VayRPG Session 7: Horror of the Past

Gwen, Teefa, Odessa, ~Pottle, Anje, Twlya, and Random NPCS: GMLucca
Alen: Pippa
Adek: Rasis
Dance: Baywolf
Sabrina: Danny
Meka: Star
Remy: Marrow
Sunny: Cecil

Session Start: Fri Dec 12 18:00:01 1997

<Gwen> ~Pottle: I..I remember...
<Gwen> ~Pottle then grabs his head and passes out again
<Gwen> ...?
<Gwen> That sure was helpful..
* Meka knocks on the door...
<Meka> *giggle*
<Gwen> ....not her again.
* Meka ducks in the bushes.
<Gwen> Twyla, could you get that?
<Twyla> Okay!
* Twyla goes over and opens the door.
<Meka> . o O (No no NO! Gwen, you get it!)
* Meka pops her head up.
<Meka> Hewwos.
<Gwen> Anje fiddles with her axe.
* Twyla blinks.
* Meka ducks again.
<Twyla> Hi lady in a bush...
<Gwen> Anje: Where are you guys going?
<Meka> Shhh!
* Meka peers out.
<Gwen> We don't know yet...
<Gwen> But I have an idea...
* Alen bursts in.
<Twyla> Hey...uhh...there's a bush lady out here...
<Meka> SHH!
<Alen> *huff puff* Hey =D
<Gwen> Hey...Alen...
<Gwen> Have you heard anything about the King of Lorath?
<Alen> The what?
<Gwen> King of Lorath...
<Gwen> Sandor.
* Meka is positive she lost them, and pops out.
<Shinji> <Alen> Uh...
<Alen> No ^_^
<Gwen> Great.....
<Meka> Hello!
<Gwen> Maybe we should head back...hi Meka...
<Alen> Why?
* Meka struts in cheerfully.
* Sabrina looks around, kind of tired.
<Gwen> Hey Meka...Pottle's
<Meka> Damn. Didn't get paid this time, but got out with my head at least...
<Meka> The guy should be GRATEFUL I found his daughter...
<Meka> Pottle? Is he?...
<Alen> Hm hm...
<Gwen> He's okay....just....sleeping.
* Alen pokes Sabrina.
* Twyla looks around.
* Remy yawns and leans against a wall.
* Sabrina looks at Alen and snaps at him. "What do you want?!"
<Gwen> >>A long knocking is heard.
* Meka whews...
<Gwen> Someone get that....?
<Meka> Last thing I need...
<Alen> Why do you all look so stuffy and where's Sunny? =)
<Alen> I will!
* Alen toddles over and opens the door.
<Gwen> >>A man in the garb of a Lorath Messenger rushes forward. "Where's Hottle?!"
* Meka wanders over to Pottle...
<Alen> Who?
<Gwen> Anje: Hopefully dead! =)
<Alen> I think you have the wrong address mister messenger person =)
<Meka> Don't worry... I'll find Phoebe, and disappear from your life... I promise...
<Gwen> Messanger: WHAT?! He's our only source of food now!
<Gwen> Messanger: We need his food and tonics!
<Gwen> Why?
<Sabrina> Who's Hottle?
* Alen scratches his head.
<Gwen> Messanger: Oh, it's terrible! Terrible!
<Alen> Are you going to eat him? =P
<Gwen> Hottle is the owner of this cabin...he drugged us and tried to rob us :P
* Sabrina looks at Alen and says sarcastically. "Yes, they are!"
<Gwen> Messanger: It's true! The empire is going to attack us! We need supplies!
<Alen> That's so mean...
<Gwen> WHAT?
* Meka brushes a lock of hair out of his face...
<Alen> The... uh....
<Gwen> Messanger: They've even threatened to slaughter the royal sheep!
<Alen> Empire?
<Alen> Again? O_O
<Gwen> Danek, Alen.
<Sabrina> God forbid.
<Gwen> You guys....Sandor is missing...the empire is gonna attack...
* Meka sighs dejectedly...
<Gwen> They've gotta be linked..
<Alen> Why can't they die already!!!
<Sabrina> And your point is?
<Alen> They're the bad guys! We have to win!
<Gwen> Maybe we can help...
<Gwen> Do you need help sir?
<Meka> Or die in the process...
<Gwen> Messanger: DO WE? Hell yea!
<Alen> Yeah, let's help =)
<Adek> What can we do against an army? Seriously, Gwen..
<Gwen> Well, I dunno...
<Sabrina> Gwen, there's always going to be some evil empire or bad person kidnapping the good guys and that's the way it'll be.
<Gwen> Better than sitting here.
* Gwen scowls at Sabrina.
<Sabrina> Don't we have that water orb thingy?
<Meka> What're you gonna do with Pottle?
<Alen> I can beat an army! =D
<Gwen> Anje: And I suppose you'll need me...
* Alen puffs up his chest in a coot way =P
<Gwen> Pottle can just stay here for now..
* Sabrina looks at Alen and rolls her eyes.
<Gwen> Anje: I'll come along....
<Gwen> Anje: For 235 GP.
<Sabrina> Screw him, and I don't mean that literally, Meka.
* Alen looks around.
<Alen> Where's Sunny?
* Meka wishes she could put a charm or something on him...
<Gwen> Sunny's drunk.
* Meka glares at Sabrina.
<Meka> Seriously.
* Sabrina looks back at Meka with just as bad a look.
<Meka> He can't defend himself if something happens.
<Alen> ?
<Sabrina> Nothing will happen.
<Gwen> He's tough, Meka..
<Sabrina> He's a big boy. I'm sure he can protect himself.
<Gwen> He'll be fine.
<Gwen> Messenger: Are ya coming?!
<Adek> He's also a lunatic.. that has to count for something.
<Meka> I wish I had your optimism...
<Sabrina> Who're you talkin' 'bout, Meka? Me?
<Meka> You try protecting yourself when you're flat on your back.
* Sabrina snickers at the thought.
* Meka just can't wait to find Phoebe so she can leave...
* Alen stretches.
<Alen> Let's go! =D
<Sabrina> Maybe he's not on his back. Maybe he's lying on his belly.
<Meka> I always choke when I'm lying on my stomach...
<Gwen> Messenger: Let's go! Let's go!
* Gwen walks out with the messenger.
<Alen> Hmm..
<Gwen> Anje wants her money!
* Alen picks up Sunny and carries her out too ^_^
<Meka> Listen, Sabrina, when we find Pottle, I'll be gone.
<Sabrina> Well maybe he doesn't, Meka.
<Meka> I know you all hate me.
* Meka stalks out.
<Sabrina> You're not the only one I hate, Meka.
* Sabrina follows after her.
<Gwen> >>You return, once again, to Lorath Castle. But instead of happy people, you can see empty streets. People are preparing for war.
<Meka> Maybe I should just end it now...
<Gwen> Please don't, Meka.
<Gwen> Cuz then I'll get blamed.
* Meka stuffs her hands in her pockets.
<Meka> No you won't.
<Alen> It looks too gloomy...
<Gwen> I always do girl.
<Meka> See, I have a note...
<Gwen> Note?
<Gwen> What sorta note?
<Sabrina> Hey Gwen, do you care about anyone else but yourself?
<Alen> We should start a party =D
<Meka> As soon as we find Phoebe, I'll be out of all your lives for good...
<Sabrina> I don't mind you being here, Meka.
<Alen> Why?
* Gwen doesn't answer.
* Meka smiles wryly. "I think Phoebe does, though."
<Alen> We can all be happy and get along together =D
<Gwen> Phoebe ain't here, now is she?
<Sabrina> Who cares about her, besides that dork Pottle?
<Gwen> >>Voice: Excuse me?
<Alen> Hi =)
<Gwen> >>A strong looking girl in armor walks up to the party. She wears the crest of Lorath.
<Gwen> Girl: Are you here to help in our fight?
<Gwen> Anje: Yep.
<Alen> Yes!
<Gwen> What do YOU think? :>
<Gwen> Girl: Well, let me just inform you of our situation....
<Gwen> Girl: I'm Teefa.
<Gwen> Teefa: I'm a general of the Lorath Army.
<Gwen> >>Someone shouts. "Isn't it TIFA?!"
* Meka smiles thoughtfully...
<Alen> I'm Alen!
<Gwen> Teefa: No! Teefa! God, you're the fourth person who's asked me that!
<Gwen> Man: Sorry!
* Alen pushes Gwen forward.
<Gwen> Oomph!
<Alen> And this is Gwen ^_^
<Gwen> Yeah, Hi..
<Gwen> Anje: Anje Landale!
* Alen drags Meka forward too.
<Alen> Meka =)
<Alen> And... uh...
<Gwen> Twyla looks coot...."Uh. Twyla."
* Meka giggles.
* Alen lowers Sunny.
<Alen> And this is Sunny =)
<Gwen> Teefa: Well, anyway....we have a feeling that the empire is planning an attack....
<Mike> Sunny is still out and drunk..
<Gwen> Teefa: Ever since the festival massacre....
* Alen thinks. "I'd better leave Sunny somewhere or my back will break soon.."
<Gwen> Teefa: We have been on edge, but just today, one of our dignitaries was killed by a package bomb...from the empire!
<Gwen> Lovely...
<Alen> Uh... oops?
<Gwen> Not ooops....murder Alen ;P
<Adek> That hurts..
<Sabrina> And your point is?
<Alen> Uh.... murder then? =P
<Gwen> Teefa: My point is that terrorism is often the first sign of a battle!
<Gwen> Teefa: Thankfully....I have some extra help!
* Sabrina acts surprised. "Oh wow! I never thought of it that way! That's just news to me!"
<Alen> So now we go and beat the Empire! =D
<Gwen> Teefa: I'm setting up battle squadrons...but your group is rather small..
<Meka> Teefa, is there a need for mercinaries here?
<Gwen> Teefa: Creon!
<Meka> I'm for hire...
<Gwen> Teefa: Excellent.
<Gwen> Creon....?
<Gwen> Where have we heard that name?
<Sabrina> I've never heard of that name.
<Gwen> Teefa: Creon! C'mon already!
<Meka> Teefa?
<Gwen> Teefa: Yes?
* Creon shuffles out beside Teefa...
<Meka> No mercinary jobs?
<Sabrina> Maybe these people are from the empire and are undercover!
* Meka looks crestfallen.
<Gwen> Teefa: How much do you ask for, Meka?
<Alen> Why Sabrina? =P
<Meka> Anything.
<Gwen> Teefa: Umm...500 GP.
<Meka> Depending on the urgency of the task...
<Meka> Deal. *shakes hands*
<Gwen> Teefa hands her the money.
* Creon eyes Gwen. "You again?"
<Sabrina> Maybe because they're trying to get the empire into the kingdoms?
<Gwen> I knew I recognized you.
<Gwen> Teefa: Ah! Creon! There you are!
* Sabrina looks at Creon.
* Alen scratches his head.
<Gwen> Teefa: Creon is my apprentice. He's in magical training.
* Gwen scowls
<Gwen> Teefa: I'm sure you'll need a magican!
* Sabrina whispers to Gwen. "What's wrong?"
<Alen> I'm a magician!!
<Gwen> I don't trust that guy, Sabrina...
<Creon> I'm better than you'll ever be...
<Sabrina> Alen, she means a good magician. One with talent.
<Meka> What's my task, Lady Teefa?
<Alen> Me! =D
<Sabrina> Something that's the exact opposite of you, Alen!
<Gwen> Teefa: Now need to be haughty!
<Gwen> >>Another girl strolls out.
* Meka kneels before Teefa.
* Creon smirks...
<Gwen> >>She too wears the same armor...and has the same look...but her hair is blonde...while Teefa's is silverish.
* Alen somehow gets the impression that he's being insulted.
<Alen> =|
* Meka looks back at Alen. "How? Is it me?"
<Gwen> Teefa: Hey! Odessa!
<Gwen> Teefa: This is my twin sister Odessa.
<Meka> I always treat my employers like that...
<Gwen> Teefa: She went on a world journey and just came back to help!
<Sabrina> And your point is?
<Gwen> Odessa gives you all a cold glare. "Hello."
* Meka bows to Odessa. "Lady."
<Gwen> Teefa: Well, this is all happy and
<Alen> Hey =|
<Gwen> >>BOOM! Something explodes!
<Meka> Alen, cool off!
<Gwen> Odessa: So, they've arrived...
<Meka> Pay me 500 coins and I'll call you sir!
<Meka> :P
* Sabrina cringes in extreme pain when the explosion occurs.
<Gwen> >>Another explosion!
* Meka looks up.
<Gwen> Here we go...
* Creon glances towards the sound...
<Alen> But I'm chilly Meka...
<Gwen> >>You see a gigantic.....mech! Flying in the sky....
* Meka sighs and give him her cloak.
<Gwen> .....okay....we should find a safe!
<Meka> Lady Teefa!
<Gwen> Teefa: Battle positions!
<Meka> What do I do?
* Creon spins a fireball on his fingertip...
* Sabrina is in too much pain to walk.
<Gwen> Teefa: Guards! Close the gates!
* Adek stares for a second. "Why are we here again? Someone remind me whose BRIGHT idea this was?"
<Gwen> >>The gates close.
* Meka is going to give back the money in two seconds...
* Sunny comes around finally :P
<Gwen> Teefa: Lady Meka...stay with your friends for now....strength is in numbers!
<Sunny> Ugh...
<Meka> I'm no lady...
<Gwen> Odessa: I will secure the northern gate.
* Meka gives back the money.
* Alen looks at Sunny.
<Gwen> Odessa: Teefa, you should handle the eastern one...
<Alen> Sunny! =D
<Sunny> Alen... Where are we? and why do I feel so sick?
* Meka bows to her, then rejoins the party.
<Gwen> Teefa:....okay sister.
* Sabrina just stays where she is, waiting for someone to help her because she is in too much pain to move on her own.
<Gwen> >>Another explosion! A tower falls!
<Alen> We are in... Lodoss Castle... and I dunno!
<Sunny> You're smart :P
* Creon helps Sabrina. "What's the matter?"
<Alen> But we're going to fight and beat the mechs! =D
* Meka runs back to Sabrina.
* Alen blushes.
<Sabrina> My belly..hurts..
<Gwen> That's Lorath, idiot!
<Sunny> Whats a mech?
<Alen> Lorath is an idiot?
<Gwen> Teefa leaves.
* Sunny cries.
<Alen> That!
<Sunny> Whaaa, I dont undestand.
<Creon> Where are you going, Teefa?
<Gwen> NO! Lorath is where we are...
<Sunny> Thats scary!
* Alen point's at the sky.
* Meka puts Sabrina's arm over her shoulder and carries her to the party...
<Creon> Gah.
<Gwen> >>You see guards with small cannons firing at the mechs.
<Meka> I don't think she can fight....
<Alen> It's not scary... it's bad!
<Sabrina> Tha...thank you, Me..Meka...
* Meka glances at Sabrina sternly but with concern. "Just rest."
<Gwen> >>Suddenly, the gate opens! O_o
<Gwen> Whaat?!
<Sunny> I dont understand this.
<Sunny> And why am I so sick..
* Sunny barfs.
* Meka pulls out her whip...
<Gwen> Guard: Who opens the ga-ARGH!
* Sabrina tries to get up to help.
<Gwen> Who opened it?!
* Alen looks at the gate and back at Sunny.
<Alen> ... oops.
<Meka> Stay down, Sabrina!
<Meka> Unless you really can fight...
<Gwen> >>Danek soilders charge at you!
* Meka sighs...
<Sabrina> I don't...know...
<Gwen> >>Danek Soldier: "We have to get to the throne room!"
<Alen> Are you all right? Sunny? Get up! We have to fight!
<Sunny> Ah, whats this?
<Meka> Don't worry. Just rest.
<Sunny> Fight?
<Sunny> How?
<Sunny> Ahh
* Sabrina seems very nervous.
<Meka> Sabrina, TRUST ME.
<Gwen> Crap!
<Alen> Uh... I dunno... fight! =P
* Gwen whips out her spear

== COMBAT!! ==

<Sunny> 3 Generals and 5 Soldiers!
* Sabrina looks at Meka and nods.
* Alen joins his hands and prepares a spell.
* Gwen takes the front row.
<Sabrina> I could use my magic....I think....
* Alen goes to the back row.
* Sunny hides behind Alen.
<Sunny> Protect me!
* Sabrina stays in the back row.
<Alen> Okay! =D
<Gwen> General: We have to get to the throne don't wanna lose your spleen, do you?
<Gwen> Fuck you... ;)
* Adek goes to the front and draws his blade, holding it vertically in front of him. He brings it almost to the point where it would touch his face, the edge pointing at the soldiers.
<Gwen> General: Screw you, hippie!
<Gwen> Anje runs to the back, where Creon is.
<Gwen> Anje: Creon, do you have some mandacores on you? :)
<Lily> Yay! Go!
<Sunny> Sunny casts Petrify on Soldier 1!
<Sunny> And it works :)
<Sunny> Soilder 1 is stoned! :)
* Sabrina closes her eyes and a bright light suddenly flares, the light narrows down to a beam which slams the Soldier 2 in the chest. A strange glow is seen in the beam as it drains MP and gives it to herself!
<Sunny> 5 mp is drained from Soldier 2.
<Sunny> Soldier 2 strikes at Adek!
<Sunny> 12 Damage!
* Adek grits his teeth.
<Gwen> Adek...
<Sunny> Soldier 3 Attacks Sabrina with his spear.
<Gwen> Anje: CREON! Do you have any mandacores? :)
* Adek drops to one knee, still holding his sword in front of himself.
<Sunny> 17 damage!
<Sunny> Soldier 4 attacks Gwen!
<Gwen> Ack!
<Sunny> 18 Damage!
* Gwen tries to defend.
<Sunny> Soilder 5 Attacks Meka!
<Meka> Argh!
<Sunny> 20 Damage!
* Sabrina looks at Meka. "MEKA! Are you alright?!"
* Meka gasps... "Damn you..." A light surrounds her, and she lifts her whip and twirls it around. "WHIP SNAP!" She shouts and the whip snaps into her foe!
<Sunny> 33 Damage to Soldier 2!
* Gwen raises her spear, and a reddish light forms around her. "Fast!"
<Sunny> Gwen gains 6 Dodge.
* Meka drops to her knees, in critical.
* Sabrina looks at Meka in concern and tries to help her up, even though her pain is pretty bad.
* Remy chants lowly and his red eyes deepen in their mist begins flowing his dark red eyes and Remy smiles almost evilly. "Here's where I cook your ass, mon ami!" He casts ¤Flame bolt on Soldier 1!
* Meka gasps... "It's all right, Sabrina... I'm used to it..."
<Sunny> 20 Damage to the stoned Soldier 1.
<Gwen> Nice Rem!
* Gwen twirls her spear, ready for the next attack.
* Adek narrows his eyes and weakly runs a hand along the side of his blade, focusing.
* Remy bows and grins.
<Sunny> Adek's Hit % up 10!
<Sunny> General 1 stabs Remy with his spear!
<Gwen> Remy!
<Sunny> Remy Dies!
<Gwen> REMY!
<Gwen> Shit!
<Meka> Rem!
<Gwen> Anje: Ouch....
<Sunny> General 2 shoots Ice at Alen!
<Alen> That's gotta hurt =|
<Alen> WAAH!
<Sunny> 0 Damage.
<Sabrina> Grow up, Alen.
<Gwen> Listen to Sab, Alen. :)
<Alen> =)
* Alen tugs on his wrist and sends a bolt of Flame at Soldier 1!
<Sunny> 23 Damage!

- Combat Round 2! -

<Sunny> Sunny tries her luck on Soldier 5.
<Gwen> Female General: Crap! Mcbane is stoned!
<Gwen> McBane: O_o
<Sunny> Soilder 5 Resists the stone!
<Sunny> $#^$#^
* Sabrina closes her eyes and a bright light suddenly flares, the light narrows down to a beam which slams the General 2 in the chest. A strange glow is seen in the beam as it drains MP and gives it to herself!
<Sunny> 10 MP Drained from General 2.
<Sunny> Full mp!
<Gwen> Anje: Dammit! I'm outta Mandacores...again.
<Sunny> Soldier 2 stabs forth at Gwen.
<Gwen> ....damn.
<Sunny> 14 Damage.
<Gwen> Anje: Creon, for the last time, you have a mandacore?
<Gwen> Urk!
* Remy growls and defends Gwen...
<Sabrina> Are you alright, Gwen?
<Sunny> Soldier 3 swings with his spear for Meka!
<Gwen> Not really...I need healin'.
* Creon checks...
* Creon appears in no hurry.
<Sunny> Meka barely avoids!
<Meka> *gasp*
<Gwen> Anje: Hey! I coulda written a book by now, and I did. It's called the BIBLE! Hurry it up!
<Sabrina> I'll help you in a second, Gwen.
* Creon tosses a mandacore to Anje.
<Gwen> Thanks!
<Sunny> Soldier 4 goes for Sunny.
<Gwen> Anje: Thanks!
<Creon> Sure.
<Sunny> 18 Damage.
<Sunny> ^%@^@$]
<Gwen> Sunny swears?!
<Gwen> Finally...I'm messing with someone's mind ;)
<Sabrina> I always knew she wasn't perfect!
<Sunny> Soldier 4 swings for Sunny!
<Sunny> Epp!
* Sunny falls.
<Alen> !!!
<Gwen> Urgh..
<Alen> Don't pick on her!!
<Meka> Do these things ever DIE!
* Alen gets mad.
<Sunny> >> A nice Fairy flyes over the Enemies casting a spell to remove their armor!
<Sunny> Fairies: That should even things up :)
<Gwen> Female: I'm NAKED!!!
<Gwen> Anje: O_o
<Sunny> >> Just Armor is removed they have their clothes!
* Sabrina pushes Remy's corpse towards the female.
<Sunny> Meka blasts out Soldier 2's brain and he dies.
<Gwen> Female Gen.: AHH!
* Gwen strikes out at General 1.
<Gwen> Die!
<Sunny> 28 And 30 Damage!
<Sunny> General 1 attacks Adek!
<Sunny> Well he misses cause he's just dumb...
<Gwen> .....phew.
<Sunny> General 2 swings for Alen!
* Alen tries to cover himself.
* Adek breathes a sigh of relief as his pulls himself back up to his feet.
<Sunny> Alen dies!
<Sunny> General 1 has a heart Attack and dies :P
<Sunny> And Soldier 1 crumbles into dust finally.
* Alen fails and falls to the ground.
<Gwen> ....crappie.
* Adek watches Alen fall, then raises his eyes and somewhat shakily lashes out at the third soldier.
<Sunny> 38, and 39 and its just as dead.
<Gwen> Nice Adek!
<Gwen> Anje throws up the mandacore, it lands on Sunny!
<Sunny> Sunny is revived with 20 hp!
<Gwen> Anje: Be healed!
<Sunny> How'd I get back up?
<Sunny> Aww, Alen is dead...
<Sunny> Phoey.
<Gwen> Anje: I used Creon's mandacore.
<Sabrina> This is the strangest battle I have ever been in...

- Combat Round 3! -

* Adek backs away from the soldiers warily. "Thanks.. Gwen."
<Gwen> Yeah, who summoned that fairy...?
<Sunny> Fairy giggles in the background.
<Gwen> ....?
<Gwen> O_o
<Gwen> Whatever!
<Sunny> Fairy: You'd all be dead if it wasn't for me :P
<Sunny> Sunny attemps to Stone Soldier 5 again.
<Gwen> Anje: Did you summon it, Creon?
* Creon nods to Anje.
* Meka burps.
<Meka> Pardon me.
<Gwen> Anje: Will you teach me that?
<Sunny> And she does just because we're losing, and he is stoned.
<Creon> These pathetic excuses for fighters looked like they needed some assistance...
<Gwen> Anje: Don't knock them...
<Gwen> Anje: They're not so bad.
* Creon shrugs.
* Sabrina tosses Gwen her one Herbal Extract.
<Gwen> Thanks man!
* Gwen eats it.
<Sabrina> Man?
<Sunny> She regains 25 hp!
<Gwen> Whatever!
* Gwen is indifferent today.
<Gwen> :P
<Sunny> Soilder 4 goes for Adek!
<Sunny> Adek dies!
<Gwen> ....shit!
<Gwen> Who's left....?
<Gwen> At least I stood for almost the entire battle...
* Adek falls, collapsing into a less-than-neat pile.
* Meka casts Whip Snap.
<Sunny> She whacks the last one for 55 damage.
* Gwen stands by Meka....
<Gwen> Female General: Arrrgh!
<Sunny> General 2 blasts Sabrina with some Ice.
* Twyla cheers!
* Gwen snickers at the female soldier. "And you call yourself a woman!"
<Gwen> Female General: O_o
* Gwen attacks!
<Sunny> 1: 28 damage.
<Sunny> Strike 2 finishes her!
<Sunny> General: I'm not done yet!
<Gwen> Yes you are!
<Sunny> General 2 gatheres her energy.
<Sunny> She holds her sword towards Twyla and casts Ice Sword!
<Gwen> Anje: Look out! She's aiming right for us!
<Gwen> Twyla: !
<Sunny> Her sword flies out and hits Twyla head on!
<Gwen> Anje: Twilly!
<Sunny> Twyla is stabbed!!
<Sunny> General 2 dies :P

= Victory 14 xp, 25 tp, 60 gp =

<Gwen> Oh no...
* Twyla falls over.
* Twyla gasps in pain.
<Sunny> Everyone dead is alive with 1 hp.
<Gwen> Anje: Twilly! Twilly!
* Meka glances at the sun...
<Meka> I'm gonna go take care of buisiness...
<Gwen> You're leaving...again Meka?
* Meka looks at Gwen. "I've always come back..."
<Gwen> Adek!! Your sister!
<Gwen> Get up!
<Meka> Take care of Pottle.
* Alen tries to get up, but falls back face-first.
* Twyla puts her hand on her chest.
<Twyla> It....hurts...
<Gwen> Anje: Twyla...
<Sunny> Oh no! Twyla!
* Meka sprints out the gates before anyone can stop her.
* Adek weakly sits up, blinking, then notices Twyla. "Oh no.."
* Twyla looks at the blood on her hands and starts sobbing.
<Twyla> I'm dying!!!!
* Gwen looks over Twyla. "This is bad...."
<Adek> Twyla!
* Adek hurries over to her.
<Gwen> >>The ice sword starts freezing her!
<Gwen> >>Her legs turn into ice..
* Twyla reaches up for her brother.
<Adek> Can't we.. someone.. a healer!
<Gwen> >>Teefa returns.
<Gwen> Teefa: Nice going gu--what?!
<Gwen> >>The ice goes up to her waist.
<Gwen> Teefa...we need a healer.
<Gwen> Creon...can you?
<Twyla> It's freezing me!! And my chest hurts...
* Gwen glares at him.
* Creon goes over to Twyla...
* Creon places his hands on her and begins to glow...
* Adek watches with an almost paniced looked on his face.
<Gwen> >>She starts to heal....but only in the chest...she is still freezing.
<Gwen> It's not enough..
* Creon chants loudly and glows brighter.
<Gwen> Teefa: Here! Let' me help!
* Gwen puts her hands on Twyla, and she glows as well.
<Gwen> >>Twyla recovers! :D
* Twyla sniffles and rubs her eyes.
<Twyla> It's over?
<Gwen> Anje: Yep...
* Twyla stands up shakily.
* Creon glares at Gwen. "Am I so evil now?"
<Gwen> ......
<Gwen> Thanks.
<Creon> My pleasure...
<Gwen> Odessa: Sister!
<Gwen> Odessa rushes to her sister.
* Adek breathes a sigh of relief. "Thank you, Teefa, Creon.. you ok, Twyl?"
<Sunny> Aww, she's back alive :)
* Twyla nods at her brother and hugs him tightly.
* Remy watches all of this cooly...
<Twyla> I'm okay!
<Gwen> Odessa: Some Soldiers are in the throne room...they're going for something in the vaults!
<Twyla> Are you okay?
<Gwen> Teefa: Okay! Follow me!
<Twyla> Thank you Teefa and Creon!!
<Gwen> Teefa: No problem kiddo!
<Gwen> Odessa: I'll....follow you...
<Gwen> Odessa gives Creon a look.
* Adek stands up. "Why do I have the odd feeling that this is not where we want to be?"
* Creon returns the look.
<Gwen> Just hurry, Adek!
<Sunny> Sunny: We shold be ok! We killed the baddies!
* Gwen gives Creon a look as well..
* Creon hurries after Teefa.
<Gwen> Alen: Yeah! We rule!
* Twyla follows after everyone.
<Gwen> >>There seems to be no one in the throne room...
<Gwen> ....what?
<Remy> Peachy.
<Gwen> Didn't you just say...?
<Gwen> Teefa: Are you sure this is the right place, sister?
<Sunny> Sunny: No one here...
* Remy gets a feeling of impending doom...or it could be something he ate :P
<Gwen> Odessa gives a final look to Creon before locking the door!
<Gwen> What the hell is going on here!
* Adek leans against a wall. "Looks.. mighty empty."
<Sunny> Whaaa!
<Remy> I'd say its a trap, mes amis....
<Gwen> Odessa: Now, my lord! Steal their orb....!
<Gwen> Teefa: WHAT?!
* Sunny cries.
* Remy growls.
<Sunny> Whaaa!
<Gwen> Odessa: Gwen has it!
<Twyla> Hey!
<Gwen> Creon! Who are you!
* Creon raises a hand and Gwen flies back into the wall....
<Gwen> Argh!
* Creon pulls off his hood.
<Twyla> O_O
* Gwen crashes into the wall!
<Remy> Oh fuck.
<Sabrina> Told you they were from the empire.
>> Gwen looks up, as and sees that Creon is a face from not only her distant past...Vay's. It's Jeal, once the insane Emperor of the Danek Empire...presumed killed ten years ago.
<Gwen> ....WHAT?!
<Gwen> YOU!!!
* Jeal runs over to Gwen and takes the orb...
<Jeal> Hello, darling.
<Sunny> Sunny: Who's that?
<Gwen> Sonnabitch!
<Gwen> I'll rip you apart!
<Gwen> You're supposed be DEAD!
<Gwen> Odessa: Quiet you.
<Jeal> Just try it...I think you'll be sorely disappointed...
* Adek grips the hilt of his sword, then hesitates.
<Gwen> Oh, beleive me, I will!
<Sabrina> Gwen, he was cryogenically frozen and brought back to life.
<Gwen> Odessa: Humph. Sure he was, miss.
* Remy glares at Jeal..
<Gwen> Teefa: Sister! What is the meaning of this! Why side with him!? He's the enemy!
<Gwen> Odessa:
* Jeal produces a sword from inside his cloak and waves it around a bit...
<Gwen> Anje: O_o
* Twyla edges close to her brother and looks at the bad people angrily.
<Gwen> Anje: You think you're all that? I'd like to see you stop us! Give them back the orb you stole!
<Sunny> Yea!!
* Gwen advances on Jeal, spear raised. "Time for payback."
<Jeal> Would you like to try to take it from me, dear?
* Sabrina snickers. "I doubt they'll listen to you guys."
* Jeal sneers at Gwen and Anje...
<Gwen> Anje: Hell yes.
<Remy> I say we kick some ass.
<Sunny> Yea!
<Remy> Some lousy Empire ass...
<Gwen> Odessa: You can try....but you'll never win....
<Gwen> Teefa raises her sword. "We'll see about that...traitors!"
<Jeal> You can surrender now, Gwen...
<Gwen> Never. I don't give up.

== COMBAT!! Vs. Jeal! ==

<Jeal> We could go into a back room there and have some fun like we used to in the old days...
<Gwen> FUCK YOU!
* Adek draws his sword, slowly, doubting he'll be able to do much. "Stay back, Twyl.."
* Jeal laughs.
* Remy narrows his eyes, and red mists start floating out..
* Gwen barely can contain herself now.
* Twyla backs away to the sidelines.
* Sabrina moves to the back row.
* Gwen is in the front.
* Remy stays in the front..
* Adek moves to join the rear row of the group..
<Sunny> Jeal decides to have a fun fight, and to be fair heals all of your hp!
<Gwen> Odessa looks like a woman possessed. She throws her shield to Jeal. "Attack!"
* Adek takes the front row, then.
* Jeal grabs the shield.
<Jeal> Not like I'll need it...
<Gwen> What did you do to Sandor!
<Sunny> Sunny casts Earth Spike!
<Gwen> I know you were involved!
<Sunny> 0 Damage!
<Sunny> Whaaa?
* Jeal shakes the little pieces of earth off him.
<Remy> Ah, shit..
* Sabrina claps her hands together and chants lowly to herself. She begins to glow with a white aura and her eyes turn as pure as white. When she is done chanting, her Wisdom goes up.
<Gwen> .....shit!
<Gwen> Odessa laughs!
<Gwen> Teefa: Grrrr....
<Sunny> Wis up 11!
* Adek grips his katana with both hands, letting the tip touch the ground. "So he can deal with magic.."
* Gwen can't take it anymore, and attacks savagely. "DIE YOU PRICK!"
<Sunny> 1 Damage! Miss!
<Gwen> Shit!
* Remy chuckles softly and grins mischeviously at Jeal. He dashes in quickly, brings his bo down on a dangerous arc and uses a Low Thrust on Jeal!
<Sunny> 1 Damage!
<Gwen> .....This is like Katarina all over again!
<Remy> Argh, fuck you mother fucking pissant!
<Gwen> Odessa: HA HA HA!
<Jeal> This is amusing...
<Gwen> .....
* Twyla looks around at everyone with a worried expression.
<Jeal> Little fleas...
<Sunny> Adek misses both hits.
<Gwen> Teefa raises her sword to the sky, a gold glow emits from it...she jumps into the air, and aims right for Jeal's heart. "You remember this part, don't you? Die, Bastard! For the glory of Lorath!"
<Sunny> And she Misses!
<Sunny> And Misses again!
<Gwen> Teefa: Impossible! I never miss!

- Combat Round 2! -

<Jeal> Yes, for the glory of Lorath...
* Jeal laughs...
<Gwen> Teefa:....
* Jeal raises his hands, and an oily black mist gathers around him...
<Gwen> ....
<Gwen> Teefa: Look out everyone...
* Jeal chants and it begins to whirl madly...
<Gwen> Ack! No!
* Gwen shields her face.
<Adek> Uh oh..
* Remy growls and braces himself..
* Jeal utters a loud syllable, sending the wave hurtling toward the front row!
<Sunny> Gwen: 280 Damage, Adek: 271, Remy:264.
* Gwen falls.
<Sunny> They kinda just blow up or something :)
* Sunny gasps.
* Remy groans and collapses.
* Adek flies across the room, bounces off the wall, onto the ground. Nothin' but dead.
<Gwen> Teefa: SHIT!
<Sunny> Sunny Casts Rock on Jeal!
<Sunny> 0 Damage.
<Gwen> Anje: Get Twyla out of here!
* Remy gets eaten by rats :P
* Sabrina begins to chant and raises her hands to the sky. Her eyes turn a lightning-yellow and lightning bolts shoot down at her hands. She takes the bolts and slams them at Jeal.
<Sunny> 0 Damage!
<Gwen> Teefa: We can't retreat....

- Combat Round 3! -

<Gwen> Teefa gathers energy into her sword.
* Twyla stares at all of this wide eyed.
<Jeal> It's your turn now, bitch...
<Gwen> Odessa: Give it up sister! You're either with us, or 'gainst us!
<Gwen> Teefa: Go to hell.
<Gwen> Teefa raises her sword!
* Jeal raises a hand and black electricity crackles around his fingertips...
* Jeal fires it towards Teefa.
<Gwen> Teefa tries to block with her sword's energy!
<Sunny> She fails...450 Damage on Teefa!
<Gwen> Teefa falls!
<Sunny> Sunny panics and swings at Jeal and misses.
<Gwen> Anje pulls out her axe.
* Sabrina charges Jeal and slashes in every direction across his gut, stomach, neck, and face.
<Sunny> Amazingly, she gets 1!
<Gwen> Anje: Maybe I can escape with Twyla...
<Gwen> Anje tries to cleave Jeal in 2!
<Sunny> And she clearly misses.
<Gwen> Anje: *Shrug* Had to try...

- Combat Round 4! -

<Gwen> Alen, who was watching all of this...simply faints ;)
* Jeal raises his sword...
* Remy is...uhm...dead...and playing poker with the Gods. :P
* Sunny gulps.
* Jeal cleaves downward upon Sunny.
<Gwen> Anje: SUNNY!
<Sunny> You %^$^%$^%$! I'm just a kid!
* Twyla contemplates her options, run away and probably get killed or stay and get killed.
<Sunny> Strike 1: 150 damage, Strike 2: 140 damage!
<Sunny> Sunny is sliced in 2!
* Jeal twirls his sword ala Cloud...
<Gwen> Anje: Sunny...
<Gwen> Anje: I could escape with you Sunny...I don't know how far we'd get though...
* Sabrina tries to attack Jeal.
<Sunny> Enraged, she gets a Miss and a 2 :)
* Twyla decides to stay.
<Gwen> Anje casts a spell of haste!
<Sunny> Jeal Has about another 690 HP Left :)
<Sunny> Anje is hastened by some amount.

- Combat Round 5! -

<Gwen> Anje: Now scuzzlebutt, just you and me!
<Sunny> Anje is somehow slower :P
* Jeal laughs and slices at Anje.
<Gwen> Anje: Just my luck..
<Gwen> Anje: O_o...mother.
<Sunny> Critical: 500, and another Critical for 520 Damage :)
<Jeal> Goodbye. :)
<Gwen> Anje dies....'nuff said.
* Sabrina tries to attack Jeal again.
<Sunny> Sabrina does a double Miss.

- Combat Round 6! -

* Sabrina attacks Jeal.
* Jeal drives his sword through Sabrina's gut.
<Sunny> A supreme Critical of never-seen skill for like 2000 Damage, point being, you dead :)
<Sunny> The Baby takes no damage :)
* Twyla looks around.
<Gwen> >>Twyla is the only one left!
* Sabrina drops to the ground in an over-dramatic fashion.
* Twyla gets one of those anime sweat drops.

- Combat Round 7! -

* Twyla tries to look brave.
<Twyla> If you touch me, Otto's gonna get you!!!
<Jeal> What's that?
<Twyla> He's big and strong and tough and he'll beat you up!
<Jeal> No, I believe he's a wrinkled gasbag...
* Jeal raises his blade, blood dripping from the metal.
<Twyla> ^^;;
<Jeal> Now I'm going to kill you like I killed that disgusting little Pottle...
* Twyla blinks.
<Twyla> But uhh...
* Jeal cleaves downward viciously.
<Sunny> Jeal does a mere 140 damage :)
<Gwen> Twyla dies anyway!

== The Party is defeated! ==

* Twyla flops over in a dead fashion.
<Sunny> Fairy: Ha ha!
<Gwen> Odessa: Excellent Sire!
<Jeal> That took me way too long, Odessa. I think I'm getting sloppy.
<Gwen> Odessa: What will we do with these fools?
<Jeal> Why not take them with us?
<Gwen> Odessa: Whatever for? We should just finish them off now!
<Jeal> We could make good use of them...
<Gwen> Odessa: ...ah....I see.....
* Odessa winks at Gwen. "Old business?"
<Jeal> I'm especially looking forward to...reminiscing...with the little traitor here...
<Odessa> And I'm sure that Twyla child can be sold for slave labor...they all could.
<Odessa> But her...especially.
* Jeal nods.
<Odessa> Yes. Good idea!
<Odessa> Guards!
<Odessa> Shackles, Jeal? Wanna get MORBID?
<Jeal> Yes, excellent idea.
<Odessa> >>The Guards shackle you all!
<Odessa> >>Remy, Gwen, and Teefa awken. :)
<Odessa> Gwen: ...wa....?
* Remy groans..
<Odessa> They're waking up sir.
<Remy> I feel like I've had one too many cups of port...
<Gwen> You sonnafa...
<Gwen> Just you wait...
<Gwen> I'll kill you...
* Jeal kicks Gwen.
<Gwen> Ah!
<Gwen> Teefa: That's enough!
* Remy snarls at Jeal and lunges at him, failing :P
<Gwen> Teefa: What do you plan to do with us?
<Jeal> Why should I tell you?
<Gwen> Teefa: Because we have a right to know..
* Gwen passes out again, moaning.
<Jeal> As of now, you have no rights. Understand?
* Remy glares at Jeal.
<Gwen> Teefa: *Glares at Jeal*
<Gwen> Teefa: You sick, twisted little...
<Jeal> Yes, yes, thank you, thank you...
<Gwen> Odessa: That's enough, dear sister.
<Gwen> Odessa kicks her in the face! She passes out..
<Gwen> Odessa then walks to Remy.
* Remy growls at Odessa..
<Gwen> Odessa: You're cute.....too bad.
<Gwen> *KICK!*
* Remy passes out.
<Gwen> Odessa: Take them away!
<Gwen> >>The Guards drag them out...



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