VayRPG Session 4: Unorthodox Flying Lesson

Gwen, Otto, Twlya, Sirufa and Random NPCS: GMLucca
Pottle: Talon
Alen: Pippa
Adek: Rasis
Dance: Baywolf
Sabrina: Danny
Pottle: Talon
Meka: Star
Remy: Marrow
Sunny: Cecil

Special appearence by Fifi and Peppy! Played by Nadia Hemedy. ^_^
Huay! Another special apperence by Creon! Played by Rane.

Session Start: Fri Nov 07 17:26:27 1997

<Gwen> >>After the party tried to figure out what the HELL Twyla meant by "Hamburger Meat" the group went back to sleep, except Sunny kept farting innocently throughout the night, and Alen snored right in Sabrina's's now dawn.
* Sabrina gets up slowly and stretches.
* Gwen yawns.
<Pottle> *yawn*
<Gwen> Twyla stands up over Alexis. "Time to get up!"
<Pottle> Good morning, Vietnam!
* Sunny gets up accidently hitting Gwen :)
* Gwen blinks at Pottle. "Where the hell is vie...OW!"
<Sabrina> I'm so hungry.
<Gwen> Hi Sunny. *Rubs her arm*
<Sunny> Hi Hi!
* Meka knocks on the door. Violently.
<Gwen> How can you act so...awake..I feel like shit..
* Alen yawns and stretches, hitting the nearest person in the nose in the process.
<Gwen> Twyla: Who is it?
<Sabrina> Is there any food here?
<Sunny> The miracle drink Caffiene!
<Gwen> Oh, I want some of that...
* Sunny hands coffee to Gwen.
<Meka> Meka! Open up, PLEASE!
<Gwen> Meka? Aww shit...
<Meka> Just give me a moment to rest...
<Gwen> Don't open it.
<Pottle> Let her in...
* Alen sits up and rubs his eyes.
<Pottle> Fuck it, let her in.
<Gwen> What? She's all horny over you.
<Alen> Are we there yet?
<Gwen> Twyla lets her in :P
<Sunny> I dunno.
* Sunny runs around.
<Pottle> She went through this cave to see us...must be a reason, Gwen.
* Meka sounds very in pain.
* Meka faints as soon as the door opens.
<Gwen> Twyla: Are you hurt? I can heal wounds! :D
<Gwen> Twyla: Guess she is?
<Alen> Can we go back to sleep?
<Gwen> No.
* Meka wakes up.
<Pottle> Ack...
<Meka> Uh... Hi... Thanks for letting me in...
<Gwen> We have to go to the Sainga Waterfall today, remember?
* Pottle runs over to Meka..."Hey, you alright?!"
<Meka> N... not really, but i... it's nothing.
* Remy brushes his hair out of his eyes and regards everyone.
<Alen> Can't we go tomorrow? =P
* Alexis is balanced on a chair near the back of the room, snoring & unaffected by the events around her...
* Meka whines highpitchedly...
<Gwen> No...unless you want to die sooner.
<Meka> I'm so hungry...
* Alen thinks.
<Alen> Let's go! =P
<Sabrina> Aren't you a little quick, Alen?
<Gwen> Twyla jumps on Alexis. "Wakey wakey!"
<Alen> Why?
<Sabrina> Forget it.
<Meka> I'm sorry to bother you, I promise as soon as I catch my breath I'll leave you...
<Alen> If you say so =)
* Alexis fwaps Twyla away. "What?! What?!"
<Gwen> Twyla: We have to go! Save the world and stuff!
<Pottle> Meka?
<Sabrina> Hey Twyla, is there any food here?
<Meka> Yes, de-...
* Pottle kneels next to her.
* Alen whirls around.
<Alen> Food? Where?
* Meka suddenly goes white with terror...
<Pottle> You can stay with us...if you like...
<Gwen> Twyla: Not much. But I'll run to the cabinet and see! *Dashes off*
* Gwen eyes Meka.
<Gwen> Something' up..
* Remy makes a face at Twyla's back :P
<Meka> I... I... I can't... I have a job in... in... a town called Ashes.
* Sabrina glances at Pottle and Meka and shrugs.
* Alexis mutters. "I don't know why I'm doing this... there'd better be one helluva treasure in it for me come the end, or I'm gonna be pissed!"
<Meka> Yes, that's it... I have to go now... I really do...
<Pottle> No town called Ashes exists, Meka. What's going on?
<Gwen> Don't be mean to the kid Rem, she's just young. I was that bubbleheaded when I was her age, and see how I came out...a bitter freak :)
* Meka stands and tries to leave...
* Pottle motions to Gwen to block the door.
<Alen> What's a bubblehead Gwen?
* Meka whimpers a little...
<Gwen> Someone who is
<Pottle> Meka...spill it.
<Sabrina> Meka, are you alright?
* Remy hauls on his gloves and pokes Meka in the shoulder. "Stay. Whats wrong, mon amie?"
<Meka> L-let me through.. please...
* Gwen still keeps and eye on Meka.
* Meka turns and looks at Pottle, horrified.
<Rudy> Like... who?
* Sunny sits down and looks at everyone.
<Gwen> What are you so scared of?
<Meka> Y... you're going to turn me in, aren't you?...
<Pottle> Wait a sec...
<Pottle> I know why yer freaking out.
<Gwen> Why Pottle?
<Sabrina> Turn you in? How can we turn you in if there's no reason to?
<Meka> N... no, please... I'll do anything... D-don't take me back...
* Meka shrinks back against the only unoccuppied wall.
* Alen goes to sit beside Sunny.
<Pottle> She was a knight. She went AWOL.
<Gwen> AWOL?
<Sunny> Hi Alen!
<Pottle> Absent without leave...
<Remy> Absent without leave.
<Pottle> And...she thinks I'm gonna turn her in.
<Gwen> Oh yeah. Been a long time since I've done that sorta thing...I remember now.
<Gwen> But why you?
* Sabrina walks over to Meka and crouches down next to her as well as she can. "What's bothering you?"
<Pottle> Because. I'm an elf.
<Gwen> Oh.
* Meka twists her wrist a little, and tries to hide what she has...
<Gwen> Check her wrist...
* Sunny eats some cheese.
<Gwen> She's hiding something.
<Meka> I... I'm not going to let you take me back...
<Pottle> I'm not gonna take you back.
* Meka shifts the object..
<Gwen> We never said we would.
<Sunny> Whats Meka running from?
<Pottle> Put it down, Meka.
* Sabrina sighs and walks away from Meka.
* Pottle steps toward Meka.
<Alen> I dunno...
<Alen> Maybe she doesn't like Pottle?
<Sunny> She's different..
* Meka raises the dagger in front over her and screams and stabs herself with it.
<Pottle> MEKA!
<Gwen> HEY!
* Alexis eyes widen.
* Alen blinks.
<Pottle> Shit! Get blankets, she'll go into shock!
<Alen> Uh...
<Gwen> Um...go get blankets!
<Pottle> Argh...
<Sunny> Ahh!
<Gwen> Dammit...Pottle, why do all the fucked up ones hang around you?
* Meka cries and jumps up and tries to get to the door.
* Alen scuttles off to get blankets.
* Pottle grabs Meka as she runs...
* Sabrina just stands there, watching Meka, shocked.
<Pottle> Stop it, please!
* Meka sighs and slumps against him...
<Meka> They'll kill me if I go back...
* Sunny sniffles. "Why'd she do that?"
* Pottle removes the blade, and begins healing the wound...
<Gwen> Twyla: Here's your break-ahhh! Blood!
* Alen comes back with a bunch of flower-patterned blankets and hands them over to Gwen.
* Sabrina looks at Twyla.
<Gwen> Thanks.
<Gwen> Here you go Pottle...
* Gwen hands him the blankets.
<Pottle> Thanks...
* Pottle sits Meka down and wraps the blankets around her, as a precautionary measure.
<Sabrina> You have food?
<Meka> Did y-you ever find that pretty little girl... What was her name? Phoebe?
<Pottle> No...I didn't.
<Meka> Oh...
<Meka> C... can I help look?
<Gwen> Twyla: I have it right here! Oatmeal, apples, um..eggs too!
<Pottle> Meka...promise me you won't do that again.
<Sunny> Alen, why do people do things like that?
<Alen> Do you have pancakes? =D
<Meka> Promise me you won't take me back...
<Pottle> I never planned to.
* Alen scratches his head.
<Gwen> Twyla: No....
<Alen> I dunno...
* Meka promises then.
<Sunny> I dont understand..
<Sunny> But I don't like it.
<Gwen> Twyla: I wanted Pancakes too :P But I make the best cinnomon pie!
* Sabrina walks over to Twyla and takes all that she has for herself.
<Meka> At least, not on purpose... I do tend to get careless in battle.
<Alen> Maybe... um...
<Gwen> Twyla: HEY!
<Pottle> one can be that careless.
<Gwen> Twyla: You didn't leave anything for us!
* Sabrina begins to munch on the food, without any manners whatsoever.
<Meka> I can. *malevolent grin*
<Meka> S'why I abandoned...
<Alen> She was trying to stab a bug that was in her clothes?
* Gwen hangs out in the back with Alexis. "Man, I still wonder how I got caught up with these people.."
* Pottle chuckles...
<Sunny> That would be dumb..
<Alexis> No kidding... I mean, where's the incentive?
<Alen> Or... uh...
* Gwen nods.
<Alen> I don't know...
<Pottle> Eccles's healing touch. *raises a glowing blue palm and winks*
<Gwen> Twyla mumbles and goes to find more food. "All we have is grits!"
* Meka giggles.
<Pottle> You can't stay hurt with me around.
* Alen jumps.
<Alen> Not grits again! Twylaaa!!!
<Gwen> Twyla: I'm sorry!
<Gwen> Twyla: I wanted pancakes too..
<Meka> I'll have to hurt faster than you heal, then...
* Alen sits down and sighs sadly.
<Sunny> Grits?
<Sunny> Whats that?
<Pottle> Meka, what is with you?
<Gwen> Otto comes into the room then. "What's with all the noise? Thundernation. You people could wake the dead!"
<Alen> I don't know... but they gave those to me in the pub in the town instead of pancakes and I didn't like them :|
* Meka smiles softly and looks down. "Nothing. Nothing at all."
* Gwen snickers. "Hey Alexis...can you smell it?"
<Sunny> They sound yuckey!
<Alen> Yes :|
<Pottle> Bullshit...if nothing was wrong you wouldn't try to hurt yourself!
<Gwen> Twyla: YAY! We have oatmeal left! Is that okay, Alen?
<Alexis> Smell it?  No...  I'm half asleep.
<Alen> Oh well =D
<Sunny> Oatmeal, euu..
<Alen> Oatmeal is better I suppose =P
<Alexis> I should be grateful.
<Gwen> Liniment. Smell of the old folk :P I wonder how old Otto is?
<Alen> Hm...
<Gwen> Twyla: okay!
<Alexis> I dunno... a million?
<Alen> What do you want to eat Sunny?
* Gwen snickers. "I bet."
<Alen> Oh hey Otto ^_^
<Sunny> I dunno, I'm not hungry.
* Pottle frisks Meka and removes a dagger from her person :P
<Gwen> Otto: Oh, hello Alen. Sleep well?
<Meka> Ah, ah ah, you liked that, didn't you? :P
<Sunny> Hey its the old dude!
<Alen> Yes... but they woke me up too soon!
* Gwen kicks Pottle. "Ahem. Behave. Former teacher is in the room."
<Sunny> Outo!
<Pottle> Hey! Just protecting you from yourself!
<Alen> I could have slept on for... for... lots of time..
<Meka> Heh...
<Alen> Otto Sunny, not Outo =P
<Sunny> Otter?
<Sabrina> Outie?
<Gwen> Otto: Well, you know the old saying..."The early bird catches the worm?" Bah. Silly saying, Wonder why I brought it up?
* Sunny giggles.
<Alen> No... Otto ^_^
<Sunny> Outta.
* Gwen groans.
<Sabrina> I don't know, old man. But do you have anymore food?
<Alen> But I don't like worms Otto!
<Gwen> Otto: Anyway, is Pottle here? I did some research last night, he might find this intresting...
<Gwen> POTTLE! You're teacher wants to talk you! Get your ass in here!
<Pottle> Uh...okay!
* Gwen shrugs. "Worked for me in the army."
* Pottle follows Gwen's big mouth.
<Sabrina> Shush! The baby might be able to hear what you say, Gwen!
<Alen> What baby?
<Pottle> What?
* Gwen smiles wickedly and turns to Sabrina's tummy. "Shit! I can say what I fucking want, assmeister!"
<Pottle> Gwen...
<Pottle> Chill!
* Alexis laughs racuiously!
<Sunny> Baby?
* Gwen smiles. "I'm such a bitch sometimes..."
* Sabrina's jaw drops when Gwen says what she says.
<Pottle> Jeez, don't gotta swear THAT much!
* Meka sighs...
<Gwen> Otto: Ahem. Anyway Pottle, I looked in several of my novels last night, and I have a clue as to what that pendant may be. You know, the one this Katarina girl was wearing?
<Alen> Sunny, what baby?
<Sabrina> You're a bad influence, Gwen! You aren't going to be anywhere near this child when she's born!
<Gwen> I am, aren't I?
* Gwen smiles wider.
<Pottle> Really, Master Otto?
<Pottle> What's your idea?
* Alexis laughs more.
<Gwen> Otto: Well, I'm not sure, but a long time ago, there was a tribe, a clan on this world, known as the Quele'zar..
<Gwen> Otto: It's unknown today if they still exist..
<Alen> The... coolysar?
<Pottle> Quele'zar...
<Sabrina> Gwen, you should be ashamed of yourself! Who taught you such horrible, potty-mouth words?
<Pottle> You taught me about them.
<Gwen> The army, Sabrina.
<Sabrina> ....Oh....
<Alen> Potty! ^_^
<Pottle> Wait a sec! Master Otto, you don't couldn't possibly be...
<Gwen> The army sucks! If you think that's bad, you should hear the guys from the Danek navy!
<Sabrina> ...But still! You shouldn't say them! They're bad!
<Gwen> Otto: Dangnabit! Let me finish!
<Gwen> I know :)
<Gwen> Otto: Ahem. This tribe used to be very close with the elves..
<Sabrina> Then why do you say such bad words?
<Alen> They were neighbors?
<Gwen> Otto: ...before the armor fell. They forged a pendant known as the Lackisha Pendant. That word is the old tounge for 'balance'
<Pottle> Close as in friends, Alen!
<Alen> Oh.... okay...
<Gwen> Otto: Anyway, the elves created the light side, the Quele'zar created the dark side. Together they created balence. Get it?
<Pottle> Yep...
<Gwen> Otto: But it was too powerful to use together, so they broke it in half.
<Pottle>'re saying this person Katarina has the dark side?
<Gwen> Otto: The elves kept the light side, and passed it from family to family..
<Gwen> Otto: It sure seems like it.
* Alexis quietly mutters to herself. "I always thought it was called 'Balance'..."
<Pottle> The elves have the light side...
<Gwen> Otto: The Quele'zar people were nearly wiped out by an earthquake. And, wanting to find a scapegoat, they fought the elves.
<Alen> That's mean...
<Gwen> Otto: Well, it IS human nature to put blame on others...
<Gwen> Otto: However..
<Gwen> Otto: Half of the tribe believed blaming the elves was wrong, and fought with the elves..
<Gwen> Otto: A civil war.
<Pottle> Wait a sec, Master Otto...
<Gwen> Otto: But until we figure out who has the light side..what?
* Gwen yawns.
* Pottle removes something from his neck and tosses it to Otto. "What's this?"
<Alen> So... we find the light side and rescue Frisbee and stop the mechs!
<Gwen> Otto: It....WHAT? Where did you get this?
<Pottle> I don't remember...
* Gwen blinks. "Looks like that woman's...only light. Is that the other side? How bloody convenient..."
<Gwen> Otto: I can't PINPOINT if it is or not, since I haven't seen Katarina's....
<Gwen> Otto: But I would bet money that it is.
* Sabrina looks around, seeming rather exhausted.
<Pottle> Interesting.
* Alen looks around, seemingly bored.
<Pottle> Perhaps, she kidnapped Phoebe to get this...
<Pottle> But that makes no sense!
<Gwen> But then she would kidnap you.
<Pottle> She could have HAD it!
<Gwen> Twyla: Can we go now?
<Alen> Maybe Frisbee gave it to you?
<Pottle> It's PHOEBE!
<Pottle> Kee-ripes!
<Alen> Where?
<Pottle> ...
* Alen looks around.
* Gwen sighs.
* Pottle smacks Alen in the backside with his sword hilt.
<Alen> Aaah!
<Gwen> No need for violence.
<Gwen> Yet :P
* Alen tips forward and falls in his face.
* Sabrina walks over to Alen and helps him up.
<Remy> Yet? :P
<Gwen> Otto: As for now, I'd suggest heading over to Lorath Castle. The passage to the falls is heavily gaurded. Some problem with landslides and bandits. The King should help you out.
<Sunny> Kinge!
<Alen> Hinge!
<Sunny> Binge!
<Alen> Dinge!
<Remy> Stinge!
<Alexis> Fringe!
<Sunny> Seringe.
<Remy> Tinge? ;)
<Meka> Needled!
<Alen> Singe!
<Sunny> Needle.
<Gwen> What?
<Sabrina> Would you people be like quiet?
<Sunny> Like no :P
<Remy> Heheheh.
<Sunny> Beetle!
* Gwen waits for them all to cower in fear.
<Pottle> ...which head?
* Remy blinks at Gwen.
<Sunny> Geeze.
<Remy> Yeah :P
<Alen> Why?
<Gwen> Sorry, couldn't help it.
* Sabrina glances at Gwen. "Am I suppose to cower in fear now?"
<Gwen> Because we need to split.
* Sunny is used to Gwen and doesn't cower.
<Sunny> You're funny Gwen!
* Gwen scowls.
* Remy gives Gwen a lollipop :P
<Sunny> Fuddy-duddy Gwen :)
<Pottle> *chuckle*
<Alen> Duddy =P
<Gwen> Oh, Twyla...
<Gwen> Sunny's in SUCH a good mood today...she said she'd rub liniment on otto's back for you!
<Gwen> Twyla: YES! *Does a jig :)*
* Remy sticks a kick me sign on Twyla's back.
* Gwen cackles. "Thanks for your help Otto. We'd better go."
<Sunny> No, Gwen really wants to do it!
<Gwen> Sure I do.
<Sunny> She's just being polite.
* Gwen is being sarcastic!
<Gwen> No, Sunny WANTS TO!
<Sunny> Gwenie wants to!
<Remy> Oh geez..
<Remy> Can we just GO?
<Sunny> Where?
<Gwen> Ahem. yeah.
<Alexis> Come on... let's get this done with.  I want my treasure ASAP.
<Remy> Anywhere!
<Gwen> To Lorath Castle.
<Sunny> Oh yea, sounds fun!
<Alen> But...
<Alen> We haven't eaten breakfast yet
* Gwen gets up and walks to the door.
<Gwen> No rest for the weary!
* Remy balances a playing card on his index finger.
* Pottle grabs a box of PowerBars and hands one out to all.
* Gwen walks out the door.
<Pottle> Eat that. It's an Otto thing.
<Gwen> Twyla: Otto eats those?
<Gwen> Twyla: I never knew that!
<Gwen> Otto: Ahem.
<Sunny> Otto.
* Meka chews on her hand.
<Alen> What's this?
<Gwen> Otto: Now, go along with them Twyla, and for Anemone's sake, BE CAREFUL.
<Sunny> Pottle!
<Gwen> Twyla: Okay :D
* Sabrina looks at the PowerBar and takes a bite from it after taking off the wrapper.
<Sunny> They rhyme.
* Remy follows Gwen :P
<Gwen> >>Soon, everyone walks out the door, and they're on their way! (Because I said SO!)
* Meka is now chewing on her fingers.
<Gwen> >> The castle is bustiling with activity.
* Alen is now happily chewing on his PowerBar ^_^
* Pottle pulls Meka's hand out of her mouth.
* Sabrina walks after everybody but is behind the group because of her speed.
* Remy snorts the powerbar.
* Meka chews her hair. :P
<Gwen> >> Servants are running about the castle, and, for the moment, you can sneak in.
<Pottle> Try this. *hands her a piece of a Power Bar*
* Alexis sticks to the shadows...
<Sunny> Wow this is bustling!
* Remy eyes some of the servants :P
<Gwen> >> You see a bunch of children crowded around a man. The man is young, and he's dancing quite well.
<Alen> Are we there yet?
* Meka chews on it without taking off the wrapper. :P
* Gwen eyes the dancing man.
<Pottle> Hell with that...*sets a piece in Meka's mouth*
<Sunny> Dirty Dancin'!
* Dance flips and dances around the commons.
<Gwen> It doesn't look so dirty to me...
* Meka grins and licks his fingers. :P
<Alen> Dancing is dirty?
* Dance stops suddenly.
* Pottle blinks.
<Sunny> Its phat!
<Gwen> Kid: Why did you stop dancing sir! Dance more!
<Gwen> Kids: Yeah! More!
* Dance eyes the crowd.
<Pottle> Meka...
<Pottle> Eat the food, not my fingers! :P
<Meka> What?
<Dance> I see something I like, or should I say someone.
<Gwen> Alen, exotic dancing is bad.
<Meka> Yummy. You got chocolate on them. :P
* Remy nervously fiddles with a playing card.
* Dance looks at the party.
<Gwen> Kids: Can we meet this person? Huh?
<Alen> Really?
<Dance> Madam, you are beautiful beyond imagination...
<Gwen> Oh god. Not another guy hitting me for cash.
* Gwen blinks. "Who are you speaking to?"
<Sunny> He seems like a good dancer!
* Dance gets a strange look on his face, like a "not you" effect.
* Gwen smiles. "Good."
<Dance> The lady who shines brighter that the sun, there with the long golden hair.
<Sunny> Who Me?
<Gwen> You mean Sunny?
<Gwen> Um. Sir. Do you know how old she is?
* Dance handsrpings, vaults, and flips over the children to Sunny.
<Sunny> Hi Mr. Dancer!
<Dance> Age doesn't mean a thing to me.
<Alexis> Talk about robbing the cradle...
* Sunny only looks a little older than the kids :P
* Alen gets a sad look on his face.
* Gwen wispers in Pottle's ear. "Pervert? I'd say so."
<Pottle> I agree, Gwen.
<Sunny> You danced very well!
<Dance> How may I be of assistance?
* Remy eyes the man.
<Dance> Thanks, it's a hobby of mine.
<Gwen> Um....
<Sunny> I dunno. Show me something cool Mr. Dance!
* Meka sighs and looks at the sky...
* Gwen moans. "I always meet the fucked up ones..."
<Dance> "Something cool" eh?
<Remy> Did she just flirt with him?
<Gwen> I think so...
* Dance looks around.
* Remy raises a eyebrow.
<Sunny> Yea, a cool dance move!
* Dance hmms.
<Remy> Wow.. :P
* Dance flips again, and dances faster than the wind.
<Meka> The sun's at eq...
* Dance does the slipts, rolls, and returns to standing.
<Sunny> Whoa!
<Sunny> That is soooo cool!
* Meka looks at the party and sighs.
<Remy> Oh boy. A show off. Wee.
<Pottle> Meka?
<Meka> I do have a job, you know...
<Sunny> Whats your name Mr. Dance Man?
<Pottle> What's wrong...?
<Dance> My name is Randall, but my friends call me Dance.
<Gwen> Hey Randall.
* Remy pokes Gwen in the side. "We gonna lose this weirdo and get on with the business we came for?"
<Meka> I'll have to take off for now...
<Sunny> Rudoff?
<Gwen> Yeah. Sorry sir, but we need to see the King of Lorath now.
<Dance> "Rudof!?" where?
<Sunny> Hehe, no! Your name sounds like that.
* Dance looks around, scanning for trouble.
<Gwen> Right everyone?
<Pottle> Yeah, I gotta go bitch at Sandor.
* Remy nods.
<Sunny> I wanna stay with Dance!
<Dance> The King... hmm...
<Sunny> You guys go find Sandor or something.
<Remy> Sunny, yer underage :P
<Sunny> I wanna watch him!
* Dance turns to the kids.
<Meka> With your leave...
* Sunny sticks her tounge out at Remy.
* Alen sighs and shakes his head.
<Dance> Hey kids, which way's the short way to the king?
* Alen turns around and heads out of the castle.
<Remy> I might bite it off, Sunny.. ;)
* Alexis is off on her own, not content to prattle with the showman...
* Sunny covers her mouth.
* Meka walks toward the east.
<Sunny> You're weird.
* Sunny giggles.
<Gwen> Kids: Um...through the castle.
<Gwen> Kid: I no know..
<Pottle> Be sure to return, Meka!
<Dance> I'll take that as a compliment.
<Meka> I will!
<Gwen> G'bye Meka.
* Remy smirks and shrugs. "Why don't we just split up?"
<Dance> Thanks anyway kids.
<Gwen> Kids: Sorry mister Dance sir.
<Pottle> I know where I'm going.
<Pottle> Follow me.
* Pottle begins walkin'
* Remy follows :P
<Dance> Sunny, right?
* Creon shuffles up to the party, clutching a black hood over his face....
* Dance looks at Sunny.
<Gwen> >>The party sees a man standing in front of them. He wears the garb of a wizard in training.
<Gwen> Let's just go see this King now...I wanna get to the bloody falls.
<Creon> The King isn't here...
<Gwen> Excuse me?
<Sunny> Yup!
* Remy skids to a stop. "Eh."
<Gwen> How do you know?
* Remy eyes the mage.
* Gwen narrows her eyes.
<Dance> Perhaps we should go with them.
* Dance points to Remy and Pottle.
<Sunny> You wanna come?
<Creon> Yeah, where have you all been? It's been going around the castle all day...
<Dance> Sure.
* Sunny skips over with to them.
<Creon> He's gone on an important mission.
<Sunny> Ok Dance!
<Gwen> We just got here....dammit....that isn't good...
* Dance steps up to the mage.
<Gwen> Who are you?
* Alexis positions herself a distance from the party, watching everything that's going on with a suspicious air...
<Dance> Strange, I've been here since yesterday and heard nothing of the sort.
<Sunny> Really, maybe he got buzy?
<Creon> You're obviously misinformed, then, my friend...
* Gwen hmms...
<Creon> I'm just a magic student, my dear...
<Gwen> Name please.
<Creon> Why?
* Remy glances at Gwen. "I don't trust this guy..."
<Gwen> Because I don't like talking to someone unless I know their name
* Dance whispers to Remy. "Nor do I"
<Creon> Very well, it's Creon.
<Creon> If you still think the King's here, feel free to wander aimlessly about the castle wasting your time...
<Sunny> Peon?
* Pottle bows to the group..."I'm gonna have a look around."
* Gwen narrows her eyes. "I never heard of a 'Creon..'"
<Pottle> I'll find out what I can. A'ight?
<Gwen> Okay Pottle...let us know if you find anything...
* Dance glances behind himself briefly, then mumbles to himself. "Hey, were'd the kids go?"
<Gwen> Kids are playing with a ball off in the corner, and Twyla is watching :)
* Creon snickers softly. "Well, young lady, I don't think you know the names of the entire population of the planet, do you?"
<Dance> Sunny, are you partially deaf?
<Gwen> Don't be an ass, all right?
* Dance whispers to Sunny. "Perhaps she should stop being one herself?"
<Gwen> I heard that.
* Remy thwaps Dance.
<Creon> Don't dictate to me, young lady...I've been very kind to you by telling you the King isn't here.
<Dance> Ouch.
<Dance> That stings.
* Gwen scowls.
<Creon> But I sense I've overstayed my welcome, so I'll be on my way...
<Gwen> You remind me of someone...
<Alen> We aren't getting anywhere!!
<Creon> You're welcome, by the way.
<Gwen> Yeah, thanks.
* Creon wanders off.
* Gwen mumbles under her breath "And no thanks."
* Remy draws his bo. "Should we jump him??"
<Gwen> Nah...he may just be an asshole..
* Alexis wanders back to the group. "He would make a formidable ally. He's not unlike us, with secrets he just wants to hide."
<Alen> Let's go!
<Remy> Mmn. Kay. Where to now..?
<Gwen> Ally? Seriously?
<Alexis> Yeah.
* Alen sits down on the ground and feels ignored.
<Dance> For some reason, I don't entirely trust him.  Perhaps we should verify the kings lcoation?
<Alexis> Don't let the "Evil Mage" facade fool you.
<Gwen> Hmm...let's just HEAD over to the pass...we can the guards to move...
* Sunny jumps over to Alen.
* Sabrina looks at Alen. "What's wrong, Alen?"
<Sunny> Hi hi!
* Alen looks at the ground.
<Gwen> The first thing is to Find the Orb of Water, then we worry about the king.
* Dance taps Gwen on the shoulder. "A sad person, now that's a problem."
<Gwen> Hmm?
* Dance walks over to the person on the ground.
<Sabrina> But didn't that old man say that we'd have trouble trying to get to the waterfall?
* Gwen blinks.
<Dance> Excuse me, I'm afraid I didn't catch your name.
<Gwen> Yeah...but the problem IS that the path is guarded.
<Gwen> Unless...
<Gwen> No...we don't want to do that...*Shudder*
<Alexis> Then we simply sneak in, or hack our way though. It's not a tough decision.
* Dance begins to make funny faces at Alen.
<Gwen> Yeah, I guess so.
<Dance> Booga Booga.
* Alen looks at Dance and gets an anime sweat drop.
* Dance stops and frowns briefly.
* Dance then smiles again.
<Gwen> Dance is quite the showman...anyway...Dance, sorry to say, we gotta leave now.
* Sabrina looks at Dance, "Excuse me...sir? I think you're scaring him more than getting him happy...."
<Sunny> Aww, But Dance is cool.
<Alexis> I hope that capering fool isn't coming with us...
<Dance> I noticed... kind of a hard guy to cheer up.
* Dance seems oblivious to the conversation around him, determined to cheer Alen up.
<Gwen> Ahem....Alen?
<Sabrina> Gwen, what was your idea?
* Gwen looks around...
* Dance begins to dance a fast paced dance.
<Gwen> I've heard a story about this fairy..
* Gwen looks green.
* Dance spins, twists, and flips, trying to get a smile from Alen
<Alen> ?
* Sunny hugs Alen!
* Dance stops.
* Alen smiles at Sunny =P
* Sunny Smiles.
<Gwen> Good enough.
<Dance> You're making this difficult.. there, that wasn't so hard!
* Sunny pulls up Alen if he isnt up yet.
<Gwen> Let's head over to mountain path first.
<Gwen> >> When you head over to the pass, you see that it's not the guards that are the problem, it's that the pass is completely blocked off by rocks and muck!
<Alexis> Great...
<Alen> Uh...
<Sunny> Come with us Dance!
* Sunny drags Dance.
<Gwen> Oh great...
* Gwen points to a guard. "What happened?"
<Alen> Uh... maybe a landslide?
<Gwen> Guard: Someone placed a bomb here, blew up half of the mountain's side. Won't be fixed for quite awhile...
<Gwen> Lovely...
<Sabrina> Nothing gets passed you, Alen!
<Alen> Really? =P
<Remy> Damn.
<Gwen> Now we have no choice.
<Sunny> Aww.
<Gwen> Dammit.
<Gwen> Alen, do you know about Sirufa?
<Alen> Seeroofuh?
<Gwen> Yeah...
* Alen scratches his head.
<Sunny> Doesn't she fart alot?
<Gwen> Pottle could definetely tell you about her :P
<Gwen> Yeah.
<Alen> Uh... a fairy?
<Gwen> She 'let's loose the north wind.' She can transport people...on farts. :P
<Alen> Or... was it... a dragon...?
<Gwen> And it's the only way I see of getting up there.
<Gwen> No, it was a fairy.
<Alen> Eww...
<Gwen> Twyla: A FARTING Fairy? That's messed up!
* Alen turns green.
<Remy> Uh...interesting.. :P
<Alen> Now I remember why I didn't like the name...
<Sunny> Well, she was smelly!
<Gwen> Yes. Very.
<Sunny> So I guessed she farts!
* Sunny giggles.
<Alexis> My mentor told me all about her...  her farts are deathly dangerous...
<Sunny> She must have lots of beans.
<Remy> Can we please get off this subject? :P
<Alen> Can we just... uh.... not go to the waterfall?
<Gwen> Remy, we've got no choice...and no, we have to go to the waterfall...
* Remy sighs and shakes his head. "All righty. Lets go then, shall we?"
<Alen> Do we really really have to?
<Gwen> YES.
<Remy> YES.
<Remy> :P
<Sunny> We'll find some deoderant for her or something :)
<Gwen> Twyla cries. "I don't wanna fly on farts."
<Sunny> And some Beanos!
<Alen> What's a Beano?
* Gwen laughs. "You'll need more than that kid."
<Sunny> Something that allows you to not fart.
<Sunny> <<I saw it at the store!>>
<Alen> Let's give her one of those! =D
* Sunny gets out her supply.
<Sunny> Beanos!
<Gwen> >>The party arrives at a cave-like pass. This is the way to Sirufa's house! :)
<Gwen> >>Err tower ;)
* Alen tugs at Gwen's sleeve.
<Remy> Lets get naked!
<Sabrina> Will you people stop? This conversation is really totally nasty and stuff!
* Gwen blinks?
* Remy groans and hits himself. "Shut up.."
<Alen> Uh... you know Gwen...
<Gwen> You guys need some prozac..
<Alen> We could always catch a Hiryuu and... uh...
<Gwen> Yeah Alen?
<Gwen> Hiryuu?
<Gwen> What the HELL is that?
<Alexis> Dragon.
<Alen> Fly there in it instead of... with... uh..
<Alen> A flying dragon..
<Gwen> Dragons live in Kerzalt.
<Gwen> Not Lorath.
<Gwen> Sorry.
<Gwen> Just GO Alen.
* Remy grins and pushes Alen ahead.
<Gwen> >>The party scouts their way through the caverns...
<Alen> Okay... I was just... suggesting....
* Sabrina follows everyone reluctantly.
<Gwen> >>It reminds you of Otto's cave, only without the mine carts.
<Sunny> Its stinky in here!
* Remy follows, his eyes giving off a fiery red mist in the dimness of the caverns.
<Alen> They could install some carts here too!
<Alen> Would it work if we used one of the Beanos here Sunny?
<Dance> AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Gwen> You guys, there are no Beanos BIG enough.
<Sunny> I'll cast a spell on it!
* Sunny makes a big Beano.
<Gwen> O_o
<Gwen> Holy....
<Alen> Cool! =D
<Sunny> Now then :)
<Gwen> Actually, if we stopped her farting, how would we make it there?
* Sunny takes out a can of aerisol.
<Alen> We could always catch a Hiryuu...
* Sunny sprays the air.
<Sunny> How's that?
<Alen> Better ^_^
<Gwen> Will you STOP with the Hiryuu...?
<Alen> Well... we could =P
* Remy thwaps Alen.
<Gwen> No no..
<Alen> Ow!
<Gwen> >>You see a shadow moving across the caverns..
* Sunny gets tired.
* Gwen whistles.
* Sunny pokes Alen.
<Alen> Yes? =)
<Sunny> Can I ride on your shoulders?
<Alen> Sure!
* Sunny hops on.
<Sunny> Thanks!
<Gwen> Hey guys...I see monsters coming..
<Gwen> Get ready.
* Alen takes a few staggering steps before regaining his balance.
<Sabrina> What?
<Sunny> D'op!
<Alen> Okay ^_^
* Gwen points to the shadows.
<Sunny> And I was going to take a nap.
<Alen> You can take a nap while I fight!
<Sabrina> Are you sure they're monsters? Maybe it's Pottle trying to scare us.
<Gwen> The monsters jump out!
<Sunny> Naa, Well be like Cath Smith or something, I'll fight on your head :)
<Alen> Okay =P

== COMBAT!! ==

<Sunny> 4 Bears and 4 Snakes!
* Gwen heads to the front row!
* Dance is behind the enemy.
* Sabrina goes up to the front as well, next to Gwen.
* Alen stays in the back ready to use his magic.
<Gwen> Twyla watches from the back. "This is sooo cool!"
<Alen> Let's go Sunny! =D
* Dance uses Projection on Cave Bear 4.
<Sunny> 14 Damage!
<Sabrina> Well, this'll be fun when the baby is born, don't you think, Gwen?
<Gwen> Oh yeah, that'll be peachy.
* Alen looks at Sabrina.
* Remy stays in the back also.
<Alen> Babies like to eat peaches?
<Sunny> Snake 1 bites at Gwen.
<Sunny> 5 Damage!
<Gwen> Ow!
* Gwen mutters something under her breath.
<Sunny> Snake 2 bites at Sabrina.
<Remy> Hey! Keep yer slimy fangs offa da lady, mon ami, or Remy will have to teach you some manners, eh?
<Sunny> 8 Damage!
<Gwen> Hehe. Thanks Rem.
<Sunny> Snake 3 leaps and Tail Whacks Dance!
* Remy tugs on one of his gloves and grins at Gwen before glaring at the snake.
<Sunny> 4 Damage.
<Sunny> Snake 4 Bites Remy.
<Sunny> 4 Damage.
<Sunny> Sunny blasts Bear 4 w/ Spike.
<Gwen> Rem! You all right?
<Sunny> 26 damage!
* Sabrina begins to chant and raises her hands to the sky. Her eyes turn a lightning-yellow and lightning bolts shoot down at her hands. She takes the bolts and slams them at Bear #1.
* Gwen pulls out her spear..
<Sunny> 14 Damage!
* Gwen dashes up to Cave Bear A and whacks him again and again with her spear!
<Sunny> 32 Damage!
<Sunny> Bear 1 Bites Remy.
* Gwen dashes back. "I wuv fastswipe :)"
* Remy grimaces and stumbles back.
<Sunny> 11 Damage.
<Sunny> Bear 2 Bites Gwen.
<Sunny> 12 Damage.
<Gwen> Ack! Stop it! I am not your fucking entree!
<Sunny> Bear 3 Bites Sabrina.
<Sunny> Near Miss!
* Remy chants lowly and his red eyes deepen in their mist begins flowing his dark red eyes and Remy smiles almost evilly. "Here's where I cook your ass, mon ami!" He casts ¤Flame bolt on Bear 2.
* Sabrina lets out a sigh of relief.
<Sunny> 15 Damage!
<Sunny> Bear 4 Bites for Gwen.
* Gwen growls.
<Sunny> 10 Damage.
<Gwen> Bite me and you DIE.
* Gwen cusses again.
* Alen twirls his fingers and shoots a blast of Soul Magic at Snake 2! "Projection!"
<Sunny> 23 Damage!
<Sabrina> Hey Gwen, those bears seem to like you alot.
<Alen> Great! ^_^

- Combat Round 2! -

* Dance cracks Bear 4 over the head with his staff.
<Sunny> 1 damage.
<Sunny> Snakes Attack!
<Sunny> Snake A Leaps at Dance!
<Sunny> Dance Avoids!
<Dance> Slow poke.
<Sunny> Snake 2 Bites at Remy!
<Remy> ACK!
<Sunny> 4 Damage!
* Remy growls in anger.
<Gwen> Dammit..
<Sunny> Snake 3 Leaps at Gwen!
<Gwen> Aw great.
* Gwen waves a white "I am so dead" flag.
<Sunny> Super hit! 9 Damage!
<Gwen> Ack!
* Gwen falls to her knees.
<Remy> Thassit, you cock sucking dick licking bum fucking worthless piece of shit LOSERS!
<Sunny> Snake 4 Leaps at Sunny!
<Sunny> 7 damage!
<Sunny> Ouch!
<Sunny> Silly Gwen.
* Sunny casts heal on Gwen, rather Balm.
* Sabrina's eyes widen at Remy.
<Sunny> Full Recovery!
* Remy snarls, his eyes glowing bright red..
<Gwen> Yes!
<Gwen> Thanks so much Sunny!
* Sabrina charges Bear #1 and slashes in every direction across his gut, stomach, neck, and face.
<Sunny> 25 Damage!
* Remy draws his bo, and swings it down against the ground, making a cracking noise..
<Remy> Now, I'm piss-ed. :P
<Gwen> Remy! Whoa! Simmer down spanky!
<Gwen> I'm fine!
<Sunny> Bear 1 Bites Sabrina!
* Remy eyes Gwen..."Spanky?"
<Sunny> 14 Damage!
* Remy grins despite his anger.. :P
<Gwen> Uhh...
<Gwen> Yeah. :P
<Sunny> Bear 2 Bites Remy!
<Sunny> 9 Damage!
<Remy> D'oh.
<Gwen> Rem! Look out for yourself!
* Sabrina crouches down on the ground in pain.
<Sunny> Bear 3 leaps at Sunny.
<Sunny> 9 Damage!
<Sunny> Ouch!
<Sunny> Bear 4 Leaps for Sabrina!
<Sunny> And lands on his ass.
* Gwen pulls out her spear and lashes out against Bear A!
<Sunny> 10 damage!
<Sunny> Bear 1 is defeated.
<Gwen> Whoo hoo! Die you piece of shiiiit!
* Gwen grins and ajusts her overcoat.
* Sabrina is bleeding profusely from many parts of her body while down on her knees.
* Remy chuckles softly and grins mischeviously at Bear 2. He dashes in quickly, brings his bo down on a dangerous arc and uses a Low Thrust on Bear 2.
* Gwen searches her pockets for herbs (for sabrina).
<Sunny> 28 Damage!
* Remy chuckles and gets an idea for his next attack ;)
* Gwen wows.
<Sunny> Alen casts Fire on Bear 2!
<Sunny> Bear 2 takes 22 damage!
<Gwen> ~Alen: Fluff and Muffins!

- Combat Round 3! -

* Dance throws his herbal extract through the air to land on the floor by Sabrina.
<Sunny> Sabrina regains full Hp!
<Sabrina> Th.....thank you....
<Sunny> Snake 1 Bites for Gwen!
* Dance thinks to himself. "I hope I didn't hit her."
<Sunny> 5 Damage!
* Sabrina tries to get up but is too weak to so she stays down near the ground.
<Remy> Grr. :P
<Sunny> Snake 2 Bites at Sab!
<Remy> Those snakes sure have something for Gwen.. :P
<Sunny> 7 Damage!
<Sunny> Snake 3 swings at Alen.
<Sunny> 10 Damage!
* Gwen moans.
<Sunny> Snake 4 Bites at Dance.
<Gwen> Dude...leave me alone.
<Sunny> 6 Damage!
<Dance> AAaah! That's hurts!
<Sunny> Sunny heals Remy to max with Balm!
* Sabrina begins to chant and raises her hands to the sky. Her eyes turn a lightning-yellow and lightning bolts shoot down at her hands. She takes the bolts and slams them at Snake #1.
* Remy twirls his bo and drives it into the ground, where he leaves it standing.
* Remy searches through his pockets :P
* Gwen wonders if these snakes are poisonous...?
<Sunny> 36 damage!
<Sunny> Bear 2 Bites for Sab!
<Sunny> The Bears cant seem to bite at Sab quick moves...
<Sunny> Miss!
<Sunny> Bear 3 bites At Gwen!
<Gwen> Sab, I'm starting to hate you and your damned agility!
<Gwen> Aww dammit!
<Sunny> 11 Damage.
<Sabrina> That's it! I'm gonna get rid of those damned snakes! Kill those fucking bears while I beat the shit out of the damn snakes!
<Sunny> Bear 4 bites at Remy
<Sunny> 12 Damage.
<Remy> ERk!
<Gwen> Rem!
* Gwen attacks snake 1 :P
<Sunny> Snake 1 Dies!
<Sunny> Slash 2 on Snake 2: 19 Damage.
* Remy grimaces and wipes the blood from his mouth before continuing his search.
* Remy uses a herbal extract on Gwen!
<Sunny> Full Hp!
<Gwen> Thanks Rem!
* Remy nods.
* Gwen smiles :D A first.
<Sunny> Alen Casts Fire on Bear 2 which dies from the flames.

- Combat Round 4! -

* Dance 's eyes go black as Soul Energy lashes into Bear 3.
<Sunny> 15 Damage!
<Sunny> Snake 2 bites at Gwen!
<Sunny> 6 Damage!
<Gwen> Leave me the fuck alone!!!
* Remy growls at the Bear. :P
<Gwen> Dude! Go bite at...ALEN!
<Gwen> ~Alen: O_o
<Sunny> Snake 3 bites at Sab, 8 damage.
<Sunny> Snake 4 Bites Alen :)
<Gwen> Oh dear...
<Sunny> 7 Damage!
<Remy> Uh oh :P
<Gwen> ~Alen: You are not nice Gwen...
<Sabrina> Just kill Alen off! Leave Gwen and I alone!
<Gwen> Twyla huggles Alen "I thought you were great!"
<Gwen> ~Alen: :D
<Sunny> Who Needs Healing?
<Sabrina> I sort of do...
<Sunny> Sunny heals Sab to Full!
* Gwen starts to chant, glowing a pale brown.
<Sunny> Bear 3 and 4 do a combo on Gwen!!
<Sunny> 2x Bite! 30 Daamge!
* Sabrina claps her hands together and chants lowly to herself. She begins to glow with a white aura and her eyes turn as pure as white. When she is done chanting, her Wisdom goes up.
<Sunny> Wisdom up 12!
<Remy> O_o
* Gwen has 1 HP left!
* Remy looks confused and trys to decide what to do...heal Gwen or fight? :P
<Sunny> Gwen is enraged :)
* Gwen screams and casts "Spike" On bear 3. TAKE THIS!
<Sunny> Magic is not Gwen's strong point..
<Sunny> 10 damage!
* Dance wonders aloud: "Remind me not to get on her bad side... or is it already too late for that?"
* Remy grins in a deep, charming, sexy and handsome way. His eyes twinkle in their charm and he winks at Gwen . Remy casts ¤Projection on Bear 3!
* Gwen falls to her knees.
<Sunny> 18 Damage!
<Gwen> Dammit...this is...a lot of blood...
<Gwen> Stupid bears...*Grumble*
<Gwen> Twyla: AHH! BLOOD! EWW!
<Sunny> Alen fires an arrow at snake 2, finishing it off.

- Combat Round 5! -

<Remy> Stop whining.. :P
<Sunny> AHH BLOOD :)
<Gwen> Twyla sniffles and suddenly looks tramatized "This isn't fun anymore..."
* Dance 's eyes go black again as Bear 4 is ravaged by the power of soul...
<Sunny> 19 Damage to Bear 4!
<Remy> Oh geez :P
<Sunny> Snake 3 bites Sabrina!
<Sunny> 6 Damage.
<Sunny> Snake 4 Leaps for Gwen!
<Sabrina> I'm gonna kick your ass!
* Gwen uses an herbal extract on herself!
<Sunny> The snake touches Gwen and she falls over :P
* Gwen falls over ;P
<Sunny> Ahh Not Fair!
* Remy see's red... (Of course, he always see's red...having red eyes will do that to a person :P)
<Sunny> Sunny burns Bear 3 to hell!
* Sabrina begins to chant and raises her hands to the sky. Her eyes turn a lightning-yellow and lightning bolts shoot down at her hands. She takes the bolts and slams them at Snake 3.
<Sunny> 26 damage!
<Sunny> Bear C Bites Remy!
<Sunny> 11 damage!
* Remy grimaces.
<Sunny> Gwen is dead..
* Gwen is nice and dead! Dead, dead I said!
* Remy chants lowly and his red eyes deepen in their mist begins flowing his dark red eyes and Remy smiles almost evilly. "Here's where I cook your ass, mon ami!" He casts ¤Flame bolt on Bear 3.
<Sunny> 19 Damage!
<Sunny> It dies!
<Sunny> Alen finishes off Snake 3 with an arrow.
<Remy> Ha!
<Remy> Worthless scum!
<Sunny> Snake 4 runs :)
* Remy spits on its corpse.

= VICTORY! 12 XP 60 GOLD 120 TP =

<Dance> One left.
* Gwen would cheer, but she is dead. :P She's dying way too often :P
<Dance> Maybe not.
* Gwen groans.
* Dance walks over to the group.
* Dance looks at Gwen, then at Sunny.
<Dance> Is she okay?
<Gwen> Y-yeah, I'm fine.
* Remy kneels by Gwen and looks up at the rest of the group. "Hey... any of you got any of those herbal extracts left?"
* Sabrina hands Gwen her Herbal Extract.
<Gwen> Twyla Shivers in the back. "That wasn't fun, that was scary..."
* Remy looks concerned. :P
<Dance> I'm afraid I never caught your name...
<Gwen> Thanks...
* Gwen eats some and regains HP :D
<Gwen> Who? Me?
<Dance> Yes, actually, Sunny is the only name I know.
<Gwen> I'm Gwen Montanile...She's Twyla Anagorn..
<Gwen> Twyla: Hey ^_^
* Remy eyes Dance :P
* Dance turns to Remy.
<Dance> What?
<Gwen> Let's get outta here, I see the exit...
<Gwen> We have to see Sirufa..
<Sabrina> My name is of no importance.
<Remy> Nothing.
* Gwen pulls herself up.
<Dance> Sirwhooa?
* Remy nods to Gwen. "Need any help walking?"
<Gwen> Nope.
<Gwen> Thanks for the help though. I swear, you're a lifesaver...
<Gwen> >>The party walks outside...
<Gwen> >>They see a tower in the distance. But the gate is locked, and it's being fuzzy things! O_o
<Remy> Fuzzy things..?
<Sabrina> But...but...I was....
* Sabrina looks down at the ground and sighs.
<Gwen> Twyla: Who're you?
<Lily> Peppy: ^_^
<Lily> A little girl with cute kitty ears wavles at you.
<Gwen> What ARE They?
<Lily> Fifi: Hi! My name Fifi! :D
* Remy blinks.
<Lily> Another little girl with bunny eras wavles at you.
<Lily> Peppy: And my name Peppy! ^_^
<Remy> Okaaaaaay.
<Lily> Fifi: We's sprites ^_^
* Gwen is scared...and she is rarely scared O_o
<Gwen> Twyla: OH COOL!
* Remy pokes Fifi in the head.
<Remy> Wow..
<Lily> Fifi blinks.
<Lily> Fifi pokes Remy back.
<Lily> Fifi: Why you poke coot Fifi?
* Sabrina walks over to Fifi and pats her on the head.
<Lily> Fifi looks midly offended.
<Remy> Ack..
<Lily> Fifi huggles Sabrina's leg.
<Remy> I've been poked..
<Lily> Fifi: Nicey nicey lady.
<Lily> Fifi: Who you?
<Gwen> Twyla Huggles one of the sprites!
<Lily> Peppy: What's you name?
<Sabrina> You're cute. =)
* Remy backs away behind Gwen :P
<Lily> Peppy huggles Twyla back :D
<Sabrina> My name's Sabrina. And your's?
<Gwen> Rem...they scare the hell out of me...
<Lily> Fifi: I already name Fifi!
<Gwen> Why are you guys here?
<Lily> Peppy smiles at Gwen cootly.
<Gwen> Can we get into the tower?
<Lily> Fifi blinks.
<Lily> Peppy: I dunno ^_^
* Remy eyes the sprites.
<Lily> Peppy: Why we here Fifi? :D
<Lily> Fifi: I no 'member :P
<Lily> Fifi: What in tower?
<Lily> Peppy: Maybe somethin' portant!
<Gwen> We need to see Sirufa!
<Lily> Fifi and Peppy look at the group.
<Lily> Fifi and Peppy look at Gwen confuzzedly for a moment.
<Lily> Finally a tiny candle lights up above Fifi's head.
<Lily> Fifi: Now I 'member ^_^
* Remy has one hand on his bo.. (dirty thought..)
<Dance> Whoah.
<Lily> Peppy smacks Remy.
<Lily> Peppy: No is good do that in public!
* Remy falls on his butt.
<Remy> Hey!
* Gwen hmms....can we get in...
<Gwen> Twyla find a flower and gives it to Peppy. "For you!"
<Lily> Fifi totters around the group eyeing everyone for flowers.
<Lily> Peppy: Yay :D
* Remy mutters.
<Lily> Peppy stuffs it in her mouth ^_^
<Lily> Fifi runs over to Twyla.
<Lily> Fifi and Peppy both attach themselves to Twyla.
<Gwen> Twyla: I have one for you too Fifi!
* Sabrina looks at Fifi. "What are you looking for, Fifi?"
<Gwen> Uh...maybe Twyla can distract them while we sneak in?
<Lily> Fifi: Fifi hungry! Fifi want flower!
<Lily> Fifi: Like daffodil best ^_^
<Sunny> What weird thingies.
<Sunny> But there sooo cute!
<Remy> Maybe we should just kill them.
<Remy> :P
<Lily> Peppy beams at Sunny.
* Sunny picks up Fifi and huggle-squeezes her.
<Sunny> Your soo cute!
<Gwen> Twyla: Uhh...I don't have anymore ;(
<Sunny> I wanna huggle you!
<Lily> Fifi brings a staff out from under her hair and whacks Remy's foot :P
<Lily> Fifi: Is bad thought!
<Gwen> That's a good thought...
<Remy> ACK!
* Remy grumbles about taking abuse :P
* Sunny feeds Fifi some daffodils :)
<Gwen> O_o
<Lily> Fifi wavles the staff menacingly in Gwen's direction.
<Gwen> I was kidding!
* Remy grabs Fifi by the ears :P
* Sabrina looks around the ground and sees a group of daffodils. She picks them up and gives them to Fifi.
<Lily> Fifi stuffs them in her mouth .
* Gwen smiles way too sweetly. "SEE?"
<Lily> Fifi bursts into tears.
<Lily> Fifi: He hurt me!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!
<Sunny> Dont hurt Fifi! She's cute!
<Remy> O_o
* Remy drops Fifi O_o
<Lily> Fifi bashes Remy over the head continually with her staff ^_^
<Gwen> HEY!
* Sunny giggles.
* Remy grimaces.
<Gwen> Leave him alone...uh...hey cute sprite....
<Sunny> You're funny Fifi.
<Remy> Oww.
<Gwen> If I give you all some food....
<Lily> Fifi shrieks and scurries onto Sunny's head.
* Dance watches amusedly.
<Gwen> Will you let us inside?
<Lily> Fifi: Can go inside anyway ^_^
<Gwen> OH?
<Lily> Fifi: But food good too :D
* Remy rubs the rapidly forming bump on his head.
<Gwen> Well, then, screw this! Let's go!
<Lily> Peppy: Wait minute!!!
<Gwen> Yes?
* Remy nods. "Yea...lets roll.."
<Lily> Peppy taptaps Fifi.
<Lily> Peppy: We can get flower from dem...
<Lily> Fifi: Oh ^_^
<Sabrina> What's wrong, Peppy?
<Lily> Fifi: No can pass till give us flower :D
<Lily> Peppy: Lotta flower!
<Remy> Gah.
<Remy> Blackmailing sprites..
<Gwen> Twyla gives Fifi a wreath of Flowers :D
<Lily> Fifi: Mountain of flower!
<Gwen> That good?
<Sabrina> I've given you a bunch of flowers!
<Lily> Peppy: Sea of flower!
<Lily> Fifi: Wreath good ^_^
<Gwen> Twyla: Here! Share! :D
<Lily> Peppy: Peppy want too!
<Sunny> Flowers!
<Gwen> Twyla: And when we save the world...they'll be lots more where that came from!
<Sunny> I want a Fifi stuffie!
<Lily> Fifi: Okay :D
<Lily> Peppy: Can go in ^_^
* Gwen runs inside while the sprites aren't looking, dragging Remy behind her.
<Lily> Fifi: Go see smelly fairy ^_^
* Sabrina follows after Gwen.
<Dance> Do you want me to come along?
* Remy yelps and lets himself get dragged.
<Gwen> Twyla: How can you live here? With her smell?
<Gwen> Twyla: Yeah mister Dance! :D
<Lily> Peppy: We no have factory gland ^_^
<Remy> Factory gland..?
<Gwen> Twyla: You mean olfactory?
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
<Lily> Fifi: Is mean we no can smell!
* Dance springs over the sprites and follows the group.
<Gwen> Twyla: Lucky.
<Sabrina> Wait, do those flowers taste yummy?
* Sunny hands Fifi a Beanos.
<Sunny> Eat this :)
<Remy> Whadda we do now, Gwen..?
<Gwen> to Sirufa!
<Remy> And where exactly is this Sirufa? we hafta follow the smell? :P
<Sabrina> What an idea, Gwen!
* Gwen acks!
<Gwen> We shoulda got gas masks or something..
<Gwen> We're all gonna die :P
<Lily> Fifi thinks for a moment.
<Dance> Remy, that might work.
<Lily> Fifi: Gas mask :D
<Gwen> You have some, Fifi?
<Lily> Fifi noddles.
<Lily> Fifi: Peppy go get!
<Lily> Peppy: No want to...
<Remy> No thanks, can try that method.. :P
<Lily> Peppy: Fifi go get!
<Gwen> Hurry!
<Lily> Fifi: No no....Peppy!
<Lily> Peppy hmms.
<Lily> Peppy points to a bush.
<Lily> Peppy: Is there ^_^
* Gwen runs to the bush and grabs the box. "Thanks!"
<Lily> Fifi: Have fun :D
* Dance grabs a mask.
<Gwen> >>And then the party rushes up the tower, gas masks on, and sees a pretty fairy, with a bad ass smell..
* Dance looks at it for sec.
* Remy raises both eyebrows at the fairy.
<Gwen> Sirufa: Welcome ALL! What brings you to my cursed abode.
* Dance bows. "Greetings!"
<Gwen> We want to Sainga Waterfall.
<Sunny> We've come with presents!
* Dance looks to Gwen.
* Sunny presents the giant size Beanos.
<Remy> Presents?
* Gwen kicks Sunny in the foot.
* Remy thwaps Sunny :P
<Sunny> She needs it!
* Sunny giggles.
<Gwen> Sirufa: Sorry honey, I've tried Beanos...never works.
<Gwen> Sirufa: I assume you're after the Orbs?
<Sabrina> We need help! Can you get us to some waterfall thing?
<Gwen> Sirufa: I don't understand people's fascination with the armor...
<Sunny> Whats an Orb?
<Dance> Orbs?  I'm just following them around.
<Remy> Yeppers, mon ami.
<Gwen> Sunny!
<Sunny> Hmm?
<Gwen> You remember! Orb of water?
<Sunny> Bob Of water?
<Gwen> Sirufa: Well, since you have gas masks, you'll probably live, just don't take them off. Least I've learned to control these blasts somewhat...
<Dance> Wait a minute... are you people going after THE armor?
<Gwen> Nevermind..
<Gwen> Yes, the armor..
<Sunny> Nob Of Water.. What does she mean?
<Gwen> Haven't you heard what happened in smythe?
<Dance> Whoah... incredible.
* Dance stands next to Sunny.
<Dance> Orb, Sunny, the Orb of Water.
<Sunny> I'm just a kid, I dont know everything!
<Gwen> Sirufa: Hang on! Here we go!
<Sunny> Oh yea!
* Gwen braces herself!
<Sunny> Da Orb.
* Dance holds onto Sunny.
<Dance> Hang on!
<Gwen> >>Suddenly, there is a rip, a cutting of cheese, and off you fly!
<Dance> She has to!
* Sabrina screams out loud and cringes in extreme pain.
* Gwen tries not to vomit in her mask.
<Sunny> EUUUU!
<Gwen> You fly farther and farther up in the air!
* Dance tries not to get motion sickness.
<Gwen> Twyla: What's wrong, Sabrina?
<Gwen> WHAT?
<Sunny> Baby?
<Gwen> Twyla: AHH!
<Dance> Baby?
* Remy makes a face..
<Dance> What baby?
<Gwen> She's pregnant..
<Dance> You mean she's pregnant?
<Sunny> PregNut?
<Dance> Help...
<Dance> Is there a doctor on this flying fart?
<Remy> What the..?
<Gwen> Suddenly, the mountain looms, and you crash into the ground!
<Gwen> OW!
* Sabrina continues screaming and calms down slowly after a minute, breathing heavily.
<Dance> UMPH!
<Remy> Ach!
<Gwen> Someone help Sabrina..
* Remy lands on his head.
* Dance turns quickly to the pregnant woman.
<Dance> Are you still having that kid now?
<Sunny> Is she going to blow?
<Sabrina> I'm gonna die!
<Remy> What a STUPID question!
* Sabrina is crying alot.
<Gwen> No you aren't..
<Dance> I was hoping it was premature feelings.
<Dance> Anyone know what to do?
* Remy crawls over by Sabrina. "You need to focus on something....Someone get her something to focus on!"
* Dance begins to dance.
<Gwen> Focus on Alen's stupidity!
<Gwen> ~Alen: O_O
* Sunny tires to dance like Dance.
<Dance> Watch the Dancer...
* Sabrina calms down after the next minute and continues breathing heavily.
<Sunny> Alen: Hey :P
<Sunny> Alen begins to dance.
<Gwen> .....
<Sunny> Lets do the Macarena!
<Gwen> My god, what have we become :(
<Sabrina> Oh god, I thought I was going to die....It was just a false alarm.
* Remy rips his coat off and places it under Sabrina.
<Remy> You okay?
* Dance stops.
* Remy places his hand on Sabrina's forehead..
<Sunny> Goodie!
<Gwen> Good.....
<Remy> Anyone got a drink?
<Remy> Water?
* Gwen looks up to the mountain....Let's go.
<Gwen> Ready everyone?
<Dance> I'm ready..
* Sabrina tries to get up from the ground but it is futile.
<Gwen> Uh....maybe we should rest here for the night.
* Remy nods to Gwen and helps Sabrina up, his coat around her.
<Sabrina> Thanks....Remy...
* Dance helps Sabrina up.
<Remy> Lets roll.
<Gwen> Okay, well, then let's roll!


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