VayRPG Session 26: Infiltration

New Players:
Liliana, Brittany: Lucca-chan

Session Start: Fri Aug 21 17:26:01 1998

<Gwen> >> After resting the night at the castle, and gathering supplies, the party set out to the village of Segazz the next morning. Gwen suggested using Potty to fly over the vast mountains, which act as a natural barrier, deviding the two countries. But Potty seems to have dissapeared...
<Gwen> >> On top of that....Ana needs nice peasant clothes. ^_^
<Gwen> >> So you reach the tiny village by mid-morning...ready to go. ^^
* Arcus lounges about, under the shade of a tree ^_^
<Jade> Hmm, I wonder if there are stores here...
<Gwen> I think there's a tiny general store.
<Jade> Feh, forget it then...
<Phoebe> Maybe Ana can borrow one of my dresses...
* Ana looks around
<Phoebe> What do you think?
<Ana> I don't know, will they fit me?
<Gwen> Pheobe: Well, let's see..
<Jade> Who cares
<Jade> ?
<Arcus> I say try. No harm in that ^_^
<Phoebe> I have a pink tunic...some leather boots...and a hair ribbon...we're about the same size...I bet it would work.
<Jade> As long as you can wear them, and they protect you...
<Ana> Hmmm, yeah that could work
<Gwen> I say go for it.
* Ana looks around
<Ana> Ummm, where can I change?
<Phoebe> Let's go off into the inn for now.
<Jade> As in, all of us?
<Phoebe> No. :P
<Naya> i agree
<Jade> Okay then. :P
<Phoebe> Why not find the elder? I bet he might know where to find Potty.
* Phoebe leads Ana off to the inn to change.
* Ana walks ahead of the group, towards the inn
* Arcus springs to his feet and heads for the Elder's place
<Jade> With our luck, we'll have to go try to kill another dragon...
* Naya follows Arcus
* Jade lemmings Arcus
* Gwen 's face pales. "Jade....don't even think it."
* Arcus raps on the door, "Knock knock" ^_-
<Gwen> >> The elder's head pops out. "Yes? Oh! It's you people!"
<Arcus> Either that or a reasonable facsimile ^_-
<Jade> Where's the dragon?
<Elder> Thank you very much for solving our little dragon problem. How dragon, miss?
<Jade> Our dragon...
<Arcus> There ever-lovable Potty ^_-
<Elder> he missing?
<Elder> Is there any reason why he might have run away?
<Jade> Why else would we be asking you?
<Arcus> Bad hair day? ^_-
* Adek looks at Arcus. "Bad hair day? A dragon?"
<Naya> do you think he went after Pottle?
<Gwen> Elder: depends...if the dragon went through some type of truama...
<Arcus> Hey, you never know ^_-
<Gwen> If he did, he's already over Penan by now.
<Gwen> Elder: There is a shrine located south of here...
<Arcus> And he'd be there, yes? ^_-
* Remy crosses his arms and does what he does best...looks handsome.
<Gwen> Elder: Years ago, it used to be used as a...departing and arriving point. Dragons would live there, and then fly to a similar shrine in Penan. It hasn't been used in ten years
<Gwen> Elder: There is also a shrine near Cannisk as well
<Gwen> It's like a subway stop ^_-
<Arcus> Hmm...veddy interestink ^_-
<Jade> Well, what have we got to lose?
<Arcus> Our lives ^_-
* Arcus cackles and walks off ^_^
* Phoebe comes back with Ana.
<Phoebe> Well? ^_^
<Phoebe> What do you think?
* Arcus bows to Ana, "My lady, thou hast never looketh more plain" ^_-
* Ana looks cute with her hair braided in a pony tail over her shoulder and a pink tunic, and leather boots, her long legs are a bit exposed. ^_^
<Gwen> some legs there huh.
* Jade raises an eyebrow at Ana
* Ana smiles Arcus "Why thank you"
<Jade> Well, it's a nice outfit if you're looking to make some quick money...
<Adek> Looking good, Ana. I guess. Whatever.
* Arcus cackles some more
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
<Phoebe> Sorry, it's all I had.
<Valhart> Although the clothing of the palace suits you far, far more, I suppose under the circumstances you could have fared much, much worse, your Highness.
<Arcus> So, shall we off-ter-vate? ^_-
<Gwen> Yeah, let's go.
<Jade> Yeah.
* Jade wanders away
<Ana> Well, I thought it might help me a bit in battle, allow me to move a bit faster you know?
<Gwen> >> You walk out of the town, and to the small shrine down south.
<Valhart> Remember though, Princess, that battle is not a beauty pageant..
* Arcus whistles a jaunty travelling tune, like always ^_^
<Remy> Wow. A small shrine down south.
<Gwen> >> the shrine is beginning to show signs of falling apart.
<Ana> Valhart, I don't know whether to take that as an insult or complement ^^;;;
<Adek> Yeah. As good old Kulgar proved, you can be ugly and still win.
<Arcus> Ha! ^_-
* Jade snickers
* Naya snickers
* Gwen snickers.
<Gwen> Don't remind me of him
<Phoebe> ...
<Valhart> I would enjoy meeting this Kulgar someday..
<Phoebe> No you don't! O_o
<Ana> Also Valhart, I know you mean respect and all, but I would perfer you to call me Ana, until we return to the castle, this way no one will regonize me
* Zeth flits off to find some breakfast
<Gwen> >> The shrine has a large dais in the center....but no dragons can be seen.
<Adek> I'd like to meet him again myself..
<Valhart> I shall try, your Highness.
<Arcus> Don't go far Zeth!
<Jade> Hmm...
* Jade walks toward the dais
<Remy> Careful, Jade.
<Gwen> Yeah, Potty might sit on you.
<Gwen> ^_-
* Remy snickers
<Jade> If he does, it'll certainly decorate the place nicely...
<Gwen> Should we call for him or something?
* Arcus eyes the dias, with a mocking stare
<Phoebe> ...
<Jade> I dunno. I'd feel dumb wandering around going "POOOOOOOTTTTTYYYY!!!"
<Remy> Maybe we need a Potty-call or something...
<Remy> Like a dog call.
* Ana walks up to the dais and inspects it
<Gwen> just did it :P
<Jade> I wonder what a Potty call would sound like...*smirk*
* Arcus laughs
* Gwen chuckles.
* Remy uncrosses his arms and looks around.
<Gwen> Maybe we should head back to the layre again.
* Ana runs her hand across the dais
* Jade sighs
<Gwen> But that'll take time...
<Jade> Dammit, why doesn't he just fly here and make it easier on us...
<Remy> Because he's being a fuckhead? :P
<Gwen> Try calling again!
<Jade> No way, you do it :P
<Gwen> Not me!
* Ana calls out "Yo Potty! Get your butt over here!"
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
<Potty> *Pigyaa?*
<Gwen> >> It sounded like it was coming from behind the wall!
<Gwen> >> On the opposite end of the shrine.
* Arcus cups his hands to his mouth, "PIGYA!"
* Jade O_o's
* Jade walks over to the wall
<Potty> *Pigyaa!*
<Remy> Ack.
<Ana> Potty?
<Jade> C'mon out now, if you're in there...
* Naya heads towards the sounds
* Ana heads towards the sound
* Arcus saunters over to the wall
* Potty suddenly cranes his neck around a pillar, looking at you oddly. "Pigya!"
<Naya> hey Potty!
* Ana waves "Hi Potty"
* Zeth returns with a freshly dead rat and lands on Arcus' shoulder
<Arcus> Yo Pots ^_^
* Potty looks a little sad, but seems confused as to why you are here.
* Remy says nothing, thinking.
<Ana> Potty, we're gonna rescue Pottle, but we need your help to get us to Penan, think you can help?
<Potty> Pigya! ^_^
* Ana looks around "I think that was a yes"
<Arcus> It was either that or his life story ^_-
<Jade> I agree...
<Naya> thank you Potty
<Ana> Thanks Potty
* Potty lets you all climb aboard.
<Arcus> You da man Pots ^_^
* Naya climbs on
* Ana climbs up
* Arcus hops onto Poty's back
* Gwen hops on, pulling Phoebe up on the way.
* Adek climbs on.
* Potty spreads his wings. "Pigya!" and takes off into the sky!
<Arcus> Woo hoo! ^_^
<Gwen> >> And anyone who isn't on better geton fast! ^_-
* Valhart boards the Dragon.. *
* Jade gets on :P
<Arcus> AH, the only other way to fly ^_-
* Remy leaps on the dragon
* Potty flies even further south, over a vast range of dusty brown mountains.
* Ana looks a little airsick again
* Gwen let's the wind whip through her hair.
* Remy watches Gwen, smiling slightly.
* Naya smiles and enjoying herslef
* Arcus leans over to one side, "Hey, I ca see my housed from here" ^_-
<Gwen> Where? :P
<Phoebe> My home is gone :/
<Naya> home? ....
* Arcus points, "See that impossibly small speck way out there? That's not it" ^_-
* Remy laughs.
* Gwen chuckles. Where then?
<Arcus> Its the spedk behind that speck ^_-
<Naya> ooooo
* Ana looks down and starts to get even sicker
* Gwen grins. "Let it flow, Ana! Maybe it'll hit someone!"
<Arcus> Health tip Princess, don't look down ^_-
<Remy> Or many people, eh?
<Jade> At this altitude, vomit could have devastating effects on someone below...
<Gwen> Danek people. ^_-
<Arcus> Hah! ^_-
* Remy grins. "Yeh. Or maybe some pirates."
<Gwen> Like Nasca?
* Remy nods, grinning.
<Arcus> Or maybe some dood named Edwin Shermer the 2nd ^_-
<Ana> Now.... you tell me
* Gwen smirks, and imitates Nasca. "SEX! :P"
<Remy> Who da hell is 'dis Edwin guy, Arcus? Some old lover bent on revenge, eh?
* Remy almost falls off the dragon
* Jade laughs
* Ana is too sick to laugh
* Phoebe pulls Remy upright. "Careful!"
<Arcus> You don't know Edwin? Why he's the man who hold the world's recored for most cheese thrown in one day ^_-
<Naya> umm who is Nasca?
<Arcus> Edwin's wife naturally ^_-
<Gwen> She's a bondage freak, Naya...
* Remy nods to Phoebe. "T'anks. I'd be more careful if a certain beautiful brunette would not scare me like 'dat.."
* Jade eyes Arcus
<Arcus> Woo hoo! ^_^
<Naya> oh ok!
<Gwen> >> You pass over the mountains, to a valley where the grasses are half dead due to lack of water...
* Arcus looks at Jade, "Ain't life grand?" ^_-
* Ana looks a little green
<Jade> You...are *weird* O_o
<Arcus> Why thank you ^_-
* Remy looks down and raises an eyebrow. "Well. Someone ain't been waterin' de flowers, non?"
<Arcus> Yeah, the groundskeeper should be taken out and shot ^_-
<Gwen> Well, we're in desert country..and it's summer rain.
<Remy> Or maybe be beaten wit' a big wiffle bat
<Ana> I think... he was...
<Arcus> Ooh, kinky
<Remy> Only if you're into 'dat sorta thing.
* Remy grins.
<Gwen> >> The Shrine is in sight. You see a small town nearby, to the south.
* Arcus chortles
* Ana needs to get off soon....
<Gwen> >> With a dive, Potty lands in the shrine, which looks the exact same as the one you left.
<Jade> Whee...
* Gwen hops off.
<Remy> Dragon Express. De best way to get t'where you're gettin'.
* Ana quickly gets off and kiss the ground
<Gwen> Wait here for us, Potty!
<Arcus> Well, the people who built these places seemed to have lacked imagination ^_-
* Jade fixes her hair and hops off
* Remy follows.
* Naya slides down
* Arcus hops off
<Arcus> Thanks Pot
<Potty> Pigya!
<Arcus> Either that or they had limited tile sets ^_-
* Valhart gets off the Dragon.. *
* Ana stands up and dusts herself off, then fixes up her hair
<Remy> We really need t'expand 'dat dragon's vocabulary..
* Adek slides off. "That was fun.. as usual."
<Valhart> I bet it was the limited tile sets...
<Gwen> You want it to say Pigyo? :P
<Gwen> Or Piggoo.?
<Arcus> Pigya, from the latin word, "Bloo" ^_-
<Remy> How about "I am the happy butt, I am so happy!"?
* Ana raises an eyebrow at Remy
<Arcus> Pigyo, piyes, pigya, pigyus, pigyas ^_-
* Remy shrugs. "I dunno. Random t'ing. Nevermind. Lets do what we came to do."
<Gwen> Anyway, there's a town south of here...want to make a pit stop?
<Ana> Ya know, if I said that, I'd probably be paddled....
<Arcus> Only if they have decent pits ^_-
<Remy> Pit stop? Eh. Sure.
<Jade> Yeah, let's...
<Remy> Addled?
<Gwen> To mosh in, I bet. Right Arc?
<Arcus> I'm tired of taking ditch stops ^_-
* Adek sighs. "Random town.. why not?"
<Gwen> Not completely random. I live here, actually.
<Gwen> Well, near here.
<Gwen> I know Penan well.
<Ana> Let's head there, maybe we can think up a plan on how to get into Penan
<Naya> cool
<Arcus> Ooh, the home town heroine has come home ^_-
<Remy> Oh? Hmm...dis should be interestin', 'den..
<Gwen> We ARE in Penan..
<Gwen> It's the Danek base we need to find!
<Ana> Err, yeah
<Gwen> Actually, Arc, I live in Vayguess. My apartment is probably covered in dust...
<Arcus> Vayguess....why'd they name it that? Maybe becuase that's where everyone guess the armor of Vay was? ^_-
<Adek> Could be worse, Gwen.. At least you never had to worry about your house being covered in hay after a bad windstorm..
<Gwen> What about Sand?
* Jade chuckles...
<Gwen> Vayguess is smack dab in the middle of the desert.
* Ana giggles
* Remy snickers. "Least you guys have homes to go back to.."
<Gwen> You don't know how many damn scorpions get in my damn bed!
<Naya> umm...
<Remy> Anyways. Lets do 'dis, non?
<Gwen> Low income housing sucks.
* Ana heads south
<Arcus> How do you know its in the middle, have you measured to make sure? ^_-
* Adek looks at Remy, and sighs. "Well.. better a house in the desert than none at all.."
* Arcus cackles and walks off
<Gwen> >> You walk to the nearby town, intrestingly namemd 'Hogshead.'
<Jade> Hogshead, how lovely...
<Jade> I can just imagine how wonderful the inhabitants are going to be...
<Ana> I wonder if it has an accent to it....
<Remy> Heh...
<Arcus> I wonder if they like pigs here ^_-
<Valhart> The names of the foreign lands leave much to be desired..
<Adek> Your own isn't that great either, Valhart.
<Gwen> What are you talking about? You have a hick town named Hayhill.
<Gwen> er!
<Gwen> Sorry Adek.
<Ana> Errr....
<Jade> Oh, please, could we all grow up a bit?
<Arcus> Heehee ^_^
<Valhart> Hayhill is far more tolerable than Hogshead.
<Ana> This IS my home you're talking about...
<Gwen> >> The town is slightly covered with a thin layer of ultra hot sand.
<Adek> No.. that's ok, Gwen. There was a town there once.. there will be again. I hope.
<Arcus> Oh come on now, let's just enjoy the local flavor of this quaint little town...uh...hope you like pork ^_-
* Remy looks around, eyes narrowed a bit from the sunlight.
* Ana is glad to be wearing something light, but the others....
<Gwen> Palm trees line the town. It's actually very small, with one large lake in the center for water, and several mud covered huts lining it.
* Adek smiles slightly. "And with a little luck, maybe it'll be named something less silly, huh?"
* Ana glances at Valhart in his heavy armor...
* Arcus walks off to look around the town
* Valhart seems heroically impervious to the heat.. *
<Naya> umm where do we go now?
* Gwen seems to not care much about the heat.
* Jade offers Valhart some Evian
<Gwen> Maybe we should ask around for bases located in the desert. :P
* Valhart accepts it. * Many thanks.
* Remy snickers.
<Adek> Great idea, Gwen..
<Arcus> Maybe the Daneks were dumb enough to leave signs lying around that say, "This way to the secret base" ^_-
* Gwen snicks.
<Remy> That sounds like somethin' Sunny would do.
<Jade> No, she'd ask if they have cherry trees...
<Adek> ..maybe.. if we're REALLY lucky, we won't alert every Danek in the area we're here.
<Jade> We stick out like crazy.
<Gwen> I have a feeling they know we're coming..
<Gwen> No wonder Kulgar smells...he had to romp around in this heat!
<Adek> No kidding, Jade.. a group this large, and.. ah.. diverse..
<Valhart> With a band such as this, I'd say fitting in would be near impossible.
<Arcus> Heh
<Phoebe> ..
<Jade> Well, shall we...mingle?
<Remy> mingle? Hrm.
<Gwen> >> There are a few random people milling about the town. One is washing clothes in the small lake. Another is sweeping the sand off his front porch.
<Gwen> >> And there is a curious little blue-cloaked figure peering out of a box, giggling at you.
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
* Ana stretches
* Naya glances at the figure
* Ana wonders if that guy is hot under that blue cloak
* Arcus walks around the town, checking it out
<Remy> What the hell?
* Adek admires the view. "This place is like a really poorly planned sandbox."
<Gwen> ....he could be a spy...
<Gwen> Distract him, I'm gonna try to grab him.
<Ana> It seems pretty obvious
<Ana> All right
<Gwen> >> The figure looks at you all intenesely.
* Ana walks over to the man, really exposing her legs
<Jade> Slut!
<Gwen> >> The figure makes a little meeping sound. O_o
<Arcus> Maybe its just some obnoxious small person in a blue cloak who has a thing for boxes ^_-
* Gwen runs around a building
<Phoebe> You shouldn't call the princess a slut!
<Naya> ummm
* Adek chuckles. "Where did a princess learn that kind of behavior, anyway?"
<Arcus> What princess? There;s no Princess here, right Phoebe? ^_-
<Gwen> Figure looks at Ana curiously.
<Remy> Girls! I got girls!
<Phoebe> Ah! Yes!
<Jade> What if it's prepubescent?
* Remy wraps an arm around Ana and looks pimpish!
<Naya> what kind og girls?
* Valhart frowns... * Certainly not from the castle...
<Remy> Hey! You! Wanna try my girls?!
<Figure> !!!
* Remy looks at the figure
* Ana slaps Remy across the face
* The figure stutters.
<Arcus> Heh ^_-
<Figure> Gaaah
* Remy winces. "See? This one likes to be feisty!"
* Adek snickers.
* Ana slaps Remy again
* Naya skips up
* Remy tries to ignore the pain and hopes Gwen hurries the hell up :P
* Adek bites down on his bottom lip, really trying his hardest not to laugh.
* Gwen suddenly appears and grabs the figure around the waist! "Gotcha!
<Remy> ugh..
<Figure> O_O
<Remy> was a tactic to distract him..
<Arcus> Nice job Gwen ^_^
<Remy> or her..
<Remy> Eesh..
* Ana drops her sexy appeal and looks at the man "Who are you?"
<Ana> And what's with the weird giggle at us?
<Jade> It'd be good if you'd drop your skirt as well, Ana...O_o
* Remy 's cheek is a bright red and he growls under his breath..
<Gwen> Let's see who the 'mysterious little figure is'!
* Ana glares at Jade
* Gwen yanks off the reaveal....ALEN? O_o
<Gwen> O_o Ah-!
* Gwen drops him!
<Ana> Alen?!
<Naya> hi Alen!
<Arcus> Well....that was unexpected ^_-
<Adek> No, no, if she wants to keep holding it up, let h- Whoa! Alen?!
<Remy> Alen? I got slapped repeatedly on the cheek for ALEN?
* Alen falls to the floor and stands up, backing off a few paces ^_^
<Gwen> You're....alive? O_o
* Arcus looks at Remy, "Kinda sucks doesn't it?" ^_-
<Alen> Um, hi guys,long time no see, huh? ^_^
* Gwen pokes him several times.
<Remy> sucks?! Gahhh..
<Gwen> O_o He's real.
<Ana> Where--How did you survive that fall, and how did you get here?
<Naya> what happened to you ALen?
<Alen> Heh heh... ouch! Watch that Gwen O_o
<Gwen> Yes, what happened to you.
* Gwen stops poking him.
<Alen> Um... hee... er..
* Remy crosses his arms
<Phoebe> I'm glad you're okay, Alen! ^_^
* Alen scratches his head
<Arcus> No one explained to him that he was dead, so he got better of his won accord and made his way here ^_-
<Alen> What if we pretend you haven't noticed me and we go on as befre? =P
<Gwen> Eh?
<Alen> Thanks Phoebe =)
<Ana> Why?
<Gwen> It appears Alen is stupid again, Rem. ^_-
<Alen> Um, I dunno ^_^
<Adek> Alen. No. What in the world ARE you doing in that box, anyway?
<Arcus> Because he's a strnge fellow who likes to be mysterious ^_-
* Alen opens his eyes and looks at Gwen a tad eerily
<Gwen> O_o
<Gwen> S...stop that.
<Phoebe> Tee hee. ^_^
<Alen> Not as much as you would think. ^_^
<Gwen> Can someone fill him in?
<Arcus> Hold on Alen, I think I got a White Party Mask in my pocket...belonged to some guy named Mustery or something. It'll go well with your cloak ^_-
<Gwen> I'm gonna go scout around for clues.
* Remy reaches over and pokes Alen on the forehead. "Don' look at 'er like 'dat."
* Ana grabs Alen from his collar "If you don't start talking about what happened to you I'm gonna shock you with some lightning!"
<Adek> Hey! Ana! Let him go!
* Alen hops back a few steps, releasing himself from Ana's grasp
* Adek smiles. "That's MY job. I owe him for back at the shrine."
<Arcus> Heh ^_-
<Alen> Now, princess... your manners!
* Gwen goes off to talk to the lady by the lake.
* Ana turns and smiles at Adek, "Be my guest"
* Alen smiles
<Arcus> What princess? ^_-
* Remy watches Gwen go. :P
<Ana> How did you know I was a princess?!
<Alen> You people are still so funny ^_^
<Phoebe> Yes, how did you know?
* Alen giggles some more
* Adek grins, holds up his hand, builds up a little charge, and makes a shooting motion at Alen, giving him a shock. "We're even now."
<Jade> Don't...giggle like that...
* Arcus heads off to a patch of shade and lounges there, laughing to himself ^_^
* Alen looks at Adek O_o
<Alen> Well, he hasn't changed much.
* Remy tunes everyone out and leans on a post, awaiting Gwen's return. :P
<Gwen> ....I see. Thanks.
<Alen> Well... let me put it this way for you guys =)
* Gwen walks back, a little miffed.
* Ana sighs
* Alen leans against a tree
<Gwen> Nothing.
<Naya> Gwen?
* Remy raises an eyebrow at Gwen.
<Alen> I think I owe it to you all, after all we've been together, ne?
<Gwen> The people here have no knowledge of anything in the desert other than some pyamid that has been here forever and Vayguess.
<Remy> Lovely.
<Remy> So what now, 'den?
<Jade> Hold on..
<Gwen> I don't know. We're flying blind...
<Naya> well wouldn't a Pyamid be a nice spot for a base?
* Ana walks over to Valhart and leans against him, sighing
<Jade> What if it's in the pyramid?
<Gwen> They say it's a holy place, and she doubts it's there.
<Gwen> Besides...
* Valhart is leaned against. *
<Arcus> Yeah, those Danke's aren't known for thier origionality anyways ^_-
<Gwen> She says Penan is against the Empire, as of late.
<Gwen> I think she's telling the truth
<Remy> Hm..
<Jade> Well, it *has* to be here somewhere...
<Gwen> >> Several children run out into the street, playing jacks.
<Ana> If its not in the Pyramid then wouldn't be in Vayguess?
* Remy looks at the children..
<Adek> You'd think they'd put it someplace less obvious, wouldn't you?
* A little girl twirls around on one heel "Guess what I found!"
* Naya watchs the kids
* Arcus snoozes ^_^
<Little boy> What? :P I bet it's some dumb flaming barbie or something
* Remy gets closer to the girl.
<Girl> I found a shiny thing!
* Ana looks at the litttle girl
<Girl> Buried! Like Buried treasure!
* The girl twirls a pigtail.
<Remy> buried treasure...? hm..
* Jade mutters "get on with it..."
<Girl> Do you wanna see it? Huh? Huh?
<Boy> I don't wanna see anything some dumb ol' girl has..
* The little girl starts crying.
<Gwen> ....jeez...
<Arcus> He'll be sorry when he's older ^_-
* Ana walks over to the little girl and kneels down "I'll see it"
<Girl> Really? :D
<Ana> Sure
<Girl> :D :D :D Oh yay! Follow me! We'll make it an adventure....but I'm not supposed to go out with strangers...
<Remy> Heh...'dat guy'll regret 'dat when he's past puberty..
<Jade> Hmm, let's bribe her.
<Ana> I'm Ana, and you are?
<Girl> Natasha!
<Ana> There! Now we aren't strangers anymore
<Natasha> He's Mark. He's mean. He doesn't get to come.
<Mark> I don't want to see some dumb ol' junk pile anyway.
<Remy> Geez, kid....don't'cha know 'dat you gotta be nice to de femmes?
<Mark> :P
<Natasha> Follow me :D
* Natasha toddles out of the vilalge.
* Ana follows Natasha
* Valhart follows Ana. *
* Remy follows, yawning a bit.
* Alen hops after Natasha
* Naya follows
* Arcus hops to his feet and sachets after the others
<Natasha> You can't tell anyone about this, though. It's my secret place. Sometimes I hear people talking nearby!
* Jade follows
<Remy> Ahh...
* Jade looks at the group...
<Phoebe> We won't, little girl. ^_^
* Adek follows along.
<Ana> I won't tell, I promise. Cross my heart
<Arcus> At least not to anyone who'll beleive us ^_-
<Gwen> >> After 15 minutes of walking through blistering desert heat and searing sand, you come across a small piece of metal half buried in the sand. "Here!"
<Ana> So where is it?
* Remy hmms
<Natasha> ^_^ This is it.
* Ana looks shiny piece of metal
* Remy bends down and examines the piece of metal.
* Jade kneels
* Remy attempts to pick it up :P
* Gwen tries to lift it up
<Arcus> Wait, I'll bet this is the lost city of Atlantis! Who would think of looking for it in the desert? ^_-
<Gwen> >> It's attached to
<Remy> Dig?
<Jade> Guys...
* Ana digs through the sand
<Jade> This is it...
<Gwen> No kidding. Get Natasha out of here.
<Remy> Yeah. Dig.
* Arcus lends a hand with the digging
* Alen folds his arms
<Valhart> Highness, it's not your place to dig.
* Gwen digs.
<Phoebe> Hey, Natasha...can I take you home? It's getting late...
* Remy looks at Natasha :P
* Naya helps diging
* Ana gets up and looks at Valhart "All right, fine, I'll take Natasha back"
<Natasha> But--!
* Remy nods a bit and continues to dig :P
<Phoebe> ^_^ I'll buy you an ice cream.
<Jade> Um, heh...
<Jade> If this is an actual base...
<Arcus> I wonder if we'll find a bone? ^_-
<Phoebe> Wait for me!
<Jade> Then it's gonna take us awhile to dig it out.
* Ana takes Natasha's hand and leads her back to town
* Phoebe takes Natasha back to Hogshead.
<Gwen> Well, seems like Phoebe and Ana are bonding quite nicely. Exchanging clothes, going on little babysitting trips. How cute.
<Arcus> Heh ^_-
<Gwen> Damn it's hot!
<Naya> yeah..
<Gwen> >> A door is starting to be uncovered....
<Gwen> Secret buried in the sand, huh?
* Arcus looks at Zeth, "Why aren't you helping?" ^_-
<Zeth> Cause I ain't stupid like you"
* Remy continues to dig and pauses, panting a bit and sweat dripping from his forehead and onto the sand. "Gods.."
<Jade> Dig FASTER, dammit...
* Jade pants
<Gwen> >> A half hour later, Phoebe and Ana come back, You're almost finished uncovering the door.
<Arcus> Now who would leave a perfectly good door out here in the desert? It clashes with the whole decor ^_-
<Jade> Maybe they have air conditioning down there...
<Gwen> I really hope so...
* Adek starts trying to scoop some sand away with his shield. "This place is.. words don't describe how much this sucks."
<Gwen> I think this might be a back entrance...the door looks pretty rusted oer.
* Ana looks down "Keep it up guys, we're almost done"
<Arcus> ~Well I been workin' in a coal mine, goin' down, down..~" ^_-
<Naya> what i would do for some water...
<Gwen> >> The door is now uncovered!
* Jade tries to open it
<Gwen> >> The door is very rusted over. You'll need some help
<Arcus> Yay, we have a rusty door. I feel complete ^_-
<Jade> Maybe I can kick it in...
<Gwen> Need help?
* Ana pulls out her staff maybe she can crobar it open
<Ana> Valhart, help us
* Arcus goes to yank on the door
<Gwen> Yeah Val. Help us out...
<Gwen> Please.
* Remy smirks and starts to haul on the door, trying to open it
* Adek joins in the effort.
* Gwen pulls on the door.
* Alen stays sitting behind on the sand
<Arcus> Boy, you think they don't like visitors here? ^_-
* Ana sticks her through the door knob and starts heaving
* Valhart helps out. *
* Naya helps
<Gwen> >> Suddenly the door caves in, causing all who were trying to open the door to fall into a dimly lit room with a crash!
<Jade> If there was a "Push" sign on this door at some point, we're all gonna feel pretty stupid...
<Arcus> Oof!
* Ana yells out "GET OFF ME!""
<Gwen> >> Sand falls on top of you.
<Arcus> Well, that was enlightening ^_-
* Alen claps and hops in after them ^_^
* Naya dust the sand off
<Gwen> >> Getting in your hair, your shirts...your pants...your underwear! :O
* Adek picks himself up. "Sorry, Ana.."
* Remy chokes and hops up, spitting out sand..
<Remy> Agh!
* Jade eyes Adek and Ana
* Valhart unsheaths the Legendary Orcrist... * You are well, Highness?
* Gwen coughs up sand O_o
* Arcus shakes himeself to get the surface sand off
<Jade> Yeah, I'm sure that was TOTALLY coincidental...
<Alen> Now that was fun, wasn┤t it? ^_^
* Remy suddenly yanks off his shirt, revealing tight muscles....and alot of sand....
<Remy> agh :P
* Ana gets up and dusts herself off "Yeah, I'm fine, but I'm gonna need a bath after this"
* Remy shakes his shirt out and slips it back on. "Damnit..."
* Remy grumbles. :P
<Gwen> >> The room is a small, with boxes to the side. A stairway leads down.
* Arcus shakes his booty, getting more sand out of his rainments
<Valhart> Such is the life of an adventurer Princess, you may very well go days before having another bath.
* Adek sighs. "Sand in the armor. This is just great. Next time we go someplace in the desert, leave me behind."
* Remy looks at the boxes..
* Ana looks around, keeping an eye out for any signs of trouble
<Jade> Let's open the boxes!
* Alen taps the boxes with his rod and opens one of them
<Gwen> >> The boxes look like old food crates. There is a air vent near the boxes.
<Jade> ...or not.
* Arcus looks at the air vent
<Remy> Hmm..
<Naya> hmmm..
* Adek pulls off his helmet, shakes some sand out of his hair, and puts it back on. "Now what?"
* Arcus clambers onto the boxes
<Alen> Are you hungry? ^_^
<Remy> Wonder where the air vent leads to.
<Gwen> >> A bunch of gritty stuff tumbles out of one of the boxes. It's a mix for grits
<Ana> Probably, but as soon as we find an inn, or camp by a stream, I'll get my bath....
* Alen staggers back in surprise
<Alen> AAAH!!!
* Arcus checks to see if the cover for the vent is loose
<Gwen> >> The vent comes off easily.
<Gwen> What about the stairs, everyone?
<Arcus> Heh ^_-
<Jade> Well...
<Naya> wouldn't they see us on the stairs?
<Jade> If we crawl around in the vents, we can observe what's going on far more discreetly.
<Ana> What if they see us as we come down through the stairs? Perhaps the vents will be safer?
<Arcus> So, who wants to crawl around with me in the world of the spiders? ^_-
<Ana> spiders?
<Gwen> That's true...
* Ana shudders
<Gwen> Can we all fit?
<Adek> We're less likely to get stuck taking the stairs.. and less likely to be found in the vents.
<Naya> spiders are cool
* Remy looks at Gwen and then at the stairs. "Maybe one of us should pull a Alexis and go one way..."
<Arcus> There's always spiders in air venst
<Alen> The soldiers stated here shouldn't be much of a problem though.
<Alen> I could go through the stairs, I don't mind ^_^
* Arcus hops into the vent, checking it for size
<Ana> Errr, spiders, yeah.... spiders....
<Jade> Well, it'd still take time and effort to kill soldiers.
* Ana shudders again
<Jade> How does it look, Arcus?
<Adek> I know, Jade. It'd be great.
* Adek blinks. "Er.. sorry."
<Valhart> I shall wait here and dispatch any opposition that might prove a threat to Her Highness. The rest of you take the vents.
<Adek> I vote we take the stairs.
<Jade> Thanks, Val. :)
* Jade hops into the vent
<Gwen> Okay Valhart.
* Gwen hops into the vent. "Damn! From hot to cold! O_O"
* Naya climbs into the Vent
* Remy climbs in the vent..
<Alen> Okay then ^_^
<Arcus> Come on in folks, its cool in here ^_-
<Naya> well its better than the heat
<Valhart> Perhaps then, Sir Adek, you would enjoy waiting here in hopes of someone to run afoul us?
* Alen hops in after them
* Ana walks over to Valhart "Be careful, please? No, I order you to be careful, understand?"
* Arcus starts crawling down the vent, listening carefully
<Adek> Maybe I will..
<Gwen> >> You follow the winding pathway, which is pretty straightforward. Then it leads in three directions. North, West, and East. Which way do you want to take?
<Valhart> As careful as may be prudent, your Highness.
<Arcus> Hmm....
<Adek> ..of course, from the looks of things.. no one uses this place.
<Valhart> You be even more careful.
<Jade> Hmm...
<Alen> East ^_^
* Gwen meeps. "Cold..."
<Naya> north?
* Arcus ducks down the west shaft
<Phoebe> Hmm.
<Jade> Eeenie meenie miney moe...
* Ana climbs into vents nodding to Valhart and then taking off toward everyone else
<Jade> Arcus, you ass, get back here!
<Arcus> La la la lee.. ^_^
<Gwen> >> You then realize that you can't go east or west O_O
<Arcus> Hmm....
* Naya heads north
<Ana> North's the way
<Adek> Something tells me, Valhart.. that they're going to have a more interesting time. I hope you'll forgive me if I leave you here.
* Arcus goes north
<Gwen> >> It's blocked off. You can only go north.
<Alen> Oops =)
* Jade crawls north
* Ana follows everyone
<Arcus> La la la lee.. ^_^
* Adek climbs into the vent, and moves after the others.
<Gwen> >> There is a passageway suddenly branching off to the east
<Gwen> >> Do you want to investigate?
<Arcus> East or north?
* Ana heads down the direction of east
* Arcus ducks down the east path
<Gwen> ^_^ The princess has spoken.
* Jade goes east
<Arcus> Heh ^_-
* Naya shrugs and goes east
<Gwen> >> The passage way suddenly stops at a vent. You can see it's a small cafeteria.
* Alen follows
<Jade> Just because she's a princess doesn't mean she's superior to anyone or anything...
<Gwen> >> Some soliders are talking.
<Jade> She was born into it, therefore it means nothing.
* Arcus looks back to the others and puts his fingers to his lips
<Arcus> Shh!
<Alen> Oooh... I'm hungry ^_^
* Arcus goes to the edge of the vent and listens
<Solider> So anyway, I find that the M66-59 gun is the best. It blows guys brains out quicker.
* Ana looks down at listens
<Solider> That's disgusting!
<Solider 2> Get used to it.
* Jade licks her lips
<Remy> ah....christ.. *whispered*
<Gwen> >> A pretty female soldier comes into cafeteria. "The emperor needs backup."
<Arcus> *whispered* Those wacky Daneks ^_-
<Soldier> The reason?
<Girl> They're interrogating the prisoner...
* Arcus perks up
<Ana> (w) Pottle....
<Girl> No doubt they're gonna do some nasty things to him..
<Arcus> We'll see about that ^_-
<Phoebe> Oh no....
<Jade> *whisper* Maybe if we crash through the vent and kill the two soldiers, and take the chick hostage...
<Gwen> No way...
* Arcus turns back, and heads for the north passage again
<Ana> (w) Sounds like a good idea
<Alen> Let's ask for something to eat ^_^
<Gwen> You don't understand...a soldier would rather die than help you.
<Arcus> One of these vents should lead us to Pottle
<Adek> I'd be happy to obligie them in that, Gwen.
<Ana> (w) SHhh!
<Gwen> Heh! Let's follow Arc.
<Jade> Well, how about we just kill them then?
* Naya follows Arcus
* Jade sighs
<Jade> Fine...
* Arcus heads down the north passage, picking up his pace
* Ana follows Arcus
* Jade crawls unceremoniously after Arcus
<Gwen> You come across another branch to the path, this time to the west
* Alen follows
* Ana heads west
* Arcus takes the west fork
<Gwen> >> It's a soldier's bedroom
<Arcus> Hmm....
<Gwen> >> A man and woman...are....O_o...well...
* Ana looks down to see if anyone is there
<Gwen> O_o Oh god!
* Naya continuse north
* Arcus heads back to the north path
* Ana gets grossed out...
<Gwen> Keep going! Keep going!
<Remy> Ugh...
* Ana heads north
<Alen> What are they doing? O_o
<Arcus> Its nice to see the minions of darkness have time for recreation ^_-
<Remy> They're playing tennis.
<Remy> Lets keep goin'.
<Adek> Hrmph.. why not crash though this vent.. they'd die happy, right?
* Phoebe looks disgusted..and says something rather uncharatristic of her. "I never knew people could fuck like that!"
* Ana keeps going north, until...
* Remy smirks at Phoebe. "Really? Heh."
* Arcus heads down the north vent, keeping up his fast pace
<Gwen> The pathway leads up....into a dark can hear people talking...
<Gwen> >> "Are the doors secured?"
<Gwen> >> "Yes Sir!"
* Arcus holds up his hand, signaling for everyone to stop!
* Ana listens closely, trying to get everything the people say.
<Gwen> >> The pathway still leads on.
* Arcus inches towards the voices
<Gwen> >> "Hello Soldier. Keeping watch?"
* Ana continues to keep going, unnoticing Arcus' hand
<Gwen> >> "Yes, Commander Odessa!"
<Gwen> >> "That's GERERAL."
* Arcus draws a sharp breath
* Ana still moves through the path
<Alen> The whipping lady ^_^
* Adek almost snarls, though quietly. "Her.."
<Gwen> >> "Is the prisioner securely tied? We woudn't want him running away."
* Arcus grabs Ana before she can move to far past him
<Soldier> He hasn't eaten in 4 days. I doubt he's strong enough to.
* Ana keeps going, dragging Arcus, not noticing that he has grabbed her
<Soldier> But that infection on his arm...
* Arcus puts his weight into his grab stopping Ana cold
<Odessa> Ignore it. Once we're done with him he's as good as dead.
* Remy growls.
<Jade> *whisper* I can't take much more of this, I say we fucking kill them NOW...
<Phoebe> Like hell you are...
<Arcus> *hissed whisper* Stop moving! They'll hear us!
* Ana kicks Arcus in stomach and moves forward
* Jade grabs Ana's leg
* Ana squirms
<Gwen> >> The passageway leads to another air vent, but the pathway still leads on.
* Alen whispers something and points at Ana
<Gwen> >> You hear the sound of a door closing, and a lock turning.
<Alen> Ash!
<Arcus> Whew....okay, now we can go
<Gwen> >> Alen's spell fails O_O
* Arcus lets go of Anna and continues moving
* Ana pulls away from Jade and looks down into the vent
<Alen> I'm losing my touch =/
<Gwen> >> The passageway leads to a small steel walkway.
* Arcus holds up his hand again, peering out of the air vent
<Gwen> >> You still need to crawl, but your view is much better. However, you cannot leave the walkway.
<Jade> Ana, don't be so rash, you will ruin it for us all.
<Gwen> >> You're now in the interrogation room....
<Arcus> Bingo
<Jade> We need the element of surprise...the operative word being we...
<Gwen> ...There's a grate blocking us...we can't do anything from here.
* Ana heads over to Arcus
<Gwen> And if we try to break it down we'll be caught.
* Arcus thinks
<Ana> (w) The air vent that we passed....
<Remy> Maybe I could melt it with my fire..? Hmm..
<Gwen> >> There is someone tied up to a cannot see who just yet...
<Gwen> >> There are several people piling up into the room.
<Arcus> Shh!
* Ana looks at the figure trying to figure out who it is...
* Arcus waves his hand, trying to get people to quiet down
* Odessa walks into the room, flanked by two women. One of them has short, reddish hair, with funky looking glasses. Another has brown, curly hair. They all wear the same type of uniform.
<Arcus> ....
* Jeal is already in the room.
<Jeal> brought your second in commands with you?
<Odessa> I feel Liliana and Brittany had the right to see this.
* Remy narros his eyes..
* Liliana and Brittany bow and say things to the emperor that make you think one thing. "Suck ups!"
<Gwen> >> They look very young. Around 16....
<Gwen> >> Another man walks into the room. Issak....
<Arcus> ....
* Gwen looks at Adek...
* Ana tightens her fist, rage building up inside her, the loss of her parents is burning brilghtly in her mind.
<Gwen> Oh my...
* Adek clenches his hands into fists. "That son of a bitch is here..."
<Gwen> Issak: Is that everyone, or is Cain coming as well?
<Arcus> (w)Well well......
<Jeal> I believe so. We'll have to start without him.
<Gwen> >> They all walk to the prisoner. They all move out of your sight need to move in closer.
* Ana crawls a bit closer
* Gwen follows Ana.
* Arcus creeps forward
* Ana tries to see who the figure is, thinking its Pottle...
* Naya follows
* Remy holds back a bit..
* Gwen peers, and whispers. "Looks like Pottle to me..."
* Pottle is tied up very tightly to a wall, in very ragged clothing. His hands and feet are red with rope burns. He also looks malnourished, but he has a somewhat defiant look on his face.
* Ana looks at the Danek peoples, and turns her head away, tears welling up in her eyes "I can't let them do this, not to him"
<Gwen> ....wait...
<Arcus> You'll have to for now
* Jeal pulls Pottle's pendant and fingers it in his hands. "What is this?"
<Ana> (w)No....
<Pottle> I don't know.
* Jade snarls softly
<Jeal> You're sure?
<Pottle> I'm sure.
* Pottle chuckles. "Are you done yet? I gotta go the bathroom."
* Liliana giggles, but Odessa silences her by stepping on her foot
<Liliana> OW!
<Gwen> >> All of the people present look at her oddly.
* Remy smirks a bit at Liliana.
<Liliana> on, my liege.
<Arcus> (w)Heh ^_-
<Ana> (w) Airhead....
* Jeal chuckles himself. "You have quite a mouth on you."
<Pottle> My wit is all i have left.
* Adek flexes his fists, muttering, "Come on, come on.."
* Liliana ajusts her glasses, and mutters. "They must all think I'm an airhead now."
<Jeal> I know you're lying to me, Pottle...
<Jeal> I know you must know what this pendant is. Who gave it to you?
<Pottle> My...I assume my mother did....what is the point of this...
<Jeal> Oh...nothing. It's just that your mother failed to inform you on how powerful this little trinket can be...
<Arcus> ....
<Jeal> Unfortuantely, we come upon a little snag. We can spend time anaylzing it and figuring out how it works...or....
* Jeal turns to Pottle with a smile. "We work out an agreement of some sort."
<Jeal> You join with us, and you can live. No tricks, no gimmicks.
* Remy scowls.
<Jeal> And you know from experience I deal exicutions very...very painfully...
<Alen> It won't work... he's not going to accept..
<Ana> (w) They know....
<Jeal> Perhaps I should riddle your body with ...crossbow bolts...hmm?
* Pottle pales.
<Gwen> Son of a bitch...
<Arcus> Shh....
* Ana growls she inches a bit closer
<Jeal> I already took care of Sandor, your little mage is next...and maybe I'll go after the bard....anything to get rid of the threat. If you joined, perhaps I would let them all live.
<Gwen> ...oh that's cruel...
<Arcus> ....
<Pottle> ...
* Pottle looks down at the floor.
<Jeal> So, what do you say?
* Ana pulls out her staff....
<Pottle> I...
<Jeal> Yes? *He leans closer*
* Pottle spits in his face.
<Arcus> Heh ^_^
<Pottle> Like I'd really believe you'd spare them anyway...
<Pottle> Or me!
<Alen> Way to go ^_^
<Pottle> If you think I'd betray're crazy...
* Ana nods "Yes go Pottle!"
* Jeal wipes the spit off his face and turns to Issak. He hands him the pendant. "Take this to Ossyk and have it analyzed."
<Jeal> ...and in thirty minutes we have a Danek style execution.
<Phoebe> !
* Ana frowns
<Arcus> Thirty minutes....
<Gwen> ...we better move.
<Arcus> Let's go
* Remy growls. "Time to do some funky hero-type action."
* Ana waits till everyone leaves the room Pottle is in....
<Odessa> Get into your uniforms, girls. The good ones.
<Gwen> >> You crawl through the room undetected till you reach another air duct.
* Alen starts moving on through the passage
<Gwen> >> The air duct suddenly stops, and you're in a room which leads right into the room Pottle is in, but it's locked.
<Gwen> >> Worse still, it's locked with a password.
* Ana sighs
<Gwen> >> Another air duct begins on the opposite side.
<Gwen> We gotta figure out the password....
<Arcus> Anyone feeling lucky with paswords? ^_-
* Ana heads down that air duct
<Jade> When all else fails, break it...
* Alen looks at it and starts pressing the buttons ^_^
<Gwen> >> Nothing happens.
* Arcus drops out of the first duct and makes to the second
<Gwen> Let's go!
* Gwen goes into the duct
* Jade sighs
* Arcus hustles down the vent
* Jade drops into the duct
<Alen> Boo =/
* Naya follows Gwen
* Ana already into the other air duct and has a bit of a lead with the others
* Alen looks behind and follows
<Gwen> >> There is a duct that leads south, and one that keeps going to the west
* Ana heads down the south duct
* Arcus follows the west fork
* Naya follows Arcus
* Jade x_x's
* Gwen pulls Ana along and goes West
<Gwen> Follow Arc, he knows what he's doing
<Arcus> Who says I know what I'm doing ^_-
<Gwen> The passageway abruptly leads suth.
* Arcus chuckles quietly and keeps moving
* Arcus follows the passageway
* Ana heads south
<Gwen> There is a air duct to the West
<Gwen> >> It's a bedroom, and there is a chest in it!
* Arcus listens by the vent
* Ana heads in that direction, and opens the chest
<Gwen> >> The room has a sleeping soldier in it.
* Arcus waits for a moment
<Alen> I'm envious ;_;
<Gwen> we sneak past him?
<Alen> Yeah! =D
* Arcus checks to see how tightly the vent is held on
<Gwen> Shh...
<Gwen> >> The vent comes off with a creak
* Ana looks down into it, could we open the vent quietly?
* Arcus waits for the soldier to react
* Jade slips into the bedroom silently
<Gwen> >> The soldier mumbles about bread, but doesn't awaken
* Ana climbs quietly out of the vent and watches the soldier for any movement
* Alen goes over to the chest and lifts the lid open!
<Gwen> >> Inside is an army Saber!
<Gwen> >> The blade is light, but looks sturdy and sharp.
* Arcus waits near the opening of the vent, holding the grate tightly
* Alen lifts it up O_o
<Alen> Who wants this? ^_^
<Arcus> Shh....
<Gwen> >> Alen's voice wakes up the Soldier
<Soldier> HEY! O_o
* Arcus sighs
<Remy> shit.
* Alen points at the soldier
* Ana draws her staff and whacks the soldier on the side of the head
<Jade> Go back to sleep, darling.
<Alen> Ash!
* Adek keeps his voice low. "That sword might be.. doh."
* Soldier runs around screaming bloody murder and kleptos in his room.
<Gwen> >> Then Alen's spell kicks in and he falls asleep
<Gwen> Move! Move!
* Gwen climbs back into the vent.
* Arcus ushers people back into the vent
* Ana quickly darts up into the vent
<Arcus> Hurry! Go go!
* Adek hurries back up.
* Jade goes behind Adek
* Arcus ducks into the room, and quietly shuts the chest again
<Alen> ^_^
* Alen follows up the vent
* Arcus checks to make sure everyone is inside, then follows suit, puting the grate back in place as he climbs into the vent
<Ana> Alen, I'll take that sword, that is if no one wants it
<Gwen> >> The airvents continue on...
<Alen> Okay princess ^_^
<Arcus> Shh....we don't want to wake any mjore soldier now do we....Alen? ^_-
<Gwen> There is another air vent that goes an ajoining bedroom.
<Ana> (w) Please call me Ana
<Gwen> >> There is nothing really of intrest here, except a pretty young lady reading a book.
* Ana takes the sword from Alen and equips it
<Alen> Okay Princess ^_^
<Jade> Let's just keep going...-_-
<Arcus> me follows behind the group
<Gwen> >> There is yet another air vent, and there is several chests in this room! O_O
* Jade kicks at the vent
* Naya looks to see if anyone else is in the room
* Ana looks down into the vent, checking for guards and such
<Gwen> >> It's empty.
<Gwen> >> Go for it! ^_^
* Naya climbs down
* Jade kicks harder at the vent :P
* Ana leaps in and opens a chest
* Alen pushes off the grate and climbs down
<Gwen> >> There are three chests
<Gwen> >> The first chest contains a mandacore.
* Naya opens the middle one
* Alen opens the one in the middle
* Arcus continues a bit further down the vents, ignoring the room with the boxes for now
* Ana opens the third one
<Gwen> >> The second chest contains a small bottle saying "Moon Drops" on them.
<Alen> Moon Drops! ^_^
<Gwen> >> The third contains an "Enlisted Uniform".
<Ana> Hmmm, this might help
<Jade> Ooh, a disguise...
* Naya opens the first one
* Ana walks over to a corner "Hey! No peepers! I'm gonna try this on."
* Jade frowns
<Jade> Ana...
<Gwen> Ana is.. quite...perky..
<Jade> I think we should wait.
<Jade> Take it with us.
* Arcus keeps moving down the vent, listening as he goes
* Naya climbs back up the veny
<Ana> It might help us get down to the excution sight
<Gwen> >> The vent keeps going absolutely straight.
<Gwen> >> Then curves to the east, then goes on forever! O_o
* Ana sullenly follows everyone stuffing the suit into her pouch
* Arcus keeps following
* Jade sighs
<Gwen> >> The path then curves north
* Ana heads north
* Arcus checks back behind him, making sure the others haven't fallen too far behind
* Naya crawls up to Arcus
<Gwen> >> The passageway goes two ways, North still, or to the east.
* Jade keeps on trucking
* Ana tries east first
* Alen follows Arcus a little behind, havinf added the Moon Drops to his supply
* Gwen follows Ana.
* Arcus nods to Naya, then heads east
* Naya follows
* Alen goes on with Ana
<Gwen> >> It leads into a seperate room....the girls changing room!? O_o
<Arcus> Oh dear....
<Gwen> >> Inside are Odessa, Liliana, and Brittany...and they' their undies! O_o
* Ana smirks
* Arcus puts up his hand waving frantically for everyone to stop and shut up! o_O
<Jade> Perfect time to attack...
<Gwen> >> They also seem to be chatting to themselves.
<Alen> What's going on ahead Arcus?
<Arcus> Shh!
<Gwen> >> The grate problem that was in the interrogation site is also present in this room
* Naya listens in
<Jade> Dammit, you guys, let's get those goddamned whores
<Arcus> SHH!
<Jade> Or...not...
<Ana> Jade, good idea to hit them
<Liliana> ^_- I think this uniform looks good on me, don't you, Brit?
* Arcus listens
* Ana grumbles about the grate
<Brittany> Whatever. It's kind of a shame, though. That prisioner was cute.
* Phoebe grrs loudly.
<Arcus> (w)Quiet!
<Odessa> He didn't look so good to me. Did you see his arm?
<Arcus> (w)Man, some of these people need to look up stealth in the disctionary ^_-
<Odessa> And he obviously had some sort of fever going on. In my opnion, I'd rather be hitched to that skankbucket Kulgar!
<Gwen> >> The girls laugh. O_o
<Brittany> How do they plan to kill him, anyway? Hope it's violent and gruesome.
<Liliana> Well, you know Jeal. He's got a dark imagination
* Odessa reaches over to pull on her blouse, and then searches the pockets. "Shit!"
<Jade> (w)That skank, I'll rip her head off...
<Brittany> What?
<Arcus> Shh....
<Odessa> I lost the fucking code to get into the room!
<Arcus> Ah ha ^_^
<Odessa> Wait, maybe i can remember it...
* Ana perks up and listens closely
<Odessa> Down...down...right...left...up...down...right down?
<Brittany> No no...
* Brittany turns to Odessa, giving you a nice shot of her ass.
* Jade eyes the women, a grin slowly spreading over her face...
<Gwen> Jade...
* Arcus rolls his eyes
<Alen> O_O
<Brittany> It's most definetely Right Left Right Down down Up Down Up.
* Liliana ajusts her glasses.
<Liliana> What drug are you smoking?
* Jade raises a clawed finger and scrawls the first two codes on her arm
<Liliana> It's most defnietely Right Left Right Down Down Up Down Up!
<Brittany> That's what i said!
<Liliana> Er.....O_o
* Arcus grins
<Liliana> Wait. How about Up Up Right Up Down Down Left Left. Yes. I meant that!
<Liliana> Dammit!
<Liliana> I swear! Brit! Your stupidity is rubbing off on me!
<Brittany> You can be a such a bitch, Lil!
<Odessa> Quiet. Let's go. The execution is in ten minutes.
<Arcus> (w)Regular rocket scientists ^_-
<Gwen> Let's go! Before they get to the door!
<Ana> (w) Come on, let's get there before they do
<Arcus> Let's movr
* Jade scrawls the code on her arm :P
* Ana heads down the passage again
* Arcus brings yp the rear this time, having previously been in the lead
<Gwen> >> Following the passage back, you take the north exit, and it stops at a grate
* Jade starts scurrying down the passage quickly
* Ana retraces her steps back to the room
<Gwen> It leads into a small room with a door
<Gwen> >> There is a small bottle on the ground. It's labeled "Ultra drink."
* Jade grabs it :P
* Ana heads over to the door
<Gwen> >> It leads back to the passworded door
* Arcus waits for everyone to move out of the way, then drops out of the air duct
* Ana tries the password Down Down right left, up down right down
<Gwen> >> The code fails.
* Arcus waits
* Naya tries Up Up Right Up Down Down Left Left
<Gwen> It fails.
* Ana tries the next password Right Left Right down, down up Down up
* Alen starts pressin... Right Left Right Down Up Down Up
<Gwen> >> the door beeps....
<Gwen> >> And you hear a clicking noise, but just as you're about to tear in....
<Ana> Well, what do ya know, the airhead was right
<Odessa> YOU!
* Arcus whirls around
<Odessa> I knew you people were sneaking around here!
* Ana whirls around
<Alen> Hi ^_^
<Gwen> >> Liliana and Brittany are behind her.
* Ana pulls out her new sword
<Arcus> Oh look, its the Whipping Lady ^_-
<Arcus> Let's see, *looks at Odessa* you're Moe, *looks at Liliana* you're Curly, *looks at Brittany* so you must be the useless one, Larry! ^_-
<Jade> Well, if it isn't the skank brigade...
<Brittany> How dare you!
* Adek glares at Odessa. "Wouldn't want to disappoint you.. bitch."
* Arcus bows mockingly
<Odessa> *Yawns* Oh look. How typical.
<Ana> Who did you send to kill my parents?!
<Odessa> They come in, think they can save the day, yada yada...
<Odessa> Oh, didn't see you Princess.
* Arcus chuckles
<Ana> Tell me!
<Adek> I really don't give a damn about the day..
<Odessa> You don't deserve to know.
* Ana growls
<Odessa> Brittany...
* Adek tightens his grip on his halberd. "I'm more interested in your intestines."
<Odessa> Mind holding them off till we can kill their little friend?
<Phoebe> No!
<Jade> You're not going anywhere, bitch.
* Jade growls and steps forward
<Brittany> With pleasure!
* Arcus draws his sword, "I think not" ^_-
* Jade snatches at Odessa's shirt
<Arcus> En garde ^_-
* Liliana and Odessa walk past as Brittany blocks the door
* Odessa slashes Jade with her sword, and walks past.
* Alen takes out his rod
* Gwen pulls out her spear
<Ana> You're not getting anywhere, by my parnet's names you will NOT kill anyone else!
<Brittany> Well....I must warn you, I'm very good...
<Arcus> That's nice ^_-
<Ana> Shut up and fight
<Brittany> Very well then.
* Naya steps back and readies her bow


<Jade> Are you as good as your ass, which we got a nice view of back there?
* Ana takes the front row
<Brittany> perverted bitch!
* Alen hops to the back!
<Arcus> Oh my :P
* Arcus heads for the front row
* Adek stands to the front.
<Jade> I wouldn't have looked, if not for you waving it around incessantly...
* Jade is in the front
* Gwen hops to the front. Phoebe goes to the back.
<Ana> Come on bitch! Show me what you got!
<Valhart> Brittany
* Ana clenches her sword tightly
<Jade> How good can someone named Britanny possibly be?
<Brittany> Fine! I will!
<Valhart> >> Brittany's Attack!
<Arcus> Sheesh! Do we all have to take this so personally? ^_-
<Ana> All Danek must pay!
* Arcus chortles at that
<Gwen> I agree with Ana here!
<Phoebe> Let me at her!
<Jade> So do I.
<Ana> They killed my parents, they deserve to die
<Arcus> Each to their own I suppose ^_-
<Ana> Every last one
<Jade> They deserve to die for a lot more than that...
<Adek> Ana.. not all of them..
<Ana> No mercy
<Adek> ..but this one, yes.. hell yes.
<Gwen> Funny, Adek, you said all of them at one point.
* Ana turns to Adek "Yes! All of them!"
* Arcus elbows Gwen, "Does she know....?"
<Alen> les at that
* Gwen elbows back. "No. I prefer to keep that way..."
<Ana> And my father's murderer must die a harsh death
<Adek> Well, Gwen.. I was wrong. If we slaughter all the Daneks.. all their people, the civilians.. we deserve to die as well.. those who fight.. well.. I have no qualms about tearing them to shreds. Especially Issak.
* Brittany attacks Ana!
* Ana smiles "Let's see what you got!"
<Gwen> O_o
<Arcus> Well now... ^_-
* Ana looks at Brittany with vengfull eyes
<Valhart> >> Attack 1! 14 Damage!
<Ana> Hah!
<Ana> That all
<Valhart> >> Attack 2! 21 Damage!
<Ana> ?
<Valhart> > Ana's attack!
<Arcus> I'm sensing a lot of anger in this room.. ^_-
<Brittany> Plenty more where that comes from, bitch!
<Valhart> >> Ana attacks Brittany!
* Ana dashes forth at Brittany slicing her in the side then whirling behind her and slicing her back in a downward slash!
<Adek> Speaking of anger, Arcus.. I'm going to drop my philisophy about killing them all right now. I'd say everyone in this base is open season.
<Gwen> No kidding..
* Gwen chuckles nervously.
<Arcus> Sound fair ^_-
<Valhart> >> Ana attacks Brittany! Miss!
<Valhart> >> Jade's attack!
<Brittany> Well, that was weak.
<Arcus> that humble pie ^_-
* Gwen snorts. ^_-
<Adek> Ana! It's one thing to fight angry.. it's another to fight stupid.
<Valhart> >> Attack 2! Miss!
* Ana leaps back to the crew
<Brittany> That's it?
<Valhart> >>Jade attacks Brittany!
<Jade> Not yet, sweetie...
<Valhart> >> Attack 1! 36 Damage!
<Brittany> Maybe your little slut friend can do better!
<Brittany> YOW O_o
<Valhart> >> Attack 2! 29 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Attack 3! 37 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Naya's attack!
* Naya notches her bow looks at Brittany, getting a good aim then lets the arrow fly into her
<Valhart> >> Naya casts SnapShot! 19 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Gwen's attack!
* Gwen leaps into the fray and strike at Brittany "That uniform makes you look like a tramp, bitch!"
<Valhart> >> Gwen attacks Brittany! 12 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Alen's attack!
<Gwen> ...that sucked.
* Alen is surrounded by a weird dark-purplish aura that emanates from the ground, and starts working on the incantation...
<Valhart> >> Alen casts Manifestation! 66 Damage!
<Alen> What little do we know, that we can't even begin to understand ourselves... the crimson flow of blood, the pulsing of the will to live, we have yet to unleash upon this world engulfed in war! Fraction of the power sealed in my soul, burning light of hope, I call you now to smite my enemies!
<Phoebe> That...was nice O_o
<Alen> ^_^
<Valhart> >>Arcus' attack!
* Arcus leaps in front of Brittany, "You realize you're building up a lot of bad kharma with this job of yours, don't you?" ^_-
<Brittany> Humph! It pays well.
* Arcus steps forward and slashed at her three times in rapid sucession with his sword
* Ana growls at Brittany "You're gonna get real soon slut! I'm gonna bring new definition to the word airhead!"
<Valhart> >> Arcus attacks Brittany!
<Valhart> >> Attack 1! 13 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Attack 2! 19 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Attack 3! 15 Damage!
* Adek grins. "Maybe I can deflate that air-filled head of hers.. perhaps put a dent in her ego too, hmm?"
* Arcus hops back to the others ^_^
<Gwen> Sounds good to me!
<Valhart> >> Adek's attack!
* Adek shifts his grip, lets out a war cry, rushes forward, and slams his weapon into Brittany with every ounce of his strength!
<Valhart> Adek casts Power Strike! 218 Damage!
<Ana> ˘_˘
* Brittany eeks and slams into a box, dazed.
<Ana> Nice one, Adek!

==VICTORY! 250 EXP, 30 TP, and 150 GP gained.==

<Arcus> Man, you gotta show me how to do that Adek ^_-
* Adek smirks. "Goodnight, bitch."
<Gwen> Hurry!
* Arcus hurries after the other two
* Gwen opens the prison room door.
<Gwen> >> It leads to a small hallway, to another door.
* Ana twirls her sword and looks down at Brittany, ready to stab her sword into her
<Phoebe> Ana! Let's go!
<Arcus> No time Ana, let's move! ^_-
<Ana> Not until I deal with her
<Phoebe> Please! Pottle....
<Valhart> >> All members gain 250 Exp. 150 Gp 30 Tp.
<Phoebe> He'll die if we don't move! ;_;
<Arcus> Fine, we'll rescue Pottle without you then ^_-
<Gwen> Yeah, princess. No glory for you ^_-
* Ana turns around, then looks at Brittany "Fine, she'll get what's coming to her next time"
* Ana follows everyone
<Alen> Let's hurry!!
<Gwen> >> The hallway leads to another door.
* Arcus hustles
<Gwen> >> There is a tiny window.
* Jade hustles too
* Naya look through the window
* Ana peers through the window
<Gwen> >> Naya and Ana can see Jeal cocking a pistol and aiming it at Pottle's head.
<Naya> damn...
<Gwen> Hurry!
<Arcus> Crud....
<Gwen> They haven't shot him yet!
<Gwen> Kick the door down, dammit!
* Arcus tries to open the door
<Ana> Let's go
<Gwen> >> The door opens!
* Ana races through the door
* Arcus runs inside
* Jeal stops what he's doing and looks at you all, rather annoyed.
* Naya rushes in
<Ana> Hold it pal!
<Arcus> Somebody order a pizza? ^_-
* Jeal looks at Odessa. "I thought Brittany was taking care of them...?"
<Ana> There is NO way you're gonna kill Pottle!
<Odessa> Ehehe...
<Pottle> You...
<Arcus> Apparently not ^_-
<Pottle> He'll kill you...get out of here...
<Ana> Not until we get you first
<Arcus> Now where's the fun in that ^_-
<Adek> Brittany is.. ah.. indisposed.
* Jeal smiles, walks to Pottle, and quickly knocks him unconcious with the butt of his pistol. "I have a little proposition for you people, and I don't want him changing your minds." He cocks the pistol at his head again.
<Phoebe> Pottle!
* Arcus grins at Jeal
<Jeal> You can get out of here scott free with your little friend if you hand me the Orb of Earth.
<Gwen> ....
* Ana growls
<Gwen> Why am I not surprised...
<Arcus> We don't have an Orb of Earth. We have an Orb of Dirt though ^_-
<Alen> What do you want, emperor?
<Jeal> You know how I work, though, Gwen. You know very well.
<Gwen> Shut up.
* Jeal cocks the pistol, now putting it under Pottle's chin. "Your choice."
* Arcus continues to grin at Jeal
<Alen> ... you can't have the Orb.
<Naya> don't we get a c...choice?
* Ana doesn't know what to do, helpless...
<Jeal> And why not?
<Adek> We know you'd not just let us go.. I have a proposition for you. You let him go, and we won't play 'pin the head on the emperor' with your corpse.
<Arcus> You're assuming, dear Emperor, that we care what happens to the elf there ^_-
* Jeal smiles. "Do you know how many soldiers are outside right now? They triple you in number. I called for them after Odessa told me you were here.
<Jeal> You don't care, eh?
<Arcus> Funny, your troops ain't done well so far ^_-
<Jeal> Then why are you here?
* Ana stands there...
<Adek> Like blades of grass, Jeal.
<Arcus> Becuase we like the idea of festooning your innards across the desert ^_-
<Ana> I-I'll exchange my life for Pottle's, A Princess is worth a lot more to you isn't it?
<Jeal> Funny...And what about the little priestess over there...
<Phoebe> ...
<Adek> Issak's here, Jeal. That's reason enough for me to be. We will NOT surrender the orb to you.
<Arcus> You know what they say, life goes on... ^_-
<Jeal> Frankly, Princess Ana, Kerzalt holds no more power, so you're worthless to me. You won't hand over the Orb? One last time.
<Alen> I said you can't have the Orbs! Hand him over... or...
<Arcus> I think we made our position very clear already
<Jeal> You think I'm bluffing, don't you?
<Ana> But...
* Jeal cocks the pistol and shoots Pottle in the foot o_o
<Arcus> You seem to think we are obviously
* Pottle winces in pain
* Alen steps forward
<Jeal> I'll aim higher next time.
<Alen> If you have to kill someone,I'm here.
* Phoebe begins to cry, helpless.
<Ana> .....
<Arcus> You won't kill him unless you do
<Jeal> You?
<Alen> My life for his.
<Jeal> That's rich.
<Jeal> Why should I care for a ditzy little boy like you?
* Ana lowers her head, tears welling up in her eyes
<Adek> Jeal.. you pull that trigger again, and I'm going to shove this entire pointy stick here down your gullet.
* Arcus is still grining at Jeal
<Jeal> Idle threats, all of it.
<Alen> I'm not... a ditzy... little boy...!
<Arcus> You'd like to think os wouldn't you Jeal?
<Jeal> Oh, I know who he really is.
<Jade> If you weren't such a coward, you wouldn't hide behind a hostage.
<Gwen> ...
<Arcus> Suruure you do ^_-
<Jeal> Solon's brother. Yes, I know.
<Jeal> You're beginning to piss me off. Muchly.
* Arcus crosses his arms and looks at Jeal, "If you're going to pull that trigger then do it. I have better things to do that waste my time talking to you"
<Gwen> Arcus!
* Arcus looks at Gwen, "What? You think he'd actually make the trade?"
<Alen> ... let's fight it out.
<Arcus> I don't think so
* Ana whispers to herself "No more violence... no more wars... no more innocents dying...."
<Gwen> seriously want this man's blood on your hands?
<Arcus> As soon as he gets the Orb from us, Jeal won't need to keep his promise.
<Jeal> Believe me, he's of no use to me anymore. Once I have the Orb, you people are worthless to me. I will keep my word.
<Ana> ......
<Adek> Listen to him lie through his teeth..
<Gwen> ....
<Arcus> Then why don't you let him loose and just take the Orb from us?
<Jeal> Because I know you'll run as well.
<Arcus> Or are you so afraid of us you need to use a hostage as a lever?
* Jeal pulls out a knife.
<Naya> with solders out there?
<Ana> Give us Pottle first, and allow us to leave, call off all your guards.... then we'll give you the...... the Orb....
<Gwen> ...That's weak. Jeal'll see right through that, Ana. We're stuck.
<Adek> Trial by combat, perhaps?
<Alen> Agh... damn you, accept! I'll be your hostage, and you let him free!
* Jeal quickly pulls out the pistol again and shoots Pottle in the stomach! "Enough! Orb, or his brains will decorate the wall!"
<Arcus> And then yours will follow
<Arcus> Then we'll see what you're really thinking ^_-
* Adek lunges, true to his sword, swinging the instant the gunshot rings out.
<Jeal> What is the verdict?
<Liliana> This is better than pay per view.
* Odessa holds Adek off.
* Arcus watches Jeal, daring him to fire
<Ana> Just give him the orb! I don't want to see Pottle die like this!
<Gwen> Suddenly, Arcus is knocked down, and something is taken from his backpack!
<Arcus> o_O
* Phoebe has the Orb of Earth in her hands. She's crying. "Take it! Take it! Just stop! Please!"
* Arcus growls.....
<Naya> Phoebe!
* Jeal takes the Orb. "Good lady."
<Phoebe> I'm sorry...
<Arcus> ....
<Adek> Phoebe! No! DAMN!
<Ana> Now let him go please!
* Jeal uses the knife to cut the ropes.
<Alen> The Orb...
* Pottle slimps to the floor.
<Ana> Just as you promised
<Jeal> Now, get out of here.
* Jeal leaves, with Odessa and Liliana behind him.
* Arcus rises to his feet, anger radiating from his whole body
* Ana walks over to Pottle and helps him up
* Pottle is bleeding massively. He needs medical attention, badly.
<Alen> ... the Orb...
* Alen runs after Jeal
* Phoebe looks at the party sadly. "I'm sorry...I'm sorry..."
<Ana> We need to help him!
* Adek watches them go, and turns to look at Phoebe. "I don't believe this.."
* Jeal is long gone.
<Phoebe> You butchers! I couldn't let him die!
* Arcus turns around and walks away
<Gwen> Arcus!
* Adek keeps his voice low and steady. "Instead, you may have just doomed thousands of others to be massacred."
<Gwen> Let's just get the hell out of here...
<Alen> ...
* Ana uses a Herbal Extract on Pottle to ease his wounds
<Arcus> If he needs medical attentoin then lets' go already!
<Gwen> >> It helps, but he's not cured.
<Naya> lets go...
<Gwen> >> There is a door you haven't traveled through yet, to the back.
<Ana> Somebody help me here, he's not excatly light
* Arcus walks to the far door and slams it open
* Naya head towards the door and opens it
* Alen walks over and helps Ana..
<Gwen> Pheobe keeps to the back.
* Ana pulls Pottle's arm over her shoulder with the help of Alen, and heads towards the back door
<Gwen> >> The passageway leads straight down, and to the east.
<Gwen> >> There is a stairway leading up.
* Arcus tromps up the stairs
* Ana just follows
* Naya follows
<Gwen> >> A light humming is coming from upstairs.
* Adek walks along, shaking his head in disgust.
* Naya goes towards the light
* Alen wraps Pottle up in his blue cloak and hoists him up the stairs
<Jade> Adek, he would have died if we didn't give Jeal the orb.
<Jade> And he would have killed us afterward.
* Ana begins to worry about Valhart
<Jade> We had no choice...
* Phoebe looks lost.
<Alen> ... we'll all die anyway if he gets all the Orbs...
* Arcus walks ahead of the others saying nothing
<Gwen> She seems so ashamed she isn't evne near Pottle.
<Gwen> >> You come across a very mechanical looking room
* Naya looks around
<Adek> Maybe.. maybe not. Better to go down fighting than just give him the orb.. If the Danek activate the armor.. may we be forgiven for allowing them to have that orb.. I fear it's the worst thing any of us have ever done.
* Zeth flits over to Gwen and wraps himself around Gwen's shoulders
<Alen> ... but... it's already done...
<Gwen> >> Inside the room, is the strangest sight you've ever seen
<Ana> I... hope Valhart is alright....
<Gwen> >> There are tons of tubes and wires which connect to a strange looking cylinder, which has something inside of it...that isn't aren't sure what it is...
<Jade> ...
<Jade> Ohhh...
* Jade walks towards the cylinder
<Alen> He'll be all right... Danek outpost soldiers are no match for him...
<Gwen> Wait!
* Arcus doesn't take notice of the thing
* Gwen holds Jade back
* Odessa, Liliana, and Brittany are beside it.
* Jade slowly turns to face Gwen
<Liliana> So...Brit...
<Liliana> How was the bashing?
* Jade turns around to look at the 3 women
<Brittany> Shut up!
<Odessa> Strange...this's a failure.
* Odessa then pats a round looking...brown ball O_o
<Odessa> Well, we better get this back with the others.
<Jade> that?
<Odessa> Only two more left.
<Gwen> ...Shit...that's our orb....
* Jade looks edgy and upset
<Gwen> We can sneak up on them and...
* Gwen suddenly pulls a tube out from the machine with her foot
<Gwen> ....oops.
<Gwen> >> The machine suddenly begins to shake madly and little klaxons go off.
<Odessa> What the hell?! O_o
<Arcus> ....
<Alen> ...
<Liliana> Brittany did it!
<Gwen> >> The glass holding the bio-creature begins to crack
<Odessa> Ah...let's...let's get out of here!!
<Gwen> >> As Odessa and her merry crew run out of the room, she drops the ball she was holding!
<Arcus> !
<Alen> The Orb!!
<Jade> Let's get it!
* Arcus rushes forward, trying to grab it!
<Gwen> Get it!!
* Alen runs over and picks it up!
<Gwen> >> As Alen picks it up, the monster inside the glass breaks out!
<Naya> uh oh...
* Alen jumps back and holds it
* Arcus draws his sword
<Gwen> >> It's a hideous, humaniod looking thing with long, sharp claws. It snarls at you.
<Adek> Here we go again..
<Alen> O_O;;
<Gwen> Where's Pottle?! Put him somewhere safe!
* Jade draws in a sharp breath
<Jade> That thing...
<Gwen> It looks at Jade, and seems to grin with long, sharp teeth.
* Ana drags Pottle to a safe distance from the fight, and runs up to the group
<Thing> Sister.


<Arcus> Excuse me? o_O
<Gwen> Okay....
<Valhart> Were-Chimera (1)
* Naya steps back
<Jade> Oh...god...
* Ana takes the front and draws her sword
<Valhart> >> Phoebe's attack!
<Alen> ...?
* Arcus steps to the front row, "I need to vent, you look like a goood target..."
* Phoebe summons up her power.
<Jade> No, no, wait, maybe it doesn't want to hurt us...
<Phoebe>! Take this!
* Alen goes to the back row
* Phoebe casts Projection!
* Adek moves up front. "Well.. I kinda feel bad for this thing.. but.."
<Jade> But nothing! We can't kill it!
<Valhart> >> Phoebe casts Projection! 39 Damage!
<Gwen> Why the hell not?!
<Jade> ...
<Arcus> Excuse me? Why not?
<Valhart> >> Ana's attack!
<Ana> Its Danek, it deserves to die
<Naya> is it cause it called you sister?
<Jade> It's not Danek, goddamn it!
<Arcus> Explain then!
<Gwen> Yes it is! It was created by their hands...
<Jade> It's not Danek as much as I'm not Danek!
<Valhart> >> Ana uses a Herbal Extract! Gained 25 Hp!
<Gwen> ....Jade?
<Adek> It spoke! The Danek were holding it captive! WAIT! Hey! You! Can you understand me?
* Ana looks a little better
<Jade> *I* was created by their hands, Gwen!
<Jade> Just like this thing!
<Arcus> ....
<Gwen> ....I see...
<Jade> Only I turned out better...
* Phoebe looks rather shocked O_o
<Valhart> >> Were-Chimera's attack!
<Ana> It's attacking us as you can see
<Alen> I didn't know they could do that O_o
* Jade runs up to the creature..."Stop! Please..."
<Valhart> >> The Were-Chimera sprouts a new head! The Head of a Dragon!
<Ana> It was designed to harm anyone who is not part of Danek
<Gwen> They made clones...I'm not surprised..
<Arcus> Crud.....
<Valhart> >> Both heads look at Jade, and offer a toothy grin.
<Gwen> Jade...
<Gwen> Look out!
<Jade> And how would you know, Ana?
<Jade> How the fuck would you know?
<Valhart> >> Attack 1! Critical hit! 59 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Attack 2! 35 Damage!
* Jade stumbles back
<Ana> That's why
<Arcus> The Daneks are a people who beleive in the power of war! They don't do stuff like this out of a sense of altruism!
<Jade> Then why don't you kill me?
<Jade> Hmm?
<Valhart> >> The Dragon Head Breathes Flame! Front Row Characters take 10 Damage! Back Row Characters take 5 Damage!
<Gwen> could ask me the same question, Jade. It's beacause we're smart enough to see through it!
<Ana> The Danek have no heart, they killed my father!
* Gwen stumbles back
<Valhart> >> Jade's attack!
* Arcus beats out the flame on his person!
* Naya winces
<Jade> We *know* they killed your father, god damn it.
<Adek> Yes, Ana! WE KNOW. You've only mentioned that fifty times in the past hour!
* Jade sighs.
<Adek> Ouch! Ok, Jade.. like you or not.. this thing's going down. It's trying to kill us, you aren't. That's all the difference I need..
<Valhart> >> Jade attacks the Were-Chimera!
<Alen> It doesn't matter. We have the Orb now. ^_^
<Jade> I'll take it down...
<Arcus> If we live long enough to keep it
<Valhart> >> Attack 1! Miss!
<Gwen> I think Odessa and her loony tunes'll get quite the beating...that's good enough for me...
<Valhart> >> Attack 2! 35 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Attack 3! 37 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Naya's attack!
* Naya whispers underher breath casting her spell, which suround the being freezeing it in mid space
* Jade slumps to the ground...
<Jade> Well, I'm feeling like shit run over twice right about now...
<Gwen> I've got you covered...
* Gwen fumbles around for a herbal extract
<Valhart> >> Naya casts Freezyr! Fails!
<Valhart> >> Gwen's attack!
* Gwen pulls out a herbal extract and hands it to Jade!
<Gwen> Use this!
* Jade uses the extract, smiling *very* gratefully at Gwen
<Gwen> No prob, girl.
<Valhart> >> Gwen uses an extract on Jade! Jade gains 25 Hp!
<Valhart> >> Alen's attack!
* Alen is surrounded by a weird dark-purplish aura that emanates from the ground, and starts working on the incantation...
<Alen> What little do we know, that we can't even begin to understand ourselves... Manifestation!
* Alen points at the Chimera, shooting a blinding beam of energy straight at it from his rod!
<Valhart> >> Alen casts Manifestation! 42 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Arcus' attack!
* Arcus says nothing and stikes at the creature, putting all his anger and frustration in the attack!
<Valhart> >> Arcus attacks the Were-Chimera!
<Valhart> >> Attack 1! 10 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Attack 2! 7 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Attack 3! 5 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Adek's attack!
* Adek digs his heel into the ground, tenses, then leaps at the Chimera, bringing his halberd's axe-head down at the enemy. "Nothing personal, but.. DIE!"
* Arcus jumps back into position
<Valhart> >> Adek casts Power Strike! 240 Damage!
<Valhart> Fear not, your highness! This battle shall be ended swiftly!
* Valhart arrives! *
<Arcus> ....
<Gwen> O_o Well, it's about time.
* Valhart attacks! *
<Alen> Hey Val! ^_^
<Ana> Valhart!
* Valhart attacks the Were-Chimera! *
<Valhart> >> Attack 1! 111 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Attack 2! 115 Damage!
<Gwen> Nice!
<Valhart> >> Phoebe's attack!
* Gwen twirls her spear, feeling a bit more confident
<Gwen> Pheobe casts Balm on Ana!
* Arcus brings his sword around, preparing to strike again
* Ana twirls her sword, readying her attack
<Adek> You know, Valhart.. that's one hell of a sword you have.
<Valhart> >> Phoebe casts Balm on Ana! Hp restored to max!
<Valhart> T'was many years I went without before I cam to have this blade..
* Ana smiles at Phoebe "Thank you"
<Phoebe> Don't mention it.
<Valhart> >> Ana's attack!
<Adek> I suppose there's a blade out there for all of us, if only we can find it, eh? Well, glad to have you here.
* Ana dashes forward and slashes at the monster in it's side, then slashing across it's body
<Valhart> >> Ana attacks the Were-Chimera!
<Valhart> >>Attack 1! 6 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Attack 2! 1 Damage!
<Gwen> ....that sucked, Ana. No offense.
<Valhart> >> Were-Chimera's attack!
* Gwen raises her spear.
<Gwen> ...incoming!
<Valhart> >> Were-Chimera grows a third head...
<Naya> great...
<Were-Chimera> We are complete!
<Jade> God...
<Gwen> Oh fuck off already..
<Jade> Any qualms I had about killing this thing...
<Jade> Are, like, gone.
* Ana returns to the group panting "Well, sorry, but I've been in the castle all my life, though I was taught how to defend myself, I never really lifted weights"
<Valhart> >> Attack 1! Adek takes 14 Damage! Critical!
<Valhart> >> Attack 2! Adek takes 7 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Chimera breathes Flame! Front Row characters take 10 Damage! Back Row Characters take 5 Damage!
* Ana smiles to Valhart "I did okay, those swordmanship tactics worked"
* Adek rolls his eyes. "The agony here.."
* Arcus beats out the flames again
<Phoebe> Ow....
<Alen> Ouch!
<Valhart> >> Chimera sinks it's teeth into Adek! 74 Damage!
<Were-Chimera> Yes! I bet it did!
* Adek winces. "On second thought, that did kinda.. OW!"
<Adek> You son of a bitch!
<Valhart> >> Jade's attack!
<Alen> O_O;;
* Adek stares down at the bleeding teeth marks. "Ow.. damn, that hurt.."
<Valhart> >> Jade casts Tiger Cut! 44 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Naya's attack!
* Naya crosses her fingers and hope this will work
<Valhart> >> Naya casts Awe! Fails!
<Valhart> >> Gwen's attack!
* Gwen chants, delivering a wave of icy cold goodness to the little bio-freak "Icepick!"
<Valhart> >> Gwen casts IcePick! 11 Damage! Were-Chimera is strong vs. Elemental Attack!
<Valhart> >> Alen's attack!
<Gwen> ...
<Gwen> Sigh.
* Alen points at the Chimera...
<Alen> Shock!
* Alen shoots a blast of lightning at the Chimera, making its hair stand on end!
<Valhart> >> Alen casts Shock! 17 Damage! Were-Chimera is strong against Elemental Attack!
<Valhart> Arcus' attack!
* Arcus rushes forward, and puts all he has into one bisecting strike across the Chimera's body!
<Alen> Oops.. I should work on that one ^^;
<Valhart> >> Arcus casts FastCut! 4 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Adek's attack!
<Gwen> ....d'oh.
* Arcus steps back into formation, really angry now
* Adek pulls himself back to a standing position for another attack, and again dives at the Chimera!
<Valhart> >> Adek casts Power Strike! 229 Damage!
* Valhart's attack!
<Ana> Go Valhart!
* Adek hops back to his position, falling as he does so.
<Valhart> T'would appear Power Strike seems like an ideal method!
* Adek pulls himself up. "Go with.. what works!"
* Valhart casts Power Strike! 367 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Phoebe's attack!
* Phoebe casts Balm on Adek!
<Alen> Waah! O_O
<Valhart> >> Phoebe casts Balm on Adek! 96 Hp recovered!
* Adek straightens up. "We have the orb back.. Phoebe, all is forgiven. A thousand times over. Thanks."
<Valhart> >> Ana's attack!
<Phoebe> Adek...that means more to me than...thank you...
* Ana leaps forward bringing her sword down on her opponent, then slashing at it again!
<Valhart> >> Ana attacks the Were-Chimera!
<Valhart> >> Attack 1! 1 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Attack 2! 1 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Jade's attack!
<Valhart> >> Jade attacks the Were-Chimera!
<Adek> Well.. the technique is good, Ana.. but the 'oomph' isn't there.
<Valhart> >> Attack 1! 41 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Attack 2! 28 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Attack 3! 39 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Were-Chimera is slain!
<Gwen> Yes!


<Adek> Nice!
<Naya> finaly
<Ana> Yes!
* Arcus puts his sword away without a word
* Jade wipes the blood off her claws and looks sorrowfully at the corpse
<Gwen> Now let's scram -_-
<Gwen> Where's Pottle?
<Ana> Who has the orb?
* Alen whews -_-
<Ana> I put him over there *points*
<Alen> Pottle's there =)
* Arcus looks for the way out
<Alen> I have the Orb..
* Phoebe goes over to him. "He's starting to bleed again...."
<Gwen> >> There is a doorway that leads outside near Arcus.
* Ana walks over to Pottle and helps him up, "Phoebe, can you help me?"
<Phoebe> Of course...
* Naya goes to the doorway
<Gwen> Pheobe grabs Pottle's other arm.
* Arcus opens the door and starts ushering people through it
<Gwen> >> It's now nighttime over the desert...and it's freezing cold.
* Alen shoots the door open with a bolt of lightning! "Shock!"
<Alen> That way =)
* Ana follows the group with the help of Phoebe holding Pottle
<Gwen> Arcus gets static cling thanks to Alen :P
* Arcus glares icily at Alen as the lightning zaps by
<Alen> Hee ^^;
<Gwen> Let's go back to Hogshead. Now! Move! Move!
<Arcus> ....
* Ana heads towards Hogshead "Valhart you coming?"
<Alen> Maybe we should make Pottle warm... with my Fire magic, I could...
* Naya shivers and heads towards town
<Gwen> You got the blue cloak, right Alen?
<Arcus> Don't even think about it Alen. Just don't
<Gwen> Didn't you put that over him?
<Valhart> Yes, your highness.
<Alen> Yeah ^^;
<Gwen> >> In about 15 minutes time, you come to Hogshead.
* Ana 's back aches "I need a bath, and a soft bed to lay in"
<Gwen> >> The town is pretty much empty save for the lights on at the inn.
* Ana lugs Pottle towards the inn
<Jade> Those look pretty inviting...
* Pottle is convulsing badly from the cold.
<Gwen> >> The inn has a small tavern, and a seperate room with beds on the other side.
<Gwen> >> A man sits at the counter.
<Ana> Give me a room!
<Man> O_o....god dammit. Not another injured person.
<Alen> Woo... @_@
<Man> Say please, ma'am :P
<Ana> Another?
<Gwen> Man gives her a key.
<Ana> Please
<Ana> thank you
<Man> Since he's hurt, it's on the house...for tonight :P
* Ana takes the key with her empty hand and heads toward the room
* Arcus heads to the tavern master and inquires about some work
<Tavern Master> What sort of work.
<Arcus> Whatever you got
* Ana lays Pottle down on a bed
<Gwen> >> A young lady is sitting at one of the tables.
<Jade> @_@ Arcus what are you doing
<Phoebe> We need a doctor...
<Adek> Another injured person?
<Man> You'd be surprised how many come up here O_o
* Ana steps outside the bedroom
<Tavern master> I need someone to clean off the tables for tonight. Give the place a good scrubbing...
<Arcus> I ca do that
<Phoebe> ...
<Ana> Anyone a doctor around here? We need some medical attention and soon
* Tavern master hands him supplies. "Get to it then."
<Gwen> Man: The doctor's house is about three doors down. Just knock.
<Alen> I know a little.. but just enough to bind wounds... what you use in the wild...
<Gwen> >> The woman pokes Arcus' shoulder.
* Arcus gets to work, putting the rest of his anger into it
<Arcus> (glumly)Yes?
* Ana walks over to the doctor's room and knocks on it "Sir? We need your help"
<Woman> Nice to see you too, Arcus was it? ^_^
<Arcus> That's right
<Gwen> >> The woman has long green hair, and looks about 17.
<Gwen> >> The Doctor mumbles something. "If it's the whooping cough, take some of this and call me in the mornin'...
<Woman> You forgot who I was?
* Arcus looks at the woman, trying to put a name to the face
<Woman> I'll give you a hint!
<Ana> Sir, he's really injured he needs some serious medical attention
<Arcus> This has been a bad day, help me out here
<Woman> My name starts with an N!
<Doctor> Oh why didn't you say so *Mumble*
<Gwen> Doctor follows Ana out the door.
<Arcus> N...n.....gimme a sec.....
* Ana heads over to the room she laid Pottle in
<Girl> ^_^
<Doctor> O_o
* Arcus snaps his fingers, "Natalya"
<Gwen> Doctor: Please leave the room, all of you. This COULD get messy. :P
<Natalya> ^_^ Yes!
<Ana> Errr, yes sir
<Arcus> So what brings you by?
* Ana walks out of the room and closes the door
<Natalya> Rohan told me to keep an eye on you guys ^_^
<Arcus> Ah
<Natalya> And I heard you went into the base? How did it go?
* Alen sits in a table, looking dully at the orb in front of him
* Ana puts a comformting hand on Phoebe's shoulder, "He'll be fine"
<Phoebe> I...I hope so..
<Phoebe> You all must hate me for what I did..
<Arcus> It was a sucess I suppose, we got Pottle back, and we managed to hold onto the Ord of Earth
<Alen> ... no...
* Natalya peers at him. "But-?"
<Phoebe> ...
<Arcus> Let's just say some people got rubbed the wrong way in the process
<Natalya> I see...
<Natalya> Well, look at it this way. You got the orb, so Jeal must feel like an should be proud!
<Gwen> >> The doctor comes out.
<Arcus> Yeah.....You would think so wouldn't you?
* Gwen leans on a chair, sighing.
* Ana giggles "He must be steaming now"
* Ana looks at the doctor "Well?
<Natalya> But you don't feel that it because your friend got hurt?
<Arcus> Partly
<Doctor> He's lucky. The bullets didn't go too deep.
* Phoebe smiles. ^_^
<Ana> So he's all right! Great!
<Doctor> He'll need bedrest...and no spicy food for a while. I gave him something to sleep for tonight.
<Doctor> He should be awake tomorrow.
<Ana> Will he be able to travel tomorrow?
<Phoebe> Thank you!
<Doctor> No...
<Doctor> You don't just bounce back from a bullet wound.
* Ana frowns "I understand...."
<Doctor> But it shouldn't be too long.
<Gwen> Natayla overhears the conversation.
<Ana> I guess we just have to stay here until he recovers fully
<Natayla> I can travel in his place until he recovers!
<Natalya> If...If that's okay with you.
* Arcus continues to scrub the tables......hard
<Gwen> I dunno...
<Ana> I guess it's okay.... by the way, who are you?
<Natalya> Oh yeah! We haven't met yet!
* Natalya grins and shakes Ana's hand.
<Gwen> I'm Natalya! I'm part of the resistance to the Empire. ^_^
* Ana looks at Valhart standing in the doorway "Valhart, come on in, take a seat and relax for once"
<Ana> Really? Nice to meet you, I'm Ana
<Natalya> ^_^
<Natalya> And you might wanna hear this...
* Valhart enters the room, and sits on a stool in the corner. * As you wish, m'Lady.
<Natalya> I.. ^_^ know where the Orb of Wind is.
* Natalya whistles. ^_^
<Ana> You do?
<Ana> Where?
<Natalya> Heard about that pyramid?
<Natalya> It's in there.
<Alen> Huh!?
* Alen perks up
<Naya> yeah
<Ana> Great! We could go there tomorrow then!
<Natalya> That's my thought!
* Gwen grins. "Finally, some luck."
<Ana> And.... When we come back, Pottle should be better
<Alen> We've got to get it before Jeal does!
* Alen stands up
<Alen> Let's go!
<Natalya> We can sleep first, right Alen?
<Ana> Alen, no not tonight
* Natalya ruffles his hair playfully ^_^
<Alen> ...
<Ana> I need some sleep, and a bath.... speaking of which
<Alen> Okay...
<Natalya> You don't like that, huh? I didn't mean it in a bad way. ^_-
* Adek walks over to Valhart. "Is it just me, or is the princess very.. ah.. impulsive?"
* Ana walks over to the innkeeper "Where can I get some bath water?"
* Phoebe wanders in to be with Pottle.
* Alen rubs his eyes
* Arcus finishes the tables, and gets to work on sweeping the floor
<Valhart> She... has that quality, yes...
<Man> Outside, in the well, Gotta get it yerself.
<Alen> You didn't mean what?
<Valhart> A side effect of her rather naive and pampered nature...
<Valhart> I've grown accustomed to it though, so I tend not to see it.
* Ana hmphs and walks outside over to the well.
* Gwen smiles.
<Valhart> She does mean well though.
<Adek> Yes.. I noticed that. She has a fighting spirit, too.. though.. is she really suited for this sort of journey?
<Gwen> >> Although the party nearly faced defeat, they overcame impossible odds...and now their new goal is at hand. But how long will Jeal be set back? And what of Katarina....who is always a step behind?....


Session Close: Fri Aug 21 22:19:50 1998