We here at VayRPG are rather creative folk. Since we're really into anime and RPGs, we want the RPG to have the most realistic RPG feel possible. So, we've often turned to multimediaish type solutions. Here are just a few of our brainchilds...


~What did she say..?~

Just like an anime dub, sometimes the players (GM included) make voice samples of lines their characters would say. Sometimes these voice-overs appear in the actual game...and some are simply...we'll...see for yourself!

Arcus tells it like it is!
Performer: DNW
517K WAV
A lovely little ditty on Arc telling Remy how to really score with Gwen...Arcus style. 
Arcus and Natalya! Take one!
Performers: DNW and Lucca
252K WAV
Arcus and Nattie meet and have a little battle of the wits. This scene DOES occur in the actual game.
Arcus and Natalya! Take two!
Performers: DNW and Lucca
127K WAV
The battle of the wits continues! 
Alen says "Hai!"
Performer: Alen
Pretty self explanatory. Damn kawaii though. ^_^
Bloo to you!
Performer: Lucca
We wondered how the clone of Sandor would really laugh. This is what we came up with, scarily enough...
Natalya wonders on the fate of Humankind
Performer: Lucca
104K WAV
"Are you really the last hope of the free world?" When ya got people like Alen and Sabrina hanging around...you begin to wonder. O_o
Natalya comments on Jeal's womanly appearance
Performer: Lucca
188K WAV
It's true when you think about it! Jeal really does look like a woman! All the villains do! HAHA...ahem.
It's Phoebe!
Performer: Nadia
183K WAV
A kawaii little sprite says Phoebe's name. Awww...
Odessa: Epitome of the b*tchy villianess
Performer: Lucca
171K WAV
Odessa says some evil stuff...but my my my...it's with such flair! These lines actually appear in the game.
Remy's just too sexy!
Performer: DNW
108K WAV
Arcus thinks he's got Remy's theme song down. Rem's just too damn sexy! He's gotta fight them off with his big bo stick!
Odessa: also the epitome of a dominatrix
Performer: Lucca
282K WAV
Odessa likes whipping Adek...maybe she enjoys it too much...


~Songs to stir the soul...~

Currently, the group is undergoing a little experiment at the GM's whim! >:) What is it about? Well, the GM thinks that music always adds a certain atmosphere to the game, so using a little script called raplay, she's able to play Real Audio files over IRC! They sound really good, don't lag the players that much, and add to the game far more than the standard midi will. So far, the group likes this change very much, and we've got a ton of songs!

Almost all the songs are from video games. True, we'd like to have original songs, but no one is a composer. <:) If you're a composer and would like to contribute, we'd love to hear from you! Currently, most of the tracks come from games such as Grandia, Xenogears, Lunar: Eternal Blue Remix, the Original Vay Game, Star Ocean, and Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends. More are added as the GM sees fit.

We're gonna give you a small sampling of what we hear on a regular game basis. We'd love to post them all, but since they ARE music files, and Simplenet has a problem with Real Audio files now, we can only have a small smattering. You can either download or stream these files.

battle2.rm - Battle Theme ver. 2 This is one of the four battle themes the group will hear. It's played inside ruins, buildings, and castles. (In other words, indoors). It's originally the second disc battle theme of Grandia.
cave 2.rm - Cave Theme #2 One of the 3 cavern themes played in the game. This one is my personal favorite, and a shorter version was heard in the Wind Pyramid before I got this much cooler, longer version. It's also from Grandia.
tree.rm - Sentinel Tree: Root Route When the party climbed the large, hulking tree that's known as "The Sentinel Tree", they heard this theme. This spooky, yet light tune is a forest theme from Xenogears.
shrine.rm - Shrine of One Long Forgotten I can't go into much detail on this, because it would spoil too much for my players. (They haven't gotten this far yet.) This is my all time favorite song. Period. I love the sad, airy solo intermixed with the harmony! It's actually the theme of Arlent from Grandia.
vaysad2.rm - Sad Theme - reprise This depressing tune is played when sad things occur in the RPG. It's actually a reprise of another sad theme. In reality, it's June Mermaid from the Xenogears: Creed Soundtrack. 
village2.rm - Forest Village - Treefall This is probably one of my favorite town/village themes. It's mystic and beautiful! It's played for all forest towns, but it was first heard in the village of Treefall. It's actually a town theme from Grandia.


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