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Name: Kodah Emeriss Race: Human Class: swordsman/champion A) General Attiude in Public/Personality - Kodah is not a stupid man, but he's not the sharpest pencil in the box either. His main problem is grasping sudden changes in the situation. If things aren't explained to him, he will quickly become confused. Kodah is a decent fellow, and isn't much for showing off in public. He is also terribly shy around women in general. B) Social Background/History - Kodah was born and raised in the small town of Roft. His mother(Dania, 48) ownes the local item shop, and his father(Jerol) is a woodcutter. He the rest of his family includes his sister(Nalya, 17), and his maternal granfather(Kade, 86). Kodah's familiy is not wealthy, but manages to keep thier heads above water. Being so far away from any major cities, everyoe in the town has learned basic proficiency with some kind of weapon. Kodah has chosen to use longswords. C) Hidden Secrets - No one outside of the family knows this, but Kodah and Nalya are not entirely human. Thier father, Jerol, is a lesser devil that once served under Creed himself. When Creed retired, Jerol served as Creed's servant for a while, but tired of such a mundane life. The flame of battle still burned in him. Creed reluctantly allowed Jerol to leave his service. Jerol was a mercenary for hire for many years. But even he grew tired of fighting as Creed had. He eventually began to settle into a semi-normal life, marred only by his extreme longevity. Around this time, he met Dania. She was an exquisite creature, and he could not tear hiself away from her. They began to fall in love. Desperate, he told her what he really was, and hoped that her rejection would be enough to break him of his love for her. She did not reject him. 2 years later, they were married. Within a year, Kodah was born, and two months later, Nalya followed. Despite the knowledge that Jerol might outlive his wife and children, Jerol and Dania have been happy ever since. But they have never told anyone, not even Kodah and Nalya, that their children are half-devils. Nalya is already showing signs of her devil heritage, her ability to mesmerize people through her singing and dancing is akin to that of Dark Madams. Kodah has not yet shown signs, but Jerol and Dania figure its only a matter of time.... D) Morals and Beliefs - Kodah is no saint, but he does believe in treating people nicely, and giving respect to those who earn it. He tries to be non-judgmental, but has a hard time dealing with people who can't admit thier own mistakes. He's not a very good liar, but will do it if he has to. Just don't mess with his family, then he gets real unreasonable!