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Name: Darton Race: Wolfman Class: Warwolf
A) General Attiude in Public/Personality - 

Lazy, smart, and generally phlegmatic unless pissed off.
He's a nice boy though, and it takes a bit to get him annoyed, usually.
He prefers hand to hand combat over using what little magic he has.
He's also fairly young... say, twenty-ish.  Therefore, he's just a bit
immature.  And inclined to scare people.  Let's not forget that.

B) Social Background/History -

He was raised in Tristran under the watchful eye of some lady as an orphan
who was found there one day.  No one else wanted to take care of a wolf so
this lady did it herself... She never did quite completely get rid of his
feral nature because she had a feeling he'd need it sometime... did I mention
she was an oracle/mage with strong magic? No?  I did now then... because of
that little fact, he knows a bit of magic. You just don't hang around those
types without learning a trick or two.

C) Hidden Secrets -

He's a biiiit bloodthirsty and welcomes battle probably a bit too much...
he's been known to end battles with blood around his jaws... oops... and
he doesn't know how he came to be... which is probably an interesting story
only the Gods know of it.

D) Morals and Beliefs -

He's honorable to the extreme... once he makes a promise he'll keep it no
matter what happens.  As for morals... well, most of the time he's a good
boy, but accidents happen and all that...  Also, his adoptive mother forced
a worship of Mitula upon him, dead or not.  He prefers to believe she's not
dead.  Worshipping a dead goddess would scare him to the extreme.