Shining Force RPG session 1
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> High atop the heavens, a council was taking place. All the Gods were united to decide the fate of a vile creature... Dark Dragon. <Narrator> Member:I say we send him back to the dark abyss! <Narrator> The others yell in dissaproval. One of them, mightier than the others slams his hand on the table to silence the council. <Narrator> Leader: ORDER! We will do no such thing! That would only aggravate our present situation. <Narrator> The surrounding people nod in aggrement. <Narrator> Leader:We must send him where his power is weakened and cannot achieve its full potential. <Narrator> The council finally understands and smiles its content. <Narrator> Leader: Then it is settled. Prepare the vessel for his departure. <Narrator> Two winged humanoids run out to fill in the God's request while the council leader turns to a human swordsman at his side. <Narrator> Leader:I leave the rest up to you... Now go. <Narrator> The swordsman nods and walks out, not looking back. <Narrator> [20 years after this council] <Narrator> A beautiful summer sun shines ove Granseal. The people go about their work, enjoying the weather, but all seem nervous. <Narrator> In the distance, a lone woman can be seen walking towards the gates. People hurry to the gates to greet the stranger. <Narrator> Peasant: Are you Lara Mano the demon hunter?! * Lara-Mano walks up to the gates of Granseal. <Lara-Mano> That I am. :) <Narrator> Peasant: You must get to castle. The captain of the guards is waiting for you. Shall I escort you? * Lara-Mano smiles. <Lara-Mano> Why not. <Lara-Mano> lead the way. :) <Narrator> *The peasant bows to Lara and starts to walk towards a dirt road... * Lara-Mano follows the peasant. <Narrator> Lara walks down the dirt road towards the castle which is now visible in the distance. People poke their heads out of doors and windows to stare at her as she passes by... <Lara-Mano> nice place. Quite the homey feel to it. :) <Narrator> Peasant: Yes... This place is quite a haven... <Lara-Mano> but...what's with everyone just peering out. I'm not going to kill anyone. <Narrator> Peasant: I am sorry, noble warrior... But the monsters keep us on our toes... <Lara-Mano> That's where I come in...right? <Narrator> *The peasant nods and smiles... <Lara-Mano> Well, you called the best. My family's been demon hunters for 300 generations. <Narrator> The two arrive at the gates of the castle. Two knights await at the entrance. <Narrator> Knight: Halt! Who goes there! <Lara-Mano> Hey. Lara Mano...and you are? * Lara-Mano extends her hand to the guard. <Narrator> Knight: Oh... You have arrived... Good... <Lara-Mano>, take me to the king. This messgae said it was an urgent matter. <Narrator> *The knight waves the peasant away and brings Lara to the court room... * Lara-Mano follows the knight..looking around the castle using her peripherial vision. * Vankarin meets the knights half way to the throne room... <Vankarin> Knights... Take your leave... <Lara-Mano> nice joint... <Vankarin> *The two knights depart, leaving Vankarin to escort Lara. <Lara-Mano> Hello. I'm Lara Mano..and you are? <Vankarin> I am Vankarin... Captain of the guards... I am the one who has summoned you. <Lara-Mano> hmmm....not much for small talk are you. * Vankarin glares at lara... You are as bold as they say, young one... <Lara-Mano> That's for me to know and you to find out. * Vankarin lets out a chuckle... Come! We must meet the king. <Lara-Mano> OK. * Lara-Mano smiles as she follows Vankarin. * Vankarin walks into the throne room, guards opening the gate for him. <Vankarin> Guard: All hail Sir Vankarin! * Vankarin nods to the people as he passes by... <Lara-Mano> quite the ones for ceremony eh? * Vankarin looks over to Lara and then advances towards the king. * Lara-Mano follows Vankarin toward the king. * Vankarin lowers himself to one knee and urges Lara to do the same... * Lara-Mano bows before the king. <Vankarin> My liege... Here is the Demon hunter I told you about. * Vankarin gets up and moves to the king's side... <Lara-Mano> Majesty. I'm here to serve. I understand you have a monster problem. <Vankarin> King: Yes... There has been rumor of monster sightings in the old gem mine... <Lara-Mano> Gem Mine? * Lara-Mano stands up. "Tell me more." <Vankarin> King: An old gem mine north of town. It has been devoid for such a long time... But now monsters are being spotted in that area more frequently... We want this investigated. <Lara-Mano> Leave it to me, Majesty. <Vankarin> *The king nods and hands a pouch to Vankarin. * Vankarin takes the pouch and tosses it to Lara... 500 gold pieces... Your troops are waiting outside... Buy supplies for the journey outside and report back to me. <Lara-Mano> Yes, Majesty. * Lara-Mano turns to leave the throne room. <Lara-Mano> hmm....the king said that my troops are waiting outside...I wonder who I'll be taking with me. <Narrator> As Lara exits the gates of castle Granseal, Baine, Erin, FlameStrike and Indigo away outsde... <Lara-Mano> So...are you the ones that the king spoke of? <FlameStrike> ** As Lara arrives, Flamestrike stands up * Indigo turns to Lara. <FlameStrike> Yes, we are. You can call me FlameStrike. * Baine eyes Lara icily... <Lara-Mano> and you can call me Lara. * FlameStrike extends a clawed hand at Lara * Lara-Mano shakes FlameStrike's hand. <Indigo> *In a sweet voice* I am Indigo Mysteria, a sorceress. * Indigo curtsies politely. <Lara-Mano> I'm Lara Mano, 300th Generation demon hunter. * Baine keeps her hand at her side. I am Kara Baine. You can call me Baine. <Lara-Mano> and you can call me Lara. Pleased to make your aquaintance, Baine. :) * Baine nods. * Erin simply states. * Hi, I'm Erin. <Lara-Mano> Hey, Erin. :) * FlameStrike mutters a curse under his breath <Indigo> *In a confused voice* Why am I here? <Lara-Mano> Well, there have been reports of monters in the gem mine to the north. We're gonna check it out. * Baine turns away from the group and stares off into the horizon. Lets go then. <Indigo> Oh. What is a monster? <FlameStrike> Wait <FlameStrike> We should buy some supplies first <Lara-Mano> We've got to stock up on supplies then return to the king first, Baine. <FlameStrike> We don't have healers, so some Medical Herbs should come in handy * Baine turns back and eyes Lara. Alright.... <Lara-Mano> Good call, the item shop. <FlameStrike> I'll wait for you at the general store * Lara-Mano leads the team to the item shop. * Indigo looks confused. * FlameStrike flies into the air to the general store * Indigo follows along with a confused look. <Narrator> As the team wanders in town, they pass a booth. In a large cage, a large chipmunk is trapped in a cage. <Lara-Mano> hmmm...interesting. * FlameStrike flies down * FlameStrike lands and folds his wings * Indigo stares at the chipmunk. <Lara-Mano> Quite a big chipmunk there. <Narrator> *The chipmunk looks at Lara... * Baine smirks and pokes at the chipmunk <Lara-Mano> hey there.... <Narrator> Creature: GET ME OUTTA HERE!!! <Lara-Mano> Baine, leave the chipmunk alone. <FlameStrike> Uh? <FlameStrike> Wait <Narrator> *The chipmunk rattles the cage! <Indigo> ***Indigo's personality shifts*** <Baine> Make me, miss thang. <Narrator> creature: I WANT OUT!!! <Erin> It must be in there for a reason... * Lara-Mano lets the chipmunk out of the cage. * FlameStrike looks around for some shopkeeper <Erin> we'd better leave it alone. <Narrator> The store clerk looks at Lara... <FlameStrike> Hey, man <Narrator> Clerk: Hey! <Lara-Mano> Oh...what's letting the chipmunk out gonna hurt. <Narrator> Leave that alone! * Indigo looks around confusedly. <Lara-Mano> hmm? * Lara-Mano looks around. <Indigo> Where am I? Who are you? <Narrator> If you want to free this creature, it's gonna cost ya... <FlameStrike> How much do you want for that chipmunk <FlameStrike> ? <Lara-Mano> Oh really? <Indigo> How did I get here? <FlameStrike> I said, HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT? <Narrator> *the clerk looks at the team's pouches..... * Baine glares at the clerk.. <Narrator> Clerk: Hmm... I'd say... Around..... 400 Gold pieces! * Lara-Mano considers summoning her soulsword. <Erin> No way! We're not gonna pass up on important supplies for this... this rodent! <FlameStrike> WHAT? <Lara-Mano> That seems a bit steep. <Indigo> *In a cold voice* Give us what we want this instant or else. <Baine> How about 100 and you get to keep your head. <FlameStrike> Hear me, man. He's an INTELLIGENT creature <FlameStrike> It's not good to imprison intelligent creatures. * Erin stamps her hooves and mutters. * How did I ever get talked into... <Narrator> Clerk: So? This is business... <Lara-Mano> good call, Baine. <FlameStrike> We're even willing to pay you, without summoning the guards. <FlameStrike> So, 100 and NOT A COIN MORE <Narrator> *The clerk mumbles... 200! <Lara-Mano> but not too much..we have a mission to undertake here. * Baine nods to FlameStrike * FlameStrike has a really altered expression on his draconish face <FlameStrike> 100 <Lara-Mano> less. <Narrator> Clerk: Oh K'mon! Yer swindling me! <FlameStrike> No, lara. 100 <FlameStrike> Swindling? <Indigo> Why should we pay for this rodent? We have the power, we can simply take it and anything else we want! <Lara-Mano> We're swindling? What do you think 400 gold for a damn chipmunk is? <Narrator> Creature: Will you just GET me OUT OF HERE PUHLEEZ? * Erin shakes her head... * I'd leave it there... <Erin> It's only a chipmunk... <FlameStrike> Hear me man, i hate to see intelligent creatures trapped <Narrator> *The clerk looks at Lara... I call that good business, doll face... * Baine places her hand on the hilt of AmeShi. "Shopkeep. We can do this peacefully or not. Your choice." <Erin> If it's intelligent, it's probably trapped for a reason. <FlameStrike> And when i become enraged, i become also violent. * Lara-Mano holds her right hand to the inside of her left fist and exclaims, "Sword of my soul, APPEAR!" She pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in Lara's right hand. * Indigo prepares to summon Dao. <Indigo> *A brown glow surrounds her fist. <FlameStrike> *Ahem* I suppose we could solve this matter without violence <Narrator> Clerk: Damn! Will you people calm down?! <Erin> Great... I'm the Tactican of a group that wants to go to war over a bloody squirrel... <Narrator> Creature: I AIN'T NO SQUIRREL! :P <Narrator> Clerk: FINE FINE! 100 Gold pieces! <Narrator> *The chipmunk cheers! <Indigo> That is better, puny one. * FlameStrike frees the Chipmunk <FlameStrike> On my shoulder, man <Narrator> Clerk: Now gimme my money! * Baine glances at Erin.. Complaining? <Lara-Mano> OK....100 you go. Now, we have a little business to take care of <Narrator> *The clerk closes his booth! Get away form here... NOW! <Erin> No point... not like no one listens... I can hardly wait until we run into a battle... <Lara-Mano> let's get to the general store now. <Indigo> Make us, peasant! <FlameStrike> Indigo, stop it <Lara-Mano> Indigo, let's go. * Indigo looks at them coldly. * FlameStrike appears to calm down <Narrator> Creature: Thank you kind people, but I can't stay with you... For your kindness, I'll give you this. <Indigo> who are you? <Lara-Mano> hmmm? <FlameStrike> Why can't you? <Narrator> *the chipmunk hands a golden ring with a red gem to Lara... * Lara-Mano takes the ring. <Narrator> Creature: I just can't... I... uh... Got some business to take care of! <Lara-Mano> Thank you. Now, shall we get going and stock up? <FlameStrike> Ok <Narrator> *the chipmunk runs off quickly. * Baine watches the chipmunk go. * Indigo shakes her head. <Erin> Great, you forked over 100Gp for that thing, and it ran away... Whatta waste... * Lara-Mano shakes her head.."Heck of a day this has been." <Indigo> ***Indigo's personality shifts*** <Indigo> Oh. <FlameStrike> Erin, i think 100 GP are nothing compared to a gold ring with a ruby in it * Indigo looks around. <Indigo> Where are we now? <Erin> Unless it's a fake. <FlameStrike> Could i take a look at it? <Lara-Mano> Well, we can sell it for more money at the general store. * Baine smirks at Erin. Are you always this cynical? <FlameStrike> Lara: Possibly that could be a magical ring * Erin looks back. * I have to be. * Lara-Mano smiles. <FlameStrike> Please let me take a look at it <Lara-Mano> Well....what do you folks suggest? * Lara-Mano shows the ring to FlameStrike. <Indigo> Will someone tell me where I am and how I got here?! * FlameStrike takes it and begins appraising * Baine grins. I think we should sell it. Maybe it'll get us some nice GP. <Erin> Let's buy what we can, and get this done with. The faster we get to the cave, the sooner I can get back to studying. * Indigo sits down. <Lara-Mano> Indigo, you're in for how you got here, I have no earthly idea. <Indigo> Hmmm. I must have blanked out again. * FlameStrike continues appraising the ring <FlameStrike> As i thought <Lara-Mano> what is it, FlameStrike? * Baine leans against a wall, remaining indifferent <FlameStrike> I am not able to recognize it fully, but it is magical <FlameStrike> Be forewarned! Some magical items may also be cursed! <Lara-Mano> Well....we'll have to find someone who can fully recognize it. <FlameStrike> For now, let's go to the General Store <Lara-Mano> I agree...let's get going...shall we? * Baine nods <Indigo> Okay. <Narrator> The team gathers their things and move on to the general store... * FlameStrike goes by foot this time <Narrator> The team arrives at the store... The market is quite empty. * Baine mutters about wasting time <Indigo> What happened here? This place is lifeless. <FlameStrike> They fear monsters, Indigo <Narrator> *The store clerk looks at the party.. Well well... This is a fine lookin party... *snickers* <Narrator> Shop Clerk: What can I do for ya people? * Baine glares at the clerk. * FlameStrike sharpens his claws * Indigo simply stares at the clerk. <FlameStrike> We wanted to buy some herbs <Narrator> Shop Clerk: Herbs? Hmm... I don't have many left... <Lara-Mano> I think so, FlameStrike. We don't have a healer,so we'll need them. <Narrator> *The clerk looks at his inventory list. <FlameStrike> I said that earlier, Lara * FlameStrike whispers to Lara <Lara-Mano> and to think that this is my first day in Granseal. Oh well... <Narrator> Shop Clerk: Well, I have about 20 herbs left... * Baine leans on the counter and examines the rest of the party <Erin> How much? <Lara-Mano> how much are they? <Narrator> Shop Clerk: 15 gold pieces per herb. * Indigo sits in a corner and begins reading a book of magic intently. <FlameStrike> 15? That's a THEFT! No more than 8 <Narrator> Shop Clerk: Hey! These are rare! 15, no less! <Baine> Everyone in this damned town is out to make us broke it seems.. * FlameStrike examines the herbs <FlameStrike> Do you have any antidote herb? <Narrator> *The clerk looks at Baine... Inflation, missy... These are troubled times... * Baine glares at the clerk. If times are so damn troubled, then maybe you'd like to be generous and let us keep some of our coins? <Narrator> Shop Clerk: Antidote... Hmm... I only have five of those... People scared of poison... Go figure... :P * Indigo looks up. <Lara-Mano> I can see it. <Indigo> Sir, you're a thief. There is no other way to put it. <Narrator> Shop Clerk: I have to pay my house and feed my 10 children! Gimme a break here! <Baine> And we have a mission to do! <FlameStrike> Well, you should fuck less <Lara-Mano> sounds like someone's been busy. * Baine slams her palm down on the counter <Narrator> Shop Clerk: So give me my money, and go do yer mission! <FlameStrike> Sorry for that... <FlameStrike> Ok <Lara-Mano> damn, Baine...quite a temper there,eh? <FlameStrike> Let we have a treat <Baine> How about I give you my blade in your lower intestine, old man?! <Indigo> 10 children? Do you not think it was irresponsible to have that many children if you had insufficent funds to take care of them? * Baine narrows her eyes <FlameStrike> You give us 10 herbs and those 5 antidote and we give you 150 coins. <Narrator> Shop Clerk: Don't make me call the guards on ya people... <Lara-Mano> Easy there, Baine. <Indigo> The guards??? * Baine grits her teeth. <Indigo> We have done nothing to you? <Lara-Mano> Sir..we're working for the king. <Erin> We're here by order of the king. * Baine goes over to a corner and leans against the wall there. <Indigo> Yes, we're to gather supplies for a mission he's sending us on. <Narrator> Shop Clerk: Even then! I have the right to charge anythin I bloody want to! If you people don't like it, then find another shop... <Erin> Fine. Easily done in Granseal. * Lara-Mano thinks this talking is getting nowhere. <Indigo> * Smiling sweetly* We're supposed to defeat some monsters in a gem mine to the north of here. <Narrator> hee hee... Not so, miss... I'm the only stocked shop left! <Erin> You can reconsider now, or make a quick 150. <FlameStrike> I said, 10 herbs and 5 antidotes for 130 coins! * Baine lets out a low hiss... * FlameStrike begins to roar in anger <Narrator> Shop Clerk: Hey hey hey! 200 gold pieces! That's as low as I go! <Lara-Mano> Indigo, talk about your mood swings. <Indigo> 200? <Erin> 175. <Lara-Mano> OK...150. <Indigo> Mood swings? <FlameStrike> Now hear me mortal. You will have your goddamn bloody 150 coins and we will have our herbs! <Indigo> Of what do you speak, Lara? <Narrator> Shop Clerk: Yer herbs, yeah... The antidotes are 10 each! <Lara-Mano> one moment your're as violent as a as sweet as a peach....:) <FlameStrike> I was including those * FlameStrike tries to calm down <FlameStrike> Ok, i'll say it again <Narrator> Shop Clerk: Lookee here... Gimme my money or leave... I'm closin up shop... * Lara-Mano pats FlameStrike on the back.."Calm down, friend." <Indigo> I suppose we shall have to do without then. <FlameStrike> You give us 10 herbs and 5 antidotes, and we'll give you 150 coins... * Indigo sighs sadly. <Narrator> Shop Clerk: 175! Don't you swindle me! <FlameStrike> I'm NOT swindling <Lara-Mano> more. * Baine saunters over to the Shopkeep. She narrows her eyes at him. 170. <Indigo> Now your city will not be freed from whatever it is you fear. <FlameStrike> I'm making you an offer you can NOT refuse <Narrator> *The store clerk groans... OH FINE! 170! * Lara-Mano pays the shopkeep 170 gold. * Indigo smiles sweetly. <Narrator> Shop Clerk: Buncha damn swindlers... * Baine smirks * FlameStrike takes the herbs and distributes them evenly <Indigo> You see? Now we can help you, and you'll be a hero! <Narrator> *The clerk gives the herbs to the party and closes his stall... <Lara-Mano> no...just thrifty...that's all. :) Have a nice day, sir. :) <FlameStrike> Call me swindler again and i'll rip your head and use it as a ball <Baine> FlameStrike?. Carry my herbs for me. * FlameStrike calms down <FlameStrike> As you wish, but stay near to me in the fight <Baine> Sure. * Baine turns to Lara. Are we going now? <Lara-Mano>'ve got to report back to the king. <FlameStrike> We're going, i suppose <Narrator> The sun reaches its mid-afternoon position. <Lara-Mano> and I don't think he's the kind yo wanna keep waiting. <Lara-Mano> so...shall we, folks? * Baine clenches a hand and shrugs. Alright...lets go. <Indigo> The King? Wow! <Narrator> Suddenly, a man wearing a black cape bumps into Lara, knocking her to the floor. <Lara-Mano> Ow... <Narrator> Man: Argh! <Narrator> Man: Pardon me, M'lady... <Lara-Mano> Oh...sorry, sir. * Indigo helps Lara up. * FlameStrike takes the man by the cloak and lara too <Narrator> *The man helps Lara up... <Lara-Mano> Thanks, * FlameStrike holds the man <Narrator> Man: Let me down, Dragon man... <Lara-Mano> By the way...who are you? <Indigo> Oh. Who are you sir? <Narrator> Man: Or you'll regret it... * Baine eyes the man, anger in her eyes. Pig... she mutters <FlameStrike> Uh? * Indigo smiles sweetly. I am Indigo Mysteria, a sorceress. * Lara-Mano checks her money pounch real quick. <Narrator> Man: My name is Dorak... Dorak Dermion... I must depart now... <Indigo> The one holding you is FlameStrike, a Dragon. <FlameStrike> Just a sec <FlameStrike> I think he realized i'm a dragon, Indigo (smiles to Indigo) <Narrator> Dorak: I am in quite a hurry... <FlameStrike> Is all right, Lara? <Lara-Mano> hmmm...wait a second, sir. <Indigo> This is Kara Baine, and she is Erin. * Indigo points to Baine and Erin. <FlameStrike> Indigo, please stay quiet * Erin nods. * <Narrator> *Dorak bows to everyone * Baine smirks. Put yer finger back in, child, or I'll break it off... <Lara-Mano> WAIT A MINUTE I SAID! <Indigo> Oh! <FlameStrike> Lara, is it all right then? <FlameStrike> Very well. Sorry to keep you waiting * FlameStrike leaves him be <Narrator> *The mysterious man, Dorak, runs off... <Indigo> Oh. <Lara-Mano> Just a second, FlameStrike. I just wanted to make sure that he didn't swipe our gold. <Indigo> He left. <FlameStrike> I know <FlameStrike> That's why i was holding him <Lara-Mano> seems he didn't rip us let's get going to the castle. <Indigo> What a mysterious man. <FlameStrike> I agree... Let's be on our way <Narrator> *The team returns hastilly to the castle grounds... <Lara-Mano> no joke, Indigo. * Vankarin awaits the party outside the throne room's door... <Indigo> Hi! <FlameStrike> Hello, Sir Vankarin <Vankarin> Welcome back. Have you your supplies? <Lara-Mano> Hello, Vankarin...we're ready to see the king before setting off on our mission., <Lara-Mano> you bet. :) * Baine eyes Vankarin. Yeah. Can we get going now? <FlameStrike> We're ready to depart at any moment <Vankarin> The king has retired for the night... I will accompany you to the gem mine... <Indigo> Well, we had some problems obtaining supplies, but everything is all right now. <Lara-Mano> OK...thanks, Vankarin. * Lara-Mano smiles. * Vankarin bows humbly to the group and heads for the gates. * Baine vaguely wonders why the hell Lara is so freakin...uhm...enthused.. :P * Lara-Mano follows Vankarin. * Indigo follows Vankarin. <Vankarin> *The team walks the long path north towards the gem mine. The road seems all but deserted. <FlameStrike> When you're wounded in battle stay near me <FlameStrike> Understood? <Lara-Mano> Got it, FlameStrike. :) <Indigo> Okay. <Vankarin> We'll arrive the mine's entrance shortly... * Baine eyes FlameStrike. Maybe. <Indigo> But why would there be a battle? * Baine blinks at Indigo <Baine> wooooo boy. <FlameStrike> I can heal you. It's a trait i inherited from my ancestors <Indigo> We must simply ask these "monsters" to leave and they will. <FlameStrike> Yeah sure indigo * Indigo smiles confidently and walks with a spring in her step. <Baine> You like living in a dream, don't you Indiglo? <Indigo> What are you talking about? <Lara-Mano> oh well....:) <Baine> Life is a constant battle. There is always going to be fighting. <Indigo> I have never fought before. <Baine> It shows...smirks <Erin> Then you stay in the back. <FlameStrike> You have, i can tell by your fist <Erin> You're a mage, you can attack from a distance. <Baine> Erin has a good tactical point there. <Indigo> Mom and Dad taught me to be a sorceress, and to use my powers to help others. <Indigo> I can attack? <Lara-Mano> Well, my only attack is my soulsword. <FlameStrike> Then it's settled. I go first. Baine and Lara just after me, and Erin and Indigo in the rear <Erin> Well, you're in the front, but you stay close to FlameStrike, as the leader, we can't afford to lose you. <Indigo> I've fought before? Perhaps during those periods when I can't remember anything. <Lara-Mano> Got it, FlameStrike. :) * Baine raises an eyebrow at FlameStrike Watch it.. <Vankarin> Not so fast... I am the one who shall lead for now... <Lara-Mano> OK..but it seems like FlameStrike has a good idea to me. <FlameStrike> Than what, you go in battle and we watch? <Baine> No, but I certainly will not hide behind you. <Vankarin> I'll be in the front... You people keep in formation in the back. <FlameStrike> Baine: I was talking to Vankarin <Indigo> But he's the dragon. he can protect us! <Baine> I don't need protecting, Indigo. <Indigo> You don't? * Vankarin shakes his head... All overconfident... May the gods save us... <Lara-Mano> Hey...we're all equals here... * Baine smirks. Hardly. <Erin> You all listen to me in battle, got it? I know what I'm doing. I've been trained in strategy. <FlameStrike> Overconfidents? Well, if i was a wimp, i certainly would not be here now... * Baine scowls at Erin. I don't listen to anyone unless I want to. <FlameStrike> There is some difference between training and actual experience <Indigo> Well, we can do anything when our minds are put together. <Lara-Mano> Oh well....I'm just doing what I was trained to do since I was old enough to walk. <FlameStrike> Right Indigo <Lara-Mano> hunting demons. <Indigo> There is? * Vankarin snaps a look at Baine... You were hired in good faith, Ninja... Remember that... <Vankarin> No solo jobs... * Baine growls at Vankarin.. <Erin> Don't consider it listening to me, so much as listening to reason. <Indigo> Okay! * Baine mutters about males under her breath.. <Lara-Mano> hmmm... <Indigo> If we have to can lead since you know what to do. <FlameStrike> Ok, then me and Vankarin in the front lines, Lara shortly after us, Erin and Indigo in the middle, and Baine stays on the lookout for a rear attack. Is that Ok with you? * Vankarin spots the mine entrance from a distance. <Vankarin> Agreed. <Lara-Mano> fine by me.... <Indigo> Uh, okay. <Erin> Good enough. * Baine opens her mouth to protest but sighs and nods. <FlameStrike> If i recall well, Ninja can use magic. I believe you're trained enough and wise enough to know when and where to use it <Baine> trained....heh.. * Baine snickers under her breath and nods.. * Indigo begins to read from one of her books, not really paying attention to much else. <Lara-Mano> There's a demon near the cave entrance... <Vankarin> Are you sure? * FlameStrike begins to hover <Lara-Mano> I can feel's part of my training. <FlameStrike> Be on the lookout * Baine eyes Lara. So?. We just go, kill it, and thats that.. <Lara-Mano> right. * Erin spreads her wings and launches herself into the air, so gracefully, that one would not suspect the deadly advantage she holds in the skies... * * FlameStrike flaps his wings to remain in place <Vankarin> Can you people in the sky get down? I would like to keep the element of surprise at our advantage! <Erin> I hope I can keep this up in the cave... * Indigo continues walking on, reading her book. <Lara-Mano> my soulsword disappeared when we entered that I'll just have to summon it again. * Lara-Mano holds her right hand to the inside of her left fist and exclaims, "Sword of my soul, APPEAR!" She pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in Lara's right hand. <Erin> Unless they're the ones holding the element of surprise. * Baine swiftly unsheathes her katana AmeShi <Erin> Remember, we're walking into their territory... * FlameStrike sharpens his claws <Baine> Lets make it our territory. <Erin> and they're more likely to have that advantage. <Lara-Mano> right...let's kill a few demons. * Vankarin nods... Yes... But I do not think they know we're coming... <Erin> You don't know that. <Erin> And it's better to fight evenly than risk being surprised. <FlameStrike> If they're demons, they should be able to feel life forces from a distance <Lara-Mano> no...we don't..but we know they're there. * Vankarin shakes his head... 1My guess is as good as any... <Erin> Based on a notion. <Baine> Lets just do this, shall we? <Vankarin> Okay... We're going in... <Lara-Mano> I agree, Baine. <FlameStrike> Vankarin, ready? *** Pottle-dinner is now known as Pottle * Lara-Mano follows Vankarin. <Vankarin> *The team heads towards the entrance... * Baine smiles for the first time at Lara and follows * Indigo begins humming absently. * Erin mumbles... * Vankarin... if you knew who my father was... who I trained under... you'd listen to me without question... * FlameStrike stands on the lookout for a surprise attack <FlameStrike> Indigo, stop that *whisper* * Lara-Mano has her sword ready to strike. <Indigo> Hmmm? Stop what? * Vankarin looks inside the cave... * Baine slaps a hand over Indigo's mouth..Stop that. * FlameStrike stands in a fighting stance <Vankarin> keep it down back there... <FlameStrike> Thanks, Baine *whisper* * Indigo looks around confusedly, and begins to panic. * Lara-Mano takes a fighting stance ready for battle. * Lara-Mano whispers..."Indigo, calm down. <Vankarin> I'm going in... * Baine releases Indigo and also gets into a offensive stance * Lara-Mano follows Vankarin into the cave. * Indigo blinks rapidly, but calms herself and returns to her book. <Vankarin> *Before Vankarin enters the mine, a loud, bellowy voice can be heard. <Vankarin> Demon: Hurry up you Maggots! We gotta find it before they get here! * Lara-Mano wonders "Find what?" <Vankarin> I don't know, Lara... <FlameStrike> Vankarin, let's burst in... <Lara-Mano> shall we find out? <Vankarin> No... Wait.... * Vankarin hears a rustling sound coming from a nearby bush... <Lara-Mano> hmmm? * Baine 's ears pick up the sound * Lara-Mano turns toward the rustling sound. * Baine turns to the bush.. <Vankarin> Someone check that out... * Baine goes to check it out. * Indigo turns toward the noise. * Erin hovers a safe distance away from Baine, arrow knocked. * <Vankarin> *As Baine moves towards the bush, a large chipmunk runs out of the bush, screaming! <Vankarin> Creature: GET OUT OF MY WAY!!! AAAAAAAAH!!!! <Lara-Mano> not again. <Vankarin> *The chipmunk tramples Baine and runs in the cave! <Baine> Argh! <Vankarin> Creature: ARRRRRGH!!!!!!!! * Baine rubs her nose and growls. <Baine> Thassit. <Vankarin> *It runs in a wall, rendering it unconscious! <FlameStrike> Now i think they REALLY got us. Ready to attack! <Lara-Mano> I'm beginning to think that we shouldn't have freed that thing, <Vankarin> The demon is now aware of our presence! <Erin> We should have let it be. It screwed up any advantage we might have had. <Erin> Everyone ready! <FlameStrike> CHAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE! <Lara-Mano> I can sense it, Vankarin. * Vankarin runs in the cave! COME ON! <Indigo> Advantage? What? <Vankarin> ===== COMBAT ===== * Baine gets up and runs to the cave * FlameStrike runs in the cave charging * Lara-Mano runs in behind Vankarin. * Indigo places her book in it's pouch and follows along confusedly. <Vankarin> ===== 12 goblins, 1 demon ===== <Vankarin> *Erin has first attack! <Indigo> Hello! I'm Indigo Mysteria, a sorceress. These are my friends. We mean you no harm, we just wish to clear up a misunderstanding with you. * Indigo curtsies politely. <FlameStrike> Indigo! In the middle, quick! <Indigo> Oh! Well, okay... <Lara-Mano> Indigo, I don't think this is the time to be polite. * Indigo walks over to the middle of the group. <FlameStrike> If you can summon some beastie, summon it NOW! Against that group! (points the group with more monsters one near the other) * Baine smiles morbidly.. <Indigo> Okay... <Vankarin> == Erin fires at Goblin A... * Erin knocks an arrow, raising her bow, and drawing it back. With uncanny accuracy, she unleashes an arrow at Goblin A !!* * Lara-Mano is in the center of the group...ready to chop a demon. <Vankarin> == CRITICAL! 12 damage! <Vankarin> ==Goblin A dispatched. <Vankarin> == Lara and Baine, attack simultaneously! * Lara-Mano finds the closest monster and with uncanny strentgh and speed, slices the monster in two. <Vankarin> == Lara Attacks goblin B... <Lara-Mano> EAT THIS! <Vankarin> == 12 Damage! Goblin B dispatched! <Lara-Mano> yeah... <Vankarin> == Baine attacks Goblin C... * Baine smiles morbidly and rushes into Goblin C. She then crouches and slashes upwards sharply with AmeShi, striking Goblin C! * Baine leaps back to safety <Lara-Mano> Good shot, Baine. :) <Baine> Thanks. <Vankarin> == 19 Damage! Goblin C decapitated! <Lara-Mano> whoah.... * Baine grins <Vankarin> == Demon and FlameStrike attack simultaneously! <Vankarin> == Demon casts Blaze level 2... <FlameStrike> Ouch! <Vankarin> == Blaze 2 deals 6 damage to Baine, 4 to FlameStrike and 5 to Lara <Lara-Mano> Youch! * Baine grimaces and narrows her eyes.. <Vankarin> == FlameStrike attacks Goblin D... * FlameStrike attacks by jumping against a wall and then jumping back, using the momentum of the strike to slash the goblin, then leaps on another wall and lands back safely * Indigo stares around sadly. <Vankarin> == 9 Damage! Goblin D dispatched! <FlameStrike> Yeeeee-ha! <Lara-Mano> way to go, FlameStrike. <Baine> Gods, these Goblins are just wasting our damned time! I say we attack the Demon! <FlameStrike> They don't call me like that for nothing <Lara-Mano> I agree, Baine...let's doubleteam it. * Baine nods <FlameStrike> Wait, before we go... <Indigo> Why must so many die? <FlameStrike> No, nothing <Vankarin> == Indigo can attack! <Lara-Mano> Indigo, this is no time for philosophy. <FlameStrike> SUMMON SOMETHING! EVEN A SNAKE! <FlameStrike> Against the goblins, quick! <Baine> A snake wouldn't be very good right now.. :P * Indigo sighs, then makes a few mystic gestures and summons Dao, Elemental of the Earth. <FlameStrike> Thanks to all of the dragon gods... * Indigo orders Dao not to hurt the goblins, but Dao doesn't seem to be listening... <FlameStrike> But THIS is * Baine closes her eyes and starts chanting.. <Vankarin> == Indigo casts Dao on the Demon... <Vankarin> == Demon receives a pounding of 7 damage! <Indigo> Phew! Dao did listen after all! * Baine smirks and opens her eyes. Time to rumble.... <Vankarin> == Goblins E to H attack... <Vankarin> == E lashes out at Baine... 1 damage... Baine Counter attacks! * Baine slashes angrily at the Goblin! <FlameStrike> Wasn't Baine in the rear rank? <Vankarin> == Goblin E receives 12 damage! Goblin E is dispatched! <Baine> I moved. So sue me. <Vankarin> == Goblin F attacks FlameStrike... <Vankarin> == 1 damage on FlameStrike... <Vankarin> == Goblin G attacks Erin... <Vankarin> == Miss * Erin twirls her bow rapidly, deflecting the attack!* <Vankarin> == Goblin H moves to the rear of its flanks... <Vankarin> == Erin can attack! * FlameStrike begins flapping his wings and flying * Erin unleashes a rain of deadly arrows upon a Goblin !* * Baine decides to cast a spell on the Demon.. <Vankarin> == Erin attacks Goblin F... * Lara-Mano decides to slice the demon in two. <Vankarin> == Goblin F receives an arrow to the head... 15 damage... Goblin F is braindead * FlameStrike decides to bite the demon's head off while flying <Baine> Sounds like a plan. <Lara-Mano> Ready, Baine? * Indigo stares at them. * Baine nods. <Lara-Mano> OK. :) <Vankarin> == Lara and Baine attack simultaneously! * Baine remains stoic as she gazes upon her enemy. She clasps her hands together, bringing her two index fingers out in front of her and pointing at Demon and she casts the spell of ¤Katon. Black fire surges up from the ground under Demon and scorches it with the darkness of pure hatred. * Lara-Mano rushes in, SoulSword in hand. Lara unleashes all her full fury on the demon, delivering a punishing slash. <Vankarin> == Lara Slashes the demon while Baine casts Katon... Soul Sword slices through the demon like a hot knife through butter! Demon is dead! <Baine> Yes! <Lara-Mano> Way to go, Baine! <Vankarin> == Monster count... 6 goblins left. * Baine grins * Baine slides AmeShi into its sheath causing the sound of metal against metal. <Indigo> Well, it is over. Now we must bury the dead and report this to his Majesty. * FlameStrike kicks the goblins' ass * Indigo sighs and shakes her head. <FlameStrike> The battle isn't yet over <Baine> Lets just handle the rest of the goblins asses with our bare hands...heheh.. <Vankarin> == Goblins keep their ranks... <Indigo> It is not? <Lara-Mano> you got it. :) <Vankarin> == FlameStrike attacks Goblin G... <Erin> The Demon wasn't the boss! It's not over yet! * FlameStrike claws goblins while flying <Baine> Obviously, Erin. <Lara-Mano> Well...we keep fighting. <Vankarin> == Goblin G's spine breaks from the pressure... Hence, dies. <Indigo> Oh dear. <FlameStrike> Yeah! <Lara-Mano> great shot, FlameStrike....great shot. <Vankarin> == Indigo can attack * Indigo stares and begins to freeze up. <Vankarin> Bah! I'll finish this myself! <FlameStrike> Hey! Let me play with them! * Indigo woodenly makes the motions, and summons Dao again to attack the goblin. * Vankarin pulls a great sword and rips 3 goblins apart in one blow! <Baine> Holy. <Lara-Mano> Damn! <Indigo> Dao, do not kill them! <FlameStrike> Well, that's 2 left * Baine blinks at Vankarin and mutters about pigs and sword envy :P <Vankarin> == Indigo casts Dao on Goblin J... * Lara-Mano just watches the fight with interest. <Vankarin> == Dao pounds the goblin to pieces... 8 damage... Goblin J dispatched... <Indigo> Dao! NO!!!!!!!! <Vankarin> == Erin can attack! <Indigo> Elemental of the Earth, you have betrayed me! * Lara-Mano thinks Indigo's mood swings are gonna get on her nerves. * Indigo falls to her knees and begins sobbing. * Erin knocks an arrow, raising her bow, and drawing it back. With uncanny accuracy, she unleashes an arrow at the last Goblin !!* <FlameStrike> Leave them to me, will you please? * Baine groans. <Vankarin> == Goblin is obviously dead... :P * FlameStrike tries to intercept the arrow with his body <Vankarin> ===== VICTORY! ===== * Baine gets a cold look. * Lara-Mano brings her hands together and the Soul Sword disappears. <Vankarin> == EXP: FS=54, Lara=58, Erin= 91, Baine=36, Indigo=54 == * FlameStrike loots the bodies, searching for everything valuable <Vankarin> == 620 GP found == <FlameStrike> Good. * FlameStrike splits the money * Vankarin looks at the demon's body... * Vankarin moves over to it and kneels by it... * Lara-Mano moves over beside Vankarin, investigating the body of the demon. * FlameStrike bandages the wounded * Vankarin finds a perfect white crystal under the body... * Baine leans against a wall.. <Lara-Mano> hmm? * Vankarin gasps... The crystal of Mitula.. * Indigo is still sobbing. * FlameStrike nears Vankarin <FlameStrike> What's that? <Lara-Mano> Vankarin, do you mind if I take a closer look at that crystal? * Erin quickly drops back to the ground, stepping lightly back onto terra firma. * <Vankarin> This is the gem of Mitula... <Vankarin> The gem used to seal Zeon 100 years ago... <FlameStrike> Zeon? * Vankarin hands the gem to Lara... <Lara-Mano> then the seal's been broken. <FlameStrike> I mean, THAT Zeon? * Lara-Mano takes a closer look at the crystal... <Vankarin> Yes... Zeon... The evil demon king... * Indigo blinks rapidly, then goes to look at the gem. * FlameStrike slaps a hand on his forehead * Vankarin turns around to see the gem fuse to Lara's sword! <Lara-Mano> Yes...the seal's been broken. I can feel the power in this gem. <FlameStrike> That means in a while he'll be back and will begin wreaking havok on the land? <Vankarin> The gem has acknowledged... You... As the legendary hero?! <FlameStrike> This is similar to the legend of the Second Shining Force <Lara-Mano> That's an understatement, FlameStrike. And it's time for a new Shining Force to arise to defeat him. <FlameStrike> Well, history more than a legend * Vankarin nods to FlameStrike and Lara... <FlameStrike> It sounds... interesting... <Indigo> Interesting. I wonder what could have unsealed this Zeon. This will require much study. <Baine> we got a sexy woman as the legendary hero...what exactly does this mean? * FlameStrike cracks his knuckles, wrists and neck, a la Piccolo * Vankarin 's face goes stark white.. <Lara-Mano> Since we've got this crystal, it's almost clear that the other one's been stolen as well. <FlameStrike> We must find the other crystla <Baine> So, lets get them back. <Vankarin> The crystal of Zeon... Yes... We must find it... <Indigo> If she is the hero, then....who are we? <FlameStrike> Crystal, even <Lara-Mano> right... <Baine> Heh...we're worthless...or at least, I know I am. <FlameStrike> It appears my ancient ancestor wished an interesting life for me! Hee hee! <Vankarin> Indigo: You are the Shining Force... Destined to bring peace to the land once more... <Lara-Mano> I trust you folks...I want you to accompany me on this mission. * Baine bursts out laughing <Indigo> Peace is a good thing. <FlameStrike> Like my ancestor Bleu did, a long time ago, i'm gonna join the new Shining Force!!! <Indigo> Though we cannot trust Dao anymore. He disobeyed me and killed that goblin! * Vankarin hears a groan behind him... <Lara-Mano> Welcome aboard, FlameStrike....Indigo, Baine, Erin? <FlameStrike> Indigo: Would you rather have been ATE by that goblin???? <Vankarin> Oh... We forgot the instigator of this fight... <Erin> I guess I have to tag along... Legendary force or not, someone has to be the voice of reason here... * Baine eyes Lara.. * Lara-Mano hears the groan and turns around. * Baine steps on the creature :P * FlameStrike picks the chipmunk up <Vankarin> Baine! Get off of him! <Baine> Okay okay...I just needed to do that...revenge, ya know. * Baine steps off :P <Indigo> Very well. I will do what I can with the power of the elements, though I must warn you...there are times when I blank out and I do not remember what I do then. * FlameStrike wakes the creature <FlameStrike> Hey! <FlameStrike> Wake up! <Vankarin> Creature: I... I'm sorry I got you folks into trouble... <Lara-Mano> hehehe..I can see we're gonna have one heck of an adventure here. <FlameStrike> First, what's your name? * Baine glares at the Creature.. "You ran me over, you little fuzzball." <FlameStrike> Baine, don't be hard on him. He was scared like hell <Vankarin> Creature: I... I know! to redeem myself, I'll join you in your fight! <FlameStrike> Just one blow should be enough to terminate his existance... * Baine groans <Indigo> Not more death! <Vankarin> *The creature cowers in fear... Don't hurt me! <FlameStrike> So he had good reasons to be scared <Indigo> Has there not been enough already?! <Vankarin> Creature: The demon was after me! I thought you were him... <FlameStrike> I'm not gonna hurt me, you misunderstood <Baine> Hey Erin, can you tell me the tactical advantages of having a weak little fuzzball in the party? * Lara-Mano thinks...just what we need. a chipmunk o the team. <FlameStrike> hurt me ---> hurt you <Erin> There are none, Baine. <Baine> Great. <Baine> I wonder if he's edible.. <FlameStrike> Hey, i asked your name... <Vankarin> Creature: I can supply you with artifacts! <Lara-Mano> morale maybe? <FlameStrike> I believe he's poisonous <Indigo> He could be our scout and warn us of danger. <FlameStrike> Now THAT's a good thing * Baine mutters.. <Vankarin> Creature: My name? I'm Yogurt! Pleased ta meetcha big dragon person! * Baine leans back on the wall.. <FlameStrike> I could have bet on it... <Erin> He could be a guinea pig for magic items like rings and stuff. <FlameStrike> By the way, how old are you? <Baine> See? Maybe he IS edible! His name is Yogurt! <Indigo> After all, he's small, and can go places that we cannot. <Vankarin> Yogurt: My age? I dunno... I lost count... :P <Lara-Mano> we may be able to use him. * Baine smirks at Lara As target practice? <FlameStrike> Did you know my ancestor Bleu? <Vankarin> Yogurt: Bleu?? HE'S YER ANCESTOR?! <Lara-Mano> As a scout, Baine. to scout ahead and warn us if any danger lurks ahead. <FlameStrike> Yeah. Do you think they would have hired me if it were otherwise? <Baine> Hell, I could do that...I used to... <FlameStrike> Hey Yogurt, i'm talking to you! Did you know Bleu? <Vankarin> Yogurt: Good point... :P <Indigo> But Yogurt is smaller, quicker, and more agile. <Erin> And incompetant. <Vankarin> Yogurt: YES! Of course I knew Bleu! I was with him in the first Shining Force! <FlameStrike> I knew it <Indigo> Incompetent? <Erin> He is more of a risk. <Lara-Mano> Do what? You're THAT old? <Indigo> Well, then he is the most experienced of all of us. <Vankarin> *Yogurt nods... * Baine goes to Indigo and leans in close. What....I'm....Not?....I'm...A...NINJA! pokes Indigo on the nose with each word she says. * Baine goes back to the wall <Vankarin> Yogurt: You want to know how valuable I am to you people? <Indigo> Ninja? <Indigo> It would help your case. <FlameStrike> You come with me, Yogurt <Vankarin> Yogurt: That ring that I offered you in town... Put it on... * FlameStrike puts it on <Vankarin> Yogurt: Don't you feel stronger? <Vankarin> == FlameStrike gains 4 attack because of the ring... <FlameStrike> Wow! * Baine takes her mask off, glad to be able to get some air.. <FlameStrike> That's pretty good! <Vankarin> Yogurt: I told ya I was useful...... * Vankarin gags Yogurt... Enough! We have to go! <Lara-Mano> cool.... * Baine snickers <Indigo> But where shall we go? <Vankarin> Yogurt comes with us! * FlameStrike puts Yogurt on his shoulder <Vankarin> == Yogurt has joined the Shining Force! <Lara-Mano> back to Granseal. We have to report this to the king. <Indigo> Will you join us, Sir Vankarin? * Vankarin rolls his eyes... <FlameStrike> Uhmm... <Vankarin> Let's go! <Lara-Mano> OK...I'm with you. * Baine nods <Indigo> Um...okay.... * FlameStrike talks of Bleu with Yogurt on the way back to Granseal <Vankarin> *The Shining Force returns to Granseal with haste in their steps to report back to the king! <FlameStrike> He told me everything i know about the Shining Forces <Vankarin> *The Shining Force arrives in Granseal. The town seems emptier than usual... <Lara-Mano> This is most odd...where is everyone. <Baine> Hmm... <Indigo> I do not understand. We...killed...those beings. The town should be restored. * Baine keeps a hand on the hilt of AmeShi.. <Vankarin> More importanty, where are the guards? <Lara-Mano> This place was more populated last time we were here. <FlameStrike> This happened two times for the previous Shining Forces... * Lara-Mano holds her right hand to the inside of her left fist and exclaims, "Sword of my soul, APPEAR!" She pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in Lara's leftt hand. * Vankarin unsheaths his sword! We must get to the castle! Quickly! <FlameStrike> I'll be back soon! <Indigo> Oh. Is this bad? * FlameStrike flies into the air, going to the castle * Lara-Mano rushes to the castle. * Erin spreads her wings and launches herself into the air, so gracefully, that one would not suspect the deadly advantage she holds in the skies... * * Baine runs into the castle <Vankarin> *The Shining force races towards the castle... * Indigo runs after the others. <Vankarin> *As the Shining force arrives at the gates, two knights pull their spears and stop them! <Vankarin> Knight: Halt! Who goes there?? <Indigo> Sirs? We were sent by the King on an important mission and we have returned. <FlameStrike> Let us pass. We are those hired by the king <FlameStrike> There's Sir Vankarin too <Vankarin> Knight: Oh! You have returned! Make haste... The king awaits your return! <Vankarin> *The knights open the gates to let the members through... * FlameStrike runs in * Indigo curtises to the guards. * Lara-Mano rushes into the castle. * Vankarin walks rapidly towards the throne room, keeping pace with the others. * Indigo follows the others. * Baine follows <Vankarin> *The guards at the throne room's door open the big double doors, seeing the Shining Force arrive. * Erin drops to the ground, running. * Damn halls... not condusive to flying... <Vankarin> *The Shining Force enters the throne room... The king sits on the throne and smiles as they come in... * Indigo curtises to the King. <Lara-Mano> we've got bad news, Majesty. the seal binding Zeon's been broken. * Baine eyes the King <Vankarin> King: As I have feared... <Vankarin> My Liege... <FlameStrike> A new Shining Force has been borne * Lara-Mano shows the king the crystal on her sword <Vankarin> The Shining Force and I have decided to find the crystal of Zeon to reseal the demon... <Vankarin> *The king nods... So you are the elected leader then, Lara... <Lara-Mano> it's an honor..though I don't know how capable I am of leading this team...we're all good at what we do. * Baine grins <Vankarin> King: Good... While you were gone, the castle was attacked... I feared something had happened to your party... * Indigo gasps. <Indigo> Who would dare attack the castle?! <Lara-Mano> no wonder this town looks as desolate as it does. <Vankarin> King: A band of orks attacked... <Vankarin> King: They were dispatched quickly... Very odd... <Indigo> I see. <Indigo> Dispatched? <FlameStrike> Killed <Indigo> Oh. <FlameStrike> They kicked the bucket <Lara-Mano> quite Orc is a very powerful demon. I wonder who can make short work of those things. <Vankarin> *Suddenly, a flash of light is seen and Vankarin is struck down by a bolt of lightning, paralyzing him! <FlameStrike> WHAT'S GOING ON??? <Indigo> Oh dear. <Lara-Mano> Oh great...what now? * Indigo rushes to Vankarin. <Vankarin> *A shadowy figure appears behind the king and cackles... <Baine> Ah shit. * Baine growls at the figure.. * FlameStrike roars in anger * Vankarin utters the name, "Darksol" and passes out... <Lara-Mano> not again....what's it with evil people and shadowy figures anyway? <Vankarin> ===== END SESSION =====