VayRPG Session 8: Payback

Gwen, Teefa, Jeal, Anje, Twlya, and Random NPCS: GMLucca
Alen: Pippa
Alexis: Bahamut
Twyla: Nadia
Pottle: Talon
Dance: Baywolf
Meka: Star
Remy: Marrow
Sunny: Cecil

Session Start: Sun Dec 28 13:37:20 1997

<Gwen> >>It's now early morning at the cabin. Dance is the only one there, at the moment. Niel went off to work on his invention again, whatever that may be....
<Gwen> >>Pottle is still out of it, and Dance is getting cabin fever...badly.
<Dance> I want OUT.
<Gwen> >>A bird caws at you from a cage.
<Gwen> Bird: Caw caw! Out out!
<Gwen> Bird: Attica! Attica!
<Dance> Attica?
* Meka limps around the cabin...
* Pottle snaps awake..."SHUT UP YA DAMN BIRD!"
<Gwen> Bird: Caaw?
* Pottle flings an apple at the bird, that he had in his sack.
<Gwen> Bird: Caw....gaw...
* Meka smiles at Pottle and plops down next to the bed. "Welcome back!"
* Pottle kisses Meka..."Nice to see you too."
<Dance> Shut up you stupid brid before I choose to learn to juggle feathers!
* Pottle smiles then scowls at the bird. "Can we go outside before this bird drives me to suicide?"
<Gwen> >>Alexis comes in from a long walk...she too, has baaaaad cabin fever!
* Meka blushes wildly...
<Meka> Sure...
<Gwen> Bird: Attica! Attica! Caw! Gaw!!!
<Pottle> All of you, come with me...I have a long story to tell.
* Dance plucks three tail feathers and attempts to juggle them.
* Pottle steps outside and waits for the others to follow.
<Gwen> Bird: Caww.......
* Meka follows at his heels. :>
<Gwen> >>If birds could sob, this bird would be sobbing.
* Dance follows, after returning the feathers to the cage.
<Gwen> >>It's a beautiful day out on the mountain....sun's shining, birds are singing...enjoy it while you can :>
* Pottle sits in a patch of grass and lets the others have a seat before explaining.
<Dance> Nice day.  Now, where are we going?
<Dance> Oh.
<Pottle> Okay, during that time I was out...
* Meka sits next to him.
* Dance sits in a nearby tree.
<Pottle> I relived my past life experiences. All the things I forgot.
<Pottle> I remember my parents dying, I remember my village burning.
* Dance mutters. "I'll bet that was fun."
<Gwen> Bird: (From Cabin) ATTICA!!!! *GAW*
* Dance frowns.
<Meka> ...
<Pottle> But the thing that shines most brightly in my mind...
<Pottle> The thing which appalls me the face of the killer...
<Dance> Who?
<Pottle> That Katarina DuNord.
<Pottle> I believe we remember her?
* Meka turns pale, and slightly grey-shaded and stony-eyed.
<Pottle> She was the one torching my village all those years ago...and she was searching for this...
* Pottle holds up the Light side of the Lackisha Pendant.
<Pottle> Combine this with the pendant she has, and she can rule or destroy this world at her whim.
<Pottle> That is all I know.
* Meka remains absolutely silent and still...
* Pottle looks at Meka...
<Pottle> Meka? What's wrong?
<Meka> Nothing.
<Meka> I just... feel a little sick.
<Pottle> Ahh...mad at her, eh? You should be...she's torched many elven villages...
<Meka> I mean... Katarina?
<Meka> Sick...
<Pottle> Kidnapped some, killed many others...she's the most hated person by any elf, probably...
<Gwen> >>A man wearing Lorath garb runs up the hillside. He's rather short and fat, more a page type.
* Pottle taps Meka's ears. "That should make you hate her too."
<Gwen> Man then falls on his fat face.
<Pottle> Page! What happened?
<Meka> Weeeell...
<Dance> Hmm.
<Dance> He doesn't seem well.
<Gwen> Man: I came back here as soon as I could! Your friends were...Oh it's too terrible to saaaaaaaaaay! (SOB)
<Pottle> He ran here from Lorath, what d'ya expect?!
<Meka> What's wrong?
* Dance hops down and walks over to the man.
<Pottle> My friends were what, page?!
<Dance> Our friends?
<Gwen> Man: The emperor! He came back from the *Shudder* DEAD!
<Dance> Sunny?
<Meka> ...
<Pottle> JEAL'S ALIVE?!
<Gwen> Man: He even took the family cat!!!
<Dance> Back... from... the... DEAD?
<Meka> I'm going to be sick.....
<Pottle> He's like me, he just can't die!
<Gwen> Man: There's good news! We found out where he took them!
<Gwen> Man: But it's a terrible place...
<Pottle> Meka! Pull it together, you have to help us rescue them!
<Gwen> Man: Baaad place...
<Meka> Right... I know...
<Pottle> Where?
<Gwen> Man: It's a Danek camp near the base of these mountains...
<Gwen> Man: On the other side.
<Pottle> Take us to it, Page.
<Gwen> Man: But....oh oookay...
<Gwen> Man: Oh...also...he took your orb thingie.
* Dance gulps, then whispers to himself. "Danek's... not good."
<Dance> WHAT!?
<Pottle> !
<Gwen> Man: 'Tis true!
<Pottle> HE WHAT?!
<Pottle> That's IT!
<Pottle> I'm gonna kick his ass!
<Gwen> Man: It's the end of the world!!
<Dance> Let's go!
<Gwen> Man falls on his fat face again.
<Gwen> Man: I'll lead the waaaaaaaay!
<Dance> We have to get that... back...
* Pottle fumes and drives his blade 6 inches into the ground.
<Gwen> Man tumbles down the hill!
* Dance me stares at the man.
* Dance runs after the man.
* Pottle grabs Meka's hand and makes chase.
* Meka follows as fast as she can....
<Gwen> >>Meanwhile....
<Gwen> >>The party members have been split up amongst the camp.
<Gwen> >>Most of them are still bleeding and such.
<Gwen> >>Gwen and Twyla are nowhere to be found, and the same goes for Adek, Alen, and several others...
<Gwen> >>However, Teefa, Remy, Sunny, and Anje are now in a cell, and that's where we begin!
<Gwen> >>You all begin to regain conciousness...and you don't like what you see..
<Gwen> Teefa: Ugh...
<Remy> Unh...
<Gwen> >>The walls are dirty, the floor is crawling with rats, and you're all shackled to the walls.
<Gwen> Teefa: Hey....everyone! Wake up.
<Gwen> Anje: I'm sleeping...gawd dammit..
<Remy> Yah, yah...I'm awake....not so sure 'bout the little one tho'..
<Gwen> Anje kicks Sunny. "She's gonna be out for a bit. Where are we? What happened?"
<Remy> Apparently, mon ami, we're in some kinda hell hole of a cell...
<Remy> The good question would be how to get outta dis here cell..
<Gwen> A soldier walks by your cell. "Well heeeeellooo ^_^"
* Remy grits his teeth.
<Gwen> He wears the anek insignia on his armor.
<Remy> Danek scum!..
<Gwen> Soldier: Oh, don't give me that "Danek scum" crap! It really hurts my ego!
<Gwen> Soldier snorts and smokes on a joint.
<Remy> Come in 'ere, mon ami, and I'll show ya what else I can hurt besides your ego!
<Gwen> Soldier: Ohohohoho! You think I'm that stupid?
<Gwen> Soldier: I get to watch you rot! Jeal has fun things planned for you later...
* Remy growls..
<Remy> Coward.
<Gwen> Soldier: First!
<Gwen> Soldier: He'll take you outside...and tie you to poles...then...
<Gwen> Soldier: He'll PUMP you fulla' lead!
* Remy's eyes start doing that freaky thing again...with the glowing red mists. Sign of anger, ya know.
<Gwen> Teefa groans.
<Gwen> Teefa: You're so full of shit...
<Remy> I says if *hisses* Jeal....... were any kind of a warrior, he'd fight hand to hand!
<Gwen> Teefa: You couldn't even fight.. *Goes off ranting*
<Gwen> Soilder: Jeal is a smart emperor! He doesn't mess around with trash like you...oh...and who's the girlie...? *Points to Sunny* She's coot...she might relieve my...tension....!
* Remy pulls against the shackles, growling.
<Gwen> Soldier: And like YOU'RE in any position to stop me!
<Gwen> Soldier: And Jeal's probably relieving himself with the traitor now. Why shouldn't I have fun?
* Remy narrows his eyes..
* Remy spits at the soldier.
<Gwen> Teefa: Shut the hell up!
<Gwen> Soldier dodges. "Later...ahahha!"
<Gwen> Soldier leaves...
<Remy> Grrr..
<Gwen> >>And meanwhile!! :D
<Gwen> >>We cut to coot little Twyla!
<Gwen> >>Jeal made good on his evil promise...and she's now working in a coal mine! :(
<Gwen> >>She's all raggedy and dirty, and tired...and several other children are there.
* Twyla coughs pitifully.
<Gwen> Child: Psst! Hey! Work faster!
<Twyla> So very very tired...
* Twyla shakes her head and tries to work faster.
<Gwen> Child: If we slow down, he'll whip us again!
<Gwen> Child: What are you in for?
<Gwen> Soldier: HEY! YOU! Get back to work!
<Gwen> Child panics.
<Gwen> Child: It...It wasn't me! It was HER!
<Gwen> Child points to Twyla.
* Twyla blinks.
<Twyla> Huh?
<Gwen> Child: She's slacking off!
<Gwen> Soldier: Is this true?
<Twyla> No! She's just blaming me so she doesn't get punished.
<Gwen> Child: I AM NOT! She did it!
<Gwen> Soldier: Why don't I just punish the both of yas?
<Twyla> Why don't we get back to work instead?
<Twyla> Instead of arguing, we could be helping the Danek empire!
<Gwen> Soldier gets right in Twyla's face. "OOHOOO! Smart little bitch, ain't we?"
* Twyla tries not to sound TOO false...
<Gwen> Soldeir: Don't you tell ol' Pip what to do!
<Twyla> Sorry Mr. Pip, sir.
* Twyla tries to look ashamed.
<Gwen> Pip smacks her on the back, rather hard. "Behave! Or no food!"
<Gwen> Pip: You might as well get used to being here! You'll never leave!
* Twyla nods dumbly.
<Gwen> Pip watches from the back.
* Twyla gets back to her work.
<Gwen> Child: Hey, I'm sorry, but I can't take anymore beatings..
<Gwen> Child: I wanna go home!
<Twyla> So do I..
<Gwen> Child: Where do you live?
<Twyla> I live with Otto ^_^
<Gwen> Child: Is that a car?
<Twyla> Umm... No... He's a smelly old wise man.
<Gwen> Child: The Danek people have things called Ottomobiles!
<Gwen> Child: You live with smelly people?
<Twyla> Uhh hehe..
<Gwen> >>And so...we go back to our rescue team! They are right outside the camp!
<Gwen> Man falls on his fat face yet again.
<Gwen> Man: Here we are!
* Meka stops and catches her breath...
<Gwen> Man: Good Luck!
* Pottle draws his blade, pupils wide. "This is it...Jeal, I'm gonna find you..."
* Dance rolls to a stop, having tripped somewhere on the way down.
<Dance> Ouch... that hurt.
* Meka pulls out her whip...
<Gwen> Man: I'll wait outside, and plan a way for you all to escape!
<Gwen> Man: But we should split up! They might be in different parts of the camp!
<Meka> Right behind ya...
<Pottle> And then Katarina will be the next to go...
* Dance stands... and points out the guard just below them.
* Pottle grins widely.
<Gwen> Man: Okay! Pottle!
<Dance> Shh...
* Meka goes pale again.
<Gwen> <<Man, even>>
<Dance> I think we're on a mine..
<Gwen> Man: should we split up?
<Dance> We don't.
<Pottle> Dance, page guy, check out the mine.
<Alexis> All of you in one group.  And me in another.
<Pottle> Alexis, Meka, you're with me.
<Dance> Okay, will do.
<Gwen> A soilder walks up to the party from behind!
* Meka nods...
<Pottle> We're attacking the base.
<Gwen> Soldier: O_O OH MY GOD!!!! It's...It's! It's my BOUNTY!!!!
* Meka whirls around.
<Dance> Hey you, do you have a name?
<Meka> Uh?!
<Gwen> Soldier points to Dance. "It's...Randall Kinser! Get 'em!!"
* Dance whirls around.
* Alexis spins around. "Make a move, and you're dead!"
<Meka> HEY!
<Dance> Shit....
<Dance> I didn't need this.
<Gwen> Man falls on his face.
* Dance uses Projection on the man.
<Gwen> Man dodges!

== COMBAT!! ==

* Alexis unsheaths her weapon of choice menacingly. A short beam of light glides the length of the blade before flaring and flickering out.
<Dance> I did not need this..
* Dance pulls out his staff.
<Dance> Charge!
<Gwen> Soldier: Get him! Randall Kinser!!! I'm gonna be rich!!
<Gwen> Soldier pulls out his sword!
<Sunny> allrigjhy
<Alexis> Last mistake you'll ever make, buddy.
<Sunny> 3 Soldiers and a Mage!
* Alexis closes her eyes and shouts ¤FastCut! The sword's blade begins to glow and she flings it at the Mage! After striking the sword then vanishes and reappears in her hands!
<Sunny> 30 Damage!
* Dance leaps from the top of the mine onto the soldiers.
<Sunny> Ding! No Damage!
<Gwen> Soldier: Was that the best you could do, Randall?
<Gwen> Soldier laughs hoarsely and coughs. "God damn ciggie!"
<Sunny> Soldier 1 Swings for Pottle.
* Pottle tries to parry with his blade.
<Sunny> 3 Damage!
<Dance> No, but I have no reason to hurt you..
<Dance> I didn't do it!
<Pottle> Haha, that all you can do?
<Gwen> Soldier: But I do!
<Gwen> Soldier: Shut that elf up!
<Pottle> More attacks! Bring 'em on!
<Gwen> Soldier taunts Pottle. "Your mom was a hooker, your dad was a rapist!!"
<Sunny> Soilder 2 Goes for Alex!
<Sunny> He stumbles on his feet.
<Sunny> Soilder 3 Goes for Meka!
<Pottle> Meka! Watch out!
* Meka acks.
* Meka tries to dodge.
<Sunny> 12 Damage! Meka is Slain!
<Gwen> Soldier kicks Meka's body!
<Sunny> Mage 1 Fires a Magic Ball at Dance!
<Gwen> Soldier: Good bloodbath boys!
<Pottle> You'll pay for that, asshole!
<Dance> You are going to pay for that!  There was no reason to do that.  I'm the one you want!
<Sunny> Dance is Burnt for 7 damage.
<Gwen> Soldier: HA HA HA! But they're your helpers...your...what is the word for a helper...uh...
<Gwen> Soldier 2: Accomplice.
<Gwen> Soldier: OH YES!
* Pottle raises his hands in the air, calling forth the spirit of the Fire Elemental...his hands begin to glow, and he unleashes a pillar of flame on Soldier 1! "¤BLAZE!"
<Sunny> 45 damage!
<Pottle> Eat THAT!
<Gwen> Soldier one screams as he burns.

- Combat Round 2! -

* Pottle shifts to guard Meka.
<Sunny> A Fairy flies by and Heals Meka to half Hp :)
<Gwen> Soldier takes out a can of raid and sprays!
* Meka groans and stands...
<Sunny> Mage: I dunno, They come out from nowhere :P
<Remy> Soldier takes the can from the other one and snorts its contents.
<Dance> Leave the fairies alone and deal with me!
<Gwen> Soldier: Fair enough!
* Alexis closes her eyes and shouts ¤FastCut! The sword's blade begins to glow and she flings it at the Mage! After striking the sword then vanishes and reappears in her hands!
<Sunny> 25 Damage!
<Gwen> Mage: Oh my god, she almost got
<Alexis> I'll get it next time!
<Gwen> Mage: You'll pay for that! That coulda been my manhood...
<Sunny> Soilder: Your ducks?
<Gwen> Mage: :P
* Dance sends pain searing through Soldier 2.
<Sunny> 21 Damage!
<Sunny> Soldier 1 Goes for Alex!
<Sunny> 12 Damage!
<Sunny> Soldier 2 goes for Dance!
<Sunny> And falls to his feet!
<Dance> That fungus on your feet is slowing you down.
<Dance> Gimme a sec, and I'll clean it off.
* Dance grins evilly.
<Sunny> Soilder 3 goes for Pottle!
<Sunny> A Critical of 8 Damage!
* Pottle cackles..."Call that pain?"
<Gwen> Soldier laughs at the blood.
<Sunny> Mage 1 shoots a Magic Ball at Pottle!
<Gwen> Soldier: It's so....RED! I love blood! RED!!
* Meka glances at Pottle...
<Sunny> Mage: Banzai!
<Sunny> 23 Damage!
* Pottle stumbles back in pain...
<Pottle> Ooh that was not kewl...someone heal me?
<Gwen> Soldier: RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* Meka lunges for the Mage, backstepping at the last moment and snapping her whip into his side!
<Sunny> 17 Damage, the Mage is dead!
<Sunny> Mage: NOOO!
<Pottle> THANK YOU!
<Remy> Mage: I'm meeeeelting, meeeeeelting!
<Alexis> Rats... I wanted to remove his manhood...
<Sunny> Pottle:
* Pottle places his hand on Meka's wounds and calls to the Water Elemental to aid him...and a blue light erupts in his hands. He mutters, "¤Balm" and the wounds seal up as if they were never inflicted.
* Meka bows. "No autographs, please."
<Sunny> Meka recoves full hp!
<Gwen> Mage: .oO(Oh well, maybe I'll be reincarnated as a one ever suspects the butterfly...)
<Meka> Thanks, Pottle! :D
<Pottle> *wince* No prob...

- Combat Round 3! -

<Pottle> Screw healing me. Go for the kill!
<Gwen> Soldier: Gonna kill Randall...gonna get MONEY! Fwaa haaha...
* Alexis leaps at Soldier 2 with her sword!
<Gwen> Soldier 2: Shit...
<Sunny> Attack 1: 9 Damage, Attack 2: Critical for 20!
<Dance> How much am I worth now anyway?
<Gwen> Soldier: 1.5 Million gold.
* Dance smashes Soldier 2 with his bo.
<Alexis> 1.5?!  Shit!
<Pottle> Holy SHIT!
<Sunny> 2 Damage.
* Dance collapses in disbelief.
<Sunny> Soldier 2 Swings for Meka!
* Dance is unconscious..
* Meka tries to dodge.
<Sunny> 21 Damage.
* Pottle kicks Dance. "Wake up, idiot!"
<Sunny> Soilder 3 Swings For Pottle!
<Dance> Uhh... 1.5 MILLION?
<Gwen> Solider: Yep! ^_^
<Sunny> 4 damage.
<Gwen> Solider: It could be 2 million by now!
<Pottle> Not dead yet, sucker...*pant*
* Pottle raises his hands in the air, calling forth the spirit of the Fire Elemental...his hands begin to glow, and he unleashes a pillar of flame on Soldier 2! "¤BLAZE!"
<Sunny> Burnt :P
* Pottle cackles..."Toasty!"
<Gwen> Solider: .oO(Aiee...*Dead*)
<Pottle> Okay, heal me now... :P

- Combat Round 4! -

* Alexis leaps at Soldier 3 with her sword!
<Sunny> 9, 10 damage!
* Dance swings low and fast at soldier 3.
<Sunny> 30 Damage!
<Dance> Hm..
<Sunny> He swings back at Dance!
<Gwen> Soldier: .oO( DIE!)
<Dance> I don't think that's a he anymore...
<Sunny> Dance is DEAD!
<Gwen> Solider: YES! I'll drag him in dead!! :D
<Pottle> Not on yer life!
* Dance collapses onto himself.
<Gwen> Soldier goes in for the kill. "Sure, all my friends are dead, but I wasn't planning on giving them their fair share, anyway!"
* Spirit_of_Dance appears.
<Spirit_of_Dance> You will never leave here alive.
<Gwen> Soldier grows afraid.
* Meka glows softly with a pale light... She brings her whip up and twirls it about her head a few times. "WHIP SNAP!" she screeches and snaps it into Soldier 3!
<Gwen> A dark spot appears in his pants :D
<Gwen> Solider: G-GHOST!!!
<Spirit_of_Dance> BOO!
<Gwen> Solider 3 dies from shock!

= Victory 15 xp, 25 tp, 25 gold =

<Spirit_of_Dance> Eh-hem.
* Alexis tosses the Short Sword high in the air, and holds out the sheath, watching as the blade drops gracefully into place.
* Pottle stabs Soldier 3's corpse repeatedly.
<Gwen> Man: Well done!
* Pottle cleans his blade and sheathes it.
<Gwen> The page comes back, tripping a few more times.
<Sunny> Dance is alive with a hp!
<Pottle> Damn, I love my magic...
* Pottle places his hand on Dance's wounds and calls to the Water Elemental to aid him...and a blue light erupts in his hands. He mutters, "¤Balm"and the wounds seal up as if they were never inflicted.
* Spirit_of_Dance vanishes.. "I guess I wasn't completely dead."
<Sunny> Dance recoves full hp!
* Meka twirls her whip around her arm and then snaps it in place at her hip.
<Gwen> Man: Where did you learn your magic skills?
<Dance> Uhn.. what happened?
<Pottle> Otto taught me.
<Gwen> Man: Well, that's nice. Okay! I thought up a plan..
<Dance> Teach me sometime please?
<Pottle> Dance, you have no magic?
<Gwen> Man: I arranged for a ship to take us out of Lorath and into Kerzalt...since Lorath is now under Danek control, you need to get out of here ASAP!
* Meka uses her herbal extract.
<Sunny> Full HP Regained!
<Pottle> Fuck that!
<Gwen> Man: I have a old mage friend in Kerzalt that might help you find those orb things.
<Pottle> I'm rescuing my friends!
<Pottle> Escape AFTER!
<Gwen> Man: AFTER you find your friends!
<Pottle> Ahh, okay. ;>
<Gwen> Man: I said AFTER!
<Dance> I have soul, but not healing..
<Gwen> Man: Come back here as soon as you can!
<Pottle> Soul litanies...very useful.
<Gwen> Man: go go!
<Gwen> >>The party sets off into the camp...
<Pottle> Dance, you may not be able to heal...but you can raise the dead.
<Dance> Not when there's a price on your head.
<Gwen> >>A soldier walks into a large compound.
<Pottle> Dance, that's why you have guys and girls like us to guard you...
<Gwen> >>And walks out with an empty food tray.
<Pottle> Question...why such a huge bounty?
* Meka follows Pottle closely...
<Gwen> Soldier then looks at the party. "Ah! Volunteers?"
<Dance> I was framed for the murder of a.... a very powerful person.
<Alexis> Who?
* Dance has remained at the mine.
<Gwen> Actually, it's not a Soldier at all, just a common cook :D
<Pottle> Volunteers? For what?
<Gwen> Cook: Can you bring this food tray *Hands them one with ratty bread and poorly cooked beans* to the new prisoners?
<Gwen> Cook: Hurry up! I haven't all day guv!
* Meka blinks.
<Pottle> A'ight...
<Gwen> Cook: Good! :D
* Pottle takes the tray.
* Meka looks about confusedly.
<Pottle> Job's done...get back to work, cook!
<Gwen> >>You head into the compound....lots of dingy cells line the walls...then you hear a familar voice yelling. "I'll fry your ass, mon ami!"
<Meka> Remy?...
* Pottle goes toward Remy's voice!
* Meka takes off.
<Gwen> Soldier: I just wanna was it?
<Meka> Remy! Reeeeemy!
<Gwen> Soldier: Who's there??
* Remy is chained to the wall, cursing!
* Pottle sets down the tray and draws his blade. "The rescue team!"
<Gwen> Soldier: Um...Um...Um...
* Pottle blocks the Soldier's retreat!
* Meka grabs the tray and bashes the soldier with it.
<Gwen> Soldier: I know...agh...
<Gwen> Soldier go down the hole...
<Gwen> Soldier has the keys on him!
<Remy> Hey!
* Pottle searches the soldier for keys.
<Gwen> Teefa: That god!
* Meka grins at Pottle. "Don't get fancy when ya don't have to." *wink*
<Gwen> Anje: Whoo hooo!
* Sunny kicks the Soldier.
<Sunny> Bad soldier!
<Pottle> I didn't think that'd WORK, Meka... :P
<Gwen> Anje: You okay?
<Remy> Lemme outta here, mon amies!....Me and that pus bag got a score to settle!
* Pottle grabs the keys, unlocks the cell, and goes for the prisoners.
* Meka giggles...
<Gwen> Teefa: I think Gwen is in some sort of trouble...she's with Jeal!
<Meka> Uh-oh...
* Remy glances at Teefa and nods.
<Gwen> Teefa: And that's trouble. Oh, by the way. I'm Teefa.
<Pottle> Okay...someone heal me?
<Gwen> Teefa: General to the Lorath army!
<Remy> I say we go in and crash their private party..and bust Gwen outta there.
<Pottle> Pottle Eccles, friend of King Sandor.
<Sunny> Allrighty Pottle!
* Sunny heals Pottle to max.
<Gwen> Teefa: Cool! A friend of the king is a friend of mine!
<Pottle> Now then. Where's the Emperor?
<Gwen> Anje: He's little mister scar boy :>
* Remy rubs his wrists.
<Gwen> Teefa: I don't know...
<Alexis> Rush in headlong against Jeal unprepared? Isn't that just a tad foolish?
<Pottle> Okay, knowing Jeal...
<Remy> Why not ask dopey boy?
<Gwen> Anje: Speaking of which...where's Alen and Twyla...
* Remy points to the guard.
<Pottle> He's on the roof or in the basement. I say the roof, he likes to be atop everything.
<Gwen> >>! Gee, let's go see what they're up to!
* Pottle shakes the guard...
<Gwen> >>We go back to Dance!
* Meka kicks the gaurd.
<Gwen> Man: So we just waltz in here, sir ^_^
<Dance> We killed the guards.. why not?
<Gwen> Man: Oookay...
* Dance enters the mine, grabbing a torch.
<Dance> Hello? Remy, Sunny Twyla, Gwen, anyone?
<Gwen> >>You enter the mine, and  a soldier is pummeling a young boy. "Don'!"
* Dance wanders down into the mine.
<Gwen> Soldier: You eat GRITS! Not pancakes, you slime!
* Dance gives the soldier a burnt butt.
<Alen> But I like pancakes!!
<Alen> Not grits!
<Gwen> Soldier: OW!
<Gwen> Soldier: Who are you?
<Dance> Leave the kid alone!
* Alen stumbles aside.
<Gwen> Soldier: mMke me, the little glutton ate my breakfast!
<Dance> Does the name "Kinser" mean anything to you?
<Gwen> Soldier: !!! Oh my god!!!
* Dance smashes the soldier over the head with his staff.
<Gwen> Soldier, unfortunately is a wooz, and runs from the 'evil' kinser :D
* Alen huffs and puffs.
<Gwen> >>Then gets knocked out for his efforts.
<Gwen> Man: Are you all right, little boy?
<Dance> Nighty night...
<Dance> You okay kid?
<Alen> Thank you mister savior person...
* Alen nods =P
<Gwen> Man: Is anyone else in this mine?
<Dance> Don't I know you?
<Alen> But he hungry!
* Alen peers at Dance.
* Dance holds the torch to see the child's face.
<Alen> Uh....
<Alen> Maybe =P
<Alen> Who are you?
<Dance> Alen, it's me Dance!
* Alen blinks and closes his eyes.
<Alen> AH! Bright..
* Dance moves the torch away.
<Alen> Oh! Dance!
* Alen thinks.
<Alen> Who were you again? =P
<Dance> Sunny's friend.
<Gwen> Soldier: I'll get you back, Kinser!!
<Alen> Oh... the dancer...
<Gwen> Soldier: You knocked out my I have...a hostage!!!
<Alen> Okay =)
<Dance> Huh? Page, get him! We don't ned the army in here!'
<Alen> But... where's Twyla?
<Dance> Wait, don't!
<Gwen> Solider: Cuz I'm cool and stuff.
<Dance> What do you want soldier?
<Gwen> Solider pulls out Twyla, with a gun to her head!
* Alen winces because of the high decibels.
<Dance> Let Twyla go, creep!
<Gwen> Soldier: One move, and the bubblehead gets it!
<Alen> There she is =P
<Gwen> Soldier: Just turn yourself in, Kinser!
<Twyla> O_o
* Twyla mmphs.
* Alen uses his second Soul spell and knocks the guard out!
<Dance> Let her go, and you won't suffer.
<Gwen> Soldier goes down!
<Gwen> Twyla is freed, but weak :(
* Twyla flops over and looks weak.
<Gwen> Man: Oh dear....poor thing. When was the last time you ate?
<Alen> Hey Twyla =)
* Dance runs to Twyla.
* Alen pat-pats her head.
<Dance> Alen, do you know healing magic?
<Alen> Uh.... no...
<Gwen> Man: I have some herbs with me...
<Gwen> Man feeds them to Twyla.
<Dance> That'll work.
<Gwen> Twyla feels better!
<Dance> Twyla, wake up..
* Twyla blinks.
<Dance> Twyla... are you okay?
<Gwen> Man: I need to go myself...there is still that girl Sabrina and Adek to find....
<Twyla> Yeah... I think so...
<Gwen> Man: I will return with them!
<Alen> Let's go! =D
<Gwen> Man leaves.
<Dance> Hey... scaredy cat.
* Alen grabs Twyla and Dance by the hand and heads over for the exit =P
<Dance> Just a sec, I'm drained.
<Gwen> >>And as you escape out of the caves, you see Pottle's group heading towards you!
* Twyla skidaddles.
* Dance uses his moondrops.
<Gwen> >>MP increased to full :D
<Pottle> Let's go find Jeal!
* Pottle grins.
<Remy> Yes, lets!
<Gwen> Teefa: Look! Miss Twyla!
<Gwen> Anje: Alen too! You're alive!
<Alen> Hey!
* Alen waves.
* Meka remains as quiet as possible...
<Dance> Sunny!
<Alen> Of course I am! =)
<Twyla> Yay :D
* Dance runs and hugs Sunny.  "You're okay"
<Gwen> Anje Hugs Twyla and puts her on her shoulders.
<Gwen> Anje: :)
<Remy> Oh geez :P
<Sunny> Hi Dance!
* Sunny hugs Dance too.
* Remy taps his foot.
<Remy> Can we go get Gwen now, mes amis?
* Twyla bounces happily on Anje's shoulders.
<Gwen> Teefa pulls out her sword. "Let's get Gwen and get the hell out of here."
<Sunny> And Alen!
* Sunny goes to hug Alen too.
<Sunny> You're both ok!
<Dance> Now... where's grouchy?
<Pottle> Fuck that! I want Jeal!
* Remy nods to Teefa. "I like your style!"
* Alen hugs Sunny.
<Alen> Hey =)
* Remy kicks Dance in the ass :P
<Sunny> Where were you!?
<Gwen> Teefa: Jeal isn't grouchy...Jeal is psycho.
<Dance> At the cabin.
<Alen> Eating =)
* Sunny twaps Alen.
<Gwen> Teefa: Ah. I see. Gwen.
<Sunny> Don't scare me like that!
<Dance> A page told us what happened..
<Alen> But a soldier didn't like it and hit me...
<Alen> Okay =)
* Alen kisses Sunny in the cheek =)
* Remy arghs.
* Sunny giggles.
* Pottle looks around, shrugs, and goes Jeal hunting.
<Remy> Enough!! LETS GO!
<Gwen> Anje: ^_^
<Alexis> Enough mush.  Let's get this over with.
* Meka follows Pottle loyally. :>
* Sunny takes Alen's and Dance's hands and skips along.
<Gwen> >>You look about the camp...and there's a large watchtower in the center...guards stand by it
<Gwen> Anje: Guards hmmm..
<Remy> Bleh.
<Alen> Why don't we enter?
* Pottle takes Meka's hand.
<Gwen> Anje: Let me handle this...
<Dance> I have an idea.
<Gwen> Anje: You first, Dance. :)
<Alen> Maybe they have enough breakfast for all of us =)
<Dance> Can you all hide around a corner or something?
<Sunny> Hmm, I'm hungry!
* Meka squeezes his hand unconsiously, WAY nervous...
* Remy growls :P
<Gwen> Guard: Hey! Who goes 'ere! YOU CAN'T PASS THROUGH 'ere!!
<Alen> Me too... and the pancakes that soldier had were yummy =P
<Remy> Ah, shit.
<Gwen> Teefa: They saw us.
<Dance> Oh well..
<Gwen> Anje: Like I said.
<Gwen> Anje: Let me handle this.
<Alen> Let's go!
<Remy> Can we just bust some heads? :P
<Dance> Fight or Flight?
<Gwen> Anje smiles at the guard sexily and winks.
<Meka> ...
<Dance> Or listen to Anje.
<Gwen> Anje: Hey baby.
<Gwen> Guards blush.
* Remy blinks at Anje and chuckles quietly.
<Gwen> Anje: Come get me tiger...
<Gwen> Anje: I'm your wildest dream, your worst nightmare, your sexist girl!
<Gwen> Anje puts Twilly down.
* Pottle watches Anje and laughs!
<Gwen> Guards look rather lustful..
<Pottle> This is too lame...
<Sunny> Lustful?
<Gwen> Anje: Yep, as sharp as a basketball..
<Gwen> Anje: COME GET ME!
<Alen> What is she doing? And why are they drooling like that?
* Meka grins at Anje and playfully bumps into Pottle. ;>
<Dance> Alen, don't worry about it.
<Gwen> Anje runs off, and the guards follow her, she comes back in a minute. "Lost 'em! Let's go!"
<Dance> You'll learn later in life..
<Alen> Okay =)
* Pottle chuckles..."Wanna play Anje's part with me? ;>"
<Dance> Grow up, there's a real young one watching.
<Gwen> >>You hear people shouting near the top of the tower.
<Sunny> They seem weird allright :P
<Dance> Let's go!
* Alexis purposefully heads towards the tower...
* Pottle walks off holding Meka's hand.
<Gwen> Get the fuck away from me, you fucking pissant!
* Meka giggles.
* Dance follows Alexis.
* Pottle goes to the tower.
<Gwen> Go play with your hooker friends!
<Alen> That sounds like Gwen =P
<Dance> Sounds like grouchy to me.
* Remy growls and almost passes Pottle :P
* Meka walks with Pottle. "Uh... Gwen's in a bad mood..."
* Alexis quietly unsheaths her sword while crossing the opening...
<Pottle> Jeal's up there...he's MINE.
* Dance pulls out his staff.
<Twyla> Twyla: Unless your skills have gotten a lot better since last battle I somehow see this ending with us back in prison..
<Pottle> Shut UP!
<Meka> ...
* Pottle lets go of Meka's hand and climbs the tower, sword drawn, and panting due to severe anger.
* Sunny hurries up too.
<Alexis> I won't have your vendetta cost me my life, Pottle. He's not yours alone.
<Dance> I wish he wouldn't go off half-cocked.
* Alen hurries up... wondering about pancakes... and if Gwen didn't like them...
* Meka pulls out her whip and climbs hurriedly...
<Dance> Pull the trigger...
* Dance bounds up the tower.
<Gwen> Argh! Don't you even think about it! *Goes off ranting*
* Remy climbs up the tower.
<Dance> Err.. the cock, all the way back, then go off!
* Twyla simply follows everyone.
<Gwen> And what the hell is up with this Kinser person?!
<Gwen> That's one of the things you keep babbling about!
<Gwen> >>Your almost to the top!
* Gwen goes off ranting some more!
* Remy grumbles about the betting odds and about Gwen.
<Pottle> Gonna die...your head will be my trophy...
<Pottle> Gonna rip out yer spleen and eat it raw...
<Gwen> Oh great. Fine, do it again Jeal, you already fucked up my life! Go for a second!
<Pottle> Gonna rip yer nuts off, and stuff 'em down yer fuckin' throat...
<Gwen> >>You're at the door! It's locked!
<Dance> And he's supposed to be the calm one.
* Meka falls behind Pottle a bit, scared of his graphic mutterings...
<Remy> Grr.
* Dance climbs the roof.
<Alexis> Emotion in battle is gonna get you killed.  It clouds judgement, you crazy elf!
<Alen> Maybe we should knock =P
<Gwen> Teefa: I think not.
<Alen> Can I try?
* Pottle goes after Dance.
* Twyla looks around.
<Remy> I say we kick it in!
<Sunny> Lets burn the door Down!
<Gwen> Will you shut the hell up about him!!
* Dance jump down through the roof.
<Alen> Okay!
* Meka climbs up to the top and gulps...
<Alexis> Knocking isn't such a bad idea...
* Pottle follows.
* Alen starts charging his Fire magic.
<Dance> Hello grouchy, care for a rescue?
<Alexis> It leaves whoever on the other side unprepared...
* Sunny charges some earth magic.
<Gwen> >>Dance accidentally lands in some potted bushes :D
<Gwen> O_o
* Pottle falls on top of Dance.
* Alen shoots a Fire bolt at the door, sending it burning into the room!
<Sunny> Ready Alen?
* Remy falls on Pottle, following them :P
* Sunny shoves the door with a big earth spike!
<Gwen> >>The door bust open!
<Pottle> Owch...
* Alexis smacks her forehead. "So much for surprise..."
* Remy leaps off!
* Pottle pushes Remy off and jumps up.
* Dance falls unconscious.
* Meka twists around so she doesn't hit Pottle.
<Jeal> Come know you want to.
* Alen runs inside.
<Gwen> >> Jeal is there, and fortunately, he didn't do the 'dirty deed' yet. Gwen is tied to a post.
<Remy> Grrr.
<Gwen> Why don't you shut the fuck up?
<Jeal> It'll be like old times, eh?
<Alen> Boom!
<Jeal> So why don't...What?!?
<Gwen> Like I'd want to get the hell near you?
* Jeal turns around.
* Pottle marches forward, sword drawn.
* Gwen whooos!
* Remy starts towards Gwen.
<Jeal> Damn it! You again!
<Gwen> Finally! What took you soo long?
<Pottle> Jeal McDougal, your ass is MINE!
<Jeal> And I was going to have a good time.
<Gwen> Not that I'm not grateful or anything :)
<Remy> Sorry, chere, we were caught in traffic!
* Dance wakes up again.
<Jeal> And who the HELL are you, Elf boy?
* Gwen nods. "Untie those ropes."
* Remy rips the ropes off.
<Sunny> We're Here! Yea!
* Dance looks at Jeal as he undos grouchy's ropes.
* Pottle yanks off his armor and his shirt. "Look familiar?!"
<Meka> His name is Pottle.
<Gwen> >>The others get ready to fight Jeal, but Pottle holds them back!
* Jeal looks at Pottle.
<Dance> Why does that man seem familiar?
<Pottle> Pottle Eccles, back from the dead, just for you!
<Gwen> ......
* Alen shoves.
<Gwen> Guys...stay back
<Alen> I wanna fight too!
* Meka looks away from Pottle...
<Gwen> >>Jeal is quite SUPRISED!
<Jeal> You were that Elf I picked off so many years ago!
<Pottle> And now it's time to repay you...
<Gwen> This is his fight!
<Jeal> Now how did you survive?!
<Jeal> I thought I had done you in...
<Dance> Grouchy, who is that?
<Gwen> Cuz you're a *^** ;)
* Remy nods.
<Alen> Oh, okay =)
* Jeal laughs at Pottle.
<Gwen> Jeal McDougal. Emperor of the Danek Empire.
<Alen> Can we eat then?
<Dance> Oh.
* Remy elbows Dance in the stomach. :P "Show some respect for the lady!"
<Gwen> Jeal: If you want to be destroyed...I can easily arrange it boy! I'll kill you for good this time!
<Pottle> Like to see you try...
<Gwen> Anje: Kick ass Pottle! Go boy! You go boy! Go Go go go boy!
<Gwen> Jeal smiles evilly. "Well...."
* Dance points at Gwen. "That ain't no lady. Not the way she talks!"
* Pottle advances on Jeal, ignoring everything else...
* Meka stays with her back turned... very scared....
* Remy stops himself from punching Dance out :P
<Gwen> Jeal pulls out a crossbow. "Perhaps I should...finish what I started."
<Gwen> O_o
<Gwen> Pottle! Get the hell out of here!
<Pottle> You'll never kill me...
* Alen watches interestedly.
<Remy> Uhm...damnit, Pottle....don't go gettin' yerself killed!
<Gwen> Jeal: Let's see...*He fires!*
* Pottle continues walking forward..."Hurry up and fire."
* Pottle catches the shot in the stomach, and stumbles for a second...
* Meka flinches, hearing the bow go off...
<Gwen> Shit!
<Alen> That crossbow looks fun... Maybe I should try one of those sometime =P
<Remy> Oh fuck..
* Pottle twists the arrow, rips it out...and continues walking.
<Gwen> Jeal: See? I really am a great marksman!
* Jeal fires again!
<Gwen> Teefa: What the hell is he doing?!
<Gwen> Teefa: He's a flamin' moron!
* Pottle reaches out with his hand to stop it and it goes into his hand.
* Pottle rips it out, and keeps walking, advancing to pole weapon range.
<Gwen> Jeal is starting to run out of room to run.
<Remy> A moron very clouded by anger and hate.
* Jeal shoots one more time!
<Alexis> Gettin' himself killed, he is.
* Meka flinches again...
* Pottle rips this one out of his leg..."You'll never kill me...I have too much to live for..."
<Gwen> Jeal: What could be so important to live for boy? Anger? Hate? You'll never kill me with that!
* Pottle steps forward again, seemingly unaffected by his lifeblood spilling from him...
* Meka starts crying... "Pottle... stop..."
<Gwen> Jeal: Answer me boy? There's no 'Prince' to protect you now...not like he did a great job or anything...
<Pottle> Do you really want to find out what years of hatred can do?
<Gwen> Jeal fires his last shot!
<Gwen> And he is now out of room to run.
<Dance> Pottle look out!
<Pottle> Hehe...and all that's protecting you is the wall.
<Gwen> Jeal: Oh shit...
* Pottle rips the arrow out..."Missed my heart by an inch...AGAIN!"
* Pottle jumps at Jeal, and begins slashing insanely! "And now, you DIE!!!!!!"
<Dance> Remy, why does he seem to be enjoying this?
* Meka is crying hysterically now...
<Gwen> Jeal: Hey, I got it once...can easily get it again...*Looks around for a weapon*
* Gwen tries to comfort Meka.
* Gwen also sucks at it.
<Remy> Because he's a real....real..wacko.
<Meka> Pottle, stop it!
<Pottle> This is for the people of Danek, and Gwen, and PJ, and Sandor, and Rachel...
<Dance> I think they both are.
<Pottle> And most importantly...ME.
* Pottle drives his blade into different parts of Jeal's body.
<Gwen> Jeal: ARGH!
<Gwen> Jeal is allmighty, but Pottle is so full of hate some of the shots hit!
<Gwen> Jeal growls. "Enough. I wouldn't want to spoil your fun in one day."
<Remy> Damnit...remind me never to piss Pottle off, eh?
<Pottle> Oh, but why not?
<Dance> My god... that Jeal thing is alive!
* Meka is really, really afraid...
<Gwen> Jeal has a cut around his heart area...and he knows it better be treated ;)
<Sunny> Looks so, but he got a good hit in!
<Dance> Still!
<Pottle> And lookee...the same scar as I bear!
<Gwen> Jeal begins chant a warp spell. " it is. Don't time we're a DEAD man!"
<Pottle> You can flee from me now, but you won't forever, McDougal! I'll find you again!
<Gwen> Jeal: But, I'll find YOU all first! *Disappears!*
<Gwen> >>Jeal is now gone gone gone.
* Pottle looks around...
* Meka sobs violently...
<Pottle> Wow...blood...mine...ooh...
<Gwen> Um..
<Gwen> Well...
<Gwen> How about we go out for coffee?
* Pottle snaps out of his trance and passes out on the floor.
<Dance> Oh dear..
* Remy raises an eyebrow at Gwen.
<Gwen> Teefa: Oh great...
<Meka> POTTLE!!!
<Remy> Erk..
<Sunny> Poor Pottle...
<Dance> Anyone here cast heal?
* Meka screeches and runs to him.
<Alexis> The blood loss'll kill him.
<Gwen> Teefa: What, may I ask, was that?!
<Sunny> I think I can handle it!
* Sunny approaches Pottle and casts Balm.
<Gwen> Anje: I dunno...maybe that's why he's so messed up.
<Gwen> >>The man comes back, Sabrina, Adek, and all the other kidnapped people are behind him!
<Remy> Woo.......reunion!
<Gwen> >>The curing spell only cures the wounds a little. He needs more medical attention.
<Gwen> Sabrina: Hey..
<Meka> Pottle....
* Pottle blinks and stirs...
* Dance's eyes go black.
<Shinji> Hey =)
<Gwen> Man: He's hurt, right?
<Remy> No, really?!
<Gwen> Man: Well, I arranged for a boat!
<Remy> :P
<Pottle> Did I...did I beat him?
<Sunny> I can barley hold his condition.. Jeal did a number on him
<Sunny> You scared him off :)
<Gwen> Man: And I'm pretty sure they'll be a healer on it.
<Alexis> No.
<Alen> Let's take him to a hospital!
<Sunny> He ran like a chicken!
<Gwen> Teefa: Twyla...
<Dance> Soul of fire do not retire. Soul of light, I recharge thy might!
* Meka hugs Pottle tightly...
* Dance attempts to help pottle.
<Gwen> Teefa: Do you think you're teacher could help us?
<Gwen> Dance...?
* Pottle grins..."He'll never kill him, I am immortal."
<Alen> Oh yeah! Otto!
<Pottle> Gwen...he didn't do anything...right?
<Gwen> Twyla: Yeah! He should help
* Remy looks deep in thought.
<Gwen> Teefa: Can you take me there? I wish to meet him.
<Gwen> Twyla: Sure. shouldn't be a problem!
<Pottle> Gwen...answer me...
<Gwen> Teefa: I think we'll have to part company now.
<Gwen> Yes?
* Gwen snaps out of her thoughts.
<Gwen> What did you ask?
<Pottle> Did he hurt you?
* Gwen sighs. "No, it was close though."
<Gwen> Thank you, everyone...
<Pottle> Good...I stopped him in time...
<Gwen> Dance's cry heals Pottle a little!
<Gwen> Dance then falls to the ground.
* Remy smiles at Gwen. "Anytime, chere."
* Meka tries to stop his bleeding with her hands... Not doing to well, though...
<Pottle> Little bit of revenge for the two of us...*smile* Meka!
* Dance collapses under the strain and is no longer awake.
<Remy> Geh, we might wanna get moving now, maybe?
<Sunny> Dance?
<Gwen> That's a good idea.
<Gwen> Let's go!
* Sunny shakes Dance.
<Sunny> What's wrong?
<Gwen> Teefa and Twyla depart!
* Pottle kisses Meka...
<Alen> Maybe he was tired?
<Gwen> Anje sighs.
* Meka sobs again and presses her hand tighter over his chestwonds...
<Sunny> Yea :P
* Sunny huggles him.
<Pottle> Meka, stop it...I'll be fine.
<Gwen> Okay...who should I carry? Pottle or Dance?
* Meka hugs him tightly. "You... you scared me..."
* Gwen pushes up her sleeves.
<Remy> I got the Elf dude.
<Gwen> I got Dance.
<Sunny> I'll carry Dance!
<Gwen> Let's go!
<Gwen> You're too small, Sunny.
<Pottle> ...I can walk.
* Sunny tries to pick up Dance.
* Gwen hefts Dance over her shoulder.
<Sunny> Uhga...
<Sunny> Almost..
<Sunny> Phew!
<Remy> Not a chance, tough guy.
<Sunny> Thanks Gwen.
* Pottle places his hand on the wall and pulls himself to his feet.
<Gwen> >>You escape from the camp without incident!
* Pottle uses Meka as a crutch.
<Dance> Sunny hears a voice in her head. "Thank you."
<Gwen> Man: Okay! Listen up! We're heading to Coryan!
* Meka tries to stop crying...
<Alen> Why?
<Remy> Coryan. Hmm. Sounds like crayon.
<Sunny> What's there?
<Alen> Can't we go and have something to eat first? =P
<Gwen> Man: There is a boat waiting there. I think you should meet the high mage from Kerzalt, and the king. The Mage has knowledge about the orbs.
<Pottle> Meka, please stop crying...
* Gwen thinks...
<Gwen> Wait.
<Gwen> Something about this is nagging me.
* Remy glances at Gwen. "Like what..?"
<Gwen> The mage...
<Sunny> Cool!
<Meka> You're nutz! I saw- well, I didn't see, I turned my back... I heard 4 crossbow bolt go hit you...
<Gwen> Pottle! Didn't you know a mage on your travels?
<Meka> I'm sorry, but that's kinda scarry... *slight grin*
* Pottle nods..."Yeah, Gwen. Prudence Jurissa...PJ."
<Pottle> Well I'm still here...
<Gwen> Man: Yes! That's her name! ^_^
<Alen> Pee Jay?
<Gwen> Yes Alen :P
* Meka hugs Pottle again.
* Pottle blinks..."PJ?!"
* Remy chuckles.
<Gwen> Man: Well, yeah, she's the high mage now. Part time chancellor too.
<Alen> What a funny name –_–
<Sunny> Who is that?
<Sunny> PaJamas?
<Meka> Old friend of yours, Pottle?
<Gwen> Yeah, she's one of the heroes who stopped Sadoul.
<Pottle> Yeah...from the first Quest for the Orbs, Meka.
<Alen> I think she's a mage like us Sunny =P
<Sunny> Oh, cool!
<Meka> Oh...
<Alen> Oh!
<Gwen> Wasn't she a brat as well?
<Alen> I'd forgotten!
<Pottle> Not really...
<Alen> Do you have an orb yet?
<Pottle> She was toward me...
<Gwen> Anje: I heard a different story!
<Sunny> We have the water orb!
<Gwen> Anje: I heard she had a crush on you.
<Alen> Really?
<Gwen> Um...Sunny..
<Gwen> We don't.
<Gwen> Jeal still has it.
<Pottle> PJ? Shyeah right...
<Gwen> But we'll get it back.
<Alen> Oh...
<Sunny> We didnt get it!
<Gwen> Anje smiles. "Denial!"
<Sunny> Aww..
<Sunny> Jeal is sooo mean!
<Pottle> No, PJ treated me like SHIT.
<Gwen> >>You see the village of Coryan up ahead.
<Remy> I wonder if they have a gambling parlor there..
<Gwen> Anje: I heard, when you 'died' she cried out your name and was crying for 3 hours straight!
<Gwen> Man: No time for gambling. The guards will be after you!
* Alen points.
<Alen> Coreanne?
<Remy> Bah.
<Remy> Thats not fun..
<Pottle> PJ...cried over me? That's insane...
<Gwen> Anje: It's true! I heard it from a reliable source.
<Gwen> Anje: And she cried for several days after, off and on, or so I heard!
* Alen tugs on Gwen's sleeve.
<Gwen> Yes, Alen?
<Alen> Are we there yet?
<Alen> Is that it?
<Gwen> Almost, guess we are.
* Alen points again.
* Meka pokes Pottle's nose.
<Remy> Heh..
* Pottle chuckles..."What was that for?"
<Alen> All right!
<Alen> I'm hungry!
<Meka> Well... Looks like someone might be happy to see you again.
<Gwen> >>You arrive at the docks..when suddenly..
* Meka smiles.
<Meka> Eh?
<Remy> Eh?!
<Gwen> Guards run after you!
<Gwen> Shit!
* Remy grimaces.
* Dance groans.
<Pottle> Uh-oh...
<Gwen> Man: Into the boat! Into the boat!
* Dance wakens
<Meka> Ack...
<Remy> I say we kick ass!
* Remy goes bah.
<Gwen> Man: Do we have time?
* Sunny juumps in!
<Pottle> Are you crazy?!
<Meka> Pottle's in no condtion!
* Alen follows.
<Gwen> Man: Into the boat!
<Remy> Okay, okay.
* Pottle limps into the boat.
<Remy> Bad plan!
<Gwen> >>Arrows go flying!
* Remy leaps into the boat.
<Gwen> >>Gunshots fire!
* Meka follows quickly.
<Gwen> Shit shit shit..
* Dance is stuck on someone's shoulder and rolls off into the boat, making his vote clear.
* Gwen jumps in.
* Alexis somehow, is on the boat already...
* Gwen climbs out, to untie the rope, and gets an arrow in her shoulder for her efforts.
<Gwen> Ack! God damn, the man!
<Remy> Gwen!
* Gwen cuts the rope and the boat sails off!
<Gwen> Ha ha!
<Pottle> Gwen, GET IN HERE!
<Gwen> Eat that, you pissants!
<Pottle> Thank you!
* Gwen gets hit in the leg!
<Gwen> Argh!
<Remy> Grr!
* Gwen then falls into the boat.
<Gwen> Ow..I shouln't have done that...
<Sunny> Oh no!
* Remy catches Gwen :P
<Remy> Uhm..
* Pottle places his hand on Gwen's wounds and calls to the Water Elemental to aid him...and a blue light erupts in his hands. He mutters, "¤Balm" and the wounds seal up as if they were never inflicted.
* Dance umphs as Gwen lands on top of him.
<Gwen> Thanks Pottle..
* Gwen pulls out the arrow.
<Alen> Are you all right?
<Pottle> Yeah, no problem.
<Gwen> Yeah, I'm okay..
<Gwen> Anje: Dance! Next time, don't use so much magic at once! Are you a fool?!
<Gwen> Sorry Dance..
<Dance> Magic? Dance? Fool?
* Meka stares at the floor....
<Sunny> Hiya Dance :)
* Dance seems... spaced out.
<Remy> Bleh.
<Gwen> Anje slaps Dance. "WAKE UP!"
<Alen> You want to dance like a fool and use magic?
* Alen looks interested =P
<Pottle> By the way, PJ doesn't matter to me Meka, cuz...
* Dance falls asleep, exhuasted.
* Pottle whispers in her ear..."I love you."
* Meka looks up, startled and somewhat in shock.
<Meka> Wh... what?
* Remy saunters up to the side of the boat and leans on the railing, looking out at the sky.
* Alen tugs on Sunny's sleeve.
* Gwen sits down and takes out a beer. "Ah! Good work, everyone! Let's get wasted!"
<Pottle> I...I love you, Meka...
<Sunny> Yup?
<Alen> What did Pottle say? And why does Meka look like that?
* Dance wakens to the shouting of grouchy.
* Meka suddenly starts crying and collapses on Pottle, sobbing into his shoulder...
<Sunny> He said he loved her? I think..
* Dance looks at Pottle, then Meka, then Alen.
<Meka> I... I love you too....
<Gwen> !?
<Gwen> Wha...?
<Sunny> Why are they like that..
<Gwen> Did I just miss something?
<Alen> I don't know =P
<Dance> Don't worry about it, Alen.  You'll figure it out soon enough.
<Gwen> Hey Dance...
* Gwen throws him a beer.
<Alen> Okay Dance –_–
<Dance> Yes?
<Gwen> Drink up :)
* Pottle kisses Meka..."And thank you for being here with me..."
<Gwen> We escaped. Let's celebrate.
<Sunny> Gwen, whats that?
<Dance> No thanks, I feel like I had too many already.
<Gwen> Beer. You can't have it.
<Alen> Do you have orange juice Gwen? =D
<Gwen> All right Dance.
<Sunny> Why?
* Remy sits on the railing of the ship and watches the party.
* Meka sniffles, smiles at him, and pokes his nose. "No problem."
<Gwen> Cuz last time you had anything alcoholic, you got wasted!
<Sunny> I did?
<Pottle> ...why are you crying?
<Sunny> Whats "Wasted"?
<Gwen> Apple juice okay Alen?
<Gwen> Drunk, Sunny, Drunk.
<Alen> Okay!
<Meka> Nothing... Really, nothing... I'm just... startled. And unbelieveably happy. :>
* Gwen throws him some apple juice.
<Sunny> Oh!
<Alen> You can have some of my apple juice if you want Sunny =)
<Sunny> Well! I want beer!
<Remy> Hey, Gwen, toss me one, eh?
<Sunny> It tasted good..
<Pottle> I'm sorry I charged in like that...
<Gwen> No, you cannot Sunny. :P
<Meka> It's okay.
<Gwen> It's for your own good!
* Dance throws Remy his
<Sunny> Oh apple juice!
<Pottle> But I didn't want anyone else to suffer what Jeal can put them through.
* Sunny drinks some.
* Remy catches it and slugs it back.
<Sunny> Thanks!
* Alen hugs Sunny.
<Alen> Okay =)
<Sunny> Guess what Alen!
<Meka> I understand...
<Gwen> Anje climbs the watchman's tower thingie and looks at the moon.
<Alen> What? =)
* Sunny pulls out a bottle of wine.
<Sunny> Look what I got!
<Gwen> SUNNY!
* Gwen snatches it away.
* Gwen throws it over the railing.
<Remy> Hey!
<Alen> What was it? =D
* Meka kisses Pottle on the cheek, timidly. :>
* Remy catches it before it goes over :P
<Remy> Mine! :P
<Sunny> >>Gwen doesn't see it :P
* Pottle kisses her back and smiles.
* Sunny pulls out another bottle Gwen does not see.
<Alen> I want some! =)
<Sunny> She pours it in the apple juice and tosses the wine bottle out.
<Sunny> Drink up Alen!
<Alen> Okay! –_–
* Alen drinks up =P
<Gwen> And the two children become drunk. :)
<Remy> >> And there was much rejoicing.
* Sunny drinks too.
* Alen blinks.
* Dance sleeps peacefully.
<Sunny> Whee!
<Gwen> O_o
* Pottle leans back on the bench, and falls asleep.
<Alen> Yummy... hic!
<Gwen> I gotta keep this away from them.
* Meka smiles, and throws her cloak over him...
<Remy> Bleh, Gwen, they're just kids... :P
* Sunny wobbles around on the boat.
<Alen> Hey Shunny, this is good! –_–
* Remy crouches by Gwen and sips his beer ^_^
<Gwen> I'm not getting involved this time.
<Sunny> Wevy!
* Remy chuckles.
<Remy> What's a matter, Doo doo? ;)
<Alen> What ish it? =D
<Sunny> DOO DOO!
<Remy> Erk!
* Sunny huggles Doo Doo.
<Sunny> You're back Doo Doo!
<Alen> W-where?
<Sunny> Right here!
* Alen looks around.
<Gwen> ....
<Gwen> I'm going to bed..
<Sunny> Say hi to Doo Doo. *points to Gwen *
<Alen> *hic*
<Gwen> Now.
<Gwen> 'Night.
<Remy> G'night, mon ami.
* Gwen nods and heads down into the cabin.
<Sunny> Is that so Doo Doo? Well you can't go swiming the sharks will get you!
* Alen stands up and goes to say hi to Doo Doo and falls on top of someone.
* Remy resists the temptation to follow her :P
<Remy> Alen! Get offa me, ya lout!
* Sunny wanders around on deck.
<Alen> Hey Doo Doo... *hic*
* Remy pushes him off :P
* Alen rolls around and hits his head on a chair.
<Remy> O_o
<Remy> Oh well. As long as he doesn't fall off deck. ;)
* Sunny heads to the top of the boat and climbs the mast.
<Sunny> Wheee!
<Alen> Doo Doo hit me... *hic* Hit me!
* Remy blinks at Sunny.
<Sunny> I'm flying!
<Gwen> >>And then...night came...and you all fell asleep...
<Remy> This is gonna be a long night..
* Alen cries like the drunk kid he is =P
<Gwen> >>And yes, it was....a long night.



Session Close: Sun Dec 28 16:12:00 1997