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Shining Force RPG members

Name: Yogurt
race: Unknown
class: Mascot/ring wielder

A) General Attitude in Public/Personality - 

Yogurt is, shall we say, the cheerleader of the Shining Force. He is who the Shining 
Force turns to for moral support, advice, and even when they don't turn to him, he 
advises and supports them morally. Yogurt is basically, the mascot of the team!

B) Social Background/History -

Yogurt was present at the battle against Dark dragon and has since followed the 
exploits of the second Shining Force from afar... He is a historian, so he knows about 
almost anything that has to do with the Shining Force and their never ending quest for 

C) Hidden Secrets - 

Yogurt has one secret, and one secret only: he never EVER reveals where he got his 
rings, or how he stores them all in a single pouch! It is rumored that his pouch can 
create rings at random, also making random effects. There is also a rumor that Yogurt 
has a vast collection of thousands of rings at his disposal, and when he goofs up with 
his ring selection, it's that he forgot which ring does what! ^_^

D) Morals and Beliefs -

Yogurt, unlike most people, believes in everything and nothing. He still believes in 
the old laws, yet swears by the new law of things. He believes that Mitula is still 
alive, but yet doesn't think she is corporeal anymore. Yogurt's morals and beliefs are 
a jumble of incoherent thoughts.