VayRPG Session 17: Adek's Lost Innocence

Well..the guy who played Pottle left us. :) Other than one new.

Session Start: Fri May 08 18:36:09 1998

<Gwen> >> Phoebe suddenly keels over!
<Arcus> ?
<Sunny> Oh my god! They killed Phoebe!
<Gwen> Pottle: Pheobe?!
* Remy blinks.
<Remy> Shit....
<Gwen> Savannah: You...bastard....!
<Gwen> Savannah: Oh, he didn't do it...sorry.
<Gwen> Pottle shakes Phoebe. "Phoebe? Phoebe? What the fuck....?"
<Arcus> * Zeth remains perched on Gwen's shoulder, watching warily.
* Meka is unconscious and not hearing anything...
* Remy glances at Zeth..
<Gwen> Savannah looks at Pheobe, nodding her head.
* Sabrina looks at Phoebe and Pottle and mutters. "Hypocrite."
* Adek sighs. "You know, just once, I'd like to see something go right. Just once."
<Gwen> Savannah: She's gonna be okay. She just needs rest. She sorta over-exerted her mana!
<Sunny> That's good.
<Gwen> Pottle: So what the hell do I do now?
<Remy> She overexcited her mama? O_o
* Remy blinks. "Oh...wait..."
<Gwen> No, she over...oh nevermind..
<Sabrina> No, you idiot!
<Gwen> Savannah: She just needs rest or something.
<Sunny> Her mama...?
* Meka mutters something unintelligent..
<Arcus> Heh. :P
* Remy grimaces and looks at Sabrina.
* Sabrina rolls her eyes at Remy.
<Remy> We're such a cheery pregnant woman..
<Gwen> Pottle looks at Meka, glowers, then turns to the others. "I'm going to take her back to Kerzalt until she recovers...look out for her...
* He stares at Meka with hate
* Don't let her get away...not till I can finish things.
<Gwen> >> Pottle quickly leaves with Phoebe.
<Sabrina> If you were me, you'd be just as much of a pain in the....As much of a mean person as I am.
* Remy looks at Savannah and Pottle and the rest.
<Gwen> Savannah: What's with him? *Pout*
<Remy> Don't let her get away? Grand..
* Arcus looks at Sabrina and chuckles.
<Gwen> I dunno, I really don't. No 'thank you's for saving his ass or anything.
* Sabrina throws a quick glare at Arcus. "Who are you laughing at?"
* Remy chuckles. "He seems a bit distracted...huh."
* Arcus raises an eyebrow at Sabrina, still smirking. "I don't know, you tell me?" ;)
<Gwen> Maybe we should head back to Kerzalt as well...
<Remy> Sounds like a plan.
<Sabrina> Smart piece of.....
<Gwen> Savannah looks at Meka.
<Gwen> Savannah pokes her "Hello...?"
* Meka mutters. "Pottle no leave... no leave me..."
* Gwen sighs and picks Meka up.
* Remy mutters something about Pottle. :P
<Gwen> >> You all head to the outer gates of the chateau.
<Gwen> >> No guards are in sight. Then again, Jeal dispatched them all for you...
* Adek checks his sword, again grumbling to himself about the annoying straight, double-edged design.
<Arcus> Such a lovely sky today, don't you all agree? ^_-
<Gwen> Savannah: It's night....
* Remy chuckles.
<Gwen> Savannah: But the stars are beautiful....
* Gwen mutters about how heavy Meka is.
<Remy> Yeah...the stars are perfect, blah blah blah...
<Sunny> I dunno, looks bleak.
* Remy offers to take Meka off of Gwen's hands. :P
<Gwen> Thanks Rem...
* Gwen plops her into Remy's arms.
* Remy nods and grunts a bit. O_o
<Arcus> * Zeth flits back into Arcus' hood, 'cause he's cold.
* Adek looks up at the sky. "Kinda reminds me of.."
* Adek pauses. "..actually, I'm not sure what. Huh."
<Gwen> Told you she was god, a whole 92 pounds! * Cackles*
<Sunny> I'm lighter than that. :P
* Meka continues to mutter about Pottle and suicide...
* Remy shakes his head and brushes Meka's hair out of her face..
* Arcus skips slightly ahead of the group, singing quietly under the stars.
<Gwen> >> PJ appears in front of you, with her soldiers. "You're back! How was it? Did you stop Katarina? Kill her in cold blood? Rob her blind without mercy?!"
* Sabrina looks at Meka. "Oh come on. Homocide is much better than suicide!"
<Adek> No. No. And no.
<Arcus> Not likely. ^_-
<Gwen> PJ: Then why the hell did you come back?!
<Gwen> Oh, I don't know, maybe it's cuz she got away, you flippin' moron...
<Remy> Alexis wanted to rob her blind...but....we couldn't let her do that. ;)
* Adek stares at PJ. "Let me put it to you in two simple words."
<Gwen> PJ blinks.
* Adek glares. "Fuck. You."
* Sabrina notices she's sleeping and stops babbling.
<Gwen> PJ: O_o Well, I never!
* Remy chuckles. "Obviously not."
* Remy grins..
* Arcus laughs a bit and twirls around.
* Gwen chuckles. ^_^
<Gwen> Savannah: Oh, is Fuck you a slang word for hello?
<Remy> Uh...
<Remy> No.
* Remy erhms.
* Arcus bursts out laughing at that.
<Meka> ... Gavin... Pottle..... all leave...
* Sunny scratches her head.
* Adek tries to keep a straight face, but can't. "Sav!"
<Gwen> Savannah curtsies. "Fuck you, Lady Jurissa."
<Gwen> PJ: What, what, WHAT?!
* Adek breaks out laughing.
* Remy bursts out into a loud throaty laugh. ;)
* Arcus laughes even louder. ;D
* Sabrina looks at Savannah and grins cruely. "Don't listen to Remy, he's just lying to you. Of course it's a slang for hello."
* Gwen laughs!
<Gwen> Savannah looks confused. O_o
<Remy> Hey now. I don't lie. Much.
<Gwen> PJ: You little't get mad...can't get mad...
* Adek starts to stumble, and only manages to stay standing by virtue of running into a tree, he's laughing so hard.
<Gwen> PJ: Calm blue ocean waves...
<Gwen> PJ: Anyway, thanks....I'm sure you want a little break from all of this...
<Arcus> * Zeth: No Savanah, Fuck you is a term of considerable contempt in these parts. *
<Meka> Pottle, Pottle....
<Sunny> Fuc..? I think I've figured it out!
<Gwen> Savannah looks beyond embarrassed, and runs off.
<Sabrina> Stop lying, Zeth!
* Remy blinks.
<Arcus> * Zeth biihs Sabrina.
<Sabrina> Savannah, they're all lying to you! I'm the one that's saying the truth!
<Gwen> PJ: You guys might wanna stay in Hayhill...they have nice inns up there.
<Remy> Uhm...the naked girl ran off.. ^_^;
* Adek laughs harder. "What a.. I.. that.."
<Gwen> I actually feel sorta bad for her...
* Arcus slowly stops laughing.
<Remy> Yeah. She really didn't know..
* Adek pulls himself under control. "Yeah.. wait.. did.. hehe.. you say Hayhill?"
<Sabrina> She's just a kid. She'll eventually learn what everything means...
<Arcus> Well, she knows now. ^_-
* Remy shifts Meka to his shoulder and runs a hand through his hair..
* Gwen sighs to herself.
<Remy> Hayhill...sounds like a hick town.
<Gwen> Oh yeah, Pottle's coming up your way with his girlfriend.
<Sabrina> I don't think so, Arcus. I think I confused her some more....
* Sunny skips about.
<Remy> Or inn.
<Gwen> PJ: Yeah, I THOUGHT I saw someone running, but he didn't see me. I'll have to talk to him and catch up on old times!
<Arcus> She'll cope Sabrina, she tougher than we think I'll wager. ^_-
* Adek glances at Remy. "Hey. I was born there."
<Sabrina> You won't want to do that. That guy's a bit weird....
<Remy> Uhm..
<Gwen> PJ: I better go. Stay in Hayhill for awile. Seems your friend is from there. ^_^
* Remy coughs a bit. :P
<Remy> No slam against you, Adek!
<Gwen> PJ turns around, then grins at Adek. "It IS a hick town, ya know!"
* Adek grins. "No hard feelings, Remy."
* Meka blinks her eyes open. "ACK!".
<Gwen> PJ runs off with her tiny squadron.
<Meka> .... Why am I slung over your shoulder, Remy?
* Remy blinks and gets a huge ACK in his ear.. :P
<Arcus> I suppose we should go and fetch Savannah. ^_-
<Gwen> Ooh. She got you back...
<Sabrina> What a weird lady...
<Remy> Because we're running to Las Vegas.
<Remy> To get married. :P
<Gwen> Remy!
<Gwen> O_o
* Remy puts Meka down.
<Sabrina> Las Vegas? What's that?
<Remy> I'm joking. *grin*
<Meka> Oh kewl... But I was in love with Pottle.
* Adek mutters. "I might be decended from hicks, but she's a bitch."
<Gwen> He means Vayguess, right?
<Meka> Where is he?
<Remy> Uhm, yeah. :P
<Gwen> He ran off with Phoebe cuz she passed out trying to save yer hide.
* Arcus goes to retrieve Savannah.
<Meka> ...
<Meka> Oh yeah...
<Gwen> >> Savannah is no where to be found.
<Arcus> Hmmm.....
* Meka looks distant... "I'm gonna... go over there and... slit my wrists now..."
* Gwen sighs and trudges through the woods. They're tough to see through because it is nearly pitch black out.
* Meka starts to wander off...
<Gwen> Don't Meka.
* Remy grabs Meka.
<Remy> No you don't. :P
* Gwen pulls her back.
<Meka> Why?
<Arcus> Hoi! Savanah! All ye all ye out are in free! ^_-
* Adek looks around, and calls out. "Hey! Savannah!"
<Gwen> Because life is more important than some guy.
<Gwen> >> You hear someone crying.
* Adek mutters "shit.." and heads in the direction of the noise.
* Sabrina makes her right hand into a fist and some lightning cackles to life from it, lighting a little bit around the party.
<Sunny> I wonder what that could be.
<Sabrina> I hope this'll work...
<Meka> And my life is worthless. I've lost everyone.
* Arcus listens for the direction of the noise.
<Gwen> >> Adek finds Savannah crying, her head leaning against a mossy tree.
* Sabrina looks at Savannah. "Why are you crying?"
* Gwen looks at Meka. "Whatever Mek. You know why you should live."
<Adek> Sav? You alright?
<Gwen> Savannah sniffles and then, impulsivly flings herself on the nearest living thing, Adek.
* Arcus sees Adek has the situation under control, and leaves quietly. ^_-
<Gwen> Savannah: It's not fair! I don't know (Sob) anything!!
<Meka> To see mother saved...
<Meka> That's all I want right now...
<Gwen> You can't save her Mek...she chose this for herself...
<Gwen> Savannah: Whenever I (hic) do anything, I do it wrong!
* Adek blinks in surprise, then puts his arms around her. "Hey. It's ok... you're learning, right? Back there, that was more my fault than yours."
<Gwen> Savannah: It was? Why? I said that word...
* Arcus rejoins the troupe, whistling a jolly tune. ^_^
* Gwen grins.
<Gwen> These two...they're kinda cute together...don't you think, Rem?
<Adek> I said it first... you misunderstood it. That's all. Stupid stuff like that happens.
<Sabrina> Gwen, don't think YOU can be a match-maker!
<Meka> And Pottle's damned me because I love her!.... I know she used to love me, too...
* Remy blinks and nods a little at Gwen. "Yeah.....but I'm not one to play matchmaker, really.." :P
<Gwen> Savannah hugs Adek. "Thank you. I'm sorry. Let's keep going!"
<Gwen> I most certainly can be a matchmaker, if I chose!
* Sunny laughs.
<Remy> Heh...get commanding.. ;)
* Arcus laughs some more at the exchance between Gwen, Remy, and Sabrina.
* Gwen looks ticked off.
* Sabrina sighs. "I'm getting tired...."
* Adek grins. "Not a problem. Come on, let's get back to the others before they get impatient and start bitching. Again."
<Meka> Gwen, am I wrong for still loving Mother?
<Gwen> Savannah: Okay. ^_^
<Gwen> No, not really. It took me a long time to stop loving Jeal, too, even with all the crap he's...he is pulling.
* Adek starts back, walking with Sav.
<Meka> ...
<Sabrina> At least you love her. I hate my mother. That woman was a bitch!
* Arcus stretches out under the stars, still humming.
* Meka sighs... "Gavin..." *looks up* "What the hell do I do now??!?!?!"
<Gwen> Who's Gavin?
<Gwen> >> The party is now out of the woods, on the open plains...
<Meka> ... No one. Someone else I betrayed.
* Remy looks at the sky..
<Meka> Who is dead because of my foolish actions.
<Gwen> Who is he to you, Meka?
<Gwen> Savannah stops and looks at a bunch of flowers. "What's this?"
<Meka> ... My brother.
* Meka walks faster.
* Gwen whoas.
<Adek> What's what?
<Gwen> Ack...that's gotta sting...
<Sabrina> Those are flowers, Savannah...Can we stop for some rest?
<Gwen> Savannah: Oh. Sure, I...guess so.
* Sabrina lets out a sigh of relief.
<Gwen> Savannah: Can we stop to rest?
<Gwen> I see no problem with that.
<Arcus> We are resting. ^_-
<Gwen> Savannah smiles at Adek. "So, Adek...what's this hayhole place like?"
<Sabrina> Hayhole? It's Hayhill...
* Remy looks deep in thought and sits by a rock.
* Adek looks thoughtful. "Hayhill.. it's been years since I've been home.. it's.."
* Sabrina lies down next to Remy and falls fast asleep.
<Gwen> Savnnah looks at him, capivated. "Tell me! I haven't seen a town yet. Only a castle."
<Adek> Well.. it's.. uh..
<Gwen> Savnnah: Is it pretty?
* Gwen lays down, looking at the stars.
<Sunny> They seem plain.
* Adek sighs. "Oh, what the heck. Jurissa was right, it's a hick town."
* Remy mutters something and twirls a piece of grass in his fingers..
<Gwen> Savannah sighs.
<Adek> I suppose that depends. Not if you're allergic to hay, it isn't.
<Gwen> Savnnah: Allergic?
<Gwen> Savannah: What's that mean?
<Remy> Bah.
* Gwen grahs and falls asleep.
* Sunny figures no one is paying attention to her and wonders off.
<Adek> To make a long story short, Sav, if you're allergic to something, when you get near it you'll start feeling uncomfortable, sneezing, maybe break out in a rash.
<Gwen> Savannah: O_o
* Adek shrugs. "Some people are allergic to some things, some are allergic to nothing."
<Gwen> Savannah: I...I see. Are you allergic to anything?
* Meka fingers a clip in her hair thoughtfully, then curls up in a little ball and tries to sleep...
* Arcus curls up and begins to snore softly.
<Adek> Not as far as I know.
<Gwen> Savannah: Hmm. Okay.
<Gwen> >> A owl hoots...
<Gwen> Savannah: It's getting late...
* Remy is barely awake, the piece of grass now stuck up his nose.. :P
<Sunny> Darn owls.
<Remy> xidpgrj.....and some bread too...szicpeg..
* Adek lies down. "Sleeping under the stars.. watch it rain, or something."
* Remy falls asleep. :P
* Meka grins at Remy.
<Gwen> Savannah: Good night, Adek. And thanks...
* Gwen falls asleep. ^_^
* Remy still has a bit of grass up his nose :P
<Gwen> Savannah curls up and falls asleep as well.
* Meka pulls the grass out of Remy's nose and tickles him with it. >:>
* Remy sneezes. O_o
<Gwen> >> Morning comes and you're once again walking the trail. You pass Kerzalt castle and are only a few miles away from of Hay.
* Meka snickers...
* Gwen yawns. " we have any left...?"
* Arcus walks along, playing softly on a flute
<Sabrina> I'm starved
* Remy blinks a bit... :P
<Remy> Okay...who tickled me last night..? :P
* Remy looks around. :P
<Gwen> Huh?
<Gwen> Tickled you?
* Sunny confesses. :P
<Remy> Yeah!
<Meka> Not me.
* Remy crosses his arms.
* Sunny giggles.
<Adek> Remy.. Let me get this straight. Someone tickled you LAST NIGHT and you're only noticing now?
<Remy> Sunny.......... :P
<Gwen> It was probably Sabrina.
<Remy> I was half asleep.. :P
* Sabrina looks at Gwen. "I have my guesses who it was!"
<Meka> You were asleep, dear.
<Gwen> I have mine, too.
* Gwen smiles. ^_^
<Sabrina> That little slut.
<Gwen> Little bitch...
<Arcus> * Zeth has returned to Gwen's shoulder.
* Adek grins. "Now THAT is what I'd call a delayed reaction."
<Meka> Huh?
<Gwen> Ahem! I think we've just about reached it...
* Meka looks innocent. "I didn't do it!"
* Remy blinks. O_o
<Remy> Woah. :P
<Gwen> >> You see the faint outline of houses up ahead..
<Sabrina> Well, I'll let you have the last word since I don't want to degrade to your level.
<Gwen> Heh. What level?
<Remy> Uh...both of you...stop.....and if you insist on fighting, do it in a mud pit.. ;)
* Arcus continues to walk and play, not really paying attention to the conversations around him.
<Sabrina> Your level of crap. Actually, that's too kind. You're level is worse than crap!
<Adek> You might have to settle for a hay pit around here, Remy.
<Remy> A hay pit? is THAT a turn on? :P
<Gwen> much hay IS in hayhill?
<Sabrina> How much shit comes out of your mouth, Gwen? Then you'll know the answer.
<Remy> Sabrina...
* Gwen looks about ready to hit Sabrina where the sun don't shine...
* Adek grins. "I remember there being a lot.. but most of those memories are childhood ones.. I really can't say. I'm probably exaggerating."
* Sabrina smiles politely. "Yes, Remy?"
* Sunny pokes Sab in the belly and runs off.
* Meka sighs... "Home sweet home. I DO hope they don't remeber me."
<Remy> Stop or I will NOT be a gentleman and I'll punch your goddamn lights out. :P
* Sabrina blinks. "No respect! I get no respect!"
<Gwen> >> You pass by your first mound of Hay! ^_^
* Sabrina walks ahead of the rest of the group.
<Remy> hay..
<Gwen> Savannah: Are you sure you're exaggerating?
* Meka looks at the hay and shudders, remebering... :P
<Sunny> Harry.
<Meka> Guys, do we have to go to the inn?
<Remy> Uhm....would you rather sleep in the hay?
* Adek gives a nearby haystack a light kick. "What do you mean?"
<Gwen> >> The town is now visable, the gates appearing, wide open, in front of you. People mill about the town. Farms can be seen on the outskirts. A large church is in the center.
<Meka> Uh... Me personally, yeah.
<Gwen> Meka...what did you do here, hmm?
* Remy looks at the church and shudders.. :P
<Gwen> Savannah smiles. "Wow!"
* Arcus completes his song and puts the flute away.
<Gwen> Savannah: It's gigantic!
<Sunny> Neat.
<Gwen> Sav, we need you to get out more...
<Gwen> >> You hear a young voice call out "Adek! Adek! Over here!"
<Gwen> >> "No! Not that direction! The other way!"
* Meka looks at Gwen... "Nothing. Nothing at all."
<Gwen> >> A little girl is waving to your right. She looks familar..
* Remy blinks. :P
* Sabrina ignores the others.
<Sunny> Actually, this town seems rather bleak.
<Adek> A lot more, really. This is a village.. a little town.
<Sunny> I wonder if there is anything to do here.
* Adek looks over. "Huh? Who's.. hey!"
<Gwen> The voice sounds impatient now. "Adek, over HERE! :P"
* Meka mutters under her breath... "And my nickname was NOT Purity!"
* Arcus trots along, content as usual. ^_^
* Sunny sees a bunch of surfer teens and wonders over there.
* Adek shrugs, and heads towards the voice. "Over WHERE, Twyl?"
* Gwen sighs and leans against a pole, then turns her head and sees she's looking straight at a horse. "Aie!"
<Gwen> Twyla: To your right, you silly! ^_^
* Arcus laughs.
* Remy snickers at Gwen's line of sight. :P
<Sunny> Hey guys. Heheh :)
<Gwen> Shit....thank god I wasn't staring at its ass!
* Adek veers right.
<Arcus> * Zeth chuckles.
<Gwen> Twyla huggles her brother "Hi! ^_^ Otto went off to talk to daddy at the church!"
* Remy thinks something and shakes his head, deciding not to say it.
* Sunny giggles as she flirts.
<Gwen> At the church? Your dad a janitor or something? ^_^
* Remy looks at Sunny. :P
<Remy> They grow up so fast. :P
* Arcus looks around Hayhill, noting its home-spun grandeur. ^_-
<Gwen> Twyla glowers at Gwen. "No. He's a priest. Momma runs the farm. ^_^"
* Remy blanches a bit..
* Adek frowns. "Otto's here?"
* Remy shakes his head. :P
* Sunny finds out surfer teen hicks are not a good combo.
<Gwen> Twyla: Yeah...why?
<Adek> Oh, nothing really. It just struck me as kind of odd.
<Meka> Otto... Pottle's mentor?
<Gwen> Savannah goes off to talk to some locals.
<Gwen> Twyla: I thought so too, and he told me just cuz he's old doesn't mean he can't move around. ^_^
* Arcus chats with some of the locals.
<Gwen> Twyla: Anyway, let's go visit mom! C'mon Adek, let's visit mom!
<Gwen> Twyla pulls him along.
<Sunny> Geez, it was too good to be true. But these guys sound like idiots.
<Meka> Someone else to hate me...
<Remy> Visit mom.....oh geez. :P
* Sunny shuns the surfer hicks and makes them all cry.
* Adek finds himself being dragged along, looking around to see just where the group went, anyway. "Geez, Twyl. I can walk on my owm!"
* Gwen mutters. "Least he can still visit his mom."
* Sabrina walks back to the others.
<Meka> Yeah...
* Arcus laughs some more.
<Sunny> I wonder when we'll reach a city with really cool guys..
<Gwen> Twyla ahems and stops. "Hey! Everyone! Come along!"
* Remy glances at Gwen and nods in an understanding way..
<Remy> Oh no....why do WE have to visit Adek's parents? :P
<Gwen> Because...
<Sabrina> We don't have to visit them....
* Sunny looks at some of the shops.
<Meka> So Otto can threaten my life? *smirk*
<Remy> We could just sorta go to the bar..
<Gwen> I highly doubt Otto can kick your ass, Meka.
* Arcus walks back over to the group. "We should move on, the fishing around here stinks from what I've been told." ^_-
<Sabrina> Umm...Remy, I can't really drink...
<Gwen> Maybe we'll just sneak out once we've met them.
<Gwen> Savannah calls out. "Wait for me!"
<Remy> Sneaking is good, I can do sneaking. :P
* Alexis quietly wanders off...
<Meka> Heh... You never know.
* Adek shrugs. "You guys don't have to come along if you don't want to. It's not a biggie either way."
<Gwen> Well, I'll come along, just to be polite...
<Gwen> .oO (And maybe get some free food)
<Meka> I'll come. Nothing better to do.
<Remy> . o O (I'm just gonna come along in case any women need a man to fall madly in love with..)
<Gwen> >> Adek's place is a gigantic farm. Grapes are growing there...lots and lots of grapes.
<Remy> Heeey.....grapes.
<Arcus> Ooh, polite, we're social climbers now, yessir. ^_-
* Gwen laughs!
* Sabrina looks at the others and wanders off towards the church by herself.
<Gwen> Twyla: My mommy makes stuff called wine! I always ask her for some, but she always says "When you're older, Twyla! :P"
<Remy> You kiss yo' momma wit' that smartass mouth, Arcus? :P
<Arcus> * Zeth snags a grape from one of the vines.
<Arcus> All the time. ^_-
<Meka> . o O (I need a man to fall madly in love with... :P Oooh... I know... .... .... Zeth! :P)
* Remy shudders... :P
<Gwen> Twyla: I really want some of this wine stuff.
<Remy> There's a scary picture..
* Adek laughs. "I remember them growing corn.. but I'm somehow not surprised by this."
* Arcus laughs some more.
<Remy> Wine? *perks up*
<Gwen> >> A cow looks defiantely at Adek.
<Gwen> Cow: Moo.
<Arcus> Look! A local celebrity. ^_-
* Remy blinks at the cow and groans. "Got milk?" :P
* Gwen nearly dies from Arcus' comments.
<Gwen> Hehehhahaha. This is good, hahahah!
<Gwen> Savannah: Moo?
* Meka looks at the Cow. "You too. Just don't try to board a people train. Yeah, don't try none of that cow hypnotism on me!"
* Adek looks annoyed for a couple seconds, then laughs.
* Arcus laughs even harder.
<Gwen> >> You arrive at the front door, with a big welcome mat right beside it.
<Arcus> * Zeth: You can stop any time now Arcus. *
* Remy mutters under his breath. "I'm in culture shock, really." :P
<Arcus> Oh all right. ^_-
<Gwen> Twyla smiles and waits for Adek to knock on the door.
<Gwen> Twyla: Mom is gonna be so surprised.
<Gwen> Savannah stands silently besides the others.
* Remy looks reluctant to be here. :P
* Adek stares at the house. "Home, and not home, all at once. Crazy feeling."
* Adek knocks on the door.
<Remy> Mmm....maybe they'll have some of that wine that Twyla mentioned...
* Arcus stands in place, looking dubiously innocent. ^_^
<Gwen> >> The door opens, and in front of it, is a pleasasant, but MASSIVE woman. Not massive in fat, but in muscule. and she's TALL! O_o
* Remy rubs the back of his head...and then gapes at the woman. O_o
<Gwen> Woman: Not the solicitors ag...Adek? O_O
<Gwen> Woman: Twyla?
<Gwen> O_o That is one big bitch..
<Remy> Gwen! Shh! ;)
<Adek> ..weeeell.. I'm not an insurance salesman, if that's what you're asking.
<Gwen> The woman bear hugs Adek and Twyla at once. "Oh, this is a most pleasant surprise!"
* Remy mutters and makes gagging noises..
<Gwen> Twyla gacks. ^_^
<Gwen> Maybe we should split now...
<Gwen> Yeah..
<Remy> Yep.
<Remy> Lets go.. ^_^;
<Meka> ... My mother never gave me hugs...
<Gwen> >> An old woman comes out to the door.
<Gwen> Twyla: Grandma!
<Adek> Ag.. you can.. let go.. of my.. neck.. at any.. time.. mom.
* Remy erks...
<Arcus> They grow 'em big in the country I see. ^_-
<Arcus> * Zeth: ARCUS! *
<Arcus> What? ^_-
<Gwen> Adek's mom lets go.
<Remy> Hah, Arcus! ;)
* Adek files away a mental note to beat the hell out of Arcus.
<Arcus> Heheehe.....
<Gwen> Grandma: Ahh! Well. If it isn't my grandkids..oh? Adek, who is this? *Points to Savannah*
<Gwen> Savannah: Um..
* Remy chuckles..
<Remy> Busteeedddd...
<Gwen> Grandma: He's got a girlfriend!
<Gwen> Savannah: A...what?
* Arcus tries to stifle his laughing.
<Meka> Hehehehehehe...
* Adek idly glares at Remy and Arcus. "This is Savannah, grandma. And she's not.. well.."
<Meka> Dammit... Don't mention boyfriends and girlfriends... You'll remind me of... Pottle...
<Gwen> Grandma: ^_^ He always was a little slow at things. Why, he was three years old until he was potty trained! He used to pee all over the classroom! The kids would laugh and laugh at him.
* Remy bursts out laughing.
* Meka blinks rapidly and tries not to cry...
* Gwen busts out laughing. "Adek was what?!"
* Adek slams his palm into his forhead. "Now I remember why I don't visit. THANKS A LOT, grandma."
<Gwen> Adek's mother: Ethel...not that story again...
* Remy wipes the tears from his eyes and chuckles. :P
<Gwen> Grandma: Whaaat?
<Gwen> Savannah: Why couldn't Adek control his bladder? I don't get it...?
<Remy> I'm sure Alexis would've found this funny as hell...hehehehe...
* Gwen busts out lauging again.
* Adek starts shaking his head, still clutching his forehead, muttering. "Damn, damn, damn, damn.."
<Gwen> Twyla: ^_^ Um...well, let's go inside! Do you guys wanna come along? (Turns to the others)
<Remy> Uhhh.
<Gwen> Savannah: Well, if you don't mind...I want to see the town..
<Remy> I want to hit the bar.. ^_^
<Gwen> Right. We gotta see the town. (nudges the others)
* Arcus claps both hands over his mouth.
* Arcus is making loud laughing/sputtering noises.
<Gwen> Twyla: Okay! Later, you guys! ^_^
<Remy> Errr...right...the town...yes! ^_^
* Meka shrugs..
* Gwen pulls Remy away as fast as she can!
* Remy is pulled. O_o
<Remy> Woah there, spunky! Whats the hurry? O_o
<Gwen> I want to get away from this hick family as soon as possible!
* Remy chuckles. "Ditto. Up for some bar action?"
<Gwen> Heh, why not?
<Gwen> Savannah runs off on her own. "Maybe I'll go visit the church!"
* Remy nods and starts off for the bar, now dragging Gwen with him. ;)
<Arcus> Nice meeting you. ^_^ *trundles off*
<Arcus> Don't say "Hicks", say "Home-spun". ^_-
* Meka moans...
<Sunny> I'm hungry.
<Meka> I don't want to go to the bar...
<Remy> C'mon, Meka! It'll be fun. ^_^
* Arcus watches Gwen and Remy drag each other to the bar. "This should be entertaining." ^_-
<Gwen> >> You can go to two places at the moment. The bar or the Church. Make your choice!
* Sabrina is already at the church.
* Meka follows Remy and Gwen.
* Adek quickly excuses himself from his family, saying he's going to go say hi to dad at the church.
<Gwen> >> Let's start at the church, shall we? ^_^
<Gwen> >> Adek arrives at the church. It's small, but has some nice stained glass work inside, with four people etched in glass...
<Arcus> Why not? ^_^
<Gwen> >> You faintly remember these people as the 'immortals', but you don't remember half the crap your dad taught you.
<Arcus> Oooh....purdy. ^_-
<Gwen> >> Sabrina is sitting on a pew.
* Adek stops grumbling to himself right after he walks inside, then mutters. "Hopefully he won't have any stories to tell.."
<Gwen> >> Otto and Adek's father are no where to be seen.
* Arcus walks over to a pew and sits, bowing his head in prayer, his jovial nature put strangely aside.
<Gwen> Savannah looks at Arcus. "Who are you praying to? Anemone? Dios?"
* Adek grips the back of the last pew, looking up at the alter, suddenly feeling out of place.
<Arcus> No one in particular, who ever might be listening really..
<Gwen> Savannah: Do you believe in the immortals?
<Gwen> Savannah: Let's see if I can remember them all...
<Arcus> Not sure, never met one.
* Sabrina looks around at everything in the church, including the people, and she just thinks.
<Gwen> Savannah: There's Anemone...the goddess of creation...Dios...the god of Wisdom...Tereus...god of war...and Melodia...goddess of beauty and song...
<Sunny> Seems nice in here.
<Gwen> Savannah: People say they created this world..
<Arcus> If they happen to overhear what I'm saying, more power to 'em.
<Gwen> Savannah grins. "They say that Tereus made the canyons by dragging his massive sword!
<Gwen> Savannah: And we, the humans, grew from the ground like weeds!
<Arcus> We do that if allowed to, I've heard. ^_-
<Gwen> Savannah: I love myths, don't you?
<Arcus> They have their uses, I prefer them for their entertainment value more than anything else.
<Gwen> >> A small man in a priests garb walks out of a side room with an older man. Both are talking.
<Gwen> Savannah: But they must be real!
<Arcus> Sav, don't take this wrong, but over time any story, no matter how carefully retold, gets distorted. Little innocent exaggerations here and there, minor details lost, over time they can distort a story so horribly it becomes fantastical.
<Gwen> Savannah humphs. :P
<Arcus> Not to say they're untrue, far from it. Every story begins with a grain of truth, the listener has to find it.
<Gwen> Savannah: Well, Romrus told me of them, and that was 1,000 years ago!
<Arcus> I'm sure Romrus did a wonderfull job of retelling the story to you, I mean no offense to his capabilities.
<Arcus> Just bear in mind that those myth might not be 100 percent true.
<Gwen> Savannah sighs.
* Sabrina notices the others and turns her head to ignore them.
<Gwen> The old man sees the troupe and blinks. "Thundernation! Why don't you young people speak up more often! Been looking all over for you!"
*Grumble Grumble* It's Otto.
* Adek looks up, as if noticing Otto for the first time.
<Gwen> The priest blinks, then smiles. "Adek, I didn't expect you to come into Hayhill as well. Otto told me about your sister...but."
<Arcus> And why such a great sigh, Sav? ^_-
<Gwen> >> A Priestess sits down by Sabrina, telling her stories about the gods and morals.
* Adek nods. "Hello, Father."
<Gwen> Savannah: Oh, nothing...OH! ^_^ Look! It's Adek's father!
* Sabrina looks at the priestess, blinks, and yawns, uninterested in what the priestess has to say.
<Gwen> Father: Hello. Otto told me what you are up know I don't agree with violence...but...
<Arcus> So it is. ^_-
* Adek gives a small shrug. "Neither do I, you know that. But sometimes someone has to fight.."
<Gwen> Priestess tries to drone even more stuff into Sabrina's brain. "The goddess Amenone will bless you with healthy children if you're good and just..."
<Gwen> Father: All I'm asking is for you to be careful. Look out after your sister.
* Arcus adresses Adek's father. "Good sir, it is said that violence is the last refuge of the incompitent, and we are dealing with some VERY incompitent foes." ^_-
<Sabrina> That's great for her.
* Adek nods again.
<Gwen> Priestess: But you're pregnant. Don't you want your baby to be happy?
<Sabrina> I can make my baby happy in my own way.
<Gwen> Father: In fact...can you do me a favor, Adek? You don't mind bringing her over here, do you? Her teacher wishes to take her someplace...I'd like to say goodbye to you both before you head off.
<Gwen> Priestess: O_o
* Adek nods. "I'll go get her.. she's down at the farm."
* Adek releases the pew and walks out the door.
* Arcus sits back down, still grinning, and returns to his prayer.
<Gwen> Savannah: I'm gonna go look at some of the stores. ^_^ Later Adek...good bye
<Gwen> Savannah just goes. :P
<Sabrina> Look, lady, this holy mumbo-jumbo crap doesn't impress me. It's all a bunch of crap, if you ask me.

== Cut Scene ==

<Gwen> >> Meanwhile, far away from the party, the mayor of Hayhill is speaking with an important looking offical..
<Gwen> Mayor: But...but we don't have the money to pay for the import taxes! The Emperor will just have to wait. Our corn crops failed...
<Gwen> >> The man glowers at the small mayor. "Then round up the funds."
<Gwen> Mayor: But we can't! We ask for a reprieve...
<Gwen> Man: We cannot...We have let you slack too long, mayor. Now it is time for your city to meet the price of your incompitent decision making..
<Gwen> The Man leaves...

== End Cut Scene ==

<Gwen> >> Meanwhile, at the bar.... ^_^
<Gwen> >> Sunny gets wasted! Again!
* Meka sits with her face down, trying not to be noticed...
<Meka> :P
* Remy buys Gwen a drink... ^_-
<Gwen> >> Some girls are dancing on a small stage.
<Gwen> A man whistles at Meka. "Hey! It's youz!"
* Gwen thanks Remy and chugs it down.
* Meka groans...
<Meka> Hiya, boss...
* Remy leans back and drinks his drink slowly, watching the stage and the patrons of the bar with little interest. :P
<Gwen> >> The man slinks up to Meka. "Why, it's our little friend! ^_^ You were best friends with Azusa, weren't ya? ^_^ Too bad she moved on to a bigger town, yessh *hic* "
* Meka turns to look at him. "200 bux for you not to make a scene, deal?"
* Gwen blinks. "Looks like Meka has even more of a past than we thought..."
<Gwen> Man: Aww...but we wanted to see you danceee...
<Remy> Lovely..
* Meka sighs...
* Sabrina walks into the bar, followed by the priestess.
* Remy watches the scene unfold. :P
<Meka> Call me Purity and I never dance again. By the way, where's my bud?
* Meka looks about for her partner...
* Sabrina walks to the others and tries to ignore the priestess...
<Gwen> Man: You mean Azusa? She went off to some big town. Someplace in Marwick, I think.
<Gwen> Priestess: But I care! Your soul is at stake!
<Meka> No, my dancing partner! The cute guy I liked for so long?
* Sabrina looks at Remy as if asking for help.
<Meka> Ah well...
<Gwen> Man: Aww...he went off with her.
* Remy chuckles. "Sorry, Sab...I'm not very good with priestesses....well....there was this one time.."
* Meka sighs, then looks up sharply. "Oh, I have all the luck with men."
<Sabrina> Forget it! I'll tell her off myself!
* Meka mutters... "Are you sure you want me to dance now? Only once, though, I'm going with my friends."
* Sabrina turns to face the priestess and takes a deep breath. "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!"
<Gwen> Priestess looks sad. "Please, hear me out...?"
<Gwen> Man: Grab a dance partner. Any dance partner, and I'll leave ya alone.
* Remy raises an eyebrow. :P
* Arcus saunters into the bar, and looks around.
<Sabrina> No! I don't want to hear what crap you're trying to sell me or whatever! Just leave me alone!!!!! What the hell have I done to deserve this?! Huh?!
* Meka looks about... "Hey Arcus!
<Arcus> Standard issue tavern I see. ^_-
* Remy gets another drink from the barkeep and is seemingly putting away quite alot of drinks.. O_o
* Sabrina glares at the priestess.
* Arcus sees Meka. "Yes?"
* Meka grabs his wrist and drags him to the man. "You still have my uniform?"
<Arcus> ??
<Gwen> Priestess starts telling her even more about the church, and other religious things. Some of this starts sinking in for Sab...
<Sabrina> Do you understand you flake?!
<Gwen> Remy...don't have anymore...
<Gwen> Man: Sure do!
<Gwen> Man throws her a gaudy-looking uniform.
<Arcus> And...the purpose of this is....?
* Remy looks at Gwen, eyes a bit glazed but not completely. "Why? I'm havin' fun and stuff..."
<Meka> Good! Arcus, stay here! * catches it and runs to the bathroom to change... And returns looking a bit slutty.*
<Meka> You're gonna help me get out of a jam and damn it you're going to enjoy it.
* Gwen sighs and bangs her head into the counter.
* Arcus raises an eyebrow at Meka.
* Sabrina begins to look at the priestess with a bit of interest...
<Arcus> Yes ma'am! ^_-
<Remy> O_o
<Gwen> Priestess goes on with the stories. ^_^
* Remy stops Gwen. "Okay, okay...I'll stop...just don't do that!"
<Gwen> Heh. ^_^ Okay.
* Meka drags Arcus onto the stage and waits to be introduced...
* Gwen ows though. "That tactic always seems to work.."
* Remy grins and shakes his head, chuckling.
<Arcus> This should be entertaining. ^_-
<Sabrina> Hey, miss, I think this one * points to Gwen* needs some help.
* Remy notices Meka on stage. O_o
<Gwen> Priestess stays by Sabrina anyway. ^_^
* Arcus waves to Remy and Gwen (and Zeth).
* Gwen spits out her drink all over Remy, in reaction to seeing Meka. "Shit! That's a lot of clevage!!"
<Remy> Aaargh.
<Meka> Hello, introduce me!
<Gwen> Oh! Sorry...
* Remy looks down at his shirt.. :P
<Gwen> Man: May I present...Rose and her exotic dancer friend, Tango!
<Remy> Thats okay.. ^_^;
* Remy blinks.
<Remy> Rose? Tango?
* Meka laughs!
* Remy gapes. :P
<Arcus> Who? Me?
* Gwen grins. "Yes you!"
<Gwen> >> A cheesy music begins to play.
<Meka> A'ight.. At least it wasn't Purity. Dance with me, hotstuff!
<Remy> Oh my... O_o
* Meka starts leading Arcus through a dance.
* Sabrina looks at the priestess with tears in her eyes. "So you're saying there's some people, or gods, that actually love me?"
* Arcus shrugs. "Why not?" :P
<Gwen> Priestess: Yes...
* Arcus allows Meka to lead.
* Remy notes the amount of cleavage shown by that suit..
* Gwen laughs so hard!!
<Meka> Damn, you're a good dancer.
* Sabrina hugs the priestess tightly and says through sobs "!"
<Arcus> Why thank you. ^_-
<Gwen> The priestess hugs back. "Remember, I am always here if you need somene to talk to."
* Meka glares at Remy... "I wore this when I was 15, don't start! :P"
<Remy> O_o
<Gwen> Heh, Kattie allowed her daughter to be a slut. Why am I not surprised.
* Remy raises an eyebrow waaaaaay up.
<Meka> I was a lot smaller then.
* Meka looks back at Arcus. "I told you you'd enjoy it."
* Remy looks down at the stain his shirt. :P
* Sabrina hugs Gwen and Remy. "I'm so sorry for being such a pain in your ass!"
<Arcus> Easy there Rem, you're about to punch a hole in the ceiling with that eyebrow. ^_-
* Remy is hugged suddenly. O_o
* Remy falls off his stool. :P
* Gwen blinks and hugs her back. "Why...thanks..."
<Remy> Are you drunk, Sabrina? O_o
<Sabrina> No, I'm high!
<Gwen> O_o
<Remy> Uhhh..
<Gwen> On what?
<Gwen> Hash? Acid?
* Arcus continues to dance, getting more into it as he goes along.
<Remy> This can't be good for the baby. :P
<Gwen> Right, exactly.
* Gwen waggles her finger, slightly tipsy.
<Sabrina> On...I don't....
<Sabrina> I don't know....
<Sabrina> But it's amazing! I love it so much! I'm so sorry for anything I've said!
* Remy notices Gwen and grabs the finger. " many have you had?" O_o
<Gwen> 2. You?
<Remy> Uhhh.......5..... :P
<Gwen> Hah!
* Gwen giggles to herself.

== Cut Scene ==

<Gwen> Right on the edge of the town, two people stand. One is the solider man, the other is a runtish guy with a device that looks like a blowtorch...
<Gwen> Man: You know what to do, right?
<Gwen> Man: You get the town, I'll get the resst...heheahhahahaahahahha!
<Alexis> 2nd Man: Sure thing... hehehehe...
<Alexis> * 2nd Man starts heading towards Hayhill... "Bumpity..."
<Gwen> Man: Get 'em Bunson!
<Alexis> * 2nd Man chuckles a bit... "Bumpity bumpity bump! My life for you!!"
<Gwen> Man: Just do it.
<Alexis> * 2nd Man lights the torch. "Eeeeh heheheheh... burn burn burn... Yaaaah..."
<Gwen> >> He sets several houses on fire!
<Gwen> >> Since everything here is made out of hay, they light almost immediately!
<Gwen> >> Several people rush out of their homes in panic!
<Gwen> The man raises his arm, and tons of Danek soldiers appear! "Men! ATTACK!"

== End Cut Scene ==

<Gwen> >> Meanwhile, Adek, alone, is heading back to his house.
<Gwen> >> Something seems wrong, however...smoke is coming from it...
* Adek blinks. "What's.."
<Gwen> Twyla: Mom! Mom!
* Adek stops in his tracks for a second, the starts sprinting for the house.
<Gwen> Twyla is frantically running around the now engulfed house.
<Gwen> Twyla: Adek! Adek! Mommy was missing and so was grandma and then the house started buring and I almost got caught and *huff puff!*
* Adek stares at the blazing house, half in shock. "Twyla! What's happening? What the hell is going on?"
<Gwen> >> You look back and see it's not just your house burning, but the entire village....
<Gwen> Twyla: And I got a burn!!
<Gwen> Twyla: What's that smell? AHH! MY CLOTHES! They're on fire!!!!
*Stop, drops, and rolls, sobbing*
<Gwen> >> The fire is put out quickly.
* Adek starts shaking his head, unable to decide what to do, or even to form a coherent sentence.. "What.. why.. how.."
<Gwen> Twyla: Let's go find Mom and Dad!
<Adek> Where.. ..the church, maybe?
<Gwen> Twyla nods, sobbing.
<Gwen> >> You rush through a grape field to the church, Twyla following you.
<Gwen> Twyla: Adek, where's mom and dad? Where are they!?
<Adek> I don't know! If I knew, I'd tell you!
* Adek stares at the church, trying to decide if it's on fire, or safe to go in.
<Gwen> >> You suddenly stop. You realize right then that you saw this entire scene the River of Time and Memory. Instead of the past, it predicted your future...and you had no clue...
* Adek takes a step back. "Shit.. Twyl.. stay here.."
<Gwen> Twyla: Why?
<Adek> I'm going inside. I don't know if it's safe.. just.. nevermind. Wait here.
<Gwen> Twyla: O--Okay...
* Adek hurries into the church.
<Gwen> >> There is no one in the church. Smoke is aleady billowing into the rooms...
* Adek shouts. "HELLO! ANYONE?"
<Gwen> >> You hear a scream in the back of the church!
<Gwen> >> "NO! NO! Keep away from me! KEEP AWAY!!"
* Adek mutters a curse and starts on his way to the back.
<Gwen> >> "No! Stop! Don't do that! NO NO! Stop! (Screams) ADEK! Help me!!"
* Adek pulls out his sword, and keeps going.
<Gwen> >> You hear the sound of ripping clothes. The girl screams more. It sounds like it's coming from tbe back room.
* Adek breaks into a run. "Leave her alone, whoever the hell you are!"
<Gwen> Voice: Fuck! We got company!"
<Gwen> >> The door is in front of you, but locked!
<Gwen> Girl: NOOOOOOO!
* Adek takes a step back, and tries to kick it in.
<Gwen> >> The door opens quite easily. In the back of the room you find three men looming over the prone form of Savannah. The top of her dress is horribly ripped, leaving little to the imagination. One of the men is pinning her down, while the other is putting himself on top of her and putting his hands inside her skirts...
<Gwen> Savannah: Get off! GET OFF!
* Adek pauses for a split second, taking the scene in.
<Gwen> Guard: O_o Oh shii--
* Adek shifts his grip on his sword and rushes the closest of the men.
<Gwen> >> Adek knocks one of the men away!
* Adek goes for the next one, clearly intending to do as much harm as he can.
<Gwen> >> You can now pick Savannah out of the fray, if you want. Or let her...
<Gwen> Guard: God DAMMIT!
* Adek aims a kick at the third man, trying to get between Sav and the three guards.
<Gwen> >> You're able to get your hand on Sav's wrist and pull her out.
<Gwen> Savannah: Adek! Oh, am I ever glad to see you...
* Adek spares a glance at Sav as he keeps backing away, and watches the door to the back room, almost hoping those three try to come out. "Get out of here, Sav.."
<Gwen> Savannah: I can't...their blocking the door...
<Gwen> >> The guards surround have no choice but to fight!

== COMBAT!! ==

* Adek brings his sword up. "Ok, jackasses! I'm going to ENJOY this.."
<Alexis> > Guards 3 Hp:???
* Savannah pulls out her staff.
<Savannah> Adek, I saw these men, these guards take your dad and stick him in some sort of cart with the other villagers...then they sped away...
<Savannah> Then one of them grabbed me and dragged me here.
* Adek glares at the three. "A shame they aren't going to live to tell anyone about it."
* Savannah casts cold on one of the guards! "Take this!"
<Alexis> >> Savannah casts Cold! 101 damage to Guard 1!
<Alexis> >> Guard 1 attacks Adek!
<Alexis> 5 damage...
<Alexis> >> Guard 2 attacks Adek!
<Alexis> >> 7 damage...
<Alexis> >> Guard 3 attacks Savannah!
<Alexis> >> Miss...
* Adek throws himself at the soldiers, wildly swinging his sword.
<Alexis> >> Adek uses Wide Slash! Guard 1 takes 63! Guard 2 takes 57! Guard 3 takes 50!
<Alexis> >> Guard 1 is slain!
* Savannah whoohoos!
* Savannah conjures up a mound of Earth and flings it at the gaurd!
<Alexis> >> Savannah casts Pillar! Guard 2 takes 121 damage!
<Alexis> >> Guard 2 is slain!
<Alexis> >> Guard 3 attacks Savannah!
<Alexis> >> Guard 3 misses...
* Adek chants briefly, forming an electric charge on his sword and tossing it at the remaining guard.
<Alexis> >> Adek casts Shock!
<Alexis> >> Guard 3 takes 61 damage!
* Savannah forms her own electrical current and flings it at the gaurd. "Shock!"
<Alexis> >> Savannah casts Shock!
<Alexis> >> Guard 3 takes 92 damage!
<Alexis> >> Guard 3 is slain! == Victory! Adek & Savannah gain 60 Exp, 60 Gp & 15 Tp... ==

== VICTORY! Adek & Savannah gain 60 Exp, 60 Gp, & 15 Tp. == ==

<Savannah> Savannah: Are you okay?
<Adek> I should be asking you that, Sav, but there's no time.. the whole town's burning down, and.. and..
* Savannah looks at him.
* Adek shakes his head, trying to stay calm. "Fuck! Forget it, let's just get out of here!"
<Savannah> >> They both quickly hurry out, anad you see a horrible sight...People, villagers, livestock, alll on the ground, dead. Blood is oozing from every crevace imaginable. Their eyes open, bodies slumped in eternal's a massacare..
<Savannah> >> People are now beginning to rush out of the now burning Inn.
* Adek opens his mouth, closes it, and opens it again, trembling with rage.
* Gwen coughs and sputters.
* Remy dashes out of the inn, tripping and falling on his face. :P
<Arcus> That certainly ended the performance. ^_-
<Gwen> Shit! What the hell happened?!
<Remy> Ow..
* Alexis seemingly comes out of nowhere. "What the hell gives?!"
* Remy picks himself up..
* Arcus looks around at the massacre. "Quite a lot it seems."
* Gwen points to the bodies and shudders. "Empire...they have their filthy prints all over this!"
<Remy> Woah. Alex. You just suddenly came out of nowhere.. O_o
* Sunny wanders in.
<Remy> Danek scum..
* Remy spits.
<Arcus> ....
<Gwen> >> A little girl's scream is heard, as a young girl is forcefully pulled into a cart with people.
<Gwen> Girl: ADEK! HELP!
<Gwen> Savannah: ...Twyla!
* Adek blinks. "Oh, shit.. Twylla!"
<Remy> Oh shit. :P
* Arcus glares. "I don't think so....."
<Gwen> Guard: Shut up!
* Adek breaks into a run for the umpteenth time in the last five minutes.
* Arcus chases after.
<Gwen> Guard grins and looks at the wiggling girl in his hand. "Nah, we don't want you for the camps...too much of a runt!"
<Gwen> Guard: He strikes Twyla on top of the head hard with his sword hilt! He then throws her to the groud. She doesn't move..
<Remy> Let her go, pissant! :P
<Gwen> Shit!
<Arcus> ..........
<Remy> Oh, shit...he let her a bad way....
* Gwen pulls out her spear. "Sonnabitch!"
<Remy> Alright. Time to bust some head!
* Arcus unsheathes his sword as he runs.
<Gwen> Voice in the background. "Not so fast."
* Remy draws out his bo and twirls it, growling.
<Remy> Huh?
* Gwen twirls around, the regal man seen with the pyromaniac stands in front of you, smiling.
<Gwen> Wha....
* Arcus stops and whirls around.
* Adek glares at the man, raising his sword.
* Remy narrows his eyes at the regal man..
<Gwen> Man: I wouldn't get near her, if I was you. She's just another statistic...another hapless victim in these events...
<Gwen> Savannah: Why...? Why did you do this?
<Arcus> Grrr......
<Gwen> Man: Fear. Jeal wants fear, and no doubt an event like this will bring fear into the hearts of every person on Vay!
* Remy growls..
<Remy> Disgust....not fear..
<Adek> Stand aside, or I'm going to fucking turn YOU into a goddamn statistic!
<Gwen> Man laughs.
<Arcus> This will only bring retribution pal!
<Gwen> Man: You really think you can stop me? Really?
<Gwen> Man: What makes you think you can? And what's the point? Everyone who is missing is now being thrown into concentration camps. The lucky ones lie among the dead. You fight for nothing!
* Gwen growls.
<Arcus> are a sad little man, and I pity you.
<Remy> Bastard..
<Gwen> No, he is a sad big man, and I don't pity him. I have no remorse for people like him..
<Remy> So lets kick his ass.
<Arcus> Each to their own.
* Adek snarls. "If I have to, heaven help me, I'll hunt down every person who wears the Danek uniform, and I will slaughter them all! Many good people's blood was spilled today.. and I'm going make up for it, drop by drop starting right here with you.
<Gwen> Man: Would you like to join them, the ones heading to hell? Come, let's see how well you can do. I am General Issak, and this will be your final resting place!
<Arcus> Feh! I already paid for my plot! I will not be buried here!
<Gwen> Issak laughs, and you surrond him, the fight set to begin!


Session Close: Fri May 08 21:29:43 1998