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Name: Kara Baine Race: Female Human Class: Ninja A) General Attiude in Public/Personality - Kara is a beautiful yet violent person. She's scarred inwardly from her past and often, in public situations, either gets along with people REALLY or gets moody and hateful. Being a ninja, though, she tends to keep it inside and remain quiet. That is until she gets talked to, or hit on. ;) Then it gets MESSY. ;) B) Social Background/History - Kara used to be in a clan of Ninjas called the White Lion's Claw. She was their best female warrior. Cold, cruel, and with a rage that few could match. One day, however, her clan invaded a small town and started killing everyone. Everyone. Kara knew there was something different about this fight. The clan had always been honorable and usually let the old people and young children go (much to Kara's distaste). Kara let go completely and slaughtered anyone in her way. Her katana dripping with blood, she came across a young child, at least 2 years of age. The child stared up to her, eyes wide with fear and tears streaming down the child's cheeks. Kara froze, her katana 3 centimetres from the child's neck. They looked at each other, one wondering why she was having trouble killing the brat in front of her and the other silently pleading for mercy. Slowly, Kara lowered her katana and wiped a tear from the child's face with a shaking hand. Then, the child fell forward, his eyes lifeless and his skin pale. A katana sticking from his back and waves of deep, watery blood flowing freely into a puddle on the ground. It was then Kara realized that this had to stop....she had to end her hating. Kara sheathed her katana and with one quick movement, bashed the ninja who had killed the boy in the head, making his neck crack and turn at a odd angle. Quickly, she left, knowing only that she would be hunted for killing a clan member and her mind still grasping the image of the child with the katana in his back... C) Hidden Secrets - Kara has some secrets from her past, secrets which continue to haunt her. Visions of all she'd killed and those who she tortured, making them cry so hard that blood flowed from their eyes instead of tears. Those who had their genitals cut off and sewed on to their tongues.. D) Morals and Beliefs - Kara is still developing her friendship skills and her morales. She didn't have any when she was in the Clan and is only beginning to learn to act with reason and even act with love.