Once again, thanks goes out to PrimeShade for the majority of these movies. The one lone "promo" was encoded into rm format by moi, but was snagged from the Working Designs site. Thanks guys. :)

For the most part, you will need viewers that play MPEG and realplayer files. Windows Media Player will play both formats, while the classic RealPlayer will work for the Vay Promo movie.

Movie #1 - Pottle's Introduction
Size: 3.8 Megs
Spoilers?: Safe! ^_^
Description: Yup, it's Pottle's introduction. Not much to say, except that girls who adore kawaii characters go ga-ga over this clip. Judge for yourself.

Movie #2 - Rachel's Introduction
Size: 1.8 Megs
Spoilers?: If you don't care about learning one location in the game, it's safe! ^_^
Description: Rachel's Intro, and here she shows her stunning "Battle Claw!" Oooooh! (;

Movie #3 - A "Sinking" Feeling?
Size: 3.3 Megs
Spoilers?: A few, but nothing major.
Description: Sandor takes his first orb, and makes a slight boo-boo. Watch the chaos that ensues.

Movie #4 - Miss Bitch...er...PJ's Introduction!
Size: 4.8 Megs
Spoilers?: Nothing that not already on this site anyway! Safe!
Description: It's PJ intro...and here she sizes up all the other cast members...too bad for them! ^_-

Movie #5 - Escape from Aquanale
Size: 8.0 Megs
Spoilers?: Massive spoilers in this puppy. View at own risk!
Description: Sandor and company run from yet another crumbling orb site...but they're about to have a rude awakening.

Movie #6 - Lynx's Introduction
Size: 2.1 Megs
Spoilers?: Pretty safe spoiler wise.
Description: It's the suave healer/bard/lazy drunk Lynx! Why, he's always at YOUR service. ;) 

Movie #7 - Vay Promo!
Size: 5.0 Megs
Spoilers?: Spoiler Infested! View at own risk!
Description: The Promo of Vay...actually Vay Japanese. This over three minute long clip shows key points of both anime and gameplay throught the entire game. Good for those who want to be spoiled massively. :)