VayRPG Session 15: Meeting Savannah, Guardian of Earth

Note: Starting now, I'll only add new players up here. I assume you know who the rest of the cast is by now :p. And I assume most readers know I play almost all the NPCs.

Session Start: Fri Mar 27 17:17:57 1998

<Gwen> >> Since your confrontation with Meka, you've slowly made your way into the inner lands of Kerzalt...Although it's a LONG way there..
* Sunny wonders where Alen is.
* Arcus pulls off one of his boots and shakes some pebbles out.
<Gwen> >> You spent at least 2 days and two nights following Teefa to this underground castle...and you're about to kill Teefa at this point.
<Gwen> God...damn. How many days has it been now?
* Remy makes little strangling motions behind Teefa's back.. :P
<Sunny> A year?
<Gwen> Teefa: You guys are wimps! I hiked two weeks in the snow and ice in boot camp!
* Arcus wiggles his toes a bit before putting his boot back on.
<Gwen> Well, isn't that special?
<Alexis> Yeah, uphill both ways, I bet...
<Gwen> Teefa growls.
<Remy> Oh, gee...we're wimps now?
<Arcus> Hurrah for you.
<Gwen> Teefa: I can just leave, you know! You can find your own way there!
<Remy> *mutter* It'd probably be easier..
* Gwen sings "Teefa's a bitch in D minor".
* Zeth adjusts himself under Arcus's hood.
<Gwen> Teefa: What did you say?!
<Gwen> I said I had a really bad itch.
<Remy> I can scratch it for you.
* Alexis lapses back into her quiet state...
<Gwen> Teefa doesn't sound convinced. "Oh.."
* Remy grins foolishly :P
<Arcus> Heh.
* Gwen blinks at Remy, then chuckes. "No thanks."
* Remy grins and continues to make strangling motions at Teefa's neck.
<Gwen> Teefa suddenly halts!
<Arcus> ?
<Gwen> Teefa: Here we are!
* Remy runs into Teefa O_o
<Remy> Ow, fuck!
* Arcus looks around.
<Gwen> Teefa: Only a mile..OW!
* Arcus stifles a laugh.
<Remy> Give a guy some warning! Eesh!
* Remy glances around at his surroundings. :P
<Gwen> Teefa: You can see the rock wall right there! That's where the cave opening is.
<Gwen> I don't see it.
<Gwen> Teefa: Then you're blind!
<Remy> Uh, I don't either. ^_-
<Gwen> Teefa: Right there!!
<Sunny> Well.. umkmm..
* Arcus squints his eyes and looks.
* Remy ponders shoving his foot up Teefa's ass.
<Gwen> >> Teefa points to a tiny little hole far off in the distance, which is about the size of a gumdrop.
* Remy decides against it.
<Remy> Oh, thats peachy!
<Arcus> Oh this is going to be fun....not!
<Remy> Sunny can't even fit in that.. :P
<Sunny> Well I don't think so!
<Remy> Please say it'll get bigger as we get nearer. :P
<Gwen> Teefa rolls her eyes. "What do you think, Remy?"
* Gwen keeps walking. "Let's just go."
* Remy looks like he's about to say something really rude...
* Arcus chuckles and trudges onwards.
* Remy shuts up and follows Gwen.
* Sunny skips along.
* Alexis trails along behind...
<Gwen> >>After about 15 minutes, you can see the rock cavern in detail. It's dark, dank, and creepy, and you're still outside. ^^
<Remy> Great.
<Arcus> We have achieved...cave-ness!
* Gwen rolls her eyes some more.
<Gwen> >> Some people are outside the cavern!
* Gwen blinks. "Maybe we should hide and evesdrop."
<Arcus> Hello.....who's this?
<Remy> Mmm...sounds like a plan.
* Zeth pokes his head up from out of Arcus's hood.
<Alexis> Maybe we could rob them... I have such a craving...
* Remy raises an eyebrow at Alexis. "Another time, another place maybe."
<Arcus> Stay low, Zeth.
<Gwen> >> A young woman, wearing magician's robes, paces back and forth in front of the cavern. Two soldiers stare at her.
* Zeth mutters but goes back into the hood.
* Gwen hides behind a rock.
<Sunny> Ekk!
<Alexis> Oh hell.
* Arcus scuttles behind a ridge.
<Gwen> Woman: Where the HELL is my back up?!
<Gwen> Soldier: They'll be here as soon as they can, M'lady..
<Gwen> Woman: Arrgh. It's not soon enough!
<Alexis> We really should rob her... I did before... whatta blast that was... she's such a bitch...
* Sunny dives.
<Gwen> Woman stomps her foot.
<Gwen> Do that, and she'll behead you.
* Remy grins.
<Arcus> What a nice woman ^_^
<Arcus> Not.
<Gwen> But she's friends with Pottle, isn't she? We could use that to our advantage...
* Alexis grins evilly. "Not if we get away, Gwen."
<Gwen> Teefa: Let's not. :/
<Arcus> How do you know that Gwen?
* Remy chuckles softly. "I like Alexis' style..heh.."
<Gwen> He told me.
<Arcus> Oh.
<Remy> Use the woman to our advantage? Mmm..
<Arcus> Why are we hiding then?
<Gwen> Because I want to see why she's pacing in front of this cavern!
<Arcus> Oh.
<Arcus> 'Cause she's stupid?
<Gwen> PJ looks at the guards. "OH! This is so pissing me off! Where ARE they?!"
<Remy> Uh.
<Alexis> Ugh... her voice alone makes me want to rip off my ears...
<Remy> Why don't WE impersonate her guards?
<Gwen> We could...
<Remy> err...back up, I mean.
<Gwen> Would she know Teefa?
<Gwen> Teefa: She'd recognize the Lorath insignia, I bet...
<Arcus> Sounds fun ^_^
<Alexis> I can't. I'll stay in the background, thank you very much.
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
<Gwen> Okay Alexis. We'll handle it from here.
<Alexis> Okay.
<Alexis> I'll be around...
* Gwen pops out of the rock, and walks to miss screechy.
* Alexis ducks into some undergrowth and vanishes...
* Remy follows Gwen.
<Gwen> PJ blinks at your approch. "Who're you?"
* Remy smooths back his hair and grins charmingly. ^_^
* Arcus tries to look like he knows what he's doing and follows.
<Gwen> You're hired help.
<Gwen> PJ keeps on blinking. "You're not wearing the Kerzalt Insignia's I told you to you take me for some kind of moron?"
<Gwen> Um.. ^^;
<Remy> Now that you mention it..
<Gwen> PJ: Danek! Ah! Look boys! We got here just in time!
<Arcus> What? Do you think we're going to wear them openly?
<Gwen> Soldiers begin to advance on you....
<Gwen> Teefa: Wait!
* Remy narrows his eyes.
* Alexis, a ways away, can hear PJ's voice shrilly echo across the plains. "They don't know what they've gotten into..."
<Gwen> Teefa holds up her Lorath insignia. "Back off! King Sandor sent us."
<Gwen> PJ sighs, and tells her guards to draw back. "You need to tell me these things."
<Gwen> We TRIED.
<Arcus> That would take all the fun out of things ^_^
<Remy> Yeah. You're the one going psycho on us.
<Gwen> PJ: Can you blame me? We've been attacked by Danek mercenaries the whole way here!
<Gwen> PJ: I assume you're the ones, the ones collecting the orbs, right?
<Arcus> Heh....those wacky Daneks....
* Remy scratches the back of his neck.
<Gwen> Teefa: How did you know?
* Remy mutters something low..
<Gwen> PJ: I've heard the buzz...but you gotta tell me something...this rumor I keep hearing.
<Gwen> PJ: Is one of the people in your party named Pottle?
* Zeth pops his head out of Arcus's hood again.
* Remy glances at Gwen.
<Gwen> Yeah...
<Arcus> Um.....
<Gwen> PJ grins widely, really widely.
<Remy> Oh, thats scary.
<Gwen> PJ: I knew it ^_^ They never found a body, so...
<Gwen> PJ babbles.
<Gwen> Teefa: Um, Miss PJ...
* Remy groans a bit. :P
* Arcus and Zeth look at each other in a rather puzzle manner.
* Gwen groans too.
<Gwen> PJ then stops and blushes. "Ah, sorry."
<Remy> Uhun. :P
<Gwen> Sure you are...Listen, we need to get in that cave. Please let us take it from here.
<Gwen> PJ: Hey! You think I'm gonna miss an adventure like this!
<Gwen> PJ: We can handle it, eh boys?
* Remy flinches a bit. :P
<Gwen> Soldier: But you just said we needed-
* Arcus shrugs.
<Gwen> PJ: ^_^ Well....I....erhm...
<Remy> *mutter
* What a airhead..
* Gwen thinks PJ is a crack baby.
<Gwen> PJ then stops, and looks off into the overgrowth where Alexis is. "Something moved..."
* Zeth slithers back into Arcus's hood once more.
<Gwen> I didn't see *COUGH
* anything!
* Remy ahems. "Oh! Ehhh...that was probably a...a...a...uh....psychotic seahorse...or maybe...uh...a wildlife thing..."
<Remy> Lets just go. ^_^;
* Gwen growls, and begins casting a small spell, sending a plume of flame right at Alexis! "Spy!"
<Remy> O_o
* Gwen mutters.
<Arcus> Uh.....too late.
<Remy> Damnit.
* Alexis has long been away from where you thought she was...
* Alexis has vanished!
<Gwen> >> You see a squirrel skitter out on fire!
<Gwen> PJ: Shit!
<Remy> Ah, geez.
<Remy> You torched a squirrel.
<Remy> Impressssssssssive.
<Remy> Lets go.
<Arcus> Flambe quaint ^^;;
* Remy rolls his eyes.
<Gwen> Squirrel: SCREEEECH!
<Sunny> Eeesh.
<Gwen> PJ: Oh, alright! Fine.
* Zeth pokes his head out of Arcus's hood and looks at the scorched squirrel hungrily.
<Arcus> What? Are you hungry again?
<Gwen> PJ: Apparently, I lost my edge. It's all because of my deadbeat husband, you know. Keeping me in the castle, not sending soldiers out here, going off on adventures while I teach little kids stupid magic spells I learned a decade ago!
<Gwen> >> PJ gets pissed and sounds bitter. ^_^
* Remy moans.
* Zeth flies out of the hood and takes off after the squirrel.
<Arcus> Yeesh....don't be long Zeth!
<Gwen> PJ: Going off with floosy women! He thinks I don't know, but I do!
* Remy nods.
<Remy> RIGHT now.
* Gwen dashes into the cavern while PJ fumes.
* Remy runs after her.
<Arcus> Hey Zeth! Hurry up!
<Gwen> PJ: And he's a- WAIT!
<Gwen> PJ mutters. "I've lost my mind.."
* Zeth flaps back to the group, looking rather gorged.
<Arcus> Happy now?
* Arcus holds onto Zeth and heads into the cave.
<Gwen> >> There's nothing that special about the cavern, just a winding path that gets darker as you go along.
<Remy> Great..
* Remy mutters.
* Gwen hmms...
<Gwen> Do we have matches?
<Arcus> o~ Under the misty mountains tall..... o~ ^_^
<Remy> I have a fire spell if that would help..
<Gwen> It wouldn't last too long though..
<Sunny> This is spooky..
<Remy> True...maybe a torch? Something to apply the fire to?
<Gwen> I don't think we have one.
* Arcus rummages in his things for something torch-like, coming up empty.
<Remy> We could light PJ on fire.. ;)
<Remy> I bet she'd burn nicely.
<Gwen> >> The passage, BTW, is spooky.
<Arcus> Hey nice.
<Gwen> Where's Alexis...?
* Remy hmms.. "Probably safe somewhere..."
* Zeth burps quietly.
<Arcus> Ew....squirrel breath.
* Gwen wonders...
* Alexis is around... like she said she's be... You're just not sure where...
<Gwen> I wonder if this pendant works as a lighter. It is a light pendant, after all..
<Remy> Mmm...try it and see, chere.
<Gwen> That's just it. I don't know how.
<Remy> Maybe you need to be pissed off. ^_-
<Remy> Should I get Teefa up here?
* Remy grins.
<Gwen> O_o That's right...Teefa stayed behind.
<Arcus> Click your heels and sing out-of-tune boss above songs? ^_-
<Gwen> PLease don't.. ^_^
<Remy> Alrighty...hmm..
<Remy> Click your heels and say "Theres no place like home" 3 times. :P
<Gwen> >> Suddenly, without warning, the light pendant glows, giving you just enough illumination to see!
<Gwen> WHOA!
<Remy> Ah.. O_o
<Gwen> What the hell?
<Remy> Neat little thing.
<Arcus> Service with a smile ^_-
<Arcus> Let's go then, shall we?
<Gwen> I suppose so.
<Remy> Yep...lets roll.
<Arcus> Lead the way, oh luminescent one :P
<Gwen> >> In front of you, you see a treasure chest...old and covered with dust.
<Remy> Ooh.
<Gwen> Who's gonna open this...?
* Remy's eyebrows hit the ceiling.
<Remy> I'll do it!
<Gwen> Go for it, Rem. Could be a trap.
<Arcus> Wait a sec!
* Remy glances at Arcus.
* Sunny sneezes.
* Arcus ducks behind an outcropping in the wall. "Okay! Go for it ^_^"
* Remy rolls his eyes.
* Gwen laughs.
<Gwen> Open it, Rem.
* Remy kneels by the chest and hauls the lid open.
<Gwen> >> A dust cloud sprays in Remy face, darkening it.
<Remy> Ah! Fuck!
<Gwen> >> Inside is 4 herbal extracts!
* Arcus chuckles to himself.
* Remy coughs :P
<Sunny> Nice..
<Gwen> Not bad...
<Gwen> Who gets it?
<Arcus> Behold! Fine medicines...and a free facial :P
* Remy wipes his face and tosses the stuff to Gwen.
<Gwen> I like it, Rem. It fits this place.
* Gwen takes it.
<Gwen> I don't need it all.
<Remy> Well...pass it out among the troops. ^_^
* Gwen takes one, then shrugs. "Who needs this most?"
* Remy mumbles about dust.
<Arcus> I already have four to myself.
* Remy casts a stony glare at the chest :P
<Remy> Give two to Sunny..
<Gwen> Okay.
<Remy> ..and I'll take one. :P
* Gwen hands 2 to Sunny, one to Remy.
<Sunny> Thanks Remy :)
<Gwen> There. Let's keep moving.
* Remy nods to Sunny.
<Gwen> The sooner we get this orb, the better...
* Sunny stuffs it in her bag.
<Arcus> Perhaps....
<Remy> Yeah...dust sucks... *mutter*
<Arcus> Perhaps not.
<Gwen> >>The spell on the pendant begins to fade...
<Gwen> Sh-it.
<Remy> Oh great.
<Arcus> Into the darkness once more.....
* Gwen blinks, then mumbles the words. "Owners of light magic, release and illuminate." The pendant 'turns on' again.
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
<Gwen> Hmm. Don't know where I got that, but it worked.
<Remy> *mumbles something about beauty*
<Arcus> Maybe the instructions were written on the back. ^_-
<Remy> Alright.....lets go.
<Gwen> Maybe...but the words just...
<Arcus> Don't worry about it. ^_^
* Gwen closes her eyes and looks lost in thought for a second.
* Remy stands ahead of the group, peering into the darkness.
* Arcus kicks back against the wall and waits
* Gwen opens them. "Ah. Sorry, let's-"
<Gwen> >>You hear someone, or something, walking behind you!
* Remy twirls, bo drawn.
<Arcus> Three guesses who that is. ^_^
<Remy> Damnit, I hate caves...hate hate hate..
<Arcus> Don't worry Remy, they probably hate you too. ^_-
* Gwen smacks her head, as if she hears something...
<Remy> I'm not a well liked person, I guess. ^_-
* Remy twirls his bo once more and puts it away.
<Gwen> >> The person, thank god, turns out to be...two people?! O_o
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
<Gwen> Who is it?!
* Arcus looks at the newcomers.
<Gwen> Speak up or I tear your faces off and make you eat them!!
<Arcus> My, such agression. ^_-
<Remy> Gods, thats such a turn on. ;)
* Remy smirks lightly.
* Gwen ahems. "Not my best threat."
* Arcus grins.
<Alexis> Don't raise a ruckus Gwen... It's me, and look who I found...
<Gwen> >> It's Adek. ^_^
<Remy> Ah...Alexis... good. ^_^
* Gwen whews.
<Remy> And Adek. :P
<Gwen> Sorry.
* Arcus continues to grin.
<Gwen> Anyway, does Adek know what's going on?
* Remy decides not to ask whats up with Gwen. :P
<Alexis> Not really, no... I haven't enlightened him any...
<Gwen> Well, we're after an orb...that about covers it, doesn't it?
* Zeth pokes his head out of the hood and takes a few "sniffs".
<Remy> Yep, it does.
<Alexis> I couldn't have said it better...
* Remy grins lazily at Alexis. "What sort of trouble did you get yourself into while we were busy, hmm?"
<Arcus> The Orb of dirt I think. ^_^
<Gwen> Earth, Arc, Earth.
<Arcus> Earth, dirt, mud, politics.....whatever. ^_-
<Alexis> Nothin' much, Remy...
* Gwen keeps walking onward...the cavern seems to get narrower and narrower...
* Remy nods, grinning still and follows Gwen.
* Arcus turns and follows after the group.
* Remy starts whistling a jaunty bar tune. :P
* Arcus whistles the same tune in counter-point harmony, and winks at Remy
<Remy> o/~ Oh the snake charmer's wife, she was a sight to see....she did such things to make the men gasp, till one day she got it up the asp! o/~
<Gwen> >> The cave abruptly ends, and there's a strange contraption in front of you. It's similar to a giant well. The 'bucket' is large enough so you can all fit into it, and it leads into a gaping hole, bigger than you've ever seen.
* Remy blinks. "Thats a really big bucket."
* Arcus looks down the hole. "Party go down tha hole....."
<Gwen> I guess someone has to pull on the rope, and lower us down...
<Remy> Want me to do it? ^_- I'm feeling risky. :P
<Arcus> Whoever it is better be able to handle the weight of whoever's going down there.
* Adek smiles slightly. "I was about to volunteer, on grounds that it'd be safer than getting in the stupid thing."
* Gwen hops in.
<Remy> enthusiasm is amazing. :P
<Gwen> We can pull it from here, I think...
<Gwen> Two guys pulling on it ought to be enough...
* Remy hops in and nods. ^_^
* Arcus looks over the mechanism suspiciously.
<Remy> As long as we don't plummet to our untimely deaths...because we didn't save our game...
<Gwen> Huh?
* Gwen looks at Remy as if he's nuts.
<Arcus> Silly man ^_^
<Remy> Nevermind. Arcus, wanna give me a hand?
* Remy winks at Gwen.
* Arcus hops into the bucket.
* Alexis giggles. "I saved mine while I was away..."
<Arcus> Si si si. ^_^
<Remy> Heheheh, girl. ^_^
* Gwen really is clueless now, and she hates that!
* Gwen glowers at Alexis.
* Arcus grabs the rope, waiting for the signal to start.
* Remy also grabs the rope.
* Adek grins, and hops into the bucket. "I figure we're all plot important anyway.. we can't just die like this, right?"
<Gwen> Go!
* Alexis pauses for a moment to consider what Level everyone is... or how many Hit Points they have...
<Alexis> Or why you can't kill people in towns no matter what...
<Gwen> I'm not gonna ask you guys what we're talking about..
* Remy starts hauling on the rope with all his might, lowering the bucket with Arcus' help. :P
<Arcus> o~ Oooh, the old iron horse is, schuggin' along, chuggin' along, chuggin' along..... o~
<Alexis> Or where the monsters suddenly come from...
<Gwen> >>The bucket slowly drops, lower and lower...
<Gwen> >> You see the wall become earthen, then rocky...
<Sunny> Ekk!
<Arcus> o~ With a handfull of rails and a bucket full a nails...singin' the railroad song... o~
<Gwen> >> You see skeletons of strange animals embedded in the rocks...
<Alexis> And why does everything in the whole world look like a wallpaper pattern? Every few steps, the grass looks exactly the same!
<Remy> o/~ There was a young lady, she was quite pretty, her mother married her to a young sailor who thought it quite a pity.. o/~
<Gwen> Alexis, did you smoke something when you were away?!
<Gwen> I don't even know what you're talking about!
<Alexis> I bet I've seen the same rock go by since we got on this thing 34 times!
* Remy whistles a raunchy bar tune. ;)
* Alexis laughs!
* Adek scratches his head. "Well, she _did_ find these perfectly repeating mushroom tiles.."
* Arcus grins even more and contines singing.
* Gwen gives up. "Adek, she has been EATING those mushrooms."
<Alexis> I wonder how many seconds your songs'll last until they start repeating too...
<Alexis> And why do I have the feeling I'm being watched?
* Adek grins. "Hopefully they have some kind of helpful properties then, huh?"
* Remy 's forehead beads with sweat as he works.
<Arcus> How about a round of, "I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves?" ^_-
<Gwen> We're all watching you make an ass of yourself, dear.
<Remy> No no, Arcus!
<Remy> And what a cute ass it is..
* Remy snickers
* Gwen blinks.
<Arcus> Ha!
<Remy> o/~ This is the song that doesn't end...yes it goes on and on my friend.. o/~
<Gwen> Hurry! Ack! Get to the bottom!
* Arcus laughs.
<Remy> ;)
<Arcus> Yes ma'am ^_-
<Remy> Y'know you love my voice, mon chere... ;)
<Gwen> >> It's now getting very very warm...the rocks smell sulfuric and feel warm to the touch...
<Adek> Hey, on the bright side, anything down there knows a bunch of crazies are coming. If I were down there, I'd have run for it by now.
* Remy decides to get more serious :P
* Remy ahems and quietly returns to lowering the bucket..
* Arcus refuses to get serious, but stays quiet at least. :P
* Gwen sits in the basket/bucket and looks at the rock. "We're getting near the center..."
* Remy mumbles... o/~ I'm mister Bucket.... o/~
<Remy> o/~ The balls pop outta my mouth.. o/~
<Arcus> o~ Pop the balls in my top o~ ^_-
* Gwen wants out.
* Adek looks at Remy's head, and starts humming. "There's a hole in the bucket..."
* Remy laughs and kicks Adek in the shins. :P
<Arcus> No, no, no, not going there. ^_-
* The pendant begins singing: "Open the door, get on the floor, everyone do the dinosaur..."
* Adek rubs his shin, then grins. "Screw you too, Remy."
<Gwen> >>Adek nearly tips out of the bucket!
<Remy> In my nightmares, maybe. :P
* Gwen blinks at the pendant..
<Gwen> Damn, what is up with this thing....?
<Arcus> It likes you ^_-
<Remy> Can't really blame it 'dere, eh Arcus?
* Remy grins.
<Arcus> I'll keep my opinions to myself there. ^_-
* Adek laughs. "Nobody likes a literalist, Remy. Believe me, I'm not attracted to you in the least."
<Remy> It was a joke, Adek..
<Gwen> >>Finally, you see something below the's an immense temple...with strange runic writings, stone walls and pillars, and ivy running around the walls.
<Pottle> Pendant begins singing like Barney: "I love you..." as the words "Do the dinosaur" repeat in the background...
<Remy> Oh boy.. :P
* Gwen baps on her chest to shut the thing up.
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
<Adek> Ok, who else here enjoyed their lives more without the soundtrack?
<Gwen> Whoa...Romrus sure was a decorator...
<Pottle> Pendant: "Ow. Quit that."
<Arcus> Oh look, an inconvinience store. ^_-
<Remy> Ha!
* Gwen hits it again!
<Pottle> Pendant: "I said quit that damn it!"
<Arcus> Stop molesting the pendant, there are laws in the country 'ya know. ^_-
* Remy mutters and feels his arms cramp up from the work.
* Arcus stretches out a bit.
<Gwen> >>The basket hits the bottom! You've made it!
* Remy grunts and lets go.
<Remy> Ow..
<Pottle> Pendant: "You're meaner than Pottle to me...and man, that guy was abusive!"
<Gwen> O_o....
<Arcus> I'm taking the stairs on the way back up thank you. ^_-
<Gwen> Um...I can see why...
* Remy flexes his arms and grumbles. "Remind me not to ever volunteer for anything again."
* Gwen jumps out.
<Adek> Oook.. guess who does NOT want to hear what Pottle did with the pendant?
* Remy follows.
<Pottle> Pendant: "Well I love you too. Should I stop glowing?"
* Arcus hops out of the bucket.
<Gwen> Yeah, sure. Thanks.
<Remy> Great..Gwen has a wise-ass pendant :P
<Gwen> I know, just what I need.
<Arcus> Should fit in well with the rest of us. ^_-
* Adek climbs out of the bucket.
<Remy> Yeah, you already gotta put up with me... ;)
<Pottle> Pendant mutters. "Well aren't we all friendly to your torch."
* Arcus chuckles.
<Remy> Just don't sing disco.
<Gwen> You sound an awful lot like Pottle...
<Gwen> O_o
<Pottle> Pendant: "You mean like this? Burn, baby, burn..."
* Remy growls and draws his bo!
<Remy> :P
<Remy> Stop thaaaaat!
<Arcus> Now now..
<Gwen> Remy...
<Remy> Lets just go get that damned orb.
* Remy puts the bo away.
<Pottle> Pendant: "I'm a loser baby, so why don't ya kill me..."
<Gwen> This thing is sorta connected to me...and whapping it means knocking the shit out of me!
<Remy> Oh....
<Remy> Hm.
<Remy> Can't do that.
* Remy shrugs. :P
* Zeth flitters out of the hood and flies about Arcus's head.
<Adek> Well, Gwen, if it ever gets to the point where you WANT us to..
<Gwen> >>The cavern is silent, and dank. A musty smell reaches your nostrils.
<Remy> Oh, great...that not so fresh smell.
<Arcus> Shall we?
<Gwen> Yes, we shall.
<Pottle> Pendant: "Gwen and Remy, up in a tree...k-i-s-s-i-n-g..."
* Arcus shalls.
* Gwen stares at the pendant, then growls.
* Arcus laughs some more.
<Gwen> Listen, ...
* Remy chuckles lightly. :P
* Adek laughs.
<Pottle> Pendant: "You know you want him."
* Gwen blushes. "Oh dear god...SHUT UP!"
<Gwen> Argh, what I wouldn't GIVE for Pottle to be here right now.
* Adek tries to fight down his laughter. "The pendant has spoken. When's the wedding, you two?"
<Gwen> Shut up!
* Remy blushes lightly and kicks Adek in the shins again. :P
<Remy> Okay! Enough of that.
* Arcus stops walking 'cause he's laughing so hard.
* Gwen looks about ready to pounce on anyone who makes another wisecrack.
<Remy> Lets just go.. ^_^;
* Adek snickers. "Ow! Damn.. well, at least they both hurt the same now."
<Pottle> Pendant: "Yeah, I'm the holy all-knowing Lackisha Pendant! I know all...but I can't remember what happened 5 minutes ago!"
<Remy> Y'know all, hmm? What am I thinking, then?
<Gwen> I really care about your short term memory problems, you piece of gold.
<Pottle> Pendant lightly zaps Gwen. "Shaddap you, or I'll turn off..."
<Gwen> Ow!
* Remy chuckles. "Moody little thing, isn't it?"
<Gwen> It sounds like a kid.
* Zeth looks at the pendant, slightly irritated.
<Remy> That'd be Pottle alright.
* Remy grins.
<Pottle> Pendant: "What you think I am?"
<Arcus> Relax Zeth, it won't bite..I think. ^_-
<Pottle> Pendant: "Ooh...I'm telling Master on you Remy..."
<Remy> Oh, I'm scared. :P
* Remy rolls his eyes.
<Pottle> Pendant: "Maybe I should just whip yer ass..."
* Zeth sniffs indignantly. *Can we go now?*
<Gwen> Wait...
* Remy's eyes darken.
* Gwen hmms...
<Adek> Ok! People! Funny as listening to the jackass pendant is, we have a job to do!
<Remy> Want some of this?
<Remy> C'mon, punk!
<Arcus> Oh boy....
* Remy remembers where the pendant is. :P
<Remy> Nevermind.
<Remy> Bah.
* Gwen gets an idea...but think she's probably wrong.
* Remy crosses his arms. "Alright. Where to? What do we do now?"
<Gwen> >>You continue through the caverns...strange paintings are drawn on the walls.
<Pottle> Pendant cackles evilly. "Go ahead. Hit me. But Mistress Gwen'll be mad..."
<Adek> ..I didn't say I knew what it was, just that we should do it.
* Remy growls slightly.
<Arcus> Just let it go Remy.
* Remy mutters.
<Adek> Gwen, Gwen.. you really can't let that thing get under your skin like that.
<Remy> Oogh...if you had chosen another person as a host...
<Adek> well.. figuratively.
* Remy cracks his knuckles and mutters.
<Zeth> *Ignore the pendant Remy. It's trying to rile you up.*
<Gwen> It is under my skin. Pottle fused it there!
<Remy> *mutter
* Yeah, well, its working.
<Arcus> What a nice guy. ^_-
<Pottle> Pendant: "And what else COULD he do?!"
* Sunny doesn't like the pendant.
<Gwen> Fuse it to Sunny. She would like it.
* Remy laughs.
<Gwen> >> You come across a large door, with no keyhole.
* Arcus shrugs and looks at some of the more interesting cavern lithographs.
<Remy> Great.
* Gwen blinks.
<Remy> No key....hmm..
* Remy glances at Gwen and then at the door.
<Remy> Hm.
<Remy> Can the pendant open it?
<Gwen> Do we want him to?
* Sunny frowns at Gwen.
<Pottle> Pendant: "I can try..."
<Remy> Eh, I'm not we?
<Adek> Even if it can, WILL the contrary thing?
<Arcus> Perhaps we can butter the pendant up with sweet words first. ^_-
<Gwen> It said it would..
<Pottle> Pendant: "Wait a sec! Hey, PJ!"
* Remy mutters about what he'd like to butter the damn thing up with.
* Gwen huhs?
<Gwen> She's not here.
* Arcus laughs.
<Remy> PJ? Ugh..don't mention that twit.
<Pottle> Pendant: "Damn...get her. We need her."
<Remy> Aawwww..
<Gwen> Do you know how long it took to get up here? HOURS?
<Arcus> Another bucket-ride? Swell. ^_-
<Remy> PLEASE tell me we do not hafta go in the damn bucket again.
<Gwen> Wait...Sunny...could you try to break down the door?
<Adek> mean, we came all the way here, just to have you tell us that.. Gwen, if that thing wasn't imbedded in your chest, I think we'd have broken it by now.
<Sunny> Break it down? I'm not strong. :P
* Remy wonders vaguely if Gwen tastes like whipped cream.
* Remy stops that train of thought. :P
<Pottle> Pendant: "It isn't gonna'll only split her skull open...not like I really care about the twit..."
<Gwen> Nono. It's....magically sealed, I think.
<Sunny> Unless you want me to whack it with a few bolders?
<Sunny> Magically, well I could try.. but keep that pendant away from me. :P
<Gwen> Will you shut up? Sheesh! We're not going all the way back up for PJ! We'll have to make do!
* Gwen nods. "No problem."
<Pottle> Pendant: "We NEED PJ dammit!"
<Gwen> SHH!
* Gwen puts her hand over the pendant. ^_^
* Remy quiets. :P
<Arcus> Maybe the pendant needs PJ. ^_-
<Gwen> Hopefully this will muffle him a bit.
<Gwen> Ahhaah..
* Sunny smiles.
* Gwen grins.
<Pottle> Pendant: "Mmph! We need PJ! Need need need!!!"
* Sunny goes up to the door.
<Sunny> I'll try my new spell!
<Pottle> Pendant sounds muffled underneath the hand.
* Sunny mediates for a second and says some foreign words..
* Remy mutters about how the pendant must be enjoying where it lays. :P
<Gwen> >>The door melts and opens!
<Remy> Shit. :P
<Gwen> Not bad! See?
<Remy> That's damn impressive.
* Arcus ducks behind another outcropping. "Go for it." ^_^
* Gwen takes her hand off the pendant.
<Sunny> Wow, it worked!
<Pottle> Pendant: "Holy cow..."
<Sunny> I'm even amazed.
<Arcus> Groovy. ^_^
<Remy> Yeah yeah, lets go.
* Sunny skips forth.
<Adek> Nice..
<Remy> Say, is Alexis still awake? :P
<Sunny> I'm the super-duper mage! Whee!
* Arcus follows after Sunny ala Groucho Marks.
<Pottle> Pendant begins laughing like crazy...
<Gwen> Yes?
<Pottle> Pendant: "Trying to impress Remy, Sunny?"
<Remy> Urgh.
* Remy glowers with anger.
<Gwen> Will you-...
<Pottle> Pendant: "Is it just me, or are you some kinda burglar? You're in this for treasure and sex, huh?"
<Pottle> Pendant: "I sense you dropping your pants in the near future, Sunny."
* Remy blinks.
<Gwen> Listen, you sound like you haven't even gone through puberty yet, so you have every right to talk, you Hanson-sounding little boy!
<Remy> Oh by the gods...
<Arcus> Woo-hoo! A Pendant's guide to not making friends. ^_-
<Pottle> *zap*
<Gwen> Ow!
<Sunny> What...?
* Sunny sniffles.
* Remy gets a knife and ponders digging the damn thing outta Gwen's body.
<Pottle> Pendant: "Meanie!"
<Sunny> You.. perverted Pendant!
* Adek smiles. "You know, I hate to break this to you, pendant.. but technically speaking, you're a eunuch."
<Gwen> You are the meanie, you pervert!
<Remy> Look, you little pendant....shut the fuck up...
* A sniffling sound is heard from the pendant.
* Sunny cries.
<Sunny> Whaaa!
<Arcus> Whoa! Whoa! TIME OUT!
<Arcus> Time out!
<Gwen> >>You walk through the door...and....THERE ARE TONS OF DOORS in a very large room. O_O
<Remy> Oh great. Doors. Alot of 'em.
<Gwen> .....
<Adek> ...and if you're going to starting mocking us, just keep this in mind. Rocks don't get any. Ever. Period.
<Arcus> This is not the time nor place for this. We can establish a pecking order when we're through.
* Alexis maintains her silence...
<Arcus> Can we just concentrate on the task at hand now?
<Sunny> The pendant is mean...
<Pottle> Pendant: "If only you knew...see, I feel everything my owner does...Adek, sex is fuuuun.."
<Gwen> >> There are tons of doors labled in roman numerals from 1-30...
<Remy> Grr..
* Remy's fingers light with fire. :P
* Remy growls.
<Gwen> >> They all look similar. In the center, is a tile of some sort.
* Arcus pointedly ignores the pendant and starts looking over the tile.
<Pottle> Pendant: "Watch it, hot stuff."
<Remy> Calm....calm...calm..
* Remy breathes deeply.
<Pottle> Pendant: "Now count to 10."
<Gwen> >>There is also a plaque in front of you with some writing on it.
<Remy> Shuddap!
<Adek> Then keep this in mind, pendant. Your next owner could be a nun. Or a quadrapalegic eunuch. Tread lightly, will you?
* Arcus brushes his hand across the tile.
* Remy mutters and turns his heated gaze to the plaque.
* Gwen reads what's on the plaque...
<Pottle> Pendant: "'re sicker than me..."
<Pottle> Pendant: "But priests give the nuns action..."
<Remy> ...and so does Cronus.
<Gwen> "To whoever seeks the Orb. In front of you lies 30 doors. Two of these doors have switches which will activate the tile...leading to the inner sanctum...the rest lead right back into this room."
* Adek shrugs. "Just keep deluding yourself, rock."
<Sunny> 30?!
<Remy> Oh, grand.
<Gwen> "If yo do not find the right combination the first try, the switches will reset."
* Arcus continues to read the plaque.
<Gwen> "Only one person at a time may try this. Find the way...oh, and I must thank Ardor for this idea. - Romrus."
<Pottle> Pendant: "Is the money behind Door #1, #2, or #3?"
<Remy> Shit.
<Gwen> Who wants to try first?
<Arcus> Me. ^_^
<Alexis> MCIXVLVII is mine...
<Sunny> I can't read roman..
<Pottle> Pendant: "I'll try LXIX..." *chuckle*
<Alexis> Hmm... yeah... come to think of it... I don't ever recall an empire named Rome in the history of the world, either...
<Arcus> Hmmm...I'll take....door Number 29. ^_^
<Gwen> >>You walk into the door....and nothing is there! O_o
* Remy blahs.
<Alexis> XXVIII for me...
<Arcus> Bzzt! Wrong answer! You win nothing! Thank you for playing! ^_^
<Gwen> >>You still have one more try.
<Gwen> >>Even though you'll get the wrong combination.
<Arcus> Hmm.....door number.......23. ^_^
<Alexis> Maybe X, XX & XXX?
* Arcus goes to it.
<Remy> Do door 69!
<Gwen> >>You find a switch! O_o
<Remy> Err...nevermind.
<Gwen> >> But you're drawn back...
<Sunny> Good old 21?
<Arcus> Ha ha! ^_^
<Arcus> Ah well. ^_^
<Gwen> Who's next?
<Remy> Me. ^_^;
<Arcus> I still win nothing. ^_^
<Gwen> >>Remy walks out! First number?
<Pottle> Pendant: "Okay, we have one down..."
<Adek> What, no consolation prize?
* Remy rubs his chin, thinking..."Door 12."
<Gwen> >>The room is empty...
<Gwen> >>Next?
<Remy> Damn you, commie bastard :P
<Remy> Err....door 7. :P
<Gwen> >>Empty...
* Remy sighs a bit. :P
<Remy> Figures. :P
<Gwen> Next?
<Arcus> Nice try, but we have some lovely consolation prizes for you. ^_^
* Adek steps forward. "I'll try."
<Gwen> Okay Adek! Go for it!
* Remy mutters and leans against a wall.
<Gwen> >>Number?
<Adek> Sixteen.
<Gwen> >>Empty..
* Zeth continues to flit about.
<Remy> So...Alexis... ^_-
* Remy grins a bit.
<Gwen> >> Next number?
<Remy> Mind tellin me about that save point?
* Adek frowns. "Fourteen?"
<Gwen> >> Empty...
<Alexis> Nothin much there, really...
<Alexis> It's just kind of a place...
<Gwen> >> Next person?
<Sunny> How bout 13?
* Adek steps back. "Guess not. Reading too deeply into this.."
<Sunny> My age. :P
<Arcus> I'm so sorry Adek, but we have some lovely parting gifts for you. ^_^
<Alexis> Gave me two different options too... Internal or Backup RAM...
<Alexis> Whatever RAM is...
<Gwen> Are you next, Sunny?
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
<Pottle> Pendant: "Random Access Memory, duh...Danek uses that stuff I think..."
<Sunny> I dunno. :P
<Alexis> I'll go, Gwen.
<Arcus> RAM, Really Annoying MPendant(with a silent M). ^_-
<Gwen> Okay Alexis.
<Remy> Really Arrogant Mule.
<Remy> :P
<Alexis> Let's try XI...
<Gwen> >> Number...11....nope!
<Gwen> >> Next number?
<Alexis> Hmm... how about XXVIII...
<Adek> Don't you mean Randy, Annoying "MPendant", Arcus?
<Gwen> >> Number 28....nope!
<Gwen> >> Still nothing. ^^
<Arcus> Oh I'm sorry, no Copy of "Torturing to the Oldies XXVII" for you Alexis. ^_-
<Pottle> Pendant: "My name is not Randy...It's...nevermind."
<Gwen> What is your name, Pendant?
<Gwen> I want to know.
<Remy> Ah well, still got your good looks. :P
* Gwen gets a hunch.
<Adek> Well, THAT just flew over its head.
<Alexis> XXVII? I said XXVIII.... jeez...
<Pottle> Pendant: "Not telling..." *raspberry*
* Gwen hmms. I'll go.
<Remy> Go Gwen, go Gwen.. ^_^
* Gwen tries door 27...for Alexis....
<Gwen> No go!
<Arcus> And now, the Captain and Star of the team, Gwen, makes her move ^_-
<Gwen> >> Gwen then tries door 2... NO GO :/
<Gwen> Well, we know 23 worked...
<Gwen> We just gotta find the other door...
* Adek mutters "Just watch it be 15."
<Remy> Blah...Gwen definately still has her good looks.. ^_-
* Gwen grins.
* Remy leans against the wall, grinning lazily.
<Gwen> Remy, you try.
<Arcus> Next?
<Gwen> Or was that Arcus..
<Remy> Again? Okay. ^_-
* Gwen shrugs. "Doesn't matter that much."
<Gwen> >>Number!
<Remy> 15..
<Gwen> >> go.
<Arcus> Remy! Remy! He's our man! If he can't do it, no one can! ^_-
<Gwen> >> Next?
<Remy> Goddamnit.
* Remy curses. "$#%$^#$^&%&%$& Number 21!"
<Gwen> >> No go! ;_;
<Sunny> 13!
<Gwen> >> Remy is warped back..
* Remy growls and slams his fist into the wall.
<Remy> Godddddddamnit!
<Gwen> Who's next?
<Arcus> Me
<Gwen> Go Arcus!
<Gwen> >> Number!
<Arcus> Door number......17!
<Gwen> >>......DING DING DING! We have a winner!!! there's a switch!!
<Remy> Lucky punk.
<Arcus> Ha Ha! ^_^
<Gwen> >>Next door!
<Gwen> You know it, Arc! Go for it!
<Arcus> Number........23. :D
<Pottle> Pendant: "Do you remember the other one now, people? "
* Remy looks mildly jealous :P
<Pottle> Pendant: "Yeah! Success!"
<Gwen> >>The warp tile flares and glows a bright yellow...
<Gwen> Finally! That puzzle was a bitch...
* Arcus bows. "Thank you, thank you all...."
<Remy> Lucky guesses.
* Remy mutters.
<Arcus> Now don't ever say I don't pull my weight around here. ^_-
* Gwen high fives Arcus.
<Pottle> Pendant: "Not bad at all!"
* Zeth swishes out of the way of the ^5.
<Pottle> Pendant: "I'd have had it my first try, but hey..."
<Gwen> >>You step on the warp tile, and the yellow light blinds you!
<Gwen> >> You land in a large, circular room....made entirely of earth and stone.
<Arcus> Sure you would have pendant. ^_^
<Remy> There's no place like home, theres no place like home...
<Remy> Ow.
<Gwen> >>It's also completely silent.
<Arcus> The designer likes Earth tones. ^_-
<Pottle> Pendant: "Ooh! A room!"
<Sunny> Earthy.
<Remy> Great...
<Pottle> Pendant: "Where's the stinkin' orb?"
* Zeth flits back into Arcus's hood and looks out from it.
<Gwen> >>Except you see something odd in the back...something crystaline in shape and texture..
<Alexis> This place needs a dose of fresh air...
<Gwen> Tell me about it...
* Remy steps towards the odd thing. :P
<Pottle> Pendant: "Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye..."
<Adek> Ok, who wants to bet we can't just pick that thing up and leave without being attacked?
* Gwen bops the pendant. "You want the guardian to wake up!"
<Arcus> Hey, if Gwen goes, you go little tiny pendant man ^_-
<Pottle> Pendant: "The place is trapped like every other Orb temple anyways..."
<Remy> *mutter
* Watch me fall to my death and no one give a damn. 'Cept maybe the elves.
<Gwen> >> Remy suddenly stutters.
<Arcus> Rem?
<Remy> Uhh?
<Pottle> Pendant: "What the heck? Remy? What happened?"
<Gwen> >> He points to the large crystalline thing..
<Gwen> >> a girl!
* Arcus looks.
* Remy stares.
<Sunny> Wierd..
<Remy> Uhm..
<Gwen> >> She is young, and nude, but the crystal is not completely translucent, you can't really see anything. Sorry hentai boys. ^_^
<Arcus> Not my prefered place to take a snooze, but hey.....whatever floats yer boat.
<Pottle> Pendant: "I say we leave her. She'll almost get Vay destroyed...and she sings really crappy too. Don't ask why, I just have a hunch..."
* Remy starts towards it. ^_-
<Gwen> >>The girl looks to be about 17...with long red her hands....rests the Orb of Earth.
<Remy> Wow..
<Arcus> Heh.
<Sunny> She has the orb ..
* Gwen blinks. "Great...she has it."
<Alexis> So how do we get it?
<Gwen> Break the crystal?
* Remy taps on the crystalline thing.
<Arcus> Ask nicely? ^_-
<Alexis> Is it solid?
<Pottle> Pendant: "Try reaching through it..."
* Gwen taps on it. "Yep. Solid."
<Pottle> Pendant: "Okay, that's out."
<Remy> Well..
<Pottle> Pendant: "Shall I break it?"
<Arcus> So much for all knowing. ^_-
<Alexis> Anyone have some TNT? I heard that stuff works great...
<Remy> Sure. Worth a shot. I'll catch the girl. ^_-
* Adek grins. "We could always have Remy talk to her. He hits on anything female anyway.. she'll have to drop the orb to cover her ears.. and we can grab it."
<Arcus> Heh.
* Remy glares coolly at Adek.
<Pottle> Pendant: "Nice one, Adek!"
* Gwen moans. "God.."
<Pottle> Pendant: "Mistress, should I try to break the crystal?"
* Arcus walks up to the crystal and examines it.
* Gwen hmms.
<Gwen> Yeah, you can try....
<Gwen> I dunno how far you'll get, though...
<Pottle> Pendant: "Then hang onto something..."
<Adek> ...the pendant's personality seems to be rubbing off on me. My bad.
* Remy mutters.. "What is this? Pick on Remy day?"
* Gwen hangs on to a table.
<Pottle> * The pendant flares up and blasts a powerful stream of light at the crystal!
* Sunny shrugs.
* Arcus walks away from the crystal and grabs onto a pillar.
<Gwen> >>The crystal seems to melt slowly, exposing the girl.
<Gwen> Keep it up.
<Arcus> Ach! She canna take anny more Cap'in!
* Remy gets ready to catch her if she falls.
<Pottle> Pendant: "Ooh...uhm, er, uh, okay."
<Gwen> It's almost done!...Okay! Okay! Stop! STOP!
<Pottle> * The pendant continues to fire around the girl, being careful not to strike her.
<Gwen> >>The girl is still standing, BTW.
<Remy> Interesting.
<Gwen> Please?
<Alexis> Now what?
<Arcus> Let's not roast the nice lady, okay? ^_-
<Gwen> I command you to stop!
* Adek notes that the crystal is gone from in front of the girl, now, and waits for someone's jaw to drop.
<Pottle> * The pendant ceases. "As you wish."
* Gwen leans against the table. "Whew...we gotta work on our communication."
* Zeth seems to whisper something into Arcus's ear.
<Alexis> So let's grab the orb and run...
<Gwen> >> Almost instantly, the girl blinks and awakens, looking a little confused...then she smiles and waves.
* Arcus chuckles.
* Remy raises an eyebrow and waves back. ^_-
<Gwen> Girl: Um...hello. ^_^
* Alexis smiles. "Uh... Hiya!"
<Sunny> Aren't you cold?
<Alexis> ^_^
<Remy> Hi there, miss nude person..
<Gwen> Girl then looks down and blushes. "'d think Rommy would give me some clothes....ah well! No problem!"
<Pottle> Pendant: "I work by command, Mistress...speak and I shall obey..."
<Remy> The Pendant is into the whole dominatrix thing. :P
<Gwen> The girl waves her hand, and a her long red hair is put into a ponytail, and she's wearing a colorful robe, with tights and boots. "Better."
<Arcus> Great. ^_-
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
<Adek> One more thing you and it have in common, eh, Remy?
* Alexis smiles some more. "I, uh, don't suppose you can part with that Orb there, can you?" ^_^;
<Remy> Adek..
* Adek blinks. "Did I say that?"
<Arcus> Adek..... ^_-
<Gwen> Girl: Oh! You people are after the orb?
* Remy clenches a fist and grinds his teeth.
<Pottle> Pendant: "She's the Guardian I yourselves..."
<Sunny> Maybe..
<Alexis> Not after it... but we do need to save it from these other guys...
<Arcus> Actually, we're here for the floorshow at nine. ^_^
<Gwen> Girl hmms. "Weeell...see, I would give it to you...but Romrus put me here to watch over the orb. So yeah, I'm the guardian..."
<Pottle> Pendant: "We need the orbs to save the world. Again. Corny, huh?"
<Gwen> Girl looks sadly. "I don't want to really hurt you guys or anything, but I have a job to do!"
<Remy> Oh great. So we have to fight you or something?
<Adek> ..I don't suppose we could rock-paper-scissors for it, instead?
<Alexis> So... there's nothing saying we have to fight...
<Gwen> Girl: *sigh* Yeah.
* Remy frowns a bit.
<Arcus> Maybe she'll challenge us to a cook-off instead. Battles to the death are so pase. ^_-
<Gwen> Girl: But I can't give you the orb unless you earned it in combat! Romrus told me that.
<Pottle> Pendant: "We have to fight you? But you'll die."
<Adek> Well...
<Sunny> Why can't you be giving. :)
<Adek> ..uh...
<Gwen> Romrus...god, how long has she been stuck in that thing?
<Remy> Uh...well..we've done some pretty cool a giant pig..
<Alexis> A long time...
* Remy counts on his fingers..
<Remy> ..and a psychotic seahorse...
<Gwen> Girl: Well, die or not, that's my job!
* Arcus chuckles even more.
<Remy> ..and some pirates..
<Adek> ..why don't you come with us, then? There's always room for another in our little group.
* Remy shudders.
<Adek> ..right guys?
<Remy> Pirates..
<Remy> Brr..
<Pottle> Pendant: "Right!"
<Gwen> Girl: Maybe...but you still gotta earn this thing!
<Sunny> Dwap.
<Gwen> Girl: Sorry about all this...but anyway...
<Arcus> Somehow I doubt she lives here to pick up guys. ^_-
<Pottle> Pendant: Let's just knock her unconscious instead of kill her, eh guys?"
<Gwen> Girl: My name's Savannah! Let's get this over with!
* Adek sighs, and draws his sword. "All right, Savannah. We'll do our best not to kill you if we win.. I hope you'll extend us the same courtesy!"
<Gwen> Girl whips out a long staff!

== COMBAT! Vs. Savannah ==

* Adek steps to the front.
* Sunny heads for the back.
* Gwen steps to the front
<Alexis> Guardian of the Orb (1)
* Remy also steps to the front.
<Pottle> * The pendant flares. "C'mon, then, asshole. Lessee what you've got."
* Remy draws his bo.
* Arcus draws his sword, still laughing.
* Gwen draws her spear.
* Sunny draws a duck.
<Gwen> Duck: Quack!
<Sunny> Oops!
<Remy> Oh great. :P
<Gwen> Savannah channels a powerful spell...
* Adek feels a deep sense of deja vu as he steps to the front. Again. ;)
* Sunny hands it to Gwen.
<Gwen> I don't want this!
* Alexis strikes first...
<Alexis> Attack 1: 24!
<Alexis> Attack 2: Miss.
* Gwen hands the duck to Adek.
* Remy twirls his bo rapidly..
* Adek sets the duck down carefully.
<Gwen> Duck looks dejected.
* Remy steps on the duck.
<Pottle> * The pendant zaps the duck to oblivion. "Problem solved."
<Alexis> >> Sunny casts Mudslide!
<Gwen> >>Savannah winces, but keeps chanting.
<Alexis> >> Savannah is strong against Earth Attacks... 37 Damage...
<Alexis> >> Savannah unleashes her fury!
<Gwen> Savannah: Kayaaah!
<Remy> Uh oh :P
<Gwen> Oh great, we're gonna be whipped by a cute girl.
<Alexis> >> Savannah attacks with the Crimson Ray!
<Alexis> Adek: 8.
<Alexis> Alex: 21.
<Alexis> Arcus: 12.
<Arcus> Oitch!
<Alexis> Gwen: 9.
<Alexis> Remy: 3
<Pottle> Pendant: "I have a bad feeling about this..."
* Gwen keeps a straight face.
* Adek blinks. "That.. stung."
<Remy> Wow...that tickled. ;)
<Pottle> * The pendant shakes slightly..."Ow, that hurts..."
* Gwen chants a spell under her breath, ice crystals forming in the air.
* Gwen casts Chill!
<Gwen> ..hopefully, it'll dent her in some way..
<Pottle> * The pendant sniffs a little. "Try to avoid getting hurt? It hurts me a lot more than you..."
<Alexis> Chill inflicts 25 damage!
<Gwen> You know, Pendant, I'm hurt!
<Gwen> I really want to know who you are, and you won't tell me! I thought I was your mistress.
<Pottle> Pendant: "Well I'm hurt more! No fair!" *whimper*
<Pottle> Pendant: "Well fine! Fine fine fine!"
<Gwen> Just tell me...
<Pottle> Pendant: "You really wanna know, fine!"
* Remy casts ¤Ash on the girl! "Die bitch!!"
<Gwen> Yeah! Yeah, I wanna know!
<Gwen> >>Savannah sniffles at the word 'Bitch'.
<Pottle> Pendant: "I'm Pottle! So there! Now you know my name!"
* Gwen grins. ^_^ "I KNEW IT."
<Pottle> * The pendant sniffles like Gwen hurt its feelings.
<Alexis> >> Savannah resists the effects of the spell!
<Gwen> And Pottle, how old are you?
<Remy> Grr.
* Arcus twirls his sword over his head several times before stabbing deeply into the Guardian, "Nothing personal ma'am." ^_-
<Pottle> * The pendant sniffles again..."11..."
<Gwen> Strange...
<Gwen> Savannah: I *ack* know *Oopmh!*
<Alexis> >> 41 Damage!
* Arcus leaps away.
<Gwen> I hurt your feelings kid...
<Pottle> Pendant: *sniff* "It's okay, I guess...friends?"
* Adek pauses for a second. "My apologies, Savannah."
<Gwen> Yeah, as long as you don't make fun of my friends. Promise?
* Adek lunges forward, swiping his sword at the guardian.
* Remy raises an eyebrow at Gwen.
<Gwen> Savannah tries to defend.
<Pottle> Pendant: "But but but..."
<Gwen> You gotta promise! It's not nice to make fun of others.
* Gwen feels sick. :P
<Pottle> Pendant: "But they're doing it too!"
<Alexis> 1st Attack: 57.
<Alexis> 2nd Attack: Miss...
<Pottle> Pendant: "They made fun back!"
<Gwen> Well, you did start it...
* Gwen shrugs.
<Pottle> * The pendant mimics a motherly voice: "Two wrongs don't make a right."
<Remy> 'specially with the whole Gwen & Remy up in a tree thing.
<Remy> :P
* Alexis's attack...
* Gwen laughs.
<Alexis> 1st Attack: 25...
<Alexis> 2nd Attack: Critical! 44!
<Gwen> Well, adults don't make fun of others....and no, we aren't that *AHEM* adult...
<Gwen> Maybe you can be...oh nevermind..
<Pottle> Pendant: "I can be what? What what?"
<Gwen> Savannah cries out, and prepares another spell.
<Gwen> Adult. A big big boy.
<Pottle> Pendant: "Adult? But I'm only 11..."
<Gwen> Doesn't matter. Kids can act like adults.
* Remy mutters something about kissing and trees. :P
* Sunny casts Drain on the Guardian.
<Gwen> And don't you want to see Miss Meka again?
<Gwen> Miss Meka likes guys who act like adults. ^_^
<Pottle> Pendant: "Meka bad. Kidnap Master."
<Alexis> >>Savannah loses 54 Hp! Sunny gains 54 Hp!
* Gwen doesn't know why she's being so nice to a friggin piece of jewlery!
<Alexis> >>Savannah unleashes her attack!
<Gwen> Savannah: Take this!!
<Sunny> A duck?
<Arcus> Not my color thank you. ^^;;
<Pottle> * The pendant tries to guard Gwen...
<Alexis> >> Earth Arc! Sunny takes 23!
<Sunny> Bah..
<Remy> Go, mon chere!
* Gwen attacks with her spear!
<Gwen> Nothing personal ma'am. Just need to whip some ass.
<Alexis> >> Gwen attacks for 49!
* Gwen darts back.
* Remy grins.
<Pottle> * The pendant makes a growling sound. "If Meka hurt Master Pottle, I hurt Meka back...people don't show love like that..."
* Remy chuckles softly and grins mischeviously at Savannah. He dashes in quickly, brings his bo down on a dangerous arc and uses a Low Thrust on Savannah.
<Alexis> >>Critical Attack! 83!
<Gwen> She's under Katarina's control...
<Gwen> Don't blame her ...too much..
<Pottle> Pendant: "Her fault. She trusted Katarina. Katarina's mean. She killed my mommy an my daddy an an an..."
* Remy grins sexily ;)
<Remy> Alright. ;)
<Arcus> Heebojobleknickers! :D
<Zeth> *Heebojobleknickers?*
<Arcus> You betcha. ^_^
* Gwen blinks.
<Gwen> And?
* Zeth shrugs as best a snake can.
<Gwen> Phoebe?
<Alexis> 1st Attack: 54.
<Alexis> 2nd Attack: 54.
<Pottle> Pendant: *You're the only smart one, Zeth. Let's talk like this so they can't hear.*
<Arcus> Sorry about that ma'am.
<Alexis> >>Savannah staggers...
* Adek sighs, shaking his head, and looks almost pleadingly at the guardian. "Look, this is stupid, Savannah. Give up! We can end this now peacefully, no one gets hurt any further, and you did your job by giving a shot at defending the orb! Don't make us kill you, please!"
<Gwen> Savannah: Ow ow ow ow...
<Zeth> *Why?*
<Pottle> Pendant: *Because we can.*
<Gwen> Savannah looks at Adek sadly. "This is my job. I have no choice!"
<Adek> ..very well..
<Gwen> Savannah: Just as you have no choice, neither do I.
<Zeth> *Maybe later Pendant*
<Pottle> Pendant: "Yes you do, you fought, you lost! Stand down, you don't have to die...don't throw your life away like so many do..."
<Sunny> What it said! Yeah.
<Gwen> Sevannah looks thoughtful. "We'll see, for now, en garde!"
* Adek lets his head droop briefly, and then slides his sword into the sheath, bring his arms up defensively. "I have a choice! This in an avoidable fight, and I'm not your enemy. I'll have no part of it!"
<Arcus> Now now, that wouldn't look good on her resume now would it? ^_-
<Pottle> * The pendant stops glowing. "I too stand down."
<Gwen> Savannah blinks.
* Remy raises both eyebrows.
<Pottle> Pendant: "We have hearts. Do you? Or will you strike us down unarmed to satisfy your deluded honor?"
* Alexis's attack...
<Adek> The real test here is to see if we're worthy to take the orb. We can't prove that by killing you. Fighting is no measure of character, of purity of purpose, of worthyness!
<Alexis> 1st Attack: Critical! 44!
<Alexis> 2nd Attack: 20...
<Gwen> Savannah drops to her knees, then looks at Adek... "All right...I admit it....You've proven yourself! You've won."
<Alexis> >> Savannah is defeated!

== Victory! ==

* Arcus twirls around, and sheates his sword with a flourish
<Gwen> Savannah: Um...anyone mind curing me?
* Adek walks over to Savannah, and offers her a hand up. "Are you alright?"
<Gwen> Savannah: Yeah, I'm alright!
* Sunny casts balm on Savannah.
<Sunny> How's that?
<Gwen> Savannah: Better. ^_^
<Sunny> :)
<Gwen> Savannah: Sorry about all of that.
<Arcus> See, no one's dead, and she can still say she did her job to future employers. ^_-
<Pottle> Pendant: "Savannah, step over here..."
* Alen appears walking in from the entrance.
<Gwen> Savannah nods happily. ^_^
<Alen> Um, hey guys =D
<Remy> Oh great. :P
* The pendant uses its light to fill Savannah with healing energy.
<Alen> I think I took a wrong turn there somewhere... so what's shaking? ^_^
<Arcus> Nice timing fella'. ^_-
* Adek looks relieved by the outcome. "For once, Alen, we managed to accomplish something without killing anyone."
<Remy> Now what?
<Alen> ...?
<Gwen> Savannah: And...Romrus told me...told me...told me...Oh yes! That if someone did defeat me...I have to join them, and make sure the world's a better place.
<Remy> Great.. ^_-
<Remy> Does the Orb come with that?
<Gwen> Savannah: Of course!
<Remy> Right on, babe. ^_^
<Gwen> Savannah hands the orb over to Remy.
* Remy grins and twirls it on his finger.
<Gwen> ==The Party obtained the Orb of Earth!==
<Arcus> Now we get that Dirt Orb. ^_^
<Remy> Yeeee hooo. ^_^
<Gwen> >> You see a glimmer of light from the shadows...and a laugh...
* Remy almsot drops the orb.
<Alen> Ooh! That's an orb! How'd you get it?
* Meka steps from the shadows.
* Gwen blinks. "We're being"
<Alexis> Great...
* Remy stuffs it in his pack and eyes Meka..
<Meka> ... *smiles cruelly*
<Remy> Grand.
<Gwen> Savannah: Who's this? A friend?
<Arcus> Hm?
<Gwen> Where's Pottle?
<Pottle> Pendant: "Evil Meka! You hurt Master Pottle!"
<Arcus> Not really. ^^;;
<Meka> Oh, Pottle.
<Alen> .... huh?
<Alexis> Once, perhaps... Not now though...
<Meka> He's fine. Would you like to see him again?
* Adek draws his sword again, putting himself between Meka and the orb. "Not at the moment. Long story, she's under some kind of mental control."
<Gwen> I don't beleive you.
* Remy looks coolly at Meka..
* Meka smiles at the pendant.
* Alen tugs on Sunny's sleeve.
<Pottle> Pendant: "Now his younger self will take revenge..."
<Gwen> Shh! Shush!
<Remy> You are not getting this screw off and go fuck a nun...
* Gwen puts her hand over the pendant.
<Meka> I'm so sorry.
<Gwen> No you aren't.
<Gwen> This isn't Meka. This is Katarina.
<Gwen> And you better tell the truth! Where's Pottle?
* Meka draws her dagger. "The orb is not my quest."
* Remy narrows his eyes.
<Alen> What's going on?
<Gwen> She wants me. She wants the Pendant.
<Gwen> Am I right?
<Remy> She ain't gettin' you.
<Meka> With my true physical form.
<Meka> You won't come, will you?
<Pottle> Pendant: "I am the Pendant of Lackisha...and I will see my master's pain YOU. All the hurt you caused him...I'll give it all back in spades..."
<Meka> So be it.
<Gwen> Of course not.
<Arcus> Oh brother.....
* Meka lunges at Gwen.
<Gwen> SHIT!

== COMBAT! Vs. Meka ==

<Alexis> >>Katarina/Meka (1)
* Remy growls.
* The Pendant attempts to guard!
* Remy draws his bo again.
* Arcus draws his sword once more.
* The pendant flares, light glowing so powerfully even shadows are not cast in the room!
<Pottle> Pendant: "Come on, then! It's time for revenge!"
<Alen> Um, um, what's goin on? O_O
* Adek stays up front, and narrows his eyes. "This time.. we fight."
<Remy> Yes. This time we fight.
<Alen> Okay! Let's fight!
<Pottle> Pendant: "I'm going to reduce you to purified ash!"
<Meka> Remember, kill this body you lose Mekara... and you still have to fight me.
<Gwen> >>Savannah protects the orb from the back, just in case.
* Remy twirls his bo with deadly skill and glares at Meka.
* Meka laughs insanely.
<Alen> Um... who do I fight against? Or do we have team matches?
<Remy> Fight against the evil slut.
<Pottle> Pendant: "Like I CARE about're both DuNords, and both BITCHES."
* Alexis's attacks first...
<Gwen> Pottle! Watch your mouth!
<Gwen> You're 11 fucking years old!
<Remy> Bad influence, babe.
<Adek> Thank you, miss hypocrite. Can we focus here?
<Alexis> 1st Attack: Critical! 47!
<Alexis> 2nd Attack: Critical! 41!
* Remy raises an eyebrow at Gwen.
* Gwen sighs. "Sorry."
* Remy turns his gaze back to Meka and growls throatily.
<Pottle> Pendant: "Pottle? This is not Pottle any longer...this is the soul of the stone you hold."
<Gwen> it adapted to me now?
* Sunny drains it.
<Pottle> Pendant: "I am yours to command, Mistress Montanile."
<Gwen> ^_^ Killer.
* Remy mumbles about sexy last names and tries to focus his mind. :P
<Alexis> >> Meka loses 37Hp... Sunny gains 37Hp...
<Arcus> Montanile? What kind of name is that?
<Gwen> My name.
* Meka winces in pain. "This body is so weak... I can't believe this is my daughter..."
<Gwen> Believe it, bitch!
* Gwen attacks!
<Arcus> No, I mean where did the name come from? Is it Danek?
* Gwen blinks... "Yeah, it is."
<Arcus> Oh.....really.......?
<Gwen> >> The pendant flares along with her.
<Alexis> >> 57 Damage...
<Alexis> >>Meka is down!

== Victory! ==

<Pottle> * The pendant glimmers..."Down...but not dead..."
<Gwen> >> You hear a sounds like Katarina's...
* Arcus drops his sword down to his side. "Well heck...."
<Gwen> Katarina: Pathetic...Pathetic...
<Alen> Um, great, we won! ^_^
* Remy stays close to Gwen, glaring at Meka's downed body..
* Gwen still is in a defensive position...
* Meka's eyes fade from blood red to bright blue, then to their normal amber color... she coughs up blood violently...
<Gwen> Katarina: You're not even worthy to keep as my warrior're too weak!
<Arcus> ....
<Gwen> Katarina: Join these...fools...Pottle will just be my next plaything....
<Meka> Mo...ther.... I h...hate... you....
<Pottle> Pendant: "Now I understand..."
<Alen> ...?
<Gwen> Don't you dare.
<Remy> Grr.
* The pendant fires out at Katarina's form!
<Gwen> >>Katarina isn't even in the room, it's just her voice.
<Meka> N... no... Pi...ty you...
<Arcus> Hrm..
<Pottle> Pendant: "Come out, witch!"
<Gwen> Katarina: No, Mekara, I pity you. I will be waiting...the pendant, or Pottle's life. Your choice.
<Meka> jealous...
<Gwen> Katarina's voice fades.
<Gwen> Savannah: Whoa...
* Meka passes out.
<Arcus> Um.....
* Remy growls softly.
<Alen> Why do I never get to know what's going on?
<Gwen> >> Meka is now completely free of Katarina's control!
<Arcus> 'Cuase yer late? ^_-
<Alen> And um why did we kill Meka anyway?
<Alexis> Who says the rest of us know either?
<Gwen> >>Sabrina appears quietly.. ^_^
<Pottle> Pendant: "Go not after Pottle Eccles..."
* Remy puts his bo away, deciding that Gwen is safe.
<Gwen> Not? Why not?
<Alen> But I can't help it! They put the wrong road in the wrong place!
* Arcus shrugs and sheaths his sword.
<Alen> If the right road had been there, I'd have been on time. =)
<Remy> Alen, you are a nut.
<Pottle> Pendant: "For he released control of me to you so Katarina would not receive my power."
* Remy shakes his head.
<Alen> No, I'm a person!
<Gwen> >> Meka is not dead, only knocked out.
<Gwen> But she'll kill him.
<Gwen> You heard her!
* Sabrina looks at everyone and blinks.
<Adek> You know, someone should heal Meka..
<Pottle> Pendant: "Go not after him. My power will destroy if she holds it. He surrendered his preserve all of yours."
* Remy tosses Adek a Herbal Extract.
<Remy> Here. Use this.
<Adek> Gwen.. we have to keep things in prespective. OF COURSE we want to help Pottle.. but we CAN'T let her have the pendant.
<Gwen> Well, that's noble and all that, but...
* Adek uses the extract on Meka.
* Gwen sighs. "He's friend, do we just abandon him?"
<Pottle> Pendant: "Do not surrender my power to her."
<Alen> So we go and beat her up and save Pottle and do stuff cause we can! ^_^
<Gwen> I'm not planning to...
<Gwen> But I'm not about to let Pottle get whacked, either.
<Alen> Right? =D
<Pottle> Pendant: "It is his wish you let him die."
<Remy> Yeah.
<Remy> There's gotta be a safe compromise.
<Gwen> ...
* Sabrina sits down, confused.
<Alen> Let's go! ^_^
<Pottle> Pendant: "Continue your quest, his life was sacrificed for your cause."
<Arcus> Hrm..
* Adek sighs, and leans against a wall. "On the one hand, taking Gwen anywhere near where Pottle is held would be a horrible idea."
* Remy grumbles something rude about the pendant.
<Adek> ..on the other, we can't leave her and go after Pottle without her, she can't - no offense Gwen - safely guard it herself.
* Gwen nods. "But, she'll be after me anyway. Maybe somehow, we can trick her..."
<Remy> Tricks are good.
<Gwen> Savannah sighs, and thinks, twiddling a piece of her hair.
<Remy> We ain't givin' up on Pottle but we ain't givin' up the pendant either.
<Remy> So, lets go to wherever we're goin', eh?
<Pottle> Pendant: "She cannot be allowed near this pendant...he left willingly, do not follow him! To do so leads to this world's demise!"
* Adek starts pacing. "We're going to have to face her one way or another.."
<Alen> That's what I said!
<Gwen> Savannah then grumbles. "Drat! I sense it! Somoene else has the Orb of fire now!"
<Arcus> Huh?
<Alen> Really?
<Alexis> Ach... the one in the undersea volcano?
<Remy> Great.
* Remy narrows his eyes and thinks.
<Arcus> Crud.
* Adek slams his palm into the earthen wall. "Oh, damn it all to hell! We'll have to fight Katarina anyway.. I say WE choose the time and place."
<Alexis> Yeah... really great...
<Alen> Let's go get it back!
<Remy> For once, I agree with Alen. :P
<Remy> Lets go get it back.
<Arcus> Depends on who has it.
* Gwen then blinks...
<Remy> Feel up to it, Gwen? Y'okay?
<Remy> ^_-
<Alen> Me too! =D
<Arcus> What?
* Sabrina looks at Gwen.
<Remy> I'll take that as a yes ;)
<Alen> Let's go eat something first. ^_^
<Remy> Whats the idea, babe?
* Gwen then pulls out a cloak, and puts it over Remy.
<Pottle> Pendant: "Idea? What is that, Mistress?"
<Gwen> Someone can impersonate me!
<Gwen> Be a lure...
* Remy blinks.
<Arcus> Um.....
<Gwen> Then we attack her ungaurded..
<Remy> This smells nice. ^_^
<Alen> I'll do it! ?D
<Remy> No no.. I'll do it. ^_^
<Remy> I like this cloak. :P
<Pottle> Pendant: "Possible...very possible..."
* Adek grins slightly. "Remy in drag? I suppose it could work.."
<Alen> I said it first!
* Sabrina mutters. "Don't get too excited, Remy."
<Arcus> ....
* Alexis bursts into laughter. "This outta be funny!"
<Gwen> You'll have to be dressed in drag, Rem. Think you can handle it?
<Remy> Sure. As long as you don't think less of me. :P
<Sabrina> He can handle it, Gwen. I mean, look at him.
<Gwen> I won't.
<Remy> I'm doin' this for you, y'know. :P
* Gwen blinks, and looks touched. "Well...thanks."
* Remy grins and nods. ^_^
* Adek grins. "Believe me, Rem. It'd be tough to think less of you."
<Remy> Har har, Adek. :P
<Remy> Alright! So I'm gonna be in drag. :P
* Adek raises a hand, palm outward, and keeps his shins out of range. "Only kidding."
<Gwen> Savannah: Well, let's go to the surface!
<Alen> Why does he always get to do the fun stuff? I never played tennis either. =|
* Remy wraps the cloak gently back around Gwen and nods to Savannah.
<Gwen> Savannah taps her staff against the groud, and you're all caught in her warp spell!
<Arcus> O_o
<Gwen> >>You're all transported outside. PJ is gone, thankfully.
<Remy> Phew.
* Adek takes a deep breath. "That sure beats taking the bucket. Thanks, Savannah."
<Remy> Heh, I happened to like the bucket.
<Arcus> Well now, I told you all I'd take the stairs on the way out. ^_-
<Gwen> Savannah whoas and smiles. "This is what the outside looks like!"
* Sabrina blinks.
<Alen> Woo! That was fun. =)
<Zeth> *Ah! Fresh air*
* Remy chuckles. "So...what exactly is there now?"
* Zeth stretches some more.
* Adek smiles slightly, and looks at Savannah. "You've really been cooped up down there for too long, you know that?"
* Sabrina looks down at the ground and sighs.
<Gwen> We're back on the plains..
<Gwen> Savannah nods.
<Arcus> Alright...where to from here?
<Adek> Ok.. let's think. We have the pendant, and the earth orb. They have.. the fire and water ones?"
<Remy> Thats what I asked. :P
<Gwen> Yes, that's right.
<Pottle> Pendant: "And also my dark half."
<Arcus> So we need to grab the Wind and Spirit ones ASAP.
* Remy looks thoughtful.
<Adek> Soul and Wind. Where are those? Grabbing one, or both of those should be our next priority.
<Alen> I have Soul and Wind magic!
* Arcus winks at Adek.
* Alexis whaps Alen! "Orbs you idiot!"
<Remy> O_o
* Adek chuckles. "Shared brain moment. Frightening."
<Gwen> So, we have earth, they have fire and gotta find air...
<Alen> Ow!
<Remy> Calm down, Alex babe! Breathe. ^_-
<Gwen> And soul..
<Remy> Which one should we get first, Gwen? ^_-
<Alen> Everybody picks on me! =(
<Sunny> I like soul. :)
<Alexis> Sorry... I have a bad feeling though...
<Gwen> We gotta find their locations, first off...
<Remy> Mmm..
<Gwen> Then....we get the ones those bastards stole..
<Remy> Maybe *groans slightly* Teefa knows.
<Gwen> But first...let's find out where miss Kattie lives.
<Adek> I don't suppose you could help us there, Savannah? Any idea where either might be?
<Alexis> Savannah knew about Fire... maybe she knows where the others are...
<Sunny> What's the easiest one?
<Remy> Kattie....great. :P
<Gwen> Savannah shakes her head sadly. "I don't. All I knew was fire, because it was close. The rest of the orbs are far from here."
<Pottle> Pendant: "The only thing I know...'The Orb of Soul rests within.'" Dunno what it means, though...within what?
* Sabrina rubs her swelled up belly and sighs.
<Arcus> Within something obviously. ^_-
* Sunny shrugs.
<Remy> Within S-...n/m.
* Remy coughs.
<Gwen> Savannah blinks, but doesn't say anything.
<Alen> It's inside somebody!
<Alexis> Would you know if we got closer?
<Gwen> Savannah: S-sure. Sure! ^_^
<Sunny> Inside someone, Euu. :P
<Alen> Yeah. =P
<Pottle> Pendant: "Inside someone? Alen, that's sick."
<Gwen> Let's go.
* Gwen begins to walk..
<Remy> C'mon.
<Alen> It'd be better if it was just inside a drawer or something. ^_^
* Remy follows Gwen. ^_-
<Gwen> I suggest heading to Kerzalt castle..they'll help us from there.


Session Close: Fri Mar 27 20:25:07 1998