VayRPG Session 13: Search for the Jewled Sword of Oozamalak

Gwen, Nasca, Mort, Teefa, Katarina, Random NPCs: GMLucca
Arcus, Zeth: DNW
Alen: Will
Adek: Rasis
Alexis, Mandrang: Bahamut
Pottle: Talon
Meka: Star
Sabrina: Danny
Remy, Dawn: Jupiter
Sunny: Cecil

Special apperance by Andrew, as Bubbles the Sea Monkey! (Don't ask about this boss...I was high off Mountain Dew. ^^)

Session Start: Fri Mar 13 17:25:43 1998

<Gwen> >> Upon Mort's suggestion, you all are wandering aimlessly around Shady's seaside pub, looking for clues. Only about 25% of the bargoers are conscious, however ^_^
* Dawn looks with slight disgust at some of the bar attendents...
* Sabrina goes over to the bartender. "May I have a drink?"
<Gwen> Bartender: How old are you, missy?
* Meka twirls her scarf, keeping her eyes down...
<Dawn> Gee, maybe I should do the bard thing..
<Adek> Guys.. do we REALLY think that anyone here will be able to tell us anything?
* Pottle looks at Mort...
* Adek pauses. "..heck, do we think they'll even be able to speak coherently?"
<Sabrina> I'm...I'm 21! Yeah....wait...I didn't know there was a drinking age. Oh well, I'm 21.
* Sabrina smiles innocently.
* Gwen drinks a ale slowly and looks around for possible snippits of info.
<Pottle> You know, before I left, I considered you a smart guy. You're proving me wrong... :P
<Gwen> Bartender: Sigh. Here. *Shoves an ale toward her*
* Dawn regards the group and hmms.. :P
<Sabrina> Thanks!
* Pottle takes the ale from Sabrina.
<Sabrina> HEY!
<Gwen> Mort: Well....if you think about it...the ale is bound to loosen their tongues.
<Dawn> o/~ I sing of a world wonderous and filled with danger...I sing of a band of unlikely heroes.... o/~
<Dawn> Naaah...
<Sabrina> That's mine! I lied for that fair and square!
* Meka looks up slightly...
<Pottle> You're pregnant. You don't drink while you're pregnant!
<Adek> Yeah. But if they're so loose that nothing comes out but drool..
* Dawn leans against the bar and looks thoughtful.
<Meka> Drinking isn't good for someone as young as you...
<Sabrina> Now give it back, you retarded elf!
<Gwen> Mort: *Sigh*
<Pottle> No.
<Meka> And definetly not good if you're pregnant.
<Sabrina> C'mon! I won't die or anything, geeze!
* Meka grabs it from Pottle.
<Dawn> Let the woman have her ale, already....eesh.
* Gwen laughs slightly at Sabrina. "It's her body. When her kid comes out looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, she might think twice later on."
* Pottle hands the mug to the barkeep..."And if you serve her anymore drinks you won't live till closing time."
<Meka> I want a drink!
<Gwen> Bartender takes the ale back.
* Meka hrmps and turns away again.
<Pottle> Then get one, Meka... :P
* Pottle turns out his empty pockets.
* Adek sighs, shaking his head. "Wonderful. Not only are we accomplishing nothing, we're going to get drunk now, too?"
<Dawn> I say we start asking questions..
<Gwen> Right.
* Sabrina blinks. "Wait, what about that time Sunny got plastered?! Did you guys do anything about it? No! And she's younger than ME!"
<Meka> I'll go look around the town.
<Gwen> Bartender! We're looking for the sword of Oozamalak....
<Pottle> You're pregnant! I don't give a damn about age!
<Gwen> The bartender suddenly starts laughing! O_o
<Gwen> Bartender: You're kidding, right?!
* Meka wanders out of the bar, but sits there on a bench right outside.
<Dawn> Oozamalak? Hey! thats kalamazoo backwards...
<Gwen> Mort: No, we aren't!
* Pottle goes out after Meka.
<Sabrina> So what? It's my body! I can do whatever I want! If I wanna get plastered, it's my decision!
* Dawn scratches her head and wonders what that accomplished, decides it didn't do anything, and looks around. :P
<Gwen> Bartender: That sword is just a myth!
* Sabrina hmphs.
<Gwen> WHAT?!
<Gwen> Bartender: There's a whole stupid little story about that sword too! It's in a kid's fairy tale!
* Pottle yells back at Sabrina. "Fine! Get drunk! And I hope your kid turns out with a third eye!"
* Dawn blinks. :P
<Gwen> Are you telling me we're on a wild goose chase for NOTHING?!
<Sabrina> Screw you, elf!
* Dawn notes Gwen's temple throbs when she's angry.
* Adek frowns. "Sometimes these stories have basis in reality. I remember one about this alligator in an outhouse, see, and.. er.. heh. Nevermind."
* Pottle flips the bird at Sabrina and steps out of the bar.
* Alexis humphs... "Great... that Nasca had this planned all along... now she's gonna get 'im..."
* Meka doesn't seem to notice Pottle...
* Pottle blinks at Meka.
* Meka coughs violently. "Ugh. Damn."
* Sabrina mutters. "It's not like he's my father or something.........."
* Pottle snaps his fingers in front of her eyes and moves his hand up and down.
<Pottle> You in there?
<Meka> Hi...
* Meka looks away.
* Gwen bangs her head on the table. "God-dammit!"
* Dawn scowls ever so slightly. "So....excuse my ignorance.....but what the hell is so important about that sword anyway? So it doesn't exist. Big whoop."
<Meka> I was never in there. *smiles a bit*
* Pottle nudges Meka's cheek with a couple fingers, trying to get her to look at him.
* Gwen glares at Dawn.
* Arcus watches the group with a smirk on his face.
<Gwen> Because if we don't get it, a friend of ours will die.
<Arcus> Hey.
* Sabrina notices Arcus and looks at him.
* Adek muses aloud, almost to himself. "What if it's not just a story... if everyone assumed it was a child's fairy tale, it's not like anyone would go looking for it.. the perfect disguise, so to speak.."
<Dawn> Oh? Hmm.... thats too bad...
<Alexis> An important friend...
* Dawn glances at Arcus.
<Arcus> You looking for the Ooozymawatzit?
* Pottle sits down next to Meka.
* Gwen looks at Alexis curiously..
* Meka giggles. "Are you trying to tickle me, Pottle?"
<Pottle> Naah...
<Gwen> You know something about it?!
<Arcus> Maybe..
<Arcus> I do know this though.
<Pottle> I want you to look at me, Meka...
<Gwen> Please tell us...
<Meka> I can't.
<Dawn> Yes. So Gwen doesn't throttle us all.
* Dawn grins a little.
<Pottle> Please look at me, Meka...
<Arcus> Rumor has it that there's a ton of stuff stashed out near one of the seaside mountains near here.
<Gwen> >> You hear a knocking on the pub door, then you see a girl with sunny colored hair walk into the room. It's...Sunny ^_^
<Sunny> Hi Guys!
<Sunny> Miss me :)
<Gwen> But does it have the sword?
<Gwen> Hey Sunny.
<Dawn> o/~ Sunny came home to her favorite room...Sunny sat down in the kitchen... o/~
<Arcus> If you're looking for something, I'd start there if I were you
<Gwen> Mort waves to Sunny.
* Sabrina eyes Sunny and mutters. "What a bitch."
<Meka> ...
* Sunny opens a book with a list of tools :)
<Pottle> Look, I'm sorry about yesterday...
<Meka> It's not that.
* Sunny looks to Sab.
<Sunny> What I do?
* Gwen hmms.
<Gwen> Think you can lead us there, mister....?
<Pottle> Then...what is it Meka?
* Arcus kicks back in his chair and waits for a response
<Pottle> And why can't you look at me...?
<Gwen> >> You see a strange creature sitting on Arcus's shoulder...well..more like resting. It's a strange snake-like creature with wings! O_o
<Meka> M.. my head hurts... *shakes her head
* You'll find out. Soon.
<Adek> This mountain.. what's the catch? Guarded by some fearsome monster? Across the gorge of eternal peril? What?
* Dawn raises an eyebrow.
* Sunny looks around.
<Arcus> *Zeth curls around behind Arcus' head.
* Sunny wonders where Alen and Dance are..
* Sabrina goes to a seat and falls asleep.
<Gwen> Wow...intresting creature...what is it?
<Arcus> Dunno, I've never gone in there, just heard stuff.
* Meka waits a second, then pulls her scarf off from around her neck and gives it to Pottle...
* Arcus looks at the snake. "Oh him, that's Zeth."
* Pottle holds Meka's hand in his, and blinks...
<Dawn> Zeth? Does it bite?
<Pottle> Cold...
<Gwen> Hey Zeth....
<Arcus> If you make him mad he will.
<Meka> Pottle... You may need this...
<Dawn> What if I wanna feed him, then?
* Gwen looks at it and grins. "Majestic."
<Pottle> What for?
<Arcus> Ask him first, he might not be hungry.
<Meka> You'll know when you do.
* Sabrina mutters in her sleep. "No.....daddy....."
* Dawn grins and leans down to look at Zeth. "Are you hungry?"
* Arcus raises his arm and Zeth winds himself around it.
<Pottle> What aren't you telling me?
* Meka pulls away.
<Meka> I can't.
<Meka> I'm sorry.
<Arcus> * Zeth: "Not really, but thanks"
* Dawn blinks a bit..
<Dawn> Hmm...weird...thought speech..
<Gwen> He's telepathic? Intresting...
* Meka runs back inside... "Sunny!"
* Pottle picks up the scarf, blinks rapidly, and shudders, as if a chill went through him...
<Gwen> Anyway, we'd better head out. Think you can lead us there, Arc?
* Sabrina clutches her necklace, and her eyes snap open. "What?!"
<Sunny> Hi Meka!
* Sabrina looks around and blinks.
* Pottle clenches his hand into a fist and places it on his heart. "May Anemone protect me..."
<Gwen> Mort hmms. "Listen, I think I'm going to find some better weapons for you guys..."
<Dawn> All right! Weapons!
<Meka> Sunny!
<Meka> How are ya?
<Meka> :>
<Gwen> Mort: But might take some wheeling and dealing...because I don't really have any money ^^;;
* Meka smiles innocently.
<Sunny> I'm ok, I got lost after awhile :P But some nice kid told me you guys where here :)
* Gwen walks out the door. "Coming?"
<Arcus> Can I lead you all there? I wouldn't have brought it up if I couldn't.
* Dawn nods and follows...
* Pottle pokes Mort...
* Meka follows...
<Gwen> Sure!
<Gwen> Mort: Yes?
<Pottle> Why don't we do this our way?
* Sunny skips along.
* Adek shrugs, and comes along with the others.
<Gwen> Mort: Your way...and that is?
* Pottle holds up 5 fingers.
* Sabrina follows Gwen slowly.
* Alexis quietly follows...
<Gwen> Mort: Yes?
<Pottle> That way, Mort. Like the old days. ;>
<Meka> Pottle?
<Gwen> Mort coughs.
<Gwen> Mort: Um....I'm a friggin priest to Anemone now, I can't steal! ^^;;
* Dawn looks thoughtful..
<Pottle> Says you.
<Pottle> It is for a good cause, is it not?
<Meka> Pottle?
<Gwen> Mort: If you also give me a bit of time, I can get you weapons fair and square. I won't steal. So you can call me a prude, if you want.
<Sabrina> Hey Pottle! Meka's callin' you! Duh!
<Pottle> Hrmph...
<Gwen> Mort: Don't worry, you'll get your weapons. ^_^
<Dawn> I want a sword!
* Dawn grins.
<Pottle> Oh, I'm sorry, Meka...
<Gwen> Pottle, god! I coulda written a book by now! Hurry up!
* Meka nods...
* Pottle shivers slightly.
* Gwen calls from outside.
* Adek glances down at the sword on his belt. "If you happen to acquire a katana.. I hate this friggin' thing.
* Meka holds a hand out to Pottle hopefully.
* Sabrina walks past Meka and runs into Gwen because she isn't watching where she's walking, and she her necklace falls from her pocket. "Oh....sorry..."
* Arcus kicks back against a nearby building.
<Gwen> Ack!
<Gwen> Oh...It's okay. You dropped your necklace, by the way.
<Sabrina> Huh?
* Dawn blows her black hair outta her eyes...
* Gwen points to it.
* Sabrina blinks and looks down. "OH!" She bends down and picks it up in a hurry.
<Meka> Pottle?
<Gwen> Anyway...Arcus...which mountain..?
* Dawn smirks to herself and notes Gwen is awfully antsy about getting that sword..
* Pottle smiles and nods, taking Meka's hand.
* Arcus points to the North. "Thataway!"
* Meka smiles slightly...
<Gwen> Great! Lead on!
<Gwen> ...and MAYBE these id....grumble...
* Arcus bows, and takes the lead, with Zeth on his shoulder
<Pottle> Gwen! Maybe you'd like weapons before we go?
<Meka> Do you remember your village, Pottle?
<Pottle> That is what Mort and I were talking about.
<Gwen> >>You later find yourself walking along a coastline, with the sea lapping at your feet. The mountain looms ahead.
* Pottle nods to Meka...I do."
<Dawn> Wow...
<Meka> Oh... I was too young when mine burned...
<Gwen> Nice...
<Pottle> I remember all of my past, now...all in complete vividness...
<Dawn> This is romantic... ^_^
<Gwen> Heh...beach walks are overrated...
<Arcus> See that smaller one sandwiched between the bigger mountains? That's the one.
* Gwen peers ahead. "Oh....yep...I see it."
<Pottle> I remember my mother pleading...
<Dawn> Sandwiched.....heh...there's a nice term.. :P
* Sabrina looks back at Pottle and Meka and walks a little slower so that eventually, she walks alongside them.
<Pottle> And Katarina chasing after me...but...somehow, I got away...
<Arcus> *Zeth crawls back into Arcus' hood.
* Gwen ears perk up at Katarina.
<Meka> I remember playing with an elf from another town, and then seeing my village... I think I was three...
<Pottle> She torched most of the elven villages.
<Gwen> The empire torched most of Dunton during the time of Sadoul...
<Pottle> She may have been the one who torched yours...
<Sabrina> At least you guys had a place you could call home...
* Meka looks down. "I don't think so."
<Sunny> I got kicked out of my home...
<Pottle> Gwen, Katarina torched the elven villages. Trust me, I know.
<Gwen> Heh. Yeah, too bad their either gone or hidiously warped.
<Pottle> They were looking for the pendant.
<Pottle> Katarina and any cronies she may have had...
<Gwen> My parents are still around...
* Sabrina takes out her necklace and rubs the larger emerald.
<Alexis> We're just crawling in tramatic childhoods, aren't we...
<Gwen> What about you, Alexis?
<Meka> How old were you, Pottle?
<Arcus> Only if you let that hold you down.
<Adek> A regular disfunctional group, huh?
<Pottle> I think five.
<Gwen> It's more intresting that way, Adek.
<Adek> Perhaps.
<Meka> My 18th birthday is coming up, you know.
<Alexis> Dunno who my parents are... I don't remember them... and they probably didn't give a shit about me anyways... I've never found them.
<Meka> In a few more months. I think.
<Alexis> I doubt they're looking for me.
<Gwen> >> The mountain looms closer. Suddenly, a gigantic wave crashes into the shore, tripping the majority of you ^_^
<Alexis> If they're still alive...
* Gwen peers back at Alexis..
* Pottle slips but regains his balance like a good elf.
* Arcus continues along, having a half-heard conversation.
* Alexis leaps out of the way...
* Gwen gets her backside soaked. "Shit..."
* Meka doesn't seem to be having any trouble climbing.
* Dawn scowls.. "I just had this cloak pressed.."
* Arcus is now quite wet.
<Arcus> Pthleh.....
* Adek falls face first.
* Pottle stifles a chuckle....
* Sabrina falls on her stomach. "HELP! I'm like a beached whale and if any of you crack any jokes, I'm gonna kick your ass!"
* Meka falls down from the wave.
<Pottle> Adek, you need a hand?
* Gwen laughs and helps Sabrina up.
* Arcus tries to wring out his cloak.
<Gwen> You've fallen, and you can't get up?
* Dawn laughs..
* Pottle didn't notice Meka because he figured an elf could stay on her feet :P
* Sabrina blinks at Gwen...."Thanks....Yeah, you could say that...."
* Adek raises his face out of the sand. "No, no.. I rather like it down here. Maybe I'll stay."
* Meka stands, shaking out her wet hair.
* Dawn grins and helps Adek up.
* Gwen smirks.
<Arcus> Hey! I'm just as cold as you are now Zeth, so stop complaining.
* Pottle kneels and offers his hand to Adek.
<Meka> I don't really remember when I was born, only that I'm 17.
<Meka> Pottle, how old are you?
<Pottle> Me? 22.
* Dawn mutters something and kicks at some sand. :P
<Meka> 22... That's... 6 years older 'n me...
<Gwen> >>Finally, you've reached the mountain! It has an 'irish' kind of look, with ragged cliffs and green grass. Very quaint ^_^
* Pottle is almost completely dry.
<Arcus> This is the place ^_^
<Pottle> I though you were turning 18?
<Meka> 5? 6?
* Adek looks at the Irish mountain, literally covered in drunken red-heads!
<Dawn> Hey.....this is inspiring me to recite poetry..
<Meka> I am. I was never very good at math... *blush*
<Gwen> Beautiful..
<Gwen> ...Adek, what the hell are you talking about?
<Dawn> Romantic.
<Adek> Yeah. Stupid red-heads! You'll just be sitting there, minding your own business, when they come marching into the room, crawl up your leg, and start biting the inside of my ass!
<Meka> *LOL*
<Gwen> >>You see a small recess in the mountain's side.
<Adek> ..and I'm all like "HEY! GET OUT OF MY ASS, YOU STUPID REDHEAD!"
<Dawn> Shut up, Adek.
<Gwen> O_o
<Dawn> :P
<Gwen> Adek....I think you've lost your mind...
* Arcus moves closer to teh recess in the mountain.
<Gwen> Is it in here?
* Dawn continues to look deep in thought about something.. :P
<Pottle> You had a redhead in your...good GOD, Adek, I did NOT wanna know that!
<Pottle> was bleeding too?! Damn, yer tight to top it off...
<Meka> WHY are we talking about what when in Adek's ass?
<Gwen> >>You wander inside of the caverns. The air has a pugnant smell of fish, salt, and sea kelp.
* Dawn wrinkles her nose. "Great....the fishy"
<Gwen> Huh?
<Gwen> How much further?
<Gwen> Arcus! How much further!
<Arcus> Not too much longer....I think.
<Dawn> Good....this place is sucks..
<Pottle> ...he thinks. Suddenly I've lost my confidence. :P
* Dawn looks kinda pale :P
<Arcus> Hey gimme a break, I said it was a rumor after all.
* Meka looks around...
<Meka> Pottle?
<Pottle> Hrm?
<Gwen> He's right behind you, Meka.
* Pottle skitters around through the shadows.
<Meka> Wh... when I turn 18, you'll be here, right?
<Dawn> Mmm...well....apparently there's someone important who needs the sword or something..
<Gwen> >>You hear something up ahead.
* Meka follows Pottle.
* Arcus presses himself against the mountain.
<Gwen> What's that....sound?
<Pottle> If Katarina doesn't get her way...yeah, I'll be here.
<Gwen> >> "KI KI KI KI KI"
* Pottle clenches the pendant..."She'll never get this..."
<Meka> 'Cause... everyone... everyone always leaves... me...
<Dawn> Eh....Ki..?
* Meka suddenly starts crying softly.
<Gwen> Meka...?
* Bubbles hops out of the shadows, water spraying all around it...
<Dawn> What the hell? O_o
* Meka looks up.
* Arcus drops back away from the creature.
<Gwen> Oh, for the love of god!
<Meka> I'm fine.
* Sabrina eyes Meka and gives her a hug.
* Pottle hugs Meka.
<Gwen> First a this....?
<Gwen> Pottle, did you fight shit like this?!
* Pottle turns around and perks.
* Bubbles, in fine monkey form, hurls a handful of excrement in the general direction of the party as it emerges into full view.
<Dawn> A pig..? ^_-
* Adek grips the hilt of his sword, startled. "What's.."
<Gwen> O_O
<Meka> A monkey.
* Gwen ducks!
<Arcus> You mean this stuff happens regularly with you guys?
<Dawn> Ack!
* Dawn drops!
<Gwen> Um...yes.
* Arcus scrambles out of the way, barely.....
<Bubbles> Ki!
<Arcus> Marvelous....
<Gwen> Who are you?!
<Pottle> Me more so! Pottle Eccles, charmed to make your acquaintance!
<Dawn> Great....uh....someone like kill it or something..
* Pottle smirks.
<Sunny> Aww, its looks cool!
* Bubbles looks pissed off.
<Gwen> It's not cool. It just threw a pile of dung at us!
* Pottle watches Sunny get smacked with the turd :P
* Dawn ponders shoving Sunny down the mountain.
<Arcus> How annoying..
* Sunny missed it :P
<Sunny> Its probably just scared.
<Gwen> Why can't we fight cool things? Why must we fight stupid shit like pigs and monkeys...?
* Meka grins.
* Sabrina blinks as some crap flies right past her...
<Dawn> Eh...Sunny....make contact with it.. :P
<Arcus> Doesn't look scared to me..
<Sunny> Mr. Sea Monkey, why are you so upset?
* Bubbles starts sniffing at Gwen's armpits.
<Pottle> Gwen, you REALLY wanna fight Katarina, Sadoul, WIND ELEMENTALS?!
<Adek> The real question, Gwen, is why do we have to fight at all?
<Meka> You need help, person monkey thingy.
<Pottle> If not, take it back. :P
<Dawn> Uh...Gwen..? I think it likes you.. ^_-
<Gwen> It's gotta be better than this!
<Gwen> ....oh god...
* Pottle hrms...
* Gwen skitters away.
<Sunny> Hehe..
* Pottle pats the sea monkey thingy on the head and speaks in soothing tones.
<Sunny> Maybe it wants fishies!
* Bubbles sniffs Pottle's face.
* Dawn whispers to Gwen. "Maybe we can feed it Sunny..?"
<Pottle> Don't worry, we won't hurt you...
<Arcus> Gah....
* Pottle nuzzles its nose with his.
<Sunny> Hmph!
* Sunny walks off.
<Dawn> Eh, heh.. :P
* Pottle waves his hand behind him trying to get everyone to quiet down!
* Gwen grins at Sunny. "We're only kidding!"
* Bubbles skitters away from Pottle, eyeing him warily.
<Sunny> Well....!
<Gwen> Come back, Sun.
* Dawn eyes the psychotic seahorse..
* Sunny struts back. **
* Gwen changes topic to '[VayRPG] Sea Monkey's lair'
* Sabrina crouches down to be eye-level with the monkey. "Come here....ummm....monkey thing...Please?"
* Meka tries to calm it by holding her hand out to it.
* Pottle removes his bow, shows it to the creature, then slowly sets it down.
* Arcus avoids the ungainly thing.
* Gwen doesn't have weapons, so she there.
* Alexis stays in the shadows... *
* Dawn hangs back by Gwen, because Gwen is butch and can kick its ass.. :P
* Pottle raises his hands and walks toward it. "It's okay...I won't hurt you, I promise."
* Gwen grins ^_^
<Sabrina> Come here sea monkey thingie....ummm....Like...uhh....please?
* Meka wonders if Bubbles even knows she's there. :P
* Bubbles hesitantly pokes Pottle in the centre of his palm and sniffs again.
* Pottle smiles and does the same back, mimicking it.
* Meka stifles a giggles.
<Gwen> >>You hear someone shouting from outside. "HEY! GUYS! I GOT YOUR WEAPONS!" The sea moneky is startled!
* Bubbles leets out a piercing shriek.
<Arcus> Wha?
* Bubbles suddenly starts laying eggs all over the place.
* Meka just stands there.
<Gwen> Mort comes in with a box of weapons...and then oogles at the monkey...and the fecal smell ^_^
* Sabrina blinks. "Ummm....what?"
<Pottle> Mort, you fuckin' idiot...
* Pottle mutters.
<Gwen> Mort: What, what did I do?!
<Sabrina> Sure....
* Bubbles hops around, screeching, as the eggs start to hatch.
<Pottle> You never could keep your damn mouth SHUT!
<Gwen> Mort: How did I know you were rendevousing with a freaking sea monkey?!
* Sunny combs her hair.
* Bubbles hurls a pile of crap at Mort.
* Sunny giggles.
<Arcus> Incoming!
<Sabrina> Those are the fastest hatching eggs I've ever seen...
<Gwen> Mort is hit in the face and tumbles out of the cave!
* Pottle watches it smack him dead in the face.
<Adek> The rendezvous was hardly planned, at.. oh hell.
<Pottle> Now when I call ya shithead I can mean it...
<Gwen> >>Monsters come out of the eggs!

== COMBAT!! ==

* Sabrina goes to the box to see what weapons are in there....
* Bubbles looks satisfied, and hops away.
* Meka pulls out her whip.
<Dawn> Ack!
* Pottle grabs his bow and pulls back.
<Arcus> Criminy....
* Adek draws his sword and steps forward.
* Gwen searches the box, and hands back everyone's weapons. You now have weapons again!!
<Alexis> Sea Monkey (1) Hatchlings(3)
* Pottle keeps the bow, eager for a change.
* Meka NOW takes out the whip.
* Sabrina takes her claws. "Yay..."
<Dawn> Eh....Gwen..? ^_^;
* Bubbles returns to help command its unholy army of the night.
* Pottle grabs his sword and sheathes it...
<Dawn> Uh...I've never used a weapon before...uh..
* Dawn meeps and hides behind Gwen for the whole battle ^_^
* Pottle smirks...
<Pottle> Now it's about time I prove to you people how well I can fight...
* Sabrina jumps at the enemies and slash wildly at them and laughing hysterically.
* Bubbles cackles in a piercingly high voice.
* Gwen looks at Sabrina oddly.
<Gwen> ..feh.
* Alexis lashes out at a hatchling!
* Pottle nocks an arrow.
<Alexis> 1: misses...
<Alexis> 2: 29 on Hatchling 1...
* Sabrina blinks.
* Pottle takes a couple deep breaths, and takes aim at Hatchling 1.
* Adek tenses, holding his sword perpendicular to the ground and watching the enemies carefully.
* Sabrina begins laughing as if she heard a hysterical joke and can't stop.
* Gwen laughs at the sea monkey.
<Gwen> Dumbass prick.
* Meka considers startling Pottle just to bug him. :P
<Alexis> >> Sunny stands there like a dolt this turn...
* Pottle watches the look in Meka's eyes from in front of him...
* Sabrina slashes wildly at Hatchling #1.
<Pottle> Don't even THINK about it. :P
* Meka looks back at him, grinning. "Boo."
* Sunny was in the bathroom :P
* Pottle pointedly ignores Meka and closes one eye, focusing the other down the bow's line getting the perfect shot at his target.
* Meka looks back to the front.
* Sunny casts Earth Spike on the monkey.
<Pottle> One step to the right Gwen, unless you want to lose an arm...
* Gwen steps to the right.
<Pottle> Thank ya.
<Alexis> >>Tiger cut inflicts 38 damage...
<Alexis> >>Sunny snaps back to reality, and casts Spike...
<Alexis> Rock Spike deals 70 damage...
<Gwen> Nice Sunny!
<Sunny> I still got it ;)
* Pottle keeps his eye directly on the target, avoiding all other distraction.
* Bubbles mewls as blood sprays from its wounds.
<Sunny> That's what bad monkeys get :P
<Pottle> C'mon, gimme a shot, stop moving...
* Meka casts shock on the Monkey.
<Sabrina> The poor little monkey thingy....
<Alexis> Shock arcs towards the monkey, doing critical damage! 88!
* Gwen laughs so hard. She can't help herself..
* Gwen grins, jumps and slashes at the monkey in one fast swipe!
* Gwen then jumps back to her comrades!
* Gwen pulls out a ciggerette and grins. "Take that, you mookie-stick eater."
<Dawn> Ooh. :P
<Alexis> Gwen deals 22 damage.
* Sunny snaches one from Gwen.
<Sunny> What's this :)
<Gwen> Um...Sunny...
* Adek flexes his legs once, waiting for the right second, then leaps to the side. He spins in the air, coming down feet-first and leaping again, this time horizontally and barely off the ground, raking his sword across the hatchlings.
* Gwen humms. As long as she can't light it, she's fine.
<Meka> Can I have one, Gwen?
* Gwen hands one to Meka. "Sure."
<Gwen> Just pay me back sometime.
* Sunny lights it.
* Meka nods thanks and lights hers.
<Gwen> O_o
<Meka> I'll pay you back now if you want.
<Sunny> Hmm.. that smells different..
<Gwen> Damn. And you're asking me what that is, Sunny?
<Sunny> I saw you light it, so I tried it.
* Pottle shoves one in his mouth and sparks.
<Alexis> >>Whoa! Adek casts Wide Slash dealing 58 damage to all the hatchlings! Hatchling 1 is slain!
* Meka grins. "You lost your aim, Pottle."
* Sunny puts it in her mouth.
* Gwen snickers.
* Pottle turns his attention to the second hatchling.
* Sunny turns blue.
* Adek does one more jump, this a quick hop back into position. "There we go!"
<Sunny> Uck!
<Gwen>'s an aquired taste, Sunny.
* Meka grins at Sunny and inhales.
* Sunny throws it at the sea monkey.
<Sunny> It's disgusting!
<Gwen> Sea monkey squeals!
* Pottle smokes with no hands like Cid :P
* Arcus unsheathes his sword and leaps at the enemy.
<Alexis> Arcus strikes Hatchling 2 for 37 points of damage!
* Sabrina looks at Pottle. She mutters to herself, "And he said that drinking was hazardous for pregnant women. What about second-hand smoking?"
* Pottle grins as the hatchling stops moving for a moment..."Gotcha."
<Gwen> Hurry...they're preparing an attack...
* Pottle releases the arrow as it whistles from the bowstring, heading for Hatchling 2's chest!
* Meka looks down again...
<Alexis> >>Pottle misses...
<Sabrina> Smooth, Pottle.
<Gwen> Well, at least he prepared well...
<Pottle> Piece of crap bow...
<Arcus> Do you lot always banter like this when fighting?
<Meka> Yeah. 'Cause we know we're gonna win.

-- Combat Round 2! --

<Alexis> Alexis's attack...
<Alexis> >>1: 30
* Pottle tosses the piece of shit aside and draws his sword...
<Alexis> >>2: 27. Hatchling 2 is slain!
<Gwen> Yeah, know we're all dysfunctional....unfortunately.
<Dawn> Speak for yourself!
* Dawn goes back to hiding.
<Adek> Well.. if it helps keep us focused, I don't think it matters.
* Arcus shrugs and turns his attention to the fight.
<Gwen> Dawn, is your middle name Edward or something?
<Dawn> Actually, no. Its CandyXXX.
<Dawn> Why? ^_^
<Gwen> Uhh...
* Sunny casts Earth Spike on the monkey.
<Dawn> o/~ a no smoking sign on your cigarette break.... o/~
<Alexis> Rock Spike deals 77 damage!
<Sunny> Whee..
* Sabrina begins to chant and raises her hands to the sky. Her eyes turn a lightning-yellow and lightning bolts shoot down at her hands. She takes the bolts and slams them at the monkey.
<Alexis> Critical! 84 damage!
<Gwen> Whoo! Nice!!
<Sabrina> Dumb monkey! It didn't like me even though I tried being nice to it!
* Pottle idly kicks the crap bow, and digs through his big backpack...
<Gwen> It's a monkey Sunny. What did you expect?!
* Meka lifts her hands, chanting... "Flame Bolt!"
<Alexis> 42 damage! The frightful Sea Monkey is slain!
* Sabrina blinks. "Sunny?! How dare you call me that?! I can't believe you mistook me for that little piece of crap!!!!"
* Pottle pulls an elven shortbow from his backpack, as well as an arrow with a barbed arrowhead...
<Dawn> Go Gwen, go Gwen, get funky.. :P
<Sunny> Call you what?
* Meka smiles...
* Gwen pepares an attack!!
<Sabrina> Shut up!
<Sabrina> I'm not talking to you!
* Pottle nocks his barbed arrow.
<Dawn> You know...we've spent so much time fucking around with these hatchlings and that wild seahorse that your friend is probably being tortured right now....bleh...
<Sunny> Fine you turd :P
* Gwen chants lowly, and a spike rises out of the ground, and hits the lone hatchling!!
<Alexis> >>Gwen ferociously attacks! Critical! 101! The final hatchling is reduced to a red smear!
<Sabrina> Fuck you, bitch!

== Victory! 100 xp, 20 Tp, & 34 Gp. ==

<Dawn> Ah, thats better. ^_^
<Sunny> Huhhh..
* Arcus looks on at Gwen, then shrugs and sheathes his sword.
* Sunny begines to cry.
<Sunny> Whaaaaaaaa...
<Gwen> >>Suddenly, the sea monkey weakly dashes at Gwen!!
* Dawn straightens her little vest and grins. :P
<Gwen> !!
* Pottle takes aim at the large creature, which is stirring.
<Gwen> Look out!!
<Arcus> !!
<Sabrina> Gwen!
* Pottle shoots the creature dead in the heart!
<Gwen> >>The creature is dead! ^_^
<Gwen> ...whoa...hoo...whoo...thanks Pottle...
<Sunny> Sab is a meanie!
<Arcus> Nice.
<Sabrina> Shut up, Sunny, and grow up!
<Dawn> Lets go get that sword, shall we? ^_^
<Gwen> Yes!
<Gwen> Now where do we go?
* Sunny sobbles.
<Pottle> Now to try and get...the...blasted...arrow...
* Arcus points again, "This way!"
* Gwen follows Arcus!
* Meka keeps to the back of the party, her face in the shadows...
* Pottle struggles with it, and it snaps as he tries to pull it out.
* Dawn follows :P
* Sabrina follows Gwen.
* Adek stares at the dead creatures, not moving, as something dawns on him. "Why'd we fight them?"
<Gwen> Cuz they threw shit at us, Adek.
<Sunny> Points :P
* Pottle puts his bow in his backpack..."Back into retirement you go, old friend..."
<Gwen> >> You come across a small room, and it's loaded with old antiques and treasures!
<Adek> ...Was that really a good reason?
<Gwen> Look!
* Meka hangs in the doorway...
<Arcus> Huh...
<Sunny> Pretty :)
<Meka> ...
* Gwen turns Adek's head so he can see the loot ^_^
<Pottle> I care nothing for treasure...
<Meka> ...
* Alexis looks through the room... "Oooh..."
<Pottle> Find the sword so we can save Remy.
* Pottle looks at Meka.
* Gwen searches for some sort of sword.
<Pottle> ...what's wrong?
* Adek glances at the loot, and then Gwen. "Yeah, so?"
<Meka> Nothing.
<Arcus> Does anyone know what this sword looks like?
<Alexis> No clue... It was jeweled though... or it was in name...
<Gwen> No...but if we get a nice looking sword, and say it's the sword of oozomoak...
<Alexis> The Jeweled Sword of Oozamalak...
<Alexis> I think.
* Arcus shrugs and starts searching for a sword.
<Pottle> Meka, don't gimme that...
<Gwen> Found it!!
<Pottle> I know something's wrong.
<Pottle> You can tell me...
* Dawn considers asking the question thats been bothering her and decides against it as she looks for some sword..
* Gwen pulls out an old, but jeweled sword! "This'll do!"
<Arcus> Already?
<Dawn> Yes ^_^
<Gwen> It doesn't have to be the exact sword. After all, it's legend, right? I doubt they really know what it looks like!
<Alexis> >> Obtained Jeweled Sword. +???
<Meka> Think about Remy right now.
<Dawn> Remy? Is that your friend in danger? ^_-
<Pottle> I did, and now we have the sword to save him.
<Meka> But we still have to get to him to save him.
<Pottle> Now I'm thinking about you. What's wrong? Stop trying to change the subject...
* Gwen sighs.
* Sabrina looks for other weapons like claws and whatnot.
<Gwen> >>Nothing there!
<Adek> Gwen.. what if they decide this isn't what they're looking for?
* Dawn hmms, scratching her chin and thinking..
<Gwen> Then we're in deep shit.
* Alexis scours the room, taking as much valuble-looking stuff as she can find...
<Meka> ...
* Pottle grabs a dragon necklace and puts it around his neck.
<Pottle> Out with it, Meka...
<Gwen> Okay, well...ooh? What's this?
<Pottle> I don't like all this secretive stuff.
* Sunny takes a nice headband out.
* Gwen holds up a pendant with wings on it.
<Sunny> Shiny!
* Gwen sees that Meka's pendant is similar.
<Gwen> Meka, what is this?
<Meka> ... teleportation device.
* Sabrina takes out her emerald necklace and clutches it tightly.
<Gwen> Hmm...well, this'lll work.
<Meka> You can only use it once.
<Gwen> We'll just teleport ourselves to the ship.
<Gwen> Think we can use yours back, Meka?
<Meka> I... yes.
<Dawn> Good! Then lets book it ^_^
* Pottle suddenly shivers again.
<Gwen> You coming, Dawn?
<Dawn> Ehhh....actually....
* Meka runs with...
<Dawn> I think I'll stay here and get some of this junk!
<Dawn> I'll write a new ballad about you guys ^_^
<Sabrina> Thanks, you make me feel so special....
<Adek> Ah, I can see it now! "The people who slew the shit-slinging monkey for no reason!"
* Dawn grins.
* Sunny giggles.
<Gwen> Okay Dawn! Nice meeting you.
<Dawn> You too ^_^ See you!
<Gwen> Get ready, everyone!
<Pottle> You sure you know how to work this thing, Gwen?!
* Sunny gulps.
<Gwen> Sure I- *The pendant flares, and you see only white!*
<Meka> I do. If she messes up, I can fix i-
<Sabrina> Of course she does, she's our fearless leader, remember? She can......I'M BLINDED!!!!!
<Gwen> >>The party lands on the deck of the Pirate ship!
<Arcus> O_o
<Sunny> Ahh!
<Gwen> Oof!
<Arcus> Wha?
<Gwen> See? :P
<Gwen> Nothing to it.
<Adek> Whoa!
<Arcus> Hey......
<Meka> ...
<Sunny> I'm dizzy..
* Sabrina fumbles around, with her claws still attached, to find something or someone to grab ahold of so she can regain her vision.
<Arcus> Um.....where are we?
<Alexis> Uh... here, I think.
<Gwen> This is the pirate ship.
* Sabrina trips and nearly cuts Gwen's face.
<Sunny> Aren't pirates scary?
<Arcus> Joy.....
<Pottle> Gwen?
* Pottle shivers.
<Gwen> >>You hear someone screaming from a side room! "AH! No! Back back, you sex fiend! BACK!"
<Gwen> Nasca: SEX SEX SEX!!
<Sabrina> Sorry...
<Pottle> Ack.
* Sabrina gets up and blinks.
<Remy> NOOOooooo!!!
<Pottle> This can wait...
<Arcus> O_o
<Alexis> Mandrang: ARRRR!
* Gwen dashes into the side room!
* Pottle runs right after her!
* Sabrina rushes after Gwen. "WAIT UP!!!!"
<Pottle> Wait for me, dammit! :P
<Arcus> Hey now..
<Gwen> >>You see Remy tied down to a bed O_O Thankfully, he's not nakkie.... :)
* Meka walks into the room.
<Remy> Urrgh..
* Gwen jumps on Nasca! "Lay off!"
* Sunny would of been blinded :P
<Gwen> Nasca: Ack! Get off, you bitch!!!
* Remy blinks.
<Remy> Thank the gods!
<Gwen> Here! Here is your fucking sword! Take it!
* Gwen shoves the blade in Nasca's face.
* Arcus looks in at the scene and oogles some more.
* Pottle watches the catfight and tries to untie Remy.
<Arcus> What the hairy hell?!
<Meka> ...
<Gwen> Nasca: O_o
<Alexis> Let him go.
<Gwen> Nasca: But you weren't supposed to-
<Gwen> Can it. We found it.
* Remy grins happily ^_^
<Pottle> Well we DID.
<Remy> Ha...too bad, you petite chien...
<Gwen> Now, tell Mandrang to let us leave!
<Pottle> So now you give us back our friend or I'll roast you over a fuckin' barbecue spit...
<Gwen> Nasca sniffles.
<Gwen> Nasca: Mandrang! Do something!
<Gwen> Nasca stomps her foot like a child.
<Pottle> I've heard humans taste a lot like chicken...
<Alexis> Mandrang: Arrrr.... I wouldna beleeved it unless I dun seen it wit my own eyes...
<Gwen> Pottle...don't go there...
<Alexis> The Jeweled Sword of Oozamalak...
* Remy mutters and rubs his wrists, sitting on the bed.
* Gwen puts a hand under Remy, supporting him.
* Sabrina smiles. "You two look so cute, Gwen."
<Gwen> ...shut up.
* Sunny giggles.
* Pottle laughs!
* Remy blinks and grins. "I'll be okay...stupid bitch pirate..."
<Gwen> Now we'll take our leave.
<Gwen> Let's book it. Now.
<Sunny> They'd make a nice couple, you think :)
<Arcus> .....
<Alexis> *Mandrang snatches the sword
* Ye can have your punk back... I now have the Ultimate in weapons!
<Gwen> Meka, use the pendant.
* Pottle nods, and pats Nasca on the back...
* Gwen smirks to herself.
<Remy> The ult-...?
<Pottle> Better luck next time.
<Sabrina> It's true! It's called a compliment. And shut up, Sunny! I wasn't asking for your opinion!
<Gwen> Nasca: ;_; No hard feelings or anything....
* Meka uses her pendant hesitantly and silently.
* Sunny sticks her tounge at Sabrina
<Alexis> *Mandrang admires the jeweled blade... "Arrr... Ain't she a beaut..."
* Gwen whispers to Remy. "It's junk ^_^"
<Sunny> I wasn't talking to you.
* Remy blinks and chuckles a little. "Nice thinking..."
<Alexis> Mandrang: Ye freeloading bums can get off 'o my ship now...
<Sabrina> Shut up and give me some respect, you ungrateful little bitch!
<Arcus> Geeze.....
<Gwen> >>Meka uses the pendant! You all warp off to small, green hill! You're still in the region of Kerzalt.
* Sunny sticks her tounge out at Sab again.
<Arcus> Sheesh......
<Meka> ...
* Remy oomphs and falls to his butt. "Being tied to a bed is" :P
<Gwen> >>The sun is beginning to set over the horizon. Suddenly, Meka seems to twitch, as if she's has a pain in her head, and goes to the top of the hill.
<Arcus> Uh......?
<Alexis> Thank god. Land. I was beginning to think that I'd never be rid of the smell of the ocean!
<Meka> Argh...
<Sabrina> Meka?
<Pottle> Gwen, I have a favor to ask of you.
<Arcus> Hey.....
<Gwen> Sure. Name it.
* Meka cries out in pain...
<Arcus> Hey! O_o
<Alexis> !?
<Sunny> Whats wrong with Meka..
* Gwen looks at Meka. "Something's going on..."
* Remy blinks and watches Meka.."Huh? Meka???"
* Pottle removes the Light Pendant from his neck...
* Sabrina goes to Meka.
* Arcus moves closer to Meka
<Arcus> Does she do this all the time?
* Meka collapses to her knees, crying and holding her head...
<Gwen> Pottle...
* Pottle takes it, and clips it on the back of Gwen's neck.
<Gwen> I can't accept this.
<Gwen> What's going on?
* Sabrina kneels down next to Meka and hugs her.
<Meka> Not yet, not yet... Let GO, Mother!
<Pottle> Don't worry, I won't touch anything private now...
* Remy blinks.
* Arcus steps back a bit.
<Gwen> careful, Pottle.
* Pottle puts his hand on the glowing pendant above Gwen's chest.
<Sabrina> Meka, are you alright?
* Gwen watches.
* Meka stops crying...
<Meka> Heh... heh heh...
<Alexis> Gonna be okay, Meeks?
<Gwen> >>Meka begins laughing insanely!!
* Pottle begins uttering in a cross between Quele'zar and elven tongues, and the pendant creates a small burning sensation in Gwen that quickly passes.
<Gwen> >>And her voice doesn't sound like her own...
<Arcus> Uh.....
* Meka laughs, softly at first, then it grows in volume and intensity...
* Gwen winces.
<Gwen> Whoa...
<Pottle> It's fused to NOT try to remove it.
<Arcus> Not good.....
<Sunny> Thats just a bit odd.
* Sabrina blinks and moves away from Meka.
<Gwen> I won't.
<Gwen> Be careful Pottle. REALLY careful. We'll cover you.
* Meka brings a hand up and clenches it in a fist.
<Pottle> I have a bad feeling about all this...and if anything happened to me I wouldn't have that.
* Remy nods.
* Pottle goes up after Meka, sword drawn, untrusting of the situation.
<Pottle> What the fuck is going on...
<Arcus> ^^;;
<Sabrina> Pottle, don't hurt her....
* Meka looks up at him.
* Remy mumbles "Careful" under his breath..
<Gwen> >>Meka's eyes are blood's she's possessed....
* Pottle suddenly blinks as all the possibilities suddenly reach one conclusion...
<Arcus> Why can't I have a normal day?
<Gwen> ....Holy mother of Amenone...
* Sunny has a sad look on her face..
* Gwen readies her spear!
<Meka> Her love for you is what destroyed her, Pottle.
<Sunny> I thought everything was going to be ok...
* Remy narrows his eyes and reaches for his bo..
<Pottle> As I you're mommy, eh?
<Gwen> ....Katarina...she sounds like Katarina....
<Pottle> I'm not leaving her...
<Meka> No, I believe she calls me "Mother."
<Pottle> Hah! Shows how much SHE loves you...
<Gwen> Shit...Pottle...get OUT of here...
<Meka> I was NEVER "Mommy."
* Pottle grins.
<Remy> This reeks of utter evil...
<Pottle> Do what you must, DuNord.
<Meka> But you see... If you kill me now, you're really killing... Her.
<Pottle> I cannot die. Jeal has tried twice, and failed you wish to test immortality as well?
* Arcus sits down where he is. "Beam me up when the wierdness stops."
<Meka> And then you'll still have to deal with me.
* Gwen pats Arcrus on the shoulder. "I'm afraid you're hanging out with some strange people, Arc."
<Meka> You stole my daughter from me, Pottle!
* Pottle begins cackling lightly, somehow affected by the evil around him.
<Arcus> No kidding.....
<Gwen> Pottle!
<Pottle> She never WAS your daughter...
<Remy> Strange people? Heh...
<Pottle> Hm hm hm...she's merely a victim of your atrocities...
<Gwen> Katarina...this is could you control your own flesh and blood!
<Sabrina> Oh God....They're both psycho....Who else wants to go psycho?
<Meka> I raised her when her mother was slaughtered. I could have killed her.
<Arcus> *Zeth pokes his head out from Arcus' hood, looks around, then thinks better of it.
<Pottle> YOU killed her mother, you little worthless sack of shit this world calls a Quele'zar...
* Sabrina walks over to Meka nad Pottle slowly.
* Gwen blinks. "You slaughtered her biological mother?"
<Meka> Yes. I didn't know Mekara wasn't there.
<Gwen> >>Meka gets a look of finality in her eyes, like she grows bored with this conversation...
* Pottle yells so everyone can hear. "Just like she burned EVERY VILLAGE!"
<Meka> I'm tired of this.
<Gwen> ....oh shit.
<Pottle> Good for you.
* Remy utters a low growl.
<Pottle> So ya gonna try to kill me? I can't die, you know...
* Sabrina stops where she is and blinks.
<Pottle> I always come back to haunt you...
<Gwen> >>Suddenly, Meka grins as magic fills her head...
* Arcus sits in place looking really irritated.
<Gwen> >>Katarina's knowledge...
<Gwen> >>Kattie's ready to play...
<Meka> You can't win. I taught her myself, and now... I have both of our powers COMBINED!
* Pottle turns to face the group. "This is my final goodbye. If I return, Katarina will be a twisted memory..."
* Sabrina steps back and trips. She just stays where she is.
* Remy blinks.
<Arcus> ?
* Pottle raises his hands and chants...
* Meka raises a hand. "She's calling for you, Pottle. Go to her."
<Pottle> Lackisha of Light, release your power into this demon, cleanse the vessel's soul!
* Meka throws a spell at him.
* Pottle turns his head as Gwen's pendanat charges and fires a beam of energy into Meka!
<Gwen> SHIT!!
<Arcus> !
* Gwen is thrown back by the blast!
<Remy> Gwen!
<Gwen> >>It hits Meka in the arm!
* Sunny gulps
<Pottle> C'mon, Kattie. Time to go.
* Meka shrieks and grasps her right arm...
* Remy runs back to Gwen and helps her up...
<Gwen> >> Pottle suddenly feels waves of darkness washing over his mind...he wants to sleep..
<Gwen> >>Meka laughs.
* Remy glares at the whole scene..
* Sabrina crab-walks to get away from Pottle and Meka.
* Pottle drops to one knee..."Even if...I spirit will remain to torture your schemes...I...I love you, Meka, if you're in there..."
* Gwen is still sprawled o nthe grass.
* Pottle collapses to the ground, unconscious.
<Gwen> Pottle!
* Remy growls..
* Gwen sits up!
<Gwen> Don't you dare, you bitch!
<Arcus> !!
* Meka's eyes fade slightly, the brightens. "She heard you Pottle."
* Meka kneels next to him.
<Gwen> >>Suddenly, a whirlwind appears underneath Pottle, and he warps away in a flash of light!
<Alexis> We have no choice, we've gotta get rid of her...
* Sabrina blinks. "So sad....If I weren't so cold-hearted, I'd feel bad for him."
<Gwen> No...too late...
<Meka> I do care about her... I wouldn't deny her that...
<Gwen> Bring him back, bitch.
<Sunny> Oh my..
<Remy> Gods.....
<Arcus> How do I get myself into these situations?
<Meka> You have to find him.
* Remy readies his bo, glaring at Meka..
<Gwen> Meka: I know you have the pendant, Gwendolyn Montanile. The pendant...or his life. Your choice.
<Gwen> Meka warps away!
* Gwen looks at the ground.
* Sunny sniffs.
<Remy> Shit..
<Alexis> Well, that didn't go well...
<Gwen> Yeah, that's the last time we let Pottle handle anything.
* Remy runs a hand through his hair and frowns... "Well...."
* Sabrina just stares at where Pottle and Meka were.
<Gwen> >>You see a figure walking toward you...
* Remy glances at the figure.
<Gwen> Figure: Ah! So Mort was right. Here you are.
* Arcus continues to sit, with one eyebrow twitching quite a lot.
<Gwen> >>You recognize the woman as Teefa!
<Gwen> Teefa grins. "Taking a break from saving the world?"
* Alexis frowns. "Hardly..."
* Arcus grumbles something unpleasant.
* Remy mutters. "Sure....a picnic..."
<Gwen> Teefa frowns. "What's going on?"
* Gwen rubs the spot where the pendant fused, and looks depressed.
<Alexis> Stuff I have no clue about. No one ever tells me anything...
* Gwen explains what happened.
* Sabrina continues staring.
<Gwen> Teefa: Shit...well, at least you have the long as you have it...Pottle will be safe.
<Gwen> Teefa: But we have another problem. There's good news, and bad news.
<Remy> Oh, grand. :P
<Gwen> Teefa: The good news it that two orbs are right here, in Kerzalt!
<Arcus> Natch.....
<Remy> Bad news?
<Gwen> Teefa: The bad news is that the Danek is going after them...
<Gwen> Teefa: We might only be able to retrieve one if we don't hurry!
<Gwen> Which ones?
<Sunny> Wow, two..
<Arcus> Hold it!!
* Gwen blinks.
* Remy scowls a bit. "Can't let them get their grubby paws on it..."
<Gwen> Yes?
<Arcus> Hold everything!!
<Gwen> Yes Arcus?
<Remy> Uh, okay. ;)
* Remy holds Gwen ;)
<Arcus> What in the seven hells is going on?! Who are you people?! And what the hell just happened?!
<Gwen> Uh, Rem. Hands off.
* Gwen sighs.
<Gwen> Well, you see...
* Remy hehs.. "Just kiddin.." :P
* Gwen explains every little thing as quickly as she can.
<Alexis> I have no clue what happened. But I do know we're out to save the world. Like somethin' out of a legend...
* Remy crosses his arms and hmms.....
<Remy> Great. A legend.
* Arcus listens with a rather incredulous expression.
<Gwen> The empire is after the orbs again. Jeal is alive. Pottle is a freak of nature. Kat is worse. And you're stepping on my toe.
<Remy> All I wanted to do was pay off my gambling debts.
* Remy rubs the back of his neck, grinning a little.
<Alexis> Yeah... I could do with the fame... my mentor would be proud.
<Sunny> I had nothing better to do..
<Gwen> Oh yeah, and I'm an ex-danek soldier. Charmed.
<Arcus> Oh gee, is that all that's going on? And I was worried for a moment! O_o
<Remy> Eh, and I'm a...uh...rehm..
* Gwen sighs.
<Gwen> Teefa: Um...hello?
* Remy scratches his chin.
* Sunny wonders what we do next..
<Remy> A guy :P
* Sabrina remains sitting on the grass.
<Remy> Yeah, Teefa? :P
<Gwen> Teefa: They're after the orb of Earth and Fire....we have to go after one of them. Which?
* Gwen hmms.
<Remy> Fire is nice..
<Arcus> You'll pardon me if I seem skeptical.
* Remy grins a bit.. :P
<Gwen> I say Earth. It's my spell type ^_^
<Alexis> I agree with Remy. Fire.
<Gwen> Besides...Romrus was the fat wizard.
* Remy glances at Alexis. :P
* Alexis grins widely.
* Gwen humphs.
<Remy> So...uhm.. :P
<Gwen> Arcus?
* Gwen sighs. "I gotta admit...he didn't have any fear..."
* Arcus paces around for a while.
* Gwen hmms. "Which one do you think we should go after, Sabrina?"
<Remy> Yeah....Pottle....he was the kinda guy that everyone wants to be...*mumble*
* Sabrina doesn't do anything, just sits and stares blankly.
* Alexis mutters something about defective ears...
<Gwen> Okay, fire then.
<Sunny> Fire, I like fire :)
<Gwen> Never mind that had that one...and no doubt rigged the place.
<Remy> Gah...
* Sabrina finally gets up and begins walking away from the group, as if zombified.
<Gwen> Sabrina?
<Gwen> Great, not her too.
* Remy scratches his head. "Damnit, I don't know. Any orb! Eesh. They all look like big bouncy balls t'me.." :P
<Sunny> They're magicial :)
<Gwen> Teefa: Um..Problem.
* Remy glances at Gwen worriedly and then looks at Teefa.
<Remy> Another problem?
<Gwen> Teefa turns to the others. "The orb location for fire is in a volcano...underneath the sea."
<Gwen> Teefa: We COULD go after it, if we found a sub, and that could take time.
<Remy> Uh, I change my vote to Earth O_o
<Gwen> Told you I was right!
<Sunny> That sounds like a fun adventure!
* Sabrina continues walking.
* Remy grins at Gwen. "Yep. You win yet again."
<Gwen> Where's the earth orb location?
<Alexis> Whatever works... as long as I come out of it alive...
* Arcus flops back down onto the ground, looking up at the sky, and starts to laugh.
<Gwen> Teefa: It's in a cavern...but supposedly there is a underground palace underneath!
<Sunny> Lets see that earth, fire and we've seen the water.. whats the other orb?
<Gwen> Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Soul.
<Alexis> Probably air...
<Sunny> Oh yea! I wonder where that one is..
* Adek glances at Arcus, giving him an odd look. "I fail to see what's so amusing."
* Arcus continues to cackle. "Life is amusing! You have to laugh at it or life will beat you!"
<Gwen> Teefa: So, are we gonna go, or what?
* Remy nods.
<Remy> Can I kick Arcus in the ass first? ^_^
* Gwen sighs. "Sure."
<Remy> Give him brain damage?
* Sabrina finally stops walking and plops down on the grass.
<Gwen> No.
<Remy> Ooooooookay then..
* Arcus bounces onto his feet once more.
* Gwen silently walks down toward the mountain, then shakes her head. "Pottle...I'm sorry...we'll get to you soon..."
* Gwen punches a tree. "God dammit!"


Session Close: Fri Mar 13 20:30:25 1998