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Name: Lara Mano. Race: Human Class: Swordsperson/hero. A) General Attiude in Public/Personality - Lara Mano is a very cheerful/outgoing person in public. However, her outward exuberance has at times been mistaken for being just naieve. Her always being so optimistic in times of trial makes her an ideal leader, since she has the ability to rally the troops and make them want to fight and win. B) Social Background/History - Like most in her family, Lara is a demon hunter by profession (Yes..this character was inspired by Yohko Mano in "Devil Hunter Yohko") She has the ability to call upon her weapon, the soulsword whenever it is needed. Extremely agile and strong, Lara can weild her blade with great ease, however, she can't use magic of any kind. Lara grew up just outside of Granseal, with her parents, who trained her to take over the mantle of the demon hunter since she was old enough to walk. It is because of that training that she was able to sense the return of Dark Dragon. She feels it's her calling to aid in the dragon's defeat.