Shining Force RPG session 11
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<Narrator> ===== Session start! ===== <Narrator> The shining Force is now heading towards Tristan in the hopes of finding an alternate route to Bedoe... * Lara walks toward Tristan.. <Narrator> The road ahead is covered in rocks, thus quite a hard road... * Baine follows, alert.. * Indigo is staying far back, looking lost and scared, like a little girl. * Chamolo follows silently. <Vankarin> I don't remember this road being this rocky... <Baine> Ambush? <Lara> well, we are passing through a mountain range. <Chamolo> That's all right, I always liked a good climb... * Baine flexes her hands, eyeing them... <Vankarin> But the road was well maintained before... Well.. Before Tristan's temple of Mitula was destroyed... <Baine> As I said ambush? <Lara> who knows...maybe it just got this bad over time...but keep alert. <Chamolo> I am. Don't worry, Lara.. * Baine nods slightly.. <Indigo> What is an ambush? * Vankarin walks on, not really caring if there's an ambush... <Baine> Go ask mommy and daddy, dearest.. *smirk* * Lara whispers to Baine. "is it just me or is Vankarin not himself lately, Kara?" <Chamolo> Something bad, Indigo.. <Indigo> Mommy and daddy? I....don't remember them..... * Baine whispers back. "Who cares...maybe we'll get lucky and he'll fall down the mountain." <Chamolo> Baine? <Chamolo> O_o * Vankarin turns to Baine and says, "You would be the one to wish that, Baine..." * Baine sneers. "Yeah...yeah, I would.." <Chamolo> Vankarin? Baine? <Vankarin> Don't think whispering will make me deaf to your conversation... * Baine is very very icy towards Vankarin.. * Chamolo looks rather confused. <Baine> Maybe I wanted you to hear me, old man.. * Indigo falls to the side, looking warily at Baine. * Vankarin snickers and continues to walk along the path, which now seems to narrow... <Indigo> sound like a bad person...someone said something about avoiding bad people, but I don't know who.... * Darton is sitting upon the path ahead, looking out towards the rest of the world at large, and probably blocking your path now. * Baine smirks <Lara> this seems like the perfect place to stage an ambush. * Vankarin stops and places his hand on the hilt of his sword... <Baine> Oh grand. An overgrown dustmop. <Vankarin> Hail, stranger... * Indigo taps her head, then looks at Darton. * Darton twitches an ear and stands up * Indigo whirls over and curtsies. * Baine eyes the stranger coolly <Indigo> Hello. I'm Indigo Mysteria, a....sorceress I believe the word is. * Darton looks down at the polite young lady * Vankarin clenches and unclenches the hilt of his sword... * Lara places her left hand on the inside of her right fist...beginning to concentrate on summoning her soulsword. <Indigo> Who are you? <Darton> My name is Darton... <Indigo> Pleased to meet you! * Indigo smiles and curtsies again. <Darton> ...Sure. * Baine makes gagging noises <Vankarin> Nice to meet you... I am Vankarin... *lets the other introductions to Lara* <Indigo> I'd tell you more about myself, but I don't know anything else. * Yogurt fumbles through his pouch for a ring... * Darton raises an eyebrow at Baine "And exactly what are you looking at?" A hint of anger has crept into his voice * Baine smirks. "A really hairy being." <Lara> I'm Lara Mano. That's Kara Baine, Chamolo, Kodah, Yogurt, Erin, Flamestrike.. * Lara starts pointing. * Darton twitches an ear at Vankarin, acknowledging his presence <Lara> did I miss anyone? <Vankarin> We are heading to Tristan... Would you know of an easier path than this, stranger? * Indigo looks really confused and wanders off. <Lara> really, did I miss anyone? <Darton> This is the only path... in or out... <Lara> great...this is the ideal place for Darksol to stage an attack. <Indigo> Who? * Vankarin turns to Lara... No you didn't miss anyone... * Indigo turns to Lara. * Baine nods to Lara.. <Indigo> Who is DarkSol? * Indigo looks really innocent and confused. * Baine looks at Indigo. "An asshole, kid." <Darton> Interesting question she has there... <Lara> baine, will you explain to Indigo what's going on? <Baine> I just summed it up, Lara. <Baine> ^_- <Lara> good. <Indigo> What is an..... * Indigo looks reluctant to say the last word. * Baine snickers <Baine> A very bad person <Baine> Happy now? <Lara> Indigo, let's just say that Darksol is the essence of evil. <Indigo> Oh. What is evil? * Darton snorts... this group is weirder than most * Vankarin shakes his head... We've got to move on... We're vulnerable here... * Baine gahs <Lara> I agree, Vankarin. * Indigo doesn't look like she understands at all. <Baine> Can I please throw Indigo off the mountain? <Baine> Please? <Darton> I didn't see anyone... * Indigo turns to Baine. <Indigo> Why would you want to do that? <Baine> ^_^; <Vankarin> Well sir Darton, we're not taking any chances... Darksol wants us dead, you see... * Vankarin looks back at the Shining Force and heads towards the path... * Baine resists the urge to chop Indigo's head open.. * Darton quirks a corner of his mouth up "Why is it that everyone that comes here has someone wanting them dead?" * Lara follows Vankarin. * Baine follows Lara and drags Cham along * Indigo looks at the personality-splitting device, then puts it away. <Lara> Kodah, grab her and bring her along. * Darton figures he'd better keep track of these insane fools and follows them <Kodah> Right * Vankarin looks at Darton as he stops... Maybe because Tristan houses the remnants of Mitula's shrine... * Indigo wanders behind them, the goes off to look for flowers like the pretty prism-flower in her hair. <Darton> Could be... but any power there is long gone... <Vankarin> That's what's so sad... <Lara> maybe not.. * Vankarin shakes his head and walks on... <Darton> or at least I never saw any... and I've lived there all my life... I should know, dodn't you think? <Indigo> Mitula? That name strikes a chord...... * Lara keeps walking, staying alert to her surroundings. <Indigo> I think I've met this Mitula somewhere before..... * Vankarin stands back to Darton and says, "Probably, yes..." * Indigo frowns, puzzled, the goes off flower-hunting. * Vankarin looks back at Indigo to make sure she's following... * Kodah makes aure that Indigo stays with the group * Indigo is wandering around, on and off the path, looking for flowers and ducking Kodah. * Lara whispers to Kara. "I think I liked the split personalities better." * Indigo turns to Kodah. <Indigo> Look at the pretty flower in my hair. * Indigo points to the prismflower. * Kodah grumbles and redoubles his efforts <Indigo> I'll pick you a pretty flower too. <Lara> oh for crying out loud...just throw her over your shoulder, Kodah. * Vankarin notices the team's slowed down by Indigo... * Indigo smiles at Kodah before wandering off for more flowers. * Darton keeps a distance from the loonies <Vankarin> Darton... How far is Tristan, exactly? * Kodah picks up Indigo and carries her back to the group, "Come on you, enough flowers for one day" <Darton> For you at this rate? <Indigo> Hey. Put me down! I was going to get flowers for you too! <Vankarin> Uhm... Yes... <Darton> It takes me 'bout half a day... it'll be a whole day for you <Lara> .oO(She's enough to drive a person insane.) * Vankarin sighs... We better get a move on, people... * Indigo pouts and beats her fists on Kodah's back, kicking. <Lara> I'm moving, Vankarin. <Kodah> Ow.....yeah yeah I;m coming.... * Darton grins ferally and keeps ahead <Vankarin> Yeah, but miss hissy fit isn't... :P <Baine> Indigo, stop acting like a baby or Kodah will feed me to you. <Kodah> I will? * Baine nods and grins a feral grin <Narrator> ===== Cut Scene! ===== <Narrator> Back in Darksol's Lair, the sounds of screaming are heard... They echo through the halls, sending a chill upon anyone who's listening... <Darksol> Oh stop screaming, child... There is no way anyone will hear you... * Indigo growls and continues to scream * Darksol shakes his head... You will calm down... Or I will force you to calm down... <Indigo> Let me go, you piece of dog shit! * Darksol laughs! That's a good one... Yes... You shall do quite nicely... As my queen... * Indigo lashes out at Darksol, trying to grab at his face * Darksol walks back and casts a bolt of power upon her, rendering her unconscious... <Darksol> Well now... I guess I shall have to reprogram her better... The devil's blood I added made her even more violent... * Darksol calls for aids to bring Indigo to the ritual circle... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force can now see Tristan in the distance... * Baine glares coolly at Vankarin's back :P <Kodah> Ow....ow! Ow....finally....ow! * Chamolo feet hurt. :/ * Lara glares out at the horizon. "There's Tristan." * Chamolo blinks. "Ah! We made it. Finally, eh?" <Baine> Yay. * Indigo has fallen asleep riding Kodah's shoulder. * Darton is still keeping his distance, his long green cape fluttering out behind him dramatically and stuff <Lara> shortly southwest and we'll be at the river. <Lara> but first, we should stop in town... <Vankarin> But we need to get to town, yes... <Chamolo> Hmm....good. My thirst is killing me. * Baine mutters about using Vankarin's skeleton as a boat.. * Kodah trudges along, rather sore after this whole ordeal <Chamolo> Hmm.. ^_^ But the town is just as well. Just don't let me near a pub. ^_^ Eh Kara? <Lara> we'll have no repeat of that drunkfest you and Kodah threw earlier, Chamolo. * Vankarin glares back at Baine... Don't strech your luck, Kara.. * Darton sighs, figuring he could have gotten rid of them... NOBODY stops in Tristran... there's nothing there... * Chamolo glares at Kara. "You don't have to rub it in." * Baine growls lowly at Vankarin and then chuckles at Chamolo <Kodah> Yeah yeah..... * Chamolo grins. ^_^ * Vankarin looks away from Baine and looks at the road ahead... * Lara sorta smiles.. <Baine> We'll tie you down to a bed or something, maybe. You're dangerous when you're loaded. * Baine's eyes are kinda cold but she speaks rather nicely to Chamolo :P * Darton doesn't think he wants to know. <Vankarin> Darton... You say you're from Tristan... Do you know where we could find a raft? <Darton> Hmm... you could try the mayor's house... dunno, never needed a raft. * Vankarin nods to Darton... * Baine thinks dark thoughts about Vankarin :P <Chamolo> Nice town.. <Darton> You kidding? * Indigo wakes up and slides from Kodah's shoulders. <Baine> We could just steal a boat.. <Indigo> Nice nap. ^_^ <Narrator> The town is quite small... The roads aren't as inhabited as the days Mitula was housed there... the path to the shrine is blocked off... <Chamolo> Looks peaceful enough. * Baine smirks at the town.. * Indigo stretches, then looks at the blocked path, puzzled. * Kodah rubs his back and shoulders, "Oy....." <Indigo> Now I *know* that there was something I used to do in situations like this..... <Baine> Heh, this would be Clan bait. ^_- * Darton walks to a small house set a bit apart from the rest of the town, eager to get away from the crazies <Lara> looks like we won't be able to get to the shrine. * Kodah looks at Indigo, "Huh?" * Vankarin catches up with Darton... Wait... * Darton stops before reaching the house "Yes?" <Vankarin> Care to tell me where the mayor's house is? * Indigo goes on "I think there was something I did when things were blocked but.....I don't remember....." <Darton> It's the big one... can't miss it *points* * Baine looks at Indigo and shakes her head. * Vankarin nods... Thank you... <Indigo> Something about earth, and....water? * Lara gets an anime sweat drop. * Kodah blink-blinks * Chamolo blinks.. "I don't think we should tell her.." * Indigo looks puzzled and shrugs. * Darton hurries off to his house before they think of some other lame excuse to try and get him to stay <Indigo> Oh well, it probaly wasn't anything important anyway.... * Lara whispers to Chamolo "I agree." * Vankarin walks back.... Let's head for that house... *points to the largest house* * Lara nods * Lara heads for the mayor's house. * Baine mutters something * Baine shrugs and drags Cham to the mayor's house :P * Chamolo looks at Baine almost sadly, for some way. "Urk! hey! Ease up a bit, please?" * Vankarin follows Lara... <Baine> Eh, sorry. * Baine eases up * Indigo trails behind, thinking but following. * Chamolo falls over on his face. "Ooph! What was that?!" * Baine blinks * Kodah plods along after the group <Chamolo> Something pushed me down! <Chamolo> O_o <Baine> Your own two feet, maybe? ^_- * Baine helps Chamolo up <Chamolo> Thank you... * Baine nods and looks after Vankarin's back, fingering the hilt of the dagger she used to kill Jeyer.. * Indigo walks up to Chamolo. <Chamolo> Hello Indigo. <Indigo> Ummm....hi Mr. Chamolo. <Chamolo> Hi Miss Indigo. * Vankarin keeps walking, and says, "Don't even think about it, Baine..." <Indigo> You seem nice, so I'll stay with you. <Baine> Who? Me? <Chamolo> All right. * Baine smirks * Chamolo seems lost in his own thoughts, today. <Baine> I'd never think about lodging this in your spine.. * Vankarin snickers, not even turning around... <Narrator> The door of the mayor's house stands in front of the Shining Force... * Lara knocks. <Narrator> Giant double doors made of rock... <Kodah> Big door...... <Lara> no joke.. * Indigo looks at it. <Baine> Interesting craftsmanship.. <Chamolo> Intresting.. <Narrator> There is no answer for a minute, but then one of the doors opens just slightly... <Indigo> Rock, stone, earth....something seems familiar about that element. <Chamolo> ^^; Whatever would make you think that, Miss Indigo? * Baine snickers <Valet> May I help you? <Baine> Yeah...take us to your leader. <Lara> we're here to see the mayor... * Baine smirks <Valet> For what reason, may I ask? <Baine> He owes my bitch money. :P * Chamolo lets the others do the talking. ^_^ <Indigo> Well, I don't know. But I just started getting these weird images, and.....I think some friends of mine were connected to them... <Chamolo> Baine! Shh! * Indigo turns to the valet. * Baine quiets down :P <Lara> we're looking for a raft. <Lara> we're the Shining Force. <Indigo> Oh hi. We're a bunch of nice people, I think, and we want to talk to the mayor. <Kodah> ..... <Valet> A raft..? Hmm... Shining Force?! Uhm... Ok... *opens the door a little wider * Indigo smiles charmingly and winningly. * Baine makes strangling motions at Indigo's neck, where Indigo can't see. ^_- * Chamolo slowly heads inside, thanking the Valet. * Vankarin walks in, nodding to the Valet... * Lara follows.. * Baine cuts it out and walks in after Lara * Indigo walks in and smiles at the valet in passing. <Valet> The mayor is in his study... The door over there... *points to a door north of the entrance* * Lara nods. * Kodah goes inside and looks around warily * Lara walks over to the door * Chamolo walks to the study. <Baine> Maybe we should let Chamolo do the talking? <Narrator> The doors of the study are small, and made of wood... <Lara> Good idea, Baine. * Lara knocks. <Chamolo> I do the talking? Whatever for? <Baine> Because you're educated. <Chamolo> You're smart as well, Baine.. <Narrator> A faint voice is heard behind the door, saying, "Enter..." * Kodah looks nervous * Chamolo quietly enters the study. * Lara opens the door and enters. * Baine smirks and mumbles something, following <Chamolo> Hello, Mayor? May we have a word with you? * Indigo follows, then curtsies to the mayor and smiles. * The mayor looks at Chamolo, as if sizing him, and nods... * Lara bows to the mayor. <Chamolo> We're the Shining Force, and we ask for a small favor.. * Kodah walks into the mayor's office, still nervous <Chamolo> We need a raft to reach Bedoe...would you help us obtain one please? <Mayor> Shining Force...? <Chamolo> Yes, that is us, although we may not look like it... * Baine grins a little at Chamolo's manners. :P * The mayor strokes his thick beard... A raft... That isn't an easy request to fulfill... Wood is rare in these parts... * Indigo stares at the chambers in awe. * Lara looks at Chamolo, then to the mayor. <Baine> .oO(I would've stepped on the mayor's crotch until he finally gave us a raft...this is a nice change. :P) <Indigo> Maybe we can make one of stone. <Baine> Permission to hurt Indigo? * Baine looks at Lara * The mayor chuckles... A raft of stone... <Lara> sure,'d, not to sound Cliche, sink like a rock. <Mayor> Well, the rafts we have are for fishing purposes, and I don't think we can truly spare one... <Indigo> Not really. Not if it were properly balanced. * Baine stops from saying something really mean.. <Indigo> I don't know how, but I think it could be done, then the water would carry it, and I think there was something I could do with the water to make it work. <Chamolo> I'm sorry you cannot help us, sir... <Mayor> It's not I don't want to help the Shining Force, it's more like I cannot spare a raft... <Lara> I understand sir. Thank you for your time. * Chamolo hms. Tou have no trees or leaves anywhere? * Baine has a look on her face that pretty much tells what she thinks the mayor can do with his stone doors <Mayor> Wait... <Indigo> Hmmmm......maybe we can accompany a trade mission to Bedoe.... <Chamolo> Perhaps you can make one of giant leaves.. <Chamolo> Trade mission? <Mayor> Well, the fishermen in Pangoat valley might help you... There's a path south east of here leading to their settlement... <Chamolo> Is it far from this village? <Lara> and the river is southwest of here...but let's go. <Mayor> Half an hour's walk from here... <Chamolo> That's not so bad.. * Lara bows to the mayor. "Thank you, sir." <Mayor> The river is extended to their village... It was done a few years ago... * Indigo curtsies. * Chamolo thanks the Mayor politely ^_^ * Indigo goes over a puts a flower in the mayor's hair. <Indigo> Thank you, bye! * Lara walks out of the office. <Mayor> Uh... Glad I could help... *looks at Indigo, puzzled* * Indigo twirls out of the office. * Kodah looks at the mayor again, then leaves * Baine mutters and walks out of the office, half dragging Chamolo :P * Vankarin walks out of the study quickly... <Chamolo> Don't mind her, she's rather disturbed. Harmless, but disturbed. We'll leave you now. Goodbye, sir *Shuts the door* <Chamolo> Ack! You don't have to drag me, Miss Kara. I can walk. <Baine> I kind of like dragging you. ^_- <Kodah> So now what? <Lara> we head southwest to the fishing village. * Baine pales slightly * Vankarin yawns... I say we head to the fishing village now... <Indigo> Okies. <Baine> Maybe I should stay here? ^_^; * Baine stops dragging Chamolo <Lara> why, Kara? <Baine> Ooooooohhhh, no reason ^_^; <Kodah> Baine? <Lara> I know that tone, Baine. <Indigo> I'll stay with you then, and keep you company so you don't get lonely. ^_^ <Baine> Aaaah <Baine> Okay! <Baine> I'm going. ^_^; * Baine grabs a really big hat and plunks it down on her head.. * Baine makes sure it covers most of her face :P <Chamolo> That hat looks good on you, Baine ^^; * Kodah looks at Baine utterly bewildered * Indigo puts a flower in it. <Baine> ^_^; <Indigo> There, perfect! * Baine gaahs * Baine sorta slouches :P <Lara> let's check the weapons shop first. * Chamolo gets a sad look again and looks out over the town. * Baine tries to look as innocent as possible :P <Kodah> Um...okay <Baine> Surrre. Heh heh. ^_^; * Baine grins slightly and plonks the huge hat down on Cham's head. ;) <Baine> Its totally you, dahling! * Indigo just goes and sits down. <Narrator> Weapon store: Long sword - Attack +10, 400 GP, Elven arrows attack +6, 350 GP, Mage staff Attack +13, 400 GP * Indigo bores quickly, gets up, and goes into the weapons store with Lara. * Baine looks at AmeShi * Chamolo pokes at the sun hat <Baine> Its totally you, Chamolo! <Baine> Sexxxxyyy! <Lara> I'll stay with my soulsword. * Baine whistles lowly. ;) * Indigo looks at the mage staffs. <Narrator> == Erin buys elven arrows... <Indigo> Oooo....what's that? <Kodah> Um....can I...get the um....Longsword? <Chamolo> I don't really think so... <Narrator> == Chamolo buys a mage staff... * Chamolo takes it off, and puts it on yogurt. * Indigo goes and buys a mage staff. * Baine laughs <Narrator> == Indigo buys a mage staff... <Chamolo> ^_^ Better. <Baine> Not bad. ^_- <Narrator> == Kodah buys the long sword... <Indigo> What do I do with this? * Indigo points to her old power staff. * Baine decides to hide behind Chamolo the whole trip to Pangoat. :P * Kodah sheaths the longsword feeling kinda proud of his new weapon <Narrator> == Total of 1550 GP * Yogurt blinks as he notices he has an ugly hat on his head :P <Narrator> == The iron arrow, The short sword and the 2 power staffs sell for 600 GP * Kodah sells his old shortsword * Baine hugs AmeShi.. * Baine mutters something about understanding and eyes the wall. :P <Clerk> Thank you! Come again! * Indigo wanders out and sits down, looking at the pieces of Jeyer's fake AmeShi before reading a book. * Lara walks from the shop and toward Pangoat. * Darton storms out of his house, growling and acting generally pissed off... "She's doing this to piss me off... she must be..." He snarls at the slammed door and stomps off, apparently towards Pangoat Valley. * Vankarin blinks <Kodah> Um.....? <Lara> oh great. * Baine drags Chamolo merrily along :P <Vankarin> Darton...? <Lara> let's follow him. <Darton> What?! <Baine> Lets not and say we did ^_- <Kodah> Why? * Vankarin blinks yet again... <Vankarin> Uhm... Where are you heading? <Darton> What business is it of yours? *snarl* * Indigo puts away her book and goes over to Darton. * Baine stops dragging Chamolo :P <Indigo> Please, let me help you. * Vankarin blinks again... None... I'm sorry... Let's go, Shining Force... <Kodah> Eep! <Chamolo> Right. <Baine> Yes....uhm...say...why don't we go somewhere in the opposite direction? ^_^; <Lara> agreed. * Darton turns and storms off on the path ahead of the Shining force towards Pangoat Valley * Lara starts walking toward Pangoat. * Baine slouches and hides behind Chamolo the whole way :P <Chamolo> Baine, why are you doing that? <Narrator> The road down to Pangoat seems well maintained... * Indigo follows, reading a book. <Baine> Noooooo reason ^_^; * Kodah walks along, keeping a good distance between him and the more "dangerous" members of the SF <Narrator> The path is smooth, thus making it an easy walk... * Lara hums a small tune as she walks... * Darton is well ahead of the Force and getting farther ahead cause he knows the area and he's very annoyed * Vankarin looks ahead, seeing the smoke of the chimney houses already... <Baine> Aaaah <Baine> Can we go back? ^_6 <Narrator> * Vankarin looks at Baine... 1No... <Baine> I think I left something in the other inn.. ^_^ Oh wait, we never stayed at an inn :P * Chamolo turns around to Baine sharply. "Okay, that does it. What's going on?" * Baine glares at Vankarin and then eyes Chamolo. "I'm afraid of being recognized." <Chamolo> What exactly did you do..? <Baine> Ooohhhh...stole a few things...killed a few people.... ^_^; * Indigo turns and looks at Baine. <Indigo> That's awful! * Baine flinches. * Vankarin groans... * Darton is out of earshot by now <Kodah> Oh my...... <Baine> I could've just stayed back at Tristan.. <Lara> not a pretty picture. <Chamolo> Oh dear.. * Chamolo shakes his head and mutters. <Indigo> could you do such terrible things? <Chamolo> Indigo.. * Baine mumbles something under her breath that seems to be a reply.. <Vankarin> Nonsense... Baine... You need to face this... Let's go... <Indigo> While I don't have a clear idea what stealing and killing are, I know they're bad somehow. * Lara keeps moving toward pangoat. * Baine smirks coolly at Van.. "Yeah...fate and all that.." * Indigo says "Destiny." * Baine follows Lara briskly... * Vankarin follows Lara, mumbling, "Yeah... Fate..." * Chamolo really doesn't get what's going on between those two. <Kodah> .... <Narrator> Pangoat is only a few steps away from the Shining Force... Some fishermen can be seen... * Baine seems to be going paler and paler :P <Indigo> Hi hi! <Kodah> Here we go...... <Chamolo> How long ago was your attack, Baine? Perhaps they forgot. * Lara walks silently.... * Indigo waves and curtsies to the fishermen. * Darton storms out of the item store, still pissed, and holding a bag of herbs <Baine> I was pretty young, granted...maybe they don't remember me... <Chamolo> Let's hope.. <Baine> I'm more afraid that they will. ^_^; <Darton> I can't believe it took me that long to get a bunch of green things... don't know what "Mom" wants with them anyway... aren't they all alike? * Baine decides to try something and she hauls off her mask so she doesn't look like a ninja...just more of an armored soldier.. * Darton growls and shoves his way past the Shining Force on his way back to Tristran <Kodah> Hey...... <Baine> Watch it, Sparky the wonder Dog! * Vankarin blinks... * Indigo goes over to the fishermen, looking curious. <Chamolo> Hm. That works a bit... <Darton> What... did... you... call... me? <Indigo> How do you do that? <Vankarin> Darton again... What the hell is his problem?! * Darton stops dead in front of Baine * Baine narrows her eyes. <Kodah> Oh boy O_o * Indigo turns from the fishermen to Darton. <Indigo> Oh please don't fight.... <Baine> Are you deaf too? Whats with shoving us around? * Chamolo steps inbetween them. <Chamolo> Don't! * Darton growls deeply at Baine... * Baine eyes Chamolo and then Darton. * Vankarin looks at both of them, not caring if they tear eachother apart :P <Baine> ....fine.. * Indigo is trying to think of something. * Baine shrugs and turns away <Darton> So I'm pissed about getting sent here. Is that a crime? * Chamolo adjusts his glasses and sighs. "Thank you..." * Kodah exhales slowly <Indigo> Water....and...hmmmm....maybe break it up with this element.... <Vankarin> Don't take it out on others, Darton.. <Vankarin> We don't deserve it... * Darton snarls and rudely shoves Cham out of his way back to Tristran, ignoring Vankarin * Baine narrows her eyes. * Vankarin shakes his head... forget him... <Vankarin> Let's get that raft... * Chamolo falls on his butt. * Baine helps Chamolo up.. <Baine> You okay? * Chamolo glares at Darton. "You have quite a temper, don't you...?" <Indigo> Element....element....hmmm, something familiar about that word.....oh are you okay Chamolo? <Kodah> Sheesh..what a grouch <Chamolo> I'm fine. * Yogurt pulls out a ring and aims it at Darton, but then goes, "Naaah..." * Lara watches this..."Will you people please calm down?" * Chamolo is calm. <Kodah> Can we...go now? * Baine's eyes are a redish color and she glares after the retreating dog person.. "Yes. Lets go." * Indigo smiles, then frowns. <Vankarin> Yes... Let's go... <Indigo> let me see.....element.....element..... * Darton growls and continues on his way home... a sufficient distance off, he drops to all fours and runs back to Tristran, figuring the sooner he gets back, the better * Vankarin walks in the town, looking at the ample rafts docked at the river south west of town... * Baine looks normal for once without the whole ninja garb thing :P * Chamolo goes back to that sad look. * Indigo stares at the water. <Narrator> Most of the villagers look at the odd group, walking more quickly as they pass... <Indigo> The element.....element of water? No, that's not it.... * Baine swallows.. * Lara places a hand on Kara's shoulder. <Kodah> I feel like I'm on display with all these people staring at us.... <Baine> ....should've stayed in Tristan. <Lara> .oO(something doesn't feel right.) * Chamolo sighs. <Narrator> A tall, robust fellow walks up to the team... <Man> Welcome to Pangoat... May I be of assistance of some sorts? <Indigo> Hi! <Chamolo> Hello sir. <Indigo> Well, we're looking for a raft. <Lara> we have to get to Bedoe. <Man> You want to ride the Pangoat river? That isn't such a good idea... * Baine relaxes slightly <Indigo> But....they say we have to. <Kodah> Why not? <Chamolo> Problem? <Lara> Demon maybe? <Man> A large creature has been attacking our rafts... <Indigo> Oh. :( <Man> We haven't been able to fish for weeks... <Kodah> Great..... <Chamolo> This wouldn't happen to be a giant octopus, would it? ^^; <Indigo> Maybe we can reason with him or her and explain the situation. * The man blinks... Uhm... Yes... A giant octopus... How did you know? * Darton comes back into Pangoat, snarling and in an even WORSE mood than before, if such a thing is possible. <Kodah> Giant.....what? <Lara> well, you have the right person for the job here. I'm Lara Mano, the demon hunter. * Baine raises an eyebrow at Chamolo <Chamolo> Oh, the second shining force had a problem with that.. <Kodah> Look out O_o <Chamolo> I just took a lucky stab. ^_^ <Baine> Heh.. <Man> I see... Shining Force, you say? * Darton storms into the item shop yet AGAIN... damn picky oracle mage lady <Indigo> That's what they tell everyone. <Chamolo> Yes, we are the current Shining Force. I'm Chamolo Wilcott, and this is Lara Mano, our leader. <Man> Demon hunter...? This might come in handy... * Lara smiles. <Lara> I guess my reputation also precedes me... * Baine looks cute and innocent and serene :P <Man> Well, you can have a raft, if you get rid of the creature... * Darton bellows from the shop "What do you mean you have no Kukris!!!" <Chamolo> Do we have a choice? <Lara> we'll do it. <Indigo> Uh oh, he's back..... <Kodah> I don't like him..... * Vankarin sighs... The temper of some people... <Chamolo> He really needs to calm down. * Darton slams open the door to the item shop and takes a few deep breaths outside <Baine> Maybe we should kick his ass. :P * Indigo goes back to examining the personality shifter, trying to figure out what the shiny buttons are for, then she puts it away. <Darton> This is pathetic. <Darton> I give up... I am NOT going back to that bitch in Tristran. <Vankarin> Darton... Uhm... <Darton> WHAT?! * Baine prods Chamolo with her elbow. "Can I hurt him this time?" :P <Chamolo> No. * Vankarin grabs the hilt of his blade... I know I'll regret in asking this... But... Would you join with us..? * Baine blahs. "Okay...thats cool.." :P <Chamolo> O_o <Vankarin> You seem like an able fighter... <Vankarin> And we need all the help we can get... <Chamolo> I don't know if Baine can handle that, Vankarin... <Kodah> ....... <Baine> Hey now. O_o <Baine> Is that a challenge? :P * Darton throws his hands up in the air "Why not... I'm not going back to Tristran... what have I got to lose?" <Lara> .oO(With this group? Only your sanity.) * Vankarin extends his hand... Welcome aboard, I guess... * Chamolo rolls his eyes. "This should be intresting..." * Darton shakes it, crushing Vankarin's hand, "Whatever." <Narrator> Darton joins the Shining Force! *cheesy music* * Baine grins evilly and eyes Chamolo. "Just stay calm!" <Baine> I know you have a temper and all, but... ;) <Chamolo> Hey. :P <Chamolo> That's...oh forget it. * Chamolo walks off. * Lara kinda snickers. * Baine blinks. * Darton seems calmer, now that the source of his problems has been removed * Vankarin pulls his hand away and turns to the man... We'll take care of the creature... <Baine> Chamolo! * Baine sighs. * Baine chews on her lip and eyes the group :P * Baine ponders going after Chamolo :P * Kodah sighs softly * Chamolo walks back, his face sad. <Chamolo> Sorry. * Darton eyes Baine dubiously and stays a good distance off from her <Baine> . o O (You're a big wuss, reaaaally are.) <Chamolo> I have a lot on my mind right now. Didn't mean to snap at you. <Baine> Hey...its okay....anything you feel like sharing..? * Vankarin heads for the river... * Chamolo sighs. "Baine, do you blame me?" <Baine> Blame you? O_o * Darton follows Vankarin <Baine> For what? :P * Lara heads for the raft and the river. <Narrator> A large, black cloud forms in front of the rafts... * Indigo follows behind Darton. <Lara> hmmm? <Kodah> Oh man...... <Chamolo> For not sacrificing myself in the Nazca ship... <Indigo> So you don't need my herbs then Mr. Darton? <Baine> Never! <Chamolo> But you came after me with your knife. <Darton> No. * Lara places her left hand at the inside of her right fist as she begins to summon her soulsword. <Indigo> Oh, okay. <Baine> I was insane, Cham... <Chamolo> ... <Chamolo> And I lead to that. <Baine> I wouldn't.. * Indigo closes her herb pouch, looking at the sky. <Narrator> The cloud dissipates, and Horester stands there, looking at the shining Force, grinning... <Kodah> Horester! * Baine snaps her head up and glares at Horester.. <Chamolo> Anyway, we have a problem....(Turns to Horrester) Oh god, not NOW. <Lara> you again? I'm just about to get sick of this shit. <Indigo> Hi! I'm Indigo Mysteria, a sorceress. Who are you? <Horester> Yes... It is I... <Darton> ...Now what? <Baine> Later, Chamolo.. * Baine draws AmeShi * Indigo curtsies to Horester politely. <Kodah> Where's my sister you monster?! * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "I'M GONNA.....,"she exclaims,"KICK YOUR ASS!!!!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. <Baine> Indigo, get that fluffy rear of yers back here! * Chamolo grips his staff so tightly his hand turns white. <Indigo> But...but.... * Indigo turns and looks at Baine. <Horester> Your sister? She is safe... In a very safe place... Away from harm... <Baine> Indigo, this is a bad person! :P <Indigo> Well, okay....I guess.... <Chamolo> Indigo...this is *Sigh* My father... <Lara> a very evil person. * Indigo moves back. * Baine glances at Chamolo. "Not by his will, maybe.." <Kodah> Where?! Where is she?! TELL ME!! <Lara> I wouldn't admit to it. <Chamolo> And he is not sane right now. * Horester growls... Do now anger me, boy... <Indigo> Your father? Oh. You're lucky. I don't have a father that I remember. I think I'll leave you two alone... <Kodah> Shut up! <Chamolo> Kodah...don't mess with him... * Darton grins ferally and wiggles his fingers, tipped with sharp claws, in front of him... he can use something to take his frustrations out on right now * Baine patpats Indigo's head. <Horester> I don't have time for this... I'm here to stop you from riding the river... Simple, isn't it? <Kodah> RRrrrgh....... * Horester summons a horde of monsters to his side... * The villagers run away <Indigo> But, we have to, so they say! <Baine> Heh...they run again :P <Indigo> Want to come with us? * Darton bares his teeth and licks his lips in anticipation of fighting, his favorite pastime... * Baine stuffs a sock in Indigo's mouth.. <Lara> time to kick ass and chew bubblegum...and I'm all out of bubblegum... <Narrator> ===== Battle! ===== <Narrator> ===== 3 river boas, 4 water elementals, Horester ===== * Baine twirls AmeShi, lazily eyeing a river boa.. * Indigo looks around. <Indigo> Hello. Hmmm....this seems familiar somehow... * Darton cackles * Lara's eyes narrow to mere slits as she gazes at Horester. "Your ass is grass and I'm gonna mow it." <Narrator> == Erin can attack <Narrator> == Erin attacks water elemental 1 <Lara> just leave Horester to me. <Narrator> == The arrows pass through the water, dealing little damage... 6 damage... <Kodah> *growl* * Baine looks sad for a minute * Chamolo looks pained, having to fight his own father... <Baine> Can't we just make love, not war? :P * Indigo thinks....... <Indigo> This is serious! <Chamolo> Apparently not with Darksol. <Baine> Eww..I don't wanna make love with Darksol.. <Baine> :P * Indigo feels a lot of stress suddenly. * Baine attempts to levitate Chamolo's mood. ^_- <Narrator> == Baine can attack * Baine chants.. * Chamolo stares straight ahead, pale faced. * Horester stares at Chamolo, grinning wickedly * Baine casts ¤Katon lv.2 and fire erupts from the ground underneath the river boas.. <Narrator> == Baine casts Katon lv. 2 on the river boas... * Chamolo looks beyond stressed out. <Narrator> == The river boas are caught in the burning blaze, dealing massive damage... 14 each. * Indigo feels very stressed. <Indigo> Oh, can't we be friends?! <Narrator> == Lara can attack! * Lara rushes at Horester, slashing with her powerful soulsword. She hits Horester several times before finally leaping high into the air. A beam of light flashes off the blade as she brings it down upon Horester. <Narrator> == Lara attacks Horester... * Baine tries not to look concerned for Chamolo * Indigo falls to her knees. <Chamolo> Indigo...? <Lara> EAT THIS! <Narrator> == Horester looks at the soul sword as it descends upon him... He gets hit fully... 13 damage. * Darton chuckles coldly * Lara leaps back to the safety of the shining force. <Indigo> My head hurts... <Narrator> == Darton, Chamolo and Indigo can attack! * Darton raises a hand and a blue-white light descends upon water elemental one, freezing it into a block of ice. * Chamolo looks at his father, turns away, and strikes at a water boa instead! * Indigo remembers something.....and, unbidden, summons Dao against Horester. * Baine grins slightly <Narrator> == Darton casts freeze on Water elemental 1... Chamolo bashes at River boa 1... Indigo summons Dao... <Narrator> == Darton's freeze deals massive damage to the water elemental, freezing him, thus lowering his defense greatly also... 12 damage, -15 defense. <Narrator> == Indigo summons a more powerful Dao, Dao lv. 2, to crush Horester. <Baine> C'mon...die.. <Narrator> == Dao pounds heavy stones upon Horester... 15 damage. <Indigo> Wh....what was THAT?!! <Narrator> Indigo learns Dao lv. 2! * Indigo looks at herself. <Baine> Oh shit ^_^;; She remembers :P <Indigo> How did I DO that? * Darton looks at Indigo... "Exactly what did I get myself into here...?" <Lara> however you did it, Indigo, it was it again. <Narrator> == Chamolo bashes at the river boa, crushing him completely... 16 damage, dispatched... <Baine> Shit. ^_- * Baine looks impressed * Baine continues to look impressed * Chamolo twirls his staff above his head, his eye unreadable for emotion.. <Narrator> == FlameStrike stays in the rear... <Narrator> == Kodah can attack! <Kodah> YAH! DIE!! <Narrator> == Kodah attacks river Boa 2. * Baine decides she and Chamolo hafta finish their little talkie afterward :P <Indigo> I can summon these creatures to fight for me...? <Baine> unfortunately, yes.. :P <Narrator> == The river boa is split in half by Kodah's new long sword... <Narrator> == 18 damage, dispatched <Kodah> HA! * Chamolo whoas. ^^ <Lara> smooth move, Kodah. <Baine> Go, Kodah with the funky hair! <Indigo> Why is that unfortunate? Oh, good slice, but an innocent creature died.... <Kodah> <Baine> innocent? O_o * Indigo starts to cry. <Baine> Arrrgh * Baine's eyes turn red and she focuses her anger into AmeShi.. <Narrator> == The water elementals attack! <Narrator> == Water elemental 1 attacks Baine, Water elemental 2 attacks Lara, Water elemental 3 attacks Kodah and water elemental 4 attacks Chamolo <Baine> Careful, Chamolo! * Lara braces for the strike. * Chamolo blinks. "Oh no!" <Kodah> Get away from me! <Narrator> == 5 damage on Chamolo, 3 damage on Lara, 3 damage on Kodah (Coincidence) and 1 damage on Baine :P * Kodah growls * Chamolo is thrown back! <Kodah> Chamolo! <Baine> Oh, you'll pay for that.. <Narrator> ===== Monster count. 4 water elementals, 1 river boa, 1 horester ===== <Chamolo> Strong...little...buggers. <Lara> You guys hit the water elementals....Horester's mine. * Indigo looks on in shock. <Narrator> == Erin can attack! <Narrator> == Erin fires a flurry of arrows at Water elemental 1... * Baine looks at AmeShi, the blades flickering with anger.. <Narrator> == the elemental, being frozen, shatters into million of pieces... 15 damage, dispatched. <Narrator> == Baine can attack! * Baine uses a Healing Herb on Chamolo.. <Narrator> == Baine uses a healing herb on Chamolo... <Narrator> == Chamolo's wounds are fully healed. <Chamolo> O_o Baine...I can heal didn't need to... * Chamolo looks thankful anyway. * Baine grins a little and nods * Lara eyes Horester again....her inner rage building her strength. <Narrator> == Darton, Chamolo and Indigo can attack! * Darton growls deeply at the next water elemental, chunking it into ice as well as he did the first * Indigo thinks. <Indigo> If I could do it with earth, maybe I can with water..... * Indigo thinks and summons Neptune against Horester. <Narrator> == Lara attacks also <Narrator> == Lara attacks Horester... * Lara rushes at Horester, slashing with her powerful soulsword. She hits Horester several times before finally leaping high into the air. A beam of light flashes off the blade as she brings it down upon Horester. <Narrator> == Horester again gets hit by the blade... 15 damage... <Narrator> == Indigo casts Neptune... <Narrator> == Neptune appears, looking also stronger... He pounds heavy rain on Horester during Lara's attack, thus causing more damage... 16 damage... Horester falters. <Narrator> == Chamolo bashes at the remaining River boa... <Narrator> == The river boa crushes under Chamolo's mage staff... 18 damage, dispatched. <Narrator> Indigo learns Neptune lv. 2! <Narrator> == Baine can attack <Indigo> Wow. I feel stronger. <Narrator> == Darton casts freeze on Water elemental 2... <Narrator> == the same thing happens to this elemental... 15 damage, defense -15. <Indigo> Ummm....Lara? Did you see that he seemed more hurt when the two of us struck together? <Narrator> == Baine attacks Water elemental 2. * Baine snarls and twirls AmeShi in her hand, the black flames on the blade growing more and more angry. With a loud roar, she launches AmeShi at Water- Elemental_2 and AmeShi imbeds itself in Water-Elemental_2's stomach. The black flames send agony through Water-Elemental_2's body. * Horester growls... * Baine hauls the blade out slowly.. <Narrator> == Baine's attack shatters the water elemental to pieces... 23 damage, dispatched! <Lara> Good shot, Kara. * Baine grins and twirls the blade <Baine> Thank you. ^_- * Lara nods to Baine. <Indigo> Now now, don't be mad. You're a bad guy, so we have to beat you up. * Baine raises an eyebrow and looks perfectly natural in a battle pose :P * Darton grins ferally <Narrator> == FlameStrike stays back yet again... <Darton> Nothing personal... but yer tryin' to stop us and all... and we can't have that... <Narrator> == Horester notices he's outnumbered, and dissipates into a cloud of black smoke. <Kodah> HORESTER!! <Lara> coward. <Baine> Damnit, FlameStrike...stop staring at Erin's ass and actually fight.. <Indigo> Well, battle's over! <Narrator> == The remaining Water elementals dissipate as Horester does so... <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Narrator> Lara: 36 XP, Erin: 32 XP, FS: 0 XP, Baine: 43 XP, Indigo: 51 XP, Chamolo: 98 XP, Darton: 60 XP, Kodah: 67 XP <Baine> aww <Darton> Aaaah, damn. <Kodah> DAMIT! <Baine> He took away our toys :P <Indigo> At least no one was hurt. * The villagers walk out, cheering at the Shining force's prowess. <Darton> I wanted to play with the water things... they froze up quite nicely... <Lara> true. <Baine> "No one was hurt in the making of this battle but people were tossed around like foam cups.." * Kodah thrusts his sword into the ground and swears under his breath * Darton looks sadly at his clean claws <Man> That was great! I'm sure you'll be able to defeat the creature now... <Indigo> Oh yes.... * Darton perks <Darton> There's another something we can kill? * Lara causes the soulsword to disappear. "Of course we will." * Baine twirls AmeShi, throws it into the air and the blade lands in the sheath with a loud hiss of metal <Indigo> Do we have to? * The man points to a large boat at the end of the town. You can use this! A raft is so small, and you deserve it! <Baine> Yay, a boat! <Lara> Thank you, sir. <Kodah> ... * Baine looks at Kodah. "There'll be another chance, boy." * Darton walks to the docks and doesn't bother using the bridge, he just leaps straight up onto the boat <Man> No... Thank you! Good luck with the octopus... :) * Lara thinks aloud "The last time I was on a boat was before I was summoned to Granseal. It was on the Guardiana Royal Family's boat." * Lara leaps on.. * Indigo gets aboard. * Baine looks at the man for a second and then leaps onto the boat * Kodah picks up his sword and walks to the boat * Darton stares out at the railing, wagging his tail, much happier now that he did some violence <Narrator> After confronting Horester yet again, the Shining Force boards their new boat, raises anchor and rides down the Pangoat river, towards the creature's last spotted whereabouts... <Narrator> ===== Session end! =====