VayRPG Session 27: Requiem...

New Players:

Session Start: Fri Sep 11 18:13:51 1998

<Natalya> >> As the morning hours approch slowly and silently...a secret meeting is taking place....
<Natalya> >> In a dimly lit room, Jeal sits at a long, rectangular table. Odessa is there, along with Issak. Another figure sits at the head of the table. because of the lighting in the room, his face is shadowed.
<Natalya> >> Lucky you. :P
* Jeal taps his fingers along the sides of the table, looking angry. He turns to Odessa with a scowl. "How could you...drop it? How could you! They're becoming a problem, Odessa, and you let them take the damn orb!"
<Odessa> ...
* ???? holds a glass of blood red wine in his hands. He takes a long drink and smiles, looking very relaxed.
<????> So they're making progress? Amusing...
<Issak> How can you find this amusing! They'll revive the Armor! We'll all...
* ???? waves his hand in an idifferent manner.
<????> Then we must bring up our backup plan sooner than expected...
<Odessa> Do we really have to? It' drastic...
<Jeal>...but it'll crush them.
<Jeal> I'm wondering why we didn't do it in the first place.
<????> Exactly. And then we can resume our work as planned. No interruptions.
<Odessa>'s so...their spirits....they'll be crushed...I...
* ???? loses his cool demenor and glares at Odessa. "I got you where you are today, Odessa. I can just as easily snatch it away. Don't lose your nerve...and end up like your sister."
* Odessa stiffens and nods. "Yes, you're right."
<Natalya> >> 2 men walk into the room. They kneel before their superiors...
<????> You know your orders, correct? When can you carry them out?
<Natalya> >> The first man who walked in sneers. "As soon as an hour."
<????> Excellent. Don't fail me....
<????> This should be quite intresting. Let's see if these rebels stick together after this...


* Katarina is sitting on a velour seat in a very posh dining room. She then rises and puts on a pair of gloves.
<Katarina> Now is the time to strike...
<Maid> Excuse me?
* A maid, who was dusting in the room, looks over in surprise.
<Katarina> I just found out where the real pendant bearer is.
<Katarina> And the best part is, he doesn't know his power...It should be like taking candy from a baby....
<Maid> ^^;
* Maid then pulls a package from her knapsack.
<Maid> This came for you just now. (She hands it to Katarina).
* Katarina looks puzzled. "I'm not expecting anything...."
* Katarina opens the package slowly, aprehensively....and with good reason. Inside the package is the remains of Meka, cut up into little bitty pieces. A note is attached, written in blood and capital letters, saying. "DEFY THE EMPIRE, END UP LIKE THIS." All that is heard in the cool starless night is Katarina's screams.

<Natalya> >> And now, back to our heroes :D
<Natalya> >> Some of the party members are asleep, some are awake, and others are just spacing out.
* Alen bounces around, humming happy songs =D
* Natalya sits by the door.
* Arcus continues to clean up in the inn
* Ana, unable to sleep, steps out of her room and quietly walks out of the inn
<Alen> I got an Orb, I'm gonna get another one, I got an Orb, I'm gonna have two, I got an Orb =D
* Gwen is in her room, sleeping.
* Jade walks around pensively...
* Natalya laughs.
* Naya snoozes peacefully
<Natalya> Hey, Alen! Come talk to me! ^_^
* Remy is sitting on the stairs that head to the rooms, smoking a cigarette.
* Alen bounces over to Natalya
<Alen> Hi! ^_^
<Natalya> Sit down. ^_^
* Alen sits down =)
* Arcus pulls a mop out the closet and goes to fill the bucket
<Natayla> So....are you excited about tomorrow? I am.
* Adek is still wearing his armor, and is sitting leaning against a cactus with his eyes closed.
* Alen nods! ^_^
<Alen> If we get that one, we just have three Orbs left! =D
* Remy watches Arcus scuttle about and raises an eyebrow, taking a long drag from his cig.
<Natalya> Right! We'll get it of course!
<Jade> Let's hope we get it...
* Arcus returns and starts mopping the floor
<Natalya> I heard wonderful stories about that place...
* Alen holds the Orb of Earth in both hands, gazing at it =)
<Alen> The pyramid? =)
<Alen> What stories? =D
<Remy> Mmm.....missed a spot, Arcus.
* Arcus sings quietly to himself, oblivious to the world
<Natalya> Stories about how one of the Immortals came down upon it....and there was a drought here. Of course, there's always a drought here...but this time it was real bad! no rain at all! And this god made it rain! ^_^
* Ana bangs on the inn door from the outside
<Alen> Woo! O_o
* Remy grins wryly and then chuckles. "Eh...cleanin'..."
<Natalya> I think it
<Alen> I never heard that one =D
<Alen> Teresus? =)
* Remy takes another drag from his cig and exhales slowly, leaning back.
<Natalya> Yep. The god of war.
<Alen> That´s funny... the god of war sprinkling a pyramid ^_^
<Natalya> I'm really into culture and stuff...I'm hoping to become a professor of it someday...and teach it in a big university. ^_^
* Alen giggles ^_^
<Alen> Cool! =D
<Natalya> Um...not see-
<Natalya> >> You hear a loud banging on the door.
* Alen blinks
* Gwen calls from her room. "Can someone get that?"
<Alen> Oh yeah... if you want to learn about the past and stuff...
<Arcus> o/~ I wake up each day and wonder what for? o/~
* Alen bounces up
<Alen> Be right back! ^_^
<Natalya> >> *KNOCK KNOCK*
* Remy lets Alen get it. :P
* Alen goes over and opens the door
<Alen> Hi! =D
<Arcus> o/~ It seems to me there must be something more o/~
<Arcus> o/~ Something more than stacks of dishes, and washing this old floor o/~
<Natalya> >> Outside is one familiar face, and one unfamiliar face. Rohan and a man with the garb of a Danek soldier.
<Natalya> Rohan!
<Arcus> o/~ If I had my pick of wishes I'd wish me out that door o/~
* Remy yawns slightly before reaching into his pocket and hauling out some cards...
<Rohan> You people need to be more careful! I saw this guy snooping around...
<Alen> Really? O_o
* Alen pokes the Danek soldier
* Arcus sighs, and stops singing
<Natalya> We should tie him up...
* Soldier kicks Alen in the ribs. O_o
<Natalya> Hey! O_o
<Alen> Aaah!
* Natalya growls and looks pissed off.
* Sabrina walks into the room tiredly and blinks at the others. "What the hell is going on?"
<Jade> What the hell are you doing?
* Alen bounces back agaisnt a wall
<Soldier> Damn rebels...
* Ana spots two people hanging beside the door to the inn and goes over "Hey, what's going on?"
* Soldier keeps mum and won't tell you his true plans.
* Remy watches the soldier with mild interest. "Eesh. Someone gotta gag 'dat jerk.."
<Alen> That hurt... my ribs aren't fixed yet ;_;
* Arcus leans on the mop and watches
* Natalya ties the soldier in a chair. "Nice and tight for ya."
* Remy chuckles.
* Jade hehs...
* Alen gets up and rubs his midsection =/
<Remy> I'd say 'dat was kinky but Gwen might kick m'ass...
<Alen> I know! =D
* Soldier chuckles, looking at Remy... "Gwen eh?"
* Remy blinks and eyes the soldier.
* Ana looks at the Danek soldier and then to the other man "Uh... what's going on here?"
<Soldier> It's funny how easily she lured all of you in. She's good at that.
* Alen points at the soldier, his index finger glowing red
* Arcus holds the mop in both hands and listens intently
<Remy> Shut up.
* Remy stands
<Sabrina> Thanks for leaving me behind again. *yawn* I'm going to sleep. *walks to a room and falls asleep on the bed.*
<Soldier> I'm doing you a favor, Jack.
* Adek walks in through the door from the outside. "What's going on here?"
<Rohan> What are you talking about?
<Soldier> That woman is poison. Don't you know the real truth about her?
<Alen> Go to sleep with my knockout punch! Ash! =D
<Natalya> >> The spell fails O_o
* Remy narrows his eyes.. "De name is Remy. And I don't like idiot Danek scum makin' fuckheaded remarks about someone I happen t'know."
* Ana finally enters the inn and looks at the Danek soldier "Who are you talking about punk?"
<Alen> It didn't work ;_;
<Soldier> You don't know her. You know she was a part of the Empire, yes?
<Arcus> ....
<Soldier> It's cuz of her that Jeal's in power. She joined him and they overthrew the government. The empire's been in the shitpot ever since.
<Remy> She changed.
* Arcus convulsively snaps the mop in two
<Soldier> What if I told you she didn't?
<Remy> ....'den you'd be lyin'.
<Soldier> Really?
<Remy> Yes.
<Soldier> Listen pal, I may be Danek, but I don't like our current government. It's a crock.
* Soldier looks down at a medallion on his neck
* Ana shakes her head "I'm through with this stupid discussion"
* Adek stares at the soldier, then frowns. "If anyone has a knife, I'm open to wagers on how many layers of skin we'd have to peel off before he decided to tell the truth."
<Rohan> ...This is a resistance medallion. Where did you get this?
<Alen> That's impossible! Nobody could fool us all for such a long time just by acting something he or she isn't, right Remy? =D
* Remy nods to Alen.
<Jade> Besides...why would she lure us in anyway?
<Soldier> It's mine. I'm part of the Danek resistance.
<Alen> That guy must be a plant from the Empire ^_^
<Soldier> Why not? You guys are threats.
<Remy> I don' believe you or your lies.
<Ana> Gwen was one of the people of the Danek empire...?
* Alen pat-pats Remy on the shoulder
<Soldier> Yeah, she was a general. Just like Odessa.
<Alen> You can see right through any plot! Nobody could fool you, right Remy? =D
<Ana> I don't believe you
* Remy raises an eyebrow at Alen. "Eh...well....wouldn't go 'dat far...but I know Gwen.."
* Arcus sits down, holding the broken mop in both hands
<Ana> She is NOTHING like you bastards!
<Soldier> Look at the way Odessa acted. So nice and sweet, and then she totally tried to kill you. Gwen is no different. She's luring you to Oyssk for your demise. I swear it's the truth!
* Alen giggles ^_^
* Ana punches the soldier in the gut
<Remy> Lies.
<Ana> Shut up!
<Soldier> Fine. Take this then. Look in my back pocket.
<Adek> She DID mention that she used to be a Danek.. but I can't believe a word this guy's saying. If she really wanted us dead, she could have done it by now..
* Remy glowers at the soldier.
<Soldier> You'll see your proof.
<Arcus> ....
* Ana inspects the soldier's pocket
* Remy goes to the back pocket and looks in it..
<Natalya> >> In the pocket, are two items. A letter written to Jeal, less than a month ago. It describes how you're all being tricked and lured, and lots of little details from your adventure only Gwen would know. It's in her handwriting, and it's signed by her....
<Natalya> >> The second item is a photo that has Gwen, Odessa, and Jeal in it. It looks recent.
* Arcus goes to look
* Remy narrows his eyes. "It must be a trick."
<Soldier> It's not. I'm sorry man, but you gotta face facts. She's been lying to you.
<Remy> ...
<Remy> Shut up!
* Jade looks at Gwen...
<Soldier> Why do you think she's going after the orbs. Why has the empire let her live this long?
<Arcus> .....
* Remy growls lower..
<Alen> Woo...
<Remy> Shut up!
<Jade> Remy...
* Gwen walks into the room, looking sleepy. "what's going on?"
<Jade> Maybe we should at least consider that he's telling the truth...
<Natalya> ...
* Remy glares at Jade. "He ain't."
* Arcus looks away from Gwen, gritting his teeth
* Ana hurls the letter to Gwen "Take a look at this!"
* Gwen senses the tension, and looks nervous. "What's going on?"
<Jade> Ana, calm the fuck down if you please.
* Gwen reads the letter. "...what is this?"
* Remy glares at the soldier
<Natalya> It's in your handwriting....
<Ana> Your handwriting correct?
<Natalya> And there are things on it only you would know, and not the empire...
<Gwen> Yes...but...
<Alen> Why don't we have dinner and talk it over later? =D
<Arcus> ....
<Ana> Why were you lying to us?
* Remy says nothing, seemingly seething with anger..
* Gwen glares at Ana. "What did I lie about?"
<Adek> A better question, Ana, is DID she lie to us? Gwen.. can you explain that?
<Ana> Trying to be our friend! What are you planning?!
<Soldier> Tell them about Vizkani, Gwen.
* Alen sits on the floor
* Gwen stiffens. "Shut up."
<Soldier> How you killed off an entire town...a total act of genocide...on the cause that they didn't pay their taxes. Just like Hayhill. They called you Genocide Gwen for weeks.
<Gwen> Shut UP!
<Arcus> ....
* Gwen looks ready to break down. "I...I don't know what this is about, dammit!"
* Ana turns to Gwen "Is this true..?"
<Gwen> ....
<Gwen> Yes...but that was years ago!
* Remy continues to be silent..
<Alen> Well, we've all done stuff like massive genocide in our lives and other mistakes, right? =)
* Adek looks at Gwen, a look of plain disgust on his face. "You wiped out a TOWN?"
<Gwen> ..I...
<Ana> Then why is this letter recent? And the picture... where's the picture?
<Gwen> I did not write that letter! Don't you people believe me?
* Gwen is completely's hard to tell if she's telling the truth
<Remy> Handwriting can be forged. It can.
<Ana> I'll believe you when you can prove it!
<Natalya> But pictures cannot...
<Alen> Maybe it was a Gwen clone =)
<Remy> ....there could be a Gwen clone.
* Zeth curls up around Gwen's neck, protectively, *I believe you*
<Arcus> ....
<Soldier> There isn't. The Sandor one was the last one they made.
<Jade> How can you be so sure?
<Gwen> Zeth...
* Remy grabs the soldier and hoists him into the air." SHUT UP!"
* Soldier hands Jade some legal looking papers. "Swiped 'em"
<Ana> Gwen! Tell us everything now!
<Natalya> >> They have a bunch of clone names listed. Gwen isn't one of them.
<Natalya> Put him down!
* Jade reads over the papers...
* Remy stares at the soldier, still holding him up..
* Zeth hisses at Ana
<Gwen> I...Okay, I admit it! I...I did some bad things...
* Jade sighs and leans against the nearest wall.
<Gwen> ...I killed a lot of people...I burned a town. Goddamit are you happy?
<Ana> Why?
* Adek clenches and unclenches his fists, struggling to keep control. "Gwen.. did.. you.. write.. that.. letter?"
<Gwen> I can't even tell you that...I can't even answer that myself...
<Remy> It was in de past.
<Ana> Why did you suddenly change?!
* Remy puts the soldier down..
<Gwen> ...I...
<Gwen> Jeal...he raped me...and I...
<Arcus> ....
* Remy goes to Gwen's side...
* Ana turns away
<Soldier> But people told me that afterward, you said you enjoyed it. No one understood why you went up against him. You probably wanted to take control of the throne yourself!
<Gwen> That is NOT TRUE!
<Remy> Lies.
* Alen sits on the floor, watching
<Soldier> You can't give a straight answer about the letter, or anything!
* Arcus grinds his teeth together
* Ana punches the soldier again
* Gwen backs away from everyone, crying for the first time since you met her.
<Ana> Shut the fuck up!
* Ana turns back to Gwen
<Remy> Gwen.....
<Arcus> ....
<Ana> Gwen, do you realize what could happen now....
<Jade> If there's truth to be told, I think the time to tell it is now...
<Gwen> don't trust me...I see...I'm so stupid. I thought I could run away from everything...I can't. I'm sorry I got involved with you people...
* Gwen tears out of the inn!
<Remy> Gwen!
<Arcus> ....
<Natalya> >> when you look outside...she's long gone...
* Remy stares out the door..
* Ana doesn't bother
<Natalya> ....
<Alen> Boo =/
<Rohan> I'm taking this guy back to the base. Coming Nat?
<Natalya> No...I have other obligations...sorry.
* Ana heads into her room, slamming the door and locking it
* Arcus sits down, still holding both halves of the mop
* Rohan leaves with the Soldier.
* Remy just stays in the doorway..
<Natalya> C'mon Remy...let her be.
<Natalya> We've got an orb to find tomorrow. Don't worry, she'll be okay! She's tough.
* Remy growls lowly and stares at Natalya... "Don't tell me what to do, woman."
* Remy goes off upstairs and into his room.
* Natalya backs away. "....Sorry..."...
<Natalya> ...damn.
<Natalya> >> Night slowly dissolves into morning, and the party pepares for their voyage.
* Zeth flits sadly back into the inn
* Natalya sits at the table, looks at Zeth, and sighs. "I didn't sleep at all last night."
* Ana awakes and opens her door,, yawning and stretching.
* Arcus is still sitting at the same table, still holding the busted mop
* Remy stays in his room, sitting in the chair and staring out his window...
<Zeth> *Nor did I actually*
* Alen comes out from his room, looking as bouncy as usual
* Ana looks around for a brush
* Adek is again outside, currently pacing a long route around the village.. his weapon has gotten a bit more use, and the town is a number of cacti poorer.
<Alen> I'm hungry! Let's have breakfast! =D
* Jade wanders out of her room, all bathed and proper looking
<Ana> Yeah, I'm starving.
* Natalya walks to Arcus, and sits down. "You okay?"
* Zeth flits over to Arcus and wraps himself around the man's shoulder
<Ana> Does anyone have a brush I could borrow?
<Natalya> why not?
<Natalya> Or can I ask?
* Natalya smiles prettily.
<Arcus> You can ask all you like, but you may not get an answer
* Ana sighs and heads back into her room
* Ana comes back out after a few moments, cleaned up and ready to go.
* Valhart enters the room, looking as though the travels haven't phased him one bit, his cavalier appearance remaining much the same.. *
* Ana looks around for Valhart and everyone else
* Remy stands up in his room and starts yelling at the top of his throat, grabbing the chair and slamming it against the floor and wall viciously! Out of the garble you can hear being yelled, you hear Gwen's name being said a few times..
* Jade looks back towards Remy's room...
<Arcus> Let's just say that Gwen's actions in the past had meaning to me and leave it at that
* Remy throws the chair out the window O_o
* Ana scans the area to find few people around....
<Valhart> It would appear that I was absent for some key moment last night.
<Ana> Yeah, Gwen, WAS a Danek soldier....
<Arcus> ....
<Ana> She left, Valhart.
* Remy starts throwing other things....
* Alen rubs his eyes
<Alen> Can we eat? =/
* Natalya sighs, and impulsively hugs Arcus.
<Natalya> I'm sorry.
* Ana nods "Yeah, let's eat, Alen"
* Arcus blinks and snaps out of his funk
<Arcus> What was that for?
<Natalya> You're hurting...and you need a friend. ^_^
<Ana> Valhart, you hungry? Natalya and Arcus, you guys hungry as well?
<Natalya> I'm hungry.
<Valhart> In war, we are all forced to choose sides, willingly or otherwise. Although I'm sure she regrets her past doings, it would appear that it has come back to haunt her.
* Natalya smiles at Arcus. "It'll be okay. ^_^"
* Natalya looks very sincere.
<Ana> Valhart, has this ever happened to you?
* Adek slowly walks back into the inn. "Um.. can anyone explain the defenstrated furniture out there?"
* Jade raises an eyebrow
<Natalya> Actually...we should leave for Vaygess as soon as possible. I know a guy there who knows where the pyrimid is located.
* Arcus blinks for a bit, then shrugs and goes back to his thoughts
<Valhart> As a vassal for the kingdom, I am obligated to represent one side. Yes, I know exactly how Gwen feels.
<Natalya> while the sun is still down...
* Remy appears downstairs by the group.
<Ana> Valhart, then, maybe you could help her....
<Natalya> We can get something to eat there...
* Alen sits in a corner, alone and hunry =(
* Jade wanders over to Adek
<Natalya> The inkeeper hands Alen some gr---avy and biscuits!
* Remy says nothing, looking somewhat ruffled with a burning anger barely contained in his eyes...
<Valhart> No. I wouldn't ask anyone to fight the skeletons in my closet for me, I'm sure Gwen would feel the same way. It's the way of the fighting profession.
<Ana> I see...
<Natalya> I wish I had some skeletons in my closet, then at least I would have something in there.
* Natalya mumbles.
* Adek looks questioningly at Jade.
* Alen munches the biscuits happily =)
<Ana> Well, dammit! We can't just sit here and whine all day about Gwen, let's get going already!
* Arcus notices the broken mop in his hands, ".....oops"
<Natalya> Right. Sorry Alen, we gotta take those biscuits to go!
<Alen> *munch* you found a *munch* skeleton in your closet, Natalya? =D
<Valhart> Better to walk with a clean slate Miss, rather than be forced to carry with you the tales of your past... or if you're not carrying them, they follow..
<Alen> Okay ^_^
* Jade wanders over to ALEN :P
* Natalya looks slightly sad, then heads to the door.
<Valhart> That's often worse.
<Jade> Could I possibly maybe have one of those? ^_^;
* Alen bounces after Natalya
* Alen turns back
<Alen> Sure ^_^
* Remy says nothing and follows.
* Alen hands Jade a biscuit
* Alen bounces out the door =D
* Arcus stands and goes to find the innkeeper
<Natalya> >> The innkeeper hands Arcus a sum of 139 GP....some taken off cuz of the broken mop
<Arcus> Thank you, sir.
<Natalya> That was motivational! ^_^
<Valhart> Highness... that's not very proper... ^_^;
* Remy looks blank and emotionless.
<Valhart> We should have brought along your tutor..
* Adek glares at Ana. "That was REAL smart. Let's just announce what we're doing to everyone while we're at it?"
* Jade smirks.
* Natalya laughs. ^_^; "C'mon! Let's go!"
* Alen is already out the door, and can't answer ^_^
* Natalya walks out the door.
* Jade munches on the biscuit
* Jade follows Alen and Natalya
<Adek> Hey! Maybe we can beat ourselves to a pulp and save the next band of Danek's the trouble, since they probably just heard you..
* Adek shakes his head and walks out the door.
* Ana swallows hard, "I don't want Bracke here...."
* Arcus heads out the door, poketing his money
* Remy is already outside, ignoring the chair on the ground. :P
* Ana quickly heads out the door
* Sabrina follows the others.
<Natalya> >> The sun is just peeking over the dusty mountains. It's still a little on the cool side. You have time to get to Vaygess without the sun beating down on you.
<Valhart> An attack on the princess is an attack on my country Adek, and I don't care to hear the slander of my homeland. Please forgive her naivete... but don't cut into her for it, she has much to learn.
<Adek> Valhart, words don't describe how little I care about your country.
* Zeth spends a few moments figuring out if Natalya is safe or not
* Remy just remains silent, acting almost zombie-like.
* Natalya smiles at Zeth, looking at him.
<Natalya> Hmm..A quezacotl?
<Valhart> It would be a pity then, should we ever be forced to cross blades. Fortunately I would feel less regret for ending an uncaring swordsman, irregardless of his skill.
<Zeth> *Not exactly, but close*
<Alen> Quetzecoatl =)
* Alen bounces
* Ana tries to lead the party
<Natalya> Oh yes...How pretty...I read about your kind in one of my books.
* Sabrina rubs her belly and says quietly, "Maybe I don't have to have it...."
* Natalya doesn't seem phased by his telepathy.
<Zeth> *And what did your book tell you?*
<Natalya> That you're intelligent and majestic creatures, and should be treated with the upmost respect.
<Natalya> Although I'd do that anyway.
* Adek snorts. "So you threaten my life now? Well, why not? The world's been dumping all the shit it can on this little group anyway."
<Zeth> *I like that book already*
* Natalya grins.
* Zeth flits over to Natalya and curls up around her shoulders
<Arcus> ....
<Natalya> >> The party now ventures into the desert. After a very uneventful journey, they see large oasis-city looming ahead.
* Arcus walks off a bit
* Arcus squints from the sun
<Valhart> I don't make threats, I make warnings, Adek. This group could ill afford to lose a man of your skill, and I'd hate to be the one to do it. But take my advice, for I have danced the game of politics far too long, be careful what you say or to whom you say it. The next person you may cross may not be as understanding as I.
* Ana whews and raises her hand over her forehead "That's Vaygess right?"
<Natalya> >> Large bulidings can be seen over a mud wall. Sparkling pools and palm trees line the city, with neon signs for the casinos. You have just stepped into Vaygess.
<Jade> It had better fucking be Vaygess.
<Valhart> Yes, highness.
* Jade pants from the heat
<Adek> Politics.. bah. To hell with politics.
* Sabrina sighs. "If only it were possible..."
* Arcus looks around the city
* Ana looks around the city "For an oasis, this place seems festive"
* Remy remains eerily quiet.
<Natalya> Okay, I'm supposed to find this guy at a bar. He used to be an adventurer..
* Sabrina looks around at the others in the group and blinks. "Hey, what happened to Gwen? Why isn't she here?"
<Remy> ....
<Arcus> I would suppose being an oasis town, everyone and their mother goes through here
* Natalya laughs. ^_^
<Valhart> Fear politicians, Adek. The world is gradually swinging in their favor. You and I are a dying breed.
<Arcus> How long are we gonna be here?
<Natalya> Not too long. Just till I can find this guy.
<Arcus> All right
<Ana> Natalya, I'll come with you.
<Natalya> Unfortunately...I forgot his name. It starts with an L though.
<Arcus> Well that narrows it down ^_-
* Natalya laughs!
* Adek sighs. "Maybe you're right, Valhart... I apologize.. but I still mean it when I say I no longer care for Kerzalt. My home is gone, and I feel no particular loyalty to where it used to be."
<Natalya> You're quite the character, Arcus.
<Arcus> Why thank you ^_-
<Natalya> >> Ahead, you can see several buldings..
<Valhart> I understand... when I am old and grey, released from my obligation to defend my nation, I will probably be even less caring of my homeland than you are now..
<Natalya> >> A Casino, an Inn, the bar, and several stalls with people selling wares.
* Ana looks around city as she walks "The is a place I'd like to see inside and out
<Jade> Let's go shopping!
<Natalya> Arcus, care to come with me? ^_^
<Natalya> you seem like a fine gentleman.
<Arcus> Why not? ^_^
<Natalya> Come along, Ana!
* Ana nods "Sure"
<Alen> Can I go? =D
<Arcus> A fine gentleman? I beg to differ ^_-
* Adek shakes his head. "Maybe if those who weren't slaughtered are gathered back again, and the town is rebuilt.. maybe then I'll care. But for now.. the Danek are what I care about.
* Remy sighs and heads for the bar.
<Natalya> It's funny. I mean, you lot are the last hope of the free's...amusing.
* Alen bounces over to she shops =D
* Jade looks at the wares...
<Salesman> Hi Ma'am! :D
<Salesman> Would you like to get some cool, creamy ice cream?
* Arcus grabs Alen, "Now this here is a fine gentleman. Well manner, excelent breeding, fine lines, thick luxurious hair, and an IQ to put most sponges to shame" ^_-
* Natalya laughs!
<Natalya> That's...that's mean. ^_-
* Remy sits at the bar and orders a very heavy drink :P
* Alen blinks
<Alen> Thank you, Arcus! ^_^
<Natalya> O_o
* Natalya laughs harder.
<Arcus> Think nothing of it ^_-
<Arcus> Please ^_-
* Ana raises an eyebrow and bursts out laughing
<Jade> Cool and creamy...
* Jade raises an eyebrow...
* Sabrina looks at Arcus. "That wasn't very kind....You shouldn't poke at others' faults just to make everyone around you laugh..."
<Salesman> We've got Fish, Pickled beet, and BBQ Corn Nut ice cream....sigh. I hate my job. We also got non fat no taste vanilla...please buy a damn ice cream ma' wife is gonna kill me.
<Arcus> What faults? I can find no fault with this fine man ^_^
<Ana> So, Nati, where to?
* Adek closes his eyes briefly. "How long do you think you'll remain with us, Valhart? You say that the group couldn't afford to lose me.. and your swordarm is more formidable than mine."
<Sabrina> You know what I am talking about, Arcus.
<Jade> Um...
* Natalya heads into the bar.
<Jade> I'll take the vanilla, please...
* Arcus laughs and wanders off ^_^
* Ana follows Natalya
<Natalya> The man hands Jade some vanilla ice cream, thanking her to death.
* Alen smiles
<Valhart> I am sworn to defend the Princess. I intend to be around until she is safe, or until either she or I am killed.
<Alen> I'm a fine gentleman =D
* Alen bounces after Arcus
* Jade hehs and nods to the gentleman O_o
<Natalya> >> A smell of beer and peanuts surrounds you in the bar. A couple of barflys are sitting at the bar.
* Jade wanders off, licking the ice cream
<Valhart> As for my swordarm.. well, it helps to have a good sword at the end of it too.
* Jade goes into the bar
<Arcus> My what a swanky dive we have here ^_-
* Remy is sitting at the bar. :P Drinking. ^_^
<Valhart> Travel the world a bit longer, and I'm sure you'll find a companion sword soon enough.
<Natalya> >> A man looks at you all rather drunkly. He's about middle aged...fairly good looking.
* Ana walks over to the bar and sits besides Remy
<Arcus> On a scale of 1 to 10 I give this place a C+ ^_-
* Adek grins slightly. "Perhaps. Though we might get on each other's nerves, as far as I'm concerned, you and your sword are welcome here."
* Sabrina follows the others into the bar. She sits next to Remy. "Can I ask you something, Remy?"
<Natalya> I'm looking for a man who's name begins with L. :P
<Ana> Hey! Barkeep can I get something to drink?
* Remy stares at Sabrina. "What."
<Alen> It's not me ^_^
* Barkeep gives Ana an ale.
* Remy rolls his glass between his hands, staring at the liquid inside it..
* A man looks at Natalya, pissed off. :P "Screw you people, dammit. Pissin' off my friend *hic* like that."
<Sabrina> If you were me, and there were some kind of procedure that could make you...umm...unpregnant, would you do it?
<Natalya> Hey! Back off!
* Ana looks at the drink "Well, bottom's up" and guzzles it down
<Man> Go soak your stockings, miss!
<Remy> Sure.
* Remy slugs his drink back.
<Natalya> I remember the name now. You're Lynx, aren't you?
<Arcus> My such a nice man ^_-
* Ana sets the drink down.... "Hmmm, quite good."
<Lynx> Maybe. What's it to you?
<Ana> Gimmie another one!
* Lynx is rather drunk ^_-
* Ana gets another ale and guzzles it down
* Arcus sniffs Lynx, "I say Holmes, I think he's drunk!" ^_-
<Sabrina> That's what I was thinking...but....I'm caring something that's alive inside of me......It'd be like murdering someone....without even giving it a chance to live...
* Alen goes over to where Lynx is
<Lynx> I know who the hell you poeple are. You think it was cute pissin' off Gwen like that? She came running to me this mornin'...
* Valhart smiles and takes a draught of brandy. * "I'll be around for a while longer, I think we've both got enough wits about us not to kill ourselves over an unimportant dispute. Don't doubt for a second though, that you are the master swordsman of this group, I am merely along for the ride."
* Remy shrugs. "No point in living. No point in dying. No point in existing."
* Arcus forces a grin at the mention of Gwen's name
<Alen> Is Gwen all right? =)
* Ana yells out, somewhat slurring " 'noth'r one!"
* Sabrina looks at Remy and frowns. "You have a purpose in life."
<Remy> No.
* Jade sits beside Remy...
<Lynx> Oh, maybe, maybe not. She came in cryin' I tell you. You bought all that BS that Danek soldier fed you? Some *hic* friends.
* Remy refills his own drink and belts it back.
<Sabrina> Yeah you do. You and Gwen were meant for each other.
<Arcus> ....
<Alen> No ^_^
<Arcus> Gwen didn't exactly give us a chance to tell her who we believed, actually.
* Adek chuckles bitterly. "I'm flattered, Valhart, but as a 'master swordsman', I'm a total failure."
<Alen> That's why we came to ask about her =)
<Lynx> And you know what she did? She's off to those ruins you wanna find, and is gonna get the orb prove she's on your side. I couldn't stop her.
* Remy scowls bitterly...
<Jade> Eh, fuck it...
<Ana> H'y! I 'sa'd give me 'noth'r one!
<Adek> ..and I think your princess is going to swill herself into unconsciousness at this rate.
* Jade asks for a drink since everyone else is drowning their sorrows
<Bartender> I think you've had enough.
* Jade gets some nice red wine
* Remy stands and looks for some poker players.
<Arcus> ....
<Arcus> I would heartily recommend we go after Gwen at this point
<Valhart> You underestimate yourself. I for one, think you shall excel beyond the realm of greatness Adek, into the realm of Legendary.
* Ana grabs the guy by the collar and prepares to speak *BUUURP* before passing out
<Alen> Then we have to go and help her get the Orb"
<Natalya> Lynx: Yeah, you think? See why I'm pissed at you people? Ugh.
<Valhart> You'll excuse me though. I think the princess needs escorting to her room.
* Remy walks over by Lynx and the rest. "Lets go get'er 'den."
* Valhart heads over towards Ana. * "Your highness, I suggest you call it an evening."
* Jade delicately sips the wine...
<Bartender> All I gave her was two ales....damn.
<Adek> You may be right...
* Ana is out like a light
<Lynx> Take this.
<Valhart> She's not accustomed to alcohol.
<Natalya> Lynx hands you a small little medallion.
* Sabrina looks sadly at Remy and smiles at Jade. "Hi."
* Valhart hoists the princess up over his shoulder. * "Up to your room we go, highness."
* Remy looks at Lynx and pockets the medallion..
<Arcus> What's this?
<Lynx> Stick this in the entryway. I found it on my travels. There's two, and Gwen has the other half right now.
<Valhart> I'm sure you'll regret all this in the morning..
* Natalya hmms.
* Natalya takes it.
<Remy> Thank you.
* Jade smiles wryly at Sabrina
<Jade> Hello.
<Lynx> Now bring her back, dammit *Hic*
* Ana utters a few words "N'ce But--tah...."
<Alen> Let's go! =)
* Arcus bows mockingly to Lynx, "May the eagles of the heavens never piss in your beer, good sir", then walks out ^_-
<Lynx> Heh! You tell 'em, spanky!
<Valhart> Innkeep! Your best room, sir.
* Sabrina blinks at Jade. "Something bothering you?"
<Jade> Not at all...
<Jade> You?
* Alen hops out of the bar
<Sabrina> I've just been thinking about...well, you can guess...
* Arcus heads over to the store to do some buisness ^_^
<Natalya> >> For the sake of time, it soon becomes the next morning!
* Ana awakes with a huge hangover and suddenly falls off the bed
<Natalya> >> And the party is at the gates of Vaygess the next morning. Natalya seems to know the way to the Pyrmid...the Cynia ruins.
<Natalya> ^_^ Ready to go? Where's Ana?
<Alen> It doesn't matter! She can catch up later ^_^
<Alen> Let's get the Orb! =D
<Arcus> Probably flushing her insides ^_-
* Remy is quiet.
* Natalya laughs.
<Natalya> This group...
* Natalya laughs again. "What did I get myself into!"
<Alen> You have no idea, Natalya ^_^
* Ana tries to stand up but fails miserably and giggles insanely
<Natalya> Ready to go?
<Arcus> Yep, this group is a real live one're not.....Danek by any chance...are you? ^_-
* Natalya blinks. "Why, of course not Arcus. I'm just in the RESISTANCE cuz they're serving fried chicken one indeed. Humph!"
<Arcus> Yep, you'll definitely fit in nicely ^_-
<Natalya> Ooh, nice comeback, Arcus...but I'll do better next time :P
<Arcus> Heh ^_-
<Natalya> >> The party, now organized, heads to the ruins. After a bit of walking through the desert sands, they soon discover the prymid is actually partly sunken into the ground. Strange statues line the odd ruins...and people swarm about it....they, thankfully enough, are not Danek.
* Ana finally appears just short of the gates running "Hey! Wait for me!"
<Natalya> >> They're...archeologists?! O_o
<Arcus> Maybe
* Natalya seems happy, and looks about the ruins in wonder.
<Alen> Woo... are these people here for the Orb too? O_o;
<Natalya> This is so cool!
* Remy glances around a little..
<Natalya> An Arch looks up at you. "Hello! =)"
<Natalya> Hi!
* Ana looks around about to say something, but stops, glancing at Valhart
<Alen> Hi! =D
<Arcus> Do you think they'll just let us wander in and walk off with a nice round artifact? ^_-
<Valhart> We have swords, Arcus. We could easily best any or all of the archaeologists present.
<Adek> I doubt that'll be nessecary, though.
<Valhart> I hope to avoid it, yes.
<Arcus> Oh don't underestimate archeologists, they can swing a dustbroom like no one else ^_-
<Adek> This is.. quite a crowd..
<Alen> Do you know where the Orb of Wind is? =)
<Arch> You're after the Orb here? It's only rumored to be here... Besides...we can't head inside... :/
<Alen> Why not? =/
<Jade> Why not?
<Ana> .oO(I gotta start acting more Queen like....)
<Arch> But these ruins...Anyways....Let me introduce myself. Simon Gutenhimer! Professor in acient culture study!
* Natalya nearly swoons. ^^;
* Arcus catches Natalya
<Natalya> ^_^ Happy....
<Arcus> No lying down on the job, miss ^_-
* Natalya nods and stands upright.
<Ana> Nice to meet you, Mister Gutenhimer.
* Alen shakes Mr. Gutenheimer's hand ^_^
<Simon> Actually...we're not really intrested in the orb...we're more intrested in the ruins themselves...
<Alen> What do you know about them? =)
<Simon> Well, we think they might have been build to honor the god of war Teresus.
<Simon> We have not been inside the ruins. So if you want to try, feel free.
<Alen> I'm Alen ^_^
<Natalya> Thank you! C'mon everyone! I'm dying to check this out!
<Ana> No problem, we're going in even if you said not to.
<Arcus> Lead the way ^_-
<Alen> Okay! =D
* Jade follows Natalya :p
* Ana nods to Nati "Lead, Nati"
<Natalya> >> After going down a makeshift gangplank, you come across a statue of a handsome, long haired man.
* Arcus follows the group, humming a jaunty tune ^_^
<Natalya> >> Then, behind him, is a door with a slot carved inside.
* Ana looks at the man, "Kinda cute---errr I mean, nice looking fellow"
<Valhart> Princess, it is important to remember, that irregardless of your noble status in our homeland, here you are just as equal as anyone else unless you are on a mission of diplomacy. In the future, I would suggest abstaining from... leading.. those around you.
* Arcus looks at the door behind the statue
* Natalya sticks the medallion in the slot!
<Alen> I'm better looking than he is! =D
<Alen> Right, Arcus? ^_^
<Natalya> >> With a creak and a plume of sand and dust, the door begins to swing open
<Natalya> >> It looks like there is another slot...with a similar medallion stuck inside...
* Ana turns to Valhart and nods "I understand"
<Arcus> Your physical beauty is in a class by itself, Alen ^_-
<Remy> Gwen..
* Natalya nods, looking a little more serious. "Let's go."
* Remy nods.
<Alen> Yeah ^_^
* Ana nods "Right"
<Natalya> >> The ruins themselves, aren't that complicated....but they are very dark. A stairway leads up, the floor covered with white sands...
<Arcus> So, shall we delve into the darkness? ^_-
<Jade> Let's just go quickly.
* Ana trips and topples over someone
<Adek> Some light would be nice..
* Valhart catches her. *
<Natalya> >> A wind seemingly blows from nowhere..playing with your clothes and hair.
<Valhart> Watch yourself, highness.
* Remy sighs. "Lets do this.."
<Alen> Okay! =D
* Arcus hold up his flute and lets the wind make a tune ^_^
* Alen starts forming a ball of light using the spell of Shock!
* Ana stands and nods "I'm trying to, but it's dark in here."
* Natalya is nearly fried o_o
<Natalya> Ah!
* Natalya steps back
<Ana> I can hardly see where I'm going.
<Alen> Oopsy ^^;
<Valhart> Best to let others lead then, your majesty.
<Natalya> This is crazy...we'll never get past this...
* Alen turns back to Natalya, unconsciouly swinging the lightning ball perilously
<Alen> Are you all right? =D
* Natalya backs off just in time
<Remy> We have to.
<Natalya> Uh-huh ^^;
<Ana> Nati, don't give up!
* Adek closes his eyes, drawing a powerful static charge into his fist until is starts to glow, adding a second light to the group.
<Alen> Great! =D
<Natalya> >> You can now see the walls. Strange drawings are all over them.
* Alen turns around again and looks around
* Arcus looks at the drawings
<Alen> Pretty drawings...
<Natalya> >> They consist of people sprouting from the least, that's what it looks like. The world under them looks somewhat barren...
* Ana creates a small orb of electricity in her hand, adding a third light, just in case...
<Alen> Maybe I should draw something too =D
* Remy sighs and runs a hand through his hair, looking around.
* Alen takes out a red crayon
<Natalya> >> Another picture shows the people admist trees and wildlife. They look very happy.
<Arcus> Don't be foolish, Alen
<Natalya> Let's go upstairs!
<Adek> These pictures probably mean something, Alen.. I think drawing here would be a bad idea.
<Remy> Yes..
<Alen> Aww =/
<Arcus> Work of your calibre should not be mixed with such inferior work ^_-
<Alen> If you say so Arcus ^_^
<Ana> Actually, Bracke did have some knowlegde of anicent ruins didn't he Valhart?
* Alen starts drawing stick figures on Arcus' shirt =D
* Arcus pats Alen on the shoulder ^_-
<Valhart> I'm afraid I cannot recall, highness. ^_^;
<Natalya> It looks like people are being born...
<Adek> It's a shame Sav isn't here.. she might understand some of these..
<Natalya> But that's silly...
<Alen> This one's... swimming...
* Alen scribbles a bit faster
<Alen> Running...
* Natalya drags Alen along. "Let's go!"
* Arcus shrugs and lets Alen continue
<Natalya> ^_^ Please?
<Alen> Okay =)
* Remy starts heading forward.
* Alen bounces along =)
* Ana waits till someone leads onward and follows
<Alen> Woo =D
* Arcus follows, still grinning ^_^
<Natalya> >> You climb up the stairs. Entering a circular room, you come across another drawing. consisiting of fire and a silver monster...before you can see what it's all about, something ambushes you from behind!


* Remy doesn't draw his bo.
* Arcus draws his sword
* Ana nearly stumbles into someone. She takes her sword out and looks at what came behind her
<Valhart> Crypt Golems (4)
* Natalya whips a large, deadly looking mace from her backpack. "En garde! :D"
* Alen takes out his rod and starts chanting, throwing the lightning ball carelessly at Adek ^_^
<Valhart> >> My go. ^_^
* Valhart lunges at CG1!! *
<Valhart> >> Attack 1! 164 Damage!
<Ana> Go Valhart! Nice move!
* Natalya cheers everyone on. ^_^
<Valhart> >> Attack 2! 174 Damage! Golem 1 slain!
<Valhart> >> Sabrina's attack!
* Sabrina chants and winds pick up around her. The winds wrap around her, giving her the power of the wind elementals.
<Valhart> >> Sabrina casts Wind Soul! Turned to Wind!
<Valhart> >> Ana's attack!
* Ana begins chanting as a thunder boom can be heard all around....
<Valhart> >> Ana casts Retribution! Golem 2 takes 29 Damage! Golem 3 takes 28! Golem 4 takes 27!
<Valhart> >>Jade's attack!
* Ana sends bolts of thunder toward the golems!
<Valhart> >> Jade attacks Golem 3!
* Natalya twirls her mace in her hands, with a flourish. She's sorta enjoying the whole adventure concept. ^_^
* Remy stands stoically..
<Valhart> >> Attack 1! Critical hit! 74 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Attack 2! 32 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Attack 3! Critical hit! 73 Damage!
* Jade smiles wryly...
<Jade> They're not so tough.
<Ana> Nice shots Jade!
<Valhart> >> Golem 2 attacks Jade! 18 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Golem 3 attacks Natalya! 1 Damage!
* Jade coughs politely...
* Natalya pshahs :P
<Adek> Rather intimidating, aren't they?
<Natalya> That was the best you could do?
<Valhart> >> Golem 4 attacks Remy! Miss!
<Natalya> C'mon! You can do better than that!
* Remy does nothing..
<Valhart> Remy's attack!
* Remy chants lowly under his breath, weaving his hands in front of his face. A red steamy mist starts to flow from his seemingly glowing eyes. He freezes and points a accusatory finger at CG3.
<Remy> Fires that be, claim your bloody vengence. Do what you will and take what you want. ¤Blaze.
* Remy 's finger seemingly distorts before a column of fire slams into CG3.
* Remy drops his hand and draws his bo now, his face showing no more emotion.
<Valhart> >>Remy casts Blaze on Golem 3! 35 Damage! Golem 3 is slain!
<Valhart> >> Natalya's attack!
<Ana> Nice one, Remy!
* Natalya grins, and whips out her mace. "Take this! Hammerschlag...GO!" Natalya rushes into the fray, striking both Golems in a line strike!
<Valhart> >> Golem 2 takes 27 Damage! Golem 4 is on the Back row! Miss!
<Natalya> Take that, sparky!
<Valhart> >> Alen's attack!
* Alen raises his rod, a purplish aura surrounding him as a slight breeze toys with his robe and his hair...
<Valhart> >> Alen casts Concentrate! Wisdom raised!
<Valhart> >> Arcus' attack!
* Arcus rushes forward, swinging his sword in a wide arc!
<Natalya> Go Arcus! :D
* Natalya cheers!
* Adek smiles grimly. "These things don't seem so tough.. I almost feel sorry for them..."
<Natalya> No kidding.
<Valhart> >> Arcus attacks Golem 2!
<Adek> ...ok.. I lied. No I don't.
<Valhart> Attack 1! 26 Damage!
<Natalya> I'm sure the Orb Guardian will be worse. -_-
<Valhart> >> Attack 2! 26 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Attack 3! 38 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Adek's attack!
* Adek flexs his knees and throws himself forward, slamming his weapon into the 4th golem as hard as he can as he passes it by.
* Arcus bounces back into formation
* Natalya high fives Arcus. "Nice! Can you teach me that?"
* Arcus returns the ^5, "Sure" ^_^
<Natalya> ^_^
<Valhart> >> Adek uses Power Strike!! Golem 4 takes 152 Damage!
<Valhart> >> My Attack. ^_^
* Valhart attacks Golem 2! *
* Remy twirls his bo in a sudden motion, building speed..
<Valhart> >> Attack 1! Critical Hit! 352 Damage! Golem 2 is splattered all over the place!!
<Valhart> >> Attack 2 is wasted...
<Valhart> >> Sabrina's attack!
* Natalya gets pieces of the Golem stuck in her hair. "Argh."
* Sabrina chants and extends her arms far away from each other. A bright wall of lightning forms between her arms and shoots out a the row.
* Alen yawns =)
<Valhart> >> Sabrina casts Blitz! Golem 4 takes 39 Damage!
<Valhart> Ana's attack!
* Ana creates a sword of ice and jams it into the golem's gut!
<Valhart> >> Ana casts Ice Pick! 33 Damage! Golem 4 is Slain!

==VICTORY! 200 EXP, 15 TP, and 75 GP gained.==

* Natalya cheers!
* Remy slows his spinning and puts the bo away.
<Natalya> That was fun. ^_^
* Arcus sheathes his sword
* Ana smiles
<Arcus> Heh
<Ana> Yes! I got my first monster kill!
<Remy> I wonder where Gwen is..
<Ana> How was I this time?
<Jade> The orb guardian is going to be even more fun...
* Alen smiles ^_^
* Natalya takes a closer look at the walls.
<Natalya> This must be a picture of the Armor!
<Alen> Let's hurry up and get the Orb! =D
<Natalya> How cool..
<Arcus> Hmm?
<Valhart> Well highness, you used magic... so I can't say your skill with the Blade is improving. And as for how you fared with magic, I can be no judge, I am not a user of the arcane.
<Natalya> Let's hurry!
<Remy> yes.
<Natalya> >> You see a lone chest in the room, next to another staircase.
* Alen walks along
* Adek 'relights' his lightning torch. "The arcane's kind of over-rated, I think."
* Alen hops over and opens it =D
<Natalya> >> Inside is an elfin bow!
<Alen> Treasure! =D
<Natalya> >> Shall you continue up the stairs?
<Alen> Hm...
* Alen looks at the bow and his rod, hard-pressed to make a decision...
* Remy looks up the stairs and heads up.
<Natalya> >> You are now on the top floor.
<Alen> Anyone need a bow? =D
* Sabrina follows Remy.
<Natalya> >> Inside you find a door that is wide open. Someone is standing by an altar.
<Adek> I wonder if this guardian can be reasoned with...
<Natalya> I don't think so, Adek..
* Alen uses Warning! First Strike Advantage for 5 minutes!
<Remy> .....
<Alen> This should be useful =)
* Remy steps forward.
<Adek> You never know.. the earth orb's guardian was..
* Gwen is standing there, looking down at the altar.
<Remy> ....Gwen...
* Sabrina looks at Gwen.
* Remy steps even closer.
* Gwen turns around, and then looks down, ashamed. "Why did you..."
<Alen> We came here to help ^_^
<Arcus> ....
<Remy> Chere.....don't matter what you did...not t'me,'re different now...and you ain't no Danek scum...
<Gwen> I am, Remy. I can't change what I am.
* Sabrina smiles and whispers to Remy, "Go kiss her."
<Natalya> >> The doors suddenly slam behind you!
<Gwen> Shit...
<Remy> ?!
<Natalya> >> A voice booms behind you.
* Sabrina looks around.
<Remy> Guardian? Shit..
<Arcus> ....!
<Ana> Here we go!
<Voice> You who seek the orb of wind, cannot know the danger you face....I have resealed this orb, for all time. If you must prove your worth, battle the guardian I have appointed...but know this...only 4 people have ever defeated my guardians..countless others died. Still wish to battle on?
* Ana draws her weapon
* Natalya nods. "Bring it on!"
<Ana> Of course!
<Arcus> Why not? ^_-
<Adek> We have no choice! We must have the orb to keep it from the Danek.. we will face your guardian.
* Ana mutters "This guy'll be a ding butt to kill"
<Alen> We wouldn't take the trouble of coming here just to go back.
<Gwen> ...
<Voice> So be it! Guardian! Awaken!
* Remy looks at Gwen...


<Valhart> Wind Elemental (1) Boss battle negates "Warning!"..
* Natalya pulls out her mace.
<Valhart> >> My attack!
<Natalya> Wind Elemental...? O_o Dammit! We're screwed!!
<Adek> Something tells me that we're not going to have so easy a time with this one.. Gwen! Are you with us?
* Valhart attacks the Wind Elemental!
<Gwen> Yes...
* Gwen pulls out her spear.
<Valhart> Attack 1! Wind Elemental is weak against Weapon attacks! Critical! 360 Damage!
<Adek> Glad to hear it! We need all the help we can get..
* Remy crouches, now showing emotion....he snarls and hauls out his bo.
* Zeth uncurls from Natalya's neck and flits back to Arcus
<Valhart> >> Attack 2! Wind Elemental is immune to weapon attacks!!
<Valhart> >> 0 Damage!
<Remy> ...?
<Ana> Shit!
<Natalya> O_o what the?
<Jade> Oh....shit...
<Jade> It adapts...
<Remy> de shitball changes. Damnit.
<Adek> This is.. dammit!
<Arcus> ....
<Ana> This thing alternates between magic and weapon attacks!
<Natalya> You think?
<Gwen> Just like that clone!
<Valhart> >> Sabrina's attack!
<Remy> Great..
* Sabrina chants, and winds pick up around her. The winds wrap around her, giving her the power of wind elementals.
* Alen giggles ditzily ^_^
<Sabrina> I'll defend.
<Adek> Looks likw I've got a 50/50 chance of pulling off what I want to..
<Valhart> >> Sabrina casts Wind Soul! Turned to Wind!
<Natalya> Nice...especially since we're fighting a wind guardian! :D
<Valhart> Ana's attack!
<Sabrina> I'm just protecting myself.
<Natalya> No, you see...wind agaisnt won't work! :D
<Valhart> >> Ana attacks! Wind Elemental is immune to weapon damage! 0 Damage!!
<Sabrina> Exactly my point.
* Gwen begins to chant.
* Natalya then starts chanting with Gwen.
<Valhart> >> Attack2! Wind Elemental is immune to weapon damage! 0 Damage!!
* Remy glances at Gwen and his face darkens. He looks at the Elemental again..
<Valhart> >> Jade's attack!
<Jade> Well, I'm totally fucking useless at the moment :P
<Natalya> Try a claw attack! maybe he's weak against skills!
<Adek> Can't really fault your technique, Ana.. just your methodology.
<Natalya> Do you know Karate? :D
<Ana> Alternate between Magic and Weapon Skills!
<Ana> We gotta plan this!
<Sabrina> Don't look at me for the time-being. I'm kinda useless when it comes to attacking.
<Adek> We don't have time to sit and plan, Ana! We need to act!
<BTW. I gotta leave around 9:30 my time...just letting you all know ^_^>>
* Jade runs her claws along each other...
<Valhart> >> Jade casts Wolf Cut! Wind Elemental is strong against weapons! 0 Damage!
<Gwen> Had to try...
* Jade bows
<Natalya> ^^; Sorry Jade...
<Valhart> >> Natalya's attack!
<Jade> No problem, Nat, I couldn't have done much else ^_^
* Natalya keeps going with her chanting, closing her eyes and clasping her hands in a prayer-like fashion.
<Natalya> Natalya then opens her eyes, and flings a column of ice at the wind elemental! "Chill!"
* Remy twirls his bo quickly..
* Adek holds his halberd in his right hand, and a slowly growing ball of electricity in his right, watching and waiting.
<Valhart> >> Natalya casts Chill! Wind Elemental is weak against Ice Elemental Attacks! 18 Damage!
<Remy> Hm.
<Valhart> >> Remy's attack!
* Remy twirls his bo quickly and leaps at the Wind Elemental. He lands crouched and swiftly swings his bo at the Elemental's middle!!
* Natalya mutters.
* Sabrina smiles at Natalya from within the clouds that are surrounding her.
<Valhart> >> Wind Elemental is strong against Weapon attacks! Critical hit! 15 Damage!
<Remy> Grr..
<Natalya> Alternate!
<Valhart> >> Alen's attack!
<Natalya> Do magic now!
<Valhart> >> Alen casts Concentration!
<Ana> Alen! Your Magic!
* Remy puts his bo away and chants..
<Natalya> ...well...he was strong against it....but...
<Alen> Sorry ^^;
* Gwen continues to chant.
<Valhart> >>Arcus' attack!
* Arcus holds out his hand to Zeth, "Zeth! To me!"
* Zeth is transformed into a streak of green, blue, and silver light, and buries himself into Arcus' chest!*
* Arcus is transformed! He grows large luminous wings, and his features become more serpentine. His clothing changes as well, and takes on more of an Aztec look, with scale mail and feathers adorning his armor!
* Zarthus flies high into the air, like an avenging bird of prey
<Valhart> >> Arcus merges with Zeth!
<Valhart> Adek's attack!
* Zarthus screeches at the Elemental!
* Adek frowns, and shrugs, tossing a small bolt of lightning at the elemental.
<Valhart> >> Adek casts Shock! Wind Elemental is Weak against Lightning Elemental Attacks! 112 Damage!
<Natalya> Adek! Yeah!
* Natalya cheers. ^_^
<Valhart> >> Valhart's attack!
<Adek> Good lord.. that.. worked?
* Valhart attacks the Wind Elemental! *
<Ana> Go Valhart! Your attack should be able work!
<Valhart> >> Attack 1! Wind Elemental is strong against weapon attacks! Critical Hit! 176 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Attack 2! Wind Elemental is immune to weapon attacks! 0 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Sabrina's attack!
* Sabrina begins to chant and raises her hands to the sky. Her eyes turn a lightning-yellow and lightning bolts shoot down at her hands. She takes the bolts and slams them at Guardian.
* Remy 's eyes begin to give off that slight red mist..
<Valhart> >> Sabrina casts Shock! Wind Elemental is weak against Lightning Elemental attacks! 74 Damage!
<Sabrina> Feh, that sucked!
<Natalya> Better than what I did!
<Valhart> >> Wind Elemental uses Double Whammy!
* Ana readies herself
<Jade> It was good, Sab.
<Natalya> Look out!
* Jade braces herself
<Gwen> !
<Valhart> >> Sabrina is slain instantly!
* Remy blinks
<Valhart> >> Zarthus resists the death spell...
<Natalya> Sa---Sabrina!
<Ana> Sabrina!
<Remy> Fuck.
<Zarthus> Grsssss......!
* Alen starts chanting, the area around him surrounded in a flickering purplish aura..
<Adek> Good lord...
* Zarthus hisses angrily at the elemental
<Jade> Oog.
<Valhart> >> Ana's attack!
<Alen> Can you leave him weak against magic for me?
* Ana dashes toward the Element slashing as hard she can!
* Remy awaits his turn.
<Natalya> Natalya chants.
<Valhart> >> Attack 1! Wind Elemental is strong against weapons! 15 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Attack 2! Wind Elemental is immune to weapon attacks! 0 Damage!
* Ana slashes again, this time harder!
<Gwen> Ana, it's not going to work!
<Valhart> >>Jade's attack!
* Ana sticks her tongue at the Element and walks back to the group
* Jade sighs.
<Zarthus> Hss...lassshing out at it with the sssame attack will not sssuficce! Our attacksss must be broken up ass not to repeat themselvesss....
<Adek> I don't think it just does back and forth.. I think maybe its in degrees? This thing's hovering in a zone of physical protection and magical vulnerability.. maybe if we overload it with magic, it'll go to the far end..
<Valhart> >> Jade casts Counterstrike!
<Zarthus> Perhpasss....
<Valhart> Natalya's attack!
<Ana> It hasn't adapted to Lightning based magicks if you've noticed, maybe Lightning's the trick?
<Natalya> Natalya raises her hands to the sky, and stares the wind Elemental down. "Feel my cold shoulder, eh? Numb!"
<Adek> It hasn't seemed to have adapted to any certain type of magic..
<Valhart> >> Natalya casts Numb! Failed!
<Valhart> >> Remy's attack!
<Natalya> Had to try!
<Zarthus> Hss.....
* Remy chants lowly under his breath, weaving his hands in front of his face. A red steamy mist starts to flow from his seemingly glowing eyes. He freezes and points a accusatory finger at Elemental.
<Remy> Fires that be, claim your bloody vengence. Do what you will and take what you want. ¤Blaze.
* Remy 's finger seemingly distorts before a column of fire slams into Elemental.
<Alen> It goes from being invulnerable to magic, to being strong against it once someone attacks, to being weak agaisnt it when somebody attacks again... then, when someone uses magic, it goes from invulnerable to attacks to strong, then to weak!
<Alen> If we time it right and give each one the chance to do what he's best at, we'll win in no time!
<Natalya> -_-
* Sabrina «ooc: jams in her dead state :P »
<Adek> Looks that way to me, Alen..
<Valhart> >> Remy casts Blaze! Wind Elemental is weak against Fire Elemental attacks! 64 Damage!
* Remy crouches.
<Valhart> >> Alen's attack!
<Alen> What little do we know, that we can't even begin to understand ourselves... the crimson flow of blood, the pulsing of the will to live, we have yet to unleash upon this world engulfed in war! Fraction of the power sealed in my soul, burning light of hope, I call you now to smite my enemies! Manifestation!
* Alen points at the Guardian, shooting a searing purple beam of energy straight at it from his rod!
<Remy> .....cripes.
<Remy> Mebbe I need to rewrite my speech, non?
<Zarthus> Sss...
<Valhart> >> Alen casts Manifestation! 140 Damage!
<Natalya> Hehe! Go Alen!
* Alen hehes ^_^
<Alen> It took me a long time to write it ^_^
<Adek> I find that most any mumbled words will work, Remy.. this whole dramatic speech thing is lost on me.
<Sabrina> «ooc: It's never too late to start :P »
<Valhart> >> Arcus' attack!
<Zarthus> Adek wantsss I sssshall ussse magic......
<Ana> I was taught to never to chant because it gives away what spell you'll be using
<Adek> I don't think it's possible to cast a spell without making some noise, is it?
* Zarthus transforms into a large golden serpent! Zarthus rears back and a blast of golden fire erupts from his mouth!
<Valhart> >> Zarthus casts Serpent! Wind Elemental is Strong against Elemental Fire attacks!! 12 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Adek's attack!
<Ana> Use your PowerStrike Adek!
<Adek> I think we've hit the point where magic isn't going to work here..
* Zarthus returns to his normal shape
<Natalya> That was impressive Arcus, Zeth!
<Valhart> >> Adek's attack!
* Adek gathers himself up, and lunges at the elemental with a war cry, slamming the axe-blade of his halberd down onto it!
<Zarthus> Hsssss.....
<Valhart> >> Adek casts Power Strike!! Wind Elemental is weak against Weapon attacks! 306 Damage!
<Valhart> >> My Attack!
* Valhart attacks the Wind Elemental!
<Alen> That's it, Adek! ^_^
* Zarthus makes a loop in mid-air, "Sssuccesss!"
<Valhart> >> Attack 1! The Wind Elemental is immune to weapon damage! 0 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Attack 2! The Wind Elemental is immune to weapon damage! 0 Damage!
* Adek looks a little sheepish. "... er... Sorry about that, Valhart.."
<Valhart> >> Wind Elemental attacks!
<Natalya> ....oh no. O_o
* Remy narrows his eyes.
* Zarthus braces himself
<Alen> Anna... get ready to use your magic! ^_^
* Ana nods
<Valhart> >> Wind Elemental uses Force 99!!
<Jade> Oh, that sounds really good...
* Ana braces herself for the oncoming attack
* Alen tries to make a psychic shield by channeling his soul magic!
<Valhart> Valhart takes 103 Damage! Ana takes 61 Damage! Jade takes 97 Damage! Natalya takes 75 Damage! Remy takes 70 Damage! Alen takes 48 Damage! Arcus takes 59 Damage! Adek takes 99 Damage!
<Remy> !
* Zarthus shrieks!
* Natalya screams and falls back!
<Valhart> >> Ana's attack!
* Remy grunts and falls to a crouch..
* Alen winces and kneels
* Ana screams and falls
<Remy> ....
* Gwen evades the attack ^^;
<Adek> Ow! Dammit! Stupid prick!
<Alen> Heh heh... tough guy ^^;
<Remy> ...dis....dis guy is a bitch..
<Remy> real laugh..
* Ana clutches her wound and moans
* Zarthus breathes heavily, barely able to stay aloft
* Alen coughs
* Natalya bleeds, her shoulder hanging at an odd angle..
* Remy stumbles to his feet and ignores the blood pouring outta his head and stomach..
<Gwen> Remy...
* Gwen chants!
* Ana struggles to get up getting ready for her spell
<Remy> ....hurts..
* Alen wipes a trail of blood off his forehead, breathing heavily
* Zarthus wipes some greenish blood from his mouth
<Remy> Won't give in....heh....
<Alen> I... feel... awful ^^;
<Valhart> >> Ana casts Blitz!
* Ana twirls her staff a small white orb of energy begins to gather in front of her. Ana stops spinning her weapon and smashes the orb with her sword sending violent bolts of energy at her target!
<Valhart> >> Wind Elemental is weak against Lightning Elemental attacks! 42 Damage!
<Ana> See..? Works...
<Valhart> >>Jade's attack!
* Ana falls back still clutching her wound
* Jade tries it again :P
* Remy coughs violently..
<Gwen> ...
* Gwen shakes her head.
<Valhart> >> Jade casts WolfCut! Wind Elemental is strong against weapon attacks! 9 Damage!
<Valhart> >> Gwen's attack...
<Jade> Grlasfjdkdkfjak
* Jade sits down and starts filing her claws...
* Gwen finally finishes her spell. With a cry of rage, she hurls countless rocks at the Wind Elemental. "Die!"
* Ana closes her eyes tightly
<Valhart> Wind Elemental is weak against Earth Elemental attacks! 83 Damage! Slain!
* Gwen grins.
<Jade> Yay!

==VICTORY! 500 EXP, 35 TP, and 400 GP gained.==

<Zarthus> Hsssss..........
* Remy stares and smiles a bit at Gwen.
* Zarthus lets loose with an inhuman cry, and Zeth is expelled from Arcus' body
* Arcus lands on the ground with a smirk
* Alen falls to the ground, exhausted and bleeding copiously
<Remy> ...nicely done, chere.
<Arcus> Whew.....
* Ana sighs "" before collapsing
* Gwen sighs and looks around sadly.
* Remy falls over, landing on his butt.
<Natalya> >> The orb slowly floats down from somewhere above...
<Remy> I t'ink I'm gonna sorta lie here now.
* Adek falls to one knee, breathing heavily. "What a pain in the.."
* Alen gets up
* Gwen grabs it
<Alen> I sense it... the Orb...
<Natalya> == You've recived the Orb of Wind!==
<Arcus> ....
* Alen walks weakly towards Gwen
* Natalya sits down on the floor.
* Remy looks at the blood on his fingers, marvelling at it..
* Sabrina 's body is lying on the floor with a small puddle of blood around her.
<Alen> Could you.. lend it to me? ^^;
<Natalya> >> All of you revive with 1 HP.
<Remy> wonder if heroes get vacations..
* Gwen let's Alen have it. "Go ahead. I don't deserve it anyway."
* Arcus chokes down an herbal extract
* Natalya casts balm on various people. All of you revive with full HP!
<Alen> Don't think... *cough* that way ^^; It´s just... I prefer... to keep it..
<Remy> .....oh that's great.
* Remy grins!
<Arcus> Ah...thank you kindly ^_^
<Remy> Thanks, Nat.
* Gwen turns away from Remy.
* Ana slowly gets up, feeling much better "Thanks Nati"
* Remy heads for Gwen, putting a hand on her shoulder..
* Sabrina sits up weakly and looks at the others.
* Arcus pets Zeth a bit, "Nice job partner..."
<Remy> Gwen....don' shut me out....please.....I don't know what to do...but I do want to help...any way possible...don't wanna lose you...
* Alen whews, his wounds closing quickly as the regeneration kicks in
<Alen> Thanks Natalya! That's much better! =)
* Alen stashes the Orb of Wind in his backpack
* Gwen doesn't say anything.
* Ana walks over to Valhart "Hey you okay? You took a beating there"
<Natalya> No problem.
<Gwen> I'm ....Oh, I don't even know anymore..
* Remy sighs....
<Arcus> ....
<Gwen> But...
* Gwen turns to Remy, her eyes filled with tears. Again. :P
* Arcus walks closer to Gwen and looks at her
* Remy looks at Gwen, hopeful....almost pleading. -_-
<Gwen> I need to tell you this now. I didn't write that letter. That wasn't me in the picture. I was on your side the whole time...Do you believe me?
<Remy> I do..
* Gwen smiles...."Remy I-"
* Ana nods "I believe you Gwen"
* Remy smiles just a bit, now a bit bolder... ^_^
<Natalya> >> Suddenly, out of no where, three bursts of sound echo through the air, followed by an eerie silence. Gwen's eyes widen. A chilling voice rings out. "Don't bother. She's already dead."
<Alen> Come on Remy! Pour your heart out or something so we can get going ^_^
<Remy> ....?
<Ana> What the hell?!
<Remy> Huh?
<Natalya> >> Gwen closes her eyes and drops to the floor.
<Remy> !!
<Remy> GWEN!?
<Arcus> ....!
* Remy kneels and shakes Gwen
* Ana rushes over to Gwen
<Remy> GWEN!!!!
<Natalya> >> The man spoke true.
* Sabrina looks at Gwen and blinks.
<Ana> Gwen?!
<Natalya> Oh my god!
<Alen> ...?
<Arcus> ............
* Alen goes over to where Gwen is
<Alen> H-hey... Gwen...?
* Ana shakes Gwen "Gwen! Wake up!"
<Jade> Oh my god...
<Arcus> Gwen....
<Ana> Gwen!
<Natalya> >> A man walks out, with a smoking gun.
* Ana looks up "You...."
<Remy> ...
* Remy sobs wildly
* Adek stares in disbelief.
<????> That was a message from the Emperor himself.. Don't toy with us.
* Ana stands up and draws her weapon preparing to attack
<Arcus> ....
* Alen mutters a few words, a purple aura surrounding him
* Remy twirls on the man. " YOU BASTARD!!! I'LL HUNT YOU ALL DOWN!!! I 'LL KILL YOU ALL!!"
<Alen> I'm skipping all that dialogue this time... Manifestation!
<????> Why fight me? It won't bring her back.
<Remy> YOU'LL DIE!!!!
* Alen shoots a large beam of energy at the man straight from his rod!
<Ana> Who are you?
<????> It won't bring back the others I killed either. The mage...that King...
* Arcus clenches his fists in anger
* Remy snarls
<????> Whoever gets in Jeal's way must be exterminated.
* Ana tightens her fists "You...."
* Remy doesn't let go of Gwen..
* Ana charges at the man
<Natalya> The man holds his gun out, right at Ana.
* Ana stops "BASTARD!"
<????> Want your blood to be shed next?
* Remy seemingly tunes everyone out, holding Gwen and crying
* ???? begins to back up.
* Alen giggles ^_^
<Alen> You want to try and kill me? =)
<Arcus> ....
<Natalya> Man: Disband this little army of yours. Give up.
* Alen folds his arms behind his back and walks towards the man
* Remy narrows his eyes and lays Gwen down gently.
* Remy stands up.
<Remy> No.
<????> And we'll leave you alone. You'll never hear from the empire again. continue this, and you'll end up like her.
* Remy turns and stares at the man...
<Remy> Leave.
* Arcus begins to laugh quietly
<????> Very well. I have other things I need to do.
<Remy> Leave and savor your last days alive. You will die.
* ???? laughs. "We'll see, we'll see who lives and who dies."
<Alen> Come on! Don't be shy =)
<Natalya> The Man rushes up the stairs, and is gone. You're alone.
* Remy turns..
<Natalya> ....
* Remy kneels by Gwen..
<Remy> Gwen..
<Natalya> I...
<Alen> Damn...
* Natalya hangs her head down.
* Arcus continues to laugh, but the humor is gone, its now a bitter laugh
* Ana sighs, and collapses on thr ground crying
* Remy bends down and kisses Gwen's lifeless lips one last time..
<Natalya> ...what should we do with her?
<Adek> Another crime, added to their already long list.. DAMN YOU, DANEKS!
<Alen> Bury her? =/
<Remy> We'll give her a proper burial.
<Natalya> ....Let's head back to Hogshead for now...
* Remy picks Gwen up.
<Valhart> Yes, I think departure is ideal.
<Arcus> take...and you take...and its never enough is it? Is it? You just HAVE to have a little more don't you?!
<Arcus> You just HAVE to take more and more everyday!
* Arcus starts cackling madly!
* Remy looks down at Gwen's face.
<Natalya> Arcus!
<Natalya> Arcus, stop it!
* Alen looks at Arcus ^^;
* Jade grabs Arcus and slaps him firmly across the face
<Valhart> Arcus, to submit yourself to an insanity caused by them is a fate worse than death. You would then be a walking example of their ability to do what they please. Get ahold of yourself.
<Jade> Get ahold of yourself.
<Alen> Um, take it easy Arcus ^^;
<Remy> .....everyone I love dies...
* Natalya starts crying.
* Arcus continues to laugh his bitter and angry laugh, tears streaming down his face
* Ana continues to cry silently in the corner of the room
<Natalya> >> The party heads back to Hogshead, under a setting sun..
<Valhart> It's a war, goddamn it. You don't sit here and mourn your losses, you use that burning hateful feeling down in your gut to better guide your next strike against your foes!
* Arcus 's laugh changes to a anguished scream, and he runs to the nearest wall and punches it with all his might!
<Natalya> Arcus!!
<Natalya> Stop it!
* Natalya pulls him back, sobbing.
<Valhart> Gather yourselves up, people! The war, your war, isn't over yet.
* Remy carries Gwen's body.
* Arcus cradles his injured hand, still cursing Jeal under his breath
* Ana can't stop crying....
<Remy> No. Not over. Never over. I will hunt down the Daneks. I will make them pay.
<Remy> For Gwen.
* Natalya nods.
<Natalya> >> After a long, quiet journey, you return to the Hogshead Inn.
* Alen keeps quiet, not as affected as everyone else
* Phoebe comes outside to greet you...then see's what happened.
<Phoebe> ....
* Remy is silent.
<Phoebe> I'm sorry Remy....
<Phoebe> I should have been there.
* Remy shrugs a little and continues to look at Gwen's face.
* Pottle, partially healed, watches from the door.
<Rohan> We'll make sure she recieves a proper burial.
<Remy> She'd better.
* Natalya turns and paces back and forth.
<Ana> So... where are we going to go from here?
* Arcus sits, still nursing his wounded hand in silence
<Remy> ...we've got the orb.
<Alen> We should start looking for the next Orb...
<Remy> Yes.
<Natalya> .....
* Natalya slams her hand into the door. "That does it!"
<Ana> But where?
<Natalya> I'm going with you!
<Rohan> N-Natalya...
* Arcus looks at Gwen's body
<Natalya> Get a grip, people!
<Alen> Really, Natalya? =)
<Natalya> think Gwen would want us crying?
<Ana> No, of course not
<Natalya> I don't think she would. I think she'd want us to keep going. She died so we could get this far! Let's not let her down!
<Ana> But where could the next Orb be?
* Remy looks for something to remember Gwen by...
<Alen> It doesn't matter ^_^
<Natalya> ....What orbs do we have? The orb of Earth and Wind. The empire has fire and water. We should try to swipe those next.
* Arcus stands and walks over to Remy
* Remy glances at Arcus.
<Jade> Natalya is right...
<Rohan> But you can't leave, Nat....
<Alen> That sounds more like it! =)
<Ana> Wouldn't those orbs be at Danek's Capital?
<Natalya> Fuck it, Rohan. I have to!
* Remy gingerly lifts the pendant up....
* Remy places it around his neck...
<Natalya> Who knows...
<Arcus> For what little its worth Rem.....I'm sorry
<Natalya> We could also look for the Orb of Soul.
<Remy> Yeah. Everyone is sorry. That's okay. Whatever. I just want revenge. It's all I want now.
<Alen> I think we should leave the Orb of Soul for the last...
* Remy sighs and rubs his forehead.
<Jade> You're never alone in that one, Remy.
* Jade smiles wryly
* Gwen didn't want revenge, Remy. Think that over.
<Alen> Hey Remy, we all die someday... at least she died knowing we did trust her and knowing you were there for her =)
<Natalya> ...
<Jade> She could have fooled me...
<Natalya> ....well, in the end, she didn't. I think.
<Natalya> She just wanted our friendship and trust. She wanted to be good.
<Remy> She was good.
<Arcus> ....
<Remy> She just didn't know..
<Remy> I never told her..
* Remy sighs..
* Remy rubs his forehead again..
<Natalya> I bet she did know.
<Alen> Come to think of it... I never repaid those 9 GP...
<Remy> Heh...anyway. We'll get her a good funeral. Yeah. And then we'll go get some orbs.
<Natalya> >> After some work, a small gravesite is set up. Each person can pay their last respects.
<Natalya> >> Remy is first.
<Remy> ~ Gwen....damnit, don't go and die on a man who's heart you've stolen.....I never did get to take you on that date....never will now, I guess....but...I gotta try and think that you're happy now...wherever you are....and...I want you to know...I love you...I'll always love you...I'm just sorry I couldn't say it while you could listen....I swear to beat those Daneks...for you...~
<Natalya> >> Natalya is next.
<Natalya> . o O (I didn't know you very well Gwen, but I knew you were a good person in the end. I know what you're trying to do...and I'm inspired by it. I'm gonna fight in your place...I'm not gonna try to be you. No one can be. But I want to do my best...I want to make the world a safe place too.)
<Natalya> >> Adek...
<Adek> . o O (In a strange sort of way, Gwen, this fight was yours more than any of ours. From the begining when we all met each other, you seemed to be the focus of the group.. our leader, our inspiration. Now you're gone... the fight will go on without you.. but you will not be forgotten.)
<Natalya> >> Jade...
<Jade> ~ I never took the time that I should have to get to know you...but I know for sure that under all that pain, anguish, and lust for revenge, your cause was just and true. From wherever you are, trust that we will carry on your mission and never forget you.~
<Natalya> >> Alen...
<Alen> . o O ("Well Gwen... when you were here you hit me a lot, but you made a good leader and a good friend... I can't say I pity you, because too many people have died on me for that. But if I ever die, I promise we'll have a funny chat... thanks for the help with the Orbs!")
<Natalya> >> Arcus...
<Arcus> ~Well Gwen...I guess its now or never...Do I forgive you for what you did to my family so long ago? No....unfortunately I can't do that. Maybe our life wasn't that great, but still....we were happy. You took that from us Gwen. Our happiness was really the only thing of worth we had left... However...after seeing how hard you tried to make up for what you did, I have to say I was able to find respect for you again. You know what? Zeth was right about you. You really were a good person, even if you kept it hidden a lot.I suppose I could say I'll make the Daneks pay for what they've done. But I have to tell you that I'm not doing it for you. I'm doing this for mom, dad, Erin...and me.~
<Arcus> ~Good bye can cry now if you want one can hurt you any more...~
<Natalya> >> Valhart...
<Valhart> ~ Because I didn't know you as well as some of the others, I can't say I feel as much remorse over your loss. But also it's those years of soldiering, that teach you to ignore the loss; something I'm sure you knew well. It was the life you were born to. I don't mourn your loss, you knew a day like this would come. You were ready. ~
<Natalya> >> As the night sets, and the grave is filled, heaviness weighs deep in your hearts, and it may for a long time to come. But you are now filled with a new resovle, a new perpose. Whoever or whatever reasons you are fighting for, you know the Empire must be stopped, and nothing will prevent you from doing so.


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