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Name: Chamolo Willcott race: Human class: Healer A) General Attiude in Public/Personality - Calm, extremely polite and reserved. Chamolo is shy, but not painfully so. He's very soft spoken, always addressing newcomers formally, usually with a 'Sir' or 'Miss'. This is partly because he was raised to treat people in this fashion. Chamolo is somewhat naive, mostly in dealing with others. He has a tendency of being a little too trustworthy, getting himself into unknown perils. That doesn't mean he doesn't have common sense, Chamolo has that in spades, he just can be taken in by a friendly (yet evil) face a little easier than the others can. He's extremely wise and knowledgeable on a wide range of useful subjects, and can make some tactful decisions when he needs to, but he's not much of a fighter, so he opts to use spells from the back. Chamolo has a strong sense of justice and truly believes everyone is capable of good, and worthy of a second chance if they mess up. Chamolo, deep down inside, is worried and depressed, fearful of his father's fate and the extreme pressure of the Granseal church to rescue him, and he might be headed toward a small breakdown in the near future. Nevertheless, he's a cheerful, quiet boy who's a loyal friend to those who'll befriend him. B) Social Background/History - Chamolo was raised in Granseal's high church, in the castle-city of Granseal. He's studied his entire life to follow in his father's, the high priest of Granseal's, footsteps, that being a high priest. He's now just a apprentice, but he shows much promise. He often accompanies his kind-hearted father to the castle, where he observes his father advise the King on religious and domestic affairs. Occasionally, even he has given some insight to the King as well, although he still has a long way to go. Chamolo, in reality, isn't really the High Priest's son. In fact, Chamolo isn't even his real name. Everyone knows that Chamolo was adopted, the problem is no one knows how. Some people say the High Priest did it legally, some argue that he didn't, but since Chamolo is a nice, polite boy, no one really paid much attention. The High Priest named him "Chamolo" and raised him as his own son since infancy. Growing up with much love and devotion from the priest, Chamolo had no problem fitting in the church, and training to be just like his father. Since the high priest was married when he was young * Chamolo also has a little 11 year old sister named Sarah, who he protects with his life. However, Chamolo received the shock of his life when he found out Darksol's minions, for reasons unknown, kidnapped his father while trying to strike up a peace agreement with neighboring towns. The church received a ransom note demanding money for his return. The congregation begged Chamolo to find their beloved priest, and Chamolo agreed. While attempting to enlist the help of the King, an attendant told him he'd be better off finding the newly formed Shining Force, so Chamolo figured that's the way to go. However, Chamolo recently discovered that it's not the High priest they want, but HIM! Somehow, he knows something or can do something that Darksol needs in his overall plan for world domination, and Darksol holds the High Priest as his hostage until Chamolo willingly turns himself over. Figuring this has to do with his shady past, Chamolo now wanders the world as a wanted man, dodging attacks and ambushes left and right, Chamolo has been lucky thus far.... Why does Darksol seek him, and what is his secret? C) Hidden Secrets - As mentioned above, Chamolo does have a dark secret, he just has no clue what it is! In time, perhaps it will be revealed...for the sake of his old man! D) Morals and Beliefs - Chamolo is very justice oriented, and deeply religious. He's a devout follower of Mitula's teachings, and feels that killing and violence should never be done without just cause. Of course, he's also not a fan of adultery, stealing, betrayal, and other such naughty things. ^_^