VayRPG Session 5: Orbs, Water, and Memory

Gwen, Hottle, Anje Twlya, Boy-Pottle and Random NPCS: GMLucca
Neil: Runestar
Alexis: Bahamut
Pottle: Talon
Alen: Pippa
Adek: Rasis
Dance: Baywolf
Sabrina: Danny
Pottle: Talon
Meka: Star
Remy: Marrow
Sunny: Cecil

VayRPG Session 5: - (Title? ^^;) -

Session Start: Fri Nov 28 17:37:19 1997

<Dance> Looks like a long climb.
<Gwen> >>You still have the gas masks on, and it is, indeed, a long climb.
<Dance> Can you fly?
<Gwen> I can't wait to take these masks off.
* Remy smirks at Dance... "You can fly if I push you off the edge..."
<Dance> No thanks, besides Sunny would kill you if you did.
<Gwen> >>You suddenly hear another noise...another blast of that foul fairy!
<Gwen> AH! Shit! Put your masks back on!
* Sunny hugs Dance.
<Pottle> Eww...
<Remy> Agh.
<Sunny> Yea! Dont hurt him!
* Pottle straps his mask on FAST.
<Gwen> >>And here come the rest of the party, flying off Sirufa's wind!
* Dance points out he didn't take his off.
<Gwen> Twyla: Adek!
* Pottle chuckles..."Last time this happened I fought Rachel for a mask before I passed out... ;>"
* Remy pokes Gwen gently on the shoulder. "How're we gonna get down..? Climb?"
<Pottle> Yeah...when the place collapses...
<Gwen> You mean get up? Yeah...
<Gwen> We climb.
<Dance> Yeah...
<Alexis> Not much else to be done.
<Sunny> Aw, that's too big.
<Sunny> I can't climb that.
* Remy nods. "This should" :P
<Gwen> Well, let's get started...before it gets dark.
* Sunny pokes Dance.
* Dance stares at the sun.
* Pottle sharpens the point of his sword a bit.
* Meka pulls on her ears.
* Neil paces.
<Dance> Yes Sunshine?
<Gwen> Twyla: Hi Adek! I had so much fun! You missed it all!
<Remy> Who wants to go first?... :P
<Gwen> I will.
<Pottle> Cold, Meka?
<Sunny> Can you carry me up the mountain, it's too big for me to climb.
* Gwen climbs up the base of the cliff.
<Meka> Yeah. How'd you know?...
* Remy hmms.
* Adek glances at Twyla. "Lucky me.."
* Pottle shrugs..."Just a little observation."
* Meka yanks on an earring, then yelps as it comes out.
<Gwen> Twyla: Hey!
<Meka> OW!
<Dance> I would, my dear, but I'm all action and no punch.
<Pottle> Ack, you okay?
<Meka> Yeah...
* Neil looks up towards the higher areas.
<Sunny> Aww phoey.
* Remy follows Gwen up the cliff...he then looks down at the others... "Can we PLEASE hurry up?"
* Meka cleans the earring and tries to put it back in...
* Sunny pokes Pottle.
* Gwen calls from below "Hey! If we can just make it up this base, there's a path up ahead!"
* Neil frowns and runs upwards.
* Pottle pulls a fleece from his backpack and hands it to Meka. "Here, this'll keep you warm."
* Dance follows Remy.
* Meka takes it and blushes. "Thank you..."
<Gwen> Twyla: Wait! What about me?
<Dance> Sunny, follow me and I'll catch you if something happens.
* Meka wraps it around her and climbs.
* Pottle bows slightly..."No problem."
<Sunny> Hmm..
<Remy> Eh.....what about the girl..?
<Sunny> Alen: I'll carry you up Sunny :)
* Pottle kneels down..."Hop on my back, Twyla."
<Dance> Actually, get in front of me so I can catch you.
<Adek> Here.. Twyl.. hold onto my back.
<Sunny> Alen carries Sunny up the cliff :)
<Gwen> Hehe. Leave her down there. All of Otto's deciples are freakin' crazy. *Glances at Pottle and smirks*
* Neil will freeclimb if he as to.
<Neil> :P
<Meka> Hey, Sexystuffers? Did you ever find girlie?
<Gwen> Twyla: Okay!
<Remy> Heh...
<Sunny> Its ok Dance, I got a ride :P
<Gwen> Twyla hops on!
* Dance climbs for a while.
* Pottle looks up at Meka and shakes his head, then drives his sword into the cliffside and begins scaling it.
<Gwen> >>You all reach the top, and it's just a steep walk uphill...the worst is over...for now.
* Adek looks for a few handholds, then starts up.
<Meka> Hmmm... Where could she be...
<Neil> Hmm.
* Remy pants :P
* Sunny runs around.
* Meka almost falls thinking.
* Dance takes a deep breath.
<Sunny> So where's the orb?
<Meka> WOAH!
<Meka> :P I goofed. :P
* Remy wipes his brow, puts on his Hunk Charming Deluxe smile! (tm)
<Gwen> Well, we're not done climbing yet, we just won't have to scale up hills.
<Gwen> The orb's at the summit.
* Alexis leans on her sword, resting.
* Neil jogs down the path, practically electrified.
<Sunny> Aww, I cant do all this.
<Dance> I can jump and twist without breaking a sweat, but climbing a mountain...
<Gwen> And...unfortunately...
<Gwen> It's almost dusk.
<Pottle> The worst is yet to come, Sunny...
* Pottle sets Twyla down.
<Gwen> I don't think we can make it to the top in time.
<Sunny> Alen: Dont worry Sunny, I'll carry you to the top :)
<Gwen> Twyla: :(
<Remy> Shit....will we hafta make camp, mon chere?
<Pottle> Pessimistic, Gwen?
<Dance> I recommend we sleep for now... Perhaps there is a cave nearby?
<Pottle> Let's move fast...we can make it.
<Gwen> Shut up, pot-hole!
<Neil> I recommend we go on...
<Sunny> Yea sleep! I'm tired.
* Meka wraps the fleece around her tighter and shivers violently.
<Gwen> >>Voice: HEEEEEEY!!!
* Pottle flips the bird at Gwen.
<Remy> Ack.
<Dance> EH?
* Neil looks around.
* Remy draws his bo.
<Dance> What was that?
<Alexis> Why look for a musty monster-filled cave, when we can stay outside, relatively monster-free?
* Dance assumes a battle stance as he pulls out his bo also.
* Meka laughs at Pottle.
<Meka> :)
<Gwen> >> A old man hobbles out of nowhere. "I couldn't help overhearing you fine upstanding people!"
<Dance> Monster free eh?
* Pottle rubs Meka's shoulders to keep her warm while he looks for the voice.
<Remy> Because its not as fun? :P
* Neil absently fiddles with the catch on his mask.
<Sunny> Upstanding?
<Dance> Then again...
<Gwen> Whatever....
<Alexis> I said relatively.
<Remy> Upstanding?!
* Remy snickers under his breath.
<Dance> Hello, may we help you?
<Gwen> Old Man: I'm Hottle.
<Gwen> Pottle?
<Remy> Eh..
<Sunny> Buttole?
* Meka relaxes slightly.
<Gwen> Old Man: No, Hottle, who in their right mind would name their kid Pottle?
* Gwen snickers.
<Meka> You're a sweetie, Pottle...
* Dance suddenly remembers his gas mask is on and takes it off.
* Pottle glares at the old man..."My MOTHER, asshole."
<Remy> Good question.. ;)
<Gwen> Hottle: Oops! Hehehehe....
<Meka> No wonder Phoebe loves you so much...
* Neil looks at Dance.
<Gwen> Anyway, what do you want?
<Sunny> Thats a funny name Mr Hoopla!
* Neil practically tears his mask off, noting that it's safe.
* Meka looks at Hottle. "Yeah. What DO you want?"
* Dance catches Neil's eye.  "Yes?"
<Gwen> Hottle: I run a little inn right up this hill! Stay there! I'll even cook ya some dinner!
<Pottle> Well, Meka, I can't stand watching you freezing your butt off, can I? :>
* Neil steps aside and starts drawing something.
<Remy> Oooh..
<Sunny> Food?
* Gwen gives him a look.
* Remy scratches the back of his head as a loud rumbling from his stomach erupts.
<Gwen> Twyla: Yeah! Let's go there!
<Remy> Uhm..
<Sunny> I want HOT DOGS!
* Neil looks back to the party.
<Pottle> I don't trust it...
* Dance wonders over to Neil to look at the drawing.
<Neil> Well, inn or not, it's still forward. Let's go.
* Sunny follows Hottle.
<Meka> Heh... But that would be amusing, then. You see, if I freeze my butt off... *lets her voice trail off*
<Pottle> I'll stay, but I'm not eating.
<Sunny> You got hotdogs, Mr Hottle?
* Neil packs up his paper and gets ready to go.
<Pottle> Meka? I didn't hear that last part...
<Gwen> Hottle: Come with me then!
* Alexis warily tags along. "Who said this party was a democracy?"
<Meka> Nor I. Can't afford to put on much more weight.
<Gwen> Hottle hobbles up ahead.
* Neil follows.
<Meka> Never you mind, Pottle. *winks at him*
* Remy imitates Hottle, snickering.. :P
<Gwen> Remy..
* Remy stops. "Sorry..."
<Gwen> Shouldn't make fun of...ah screw it.
<Pottle> Meka...I'm eating because I don't trust what is in the food.
* Dance mumbles to himself, "Something seems wrong.." but follows anyway.
<Gwen> >>The cabin is right up's a little rugged, but it looks warm, and smoke billows from the chimney.
* Dance returns his staff to his back.
<Pottle> Besides...I always have some food on me.
<Remy> Eh....this brings back memories..
<Pottle> Even if it is dried. ;>
* Remy raises an eyebrow..
<Gwen> >>Hottle opens the door and invites you in.
* Neil checks for traps :P
<Gwen> Oooh...beds...
<Meka> I'm not eating anything. I'm too fat.
<Gwen> Hottle: Sit down, while I make dinner, yes yes yes!
* Meka walks in.
<Remy> Mmm...beds.. :P
* Dance walks in nonchalantly.
* Neil steps in after a cursory check.
* Gwen sits down and looks at the place...
<Gwen> How...quaint..
* Neil goes back to drawing once settled in a corner.
* Pottle lifts the bottom of Meka's shirt. "Odd...your stomach seems perfectly flat. Where's the fat?"
<Adek> Why does something feel wrong here?
* Remy leans against a wall... "Reminds me of my parent's house...what I remember of my parent's house anyways.." :P
* Neil seems perfectly at home.
* Sunny runs into the kitchen.
* Meka scowls. "I am. I'm like, 100 pounds."
<Sunny> Make hotdogs!
<Alexis> I'd just as soon be on the road...
<Gwen> Hottle: Yes yes yes.
<Meka> And don't touch my tummy, I'm tickilish. :P
<Sunny> And Beans!
<Meka> NO BEANS!
<Gwen> Hottle: Who wants food? Or something to drink?
* Meka holds her nose.
* Neil's eyes widen.
* Sunny runs around in the kitchen.
<Dance> Not me thanks. I ate just recently.
<Gwen> Tea, please.
* Pottle hears what Meka says and tickles her.
* Neil looks at Hottle oddly.
<Remy> any port..?
<Sunny> This looks good!
* Meka giggles and tries to bat Pottle away.
* Neil dismisses the thought and goes back to drawing.
<Meka> Seriously... *giggle* This is hardly... *laugh* dignified... *giggle*
* Sunny starts to make a mess in the kitchen while looking for drinks to drink.
<Sunny> good.
* Remy brushes his bangs out of his eyes and regards all of the party.."This is turning into a really big party..."
<Gwen> Hottle: Almost ready!
* Sunny comes out with some wine.
<Sunny> Look what I found!
<Remy> Wine! Ah! Perfect!
<Adek> You know what they say about safety in numbers, Remy..
* Meka giggles.
* Neil takes a glass and downs it completely.
<Meka> None for me, it makes you fat.
* Neil goes back to drawing
<Gwen> Hey!
<Gwen> Do you guys mind not eating this guy outta house and home?
* Remy slugs back some wine..
<Gwen> Hottle brings out the food!
<Gwen> Hottle: Eat up ^_^
<Gwen> Umm....okay...
* Remy's stomach once again rumbles loudly.
* Pottle shrugs, and walks outside..."C'mon meka, let's go for a walk...I'm not hungry."
* Neil mellows a little from the wine and feels a little more inclined to eat something.
<Dance> No thanks, I'll just sleep.
* Alexis slips outside, not enjoying the crowded atmosphere...
* Meka goes with him.
* Neil thanks Hottle and tries some food.
* Dance finds a quiet corner and falls asleep.
<Gwen> >>The food tastes WONDERFUL.
* Pottle goes walking up the path with Meka as the rest of the group eats.
* Remy offers Gwen some wine and tastes some of the food... "Hey! This ain't half bad!"
<Gwen> Yeah, it's pretty good!
* Gwen is impressed.
* Adek nibbles a little, not really feeling that hungry.
* Remy's stomach stops its forecious roaring.. ;)
<Neil> This is amazing.
<Gwen> Remy...are you drunk?
<Gwen> Pass the wine :D
* Pottle chuckles at Meka..."How come you think you're fat?"
* Neil wolfs the food down.
* Pottle is outside chatting with her somewhere along the path.
* Meka shrugs.
* Neil mutters something.
* Remy blinks... "I'm not sober, I'm perfectly drunk!"
* Neil shivers.
<Gwen> Um...whatever..
* Remy passes the wine.. ^_^
* Neil repeats it- "Beans?"
* Neil coughs a bit.
<Gwen> Get that girl some...what was it...Beanos?
<Neil> Wait a second guys.
<Gwen> What?
<Meka> I used to be a gymnast as well as a knight...
<Neil> This guy sounds like sfc material here...
<Neil> Living... well, where he does.
<Neil> And... beans in this place is kind of suspicious...
* Remy wobbles a little and eyes Neil.. "Whaaa?. Hey, I grew up in a place like this! S'perfectly normal!"
<Gwen> Sirufa's Fan Club...
* Gwen sniffs the beans...
<Meka> 100 pounds is heavy for a gymnast.
<Pottle> Well, aren't any more. And damn it, those gymnasts die by starving themselves...
<Meka> But I wasn't that good anyway.
<Gwen> Niel..this guy...the people in SFC don't steal for a they?
<Neil> Steal?
<Neil> No.
<Meka> I always fell on my fat ass.
<Gwen> Cuz....these beans smell funny.
<Meka> And I'm gonna die anyway...
* Neil sniffs the beans.
<Remy> Beans always smell funny.. :P
* Pottle grins and pinches Meka. "Call this fat? ;>"
<Gwen> Nono...
<Gwen> They smell metallic....I think mister Hottle put something in them.
* Meka squeals. "YES!"
* Meka grins at him.
<Gwen> >>You all suddenly feel woozy.
<Remy> Hmmm...want me to bust a cap in his sorry ass?
<Remy> Uhm..
<Remy> Shit.. O_o
<Neil> Urgh.
<Neil> That's not the wine...
<Gwen> Fuckin' A...I'm gonna throw up.
* Neil stumbles away to the corner.
<Gwen> Hottle: Hehehe! Yes! :D
* Remy see's double of everything.. O_o
<Gwen> Hottle: I learned that one from this book, Suikoden! Drug you stupid and steal all your stuff!
<Sunny> Whoa.
* Neil sits down somewhere out-of-the-way.
<Sunny> I feel funny!
<Neil> Hottle, you bastard.
<Gwen> Sonnabitch!
* Pottle smiles at Meka..."I don't care what you're beautiful..."
<Remy> Not a fuckin way!
* Sunny walks around.
* Gwen passes out.
<Gwen> Hottle: Heheheh!
* Dance hears people fall down and wakes up.
<Dance> I don't think so.
<Gwen> Hottle: Eh? Did I miss one?
* Sunny waddles up to Hottle and barfs over him and passes out!
* Meka blushes furiously.
* Remy starts towards Hottle and falls with a thud just inches from Hottle :P
<Gwen> Hottle: Get a wiff of my super-duper-sleepy-time mist, also available in caplets!
* Dance ntes Pottle's absence and yells for help.
* Dance put his mask on.
<Meka> You're really sweet yourself...
* Alexis stands dramatically in the doorway. "You missed two."
<Gwen> >>Too late, Dance is hit!
<Meka> And good-looking...
<Dance> Darn.
<Gwen> Hottle: Ah god dammit!
* Neil puts his mask on and... sleeeeeps......
<Dance> Getting sleepy...
* Alexis unsheaths her weapon of choice menacingly. A short beam of light glides the length of the blade before flaring and flickering out.
<Meka> ... Did you hear that, Pottle?
<Dance> Alex- put on mask...
* Dance collapses to the floor.
* Pottle nods..."Absolutely wonderful timing, too...c'mon!"
<Gwen> Hottle: Hehe! Watch THIS!
* Alexis grabs a mask!
<Gwen> Hottle throws some strange powder on you.
* Alexis pulls it on!
* Meka draws her whip and dashes off.
<Pottle> And put that mask on, Meka...I just have a feeling...
* Alexis rolls out of the way!
<Gwen> Twyla is passed out in the corner.
* Pottle pulls his mask on and straps it.
* Meka stops and puts a mask on.
<Gwen> Pottle and Meka suddenly start itching...and can't STOP.
* Pottle draws his sword...and drops it when he begins itching insanely.
<Gwen> >>Everyone except Alexis is down.
* Neil can only hope to wait out the effects of the drug.
<Gwen> Hottle: Hehe! Yer a cute girlie...
<Meka> ACK!
<Pottle> Aww shit...can't...stop...friggin'...scratching!
<Alexis> And you're a dead man.
<Gwen> Hottle: Oh really. I have 80 pounds of this itching powder!
<Gwen> >>You suddenly hear a voice. "Stop right there!"
* Meka struggles to keep from scratching.
<Alexis> And I'm gonna feed it to you.
<Pottle> Hmm? Who the hell...?
<Gwen> >>A window breaks!
<Meka> Uh?
* Pottle is on the ground scratching like a nutcase.
<Gwen> >>And you see a figure grab on to the old man's neck.
<Meka> Pottle, don't scratch, you'll make it worse!
<Gwen> >>Voice: Okay you! I knew I'd catch you! I want my money back, you blabbering old fart!
* Meka rubs her arms.
<Alexis> Dammit! I was tryin' to be the dramatic one!
<Alexis> Hey! I get to torture him for information first!
<Gwen> Hottle: Ahh! Noooo! It's that girl! Hey! Hey! So what If I drugged your coffee.....we're still friends, right?!
<Alexis> Who are you, anyways?
<Gwen> Voice: Me?
<Alexis> Yes.  You?
<Gwen> Voice: My name's Anje. Mercenary for hire. And THIS asshole drugged me!
<Meka> BRB...
<Alexis> Seems your not the only one to have fallen for it.
<Pottle> Another mercenary?! *scratch* *scratch*
<Gwen> Hottle: Okay! Okay! I'll give you all your stuff! Just don't kill me!
<Gwen> Anje: Hmm...should we...or should we make you suffer?
<Alexis> Hell, on top of our stuff back.  We want your stuff too!
<Gwen> Hottle: Nooooooo! You can't take my ABBA records! YOU CAN'T!!
<Alexis> Yes. I think some sort of... punishment in order...
<Alexis> I wouldn't want them, but we could....
<Alexis> BURN THEM!!!
<Gwen> Anje: ABBA? What kind of crazy fuck are you?
* Alexis laughs manically!
<Gwen> Anje: We'll let you live, if you run like hell, and don't look back...oh oh yeah, and give us our stuff.
<Gwen> Hottle: It's all in the closet!
<Gwen> >>Everyone begins to stir.
<Gwen> Anje: Miss, can you check it out?
* Alexis goes over and opens the closet with her sword, to check.
* Remy mutters about cheap wine..
* Dance sits up.
* Sunny barfs on Remy while getting up.
<Gwen> >>He's telling the truth, it's all in there.
<Sunny> Ufha.
* Gwen moans..and throws up on Adek.
<Remy> stupid sl-
<Dance> Gotta remember to pay attention to those subtle warnings..
<Neil> Urgh.
<Gwen> Anje: Go then.
<Sunny> Huh? Oh I'm sorry Remy!
* Remy stops himself :P
<Gwen> Anje kicks the old man outta the house!
* Neil stands up weakly.
<Sunny> It was that... whatever.
<Alexis> Let him go, I guess. But I know if I ever see him again, I'll kill 'im.
* Remy takes off his shirt and tosses it out the window.
* Neil claws at his face, realizing there's a mask there.
* Neil finally gets his mask off and his sword out.
<Gwen> Anje: Thanks miss, I thought I'd never get my stuff back.
* Pottle feels the itching stop..."Ahh...much better..."
<Neil> <<axe!>>
* Dance takes off his mask.
* Gwen sits up "Oooowww..."
<Alexis> Heh, truth be told, I'm grateful for your help too.
* Remy offers his hand to Gwen...
<Gwen> I will never fall for something that dumb again.
* Meka stands.
<Sunny> What was that crap?
* Neil looks for Hottle.
<Remy> Need help, chere?
<Pottle> You alright, Meka?
<Meka> Yeah.... *shiver*
* Pottle rubs her shoulders again to warm her up.
<Gwen> Anje: Hottle's gone.
<Dance> Perhaps, now that he's gone, we can sleep?
<Neil> Hmm.
<Gwen> Anje: And in case you didn't hear it before, I'm Anje.
<Neil> We'd better lock the door.
* Gwen locks the door.
<Meka> Thanks, Pottle. *smile*
<Gwen> Twyla throws up on Adek :D
<Gwen> Sleep...yeah...let's.
<Pottle> No problem, Meka... :>
* Sunny burps.
<Neil> You guys go ahead and get some rest.
<Neil> I have some stuff I have to do, and I can keep watch.
<Pottle> I'm standing watch tonight...
<Pottle> Looks like you have company, Neil.
* Gwen flops on the bed.
<Meka> I'll stand, too.
<Neil> Pottle, I'm going to be up anyway.
* Dance finds his corner again, this time falling into a much more natuarul sleep.  "Wake me for late watch"
<Neil> *sigh*
<Gwen> Dude...some of you sleep, and some of you keep watch.
<Sunny> Good! I'm off to bed!
<Neil> Fine then.
* Neil goes back to drawing.
<Gwen> Twyla throws up yet again, at least till Adek notices her ;)
* Remy eyes the beds, and then eyes the rest of the group. :P
* Sunny steals alot of blankets and makes a bed by the fire.
<Meka> Too strung out to sleep...
<Gwen> Anje: Who are you people anyway?
* Pottle sits back in the doorway, unaffected by the he sharpens his blade.
<Sunny> Tired :P
* Remy crawls to a corner where he sits shivering from the cold. "We're the hired help.." :P
<Gwen> Anje:'d like to know why you're on this mountain.
* Pottle looks at Anje..."Pottle Eccles. I think I'm a hero. I think. :P"
<Gwen> Anje: See, I live here...but do you?
<Sunny> To get the ORB!
<Sunny> But I dunno why.
* Meka sits in a corner near the door with Pottle's fleece over her, un- and re-braiding her whip.
<Sunny> Ask Gwen! She's smart!
<Gwen> Anje: You mean the Orb of Water? Ha! Good luck! Do you know what's UP THERE?
<Remy> I don't live anywhere, least of all here... :P
<Pottle> No, Anje...but we HAVE to get that orb...
<Remy> Butts to kick, Anje? :P
<Gwen> Anje: No...more like a Giant Water snake!
* Meka wraps it around her arm.
<Gwen> Anje: It guards the Orb.
<Remy> Sounds fun.
* Pottle toys with Meka's whip...and sets the braids so tight they won't loosen for months.
<Meka> Heh... Thanks, Pottle. :>
<Pottle> No prob. :>
<Gwen> Anje: I could be your guide...for a price.
<Sunny> Is it friendly?
<Gwen> Anje: Gee, no...what do you think?
<Alexis> How about for the old man's ABBA record collection?
<Sunny> I dunno :)
* Pottle then starts braiding Meka's hair.
* Meka giggles.
<Gwen> Anje:....that's not funny.
* Remy yawns and continues to shiver. "How much d'you want, mon amie?"
<Gwen> Anje: How much have ya got on ya?
<Pottle> 15 Gold.
<Meka> Tickles... :)
<Pottle> *grin*
<Gwen> Anje: I can't fight yet, cuz I can't find my axe...but I can lead you...and I'll stick with you for as long as you need.
<Pottle> Your hair tickles, Meka?
<Gwen> Anje: That's IT?!
<Neil> Hmm?
<Gwen> Anje: 15 gold? That's pretty low...
<Meka> Yeah. :)
* Remy hands Anje the 15 gold along with 20 more :P
<Gwen> Anje: 500 gold, and you have a deal
<Pottle> Yep, that's it. Unless you're the hero type...don't bother guiding us, cuz we don't have enough cash for you.
<Remy> Eh.
<Remy> Shit.. :P
<Gwen> Anje: I actually need that money for somoene besides myself.
* Alexis mumbles... "Maybe those ABBA records'll fetch a good price in town... you really should take them instead..."
<Pottle> Well, we'd need 500 Gold...
* Meka sighs and looks at her purse... "And I wanted a new whip..."
<Pottle> Which we don't have.
<Gwen> Anje: Okay, 300, and that's as low as I'm gonna go!
* Meka throws in her 60 gold.
<Gwen> Anje: Anyone else?
* Pottle laughs..."Man, we can do this ourselves. Why do we need her?!"
<Remy> Heh...we could always play poker for it.. ;)
<Neil> Hmm.
<Alexis> You're not much good unless you can fight.  150Gp.
* Neil looks around.
<Gwen> Anje: Okay, you can pay me the rest later....but...that girl..that little girl...she shouldn't come
<Gwen> Anje: That monster's been known to eat kids in a gulp.
* Dance rolls over, revealing his money bag, as if it were a subconscious hint or something.
* Neil starts drawing with a makeshift compass.
<Sunny> Eat kids!?
* Pottle finishes braiding Meka's hair.
<Gwen> Anje: Yep...
* Pottle helps her up and walks her over to a mirror. "What do you think? :>"
<Gwen> Anje: Anyway...I'll lead the way...but keep that kid here.
* Neil brushes off the remaining scraps of eraser, apparently done.
<Gwen> Anje: She'll be safe if we lock the door...
<Meka> You're talented, Pottle...
<Neil> Hmm.
<Neil> What time is it?
* Meka turns this way and that.
<Meka> It's nice! ^_^
<Gwen> Anje: Midnight.
<Neil> Damn.
<Neil> Six more hours.
<Remy> Can we wait until morning?
* Remy glances over at Gwen..
* Neil stalks off to a bed.
* Gwen is sleeping.
<Gwen> >>'s morning!
<Pottle> If you want them taken out you'll have to ask me, Meka...those things are tightened so they won't need elastics to hold them. :P
* Meka hugs Pottle. "Thank you!"
* Dance awakens.
* Neil opens his eyes, then leaps out of bed full tilt.
* Gwen yawns and stretches....
<Gwen> Morning everyone...let's go.
* Remy massages his neck, the muscles making popping noises.
<Gwen> ..ew...snap crackle pop Remy's body...
* Neil nods to Gwen and is ready in a matter of seconds.
* Remy smirks a Gwen. "Not everyone had a bed..."
<Gwen> a man!
* Alexis laughs.
<Remy> I am.. :P Last time I checked, anyway. :P
* Dance stretches and the performs a quick routine of calisthenics that would make marines wince.
* Pottle whispers to Meka..."And you look even more beautiful with those braids. :>"
* Meka bursts out giggling and blushing.
* Neil winces.
* Remy slips on his jacket and pulls his hair back into its place. "I'm ready!"
* Meka whispers back, "I'm beautiful, huh? Just how beautiful, sexy?"
* Neil gets impatient and is out the door- unfortunately, it's locked... *WHACK!*
<Pottle> *whisper* Enough to make Anemone look plain compared to you.
<Neil> Rrr..
<Remy> Ouch.
* Neil unlocks the door and steps outside.
* Gwen pulls her hair into a ponytail.
<Gwen> Let's go.
<Gwen> Anje: Who is gonna watch this Twyla kid?
<Gwen> Twyla: Yeah! Who?
* Dance offers to stay with Twyla.
<Gwen> Twyla gives you all a funny look.
<Meka> *whisper* I bet Tereus's jealous of you, Pottle.
<Gwen> Anje: All right, let's go!
<Pottle> *whisper* He is not, if he was I'd be dead.
* Pottle grins.
<Gwen> >>The team climbs the rest of the way.
<Gwen> >>And they soon find themselves at the summit...the cave looms ahead.
<Meka> *whisper* We wouldn't want that, eh, sexystuffers? *wink*
* Neil scouts out trees along the ways, marking something on a sheet of paper and tying a white flag on some.
* Gwen glances at Meka and Pottle.
<Gwen> Get serious, you two.
<Neil> Hmm.
<Neil> A cave.
* Remy stares at the ground.
<Meka> We are serious, Gwen.
<Gwen> Pssh...whatever.
<Remy> Can we just do this.
* Neil reluctantly refits his mask.
<Gwen> Yeah...let's go.
<Remy> And get the fuck outta here?.
* Meka giggles.
<Pottle> *whisper* She says get serious...we are serious...serious about each other, it would seem...
<Gwen> The caverns are bluish in color, and you're ankle-deep in clear, blue water.
* Meka closes her eyes and smiles slightly... "Yes... I think so..." *whisper*
<Gwen> >>You see a waterfall up ahead.
* Remy looks at the water and twirls his finger in it... "Hmm...nice. Wonder if you can drink it.."
<Gwen> >>The waterfall has a sign next to it.
* Neil splashes his face with some water to wake himself up a little.
* Neil goes up to the sign and reads it.
<Gwen> >>"If you dare to venture further...drink from this spring to regain your strength."
<Neil> Hmm.
<Remy> Eh.
* Neil drinks the water, thankful to have his mask off for a second.
* Gwen looks suspicous.
<Gwen> Anje: Don't worry. This is a healing spring.
* Neil shrugs.
* Remy smirks. " and learn.."
* Alexis always looks suspicious.
<Gwen> Anjre: Drink from it.
* Remy takes a bigggg gulp!
* Neil looks for the logical next area.
* Pottle hugs Meka tightly. "This journey for the orbs is going to be sure you want to continue on it?"
* Adek takes a drink.
* Sunny guzzles.
<Gwen> >>You drink from the spring, and are refreshed beyond your wildest dreams! HP/MP/Status Recovered!
<Neil> Pottle, the way you two are going on, you should be on a honeymoon, not a quest...
* Meka hugs back. "Yes... I'll try at least..."
* Alexis drinks now...
<Gwen> Yeah...don't forget about Phoebe...
* Neil walks off, presumeably toward the orb.
* Gwen gives him a look.
* Remy raises an eyebrow and offers Gwen some water, seeing as how she hasn't gotten any yet... :P
<Gwen> Oh, thanks.
<Sunny> Phoebe?
* Gwen drinks some.
<Remy> No problem, mon amie.
<Gwen> Yeah, his GIRLFRIEND.
<Sunny> Oh yea..
* Pottle sips some of the water.
<Gwen> But it seems he's forgotten that. *Mutter*
<Sunny> Hmm...
<Sunny> She'll be angry :)
* Sunny giggles.
<Gwen> I don't see what she sees him anyway.
* Remy looks around the cave and then at the guide... "Where to now?"
<Gwen> Anje: It's just up ahead.
* Meka takes some, her face crimson...
<Pottle> You could use some of that water on your beet red face... :P
* Remy nods and fiddles with the gloves on his hands, deep in thought.
<Pottle> *smirk*
* Meka chuckles.
<Gwen> Anje: Beware though....we don't know what's ahead!
* Meka splashes him a little.
<Meka> Don't smirk. :P
<Pottle> I'll smirk if I wanna. :P
<Gwen> >>You hear a rumbling.....and look behind you....water is flooding down the path in a mad gush!
<Neil> Hmm.
<Sunny> Tidal Wave!
<Remy> Oh shit.
<Alexis> Oh shit...
* Neil is already running like hell.
* Adek hesitates, just for a second, then takes off running.
* Pottle dips his ass off!
<Gwen> >>The tidal wave sweeps you off the ground! You're caught in the rapids!
* Alexis follows her own adivice...
<Remy> Shit!
<Gwen> That's putting it mildly!
* Neil fumbles through his inventory.
<Meka> I CAN'T SWIM!
<Gwen> Anje: Grab on to anything that floats!
* Remy looks like a wet puppy dog.. :P
<Gwen> Anje grabs onto a piece of wood.
* Neil wonders if he has any rope.
* Pottle reaches for Meka...
* Sunny contines to surf the wave.
<Sunny> Whee!
* Meka chokes.
<Pottle> Grab my hand!
* Gwen grabs onto Pottle, and nearly drags him down!
* Neil closes his eyes, it all coming back to him...
* Meka reaches out and grabs his hand.
* Pottle yanks Gwen up..."Meka!"
<Alexis> This, uh, doesn't look good...  I'm in serious crap here...
<Gwen> *cough cough*
* Pottle grabs her with the other hand, now having a hard time of it...
<Meka> Pottle! *cough* *choke*
* Remy grabs both Gwen and Pottle. He then latches on to Anje. :P
<Gwen> >>Then, you can see the newly created river suddenly drop off, into a waterfall...yes, you are all in some pretty deep shit ;)
* Pottle holds his breath...and ducks under to keep the others afloat.
* Neil deftly swims to the side of the cave.
<Remy> Oh Gods!
<Remy> O_o
* Alexis jumps up and grabs one.
<Sunny> Yikes!
<Gwen> ........mother..
* Pottle pulls out..."Aww fuck."
<Neil> Fuck.. waterfall... no... waterfall bad.
<Remy> This is not good..
* Sunny holds on to her board.
<Gwen> >>The stalagmite breaks!
<Remy> At all..
* Neil claws at the side.
* Neil frowns and goes over.
* Adek struggles to keep his head out of the water. "Ah.. fuck! Why us?"
* Alexis drops into the water. "Fu---!" *blurp!*
<Gwen> Good Questioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! *Goes over*
* Meka lets go so Pottle isn't so burdened.
* Sunny surfs off the side.
<Sunny> WHEEE!
<Gwen> Anje screams as she goes over.
<Remy> Eep.... *falls over*
* Meka screams and falls.
<Pottle> No!!!! Meeeeeekaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
* Neil silently jackknifes into the water upside-down.
* Alexis has disappeared under the water.
* Pottle crashes into the water...head first.
<Gwen> >>You all land in a large pool of water. A small insland of sand is in the center....
* Neil acks- water goes into your nose when you're upside-down.
* Neil rights himself, coughing.
<Meka> No, Po- *choke* Pottle don't!
* Neil looks for people that can't swim.
* Alexis surfaces in the pool...
* Gwen gasps and shoots outta the water. "Everyone ok?!"
* Sunny lands on the water nice and neatly and surfs over to the side.
<Sunny> That was FUN!
<Gwen> Anje: I'm fine!
<Alexis> It was interesting... but I don't think I'll do it again any time soon...
* Remy groans and massages his temples, crouched on the ground..
* Pottle is still underwater...apparently unconscious from the head-first impact.
<Gwen> Where's Pottle?
<Gwen> Shit!
* Neil saves Pottle.
* Meka gets up.
<Neil> :P
<Meka> Pottle?!
<Remy> Oh shit.
<Meka> POTTLE?!
<Gwen> Anyone know mouth to mouth....
* Meka splashes around frantically.
* Neil drags Pottle onto dry land.
* Gwen does, but....she doesn't want to unless it's neccesary ;)
* Adek swims over to the side, shaking water out of his ears. "Oh, wonderful.."
* Remy gets a look :P
<Neil> Meka get over here!
<Neil> ;)
<Remy> I do...but theres no way in Tartarus.. :P
* Gwen slaps Neil.
* Neil frowns and checks for breathing.
* Neil is still wearing his mask.
<Gwen> Hurry up! Who can do it?!
<Neil> He's not breathing.
<Gwen> ANYONE?
* Meka shoves Neil out of the way and puts her mouth on Pottle's, but she's breathing so fast she can't do it.
<Neil> *whew*
<Gwen> Meka! You're doing it all wrong!
<Neil> I definitely did not want to do that.
* Meka tries again.
<Meka> POTTLE!!!!
<Gwen> Dude...hurry up!
<Meka> WAKE UP!!!
* Gwen sighs and pulls up her sleeves.
<Gwen> I'll do it.
* Meka cries and breaths into his mouth again.
* Remy grimaces slightly.
<Neil> Damn... now how do we get out?
<Gwen> But I'm not gonna like this..he hates my guts....he'll never get up.
* Remy picks Meka up and restrains her :P
<Gwen> >>Meka's breathing works! He starts to vomit up water!
<Gwen> Ah...good.
* Neil looks sadly at the waterfall.
<Gwen> I woulda had nightmares if I had to breathe into his smelly mouth.
* Pottle begins coughing and wheezing.
* Remy would've had nightmares too.. :P
<Neil> You would have nightmares...
<Meka> Pottle! Oh, thank gods...
* Meka hugs him.
<Gwen> time....don't do that.
<Pottle> Augh...fuck...
<Pottle> Give me the license plate number of that tidal wave...ow, my neck...
<Gwen> >>"Hissssssss....."
* Neil looks around for somewhere to go.
<Remy> Eh.
<Gwen> What was that?
<Neil> Hiss?
* Remy blinks and narrows his eyes.
<Neil> I hope someone just doesn't like my acting...
* Neil draws his axe.
* Meka puts her hand under his head.
* Adek stands up, and grips the hilt of his katana. "This is just great.."
<Gwen> >>"Hissssssssssssssssssssssssssss..."
<Neil> Either way, hissing is very dangerous at this point...
<Meka> Can you move it without pain?
<Gwen> >>You hear a voice boom over the hissing. "Who dares to enter this sanctuary!"
<Pottle> Doesn't hurt bad...but I hit wrong...
<Sunny> Well my board is ok :)
<Remy> Ain't nobody here but us chickens!
* Neil hefts his axeb
<Remy> :P
<Gwen> Who are you?
* Neil remembers something...
<Pottle> Magician of Water...
<Alexis> Wow... it can talk.  I expected just a dumb giant snake.
<Meka> Are you numb anywhere?
* Remy draws his bo..
<Gwen> Voice: Correct. I am Solon. Why do you wish to reactivate the armor...again?
<Gwen> Wait...he's 1000 years old?!
<Gwen> Hellooo?
<Sunny> I dunno? Why do we?
<Pottle> The Danek have returned, Solon....
<Gwen> Anje: No, it's just a recording...
<Gwen> Ah.
<Gwen> Solon: I see....even if you have good intentions...I must test you.
* Neil is looking for exits.
* Pottle looks at Meka..."No. Nothing numb...I'm not paralyzed."
* Neil is really fidgeting now.
<Meka> Seeing all right? *acting like a mother hen*
<Gwen> Chill Neil...
<Remy> Yeaaaaaaah! We get to kick some snake ass! :P
* Neil chills.
<Gwen> Go for it, Solon.
<Pottle> No concussion either, Meka... :>
<Meka> Okay...
<Sunny> Snakie go down the hole!
<Meka> Cold?
<Meka> I'm sorry, this is my fault...
<Gwen> Solon: We shall see if you truly are true of heart and mind.....Leviathan! Come forth!
<Pottle> That I am. That water is freezing...
* Meka hugs him tightly.
<Pottle> Meka...stop worrying about it...don't blame yourself. :>
<Remy> Erk.
* Neil chuckles silently to himself.
<Gwen> >>The water churns...a giant Serpant rises from it!

== COMBAT!! ==

<Remy> Oh shit.. :P
<Neil> Leviathan indeed... never seen one of those before.
<Alexis> Hmmm. I am reminded of another Leviathan... very big and powerful...
<Neil> Ohh crrrrrap.
* Pottle looks up at the giant water snake...
<Alexis> ...why do I feel doomed?
<Sunny> 1 Target, Leviathan!
<Pottle> Uh-oh.
* Alexis unsheaths her weapon of choice menacingly. A short beam of light glides the length of the blade before flaring and flickering out.
* Meka draws her whip.
<Pottle> Let's go...*stands up*
* Gwen pulls out her spear and prays to whatever gods are out there...cuz she'll need it!
* Adek slowly slide his sword out of it's scabbard, watching the beast.
<Gwen> Anje stands to the back. "Without my axe, I'm powerless...good luck!"
<Neil> You be careful now, you hear?
* Alexis leaps at Leviathan with her Sword!
<Sunny> Strike 1: 8, strike 2: 9.
* Remy twirls his bo, smirking..
<Sunny> Sunny casts Spike!
<Sunny> 26 damage!
<Gwen> Die you freakin' SOB!
<Sunny> Leviathan bites at Pottle!
<Gwen> Pottle, lookout!
<Sunny> Strike 1: 10 dmage, 2: 12!
* Gwen strikes out at the beast!
<Gwen> Take that, and that, and most especially THAT~!
<Sunny> 15 and 12!
* Remy grins in a deep, charming, sexy and handsome way. His eyes twinkle in their charm and he winks at Gwen. Remy casts ¤Projection on Leviatan!
<Sunny> 14 Damage!
* Neil reaches toward Leviathan, and a purple haze drifts around it....
<Sunny> The attack is unsuccessful.
* Adek chants for a few seconds, then slashes with his sword, sending a spark at Leviatan.
* Neil curses.
<Sunny> Critical! 20 Damage!
<Sunny> Pottle's Attack:
<Sunny> 19 and 18.

- Combat Round 2! -

* Alexis leaps at Leviathan with her Sword!
* Adek crouches slightly, bringing his blade to a ready position. "Ok, people.. let's take this bugger down.."
<Sunny> 9 and Critical for 18.
* Remy nods to Adek in agreement and twirls his bo at high speeds...
<Sunny> Sunny surfs around the Levitation and casts more spikes!
<Sunny> 25 damage!
<Sunny> Leviathan stands tall and relases a water wave on the front row!
<Gwen> Ahhhh!
<Remy> Oh fuck.. *sploosh!* ARGH! I JUST GOT THIS JACKET DRY! :P
* Alexis braces herself!
* Gwen is soaked....
<Sunny> Remy 13, Pottle 13, Adek 14, Alexis dies!, Gwen: 19.
* Adek sputters. "Gah.. I didn't think I could get any wetter.."
<Remy> Holy fucking crickey, Batman!
<Remy> :P
* Alexis is crushed by the water!
* Gwen coughs, and strikes out blindly.
<Sunny> 14 and 15 !
* Remy chants lowly and his red eyes deepen in their mist begins flowing his dark red eyes and Remy smiles almost evilly. "Here's where I cook your ass, mon ami!" He casts ¤Flame bolt on Leviatan!
<Sunny> Critical! 30 damage!
<Remy> he doesn't like fire, eh?
* Remy grins.
<Sunny> Leviation: Well I'm made of water :P
* Neil is going to chop this thing's ass off.
* Neil hacks at the odd creature.
<Sunny> 31 Damage!
<Sunny> Leviathan: I'm sensitive :P
<Gwen> It talks?
<Neil> Then let's talk this over like civilized people...
* Adek lunges at Leviathan, slashing away.
<Neil> Before more of us die...
<Sunny> 21 and Miss!
<Gwen> Yeah, whatever just keep on dreamin'.
<Neil> Dreamin's what I do best.
<Neil> Answer me, creature...
<Gwen> >>The serpent only hisses.
<Gwen> Um....nevermind
<Neil> Then prepare to die.
<Sunny> 28 damage by Pottle's flame!

- Combat Round 3! -

<Sunny> Leviathan: Hehe that tickles!
<Remy> Cocky SOB!
<Gwen> Damn...that is one skitty little snake!
<Sunny> Sunny Casts Heal on Pottle.
<Sunny> Pottle regians full HP!
<Sunny> Levitation: Roar!
<Sunny> Leviathan attacks Gwen :P
<Remy> O_o
<Adek> There has to be SOMETHING we can do here..
<Sunny> Strike 1: 23 damage. 2nd, she DIES!
<Remy> GRRR!
<Sunny> Oh my god you killed Gwen! You basterds :)
* Remy chants lowly and his red eyes deepen in their mist begins flowing his dark red eyes and Remy smiles almost evilly. "Here's where I cook your ass, mon ami!" He casts ¤Flame bolt on Leviathan!
* Gwen is dead...again.
* Adek tenses. "Two down.. damn.."
<Sunny> 31 Damage!
<Neil> This is to prove our good intentions? Well damn, man, we don't have any!
<Sunny> >> A rat jumps on to Gwen's dead corpse. :P
* Remy kicks the rat off!
<Gwen> Rat: Squeek!
<Sunny> >> A Bunch of rats start to chew Gwen's arm off!
* Neil buries his axe into the monster's chest (or somewhere along those lines anyway)
<Sunny> 31 Damage!
<Gwen> Anje: Quick! Catch!
* Remy growls and bops all the rats with his bo!
<Gwen> Anje throws Pottle a Mandacore.
<Remy> Back, back I say! :P
<Gwen> Anje: Give this to Gwen!
<Sunny> Adek:
* Adek lunges again, this time trying not to mess up his backswing.
<Sunny> 19 And Miss!
<Sunny> Pottle uses The Mandacore on Gwen :)
* Gwen wakes up!
<Sunny> Gwen is up with 15 hp!
<Remy> Welcome back, beautiful!
<Gwen> Oh god....

- Combat Round 4! -

* Adek goes back to circling, grumbling to himself as he messes up the backswing AGAIN.
<Gwen> This mandacore stuff is great!
<Sunny> Rats scurry over Alexis.
<Sunny> Sunny Casts Rock thingie on Leviathan!
* Remy arghs and kicks the rats off.
<Sunny> Leviathan takes 30 damage.
<Remy> :P
<Sunny> Levitaion: ARGH!
<Sunny> Levitation relases another wave!
* Remy taunts Leviathan! :P "NYEH NYEH!"
* Neil narrows his eyes.
<Remy> Uh oh.
<Remy> :P
<Sunny> On everyone!
<Gwen> SHIT!
<Remy> Ack!
* Gwen has a feeling she'll be kissin' dirt again.
* Neil braces himself.
* Remy gets the feelin of incoming death :P
<Sunny> Remy 13, Pottle 13, Adek 15, Gwen's dead!, Sunny 1, Neil 34.
<Neil> Bring it on!
<Gwen> Arrrgh..! *Plop*
* Adek staggers slightly. "How's everyone.. holding up?"
<Remy> Thassit! :P
<Neil> Bring it on I said!
* Neil laughs maniacally.
* Remy goes insane :P
* Remy chuckles softly and grins mischeviously at Sunny. He dashes in quickly, brings his bo down on a dangerous arc and uses a Low Thrust on Sunny.
<Remy> *snickers as he stops short*
<Sunny> Hey!
* Sunny cries.
<Sunny> Mean Remy!
<Remy> Pbbt. :P
<Gwen> Anje looks for another Mandacore.
* Remy chants lowly and his red eyes deepen in their mist begins flowing his dark red eyes and Remy smiles almost evilly. "Here's where I cook your ass, mon ami!" He casts ¤Flame bolt on Leviathan!
<Gwen> Anje: I have one more! Who needs this?
<Remy> Gwen does!
<Sunny> Leviathan dives to eat Remy whole but the fire blast vaporizes it right before it takes off his head!
<Remy> :P
<Remy> O_o
* Remy eeps.

== VICTORY! 12 xp 100 gold 50 tp ==

<Remy> That was...close.
* Gwen wakes up with one hp.
* Meka hugs Pottle.
<Gwen> Ooooooooooooh god....
<Sunny> As does Alex.
* Neil stands silently as the smoke drifts by him.
<Gwen> I am sick of this!!!!
* Remy hugs Gwen. :P
<Gwen> Solon: Well done.
* Neil kicks the corpse.
* Alexis lies there in the water. "God... I feel like shit..."
<Remy> I have one Herbal Extract.. :P
* Adek resheathes his sword, and offers Alexis a hand to pull her up. "You ok?"
<Gwen> Solon: Since you won it fairly...I will entrust the orb to'll find it in the cavern ahead...beware...along with it's power comes responsiblity...
<Alexis> I've been better.  Thanks.
* Neil hooks his axe onto his belt and looks around again for somewhere to go.
<Gwen> Solon: A dark shadow is falling over this world...
* Alexis uses one of her own Herbal Extracts...
* Neil walks ahead to the orb chamber.
<Sunny> Alexis recovers full hp!
<Gwen> Solon: This is only the beginning of the must fight on.
<Neil> Yeah, I'll take that responsibility when I get there.
<Gwen> Solon: And...take care of my brother for me.
<Remy> Through the darkness...all is evil...
<Remy> :P
<Gwen> Solon's voice fades.
* Neil stops.
<Sunny> Who needs Healing!
<Gwen> I DO!
<Gwen> I don't want to die again!
<Sunny> Sunny heals Gwen to Max!
<Remy> :P
* Neil walks over to Sunny.
<Gwen> Thanks.
<Neil> Sunny.
* Gwen runs to the orb chamber!
<Neil> :)
<Neil> Hit me.
<Neil> err..
<Neil> heal me.
<Neil> :P
* Sunny whacks Neil.
* Remy follows.
* Neil owws!
<Sunny> Neal takes 999 damage...
<Remy> off
<Remy> ;)
* Meka tiptoes in the opposite direction...
* Sunny heals Neil to max then :)
* Neil collapses, thinking of rats.
<Neil> ;)
<Gwen> >>You see it! It's the orb! It floats right in the middle of another waterfall...
* Neil wakes up instantly.
<Meka> I'll be back, Pottle, I promise... *whisper*
<Gwen> Who gets to take it?
<Sunny> Wow its pretty!
<Neil> Hmm.
* Meka dashes off.
<Remy> Ooooh...
<Remy> Shiny.. O_o
<Neil> I'll take it... if none of you disagree.
* Sunny runs up to it.
<Alexis> Who wants to touch it?  What if it's trapped?
<Gwen> Go ahead Neil..
<Pottle> It's trapped.
* Neil takes the orb.
<Sunny> It smells!
<Pottle> Grab it...and RUN!
<Gwen> Who smells..
<Sunny> Oh wait that's Neil :P
<Alexis> This whole place could come down around our ears...
<Gwen> It will..
<Sunny> :)
* Remy lol's..
<Gwen> There's nothing we can do...just take it!
<Alexis> Run where?  We came DOWN a waterfall?
* Sunny walks back.
<Neil> Easy..
<Gwen> >>The orb is taken..and the doors close behind you!
<Neil> It's floating in the middle of a waterfall.
<Remy> Oh fuck :P
<Neil> Where does that lead?
<Gwen> >>The floor crumbles underneath your feet!
<Neil> Damn!
<Gwen> Noooo!
<Remy> ACK!
* Sunny takes out her surf board again.
* Neil falls.
<Gwen> >>And you go free falling!
<Alexis> Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!
<Sunny> Whee!'
<Gwen> Not again!!!!
* Adek, for lack of options, falls. "Not aaaagain!"
* Remy yells curses :P
* Neil clutches carefully to the orb.
<Gwen> >>You plop right on a mossy floor.
<Neil> Hrmm.
<Neil> Spongeee.
<Remy> Eh?
* Remy lands on his head.
* Gwen bounces.
<Remy> Ow..
<Gwen> I am not amused.
* Neil hops nonchalantly off the dangerous falling area.
<Remy> What, you think I am? :P
* Remy spits out a mouthful of moss.
* Sunny's surf borard snaps in half.
<Sunny> Whaaaa!
<Neil> Where are we?
<Gwen> I dunno...
* Alexis gets up...
<Gwen> I hear running water..
* Neil stows the orb somewhere safe (where the paper is).
* Remy mutters about Breath Azure.
<Sunny> Whaaa!
<Neil> Well the water must be running somewhere.
<Neil> Let's find it.
* Gwen walks to the sound of the water.
<Gwen> It's an underground river.
* Neil follows.
* Remy applauds Neil's genius.
* Remy follows also.
<Neil> :P
<Pottle> Seems like the only way out...
<Gwen> >>Suddenly, the river lets off a fine mist...
<Sunny> Misty!
<Gwen> What's going on...?
<Neil> Hmmm....
<Gwen> >>The mist seems to take a shape...
<Remy> Ack....this is like that girl with the green hair..
<Remy> and her mother who is a dragon.. :P
<Remy> who gets killed.. O_o
<Gwen> >>You see a young man, talking to a girl. She's inside, sitting on a bed. It seems to be like watching a movie..
<Gwen> Girl: Remy. Stay here the night...won't you?
<Sunny> Hmm? Whats this?
<Gwen> What the hell?
* Remy straightens.
* Gwen looks at Remy.
<Gwen> Who is she?
* Remy goes a little pale..
<Gwen> Girl: *Laughs* I'm so glad you decided to stay!
<Remy> one....uhm..
<Sunny> She said Remy.
* Remy glances at Sunny..
* Neil walks back a bit and returns, packing away some moss.
<Gwen> >>The scene changes and the girl wakes up the next morning..with a rose on the pillow.
<Gwen> >>The scene fades out.
<Gwen> Remy...what was that?
* Remy grimaces...
<Gwen> Tell me!
<Pottle> Oh jeez...
* Remy looks down..
<Alexis> Your lover? Your wife? C'mon, tell us!
* Neil scouts out the cave, oblivious to Remy's obvious dilemma.
<Gwen> >>Another picture seems to form, a woman seems to be prepping a girl for a journey.
<Gwen> Woman: Sunny, you're going to go on a long trip now. You must never return here.
* Remy raises an eyebrow..
* Gwen looks at Sunny.
<Gwen> What is this, home movie day?
<Sunny> Mama?
* Pottle suddenly realizes what this place is, somewhat...
<Gwen> Sunny seems to be crying.
* Pottle shivers in fear...
<Sunny> I dunno...
<Gwen> Sunny: I don't want to leave home!
* Adek blinks. "What the.."
* Neil looks back to the "movie", having nothing better to do.
* Sunny frowns.
<Gwen> Woman: You must Sunny, or they'll be after you again. I'm....sorry.
<Pottle> I'm afraid of what this thing will show me...
<Gwen> >>The scene fades out.
<Sunny> I don't like this!
<Gwen> I don't either...
* Remy watches the movie, preoccupied with his own thoughts..
* Sunny sobs.
<Gwen> >>Another picture forms...a young woman is being pushed into a boat.
* Neil realizes what the movie is doing, and watches in horror.
* Gwen stiffens.
* Remy raises both eyebrows..
<Gwen> "Gwen! You've got to get out of here! Jeal will kill you if he catches you!"
<Gwen> Gwen: But I can't leave you Rork!
<Gwen> Rork: It's okay Gwen, just ...AARGH! (Gets shot with an arrow)
<Gwen> Gwen: RORK!
<Gwen> >>The scene fades.
<Gwen> best friend..
* Gwen falls to her knees!
* Alexis snarls! "What is the point of this?"
<Gwen> >>Another scene appears..
<Sunny> What is this place?!
<Remy> Yes...what is the point of this..
<Gwen> >>An old man is showing a girl how to use a sword.
* Adek puts a friendly hand on Gwen's shoulder, but continues to watch the scenes.
<Gwen> >>Old Man: Now must learn to swing your sword in an arc....just like this. *Shows her* Got it?
<Gwen> It's a river of time...
<Gwen> It's showing us our most powerful memories...
<Neil> Then why is it only showing us the past...
<Remy> ....things passed....
<Gwen> It's our punishment for taking the orb.
* Remy looks down...
<Gwen> Time flows like river, Niel..
<Gwen> >>The scene fades again.
* Alexis's face remains stone.
<Gwen> >>Another scene shows up.
* Pottle finishes Gwen's quote. "And...history repeats..."
<Gwen> >>A young girl is walking behind someone.
<Gwen> "Adek, where did Mama and Daddy go?"
* Gwen can't take much more of this.
* Remy groans..
<Gwen> Adek: I don't know!
<Gwen> >>The scene fades out again.
* Pottle lights up a cigarette, which he had in a waterproofed pack.
* Adek frowns.
<Gwen> Adek...did your parents die?
* Sunny stares and watches the rest.
<Gwen> >>The last scene appears...but it's not like the rest of them...
* Adek just looks confused, as though he doesn't even understand, or remember, that happening.
<Gwen> >>A boy is walking across the ghost.
<Gwen> Who is that one?
<Pottle>'s me...
* Neil looks around.
<Gwen> You?
<Gwen> When?
<Gwen> >>The boy-Pottle, suddenly turns to the real Pottle.
<Pottle> Back when I was with Sandor, I think...
<Gwen> >>He stares at him.
* Pottle jumps back, and yelps.
<Gwen> >>Figure (In a hollow voice) You don't know, do you?
<Pottle> ...know what?!
<Gwen> >>Figure: You don't remember what happened?
<Gwen> Figure: With Mother and Father?
* Pottle shakes his head..."I...I don't remember I want to?!"
* Gwen looks at the figure, then Pottle.
<Gwen> Figure raises a small hand up. "Wake up!"
<Gwen> >>Pottle suddenly feels like his head is about to burst!!
* Pottle drops to his knees, holding his head and screaming in pain...
<Sunny> Pottle?
<Gwen> Pottle!
* Pottle passes out on the ground.
<Remy> Shit.
<Gwen> Pottle!
<Neil> Pottle...
<Gwen> >>The figure fades.
<Neil> Be strong!
<Gwen> What just happened?!
* Neil walks toward the river.
<Alexis> We'd better go...  I have no love for this place...
* Remy kneels by Pottle and takes his pulse. "Just unconscious...doesn't seem to be wounded..."
<Gwen> He's pale though....
<Alexis> Hoist him up, and lets get our asses in gear.
<Neil> Where does this thing go...
<Gwen> Right...we can take him back to the cabin.
* Remy nods to Alexis.
* Neil shakes his head.
<Neil> There's nothing here for me.
<Alexis> Consider yourself lucky then.
* Remy hefts Pottle up. "Very lucky."
<Gwen> Anje: This way!
<Alexis> C'mon...
<Gwen> Anje has been silent this whole time.
* Neil follows after Anje.
* Remy follows Anje.
<Gwen> >>Anje leads you to the outdoors, it's now mid-afternoon.
* Alexis tags along behind...
* Neil walks over to a tree, noting a white ribbon on it.
<Sunny> Nice day..
* Remy is silent, deep in thought while carrying Pottle..
* Neil spits on his hands and readies his axe.
<Gwen> >>Pottle seems to be moving around a lot, like he's having some horrible nightmare
<Remy> Ugh..
* Neil glances at Pottle, then starts cutting the tree down.
<Remy> Tough bugger..
* Remy gets a boot to da head :P
<Remy> Ow!
<Gwen> Hurry up...
<Gwen> Anje: There's the cabin!
* Gwen flings open the door.
* Neil is not far from the cabin, cutting the trees he marked :P
<Gwen> Twyla: You're back!
* Remy carries Pottle in.
<Gwen> Twyla: Elf-man! What happened to him?
* Remy sets Pottle on a bed..
<Gwen> >>Pottle is really moving around now, almost as if he's having convulsions.
<Remy> Good question..
<Gwen> Damn...what is wrong?
<Sunny> Ekk.
* Remy grimaces and tries to stop the moving..
<Remy> Can I please have some help here, maybe? :P
<Gwen> If I tie him to the bed, he'll kill me!
<Remy> Fine....uhm....
* Remy thinks..
<Gwen> Anje: Loosen his clothing and throw some blankets over him!
<Gwen> O_o I'm not touching him!
<Alexis> I'd say let him convulse.  He can't be hurt any worse than he already may be.
* Remy nods and does as told.. :P
<Gwen> But what just happened with him? What gives with that figure...?
<Alexis> I dunno, but I'll bet it's screwing with his head.
<Gwen> Gee...really?
<Gwen> I didn't want to see my best friend die...again.
<Remy> Wow, I couldn't tell!
* Remy stumbles back due to Pottle thwaping him in the chest.
<Gwen> Hey!
<Gwen> What are you doin'?
<Gwen> Let him be.
* Pottle while unconscious slaps Remy upside his head.
<Sunny> Will he be ok?
<Gwen> I dunno....
* Remy grimaces.
<Sunny> Poor Pottle..
<Remy> Probably...he's certainly strong enuff..
<Remy> :P
<Gwen> But considering he was grazed by an arrow, right near the heart, fell into the sea, and nearly drowned...he's probably fine.
<Sunny> Wow.
<Gwen> Didn't you hear?
* Pottle thrashes about knocking blankets, pillows, and everything else from the bed.
<Gwen> HEY!
<Sunny> Maybe...
<Gwen> Argh...must be some kickass nightmare?
* Remy gets thwapped in the head with a pillow.
* Remy falls off the bed :P
<Remy> *thump*
<Remy> Owww..
<Gwen> Anje: He's got quite a chest there? But wow...what a scar!
<Gwen> Twyla: Hamburger meat!
<Gwen> Will you SHUT UP!
<Sunny> Musta been that arrow..
<Gwen> Twyla: Sniffle..
* Neil is dragging something large around outside.
<Gwen> Neil?
<Gwen> What are you up to?
<Remy> Is Neil some kinda lumberjack? :P
<Sunny> What will we do next....
<Neil> Oh, nothing... that 'ferris wheel' in the techology fair gave me an idea...
* Sunny pats Pottle's forhead.
* Remy moves to a window and stares out it, leaning his chin in his hand and sighing every so often..
* Sunny giggles.
<Sunny> Poophole :)
* Neil whistles and fits together pieces of roughly hewn wood.
* Sunny runs off into the kitchen.
<Gwen> Sunny...ehhe.
<Remy> Hey, Sunny...get me something heavily alchoholic while there, okay?
* Gwen pulls out a bunch of rubber bands...
<Gwen> Watch this.
<Sunny> Ok!
<Remy> Maybe some of that wine.
<Sunny> Tequlia!
* Remy nods. :P
* Sunny runs out with some cups.
<Neil> With the moss I snagged at the river back there, this thing will stick together like glue.
<Sunny> I found 2 bottles of 'Tequilla'? That ok?
* Gwen pulls out Pottle's hair band, and braids Pottle's hair in little braids!
<Remy> Yep.
* Neil thinks about that.
* Sunny opens one.
* Neil shrugs.
<Gwen> Got cute bows? :D
* Neil works harder.
<Sunny> I wonder what it taste like..
* Gwen is enjoying herself here!
* Remy grabs the whole bottle.
* Remy slugs it ALL down!
* Sunny pours out a little into the cup.
<Neil> Hmm... but what to call it...
* Sunny drinks it.
<Sunny> Whoa!
<Remy> Sunny...aren't you underage or somethin'?
<Gwen> Cute...little braid and bows....Potsie Pinkybow!
<Sunny> I wanted to try it..
* Sunny hiccups.
* Remy groans.
<Gwen> I am so evil.
* Pottle suddenly yells..."Mommy, I can't leave! The bad lady will hurt me!"
<Gwen> Ack!
<Sunny> Besides you drank a whole bottle!
<Remy> Gwen, I think I just got Sunny drunk...
<Pottle> *Tears begin to run from Pottle's eyes*
<Gwen> Hot damn....
* Sunny drinks some more.
<Gwen> SUNNY!
<Gwen> Stop!
<Gwen> Bad Sunny! bad!
<Sunny> Me gusta
* Remy grabs the bottle away.
<Gwen> Don't let Remy near you!
<Sunny> Huh!
* Remy slugs the rest of the liquid down :P
<Sunny> I wanna...
<Gwen> Remy, how could you get a child drunk?
<Gwen> She's only ...what, 14?
* Sunny gets up and walks around running into people.
<Neil> Well, it's no dam, but it's the next best thing.
<Remy> Same way I got those other chicks drunk.. *smirk*
* Sunny bumps into Gwen.
<Gwen> I could slap you for that....
* Neil rolls the odd contraption a little.
<Sunny> Hi doggie!
<Gwen> Holy shit..
* Sunny pets the "Dog".
<Pottle> "Don't let her hurt me, Mommy! PLEASE!"
<Sunny> You're furry..
<Gwen> Remy, you should bow down in shame!
* Remy moves back to the window and stares out it some more.
* Neil shakes his head and gets under the thing to adjust some things.
* Sunny moves over to Pottle.
* Remy narrows his eyes..
<Sunny> Whoa its a big bug!
* Sunny barfs on Pottle.
<Gwen>'s having a nervous breakdown now...let's leave him be.
<Gwen> SUNNY!
<Sunny> Huhhha?
* Gwen pulls sunny away.
<Sunny> I no feeel good....
<Gwen> No shit girl..
<Gwen> Anje cleans pottle up, snickering.
<Sunny> Hi Doggie!
<Gwen> I AM NOT A DOG!
<Gwen> have to have another mandacore...
<Sunny> But! You're a cute one!
<Gwen> Anje: I do...I raided Hottle's cabinet again :)
<Gwen> Anje stuffs it down Sunny's mouth, the effects of being drunk vanish.
* Remy glances at Sunny... "Poor kid. Gonna be hurtin' in the morning.."
* Sunny gets more drunk of the elixir!
<Sunny> Everythingess soosos blurry!
* Sunny climbs up on the couch.
<Pottle> "Okay Mommy...I'll never ever let her touch it..."
<Sunny> I can fly!
* Sunny jumps off.
* Sunny crashes onto the floor.
<Sunny> Whee!
* Remy walks over and catches Sunny..
<Neil> Yeah... this thing works.
<Gwen> Anje: Apparently....I gave her Hottle's drug stash...sorry :(
<Gwen> Oh brother...
<Pottle> "I promise Mommy..." *cries* "I promise..."
<Neil> Now, if I can just get it to make ice, I'm all set.
<Sunny> Are you my mommy?
<Gwen> NO!
* Remy thwacks Sunny in the temple, knocking her out...
* Sunny looks up at Remy.
<Gwen> Thanks Remy
* Gwen puts Sunny into another bed.
* Sunny is not feeling the pain because she's drugged now :P
<Gwen> STAY!
<Remy> No problem..
<Sunny> Bay?
<Sunny> We're in a bay?
<Gwen> STAY!
* Neil decides an ice machine will requite a 40% increase in size.
<Sunny> What a nice boat..
* Neil shrugs... oh well... no ice today.
<Pottle> "MOMMY NO!!!!!!"
<Sunny> Common doggie!
<Sunny> Lets ride the boat!
* Sunny pulls in Gwen.
* Pottle's feet begins kicking as if he was running.
<Gwen> >>Sabrina suddenly dashes in, pissed cuz the party left her behind!
<Sunny> You can be my dooggie!
<Gwen> NO!
<Sunny> I'll call you doodoo!
* Sunny huggles Gwen.
* Remy laughs.
<Sunny> Row the boat now Doodoo!
* Gwen slaps her again!
<Gwen> SHUT UP!
* Neil puts speed-lines on his device...
<Sunny> Stop licking me Doodoo!
<Remy> Child abuse.. :P
<Sunny> Whoa, we're moving fast..
<Neil> ;)
<Gwen> You're licking me!
<Gwen> >>Indeed, Sunny is licking Gwen!
<Sunny> I think I can walk on the water..
<Sunny> >> NO, GWEN is licking Sunny!
* Neil bursts through the window.
<Sunny> >> Rather Sunny thinks so because she is hitting her..
<Gwen> I AM NOT!
<Neil> Walk on water? We can fly!
* Remy gets between Gwen and Sunny!
<Remy> :P
<Neil> Well, not really.
<Gwen> My hand is all wet...
* Sunny gets out on water and walks on the floor, or rather the water to her.
<Neil> But we can go real fast!
<Sunny> LOOK, DOODOO I'm walking on water!
* Neil bursts out the window again.
<Gwen> KILL HER.
<Sabrina> What is going on in here?! Can't you people be like normal?
<Gwen> KILL HER!!!!
<Sunny> And look, fireworks!
<Gwen> NO!
<Sabrina> Kill who?!
* Neil makes sure the thing is securely blocked.
<Gwen> >>Sunny sets the drapes on fire!
<Remy> Oh shit.
<Remy> O_o
<Sunny> There sooo pretty!
<Gwen> Anje bats it out.
<Sunny> Don't you love it Doodoo...
<Gwen> Anje: Dude...someone kill her...
* Remy grabs Sunny forcefully!
<Remy> Thassit.
<Sunny> Mama?
<Alexis> We could KO her...
<Sunny> Mama, how did you get so big and ugly and fat?
* Remy carries Sunny outdoors.
<Neil> I won't have that girl in my craft drunk.
<Gwen> Twyla: Hahhahahaha! She's stoned!
<Sunny> No dont eat me!
* Sabrina looks around, confused as hell.
<Sunny> Help it's going to eat me!
<Sunny> You're not my momma.
* Neil bursts back through the window to check up on Pottle.
* Remy carries her to a lake :P
<Sunny> You're an evil pig!
<Remy> :P
<Gwen> Sabrina...I don't even know what's going on anymore.
* Adek breaks out laughing. "I don't believe this.."
<Sunny> HELP, Evil Pig!
* Remy walks back.
<Gwen> Growl..
<Sunny> Whoa...
* Sunny drowns.
<Neil> Pottle, you okay man?
* Remy closes the door.
<Sunny> I'm flying..
* Remy sits down.
<Gwen> >>Pottle is still out.
<Remy> There.
<Neil> Damn.
* Pottle turns his head, saying the one adult line he does during the whole sequence..."I'll never forget this, Quele'zar..."
<Sunny> >> Lighting strikes Remy as he walks in.
<Remy> Ack!!
<Neil> Quele'zar...
* Remy falls down, sizzling :P
<Neil> Hmm.
<Sunny> Sunny drowns.
* Neil calls everybody in.
* Gwen pulls Sunny out.
<Sunny> Doo DOO!
<Sunny> You caught me!
<Sunny> I was free falling!
* Gwen carries Sunny back.
<Sunny> And then you are here!
<Sunny> Thank you Doo Doo!
* Pottle then settles down, and his body relaxes.
<Sunny> The Evil Pig tried to eat me!
<Sabrina> I can knock some sense into Sunny if you want.
<Gwen> Anje stuffs a real Mandacore down her throat.
<Gwen> Anje: This should work.
* Remy lies on the ground, sizzling still :P
* Neil helps Remy up.
* Sunny barfs it up over Anje.
<Sunny> Doo, I'm tired...
* Sunny finally passes out!
<Remy> Ugh...I feel like I just had a wild night of S & M... :P
<Neil> Heh, well it gets worse.
<Sabrina> Remy! That's disgusting!
<Neil> We're all goin' for a ride.
* Gwen puts Sunny on a bed.
<Sunny> Thankie.. Doo doo..
<Neil> Or, at least, I am.
* Remy glances at Sabrina. "But its true." :P
<Gwen> Now what?
<Neil> I've got a craft that will take us out of here.
<Neil> No more climbing.
<Pottle> Wow...what happened to Sunny?
<Gwen> Pottle?
<Remy> I happened.. :P
* Pottle leans over and looks down at her.
<Neil> Been scouting it out ever since we went up.
<Gwen> Pottle! Are you all right?
<Sabrina> I have no idea...Now will someone tell me what's going on?
<Gwen> Damn, you freakin scared the shit outta us!
<Pottle> Huh? Yeah...
<Gwen> What were you babbling about?
<Neil> Hey, welcome back to the land of the living Pottle.
* Pottle suddenly moans and grasps his head again (upper head, you hentais)...
<Gwen> I could hear you even outside...
<Neil> One thing... who's Quele'zar?
<Gwen> Pottle?
<Gwen>'re all nuts.
<Neil> Oh, never mind.
* Pottle stops, and snaps forward...
<Neil> We can find out on the way...
<Pottle> I...I remember...


Session Close: Fri Nov 28 20:37:34 1997