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Name: Erin Gallant Race: Centaur Class: Pegasus Archer A) General Attiude in Public/Personality - Erin is quiet and flighty. She treads lightly on her feet (literally) and doesn't like to attract attention. Despite being a great strategist, she doesn't like to be put in the position of leader, and would much rather let those who want the attention to get it, rather than those who deserve it. She is also a bookworm, with a taste for literature. To her friends, she will offer whatever assistance she can. The vast wealth of knowledge garnered from her parent's books and teachings give her an excellent background in various areas of knowledge. Despite her educational background, she has no aptitude for magic whatsoever. B) Social Background/History - Erin is the daughter of the legendary Military Tactician, Sir Wilfred Gallant, who chose to retire from his strict military lifestyle and settle down. He and his wife, Elayne had Erin two years after their marriage. Erin could not have gotten a better set of traits from her parents, gaining her mother's aptitude for knowledge and her father's wits and calculating nature. One thing neither of her parent's contributed very much to though, is her physical makeup. Unlike any Centaur ever, Erin was born with the blessings of the gods and was gifted accordingly, with wings. This gift was not entirely free however; Erin lacks most of the physical consitiution and vitality resplendant in most of her race, and is comparitively fragile. This isn't to say she's weak or sickly, but she's definetly not a front line fighter. Choosing to pursue a more peaceful course in life, Erin rarely strayed outside her parent's library. One day however, during one of her rare forays outside, Erin's home was attacked and both her parents were killed. Returning home, she discovered nothing but ruins and ashes. Fleeing from the place she had lived all her life, Erin soon learned to survive by herself. During the years she wandered alone, she aquired an aptitude for the bow, and now is quite skilled with it. Her speed, the ability to fly, and her skill with the bow, make her a deadly opponent. C) Hidden Secrets - Erin has no earth-shattering secrets. She does, however, refrain from mentioning her linage. Letting people know that she is the daughter of a great man would do nothing more than attract that attention the chooses to shun. D) Morals and Beliefs - Erin values any friendship above anything else. If however a friend should "turn evil" she will consider it a betrayal for her trust and efficiently try to eliminate the "traitor". Warm and caring most to her friends, cold and relentless against her foes.