VayRPG Session 6: Interlude #1 - Recollections

Gwen,  Young Pottle, Katarina, Tristan, Grandma, Shira, ~Neil and Random NPCS: GMLucca
Remy, Plump_nice_elvin_woman and Spleenie: Marrow
Pottle: Talon

Special thanks goes out to Marrow for this session. ^_^

Session Start: Thu Dec 04 16:39:00 1997

<GMLucca> >>The ghost boy suddenly raises his hand into the air..."Wake up!"
<GMLucca> >>You feel a spitting pain in your head...something is screaming in your can't stand it!
* Pottle screams in pain, as he drops to the ground..."AHH!!!! GET OUTTA MY HEAD!!!!"
<GMLucca> Gwen: What the?....
<GMLucca> Gwen: Pottle!
<Remy> Ah, shit...da funky elf man is freaking out..
* Pottle grips his (upper, Leeta... :P) head in pain..."I can't...take this..."
<GMLucca> >>All you remember seeing before you lose consciousness is the boy's hollow eyes staring right at you.....
* Pottle screams, until finally his eyes roll up in his head...and he collapses to the ground, limp.
<GMLucca> >>Your vision goes from red, to white, to feel like you're floating in a dream. It's hard to's like you're submerged in molasses, both in thought and body.
* Pottle spits up a small blue appears to be...vinyl siding.
<Pottle> Woah...where in Anemone's name am I...
<GMLucca> >>Voice: Pottle....! This way...!
* Pottle shrugs..."Like I give a least the pain's gone...huh?"
<GMLucca> Voice: This way....!
* Pottle tries to walk, but doesn't do too well...
* Pottle tries swimming through the crap. :P
<GMLucca> Voice: Just concentrate....clear your'll find your way!
<Pottle> Cool, I'm flying...
<GMLucca> >>The voice sounds oddly familar...
<GMLucca> >>But you cannot place it.
* Pottle sparks a cigarette and goes toward the voice, wondering who the hell that is...
<GMLucca> >>Pottle's body is so limp and slow that the cigarette falls out of his hands :)
* Pottle mutters..."Damn it."
* Pottle stops and tries again.
<GMLucca> >>Voice: You don't need to move...just close your eyes and concentrate...
* Pottle closes his eyes, and concentrates on reaching the voice while smoking.
<GMLucca> >>You drop the ciggie again :(
<GMLucca> >>But you feel yourself floating somewhere else..
<GMLucca> >>And you feel something soft underneath has an earthy hear water running in the distance, and the sun shining on you.
<Pottle> Woah...where am I...
<GMLucca> >>You open your eyes, you're by a lakeside..
<GMLucca> >>Once again, you get a sense of Deja Vu.
<Pottle> Hey kewl, I remember this place...kinda...what in the...
* Pottle is good at babbling to himself.
<GMLucca> >>You see a woman sitting near you....
<GMLucca> >>She's very, very pretty, and an elf.
<Pottle> ...woah...who the hell are you?!
<GMLucca> >> But you cannot place her.
<GMLucca> Woman: I'm glad you've come.
<GMLucca> Woman: Come. Sit by me.
* Pottle shrugs, and has a seat.
<GMLucca> Woman: Don't be afraid...
<Pottle> Why should I be?
<GMLucca> Woman: Do you remember this place?
<Pottle> Not too well...I know it, but I can't place it...
<GMLucca> Woman: You were just a toddler...but you used to come here didn't have many friends...but you were would sit by the lake's edge and try to catch frogs. You would be a muddy mess by the time you came home...but you were so happy..
<Pottle> ...home? I...lived here?
<GMLucca> Woman: Yes, long ago.
<Pottle> I'm sorry...I don't remember anything...
<GMLucca> Woman: I know...
<GMLucca> Woman: But that's why you're here...
<GMLucca> Woman stands up. You look at her and get that sense of deja vu again.
<Pottle> You...I know you too...who are you?
<GMLucca> Woman: Think hard Pottle, who could I be?
<GMLucca> Woman smiles at him.
<Pottle> ...Mom?!
<GMLucca> Woman nods. "I felt bad...when I had to leave you...but I never really left..."
<GMLucca> Woman: I was always in here...*points to his heart*
<Pottle> And all of the sudden, bam, yer alive again? This isn't making any I reliving past life experience or something?
<GMLucca> Woman: No...I'm not alive....You are should I explain this....limbo.
<Pottle> Nothingness?!
<GMLucca> Woman: You're between this world and Bardados...realm of the dead...of course..that place is also a place of limbo...but..
<Pottle> I'm in the middle of nowhere? Kewl! Can I chill here while the world dies?
<GMLucca> Woman: You're here because deep wish to uncover your past...
<GMLucca> Woman: I'm afraid not. *Smile* You are still alive, but your soul is here.
<Pottle> Then they can carry my lifeless corpse around... ;>
<GMLucca> Woman: I..I are afraid.....even though you want to know, you are afraid.
<GMLucca> Woman: I don't blame you.
<Pottle> ...shouldn't I be?
<GMLucca> Woman: It would be best to show you....
<GMLucca> Woman: But once you wish to seek the cannot turn back.
<GMLucca> Woman: Do you wish to seek it?
<Pottle> My past is the key to my future...yes, I seek it.
<GMLucca> Woman:'s a difficult order to seek have to get past a fear...and believe in yourself...
<GMLucca> Woman: Fears bar the way to the truth...
<Pottle> I'll do whatever it takes...
<GMLucca> Woman: All right. I want you to stick your hand in that lake...
<Pottle> Uh...okay.
* Pottle dips his hand in the water...
<GMLucca> >>It's absolutely freezing. If you swam in this water, there's no doubt your muscles would cramp up and you'd drown.
<GMLucca> Woman: The way to the truth lies at the bottom of this lake...Try to find a light at the bottom, it will show you the way...If you can get past your fear of will remember everything.
<Pottle> it possible to die in this place...?
<GMLucca> Woman: Like I said....if you believe in will not die...
<GMLucca> Woman: But is possible.
<Pottle> Oh fuckin' goodie...
<GMLucca> Woman: It is up to you.
<Pottle> Test my ass by...aww, some fuckin' mother you are...
<GMLucca> Woman: I'm sorry...but if this is what you want...
<GMLucca> >>You turn around to cuss at her again, but she's gone! You're alone!
<Pottle> Here, son, take a dip! Odds are you'll die, but you can do it! I believe in you...HEY! GET BACK HERE!
<GMLucca> >>You have two choices...chill here, or take a dip.
<Pottle> If the rest of the people in my past are like her...
* Pottle takes off his boots..."What's life without a little riiiiiiiisssssk?!" *sploosh*
<GMLucca> >>You start swimming to the center, but just as you thought, you're muscles start to cramp up!
<Pottle> instead of Jeal killing me, I'll die seeking my past...
<Pottle> Aww...FUCK IT!
* Pottle keeps pushing!
<GMLucca> >>You're legs begin to cramp, and you swallow water!
* Pottle coughs..."Why the fuck did I do this?! I HATE WATER!"
<GMLucca> >>You can't handle it anymore, and start to sink to the bottom, you're only hope is finding that light your mom talked about!
* Pottle pushes the thought aside, looking for the light, ignoring the pain...
* Pottle keeps searching as he's underwater...
<GMLucca> >>You suddenly see it, the light! But you're already starting to pass out due to lack of air..
<Pottle> .  o  O (I can't take much more of this...)
* Pottle uses all the strength he has left to get to the light...
<GMLucca> >>You reach the light, and touch it, but once again, everything becomes black....
<GMLucca> >>You wake up on a bed.
<Pottle> Aww...this sucks...
* Pottle realizes what he just did...
<GMLucca> >>The room has toys, a dresser, and a quilt on the wall...a little boy's room.
<Pottle> I JUST SWAM ACROSS A LAKE?! *mouth drops*
* Pottle then begins looking around at his surroundings...
<GMLucca> >>The room is very, very familiar.
<GMLucca> >>You see a toy wagon in the corner...and pick it up.
<Pottle> Some little punk-ass's nice...
<GMLucca> >>You hear voices coming from downstairs.
* Pottle sets down the wagon, and goes downstairs...
<GMLucca> >>Heading down the stairs, you see two ladies talking downstairs, by the door. One is...your mom! The other is a nice, plump elvin woman of the same age.
<GMLucca> Pottle's Mom: Helene, where did you get that shawl, it's so nice. Did you knit it yourself.?
<GMLucca> >>You decide to watch them. Hell, it's all you can do at this point.
* Pottle jumps up and down in front of the people :P
<GMLucca> >>They don't seem to notice you.
<Pottle> See me? Say hi to Pottle! :P
* Plump_nice_elvin_woman stands up quickly and falls on her plump face :P
<GMLucca> Woman: Oh! Helene! You all right?
* Plump_nice_elvin_woman gets back up again and toddles over to Pottle's mother. "Why, yes, child! I'm fine!"
* Pottle goes to step on Helene...and his foot passes through her...
* Pottle lights a cigarette.
<GMLucca> Woman: I'm not a child, you know...I'm 27 now...I'm much don't have to be such a mother hen!
<Plump_nice_elvin_woman> Why, when I was your age I never talked to my elders like that!
<Plump_nice_elvin_woman> Oh, those were the days..
<GMLucca> Woman: Oh no.....
* Plump_nice_elvin_woman gets spacy :P
<GMLucca> >>You hear footsteps tromping up the wood steps.
<Plump_nice_elvin_woman> You know, we had to trudge through 30 meters of muck to get to the local inns in those days!
<GMLucca> Woman: Oh...really....I...Oh dear....look at this Helene...
* Pottle goes to look who it is.
<GMLucca> >>You see a young boy covered in mud..the spitting image of you....but younger!
* Plump_nice_elvin_woman makes tsk tsk noises..
* Pottle looks at the kid and acks...
<GMLucca> Woman: Pottle, how many times do I have to tell you NOT to play down by the lake?
* Pottle jumps. "This kid covered in goo is me?!"
<GMLucca> Young Pottle: *Pout* I...I dunno...
* Plump_nice_elvin_woman waggles at finger at the young Pottle and clucks her tongue disapprovingly..
<GMLucca> Young Pottle sticks his tounge out at her when she's not looking ;)
* Pottle laughs!
<GMLucca> Woman: Well, we have to co clean you up before your father gets home...and grandma comes over to visit..
<Plump_nice_elvin_woman> Shira, you should feed that boy more! Why, he's starving to nothing!
* Plump_nice_elvin_woman makes more tsk tsk noises..
<GMLucca> Y. Pottle: But I don't wanna have a bath. I just had one this morning! *Pottle's mom starts doing the dreaded spit thing, and starts to clean off his face with her finger* Ah! Stop! Mamma!
<GMLucca> Shira: He's always been on the thin side. Takes after his father.
* Pottle winces...
<Pottle> That IS torture...
<GMLucca> Young Pottle squirms, trying to get away.
<GMLucca> Shira: There you go!
<GMLucca> Young Pottle is more than happy to get outta her grasp, and pulls something outta his shirt "I caught a froggie. =) See?"
<GMLucca> Young Pottle shoves it at Helene.
* Plump_nice_elvin_woman screeches :P
<GMLucca> Shira: Now stop that!
* Plump_nice_elvin_woman screams and jumps on a chair.
<GMLucca> Young Pottle giggles.
<Plump_nice_elvin_woman> GET IT AWAY!
<GMLucca> Shira: It's just a frog, Helene.
<Plump_nice_elvin_woman> Its all....slimy!
<GMLucca> Shira: Calm down...I better go clean him up before Tristan comes home.
* Plump_nice_elvin_woman steps down again...
<Plump_nice_elvin_woman> Yes yes....can't have his father seeing him like that!
<GMLucca> Shira: Ahem...whatever. I will see you soon, eh Helene.
<GMLucca> Shira seems secretly glad her son is a mess, she's not that fond of Helene ;)
* Plump_nice_elvin_woman nods quickly.
<GMLucca> Shira: Come on you. Time for a bath.
<GMLucca> Young Pottle: Nonono! Mamma! Noooooo!
<GMLucca> Shira drags her messy son into the house.
* Pottle wishes the fat bitch'd get the fuck OUT...
<GMLucca> >>And then the scene begins to fade out..
<Pottle> Woah...what's goin' on?!
<GMLucca> >>And you're once again inside the house...but it's a little later at night...about sunset.
<GMLucca> >>You hear sounds coming from the family room.
* Pottle follows the sounds...
<GMLucca> >>You hear an older sounding woman complaining about something, but she sounds nice, yet refined. "Tristan, you have to think about the crops. Why, when Shira's father did this, he thought about this sort of thing!"
<GMLucca> Tristan: I'm doing the best I can! Ahem...sorry.
<GMLucca> >>You take a closer peek into the room. Shira is sitting on one side of the room, Tristan and an older woman are in the middle of an argument. Pottle's sitting on the woman's lap. A cute puppy is sniffing Pottle.
* Pottle wonders what everyone's bitching important can crops be?
* Pottle`s_Dog wags his tail excitedly :P
<GMLucca> >>They don't seem to be very rich, but they aren't poor either. Middle class.
<GMLucca> Grandma: Tristan, crops are just something you have to consider when you married my daughter, among other things. You think being a mayor is easy?
<GMLucca> Tristan: Of course not!
* Pottle`s_Dog sniffs Pottle's leg and thinks... . o O (T-Bone..)
<GMLucca> Young Pottle is oblivious to everything. "Here Spleenie!"
* Pottle`s_Dog woofs and hops on Pottle :P
<GMLucca> Young Pottle huggles the puppy and the dog licks his face ;)
<GMLucca> Grandma and Tristan argue still, when there is a knock on the door.
* Pottle`s_Dog chews on Pottle's finger.
<GMLucca> Young Pottle: Ow! Stop that Spleenie!
<GMLucca> Shira walks to the door, and opens it. She seems to be talking to someone.
* Pottle goes to the door to hear better.
<GMLucca> Shira: Can I help you?
* Pottle`s_Dog wags its tail and hits young Pottle in the nose :P
* Pottle looks at who's at the door.
<GMLucca> >>A woman is outside, draped in a cowl. The voice is familar. "Yes, I'm a traveller...I unfortunately was robbed on my way here...I have no money..."
* Pottle walks right up to the woman and looks at her face. :P
<GMLucca> Woman: Is it possible that I could stay here for the night? The inn has no vacancies.
<GMLucca> >>The face is covered, you can't see it...all you can see, however..are emerald eyes.
<GMLucca> Shira: I don't see why it would be a problem...
<GMLucca> Shira: What is your name?
<GMLucca> Woman: Oh, I'm sorry. How thoughtless of me. *Woman takes off her cowl, you recognize her immedetely.* Katarina DuNord. Just Katarina will do, however.
<Pottle> KATARINA?!
* Pottle begins pacing about..."No, you aren't gonna let her can't!!"
<GMLucca> Shira: Here, follow me miss...
<Pottle> Oh my fucking god...
<GMLucca> Katarina follows Shira like a shadow.
* Pottle puts a hand against the wall to right himself...
<GMLucca> Shira: Tristan, we seem to have another traveller. Someone by the name of Katarina. We'll have to make another bed for this one.
<GMLucca> Young Pottle gives Katarina a look...looking uncomfortable..
<GMLucca> Tristan: All shouldn't be a problem.
<GMLucca> Spleenie growls at Katarina.
<GMLucca> Katarina: Thank you very much. I'll be out of here early in the morning. I'm sorry for the trouble sir.
<GMLucca> Tristan: It's no problem.
<GMLucca> Tristan and Shira take Katarina to her room, Katarina gives Young Pottle a strange look going up the stairs, scaring him.
<Pottle> Oh my god...she's gonna kill them...
* Pottle follows them up the stairs...
<GMLucca> Tristan: Here's your room. Have a nice stay.
<Pottle> Maybe I'm wrong...I have to be...
<GMLucca> Katarina: Oh, believe me, I will. Thank you for your kindness.
<GMLucca> Katarina gives an odd smile as the two leave....hightening your fears.
<GMLucca> >>You decide to go back down the can hear Young Pottle yelling something.
* Pottle stays in the room in case she strips or something, like a good pervert.
* Pottle turns and follows his folks down the stairs.
<GMLucca> Young Pottle: I don't want her staying here.
<GMLucca> Shira: What's gotten into you?
<GMLucca> Young Pottle: She's a bad lady! She gave me a funny look! I don't like her!
<GMLucca> Tristan: Young man, do you want to go to your room? When we have guests here, we behave...
<GMLucca> Young Pottle sniffles.
<Pottle> Damn it...listen to him, you IDIOTS!
<GMLucca> Shira: I know she's a stranger, but don't worry, nothing bad'll happen..
* Pottle does not respect his parents as they should be respected, because he didn't have them around when he was younger.
<GMLucca> Young Pottle looks at his parents like they are crazy O_o
<GMLucca> Young Pottle: She's bad..
<GMLucca> Tristan: Go take him upstairs Shira.
<Pottle> ...listen to him...
<Pottle> You're gonna die if you don't...
<GMLucca> Shira picks Young Pottle up and carries him up the stairs. The grandmother leaves.
<GMLucca> >>And the scene starts to fade out again.
<Pottle> I know what will happen, don't make me watch...
<GMLucca> >>The scene comes in again in the room you started out in....and Young Pottle is asleep.
<GMLucca> >>And someone is walking the halls.
<GMLucca> >>Young Pottle is afraid and, like the good widdle coward he is, hides under the bed.
<Pottle>'s Katarina...has to be...
* Pottle goes to see who it is...
* Pottle looks back at young Pottle...and greatly respects the decision he made...
<GMLucca> >>It's a woman, and she's ripping apart his drawers, searching.
<GMLucca> Woman: Dammit, where is it?!
<GMLucca> Woman: It has to be here somewhere, I checked every other room!
<GMLucca> Young Pottle cowers under the bed.
<GMLucca> Woman: The father...he must have it...
<Pottle> ...what's she looking for...
<GMLucca> Woman: I'll just have to...'ask' him for it in the morning...hahah.
<GMLucca> Woman tiptoes out.
<GMLucca> >>The scene fades out yet again.
<GMLucca> >>And when you can see again, you're still in your room, but it's early morning..and something is wrong..
<GMLucca> >>It hot and there's a strange haziness in the room.
* Pottle sees that what's in the room resembles what's coming off his cigarette...
<GMLucca> >>Young Pottle is still asleep!
* Pottle tries to kick the bed...but his foot passes through it, and he flips, flopping to the ground on his back.
<Pottle> Ow...damn it, wake up!
<GMLucca> Young Pottle does, thankfully..and starts freaking out immedetly.
<Pottle> There's smoke in the fucking house!
<GMLucca> Young Pottle: Mamma! Pappa! *Cries*
<GMLucca> Young Pottle stumbles out of bed, and runs downstairs...part of the house is on fire!
* Pottle follows young Pottle like a shadow.
<Pottle> If only they listened to him...
<GMLucca> >>Outside, it's chaos....half of the village is ablaze.
<Pottle> She...she did all this?!
<GMLucca> >>And Shira and Tristan are talking to Katarina. Young Pottle sees his mom and runs to her. "Mamma!"
<GMLucca> Shira scoops up her sobbing son.
<GMLucca> Tristan: Get out of our village! Now! We don't know what you seek, but you'd best leave immediately!
* Pottle runs right after him.
<GMLucca> Katarina: *Smirks* What do I seek? You know well what I seek, Mayor...give it to me!
<GMLucca> Young Pottle looks very, very confused.
* Pottle reaches for his sword...then realizes he can't do anything...
<GMLucca> Tristan: I don't know what you're talking about! We're just a simple family! Leave now!
<GMLucca> Young Pottle: Pappa? Mamma? What are they talking about? What is she doing? Mamma? Mamma?
<GMLucca> Shira hugs her son. "It's okay, sweetie."
<GMLucca> Katarina: Don't play the fool with me...Give it to me...or else this village...
<GMLucca> Tristan: What else do you intend to do?
<GMLucca> Katarina: THIS!
<GMLucca> Katarina makes another gesture and says an arcane word....the rest of the village, and the forest surrounding it, suddenly explode in flame...
<GMLucca> Young Pottle cries harder, terrifed. "MAMMA! The house! Mamma! It's..."
<GMLucca> Shira is in too much shock to comfort her son at this point.
<GMLucca> Tristan is mighty pissed.  "You horrible witch! How dare you set fire to our peaceful village!? How dare you threaten my wife and son?!"
<GMLucca> Katarina: This never would have happened if you gave me your half of the pendant, now would it…? Give it to me…or you can say your good-byes to your wife and son.
<GMLucca> Tristan: Never…The pendant was never meant to be used by the likes of someone as black-hearted as you…
<Pottle> The pendant...the pendant...she did all this...for the Light half of the Lackisha pendant...what can that pendant DO?!
<GMLucca> >>You had no idea it was called was something you recalled on your own!
<GMLucca> Young Pottle: Yeah! You tell that bad lady!
<Pottle> Woah, wait a sec...I didn't know that...
<GMLucca> Katarina: Oho! So you admit it you have it? Ha! Then…oh? What's this? You intend to use it on me? Try your luck, peasant trash!…What…you…you can use the…a low level magician like yourself…? Humph! I'll show you the REAL way to use it! Think about your folly as you leave this mortal coil!
<Pottle> It's all comin' back...
<GMLucca> >>Katarina suddenly pulls out a jagged knife, and stabs it into Tristan's heart!
<GMLucca> Shira: TRISTAN!
<Pottle> DAD!
* Pottle drops to his knees in tears...
<GMLucca> Young Pottle: PAPPA!
<GMLucca> Tristan: Shira...take this.....
<GMLucca> Tristan chucks a golden colored pendant to his wife. "And run!"
<GMLucca> Tristan falls.
<GMLucca> Shira sobs, grabs her son by the hand, and runs as fast as she can!
* Pottle looks down at the pendant on his neck..."So...this is the Light half of the Lackisha Pendant..."
<GMLucca> Katarina: YOU BITCH! Wait!
<Pottle> She can never get this...
* Pottle chases after them.
<GMLucca> >>After a bit of running....
<GMLucca> Young Pottle is still sobbing. "I can't run anymore Mamma! I can't run!"
<GMLucca> Shira: We have to keep going, sweetie!
<GMLucca> Shira suddenly stops by a cliff...Katarina is still far behind. She seems to have come apon a realization..
<GMLucca> Shira: ...
<GMLucca> Young Pottle: Mamma! Don't stop! The bad lady'll hurt me!
<Pottle> Run! Get outta there!
<Pottle> You'll die too! Run, damn it!!!
<GMLucca> Shira: Hunnie...I'm afraid...I'm afraid you're going to have to be a big boy now...
<GMLucca> Shira pulls the pendant off her neck and onto Pottle's.
<GMLucca> Shira: Mommie can't get away from the bad lady...but you still can!
<GMLucca> Young Pottle: No...don't leave me Mamma...don't go!
<GMLucca> Young Pottle cries harder.
<GMLucca> Shira: I'm sorry...but you have to promise me something...
<GMLucca> Shira: You can never, ever, ever let that lady take that pendant away!
<GMLucca> Young Pottle: I'll never let her touch it?
<GMLucca> Shira: You promise me?!
<GMLucca> Young Pottle: I promise! *Cries* I promise!
<GMLucca> Shira hugs Pottle, and sees Katarina approching. "Go! Run!"
<GMLucca> Young Pottle runs just as Katarina appears over the hill.
* Pottle decides to follow Pottle.
<GMLucca> Young Pottle keeps on running...then looks over his shoulder...only to see Katarina push his mother once, and see her fall off the cliff....
<GMLucca> Young Pottle: MAMMA!
<GMLucca> Katarina hears him. "YOU!"
<Pottle> MOM!
<GMLucca> Young Pottle, well, you guessed it, runs..
* Pottle cries..."Not you family...all gone..."
* Pottle follows him still...
<GMLucca> Katarina is right behind him, and suddenly Young Pottle trips.
<GMLucca> >>He slides down a hillside and bangs his head against a rock....knocking him out...but out of Katarina's range...
<GMLucca> >>The scene darkens.
<GMLucca> >>The scene remains dark, but you hear someone talking.
<Pottle> ...who's that?
<GMLucca> >>"Poor little elf..oh he's hurt!"
* Pottle hmms, and listens...
<GMLucca> >>"Are you from Aisen? Another one....another orphan..."
<GMLucca> >>"Don't worry, you'll be just fine...little one...."
<GMLucca> >>The scene fades out completely, and you hear your mom's voice in your ear. "Do you see now?"
<Pottle> Yes...
<Pottle> And, I promise again, all these years later...
<Pottle> She will not get her hands on the pendant!
<GMLucca> Shira: Good....Katarina is growing in power....once she knows who you really are....
* Pottle decides he should learn how to utilize this pendant...
<GMLucca> Shira: She'll try to destroy you. She is from the evil clan of Quele'zar...
<Pottle> Quele'zar...
<GMLucca> Shira: But some of the clan are of good legion...friends of the should find them...
<GMLucca> Shira: For Katarina will destroy them if you don't find them.
<Pottle> Can they teach me how to use the pendant?
<GMLucca> Shira: I cannot...only Tristan knew how...
<GMLucca> Shira: But...don't give up....and don't mourn us either..
<Pottle> And the secret died with him...
<GMLucca> Shira: We gave our lives so you could live...but you must the rest of the world has that chance!
<GMLucca> >>Her voice begins to fade, as it grows brighter and brighter..
* Pottle bows his head..."You're with me inside...there is no need to mourn..."
<GMLucca> Shira: Now you must wake up....and face reality.
<Pottle> I know...
<GMLucca> Shira: I'll always be here. One day, you'll understand how to use the pendant...but...until then, you must protect it...
<GMLucca> Shira's voice fades completely.
<Pottle> Mom...don't leave me now...
<GMLucca> >>The light is exteremly bright now, you can hear people yelling outside. "SUNNY! Don't lick me! Argh!"
<GMLucca> Sunny: Doo doo!
<Pottle> Ooh my head...
<Pottle> Hey...what's with Sunny?
<Gwen> Huh? Pottle!
* Remy chuckles to himself at the very...uhm...drunk... Sunny..
* Gwen gets by Pottle.
<Gwen> Are you okay? You just fainted!
<Pottle> Yes, I'm okay, and...
* Remy turns to Pottle.. "Ah...mon ami, welcome back to the real world.."
<Gwen> ~Niel: I wanted to ask you something Pottle..
<Pottle> Save it, Neil...
<Gwen> ~Niel: What, or who, are the Quele'zar?
<Pottle> Ahh...was I talking in my sleep?
<Gwen> Yeah, you were yelling a lot of stuff.
* Pottle suddenly grabs his head again, wincing in pain...
<Gwen> Pottle!
<Remy> Aw, shit...he's goin crazy again..
<Gwen> He better not be...
<Gwen> We already have Sunny going nuts..
* Pottle suddenly stops, and snaps his head upward, staring into Gwen's eyes...
<Gwen> ...yes?
<Remy> You get to hold on to him this time!
<Pottle> I...I remember...
<Gwen> .oO(Shit, he's going to kill me now.)


Session Close: Thu Dec 04 19:15:42 1997