VayRPG Session 9: Island of Insanity?

Gwen, Albert, Anje, Villagers : GMLucca
Adek: Rasis
Alen: Pippa/Will
Pottle: Talon
Dance: Baywolf
Meka: Star
Remy: Jupiter/Marrow
Sabrina: Danny
Sunny: Cecil

Session Start: Fri Jan 09 17:40:41 1998

<Dance> Unh.. I feel so weak...
<Gwen> >>After a nice, restful night on your small yet sturdy little wake up to a nice sunrise and calm water.
<Gwen> >> And all of you begin to stir as you're awakened by seagulls....
<Remy> Ow....headache.....ow....hangover... :P *groans*
<Gwen> Anje: Hmmm....
<Gwen> Anje: Ah! Morning everyone!
<Dance> I didn't drink and I feel like I had a hangover and Gwen what is that on your shirt?
* Remy grumbles and pushes his hair out of his eyes...
<Gwen> What....?
<Remy> O_o
* Gwen acks.... "Okay...who threw up on me?!"
<Remy> It wasn't meeee... :P
* Dance looks at Gwen's shirt, then at the gulls.
<Dance> Eww...
<Gwen> Oh...
* Gwen goes off grumbling that this always happens to her.
* Alen twitches a bit on the floor and sits up, looking lost.
* Remy chuckles..
<Gwen> Anje: Well, wasn't that nice!
* Remy tosses on his shirt.
<Gwen> Anje: ^^;;
<Remy> Stop yelling, Anje.. :P
* Meka yawns...
<Gwen> Anje: I wasn't yelling, you drunken sow! :)
<Alen> Where are we?
<Remy> Hey! :P
<Remy> I'm not drunken! :P
<Gwen> Don't you know? We're on a boat headed toward Kerzalt..
<Dance> In the middle of the ocean.
<Alen> Oh. Right.
<Gwen> Anje: Okay, walk in a straight line.
<Dance> No Remy, your not drunken, you are drunk.
<Alen> Why were we going there again?
<Alen> My memory's a bit foggy.
* Remy backhands Dance in the gut.
* Dance spews on Remy.
<Gwen> Well....cuz we're running away from Jeal and the empire.
* Meka looks around...
<Dance> Sorry..
<Gwen> And we're going to meet this PJ person.
<Remy> ....Can I kill Dance?
<Gwen> Be my guest...he keeps calling me 'grumpy'.
* Remy looks at his shirt.
<Remy> Grr. :P
<Gwen> Anje: Fight! Fight!
* Remy slugs Dance in the face :P
<Alen> ... ah. Yeah.
<Dance> Ugh.
<Gwen> Anje suddenly starts yelling.
<Remy> Errrrk.
<Remy> Now she's yelling.. :P
<Alen> Huh?
<Gwen> Anje: I got one!!!
<Dance> Och.. now she's yelling Remy.
<Dance> WHAT!?
<Gwen> Anje: I got one!!!!!!
<Gwen> Anje shows him her fishing line.
<Dance> Got one?
* Remy hauls off his shirt and tosses it into the ocean, cause its covered with puke.
<Remy> Got what?
<Dance> Uh...
<Gwen> Anje: Breakfast!
<Gwen> Anje: Help me, it's a big one!
* Dance attempts to help.
<Alen> I hate fish... didn't we bring any kind of provisions?
<Gwen> >>You pull on the line...and it's not going anywhere!
<Remy> Erk... :P
* Gwen pulls on the line too.
<Gwen> Damn!
<Dance> HEAVE!
<Dance> HO!
* Remy pulls ^_^
<Remy> Yo' momma!
<Gwen> >>Finally, the fish is brought in, and GOD, what a fish it is!
<Remy> Err..
<Meka> Fish fish fish fish...
<Remy> Woah..
<Gwen> >>It's the biggest one you've seen, and it's flopping crazily on the deck.
<Gwen> Holy..
<Remy> O_o
<Gwen> Anje: Yeah!
<Remy> Kill it!
<Meka> And Meteor!
<Dance> I've heard fish stories before... But I've never had the chance to tell one!
<Gwen> Whaaaaat?
* Remy grabs his bo and starts whacking the fish :P
<Sunny> Yummy!
<Dance> Meteor?
* Alen makes a face.
<Gwen> Fish: Glub glub...*flop flop* aaaaaaah!
<Meka> Heehee...
<Remy> Stop... *whack* moving... *whack!*
<Dance> Umm... is it me or is the fish talking?
<Dance> Remy, STOP!
* Gwen stabs a knife into the fishes head, and it stops flopping.
<Gwen> Um...
<Remy> Oooh..
<Dance> Oh well.. too late.
<Remy> Nice, Gwen..
<Gwen> I dunno, but I killed it.
<Gwen> Who's cooking it?
* Remy laughs.
<Sunny> Fry it!
<Dance> Anyone got fire magic?
<Gwen> Not me.
<Remy> I do.. :P
<Alen> I have.
<Sunny> Yo tengo hambre!
<Gwen> Who's guttin' it?
<Alen> Just put it somewhere so I don't burn the deck.
<Dance> Then you cook.
<Remy> I'll gut it, maybe.. :P
<Remy> If you'll lend me that knife. :P
* Gwen hands the knife to Remy.
* Remy grins and sits by the fishes belly.. :P
<Gwen> Anje: Whoo! I'm the best fisherman on earth! Whoooooooo!
<Sunny> Will that feed us all?
* Remy starts gutting it... :P
<Gwen> Hell yeah, Sunny. And more.
<Dance> And then some probably..
<Alen> You can have my part, Sunny...
<Gwen> And more after that...
<Dance> Alen you can't exist on air alone.
<Alen> ... I can manage.
<Gwen> Speaking of air...whoo...smells good.
* Dance pulls out some dried rations.
<Dance> Here Alen.
* Gwen sniffs. "Like home."
<Alen> I haven't lived a thousand years eating three meals a day.
* Remy is kinda covered in blood :P
<Gwen> Anje: Remy...did you kill someone? *giggle*
<Alen> Thanks Dance.
<Remy> ...not funny.
<Gwen> Okay, now....burn the fish.
<Dance> Not a problem.
* Gwen is starved.
* Remy tosses the knife to Gwen.
* Remy steps back..
* Dance steps a safe distance from the fish.
* Gwen acks and grabs the knife.
* Remy points a finger at the big fishie.....
<Remy> Flame!!!!!
<Gwen> Fish: .oO( Oooh shit...oh wait, I'm dead!)
* Remy fries the fish. ^_^
<Gwen> >>The fishie toasts nicely.
<Gwen> >>And you all have breakfast....HP/MP restored!
<Remy> Cheeeeeestnuts roasting over an open fire...
<Remy> Bleh. :P
* Gwen rolls her eyes.
* Dance eats.
<Gwen> Anje: Damn *Mugh* this *Muf* is good *Chew* Fish!
* Meka sighs...
* Remy hrms. "Anje, is it possible that this ship has a shower?"
<Gwen> Anje: I dunno....there might be some water in the storage area...
<Remy> Or will Gwen hafta throw me overboard.. :P
<Gwen> Anje: Did you know there are cows on this ship?
* Dance begins to jump around the boat, flipping, spinning, and basically making acrobatics look like child's play.
<Remy> Cows..
* Gwen might, anyway!
<Remy> Why didn't we have cows? :P
<Gwen> Anje: I like fish...
* Gwen arghs.
<Remy> Er, for breakfast, I mean..
<Gwen> Anje: I just said, I like fish :P
<Remy> Oh geez. :P
* Remy saunters off to get a bath/shower.
<Gwen> >>A bit of time passes, the sun shines overhead.
<Gwen> >>You're all getting bored...very bored.
* Gwen whistles and sharpens her knife on a stone.
* Remy is all sqeeky clean and rests against the mast with only his pants on and letting the wind dry his hair.. ^_^
* Dance is sleeping over the cabin by the mast.
* Alen sits somewhere on the deck and looking out at the sea.
* Meka sings quietly...
* Dance z z Z Z Z Z
* Remy is deep in thought, staring at the clouds.
* Sunny spins a dradle.
<Sunny> Dradle Dradle D.. :P
<Gwen> >>Suddenly, you see something randomly pop out of the sky, thanks to a teleportation spell!
<Gwen> Figure: Hiiiyaaaaa!
<Dance> Uh.. what?
* Dance is roused by the sound.
<Sunny> Are you Mr.Hankey?
<Sunny> The Happy X-mas Poop?!?
<Alen> What the-
<Gwen> >>In a flash of acrobatics, the man jumps from the crows nest to the deck of the ship. He looks like a swordsman..but something in his ragged look and face tells he must be a reject from the funny farm.
<Gwen> Man: Hiiidy ho...wait, that's not it!
<Remy> Ack O_o
<Sunny> Aw..
<Dance> Guy leaping through air screaming Hi-ya... either a nutcase or a ninja... of course, some ninjas are nutcases...
<Gwen> Man: Erhm...let me start again! Stop, right there, you foul thieves of poor defenseless cows!
<Meka> Dadadadadadadadadada....
<Gwen> What the FUCK are you talking about?
<Remy> Uhhh..?
<Dance> Cows?
* Remy looks at Gwen. "Maybe he's a nutcase?"
<Gwen> Must be.
<Meka> What?
* Adek mutters. "Maybe?"
* Dance snaps his fingers.
* Alen nocks an arrow into his bow with a slight clink.
<Dance> Hey Gwen.. you think he means the cows in the hold below?
<Gwen> Man: Allow me to introduce myself! I am Albert! Defender of cows, seeker of jewels...and lover of Abalone...sweet sweet Abalone... *Drool*
<Alen> He'll be a wet nutcase... just got to...
<Gwen> Maybe...
<Gwen> What the hell is Abalone?
* Remy blinks at Albert.. :P
<Dance> Eh-hem.
<Dance> Albert?
<Gwen> Albert: Albalone is a mollusk of the sea, edible, and if you don't cook him right, it gets as tough as hell! Haa haa haa!
* Gwen rolls her eys. "Nutbar."
<Remy> Uhhh..
<Remy> Okayyyy..
<Dance> Alllbert?
<Remy> Gwen, want I should throw this kook offboard?
<Gwen> Albert: I have a really funny story to tell you thieves!
* Meka sings more...
* Remy cracks his knuckles and grins.
<Remy> Thieves? :P Hey...I'm a respectful gambler... :P
* Dance tries to get the guys attention.
<Gwen> Albert: You see....I don't want the cows, I want what's in the cows! I had this pretty pearl and this one cow ATE it! Imagine that!
<Gwen> So you want cow dung?
<Gwen> Albert: No, the pearl nimrod!
* Dance makes a strange face and shouts. "Boo!"
<Remy> Eh..
<Sunny> I want a pearl! They're pretty.
<Gwen> Albert: So If you just give me this pearl, I will leave thee be!
* Dance frowns when Albert doesn't jump overboard.
* Remy clamps a hand over Sunny's mouth :P
<Gwen> Albert: Oh yeah, and ...albalone.... :D
<Sunny> Can you give me one?
<Gwen> Albert stares at Sunny.
<Sunny> Mugha!!
<Gwen> Albert: You seek to steal my pearl?!
<Gwen> NO no!
* Dance glares at Sunny.
<Remy> I say we throw him overboard... :P
* Alen shoots an arrow that whistles by Albert's side.
<Sunny> Steal! No, I was asking for one!
<Gwen> Albert: Ahha! Well, I'll just take it with a big bang!
* Sunny smiles cutely.
<Gwen> Albert takes out...a bomb! O_o
<Dance> Big bang?
<Alen> ... I'm getting too old for this...
<Remy> Big...bang...? :P
<Sunny> Ba-bomb?
<Remy> Oh shit O_O
* Alen nocks another arrow.
<Meka> Pearl.
<Gwen> Albert: Now...I'll just blow up the ship, and take my cow!
<Sunny> He isn't a very nice man!
<Meka> Pearl pearl pearl...
* Sunny runs behind Alen.
<Gwen> That's really smart! You'll blow up yourself and the cow!
<Sunny> Get em!
* Alen tries to shoot the bomb out of his hand.
<Gwen> Albert: But I'm a good swimmer! Are YOU?
* Dance stands very still, trying not to encourage the insane man.
<Gwen> Yes. :P
* Remy grimaces and a million thoughts scream through his mind. Picture of Remy's Mind: A gear, very slowly turning.. :P
<Gwen> I was a Danek Soilder, you moron.
<Gwen> >>The arrow misses.
<Meka> I can't swim. :P
<Gwen> Albert: Oh, by the way. Tampering with the bomb makes it blow up..
<Remy> I can swim....not well... :P
<Sunny> Mr. Albert, why are you being so mean?
* Alen slings his bow in his shoulder.
<Alen> I'll never get him with this wind...
<Gwen> Albert throws the bomb to the hull of the ship, and disappears with a puff of smoke. He reappears with a cow.
<Remy> Eck.. O_o
<Gwen> Albert: I love that spell. Come now, Bessie!
<Gwen> Bessie: Moooo?
* Dance grabs the bomb and throws it overboard!
<Gwen> >>Too late! The bomb explodes, taking out half the ship! You're sinking!
<Remy> This is bad.....very bad... :P
<Sunny> Whaaa! Save me!!
<Remy> O_o
<Dance> Release that Cow in the name of vegetarian's everywhere.
<Dance> Albiet I am not one.
<Gwen> Oh damn....
<Alen> Damn!
<Meka> I CAN'T SWIM!
<Gwen> Albert: Thank you! Ohoohoooho! Goodbye!!!
<Alen> Sunny? You can swim?
<Dance> Uh-oh.
<Sunny> No I can't :P
<Sunny> Blehgia!!
<Dance> Neither can I.
<Alen> Hang on to my back...
<Gwen> >>Albert and Bessie disappear!
* Sunny snaches on.
* Dance finds something above water.
<Sunny> Bessie.. I knew her well :(
* Gwen grabs a piece of wood.
<Gwen> >>Pottle and Remy disppear under the waves..
<Sabrina> Oh shut up, Sunny, it's just a dumb cow.
<Sunny> >>Alexis too :P
<Meka> POTTLE!
<Alen> ... I can't believe we lost to a clown like that... I'm getting rusty..
<Gwen> We didn't lose, he just didn't play *cough!* fair!
<Sunny> Whhaaa!
<Dance> *glub* Eck.. salt water..
* Meka cries... "Pottle..."
* Alen stays afloat rather well considering he's got someone on top.
* Dance holds on desperately to the mast and Sunny.
<Sunny> We're gonna die :(
<Gwen> >>Suddenly, a wave crashes into Meka, a board whacks her upside the head...
<Dance> No we aren't.
<Alen> And... this is the worst hangover I've had in about four hundred years--
<Dance> Meka!
<Sabrina> Oh shut up, Sunny, we're not going to die!
<Gwen> Meka!!
<Gwen> >>Meka goes under...
<Sunny> Whaa.. Yes we are!
* Meka falls overboard and sinks...
<Sunny> Ahh Meka!
<Sabrina> MEKA!
<Gwen> Meka! Meka!
<Gwen> >>Then, a huge wave crashes into all of you!
<Sabrina> Someone do something!!!
<Sabrina> AH!!!!
<Gwen> >>You all pass out...
<Alen> Haagh...!
<Dance> MEEEeeeeeeekaaaaAAAAAAA!!!!
<Gwen> >>Awareness returns sometime later....
<Gwen> >>You all wake up on a beach...
<Sunny> Bugga...
<Sunny> Cowwie..
<Gwen> >>And you all feel like crap, but I didn't need to tell you that..
* Dance wakes up spitting dirt.
* Alen groans and opens his eyes.
* Gwen moans and spits up sand.
<Dance> Phit phit phit!
<Sunny> >> And some gold is lost with the lost players..
<Gwen> Anje: Ack...
* Alen coughs some water out.
<Alen> Anyone alive?
<Sunny> Cowwie!! Ah, huh?
<Sunny> I'm ALIVE!
<Gwen> I don't see Pottle, Alex, or Meka....Niel is gone too..
<Sunny> Neil was never here :P
* Sunny kisses the ground.
<Dance> Where in Vay are we?
<Gwen> I dunno....
<Gwen> But it looks tropical...
<Sabrina> Somewhere...
* Alen looks around.
<Sabrina> A beach...
<Sunny> >> Neil was lost over the waves :P
<Gwen> OH GREAT! We probably washed up on some deserted island...pbbt.
<Alen> I can usually tell by the scenery... but a beach isn't enough..
<Sunny> Dwap.
<Dance> I recommend we start looking around.
* Sunny gets up.
* Sabrina doesn't feel too well.
<Sunny> My jeans are ruined!
<Gwen> >>Suddenly, someone pokes his head out of the foilage...he is dark and has paint on his face, but he's got normal clothes on.
<Gwen> >>Well, at least, normal for a tribesman...
* Sunny rips part of the jeans off to make shorts now :P
<Dance> Umm.. who's that!?
* Dance points.
<Sunny> A native?
<Gwen> Man: Yib??
<Gwen> I am so not here...
<Gwen> Man looks at Sunny fearfully...
<Sunny> Whaa..?
<Sunny> Uh... yip?
<Gwen> Anje: Cool! We're just like Gilligan..
<Alen> I think he's more scared of us than we're of him.
<Gwen> >>More Natives crowd up around the party.
<Sunny> Lots of em..
<Sunny> I do wonder where this is..
<Gwen> Woman: Bigya Yib? Toota!
<Dance> You might be right. Everyone keep weapons hidden or at least not drawn.
* Sunny walks up to the Chief.
<Sunny> Hi! I'm Sunny!
<Dance> Did she say Twyla?
<Gwen> Chief: Ah...outsiders! Yes, I can speak your language...
<Alen> Hey... uh...
<Sunny> Cool!
* Alen taps Sunny on the shoulder.
<Sunny> Yes Alen?
<Alen> Oops... nothing ^_^
<Sunny> Oke :)
* Sabrina gets up finally and walks to the water to throw up.
<Gwen> Chief: You're on a small the coast of was once Magmal island.
<Gwen> Peachy...
<Sunny> Magmal.. Magmal..?
<Gwen> Anje: That sounds familair....
<Sunny> Can't say I've heard of it
<Sunny> Got some food?
<Dance> Nor can I.
<Gwen> Chief: We do.
<Sunny> FOOD!
* Sunny runs around in circles.
<Gwen> Chief: The village of Bani is about 10 minutes from here.
<Gwen> Chief: We will treat you with respect and such. Follow me.
<Sunny> Bannaa?
<Sunny> Cool!
<Gwen> Bani, Sunny..
<Alen> Is there any way we can make it back to the continent?
* Sunny skips along.
* Gwen follows the old chief.
<Gwen> Chief: I am not sure. We have no boats onhand..
* Dance follows Sunny.
<Gwen> That sucks.
<Alen> No way to get off the island?
<Sunny> Lets eat first!
<Sunny> We can get off later.
<Gwen> Chief: There might be...if we could find strong enough reeds...but we've been having a horrible drought...
<Sunny> Aww..
<Gwen> Chief: The beach looks nice and green, but our crops are dying.
* Gwen hmms.
<Alen> Uh... oops?
<Gwen> Oops, Alen?
<Gwen> You are one strange boy..
<Alen> Don't call me boy.
<Gwen> What's up your ass?
* Gwen humphs.
<Alen> Huh?
<Gwen> Nevermind..
* Alen blinks.
<Alen> Why'd you all treat me like a kid anyway?
<Alen> I mean...
* Alen looks at himself.
<Gwen> Anje: Well, you sorta act like one. :P
* Sunny hugs Alen.
<Sunny> Well you're cool!
* Alen looks at Anje.
<Alen> That, uh, wasn't funny.
<Alen> Thanks Sunny =)
<Gwen> Anje: Well it's true.
<Gwen> Anje shrugs.
* Alen rolls his eyes.
<Dance> Alen... you are extremly innocent, like most kids.
<Alen> Am I acting like a kid?
<Dance> Sometimes, we may be envious of you.
* Gwen laughs. I'm not. ;)
<Sunny> Gwenie is old :P
* Alen gets an anime sweat drop.
<Alen> Heh... heh... uh...
* Gwen busts up laughing.
<Gwen> >>You arrive at the village...
<Sunny> Cool village!
<Gwen> >> It's small, with mud huts and such..
<Gwen> >>Suddenly, a ton of villagers crowd around Alen!
<Alen> Whoa!
<Gwen> Huh?
<Sunny> Maybe they like you :)
<Gwen> Villager: Ugfa Bina? Lavosa Binga?
<Alen> Uh...
<Sabrina> I'm feeling.....
<Gwen> Villager: Lavosa binga! Huha! Huhu!
* Sabrina runs behind some bushes again to throw up.
<Gwen> Villagers suddenly heft Alen up in the air and cheer!
<Gwen> O_o
<Alen> Yeah-that- uh... sorry, I can't think with this hangover-
* Alen blinks.
<Alen> Ah well ^_^
<Sunny> >> The Really Really Cute Villager Girls begin to feed Alen :)
<Gwen> Villagers carry Alen off!
<Gwen> >>To the really hyper...whatever ;)
<Dance> What'd he do?
<Gwen> Am I missing something here...?
<Gwen> Anje: ...I should be getting this treatment. ;P
<Gwen> Villagers crowd around Alen, trying to speak broken english.
<Gwen> Villager: Bring 'Big' Rain!
<Gwen> Villager: Lavosa bring Rain!
* Alen gets the idea.
<Dance> You want to summon a rainstorm?
* Sabrina walks back to the group and wipes her mouth.
* Alen thinks.
<Gwen> Chief: This is a wonderful day!
<Gwen> Chief: This boy, we knew he would see...
* Sabrina looks at Alen and asks the chief. "Who is he?"
<Gwen> Chief: A long time ago....about a mellemium ago..
<Sabrina> O_O
<Sabrina> What?!
<Dance> Alen is 1000 years old..
<Gwen> Chief: A rain wizard and a boy came to this village!
* Alen closes his eyes.
<Alen> I knew I remembered having been to the beach ^_^
<Gwen> Chief: Evil god, Lavosa....He brought lava down on us all!
<Gwen> Chief: So the rain wizard and the little boy, they made the big rain fall!!
<Gwen> Chief: And, the god was driven out by the holy rains!
* Alen gets an anime sweat drop.
<Gwen> They must be talking about Solon...
<Gwen> Anje: Damn...Alen is THAT old?
<Alen> . o O ("Oops... uh... memory don't fail me now... what was big brother's rain spell...")
<Gwen> Chief: So, you...little boy of rain MUST bring us rain!
<Sunny> You're the Wizard boy? Wow!
<Gwen> Chief: You must find out the cause of the drought!
<Gwen> Chief: The runes have told us it is by evil causes..
<Gwen> Chief: If you find out the cause...we will make you a boat.
<Gwen> Chief: Deal?
<Gwen> I'm game.
<Dance> Evil causes? Maybe like an orb?
<Gwen> Anje: Me too..
<Gwen> Orbs aren't evil..
* Alen nods.
<Dance> No, but they might think it is!
<Gwen> Orbs are POWERFUL...but no...not evil..
<Sabrina> Don't we have the Water Orb?
<Gwen> No...Jeal stole it.
<Dance> Had.
<Sabrina> Oh...
* Gwen hmms.
<Gwen> And where are the others...Remy....Pottle...Meka...
<Sabrina> Oh yeah...
<Dance> Could the fire orb be here affecting the weather or something?
<Gwen> Chief: Oh! Did you have more in your party? We have an unconscious man in a tent. He's hurt badly.
<Sabrina> My memory's been dying out on me lately...
<Alen> I don't think so..
* Gwen looks at Dance...
<Gwen> Could be.
* Gwen blinks.
<Sunny> Man?
<Gwen> Remy...or Pottle??
* Sabrina says sarcastically. "Great, maybe it's Remy."
* Alen gets an idea.
<Alen> Hey!
<Sunny> Manily Man?
* Gwen whacks Sabrina.
<Alen> Maybe the Fire Orb's here!
<Gwen> Take us to the tent, sir..
<Gwen> Yeah...didn't you say that it was in a volcano?
<Sunny> >> Nice Villager boys give Sunny good food :)
<Alen> It might be the cause of the drought...
* Sunny eats.
<Gwen> But...there's no visible Volcanos on the mountain...besides...why would an orb appear so near to Magmal island...
<Gwen> Or at least, the orginal location..
<Gwen> Nah..
<Gwen> I have a feeling it's something else.
<Sabrina> You little pieces of shits! Why didn't you bring ME anything?! I'm pregnant!!!
<Sunny> >>Sexy villager girl gives Dance some food ;)
<Gwen> >>You walk into the tent, and Remy is on a staw mat, knocked out and waterlogged.
<Gwen> Remy!
<Gwen> Aw dammit!
<Sunny> >> Other Villagers offer Sabrina A nice cozy chair and good food!
* Dance raises an eyebrow.
<Sabrina> I called it!
* Gwen starts slapping Remy on the face. "Wake up, wake up NOW!"
* Alen scratches his head.
* Sabrina sits down and eats happily.
<Alen> He, uh, looks all right Gwen...
<Sunny> Villager: You have Baby! You Rest!
* Gwen looks concerened...for once.
<Alen> And... uh... maybe a healing litany would be better than the, uh, slaps...
<Gwen> Anje: Wake up, you cajun gumbo!
<Dance> Pottle was the healer... I don't see him here.
* Remy groans.
<Dance> Anyone else heal?
<Gwen> Remy! Get up!
<Gwen> just should, okay?
<Gwen> Anje: O_o
<Gwen> Well, god, I'm not feeling all that good right now Anje, what the hell was I gonna say?
<Gwen> Anje:
<Sabrina> Hey Gwen, is there something going on between you and Remy? :P
<Gwen> Of course not!
* Sabrina nods and smiles. "Su-u-u-u-u-u-u-u-ure...."
* Gwen glares at Sabrina.
<Gwen> There-is-nothing-going-on-with-me-and-Remy.
<Gwen> What part of that didn't you get?
* Remy groans and opens an eye... :P
<Alen> Maybe we should leave Remy resting here while we go look for the cause of the drought... if... uh... we're all so concerned about him...
* Sabrina mimicks Gwen. "Remy! Get up! just should, okay?" and then bursts out laughing.
* Gwen looks ready to strangle Sabrina.
<Gwen> You know...someone should teach YOU a lesson.
* Remy sits up and looks at his team mates... "Uhm..?"
<Gwen> Ah...thank god.
<Gwen> Get up Remy, and help me kick her ass ;P
<Alen> Oh well..
<Dance> Welcome to the world of the waking... for what it's worth.
* Remy looks foggily at everyone. "Uhhh...hi. Didja miss me?"
* Sunny huggles Remy.
<Gwen> Yeah, sure.
* Sabrina mutters. "Gwen sure did."
<Sunny> I thought you'd left us!
* Gwen glares at Sabrina.
* Sabrina points to Sunny. "She said it, not me!"
<Gwen> Like hell she did..
* Remy hops off the bed and wobbles a bit before regaining his strength. "Uhm..?"
<Gwen> Can someone explain what's going on?
<Remy> Bah, Sabrina stop acting like an immature kid.. :P
<Alen> We, uh, have to find the cause of the drought.
<Sabrina> I am an immature kid....
* Dance looks around for the sexy villager girl that got him food.
<Sabrina> Actually...
<Dance> Food for him?
<Sunny> Sexy Girl: Hola!
<Alen> And we, uh, have no clue what it is.
* Dance points at Remy.
<Sabrina> I'm an immature young adult. =)
* Remy gets pointed at.
<Alen> Unless it's, uh, Lavona again, which is the only other thing I can, uh, think of..
<Gwen> ....
* Gwen hmms..
<Gwen> Let's go.
* Remy nods.
<Gwen> Why don't we see these crops...
<Alen> And uh...
<Gwen> And we'll see what's happening to them..
<Sabrina> We sure wouldn't want to leave Remy behind, now would we Gwen?
<Sunny> Sexy Girl rubs up against Dance: Need food?
<Dance> They're dead?
<Remy> :P
<Alen> Do we have any cold water? My head is like about to explode... implode... something-plode..
* Gwen gets ready to slap Sabrina.
<Remy> Sabrina... :P
<Dance> Him.
* Dance points again.
* Sabrina tries not to laugh.
<Gwen> Remy...have you seen Meka or Pottle?
<Remy> Nope....sorry, girl.
* Gwen sighs.
<Gwen> Let's go look at the crops.
* Remy nods.
* Sabrina gets up to follow Remy.
<Remy> Yay....lets go look at plants....wee.. :P
<Gwen> >>The party heads over to the villager's crops. They are dead, or near dead, but strangly enough, there's strange marks, and no, they are not crop circles...
<Sabrina> I can sense you're enthusiastic about looking at plants, Remy. :P
<Remy> Hey! Look! Strange marks! :P
<Gwen> Yeah....
<Gwen> They almost look like....marks from an animal..
<Remy> O_o
<Remy> Maybe its that cow..
<Remy> Y'know, Bessie? :P
<Gwen> Like a cow would cause a drought.
<Remy> Maybe it was a really hungry cow..?
<Sabrina> Maybe it was some ass-probing creature from another planet!
<Alen> I'd say some kind of fire-elemental monster...
<Sunny> Probing?
<Sunny> It smells bad here!
<Sabrina> Kay, an ass-probing fire elemental.
<Remy> Uhm..
<Remy> Uhm....
<Gwen> >>You suddenly hear...snorting?!
<Gwen> What the hell??
<Dance> Umm...
* Remy decides Sabrina is going through one of those mother-to-be stages. :P
<Dance> Danger?
* Sabrina whispers to Remy. "Try to impress Gwen by doing something like brave or something."
<Alen> Hey..
* Dance pulls out his bo.
<Alen> Uh... anyone know any ice magic?
* Remy blinks..
* Dance looks around for the source of the snorting.
<Sunny> >> You hear a little noise from around.
<Sunny> Oink..Oink...
* Remy glances at Sabrina, looks kinda sad for a sec, and then looks for the sound.
<Sunny> Noise: Oink! Oink!
<Gwen> Show yourself!
<Remy> Mrhhm.
<Sunny> Noise: If you insist! Oink!
<Alen> I doubt it speaks english.
<Gwen> Anje: Yeah Gwen, just say Bacon.
<Remy> Bacon!!!!
<Sunny> >> A Big ugly PIG Comes out from the Bushes!
<Dance> It sounds like it does.
<Remy> :P
<Gwen> O_o
<Remy> Ewww..
<Sunny> Pig: I am Pig!
<Sunny> Pig: Oink Oink!
<Gwen> No shit sherlock!
<Sabrina> Sherlock shits?
<Sunny> Pig: Why do you bug me?
* Alen scratces his head.
<Dance> Hi.. *uncertain*
<Sunny> Pig: This is my land! Go away!
<Sabrina> Are you sherlock?
<Alen> Do you, uh, know who ruined the crops?
<Sunny> Pig: Hmm.. who ruined the crops..
<Sunny> Pig: I dunno...
<Remy> Duh, Alen. :P
<Sunny> Pig: But you on my land!
<Sabrina> You did, you fat piece of crap!
<Sunny> Pig: Leave!
* Remy looks at the Pig pointedly :P
<Gwen> I don't think so.
<Sunny> Pig: I am not Fat! I'm big boned!
<Gwen> I smell bacon...
<Sabrina> Your land?! something!
<Sunny> Pig: AHH! Dont say that word!
<Alen> This is getting silly... we're arguing against a pig now?
<Sabrina> What? Bacon?
<Gwen> I can't beleive we're going to fight a fucking pig..
<Sabrina> Pork chops?
<Sunny> Pig: I am an evolved Pig! I'm not... ah Bacon!
<Sabrina> Pork?
<Remy> Bacon..? ;)
<Sabrina> Swine?
<Sunny> Pig: I am more civilzed than you can believe!
<Dance> The other white meat?
<Sabrina> ¿Lechon?
<Sunny> >> You notice the Pig is dressed in a business suit.
<Gwen> >>However....something about this pig...tells you it's more than meets the eye!
<Gwen> >>And it's more than just the business suit.
* Alen sighs.
<Sunny> Pig: Leave now!
<Dance> I don't like this one bit..
<Remy> Uhhh.
<Remy> This is insane..
<Sunny> Pig: Oink!
* Dance nudges Sunny... can you detect magic types?
<Remy> Maybe I'm still hallucinating from being konked out.. :P
<Sunny> I dont know..
<Sunny> I've never even seen a talking pig!
<Gwen> Let's just kill it...
<Remy> Yea ^_^
<Alen> Maybe if we ignore it it'll just go away?
<Remy> Lets kick its big round unmissable ass ^_^
<Gwen> Maybe he's not a pig..
<Gwen> Maybe...
<Sunny> >> Pig: I am Pig! Son of Pig!
<Sabrina> I'm sure you are, and we're gonna deep fry your ass!
<Sunny> Pig: Now leave my land or you'll be forced to be my dinner!
<Alen> Maybe we should, uh, keep on looking for the cause of the drought..
<Sabrina> You're dinner?! More like, you'll be OUR dinner!
<Remy> I say we whoop ass.
<Dance> Maybe this is it?
* Gwen still can't believe we are fighting a PIG..
<Alen> I don't think we should rush into a fight without knowing who... er what... we're fighting against.
<Sunny> Pig: I EAT you now!
<Alen> ... and don't tell me it's a pig.
<Dance> Aw hell... let's rumble!
* Remy draws his bo..
* Gwen draws her spear.

== COMBAT!! Vs. Pig?? ==

<Sunny> Pig: My those look Tastey!
<Dance> Tasty shmasty... tomorrow I breakfast on BACON!
* Alen grumbles... these people are never gonna live to be thirty at this rate...
* Gwen goes to the front.
* Alen goes to the front.
* Dance moves to teh front.
* Remy uhm...goes to the back.. :P
* Sabrina goes to the front.
* Gwen waits for the pig to strike...and we'll have pork chops aplenty.
<Gwen> I still can't believe we're fighting a pig.
<Gwen> Anje: Get -OVER- it
<Alen> After travelling via farts I don't think we should be so shocked at fighting pigs. Hell, I've had worse!
<Gwen> Like what, Alen...?
<Remy> Have you fought camels? :P
<Alen> I dunno... my head's really whacked right now...
<Alen> And what are camels?
<Gwen> O_o
<Sabrina> They are humped horses. They're horses that have been fucked constantly!
* Dance attacks Pig.
<Sunny> His weapon bounces off the blubbery stomach of the Pig!
<Alen> Uh... oops?
<Sunny> Sunny swings at the Pig with her staff.
<Gwen> O_o
<Sunny> And gets the same result..
<Dance> Hmm... I need a blade.
<Sunny> Pig: My turn!
<Sunny> Pig casts a Speed spell and runs around you all!
<Sunny> PIG: *Munch Munch*
<Gwen> Someone stop that lard ass!
<Gwen> HEY!
<Gwen> O_o
<Sunny> Pig burps.
<Dance> Ack!
<Sunny> Pig: That stuff was weak and rusted! Tasted good!
<Alen> -_-
<Alen> I TOLD you we shouldn't fight it...
<Sunny> Pig: Next time I'll eat you!
<Gwen> Die you bloated sack of-...aaggggggggggggggggggggrgh!
<Remy> Eek O_o
<Sunny> Sunny runs!
* Gwen runs.
<Remy> Shit.. :P
<Sunny> Gwen's punch bounces off Pig.
<Gwen> Ooph!
<Sunny> Pig: Hahha! Oink!
<Gwen> You stupid piece of *%_)*^_*$ and I outta *#_%$_%*_$*_$ you little *$_^*_%
<Remy> Woo..
<Gwen> That was my MOM's spear, you pissant!
<Alen> Uh...
<Sunny> The Pig runs at you all for a second Munch!
<Remy> Gotta love a woman with a way with words... :P
<Remy> Uh oh.. :P
<Sunny> Pig: I'd run if I was you!
<Alen> I think a strategic withdrawal would be advisable..
* Dance flips over the pig.
<Gwen> Yeah...good idea.. ^^;;
<Sunny> >> Dance is unable to flip over all the blubber and bounces off the top of Pig's head.
* Gwen runs!
* Dance runs.
* Remy growls at the pig.. :P
<Sunny> Pig: Haha!
<Alen> I'll cover you!
<Sunny> The pig goes off to his crops.
* Remy runs. :P
<Sunny> Pig: I'll eat more soon!
<Alen> ...


<Alen> Maybe not ^_^
<Gwen> >>Well, at least, you ran.. :)
<Sunny> What was that thing!
<Remy> That sucked..
* Alen runs over to the rest and stumbles.
<Sunny> >> You finally reach the Village out of breath.
<Sunny> Village Elder: What Happened?
<Sunny> Elder: Did you find the problem?
<Sabrina> We lost to a pig....
<Dance> A pig happened.
<Remy> Bacon...*pant*
<Sunny> Elder: A.. Pig?!?
<Dance> Have an armor and weapons shop?
<Remy> Big.. *pant<*
<Alen> We... uh... met a vicious... and bloated pig...
* Gwen wanders off to find some help.
<Sunny> Elder: The Villagers have said they have heard of Oinks in the night..
<Gwen> You guys should buy me some stuff...I'm gona go look for some more help.
<Sunny> Elder: He must of stolen the water!
* Gwen is gone.
<Dance> Perhaps.
<Dance> He was concerned with his crops.
<Sabrina> How can a pig steal water?
<Sunny> Elder: Wizard boy can you get him?
<Sunny> Elder: He must be a magical Pig...
<Alen> I could try... but...
* Sabrina mutters. "Do you know what articles are?"
<Sunny> Elder: What you need...
<Sunny> >> In the distance you see a Shiny Sign!
<Dance> Please, armor and weapons, where?
<Alen> I really don't have any spells like my brother did... I'm... a failure...
<Dance> Whoa!
* Dance heads for the sign.
* Remy is blinded :P
<Sunny> >> Its made of Gold..
<Remy> Ooh..
<Remy> O_o
<Sabrina> At least you can admit that you're a useless piece of crap, Alen.
* Remy wonders if she can steal the sign.
<Sunny> >> You reach the shop.
<Alen> Thank you Sabrina. Remind me to kick you someday.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Hello there!
* Adek frowns. "You know, Sabrina.. you don't always have to put down everyone."
<Dance> Hi!
<ShopKeeper_Mike> What can I do ya for?
<Dance> Got any polearms?
<Sabrina> Yeah I do, it's my job as the group bitch!
<ShopKeeper_Mike> We got it all!
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Do you all need stuff?
<Dance> Yep.
<Alen> A good bow...
<Sabrina> No, we're in here for our health.
<Remy> We need...*secretive voice* the STUFF... :P
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Well let's start the selling!
* ShopKeeper_Mike shows you his inventory.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Mike's Armor/Weapon Shop and more...
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Stars: Combat has 3 (***), Rounded 2, Skill Oriented 1 / + = Combat can't equip.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Stars req: Helms/Headbands Price:
<ShopKeeper_Mike> *** Bronze Helm +6 DP 15g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> ** Bronze Cap +5 DP 10g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> * Bronze Headband +4 DP +1 Wisdom 11g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Stars Req: Shields/ArmBands Price:
<ShopKeeper_Mike> *** Copper Shield +9 DP 25g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> ** Copper Buckler +7 DP 20g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> * Copper Armband +5 DP +1 wis 15g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Stars Req: Main Armor/Light Armor/Robes Prices:
<ShopKeeper_Mike> *** Reinforced Copper Armor +13 DP 33g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> ** Copper Armor +11 DP 28g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> * Copper Laced Robes + 9DP 23g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> ITEMS:
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Herbal Extract - Restore 25 HP 5g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Moon Drops - Restore 25 MP 20g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Strange Brew - Restore 75 HP 30g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> SuperLight - Restore 60 MP 50g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Only use weapon type currently using.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Long Sword +27 AP 28g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Long Spear +27 AP 28g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Middle Bow +21 AP 22g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Wood Cane +13 AP +2 Wis, mRes 20g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Short Ax +28 AP 28g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Redwood Bo +25 AP +2 DP 28g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Silver Claw +25 AP +1 AGI +1 Attack 28g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Long Whip +24 AP +3 AGI 28g
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Hmm, I'll go in order of your names...
* ShopKeeper_Mike learns your names. :P
<ShopKeeper_Mike> One item at a time!
<Remy> O_o
* ShopKeeper_Mike turns to Adek.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> What you want?
<Sabrina> Wow, how do you know what our names are?! :O
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Shy boy, I'll come back to you..
* ShopKeeper_Mike turns to Alen.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> What you want?
* Adek shakes his head, mutters something about armor, glances at the weapon and shakes his head again. "If there's anything left after they're done, I might get something. But the selection.. Ah well."
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Oh Adek's alive!
* ShopKeeper_Mike turns back to Adek.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> What you want?
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Buy two items at a time.
* Adek shakes his head again. "As I said, nothing."
* Dance waves his hand frantically. "I know what I want!"
<ShopKeeper_Mike> And you have no armor or weapon I see, you want nothing?
<ShopKeeper_Mike> You think!
* ShopKeeper_Mike turns to Alen.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Ok what you want?
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Buy two things at a time?
<Alen> Two at a time?
<Alen> Can I buy three?
<ShopKeeper_Mike> You buy more after everyone done.
<Alen> Well... a Middle Bow and a Copper Laced Robe would be nice...
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Allrighty, one moment.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Ok!
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Dance?
<ShopKeeper_Mike> You pick 2.
<Dance> Redwood Bo, Copper Armor.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Uno momento..
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Ok!
<Remy> 'bout time, gramps. :P
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Buy some stuff for Gwen? Ok.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Remy?
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Buy?
<Remy> Redwood bo, Copper armor.
* Remy has other stuff he wants to get :P
<ShopKeeper_Mike> K.
* Gwen runs into the store. "Back, and I found NOTHING."
<Sabrina> We already bought you some junk.
<Gwen> What sorta stuff...?
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Ok.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Sabrina?
<Remy> Welcome back, chere..
* Sabrina mutters sarcastically. "Stuff that you wipe your ass with, what do you think?"
<Sabrina> Huh?
<Sabrina> Oh!
* Gwen blinks.
<Sabrina> Copper Armor and Silver Claws please!
<ShopKeeper_Mike> 482 gold remains..
<Gwen> You need help Sabbie..
* Remy smirks.
<Remy> Hey, lets buy a camel ^_^
* Sabrina thinks . o O ( How can they always here what I mutter? I should mutter softly. )
<Sabrina> A screwed horse!
<Remy> :P
<Sabrina> Yeah, a camel is a humped horse, sort of!
<Remy> Uhm.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> K.
<Remy> Gwen? Sabrina is scaring me. :P
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Sunny buys things.
* Adek gives Sabrina an odd look.
<Gwen> She scares me too, Rem.
* Sabrina runs to a corner in the shop and hides from everyone else.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Adek!
<ShopKeeper_Mike> You buy 4 things now!
<ShopKeeper_Mike> 383 gold remain.
* Adek scowls, not looking happy as he gestures to the long sword and the reinforced copper armor. "Those two, I suppose."
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Oke.
* Sabrina is crying because everyone else hates her.
* Dance notices the dwinlding funds.
<Dance> Perhaps we should save what we have left for an emergency?
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Alen?
<Alen> Uh...
<Gwen> Anje: Aww....Sabbie..
<Alen> A Copper Armband and a Bronze Headband.
* Alen blinks.
<Alen> Eh.. on second thought, not the armband!!!
<ShopKeeper_Mike> No?
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Then what?
<Alen> Just the headband...
<ShopKeeper_Mike> K.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Dance?
* Dance wants the armband.
<Gwen> Anje smiles and hands Sabrina a dounut outta her pocket. "I don't hate ya Sab."
<ShopKeeper_Mike> K
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Gwen?
* Sabrina ignores Anje and continues crying a little.
<Gwen> Anje sighs.
<Alen> My, uh, light is flickering... possible blackout...!
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Gwen slow!
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Remy Pick!
<ShopKeeper_Mike> 296 remain.
* Gwen blinks.
<Remy> Copper buckler, 4 Herbal Essences.
<Gwen> Whaat?
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Thats over the item list :P
<ShopKeeper_Mike> 2 at a time please.
<Remy> Uhm?
<Remy> Alright.. :P
<ShopKeeper_Mike> And we don't sell Herbal Essence.
* Gwen knows what she wants now...but I thought someone bought something for me...
<Remy> Copper buckler and a Moondrop.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Go to Shampoo store.
* Gwen glares at the shopkeeper.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Gwen ready yet?
<Gwen> I am
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Pick 2.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> 256 remain.
<Gwen> I'd like a short ax, and copper armor.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Sabrina?
* Sabrina looks up..."My turn?"
<Sabrina> I'll buy a Copper Buckler and a Bronze Cap.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Sunny buys things.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Adek?
<ShopKeeper_Mike> 171 remain.
* Adek takes another look. "The bronze helm.. and the.." he pauses as he examines the shields with distaste. "The copper armband, I suppose."
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Oke.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Alen?
<ShopKeeper_Mike> 141 remains.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> You buy 2 because you skipped one last time.
<Alen> Uh... Two Moondrops..
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Oke.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Dance?
<Dance> 2 Extracts.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> One item now.
<Dance> I only got one last time.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Ok then.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Gwen?
* Gwen hmms.
<Gwen> How about...
<Gwen> 2 herbal extracts.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> K.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Remy?
<Remy> 2 herbal extracts.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> K.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Sab?
<Sabrina> 2 strange....
* strange brews....please....
<ShopKeeper_Mike> K.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Sunny buys items.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> 21 g left.
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Adek?
* Adek holds of two fingers. "Pair of herbal extracts, I suppose."
<ShopKeeper_Mike> 11 gold left..
<Dance> Do we have enough left for a room at the inn?
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Will there be anything else?
* ShopKeeper_Mike looks at you all.
<Dance> No thanks.
<Sabrina> Nothing for...for me....
* Dance hugs Sabrina. "Cheer up girl."
<Sabrina> Why?
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Ah closing time!
<ShopKeeper_Mike> Bye Bye.
<Dance> Why not?
<Sunny> Mike closes his shop.
* Gwen hmmms.
<Remy> Alrighty.
<Dance> I think we got ripped off.
* Remy smiles. "Where to now?"
<Dance> The inn?
<Alen> I think we should go to the inn...
<Dance> I need sleep before I have a bacon breakfast.
<Gwen> >>The villagers shout and point to the sea.
<Sabrina> 'Cause what's there to be happy about? No one likes me, I'm a bum, I've been used and abused...Is there anything else that you'd like to know?!
<Gwen> What's that all about.
<Dance> Now what?
<Gwen> >>Villager: Man wash up!
<Gwen> Villager: Lots today!
<Gwen> Villager smiles, and is missing all his teeth :)
<Remy> Bleh..
<Gwen> ...Pottle?
* Remy erks at the villager :P
<Dance> Pottle!
* Pottle will just assume he's probably unconscious. ;>
<Gwen> >>You run back to the beach.
<Dance> Now... all we need... is... Meka.
* Sabrina doesn't run, she waddles, over to the beach.
<Sabrina> And Niel....
* Dance has a tear being to roll down his eye and quickly wipes it away.
<Gwen> >>And you see someone washing up in the sand. It's Pottle all right. (But like WE needed to tell you THAT)
<Gwen> You okay Dance...?
* Sabrina looks at Dance. "What the hell's wrong with you?"
<Dance> Hm..? Yeah, sand in my eye..
<Gwen> Is he alive?
<Sabrina> I'm sure.
* Dance runs over to Sunny and hugs her tightly.
* Sabrina tries to impersonate Phoebe's voice and says to Pottle. "Hey cutie, it's me, Phoebe."
<Gwen> O_o
<Gwen> That's cruel!
* Sabrina fails miserably at impersonating Phoebe though. :P
<Gwen> Besides, he's got a thing for Meka.
<Gwen> Impersonate her!
<Sabrina> What about Phoebe?
* Remy hands Sabrina a whip and some leather.
<Remy> Here.. :P
<Remy> You'll need these :P
<Dance> I can just barely feel a life force in pottle.
<Dance> He needs rest and food.. I think.
<Gwen> How can you feel life forces...?
<Gwen> >>Pottle begins to moan.
<Sabrina> I think he's getting the rest right now...And I doubt it'll be possible for him to get food while resting.
* Pottle begins reaching out...
<Dance> It has something to do with the soul magic I use.
<Gwen> What is he doing...?
* Remy raises an eyebrow.
* Sabrina backs away from Pottle. "Who knows?"
<Pottle> Meka...Meka...where are you...I can't find out, where are you?! MEKA!
<Remy> bleh..
* Gwen hmms.
<Gwen> Well, guess he gave up on Phoebe.
<Dance> >> A strange look crosses Dance's face before he turns and runs to the inn.
<Remy> Are we just gonna leave him here all day? :P
* Sabrina whispers to Gwen, "Now THAT'S cruel! I thought he loved Phoebe but instead he goes to someone else after his girlfriend disappears!"
<Gwen> Dance!
* Sabrina looks at Dance and shrugs.
* Gwen hmms. "Let's carry him back."


Session Close: Fri Jan 09 20:21:37 1998