VayRPG Session 3: All is Not What it Seems

Gwen, Otto, Twyla, Danek Woman, and Random NPCS: GMLucca
Pottle: Talon
Alen: Pippa
Adek: Rasis
Neil: Runestar
Sabrina: Danny
Pottle: Talon
Meka: Star
Remy: Marrow
Sunny: Cecil

Session Start: Fri Oct 17 17:14:08 1997

<Gwen> >>The day after the Danek attack...the party sets out to
  find Pauth Cave...
<Gwen> >>They set out early in the morning, with no incident.
<Gwen> >>However, the attack wasn't just isolated to find some hurt or dead people on the roads...
<Gwen> >>And now you're walking up the path...still stained with
* Sabrina rubs her belly.
* Remy stares at the red stains on the ground.
* Gwen pushes the hair out of her eyes "This is bad....look at
  all the blood..."
* Alen walks and walks and walks without ever seeming to get
  tired, like the Energizer bunny.
<Remy> Hmmm...
<Sabrina> I think I'm going to be sick...
<Gwen> >>You see a young lady blocking your path...she's very
<Gwen> >>You then walk closer to her..and see the elven points.
<Pottle> Meka...welcome back.
<Meka> Hi.
* Meka smirks.
<Gwen> You again?
<Gwen> The one who liked my singing....
<Meka> Of course. *clucks at Gwen*
<Sabrina> Your singing sucks, Gwen!
* Remy bows to Meka and kisses her hand. "Charmed, m'lady."
* Alen blinks.
<Gwen> Whatever...get out of our way...we've got a mission
  here...WILL YOU SHUT UP SAB--errr...
<Pottle> Flirtatious little...
* Meka giggles and winks at Remy.
<Pottle> *whistle*
<Gwen> Grr....
<Meka> I came to help you, Gwen.
* Sabrina looks at Gwen and begins to cry.
<Gwen> Why?
<Gwen> Why help us?
<Meka> And... I have other interests...
<Alen> Maybe it was better when I was alone...
<Gwen> .....I see....
* Alen sighs.
* Gwen eyes her warily...
<Meka> Mainly because the road is all bloody.
<Meka> A was worried that it was you people.
<Gwen> Well...that's's dangerous...
<Meka> I know.
* Meka grins dangerously.
<Pottle> Heh...nice to know you have confidence in our abilities.
* Sabrina stays away from the others so she won't get in their
<Pottle> You thought we were dead?
<Meka> No, just badly injured.
<Sunny> Heellpp....
<Pottle> Just as bad. ;>
<Gwen> >>You hear cries of pain from's hard to is very familair..
<Meka> I was especailly worried about that little girl... Ah,
   what was her name? Phoebe? She seemed to mean a lot to you.
   *looks at Pottle*
* Sunny moans from somewhat a distance.
* Remy blinks..
<Gwen> ....Sunny?
* Sunny falls out again.
<Gwen> Oh crap! I forgot about her....
<Gwen> Where is she?
* Gwen looks around...
<Pottle> Concerned over Phoebe?
<Alen> Sunny?
<Meka> Yes. Mainly because... Never mind.
* Alen looks around.
<Meka> Where is she?
* Remy looks around also. "Jaysis......"
<Gwen> >>Alen looks off to the right, and sees Sunny huddled on
  the side of the road...
* Sunny leaves a nice trail of blood to follow :)
* Sabrina looks at the others and then at Remy. "Who's Jaysis?"
* Alen runs to where Sunny is.
<Gwen> There! Good job Alen.
<Pottle> this bitch Katarina.
* Alen pat-pats Sunny in the head.
<Meka> I'll get her back... for a price.
<Alen> Sunny?
* Gwen pats her face gently. "Wake up..."
<Meka> How about it, elf?
* Remy shakes his head.
<Sunny> Uhh...Daddy?
<Pottle> I don't need hired help, Meka.
* Meka suddenly acts hostile.
<Gwen> no....Gwennie...
<Alen> No- Alen =P
* Sabrina walks over to Sunny.
<Meka> You can't rescue her yourself.
<Meka> You're too weak.
<Alen> Poor Sunny =|
<Sunny> Al...e...Oh...I Love..youu..a..
* Sunny passes out again.
* Meka advances on Pottle.
<Pottle> Heh...and what does that make you?
<Gwen> ........? What the hell did she say?
* Pottle rests a hand on his blade.
* Alen scratches his head.
<Meka> A better person than you.
<Pottle> Ha!
<Alen> I think that she loved Ale?
* Gwen pats her face again, a little peeved :P
* Remy draws his bo and brings it with a thwack between Meka and
  Pottle. "Stop it, you two. Settle this elsewhere, would you???"
<Gwen> Ale..she's too young to have that.
* Sabrina cringes.
<Meka> You're in love with this person? And you won't even let
   someone help you rescue her?!
<Alen> Maybe... uh... the mechs made her drink some?
<Pottle> Hehe...yer better than me? Pottle Eccles? The guy who
   got shot by Jeal, and LIVED?
<Pottle> Ale...Alen...
* Pottle pokes Alen ;>
<Alen> Hey! Uh... who has healing magic?
* Remy smirks..
<Alen> Yes Pottle?
* Meka looks away.
<Gwen> I think Pottle does....Potsie? Do you mind healing this
<Meka> You know what... When you can best an assassin, call me.
* Meka starts to walk away scornfully.
* Pottle raises a palm and a glowing light encompasses Sunny.
<Gwen> >>Sunny is healed to the point of regaining consciousness.
* Sunny is healed, now resting :P
<Remy> Meka! Wait up!. Pottle doesn't mean what he says, he's
   just concerned about his love, that's all.
* Pottle finishes that spell and zaps Meka in the ass with a
<Gwen> HEY!
* Alen sits besides Sunny and looks at her.
<Gwen> Both of you 'nock it off!
<Pottle> *smirk*
<Remy> Sheesh..
<Gwen> In case you two HAVEN'T noticed...we're in a big ass mess
  and I don't want to listen to your whiny shit!
* Meka whips around and sings a loud, harsh note and Pottle
  starts floating upside-down.
* Sunny yawns
<Pottle> Now THAT is what I call a hot seat...woah!
<Sunny> I...feel.. better!
* Remy grins at Gwen's tirade. "I agree with the beautiful lady."
<Gwen> Hi Sunny....what happened?
* Alen huggles Sunny.
<Pottle> Nice trick, Meka...
<Alen> Good =)
<Gwen> Uhh....
<Sunny> Hey Alen! You saved me!
<Sunny> You're my Hero!
* Gwen thinks about doing nasty, vile things to Meka in her
  sleep :)
* Sunny hugs Alen tighly around his neck.
<Meka> Nice, huh? What about this?
* Alen blinks and blushes.
<Gwen> Yeah...that's...right kid...he saved ya. ;)
<Alen> Uh... uh... I am?
* Sunny gets down and hops around.
* Meka sings another, higher note and suddenly Pottle is in his
<Sunny> Alen's my hero! Alen's my hero!
* Pottle begins chuckling..."Right where you want me, Meka?"
<Meka> My, what a nice chest!
<Gwen> ...uh...aanyway...WHAT THE FUCK! Pottle! Put yer pants
  back on!
<Remy> Foreplay :P
<Meka> Yes, my dear... Now, do you want me to help you rescue
   Phoebe, or not?
<Alen> I'm a hero =P
* Pottle yawns.
* Sunny pulls at Alen's pants. "What's Pottle doing?"
* Alen gets all happy and stuff.
<Alen> I don't know...
<Gwen> Dude, just take her along, she's pissing me off.
<Alen> Maybe he has to go to the bathroom? =P
<Pottle> Just...get the fuck out of here.
<Meka> No.
* Remy crosses his arms, annoyed.
<Sunny> Your MY Hero!
<Meka> I'll find her myself.
<Gwen> She's not gonna leave, so just let her go.
<Remy> Can we please clear this up?
<Remy> We have a job to do.
* Alen huggles Sunny happily =P
<Pottle> Hello? I'm the one floating!
<Gwen> I agree. We've gotta move...
* Meka turns around, not releasing Pottle.
<Sunny> Alen? Who's that other person..uhha Meka?
<Meka> I want them too, hon. *cluck*
<Gwen> Meka, for Anemone's sake...give him his pants!
<Alen> I think she's a woman after Pottle...
<Gwen> You are a sick perverted bitch...
<Meka> I know, Gwen. Enjoy the ride.
<Sunny> Why does she want his pants?
* Remy shakes his head..
* Meka starts to sing a tune, gradually fading...
* Sunny still has her innocence :)
* Gwen walks calmy up to her and points a spear to her neck .
  "Release him NOW!"
<Alen> Maybe as a gift!
* Pottle flings his sword at Meka...if it don't kill her it'll
  break her concentration.
<Sunny> But Pottle seems angry..
* Meka screams as the sword hits her shoulder. "YOU ASSHOLE!"
<Gwen> >>Pottle is released and lands right on his head ;)
* Pottle drops to the ground.
* Meka starts to sing a violent song!
<Gwen> Just stop singing!
<Sunny> Why are they fighting?
<Gwen> I don't even know!
* Sunny sniffles.
* Meka raises her voice.
<Alen> I don't know...
* Alen pat-pats Sunny's head.
<Sunny> Why does everyone wanna fight. :(
* Remy groans. "Great. Lets see. We have an injured girl, a
  pissed off warrior, a little kid...and we have NOT gotten
* Pottle mutters...
* Meka kicks Pottle.
* Pottle picks up his sword.
<Alen> Maybe she really wanted his pants...
* Remy smirks.
<Alen> And uh Pottle wanted them back...
<Pottle> ...where are my pants...
<Sunny> She has clothing..
<Alen> And so they wanted to fight...
<Pottle> ...and my armor...and my shirt...
* Meka throws his clothes at him.
<Meka> Take them. I don't believe what Phoebe sees in you.
<Alen> Hmm...
<Pottle> Thank you! Strip me again and I'll get medieval on yer
<Alen> Maybe she liked his pants =D
<Sunny> They're smelly!
<Remy> If we're finished with our little tirade, can we please
   get on with our job here?
* Meka kicks him again and stalks off.
<Gwen> >>A man runs to the party from behind, out of breath.
  It's Adek...and he's overslept ;P
<Pottle> Heh...I don't take kindly to possessive little bitches
   like you.
* Pottle tosses on his clothes.
* Alen scratches his head.
<Alen> I don't know =P
<Meka> I don't take kindly to arrogant toy soldiers like you.
<Gwen> two need Valium...badly.
* Remy nods to Adek. "Hey. Remind me to sleep in next time too,
* Pottle sparks a cigarette.
<Adek> Will do..
<Meka> Gimmie one.
<Gwen> Let's keep going...
* Remy saunters over to Gwen. "So where to, fearless leader?"
* Pottle tosses Meka one.
<Sunny> They're so funny and so weird!
* Pottle makes a small flame hover in front of Meka.
<Gwen> Ha! Leader? Sheya right.
<Meka> Hey, thanks. How'd ya do that? *lights it and inhales
<Gwen> Anyway, I see the cave up ahead..
* Alen noddles.
<Pottle> I have a few tricks up my sleeve...
<Sunny> But you're the Hero Alen!
<Pottle> I'd like to know how I floated and where the fuck my
   clothes went. :P
<Meka> I really have no clue.
<Alen> Oh... then I go first! =D
<Gwen> >>The cave is actually inside a mountain, and it's
  looming up over the green (And red ;)) hillside.
<Meka> It's just something I can do...
* Alen takes out his bow and runs to the cave.
* Remy grins.. "Green and red...nice colors..."
<Pottle> for the little flame, it's not much different
   than attacking someone with it...
<Meka> I can only levitate, create minor pain, and... strip
   people. :P
* Meka tries to grab the little flame.
<Gwen> Yeah, just like Christmas. *Mutter*
<Pottle> Except I stop it in mid-air and compress it.
<Remy> Like a demented christmas tree..
* Remy chuckles.
<Alen> Hurry!
* Pottle makes the flame dance around Meka's hand.
* Meka follows Gwen.
<Gwen> ALEN! Stop!
* Alen jumps up and down near the entrance of the cave.
* Gwen pulls Alen back.
<Alen> Why?
<Sunny> Alen's brave!
* Meka giggles. "Hey. Knock it off. I want it."
* Meka makes another grab for the flame.
<Gwen> Look...
<Pottle> It'll explode in your hand...
* Pottle moves it aside again.
<Gwen> >>Three men, and one scanitly clad woman are hanging
  around the entrance!
<Meka> So? Something I haven't experienced yet...
<Remy> Ack..
<Gwen> It's being guarded...
* Meka grabs at it again.
<Pottle> It's a fireball compressed. Grab it...and bye-bye hand.
* Remy eyes the men and the woman carefully.
* Pottle fires it into the ground and it makes a 3 inch hole.
<Gwen> ........
<Gwen> SHHH!
* Gwen tells everyone to shut up....
<Meka> I've experienced a broken back, rape, stabbing in the
   stomach... Nothing can hurt me... Damn. :P
<Sunny> Pottle's noisey!
<Gwen> I wanna see who these people are...
* Meka shushes.
<Alen> (psst) Why?
<Gwen> >>Woman: Hey Andy long do we have to gaurd
  this joint? Speakin' of joint...I want one!
<Andrew> Not too much longer, hopefully.
* Remy rolls his eyes.
* Andrew flashes a toothy grin at the babe.
<Gwen> Woman: I'm hot!!
<Pottle> *whisper* Bunch of weed smokers...
<Andrew> So am I, honey...
<Gwen> No shit...
* Meka sees Andrew...
* Sunny pokes Pottle.
<Andrew> But we can't let Otto escape.
<Sunny> Whats weed?
* Meka whispers... "HOOLAH!"
<Andrew> You know that...
<Remy> What a loser...Jaysis...
<Gwen> Woman: I know...why are we gaurdin' a toothless old
  sponge anywho?
<Pottle> *whisper* It's a drug...smoke it and it gives you a
   nice buzz, along with frying yer brain cells...
<Meka> What a babe...
<Sunny> Is it good or bad?
<Andrew> We don't want him to help the heroes...
<Meka> I know, I've smoked it, Pottle...
<Sunny> Sounds both ..
<Andrew> He still might have some tricks up his sleeve.
<Pottle> *whisper* Bad, Sunny.
<Meka> It's not good... At least, not after you come down...
<Sunny> Oh ok, cause their bad guys!
<Gwen> Woman: Oh yeah....
<Alen> Then if they're the bad guys, why don't we beat them?
<Gwen> Soilder: Yeah man, I heard he's not alone too. He's got a
  girl inside...
<Meka> Could that be Phoebe?
<Remy> ..a girl? Phoebe?
<Pottle> *whisper* Might be...
<Sunny> Yea :)
<Gwen> *whispers to Sunny* Why don't we just kill them?
<Sunny> Hopefully.
<Pottle> *whisper* We can take 'em...why not kill em off?
<Sunny> Killing is so harsh...
* Meka shifts... "Cover me... I'll go get her..."
<Gwen> I agree...
<Sunny> Can't we ask them politely?
<Gwen> Meka...stay back..
* Meka looks at Gwen. "Why?"
<Gwen> It's better if we stick together...let's just bargain
  with them first..
<Gwen> Then we'll kick ass!
<Pottle> *whisper* Stay here,'s all of us or none of
<Alen> Yes... maybe if we tell them that we have to save the
   world from the mechs they'll let us pass...
* Adek shakes his head. "We can't go around killing everyone we
  run into.."
<Meka> If they kill me, there's no loss.
* Remy nods. "Yeah. No need to get our hands dirty if it isn't
<Sunny> Yeah :)
<Sunny> I don't wanna kill anyone.
<Meka> And I may be able to help that girl.
* Sunny frowns.
<Gwen> Alen, that never works.
<Gwen> I'll lead....
<Alen> It doesn't...?
<Sunny> Killing is bad.
<Gwen> But that doesn't mean I'm the leader or anything!
<Meka> Let me go. Maybe I'll get lucky this time and die...
* Remy fixes his hair.
<Meka> Please, Gwen? *looks at her imploringly*
* Gwen walks up to Andrew..."Hey there..."
<Pottle> *whisper* You wanted to join us, Meka. We like keeping
   our allies, I dunno, alive?
<Alen> Then I can be the leader! =P
* Andrew looks at Gwen, irritated...
<Sunny> Yeah!
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
* Andrew strokes the slutty girlfriend's hair..."Hang on a sec,
  honey, I need to deal with these hicks..."
<Meka> *whisper* I've lost respect for life, I've killed so many.
<Remy> Hicks..? Hey...
<Gwen> We need to get past here. See, there's still some gold in
  these mines. We're from..the mining union.
<Gwen> Woman: Okay bumperbuttie.
* Andrew looks at Gwen from head to toe, recognizing her
<Gwen> Yes...?
<Meka> My life shall be the next one I'll take, no matter what.
* Gwen suddenly looks a little edgy.
* Andrew suddenly looks a little edgy too.
<Pottle> *grumble* Our boss is gonna be pissed...we're supposed
   to check out the mine and get back!
* Remy examines the scene..
<Gwen> Can we pass now?
* Meka smiles seductively at Andrew.
<Pottle> I don't wanna have made this walk for nothin'...
<Meka> C'mon, sweetie...
* Andrew grins at Meka, momentarily forgetting his girlfriend...
<Gwen> Woman slaps Andrew back into reality!
<Meka> I'll give you a favor...
<Andrew> Errm...
* Andrew slips back out of reality...
<Gwen> Woman slaps Andrew back into reality!
* Remy rolls his eyes. "Look, can we get past or not? We have a
  frickin' job ta do, ya know!"
<Gwen> Yeah. Let us by.
<Remy> Gotta check the mine, by da jaysis.
<Andrew> If I can get a kiss from this sweet young thing here...
<Gwen> ...oh gawd..
* Andrew grins like the classic lech.
* Remy groans.
* Meka smiles seductively.
<Alen> Eww...
<Gwen> Woman cries...."You punk! What about me?"
<Meka> Sure, babe... anything you want... IF we can check the
* Andrew pats Woman on the head. "Don't worry, I'm gonna take
  you out to dinner later."
* Pottle walks over to the now ex-girlfriend...
<Gwen> Woman yays :D
* Remy lets out a heated sigh..
<Andrew> Yeah, I guess it's okay to let you by...
* Sunny lets out a whoo hoo!
<Gwen> Woman: Yes? Wow! I don't beleive it! A Keebler elf! I
  wanna cookie...and a little something else..sugah..
<Meka> Yeah, honey... Thanks. *smile*
<Gwen> Great.
<Andrew> IF I get my kiss...
<Gwen> Thanks man....
<Remy> Finally.
<Remy> Aw, jaysis. :P
* Sunny runs around in circles.
* Meka suddenly holds her breath again.
* Gwen walks into the cave, and motions for everyone to follow.
<Meka> All right... Over here, sugar...
* Remy follows :P
* Alen runs after Gwen.
* Sunny follows.
* Andrew's head suddenly snaps away from Meka...
<Sunny> Thanks guard guy.
<Andrew> Hey...
<Meka> ?
<Gwen> What now?
<Andrew> That's....
<Remy> Hmm?
<Meka> What about my kiss?
* Andrew runs full speed after Gwen, drawing his sword...
* Remy blinks!
* Pottle flings his sword at Andrew's back.
* Meka shrieks and tackles him.
* Gwen has a look of panic on her face!
* Alen whistles and trips Andrew.
<Gwen> >>It doesn't work! Gwen is hit!
<Remy> Shiiit..
<Gwen> >> much, I don't know ;)
<Gwen> >>That's mike's department :D
* Andrew barely notices Pottle's sword deflect off his armor.
* Adek takes off after Andrew, pulling out his own blade.
* Gwen has the breath knocked out of her and falls down.
* Meka shrieks again and claws at Andrew's eyes.
* Remy kneels by Gwen, concern written across his face. "Fuck
  fuck fuck...."
* Alen takes an arrow from his quiver and shoots it at Andrew.
<Gwen> Woman: I know that bitch! We need backup!
<Alen> Mean!!
<Remy> Alen, get'cher ass over here, would ya?
<Gwen> 4 other soldiers come out!
* Meka gets up. "Let me go get Phoebe!"

== COMBAT!! ==

* Remy groans..
* Alen sighs.
* Pottle grabs his sword.
* Alen slings his bow around his shoulder and twinkles his
* Remy stands protectively in front of Gwen and draws his bo. "Time to rumble."
* Gwen moans.
<Gwen> Woman: This is gonna be greaat!
<Sunny> 4 Soldiers! 2 Archers!
* Gwen is in the back. :) Winded...
* Meka joins Remy and draws her whip. "Time to show prettyboy's
  toys what I can do!"
* Adek is up front.
<Remy> *raises an eyebrow*
<Sunny> Sunny casts Earth at Soldier 1!
<Sunny> 31 Damage.
<Gwen> Soldier one: OW! %*_^* My groin!!!!!
<Remy> Ha! Mon ami, your about to get more than yer groin hurt!
<Gwen> Woman: Awww...stop being such a baby!
* Remy chants lowly and his red eyes deepen in their mist begins flowing his dark red eyes and Remy
  smiles almost evilly. "Here's where I cook your ass, mon ami!"
  He casts ¤Flame bolt on Soldier 2.
<Sunny> 11 Damage!
<Sunny> Adek:
<Gwen> Soldier 2: Oww!! My butt is a roasted peanut!
* Adek feints once with his katana, then slashing viciously at
  the first soldier.
* Pottle 's eyes gleam in the light. "Let's play."
<Sunny> Adek: Swing1: 16, 2: 20. Soilder 1 dies.
* Gwen is out of it. "Sorry gents, yer on yer own.." *Waves a 'I'm
  dead' sign.*
<Sunny> Alen:
* Alen gathers energy from his Soul and shoots a strong blast of
  magic at one of the soldiers! "Projection!"
<Sunny> 19 Damage to Soldier 2!
* Pottle runs at Soldier 2, moving from side to side...he then
  jumps to the side, slashing across its chest!
<Sunny> Pottle finishes Off Soldier 2!
<Sunny> Meka Defends Gwen!
<Meka> Outta here!
* Gwen bleeds.
<Sunny> Soldier 3 Swings at Sunny!
<Meka> Take care, and tell Phoebe to BE CAREFUL!
<Gwen> REINFORCEMENTS HAVE ARRIVED! Sabrina rejoins the party!
<Sunny> Ah!
* Sabrina tries to run to the others but is kinda heavy.
<Sunny> Strike 1: 5 Damage! Strike 2: 7 Damage.
* Alen runs to Sunny and hugs her.
* Sunny limps.
* Meka twirls and dashes out of the cave.
<Sunny> Thanks Alen :)
<Alen> =P
<Gwen> >>Meka retreats!
<Sunny> Soldier 3 swings for Pottle!
<Gwen> Woman: Andrew! They're kicking our asses!
* Remy twirls his bo in a figure eight and tries to decide his
  next move...
<Gwen> Woman: DO SOMETHING!
<Sunny> Pottle deflects both hits, 2 damage.
<Pottle> Sucker. ;>
<Gwen> She's party of the enemy party.
<Sunny> Archer 1 Shoots For Adek.
<Sunny> 5 Damage!
<Sunny> Archer 2 Shoots for Adek too!
<Sunny> 6 Damage!
* Adek shifts his katana's position to compensate for the sudden
  pain in his left arm.
<Sunny> Sabrina joins the attack.
<Gwen> >>Then the second arrow hits his right arm. Ahh shit ;)
<Adek> Dammit!

- Combat Round 2! -

* Adek winces as the right arm is grazed as well.
* Gwen is still out.
<Sunny> Sunny Casts Earth upon 3!
<Sunny> 20 Dammage!
<Gwen> Soldier 3: AHH! My ass!!
* Sabrina claps her hands together and begins to chant. She
  begins to glow and her Wisdom goes up.
<Sunny> Sabrina's Wisdom is up 8!
* Remy chants lowly and his red eyes deepen in their mist begins flowing his dark red eyes and Remy
  smiles almost evilly. "Here's where I cook your ass, mon ami!"
  He casts ¤Flame bolt on Archer 1.
<Sunny> 30 Damage!
<Sunny> Soldier 3 wobbles.
<Gwen> <<Don't knock it Remy, it kicked some ass :D>>
<Sunny> Alen:
* Alen twirls his fingers and shoots a fire bolt at Soldier 3!
<Gwen> Woman: Ahhhh....*Cries, wanting to run*
<Sunny> He dies!
<Sunny> Adek:
<Gwen> Woman: Oh my god! You killed BASTARDS!
* Adek shakes his head, again lashing out with his blade, this
  time at soldier 4. "What's.. with all the fire, you guys?
  Can't hack it physically?"
<Sunny> Swing 1: 23 Damage, Misses 2nd swing.
<Gwen> Woman: OOOOOWWW!
* Pottle points at the woman..."You have 10 seconds to run."
<Gwen> Woman: Bastard spawn! Bastard Spawn! And NO! I won't run!
  For the glory of our new emperor...I'll KILL YOU!
* Adek mutters. "Mental note.. do not talk while fighting."
* Pottle jumps forward. "Too late! *slash*"
<Sunny> Pottle swing one: 18, Swing two finishes her!
<Gwen> Woman: Awww *Dies*
<Pottle> ...idiot.
<Alen> Poor woman =|

<Sunny> Archer 1 fires at Remy!
<Sunny> 10 Damage!
* Remy blinks.. "Aw, fuck! Watch the frickin coat!"
<Sunny> Archer 2 shoots for Sabrina.
<Sunny> 13 Damage!
<Sabrina> AH!!!!
* Alen takes his bow back and prepares his next attack.

- Combat Round 3! -

<Sunny> Sunny fires Rocks at 1!
* Gwen is still dead dead dead.
<Sunny> 28 Damage!
* Sabrina begins to chant and her eyes begin to turn yellow.
  She lifts her hands to the sky and lightning comes down on
  them. She shoots the lightning at Archer #1.
<Sunny> 25 Damage!
* Remy chuckles softly and grins mischeviously at Archer 2. He
  dashes in quickly, brings his bo down on a dangerous arc and
  uses a Low Thrust on Archer 2.
<Sunny> He finishes him!
<Sunny> Alen:
* Alen fishes out arrows from his quiver and shoots them
  repeatedly at Archer 1! "Snap Shot!"
<Sunny> 19 Damage! Archer 1 dies.
<Sunny> Adek:
* Alen jumps up and down.
<Alen> I'm an archer too! Phbbbt!
* Adek lunges, continuing his slightly less than graceful
  slashing attack.
<Sunny> Adek: First: 19, and Second: 16! He kills him off.
<Sunny> Way to go Alen!

== VICTORY! 75 GP, 5 XP, 60 TP ==

* Remy kneels by Gwen.
* Adek wipes off his sword, then quickly jams it back into the
  sheath. "Is Gwen ok?"
<Remy> Alen? We could use a cure spell of yers right now..
* Gwen is still out.
<Alen> I don't have cure spells =P
<Alen> Pottle has!!
* Remy grabs Alen by the collar.
* Remy shakes him.
<Remy> WHADDAYA MEAN YO-....oh... :P
* Remy drops Alen :P
* Pottle raises a palm and chants...
* Alen falls down.
* Pottle passes a light from his palm which illuminates Gwen's
<Gwen> Woman's corpse .oO(Ohh! He's so sexy when he chants!)
* Sabrina looks down at the ground at the pool of blood that is
  near her body.
* Gwen doesn't wake up.
<Alen> Uh...
<Sunny> Sunny heals herself.
<Alen> Maybe she's.. sleepy?
* Sabrina coughs up some blood and wipes the corner of her mouth.
<Sunny> Need Some Healin Sab?
* Gwen groans.
<Remy> You okay, Gwen?
<Gwen> Oh god...what was the number of that mack truck....wha?
* Sabrina looks at Sunny and nods. "I' that.....please..
<Adek> Welcome back, Gwen.
<Gwen> What happened?
* Sunny heals Sab to full health.
<Remy> You got hit by that guard guy..
* Gwen blinks. "Oh..."
<Sabrina> Thanks, Sunny....
<Gwen> Well, we'd better keep going then....thanks for fighting
  them off....
* Remy offers his hand to Gwen to help her up. "Need a lift?"
<Gwen> >>Maybe it's because of blood loss, but Gwen sounds NICE
<Gwen> Yeah, for a bit...until I recover some of the blood...ah
  shit! My overcoat!
* Gwen rises slowly. "Let's keep going. Okay...Pottle, you lived
  here, right? Lead the way."
<Pottle> Alright...
* Pottle takes the front and guides the party through the cave.
<Gwen> >>The party enters the caverns....
* Remy eyes the caverns. "Smells like teen spirit."
<Gwen> >>They're barely illuminated....mine carts are littered's hard to conprehend why ANYONE would live here.
<Sabrina> Teen spirit?
<Gwen> LIVED here? In this shithole? Why put up with
<Alen> It smells moldy... and... and... unused!
<Pottle> Because Otto was a good teacher.
<Sunny> Alen you sure faught bravely back there :)
<Gwen> But there are other good teachers...who lived in HOMES.
<Adek> I think the question is.. why did _he_ live here?
<Gwen> Because he's a quack.
<Alen> You too Sunny =)
<Sabrina> Gwen, shut up and cope with it! 'K?
<Gwen> A smart quack, but a quack nontheless.
* Remy chuckles...
<Sunny> Thanks!
<Gwen> Like you are Sabrina!
* Sunny skips around.
<Sabrina> Fuck you, bitch!
<Gwen> Screw you, hippie!
<Pottle> Otto is the best there is.
<Remy> Hey, watch it now..
<Pottle> Break it up, you two.
<Pottle> Jeez.
<Sabrina> Whore.
<Gwen> Slut.
* Remy bonks Sabrina on the head with his bo. "Shhhh.... stop.."
<Gwen> >>You come to a fork in the road...boulders block the
  main path!
* Sabrina glares at Remy and then shuts up.
<Sunny> Why are you two saying those things?!
* Alen looks at Sabrina and Gwen and scratches his head.
<Gwen> Because I don't like her and she doesn't like me.
<Pottle> ...what the...
* Remy gets glared at.
<Gwen> Pottle, is this supposed to be here?
<Remy> A fork in the road? Why not a spoon?
<Sabrina> Because she's a bitch and a whore. It's not that hard
   to understand, Sunny.
<Pottle> Sabrina?
<Remy> Watch it, Sabrina.. :P
<Gwen> >>A sign is set up by the boulders "NO SOLICITORS!"
<Pottle> Shut the fuck up? Thanks, Sabrina.
<Sunny> I dont think so.
<Sunny> She's ok, sometimes...
* Pottle tosses a fireball at the rocks.
* Sabrina sighs and falls to the back of the group.
* Adek sighs. "Sure, gang up on Sabrina.. Gwen started it this
  time, if you were paying attention."
* Gwen barely smiles at Remy...and wonders why he's defending
  her. Obviously to come on to her, but still..
<Gwen> >>The fireball doesn't work. The left side is still open,
  if you sqeeze through a crack in the rocks.
<Alen> I can squeeze through there!
<Sabrina> I'd love to see how you all are going to get through
* Pottle reaches into the crack and pulls at the rocks.
* Gwen stands straight. "I'm okay now Rem. Thanks"
* Remy nods to Gwen. "Just tell me if ya feel weak or anything."
* Gwen peers through "More musty cave."
* Sunny hugs Gwen.
* Alen starts working his way through the crack.
* Gwen blinks. "Sunny?"
<Sunny> You looked like you needed one :)
* Sunny smiles.
* Gwen doesn't know how to handle all of this...kindness O_o
<Gwen> Well, thank you.
<Sunny> You can be my Hero too!
<Sabrina> That's called an act of kindness, Gwen. I'm sure
   you've never received that.
<Gwen> Uh...sure.
<Gwen> Neither have you.
<Sunny> I wanna be a strong girl like you too when I grow up!
* Gwen squeezes through the crack
* Sabrina shrugs and follows after Gwen.
<Gwen> C'mon Sunny! You can do it :)
* Sunny pops though.
<Sunny> With ease!
<Gwen> what?
<Gwen> Pottle, is this area familar?
* Pottle removes his armor and pushes that through, then pushes
  himself through.
* Pottle replaces the armor. "Yep."
* Adek forces his way through after Pottle.
<Gwen> Is it the main path though?
<Alen> Only one way to find out! =P
<Pottle> For now.
<Pottle> There's a side path I'll take after tho...
<Gwen> For now? Alright..
* Alen keeps on going ahead.
<Gwen> >>The path twists and turns....and it grows darker and
* Sabrina stays at the back of the group again so that she won't
  bother any people.
<Remy> Hmm..
<Adek> I still don't understand why he'd live here..
<Remy> Anyone got a nightlight?
<Remy> Romantic lighting... :P
<Gwen> >>The path breaks off can barely see the path
<Gwen> I have no idea..
* Pottle chants and creates a big-ass fireball.
<Gwen> AH!
<Gwen> Shit! My hair!
* Pottle laughs!
* Sabrina looks at Pottle's fireball and mutters to herself,
  "Show off."
<Alen> Uh... oopsy?
* Gwen bats out some of her hairs which have caught on fire, and
  gets that cold look again.
<Remy> Geez, Pottle....trying to melt us into wax or what?
* Pottle walks forward with the fireball hovering...
<Gwen> You little shit! You think that's FUNNY?
* Pottle knocks on the wall...
<Gwen> I could have died!
<Pottle> *thwak* *thwak* *thwak* *thwak*
<Pottle> *THUMP*
<Sabrina> What's up your ass, Gwen? Can't you at least be nicer
   once in a while?
* Adek chuckles. "Chill, Gwen.. All it was were a few hairs.."
<Gwen> >>The boards loosen.
* Gwen grumbles.
<Alen> Uh... uh... maybe we should move on... and be nice and
* Pottle pries at the boards with his sword.
* Remy sighs and shakes his head. "Can we just stop?....fighting,
   I mean. Lets just concentrate on getting to this Otto person.."
* Sunny hugs Alen.
<Sunny> We're happy!
<Gwen> >>The boards break off...and you see a big pit, a mine
  cart, and rickety tracks.
<Alen> I'm happy =P
<Gwen> Oh hell.
<Sabrina> I mean, how do you expect me to be nice to you when
   you treat me like shit?
<Gwen> You treat me like shit as well.
<Pottle>'s yer side route...
<Gwen> Pottle, you can't be's not safe.
<Sabrina> Of course I treat you like shit, but that is because
   you treat me like crap too. Look....I'll try to be nice, but
   can you at least be nice to me in return?
<Gwen> Fine...*Grumbles again*
<Sunny> We don't have to fight Alen :)
<Pottle> It was safe back then...
<Gwen> You rode it? When?
<Alen> Good =D
<Pottle> Either we go this way or we enjoy about 3 more hours of
   walking. Pick!
<Gwen> I would think Otto had some mind not to let you ride over
  bottomless pits!
<Pottle> He did...I didn't ;>
<Gwen> HE DID?
<Gwen> Dude!
<Pottle> Be a brave girl ;>
<Alen> Let's ride!
<Gwen> Fine...fine...
* Gwen hops in the cart and mutters that she's going to die.
<Adek> I'm all for riding.. if you think this'll hold us all.
* Sabrina goes into the mine cart carefully.
<Sabrina> Just think like totally happy thoughts, Gwen! =)
<Sunny> Whee! Cart ride!
* Sunny jumps in.
<Alen> Hey Sunny, let's go in that one!
<Gwen> Like...tottally...I'm thinking happy thoughts of heaven
  and death.
* Alen hops in beside her.
* Gwen pushes the cart...
<Sabrina> Don't worry, you won't die.
* Adek climbs into the cart.
<Gwen> Move!
<Gwen> I think it's stuck..
<Sunny> Ok!
* Sunny hops in the one Alen requested.
<Sunny> I'm driving!
* Pottle jumps out and rams the cart...
* Sunny kicks to go forth.
<Gwen> Uh...Sunny, get on this cart...that one doesn't have a
* Sunny speeds off in the cart with Alen.
<Alen> Okay! =D
<Gwen> >>The cart moves!
<Pottle> ACK!
* Pottle runs after the cart! "Wait for meeee!"
<Gwen> Hurry! Get in the cart!
* Gwen reaches out!
* Pottle dives in!
* Remy leaps in.. :P
<Gwen> >>Alen's carts stops cuz it doesn't have a wheel!
<Sunny> Ahh!
<Gwen> Hurry! Get in ours!
* Sunny gets in!
* Gwen reaches out to Sunny.
* Sabrina looks at everyone running towards the cart that she's
* Alen hops in Gwen's car.
<Gwen> >>The cart is going faster and faster!
<Alen> Maybe I should look at the wheels first next time =P
<Remy> Urgh....carnival rides..
* Pottle takes the steering mechanism!
* Gwen's face is falling off!!!!
<Gwen> Damn centrifugal force!
<Pottle> Get down, everyone...this is gonna be a bumpy ride! ;>
<Sunny> Whee!
* Remy is pale and looks like he's gonna barf.. :P
<Gwen> Why do you get to steer that thing?
* Alen is looking excited and looking around.
<Pottle> Because I know where I'm goin'?
<Sabrina> Because he knows where he's going....I think.
<Adek> We hope.
<Gwen> Well, fine! I'm just waiting for you to crash :P
  *whispers* Vulcan shitwit.
<Alen> What's a shitwit?
<Alen> A bird?
<Gwen> >>The cart is going very quickly least 40 miles
  per hour.
<Sabrina> ......Yes, Alen. A shitwit is a bird....
<Remy> Gaaahh.
* Sunny stands up in it.
<Sunny> Whee!
<Sabrina> It's a very rare bird...
<Sabrina> Sunny, you're gonna fly off this thing.
<Pottle> Sunny, get down, now!
<Gwen> >>Suddenly...Pottle can see the tracks end, and a
  concrete slab right at the end of the track!
<Sunny> Aww..
* Remy yanks Sunny down... :P
<Pottle> AHHH!!!! That wasn't here before!!!!
<Gwen> What?! WHAT?!
* Sunny is yanked.
<Remy> Oh fuck!
<Alen> Uh...
<Alen> Oopsie?
<Sunny> Impact?!?!
<Sunny> AHHH!
<Sunny> I want my mommie!
* Alen hugs Sunny.
<Alen> I'll protect you!
* Adek braces himself. "DAMMIT, POTTLE! IF WE LIVE THROUGH
<Gwen> >>The cart hits and breaks apart! You go free falling!
<Sabrina> ...This isn't good for the child I'm supposedly
<Sunny> You're pregnant?
<Pottle> Wheee!!!!!
* Gwen falls to her bloody and untimely doom ;)
<Sunny> Thanks Alen!
* Sunny hugs tightly.
<Alen> Ooooo!
<Pottle> Lookee, I'm flying! ;>
<Remy> Holy fuckin cripes!
<Gwen> >>You all break through a loosely constructed dirt wall
  with a crash!
<Gwen> >>Into a small room with a fireplace.
<Alen> Ughmph...
* Gwen slams into the ground "Uggh."
<Pottle> Well whadda ya worked the same way as usual.
* Remy hits his head off the floor with a thud. :P
* Sabrina's head hits the floor and her body follows. She is
<Sunny> Ufhh.
* Gwen rises and tries to strangle Pottle. "YOU WILL DIE!"
<Remy> Owww...thats gonna leave a mark.........
* Adek slowly picks himself up off the ground, wincing. "You
  flaming moron!"
<Pottle> Usually I crash into Otto's room. This time he had the
   slab put up. :P
* Alen stries to sit up but has difficulty in doing so with
  Sunny on top of him.
<Gwen> You said you never rode that thing!
<Pottle> I said I DID ride it!
<Sunny> Sunny is out.
<Sunny> :)
<Gwen> Then dammit, you messed up my fucking brain!
* Alen pat-pats Sunny's head.
* Pottle laughs!
<Sunny> Are we home yet?
* Adek stumbles over to where Pottle is and kicks him as hard as
  he can.
<Pottle> OWWW!
<Gwen> >>A voice is heard somewhere in the room "Who..who's
<Pottle> Fuck you too, Adek!
* Remy eyes Pottle, rubbing the back of his head and grimacing.
  "Could you warn us the next time you plan to do something
  totally moronic?""
<Alen> We're in Otto's room!
<Gwen> >>It sounds female...and very young...and....kawaii =)
<Pottle> Yo, Otto! It's me, Pottle!
<Pottle> Where you at?
<Gwen> It's not Otto, you bastard!
<Pottle> I know that!
<Gwen> It's a female voice..
* Remy raises both eyebrows..
<Adek> That sure isn't Otto..
* Remy looks towards the voice. "Uhm....errr......Avon ladies
  calling?" :P
<Pottle> But I don't give a shit about little girls living in
<Gwen> Voice: Otto? He's out..he should be back soon!
<Alen> He's out...?
<Pottle> Woah.
<Alen> Where is he? =P
<Pottle> Another disciple...?
<Gwen> Voice: He had to Jeffle for supplies...
<Sunny> Well this is interesting.
<Pottle> Come on out, little one...we won't harm you.
<Gwen> Voice: We never get visitors! Hang on, I just gotta grab
  my coat!
* Remy pushes his hair out of his eyes.
<Gwen> Pottle, you hardly sound scary. She's not pissin' in her
<Pottle> But you do sound scary...*smirk*
<Pottle> Just kiddin'.
<Sunny> Hmm wonder who it is?
* Remy shakes his head.
<Gwen> >>A young girl walks into the room, she's about 11 years
  old, and very, very cute :)
<Alen> Maybe she's the maid? =P
<Remy> Kawaii :P
<Gwen> Girl: Hi!
* Adek mutters. "Well, well.."
<Alen> Hi =)
<Gwen> Girl then looks up at the ceiling, then at
<Gwen> The girl pouncehuggles Adek "HI HI HIHIHI!"
<Pottle> You two know each other?
<Pottle> Guess so!
<Remy> Woah.. :P
<Alen> It looks like it =P
<Sunny> She's my age!
<Sunny> Almost.
<Adek> Whoa! Whoa! Chill, Twyla!
<Gwen> Yeah, what gives?
<Remy> *nod* Yah, spill it.. :P
<Alen> Adek has all the luck.. I never get hugged like that =P
<Gwen> Twyla giggles!
<Sunny> Aww.. family.
<Gwen> Twyla: I missed you soooo much! Why don't you ever visit
  me bro! Huh? Huh?
* Sunny pouncehuggles Alen!
* Sunny giggles.
* Alen blushes.
* Adek laughs. "I didn't even know you were here, sis.."
<Gwen> Twyla hops down.
<Gwen> Twyla: Hey! Who's that dead girl over there? Oh no! She's
  making mess on the carpet!
<Remy> Dead girl?
<Sunny> Hmm?
<Gwen> >>Sabrina is knocked out, you bastards :D
<Alen> Huh?
<Sunny> Oh my!
<Remy> Ack..
<Gwen> Twyla: Don't worry, I can heal people!
<Alen> Uh...
<Pottle> Yer Otto's pupil...of course you can :P
<Gwen> Twyla rasies both her hands up, and they glow.
<Gwen> Balm!
<Gwen> >>Sabrina is partially healed!
* Adek blinks. "That's something I've never seen you do.."
* Remy fiddles with the glove on his hand.
<Gwen> Twyla: Yeah! Otto's taught me a lot!
* Sabrina looks around.
<Gwen> Twyla: HI! :D
<Pottle> And I thought he'd never take on another pupil...
* Sabrina tries to get up but is too weak to.
<Gwen> Twyla: Oh! I hear Otto coming in! I'll tell him you're
  here! *Twyla skitters off*
<Adek> Son of a gun..
<Remy> Jeez..
<Sabrina> What...happened to me?
* Pottle imitates his old squeaky voice.
<Pottle> Otto!!!
<Gwen> God Pottle, respect your teacher.
* Pottle chuckles.
* Alen looks at Pottle and blinks.
<Gwen> Otto's voice is heard in the back "What do you mean they
  wrecked the roof!?"
* Pottle then imitates Otto..."Thunderation!"
<Remy> Uh oh.. :P
* Gwen puts a hand over his mouth "Dumbshit! Think! He thinks
  your dead! You wanna give him a heart attack and kill him?"
<Pottle> He's gonna realize it anyways...
<Gwen> Twyla: Well, they wanted to see you! I knew putting that
  stone slab up was a bad idea!
* Remy lights a cigarette.
<Gwen> Otto mumbles about money and fixing that roof.
* Alen fidgets.
<Alen> I hope he won't make us fix it..
<Pottle> I wrecked his roof over and over...
<Pottle> Why does he even bother repairing it?
<Alen> Really?
<Gwen> I'm surprised he didn't kick you out, then.
<Pottle> I rode that cart millions of times ;>
<Pottle> And every time he'd fix the roof ;>
<Gwen> Pottle, you're sick.
<Adek> That's.. almost pure evil, Pottle.
<Gwen> Taking advantage of an old man. *Tsk tsk*
<Pottle> Thanks for the compliment... ;>
* Remy shakes his head. "Can we just meet this guy?"
<Gwen> He's coming.
* Sabrina yells out loud. "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO ME THAT
<Remy> You fell :P
<Gwen> Pottle crashed into roof, kick his ass. He's being a pimp
<Remy> Sabrina go down da hooooooooooooooooooole...
<Sabrina> Really? I never would have thought! You dumb ass.
* Remy smirks. "Moody.."
<Alen> That's mean..
<Gwen> Otto walks into the room. He's a little older now, and
  uses a cane to get around, but he still as lively as ever (And
  if you didn't play Vay and don't know about him, then know he
  was lively for an old fart!)
<Gwen> Otto: What in thunderation is going on around here?
   I HAVE A LIFE INSIDE OF ME?!?!?!?!??!
<Gwen> Otto blinks: Pottle?
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
<Sunny> Poor Sabrina..
<Gwen> SHHH!
<Pottle> I didn't know about the fucking concrete slab!
<Remy> Now that was loud.. :P
<Gwen> This is gonna be good...
* Gwen cackles with glee and waits for Otto to flip out ;D
* Remy offers Gwen some popcorn :P
* Pottle turns to Otto..."Miss me? ;>"
* Alen looks at Pottle and Otto curiously.
<Gwen> Otto sputters and turns pale. "What the hell is going on
  here?! You..youyou.."
<Sabrina> Shut up, Sunny! And you didn't try to help me?! DIDN'T
<Gwen> Twyla is lost....very lost..
* Sunny hides behind Alen.
<Pottle> Me me me...what? :P
* Alen looks at Sunny.
<Alen> What's wrong?
* Sunny cries.
<Sunny> Sabrina yelled at me :(
<Gwen> Otto: you died!
<Sabrina> Yeah, go cry, you little shit!
* Sunny wails.
<Sunny> I'm a shit.
<Alen> Sabrina! Stop yelling at Sunny!
<Pottle> Yeah...technically, I died.
<Pottle> But I'm here now... ;>
* Remy tries to decide between quieting Sabrina and watching
  this Otto person :P
<Pottle> No one knew I was alive...and I didn't know who I was.
* Sunny hugs at Alen's legs and cries.
<Gwen> Otto calms down and listens. "Tell me more."
* Alen pat-pats Sunny's head.
* Sunny half smiles at Alen.
<Alen> It's all right... she didn't mean it... she's just upset
   because she fell off a roof and fell unconscious =)
<Sunny> Sabrina'
<Gwen> Twyla cries. "Stop swearing!!!"
<Pottle> Well, Otto...
<Remy> Sabrina, quiet the hell down already. I don't think they
   heard you in China, could you yell louder?
<Adek> Chill, Sab!
* Alen's eye twitches and he looks back at Sabrina.
<Alen> Shhh.
<Pottle> When I got shot with that arrow, I fell to the water
   and floated off to a little town...some people found me, and
   nursed me back to health.
<Pottle> Eventually, I regained my memory...
<Gwen> Otto: Yes, my home is not a brothel! Stop with the
* Remy clenches his fist and stops himself from slugging
  Sabrina.. :P
<Gwen> Otto: ...and you didn't want to trouble this old man. I
  see...well, it is good to know you are alive...
<Gwen> Otto: But why are you here?
<Pottle> The crisis that struck those few short years ago is
   about to repeat itself.
* Gwen speaks up. "We think the Danek are back in action."
* Gwen explains the events that happned at Smythe.
<Alen> They got the mechs walking again!!
* Pottle nods to Gwen. "That too."
<Gwen> Otto: I see...this is not good.
* Sabrina's face turns from red back to normal.
<Pottle> Also, we encountered a woman with a dark pendant around
   her neck...
<Gwen> Otto: Time is like a river...history repeats *mutter
<Gwen> Otto: A pendant...what did it look like?
<Pottle> Who then proceeded to kidnap the woman I love...
<Gwen> Otto: Woman....humph...I see you didn't listen to my
  lesson about chastity.
<Pottle> I don't remember, Otto...but it didn't look whole. It
   seemed like there was a piece missing or something.
<Pottle> Chastity? I'll pass. ;>
<Gwen> Twyla: *To Sunny* What's chastity?
* Remy chuckles..
<Gwen> Otto: There are several pendants in this world. Unless I
  know what it looked like, I can't identify it.
<Sunny> I dunno?
<Sunny> Alen, whats chastity?
<Gwen> Twyla: Bro! What's that word..chastity.
* Adek laughs. "Preaching chastity? If you convinced
  everyone.... wouldn't that result in the death of the species?"
<Alen> It's uh... uh...
* Alen thinks how to say it.
<Gwen> Otto: Sages don't practice that sort of thing.
<Pottle> All I know is that it glowed with immense power, purely
<Alen> Well... usually if you're chaste... then you're a good
<Gwen> Otto: Hmm....Alen, you've been around a while. Do you
  have any ideas?
* Remy smirks..
<Remy> Chaste, eh?..
<Remy> A good person?..
<Adek> Long story, Twylly.
* Remy shakes his head. "I guess I'm pretty damn evil then.."
<Alen> Well... uh...
* Alen thinks.
<Gwen> Twyla: DON'T CALL ME THAT!! ;_;
<Alen> I really don't know...
<Gwen> Don't worry Rem, we alllll are ;D
* Remy raises an eyebrow..
<Gwen> Otto: It could be important...but...for now......
<Alen> Brother told me that the way to keep the mechs from being
   brought back was to take care of the orbs but...
* Alen shrugs.
<Gwen> ....wait..
* Gwen turns to Alen. "What the hell did you just say?"
<Sunny> Orbs?
* Alen gets an anime sweatdrop.
<Alen> Uh... uh...
<Gwen> Alen....speak up right now.
* Adek grins. "Sorry, Twyl."
<Alen> The... orbs.
<Gwen> How do you know about that?
<Remy> Spill it, Alen.. :P
<Alen> The uh... orbs...
<Pottle> The Orbs of Vay?!
<Sunny> Vay?
<Pottle> What about them?!
* Alen fidgets.
<Gwen> Spill it!
<Alen> Well.. uh... I... uh...
<Pottle> Yeah! What Gwen said!
<Sunny> Com on Alen.
* Sunny smiles.
* Alen clams up.
<Gwen> Twyla: The orbs! The pretty things sealed by the five
  magicians of Vay!
<Gwen> He's not gonna spill it...
<Gwen> I could MAKE him ;)
* Gwen pulls out a spear.
* Sunny hugs Alen.
* Sabrina looks at everyone oddly. "What are you guys talking
<Sunny> NO!
<Sunny> Dont hurt him!
* Gwen blinks.
* Alen gets more sweat drops.
<Pottle> Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Soul...together combined
   to revive the armor...
<Gwen> Aww..c'mon. I was just gonna scare him.
* Sunny frowns.
* Alen whews and thanks Sunny.
<Sabrina> What, Pottle?
<Sunny> You scared me!
<Adek> Ok.. I'm lost now..
<Gwen> Otto: The might be possible that the armor can
  be revived again..but there are two things I must tell you.
<Pottle> But...what happened to the orbs after the armor was
   activated? Otto?
* Alen hugs Sunny.
<Gwen> Otto: According to legends..if the orbs were
  reactivated...then deactivated..the orbs would seperate from
  the armor and locate themselves in a different place.
* Sunny smiles.
<Pottle> Oh. That's just fucking great.
<Gwen> Otto: And I sealed the original armor deep in the earth.
<Gwen> Otto: It is still accessible, it's just hard to get to.
<Alen> But... it's not so hard as it sounds..
<Gwen> Otto: But...Alen, you might as well tell them.
<Alen> Because the orbs must be somewhere related to their
<Gwen> Twyla: Tell us what?
* Alen looks at Otto.
<Alen> Uh... tell... THEM?
<Gwen> Otto: Isn't this what you're brother wanted you to do?
<Pottle> So we just kill people till the Orb of Soul exposes
<Pottle> ;>
<Alen> But... but...
* Alen sighs.
<Gwen> Uh..let's not go there Pottle ;P
<Sunny> That sounds hard..
* Adek frowns. "You're one sick person, Pottle."
* Pottle winks at Gwen.
<Remy> Geez.. :P
<Gwen> I'm not as sick as he is..and everyone hates my guts.
<Remy> Not true, Gwen.. :P
<Gwen> Otto: Don't be afraid can finally have a good
  night's sleep if you tell.
<Gwen> Aww..well, the majority hates my guts.
<Alen> Ugh... all right...
* Remy pokes Alen in the butt with his bo. "C'mon.." :P
<Pottle> I don't hate ya either, Gwen.
* Alen sits down.
* Gwen sits down next to Alen "So? Who are you?"
<Alen> Uh... where do I start...
<Alen> Well. I am, Alen.
<Gwen> Duh.
<Alen> I am now... uh...
* Alen thinks.
* Pottle leans against the wall.
<Gwen> How do you know so much about the orbs?
* Sunny huggles Alen.
<Sunny> Alen is my Buddy!
<Sunny> And Hero!
* Adek stands next to his sister, watching Alen.
<Alen> I lost count, but I think it was on to about a thousand
   and thirty-something...
* Sunny drops her jaw.
<Alen> Well... uh... let's see...
* Alen thinks.
<Sunny> Thats alot.
* Remy leans against a wall and crosses his arms, an eyebrow
  firmly raised. :P
<Alen> You see... I'm the brother of Solon...
<Sunny> Who's that?
<Alen> He was one of the five magicians... my big bro...
<Gwen> Holy...freekin...that explains a lot!
<Gwen> Twlya: Cool! :D
<Pottle> Holy shit...
<Alen> And... well... after the Armor of Vay was sealed, he set
   me to watch out after the orbs...
<Alen> But...
<Remy> Wow.. :P
* Alen sighs.
<Alen> I couldn't protect one of them... not one!
<Pottle> They fell into the hands of the good, Alen.
* Remy patpats Alen :P
<Alen> And they all went... and... and.. after everything was
   over and the orbs were disperesed again I had nothing to do..
<Alen> So... I'm a useless something now... and... that's why I
   came with you in the first place...
<Alen> And.. uh... am I missing anything...?
<Sabrina> To look for those orb-type thingies?
<Alen> Well... the orbs...
<Alen> They should be somewhere related to their element...
<Pottle> ...what about Soul, Alen.
<Alen> I don't know... the Fire Orb in a volcano or
   something.... water somewhere in a river... waterfall? All
<Gwen> I don't think he'd know that.
<Alen> Soul.. well...
* Alen fidgets.
<Pottle> Within a person.
<Gwen> Hey...there's a waterfall near here!
<Alen> The only one who knew about that one was Elynthia... and
   she's gone...
<Pottle> And do we know who? No.
<Remy> Skinny dipping! :P
<Sunny> Soul, that one sounds cool :)
<Gwen> Sainga Waterfall...
<Pottle> I know that much Alen.
<Pottle> She stored it within herself.
<Gwen> It's near Lorath castle, in the mountains.
<Alen> I don't know about Soul... probably inside someone?
<Alen> I mean...
<Sunny> Someone ATE it?!
<Alen> Someone like Elynthia?
<Pottle> But we don't know who it's contained in...
* Alen looks at Sunny.
<Alen> No =)
<Pottle> And Elynthia died...
<Sunny> Then?
<Sunny> Elynthia Ate it?
<Alen> It... sort of... got inside them!
<Sunny> How?
<Pottle> No...Elynthia absorbed it into her soul.
<Alen> No, Elynthia, sealed it inside of her...
<Sunny> Like Water?
<Alen> I don't know how, I've never tried =P
<Gwen> No...
<Alen> Well...
* Alen makes a helpless gesture.
<Gwen> Otto: Ahem. This young woman is right. The waterfall
  would be a good location to search..
<Alen> I think that's it... and... uh... oh yes, the reason I'm
   still alive is this...
* Remy nods. "May as well begin somewhere."
<Gwen> >>You hear a banging on the door.
<Sunny> That still needs some explaining, but sounds good :)
* Remy blinks..
<Gwen> Twyla: Oh master! more guests!
<Alen> ... oh well... let's go search then...
* Alen scratches his head.
<Gwen> Twyla opens the door.
<Gwen> Twyla: Hi!
<Gwen> Twyla: one's there.
<Gwen> >>You hear another knock.
<Remy> Hmmm..
<Gwen> Twyla: W-who's there?
<Gwen> Otto: Did you kids take down the 'No Solicitors' sign?"
<Pottle> No...
<Pottle> We crawled around it ;>
<Remy> Are we being ambushed, maybe?.. :P
<Gwen> >>You hear another knock!
* Adek walks over to the door, looking out. "What's going on?"
<Gwen> Twyla clings to her big, strong bro :D
* Pottle draws his sword and opens the door!
<Sabrina> I hope no one is going to attack us...
* Gwen raises her spear.
* Alexis is on the other side, she smiles and waves. "Hi, guys."
* Sabrina stands by Remy for protection.
<Gwen> YOU!
* Remy gacks.. :P
<Gwen> Where's my part of the bounty?
<Remy> Heyas, Alex.. :P
<Alexis> Your part?
<Alexis> What part?!
<Gwen> Yes, MY PART.
<Sunny> Hi!
<Gwen> You fled after we killed the bandits..with my bounty!
<Alexis> Hmmm... bounty... bounty... let me think...
* Gwen puts her spear to Alex's neck. "Start thinking"
<Sabrina> Gwen, grow up....
* Adek sighs, and mutters. "Here we go again.."
<Gwen> I need money too, Sabbie.
<Sabrina> I know...
* Alexis gacks.... "Wellll...."
<Alexis> You see...
<Gwen> Just pay me half and I'll forgive you.
<Sabrina> But you can't just get mad at everyone...She needs the
   money as much as you do.
<Gwen> I don't like people who gyp me of money.
* Alexis stops for a moment, moving the spear away from her
  throat. "Don't point that at me, it's dangerous!"
* Remy chuckles..
<Gwen> That's the point...
* Gwen raises it again. "Just pay."
* Alexis tosses a bad of coins at Gwen's feet. "Oh... and
  here's your cash."
<Gwen> *Sigh* Fine.
* Gwen takes the money and nods "Okay. It's over with and
<Gwen> Why did you follow us?
<Alexis> Not much else to do, really.
<Gwen> Want to help save the human race?
<Alexis> Sounds like fun, is there a reward?
<Gwen> Well, no....
<Pottle> Your LIFE.
<Gwen> Unless we get really famous afterwards.
<Alexis> Life...  fame... sounds good to me.  I'm in.
<Gwen> Okay..
* Gwen explains all that's going on.
* Alexis really needs that explanation too.
<Gwen> "...So you see...the orbs are now in different locations.
  We think the Orb of water is in a waterfall, near Lorath
  castle. We need to revive the armor to save humanity!"
<Gwen> Any questions?
* Alexis is enlightened! "So we're after this Orb of Water?"
* Remy nods. "Very good, Mr. Bean."
<Gwen> Yep.
<Gwen> Otto: It's late, you're welcome to spend the night, then
  set out in the morning..
<Pottle> Alright, then...thanks, Otto.
<Gwen> Twyla: A sleep over! Oh! I'll make hot cocoa!
<Gwen> Otto: You shouldn't gush, Twyla.
<Gwen> Twyla: Sorry ;(
<Gwen> ~Alen is already sleeping....
* Remy blinks. "Sleepover? Hmmm..."
<Gwen> Twyla obediently sets up sleeping bags, girl on one side
  of the fireplace, boys on another...Twyla sleeps with the
  girls :D
* Pottle blinks.
<Pottle> Girls/boys setup? :P
<Sunny> But I need Alen to protect me!
<Sunny> The Bad guys might get me!
<Gwen> Twyla: Um..I thought you wanted your privacy....?
<Sunny> But, hmm Gwen will protect me! Right?
<Gwen> Sure Sunny.
* Gwen climbs into the sleeping bag, and suggests everyone does
  the same *Cuz I'm about to drop another bombshell :)*
<Gwen> Twyla jumps in hers!
* Pottle gets into his sleeping bag.
<Gwen> Twyla: This is sooo much fun!
<Gwen> Twyla: Right Adekie? :D
* Remy removes his shirt and leaves his pants. He crawls into
  the sleeping bag, using his coat as a pillow :P
* Sunny gets up next to Gwen and falls asleep.
* Alexis, worn out from being sneaky all the time, quickly
  drops into a sleeping bad and drifts off to sleep... maybe...
* Adek finds an empty bag and gets in, then laughs. "Whatever,
<Gwen> Twyla: ..DON'T CALL ME THAT!
<Gwen> >>Later that night....
* Sunny farts.
* Gwen is screaming in her sleep again, the same dream she had
  back at Fort wakes Pottle up again.
* Sunny turns and smiles.
<Pottle> *yawn*
<Gwen> Get off! Get off!
<Pottle> Argh...Gwen...
* Pottle runs over and shakes her...
* Gwen bats around and bops Sunny in the nose!
<Gwen> Get OFF YOU...Ah!
* Pottle acks and jumps back.
* Gwen wakes and sits up. "Wha.."
<Gwen> Shit..not again...
* Alexis rolls over and pulls her pillow over her head, mumbling
  something about sleep...
<Pottle> You were having the same nightmare...
* Sunny is still asleep.
* Adek blinks sleeply, looking around with half-closed eyes.
  "What's going on..?"
<Gwen> Twyla screams and wakes everyone up. "GWEN'S DYING!!!
  She's screaming! AHH!"
<Pottle> Spill it,'re a bounty hunter, not a world
<Gwen> NO! No I'm fine..
* Remy jumps up :P
<Gwen> Spill what?
<Gwen> I've got nothing to hide.
<Remy> Coldddd..
<Pottle> Then you wouldn't keep having the same fucking dream...
* Sabrina begins to scream from shock.
* Gwen is silent...
<Gwen> ...maybe I don't want to tell you.
<Pottle> ...she holds a blade to my throat calling me a spy...
<Gwen> Twyla screams and runs to Adek. "Make them stop!!!"
<Gwen> I'm not a spy!
<Pottle> ...and forces me to bring out my past...
* Gwen stands and grabs her bag.
<Pottle> I didn't call you a spy.
<Gwen> Fine, I'll tell you, but the second I tell you, I'm
* Sabrina hides inside her sleeping bag and begins to cry.
<Gwen> Not because I want to, but because you'll force me out.
* Adek stands up. "Twyl! Calm down! It's ok.."
<Gwen> Twyla: *Sniffle*
<Gwen> Look at me...
<Gwen> Do you wonder why those gaurds attacked me today? It
  wasn't some random attack.
<Pottle> I knew that much...
* Gwen sighs.
<Gwen> Who do you think I am?
* Adek puts an arm around his little sister, hopefully
  comforting, and listens to Gwen.
<Pottle> Someone that has or had something to do with the
   Danek...that's all I know.
<Gwen> You're right. I am Danek.
* Gwen sighs. "I was born in the heart of the empire...but
  before you gut me, hear me out."
<Gwen> Promise?
<Pottle> Of course.
* Alexis pulls the pillow off of her face, quite awake. "Go on."
<Pottle> Matter of
* Pottle hands Gwen his sword.
* Gwen takes it. "Thanks..."
* Remy leans his chin into his hand, sitting crosslegged on his
  sleeping bag.
<Gwen> I was born in a fairly well off family. Not
  rich, but not poor either. My father was very pro
  Danek....loved everything about the empire.
* Sunny snores off.
<Gwen> ~Alen kicks Sunny awake :D
<Gwen> My mom..she was different...she didn't approve of
  them...but my father would have killed her if he knew about she kept quiet...
* Sabrina continues hiding and crying in her sleeping bag.
<Gwen> Everyone who is born in the empire has to serve in the
  army. Male or Female. It's almost law.
<Gwen> No. What am I saying....? It IS law.
* Pottle noddles.
<Gwen> My dad shipped me off to the army to serve as a
  solider...and I wanted to go. I was fed the propaganda...and I
  bought it.
<Gwen> And, when I was there...I met a soilder....
<Pottle> Easy to understand...a lot of people did...
* Gwen figits...
<Pottle> Let me guess...
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
<Pottle> You act the same way every time I mention the name.
<Gwen> I was only thirteen. I didn't really know how bad he
  was...I fell in love with him....
<Gwen> was Jeal.
<Pottle> T'was McDougal.
<Gwen> You catch on quick.
<Pottle> Intuition is my guide, Gwen.
<Gwen> He was a arrogant man...he felt the current monarch was
  too old, to useless to rule. He wanted to stage a coup..and
  asked me and several other people to join..
<Gwen> Because I loved him, I did. We killed that monarch. Jeal
  became emperor.
<Gwen> I rose up high in the army. I was a general...
<Gwen> But I started seeing things....little things.
<Gwen> The way the mechs were being built...
<Gwen> The bloodthirstiness of it all...the way they took over
  the world piece by piece...I'm not stupid...I could see...
<Gwen> And I asked Jeal what was going on...
<Gwen> And I...
* Gwen feels tears come to her eyes...but tries to hold them
<Gwen> He not only didn't beleive me...but he attacked me..that
  bastard raped me...said I was worthless..and a traitor..
<Gwen> That's the same dream I keep having lately...him on top
  of me..
<Gwen> After that happened...I had two choices...
* Sabrina stops crying when she hears the word. "Rape."
<Gwen> I could sit and sulk for the rest of my natural life...or
  become a bitter bitch and get even. I chose the latter.
<Gwen> Pottle, did you hear about a resistance formed in the
  empire...a year before he attacked Lorath?
* Sabrina comes out of her sleeping bag and looks at Gwen. "You
  were...raped too?"
* Gwen nods...
<Pottle> I've read the reports.
<Gwen> I knew you were Sabrina....I could're starting
  to become as bitter as me. It's too late for me...but not for
* Remy mentally tallys up some loose ends of questions he'd been
  wondering about. :P
* Sunny snores again.
<Gwen> Well, guess who headed that resistance?
<Pottle> It's not too late for you, either.
* Gwen shakes her head "Yes, it is. But anyway..."
<Pottle> led it? I'm impressed...
<Gwen> Don't be. We failed.
<Gwen> My men were captured by Sadoul for his 'magical
  experiments' or killed.
<Sabrina> I'm scared....I've always hated the guy who
   did....*looks at her belly*....this to me.....I think I might
   just have the baby killed or something...
<Gwen> But...some of my comrades helped me escape...
<Pottle> Had you done that anywhere else you'd have won. The
   Danek were too damn powerful.
<Alexis> But you lived through the whole thing. Hey, that's
   gotta count for something.
<Gwen> I made it to Marwick...and they hunted me down. If they
  ever found me, they'd hang me.
<Gwen> Even now.
<Sabrina> I hate my life....
* Sabrina curls up into a little ball and cries.
<Gwen> Twyla hugs Sabrina. "I don't hate you!"
<Remy> But we won't let them hang you...
<Gwen> So, you see why it's so important to kill them? Don't you?
<Pottle> Of course I do.
<Adek> Well.. we have a genuine magnet for trouble here..
<Gwen> To stop them. I'm really scared for your girlfriend
  Pottle. I don't know what they'll do.
* Gwen sighs. "Well, that's my story. If you still want to kill
  me, you'd be doing me a favor."
* Gwen hands the sword back to Pottle. "Go ahead."
* Pottle drives the sword into the dirt floor.
* Gwen looks confused.
<Adek> No one's going to kill you, Gwen.
<Gwen> Why...? Out of all the people who would hate'd
  be the first!
<Gwen> Jeal KILLED you, and I was in kahoots with him!
<Pottle> And what would it do for me?
<Pottle> Tell me what in the hell killing you would do for me.
<Gwen> It would be sweet revenge, I think.
<Pottle> Bumping off Jeal would have been loads of fun.
<Pottle> But did you nock that arrow and send me into that water?
* Gwen sighs.
<Gwen> I..
<Pottle> You had nothing to do with that.
<Gwen> I wasn't even there at the time....
<Pottle> Exactly.
* Gwen sighs. "What about the rest of you?"
<Pottle> And despite all that happened, you've made the right
   decisions now.
* Sabrina continues to cry and lunges herself towards Pottle's
  sword to kill herself.
<Gwen> Twyla: Stop! :0
<Gwen> Twyla huggles Sabrina!
* Pottle notes the sword is in the ground...and that's
  impossible to do :P
<Gwen> goes on.
<Gwen> Whoever did this to you was a bastard...but the best
  revenge is living ;)
<Pottle> Gwen, someday everything'll change. The Danek'll be
   wiped out.
<Gwen> Yeah, and I'm gonna be the one who helps with that.
<Pottle> You'll have a clean slate...and a chance to start over.
<Gwen> Thanks Pottle...
<Gwen> I hope so too.
* Pottle smiles.
<Gwen> Twyla: OH! by the way! :) A happier note..
* Sabrina sits down next to Pottle's sword and looks at the
<Gwen> Twyla: Master Otto said I get to go with you! Cool huh?
  He kept saying be really careful about arrows. Why is that?
<Pottle> Do you really want to know, Twyla...?
<Gwen> Twyla: Yeah! Yeah!
* Gwen groans. ( This kid'll have nightmares.. )
<Pottle> It's really nasty looking, Twyla.
* Sunny wakes up from all the talking.
<Gwen> Twyla: I like nasty stuff!
<Sunny> Why's everyone up?
<Pottle> I don't want you to be scared if I show you.
<Gwen> Twyla: I'll be brave!
* Pottle sighs...
<Gwen> Sunny..I..aww..someone tell her...
* Pottle removes his armor and lifts up his shirt, showing Twyla
  the scar.
* Sunny looks around.
<Gwen> Twyla: EWW! It looks like hamburger meat!


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