VayRPG Session 14: Interlude #3

Katarina: GMLucca
Pottle: Talon
Meka: Star

Session Start: Sun Mar 15 17:41:26 1998

<GMLucca> >>You (As in Pottle) are now semiconscious...and perhaps a bit delerious as can't fully awaken from Katarina's/Meka's spell, nor can you fully tell where you are.
<GMLucca> >> All you know is that you're in a whole mess of trouble.
<GMLucca> >> You babble to yourself, and you feel like someone's watching you.
* Pottle stares blankly into the wall, and babbles something about wanting Katarina in a coffin.
<GMLucca> >> That someone is Meka...
* Pottle looks around.
<Meka> ...
<Pottle> Who...who's there?
<Pottle> I can't...see...everything's blurry.
<Meka> Pottle...
* Meka puts a hand on his forehead.
<Meka> I'm gonna get you out... I promise...
<Pottle> So, Meka. When does Katarina come out again?
* Meka shakes her head. "I don't know."
<Pottle> I'm awaiting her appearance. Lord knows she's in there, just waiting.
<GMLucca> >> "There's no need, since I'm right behind you."
* Meka doesn't look at her.
<Meka> Go away, Mother. You make me sick.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Meka...
<Meka> Quite literally.
<GMLucca> Katarina actually looks sad.
<Pottle> *growl* Get the hell out of here, least be considerate enough to give us a few minutes alone.
<GMLucca> >> You still feel a little groggy, but your vision is starting to clear slightly. You can tell you're in a cell, a very dark and dank one, at that.
<Pottle> Or are you cold-hearted enough to not only capture the person your daughter loves, but torture him as well?
<GMLucca> Katarina: Meka, don't think I wanted to do that to you, but I had no choice.
<Pottle> No choice, eh? No choice? You always have a choice!
<GMLucca> Katarina: War is grey...there is no black and white...
<GMLucca> Katarina: I will keep my promise, and not harm him.
<Pottle> There doesn't have to be hatred, or war. Your blind eyes can't see that can they?!
<Meka> Tell the truth. The elves didn't burn my village, did they?
<GMLucca> Katarina: And you are just as full of hate as I am, Pottle. You have no right to judge...
<Pottle> All you want is power! You'd even hurt your own family for it!
<Pottle> But my hatred is used for justice...yours is used for personal gain.
<GMLucca> Katarina turns to Meka. "No, the elves did burn it. I am not lying to you."
<Pottle> LIAR!
<Pottle> YOU torched the village!
<Meka> Pottle, stop it. Even if all she does want is power, I deserve to be hurt.
<GMLucca> Katarina: That is not true.
* Meka looks away.
<Pottle> Along with all the elven villages!
<GMLucca> Katarina: You're blinded by false memories, Pottle. Let Meka be her own judge!
<Pottle> All you want is that pendant! You don't care about Meka, or I wouldn't even be here, chained up in your fucking dungeon!
<GMLucca> Katarina: Meka, can you please leave us for a moment?
<GMLucca> Katarina: Once I speak with him, he can go.
* Meka nods and squeezes Pottle's hand, then leaves.
<Pottle> You killed my family. You hurt your daughter. You burned villages of innocent people, and for what?!
<GMLucca> Katarina looks out the door, and her sad look turns into a scowl. "Thank you, elf, for turning my OWN daughter against me!"
<Pottle> She is NOT your daughter!
<Pottle> She is a person you took from a village you burned!
<GMLucca> Katarina: Does it matter whether she is my blood daughter or not?
<GMLucca> Katarina: She was lost, I just helped her find her way.
<Pottle> YOU turned your daughter against you.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Now, Pottle, tell me, you have a connection to the pendant still, right?
<Pottle> NOT me.
<GMLucca> Katarina ignores Pottle's comment.
<Pottle> Should I say it again?
<Pottle> I can see you don't wanna hear it.
<Pottle> YOUR evil turned your daughter against you!
<GMLucca> Katarina: Just answer my question. You're not in a position to ask them.
<Pottle> Fuck off.
<Pottle> Kill me, go ahead.
<GMLucca> Katarina grins wickedly.
<Pottle> Then we'll see just how loyal to your daughter you REALLY are.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Oh, I can do worse than that...believe me.
<Pottle> Ahh, but it all goes back to Meka.
<Pottle> No matter what you do to me, you hurt her.
<GMLucca> Katarina: ....she betrayed me.
<GMLucca> Katarina: She deserves this! To fall in love with my enemy!
<Pottle> She did nothing of the sort.
<Pottle> Your enemy?
<GMLucca> Katarina: That enemy being you.
<Pottle> I didn't have to be, you know.
<GMLucca> Katarina: But you are. You keep my from my dreams. I'm ambitious, and you stand in my way.
<Pottle> You didn't have to kill innocents to get your pendant. You didn't have to have this damn desire.
<GMLucca> Katarina: My methods are different than yours, but we share a common goal. Why do you want to kill me, Pottle? Is it for my own pendant?
<Pottle> It's for killing my family.
<Pottle> Not your stupid pendant. I only guard mine because I followed my mother's wishes.
<GMLucca> Katarina: They, too...stood in my way. If they gave me the pendant, they'd still be alive. Your village would be standing.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Your actions shape your own destiny, Pottle.
<Pottle> The Quele'zar and the elves broke that pendant for a fucking REASON.
<Pottle> Do you want to become a slave to the power?
<Pottle> You already are, you know...
<GMLucca> Katarina: I know you still have a connection to the pendant, Pottle. Where is the girl? Where is Gwen?
<Pottle> That is none of your business.
<GMLucca> Katarina: If you do not tell me, I will force it out of you.
<Pottle> She's long gone and never coming back.
<GMLucca> Katarina: And it will not be pleasant.
<Pottle> You DO realize why I came so willingly right?
<GMLucca> Katarina: Is she, now? Or are you lying?
<Pottle> Oh, no, I'm not lying.
<GMLucca> Katarina: No, you tell me. *Wicked grin*
<Pottle> I sacrificed myself for them. Because I, unlike you, have a heart that beats and isn't cast in stone.
<Pottle> Why the fuck can't you just leave us alone?!
<GMLucca> Katarina laughs. "It's're such a different person than the boy I met so many years ago..."
<GMLucca> Katarina: Because you hold something that is rightfully mine!
<Pottle> It belongs to the elven tribes!
<GMLucca> Katarina then turns around, and smiles. "I'll be back."
<Pottle> And the dark side belongs to the Quele'zar!
<GMLucca> Katarina walks outside, to where Meka is.
<Meka> Mother...
<GMLucca> Katarina: Mekara....
<Meka> Can I go see him? *anxoius look*
<GMLucca> Katarina: I am offering you one last chance....I will forgive you...I will also apologize for my own actions... if you never go near that boy again.
<GMLucca> Katarina: If not, I can never see you as my daughter again, and will regard you as my enemy.
<GMLucca> Katarina: This is a harsh reality you must face. This is no game anymore.
<Meka> You're giving me an impossible decision.
<GMLucca> Katarina: But you must make it.
<Meka> There's a third choice there, though.
<GMLucca> Katarina raises an eyebrow. "Oh? And what is that?"
<Meka> Ever consider suicide?
<Meka> Not only will I pay for my crimes against Pottle, but I won't have to chose between you.
<Meka> ...
<Meka> I chose Pottle.
<Meka> I'm going to go see him.
<GMLucca> Katarina sighs. "So be it, Mekara...."
* Meka turns to walk back in the room.
<GMLucca> >> As Meka goes into the dungeon....she feels that familar pain in her head....
<Meka> Ugh... No... Get out...
<Meka> Pottle... help m... me...
<GMLucca> Katarina: I am truely sorry...
<GMLucca> >> Katarina has taken control once again....
<Pottle> Get out of her head! Let us go, and we'll never bother you again!
<GMLucca> Katarina: Only if you tell me where that girl is!
<Pottle> I care too much about her to fight a damn war with you!
<GMLucca> Katarina: Make up your mind, or there will be hell to pay!
* Meka's eyes fade to bright blue, then blood red, and she coughs violently, bringing blood from her lungs to her mouth.
<Pottle> Do you have a map of Vay?
<GMLucca> Katarina: Of course...
<Pottle> Bring it to me.
<GMLucca> Katarina pulls out a map from her satchel.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Here.
<Pottle> We will cut a deal which I believe you will find enjoyable.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Name your price.
<Pottle> Kindly unchain one of my hands?
* Meka doesn't seem to hear anything.
<Pottle> I can't do anything like this, you know.
<GMLucca> Katarina does, considering that his legs are chained as well.
<Pottle> Thank ya. Now...
<GMLucca> Katarina looks impatient..
* Pottle points to a fairly sizeable island. "You release Meka and I, and if you DO conquer this world...that island stays MINE."
<Pottle> In return, I tell you where Gwen is...
<GMLucca> Katarina smirks. "Intresting... That's Bonnarren, correct?"
<Pottle> ...and the spell to release the pendant from her.
* Pottle nods.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Deal.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Where is she?
<Pottle> You know my word is good. Release me, and get out of Meka's body.
<Pottle> Then I will tell you where she is. I cannot escape anyways.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Oh no no. You first, Pottle. I'll keep to my word.
<Pottle> I've found for a long time I cannot trust you...
<GMLucca> Katarina: Same with you, but why would I keep the both of you if I have the key to what I want?
<Pottle> And until I am free of these bonds I will not speak.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Then the deal is off.
<Pottle> Aye, but I am an honest man...
<GMLucca> Katarina: Are you?
<GMLucca> Katarina laughs to herslef.
<Pottle> Yes, who else would willingfully fall into the hands of their hated foe to let their friends live?
<GMLucca> Katarina: A foolish one. Make up your mind.
<Pottle> One's word is their bond. Very well. Get out of Meka.
<GMLucca> Katarina: No, tell me first.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Didn't we go over this?
<Meka> ...
<Pottle> I am still chained, and you can reenter her, what's the problem? I want her to hear.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Very well.
<GMLucca> Katarina chants a spell, and Meka is released for the moment.
* Meka's eyes fade to bright blue, then their normal amber color...
<Meka> Huh?
<GMLucca> Katarina: Speak up.
<Pottle> Alright, Katarina. You've won. They are going after the Orb of Earth.
* Meka shakes her head, then glares at Katarina, then looks back at Pottle in alarm. "No!"
<GMLucca> Katarina: Are they? Jeal will most definetly want to hear about this..
<Pottle> You can ambush them there.
<Pottle> Now release me, and let us go!
<GMLucca> Katarina then grins, and begins to laugh.
<Meka> She LIED, Pottle!
<GMLucca> Katarina: Why should I? There's still the issue of making my daughter my worst enemy....isn't there?
<Meka> No... no.. no...
<GMLucca> Katarina: Not to mention you are a hypocrite, saving your friends only to damn them?
<Pottle> She would not be your enemy if the person she loves is free.
<Pottle> I did this for Meka, because I love her.
<GMLucca> Katarina: And she also dislikes the Empire, correct? They are my allies.
<Meka> Mother, I love him, let him go.. I'll do whatever you say...
<GMLucca> Katarina: Too late.
<GMLucca> Katarina recasts the spell!
<Pottle> Good. But there's one problem, Katarina...
<GMLucca> Katarina: What is that?
<Pottle> Now I know I can't trust you.
* Meka screams, and she goes through the eye color thing and coughing up blood again.
<Pottle> And you still do not have the spell.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Ha! It doesn't matter. All I have to do is kill or capture the girl.
<GMLucca> Katarina: As for your punishment, Pottle...
<GMLucca> Katarina beckons to Meka. "Whip him."
<GMLucca> Meka nods.
<Pottle> Then the pendant shall return to its hiding place...
* Pottle cackles.
<Pottle> Either way, I win.
<GMLucca> Katarina: What if I knew where the hiding place was, Pottle?
<GMLucca> Katarina cackles herself.
<Pottle> You don't.
<GMLucca> Katarina: You're the one who's damned.
<Pottle> Self chosen. *cackle*
<Pottle> Do you know the place I chose to hide it?
<GMLucca> >> Meka lashes once at Pottle!
<GMLucca> Katarina: Behind the waterfalls of your village.
<GMLucca> Katarina smirks.
<Pottle> Ha! Wrong!
<GMLucca> Katarina smiles. "Bluffing, are we?"
<GMLucca> Meka whips him again!
* Pottle stares ahead and absorbs the pain.
<GMLucca> Katarina: You won't be able to stand it for long. This is only the beginning.
<Pottle> Actually...when the holder dies no one will ever touch that pendant again.
<GMLucca> Meka whips again!
* Pottle shrugs it off.
<GMLucca> Katarina laughs. "Fool. Stop this horrible bluffing. It will not work."
<Pottle> You really wanna know where? Vay's liquid fucking core.
<GMLucca> >> Meka lashes out several times!
<GMLucca> Katarina: Don't lie to me.
<Pottle> Lie? Why bother?
<GMLucca> Katarina: Besides, it doesn't matter, does it?
<Pottle> Either I remove it...
<Pottle> Or it goes to hell where it belongs.
<GMLucca> Katarina: You're my pawn now. You will soon be telling the truth...willingly.
* Pottle throws his head back and cackles.
<GMLucca> >>Meka lashes HARD.
* Pottle winces and shudders.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Feeling it, finally. Oh, this is truly a joy to see...
<GMLucca> Katarina laughs.
* Pottle grins..."You betrayed your own daughter. Your evil truly knows no bounds."
<Pottle> It's impressive, actually...
<GMLucca> Katarina: Heh....I know.
<GMLucca> Meka lashes again!
<GMLucca> Katarina: My...such a messy situation...
* Pottle winces.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Enough.
<Pottle> Gwen has control of the know...
<GMLucca> Katarina:...for now. Meka. I want you find that girl with the Pendant, and bring both she and her comrades here...alive.
<GMLucca> Meka nods, and walks out the door.
<Pottle> Heh! Sending your daughter to her doom?
<GMLucca> Katarina: Surprised you don't seem to care about her yourself.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Even though you claim to. Shame.
<GMLucca> Katarina turns toward the door. "Oh, and your suffering has only begun..."
<GMLucca> Katarina: This is nothing compared to what you will endure, Elf.
<Pottle> suffering is greater than I feel right now.
<GMLucca> Katarina: You'd be surprised...
<Pottle> But I will not humor you by showing my feelings.
<GMLucca> Katarina leaves.
<GMLucca> >>You're now alone in the cell.
<GMLucca> >>You hear Katarina speak from outside. "No food, no water...and make sure to lash him daily...I want his spirit broken."
* Pottle chants a spell to himself, releasing any command he has to the pendant.
<GMLucca> >> You hear footsteps as Kat leaves.
<Pottle> Good luck, Gwen...*sigh* I've cursed you...


Session Close: Sun Mar 15 18:30:28 1998

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