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Shining Force RPG members

Name: Michael BlackHawk
Occupation: Prince of Guardiana castle.
Class: Baron.

BlackHawk is the heir to the throne in Guardiana kingdom (From SFCD).
He was trained by the best swordsmen to be the kingdom's champion as 
well, and he carries Guardiana's legendary weapon, The Star Blade
(Known as the Sword of Hajya in SFCD...Yogurt would recognize it.)

He met Lara Mano, the leader of the Shining Force, about 4 years
prior to the start of the Shining Force's mission, when she was
on a demon hunting expedition around Guardiana.  The two finished off
the demon together and got started talking.  With both of them, it was
love at first sight.  (Awwwww.)  Lara has since returned to Guardiana
several times, but the two has not made plans to marry.  Why? I have
no earthly idea.