VayRPG Session 2: Hour of Darkness: Part 2

Gwen, Phoebe, Katarina, and Random NPCS: GMLucca
Pottle: Talon
Alen: Pippa
Adek: Rasis
Neil: Runestar
Sabrina: Danny
Pottle: Talon
Meka: Star
Remy, Spice Girl Robot: Marrow/Leeta

Session Start: Fri Oct 03 18:02:31 1997

<Gwen> >>When we last left the party, the lights went out in the bar, and one of the robots went crazy, decapitating people!
* Gwen blinks.
* Neil stands.
<Gwen> >>Another robot stabs a parton, there is definetely an air of panic now!
<Gwen> What the hell's is going on?
* Sabrina looks down at the floor after her fight with Gwen, ashamed of herself.
* Adek unconsciously lays a hand on the hilt of his blade, looking around with a stunned expression. "Holy.."
* Neil steps up to the robots.
* Neil already has his axe out by reflex.
<Gwen> >>Soon, it's not just the robots, it's every mechanical thing in the bar. Toasters, Waffle irons, mixers, etc. are maiming every person. Blood splatters the walls red.
<Gwen> Neil! Get back here!
<Gwen> I TOLD you this would happen!
<Gwen> But did you believe me?
<Gwen> Nooooo!
* Neil retreats when the whole place goes crazy.
<Neil> Is there a back door to this place??
<Gwen> >>A robot blocks Neil's path! It's the spice girls robot!
<Neil> Or a front door??
<Gwen> Neil! Lookout! Behind you!
<Neil> A window???
* Neil dodges.
<Pottle> Robot: If ya wanna be my lover, ya gotta go kill your friends..*giggle*
<Gwen> >>Neil barely dodges a fatal blow!
<Adek> We have to do something!
* Neil already declared he was retreating to the safety of the table :P
<Gwen> >>The robots start advancing on you...3 of them.
* Neil overturns the table for some protection.
<Gwen> Um..guys...I really don't feel like losing my head...
<Gwen> We have to fight!
<Adek> ..Running isn't an option?
<Gwen> >>More screams can be heard outside, apparently, it's not just in the bar!
<Gwen> Not when there is like, 10 of them blocking our path!
<Gwen> The robots finally jump the party!

== COMBAT!! ==

<Neil> Well, I can take these 3.
<Neil> :P
* Adek looks disappointed, but draws his katana anyway. "Well.. here goes nothing.."
* Gwen whacks spice girl robot A with her staff!
<Gwen> Hit one: 15, Hit 2: 17.
<Gwen> Yeah! Up yours asswipes!
* Adek lunges at the same robot Gwen attacks, slashing quickly.
<Gwen> Hit one: 20, Hit 2: 23. Robot A crunches down to a pile of parts!
<Gwen> Robot B raises a sharp knife!
<Gwen> Robot B slashes Gwen in the leg! 5 damage!
<Gwen> Ah!
* Gwen falls back. "You stupid mechanical shit!"
<Neil> Ok tin can-ettes... try using your translator programs to convert our orders to Australian... maybe then you'll realize I wanted a B-E-E-R!
<Gwen> Spice Girl C Defends!
<Leeta> Robot C: "If ya wanna be my lover, ya gotta get with my frrrrrrrriiiiiieeeeeennnnndddds...."
<Gwen> You sang that part already!
<Leeta> Robot: "Been broken hearted before, ah, but thats the last time it happens to meeeeee yeaaaaah!"
* Neil hacks at the nearest robot's legs :P
<Gwen> Hits for 30 Damage! The robots leg falls off!
<Gwen> Robot: Pbbbt!
<Gwen> Heheh. :)
<Adek> Who cares what they sang? Let's make them _stop_. That stuff's horrible!
<Gwen> No kidding...
<Neil> I bet it would sound better in Australian.
<Leeta> Robot C: "I'm givin' you eeeeeeevvvvvverything, all that joy can bring, yes I swear!!! And I all that I want from you is a promise you will be there!!!"

- Combat Round 2 -

* Gwen chants and points at robot B. "Spike!" A large spike rips up from the tavern floor and hits robot B! 14 Damage!
<Leeta> Robot B: "Maaaaaaamaaaaaa I love you, Mamaaaaaaaa I care.....Maaaaaamaaaaaa I love you, Maaaaaaamaaaaaa my friend.....your my frrrrrieend..."
<Gwen> SHUT UP!
* Gwen swings her spear around in agony!
* Adek shifts his sword quickly, lashing out at B.
<Leeta> Robot C: "Oh I'll tell you what I want, what I really really tell me what you want what you really want?...".
<Gwen> Hit one: 20, Hit 2: 24. Robot B explodes! The blast hits the party members! Gwen, 5 Damage, Neil: 6, Adek, 4. Robot C moves to B's position.
<Neil> Ack!
<Gwen> Oh dammit. That's one burn stain that'll never come out.
<Adek> Ow.. son of a gun.
* Neil narrows his eyes. "You hurt me..."
* Neil hurls his axe at robot C and buries it into its chest.
<Gwen> Spice girl C giggles in a robotic voice. "Yeah, like, I did!"
<Gwen> Hit 1: 25, Hit 2: 23.

- Combat Round 3 --

<Leeta> Spice Bot C: Like, you broke MY NAIL!
<Gwen> Shut up!
<Gwen> Gwen lashes out with her staff again!
<Gwen> Hit one: 16, Hit two 17. Robot C dies!

== VICTORY! 50 XP, 40 Gold, and 5 TXP ==

* Neil shrugs.
<Gwen> >>The path to the door is now open.
* Neil gets the hell out.
* Gwen runs out with Neil!
<Gwen> >>Meanwhile, on the other side of the fairgrounds...
* Adek follows close behind.
<Gwen> >>The fairgrounds here still seem peaceful...
<Gwen> >>This part of the fair houses the 'market' section..
<Gwen> >>They have tons of machines, antiques, and books for sale.
<Gwen> >>Pottle is looking at a set of encylopedia's...totally bored out of his mind. :)
<Gwen> Phoebe: What are you looking at?
* Pottle tosses a book out the window...
* Meka sees Pottle and slides up next to him.
<Meka> Hey... Whatcha reading?
* Meka pulls out the W volume of the Encylopidias.
<Pottle> Nothin' really...
<Meka> Did you know that wolves are the only beings that mate for life other than humaniods?
* Meka flips to a page on wolves.
* Pottle flips open a book about the war with Sadoul, and Sandor's quest...
<Phoebe> Oh, really?
<Meka> Yeah. *looks at Phoebe, as if sizing her up* It's really quite interesting.
<Phoebe> >>The information is totally wrong about Pottle. It says his name is Potty Pinkybow, that he was shot by gun, and fell off a 6 story highrise. Not only that, the artist interptitation of him make him look like a girl ;)
* Meka shows the pic to Pottle.
<Phoebe> Y-yes?
* Pottle stares at this book..."What the FUCK..."
<Phoebe> What is it Pottle?
<Meka> It's a wolf! :P
* Pottle ignores Meka...
* Meka gets miffed, then tries again.
<Phoebe> Who is Potty Pinkybow?
<Pottle> Take a look at this...I fell off a 6 story highrise, and I look like a girl ;)
* Phoebe laughs out loud.
<Meka> You know, I saw you smoking a while back... Can I have a cigarette?
<Pottle> Here...
* Phoebe eyes Meka warily...
* Remy trudges in on the group, looking a little dirty but nevertheless okay...
* Pottle hands Meka a menthol and a matchbook.
* Meka takes it, smiling flirtingly.
<Remy> Woah..
<Phoebe> ...You?
* Remy eyes Phoebe.
<Phoebe> Psst. Pottle, isn't he the guy that took our money?
<Meka> So, what's your names?
<Pottle> Yeah...
* Remy also eyes Pottle and Meka..
<Phoebe> Phoebe Xeria.
<Pottle> Pottle Eccles.
<Phoebe> So, Remy. Where's our money?
<Meka> Mine's Meka.
<Remy> Uhm..
* Remy coughs slightly.
<Remy> Maybe you are confused wit' my twin brother, non?
* Meka slides up next to Pottle, eyeing him. "So... You interested in anything here?"
<Phoebe> I'm not that stupid! Give us our money!
* Pottle looks over at Meka. "What're you pulling?"
<Phoebe> We worked hard for it! I hate cheaters!
<Meka> I can show you some of the more... sophisticated areas, if you want.
* Remy smiles dashingly at Phoebe, a smile that can melt anyone. "Maybe we can talk about it over dinner, mon cher?"
<Meka> Nothing. You're an elf, right?
<Pottle> Yep...
<Pottle> Don't the ears give it away...?
* Phoebe looks at Pottle. "I'm taken. Sorry. Where's our money?"
<Meka> I am too. A little fellowship.
* Remy rolls his eyes.
<Meka> What do you say?
<Phoebe> Please?
<Pottle> *shrug* Why not...
* Phoebe gets a sweet innocent look.
<Pottle> Phoebe, fuck 'im. I'll get it back, eventually...
* Phoebe sighs.
* Meka smiles and starts to walk away beckoning to Pottle to follow.
* Phoebe latches on to Pottle. "Um. He's taken. Yeah."
* Remy leans against a wall and looks around absentmindedly.
* Alen comes in, looking pretty lost
* Meka smiles at Phoebe.
<Phoebe> >>Suddenly, without warning...
<Alen> Excuse me... would you mind-
<Meka> Take it easy, girlie. I ain't gonna steal yer boy-toy. :P
<Phoebe> >>There is a bloodcurdling scream!
<Alen> OH, it's.. you...
<Alen> !!!!!
<Remy> What..?
* Remy draws his bo.
* Meka grins, then looks around. "What the hell?!"
<Pottle> What the?!
<Phoebe> >>And a head rolls up to Meka's feet, eyes buldging, tounge lolling!
* Phoebe screams!
* Alen looks at the head, shocked.
<Remy> Ah! Mon chere! Look out for the big head rolly thing!
* Meka snickers and kicks it to Phoebe.
* Phoebe screams again!
<Pottle> Yo...somebody misplace their head?
<Meka> You're a big girl, it's dead!
* Pottle punts the head.
<Meka> You ARE a big girl, right?
* Pottle puts his arms up like goal posts..."It's GOOD!"
* Remy snickers.
<Phoebe> >>More screaming is heard! You're all getting splattered with blood. You look around and see the exact same chaos as what was seen in the bar! Robots attacking humans!
<Alen> I'd never... SEEN something like that... not even when..
* Remy grimaces!
* Meka whispers to Phoebe. "Cause if you aren't... I can take that sexy elf off your hands..."
<Alen> !! Not again!!!
<Phoebe> No way!
<Remy> All over my trenchcoat!
<Phoebe> Don't you have anything better to do?
<Meka> Yeah. Protect little girls like you. *shoves Phoebe behind her and draws her whip*
<Phoebe> >>Something strikes Pottle from the back! It's sharp.
<Pottle> Yeeeouch!
* Alen 's face is ashen white.
<Meka> Pottle?!
<Pottle> What the fuck...?
<Phoebe> 5 HP damage! 3 toasters start hopping up to you, and one blender! :)

== COMBAT!! ==

<Alen> This is just a bad dream... a bad dream... it's not happening..
* Pottle draws his sword and sets up Cloud-Style.
* Meka grins and snickers at his comment, but remembers that she's in a serious problem.
* Phoebe pulls out her cane shakily...
* Alen takes out his bow.
<Pottle> Toasters. Damn. I'm not used to fighting appliances. ;)
* Phoebe tries not to laugh! "Brave little toasters."
<Meka> Hey, you, Pottle. How about a little friendly sparring match later?
* Remy grins darkly and starts twirling his bo around in a figure 8.
<Pottle> Whip against sword? Isn't that a bit of a kill? ;)
* Phoebe casts Concentrate! Her Wisdom increases!
<Meka> You aren't as skilled in a whip as I am. *grins wickedly*
* Alen shakily moves his hands and starts summoning magic.
<Pottle> ...dominatrix, eh?
* Phoebe looks at Pottle warily :/
<Alen> P-projection...!
<Phoebe> I knew I shouldn't have stopped him from smoking..
<Pottle> We'll see.
* Meka smiles suggestivly.
<Phoebe> 30 Hp damage to Toaster 1! It dies!
<Phoebe> Toaster one pops toast at Phoebe's eyes! 3 HP damage!
* Meka defends Phoebe.
<Phoebe> Ow!
<Phoebe> Toaster 3 bangs down hard at Alen's feet! Misses!
<Phoebe> Blender 1 slices at Meka's ear! 4 Hp damage!
* Meka defends Phoebe!
<Phoebe> T-thanks Meka.
<Meka> ACK! Damn!
* Meka gasps. "No problem, sweetie..."
* Phoebe casts Projection at toaster 2. 36 HP damage! Toaster 2 dies!
<Phoebe> This is far..
* Remy chants lowly and his red eyes deepen in their mist begins flowing his dark red eyes and Remy smiles almost evilly. 1"Here's where I cook your ass, mon ami!"6 He casts ¤Flame Bolt on Blender.
<Phoebe> Hits for 6 HP damage!
<Phoebe> Ohh..that didn't work well, did it?
* Pottle draws his sword..."My turn..."
* Pottle does a flip, and drives his sword down into the blender's container, twisting into the blades...
<Phoebe> Hit 1: 13, Hit 2: 16 . Blender dies!
<Phoebe> Toaster C runs away!

== VICTORY! 20 XP, 60 GP and 10 TXP ==

<Remy> Phew...
<Phoebe> >>The killings are going on everywhere. You need to flee!
<Phoebe> Pottle, we need to run!
<Pottle> Let's beat a hasty retreat...
<Phoebe> Yeah. Let's go!
* Remy smirks and nods.
* Phoebe runs along with Pottle, avoiding getting her head lobbed off.
<Remy> I for once agree, mon amies..
* Remy runs after them.
* Pottle spins his blade, ala Cloud, and sheathes it.
<Phoebe> >>You run past the bar, right into the other group!
<Meka> C'mon, sexy stuffers, I don't like having my ears sliced off!
<Remy> Oopmh!
<Gwen> Ow!
<Gwen> Do you mind you....YOU!
* Pottle smacks into Gwen...
* Sabrina looks at the others. "Umm...hi.."
<Adek> Whoa!
* Meka blinks. "Friends of yours, sexy stuffers?"
* Remy picks himself up.
* Gwen lunges at him, trying to strangle Remy. "You stole my bounty, buttfucker!"
<Pottle> You have a hard fuckin' head! DO YOU KNOW THAT, GWEN?!
* Meka giggles at the term buttfucker...
<Remy> ACK!
<Gwen> Gimme my cash!
* Remy flips Gwen over his head.
<Alen> Hey... uh...
* Gwen slams into the ground hard!
<Alen> We'd better get out of here...
<Remy> Erk..
<Gwen> Phoebe: Yeah, I agree...
<Gwen> >>A man runs up to the party.
* Remy sighs softly and helps Gwen up,
* Meka grins at Pottle. "Hello, sexy stuffers... Talk ta me!"
<Sabrina> Will you guys just stop it?! We need to get the hell out of here!
<Gwen> Man: Excuse must come with us!
<Pottle> Uh...can we concentrate on getting OUT of here?!
<Meka> I don't like the looks of that guy...
* Remy eyes the man.
<Gwen> Man: that's what I'm trying to tell you!
<Adek> Wonderful as this little meeting is.. let's MOVE!
<Gwen> Man: I assume you people know about the underground passage?
<Gwen> Um. No. I don't.
<Pottle> Yeah? What of it?
* Meka blows a kiss to Pottle. "Laters, sexy stuffers. I'll keep an eye on you guys!"
<Sabrina> Do you guys mind if I go with you for a bit?
* Meka grins and runs off in the opposite direction.
* Remy eyes Sabrina and grins! "Certainly not, mon chere!"
<Gwen> Man: Survivors are trying to pass through it to reach the fortress of Gilan....
<Alen> Where is the underground passage!!?
<Gwen> Man: This way!
* Sabrina grins at Remy, "Thanks."
<Gwen> The man motions for you to follow!
<Pottle> Follow me, I know where it is...
<Gwen> How do you know where it is?
* Pottle runs toward the graveyard...
* Alen runs after the man.
* Gwen runs alongside the rest of the party.
<Meka> Bye, Cutiepie! *blows another kiss to Pottle*
<Pottle> I've done this before, Gwen!
* Pottle shrugs off Meka.
<Gwen> You've been here, to this HICK town?
<Gwen> Phoebe: What was her problem?
* Pottle kicks over a gravestone..."Down here, quickly!"
* Sabrina follows the others slower than the rest of them 'cause of her weight.
* Gwen shrugs and jumps in.
* Remy leaps down.
* Alen throws himself down the passage.
<Gwen> >>The party lands inside a dark cavern. Some frightened villagers huddle around buring torches...
* Neil runs from a bar somewhere, and trips over a gravestone.
* Neil curses and finds a passage ;)
* Neil hops in.
<Gwen> >> Neil lands on Phoebe! O_O
<Gwen> Phoebe: AHH!
<Neil> Ack!
* Pottle begins rounding up the villagers..."Come with us."
* Gwen busts out laughing.
* Neil mrrfs and scurries away.
<Gwen> Phoebe: It's okay...really!
<Gwen> Phoebe painfully gets up.
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
* Gwen eyes Pottle. "You leading us or something?"
<Remy> You okay, Phoebe?
* Alen stays quiet and looks deppressed.
<Sabrina> Where are we going, mister?
<Gwen> Phoebe: Yeah, I'll live!
* Sabrina looks at Pottle.
* Neil looks around for people he knows.
* Remy nods.
* Pottle points at the guy with the katana. "Take point with me. We have swords, and can provide better protection..."
* Neil wavez to those he does.
<Pottle> The rest of you, guard our flank...
<Remy> :P
* Neil nods and guards the flank.
<Gwen> Hey, listen you..
<Pottle> Let's keep these people safe 'till we get to Fort Gilan...
<Gwen> Don't go thinking you can boss us around like this..
<Sabrina> Where?
<Gwen> I'll lead as well.
<Remy> Yeah..
<Pottle> Gwen, just stop arguing!
<Gwen> Fine...fine.
* Gwen walks alongside Pottle, and the townspeople follow..
* Adek sighs. "Great.. this is just... next time I decide to visit a town.. I'm not doing it."
<Gwen> Phoebe giggles at Adek.
<Pottle> Heh...
<Neil> Adek: I'm with you... it's the open sea for me.
<Gwen> I want you to answer a question for me Pottle.
* Remy cracks his knuckles.
<Pottle> Sure...
* Adek falls into step with Pottle. "Please, it's Adek. Not 'you with the katana'."
* Sabrina walks next to Remy slowly.
<Gwen> Actually it's two.
* Remy wraps an arm around Sabrina's waist, helping her.
<Pottle> Alright, name's Pottle.
<Gwen> First, I forget. I don't think you answered the question of HOW you met this girl...Feebe? Um...and how did you know about this cave...
<Pottle> We'll save further pleasantries for the Fort.
<Gwen> It's an old safety route..obviously forgotten..
<Sabrina> Umm...thanks...
<Gwen> You're hiding something...
* Sabrina gives Remy a look.
* Remy nods and smiles to Sabrina.
<Pottle> Okay...question one, Phoebe saved my life after I got shot by an arrow and fell into a river delta...
* Neil hops up beside Pottle.
<Pottle> And two, I broke into Fort Gilan once...that's why I know this place.
<Gwen> ...arrow?
<Gwen> You broke into this place? Who the hell are you?
<Gwen> Why the hell would you want to break into this place?
<Pottle> All in due time, Gwen...
<Neil> "Hey, aren't you Pottle? I read you were a girl somewhere though... Oh, never mind.."
* Gwen suddenly gets a sense she's heard this somewhere before...
<Pottle> And so ya know, the guy who shot Jeal McDougal.
* Neil goes back to guarding the flank.
<Gwen> WHAT?
<Gwen> Whoa whoa!
<Gwen> Stop stop!
<Pottle> That guy's a damn good marksman...
<Gwen> CAN'T be?
* Neil stops.
<Pottle> Who?
<Pottle> Can't be who, Gwen?
* Sabrina looks at Remy. "So what's your name?"
<Gwen> I KNEW I recognized you name!
<Gwen> But I wasn't sure!
* Gwen raises her spear. "And it proves it. You're a fucking spy!"
* Remy smiles warmly at Sabrina.. "Remy Najarro, mon chere."
* Remy eyes Gwen..
* Pottle makes a buzzing sound...
<Neil> Gwen... what's going on here?
<Pottle> WRONG!
<Sabrina> My name is Sabrina Cozo.
<Remy> Beautiful name for a beautiful woman..
<Gwen> You have got to be. So, who hired you to kill everyone in town. The Empire, I bet.
<Gwen> Because you are dead. Pottle Eccles DIED.
<Neil> Oh my god! The entire town??
<Pottle> Yeah. Kill everyone in town. WHO the FUCK did I kill?!
<Gwen> This was all a set up by the empire...
<Pottle> Pottle Eccles is standing before you, idiot...
<Neil> So that explains this..
<Gwen> Well, duh. Someone who is posing as him!
<Gwen> Okay...everyone, listen..
<Gwen> You guys know about Sandor, right?
* Remy listens.
<Gwen> King Sandor?
<Pottle> What about me would prove I'm who I say I am?
<Gwen> Shut up spy! Let me explain this...
<Pottle> Ah fuck you...
<Alen> Does it matter!?
<Gwen> Yes it does!
* Adek looks back and forth between Gwen and Pottle.
<Neil> Eccles?
<Pottle> Or I'll pay a visit to Sirufa with you and not give you a mask...
<Neil> Leggo my eccles :P
<Gwen> You DO know about him, right? Tell me you're not ignorant twits..
<Alen> We've got a load of robots behind us and anytime the... the THINGS may come alive too and all you're doing here is talking about spies!?
* Neil's eyes widen.
* Sabrina watches Gwen and Pottle argue.
* Neil turns white.
<Gwen> YEAH! He did it! Kill him and the problems will be over with!
* Neil makes his way to the back of the crowd.
* Alen is starting to sound like a hysteric kid.
<Pottle> Are you STUPID?!
<Remy> Damnit..
<Alen> SHUT UP! And let's get out of here!
* Neil sits down in a corner, shivering.
<Pottle> And you call THEM ignorant twits?!
<Gwen> Listen you....I know about you...
<Pottle> Aww, fuck this!
<Pottle> We'll settle this at the fort!
* Remy nods..
<Gwen> The Pottle you claim you are went on a mission with King Sandor ten years ago, and HE DIED.
<Pottle> Till then, we have fucking APPLIANCES chasing our asses...
<Gwen> Jeal killed him!
* Neil gathers his wits and returns to the crowd.
* Adek draws his sword, stepping between Pottle and Gwen. "Enough! We don't have time for this!"
<Gwen> There is no possible WAY he could have lived and YOU KNOW IT.
<Pottle> I did not die! I was shot NEAR the heart, but I lived!
<Gwen> Phoebe: Please stop this! He's telling the truth!
* Pottle points at Phoebe. "And she revived me!"
<Gwen> What about the fall off the bridge!
<Pottle> Water can break falls...
<Pottle> I still remember that day...
<Gwen> Not when you fall from 100 feet up!
<Gwen> Oh really? Shyeah right.
<Gwen> Villager: Um. Can we go now??
<Gwen> Shut up!
<Alen> Yes... please, let's go.
<Pottle> Right before I fell, I looked up, and said: "Tell Master Otto...I died bravely..."
<Remy> I agree with Alen.
<Gwen> ....Not bad. But anyone could get that information...
<Pottle> Then went crashing down into the water below...
<Gwen> Phoebe: her your scar...
<Pottle> Good idea...
* Pottle removes his armor and lifts up his shirt, showing a scar, right next to his heart.
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
* Gwen gapes... "Aw shit...."
<Pottle> Elves with scars near their hearts are hard to come by...
<Gwen> But why didn't you tell anyone you were alive?
<Pottle> Because I didn't REMEMBER.
* Gwen now feels like the ignorant twit..
* Adek starts walking, if they aren't going to come, too bad.
* Gwen sighs and tells the others to walk again "Sorry. Sorry."
<Gwen> Didn't Remember?
* Remy smirks and returns to walking.
* Pottle puts his armor back on and continues...
<Pottle> Amnesia. I had it for about 8 years, I'd say...
<Gwen> Geez...
<Pottle> But by then, I decided Pottle Eccles should remain a war hero...someone for the people to believe in...
* Alen glares at Gwen.
<Gwen>'re one lucky little shit to survive Jeal like that, I'm surprised he didn't come after you, or at least, his followers didn't come after you...
* Pottle continues walking...
<Alen> Happy now?
* Gwen glares at Alen. "Yeah. Peachy."
<Pottle> Gwen, he, like you, thought I was dead.
<Gwen> Yeah, but he has spies everywhere...or he did...
<Gwen> Surprised one didn't find out you were still alive...
* Neil gathers his wits and walks with the rest of the people :P
<Pottle> In the middle of nowhere, nobody knew.
<Gwen> Hmm....
<Gwen> If you're so smart. Tell me what the hell you think is going on around here?
<Gwen> Phoebe walks behind the others...
<Gwen> Better yet, does anyone know?
* Neil falls into step with Phoebe.
* Pottle chuckles. "This whole thing makes me wonder if Sadoul is alive..."
<Gwen> You think it's Danek?
<Pottle> Most definetely.
* Alen looks sad and at the same time mad.
<Gwen> I think so too...but I can't prove it.
<Gwen> Phoebe: What is it Alen?
<Alen> You're so naïve...
<Neil> You seem to know a lot about this..
<Gwen> Phoebe: Wha..why?
<Alen> You know what's happening?
<Pottle> Well, then smart boy...speak up!
<Alen> The machines went berserk.
<Alen> Think!
<Alen> What could make it happen?
<Pottle> And machines go berserk, why?
<Alen> Does "Magic" ring a bell?
<Alen> Why!?
<Pottle> No duh!
<Gwen> ....maybe...
<Alen> The GREAT question!
<Pottle> Magic makes perfect sense!
<Gwen> It could be more sinister than that...
<Neil> Machines were brought here from an evil place... their natural tendency is war.
<Alen> WHAT else apart from those machines was there at the fair!!
<Alen> THINK!
<Pottle> And who was the smartest man on this planet? Sadoul...
<Neil> It's what they were built for... At least Sadoul knew that.
<Gwen> But he's dead...
<Pottle> Do you have proof?
<Gwen> Yeah, we have no proof...
<Pottle> Was there a body found?
<Alen> What do you want proof for...
<Pottle> You thought I was dead...
<Pottle> But I'm here...
<Neil> Gwen... Pottle is dead...
<Neil> If Sadoul is as dead as Pottle, I fear for the world.
<Pottle> Same could go for Sadoul.
<Gwen> Maybe....
<Pottle> This time I'll get to live to kill him ;)
<Gwen> >>A voice laughs wickedly "Idiots...!"
<Remy> Hey...who're you callin an idiot, idiot? :P
<Alen> You people still don't understand... do you?
* Pottle looks around...
* Neil walks over to Alen.
<Gwen> >>Voice "You poor pathetic souls don't have a clue..."
* Pottle is trying to find the voice...
* Alen looks at everyone else with a kind of despair.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Who's there....
<Pottle> WHO IS THAT?!
* Remy growls softly.
* Pottle sparks a cigarette...
* Neil says through clenched teeth. "Care to enlighten us, sir?"
<Gwen> Voice: But let me help you saplings..see the light, so to speak..
<Gwen> It's a she, idiot...can't you tell...?
* Pottle passes Gwen one...
<Pottle> Here, now's the time for nicotine...
* Gwen takes the ciggie...
<Gwen> Thanks man...
<Neil> A she? Maybe this one's pottle...
* Neil chuckles.
<Pottle> Well then, babe, speak up...
* Pottle spins and smacks Neil. "You shut up!"
* Neil owws.
<Adek> That's disgusting, you two.
* Remy rolls his eyes.
<Neil> Hey, I've had my fill of smoke.
<Gwen> >>A woman steps out of the shadows....She is tall and beautful...with long black hair and a sexy dress on. She radates the aura of a high class sorcress.  A strange pendant hangs around her neck.
<Neil> Put those things out.
* Neil raises an eyebrow.
<Alen> Uh-oh.
<Gwen> Woman: Fancy meeting you here....
<Gwen> Shit...this isn't happy...
* Neil turns to Alen.. "Once again... care to enlighten us?"
* Alen whispers to Neil... "On this one I don't know."
<Gwen> Who are you?
<Pottle> Hmm...where have I seen her before...
* Neil steps forward... "Hello.."
<Remy> Hmmn..
<Gwen> Woman: *Laughs*
* Pottle pushes Neil back...
<Neil> Rrr..
<Gwen> Woman: You want to know the real reason for the attack?
<Pottle> Cuz yer a bitch? ;)
* Neil gives Pottle a dirty look and drifts back.
<Gwen> Yeha, that's kinda what we were hoping, bitch!
<Pottle> Slut?
<Pottle> Whore?
<Pottle> All of the above? ;)
<Gwen> Woman ignores Pottle.
<Gwen> Woman: Your assumptions were correct. The Empire has regained it's power...
<Pottle> Or that you look ugly and yer mother dresses you funny? ;)
* Remy eyes the woman, his red eyes glowing.
<Gwen> Wha...How?!
<Gwen> Who is behind it?
<Pottle> Aww...fuck!
<Pottle> We already kill it once...and it's back?!
<Alen> I don't believe it... you look like a freelancer...
* Neil whispers to Alen... "Whoever she is, she's rather attractive..."
<Gwen> And were you the one who blasted the town?
<Pottle> Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'...
* Alen looks at Neil.
<Gwen> Woman: Me? Oh no. Don't care for those gadgets and such...I have another purpose....
* Neil laughs.
<Gwen> Woman: Give me that girl...(Points at Phoebe)
<Alen> You sure have strange taste. She looks rather dangerous to me.
<Gwen> Phoebe cries out.
* Neil stops laughing.
<Pottle> Not on your life, asshole!
<Gwen> Oh yeah, sure we will.
<Neil> I'm not touching this situation.
* Pottle stands in front of her defensively.
<Gwen> Woman: I'll have to kill you if you don't hand her over.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Pottle....
<Pottle> The hell you will...
<Gwen> Woman: Fools. Don't say I didn't warn you...
* Pottle draws his sword...
* Alen taps Pottle on the shoulder discreetly.
<Gwen> Woman: But before I so tragically end your should know the name of your assasin...
<Gwen> Woman: You may address me as Katarina Du Nord. Now you will die.

== COMBAT!! ==

<Alen> Hey... uh... you sure this is a good idea...?
<Neil> Well if you MUST drag me into this I'm sure I can handle a little dicing... although I must say it's a shame I have to hurt you.
* Pottle begins racking his brain.
<Gwen> Phoebe Defends as best as she can!
* Alen motions with his hands and summons his spirit energy.
* Alen points at Katarina and casts Projection!
<Gwen> Katarina puts up a shield! 1 HP damage!
<Gwen> Aw man..
<Alen> I knew it... I knew it...
<Alen> Let's get the hell outta here!
<Gwen> Why?
<Gwen> We gotta fight it out! There's no other way to go!
<Pottle> I know this bitch...but from WHERE?!
<Gwen> There's toasters from hell back there!
* Remy grins in a deep, charming, sexy and handsome way. His eyes twinkle in their charm and he winks at Gwen. Remy casts ¤Projection on Katarina !
<Gwen> 1 HP damage!
<Alen> ...
* Gwen preforms the tech of faststrike!
<Alen> The toasters would be easier.
<Gwen> 1 HP damage!
<Gwen>'re right man, this ain't workin.
<Alen> Retreat?
<Pottle> But there's no way out!
<Alen> There's gotta be!
<Gwen> >>There is no retreat...waa haha :)
<Gwen> >>Katarina powers up a high level to wipe you off the face of the planet!
* Adek moves forward, slashing in a more mundane manner than the other attacks.
<Gwen> 1 HP damage.
<Pottle> Okay...when I give the word, duck yer ass, and cover with ANYTHING you have!
<Gwen> How do you know what's she's gonna do?
* Neil narrows his eyes... "Some mage". Gesturing hatefully, he casts poison!
<Gwen> Misses!
* Alen nods and prepares himself.
* Neil curses
* Pottle flips his sword, and dual cuts at Katarina, making an "X".
<Gwen> 2 HP damage!
<Gwen> Katarina: Hahah! Was that the BEST you could all do?
<Alen> I can't die here... not now...
<Gwen> Dammit. I think we're going to die. Big.
<Neil> Somehow I don't think so.
* Alen looks at Gwen.
<Alen> Give up and we're dead. Never give up.
<Gwen> Katarina: Now to be rid of you all!
<Pottle> Grab your shields, and get ready to drop yer asses under them...
* Neil is ready for anything.
<Gwen> Katarina casts Heaven's Justice! Her pendant glows black..
<Neil> Oh damn...
* Pottle pulls Phoebe to him..."If we die now...know that I love you..."
* Alen puts his wristband in front of him.
<Gwen> >>The sky above crackles with energy, and large thunderbolts pummel you from above!
* Pottle pulls himself and Phoebe beneath his shield, dropping to the ground!
* Neil is under his shield.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Pottle....
<Neil> :P
* Adek crouches, holding his katana defensively in front of him.
* Alen backs against a wall, protecting himself with the wristband.
<Gwen> >>Hits everyone for 479 HP! Everyone goes down!

== The party is defeated! ==

<Gwen> >>Everyone goes down, some are barely conscious...but none are dead...yet :)
<Gwen> Katarina: Well, that was easy...
<Alen> ... ugh... sorry... I... failed...
<Gwen> Katarina advances toward Phoebe...
<Gwen> Phoebe: N-No...
* Pottle pulls his sword...
* Neil tries feebly to stand.
<Gwen> Katarina kicks Pottle in the face!
* Gwen is out :/
<Neil> Who... ?
* Pottle fakes passing out.
<Gwen> Katarina: Don't try to interfere..
* Alen is unconscious on the ground.
<Gwen> Katarina pulls Phoebe to her knees and prepares a teleportation spell.
* Neil clenches his eyes in pain for a second.
<Neil> What are you?
* Pottle pulls himself up with a last burst of strength...
<Gwen> Katarina: In time, I'll be a'll see...
* Pottle screams..."DIE, BITCH!!!!!"
* Pottle stabs Kat in the chest with his blade!
<Gwen> Katarina screams. "You little shit!"
* Neil falls to the ground...
<Gwen> Kattie blasts Pottle with a dose of happy magic!
<Gwen> Katarina: Too late boy. Too late...
<Gwen> Phoebe: Pottle..HELP ME!
* Pottle gets blasted back, and *still* remains standing....
<Gwen> >>They both dissapear!
* Pottle drives his sword through the empty air...and collapses to the ground...
<Neil> You know... you're right... she IS a bitch...
<Gwen> Villager: Um...sir? I think they're dead...
<Pottle> Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *passes out*
* Neil collapses again.
<Gwen> >>Time passes, you are are knocked out....
<Gwen> >>Then, you feel people picking you up, then something soft underneath you..
<Gwen> >>Then you awaken..
* Neil rolls off whatever soft thing he's on and *thuds* on the ground.
<Neil> Oof.
<Neil> Mrrf.
<Pottle> Ooooh...
<Neil> Rrmrrrm.
<Gwen> >>The 'soft thing' is a bed. You're in some sort of infirmary.
<Alen> ......
<Pottle> I can't...feel...anything...
* Neil eeks...the floor is cold.
* Gwen moans.
* Remy shakes his head back and forth (dirty thought) having a nightmare.
* Neil reaches for his warm soft thing.
* Neil finds a mattress attacking him.
* Alen slowly raises himself to a sitting position.
* Adek wearily opens his eyes. "What.. the heck.."
* Neil frowns.
<Gwen> Get off of me, get OFF OF ME! You fucking sonnabitch! STOP STOP! Jeal STOP!
* Gwen wakes up sweating..
<Pottle> Gwen?!
<Gwen> What?!
<Gwen> We're alive?
* Neil struggles under the mattress.
<Remy> *muffled* If you'd call this alive..
<Neil> Mrrffrrrm!
<Pottle> "Get off of me! Jeal stop!" Uh...why do I have a feeling you too have a story to tell?
<Remy> Feels like I got ran over by a big moose..
* Alen mumbles... "More nightmares... haven't I atoned enough already..."
* Gwen looks panicked. "Nothing. Just a nightmare."
* Neil stops struggling, hearing other people talking.
<Pottle> Yeah yeah...whatever...
* Neil collects his thoughts and throws the mattress off.
* Neil stands.
<Pottle> I can't feel my arms, or my legs...
<Gwen> Hey...where's Phoebe?
* Neil falls, because he stood too quickly.
<Pottle> What'd she hit me with...
* Neil lands on the mattress :D
<Gwen> I dunno...I'm no magic expert.
* Remy thinks..
<Pottle> Gwen...she...she's gone...
* Alen rubs his eyes and looks at Gwen.
* Neil makes his way over to the party.
<Gwen> Dammit. She took her. But why?
<Adek> Some sort of.. lightning storm... I think.
<Pottle> Katarina has her...
<Neil> What's up people?
<Alen> Now that... was why I said... we should retreat to the toasters... ugh...
<Neil> Oh... I was hoping that was a nightmare... especially the spice girls part...
<Pottle> Why? Don't ask me...
<Gwen> We are far away from the toasters...I hope.
<Neil> This is going to scar me for life.
<Remy> I'll never look at another piece of toast the same ever again.
* Neil chuckles, remembering something.
* Alen looks weirdly at Neil.
<Gwen> What is it Neil?
<Pottle> I feel like a quadripalegic...
<Neil> Oh, never mind.
<Gwen> >>A priest type person walks into the room. "Ah, so you're awake.."
<Gwen> If you call it that..
* Remy eyes the priest.
<Pottle> Yeah! I'm awake! And my mother fucking body is numb, AND I need a cigarette! I'm niccing out!
<Adek> Wish I wasn't..
<Gwen> >>You look over to the other side of the room to see Sabrina in a bed, just waking up.
<Alen> ... I hadn't slept in a bed for...
* Neil walks over to Sabrina.
<Neil> Hey, you ok?
<Gwen> Priest: I fear she cast a paralyzing spell on you lad. It'll wear off soon.
* Sabrina's eyes blink. "Huh? Where am I?"
<Pottle> Can you stick a cigarette in my mouth and light it?
* Remy sticks a cig in Pottle's mouth and lights it :P
<Pottle> Thanks...
<Gwen> Priest: Sorry, we ran out of those...see, ever since this man, Joe Camel, came here, he's taken most of our cigerettes..
<Remy> No problem, mon ami.
* Neil frowns, glancing at Pottle.
* Pottle inhales and snaps his head to one side to flick the ashes as he puffs...
* Adek looks annoyed. "That smells _bad_ Pottle."
<Pottle> And?
* Neil walks up to the priest.
<Gwen> Priest: Stay here for as long as you need to...
<Gwen> >>The Priest leaves..
<Sabrina> Where am I?
<Adek> And? What do you mean, and? Have some human.. or elven, decency!
* Remy wraps his arms around himself and grumbles.
* Gwen stands up warily..
<Pottle> I'll fuck myself up if I damn well please!
<Gwen> Listen....if the Danek are back, then we have to do something..
<Pottle> Just you wait, asshole!
<Neil> Hey, do you know where we could find any anti-technology talismans, or special swords that work well against magicians... we could really use some right now...
<Gwen> Because I won't let them fuck up my life-er the world again.
<Pottle> I knew it, Gwen!
<Gwen> Dunno Neil..
<Gwen> Knew what?!
<Pottle> "Fuck up my life"...
<Gwen> Listen, I meant NOTHING by that!
* Adek looks annoyed. "I don't care if you fuck yourself up. But I'm not going to stand around and smell that crap."
<Pottle> C'mon, out with it!
* Neil has no wish to be inside... too many bad memories.
* Neil walks outside to get fresh air.
<Pottle> You've screwed up twice, once too many...
<Pottle> My ass!
<Gwen> Hey, they fucked up everyone's lives...
<Pottle> You bugged me for my I'd have just LOVED to keep secret...
* Gwen sighs...
<Pottle> But that I needed to tell so YOU wouldn't fucking kill me!
<Gwen> Well, are you going to kill me?
* Remy shakes his head. "Maybe, Pottle, some things should remain dead?"
* Pottle regains feeling in his body...
<Pottle> The thought crossed my mind!
<Gwen> I can strike you down faster than you can lift your sword, smartass...
* Pottle lifts his sword. "Liar."
* Neil wanders around outside.
<Alen> Does it matter... does it matter...
<Remy> Arrrrrgh..
* Pottle gets up...
* Sabrina looks around and cringes a little.
* Neil steps into the room.
<Gwen> Listen. There is nothing to tell. That is that.
* Sabrina holds her abdomen as she feels something.
* Neil takes Pottle's cigarette and walks outside to put it out.
* Pottle drops Neil to the floor and grabs the ciggie.
* Remy eyes Sabrina.
* Neil goes back to Sabrina after doing so.
<Neil> What are you in for?
<Gwen> My past isn't that important anyway. The real thing we should worry bout is getting out of here alive, and stopping the Danek...right?
* Remy nods in agreement.
<Sabrina> I felt the funniest thing right now...As if something sort
<Pottle> But mine was so, so important.
<Pottle> Kicked?!
<Alen> The Danek empire doesn't matter so much...
* Pottle looks over at Sabrina...
<Neil> Oh, I know you... I saw you at the fair.
<Alen> Toasters weren't the only thing at the fair!!
<Pottle> You pregnant?
<Alen> Think big...
<Sabrina> I don't know...
<Neil> You seem to be pregnant.
<Gwen> Yeah, no doubt they took the mechs.
* Alen looks around despairingly at everyone.
<Alen> Are you even listening?!
<Neil> They TOOK THE MECHS??
<Gwen> Of course they did!
* Neil runs outside to verify.
<Pottle> Great...
<Gwen> They were there, why wouldn't they?
<Neil> And the bitch said she didn't need them...
<Gwen> Unless..
<Pottle> 10 years ago, this world suffered at Sadoul's hands...
<Gwen> Someone else was in charge of the raid..
<Alen> That's what I've been trying to say...
<Neil> It has to be Sadoul then...
<Gwen> You're not so dim after all Alen..
<Neil> Unless Otto has gone funny on us.
<Pottle> Now, the circle has hit its beginning...
<Gwen> ...Otto?
<Pottle> Master Otto ain't got anything to do with this...
* Alen glares at Neil.
* Neil sighs.
<Neil> It was a joke!
<Alen> Otto's my friend.. don't bad-mouth him..
<Pottle> Otto's my TEACHER, Alen... :P
<Gwen> Hey...that's it!
* Sabrina rubs her belly while looking at everyone.
<Gwen> Think Otto can tell us what the hell to do?
<Alen> You've got a good teacher...
<Neil> Otto?? Well... um... why not!
<Neil> Pottle...
<Gwen> I've heard of him...where does he live?
<Neil> Get your butt up here and show me where Otto is.
<Gwen> We've gotta start somewhere..
<Pottle> Pauth Cave.
<Gwen> That's not too far..
<Pottle> Nope...
<Gwen> Think you can lead us through the cave?
<Pottle> Short walk. I know my way.
<Remy> I'm game. Lets roll. :P
<Neil> Pauth... that's near Lorath Castle...
<Gwen> Does he even know you're alive?
<Neil> Right?
<Gwen> Yeah.
<Pottle> Nope...but he will now. ;)
<Neil> Hmm.
* Sabrina's eyes suddenly snap open. "What do you mean by me being pregnant? That I have...a...?"
<Pottle> Then, to Lorath Castle?
<Neil> Sounds fun.
* Gwen rolls her eyes. "Oh boy..."
<Gwen> Yeah, let's go...


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