Vay - The orginal cast

~It came from the sky...~
1010 years ago...

Long ago, in a universe far, far away, a battle was being fought with technology so destructive, that it laid waste to the entire solar system. In the midst of this deadly fray, a lone, mechanized warrior; it's guidance system damaged and pilot dead, proceeded to destroy everything in it's path...then shot out into space...

It's destination was unknown...

After centuries of aimless flight, the bloody warrior entered a blue and green planet that was abundant with life. Unfortunately for them, they had no knowledge of technology.

The machine was programmed only for death. The second it landed on Vay, it destroyed everything in it's path. Humans, Elves, Nazan, and animals were massacred alive in the wake of it's napalm fire, and cities were utterly destroyed. Something had to be done, or the planet was doomed.

After several attempts and many deaths, the five Kingdoms sent their most powerful wizards to do battle with the beast. Although young, they were the only wizards left alive who had any chance of stopping the "Silver Beast". They were:

Romrus of Lorath, Wizard of Earth
Solon of Kerzalt, Wizard of Water
Krager of Penan, Wizard of Wind
Elynthia of Marwick, Wizard of Soul
and Ardor of the Ossyk Isles, Wizard of Fire.

The battle was fierce, but the Wizards were able to deactivate the Armor by dividing and sealing it's power into five orbs of magic. Each orb had the elemental power of the wizard who sealed it. Therefore, the orbs of Earth, Water, Wind, Soul, and Air now existed.

Also, the armor itself was left behind, although it would not even be close to the power it once was unless the orbs were brought together, to reactivate it. The parts of the armor include: The Vay Shield, The Vay Sword, The Vay Helmet, The Vay Glove, and the actual Vay Armor.

Unfortunately, many details of this horrific battle were lost over the midst of time. Any help the Wizards may have received have been forgotten. In fact, most people in later centuries thought the Armor of Vay was a fairy tale...

That was...until 10 years ago...

~Ghosts of the Past haunt the Present. The Quest of Sandor~
10 years ago...

(This part of the story is written by Beri. Thanks Beri!)

Note: Here is a short summary of the actual story line of Vay (The game, that is). If you have not played the game, I'd advise you not to read this, unless you want to be spoiled silly. Yet, you'll understand the game much better if you do read this. Up to you =)

Prince Sandor was supposed to be married to Lady Elin one day long ago. As the ceremony progressed, the Danek army attacked Castle Lorath with hundreds of copies of the armor of Vay. They took Lady Elin and left. Enlisting the aid of the wise Otto, Sandor set about finding Elin. He first met Otto's assistant, Pottle. Together, they freed Fort Gilan from the Danek emperor, Sadoul.

From there they went to Magmal Isle by way of (phew) Sirufa, joining with a mercenary, Rachel, in the process. After retrieving the orb of Earth, Magmal Isle sank. They traveled then to Kerzalt, where court magician Prudence Jurissa joined.

After obtaining the Vizier of Xaal from, of all things, a vampire, they grabbed the orb of Wind from Mount Bole. Mount Bole promptly collapsed.  Moving onward, they found that the orb of Water required three items to be obtained: the Wedge of Ice, the Water Gear, and the Blanket of Mist. The destruction of a Danek fort rewarded the Wedge of Ice. Flying a Segazz dragon led to the Water Gear. And conquering a tower of ice led to the Blanket of Mist. They then raised Aquanale and pilfered the orb of Water.

However, as they ran from the collapsing Aquanale, Pottle was fatally wounded with an arrow shot by Jeal, the main Danek commander.

Ever forward to Penan. There, the king demanded the Eye of Kalif as a toll. Recruiting the minstrel Lynx as an ally, he proceeded to sing to the Maytake as an exchange for the Eye. However, Lynx's wild howling only incited a battle with the Maytake. After giving the Eye to the king, they were thrown in the sewers! But Lynx led them out and confronted the king, revealing that he was Prince Leopard. The fake king ran off, powerless. Once at Treefall, Rachel, a native, found that it had been taken over by a Danek Commander. Needless to say, she was immolated and Treefall retaken. After taking the orb of
Fire from the Sentinel Tree, Rachel decided to stay in Treefall.

They moved on to Marwick, where Otto met them again. Looking for the last piece, they traveled to the shrine of Toth, where the Eternal Lady spent her time. However, she had been missing for three years. Otto used a spell of scrying to see that time, and they watched the Danek ruler, Sadoul, attack the Eternal Lady, who was actually Elin, wearing the armor of Vay. Elin managed to teleport away, and Sandor traveled below Toth to find, upon a pedestal, the armor itself! However, without the orbs, it was useless. They liberated Castle Marwick, where they found Jeal sitting upon his throne. Suddenly, Sadoul teleported in, and killed Jeal. He left Sandor with the challenge of meeting him at Castle Danek.

Seeking a ship, they went to Penzance. There, they helped a young girl escape from the Danek. After meeting her grandfather, they made a deal that he would get them a ship if they would blow up Redcliff. It was done, and they went to Exeter where Sandor met the pirate captain, Kinsey. While enroute to Castle Danek, they were shot to pieces by the Danek battleship, the Charnel. But revenge was had when Sandor captured the Charnel and Otto gained control of it's captain, Betty June. The Charnel traveled to Ossyk, the island home of the Danek Empire.

They met the challenge of the grotesque Castle Danek. Elynthia gave up her life to give Sandor the last orb, that of Soul, and Sadoul was slain with the powered armor of Vay.

The world had a short respite of peace for ten years...until...

~A Vicious Circle~
Present Day

The world of Vay slowly recovered from it's wounds. The now defeated Danek Empire crumbled into oblivion. The isles themselves were later annexed to King Sandor of Lorath, although he allowed them to live almost independently, despite the constant surveillance over the next few years. Eventually, Sandor relaxed his tight control over the now defunct empire. This would prove to be a fatal mistake.

It is not known how the empire quickly regained it's lost power. Some say it was due to assistance from rebel groups, and others say it was by much darker means. Whatever the reason, the empire quickly regained what they had lost, in record time...and the world was once unaware of the danger, since the empire kept their comeback a complete secret.

The world however, was not bashful to use the empire's vast knowledge of technology to use it in their daily lives. Instead of creating machines for mass desecration, machines were now made for the betterment of society. For the first time in Vay's history, technological advances for the good of humanity were being made. To celebrate this, a Festival dedicated to technology was  held in the tiny mining town of Smythe, in Lorath.

Meanwhile, in the southern town of Cannisk, in Kerzalt, a group of unlikely heroes were thrown together due to fate...or perhaps more? After apprehending a group of kidnapping thieves, the victims' mother rewarded them with tickets to the Technology Festival. There, disaster struck, as machines randomly malfunctioned, killing many innocents. From there, the party discovered just how powerful the once defunct empire had become....

But other problems arise as well. Who is the strange sorceress who claims she leads the "The True Path"? Who revived the Empire, and for what foul purpose...?

The quest begins here...