Shining Force RPG session 10
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force stands in front of Jeyer, who has requested that Baine kill him... * Indigo looks on with crazed eyes, giggling softly to herself. <Jeyer> Baine... I ask you again... Kill me.. * Kodah looks on stuporously * Baine goes pale.. <Baine> Wh-what..? <Jeyer> ... I guess I should explain.. * Baine nods, shaking a little <Jeyer> The Nazca ship is powered by the ancient Nazcas... The technology used to power the old inventions no longer exists.. <Kodah> Wait a minute.... <Jeyer> The only way to power them is with holy blood.. <Lara> holy blood? <Kodah> Can't we just prick his finger or something? ^^;; * Jeyer nods... Holy blood... Mine, or.. Chamolo's.. * Baine pales more.. <Baine> Ch-... * Baine blinks.. <Kodah> Chamolo? <Erin> Then I think the decision has already been made. <Baine> B-but.. <Lara> O_O * Chamolo blinks, not knowing what to say... <Baine> Jeyer.. <Baine> there has to be another way.. * chamolo suddenly falters.. <Baine> any other way.. <Kodah> But...then what....if he's....then why......uh...? * Indigo just keeps giggling to herself. <Jeyer> There is no other way! * Baine stares at the dagger in her hands.. <Jeyer> This... THIS... Is my destiny... To become a power source.. * Vankarin looks at Indigo. "This isn't a time to be snickering and giggling." * Lara lowers her head... * Jeyer extends his hand... Give me the dagger... * Baine's mind screams images of a young boy... <Kodah> o_o;; * Indigo just looks at Vankarin with eyes completely crazed and keeps giggling. * Baine fumbles a bit with the dagger and drops it in Jeyer's hands. * Vankarin mutters, "Immature brat. Can't even tell when to be serious or not." * Jeyer takes the dagger firmly in hand and cuts his thumb deep... * Baine blinks.. <Kodah> Er..... * Baine hears the screams of dying children in her mind.. * Yogurt rubs his nose and looks in his pouch of rings... he don't know why, it's reflex... * Jeyer doesn't even flinch... He then extends his thumb to a small panel, the size of a hand... <Erin> Dammit, Baine. You know what's at stake, and he's willing to make the sacrifice. Do it. * Jeyer's blood touches the panel, thus lighting part of the Nazca ship... * Indigo jumps up and down softly, giggling and soundlessly clapping. <Kodah> Is that enough blood? I hope that's enough.... * Baine stares at Erin, eyes dilated... <Baine> I.. <Narrator> Grand lights and gadgets are illuminated... <Narrator> Many unknown tools are seen... <Indigo> Pretty lights.... <Narrator> Papers lying around left and right, documents and plans... <Indigo> ....wonderful toys.... * Vankarin looks at all the papers. <Baine> Jeyer..? <Jeyer> This is the only way... Either Chamolo or I must sacrifice ourselves... * Indigo looks like she is trying to repress something. <Erin> And there's no way it's gonna be Chamolo. <Baine> ... * Kodah turns away, unable to watch anymore <Jeyer> Of course not.. Thus, I must follow my destiny.. <Baine> ....give me the dagger.. * Baine's eyes are startingly cold... <Indigo> Destiny! * Jeyer hands the dagger to Baine... * Baine looks at the blade.. * Indigo goes back to trying to restrain herself. * Jeyer then attaches his arms to a device... * Baine looks at Chamolo.... * Chamolo stares back at Baine, completely blank... <Yogurt> exactly how much blood would we need?? This is horrible... * Baine takes a step towards Chamolo and raises the dagger a bit.. <Jeyer> It must be one or the other... Cannot be both... And it will take as much blood as we can... <Indigo> Blood....elemental....elemental of air.... * Erin knocks an arrow... * * Chamolo takes a step back.. * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. * Baine squints her eyes shut.. <Kodah> Wha? * Indigo prepares to summon Dao and Neptune. <Baine> Grrrr... * Kodah turns around at all the commotion <Jeyer> Stop, Baine... <Indigo> Weeee..... <Kodah> Hey.... <Jeyer> Chamolo shall continue on with the Shining Force... <Jeyer> I am the one who must die here.. Not him... * Baine grasps a hand on the blade of the dagger and some blood dribbles out.. * Yogurt fingers a ring absently.... no, he doesn't know what it is/does <Kodah> B...Baine? <Lara> Kara? * Baine walks to Jeyer.. <Baine> Come here. * Jeyer flinches and stares at Baine pleadingly.. * Baine voice is emotionless and dead.. * Jeyer steps towards Baine... <Baine> ....I slaughtered thousands, Jeyer... <Kodah> ......? <Baine> I thought that maybe I could change.. <Baine> That maybe it'd be different.. <Baine> But never.. <Baine> never will it be different... * Baine runs the dagger blade gently over Jeyer's cheek, not cutting him.. <Jeyer> Yes... It shall... You've changed for the better, Baine... And my heart soars to see that you have.. <Baine> Never.. <Kodah> o_o;; * Jeyer simply stares at her.. <Vankarin> Baine, do what you believe is honorable. * Baine stares into Jeyer's eyes and brings some of her blood to his lip.... <Baine> As you are mine and I am yours. * Baine draws the dagger back and expertly twirls it.. * Jeyer holds himself, trying not to cry.. * Jeyer turns his wrists face up... Do it, Baine.. For the sake of the Shining Force.. <Baine> were the only one....the only one who...could understand...I...I'm sorry.....I'm so sorry.... * Baine slices the dagger across Jeyer's wrists * Jeyer flinches slightly.. * Kodah turns away again, his mouth filling with the taste of bile * Erin looks away... * * Baine looks at the blood on the blade... * Jeyer then moves towards a large machine and sticks his arms in the holes... <Baine> ....never changes.. * Indigo just looks on, smiling and giggling to herself. * Yogurt looks down... not like that's far anyway... <Baine> ever.. * Baine turns shockingly white and faints. <Narrator> A large, shimmering portal opens up not far from Jeyer... <Jeyer> Everyone... Go... * Vankarin kneels down by Baine. "Someone help me with her." <Jeyer> Enter the portal... It is the only way across.. * Lara goes through the portal <Jeyer> HURRY.. <Lara> Erin, help with Kara. * Indigo dances and twirls through the portal, giggling and laughing insanely. <Erin> Sure thing. <Vankarin> You get her arms, I'll her her legs. * Kodah tries to collect himself, and walks numbly to the portal * Lara grabs Kara by the arms. * Erin hoists the Ninja up. * I hope this wasn't in vain... * Yogurt hurries across, giving Jeyer one last look.... "Thanks... for everything..." * Jeyer feels himself slowly draining, life leaving his bones... * Vankarin goes to Baine's legs and picks them up. "Lets go." * Jeyer nods to Yogurt.. Hur..ry.. * Baine murmurs softly.. * Vankarin begins carrying Baine's body to the portal with Erin. * Kodah goes through the portal, unable to look at Jeyer * Jeyer falls to his knees.. <Jeyer> Baine.. I.. I'm.. Sorry.. * Indigo just looks back at Jeyer, seeming sane for a moment. <Indigo> It was your destiny. * Jeyer lets a single tear flow.. <Jeyer> I.. Love you.. * Vankarin gets to the portal and walks in backwards while carrying Baine's legs. * Indigo is consumned by her madness again, laughing and waving to Jeyer from the other side of the portal. * Jeyer faints and everything in the Nazca ship goes black, the portal closing behind the last member of the Shining Force... <Lara> may your soul rest in peace, Jeyer. <Yogurt> Goodbye, Jeyer.... <Indigo> Bye bye funny man! <Narrator> The Shining Force appears in a large field, a large stone altar where they came out... * Baine moans softly.. * Kodah sags to the ground and looks slightly ill <Baine> .....p-please.... <Baine> tell me that was...a dream.. * Vankarin sets Baine down. * Yogurt walks over to Baine * Indigo runs around the field, laughing like a school girl. <Lara> I wish I could....but unfortunately...I can't lie to a friend... * Baine's eyes are glassy.. <Yogurt> I'm afraid not... that was all too real... <Baine> .... <Baine> I murdered him.... * Yogurt wishes he had a ring that would sedate Indigo... wait, he's got that sleep ring... <Vankarin> You did what was honorable, Baine. He offered his life to help you, the Shining Force. We all have our time to go and now was his... <Lara> it was his destiny, Kara. for us to go on, he had to die. <Erin> No... he chose to be euthanized... * Baine growls and scratches down her face, leaving red and angry marks.. <Yogurt> You didn't murder him... * Kodah stares down at the grass by his feet <Yogurt> it wasn't murder... * Baine walks towards the stone altar... * Indigo goes over and stands on the altar, taking her knife out and scratching it against the stone. * Baine notices numbly the dagger still in her hand and stares at the blood... <Narrator> Darkness slowly settles on the land... * Indigo starts trying to inscribe something in the stone. <Lara> hmmm? This is not good. <Indigo> Pretty blue light....nice green shadows.... * Baine smiles ferally and drags the blade of the dagger over her palm. "Where do we go now." <Narrator> Night is soon to fall upon the Shining Force... They decide to look for shelter... <Kodah> what do we do now? <Lara> hmm...where are we? <Vankarin> Look for shelter. It's almost night time. <Indigo> I know...I know....but the world has forgotten you.... * Lara looks around for a place that might provide shelter. * Indigo is talking to the air. * Kodah pulls his cloak tighter around himself, trying to warm the chill he's feeling inside * Baine is quiet, continuously dragging the blade over her palm * Chamolo stays to himself... Silent... Not saying a word... <Lara> Moun isn't far from here. * Indigo summons Dao to play with her. <Lara> all we have to do is head southeast from here. <Lara> and someone knock that nutball out? * Lara points to Indigo. <Yogurt> Kay, I can do that <Lara> let's get going. * Yogurt pulls out the trusty sleep ring, feeling useful for a change * Lara starts walking southeast. * Yogurt uses it on Indigo * Baine lags behind the group, following but barely. * Indigo notices and runs up on Yogurt fast, making scary noises and kicking out at him. * Kodah trudges along after Lara * Vankarin follows Lara as well. <Lara> Now...after we get to Moun..we'll have a choice. Do we go to tristan to the east or Pacalon to the southeast. * Indigo yawns, and falls, grabbing Yogurt and squeezing him tightly lke a teddy bear, hard enough to break bones. <Indigo> Teddy.... <Yogurt> ...ow... <Kodah> I've never been to this continent before.... * Yogurt passes out from the pain <Narrator> The Shining Force heads towards Moun, in search of shelter... <Lara> I've been all over the world as a demon hunter. * Indigo has Yogurt in a deathgrip by the neck and chest. <Baine> Pacalon is a bad place. Let us haste to Tristan instead. <Kodah> Fine, whatever..... <Lara> then I suggest we avoid that town like the plague for the time being. <Baine> Yes...the blood in the Pacalonians was quite sweet.. <Lara> But...come to think of it..that would greatly slow us down. <Lara> we have to get to Bedoe.. <Indigo> Sweet teddy.....nice teddy.... <Yogurt> x_x <Kodah> Uh, so how do we get there? * Indigo holds Yogurt to her, accidentally breaking some bones in her grip. * Chamolo blinks at Indigo... Uh... Miss Indigo..? * Indigo is asleep, rocking slightly, but keeping her deathgrip on Yogurt's neck and chest. * Chamolo casts Muddle on Indigo, making her dizzy and disoriented * Lara looks at a map she collected over her travels...I think I have an idea. The river south of Tristan can carry us past Pacalon,if we hit the current right. <Lara> then head due southwest and we hit Bedoe. * FlameStrike pryes Yogurt out of Indigo's grasp... <Kodah> Um, so I guess we need a boat then <Lara> or a raft. * Yogurt flops * Baine smiles coldly.. * Indigo screams and wakes up. <Kodah> So...where do we get one? <Indigo> MY TEDDDY! <Indigo> Give me my teddy! <Lara> Kara, I think I know a way we can avoid Pacalon. * Yogurt is unconscious from broken bones and various internal injuries... * Chamolo heals up Yogurt... * Indigo rushes FS and climbs up him, scratching deep into his eyes with her claw/nails and demanding her teddy back. <Baine> Lovely. * Baine's voice has a slight chill on it :P * FlameStrike roars and bodyslams Indigo! * Indigo screams, summoning Neptune to tidal wave FS. * Yogurt is still flopped, not having woken up yet * FlameStrike is hit by the full force of the tidal wave! 10 damage! <Kodah> O_o Urk! <Lara> that darn goofball.. * Baine hisses and brings the hilt of AmeShi with a loud crack into one of Indigo's temples.. * Indigo remembers something, climbing up and falling full-force onto the soft spot between wing and body, shattering the wing before going out. <Kodah> Guh..... * FlameStrike, yet again has a broken wing... :P * Lara baps Indigo with the hilt of her soulsword. * Yogurt finally wakes up and oogles at the mess.... "Oh my..." * chamolo goes to FS to heal his wounds, sighing... * Indigo falls over. * Baine sheathes AmeShi and hisses again. "Lets go." * Kodah clamps his mouth shut and balls his fist * Yogurt phew's... * FlameStrike's wing stays sore, but feels better... <Erin> Always this internal conflict... at this rate, we'll never unite... <Lara> I think at this rate, if she ever meetst he prince, she'll be thrown into the Guardiana mental institute. <Baine> We can only hope. <Yogurt> Would that be a bad thing? <Lara> do you want my honest opinion? * Kodah continues to walk, looking at the ground and muttering to himself * Yogurt snickers "Don't need it... we know already..." <Narrator> Moun is now in sight... <Lara> Ahh...the city of Moun. I was here before. * Indigo comes to. <Lara> Nice people... <Lara> oh great. <Indigo> Toy houses.... * Yogurt backs slowly away from Indigo <Narrator> The gates of Moun are wide opened, guards standing in front of them... <Yogurt> I am NOT a teddy... <Kodah> Can we go inside without making a fuss? * Lara walks up to the gates. <Indigo> Hmmmm.....I wonder if Dao can make one for me....oh there you are teddy. * Yogurt whines * Indigo goes over and slings Yogurt over her shoulder. * Yogurt chibi-runs from Indigo * Baine is chewing on the dagger.. <Yogurt> waaah, this is ridiculous... <Narrator> The guards wave the Shining Force inside... * Lara nods to the guards. * Indigo is dragging Yogurt by the tail. * Kodah stays close to Erin, as she seems to be the only normal person in the bunch * Yogurt beats pathetically on Indigo <Indigo> You have to play with the other teddies. <Yogurt> I don't want to! now let me GO! <Vankarin> Shall we find the Inn? <Indigo> I'll put you in the teddy bin. <Yogurt> Nooooo! * Vankarin looks for the Inn... :P * Lara looks around for the inn. * Indigo keeps dragging Yogurt by the tail, slicing into her leg once with her nails before continuing. * Yogurt passes out again <Vankarin> Oh... There it is! *points to the Inn... :P * Indigo sees a trash can. <Lara> at last... * Baine is silent, eyes cool.. <Indigo> The teddy bin! <Lara> oh no... <Yogurt> x_x * Indigo runs and puts Yogurt in the trash can. * Vankarin groans... <Indigo> There! * Yogurt flops again. * Lara summons her soulsword again and baps Indigo over the head with the hilt. <Kodah> ..... * Indigo looks quite proud before going out. * Kodah fishes Yogurt out of the garbage * Kodah brushes Yogurt off and sets him down * Vankarin ignores the Shining Force and goes to rent a room for the night... :P * Yogurt is still unconscious * Lara throws Indigo over her shoulder and follows Vankarin. * Kodah shrugs and carries Yogurt off to the inn * Baine follows the group.. <Lara> darn goofball sorceress. * Vankarin pays for the room as the shining force enters the Inn... <Lara> by the time this mission's over, she'll have all of us as insane as she is. :P * Vankarin chuckles... Tell me about it... <Kodah> Good lord I hope now o_o * Yogurt wakes up finally, again <Yogurt> Could you please set me down? <Kodah> Huh? Oh sure * Kodah sets Yogurt down again <Yogurt> Thank you *brushes himself off* <Kodah> Sure.... * Vankarin moves up to the room to lie down... * Lara follows * Baine strokes the hilt of AmeShi lovingly and seems not to want to go upstairs quite yet. * Yogurt is still injured, and hops off to his room to heal and sleep more * Lara starts writing all her experiences with the shining force down in her small journal. "This may be worth something in the future..." * Erin seems to be embroiled in a thick book on strategy... * * Kodah heads outside and looks at the stars for a while * Indigo wakes up and plays with a candle flame in a corner. * Vankarin snores loudly... * Kodah gives up his search for one star in particular and goes back inside to sleep * Lara is still wide awake...writing. * Yogurt is having nightmares of Indigo screaming "Teddy!" * Baine settles into the bed and stares wide eyed at the ceiling for a while before passing out from exhaustion. <Narrator> ===== Cut Scene! ===== <Narrator> Everyone now sleeps soundly in the room... But Baine cannot... * Baine looks around dully.. <Lara> Zzzz....*rambles incoherently.* * Baine grins fiendishly... <Indigo> Where's my teddy....? * Yogurt thrashes... "No... no teddy... no..." * Baine stands slowly and walks over to where Kodah lies.. * Kodah snores quietly * Lara rambles incoherenly in her sleep. * Baine smiles cruelly and hauls out the dagger she killed Jeyer with.. * Baine slowly slits Kodah's throat.... * Baine brings the bloody blade up to her lips and licks the salty fluid off.. <Baine> Mmm....delicious.. * Baine walks over by Lara and sits beside her.. <Lara> Zzzz....*rambles incoherently.* * Baine grins deviantly and thrusts the blade down into Lara's throat.. * Baine jaggedly hauls it out.. * Baine cackles.. * Baine tosses the blade and it skewers Yogurt through the stomach.. <Baine> I smell BBQ'd horsey.. * Baine chants lowly and fire gathers around her.. * Baine casts Katon lvl 2 on Erin and the flesh on Erin burns and pops.. * Baine grins as the skin burns away.. * Baine draws AmeShi.. * Baine leaps onto Indigo's bed.. * Baine thrusts the blade into Indigo's chest and twists it.. * Baine hauls the blade out slowly.. * Baine grins and settles beside FS.. <Baine> Oh but you are a lovely lovely little dragon.. * Baine throws AmeShi away.. * Baine grabs FS roughly and snaps his jaws wide open, far enough so that his jaws break.. * Baine hauls a small knife out of her garb and slices his throat open.. * Baine reaches into the wound and hauls out some of the bloody tissue.. * Baine nibbles on it a bit * Baine tosses it away.. * Baine straddles Cham and drags her nails roughly over his face.. * Baine kisses him roughly and crushes his throat with her hands.. * Baine stands and picks AmeShi up again.. * Vankarin wakes up and stares at Baine... YOUR DESTINY, MY DEAR... * Baine points the blade at herself.. <Baine> Yess.. <Vankarin> Your... DESTINY..... <Vankarin> Do it... DO IT... * Baine growls lowly and shoves the blade into herself.. * Vankarin laughs evilly and loudly! <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== * Baine screams loudly <Baine> NOOOOOOO!!!! <Lara> O_O * Baine rolls out of the bed, panting and drenched in cold sweat... * Baine pounds at the floor and claws... <Baine> NO * Lara wakes up..."Kara? Are you alright?" * Indigo looks over at Baine crazily. <Baine> AAAAAAAAAARGH * Yogurt sleeps soundly through the whooole thing... <Narrator> Kodah's bed is empty, and blood covers where his neck should be... * Baine starts scratching at her eyes and face.. <Baine> DIE <Lara> oh Kara's flipped. <Baine> KILLED THEM ALLLLLLL * Erin's ears perk at the commotion, and she bolts upright in an instant. * <Erin> What the hell is going on?! * Baine keeps screaming and scratches at the floor some more.. * Lara jumps up and summons her soulsword. <Indigo> Killed them all....killed them all.... <Baine> ITS ALL MY FAULT... <Erin> Killed who? <Lara> oh great... <Baine> I KILLLLLLED YOU ALLLLLLLL... * Indigo moves in a dance, echoing Baine's words. <Lara> killed who? <Erin> I'm still standing, so you couldn't have killed me. Or Lara. * Baine stops pounding and quiets down, still panting and covered in cold sweat.. <Baine> Nnh.. * Lara looks worried about Baine... <Baine> I.. <Lara> hmm....where's Kodah? <Baine> Kodah is dead...? <Baine> I killed Kodah.. * Vankarin looks over to Kodah's bed... <Baine> I slit his throat.... <Baine> and tasted his blood.. * Lara looks at Kodah's bed...and sees the blood..O_O <Baine> It was very salty.. <Erin> But you also seemed to think you killed us as well. <Baine> But I did.. <Baine> I...I could feel you.. * Indigo just keeps moving in her dance, then sits on a bed. <Baine> Your warm, warm blood.. <Erin> You must have had one helluva dream... but this doesn't explain Kodah... <Baine> I killed Kodah just like I killed Jeyer.. * Baine looks ready to freak out again * Vankarin blinks and walks out of the Inn... * Indigo giggles to herself. * Baine hisses softly. <Baine> He was there.. <Baine> Vankarin.. <Erin> Then where's his body go? <Lara> Indigo, this is a serious matter...quit your giggling. <Baine> He....he commanded me to fufill my destiny.. * Indigo looks at Lara insanely. * Vankarin walks back in with Kodah at his side... <Baine> He...he commanded me to kill myself.. <Lara> this must have been one hell of a dream. <Narrator> Vankarin: Baine... Look... Kodah's not dead... * Kodah looks very embarassed, holding his nose tightly with his head bowed. A slight trickle of blood flows from it <Baine> But but.. <Lara> a nosebleed... * Baine moans softly.. <Kodah> So I get nosebleeds sometimes....sue me <Lara> Kara, it was a dream...a nightmare to tell the truth... * Baine has stopped panting and is shivering now.. * Vankarin nods... <Kodah> What was all the screaming about anyways? <Baine> It was too real.. <Baine> too real... * Lara walks over to Baine, placing a hand on the ninja's shoulder. "We're here and very much alive..." * Indigo nods, repressing a giggle. * Kodah looks at Baine, very embarassed and confused * Baine clasps the hand and looks torn, as if wanting to hold it tightly or wanting to cut it open.. <Baine> I'm so sorry... * Baine lets go and falls back onto her bed.. <Lara> no need to apologize. there's nothing to apologize for, Kara. <Baine> I killed you.. <Baine> I killed you all.. * Baine murmurs.. <Kodah> Wha? <Lara> it was a dream...see? * Lara points to the members of the Shining Force. * Indigo giggles to prove that she's alive. <Baine> Erin...I burned away your flesh.. <Kodah> Did I miss something? * Erin appears a little taken aback... * <Baine> Kodah...I slit your throat.. <Baine> Chamolo...I..I.. <Erin> No... I'm still here, and fine. <Kodah> You did? * Chamolo looks at Baine... Miss Baine... It was only a dream... Calm down... * Baine curls into a ball.. * Kodah puts a hand to his neck * Baine feels as if no one understands her.. * Indigo goes to the corner, playing with her candle again. <Lara> maybe we should leave her alone for a while.. <Kodah> .... * Baine just stays in a ball, murmuring about killing her comrades.. <Narrator> thunder is heard in the distance... <Lara> wha...? <Indigo> Weeee.......big cloud! * Lara looks out the window. <Erin> Hmm... storm... * Kodah looks at Baine again, then moves back over to his bed <Narrator> The thunder's getting louder... <Lara> what's going on out there..just a storm? or something much larger. <Narrator> The clouds in the sky bunch up... <Indigo> Play in the sky... <Lara> this is not natural... <Kodah> Oh yeah....that's normal.....not * Baine doesn't notice.. <Lara> something's amiss...I'm going outside. * Lara walks out of the room and outside. <Kodah> Uh..... * Yogurt is still sleeping soundly <Erin> I propose we stay here another night... I don't wanna have to travel through a storm. Natural or otherwise... <Narrator> A large black form hovers down from the cloud formation, holding a highly unusual device... <Lara> hmmm? * Lara looksup. * Darksol Cackles... So where is she?? <Lara> oh great...DARKSOL... * Indigo looks at DarkSol and giggles insanely. * Lara leaps back up and in through the room window. <Darksol> Aaaah... There she is! <Indigo> Silly man! * Darksol grins... Come here, my dear... * Kodah looks out the window and gets clobbered by Lara in mid-flight <Indigo> Okay! We'll play together! * Baine sits up and blinks. <Kodah> Oof! * Indigo twirls over to DarkSol. * Darksol extends the object and points it towards Indigo... <Baine> Easy there, Lara and Kodah. <Lara> Indigo? <Erin> Aw hell... <Baine> Indigo, come get your teddy! <Lara> oh shit. <Indigo> You hide, I'll count, then I'll come after you. * Baine holds up Yogurt. <Indigo> Oh, teddy.... <Baine> C'mere! * Indigo wanders over to Yogurt. <Kodah> What's happening? * Baine attempts to lead Indigo away * Darksol flips a switch on the device, sending an intense beam of light upon Indigo! <Baine> C'mon.. <Lara> I think Darksol is after Indigo. * Yogurt is in bed... <Kodah> Huh? * Indigo screams. <Lara> O_o <Baine> Ah, shit. <Lara> holy shit... <Erin> Why? I mean it's... Indigo... <Kodah> Crud o.o * Baine seems as if she's come out of her little depression pit. <Indigo> It hurts....make it stop, make it STOP! <Narrator> Indigo's form wavers... * Kodah looks at Lara, "Is this a bad thing?" <Lara> Yes, it is. <Kodah> Crud.... * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. <Narrator> Three distinct patterns form from Indigo's body... One pure and white, the other black as midnight... And the third, a clear blue light... * Yogurt wakes up finally, in Baine's arms * Baine gets a feral look and drops Yogurt.. <Yogurt> ...uhhh... wha? <Lara> What in the fuck is he doing? * Baine draws AmeShi slowly. * Indigo keeps screaming, in triplicate. <Kodah> Wha? <Baine> I don't know. But lets stop it. * Yogurt blinks groggily <Kodah> How? <Lara> I agree.. * Darksol cackles and laughs evilly! <Lara> STRIKE THAT OBJECT IN DARKSOL'S HAND. * Kodah looks up, "All the way up there?" * Erin is rendered speachless. * * Baine yells. "Darskol! Your ass is mine, bastard!" * Erin knocks an arrow. * <Lara> Erin..use your bow. * Erin aims for the device and lets loose with deadly accuracy! * <Narrator> A powerful force field repels the arrow and sends it zooming back towards Erin! * Erin dodges! * <Darksol> You can't stop me! This MUST be done! <Kodah> O_o * Baine hisses. <Baine> Darksol, you coward! <Indigo> Go away...go away.... <Lara> son of a bitch. <Kodah> what? <Lara> what can we do? <Yogurt> ... I'm confuuused... * Darksol looks at Baine... Thank you.... * Baine draws a shruiken * Baine tosses it at Darksol <Narrator> The patterns who were once Indigo start to take shape... <Baine> You're afraid we'll beat you in a fair fight! thats why you HIDE up there! * Darksol snickers... Afraid? No... SMART... <Baine> Oh yes! So smart, too! You were smart enough to let Jeyer get away from you, eh?! <Lara> You definition of smart qualifies as cowardice in my book, DarkSol. <Narrator> The black light forms into Indigo... But in a dark robe... <Narrator> The white light turns into Indigo too, but in her usual robe... <Kodah> ?? <Narrator> The blue light forms into what seems to be a copy of the old drawings of the Goddess Mitula... * Yogurt points at the two Indigo's "You think either of them will be sane now?" <Lara> no idea. :P * Kodah looks absolutely befuddled <Yogurt> ah, with our luck, probably not... <Narrator> All three forms are unconscious... <Lara> and far be it from me to guess. * Darksol grins... It worked perfectly... <Erin> I came into the job knowing we'd be facing some weird stuff, but this... this IS weird. * Darksol drops the device and teleports the black Indigo to his arms! <Darksol> I shall see you again, Shining Force... And next time, I shall be stronger... *laughs maniacally* <Yogurt> What're you doing? * Darksol dissapears in a cloud of smoke... <Narrator> The form that looks like Mitula starts to stir... <Mitula> Whe..Where am I? <Kodah> Could somebody please explain what just happened? o_o;; * Baine walks over and kneels by Mitula.. <Yogurt> Ummm... <Baine> You're in safe company. <Erin> No. I think this defies explaination... <Yogurt> Safe? ^^; <Lara> at least we hope so...that Darksol is starting to get on my nerves. <Kodah> Just my luck * Mitula suddenly opens her eyes wide... What..? WHAT HAPPENED?! <Kodah> Eep! * Baine raises an eyebrow <Erin> Indigo? You okay? <Lara> O_o <Mitula> No! Don't wake her! * Lara walks over to Indigo and kneels beside her.. * Baine peers at Mitula.. * Yogurt is baffled into silence * Kodah flops onto the ground and waits for events to sort themselves out without him <Baine> Who are you and why did you appear? :P <Lara> what in the hell is going on here? <Mitula> I am the force who was trying to keep control on Indigo's personnalities... I guess I came into the form of Mitula... <Yogurt> You didn't do a very good job... <Baine>, why did you appear? ^_^; <Mitula> Now that they are split, my job has just become quite difficult... <Lara> Holy buffalo about a plot twist. <Baine> Mmm....buffalo wings.. *homer voice* <Mitula> The device used to split her personnalities must have made me take shape into Mitula... * Baine snaps outta it <Kodah> .... <Mitula> Even tho I am not truly her.. * Mitula looks over to the device... Good... He left it... <Baine> So, what do we do then...."Mitula"..? <Mitula> I must merge with Indigo again... She can't stay like this... She'll be quite unstable... * Mitula points to the device... Take it and aim it at Indigo and I... * Baine takes it * Baine tosses it to Lara <Baine> Here <Baine> You're the boss lady * Kodah inches away from the device * Lara takes the device and points it to Mitula and Indigo. * Yogurt backs well away from everyone in questioon * Baine backs off from Mitula :P <Mitula> flip the switch on top of the device backwards... * Lara activates the device <Narrator> Again, an intense beam of light spews out and hits Indigo and Mitula... * Kodah shudders at the sight <Narrator> The two forms merge together again, leaving only Indigo... * Vankarin looks at the whole scene... <Narrator> The device shuts off, ending the beam of light... * Baine glares coolly at Vankarin, convinced he is somehow behind everything :P <Lara> So..what do we do with this thing now? <Narrator> Indigo starts to stir, villagers again, watching the whole scene... * Lara loks at the machine. <Lara> Baine? You want to do the honors? <Vankarin> I say we should destroy it... <Yogurt> now what? <Indigo> W....what happened....where am I.... <Yogurt> Nah, let's keep it... never know, it might be useful <Baine> Yes ma'am. <Kodah> Looooong story * Baine draws AmeShi.. * Lara sets the device down in front of Baine. * Baine falters a bit.. * Indigo grabs it. <Lara> go to town, friend. <Vankarin> Should we keep it? I don't think so... <Indigo> Ummm.....I think its' important.... * Baine blinks <Lara> hmmm? <Lara> how so? <Yogurt> We might need it, who knows? <Baine> No.. <Indigo> I feel so.....alone. <Yogurt> Uhhh... ^^; We might see another person as bad off as Indigo? * Indigo tucks the machine away, looking lost. <Lara> to do what? merge he with her evil personality? far be it from me to want to d taht. * Baine sheathes AmeShi slowly.. <Kodah> Just don't point that thing at me.... <Indigo> Something important is * Indigo points to her heart, looking away. <Lara> thank Darksol for that one, Indigo. <Lara> anyway, we'd better get moving again...Tristan is quite a ways away to the east. <Indigo> Excuse me? I'm sorry....I feel so confused. Have we met? I am Indigo Mysteria, a sorceress by training. Who are you? <Kodah> What? We're leaving? <Baine> Grand. * Indigo curtsies. <Lara> I'd like to think so...I'm Lara Mano, demon hunter and leader of the Shining Force. * Yogurt is so embarrased you can almost see the anime sweat drop... * Indigo blinks and shakes her head. <Yogurt> Uhh, I'm Yogurt... <Indigo> Sorry, never heard of you or this Shining Force. * Kodah looks apprehensively at Indigo, unsure of what to say <Indigo> I get the feeling that I come from somewhere, but other than my name and profession....I don't remember a thing. <Lara> well, that's Baine, and Kodah, Flamestrike, Erin, Chamolo, Yogurt and Vankarin. *Points to the members.* * Baine doesn't say anything :P * Erin nods. * <Indigo> Oh, pleased to meet you. * Chamolo and FS bow... * Yogurt thinks that it's probably a good thing that Indigo remmebers nothing... * Kodah waves <Baine> This is sooooo sweet...I'm getting cavaties! C'mon, guys...lets grab the ditzy wonder and drag her to the next town <Lara> let's get moving to Tristan... * Yogurt bangs his oversize head on the ground as an excuse for a bow <Lara> we have a ways to go. <Indigo> Tristan? <Kodah> Oh man..... * Indigo looks confused. <Indigo> I have to go home. * Baine patpats Kodah * Indigo turns and starts to walk off. <Indigo> Wherever home is..... <Lara> .oO(Well, I'm afraid that's a long ways off.) <Kodah> Uh....? <Baine> Yo, Indigo! <Baine> You're with us, girl. * Indigo keeps walking, muttering to herself and looking totally lost. <Lara> (Whispers to Kara)at least she's not as goofy as she was. * Baine growls and tackles Indigo, pinning her down. <Kodah> Maybe someone should explain things to her * Vankarin looks at Indigo and groans... <Baine> Will you stop, you ditz?! <Indigo> Hey! Stop that! <Baine> You. are. with. us. Can you understand that? Eesh. <Lara> Indigo you're one of of the Shining Force. <Baine> You are a part of the Shining Force. <Baine> We are heading to Tristan and you are too. * Indigo rubs her head. * Baine is straddling Indigo's back. :P <Baine> Capice, ditz? <Indigo> Mommy and daddy will be expecting me home by now. Now, if I just knew where my home was.... * Yogurt groans * Indigo just stands up and throws Baine off. <Lara> Indigo, you are a member of this can't just up and leave like this. <Yogurt> This is almost as bad as before... <Baine> O_o <Indigo> Maybe you guys can take me home! Well, even though mom said not to trust strangers....I think.... * Baine lands on her back and growls.. <Kodah> Iyeee.... * Baine stands, shakes her head and her eyes turn a reddish color.. <Baine> Lemme at her.. <Lara> easy, Kara. <Baine> I'll fucking pound the damn twit if she does that again. * Baine mutters * Lara places a hand on Kara's shoulder. "Calm down, friend." <Yogurt> ^^; I'm sorry Indigo... she's not always like this... really... * Baine 's eyes change back to being blue and she eyes Indigo. <Baine> Indigo. Come with us, alright?. * Vankarin grumbles... So... Do we go? <Lara> yes...folks, grab your gear and let's get moving. <Baine> If we can get this ditz to join us, old man. <Indigo> Well.....okay, but don't try anything funny. Mom warned me about strangers, but maybe you can take me home. <Kodah> Fine...sure....whatever * Baine sounds very very very cool when she talks to Vankarin.. * Indigo holds up her staff and moves to the far perhipery. * Baine rolls her eyes and mutters about babysitting. * Yogurt tries to go over to Indigo and be nice and stuff * Vankarin goes up to the room and carries everyone's gear outside... * Kodah goes to the inn to grab his stuff * Lara grabs her gear and follows Vankarin. * Erin tags along, seemingly prepared, as always... * * Indigo eyes Yogurt. <Indigo> S...stay back. I know magic and I can hit hard with a stick. D...don't try to hurt me or you'll be sorry! <Kodah> I guess we're going then.... * Baine lags behind the group, deep in thought <Yogurt> Ummm... reality check... I'm a rodent... harmless.... <Yogurt> I just look weird. <Indigo> Well, you can't be too careful. Some guy told me that....I think he was my father, but I don't remember if he was. <Lara> I can see that we're gonna have a BALL on this mission. * Yogurt shrugs * Kodah stops, and looks at the others, "Don't we need a raft or something?" <Yogurt> If you say so and stuff... <Lara> When we get to Tristan, Kodah. <Yogurt> all I got is a bunch of magic rings <Lara> the river is south of Tristan. <Kodah> Oh <Baine> We could "borrow" a boat * Baine grins a bit <Yogurt> Aren't we in enough trouble already? <Baine> Naaah <Kodah> .... <Lara> to get to the river, though, we'll have to go through pangoat valley. <Baine> Pangoat valley.... * Baine gets a flashback and nods a bit * Lara starts walking out of town. * Vankarin follows suit... * Kodah follows without a word * Yogurt follows with Indigo, trying to make amiable conversation * Indigo tries to be nice to the rodent. <Narrator> The Shining Force finally leaves Moun, with many people eyeing them suspiciously, heading in the direction of Tristan... <Narrator> ==== Session end! ===== "Don't we need a raft or something?" <Yogurt> If you say so and stuff... <Lara> When we get to Tristan, Kodah. <Yogurt> all I got is a bunch of magic rings <Lara> the river is south of Tristan. <Kodah> Oh <Baine> We could "borrow" a boat * Baine grins a bit <Yogurt> Aren't we in enough trouble already? <Baine> Naaah <Kodah> .... <Lara> to get to the river, though, we'll have to go through pangoat valley. <Baine> Pangoat valley.... * Baine gets a flashback and nods a bit * Lara starts walking out of town. * Vankarin follows suit... * Kodah follows without a word * Yogurt follows with Indigo, trying to make amiable conversation * Indigo tries to be nice to the rodent. <Narrator> The Shining Force finally leaves Moun, with many people eyeing them suspiciously, heading in the direction of Tristan... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====