VayRPG Session 12: Pirate Hijacking

Gwen, Nasca, Mort: GMLucca
Alen: Will
Adek: Rasis
Alexis, Mandrang: Bahamut
Pottle: Talon
Meka: Star
Remy, Dawn: Jupiter
Sunny: Cecil

Session Start: Fri Feb 20 18:13:19 1998

* Pottle rolls off his cot and impacts the ground with a *thud*.
* Remy crosses his arms. "Well....anyone for a game of strip poker?"
* Remy grins.
<Pottle> Ow...fuck!
* Gwen takes out a cigarette and looks up into the night sky.
* Alen snores off in a little dusty corner thinking about pancakes, and Sunny, and big weird armbands popping out from nowhere
<Gwen> In your dreams, Rem.
<Remy> Ah, you're no fun, mon chere.
* Pottle shakes his head a couple times and gets up...
* Alexis gazes blankly at the open sea...
<Gwen> You said it.
* Remy frowns and then sighs, looking down at the water.
* Pottle stumbles out to the rest of the party..."What'd I miss?"
* Meka moans slightly...
* Gwen sees a small beach in the distance. "Hey, how about we stop at that beach and camp out for the night. Better then being cramped in a boat"
<Meka> Mother-....
* Pottle looks back and kneels next to Meka.
<Gwen> You got your ass kicked, Pottle. Again.
<Pottle> Are you alright...?
* Gwen chuckles. "Defective Elf....ha!"
<Pottle> Is that anything new Gwen? I'm reckless.
<Remy> I vote we pull this damn waste of trees to the beach and camp out..
<Gwen> Yeah, if I were you, I'd watch it.
* Meka opens her eyes then closes them quickly again...
<Meka> Ow...
* Gwen nods. "I'm all for it."
* Meka reaches up to touch Pottle's face...
<Meka> What did I do this time?...
* Gwen tries to steer the misshapen boat to shore.
<Pottle> Nothing...
<Gwen> Shit!
<Pottle> We just got our asses beat's typical.
<Gwen> MOVE!
<Pottle> Abandon ship!
<Meka> Why does the back of my head feel like I've been bleeding back there?
<Pottle> You probably were.
<Gwen> You know Pottle, did it ever occur to you that all this ass kicking happens cuz of your recklessness, your brashness?
* Meka blinks her eyes open. "What happened?"
* Pottle ulps as he watches the boat's course...
* Remy runs a hand through his hair and sighs quietly, admiring the water again.
* Pottle grabs Meka and jumps from the boat when he's close enough to shore.
<Gwen> Hey!
* Alexis prepares to leap...
<Gwen> ...hmm...
<Gwen> Good idea
* Alexis kicks Alen! "Get up!"
<Alen> Ow!
* Gwen jumps off the boat into the water.
* Alen wakes up roughly.
<Alexis> The boat's goin' to hell!
* Remy leaps off also.
<Alen> Who! Where! What?
* Meka feels herself touch the water and clutches at Pottle desparately.
<Meka> COLD!
<Pottle> No DUH!
* Alexis grabs the sleepy-head and flings him into the water!
<Alen> G... uh?
<Alen> WAAAH!
* Alexis follows quickly afterwards!
<Gwen> >> The waters cooler than the water in're farther away from the volcanic area of Magmal...closer to Kerzalt.
* Alen glug-glugs..
* Pottle begins swimming to shore using one hand, the other holding Meka.
<Remy> This is like swimming in polluted sewer water...cold polluted sewer water.
<Gwen> The water's f-f-airly clear...
* Gwen swims to shore.
<Meka> Did I smash my head against something?
<Gwen> I'm just pissed we have to swim back!
* Alen doggie-paddles on to the shore ^^;
* Remy follows, smirking.
* Pottle coughs as he swallows some water...
<Pottle> You think I know, Meka?
<Pottle> I was out too...
* Meka breaks away from Pottle, then sinks like a rock and floats back up.
<Meka> Agh!
<Pottle> ...what the hell are you doing?
<Gwen> >> You all reach the beach without too much trouble. The only problem is you're soaking wet.
* Meka tries to stay afloat herself.
<Alexis> Th-th-this is n-not m-m-my idea of an adv-v-venture...
* Remy looks with dismay at his coat and frowns. "This jacket had better not ruin in water."
<Gwen> Quit being s-s-such babies. It's o-o-only water.
* Alen brrs and shakes off a little water.
<Remy> Lets make a fire.
<Meka> And I-I c-c-can't swim very well!
<Alen> I c-can l-light a fire ^_^
<Gwen> Great!
* Pottle drags Meka onto the shore and walks until he reaches some grass, lying her down.
* Remy glances at Gwen and looks for something to make a fire with.
<Gwen> D-d-o it
<Alexis> Y-yeah... o-o-only w-water...
* Remy finds a tree and drags it to Alen.
<Remy> Here.
* Pottle grabs some dead branches.
<Alexis> F-f-f-f'in cold w-water...
* Alen goes over to a pile of wooden debris.
* Pottle begins assembling a campfire.
<Alen> F-FLAME!
<Alen> *Point*
* Meka curls up looking like a little drowned rat...
<Gwen> >> The Fire suddenly blazes...and Pottle's cape catches on fire! O_o
* Remy takes off his jacket and wet shirt, wringing them out.
<Meka> ACK!
<Gwen> Whoa!
<Pottle> AHH SHIT!
<Alen> ^_^
<Remy> Smooth move, Alen.
* Pottle throws it off and bats it out!
* Gwen bops Alen. "Wipe that smile off your face, boy!"
* Alen smiles proudly and warms on towards the fire ^_^
<Pottle> ¤Blaze!
<Gwen> You nearly killed him!
* Pottle returns fire at Alen!
<Gwen> >> Alen's cape catches on fire O_o
<Alen> I c-can light a f-fire when I'm s-s-soaking wet! =D
* Remy snickers and looks amused at all this.
<Alen> AAAH!!
<Alen> My c-cape!
<Alexis> At least they'll be dry...
* Gwen rolls her eyes.
* Alen runs around in circles trying to bat it out.
<Alexis> W-which is more than I can say for myself...
<Alen> Shoo! Shoo!
* Meka giggles...
* Alen finally takes off his cape and stamps the fire out.
* Remy finishes wringing out his shirt and slips it back on. "Bleh...I'll dry my jacket with the fire.."
* Pottle laughs as the fire spreads to Alen's pants, fanned by Alen's hands!
<Meka> Someone cast f-f-fire on me so I can b-b-be WARM...
<Gwen> My god..
<Alen> Why did you do that? O_O
<Gwen> Just get by the fire, Mek.
* Pottle begins placing fireballs around Meka...
<Pottle> Just don't turn. *chuckle*
* Meka beams.
<Remy> Can we all just calm down and figure out our next move?
<Meka> Warm. ^_^
* Alen humphs and sits down near the fire.
* Gwen sits down. "Well, by mid-afternoon tomorrow, we should be at Shadhook..."
<Gwen> Then we find this Kerzalt Court Magician...
* Remy twirls a wet poker card on his finger..
* Meka waves to Pottle.
<Meka> Hiya! :D
* Pottle grabs a stick, removes his shirt and pants, and drives the stick into the ground letting them dry.
<Alexis> Hopefully we can get some supplies there...
* Pottle grabs some shorts and pulls those on.
<Pottle> Muuuch better.
* Meka looks away from Pottle, blushing wildly...
<Remy> Hmm.
<Gwen> Which I assume Pottle will help us find, since you know her....think she'll help us, Pot?
<Meka> I really need to get my normal clothes back...
<Pottle> P.J.? Yeah, she probably will.
* Alen lies down beside the fire in his wet clothes and looks up the sky blankly.
<Pottle> I'm gonna remind her she owes me. *smirk*
<Gwen> Heh. Blackmail....
<Pottle> If it's necessary, yes.
<Gwen> That's not cool, Pottle...
* Meka lies down, looking very disturbed...
* Remy's poker card falls into the fire and he reflexively tries to catch it, putting his hand into the fire. :P
* Alexis mumbles something about Prudence Jurissa...
<Pottle> Well, Gwen, it's for a good cause ain't it?
<Gwen> Yeah, but....sigh...
* Remy hauls his hand out, wincing a little and holding the card.
<Remy> Hm....need new gloves....heh...
<Gwen> What's this, Alexis?
<Gwen> You know her?
* Alexis looks up. "Mmm... it's nothing.. really..."
<Alexis> Although I shouldn't probably be there when you go...
* Gwen pulls off her overcoat, takes a stick, and puts it up to dry. "No, I want to know. We're all friendly here, so fess up!"
<Meka> ...
<Alexis> I don't know if she'll have forgotten me. That's the problem...
<Gwen> What happened, Lex?
<Gwen> Might as well tell us.
* Remy mutters something about the friendliness of the group :P
<Alexis> Well, you see, once long ago... my teacher and, I...
<Alexis> Well...
<Gwen> What?
<Alexis> We robbed her...
<Gwen> ....aie...
* Pottle laughs!
<Remy> Heh, Alexis. How much did you get?
* Gwen glares at Pottle. "You think this is funny?"
<Alexis> So I'm hoping she won't remember my face...
<Pottle> Looks like it's up to me and my elven charm, then. *smirk*
<Alexis> More than you can imagine, Remy.
<Pottle> I think it's funny she robbed Prudence...
<Meka> What's the big deal? I end up robbing people when no one will hire me.
<Gwen> Did you beat her up?
<Remy> Still got it? I could use some money to pay off my gambling debts.
<Pottle> Rob me and you'll be in a world of hurt, and that goes for the rest of ya!
<Meka> Not pleasant, but I have to survive.
* Meka glowers...
<Gwen> Whatever Pottle. With your brashness you'll be knocked out in three minutes.
<Alexis> I was forced to knock her out... I'd imagine she had a nice bruise for a while afterwards...
* Remy mutters something about what Pottle can do with his gold.
* Pottle looks at Gwen...
<Alexis> I'm hoping it may have taken her memory with it...
<Pottle> You wanna see otherwise?
<Gwen> long ago was it, Alex? Maybe she did forget..
<Gwen> Pottle, shut it.
* Alen, failing to follow the interesting conversation, falls asleep again ^_^
<Alexis> About two, maybe three years...
<Gwen> She might have forgotten..
<Alexis> I know... might have...
<Alexis> and I don't want to get you guys killed...
<Meka> ...
<Alexis> Maybe I should just not go to the castle...
<Remy> Hmm...well...whats the worse case scenerio, then?
<Alexis> Worst case? We're imprisoned, possibly executed...
<Gwen> Heh, lookit me, Alexis, didn't face my demons, and now i'm running from the law.
* Remy hmms..
<Gwen> Think if you apologize...she'll forgive?
* Remy is momentarily reminded of his own little demons and frowns.
<Alexis> I've always been running from the law... it's nothing new to me.
<Meka> I'm wanted all over the world for all kinds of crimes...
<Remy> Yeah. Maybe she'll have a heart, hm?
<Gwen> ...the only pure one here seems to be Alen....and he's
<Pottle> I'll talk to her, you guys.
* Gwen looks to see if he's still alseep.
<Alexis> Her? Not likely... not from what I remember...
<Gwen> ^_^ An idiot
<Remy> Idiot, Gwen?
<Gwen> Yes
<Remy> Heh.
* Meka sits up.
<Gwen> She was a mega-bitch?
<Pottle> P.J.?
<Alexis> I'll stay away from the castle... I wouldn't be opposed if we met somewhere else... but not there...
<Pottle> Heh...
<Pottle> Should I go in alone?
<Meka> I want to go with you.
<Alexis> Mega-bitch? That's pretty much what I thought of her. And her voice... I wanted to wring her scrawny little neck...
<Remy> Well, Alexis, where would you go? Maybe an inn?
<Gwen> Maybe....I don't see why the rest of us can't go...except Alexis here.
* Meka looks resolute.
<Alexis> I'll be around... meet up with you all afterwards...
* Remy looks semi-concerned :P
<Remy> Alright. So we'll meet up later. sounds like a plan.
<Gwen> Sounds good to me.
* Remy nods.
* Meka's head snaps up...
<Meka> Argh...
<Gwen> Meka?
* Meka squeezes her eyes shut and looks like she's in pain...
<Pottle> Meka...?
<Meka> I have to go. NOW.
<Gwen> Damn, you have to go the bathroom that bad?
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
<Pottle> What the fuck? Meka, what the hell is going on?!
* Meka gets up, falls, and then dashes off, stumbling and crying...
<Gwen> .....
<Gwen> Keep and eye on her, but leave her alone for now.
<Remy> Hmm..
<Gwen> Something's been bothering her...
<Remy> Its always something.


Meka runs off to a clearing on the island...far away from the party....
<Meka> Mother!
<Gwen> "Yes, Mekara, Why haven't you done it yet?"
<Meka> Mother, I... I...
<Gwen> You're afraid, aren't you?
<Meka> No, not really... It's just that I'm... intimidated.
<Gwen> Katarina: Same thing, my dear.
<Meka> Pottle's not a weakling, he... he can easily overpower me...
<Gwen> Katarina: Not with the vial I gave you.
* Meka looks at it... "Don't make me, Mother, please..."
<Meka> Send someone else to...
<Gwen> Katarina: You have to Meka, or I'll be forced to...
* Meka pales...
<Meka> I CAN'T!
<Gwen> >>  Katarina suddenly appears before you! Her face is very, very angry..
<Meka> This will hurt him! Not majorly, but it will! I can't do it!
<Gwen> Katarina: My own believe him over me, don't you?
* Meka backs up several steps...
<Meka> No... no I don't, Mother...
<Gwen> Katarina: You do...admit it.
<Gwen> Katarina advances slowly
<Meka> No, I don't!
* Meka cries...
<Gwen> Katarina: Then do this for me!
<Meka> I can't! I love him too much!
<Meka> I can't betray him like this!
<Gwen> Katarina: Then you side with him.
<Gwen> Katarina: And I will regard you as my enemy.
<Meka> No, MOTHER!
<Gwen> Katarina: Last chance, Mekara...
* Meka falls to her knees and clutches at Katarina's skirt.
<Meka> Mother, please don't make me...
<Meka> Please...
<Gwen> Katarina glares at you.
<Gwen> Katarina: You've made your choice. now you must suffer the concequences, Mekara.
<Meka> Maybe if I just steal the pendant at night and give it to you, he'll never know I did it!
<Gwen> Katarina: I need him, and that pendant.
<Meka> I won't let you hurt him!
* Meka gasps and clamps her hand over her mouth.
<Gwen> Katarina smiles. "So the truth finally comes out."
* Meka shakes her head... "No..."
<Gwen> Katarina holds her dark pendant to her chest and chants softly
* Meka watches in fascinated horror...
<Meka> Mommy?...
* Meka suddenly looks very young and scared...
<Gwen> Katarina: I must teach you a lesson...Mekara....
<Gwen> Katarina: Then, you'll see....until then, you must....forget Mekara.
<Meka> What?!
<Gwen> Katarina: Retreat into the darkness, and let me handle it from here...
<Meka> I- I-...
<Gwen> Katarina smirks and points her pendant at you!
<Gwen> A beam of black light hits you in the chest, enveloping you!
* Meka chokes violently, struggling to breathe...
<Gwen> >>The world is getting darker, and darker...and you feel the overwhelming urge to sleep
* Meka sinks to the ground, coughing up blood...
<Meka> Pottle...
<Gwen> Katarina: Gods of darkness, envelop this child! Link her soul to mine! Let her become my living ghost...
* Meka faints at Katarina's feet...
<Gwen> Katarina grins, then raises a hand. "Arise, Ghost, and hear my commands."
* Meka 's eyes open, fade from their amber color to bright blue, then to blood red.
<Gwen> Katarina: For the moment, you must watch Pottle....Make sure he is alive...
<Meka> Yes, mistress? *moves to her knees*
<Gwen> Katarina: We must wait until he meets with Miss Jurissa....perhaps I can strike a blow at Kerzalt as well..
<Gwen> Katarina: Until you hear my commands...follow them as if nothing is amiss...but be my eyes and ears, Ghost.
<Meka> Yes, Mistress.
<Gwen> Katarina: Now, head back to them. Make sure no one suspects a thing.
<Meka> Yes, Miss Katarina.
<Gwen> Katarina dissapears, and you head back to the camp

And now...back to the so called heroes ^_^;;

* Remy looks at the sky. "So do we wait till tomorrow to move or do we do it now?"
<Pottle> I say we keep moving...
<Pottle> I know where I am around here.
* Alen's answer is an uncommonly loud snore ^_^
<Gwen> Nah....
<Alexis> I'd prefer to spend the rest of today here... but I can go on...
* Remy smirks at Alen. :P
<Pottle> Think of it this way, Gwen...
<Gwen> Let's sleep...I don't think we've had a good nights sleep in eons.
<Pottle> Walk to Shadhook, sleep there.
<Pottle> BEDS.
<Remy> I don't think I can get a good nights sleep... ^_-
<Gwen> Um...we're no where near Shadhook.
<Alexis> I've done without a bed for most of my life... they're pretty trivial...
* Pottle thinks...
* Pottle surveys the area again.
<Pottle> You're right.
<Remy> Heh.
<Remy> Okay, so we're stuck here for the night. Anyone got something strong to drink?
<Gwen> Besides...this is a nice beach...
<Alexis> I wish...
<Pottle> Whiskey, Remy?
<Remy> That will do nicely.
<Gwen> Got any rum?
* Pottle grabs a bottle and 3 shot glasses from his pack.
<Pottle> You're welcome to join in, Alexis.
* Pottle hands what's left of a pint to Gwen.
<Alexis> I'll gladly accept.
<Alexis> I need a few stiff shots...
* Remy holds out his hand for a drink.
* Pottle joins Alexis and Remy in a tight circle.
* Pottle sets the bottle in the middle and hands a glass to each.
<Pottle> Hit as you like.
* Gwen humphs. "Not me, I see."
<Remy> Heh....
<Remy> That's impolite, Pottle.
* Pottle gave Gwen rum...
* Alen suddenly wakes up and looks at everyone sleepily.
* Remy makes way for Gwen :P
* Alexis fills the shotglass to the brim, looks at it briefly, and downs the whole thing in a nice smooth motion.
<Alen> Ah! I'm thirsty! Do you have any juice? =D
<Pottle> No, Alen. :P
* Remy chuckles at Alen..
* Alexis's eyes water a bit... "Ahhh...."
* Pottle takes a shot after Alexis.
<Alexis> I needed that.
* Pottle slams the glass in the sand and grins.
* Remy slugs back the shot and then frowns..
<Pottle> Didn't we all, Alexis...
<Alen> Um... um...
<Alen> Soda?
* Remy stands up and goes to sit by the water.
* Gwen drinks in one glup and slams it into some seaweed. "Damn that's good!"
<Pottle> I only buy the best, Gwen. *smile*
<Pottle> Back when I was at the shrine, I got PAID.
* Alen humphs.
<Pottle> Now lookit me all poor. *chuckle*
<Gwen> Alen, if you get drunk....
<Alen> Well, I'm thirsty! I guess I'll just drink whatever it is =|
* Pottle pours Alexis another shot.
<Alexis> Thankee...
* Alen takes a glass and asks Pottle to serve him a little.
* Pottle pours himself another and swigs that back.
* Remy smirks and watches the group. "Giving Alen booze is probably a bad idea."
<Pottle> booze...
* Pottle gives Alen his canteen.
* Alexis slams the liquor back, and sets the shotglass down again.
<Gwen> You idiot!
<Gwen> He's going to get sick!
<Pottle> WATER!
<Pottle> I gave him water!
<Gwen> Oh...
<Pottle> Jeezus!
<Gwen> Sorry.
* Alen thankfully accepts and drinks some ^_^
<Pottle> Heh, I'm not THAT stupid Gwen. Though I seem to appear it.
* Alen lets the canteen down and looks at Gwen.
<Alen> Why do you scream so much? O_o
<Alen> I was just thirsty =(
<Gwen> I thought you were drinking, Alen.
* Alen looks at the canteen.
<Gwen> You're small...too much achohol will kill you.
<Alen> I was ^^;
* Alen blinks.
<Remy> Too much alchohol will kill anyone, mon chere.
<Alen> What's alcohol?
* Pottle takes one more shot, and stops, feeling just buzzed.
<Alen> Is it poison?
<Pottle> Not really, but it can be in large doses.
<Alen> . o O ( These people are so weird O_o )
<Alen> If you say so ^_^
* Gwen streches and lays down in the sand.
<Pottle> Gwen...try the grass.
* Pottle points a little ways away.
* Remy is still watching the group, his chin on his arms.
<Pottle> Is something wrong, Remy?
<Pottle> Alexis, you having any more of the whiskey, or shall I put it away?
* Alen scratches his head.
<Alen> Why are we going to sleep again?
<Pottle> I won't be sleeping long...
<Remy> Hm? Ah no. Thinkin' back to the times when I used to watch my father do this kinda stuff.
<Alexis> We'd better save it for later... You never know when we'll need it again...
<Gwen> I'm too drunk to notice, Pottle. Too drunk to care!
* Pottle laughs..."I slept enough."
* Pottle pats Gwen on the back.
<Alexis> Like in a fight... I've never drunk in a fight before...
<Pottle> Sweet dreams, my friend.
* Remy grins. "G'night, mon chere. Dream of moi, eh?"
<Alen> Do you always act so weird when you drink water? O_o
* Pottle caps the bottle and puts it away, then stumbles a bit to the grass and lies down.
* Alen sighs and sits against a tree.
* Alexis watches the fire burn down...
<Gwen> Thanks Pottle.
* Gwen falls asleep.
<Pottle> You're welcome...I'll rest for a little bit, then I'll guard the camp overnight.
* Remy continues to watch the group, sitting by the water and eventually falling asleep :P
* Gwen then opens one eye. "Anyone seen Mek?"
* Pottle uses his backpack as a pillow and leans back.
<Pottle> No...I haven't.
<Alexis> Nope...
<Pottle> She'll be back once she calms down.
<Alen> Who?
<Pottle> Meka, Alen.
<Alen> Ah..
* Alen looks around.
<Alen> Where did she go?
<Pottle> Alen, mind passing me those glasses?
* Pottle points to the 4 shot glasses.
<Alen> Uh? Ohh, okay ^_^
* Alen gives Pottle the glasses.
<Pottle> Thanks, Alen.
* Pottle puts them away.
<Pottle> Get a little rest, Alen...I'll wake you later. We'll stand guard.
<Gwen> >> A few hours pass...
* Pottle lies back again, and falls asleep.
<Gwen> >>You hear the crunch of leaves....someone is coming to your camp!
* Alexis is on her feet in a flash! Sword drawn!
* Remy stirs, blinking a few times..."Hmm..?"
<Meka> Alexis. It's me.
* Pottle looks..."Oh, hey Meka..."
* Alen blinks.
<Alexis> Oh. You're back...
<Pottle> You feeling okay now?
<Alen> Hi ^_^
* Alexis sits back down...
* Remy see's its Meka and falls back down with a thud, curling up to sleep ^_^
<Meka> Yes. Much better.
* Meka keeps her eyes downward.
<Gwen> Hey Mek... *Yawn*
* Pottle whispers to Alexis..."Does she seem a bit too calm to you?"
<Remy> Ah hell...what am I doin? Trying to sleep when the missin' girl comes back....s'not polite, Rem..
<Meka> You all can get some sleep. I'll keep watch.
* Gwen snores a drunk snore ^_^
<Pottle> That's alright...I slept enough.
* Alen continues being in a sort of dormant, half-asleep, half-away on another astral plane state ^_^
* Alexis whispers back. "Maybe she's just exerting a little self control..."
<Remy> Everything gonna be alright? No one is hurt or anything, right...?
* Pottle whispers back. "Sudden change from what she's been all this time, in a few hours?"
* Pottle whispers back. "Screw it, I'm probably just overreacting."
* Alexis replies. "Maybe... you never know... something may have just snapped..."
<Gwen> Hey Pottle...
* Gwen wakes up a little and looks thoughtful.
<Pottle> Yeah, Gwen?
* Meka touches a hand to her lips, brings it back and examines it, and looks slightly amused. "Yes. I'm fine. Pottle, how are you?"
<Gwen> How come you don't mention Phoebe anymore...?
<Pottle> She's never left my mind...
<Pottle> But one thing remains...
<Pottle> I know Katarina. If she's like she was then...Phoebe's dead...
* Pottle lowers his head and sighs..."And I can't do a damn thing about it."
* Gwen looks down.
<Gwen> We don't know that...
<Gwen> Why would she take her in the first place?
<Pottle> Could be bait, could be revenge.
* Meka wraps her cloak around herself tightly and goes to look for some water.
<Pottle> Meka! *tosses her his canteen
* If you find any, fill this!
<Meka> I was going to go back to the ocean. I only got a little bloody, and I want to clean it up. I don't think you'd like drinking salt water.
* Meka looks away carefully.
* Gwen blinks at Meka.
<Pottle> I'll be back in a couple...
<Pottle> Anyone need their canteens filled?
<Gwen> I do.
<Remy> I do.
<Meka> I don't.
<Pottle> I know a small pond nearby, gimme your canteens.
* Alen mumbles about toffee.
* Meka tosses her empty canteen away.
<Meka> But I should like to go with you to clean up a bit.
* Remy tosses his canteen to Pottle.
<Meka> I don't like salt water.
* Pottle takes it and drops it in his pack.
<Pottle> Meka...FRESH water.
* Pottle grabs Gwen's too.
<Meka> I know. I was going back to the shore to clean up, but if I don't need to...
<Pottle> Alexis, you want your canteen filled?
* Meka touches her hand to her lips again.
<Meka> Such a troublesome-...
* Pottle whispers something to Gwen...
<Alexis> No.. it's good for now... I haven't used it much...
<Gwen> What Pottle?
* Gwen nods. "I'll do that."
<Pottle> Thanks.
<Gwen> Meka, why do you keep touching your lips?
* Pottle walks off to the lake.
* Meka smiles slightly..
<Meka> I fell.
<Meka> No big deal.
<Meka> Did he just leave without me?
<Gwen> Yeah, he can do that. He's a big boy, Mek.
* Pottle soon disappears from sight in the darkness.
<Meka> But I have to-... Never mind. Which direction was the shore?
<Gwen> >> Suddenly, you hear a whip snap! And Alen suddenly finds the whip around his neck! A girlish voice giggles. "Ayr! Keep still, ya flubby tubby boy! Or else you'll be loosin' your head!"
<Alexis> Pirate: Arrrr! *Wanders into clearing...
* Look at the scurvy dogs we 'ave 'ere...
* Remy growls and leaps up.
* Meka looks at them calmly.
<Gwen> Girl Pirate: Ayr! Yes. ^_^
<Gwen> Who are you!?
<Alen> AAAH!
<Alen> O_O
<Alexis> Pirate: We be pirates, and you be our prisoners.
<Meka> You must be mistaken.
<Alen> Um, Alen?
<Remy> Uh, I think not!
<Meka> The rats are over in that cave.
<Alexis> Priate: Errr... I be a pirate... she be my... well, you know...
<Gwen> Girl Pirate: You were trespassin on our properity!
<Meka> Your whore?
<Gwen> Girl: I be his hussy!
* Gwen laughs. "Oh, this is too cute..."
<Alexis> Pirate: AAAAAR! Only I talk to my women like that!
* Remy walks to Gwen and growls at the Pirates. "Don't see no signs, you bitchy pirates."
<Meka> I do.
* Alen's eyebrow twitches.
<Gwen> Girl: We don't need no signs, you should know! Right Mandrang?
<Alen> Can you uh please get this thing off my neck? ^^;;
<Alexis> > Pirate: Ayyy...
<Meka> You're prolly one of those... What do you call them? PIMPS.
<Gwen> Girl: No.
<Remy> Probably couldn't spell anyways...
<Alexis> Pirate: Who doesn't know about the Black Scourge, Mandrang...
<Gwen> The Girl drags Alen along. "Get moving, you land dwelling slug-a-bed!"
* Pottle returns, running..."What the HELL is going on?!"
<Alen> Ow! Hey! Watch it!
<Meka> Look. I alone could have both of your heads on a pike in two minutes flat, so why don't you leave. Now.
<Remy> Grrr..
<Alexis> Pirate: You be our prisoners, you flea-bitten defective elf!
* Alen is dragged somewhere ^_^
* Meka lets her head lift just enough so her eyes flash in the firelight.
<Gwen> Girl: Hee haa haa! You spock lover!!
* Pottle drops the canteens in his pack and draws his sword. "Bullshit!"
<Gwen> Girl: Keebler elf cookie maker!
<Alexis> Pirate snaps his fingers, and his crew of sea-dogs leap from the bushes to subdue the party!
<Alen> Hey, um, Gwen! Help! O_O
<Gwen> >> The party is subdued ^_^
<Alexis> Pirate: You no be tryin' that, Elf.
* Gwen kicks and struggles "Damn!"
<Pottle> maybe I was wrong. Where to? ^_^;;
<Alexis> Pirate: Arrrr....
<Alen> Um, nevermind I guess ^^;
* Remy growls and struggles a little :P
<Alen> But thanks anyway =P
<Gwen> Girl: Tell 'em, hunnie bunnie.
<Gwen> Girl then looks at you and grins.
<Remy> Goddamn muther fucking bastard :P
* Meka shoves her way violently over to Pottle.
<Alexis> Pirate: Let's make 'em WALK THE PLANK!!
<Gwen> Girl: Move, you fucking pigs, MOVE, or else I'll have to kill every last mother fuckin' one of ya! *insert Pulp Fiction music*
* Remy spits at the Girl pirate :P
<Alexis> Pirate Band: YEAH!!!! ARRR!!
<Meka> I'd like to see you try to kill me. After all, you can't kill someone who-...
* Meka clamps her mouth shut grimly.
<Pottle> Who can't WHAT, Meka?
<Gwen> >>You all get dragged to this large ship.
<Alexis> Pirate: Hmmm... we seem to not have a plank... ayyy....
<Gwen> Girl: plank...
<Alexis> Pirate: Someone get me a plank!
<Gwen> Girl: What now, Mandrang?
<Remy> Goddamnit!
* Remy curses :P
<Alexis> Mandrang: Hmmm... I think we be needin' to do some plottin' and scheemin'.
<Alen> Um, um, what's gonna happen? O_o
<Pottle> Well, I've already found water, arrows, and fire won't kill me.
<Pottle> How about trying a sword? *smirk*
<Gwen> Girl: ^_^ I get that one! *points to Pottle
* He be my new slave!
<Meka> I don't think so.
<Pottle> Slave, hmm? Of what sort? *smirk*
* Remy vaguely, in the back of his mind, wonders why everyone keeps choosing an elf over a pretty boy like himself ;)
<Gwen> Girl: ...I haven't made up my mind.
* Pottle is still a tad buzzed.
<Alexis> Mandrang: Arrr, woman! Why would you want him, when you can have that one there? *Points to Remy.*
<Gwen> Girl:'re right!
<Meka> Touch him and I'll shove my dagger down your throat.
* Remy blinks.
<Alexis> Mandrang: I on the other hand, have a whole bevy of beauties to myself!
<Gwen> Girl: That pretty boy be my sex slave.....That elf be the new belly dancer.
<Alen> What about me? O_o
* Remy BLINKS O_o
<Meka> Touch ME and you won't have a reason to touch girls anymore.
<Remy> Uh...
<Remy> Sex slave?
* Pottle laughs!
<Alexis> Mandrang: You be my pot scrubber, boy! Arrrr...
<Pottle> Get ON with it, you dipshits!
<Pottle> I'm getting bored!
<Gwen> Girl: Take 'em to the boat!
<Remy> This is bad.. O_o
<Meka> And "that elf", I'm sorry to say, is off limits.
<Alexis> Mandrang: And find a plank!
* Gwen growls at Mandrang. "Little puss boy!"
* Remy has no one to say he's off limits... :P
* Alen sighs and mutters. "Why is it always me?"
<Remy> Goddamnit....
<Gwen> >> You see someone hiding in the bushes...but the pirates don' looks like Adek!
* Gwen struggles and kicks "You..."
* Pottle smiles and winks at Adek.
<Alexis> Mandrang: Ayyyy.... Eeeeee.... Iiiii... Oooo.... Yoooo.... Arrr...
* Remy growls under his breath.
* Meka steps calmly in front of Pottle.
<Pottle> Meka, what the hell are you doing?
<Gwen> Girl: Manny?
<Meka> Shush.
<Pottle> Reckless...*mutter*
<Alexis> Mandrang: Men! Take their stuff, and thrown them in the hold!
<Pottle> And don't tell me to shush! You ain't my mother...
* Remy eyes the girl and thinks about his fate :P
<Meka> And you don't understand me. When I say shush, I mean it.
<Alen> HEY! Don't touch that! Leave my armband alone!
* Gwen wonders when Adek will come in and save them!
<Gwen> Pirate: Fine.
<Pottle> Go screw...*growl*
* Meka starts to draw her dagger out of her boot.
<Gwen> Pirate kicks Alen in the head for fun ^_^
* Alen whews -_-
* Alen hmphs =|
<Meka> I don't think I need to, Pottle.
<Alexis> > Assorted Pirates disarm and remove all valubles from the party, and throw them in the brig...
<Gwen> Ack!
* Gwen slams into the wall.
<Pottle> Don't you tell me to do anything. I'm fast losing my opinion of you...
<Gwen> %&*)($&)(%&!
* Meka stumbles in the cell, but doesn't fall.
<Meka> I could have taken them.
<Alexis> This is not fun... I'm supposed to be the bandit...
* Alen falls down.
<Pottle> What are you ON, and why don't you SHARE?
<Alen> At least they didn't take my armband ^_^
<Meka> Are you hurt, Pottle?
* Alen rubs his head.
<Pottle> No.
<Gwen> You okay, Remy?
* Meka's voice sounds lower and slightly unnatural for her.
<Meka> Good.
<Alen> But I can use magic!
* Remy mumbles and rubs the blood from the gash in his forehead..
<Pottle> So can I...
* Alen runs around the brig.
<Remy> Yeah.....I guess.
<Gwen> Gee, that's swell Alen.
<Alen> Let's burn the boat =D
* Meka looks away...
<Gwen> I...don'
<Pottle> Wonder if our magic could bust us outta here, eh?
<Gwen> We'd burn down the boat..
<Gwen> Didnt we see Adek earlier...?
<Remy> With us in it..
<Meka> We need to get to Prudence Jurissa.
<Pottle> We did...
<Alen> Oh well... but we could burn down the ship ^_^
<Gwen> >> You hear some pirates talking from the other cell.
* Remy hmms and tears a strip of cloth off his shirt, wrapping it around the wound on his forehead.
<Meka> And I still have blood all over my mouth.
<Gwen> >> Pirate one: Did you hear the empire captured a pretty widdle priestess?
<Meka> Damn, this is annoying.
* Meka stops and listens...
<Gwen> Pirate two: Yeah, I heard she's a real looker.
<Meka> Miss Jurissa?
<Gwen> Pirate two: Dainty little I'd like to score with HER!
* Alen blinks.
<Remy> Gah..
<Pottle> Don't tell me they captured P.J...
<Gwen> No...
<Gwen> PJ isn't a she?
<Pottle> She's a mage...
<Meka> I don't see the point in "scoring" with anyone.
<Pottle> But maybe their info's wrong.
<Gwen> Pirate two: Yeah, did the emperor get her?
<Meka> Totally pointless activity...
* Meka listens again...
* Pottle looks at Meka..."Babies and a family, perhaps?"
<Gwen> Pirate one: Nah, some witch lady.
<Alexis> They wander around going "arrr" lots. I don't think they're very bright...
<Alen> Maybe it's Phoebe ^_^
<Gwen> ..Katarina's working with the empire?
<Pottle> Jeal and that little bitch WOULD make good allies...
<Alen> Hey, maybe if I ask them where she is we could go and save her ^_^
* Meka looks up slightly at the name Katarina and looks down again. "Families are painful."
<Remy> Alen.
<Pottle> I happen to WANT a family.
* Remy taps Alen on the shoulder.
<Gwen> Pirate one: What's the hussy's name, anyway?
<Gwen> Pirate: Phoebe somethin'.
<Pottle> PHOEBE?!
<Gwen> Shh!
* Gwen clamps an hand over his mouth. "I want hear more of this!"
* Meka smiles at Pottle... "Looks like you've found your true love..."
<Alen> I said that ^_^
* Alexis rubs her ears. "Way to deafen me..."
* Remy bats Alen's head.
<Alen> I did I did I did =P
<Pottle> By Anemone's name...she-she's alive...
<Alen> Ow!
<Gwen> Pirate one: I wonder where they took her...I'd like to have a piece!
<Alen> What's you do that for? O_o
<Gwen> Pirate: Ditto...
<Gwen> Horny bastards.
* Meka looks at him dejectedly, then listens again...
<Gwen> >> You suddenly hear someone tapping at the cage.
<Remy> Grand...
* Pottle looks around..."Who?"
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
<Gwen> ...who?
* Meka goes into the far corner of the cell and sits there.
<Gwen> >> The cage swings open and the pirate girl comes in. ^_^
<Remy> O_O
* Alexis grimaces. "Her..."
<Remy> Uh oh. :P
* Pottle whispers to Gwen..."Let's get her."
<Gwen> The girl grabs Remy by the collar. "Mine!"
<Remy> Ack!
<Gwen> >> The girl drags Remy away!
<Gwen> Remy!!
<Remy> Aaaahh!
* Alen blinks.
* Meka cries softly...
<Alen> What does she want Remy for?
<Gwen> Well, we sure got her...
* Pottle flings a fireball at the girl!
<Gwen> The girl is long gone.
<Gwen> >>Several hours pass..
* Gwen paces around the cell, nervous.
<Alexis> He's tall, and handsome... *sigh* What do you think, she wants him for...
<Gwen> Bitch...
<Alen> Um...
<Alen> Play tennis? =P
<Gwen> Argh! No Alen, you think she's gonna play tennis with him?!
<Alen> Well...
<Gwen> More tennis....nevermind..
* Meka doesn't move.
<Gwen> >>You hear another rapping at the cage!
<Alen> I guess the ship is too little for a tennis court, right? ^_^
<Gwen> >> This time, it's a friendly face...Adek ^_^
* Pottle grins...
<Gwen> Adek, where the hell have you been?
<Alexis> Quick, get us out of here, before she comes back, Adek!
<Alen> Hi ^_^
* Meka calls Pottle's name softly.
<Pottle> ...yeah Meka?
* Gwen clambers up to Adek. "Get us out! Get us out!"
<Meka> What are you going to do when you and Phoebe get back together?
* Adek is inspecting the outside, looking for the door. "I doubt they left this unlocked, Gwen! I'm looking, ok?"
<Gwen> Yeah, hurry though! They took Remy! The bitch is gonna screw with him!...literally!
<Pottle> Well, obviously you aren't interested in kids, Meka.
<Meka> Not at this point, and not in this state of mind.
<Pottle> You said not at all...
* Meka's voice seems to have warmed slightly.
<Pottle> Or do you change your story as it permits?
* Adek frowns, draws his sword, and tries slamming it, point first, into the lock.
<Meka> And besides, you want to be with Phoebe.
<Gwen> >>The lock doesn't break, but thankfully, your sword doesn't either.
* Adek starts jiggling the sword around inside the lock, trying to trip the tumblers inside.
<Pottle> Somehow I simply don't feel I can trust you, Meka.
<Gwen> >> The door unlocks finally!
<Meka> I can't trust me.
<Pottle> Relationships are based on trust.
* Meka winces in pain and turns to the door.
<Alen> Hey! We can go play tennis now! ^_^
* Adek yanks it open. "Everyone out.."
* Alen looks at everyone.
<Alen> ... that was a joke =P
<Pottle> C'mon. Let's go get our stuff.
<Alexis> We need our stuff back...
<Meka> Pottle.
<Pottle> Adek, you take point..
<Meka> Wait.
* Alen sighs.
<Alexis> I wonder where they put it...
<Alen> You people are no fun... it's like being alone again =|
<Pottle> We'll have to find out.
* Gwen nods. "I can't this!"
* Meka puts a hand on his shoulder. Her face is downward again, and her voice is unnatural.
<Adek> Oh, this could be fun.. let's try not to attract too much attention, huh? I could hear you people half a mile away..
* Pottle stands and follows Adek...
<Meka> She's dead, Pottle. They're wrong.
* Meka follows.
<Pottle> How would YOU know?
<Meka> It doesn't make sense.
<Gwen> Quiet everyone..
* Alen sticks his hands in the pockets of his robe and follows Adek.
<Gwen> >>You head into a side room in the ship...
* Meka whispers. "Have you been able to reach her? They say if you love someone, you can feel them. Have you?"
* Pottle pointedly ignores Meka.
* Adek looks around, then back at everyone and, as quietly as he can while still remaining heard. "Any idea where it is?"
<Alexis> No clue...
<Alexis> But a sword... any sword would do...
<Meka> Pottle, you're afraid to admit she's gone.
<Alen> Um... maybe in the place there that says "Confiscated weaponry"? ^_^
* Gwen looks around in the barrels. "Well, we have enough ale to feed a horde."
* Alen points over to a door ^_^
<Meka> Besides, they didn't say she was alive, just that the Danek took her.
* Alexis eyes pop up. "Incredible..."
* Alexis opens the door cautiously...
<Pottle> I won't believe she's dead.
<Gwen> What Alexis?
<Pottle> She may be...but I won't believe it. Not until I see her body.
<Gwen> Found our stuff?
<Gwen> >> "AH HA!"
<Meka> So you lied when you said you loved me?
<Alexis> Maybe...
<Alexis> In here...
<Gwen> >>The girl is behind you, with several pirates, and Mandrang!
<Pottle> Shit! Grab the stuff, hurry!
* Alexis dives into the room. "They're..."
<Gwen> Girl: They're crafty, and sassy!
<Alexis> ...not here?!? It's a trap!
* Pottle dashes in the room and searches about.
<Pottle> FUCK!
<Gwen> Girl: But arr...they be dumb.
* Alen looks at the girl O_o
* Meka steps into the room calmly.
<Alen> Not the whip! Not the whip! Help! O_O
* Gwen looks at the girl coldy. "Where's Remy?"
<Alexis> Mandrang: I never thought anyone would ever fall for the old "Confiscated Weapon Room" trick...
* Adek whirls to face them, holding his sword and grimly putting himself between the others and the pirates.
<Alexis> Mandrang: Arr....
<Gwen> Girl: He's in my room ^_^ I haven't done anything....yet...
<Gwen> Girl: But I might! But hey, we're a tad intrested in you saps, you were able to get away...
<Alexis> Mandrang draws out two cutlasses. "Drop that, boy, or I'll be forced to run you through and turn you into shark bait."
* Pottle chants and a large fireball appears in his hand.
<Alen> Um, I know! ^_^
<Pottle> Drop your swords, or the boat burns down.
<Gwen> Girl: ^^ Kill us, and that pretty boy dies.
* Meka steps menacingly in front of Mandrang with her fists raised.
* Adek narrows his eyes, not moving, just staring coldly at Mandrang.
<Gwen> ....
<Gwen> Bitch.
<Gwen> Girl: Slut.
<Gwen> Whore.
* Alen throws a smoke cloud at Mandrang to knock him out! "Ash! ^_^"
<Gwen> Girl: Tramp!
<Meka> Run me through. I don't care.
<Alexis> Old Cloaked Figure: Fool elf! Don't use magic in here, it'll rebound and kill you, I warded the ship, myself!
<Pottle> Shove it, y'little cuntball...yeah girlie, I mean you! Arr!
<Gwen> Girl: Yeah, haha! But we might let you live!
* Meka spreads her arms out.
* Pottle sweeps his hand and the fireball vanishes.
<Gwen> Girl: Mandrag! Tell them of our plans!
<Alexis> Mandrang swings down hard, knocking Meka on the head with the pommel, sending her sprawling onto the floor. "Down in front, Missy! Arr!"
<Gwen> Girl: *blink blink
* Please?
<Alexis> Mandrang: Hmm... I knew the plan... I can't seem to remember it... arrr... I must be getting old...
* Meka lifts her head calmly. "Is that the best you can do?"
<Alexis> Mandrang: WHAT is the plan, Nasca?
<Gwen> Girl: You're 30! That's not old!
<Gwen> Girl: Um...wasn't it to get a tresure?
<Gwen> Girl: I forget the name, pumpkin!
<Alexis> Mandrang: Oh yeah! I be rememberin' sorta...
* Meka chuckles to herself...
<Meka> Open invitation to die and no one will take it...
<Gwen> Nasca blinks cootly ."Tell me, puddin' pop...?"
* Gwen can't help chuckling.
<Alexis> Mandrang: It was... the... uh... Jeweled Blade of Oozmalak, a legendary sword...
<Gwen> Nasca: Oh yeah, flufflebunnie! I get that sword! :D
<Alexis> Mandrang: I want it. And if you ever want to see that guy with the funny accent again, you'll get us that sword.
<Gwen> ....god dammit...where IS it?
<Gwen> Nasca blinks cootly. "Yeah, where?"
* Adek flexes his hands on his sword's hilt, wanting to attack but knowing he can't afford to.
<Pottle> we get weapons?
<Pottle> We can't get what you want without them.
<Alexis> Mandrang: The Jeweled Sword of Oozmalak is hidden somewhere in Shadhook.
<Gwen> Nasca: ....As long as you don't try anything funny. We have men gurding Remmy-wemmy. One false move..
* Alen scratches his head.
<Meka> ...
<Alen> I think I heard of that thing before ^_^
<Gwen> Remmy-wemmy?
<Alexis> Mandrang: You'll have to, Elf. If you want to see your friend again. There be more to life than weapons.
* Gwen cackles. "Stupid slut!"
<Alen> Yeah! We can use magic! ^_^
<Gwen> Nasca: Now go!
<Pottle> kingdom for a bow...
<Gwen> Nasca: Give them the orders, pussy-wussy.
<Alexis> Mandrang: Yeah! Go, before I make you walk the plank! Go and get the the sword, in three days, or your friend dies! ARRR!
<Gwen> >> You're all thrown out of the ship!
<Gwen> >> Thankfully, there is a old, worn out, half-broken bow and arrow by your feet.
* Adek jams his sword back into its sheath with a few muttered curses.
<Gwen> >> Nasca: There's your stinkin' weapons! HAHAHAHAHAHAH ^_^ 3 days!
<Pottle> Hrm...
* Meka keeps her eyes on the ground.
* Pottle kneels and picks it up...
* Gwen curses and kicks the ground.
* Pottle nocks the arrow and pulls back the string..."This will do."
<Gwen> Heh. Arrowslinger...
<Meka> I can fight with my fists just as well.
<Alen> Hey, um, what if we ask them if Remy can help us too? It'd be easier that way ^_^
<Pottle> Wanna bet?
<Gwen> ....Alen, we have to SAVE him.
* Pottle points at a tree 200 yards away.
<Alen> Well... uh... but it would be easier to save him if he helped too ^_^
* Meka hugs Pottle quickly and then turns away.
<Gwen> ...oh whatever...
* Pottle takes a breath, pulls back again, and fires...striking the tree dead center.
* Gwen raises an eyebrow. "Not bad."
<Gwen> >> About an hour later, you're back in the boat.
* Meka looks at Pottle...
* Gwen is slilent, looking at the island in the distance.
* Pottle's arrow rests on the side of his leg, instead of a quiver...
<Gwen> Don't you have a quiver, Pottle?
<Pottle> Never used one.
* Meka decides not to risk another hug.
* Alen sits half-asleep in his usual blue robe.
<Gwen> So Pottle, happy that Phoebe's alive?
* Pottle nods...
<Pottle> I'm going after her.
<Gwen> We'll save her....the problem is...where is she?
<Alexis> We gotta save Remy first. Let's worry about that now...
* Gwen face darkens. "Right."
<Alexis> It'll be hard enough as it is without weapons...
<Meka> And I'll be forever without someone who truely loves me... *whispered*
* Alen suddenly perks up.
<Gwen> We don't have any money either...
* Adek nods, echoing Alexis' statement. "One step at a time. We can't allow ourselves to be caught up in something too large.. it'd get overwhelming. One step at a time."
<Pottle> I know.
<Pottle> I didn't mean right now.
<Alen> Hum... hum... where was the sword with the weird name again?
<Pottle> Remy is one of us...and we help our friends...
<Meka> I'm going to get some rest. I lost a lot of blood, I didn't know I got this weak.
<Gwen> Alexis?
<Alexis> It was the Jeweled Sword of Oozmalak, I think.
<Gwen> Lost blood? Meka, what happened to you?
<Meka> I fell.
<Gwen> Why didn't you say anything? I coulda used a few herbs on you.
<Meka> No.
* Alen scratches his head.
<Alexis> Oozmalak... what kinda name is that... whoever thought that one up must have been really stupid...
<Meka> I deserve to suffer.
<Alen> I'm almost sure I've heard that name before...
<Gwen> As stupid as naming their kid pottle....
* Gwen giggles. "A joke."
<Pottle> HEY!
* Pottle laughs...
<Pottle> Smart ass.
<Meka> I think Pottle is a beautiful name.
* Gwen grins. "Thanks Pottle. I feel better."
<Meka> Just like the person.
<Gwen> Surprised you didn't push me outta the boat.
* Meka goes below deck...
* Gwen is still worried. ^_^
* Pottle begins speaking quietly.
* Adek mutters 'Oozmalak..' to himself thoughtfully.
<Pottle> How does someone lose enough to be weak from a fall?
* Meka comes back up, runs over to Pottle, gives him a quick hug, and runs back down.
<Pottle> Blood, I mean.
<Gwen> I don't know. She's been acting oddly all day...
<Adek> You can say that again, Gwen...
<Alen> Hey, uh anyway... where do we find the sword?
<Pottle> I'm wondering if her reason for traveling...
<Gwen> Shadhook.
<Gwen> What Pottle?
<Pottle> Was that maybe, there's a bounty on my head...
<Gwen> I doubt it.
<Alexis> Somewhere in Shadhook... I wonder where...
<Gwen> You said you loved her at one you?
<Pottle> Yes, but somehow it seems more seduction on her part than love.
<Pottle> I did.
<Alexis> Probably some place dangerous, no doubt...
<Alexis> Hmm...
<Gwen> Do you still?
<Pottle> No...she seems to be plotting.
* Gwen hmms.
<Pottle> That's how people act when they scheme. And did you hear her voice?
<Gwen> Well, we'll keep an eye on her.
<Gwen> I heard it...
* Alen yawns and stretches, accidentally sticking his foot in Adek's face,
<Gwen> Don't worry Pottle....I got it covered.
<Pottle> It reminds me of someone...
<Gwen> ...I don't recognize it.
<Adek> Ppptht! Ah! Watch it, Alen!
<Alen> ...? Ooops! Sorry! ^^;
<Gwen> Wonder if Rem's okay...?
* Alen takes his foot off Adek's face.
<Pottle> He's a strong one.
* Adek argshgds..
<Alen> I guess so ^_^
<Adek> Thank you.
<Alen> Weren't the pirate girl and him going to play tennis? ^_^
* Pottle takes out his flute and leans over the deck...
* Gwen hmms under her breath.
<Adek> Alen.. Tennis? They're not.. ahem.. no.. nevermind.
* Pottle begins playing a melody Phoebe taught him...
* Adek shakes his head. "Just forget about it.."
<Gwen> ....that's nice Pottle. Who taught you that?
* Alen yawns and hangs over the railing, looking at the water swirl around and pass them by.
<Pottle> Phoebe taught me it...
<Gwen> It's nice...
<Gwen> Very nice...
<Gwen> What's it called?
<Pottle> I don't know what it's called...
<Pottle> She never told me a name.
<Gwen> Tell me more about you and Pheobe..
* Gwen leans back, and pulls out her guitar, strumming a few notes.
* Alen looks at Gwen.
<Alen> Do you know "Can you fly?"?
<Gwen> Sure do.
* Gwen strums out the notes.
<Alen> Really? O_O
<Alen> Play that!
* Gwen plays a bit. "How's that?"
<Alen> It's good ^_^
* Gwen smiles.
<Pottle> Well, she found me all hurt...fixed me me into the shrine, a job, classes...
<Alen> I used to play.... but I think I've forgotten most of it...
<Pottle> She gave me a new life...heh, Derek...
<Gwen> Derek?
<Gwen> Who's taht?
<Pottle> That was my name.
<Pottle> When I didn't know who I was.
<Gwen> Heh...cute....
<Gwen> Did you have any other friends...?
<Pottle> Yeah...Mort, and Shayla...
<Gwen> They still around?
<Pottle> Yeah, when we left they were.
<Gwen> Maybe we'll see them sometime. Heh..maybe I can see my ol' friends too.
<Pottle> Who're they?
<Gwen> I don't have many.
<Gwen> Lynx and Tessa. Friends of mine I had to leave behind in Penan.
* Alen dribbles with his fingers on the water.
<Alen> All my friends are dead...
<Pottle> Hopefully, we'll all find our friends. :>
<Gwen> Yeah. ^_^ And Remy too.
<Gwen> >> Several hours pass, and you finally end up in the port town of Shadhook!
<Alen> I guess when I die I'll see my friends too...
<Gwen> There it is!
<Gwen> Bout time!
* Pottle grins.
<Adek> Wouldn't be to eager to see them then, were I you, Alen..
<Gwen> >>The sun is starting to set, but the town still bustles.
<Alen> I dunno... I don't think I'll die soon anyway...
<Gwen> >>As you get off the boat, you notice several poeple crowded around a young man.
<Pottle> Hrm...think he might need some help?
<Gwen> >> By his side, is a young woman, in the garb of a bard. (Rhymes!)
<Pottle> Hrm...maybe not.
<Pottle> They're listening, not fighting...
<Gwen> >> The people are looking the young man like he's nuts O_o
<Adek> What's going on here..
<Gwen> >>The man is in the garb of a cleric...and has small rimmed spectacles...and short blonde hair in a buzz cut.
<Gwen> >> Man: I'm telling you the truth, you morons! The shrine just got attacked! I barely escaped with my life! They're coming this way! You have to get ready for war!
* Pottle decides to have a look.
<Gwen> Woman: Ha! We don't do war, sonny. Go back to your convent!
* Pottle puts his fucked-up bow over his shoulder.
<Pottle> Ha, lady, then yer gonna die...
<Gwen> Man: Your pacifist attitude is gonna kill you! I travelled miles to get here!
<Pottle> The Danek are overrunning this world...
<Gwen> >>The man doesn't seem to notice you guys in the crowd.
<Gwen> Man: Look at my goddamn SHOES! Proves how much I care! All the way from Cannisk for this...
<Pottle> Mort! Yo, Mort!
<Gwen> The townspeople laugh.
* Gwen blinks.
* Pottle jumps! "Pay attention, you loser!"
<Gwen> Mort turns around. "Pottle?"
<Gwen> Well, what incredible irony! ^_^
<Pottle> C'mere Mort...before this crowd has you for lunch...
<Gwen> Mort bear hugs Pottle. "Where the hell have you BEEN?"
* Alen blinks.
* Pottle pats Mort heartily on the back.
<Pottle> Phoebe and I just kinda decided to up and leave.
* Pottle laughs.
<Gwen> Mort: I kinda thought you died...with all that happened in Smythe...
<Pottle> How've you been?
* Dawn quietly watches everything ^_^
<Gwen> Mort: Not great. The shrine's gone, Pottle.
<Pottle> WHAT?!
<Pottle> What about Shayla?!
<Gwen> Mort: ...
<Gwen> Mort: I'm not sure.
<Pottle> Fuck...
<Pottle> First Phoebe, now Shayla...
<Gwen> Mort: She's tough though, I doubt she's...wait...what's going on with Phoebe?!
* Pottle mutters curses under his breath.
* Gwen turns to Dawn. "You like watching private conversations?"
<Pottle> Hey Mort. You know anything about the Quele'zar?
<Gwen> Mort: No....why?
* Dawn blushes. "Uh....uhm....only when they interest me."
* Gwen rolls her eyes. "Stay out, sister."
<Pottle> Well some Quele'zar bitch named Katarina DuNord captured her...
<Gwen> Mort: Shit...
<Pottle> That bitch torched my village when I was young.
* Dawn smirks. "You aren't very pleasant for being such a looker."
<Gwen> Mort: I heard about a witch joining the empire's ranks....could it be her?
<Pottle> Probably.
* Gwen humphs.
<Pottle> She was looking for this, I think...
* Pottle holds up the Light side of the Lackisha Pendant.
<Gwen> Mort: That pendant's familar though...I've seen it in a book somewhere..
<Pottle> Yes. The Lackisha Pendant.
<Alen> WAH! Where'd you get that?
<Gwen> Alen?
<Gwen> Mort: Incredible..
<Pottle> Forged by the elves and the Quele'zar, and broken because of its massive power.
<Alen> Oh man -_-
<Pottle> Katarina would become a goddess if she had this...
* Dawn continues to listen, obviously interested. She keeps twirling her black hair around a finger, grinning.
<Gwen> Mort: That's right! *Adjusts his specs
* and the Quele'zar fought the elves for the other half!"
<Pottle> Right now, we're looking for some kinda jeweled sword...
<Pottle> Yeah. Well, they never got it. It's mine.
<Gwen> Mort: Need my help? You could obviously use it.
<Pottle> And it's gonna stay that way.
<Alen> Okay, I get it, Katarina has the dark side and she wants both and that's why she got Phoebe and, uh, why did you have the pendant Pottle?
<Gwen> Mort: Besides....since the people here aren't gonna do anything...I need all the help I can get... *mutter*
<Alen> Ah -_-
<Pottle> Because I'm the son of the damn chief of my village. Of course I'm gonna have the damn pendant!
* Gwen looks at Alen.
<Gwen> They took her for the pendant?
<Pottle> I think so.
<Gwen> Feh.
<Pottle> I bet Katarina is thinking one of two things.
<Gwen> Mort: And that is?
<Pottle> One, Phoebe had the pendant.
<Pottle> Two, capture Phoebe to GET the pendant.
<Gwen> Well...let's concentrate on finding Remy.
<Pottle> Agreed.
<Pottle> You joining in, Mort?
<Gwen> >> You hear Dawn's voice behind you.
<Gwen> Mort; Sure, why not.
* Pottle grins..."Hope you have a weapon...we don't."
<Gwen> Mort: Maybe I can find don't?
<Gwen> Mort: O_o Pottle, that's rather stupid...
<Pottle> No...lemme explain.
<Dawn> Well....uhm...I'm interested in coming along with you all, if you'll accept me...
<Pottle> See, we got captured by some pirates...they took our weapons.
<Pottle> In order to get our friend Remy back...
<Gwen> As long as you keep quiet...I suppose it's okay..
<Pottle> We gotta get this jeweled sword thingy.
<Gwen> Mort nods. "I gotcha."
<Dawn> I'm a bard, I'm not used to being quiet... ^_^ But sure.
* Dawn grins.
<Gwen> Let's go!


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