VayRPG Session 16: Showdown! Battle with the Sorceress Divine...

Nobody new ^_^

Session Start: Fri Apr 17 16:27:18 1998

<Gwen> >> It's now dusk, and the party now has made a rather crude shelter in the middle of the Kerzalt Plains. They are about halfway to Kerzalt Castle, their destination....Meka has been unconcious since her defeat over 6 hours ago....
<Remy> Woof!
<Remy> Err..
* Gwen looks at Remy oddly. "Yes?"
<Arcus> Anybody feel like roasting marshmallows? ^_^
<Remy> So, what is the plan exactly oh beautiful leader-type woman? ^_^
<Alen> ME! Me me me!
<Gwen> Savannah munches on her dinner, which is some dried salted pork. Ew..
<Arcus> Great! How many do you got? :P
<Gwen> Well, we're headed to Kerzalt Castle. Remember?
* Meka throws her cloak off, sweating severly...
* Alen flies over to Arcus and the marshmallows and takes out a few. =D
<Remy> Yes, but AFTER we get to the castle. :P
<Alen> But... but.. ;_;
<Alen> There are no marshmallows in here!
<Remy> Should we expect maybe some......fighting...? ;)
<Alen> And I haven't got any!!
<Arcus> Hey, I never said I had any. :P
<Gwen> Roast some rocks. I bet you can't tell the difference... ;P
<Gwen> Of course, Rem. ^_^
* Remy grins. "Great!"
* Meka procedes to reach unconsciously to her cloak, now shivering...
* Remy lounges back on a log he found.
* Alen fumes.
<Alen> I'm huuungryy!!!
<Alen> Hungry hungry hungry hungry hungry hungry!
<Remy> Go...uhm....jump in a lake and catch some piranhas. ^_-
* Arcus leans back and looks up at the sky.
<Gwen> Savannah makes a little sad face at Alen, feeling sorry for him.
* Alen sighs. -_-
* Remy hums the tune to the Mister Bucket song. ;)
* Meka's eyes snap open. "POTTLE!!!!!!!!!"
* Gwen falls off her log. "Oomph!"
<Remy> Uwah! O_o
* Alen sits beside Savannah.
<Arcus> Hmm? Not here. Sorry.
<Gwen> Savannah: The girl's awake!
<Alen> ...?
<Alen> Oh. ^-^
<Alen> Hi! ^-^
* Meka sits up, putting a hand to her forehead...
<Remy> No, Savannah! Its just a mime gone mad!
<Gwen> Savannah: Hello. I have some leftover meat. Want some?
<Alen> Really? O_O;
<Remy> Yah okay, Meka?
<Gwen> Savannah: Mime? What's a mime?
<Alen> Sure! =D
<Alen> Thank you. ^-^
<Remy> Something purely evil. :P
<Gwen> Savannah hands him some and pats his head.
<Arcus> *Zeth whipsers to Arcus and he laughs.
<Gwen> Savannah: Cute kid. ^_^
* Meka looks around and sees the new girl... "Sorry... I... I'm not hungry..."
<Gwen> Meka, are you all right now?
<Meka> I don't think I am, Remy, Gwen... I don't remember anything...
* Alen eats some. ^-^
<Gwen> Nothing? What was the last thing you remember?
<Alen> How old are you? =)
* Remy huhs.
<Gwen> Savannah: 1,023 years old. ^_^
<Alexis> A thousand and twenty three? Gah...
<Arcus> Have you gotten yer social security benefits yet? ^_-
<Alen> Oh. =|
<Gwen> Savannah: Security? Why would I need that?
<Alen> I'm about 1030. =|
<Arcus> You never know when evil socials will jump up and bit you in the butt. ^_-
<Meka> Attempting to regain control over Mother... I think you were right near the orb...
<Remy> She might like that.
<Gwen> Savannah: Really? I guess I can't call you're not related to Solon, are you? ^_^ My master told me about Solon's brother! Said he was a ditz...
<Arcus> Woo hoo. ^_-
<Alen> . o O (Blast... i was hoping I wasn't too old for her ;_;)
<Alen> Um, yeah. ^-^;
<Alen> That's me. ^-^;
<Gwen> Savannah giggles. ^_^
* Remy makes gagging noises.
<Meka> Why does my head hurt so much?...
<Gwen> God, romance of the ditzes, I'm about to puke.
* Remy turns his attention to Meka.
<Gwen> You were being controlled, Meka.
* Arcus cackles a bit and goes back to his stargazing.
<Remy> Need a drink?
* Meka nods weakly...
* Remy tosses a bottle of water to Meka.
<Gwen> We know that Pottle's being held you know where, Meka?
* Meka chugs it...
* Meka thinks....
* Gwen hmms. She thinks a while.
<Meka> He... he might be at Mother's beachhouse... south of Shadhook...
* Arcus waves his foot around to the tune of unheard music.
<Meka> It's well hidden. Bigass fortress....
<Gwen> And it's a beachouse?!
<Meka> Well, to me it is.
<Arcus> Big beachouse. ^_-
<Alexis> Is there cool stuff to steal from there?
<Gwen> Shiiit...what's her real house....a friggin flying spaceship?
* Remy chuckles.
<Alen> A beachhouse? O_O;
<Alen> Amazing!
<Arcus> Maybe its a space flying frigship. ^_-
<Meka> Maybe. Getting me another outfit would be nice... I do NOT like Mother's taste in clothing...
<Gwen> Scary. It's something to go on.
<Alen> I never thought we were going on vacations before we got all the orbs! ^-^
<Gwen> No prob. We're headed toward Kerzalt Castle.
* Zeth yawns and crawls back into Arcus's hood.
* Remy eyes Alexis. "Yeah. Watch you get taken away for robbery."
<Alen> But it doesn't matter... because I'm really good at swimming. ^-^
* Meka looks down at the lavender dress and blehs...
<Gwen> Savannah: Um...Alen...I don't think we're going swimming...
<Alexis> Me, caught? Not likely, Remy.
<Remy> In that case, I'll help you. ;)
<Gwen> >> Meka's dress is ripped and bloody, btw...she does have a point.
<Alexis> I steal almost as good as I look. ^_^
<Meka> My head hurts...
* Gwen groans.
<Arcus> Yeah, besides Rem, you only need to get caught once when you're stealing. Then you get laughed out of the thieves guild and die of embarassment. ^_-
<Gwen> A little egotisical, maybe?
<Alen> Ah. ^-^;
<Remy> Thieves guild? :P
<Remy> As good as you look? Heh..
<Gwen> Anyway, I'm going to bed. Who's keeping a lookout tonight?
<Arcus> Yeah, the order of the Running must have heard of them. The most unsecret secret society in the world. ^_-
<Alexis> Guild, shmild, we traveling rogues have no needs of the trappings of society...
<Remy> I'll be the look out. ^_-
<Alen> I can keep watch!
* Remy beat Alen! Ha ha! :P
<Arcus> I'll check my eyelids for cracks. ^_-
<Alen> I said it first! Me!
<Remy> Me. :P
* Arcus flops down and gets comfy.
* Remy sighs. :P
<Remy> Who cares! Alen, go ahead. :P
<Gwen> Okay Rem, you've got the job. Alen can clean up the campfire. ;)
* Remy laughs out loud!
<Remy> Okay. ;)
* Alen twitches.
* Gwen high fives Remy.
<Arcus> Ooh look! Two big ones right in front! I'd better fix em! *snore*
* Remy returns the highfive!
<Alen> Well... I'll show them how good I can clean up a campfire. =|
<Gwen> Savannah: Good night, everyone. ^_^
<Remy> Ha.. :P
<Alen> Good night Savannah =D

<Gwen> == Cut Scene! ==

<Gwen> >> Meanwhile, in Katarina's little chateau, things are not going as well as planned for Katarina's and Jeal's little alliance.
<Gwen> >> The two of them are standing alone near a long oak table, with wide paned windows surrounding the room.
<Gwen> >> Both of them are in really heated debates.
<Gwen> Jeal: No, Katarina, that was not part of the bargain. I get the girl and the boy!
<Gwen> Katarina: Really? I don't think so. You said from the start that Phoebe was my responsibility...but now you want her? You sure go back on your word, Jeal.
<Gwen> Jeal: What does it matter, we're in an alliance.
<Gwen> Katarina: But I don't like people going back on their words, Jeal. My daughter already did that to me, I don't need you joining in!
<Gwen> Katarina: All because of that boy...
<Gwen> Katarina pounds her fist into the table...
<Gwen> Jeal: Speaking of goes his....molding?
<Gwen> Katarina: Better than I expected....
<Gwen> Katarina: But remember Jeal, you cannot have him or the girl till my master plan is carried out...
<Gwen> Jeal looks away. "But what about my plans...?"

<Gwen> ==End Cut Scene!==

<Gwen> >> The party are now at the outer gates of Kerzalt Castle...
<Gwen> >> There seems to be a ton of guards around the might have a prob getting in.. ^^;
* Remy eyes the guards.
<Meka> Gwen... I have a question...
<Gwen> Yes?
<Arcus> I've always wondered how many guards there are in a ton? ^_-
<Meka> I recall Mother...leaving my body...But I was in pain...Did I...attack you?
* Remy looks at Arcus. "Why don't you weigh them and find out?"
<Arcus> Sure. ^_^
* Arcus takes a step forward and eyeballs the collected guards.
* Remy snickers.
* Gwen stays quiet, for Meka's own sake.
<Arcus> Hmm...
<Meka> I did, didn't I.
* Arcus does some mental calculations.
<Gwen> Guard: 'ey! You can't pass through here till I go throught the M-2 Names please!
<Arcus> Hmm....I have an answer! ^_^
<Arcus> Number of guards in a ton is.....enough. ^_-
* Remy laughs.
* Arcus bows to the group.
* Meka looks down...
<Gwen> Gwen of....Penan.
<Gwen> This is Meka of...
<Remy> Remy of someplacewhichyoudon'tneedtoknow.
<Alen> I'm Alen! ^_^
<Alexis> Laurel Avery.
* Gwen hmms. "Wouldn't that be Marwick?"
* Arcus turns back to the guard, "How can you complete the M-2 forms standing there? The records office is next to the eastern garrison."
<Alen> Of, uh, lotsa places. ^-^
<Meka> ... I don't know, Gwen. I think that's it, though...
<Gwen> Guard: Laurel Avery? You're not on the list!
* Remy blinks.
<Alexis> I'm not?
<Arcus> You'd better get those forms done mister or the minister will be very upset. Now shoo! Hurry!
* Remy looks at Alexis. :P
<Alexis> There must be some mistake. I suggest you consult with your superior officer.
* Remy wonders vaguely why they don't just knock the guards out..
<Arcus> I agree! You should all go to make sure this man doesn't lie about it, he's shifty lookin'. ^_-
<Gwen> Guard: Oh...I see a Laurel Avery now...she died over 5 years ago.
<Gwen> Guard peers at Alexis.. ^_^
* Alexis gasps! "What?!"
<Remy> Died? O_o
<Alexis> I beg to differ!
<Gwen> Gaurd: Yes, Died.
<Arcus> Well obviouslty we need to set the records straight don't we? ^_-
<Remy> But...she's right here. ^_-
<Gwen> Guard: Just tell me who you really are ma'am, or it's off to the slammer!
<Remy> Ooh, the slammer. :P
* Alen whispers to Gwen. "But Alexis is right there!"
* Arcus steps next Alexis. "I'm Arcus Van Torquelson, her lawyer. Please step aside so we set things right."
* Remy snickers.
<Arcus> Obviously there's been a terrible mistake made by the census bureau.
<Alexis> My name is Laurel Avery, and as you can see, I am most certainly not dead. n fact, I'm offended. I insist I talk to your superior officer, as I am not impressed with your conduct.
<Gwen> Argh... Fine. Her name is Alexis. She's being smart because she has a multiple personality problem.
* Remy laughs.
<Gwen> Guard: O_o Really. I know of a good shrink for that.
* Meka snickers...
<Alexis> Actually... my name isn't Alexis... that's just my travelling name...
<Alexis> An alias, so to speak...
<Gwen> She's crazy. Don't listen.
* Remy looks at Gwen and Alexis. :P
<Arcus> Don't mind the angry young woman, she has some personal anger against authority figures and she tends to spontaneously combust under stress. ^_^
<Alexis> Crazy my ass!
<Remy> ...and what a nice ass it is.
<Gwen> Remy!
* Remy clamps a hand over his mouth.
<Remy> Sorry. ^_^;
* Meka bursts out in fits of giggles...
* Alen blink-blinks.
<Arcus> Can we go inside before things become messy? I'm also an undertaker on the side so it doesn't matter to me, but still....
<Gwen> >> A voice is heard from the inner walls of the castle. "What is going on here!"
<Alexis> Listen... are we gonna fight over this all night, or can I talk to your commander, or will you just let me go?
<Alen> Well... let's go! ^-^
<Gwen> An old man in royal robes hobbles outside.
* Alen starts marching into the castle. ^-^
<Gwen> Alen, wait here!
* Remy grabs Alen by the collar.
* Gwen pulls him inside.
<Gwen> Savannah busts out laughing.^_^
<Alen> W-wgahh!
* Alen falls down.
* Meka pulls her tattered dress closer around her and follows...
<Alen> What's wrong now? ^-^;
<Gwen> Old Man: Who are you people? Are you the ones Prudence has told me about?
* Remy offers Meka his old trenchcoat. :P
<Alen> Yeah!
<Alen> I told Prudence about you too. ^-^
* Meka accepts graciously even though she looks like an idiot 'cause she's too small for it... ^_^
<Alexis> Yes, we are. Only I seem to be excluded...
<Gwen> Old Man: Ah! Good! We've been expecting you! This way....
<Alexis> Thank you.
<Remy> Take it easy, eh Meka?
<Gwen> Old Man: This way...
<Arcus> Finally, someone who can clear up this little misunderstanding. ^_^
<Alen> I told you we could go in. ;_;
* Alexis follows the old man, turning back to stick out her tongue at the guard! "Toldja!"
<Alen> Why did you pull me back? ;_;
* Alen goes into the castle firmly. ^-^
* Remy laughs. "About face, Alex!"
<Meka> Why? I feel fine, really.... *clearly lying
* :P
<Gwen> The old man leads you through the castle, which is immaculatly decorated...and looks rather similar to Lorath's Castle.... ^_^
<Arcus> Fear not Laurel, we'll get your identity back soon. ^_-
* Alexis mutters. "Prudence Jurissa... now how am I gonna get outta this..."
<Remy> Wonder if they give out towels..
* Gwen sighs. "Alex...immature...gah..."
* Arcus bursts out laughing.
* Remy patpats Meka on the noggin'.
* Alen looks around with a blank expression on his face.
<Meka> Ow, that hurts! :P
<Remy> Oops. :P
<Gwen> >> The old man leads you into a small waiting room,.
<Gwen> Old Man: wait here till I gain an audience with the King.
<Remy> Okay...if we hear elevator music, I'm gonna hurt someone. :P
<Gwen> The old man goes through the large oaken doors in the room.
* Alexis quickly re-arranges her hair so it covers most of her face, but so she can still manage to see. "I hope this works... If only I paid more attention to my teachers teachings on disguise..."
<Arcus> Ooh, ze Kink. ^_-
<Meka> Gwen, can you tell me how much damage I did while I wasn't me?
<Gwen> Savannah: Why are you hiding, Alexis?
* Remy laughs at Alex's appearance.
<Gwen> Um...if it makes you feel any better, Meka, not much.
<Remy> You look Muppet!
* Meka sighs in relief...
<Alexis> Well, Sav... Prudence and I aren't on the best of terms... in fact... don't even say that I'm here... I want to be not noticed...
<Meka> Good... I didn't hurt you? I remember... you're the one I was after...
<Gwen> Nope.
* Alexis re-arranges her hair back. "Hell... I stand a better chance of not being noticed looking normal..."
<Arcus> Heh!
* Meka mutters thanks to any and all gods listening...
* Remy patpats Alex.
* Gwen whistles.
<Remy> This Pruddy person will hafta go through us first to get to you. :P
<Gwen> >> A guy rushes into the room, mumbling that his friends DIDN'T wake him up...again. ^_^ It's Adek.
<Alexis> Trust me Remy, she's a real bitch...
* Arcus starts humming the tune to "Hail to the chief".
<Remy> Mmmm...we could maybe knock her out and push her out a window..?
* Remy grins.
* Zeth moves around under Arcus's cloak in protest.
<Alexis> I hope to God she doesn't remember who I am...
<Gwen> The Old Man comes out.
<Gwen> Old Man: This way!
<Alen> Okay. ^-^
<Gwen> You like that word, this way, don't you?
<Remy> If you insist :P
* Meka follows...
<Gwen> Old Man: No, just say it a lot.
* Alen toddles on in the direction the old man pointed. ^-^
<Arcus> Jawol mein schnitzengruben. ^_-
* Alexis warily follows..
* Remy snickers and strides on in. :P
* Alexis mutters again. "I have a cunning plan... heheheheh..."
<Gwen> >>The Old Man leads you into a throne room. PJ and Teefa are chatting near the King, who is surroned by guards. He is old, but looks incredibly regal...
<Remy> Oh, yay..
<Gwen> Teefa: Oh! You're here! Took you long enough!
<Remy> Shut up. ^_^
<Gwen> Yay. The bitch pack is here....
* Meka bows slightly...
* Arcus does an elaborate and quite foppish bow to the King, involving a few dance steps. ^_-
<Alen> Hey. ^-^
* Alen waves. ^-^
* Remy chuckles lightly.
* Zeth pokes his head out of Arcus's hood and glares at him.
<Gwen> PJ: You guys?
<Gwen> PJ: Now why did you guys run away from me last time. I coulda helped you!
* Meka suddenly thinks of Pottle...
<Meka> ...
<Arcus> Heat of the moment Lady Jurissa, won't happen again I assure you. ^_-
<Gwen> PJ: Ah! Okay. ^_^ Good enough answer!
* Gwen groans.
<Alexis> * The King leans forward on the throne...
* Zeth shrugs and goes back into the hood.
<Alexis> King: Well...
<Gwen> PJ: Well anyway, you're here to get Katarina and Jeal, right. ^_^ We all want them dead and on a platter. Security's tight here cuz of them.
* Meka flinches...
<Alen> Great. ^-^
<Arcus> Yes, your guards won't even let someone five years dead in here. ^_-
<Gwen> PJ: The king got a package bomb from Jeal when all this began! He nearly got blown to bits!
<Alexis> * The King looks peeved at PJ for cutting him off...
<Gwen> PJ: O_O OH! I'm sorry, your Grace. Go on.
<Alexis> * The King tries to maintain his regal air, despite PJ's brashness and interruptions.
<Gwen> Teefa giggles.
* Gwen whispers to Remy. "She got busted."
<Alexis> King: Oh no, Prudence, you seem to have the situation in hand. By all means, continue...
<Alexis> * The King smiles a knowing smile...
<Gwen> PJ: Uhh. ^^;;
* Arcus smiles and stands attentively.
* Gwen tries not to laugh. "The big mouth finally has run out of things to say."
<Gwen> PJ: Anyway, we have good news!
<Gwen> PJ: Rumors have been going down that Jeal and Katarina are fighting!
<Arcus> Splendid!
<Gwen> PJ: Do you know what this means?
<Alen> Yeah! =D
<Arcus> Maybe we can draw up some divorce papers? :P
<Gwen> Of course we do. :P
<Alen> We can join in and have a multiple wrestling match! =D
<Alen> Even if I was never much good at that. =|
<Alen> But I can be the referee!
<Gwen> Savannah: Um...I don't... :/ Who are Katarina and Jeal?
* Adek shrugs. "It means something's going our way.. or they've been spreading misinformation."
* Gwen explains quickly to Savannah.
<Gwen> Savannah: Oh! Okay. ^_^
<Meka> ...
<Alexis> * The King stares incrediously at the group and their absurd suggestions.
<Arcus> Or maybe Party of Five got moved to the same time slot as American Gladiators. Battles over the remote can get ugly. ^_-
<Gwen> PJ: The bad news is we have no idea where they are! This is the time to attack!
<Meka> That means Pottle could be in even more danger.
<Gwen> PJ: Do you guys have any idea?
<Arcus> Saturation bombing? ^_-
* Remy smirks lightly.
<Meka> I know.
<Arcus> Boycot all products that begin with the letter G? ^_-
<Arcus> Become nuns? ^_-
<Gwen> PJ raises an eyebrow. "You do?"
<Remy> Arcus, what've you been smoking?
<Arcus> Help me out here. ^_-
<Gwen> Teefa blinks, and puts a hand on the hilt of her sword.
<Remy> Where can I get some?
<Gwen> Ssh! In case you people forgot, we're in the presence of a King!
<Gwen> Don't misbehave!
<Arcus> I know. ^_-
<Gwen> O_o
* Remy flinches and whispers to Gwen. "But you're so good when you're bad."
<Gwen> O_o
<Meka> I'm... Katarina's dau.... Well, not anymore. I'm POSITIVE he's at her beachhouse. South of the sea of Shadhook...
* Arcus whipsers to Gwen. "You should see me misbehave, this is nothing." ^_-
<Alexis> King: I'm afraid it's a bit late for that, miss. Fortunately though, I'm not a tyrant.
<Gwen> PJ: You're her DAUGHTER?!
* Meka flinches. "Not anymore."
<Gwen> PJ: O_o Whoa...explain please?
<Arcus> Disowned and all that fun stuff. ^_-
* Remy looks as if he wants to say something rude.
* Alen looks bored.
<Alexis> * The King stares down at Meka, listening intently.
* Adek glances at Arcus, starts to say something, but then thinks better of it.
<Meka> When she burned my village, I wasn't killed. I don't remember why. She found me and took me in... I don't remember why she did that, either.
<Alen> Let's just go and beat them up! Or join in a wrestling match! Or take a vacation!
<Remy> Ooh. mud wrestling?
* Remy clamps a hand over his mouth.
<Alen> What's that?
<Alen> Mmmphgbbm!
* Meka looks at Gwen, for permission to tell about recent events...
* Remy grins. :P
* Arcus winks at Remy ^_-
<Remy> Maybe when you're older, kid. :P
<Gwen> PJ: You poor thing!
* Alen waves his arms around.
* Remy snickers.
<Gwen> PJ: But this is great, we have a lead! How would you guys like to be our attack squad? ^_^
<Alen> Mmmggbph! MmgbphMMphhboo!
* Meka looks down...
<Gwen> We'll distract the guards at the entrance, so you can sneak in?
<Remy> Attack squad? Ooh.
* Alen nods. "Mggmphb" ^-^
<Gwen> Hmm...
<Meka> It's very well hidden.
* Remy removes his hand. :P
<Arcus> You'll have to excuse the young man, your majesty, he's prone to strange fits. ^_-
<Gwen> I like that. Some Jeal kicking. Sounds good.
<Remy> Sounds like a plan!
<Alexis> King: Apparently...
<Alen> Mgbph!
<Gwen> Teefa groans at the party all composed of misbehaved twits.
<Arcus> Sounds fun. ^_^
<Gwen> PJ: ^_^ Oooh! I gotta plan! Teefa! Come with me!
* Remy grins and nods at Arcus.
<Gwen> PJ: That'll show my brat husband who's the boss around here...
<Remy> Grand... *mutters* ditzes have a plan...
* Remy whistles innocently. :P
<Gwen> Teefa nods and follows.
* Gwen laughs. ^_^
* Alen pokes Remy in the shoulder.
* Remy is poked in the shoulder.
<Remy> What? :P
* Meka sighs. "I hope Pottle is all right..."
* Alen points at his mouth.
<Alen> MMgbph? ^-^;
* Adek frowns. "Are we sure this is a good idea? I mean.. if they're fighting amongst themselves.. nothing can bring people together like a common enemy."
<Gwen> Thank you, your grace. Please excuse my friends...they're not used to being in front of royalty. They don't know how to act...
<Remy> Yes. Thats a mouth. M-o-u-t-h.
* Alen pats Remy's mouth.
<Remy> O_o
* Alen points away. ^-^;
<Remy> Pervert. :P
<Gwen> Maybe Adek. We might also be able to strike when they are their weakest...
* Arcus bows again to the King. "With your permission, we shall leap headlong into the jaws of doom." ^_-
<Alexis> King: They are excused... unless they aren't house trained... if they aren't, there will be hell to pay...
* Remy removes his hand from Alen's mouth.
* Meka laughs.
<Alen> ... whew... -_-
* Adek nods slowly. "You're right, Gwen. I suppose we have to take the chance."
<Remy> Hey now, I can be gracious and good mannered too. :P
<Gwen> I THINK they are house trained, your grace.
<Gwen> Really now? Then please act it. ^^;
<Meka> Maybe they should grow up in Katarina's houshold... *dry voice* :P
* Arcus grins even more.
<Gwen> Savannah stands in the back, looking a little lost.
* Remy mutters about trying to liven up the group and shrugs. :P
<Alexis> King: You may go. The Chancellor here... *Motions to a scrawny looking man.* ...will show you out.
* Alen goes to the back so as not to be abused by those evil people any more. =|
* Meka bows to the king.
<Arcus> Humor the good lady, would you kind sir? ^_^
<Remy> ^_-
<Gwen> Thanks again, your grace. *Bows*
<Remy> Don't tempt me...I'd rather keep my ability to make children. :P
<Gwen> Cancellor: This way! ^^
* Remy bows to the king.
* Arcus turns to the king with a serious expression. "By your leave your Grace, we shall not disappoint you."
* Arcus bows and turns to leave.
<Gwen> >> Sunny toddles in, and trips over an antique vase! O_o
<Remy> O_o
<Gwen> Ack!
<Sunny> Oh my..
* Sunny giggles.
* Remy dives and catches the vase!
<Remy> I've got it!
<Alen> Heehee. ^-^;
<Arcus> Silly dearie. ^_-
* Gwen d'ohs, apolgizes profusely, and drags Sunny out before the King hangs her.
* Remy straightens the vase back up and follows Gwen. :P
* Alexis breathes a sigh of relief as she's out of the royal death-trap...
<Sunny> Whaa?
* Adek follows the others out, trying to decide if he should pretend not to know them.
* Alen looks insanely bored and eager to do something.
* Arcus waits until the group is out of earshot of the king, and then explodes into laughter. ;D
<Alexis> * The King motions to Gwen, who is the last to leave. "Excuse me, miss."
* Gwen blinks. "Yes?"
<Alexis> King: Would you come here for a moment?
<Zeth> *I hope you're proud of yourself Arcus*
<Arcus> Oh I am Zeth, I am. ;D
* Gwen follows silently.
<Gwen> Yes, your Highness?
<Alexis> King: You seem distinctly familiar... is there something you want to tell me?
<Gwen> Um...
* Gwen looks nervous. "I don't think so, sir."
<Alexis> * The King smiles his knowing smile...
* Sunny wanders about the castle, breaking a few more antiques.
<Alexis> King: You're sure now? It would be... unfortunate... if for some reason you were not who you claim to be...
* Arcus watches Sunny in action. "Grace is lost on you, isn't it?" ^_-
* Gwen sighs.
* Sunny giggles.
<Gwen> Do you plan to kill me or imprison me?
<Adek> Actually, Arcus, the closer you are to her, the more likely YOU are to trip. It's uncanny.
<Sunny> I was at a party last night. :P Still hung over. :)
<Alen> I want to break something. -_-
<Sunny> I had lots of beeeer. ;)
<Alen> Er, do something. ^-^;
<Meka> Damn, Sunny's still drinking? :P
<Zeth> *Cool. ^_-*
<Alexis> * The King clasps his hands together and leans forward. "That would depend... what are your intentions?"
<Arcus> Zeth.... :P
* Sunny nods.
* Sunny drops an empty beer can.
<Gwen> My Intentions are the same as they always have been. to stop the empire at any cost.
<Alexis> King: You must understand that I have an entire country to be concerned about. How do I know that you speak the truth?
<Alexis> King: Do those you travel with know who you are?
<Gwen> Why would I be collecting orbs, and previously lead a rebel army if I didn't speak the truth?
<Gwen> They know.
<Alexis> King: Why would you collect...? There's always self-interest...
<Gwen> The armor. We plan to revive it. It's the only thing powerful enough to stop the empire. You know that...
<Alexis> King: Somehow, I believe your sincerity. You may go now.
<Gwen> Thank you, your grace..
<Alexis> * The King reclines, returning to his deep thoughts...
* Gwen quietly heads out, where Sunny is tripping over more stuff.
* Remy eyes Gwen. ^_-
* Sunny runs over to a corner and barfs.
<Gwen> Hey everyone.
<Arcus> Oh my. ^_-
<Sunny> Ah, there we go. Much better. :)
* Meka nods to Gwen.
<Remy> Yo, Gwen! Whassup? ^_^
<Arcus> So, what's our next move? ^_-
<Remy> We're gonna move to California and all live with the Campbells.. :P
<Alen> Sore we, himitsu desu. ^-^
<Arcus> Joy. ^_-
<Gwen> PJ: Okay! Everyone ready to kick behind and stuff!
<Remy> Right on!
* Remy grins
<Gwen> Yeah! Fluff Queen has made her presence known.
* Gwen eyes PJ coldly...
* Arcus kicks his own behind to make sure. "Yep, sure am." ^_-
* Remy chuckles.
<Alen> Okay ^-^
* Meka looks around...
<Arcus> Though I don't see how this is gonna help us. ^_-
* Alen goes to the back and starts kicking aimlessly. =D
* Remy blinks
<Remy> I'm surrounded by weirdos.. ^_^
<Remy> Errr...mostly :P
* Sunny wonders why we have to kick things.
* Zeth zips out of Arcus' cloak and gives him the EVIL eye.
<Meka> Me too, Remy? :P
<Gwen> PJ: Meet me outside the castle!
<Remy> I said mostly :P
<Remy> Do we hafta?
<Gwen> PJ hurries outside.
<Arcus> Sheesh! Okay! I'll behave! ^_-
* Meka giggles...
<Gwen> Yes Remy.
* Alen hurries outside. ^-^
* Gwen follows PJ out silently and coldly. Something's up. ^_^
* Sunny tottles outside tripping a guard.
* Arcus does a hop-turn, and follows PJ.
* Meka follows...
* Remy raises both eyebrows..
* Remy follows.
* Adek goes along with the crowd.
<Gwen> >>A small army awaits you outside the castle.
<Alen> O_O
<Remy> Of mice and men..
<Gwen> >> It's not THAT big. Maybe 10-12 soilders, and one drummer. ^_^
<Alen> Ha! I'll beat them all by myself! =D
<Arcus> Cool. ^_-
<Meka> Might I remind you the small detail that the beachhouse is HIDDEN... :P
* Alen starts preparing his spells. ^-^
<Remy> Why the hell is there a drummer..
* Sunny pokes Alen.
<Arcus> I see Benny, and Jonny, and Billy.... ^_-
<Alen> No evil army can stand against us! =D
<Sunny> So what we doing now?
<Gwen> PJ: That's why you're gonna lead the way, Mek!
* Remy eyes Gwen.
<Meka> ACK!
<Arcus> Road trip! ^_^
<Meka> I get the feeling this is a loyalty test...
* Alen loses his concentration and accidentally lets go of the spell and sends it flying towards... Remy!
<Alen> Um.. I dunno =P
<Remy> O_o
<Alen> But I'm sure Gwen can tell us. ^-^
* Remy lands on his back. ^_^;
<Remy> Aleennnnnnn...
<Arcus> Alen, buddy...let's talk about...control. ^_-
<Alen> Huh? =)
<Zeth> *Yes let's*
* Remy mutters something.
<Gwen> PJ: Yes, it is. Now start leading. ^_^
* Meka sighs...
<Remy> Meka, its okay. We trust you.
* Alen shrugs and follows on. ^-^
<Arcus> We need to pick up some pickled wieners before we go. Can't go anywhere without pickled wieners. ^_-
<Meka> Not saying that I'm going to betray you, but might I point out that if I was going to, I could lead you to the slaughterhouse...
<Meka> But as you wish.
* Remy rubs his chin and eyes Gwen some more, wondering if he should talk to her. :P
<Adek> Thanks for the morale boost, Meka.
<Gwen> PJ: O_O That's good to know...
<Adek> Really. We apprecite it.
<Gwen> PJ ahems. ^_^
* Alen goes over to Savannah.
<Gwen> Savannah blinks at Meka..
<Arcus> At least let us pick up a chocolate soda from the qwik-e-mart before we go. ^_-
<Meka> I love pointing out flaws in other people's plans... *beams*
<Alen> Hi. ^-^
<Remy> Heh, Meka.
* Meka grins at Remy. :P
* Zeth huffs a bit, and flies out from Arcus' hood.
* Remy chuckles lightly.
<Arcus> Where you off to Zeth?
<Zeth> *To get some peace and quiet*
<Gwen> >> Well, to make a long story short...Meka leads. ^_^
<Gwen> >> A few days of travelling pass...
* Zeth flies over and curls up around Gwen's shoulder.
<Meka> My head still hurts, ya know.
<Gwen> >> And Meka leads you ouside of a small forest...
<Sunny> Darn, I'm out of booze!
* Arcus chuckles. "Flirt." ^_-
* Gwen smiles at Zeth. "Regal."
<Alen> Hey, uh, Savannah? =)
<Zeth> *Thank you*
* Remy rolls his eyes.
* Remy eyes Alexis. ^_-
<Gwen> Savannah: Yes?
<Gwen> PJ: So, in here, Meka?
* Alexis winks at Remy. ^_^
<Remy> ^_-
<Meka> Yes.
<Alen> Um...
<Alen> I wanted to know... what was it like... when you were down there, guarding the orb of earth?
* Remy grins and turns his attention to an invisible object on the ground. :P
<Arcus> Into the unknown, boldly leaping into death's maw with a grin and automatic weapons ablaze! ^_-
<Meka> I don't know how tight security is. If I know her right, the less security, the worse the sitch is... for us.
* Adek looks at Arcus. "It's crazy. _I_ haven't seen him take anything lately.."
<Gwen> Savannah: Lonely...
<Gwen> Savannah: But now, I have you guys as friends! I never really had friends before..
* Arcus chuckles at Adek.
<Alen> =|
<Gwen> PJ tries to enter the forest, but something throws her back!
<Arcus> And so lucky you are to have us Savanah. Your life will never be dull. ^_-
* Meka looks pale...
<Remy> Grand.
<Gwen> >> It's some sort of forcefield.
<Meka> You okay, Madame?
<Gwen> PJ: ^($*_$&*(^#)^$#!!!
<Adek> Woo.. tell us about it, Arc. You people are.. whoa!
<Alen> It's so sad.. to spend such a long life in loneliness..
<Meka> Oh Gods, my virgin ears...
* Alen perks up.
<Arcus> Somebody dislikes visitors I guess. ^_-
<Gwen> PJ: Meka, is there some sort of code?
* Remy huhs.
<Sunny> Spokey.
<Meka> I don't know. Let me try something...
<Remy> Spokey? :P
* Meka tries to walk through it...
* Alen uses the Warning spell! The party gains First Strike advantage before a battle!
<Adek> Here's hoping that didn't just tell everyone that we're here..
<Gwen> >>Meka goes through..
* Meka looks back.
<Remy>'s there.. :P
<Remy> What about us? :P
* Arcus leans over to Adek. "Oh come now! Surely under that drab exterior, lurks a ravenous beast, ready to explode from its bindings to ravage us all in witty rappartee." ^_-
<Gwen> Meka....let us in please?
<Meka> I don't know how...
* Remy scowls and punchs the forcefield.
<Gwen> Do you know a way to break the spell? A secret word, maybe?
<Adek> Huh?
<Meka> Oh god... Uhm...
<Meka> Gavin?
* Zeth re-adjusts himself and hangs around Gwen's neck like a necklace of blue, green and silver.
<Remy> I don't think I like this forcefield thing. :P
* Meka looks about hopefully...
<Gwen> >> It works!
<Gwen> Gavin? Who's that?
<Arcus> Today's secret word is.....wankle. ^_-
* Meka blinks. "No one."
<Gwen> Savannah: Wink?
<Remy> Wankle?
<Remy> That sounds perverted.
<Gwen> PJ: Okay, let's blindly march forth, to victory!!
<Alen> ?
<Sunny> Blindly?
* Remy wonders if he can strangle that damn snake thing.
* Arcus tweaks Remy's nose. "Yep." ^_-
* Alen walks on
* Meka leads, humming a song...
* Gwen looks at the snake. " Yeah, that's the Old Danekian for Zeth. Am I right?"
<Adek> Blindly march.. why don't you go ahead. We'll cautiously bring up the rear.
<Zeth> *Eh?*
<Gwen> PJ: In your dreams, boy.
* Remy grinds his teeth.
<Arcus> Hmm?
<Gwen> Am I right?
* Sunny jumps on Alen's shoulders.
<Alen> WA-AH! O_O
* Alen falls face-falt down. ^_^
<Sunny> I can't do it by myself!
<Gwen> >> The path seems oddly clear of soldiers....
<Zeth> *Yes, you know old Danek?*
<Gwen> A little.
<Sunny> Silly Alen!
<Meka> Very bad.
<Arcus> Interesting.....
<Zeth> *Oh...*
<Gwen> Why is it interesting?
<Meka> She thinks she has the upper hand...
<Alen> Hee... hee. ^-^;
* Alen picks himself up from the floor. ^-^
* Arcus goes quiet.
* Remy thinks many nasty things about Zeth. :P
<Zeth> *Excuse me....*
* Zeth flies away from Gwen and goes to Arcus again.
<Meka> Gwen...
<Gwen> Yeah?
<Sunny> You'll carry me across this hazerdous terrain, right Alen?
* Gwen wonders what she did to offend Zeth.
<Alen> Um...
<Arcus> Stay sharp Zeth.....
<Alen> Right. ^-^;
<Meka> We should be careful. VERY careful.
<Gwen> Gotcha.
<Zeth> *As always, you know me*
<Remy> I thought we were being careful..
* Adek lets his hand rest near his sword's hilt. "More careful, then, Remy."
<Meka> Well, we need to be even more careful.
* Alen feels the protective barrier falling down. -_-
* Remy mumbles something.
* Alen raises a hand up into the air! Warning!
<Arcus> Any more careful and we'd be leaving. ^_-
<Gwen> >>You arrive at the Chateau. Strangley enough...all of Kat's soilders are....gone!
* Arcus stops.
<Remy> Grand.
<Meka> This is NOT good...
<Alexis> >> Warning Akd...
<Gwen> >> It's like someone removed them, so you can get at Katarina...
* Zeth flies back to Gwen and sits upright on her shoulders.
<Adek> This is.. kinda spooky.
<Arcus> Hmm.
<Remy> Bah..
* Gwen laughs, suddenly realizing what's up.
<Adek> Are you sure this is the right place, Meka?
<Meka> Positive.
<Gwen> Ha! For once, I can fucking thank that pile of excrement!
* Remy glances at Gwen. "Whats so funny?"
* Zeth flares his hood out, and spreads his wings a bit.
<Alexis> Who?
<Gwen> Jeal, don't you get it! He's helping us by letting us off her!
<Arcus> Huh?
<Alexis> Ah... sneaky...
<Gwen> He musta removed the guards!
<Gwen> ^_^ Grand turn of events!
<Adek> He wants her out of the way, so..
<Arcus> Hmm.....
<Remy> So you're cheery now? :P
<Gwen> Of course. Offing Kat means a much easier time saving the human race.
<Gwen> PJ: We'll guard here in case the soldiers suddenly pop up.
<Gwen> PJ: Good luck! Kick ass and stuff!
<Arcus> Rear guard duty eh? ^_-
* Gwen mumbles. "Maybe we can kick your ass next.."
* Remy snickers. "We only can dream."
<Gwen> Oh, trust me Rem, I make my dreams come true.
* Remy eyes Gwen. "Uh huhhhh....."
* Arcus motions to the team, "Shall we continue on?" ^_-
* Remy looks at Arcus and nods.
<Gwen> I suppose.
* Arcus slides a finger over Remy's forehead. "If yer gonna go there, bring us back photos at least." ^_-
* Remy blinks.
<Remy> Go....where..?
* Arcus laughs and walks on.
* Adek falls into step with Savannah. "So.. what do you think of this little band of crackpots?"
<Gwen> >> Savannah opens the door, leading into a large, marble's quite stunning, actually...
<Remy> Lovely...
<Gwen> Savannah: What about them? They're a little crazy...but funny too!
* Adek chuckles. "Glad you're enjoying yourself, such as it is."
<Gwen> >> No guards, as is expected. There are two stairways. One to the left, one to the right. Which will you take?
* Meka looks around, hand firmly on the hilt of her sword...
* Arcus zips up to Adek. "Roses, they like long-stem roses." ^_- *Zips away.
* Sunny looks to the right.
<Arcus> Hmm, left or right....
* Remy eyes the stairways...
<Gwen> Right then?
* Adek pauses to stare at Arcus, and mutters. "Definitly on something.."
<Remy> Maybe right..
* Sunny hops on the right one.
<Adek> Right.. Right sounds good.
<Gwen> >>The stairs are both equal in looks. Both lead to a set of doors.
<Sunny> Derecha!
<Remy> Actually...I don't suppose we could split up?
<Arcus> o~You take the left road and I'll take the right road and I'll get to Kerzalt before you...o~ ^_-
<Gwen> Too risky....
<Remy> True enough..
<Meka> Left... just to be a bitch. :P
<Sunny> Iquerza?
<Arcus> Eenie meenie chillie beanie.... ^_-
<Gwen> >> The party climbs up the right flight of stairs, and comes across two doors, one to the left, one to the right. Which will you take?
<Remy> Geez....
<Sunny> Derecha!
<Gwen> Hmm..
<Gwen> Savannah: I say left.
<Remy> Left this time?
* Meka puts an ear to the left door to see if she can hear anything...
* Remy grins at Savannah
<Gwen> Savannah: ^_^ Yes! Left!
* Sunny looks to the right.
<Gwen> >> Meka hears clanking noises, and moans of sadness...
<Arcus> Left it is then! *points right*
* Adek laughs. "Left it is, then?"
* Remy wonders if Alexis OD'd on weirdness..
<Meka> ... I say we go left...
* Alexis hasn't... she's just being quiet...
* Meka pulls away from the door...
* Remy goes to open the door. :P
* Zeth looks around warily, perched on Gwen's shoulder like a radar dish.
<Arcus> And behind door number one we have....
* Remy slowly pushes the door open. ^_-
* Gwen opens the door. It leads to the prison!
<Remy> The prison! Yaaaayyy..
<Adek> Cheery.
<Arcus> And I was hopinng for a year's supply of small lemon-soaked paper napkins. ^_-
* Meka immediatly calls out Pottle's name...
<Gwen> >> People reach out to you, begging for escape..
<Sunny> What a lovley cobweb.
<Gwen> >> Pottle does not answer.
* Remy blinks at the people..
<Adek> Who are all these....?
<Remy> Shouldn't we let them go..?
<Sunny> Hmm, where's the keys?
<Gwen> >> But someone else calls out....and the voice sounds familar.
* Meka takes a prisoner's hands...
<Arcus> Somebody's been running around with scissors I see. ^_-
<Gwen> "Look out! Gua-"
<Pottle> Pendant: Little bitch...she's gonna get us all killed. Why are we trusting MEKA of all people?!
<Remy> Shut up, Pendant..
<Gwen> >> Three armored guards suddenly appear in front of you! One has a big ball and chain!
<Adek> If they're enemies of Katarina.. yeah, we should help them.
<Remy> Shit.

== COMBAT! ==

* Remy draws his bo.
<Gwen> O_O That was sudden.
<Arcus> Oh, look who decided NOW was a good time to wake up ^_-
<Sunny> Threee ? Thats easy :P
<Alexis> >> Soldier (2) Punisher (1)
<Remy> Ooh, big ball and chain is mine. ^_-
<Gwen> Listen, Pendant. We gotta trust Meka. She was controlled. There is a big ass difference between doing something willingly or not!
* Adek steps forward, placing himself in front of Savannah, sword in hand.
<Gwen> Savannah blushes at Adek's show of bravery. ^_^
* Sunny gets lonely in back.
<Gwen> Savannah is in the back too. :P
<Remy> Lets kick some ass..
* Sunny looks to Savannah. "You from Georgia?"
* Gwen twirls her spear.
* Arcus draws his sword. "You do realize if we keep this up, someone will get hurt." ^_-
<Alexis> >> Soldier 1 & 2 Front... Punisher Back...
<Gwen> Savannah: Georgia? Where's that?
* Remy notes Meka is still wearin his coat and mutters about his bo being in the front pocket.
<Sunny> I dunno. :)
* Sunny combs her hair.
<Gwen> Savannah channels up a column of ice and throws it at the Punisher. "Kyaaah!"
<Alexis> >> Savannah casts ¤Chill! 97 Damage!
* Meka tosses Remy his bo. :>
* Remy grabs it
<Remy> Thank you. ^_-
* Meka draws her whip...
* Remy twirls the bo.
<Arcus> Zeth, I hate to do this to you, but....
<Zeth> *Oh all right, I'm coming*
<Alexis> >> Alexis' attack on Soldier 1...
<Gwen> Savannah jumps up and down happily. ^_^
<Remy> Go Alex! Kick some armored buns!
<Adek> Nice shot, Sav, but don't start celebrating yet..
<Alexis> >> Attack 1: 19...
<Alexis> >> Attack 2: Critical! 34!
* Zeth flits over near Arcus.
* Remy ponders quitting the team and joining the Cheerleaders for the Dallas Cowboys...
* Remy decides not. :P
<Gwen> Savannah pouts.
<Gwen> >> A voice calls from the cell. "The punisher has the keys in his back pocket!"
<Gwen> Punisher: Shut up!
<Alexis> >> The Jeopardy tune plays while we wait for Sunny to choose what she's going to do...
* Sunny makes some big mudslide come from behind line 1.
<Alexis> >> Sunny casts ¤Mudslide! Soldier 1 takes 61, Soldier 2 takes 57!
<Gwen> Savannah: I can do better. ;_;
<Gwen> Gahh..
<Sunny> It wasn't a direct attack. :P
* Remy crouches low and waits..
* Meka uses whipsnap. ^_^
<Alexis> >> Meka inflicts 18 damage.
<Gwen> Punisher giggles like a schoolgirl. "Ooh, that tickles, BITCH!"
<Remy> Go Gwen! Kick some booooot-ay!
* Gwen casts Pierce on Line 1!
* Gwen lashes out with her spear!
* Remy feels slightly intoxicated from Gwen. ;)
<Alexis> >> Gwen uses Pierce! Soldier 1 takes 35, Soldier 2 takes 40!
<Remy> Damn. ^_-
<Alexis> >>Punisher's attack...
<Meka> A little sadomasochist, eh? *growls at the punisher*
<Gwen> Punisher: Time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all outta gum!
<Remy> Oh puleese.
<Arcus> Oh please ^_-
<Gwen> Gah! You wish!
<Alexis> >>Punisher: Kill! Destroy! Maim! Attack them you fools!
<Gwen> Punisher: Kill them QUICKLY.
<Alexis> >>Punisher rallys! Soldier 1's attack power up 15... Soldier 2's attack power up 15...
<Adek> Man! That was REAL original!
<Meka> Why don't you regurgitate some then?
* Sunny hands punisher some gum.
<Gwen> Sunny! Bad sunny!
<Sunny> Its not bad :P
<Sunny> I was being nice. :)
<Gwen> Don't give the bad guys gum!
<Remy> Bad dog!
<Alexis> >>Soldier 1's attack...
<Gwen> It's wrong!
<Remy> Sit!
* Remy eyes the Soldier..
<Sunny> But, what's life without gum?
<Gwen> Soldier gets a mad glint in his eyes.
<Alexis> >>Soldier 1 attacks Adek! And misses!
* Adek parries the attack with something resembling grace. "I think you guys need to get the money back from your sword training."
<Sunny> You can see the punisher is in pain.
* Sunny smiles at him.
* Meka continues to taunt the punisher mercilessly.
<Gwen> Yeah, he didn't get his ass kicked when he was a child.
<Gwen> Soldier 2: No Lenny. this is how it's done!
<Alexis> >>Soldier 2 attacks Remy... 17 Damage!
<Remy> Ooh, that was a good one.
<Sunny> I just gave him gum. :P
<Remy> Hahaha...these soldiers suck. ^_^
<Gwen> Savannah swoons ^_^ Coot...
<Remy> O_o
<Meka> That ugly thing in the back must have trained them.
<Gwen> Soldier smirks.
<Remy> Kay..
<Remy> Now I'm pissed..
* Remy's eyes glow..
<Meka> What are you anyway? A cow?
* Meka moos at the punisher.
<Sunny> Don't tease the punisher!
* Remy leaps up to the soldier that hit him and blows Ash in his eyes!
<Alexis> >> Remy casts ¤Ash... Success! Soldier 2 is blinded! Hit% down! Dodge% down!
<Meka> I'm not teasing him, I'm making fun of him, there's a BIG diff.
<Sunny> Don't. :P He was just unloved, thats why he is fighting us.
<Gwen> Punisher is not moved at all...stop wasting your breath. ^_^
* Remy sneers.
<Sunny> Punisher, don't you want to be nice now?
* Arcus holds his hand out to Zeth. "Zeth! To me!"
<Gwen> Punisher laughs. "No."
<Sunny> Its good to be nice! Then you can get free beer. :)
* Zeth transforms into a streak of blue, green and silver light, and buries himself in Arcus's chest!
* Arcus is transformed! He grows large lumious wings, and his features become more serpentine. His clothing changes as well, and takes on more of an Aztec look, with scale mail and feathers adorning his armor!
<Gwen> O_O
*** Arcus is now known as Zarthus.
<Gwen> Shit!
<Remy> Woo
<Gwen> How the hell did he do that?!
* Zarthus flies high into the air above the party.
<Adek> Whoa!
<Gwen> Savannah: ^_^ Oh how cool!
<Zarthus> Hehe >:)
* Adek tears his gaze away from the spectacle.
<Remy> Interesting. ^_-
<Meka> Punisher is a skunk. He likes to spray people with sticky, bad smelling stuff.
* Adek grins, and mock-salutes the soldiers with his sword. "Here's a free lesson, guys. Keep your eyes on the sword."
* Adek rushes forward, then lunges sideways, slamming his blade across the soldiers.
<Alexis> >> Adek uses Wide Slash! Soldier 1 takes 45 damage... Soldier 2 takes 37 damage...
<Zarthus> Can't hide from us now Punisher....
<Gwen> Punisher considers making Meka his loveslave. She is fiesty!
<Meka> You wouldn't be able to handle me, babe. *tosses her hair arrogantly*
* Remy chuckles.
* Sunny hands Punisher a beer.
<Zarthus> Ha!
<Gwen> Savannah casts Blaze on Punisher!
<Alexis> >> Savannah casts ¤Blaze! 100 damage to Punisher!
<Alexis> >> Alexis attack Soldier 1, Critical! 54!
* Gwen twirls her spear around. ^_^
<Alexis> >> Alexis attack Soldier 1 Critical! 53!
<Alexis> >> Soldier 1 is slain!
<Gwen> Soldier1: Ooh, I am slain!
* Sunny stones the Punisher.
<Alexis> >> Sunny casts ¤Stone! ¤Stone fails miserably!
* Remy twirls his bo..
<Remy> Yo! Punisher! Petite chien! Do you need your mom in order to make you hard? Or do you just use your grandma?
<Gwen> O_O Remy!
<Remy> Wat? :P
* Meka casts Shock on Punisher.
<Alexis> >> Meka casts ¤Shock! Punisher takes 42 damage!
* Remy grins at Gwen. "Y'know you like it when I'm verbal."
<Gwen> Heh.
<Adek> Remy... What the hell was THAT?
<Remy> What?! :P
* Gwen lashes out at soldir two!
<Remy> Eesh ;)
<Gwen> ^_^ Watch this!
* Meka grins at the punisher... "You know you liked that."
* Gwen looks a wee bit bloodthirsty.
<Remy> Boom Shacka lacka!
<Alexis> >> Gwen attacks Soldier 2... Critical! 84 damage!
<Gwen> YES!
* Gwen grins wickedly.
* Remy highfives Gwen!
<Alexis> >>Punisher: Move it! Move it! Move it! Today! Today!
<Alexis> >>Punisher rallies!
<Alexis> >>Soldier 2's attack power up 30!
<Remy> Wow, he is impressive. ^_- He just cheers the others on!
<Remy> Wusses!
<Remy> :P
<Gwen> Don't taunt them! They'll attack you first!
<Remy> I blow my nose in your general direction!
<Gwen> Savannah blows her nose. "^-^ Peetoey!"
<Alexis> >>Soldier 2 attacks Remy!
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
* Remy blinks.
<Gwen> Rem! Look out!
<Remy> Oh shit! ^_^;
<Alexis> >>Soldier 2 inflicts Critical Damage! 74 Damage!
* Remy acks O_o
<Alexis> >>Remy is slain... :(
<Gwen> Remy! Shit!
<Alexis> >> Soldier 1: Hah! Mock me, will you!
* Adek winces, and speaks almost conversationally to the soldier. "You know.. up until now you MIGHT have escaped with your life.."
* Adek lunges at the soldier, slashing away.
<Alexis> >>Adek attacks Soldier 2...
<Alexis> >> Attack 1 Misses...
<Alexis> >> Attack 2 deals 65 damage!
* Meka snores, taunting the punisher... :P
* Remy is deadddd...
* Gwen looks at Remy's blood pooling on the floor and feels even more enraged...
<Gwen> Savannah raises her hands to the sky, and casts Pillar on the Punisher!
<Gwen> Savannah: Take this!
<Remy> Punisher: Punisher go dowwwnnnn the hooooole..
<Alexis> >> Savannah casts ¤Pillar on the Punisher! 103 damage!
<Gwen> Savannah: Dead yet?
<Remy> Punisher: You funky assed sluts!
<Adek> Remind me, Sav, never to tick you off.
<Gwen> Savannah: A...a slut? you called me a slut? O_o
<Gwen> Savannah begins to sniff a little.
<Alexis> >> Alexis' attack...
* Meka snicks. "What, you don't want me anymore?"
<Remy> Punisher: No! I called the other bitch a slut!
<Remy> Punisher: Dick face!
<Gwen> Ooh, scary. Dick face...Oooooooh...
<Alexis> >> Alexis attacks Soldier 2. Attack 1: Critical! 30! Soldier 2 is slain!
<Meka> You're the dick. Gimme 5 bucks and I'll take care of that for you. :P
* Meka casts flame on the punisher.
<Remy> Punisher: Shut up, you two bit whore! Go play with the dead pretty boy!
* Meka inhales sharply.... "Who?"
<Alexis> >> Meka casts ¤Flame! 31 damage!
<Meka> Pottle had better not be dead...
<Remy> Punisher: Oh, that hurt! Slut!! The only thing you're good for is givin' a blow!
<Meka> Who were you talking about?!?!
* Meka freaks...
* Gwen lashes out at the Punisher!
<Gwen> Feel my wrath, you asshole!
<Alexis> >>Gwen attacks! 47 damage!
<Remy> Punisher: Haw haw! That tickled!
<Gwen> Savannah starts crying cuz Punisher hurt her feelings. ;_;
<Alexis> >>Punisher's attack...
<Remy> Punisher: Maybe you should stay bare foot and pregnant, lady!
<Gwen> Savannah: I hate being called a slut!
<Alexis> >>Punisher:... now you're mine... heheheheheheheheheheheeheheheheheheh...
<Alexis> >>Punisher begins swinging the ball & chain above his head!
<Adek> Come on, Savannah! This guy's trying to kill us! Do you REALLY care what he says?
<Gwen> Savannah: Um. Sorry.
<Meka> Oooh, you're into bandage, too. :P
<Remy> Punisher: Feel my wrath, losers! ;)
<Alexis> Punisher: Hah!
<Meka> C'mon. Attack me. I DARE you.
<Adek> Into bondage, Meka?
<Gwen> She has a whip, I would think so...
<Meka> Him, with his ball and chain...
* Adek grins. "..I suppose after we're done with him, he's going to need a large number of those."
* Remy remains dead. :P
<Alexis> >>Punisher unleashes his attack! Alexis takes 20! Meka avoids the attack! Gwen takes 5! Critical! Adek takes 17!
<Remy> Punisher: Haw haw!
* Meka sticks her tongue out at the punisher as she ducks gracefully.
<Remy> Punisher: Yo! Lady with the spear! How much do you cost?!
* Adek flexes his hands on his sword's hilt. "That was a mistake, jackass."
<Gwen> I'm not for sale, you fucknut!
* Adek moves in to attack the punisher.
<Alexis> >> Adek attacks... attack 1 deals 63 damage!
<Meka> Not that anyone would sell themselves to you, cow. Moo! MOO!
<Alexis> >>Punisher is slain!
<Remy> Punisher: Aaaaah! I's is slain!

== VICTORY! All members gain 100 Exp, 110 Gp, & 45 Tp. ==

* Gwen twirls her spear ala cloud!
* Remy is dead. ^_^
<Adek> Hrmph.
<Gwen> >> Remy revives with 1 HP.
* Remy groans.
<Remy> Memo to me....listen to Gwen next time..
* Gwen helps Remy up.
* Remy thanks Gwen. ^_^
<Gwen> >> The keys fall to the floor as Punisher expires!
<Remy> Keys. To Pottle, mayhap?
<Gwen> >> They jingle when falling to the floor.
<Gwen> Voice: Over here! Please let me out...
* Adek hooks the key ring with his sword and flips it into the air, towards Gwen.
* Gwen catches it gracefully.
<Gwen> Let's go.
* Remy admires Gwen's grace.
<Remy> Yeah!
<Remy> Lets roll. ^_^
<Gwen> >> You follow the sound of the voice. It's on the other side of the room.
<Gwen> >> It sounds female...
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
<Gwen> >> Voice: In here! Who's out there?
* Gwen starts opening the cell, the key is a little tight and doesn't want to open easily.
<Gwen> Voice: You...I...
<Gwen> >> The door opens.
* Gwen walks inside. The room is dark, and a figure is huddled in a corner, masked by shadows.
<Remy> Careful, Gwen..
<Gwen> I know...
<Gwen> Who...
* Remy watches Gwen's back. ;)
<Gwen> Voice:...Gwen! I know that face!
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
<Gwen> ....?
<Remy> Who..?
<Gwen> The figure stands upright like a great weight has been lifted off her shoulders!
* Remy blinks.
<Gwen> Voice: ^_^ I'm saved! Yes! Oh, you don't know how long Katarina has kept me here!
<Meka> ???
<Remy> Okay, who the HELL are you already?!
* Remy taps his foot.
<Gwen> Voice: You don't recognize me? Um...well, we didn't know each other for THAT long...
* Remy blinks.
<Meka> Guys, we have to find Pottle.
<Gwen> The figure steps into the dim's.....
<Gwen> >> PHOEBE :D :D
<Remy> Oh! O_o
<Gwen> O_o
* Meka looks at Phoebe. "Uh oh..."
<Gwen> Phoebe: But I don't have time to talk, I have to find....*Phoebe looks at Meka, and her face suddenly turns cold.
* You....
<Remy> Uh oh.. ^_^;
<Gwen> Phoebe: I know bitch!
<Remy> Aaaah...Phoebe! Calm! Heel! Sit!
<Meka> Can't you find something more original to call me? *Looks miserable*
<Gwen> Phoebe: I know what you did to Pottle, I barely had time to scan his mind before Kat took him away!
<Gwen> Phoebe: I could have accepted it if he loved you for you...but you seduced him!
<Meka> And while we're standing here fighting, he's being tortured, we have to get to him!
<Gwen> Phoebe: I cannot let you near him, you you....
<Meka> And for your info, Mother was controlling me...
<Gwen> Pheobe suddenly lashes out at her in a cat-fight fashion!! O_O
<Pottle> Pendant: Bitch, Phoebe? Is that the word you want?
<Meka> This is getting me or him no where.
<Remy> O_o
<Gwen> Oookay...
<Pottle> Pendant: YEAH! Whip her ass!
<Remy> This could be fun. :P
* Gwen whistles and waits for them to finish. ^^;;
* Remy clamps a hand over his mouth.
* The pendant begins zapping Meka as well.
* Meka raises her dagger to ward Phoebe off, trying not to hurt her...
<Gwen> Phoebe is crying sicerely. "I'll stop you, Meka!"
<Remy> Is there any way I can hurt that pendant without hurting Gwen..? :P
<Gwen> No. Just let it babble..
* Meka starts to fight back, then bursts into tears and throws down her dagger. "Fuck it then, kill me!"
<Pottle> Pendant: Phoebe belongs with Master Pottle, not you, little bitch!
<Remy> Tsk tsk...language.
<Gwen> Phoebe looks confused. "Then why...?"
* Adek sighs, watching Phoebe and Meka.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Why did you seduce him only to give up?
<Pottle> Pendant: Because she doesn't know what she wants.
* Meka snatches her dagger back and gives it to Phoebe. "Go ahead, kill me!"
<Gwen> Phoebe: I...I...
<Pottle> Pendant: She's in it for the sex, I tell ya!
<Gwen> Pheobe bites her lip.
* Remy growls. :P
<Meka> If I'm so selfish and evil, kill me!
<Pottle> Pendant: Gladly.
<Gwen> Phoebe: But in Pottle's mind, I felt it...he was being seduced.
<Pottle> * The pendant begins glowing and charging for a powerful blast.
* Remy grinds his teeth.
* Gwen blinks at the Pendant. "That's Pottle's...why do you have it?"
<Gwen> Phoebe: And why is it talking?!
* Meka closes her eyes and lets the blast hit her.
* Adek steps between the pendant and Meka, blocking its shot.
<Gwen> Oh dear. I'm not explaining this again.
<Remy> Okay...we all just need to CHILL.
<Pottle> Pendant: I'll kill you BOTH if you don't move, Adek!
<Adek> Have fun then, you stupid rock.
* Gwen growls at the pendant.
<Gwen> Grow the fuck up.
* Meka snarls. "Let it kill me! I've betrayed EVERYONE I ever loved, so kill me!"
<Remy> Meka, not a chance okay?
<Gwen> In case you don't GET it, you rock, Meka has reformed, she was never against us! Katarina USED her!
<Pottle> * The pendant finishes charging.
<Gwen> So if you don't stop it right now, I will take this knife, and ram it through you till you crack!
<Remy> Uhm...but..
<Meka> Phoebe, did you feel the fact that I was trapped? Me, my essence? Or didn't you want to hear that?
<Gwen> Phoebe: I only saw what Pottle saw...
<Meka> So he didn't know I wasn't me?
<Pottle> Pendant: SHE DID THIS TO POTTLE! She deserves to die goddammit!!!
<Gwen> Did she?
<Gwen> Or was it Katarina who did it? Try fighting the real enemy.
<Pottle> Pendant: She's a DuNord, so she DIES!
<Meka> Ah, let the damn pendant kill me. I'm worthless.
<Remy> Meka, you are not.
<Adek> No, Meka.
<Gwen> Speaking of which, we'll decide who dies later. I'm off to get Kat.
<Gwen> Phoebe: I'm going with you...
<Remy> And I'm following.
<Meka> I would've done it myself long ago if Pottle weren't there...
<Gwen> Savannah: Good. ^_^
<Alexis> I go where the action is...
* Remy raises an eyebrow at Alexis.
<Gwen> >>The party heads back out into the main entryway..
<Adek> I'm coming, and so help me God, if I have to keep myself directly between Gwen and Meka the whole way, I will.
* Remy hmms..
* Meka stares at her dagger plotting the entire time...
<Remy> Maybe we should go through the right door now? :P
<Gwen> Right.
<Gwen> >> You go through the right door. Three treasure chests are there!
<Adek> It works.
<Remy> Damn, I'm good. ^_^
<Pottle> * Six beams coalesce around the pendant's outer rim...
<Alexis> Oooh... treasure...
* Alexis checks them for traps...
<Gwen> I command you to stop, Pendant.
<Meka> The vein right behind the knee should do it... very quickly...
<Pottle> Pendant: ...
<Gwen> Do it.
<Pottle> Pendant: My advice to
<Gwen> I said to fucking stop!
<Gwen> Who is the master here, you or me?
* Remy glances upwards....
<Pottle> Pendant: I can't, so everyone get the hell down!
* Meka remains standing.
<Gwen> Savannah pulls Meka down.
* Remy ducks :P
<Remy> Duck: Quick.
* Meka looks at Savannah dully...
* Alexis ducks behind a chest...
* Adek ducks. "..why us?"
<Gwen> >>The pendant fries the treasure chests into soot.
<Remy> Ah, fuck :P
<Remy> Wait... Alex? O_o
* Gwen growls at the pendant. "Now look what you did."
<Alexis> My treasure! Agh! Stupid medallion!
<Pottle> Pendant: ...oops?
* Remy phews.
<Gwen> Yeah. Oops.
* Alexis goes into a long rant about the idiocy of the pendant! "^(*&^#$*(?^$()*?^$)(*@&^#%^@&%...."
<Pottle> * The pendant laughs at Adek's and Meka's now singed hair.
<Gwen> Phoebe groans loudly. "I...I think my supplies were in there....^^;"
* Gwen joins in "^*$$()^*%(*%!"
<Remy> If the pendant ever gets seperated from you, Gwen, do I have permission to break it into tiny itsy bitsy bits?
<Gwen> Whoa...We agree on something, Alexis!
<Meka> Too bad you missed my head, eh, pendant?
* Adek gingerly pats his head. "Not if I get to it first, Remy."
<Alexis> Hey! Yeah!
* Remy eyes the two girls and chuckles.
<Gwen> >> Sunny gets her butt fried by the pendant and starts to wail.
<Remy> O_o
<Sunny> Bad Pendant!
<Alexis> #$&@?&$#&$#&@##@@ medallion... ruining my treasure like that...
<Remy> Uhm...Adek! Kiss it better. ^_^
<Gwen> Let's kept going...
<Meka> I want to find Pottle.
* Remy pushes Adek to Sunny and nods to Gwen.
<Adek> ...I don't think so, Remy.
<Gwen> >>The party heads out into the entryway again.
<Sunny> Euu. :P
<Meka> And Mother.
<Gwen> >>Only the right staircase is not explored!
<Sunny> He's smelly!
<Gwen> >>And it leads to only one door.
<Remy> Hahaha ^_^
<Gwen> Let's go.
<Remy> I say we take that door. :P
<Adek> Hey, it's not MY fault I smell like burnt hair, ok?
* Meka mutters something about impaling herslef on Katarina's sword.
* Gwen kicks open the door, commando style!
* Remy oogles at Gwen's fercious beauty. ;)
<Gwen> Savannah: I wanna learn to do that!
<Gwen> Phoebe giggles. ^_^
* Meka dashes into the room headlong...
<Gwen> >>A long hallway with candles and doors line the hall. A biiiiig door is at the end. You hear voices coming from it...
<Alexis> I was just thinking about something... why is it, everywhere we go, all the treasure chests look the same?
<Sunny> Same maker?
<Gwen> Unoriginality?
<Remy> Must be your tile theory, Alex.
<Gwen> This better not go into a rant about the grass repeating...
* Remy ducks from Gwen. ;)
<Gwen> Phoebe: Hmm...yes...and have you noticed that we all look small and deformed?
<Alexis> Sorry... but even this hall looks a bit repative...
* Meka throws herself against the door, shoulder first, trying to break it open. "Give him back!!!"
<Gwen> Meka...wrong door. *Sigh*
<Remy> ....we just lost every single element of surprise we had. :P
* Meka sighs...
<Pottle> Pendant: Like I said...she's a sellout.
<Gwen> Just hang on. We'll get him back.
* Remy growls..
* Remy eyes the pendant..
* Gwen quietly opens the door.
<Alexis> And these candles... the flame is identical on one as it is to all the others... and they repeat just after a split second... hmm... something is very wrong about that...

== Cut Scene ==

<Gwen> Katarina and Jeal are chewing each other out. Katarina has just found out about Jeal's little betrayal...
<Gwen> Jeal: I told you...boy and the girl, or nothing!
<Gwen> Katarina: Bastard. *Growl* The deal is off!
<Gwen> Jeal: Fine. But you just try handling them on your own! *warps out*
<Gwen> Katarina: Oh, but I will....hehe....come, fools. Like moths to a flame, come to your demise...
<Gwen> >>The door kicks open!
<Gwen> >>^_^ and our fearless band rushes in!
<Alexis> Hmm... You know, I think the same five people live in every town too... and they also sometimes have twins, or triplets or sometimes more... but I'll save that rant about our messed up world for later...
<Remy> Alex!
<Alexis> Sorry...
<Remy> Shut that beautiful mouth of yers and get ready to rumble, eh?
<Gwen> Phoebe: You!
<Gwen> Katarina: Hello, fools. Like my Chateau. I would have thrown out the welcome wagon, but I have been busy..
<Gwen> Katarina laughs.
* Adek draws his sword. "Lovely house, Katarina. You've chosen a good final resting place."
<Remy> Prepared to die, slut?
<Gwen> Katarina: Oh, spirited...but you young ones are easy to crack...
<Gwen> Phoebe: Shut up! Just shut up! Where's Pottle? Tell me, now!
* Remy smirks at the word crack.
<Meka> You've ruined my life, mother.
<Meka> I trusted you.
<Gwen> Katarina looks at Phoebe, with a small smile on her lips. "Like you have the right to speak to me, child of Freya....former leader...of the light side of the Quele'zar."
<Gwen> Katarina waits for that to sink in.
<Gwen> Phoebe:...What?
<Gwen> Phoebe: What are you talking about?
* Remy raises an eyebrow
<Gwen> Katarina: You and I are from the same clan, Pheobe.
<Gwen> Katarina: You are a Quele'zar.
<Meka> Stop it, mother!
<Gwen> Phoebe: That's a lie!
<Meka> It doesn't matter what tribe she's from! She loves! Unlike you!
<Gwen> Katarina: Unfortunately, you mother was one of my worst enemies...till I offed her, anyways.
<Gwen> Phoebe: ...
<Gwen> Katarina: But you and I...we could be quite powerful together. Even Pottle agrees.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Lies...
<Gwen> Phoebe: Pottle loves, you do not!
<Gwen> Katarina: Oh really? You want to see?
<Gwen> Katarina: Pottle! Come forth!
<Meka> Stop!
<Gwen> >>Pottle, in a magically delicious swirl, appears....
<Gwen> Savannah: ^_^ Oooh! He's cute!
<Pottle> Yes, my dear?
* Pottle grins at Katarina.
<Gwen> Phoebe: D-Dear?
<Gwen> Katarina: Tell Meka and Phoebe where your loyalty lies...
<Remy> He's gotta be brain washed or zonked or drugged or somethin'.
<Pottle> Why, with you, of course.
* Pottle smiles.
<Alexis> Obviously... :P
<Gwen> Phoebe: Lies...You're controlling him, you can't even fight fair!
<Adek> More mind control tricks.. wonderful. Just.. wonderful.
* Remy sticks his tongue out at Alexis.
<Gwen> Meka:...Mother...
* Pottle does not appear possessed...but perhaps the spell worked within instead, unlike Meka.
<Gwen> Katarina: Want even more proof, know what to do.
* Alexis chokes back a short laugh at Remy...
<Remy> :P
* Remy eyes Kat.
* Pottle moves closer to Katarina, ducks her down lightly, and passionately kisses her.
<Remy> O_o
<Gwen> Phoebe lets out a choked gasp..
<Gwen> Savannah: O_o
<Remy> Ooh, I'm gonna make Katarina squirm before I roast her eyeballs out..
<Gwen> Katarina: Proof enough?
<Pottle> See? I told you.
* Adek blinks.
<Pottle> You are no longer my allies.
<Gwen> Phoebe: I...I...I'll kill you Katarina!
<Remy> Brain washed.. :P
<Pottle> With Katarina, I can rule the world!
<Gwen> Meka: I hate you mother...I hate you for what you've done! *Sob*
<Pottle> Why preserve, when I can conquer?
* Gwen growls. "Snap out of it, now."
<Pottle> Snap out of what?
<Gwen> This little spell of delusion she has you under.
<Remy> Yeah.
<Pottle> I'm not controlled...heh...sad observation.
<Gwen> You're stronger than this. The great Pottle Eccles, done in by a simple parlor trick.
<Gwen> I feel sorry for you.
<Pottle> I merely used you all...and now we have you right where we want you.
<Gwen> !
<Alexis> Wha...?
<Pottle> Don't we, sweetie?
* Remy narrows his eyes.
<Gwen> Phoebe: O_o
<Gwen> Savannah: Oops...
<Remy> Oops? Eesh.
<Gwen> Katarina: But of course. Kill them quickly...I grow tired of them.
* Remy growls.
<Pottle> Not gonna have any fun with me? Aww...
<Gwen> Katarina: That comes later...
<Gwen> Katarina actually smiles. O_o
* Pottle draws his sword, glowing with dark energy. "Let's go."
* Remy looks at Gwen. "We aren't gonna fight him....are we..?"
<Gwen> ....
* Gwen looks down at the pendant. "Oh, great time for you to be silent, eh?"
<Gwen> Phoebe: Pottle, it's me! You have to remember me!
<Remy> Heh.
<Pottle> Pendant: I...I...Master Pottle...?
<Gwen> Phoebe stands in front of Pottle.
<Gwen> Meka watches mutely.
* Pottle shrugs at Phoebe. "Of course I do...merely another tool of mine..."
<Gwen> Phoebe: Even when I first met you?
<Gwen> Phoebe looks wistful. "You were scared then, you know..."
<Pottle> I dearly must thank you for nursing me back to health...for that, I will let you live. Get out of here.
<Gwen> Phoebe: No.
* Remy mutters something acidic under his breath.
<Pottle> You dare defy me?
<Pottle> Very well...
<Gwen> Phoebe: You must have to! Don't let it end like this! We're on the same side!
<Pottle> We are not on the same side, you idiot.
<Gwen> Yes we are.
* Pottle glares at Meka..."And as for YOU..."
* Gwen growls and pulls out her staff. "Don't make me have to kill you."
<Gwen> I will do it, if i have to.
<Pottle> You betrayed us...and for that, you meet your fate.
<Remy> And I'll help her...
<Gwen> Meka: No! Pottle, don't!!
<Gwen> Katarina watches her new puppet with amusement.
* Pottle points his sword at Meka and a blast of dark energy strikes her all through her front!
<Gwen> >>Meka falls with a shriek!
<Sunny> Ekk!
<Remy> O_o
<Gwen> Phoebe: No!
<Remy> %$^%$&^%*
<Sunny> Did he just..?
<Alexis> Is she...?
<Gwen> He did...oh fuck, he did...
<Gwen> Savannah gulps.
* Remy growls and draws his bo..
<Adek> That's it.. friend or no, Pottle..
<Pottle> Kattie, dear...
<Gwen> Katarina: Yes?
<Sunny> You don't get any buble gum!
* Pottle puts his hand out to her. "The pendant, please?"
<Gwen> Katarina: Hm...I suppose.
<Gwen> Katarina throws the pendant to Pottle!
<Gwen> >>Pottle has aquired the Dark Pendant!
* Pottle snags it in his hand and fuses it there!
<Gwen> >> You are royally fucked. ^_^
<Sunny> That pendant was pathetic anyways. :P
<Pottle> Dark Pendant of Lackisha...bend to my will, and grant me your power!
<Alexis> And it ruined my treasure...
<Gwen> I have the light pendant, dipwads. That's Katarina's..
<Remy> Uhm...Light versus dark?
* Pottle grins as it flares in his hand.
<Sunny> They're both annoying. :P
* Remy twirls his bo..

== COMBAT!! Vs. Pottle! ==

<Remy> Pottle, why don't you go choke on that pendant?
<Remy> I'll help shove it down your throat..
<Gwen> I'll join in!
* Remy grins.
<Gwen> And it'll be a big fat orgy!
<Gwen> Danek lover!
* Alexis draws her sword...
<Sunny> Orgy?
<Remy> orgy? ^_-
<Gwen> Savannah pulls out her spear.
<Alexis> >> Pottle's attack...
<Gwen> Savannah: Why are all the cute guys evil?
<Sunny> He's ugly. :P
<Remy> Are you kiddin me? He's a defective elf.
<Gwen> Savannah: Well, he's certainly ugly in his purpose!
<Adek> Hey, I resent that, Sav!
<Sunny> Definitly not bubblegum worthy.
<Pottle> Powers of darkness, use the anger within my soul as your fuel! Engage my will upon these fools! ¤Grey Matter!
* Sunny blows a bubble and trills her hair.
<Gwen> O_O
<Pottle> * Both pendants flare and attack the party!
<Gwen> WHA?!
<Remy> O_o
<Remy> What the hell?!
<Sunny> Both?
* Sunny's bubble pops.
<Gwen> Sonnafa..
<Alexis> >> Pottle casts ¤Grey Matter! Adek takes 999! Alexis takes 999! Gwen takes 999! Remy takes 999! Sunny takes 999! Savannah takes 999! Phoebe takes 0!
<Alexis> >>Adek is slain! Alexis is slain! Gwen is slain! Remy is slain! Sunny is slain! Savannah is slain!
<Remy> Unh..
* Adek collapses.
<Sunny> Cheater!
* Pottle throws back his head and cackles!
* Sunny perishes.
<Gwen> Phoebe barely put up a pyschic wall up before the attack.
* Gwen flops :P
<Gwen> Phoebe: Pottle, please stop! This is wrong!
<Pottle> And now for you, Quele'zar...
* Alexis is fried...
<Gwen> Savannah: Ow.
* Remy is...uh....well done and spicy.
<Gwen> Savannah flops and is crispy.
<Gwen> Phoebe cries loudly. "No...No..."
* Pottle grins. "Can your psychic wall block my blade?"
<Gwen> Phoebe: ..
<Gwen> Phoebe: I'm begging you....look into your heart. It's me...
<Pottle> Didn't think so. One last chance to run...
<Gwen> Phoebe: You lost your memory once....don't let it happen again! Don't lose all that you care about!
<Pottle> I lost nothing!
<Gwen> Phoebe: You lost everything being with her! And you lost it all when I first met you!
<Gwen> Phoebe: We worked so hard to get it back!
* Pottle grabs the Light Pendant from Gwen, easily removing it.
* Gwen smiles in death, being freed from that blasted thing. ^_^
<Pottle> Pendants of Light and Dark...join together as one...
<Gwen> >> They do not.
* Pottle fuses the Light Pendant to his other hand. "Ah well..."
<Gwen> Phoebe closes her eyes, waiting for the end...
* Pottle clasps his hands together, and a beam of grey energy fires at Phoebe!
<Pottle> Wha...? How can this be?!
* Pottle fires again!
<Gwen> >> Nothing...
<Pottle> Damn you, Quele'zar!
* Pottle attempts to hack at Phoebe with his blade!
<Gwen> Phoebe: Pottle...
<Gwen> >> Phoebe looks up at him with her large violet eyes, and Pottle suddenly stops, as a memory envelops his mind...

== Cut Scene ==

* Pottle drops his blade, and suddenly stares into space.
<Gwen> >> The memory is of himself as a young boy...
<Gwen> >> And his in a bed, with bandages on.
<Gwen> >> A little girl his age is dabbing his head with water.
<Gwen> Girl: Wake up...please?
<Pottle> Huh...wha...?
<Gwen> >> The girl is Phoebe.
<Gwen> Phoebe: You're all right!
* Pottle moans in pain, and stares at all the bandages...
<Pottle> Is this heaven? Why am I in pain in heaven?
<Gwen> Phoebe: Oh, don't were injured....but you're alive. ^_^
* Pottle babbles incoherantly for a moment.
<Pottle> Where...where am I...
<Gwen> You're in Taltana shrine. What's your name?
<Pottle> I...don't know...
<Gwen> Phoebe: Your parents? Your birthplace?
<Pottle> Don't know... I can't remember anything...
<Gwen> Phoebe looks sad. "Well...don't worry. I'll help you remember! Till then, let's make up a name for yourself!
<Pottle> Uhm... okay...
<Gwen> Phoebe: Lesse....Tony, Josh, Joe, Bob, Tim...Derek, Cody..
* Pottle sighs and falls back to the pillow.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Any you like?
<Pottle> Derek...hmm...
<Pottle> Derek's kinda cool.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Okay, Derek it is! Oh! By the way, I'm Phoebe Xeria! I'm a junior priestess here! Don't worry Derek, I'll be here for you from here on out!
<Pottle> Nice to meet you, I think...
* Pottle chuckles.
<Gwen> Phoebe smiles.

== End Cut Scene ==

* Remy is still dead!
* Gwen is too.
* Remy & Gwen make a cute dead couple. :P
<Gwen> >> Rats surround Sunny and begin eating her hand >:)
<Arcus> x_x
<Gwen> >> Pottle sways back and forth.
<Gwen> Katarina blinks. "Oh dear..."
<Pottle> me, please!
<Gwen> Phoebe: Pottle, break free, please!
<Gwen> Katarina cannot since you took her pendant. :P
* Pottle drops to the ground, screaming in pain...
<Gwen> Phoebe: Pottle!!!
<Gwen> >> The dark Pendant dislodges from Pottle's hand and goes back to Katarina like an obedient dog!
<Gwen> Katarina: There...
* Remy just sorta lies there in a dead type way.
<Pottle> Kat...tie...please...
<Gwen> Phoebe cradles him, and quickly casts a healing spell! The party members revive with 1 HP. :)
<Arcus> Oy....
<Remy> Owww...
<Arcus> I think I'm gonna lie here for a bit, thanks.
* Sunny chews her gum.
<Gwen> Phoebe casts a mind shield spell around both of them. "I won't let you..."
<Remy> I'm up, I'm up..
* Remy sits up painfully..
<Gwen> Katarina tries to get in, but Phoebe is strong.
* Gwen arghs and falls into Remy's lap.
<Adek> Ouch.. that..
<Alexis> I have a helluva headache...
* Pottle stares at Phoebe, petrified with fear...
* Remy blinks.
<Arcus> Zeth....? Where's Zeth?
* Sunny casts a quick heal spell on herself.
* Remy helps Gwen up gently.
<Pottle> Get...get away from me...
<Gwen> Phoebe is feeling the strain, however, and wimpers in pain.
<Arcus> Zeth: *Here....more or less*
<Gwen> Katarina: You can't fight me forever. I'll control you both!
* Remy weakly rummages through his stuff..
* Adek slowly pulls himself up. "We.."
* Arcus crawls over to Zeth.
<Gwen> Got our asses kicked.
<Remy> Majorly.
* Pottle begins weakly pulling himself to Katarina.
<Gwen> Phoebe follows.
* Sunny jumps up.
<Adek> ..yeah.
<Gwen> >> The spell on Pottle slowly starts to fade, as more and more of his mind becomes his.
<Pottle> He...lp...
* Remy offers Gwen a Herbal Extract...
<Gwen>'s take it.
<Adek> But maybe now's our chance.. Katarina's distracted..
<Gwen> Savannah swoons in Adek's arms. ^_^
<Remy> Y'sure?
* Remy looks concerned.
<Gwen> Yeah, I got my own..
* Arcus gently picks Zeth up off the ground.
<Remy> Okay..
* Remy uses a Herbal Extract.
<Gwen> Phoebe looks about ready to pass out, but keeps up the spell. A trickle of blood runs down her head.
* Adek staggers slightly, but supports Savannah. "You alright, Sav?"
<Arcus> (Zeth)You feel up to another try pal?
<Gwen> Savannah: Does the world often spin like this?
* Remy supports Gwen like Adek supports Savannah. ;)
* Pottle stares up weakly at Katarina...
* Alexis just kinda sits there...
* Remy looks at Alex. "Herbal Extract?"
<Adek> Not.. too often.
* Gwen uses a Herbal Extract!
<Arcus> Zeth: *Not really, but I'll try*
<Arcus> Right, to me then.
* Alexis roots through a small pack... "Somewhere, I hope..."
* Arcus and Zeth complete their transformation again.
*** Arcus is now known as Zarthus
<Zarthus> Ah...
<Pottle> I... I love you, Kat... *whimpers*
* Adek downs an extract of his own, and offers one to Savannah.
* Alexis pulls out an Extract and downs it..
<Remy> Heh.
* Remy feels mildly better.
<Gwen> Savannah takes it with thanks!
<Remy> Gee, being dead sure puts things in perspective..
<Gwen> Katarina says nothing, but keeps up the spell.
<Gwen> Such as...?
* Zarthus seems to shimmer, and sheds his outer form, sloughing off the damaged form, to replace it with a healthy one.
<Remy> Such as how good it is to be alive. ^_-
<Zarthus> Much better..
<Gwen> I kept seeing the words "It's a dead man's party" over and over again!
<Gwen> Savannah: Me too!
* Remy chuckles lightly.
* Zarthus staggers to his feet.
* Pottle stares at Kat. "But I guess you don't back...goodbye, my love..."
<Remy> Do you need me as a leaning post still, Gwen? ;)
<Gwen> Phoebe: Fight her!
* Remy grins a little.
* Pottle collapses, completely out of strength.
<Gwen> Gwen grins and gets up. "Nope! Thanks anyway!"
<Remy> Ha. ^_^
* Adek picks up his sword, letting go of Savannah. "Ok, Katarina. Like I said before.. you picked a good final resting place."
* Remy offers a hand to Alex.. ^_-
<Remy> You gonna stay down there all day?
* Alexis takes it, and gets to her feet. "We're gonna fight? Battered they way we are?"
<Gwen> Phoebe grabs him before he falls.
<Remy> I don't think so. :P
<Gwen> Phoebe is spent and weakly protects him.
<Sunny> I'm healed. :P
<Remy> I hope not. ^_-
<Zarthus> Grrr....
<Gwen> Okay, let's go.
<Alexis> Same... I suggest running like hell...
<Gwen> Katarina growls. "Pathetic...just like Meka..."
<Gwen> Katarina then grins. "But in this weakened state...I can make a final blow..."
<Remy> Not a chance!
* Remy growls.
<Zarthus> Forget it, witch!
<Gwen> Katarina forms a small, yet dark Particle in her hand...
* Alexis says to Kat as she leaves. "Ta! Ta! Whore!"
<Gwen> Wait, Alexis....gahh..
* Alexis waits.
<Sunny> Whimpie!
* Remy grabs Alex by the waist. "No no. Stay." :P
<Alexis> I'm waiting, although I really don't suggest we do so much longer...
* Remy removes his hand and eyes Kat.
<Gwen> Katarina then fires it at Pottle, and the particle seems to fuse to the Light side of the Pendant, causing it to turn from a raident gold to a sorry puke green color...
<Gwen> Pottle is unaffected.
* Zarthus snarls at Katarina, exposing his fangs.
<Gwen> Katarina: There. A small setback.
<Gwen> What did you do?
<Zarthus> *hiss*
<Alexis> That's what we get for waiting...
<Pottle> * The voice of the pendant screams and slowly fades to near silence.
<Alexis> Let's not wait next time, huh?
<Gwen> Katarina: Just cursed the pendant itself. I don't want Pottle to have that much power, see? The pendant is now forever silent! The best you can make it do is to light caverns and maybe light a candle! It's worthless now...until I get my hands on it...but that will come at a later time...
* Gwen agrees with Alexis...
<Zarthus> Filthy witch!
<Gwen> Katarina: Why thank you....
<Remy> Kat! You two bit whore!
<Pottle> Pendant:*fades to nothing*
<Gwen> Katarina: I must go! Ta-ta!
* Sunny removes her tastless bublegum and puts it in Katrina's hair.
* Remy mutters.
<Gwen> >> Katarina warps away!!!
<Zarthus> RAGH!
* Gwen falls to her knees.
<Gwen> I grow rather tired of this..
<Gwen> Phoebe: Pottle.....
<Alexis> Now what?
* Pottle moans and opens his eyes...
<Gwen> We see if boy toy is back to normal..
<Sunny> Rest?
* Remy offers a hand to Gwen. "Be strong, girl."
<Gwen> If not, impale time.
<Zarthus> *hiss*
* Gwen nods, and pulls herself up. "I am strong."
<Remy> I know. ^_^
<Gwen> Phoebe: Pottle?
* Adek sighs and leans against a wall. "Wonderful."
<Gwen> Phoebe runs her fingers through his hair in a conforting fashion.
* Remy wonders if Arcus will get back to normal.
<Pottle> Phoebe...?
<Gwen> Arc..uh...what's with the aztec bird look.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Yeah...
<Remy> Yo! Arcus! You're givin' me dah willies. ^_-
<Pottle> Heaven...that's what this is.
<Alexis> Kinda weird...
<Gwen> Phoebe: You're alive...don't worry...
* Zarthus lets out an animal-like shriek, as Zeth's form is explelled from Zarthus's body, and Arcus returns to normal.
*** Zarthus is now known as Arcus
<Pottle> Otherwise you wouldn't be here...cuz you're dead...
<Arcus> Ooh...
<Gwen> Phoebe: No...No...I'm alive...see...?
* Arcus sits down.
* Gwen feels herself start to puke. ^_^
<Remy> O_o
<Gwen> Savannah starts crying cuz it's very coot.
<Gwen> Savannah: This is so sweet!
<Arcus> *Zeth flies low and lands on Arcus' shoulder, content not to move for a while.
* Remy looks at Savannah. "You're a muffin head."
<Pottle> Alive...score another save for Phoebe...
<Gwen> Savannah: What?
* Pottle pulls Phoebe down and kisses her.
<Remy> Nothing. :P
* Remy looks innocent. :P
<Gwen> Phoebe grins. "Well, I-" *Gets kissed*
<Gwen> Savannah sighs, and goes off to a corner.
* Remy looks at the kiss and mutters something.
* Remy leans against a wall and looks at the ceiling.
* Sunny claps.
* Pottle props himself up on his sword, and stumbles over to Meka's fallen self...
<Gwen> >> Meka is alive, although weakened.
* Pottle raises his sword, about to impale her through the chest.
<Gwen> Phoebe: No...
<Remy> O_o
<Arcus> Please tell me we won't have to do that again....
<Gwen> Phoebe: I don't know if she's evil or not...
<Gwen> Phoebe: Until we can find out for sure...we let her live...
<Pottle> This is for putting me through a living hell, you witch...
<Gwen> Pheobe: Please don't, Pottle...
* Adek rolls his eyes briefly, and follows Savannah over. "You're a bit touchy, aren't you, Sav?"
<Arcus> Can we dispense with the killing for now?!
<Gwen> Savannah: It's not my fault I'm innocent! I know I am! I wish I knew more...
* Pottle drives his blade down at Meka!
<Arcus> Damnit!
<Gwen> Pheobe pulls it away at the last possible moment and looks into his eyes.
<Gwen> Phoebe: No more killing...
<Sunny> Thats meann :P
<Alexis> Dammit! Can't we just leave? I've had enough for one day...
<Remy> You and me both, Alex. :P
* Alexis's shoulders slump... tired...
<Gwen> I agree...PJ the fluffbutt is waiting for us...
<Pottle> She sold my soul to the devil herself! She deserves to die!
* Remy laughs.
<Remy> Fluffbutt?
<Gwen> Pheobe: I don't know if that's so true....
<Remy> How unusually kawaii of you, Gwen. ^_-
<Gwen> Gah...
<Sunny> Why dosent she ever come in with us on these misssions.
* Adek nods. "We know. It's ok, Sav, really. You'll get used to things soon enough. Until then, just remember. We're your friends, and if we annoy you, hey, we do that to all of us."
* Gwen rolls her eyes. "Should I have said fluffass?"
* Arcus raises an eyebrow at Gwen.
<Remy> I'm joking, girl. ;)
<Pottle> I'll kill her anyways...*growl*
<Pottle> Just to satisfy my thirst for DuNord blood...
<Gwen> Savannah hugs Adek tightly. "^_^ Okay!"
<Alexis> I blame those Working Designs guys for our witty lines... I just wish I knew how they did it... or who they were for that matter... Fluffbutt... gah...
<Gwen> Phoebe: ...we'll see...but not now...I'm so tired...
<Remy> Fluffbutt...
<Arcus> Pottle! Knock it off! I mean it!
* Remy snickers.
<Pottle> Go screw a goat, Arcus...
<Gwen> Phoebe suddenly keels over.
* Arcus struggles to his feet.
<Arcus> Listen up you little.....huh?
<Remy> O_o
<Pottle> Phoebe!


Session Close: Fri Apr 17 21:17:01 1998