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Name: FlameStrike Race: Dragonman Class: Dragon fighter A) General Attiude in Public/Personality - He's rather moody... Calm at one moment, angered and dangerous at the other. Usually these mood changes are triggered by seeing something he doesn't like... (see Log number 1). However most of the time he stays calm. B) Social Background/History - Has always been a wanderer. Met up with the current SF members and decided to join, because "it could have proven interesting" and he had a liking for the centaur lady Erin. C) Hidden Secrets - When called "Lizard", he''ll go BERSERK!!! He''ll attack IMMEDIATELY, unless the people that called him "lizard" is someone who he considers a friend. For instance, he''ll never attack Erin or Kara. D) Morals and Beliefs - He can be the worst moralist of all times or he can have no morals. It's up to the moment... However most of the time he's an average person, with the amount of moralism that you can expect out of a Shining Force member. that you can expect out of a Shining Force member.