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Lucca's Vay Novella- Vay: Vicious Circle

Now, imagine, if you will, a nice, medieval world, with beautiful valleys and mountains, castles, sleepy villages, elves, fairies, warmechs, magic, royalty.....

Wait minute...WARMECHS!?

Yes, you read right. Welcome the world of Vay (pronounced like 'eye') a world of wonder and danger, where magic and mechenized techology collide.....

Vay is really a a Sega-CD game by Working Designs (makers of Lunar: The Silver Star) Which went on sale sometime in 1994 with a fair amount of success. However, it seems to be overshadowed by the more popular Lunar and I could not find any stories about it, so, once again, I went out on a limb, and decided to write my own. (Hey! Someone's got to do it!)

Don't worry if you've never played Vay, you can read the story and still understand what is going on. (read the opening chapters to get up to speed.) If you've already played Vay (and GOOD FOR YOU if you did!) this story takes place roughly one year after the "Empire's invasion", altough the prolouge tells some events before that. In case you Vay owners are wondering, I do plan to write a Novella that explains some of Vay's earlier history, maybe after this one! (Yes, I know I explained a lot of that in prolouge, part two, but I'll go in much deeper detail!) ^_^

Also, a few people have asked about the similarities between this story the VayRPG (An IRC RPG group). Mostly there are only a few similarties between the two. For example, in the novella, it is only a year after all the events in the game. In the IRCRPG, it's about 10 years later. Some characters, however, are in the RPG. Examples include Phoebe, Shayla, Katarina, and Jeal.

As you guys can see, I finally gave this novella a title, after a TON of thought! The title will make a LOT more sense once I really get into the story! Enjoy!

Prologue: Part 1 - Dark Origins
Prologue: Part 2 - Sealed Away
Prologue: Part 3 - Ghosts of the Past

Vay: Vicious Circle
Chapter 1 - Ressurections
Chapter 2 - Boom Time
Chapter 3 - Love in the Air
Chapter 4 - Skeletons in the Closet


Coming Soon....

-Alen Novella (Vay: A Thousand Years of Solitude)
-Arcus Novella (Vay: Meandre)