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Name: Jeyer of Mist
race: Human
Class: Ninja/greater devil

A) General Attitude in Public/Personality - 

Jeyer is a ninja, stealth is his middle name. He moves around, unnoticed when caution 
is needed, and in your face when action is needed. He can hit you 3 times before you 
can even realise he hit you. He has a very sarcastic personality, keeping people away 
from him. He's a distant person, yet so down to earth. He also tends to be freelance 
about covert operations. He does as he pleases, when he pleases and how he pleases. He 
is a free spirit.

B) Social Background/History -

Baine and Jeyer used to be sparring partners in the white lion claws. They used to 
always be paired together. On the day of the raid where Baine defected, Jeyer went 
after Baine to stop her from leaving. Jeyer was knocked out and captured by an unknown 
foe. Since then, he has been converted to the evil ways of Darksol and since then has 
worked along side Darksol as one of his minions.

C) Hidden Secrets - 

The only secret that Jeyer posesses is that he is in love with Kara Baine. He never 
dared approach her romantically, although he used to tease her alot about finding a 
"life mate" and constantly mocking her about her non-existant romantic life.

D) Morals and Beliefs -

Jeyer lives by the code of the ninja, so has some religious beliefs. His morals are 
completely freelance, as is his spirit. He does as he pleases, and noone can tell him