VayRPG Session 20: Castle Ambush

No one ^_^

Session Start: Fri Jun 26 18:37:11 1998

<Gwen> >> You're still at the quaint little inn. Rohan told you all that the ship will be ready by 8 o' clock. It's 7 now. You still have an hour to kill. You can either sleep, or get your complimentary breakfast in the lobby, or do something else. ^_^
* Jade gets out of bed, goes downstairs, and starts eating.
<Gwen> The little Innkeeper nods to Jade. "Would you like some OJ with that?"
* Arcus heads downstairs, humming a jaunty tune. ^_^
* Gwen is still sleeping upstairs.
* Remy gets up, clad only in his pants, and goes to get some breakfast. :P
<Remy>'s kinda breezy today.. ^_^
<Gwen> Innkeeper (Looks at Remy) Would you like Bagels or Toast with your eggs?
* Alexis is... is... somewhere...
<Remy> Bagels. ^_-
* Arcus flops down at the table and orders breakfast. ^_^
<Gwen> Innkeeper: And some peni...PEANUT butter with your bagel!?
<Remy> Only high octane bagels, too!
<Remy> Uhm.....sure.. ^_-
<Gwen> Phoebe snickers, reading a newspaper.
<Gwen> Innkeeper: ^_^ Yes, coming right up. Have a seat.
* Alen comes breezing down the stairs, looking as if the Armor of Vay had run him over.
* Jade morosely sips her coffee.
<Gwen> Innkeeper scurries off.
* Remy grins wryly and takes a seat. ^_^
<Remy>'re we on this lovely morning? ^_-
* Zeth pokes his head out of Arcus' hood, looking for breakfast as well.
<Arcus> Absolutely splendid my good fellow. ^_^
* Remy chuckles. "Fine, fine! Best kind!"
* Remy is in a rather cheerful mood :P
<Gwen> Phoebe: Interesting....when we come back...we should check out this sale on weapons and armor...
<Arcus> Ah, a good notion there. ^_-
* Adek stumbles his way down the the stairs, eyes bloodshot and wincing slightly with every footfall..
<Gwen> Phoebe: ^_^ Very good notion.
<Remy> Yeah...I could use a new bo stick....gonna give the old one to Mylo, maybe..
<Gwen> Phoebe: Adek! Are you alright?
<Gwen> Phoebe: Speaking of which, where is Mylo?
* Jade checks her pockets.
<Arcus> Good morning Adek. ^_^
* Remy drums his fingers on the table. "No clue, petite."
<Jade> Ooh, I still have that 50g that that farmer gave me...
* Adek looks around a little. "Never.. EVER let me go into a bar again. Please."
<Sunny> Dats was a good night at teh bar!
<Remy> I should probably go look fer the little bugger..
<Arcus> Sure thing Adek. ^_-
* Gwen comes down the stairs, looking rather cheerful...for her anyway.
<Gwen> Hey everyone.
<Arcus> Mornin Gwen. ^_^
<Remy> Morning, Gwen. ^_-
<Gwen> Phoebe: Oh yeah. I remember where he went, Remy. He said he's watching Rohan get the ship ready.
<Gwen> Morning. ^_^
* Remy glances at Phoebe and nods. ^_^
<Gwen> Phoebe: Ahhh. ^_^
* Arcus proceeds to wolf down his breakfast, trying to outrace Zeth who's doing the same to Arcus' food.
* Remy stands and stretches. "I think....that...hey...I'm not wearing my shirt! Augh!!"
<Gwen> Inkeeper comes back with Remy's breakfast. "Here's your bagels with Peni....PEANUT BUTTER!"
<Gwen> Inkeeper: Dammit. :/
* Remy blinks. "Uhm.....put 'em on the table...I'll be right back..."
* Gwen mutters with a sigh at Remy, looking at the Innkeeper. ^_^
<Gwen> Innkeeper nods.
<Alen> .... mrf.
<Gwen> >> It's now 7:15.
* Remy races up to his room to get his shirt. :P
* Alen waves at the innkeeper, mumbling something unintelligible.
* Arcus finishes his breakfast with a hearty belch.
* Gwen sits down, and munches on an apple.
* Zeth belches too.
<Arcus> (to Zeth) You didn't eat much.
<Gwen> Whole lotta bleching going on.
<Zeth> *I ate a fried rat a few days ago, remember?*
* Remy comes back and does a forward flip, landing by his food. "Ahhhh...much better.."
<Arcus> Ah, right. ^_^
* Remy is now wearing his shirt. :P
<Gwen> Innkeeper looks at Remy with starry anime eyes. ^^
* Sunny eats some eggs.
<Gwen> So, okay...Did Teefa tell any of you what we're doing once we get to Lorath?
* Remy feels watched and slowly eats his bagel. :P
* Zeth flits over to Gwen's shoulder and settles down for a nap.
<Arcus> Nope. ^_^
<Remy> Uhm...not 'dat I can remember......
* Gwen watches Remy too, then nods to Zeth.
<Gwen> I wonder if she can be trusted...
* Adek rubs his temples. "Were we stopping by the shops before we go there?"
<Remy> She's all we got right now, really..
<Remy> We're gonna hafta trust her....fer now.
<Gwen> Phoebe: We're waiting. There's a sale on in two days. :D
<Alen> Hoi! Burekafaasto!
<Arcus> Yeah, there's having double coupon days. ^_-
<Gwen> Phoebe: :P Adek! :P
* Remy finishes eating and leans back. "Hrmph....hope de kid's okay.."
* Arcus wipes his mouth with a napkin and leaves the table.
<Gwen> >> Some time's now 7:35...
<Zeth> *ZZzzZZzz....*
<Gwen> We should start heading to the docks in ten minutes...
<Remy> Feh....
<Gwen> ^_^ What Rem, wanna keep staring at the Innkeeper?
<Gwen> Innkeeper: Ahhh ^_^
* Remy grins a bit. "Rather stare at you." ^_-
* Gwen smiles. ^_^
<Gwen> Phoebe: ^_^ I'm a matchmaker....^_^
* Arcus is wating outside, trimming a few nicks in his sword with a stone.
<Gwen> Phoebe gets up and joins Arcus outside.
<Gwen> Phoebe: Hello Arcus. Sharpening your sword?
<Arcus> Sharpening rocks actually. ^_-
<Gwen> Phoebe: Whatever for?
* Arcus takes a few practice swings with the rock. :P
* Remy idly plays with the holes in his shirt, wishing he hadn't given the kid his overcoat. :P
<Arcus> It confuses my enemies. ^_-
<Gwen> Phoebe giggles.
* Gwen gets up. "Time to go. Everyone hustle."
<Arcus> In truth, I am sharpening my sword. ^_-
* Remy grabs his bo and nods. "Lets rock."
* Jade looks at Gwen...
* Jade gets up and wanders over to her.
<Gwen> Great. Let's move. The sooner the Danek is dead, the happier I am.
* Arcus tosses his sharpening rock to Remy. "Here, use mine." ^_-
<Adek> I'm all for that, Gwen..
* Remy blinks and gets hit in the head by the rock. :P
<Gwen> O_o Remy!
* Gwen look at Arcus.
<Gwen> What was that for?!
<Remy> Uhm.....ow? ^_^;
<Arcus> Nice catch Rem. :P
<Arcus> He said he wanted to rock, so I gave him mine. ^_-
<Gwen> Um..all right...
* Arcus chuckles.
* Remy grumbles. :P
* Gwen walks off to the docks.
* Remy follows, muttering about needing to wake up. :P
* Arcus sheathes his sword, walking towards the docks with a grin on his face. ^_^
* Jade lemmings.
<Gwen> >> A good sized boat is waiting for you at the Docks. Teefa, Natalya, and Rohan are watching it get prepped, and Mylo is storing things on the boat.
* Remy grins. "Exxxxxxxcellent daaaaaahlingggg..."
* Remy rubs his hands together. :P
<Gwen> Mylo: Hi Remy =D Hang on a minute! I'm almost odne!
<Remy> Kay, kid. ^_^
* Gwen hmms. "Know him?"
<Remy> Errr....yeah.... ^_^;
<Gwen> Teefa: Ah, you're early. Thanks a lot.
<Gwen> Teefa nods to you all.
<Remy> He's my apprentice....
<Gwen> O_o When did this happen?
<Remy> Last night.. ^_^;
* Gwen chuckles.
* Arcus stifles a laugh. ^_^
* Remy mutters. :P
<Gwen> Teefa: We have a little hired help today....
<Remy> Okay...yeah yeah yeah..laugh at my soft side...feh.. :P
<Arcus> Who's the captain of this ship? ^_^
<Gwen> Teefa: Rohan hired a wizard who is able to make the sea winds blow in our favor, rapidly increasing our speed...
<Gwen> Teefa: I have no idea.
* Remy instantly looks suspicious..
<Gwen> Teefa: He should be coming soon.
<Remy> A wizard?
<Arcus> Hmm
<Remy> Hired? Hm.
<Gwen> Teefa: Oh don't worry. He's part of the resistance.
<Gwen> Rohan: Um...
<Gwen> Rohan: He's not.
<Adek> Using wind magic to move a boat? Is that totally.. reliable?
<Remy> Huh...
<Gwen> Natalya: O_o I thought he was!
* Remy smirks. "'den I don't trust 'im."
<Gwen> Rohan: No...but we have used him before..
<Jade> This is a disaster waiting to happen...
* Jade nods to Remy.
<Gwen> Rohan: Five times.
<Gwen> Rohan: You're safe.
<Jade> Famous frigging last words...
* Remy shakes his head.
* Arcus chuckles and moves towards the helm.
<Remy> Well...if we gotta.....feh..
<Gwen> Rohan: It'll only take you a day to get there....normally it will take you five...take your pick.
<Jade> We're gonna get tossed off and eaten by some big sea monster.
* Remy chuckles.
<Arcus> That's the spirit! ^_-
<Gwen> Maybe Albert will come back for....*Shudder* Albelone..
<Remy> Are you always this enthused, Jade?
<Jade> Always, dear.
* Adek looks at Jade. "If we do, I imagine we could give it a nice case of indigestion.."
* Jade smiles wryly.
<Remy> Gah....maybe that evil pirate slut will come back. O_o
* Arcus leans up against the railing, looking out to sea. ^_^
<Jade> I certainly hope so, Adek.
<Gwen> Mylo: All ready!
* Remy grins.
<Gwen> Rohan goes of to find the captain
<Gwen> Natayla: I want you guys to be really careful!
<Remy> Uhm..
<Remy> Any reason why? :P
<Gwen> Natalya: Cuz..well...
<Gwen> Natalya: What kinda question is that, anyway?
<Remy> I dunno, you tell me.
<Gwen> Rohan comes back, looking pale. O_o
<Gwen> Rohan: Oh my god...what the hell have I done?
<Gwen> Natalya: O_o What do you mean?
* Arcus smirks. ;)
<Jade> Yeah, what the hell HAVE you done?
<Gwen> >> A old man comes wobbling onto the dock. He smells of booze...even from far away...
* Arcus 's grin widens considerably. ;D
<Remy> Oh fuck.
<Gwen> Rohan: I hired from the wrong sailing guild...
<Remy> No, really?
<Gwen> Rohan: They have no other sailors availble till next week.
<Gwen> Rohan: If you wanna cop out, I don't blame you.
<Jade> Wonderful...
* Arcus walks up to the Captain.
<Remy> If worse comes to worse, we can use him as fish bait..
<Gwen> Teefa: But we gotta press on.
<Gwen> Drunk Sailor: O_o
<Jade> Why don't we just go and spend 5 days on the frigging boat?
* Remy looks amused by this all. ;)
<Gwen> Rohan: Oh, he's not the wizard.
<Gwen> Rohan: He is, though.
<Remy> Yeah...the wizard is actually a threat.. ^_-
<Gwen> Rohan points to the figure walking up the plank. He has short, yet almost white, hair, and elven ears.
<Gwen> >> He's also got silver eyes, and is wearing a grey cape.
<Jade> QFM...
<Gwen> Figure: Am I late?
<Gwen> Rohan: No, get on the boat.
<Arcus> Not at all. ^_^
<Gwen> Figure: Of course.
<Gwen> Figure jumps on the boat.
* Remy looks warily at the mage. :P
<Gwen> Figure: offense sir...but you need to get that "Mage in a cowl, must be evil" Stereotype out of you mind, okay?
* Alen stands around watching everything as though he was somewhere else. ^^;
<Jade> So, what's your name?
* Arcus chortles at it all. ^_^
<Gwen> Man:...Kane.
* Arcus presents himself to the Captain. "Begin' yer pardon Cap'in sir, but could ya be usin' an extra hand on deck?" ^_-
* Remy smirks. "It ain't de cowl. It's de fact you ain't trusted to me. But sure. As long as ya get us 'dere."
<Gwen> Drunk Sailor: Okay! *Hic!*
* Remy wanders to find Mylo. ^_^
<Gwen> Kane nods, and raises his hands. "Hang on to something, all right?"
<Arcus> What are my orders, Cap'in sir? ^_^
<Jade> Ooh, what a sexy name...
* Remy blinks and stops, holding onto...uh...
<Gwen> Mylo: Hi! ^_^
* Jade digs her claws into a mast
<Gwen> >> The ship moves with a jerk!
<Gwen> Phoebe: O_o
* Gwen hangs on to pole.
<Arcus> Woo hoo! ^_^
<Gwen> Drunk Sailor: YAAY!!!
* Remy slams into the railing. ^_^;
<Remy> Ow. Uhm...
<Gwen> Kane: I told you to hold on. ^_-
* Arcus heads up the mast to work on the rigging.
<Gwen> >> The ship moves out of the harbor, and into the river in record time!
<Remy> ain't my day..and yet yesterday went wickedly..
* Adek stares at the sails, squinting. "I wonder how hard it is to learn how to do that.."
<Gwen> Probably very hard, Adek..
* Arcus hangs onto the mast, working and watching the world race by. ^_^
<Gwen> Mylo looks somewhat green.
<Gwen> Mylo: O_o I don't feel so good...
<Gwen> Mylo pukes....
<Jade> Don't even think about it...
<Gwen> Mylo pukes over the side like a good little boy.
<Jade> Fuck! Fuck!
<Arcus> o~When the course is laid, and the ancor's weighed.....a sailor's blood begins racing. o~
* Jade looks nauseated.
* Remy patpats Mylo on the back.
<Gwen> Mylo: Oooogh. X_X
<Gwen> Teefa is calm.
<Arcus> o~With our hearts unbound and our flag unfurled, we're underway and off to see the world! o~
<Remy> Y'be okay, Mylo. Need ta get de sea legs.
<Gwen> Mylo: O_o I know....
* Alen stands leaning against a railing, enjoying the cool sea breeze blowing through his hair.
* Arcus continues to work and sing with great gusto. ^_^
<Gwen> Drunk sailor begins to sing very loudly. "Well fuck ma, and shoot pa, said barnicle bill the sailor!!!"
<Remy> Oh for the love of..
* Gwen laughs loudly.
* Remy snickers. :P
* Jade kicks the drunk sailor in the gut.
<Gwen> Drunk Sailor: Do it again! *hick!*
* Jade kicks him in the crotch.
<Jade> Now you can sing that lovely tune in soprano.
<Gwen> >> You're already out of the river, into the sea...
<Remy> Ow.
<Gwen> Drunk Sailor: Ooh, okay you can stop now... O_o
* Remy feels the sailor's pain!
<Arcus> o~ Hey ho, we'll go, anywhere the wind is blowing! o~
<Arcus> o~ Hoist the sail and sing! o~
<Jade> Remy...
* Jade oogles.
* Alen goes over to Gwen.
<Gwen> Hey Alen..
<Alen> *poke poke*
<Gwen> Phoebe sings a little song of her own, looking somewhat sad.
<Alen> Where were we going again? ^_^
<Arcus> o~ There are distant lands, with burning sands, that fall across the ocean. o~
<Gwen> Well, Lorath Castle.
<Arcus> o~ There are bingo games every fun-filled day! And margaritas on the midnight buffet. o~ ^_-
<Alen> Oh...
<Remy> Margaritas...
<Alen> What for? ^_^
<Jade> Margaritas...
<Gwen> To kill a clone. ^_^
<Arcus> o~ Hey ho, we'll go, anywhere the wind is blowing. o~
<Jade> I want margaritas...
<Remy> Me too...hrmph..
<Arcus> o~ Should have, took a train! Sailing for adventure on the bounding main! o~
<Alen> To kill margaritas. O_o
* Gwen listen to Arcus, chuckling.
<Gwen> Where's Zeath?
<Remy> To kill a clone, Alen. We drink margaritas.. :P
<Adek> Not if we have good sense, we don't..
* Zeth is still asleep on Gwen's shoulder.
* Gwen scoots to Remy and sits by him.
<Remy> Hi 'dere, chere. Enjoyin' de cruise?
<Gwen> >> You see the Island of Bani sail by.
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
<Arcus> o~ The salty breezes whipser, who knows what lies ahead? o~
<Arcus> o~ I just know I was born to lead the life my father led. o~
* Jade eyes Gwen and Remy.
<Gwen> Very much.
* Alen paces up and down the deck.
* Jade smirks discreetly.
<Alen> Bored bored bored...
<Arcus> o~ The stars will be our compass, where ever we may roam. o~
<Gwen> Phoebe looks out into the sea.
<Arcus> o~ And our mates will always be...just like a family... o~
* Remy leans his head back and stares at the sky. "Family...feh."
<Arcus> o~ And though we may put into port, the sea is always home! o~
* Alen leans over the railing again.
<Gwen> Drunk sailor snores..he's fallen asleep. O_O
<Remy> Oh by the gods! Quickly! Someone toss him overboard! Now's the time!
<Arcus> o~ Hey ho, we'll go, anywhere the wind is blowing. o~
* Jade laughs...
<Arcus> o~ Bold, and brave, and free. o~
<Arcus> o~ Sailing for adventure.... o~
<Arcus> o~ Sailing for adventure... o~
* Alen toddles over beside Phoebe.
<Gwen> Drunk Sailor wakes up and sings with Arcus. O_o
<Arcus> o~! o~
<Gwen> Kane: We're almost there. The wind is really on your side today, adventurers...
<Gwen> Phoebe looks at Alen sadly...
<Gwen> Phoebe: Hey there...
<Remy> Hrmph...just want ta be back on firm ground..
<Alen> Hi. =/
* Arcus snakes his way down the mast with a flourish. ^_^
<Alen> Do you like it...?
<Gwen> Phoebe: Like what?
<Alen> The sea...
<Gwen> Phoebe: Yes...but it reminds me of...
<Gwen> Phoebe is silent..
* Arcus goes to converse with some of the sailors. ^_^
<Alen> I understand what you mean...
<Alen> It always brings back sad memories to me... everybody I knew has died, and people come and go, but the sea remains the same throughout...
* Remy admires Gwen's beauty discreetly. ^_-
<Alen> I wonder if it will ever change, oncee I die... when I die...
<Gwen> Phoebe:'re right..
* Arcus trades jokes and stories with the crew.
<Gwen> Pheobe: The sea almost killed him...
<Remy> Damnit, are we there yet?
* Jade walks over to the drunk sailor and starts laughing hysterically in his face.
<Alen> He got rescued by a fisherman, right?
<Gwen> Phoebe: Yes...
<Jade> Your name is MUFFIN?
<Gwen> Drunk Sailor: O_o No. It's Buttercup. Why?
<Adek> wonder he's drunk..
<Alen> I never liked him, the way I knew him.. I mean, this Pottle- I didn't really know the other Pottle, or the one... um...
<Alen> How do you say... -_-
* Jade laughs harder.
<Gwen> Phoebe: He's'll see someday...
<Gwen> >> The boat pulls into port...
<Remy> 'bout frickin' time.
* Arcus throws out the port line to the dock.
<Alen> I hope so..
<Remy> Please put your trays into an upright position. ^_^
<Gwen> Drunk Sailor: Enough making fun of my name, ya know? Get off the 'Swanky George'! Now! :P
<Adek> That was quick..
* Alen gives the sea a last, sad look and goes over to the disembarking side.
* Remy leaps off the boat. O_o
* Arcus salutes to the captain, and disembarks. ^_^
<Gwen> Kane: Good luck to you people. You'll need it.
<Jade> Thanks, buddy.
<Arcus> Ah, what a delightful trip. ^_^
* Remy lands on the ground, crouched.
<Alen> Heehee. Thank you. -_-;
* Zeth wakes up.
<Remy> Mylo! Kiddo!
<Gwen> Teefa: Ready everyone?
<Gwen> Mylo: Here!
* Jade launches herself over the side of the boat, landing smoothly on the ground.
<Remy> Great. ^_-
* Zeth flits back to Arcus.
<Gwen> Teefa: It wouldn't surprise me if Jeal was on to us...we need to be careful...
<Arcus> (to Zeth) Have a good nap? ^_-
<Alen> As son as you are. ^_^
<Remy> We're always careful, aren't we?
* Remy grins wryly.
<Arcus> Heh. ^_-
<Gwen> Teefa doesn't answer. Only sighs. -_-
<Gwen> Phoebe: Off we go. ^_^
<Gwen> Phoebe seems to be in better spirits now.
<Jade> Off to see the wizard...
<Remy> The wonderful wizard of Oz. :P
<Arcus> Off to meet grinning evil death wish a bouquet of yellow roses and a smile. ^_-
* Remy bows lightly and motions for everyone to start off. ^_^
<Remy> Let us go. ^_-
<Gwen> Teefa leads the pack. The poeple look at you warily..
* Arcus heads into town, following merrily. ^_^
* Remy follows, keeping an eye on Mylo and on Gwen. ;)
<Gwen> >> You travel out of town into the open road..
<Remy> Countryside..
<Remy> Nice..
<Arcus> Smell that country air. ^_^
<Arcus> Just don't suck a hornet up yer nose. ^_-
* Remy laughs.
<Adek> We'll keep that in mind, Arcus.
<Gwen> Mylo: So what are we doing?
<Alen> I don't know. ^_^
* Arcus looks at Mylo. "Thisaway!" ^_-
<Remy> Ah, kid...we're gonna whump some evil jerks..
* Arcus laughs.
* Adek looks at Mylo, then to Remy. "Is this really wise?"
<Gwen> Mylo: O_o Really....? Can I come!!
<Alen> But I trust them all implicitly... I know we'll end up in some kind of insane situation and have to fight the bad guys. =D
<Gwen> Teefa: Of course not. He wouldn't listen to me though.
* Remy 's eyes are a bit shadowed...
* Arcus hums a good traveling tune.
<Remy> I'll protect 'im..
<Adek> It's one thing to have him travel with us.. but should we drag him into danger? Meaning no disrespect, Mylo, you don't look like you've had much combat experience..
<Gwen> Mylo: But why are we beating bad guys?
<Arcus> See, nothing to worry about then. ^_^
<Jade> Because it's fun to kick their asses...
<Gwen> Mylo: I'm just following my master, sir!
* Remy sighs and looks away, face torn with pain..
<Arcus> Because if we didn't, our rating would plunge. ^_^
<Alen> Because we have to do so or they beat us instead!
<Jade> Don't worry, he isn't going to die...
<Jade> He's too happy to die.
* Gwen puts a hand on Remy's shoulder.
<Gwen> Maybe it's best to keep him out of this one?
* Remy twitches.
* Adek stares at Mylo, then sighs, rolling his eyes heavenward.
<Remy> Fine.
<Remy> Mylo, you gotta stay outta dis one.
<Gwen> Mylo: Argh :/ Okay.
<Jade> Drama much, Adek?
<Gwen> Mylo: ^_^ Next time, then?
* Remy nods.
<Gwen> >> You pass by the fortress of Gilan...
* Arcus puts a hand on Mylo's shoulder. "I'll kick 'em a few times in your honor." ^_^
<Gwen> >> Marching onward!
* Adek glances at Jade. "Excuse me?"
<Gwen> Mylo: Really? =D Cool!!
<Jade> Nothing, nothing...
* Arcus winks at Mylo, then moves on. ^_-
* Remy is silent, eyes clouded. :\
<Gwen> >> As you near Lorath Castle. You notice that the Castle is completely fortified...meaning it's totally closed off...Which is odd, since Lorath is an open castle-city...
<Gwen> It's okay Remy...
<Arcus> They've renovated recently. ^_-
<Alen> Let's go and knock. ^_^
<Gwen> Teefa: poeple out...
<Adek> Something tells me we're not going in the front gate.
* Alen toddles over to the main gate.
<Remy> Yeah...lets go....feh. :P
* Gwen grins... ^_^
<Gwen> I got an idea...
* Remy lightens a bit. ^_-
<Gwen> Mylo...
* Arcus skips to the main gate. ^_^
<Gwen> ^_^ Are you aglie?
<Alexis> No fortification is a match for me!  I'll just sneak in and throw open the gate...
<Gwen> Mylo: Yeah, sorta...Why?
<Remy> De kid was a thief...he probably is...
<Jade> No...
<Arcus> Somebody got a brush? ^_^
<Jade> No, don't even think about it, we don't know what's going on in there.
<Gwen> ^_^ Can you climb the wall if I give you this rope and open the gate?
<Arcus> I can't impersonate a Filler Brushman without one. ^_-
<Gwen> Mylo: ^_^ Of course I can!
<Gwen> He's a thief...he can probably sneak past anything.
<Jade> No! Goddamnit!
<Gwen> We've got no other choice right now.
<Gwen> Remy, you're up for this?
<Adek> Do you REALLY think they're stupid enough to leave the gate unguarded? Opening that will be.. well.. conspicuous.
<Jade> Sending him over there all by himself?
* Remy is deep in thought..
* Jade nods to Adek...
<Gwen> ^_^ No...of course not alone...
<Gwen> You're going with him Jade.
<Alexis> Let me do it.  I know what I'm doin'.
<Jade> Good.
<Gwen> And Alexis.
<Gwen> You go too...
<Arcus> Ah ha ^_^
<Gwen> We'll wait here.
<Arcus> In goes the A-Team. ^_-
<Alexis> Just me... the fewer the better...  it'll be just a second.
<Gwen> Wait! Alexis. O_o
<Alexis> What?
<Gwen> O_o Alone?
<Alexis> Yeah.  Trust me.
* Alexis grins a wicked grin...
<Gwen> >> Alen toddles off, but you don't notice.
<Gwen> ....okay.
* Remy chuckles. :P
* Gwen waits.
<Gwen> Mylo feels cheated O_o
* Alexis sprints off...

==Cut Scene==

<Gwen> >> With great Aglity, Alexis climbs the wall, and jumps onto the top of the castle...
<Gwen> >> A few soldiers are around, but most of them are goofing off.
<Gwen> >> Find the switch to open the gate!
* Alexis stealthily avoids the soldiers... and makes her way to the main gate, and has a look see...
<Gwen> >> A switch is there. But the Soldier there is awake...and seems to be doing his job...
* Alexis draws one of her old short swords and throws it right at his head with deadly accuracy!
<Gwen> >> It hits! O_o
<Gwen> >> His head goes splat! O_o
* Alexis runs up and quickly opens the gate. ^_^
<Gwen> >> The gate opens, but as Alexis turns to leave..the guards sneak up behind her, and grab her! O_o
* Alexis kicks them and attempts to squirm out of their grasp...

==End Cut Scene==

<Gwen> >>The gate opens... ^_^
<Gwen> Mylo: She did it =D
<Gwen> Phoebe: Let's go!
<Remy> Exxxxxxcellent.
<Adek> Question is, how many people noticed?
* Gwen rushes inside!
<Gwen> ....
* Remy follows Gwen.
<Gwen> C'mon!
* Arcus hurries inside.
* Adek firmly grips the hilt of his sword, following Gwen in.
* Jade follows Gwen, wondering where Alexis is...
<Gwen> >> "Not so fast, my pansy sucking little otters!"
<Remy> Pansy sucking otters?
<Arcus> You promised not to tell! ^_-
<Adek> That's the STUPIDEST insult I've ever heard..
<Gwen> >> A Captain of the Guards apears before you.
* Remy draws his bo.
<Gwen> Captain: I wouldn't go on, if I was you...
<Gwen> >> Ten soldiers appear behind you, with Alexis in tow! O_o
<Arcus> Ah, he is da ejdubicated one. ^_-
<Remy> Fuck.
<Jade> Whee...
<Arcus> How nice of them to escort us in like this. ^_-
<Jade> Let's fight.
<Gwen> Alex...sigh.
<Gwen> Teefa: No time!
<Gwen> Teefa: I'll take care of them, you go inside!
<Arcus> If you say so. ^_-
<Adek> You sure?
<Gwen> Teefa, with deadly accuracy, kills the guard that held Alex!
* Remy nods..
<Gwen> Teefa: Go!
<Gwen> Teefa: I'll distract them!
<Gwen> Mylo pulls out his knives.
* Jade looks crestfallen.
<Adek> Good luck, then.. come on, guys! We have a certain clone to deal with, don't we?
<Gwen> Yes! Let's go!
* Remy raises an eyebrow at Mylo. "Yeah. Lets rock!"
* Arcus makes a run for it! "Gangway!" :D
* Jade starts running.
<Gwen> Mylo: Go Master. ^_^ Teefa will take care of me.
<Gwen> Mylo: I'm gonna stay here and help her. ^_^
* Jade stops...
* Remy hesitates..
<Remy> Feh.
<Jade> I'd feel better if he came with us.
<Remy> It's not yours to discuss. Lets go,.
* Remy runs for it.
* Adek moves.
* Jade fumes...
<Gwen> >> You're now inside the gotta find the throne room...but where is it?
* Jade starts uttering profanities that would make the devil blush.
<Arcus> Ennie, meenie, miney, larry, curly, and moe.... ^_-
<Gwen> >> You see stairs in the center, one door leading left, and one leading right
<Jade> Great.
<Adek> What kind of idiotic castle doesn't place the throne room in a central location?
<Jade> Every single goddamn castle in this world, just to make it a pain in the ass.
<Adek> ..and what are the odds on the clone being unguarded? I say we have our work cut out for us..
<Gwen> Phoebe blinks. "Should we look around?"
<Arcus> Let's not debate too long, shall we? ^_-
<Arcus> I say pick a direction and go.
<Remy> Lets go. Faster we get this done, the faster we get out.
<Gwen> Right door?
<Gwen> I say right.
<Arcus> Sounds good. *Runs for it*
* Gwen runs in.
* Adek looks to the left. "Maybe.. oh well."
* Adek follows.
* Jade lemmings.
<Gwen> >> A room with several beds and pots greet you.
<Remy> O_o
<Gwen> A door is straight ahead.
* Arcus checks the pots for a throne room. ^_-
<Remy> This would be helpful if we were having an orgy.
<Arcus> Sandooor....are you in there? ^_-
<Jade> Only if we pushed them all together...
* Gwen sighs.
* Gwen goes in the next door.
<Remy> C'mon, guys :P
* Jade follows Gwen.
* Remy follows Gwen.
* Arcus hustles after the others.
<Gwen> >> A room with tables greets you. Doors lead left and right.
<Arcus> Pick a direction...
<Adek> Left?
<Jade> Left.
<Arcus> Left it is. *Runs for it*
* Adek watches one door suddenly vanish. "Left."
<Gwen> You go left! A room with only pots greet you. A maid is seen cleaning the pots.
<Gwen> Maid: Why hello. ^_^
<Remy> Oh christ. :P
<Gwen> Maid: Can I help you?
<Remy> Yes, where is the throne room. ^_^
<Arcus> Hi, you haven't seen a throne room around here have you? ^_-
* Remy flashes a winning smile at the maid. ^_^
<Gwen> Maid: Do you have an appointment?
<Gwen> What? O_o
<Gwen> Phoebe: Sigh.
<Arcus> Absolutely. ^_^
<Remy> An appointment? O_o
<Gwen> Maid: ^_^ You're lying.
<Gwen> Maid: Go find it yourself! :P
<Gwen> Maid scurries off..
<Arcus> Suit yourself. ^_^
<Adek> It's a matter of the utmost urgency.. appointment or not, we HAVE to.. dammit.
<Arcus> Let's keep going. ^_-
* Arcus hurries on.
<Adek> Back we go..
* Remy mutters.
<Gwen> >> You run into another table with chairs. A door only leads down. Go into it!
* Gwen goes into the door.
<Remy> This is a fucking rats maze!!!
<Remy> Gaaarhrhhh!
<Gwen> >> Another room with beds is there.
* Arcus heads down the stairs, grinning. ^_^
<Gwen> >> The door leads down again.
* Remy growls. :P
<Arcus> They like beds here don't they? ^_-
<Jade> Apparently.
<Gwen> Phoebe: The living quarters..
<Gwen> >> You're back where you started! O_o But you come out of the left door.
<Jade> Jesus H Christ on a bike...
<Adek> Well.. you have to sleep somewhere. But why they put the bedrooms right at the front I'll never know..
<Arcus> Ha! Let's try the stairs, shall we? ^_-
* Alen comes walking through the right door, munching an apple reflectively.
<Gwen> .....well, that leaves only the stairs! ^_^ That was pointless! Let's go!
<Alen> Oh, hey guys. ^_^
<Gwen> Alen, where have you been?
* Arcus hustles his tushie upstairs. ^_^
<Alen> I'm kinda lost, do you know where the throne room is? =)
<Gwen> Upstairs!
* Jade goes for the stairs.
<Remy> Fehhh..
* Gwen runs up the stairs.
* Remy follows :P
<Alen> Oh, um... everywhere. =D
* Alen follows.
<Gwen> >> You appear in a small room. The door is open, showing a red carpeted hallway...
<Remy> Red carpet!
<Remy> This is it :P
<Gwen> King!
<Jade> Yay, most surely an indication of a throne room...
<Arcus> Ah ha, red carpet, how diagnostic. ^_-
* Jade runs down the red carpet.
<Gwen> It's only hallway to the kings room...
* Arcus hurries along.
<Gwen> Suddenly, three guards jump in front of you!
* Arcus jumps!
<Alexis> >> Combat!
<Gwen> Guards: You're not going anywhere!

== COMBAT!! ==

* Gwen pulls out her spear.
<Jade> Here we go...
* Alen readies his magic.
<Alexis> >> 3 Guards!
* Remy hauls out his bo.
<Gwen> Phoebe raises her staff.
<Remy> Lets rockkkkk!!!
<Adek> Don't be fools! You're.. oh.. forget it! Just forget it!
<Jade> Hopefully these ones won't self destruct on us...
* Arcus unsheathes his sword.
<Gwen> Or the clone. -_-
* Adek half rips his sword from its sheath.
* Jade gives Adek an odd look.
<Alexis> >> Sunny stands there staring blankly at the wall!
<Alexis> >> Phoebe's attack!
<Jade> *sigh*
* Remy thwaps Sunny on the head with his bo :P
* Jade thwacks Sunny on the back of the head.
<Gwen> Sunny's on crack again...
<Remy> Lovely..
<Jade> Yeah, her brain's gonna be swiss cheesed by the time she's 15...
* Remy grins recklessly..
<Arcus> Hey, at the very least she can suck up fire. ^_-
<Gwen> Phoebe raises her staff, a pink hue forms on it, and she casts it at Guard A! "Projection!"
<Remy> Hrmph. ^_-
<Alexis> >> Phoebe casts Projection!  Guard 1 takes 225 damage!  Slain!
<Remy> O_o
<Gwen> Phoebe snickers. ^_^
* Jade slashes at Guard 2.
* Adek blinks. "That was.. whoa..."
<Arcus> it again. ^_-
<Alexis> >> Jade attacks Guard 2!
<Alexis> >> Attack 1 - 35 damage!
<Alexis> >> Attack 2 - Miss!
<Jade> Feh...
<Alexis> >> Attack 3 - 41 damage!
<Alexis> >> Gwen's attack!
* Remy twirls his bo, glaring at......Guard 2. :P
* Gwen attacks Guard two!
<Alexis> >> Gwen attacks Guard 2.
<Alexis> >> Critical!  104 damage!  Slain!
<Gwen> Hah!
* Remy leaps at the last guard and blows ash into his eyes! ;) "Night night!"
<Alexis> >> Remy casts Ash!  Guard 3 is KOed!
* Remy smirks. ^_-
<Gwen> Pushovers. ^_^
<Adek> Is it just me, or have they not made a move yet?
* Arcus rushes forward and slashes twice diagonally at his target!
<Gwen> No, that is why I said 'pushovers.'
<Remy> This could be a bad thing, maybe. :P
<Jade> We deserve some pushovers after getting guts spewed all over us in the last battle...
<Arcus> Hi. ^_^
<Alexis> >> Arcus attacks Guard 3!
<Alexis> >> Attack 1 - 31 damage!
<Alexis> >> Attack 2 - Critical! 57 damage!
<Arcus> Maybe this is just their third string they're sending out. ^_-
<Adek> Looks more like their 8th..
<Alexis> >> Guard 3 wakes up...
* Arcus leaps back to join the others.
* Gwen pokes the Ko'ed guard. "Are you dead  y....No, I guess you aren't!"
* Remy chuckles.
* Adek lunges for the guard, aiming for his neck.
<Gwen> Get 'em!
<Alexis> >> Adek attacks Guard 3!
<Alexis> >> Attack 1 - 61 damage!
<Alexis> >> Attack 2 - Critical! 130 damage!
<Remy> Hoo hah!
<Alexis> >> Slain!
<Gwen> Bye. ^_^
* Gwen puts her spear away.

== VICTORY! All members gain 150 Exp, 75 Gp, 15 Tp! ==

<Gwen> Onward!
* Remy twirls his bo and grins, quickly putting it away ^_^
* Arcus sheathes his sword with a flourish ^_^
<Remy> Lets continue. ^_-
* Jade wipes the blood off her claws.
* Adek wipes his sword off on the guard's body. "Oh well. That was invigorating."
<Arcus> Onward and upward! ^_^
<Alen> ^_^
<Gwen> Who want to open the door?
<Remy> I will!
* Remy saunters forward and with great flourish, opens the door. ^_^
<Arcus> Oh Lucy, I'm home! ^_-
<Alexis> Sandor: Shut up, you fool!
<Gwen> >> The door opens with a creak. Sandor sits on this throne. His hair is shorter (Thank the gods) but he seems....surprised.
<Alexis> Sandor: I'm impressed, you made it this far.
* Gwen shuts Arcus up.
* Arcus grins, despite Gwen's efforts. ;D
<Gwen> I'm impressed no one figured you out sooner, you fake.
* Remy lets Gwen do the talking... ^_-
<Alen> Thank you. ^_^
<Alexis> Sandor: I'm impressed you're not dead by now.
<Jade> We're all very impressed about something, that's evident.
<Alexis> Sandor: Of course... you will be soon...  ah.. the irony...
<Remy> And I'm impressed we haven't run out of things to be impressed by. :P
<Gwen> Phoebe: I'm impressed this clone has the common sense to chop off his hair! ^_^
<Arcus> How impressive. ^_-
<Gwen> Phoebe's smile melts. "Where is he?"
<Alexis> Sandor: Heh...  I'm not going to tell you a thing, bitch.
<Gwen> Phoebe: You'd better...or I'll make you.
<Remy> You'll talk when my bo is halfway up your nostril, prick.
<Arcus> Actually, you just did. ^_^
* Gwen smiles at Arcus. "That's true, actually."
* Arcus winks at Gwen. ^_-
<Alexis> Sandor: You'll make me?  Hardly...  you'll make an amusing corpse though...
* Remy narrows his eyes a bit for no reason. :P
<Gwen> Phoebe: We'll see who's the corpse!
* Gwen let's Phoebe talk. -_-
<Adek> A shame you'll have to spend a number of years in the afterlife before you see us as corpses.. if you ever have a soul!
<Arcus> Ha! Ho! Parry! Dodge! Thrust! Spin!
<Remy> Adek translation: You're going to die before us.
* Remy grins.
<Alexis> Sandor: So we shall!  Have at you!

==  COMBAT!! ==

<Alexis>  * Sandor lets out an ear splitting roar as the human facade melts away!
<Jade> Dammit...what if this one blows up too?
* Gwen clutches her ears. "Now that was useful!"
<Alexis> >> Sandor: 1
<Remy> Agh...not like I needed my heeeeearing!!
* Gwen is being sarcastic. :)
* Adek looks at Remy, a grin almost, but not quite, touching his face. "Very astute. Keep that other nostril open.. I think my sword might fit well next to your bo."
* Arcus draws his sword, quickly.
* Remy chuckles.
<Alexis> >> Sandor's attack!
<Alexis> >> Sandor casts Universal Mind!
<Gwen> Phoebe: My ears are bleeding D:
<Alexis> >>Phoebe's attack!
<Gwen> Phoebe casts Shock!
<Alexis> >> Phoebe casts Shock!  197 Damage!
<Gwen> Phoebe: Take that!
<Arcus> I can growl too! See? Gerg! Ook! Warg! Sloober! Gackle!
* Remy narrows his eyes, serious...
* Remy eyes the enemy coolly.
<Gwen> Phoebe spits in the Clone's general direction, enraged!
<Alexis> >> Universal Mind takes effect!  Phoebe takes 197 damage!  Slain!
<Gwen> O_o
<Gwen> Holy shit...not again!
<Arcus> Whoa! Nice trick! o_O
<Remy> Agh, fuck.
<Alen> -_-
* Adek gapes. "Did I just see what I THINK I just saw?"
<Alexis> >> Jade attacks Sandor!
<Alexis> >> Attack 1 - 26 damage!
<Alexis> >> Attack 2 - 24 damage!
<Alexis> >> Attack 3 - 29 damage!
* Adek stares at the downed Phoebe, then looks at the clone, his expression mock-friendly. "Oh, DO have fun in hell, clone."
<Alexis> >> Universal Mind takes effect!  Jade takes 29 damage!
* Gwen growls.
<Arcus> Hmm....
<Gwen> ^^; We're fucked...
<Remy> Yeah! Say hi to Bill Clintion fer me, dickface!
<Gwen> Unless this spell wears off!
<Remy> Go Gwen, go Gwen.. :P
<Alexis> Sandor: You're finished!  Best you give up now!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
<Arcus> Not likely. ^_-
<Jade> What the fuck?
* Gwen casts Fast!
<Remy> Clone, shut the hell up you worthless piece of genetically engineered trash!
<Jade> Really...that laugh is so cliche...
<Gwen> Yeah, you tell me.
<Jade> Try for a Bwihihihihih, or something more creative...
<Gwen> Or a fuhoohoo.
<Remy> Or fwee hee hee
<Arcus> How about, Gweehurglecacklewugglemurbleooph?
<Jade> That's a good one too.
<Gwen> Or bloobloobloo.
<Alen> Why don't we focus in the fight? Calling it silly names won't beat it. ^^;
<Jade> No, that one's no good.
<Arcus> No, but its more gratifying this way. ^_-
* Gwen shrugs.
<Alexis> >> Gwen casts Fast!  Dodge rate increased!
<Adek> We have to look for a way to stop that spell of his... any ideas?
<Arcus> Hmm......
* Remy raises a hand and fire flashes around it...
* Remy thrusts his hand out to the clone and it gets pelted with fire!
<Gwen> Remy! Wait!
<Gwen> O_o
<Alexis> >> Remy casts Flame Bolt on Sandor!  23 Damage!
<Alexis> >> Universal Mind deals 23 damage to Remy!
<Gwen> O_O Remy!!
* Arcus thinks...
<Alexis> >> Arcus' attack!
<Jade> I don't suppose anyone has a reflect spell or anything?
<Jade> Because that would be really useful.
* Arcus holds out his hand to Zeth. "Zeth! To me!"
<Arcus> *Zeth is transformed into a streak of blue, green, and sliver light, and buries himself into Arcus' chest!*
* Arcus is transformed! He grows large luminous wings, and his features become more serpentine. His clothing changes as well, and takes on more of an Aztec look, with scale mail and feathers adorning his armor!
*** Arcus is now known as Zarthus
* Zarthus flies high into the air, like an avenging bird of prey...
<Alexis> >> Arcus melds with Zeth!
* Zarthus snarls with animal-like fury!
<Alexis> >> Alen's attack!
<Gwen> God...that'd be nice..
* Alen points his index finger at the first soldier, some crackling, pinkish bolts of energy beginning to form and collide on the tip...
* Alen lets go a nasty blast of electricity at Clone! "Projection!"
<Alexis> >> Alem casts Projection!  34 Damage!
<Alexis> >> Universal Mind takes effect!  Alen takes 34 damage!
* Adek half-shrugs, then charges at the clone, swinging.
<Alen> Ouch...
<Gwen> We need Phoebe back to heal, dammit!
* Alen feel kind of about to fall down, with 4 HP left. ^^;
* Jupiter narrows his eyes and twirls his bo..
<Alexis> >> Adek attacks!
<Alexis> >> Attack 1 - 42 damage!
<Alexis> >> Attack 2 - 46 damage!
* Jade eyes Adek.
<Jade> What kinda steroids have you been taking?
<Gwen> Adek is gonna get smashed....
<Alexis> >> Sandor's attack...
<Gwen> Hmm?
<Alexis> Sandor: Rage and Hatred wither away your soul!  Condemn!
<Remy> Condemn? O_o
<Gwen> Oh fuck. O_o
<Zarthus> Grrrr.....
<Alexis> >> Sandor condemns Gwen!  Failed!
<Alen> Uh oh...
* Gwen phews.
* Adek jumps back, looking for the backlash. "Why didn't it..?"
<Alen> ^^;
<Remy> Feh..condemn, eh? Oooh...I'm shaking...
<Zarthus> Ssss.....the magic is not indefinite then.....
<Gwen> Was that supposed to hurt?
<Zarthus> Grr.....he must recast it for it to take effect!
<Adek> You know, that codemnation would have been WAY more impressive if it had worked..
<Gwen> ^_^ Feeeeeel the burn.
<Alexis> >> Jade attacks!
* Jade rakes her claws across Sandor's body again.
<Alexis> >> Attack 1 - 28 Damage!
<Alexis> >> Attack 2 - 29 Damage!
<Alexis> >> Attack 3 - 29 Damage!
* Gwen attack the clone!
* Remy grins lightly, watching Gwen. ;)
<Alexis>> >> Gwen attacks!  35 Damage
* Gwen leaps back.
* Alen takes out his bow.
<Remy> turn!
* Remy leaps at the clone and lands crouched. He stands quickly and twirls his bo, smacking it upside the clone's face!
* Remy leaps back!
<Alexis> >> Remy attacks!  Critical!  36 Damage!
* Adek watches Jade. "You know, that's a really interesting technique.. quick.."
* Jade raises an eyebrow at Adek.
<Gwen> Does anyone have a mandicore?
* Gwen points to the downed Phoebe.
<Zarthus> Ssss.....nooo.....Grrr.....
* Jade rummages in her pockets.
<Alexis> >> Alen's attack!
<Alen> Herbal extracts here. ^_^
<Remy> Zarthus.....can you smile? ^_^
* Zarthus flashes a forced serpentine grin at Remy.
* Adek frowns, trying to work something out in his mind, then shakes his head and mutters "It'd never work.. wouldn't be able to get enough force into each swing."
* Remy chuckles.
* Alen fishes out an arrow deftly from the quiver hanging over his shoulder, and lets loose a couple of arrows aimed precisely at the Clone's neck! (or whatever resembles a neck closely)
<Alen> Snap shot!
<Alexis> >> Alen casts Snap Shot!  28 Damage!
<Jade> Force is the important thing...
<Jade> I thought I had a mandacore...
<Jade> I thought I picked one up from that treasure chest.
* Zarthus dives down at the clone, shrieking horribly!
<Alexis> >> Arcus Attacks!
<Alexis> >> Attack 1 - 16 Damage!
<Alexis> >> Attack 2 - 22 Damage!
<Alexis> >> Adek's attack!
* Zarthus swoops up and back to the group, clone ichor trailing from his sword.
<Gwen> That's gross.
* Remy chuckles lightly..
* Adek darts in as Zarthus moves out, swinging wildly.
<Zarthus> Grr......
<Alexis> >> Adek Attacks!
<Alexis> >> Attack 1 - 34 Damage!
<Alexis> >> Attack 2 - 47 Damage!
<Alexis> >> Sandor's attack...
<Alexis> >> Sandor casts Universal Mind!
* Remy growls.
* Gwen braces herself.
<Remy> God fucking damnit
<Jade> Goddamnit.
<Gwen> -_- Damn.
<Adek> Oh, hell. AGAIN?
<Alexis> Sandor: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  You're doomed!  Fools!
<Jade> You stupid ugly dumb bastard.
<Gwen> ...O_o That's it!
<Zarthus> Grr....take this time to restore yourselves!
<Gwen> Guys! Defend yourselves till the spell wears off!
<Adek> You know, if we just sat here while he did that..
<Remy> Uhm...but..
<Zarthus> Let him waste his own effortsss......
<Jade> Hmmm....
* Jade thinks.
<Remy> Damn, Zar...y'need to get someone to examine that lisp.
<Gwen> Jade....bloodlust later.
<Jade> Yeah, you're right...
<Zarthus> Sss.....
* Jade crouches in a defensive manner, or something to that effect. ;)
<Alexis> >> Jade Defends!
* Gwen defends!
<Alexis> >> Gwen Defends!
* Remy growls softly..
* Remy hesitates.. :P
* Remy defends reluctantly.. :P
<Alexis> >> Remy Defends!
<Gwen> ^_^
<Gwen> You go Rem.
<Gwen> See? We can all be smart when we wanna be.
* Zarthus traces a glowing figure in the air with a claw. It flashes once and is absorbed in Zarthus.
<Alexis> >> Arcus casts Vim!
<Alexis> >> Reaction speed raised!
<Zarthus> Ghurr........
* Adek touches the tip of his sword to his forehead, then points it at the clone. His gaze slowly travels the length of the blade, then fixes coldly on the clone.
* Adek lowers it back into a fighting stance, murmuring ."Ready.."
<Alexis> >> Adek casts Kiai Slice!  Hit% Up!
<Alexis> >> Sandor's attack!
<Alexis> Sandor: Cloud of Bane go forth!
<Gwen> O_o
<Zarthus> Ragh!
<Remy> Cloud of Bane? O_o
* Adek sighs. "Do we HAVE to fight someone who has funny-sounding attacks?"
<Jade> Sheee-it, I can sense this is gonna be fun... -_-
<Gwen> At least he's not going 'bloobloobloo.'
<Adek> ..yet.
<Alexis> >> Sandor casts Bane Cloud!  Adek is Poisoned!  Alen is Poisoned!  Jade is Poisoned!  Zarthus is Poisoned!
<Alexis> >> Said individuals take 1 point of damage!
<Remy> O_o
<Gwen> O_o
<Zarthus> Aaaargh!
<Jade> You stupid mother--
<Gwen> Adek! Alen! Jade! Zarthus!
<Alen> Gag... ewwq...
* Adek makes a face. "Suddenly, I don't feel so good.."
<Jade> Has his thing worn off yet?
<Jade> er...his spell...
<Adek> I'd assume so...
<Zarthus> It sssshould......
<Gwen> Try it Jade...
* Jade attacks.
<Jade> Very well, I shall be the guinea pig...
<Gwen> Do it with Pride!
<Jade> If I die, I'm kicking your asses later...
<Zarthus> Ssss....
<Alexis> >> Jade Attacks!
<Alexis> >> Attack 1 - 31 Damage!
<Alexis> >> Attack 2 - Critical! 51 Damage!
<Alexis> >> Attack 3 - 25 Damage!
<Alexis> >> Universal Mind Takes effect!  25 Damage!
<Gwen> ....oh fuck
<Remy> Fuck :P
<Gwen> Maybe it's a number of hits...?
<Alexis> >> Poison deals said individuals 2 damage...
<Gwen> Sorry Jade...
<Zarthus> Rgh!
<Jade> You bastards. :P
<Adek> Damn.. what a..
* Jade coughs...
<Alen> Ahhgh...
<Jade> Well, I dunno about the rest of you, but currently I feel like shit run over twice...
<Gwen> I feel fine. ^_^
<Gwen> I haven't been hit once.
* Alen struggles to remain conscious.
* Remy grumbles. :P
* Zarthus flies forward, teeth bared in a snarl of rage!
* Adek looks sick. "Shut up, Gwen."
<Gwen> I'm not trying to be smug....well...yes i am. Sorry.
* Remy pokes Gwen in the shoulder..
<Gwen> Yes?
* Zarthus sinks his jaws into the clone's flesh!
<Alexis> >> Zarthus casts Poison!  Failed!
<Gwen> What is it Remy?
<Remy> Smile, babe. ^_-
* Gwen does. ^_^
<Alexis> >> Said individuals take 4 damage...
<Alexis> >> Alen is slain...
* Alen falls in a heap on the carpet.
* Zarthus flies back, spitting clone bits out of his mouth.
<Gwen> This thing needs to die
<Remy> Beautiful when ya smile.. ;)
<Remy> I agree.. :P
<Gwen> Time to make another sacrifice!
* Gwen casts Fastswipe!
<Alexis> >> Gwen casts FastSwipe!  Critical!  72 Damage!
<Gwen> ...I am dead.
* Gwen waits for the whatever mind to kick in.
<Alexis> >> Universal Mind takes effect!  Gwen takes 72 Damage!
<Alexis> >> Said individuals take 8 damage!
<Remy> O_O
* Remy growls!!
* Gwen falls to her knees.
<Remy> Oh now I am pissed off.
<Gwen> Okay now I feel like shit. o_o
* Zarthus snarls!
* Remy growls raggedly and leaps over to the clone.
<Gwen> Remy! O_o Don't!!
* Remy places a hand on it and channels ¤Flame bolt through it!!!
<Alexis> >> Remy casts Flame!  24 Damage!
<Remy> DAMNIT!!!
<Alexis> >> Universal Mind takes effect!  Remy takes 24 Damage!
* Remy grits his teeth.
<Gwen> Remy...don't fight it...
<Alexis> >> Said individuals take 16 damage...
<Remy> Grrrr...
* Remy is seriously pissed. ^_^;
* Adek stands unsteadily, as if trying not to throw up, and throws himself at the clone with a shout of rage.
<Alexis> >> Adek attacks!
<Alexis> >> Attack 1 - Critical!  88 Damage!
<Alexis> >> Attack 2 - Critical!  78 Damage!
<Alexis> >> Sandor is Slain!

== VICTORY! All members gain 750 Exp, 400 Gp, 50 Tp! ==

* Adek glares at the clone. "Eat that! You hear me, you son of a test tube whore? Take THAT to hell with you!"
<Jade> Yes!
<Remy> YES!
* Gwen whoos and falls over.
* Jade groans and collapses.
* Zarthus collapses to the ground, breathing heavily.
* Remy blinks and goes over to Gwen, steadying her.
<Zarthus> Agh.....chest...on fire..
* Zarthus lets loose with an inhuman cry, and Zeth is expelled from Arcus's body.
*** Zarthus is now known as Arcus
* Arcus land on the ground with a smirk.
* Arcus sags to the floor.
<Remy> We need a healer..
* Adek shivers, falling to his knees, and proceeds to be violently ill on the clone.
<Remy> As in, now.. :P
<Gwen> >> "That was impressive. But you won't survive me..."
* Remy blinks.
* Remy readies his bo, growling..
<Gwen> >> A woman enters the room. It's Odessa.
<Arcus> Argh...wha?
<Gwen> Odessa: You destroyed the clone. It was built to be the best.
<Gwen> Odessa: I'm impressed...
<Gwen> Phoebe groans and awakens.
<Jade> Of course we won't, you're attacking us when we're down...
<Remy> Oh, will you fuck off?! Christ! One fucking thing after another! Go piss in acid!!
<Gwen> Odessa: Damn right...
* Adek struggles back to his feet, clutching his sword. "Wasn't.. good enough.."
<Remy> We aren't all down, Jade..
<Gwen> Odessa: Unlike my sister...I don't play fair.
* Remy narrows his eyes.
* Arcus spits up some leftover poison from his system.
<Gwen> Odessa: Prepare to die...


Session Close: Fri Jun 26 21:23:43 1998