
<Gwen> Soldier two cusses in Spanish!
* Neil considers just using his axe.
* Remy chuckles softly and grins mischeviously at Guard 2. He dashes in quickly, brings his bo down on a dangerous arc and uses a Low Thrust on Guard 2.
<Gwen> What is he saying now?
<Pottle> ¡Puta sucia! to you too!
<Sabrina> I think I'll mute him too...He's too loud.
* Remy leaps back. ^_^
<Pottle> He said "dirty bitch".
<Gwen> Oh yeah? FUCK YOU TWO, YOU Moose cock!
* Gwen looks proud. ^_^
<Meka> Damn straight, asshole! :P
<Alexis> 71 damage to Guard 2...
<Gwen> It's a good thing Sunny isn't here...
<Alen> Oooh....
<Gwen> I think all this cursing would prompt her to get drunk.
<Remy> Take that, ^_^
<Sabrina> Can you guys keep down the swearing? My child can hear what you're saying....I think...
* Alen forms a ball of soul magic in his hands and shoots it at Guard 2. "Projection!"
<Gwen> Guard looks pissed off now
<Gwen> >>Not like he wasn't before.
<Remy> Haha! :P
* Gwen snickers along with Remy. "Wimp! You can't even attack!"
<Alexis> Holy fuck! 172 damage...
<Meka> WEEE!
<Remy> Show off :P
* Alen smiles proudly ^_^
* Remy ponders kicking Alen's ass. :P
<Pottle> ...
<Pottle> Owch.
<Gwen> O_o These guys are rather weak..
* Remy twirls his bo. "More fun for us, chere."
<Alen> Wooo! =D
* Neil is stunned, and waves his hands to finish off the last guard- Poison!
<Alexis> >> Poison fails...
* Neil shrugs.
* Pottle completes his spell...
<Neil> Sorry... a little distracted.
* Pottle raises his hands in the air, calling forth the spirit of the Fire Elemental...his hands begin to glow, and he unleashes a pillar of flame on Native Guard 2! "¤BLAZE!"
<Gwen> Guard: Aii aii aii!
<Neil> Alen, you're a wise ass, but you've learned something I want to know.
<Neil> :P
<Remy> Wimpy-assed guard... ^_^
* Alen looks at Neil =P
<Alen> What? ^_^
* Gwen grins.
<Alexis> 45 damage...
<Neil> Your soul projection thing..
<Neil> :P
<Alexis> Guard 2 is slain...

== Victory! 10 Exp, 6 Gp & 16 TP ==

<Remy> Right on!
<Alen> Yeah! =D
<Meka> YES!
<Neil> I mean..
* Gwen twirls her pike and grins.
* Remy puts his bo away and grins in that sexy charming way of his ;)
<Gwen> You all right, Adek?
<Neil> That amount of damage is not for weaklings :)
* Gwen grins back.
* Alen twirls his bow stylishly and accidentally whacks the nearest unfortunate on the head with it.
* Neil sighs
<Remy> OW O_o
<Neil> Oh well..
* Remy dies of brain damage :P
<Neil> Pottle?
<Neil> Oh, forget Pottle.
<Neil> How's Meka?
* Neil looks around.
<Meka> I'm fine, Neil.
<Neil> Ok.
* Adek sighs. "I'm fine, Gwen. Thanks all of you."
* Remy hums and thwaps Alen. :P
<Alen> Ow!
<Neil> Then let's find the pig.
<Alen> Why does everyone hit me? O_o
* Neil kicks the pig suckers distastefully into the sauna :P
<Alen> Yeah! Let's find the pig! ^_^
<Remy> Cause its fun :P
* Alen sticks his tongue out at Remy.
* Gwen pats Adek on the back. "Glad to help.
<Remy> ^_-
<Remy> Wow.....6 GP in split like 6 GP each....oh boy. :P
<Alexis> Those poor saps were broke...
<Alexis> What a rip...
<Gwen> Let's keep going...we got a piggie to kill.
<Meka> Let's have some ham...
* Adek winces, straightening up, smiling as he mutters. "Blasted sons of.."
<Remy> Yah! Lets get some baaaaaaacon.
<Gwen> >>You continue down the leads into another beach...lined with coconut also notice 2 really funky looking statues by the shoreline.
<Neil> Statues...?
* Neil examines the statues.
<Remy> Hrm.
<Gwen> >>And below, you see the pig bashing into the coconut trees, knocking them over!
<Alen> Wow! A Moai! =D
<Adek> That's the pig?
<Neil> Hmm.
<Remy> Damn...that bugger is DUMB...
<Gwen> That's the pig.
* Alen jumps up and down looking at the statues.
<Gwen>'s could a pig knock down a tree in one blow?
<Pottle> ...let's try magic this time.
* Alen stops jumping and looks down.
<Remy> Why would it WANT to, though? :P
<Neil> That I can handle.
<Neil> Um..
<Gwen> >>The pig sniffs at you!
<Neil> Because it likes coconuts?
<Remy> Ack.
* Meka is low on magic...
<Alen> What a weird pig =P
<Meka> I'll stick to offense.
* Adek looks indignant. "They were going to feed me to THAT?"
<Neil> You may still get your chance.
<Gwen> Pig: You again? Think you're pretty tough eh? Beat some natives and now you think you're hot stuff!
<Alen> Yeah! =D
* Gwen rolls her eyes.
* Remy grins and a little flame dances on his finger. "I am hot stuff, pig fuck."
<Alexis> Gah! It really does talk!
* Meka looks at her stat sheet...
<Gwen> Yeah, we think we're a lot better than some stupid pig who likes to ram itself into trees.
<Remy> Definately!
<Alen> I'd never seen a talking pig before ^_^
<Gwen> Pig: Well, you don't know who you're dealing with! Since you seem to have so much trouble fighting a pig...let me show you something cool!
<Adek> Listen, you arrogant swine! Just because you're sleeping with the damn natives doesn't mean WE'RE going to fall down and worship you too!
<Neil> It's Mr. Ed... reincarnated... umm... Mr. Dead?
<Gwen> ....sleeping...Adek....ew..
<Meka> Bacon. Bacoooooooooooon...
* Remy raises an eyebrow. "Sleeping with the natives?..."
* Pottle looks at Adek and laughs!!!
<Gwen> >> Suddenly a blackish light shoots out of the pig!
<Meka> Mooo!
<Remy> O_o
* Meka moos at the pig. :P
<Alen> O_O
<Meka> Heifer!
<Gwen> >> The pig plops to the ground, quite dead...and the black light enters one of the two statues!
<Neil> Fuck..
<Neil> Stand back.
<Gwen> >>And the statue's eyes glow red..and it comes after you!
<Alen> It wasn't the pig!
<Gwen> Aww....damn...
* Pottle decides to gut the pig and get his weapons later.
<Remy> O_o
* Alen jumps up and down.
* Meka acks...
<Remy> Fuccccckkkk.
* Remy draws his bo.
<Alen> It's a monster!
<Adek> Oh.. hell!
<Pottle> Demon! Who are you?!
<Gwen> Statue: And now...I'll happily feast on your innards!
<Neil> And it all started when a native slept against the demon statue........
<Gwen> thank you.

== COMBAT! ==

<Alexis> >> Obsidian Monolith
* Adek draws his sword, bringing it up to a rather ineffectual fighting stance for this type of blade.
* Gwen twirls her spear and grins.
* Adek frowns, then lowers it to a more conventional position, still looking pissed.
* Meka flicks her whip, making a cracking noise... "Time for a real workout."
* Remy grins and crouches low...
* Remy tries to figure out, while in battle, how to win Gwen's heart. :P Distracting... :P
* Alexis attacks!
<Alexis> 10 damage...
<Alexis> 2nd... 12 damage...
<Gwen> ...I think we're quite dead...
<Remy> Bah.
* Alen looks at Gwen.
<Neil> No, I just think that statues have a hell of a defense rating.
* Gwen blushes and starts chanting, getting an idea.
* Neil smacks his forehead.
<Alen> No monster is going to get me after 1000 years! ^_^
<Alexis> I'm a born survivor. I won't lose...
<Neil> Where did that come from?
* Remy raises an eyebrow at Gwen. "Better to go down fighting." :P
<Pottle> Try magic! You're hitting STONE!
<Gwen> True!
<Adek> I don't think we want to physically go after.. exactly, Pottle!
<Pottle> Hrm...Stone...stone...
* Sabrina holds up her emerald necklace, facing the statue. She screams something in an archaic language and sparks of energy shoot out at the statue.
<Pottle> Anyone have Wind or Water?
<Alexis> 23 damage...
<Alen> I have Wind! =D
<Pottle> Use it! Stone crumbles against Wind!
<Gwen> I have water..
<Remy> Wouldn't fire melt stone..?
<Pottle> No...
<Adek> No, Remy. Ever see a fireplace?
<Pottle> Think one thing..."Erosion."
<Remy> No, Adek.
* Remy's eyes go cold for a second and he turns away, eyeing the statue.
* Adek blinks. "'ve never seen a fireplace? Yeesh.."
* Gwen hmms.
<Gwen> ^_^ We'll make sure you see one!
* Meka raises a hand, and it suddenly combusts! She throws the fireball at the enemy. "Burn, baby, burn!"
<Alexis> >> 25 damage...
* Adek starts to mutter under his breath.
* Remy notes Gwen's comment and grins a little. :P
* Gwen twirls her spear in the air, and the icy blue hue returns. She fires the ice crystals at the statue! "Chill!"
* Pottle examines Meka's hand for burns :P
<Meka> Nope. :P
* Meka holds her hand up to Pottle.
<Alexis> 14 damage...
<Meka> Argh...
<Pottle> Heh, not bad, Now we'll see how I do, eh?
<Gwen> What are we missing here..
* Pottle grabs a scroll and begins reciting his Blaze spell.
<Gwen> >> Sabrina suddenly is gone!
* Remy chants lowly and his red eyes deepen in their mist begins flowing his dark red eyes and Remy smiles almost evilly. 1"Here's where I cook your ass, mon ami!" He casts ¤Flame bolt on Statue dude.
* Alen scratches his head and wonders whether to choose Shock or Projection..
<Neil> Fire is a rather unsophisticated burn :P
<Alexis> 25 damage...
<Neil> Now if mine would only WORK...
* Gwen arghs.
<Remy> 25 damage! Yah!
<Alexis> >> Obsidian Monolith Attacks...
<Gwen> Look out!
<Remy> Err?
<Alexis> >> Maul!
* Alen...
* Alen makes up his mind and starts doing quick gestures with his hand, forming a ball of soul magic again.
<Alexis> 15 damage... Comdemned... 30 actions until death...
<Alen> Ah!
<Gwen> Alen!
* Alen bounces back.
<Remy> Cripes O_o
<Alen> That hurt... ugh...
* Alen finishes and shoots the magic ball at the Monolith. "Take this!!"
* Neil takes a deep breath and prepares for his spell.
<Alexis> 50 damage...
<Gwen> ?! Not bad, Alen!
* Neil shouts- POISON dammit!
<Alen> Thanks =)
<Alexis> >> Obsidian Monolith is poisoned... also 1 damage...
<Gwen> You can't poison sto- ...nevermind..
<Alexis> >> Adek...
* Neil glares.
* Adek points his sword at the sky, then swings it down and around behind himself, finally bring it back up to point at the statue, a jolt of electricity flying from its end as he does so.
<Neil> I wonder about the significance of cursing a spell and casting it on a demon...
* Neil shrugs..
<Gwen> ....
<Alexis> 18 damage...
<Alexis> >> BTW... condemned countdown at 27...
<Adek> Ergh.. that was less than impressive.
<Alexis> >> Pottle...
* Pottle raises his hands in the air, calling forth the spirit of the Fire Elemental...his hands begin to glow, and he unleashes a pillar of flame on the Obsidian Monolith! "¤BLAZE!"
<Pottle> Eat that...
<Alexis> 25 damage...
* Alen feels as life starts to slowly ooze away from him... O_o
<Gwen> Hang on, Alen!
* Remy growls and twirls his bo :P

-- Combat Round 2! --

* Alexis attacks...
<Alexis> Critical! 58!
<Alexis> 2nd attack... Blah... a whopping 11...
<Gwen> ....
<Alexis> >>Obsidian Monolith attacks...
<Gwen> ....
<Remy> Damn...we need some kinda fucking power up :P
<Gwen> now.
<Alexis> Meka - 31 damage Critical! Meka is KOed!
<Gwen> .......!
<Remy> O_o
<Gwen> Dammit!
<Pottle> MEKA!
<Neil> MEKA!
<Remy> Shit :P
* Remy twirls his bo and ponders.
<Pottle> This thing dies. Now.
* Meka screams and passes out, striking her head on a rock as she falls...
* Gwen twirls her spear around and slams the spear into the statues side in a blur! "Fastswipe!"
<Neil> Agreed.
* Pottle acks and closes Meka's wound...
<Alen> Aie... that must hurt -_-
* Remy notes Gwen has great form :P
* Gwen jumps back with cat-like grace.
<Alexis> 49 damage...
<Gwen> Finally..
* Remy grins in a deep, charming, sexy and handsome way. His eyes twinkle in their charm and he winks at Gwen. Remy casts ¤Projection on statue!
<Gwen> ...oh brother.
<Alexis> 24 damage...
* Gwen chuckles.
<Remy> ^_- I shalt mock you again for a second time!
<Remy> NEE! NEEEEE!!! :P
* Remy flails his arms around :P
<Gwen> ...oh god....Remy..are you okay?
<Gwen> I think he's lost it.
<Neil> Remy hasn't lost anything.
* Alen makes a series of quick motions with his hands and prepares his air spell.
<Neil> He's always like this.
* Remy stops and thwaps Neil on the ass with his bo.
<Remy> How would you know? :P
<Neil> Ow.
* Alen shoots a bolt of lightning at the Monolith! "Ha! Shock! ^_^"
* Remy grins :P
<Alexis> 38 damage...
<Neil> Because I'm farther gone than you are :P
<Remy> Oh, REALLY? :P
* Alen clicks his fingers.
<Gwen> Shut up, you two!
* Remy shuts up. :P
<Gwen> Don't forget what we're doing here!
* Pottle hrmphs and decides the same magic'd be best :P
* Neil swaps his axe for his hammer and steps into the front row.
<Remy> Alright......hmm...the wounded...Meka....and Alen...
* Remy thinks and ponders using his next turn to heal Alen :P
<Pottle> Remy, you can't heal that through normal healing spells...
<Remy> was worth thinking of..
* Remy twirls his bo and narrows his eyes at the statue :P
* Gwen hmms.
* Adek solemnly touches the tip of his sword to his forehead, watching the statue.
<Gwen> Adek...?
<Pottle> Warrior's trying to concentrate, Gwen...don't disturb him.
<Gwen> Kay Pottle..
* Pottle grins, steps alongside Adek, and does the same.
* Pottle lowers his blade, feeling a bit clearer of mind, and readies his spell.
<Alexis> Adek's Hit% up 23%...
* Neil raises his hammer, hefting it for weight.
* Pottle raises his hands in the air, calling forth the spirit of the Fire Elemental...his hands begin to glow, and he unleashes a pillar of flame on the Obsidian Monolith! "¤BLAZE!"
<Pottle> Return fire, asshole.
<Alexis> Ach... 21 damage...
* Remy growls and twirls his bo..
* Gwen snickers. "Pottle sucks ^_^"
* Gwen twirls her spear and awaits her turn.

-- Combat Round 3! --

* Alexis gets an idea...!
* Alexis attacks the other statue!
<Alexis> Critical! 54 damage...
<Gwen> Hmm...good thinking Alexis!
<Alexis> Crtical! 56 damage...
<Remy> Go Gwen! Kick some stone heiny! :P
* Gwen slashes at the statue Alexis attacked!
<Alexis> Critical! 117 damage!
<Remy> Shiiiit!
* Gwen smirks, and jumps back.
<Alexis> >> Obsidian Monolith is ENRAGED!!
* Alen leans against the wall for support.
<Remy> Uh oh.
<Gwen> ...oh shit. Yeah, yeah! You get engraged, you pansy ass!
<Gwen> Paaaaaansy ass!
<Alexis> >> O.M. attacks Pottle! "DEFECTIVE ELF!!!" he screams!
* Remy goes pbbt at the Obsidian Monlith.
<Alexis> Critical! 99 Damage!
<Gwen> Well, the monolith is sorta right....
<Gwen> Ack! Shit!
<Alen> O_O
<Gwen> Pottle...
<Alexis> >> Pottle is knocked out of the battlefield! KOed!
<Remy> Time to kick some ass :P
<Gwen> ...yeah.
* Gwen glares at the statue.
* Remy nods and narrows his eyes in concentration.
* Remy chants lowly and his red eyes deepen in their mist begins flowing his dark red eyes and Remy smiles almost evilly. "Here's where I cook your ass, mon ami!" He casts ¤Flame bolt on the other statue.
<Remy> Take that you muther fucking donkey wanker!
<Alexis> Critical! 105 damage!
<Gwen> ...
<Gwen> Donkey whatzit?
* Remy grins at Gwen. "I basically said he pleasures himself on a donkey."
<Alen> Uh... I'm feeling woozy...
<Gwen> I thought you said that.. O_O
* Alen hurriedly forms a ball of soul energy and shoots it at the other statue. "Projection...!"
<Alexis> Critical! 89 damage!
<Remy> Ha ha! Stone assed muther fucker.... ^_^ Yer so weak that you make the Danek Empire look strong!!! :P
* Remy taunts the statue ^_^
* Neil pulls back, facing statue 2, mutters something about not having a chisel, and swings hard, fast, and LOW.
<Gwen> ...
<Gwen> The empire is stong, rem ;P
* Remy stops. "Bleh. I'll just stick to the really dirty insults."
<Alexis> Critical! 98!

-- Combat Round 4! --

* Alen starts turning pale.
<Remy> Mwahahahaha! You stupid muther fucking nun screwin donkey licking egg sucking BLOCK HEAD ^_^
* Adek lunges at the 2nd statue, trying to swing the unfamiliar blade effectively.
<Alen> Yeck... am I gonna die here...? -_-
<Gwen> ...
* Gwen just doesn't say anything this time ^^
<Alexis> Critical! 121 damage! Jade Monolith crumbles!
<Gwen> YES!
<Remy> Ha ^_^
<Alexis> Obsidian Monolith Crumbles! "NOOOOO!!!"
* Gwen twirls her spear around.
<Gwen> ^^

== VICTORY! 90 Exp, 240 Gp & 75 TP ==

<Remy> It 'twas my witty insults ;) Actually, that's bull. :P It was Adek :P
<Neil> Forget killing the statue... I'm going to kill it, it's fucking family on easter island, and whoever bothered to chisel out the thing.
* Neil looks around.
* Remy puts his bo away :P
<Alen> ... whew... ^_^
<Neil> Just... as soon... as I get off this stupid COCONUT.
* Adek looks at the crumbled statue. "I vote we roast the pig and eat it.. poetic justice, huh?"
* Gwen runs over to Pottle and pulls him up.
* Neil trudges off to camp.
<Gwen> Aiee....
* Remy saunters to the downed Meka and checks her :P
<Gwen> If he gets k'oed one more time..
<Gwen> >> Suddenly, Laura bounces up to you all.
<Remy> The guy has worst luck than me at the cards.. :P
* Alen lets go and falls down happily on his back ^_^
<Gwen> Laura: Wow! You did it! ^_^
* Neil stops.
* Adek smiles at Laura, still holding his sword. "Care to give me a reason why you shouldn't be next?"
<Remy> O_o
<Remy> Uhm....cause she was sacrificing for a good reason? :P
* Neil throws Meka and Pottle into more comfortable positions. (no, not together :P)
<Gwen> Laura: ^^;; It's nothing personal!
<Neil> You realize that everyone that statue hit went seriously unconscious...
* Adek steps towards her. "Oh, sure! I get singled out to be killed.. and eaten by a PIG.. and you say it's nothing personal?"
<Neil> O_O
<Alexis> A statue of death, to be sure...
<Gwen> Laura: Well, he said....the pig said he wanted a buffo guy.
<Neil> The pig got a buffo guy.
<Remy> What am I?! :P
<Neil> He was just, uh, armed..
<Neil> And had friends.
<Alen> What's a buffo guy?
<Neil> :P
* Remy sighs and slaps himself :P
<Gwen> Laura: Anyway, we have a boat ready for you, just like we promised!
<Gwen> Good, anything to get outta here!
<Remy> Does it come equipped with beds? :P
<Neil> Speaking of which..
* Adek pauses, then shakes his head, muttering "Wouldn't be worth it.." and sheathes his blade.
* Neil is feeling buffo today :P
* Neil slings the unconscious couple over his shoulders and heads for the ship.
<Gwen> >> You're all led to a little fishing boat.
<Gwen> Laura: This is it ^_^
<Remy> O_o
<Gwen> That little thing?
<Remy> Ugh :P
<Gwen> Laura: It's the best we have!
<Neil> Umm..
<Alen> ... =P
<Remy> Geez, Sabrina would take up the whole boat..
<Gwen> True Remy, true.
<Neil> You people amaze me.
<Alen> I wanna ride a Hiryuu!
<Gwen> ....What's a ...oh nevermind.
* Neil swaps the hammer for the axe.
<Gwen> Just get in the boat.
<Alen> It's much more fun ^_^
* Neil hacks away at some trees.
<Adek> Anything to get us off this idiotic island..
<Gwen> >>Sabrina and Anje show up then, dragging a sleepy Sunny behind.
* Alen looks around.
<Neil> Why did we kill the pig anyway? I can MAKE a boat :P
<Gwen> Anje: Let's get killed the monster?
<Remy> No, we just enjoy standing around like idiots.
<Alen> Yup! ^_^
* Remy shakes his head :P
* Alen smiles proudly =P
<Adek> It'll take too much time, Neil.
<Neil> Too much time! Ha!
<Neil> Oh, funny..
<Gwen> Anje: Good! I wanna get outta here! All day long, they kept asking me if I was Carmen something...
<Neil> Pff.
* Gwen jumps in the boat.
<Gwen> >>The boat creaks O_o
<Alen> Let's go! =D
* Remy eyes it.
<Gwen> ....oh man. This better not break.
<Remy> It doesn't look safe.
<Neil> Look, go for it, I'll build a faster ship and beat you there :P
<Alexis> What choice do we have?
<Gwen> Okay Neil..
<Alexis> I say we take it.
<Gwen> Anje: We'll stay behind
<Gwen> Anje starts chopping down trees with her axe.
<Remy> We'll? :P
<Adek> It could take.. days to build a really good ship. I can't see you... oh, nevermind.
* Remy leaps into the boat :P
<Gwen> Anje points to Sunny and Sabrina :P
<Alen> But I wanna go with Sunny =|
* Gwen cuts the rope, and the ship begins to drift.
<Gwen> Too late now!
* Adek hops in quickly.
* Remy is sitting next to Gwen, and beams :P
<Alen> Aaah! Wait for me!
<Gwen> Laura: Bye!!
* Alen jumps and lands on the boat.
<Gwen> Sunny: Hurry Alen! *gives him a push*
<Alexis> So, where 're we off to?
<Gwen> Shadhook.
<Gwen> In the Kerzalt region.
* Neil raises an eyebrow.
<Neil> Hmm.
* Alen frowns.
<Remy> Shadhook...sounds like a new music fad...
<Alexis> Shadhook... in Kerzalt... this'll be fun... I'm wanted in Kerzalt...
* Neil pulls out his parchment.
<Gwen> You are, Alexis...what for?
* Gwen eyes her.
<Alexis> Robbery. What else?
<Alen> But I don't think we'll find Hiryuus there Gwen =|
<Gwen> That's not true, Alen. Haven't you ever heard of the Segazzi dragons?
<Alen> Why don't we go to Flying Dragon Valley? =D
<Alexis> But that was years ago... shouldn't count for much...
* Neil shakes his head.
<Gwen> ...there is no flying dragon valley.
<Alen> Segazzi...?
<Alen> There isn't!? O_O
<Gwen> But there is a cave.
* Remy chuckles..
<Gwen> ...but as far as I know, only one dragon remains.
<Remy> Hm.
<Alen> Pooh =(
<Gwen> And that's pretty deep into Kerzalt.
<Neil> If a dragon can fly, there must be stick-force-stuff in the sky...
<Remy> That dragon would come in handy..
* Neil walks again.
* Remy goes off into deep thought O_o
<Gwen> >>The boat is now completely drifting away. Say bye, guys!
<Neil> Of course! As the stick-force-stuff is working on my feet, it's also working on the rest of me, pushing me back. Which is why it's such a pain to walk..
<Gwen> Heh. Bye Neil!
<Neil> If I could push the AIR back, instead of me. :P
<Gwen> You just keep working on your boat.
<Alen> This sucks... I never know what changes in the world...
* Neil thinks as he works.
<Gwen> >>And the party sails away...under a setting sun...


Session Close: Fri Feb 06 20:07:53 1998