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This webring is owned by Radien and Ariana, Ringmasters.

So, you found your way to our little webring! Well, welcome, take a seat, and make yourself at home. Oh, and watch out for our pet crocodile, Fritz. Thaaaat's good... You see? He likes you!

Well, my first guess is that you didn't come here to play with Fritz. ^_^ In that case, I'll give you a run-down of our establishment. First of all, our purpose is to make it possible for role-players to easily glide through sites about personas and storylines, learn how they fit together, and hopefully get inspiration for their own ideas. From there they can start talking with fellow RPers and think up new storylines to take off on, or perhaps ways add a new twist to the current plot.

So, do you want to be a part of the Ring?

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Step 1: Join the ring.

First, fill out the addsite form.
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Step 2: Wait for confirmation

Don't put the HTML fragment up on your site until we've messaged you! We've had to add this step so people won't leave fragments hanging on their site before they're on the ring. One of us will check your site shortly. If everything is in order, you'll be on the ring in no time. =) For now, read on and see what you'll need to do later.

Step 3: Add the html fragment to your site.

Ready to go on? Now, you get to decide which fragment to use! Feel free to alter yours here and there. Please insert the fragment on the same page the webring targets, where viewers don't have to search for it.
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Step 4: Notify us when it's ready.

When your fragment is up, we can activate it! So when it's ready, send an e-mail to and let us know right away. Done? Congratulations; you're in!


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