Shining Force RPG session 10
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force has acquired a ship from Pangoat... They have been going down river for 2 days now, not encountering the monster yet... * Vankarin yawns and puts a whetstone to his sword... * Darton is getting mad... he joined up with these losers mostly cause he could fight stuff... and now there's nothing to fight... * Baine stares into the water, leaning on the railing of the boat. * Chamolo twiddles a piece of grass around in his hands. * Indigo is reading a book and singing a song. * Baine is deep in thought.. * FlameStrike appears nervous * Yogurt fumbles through his pouch, looking for an entertaining ring... :P * Kodah sits quietly, not soing a lot <Indigo> Hey, I think I can move the water. * FlameStrike looks at Indigo and says calmly "NO!" <Chamolo> You can't, Indigo. It's impossible to walk on water. * Lara is at the wheel, guiding the ship down the river... <Chamolo> So please don't try... <Indigo> I don't remember all of the uses of my powers, but since I can summon the spirit of the water.... <Baine> Heh.. * Indigo turns to Chamolo. * Darton sits at the prow of the ship staring out at the river, wishing that monster thing would show up * Chamolo blinks and adjusts his glasses. * Baine quietly reaches into her belt and draws the dagger she used to kill Jeyer... <Indigo> Oh no it's not. I think. If you can call upon the power of water, you should be able to walk on water. <Chamolo> That's not so true... <Indigo> Besides, I was talking about making the water rush us along. ^_^ <Chamolo> For example, I have healing spells, but I cannot revive the dead.... <FlameStrike> Indigo, i said NO <Narrator> The waters are quite calm and the wind is low, thus making the sailing quite slow... * Baine turns and looks at the group, flpping the dagger in her hand <Chamolo> Although I suppose my father could...hmm...damn. <Darton> This is boring. <Baine> I second that notion, furry. <Narrator> The pace of the ship's movement is so slow it seems like the ship is going backwards * Indigo turns to FS. <Indigo> Who are you? <Chamolo> I just lost that aruguement...and besides....he...can't do that sort of thing anymore.. * Indigo blinks. * Chamolo sighs and looks into the water. <FlameStrike> I am FlameStrike, the Big Red Dragon, whose wing you broke 2 times * Baine sheathes the dagger and saunters over by Chamolo, tapping him lightly on the head. * Indigo shrugs. "Never heard of you." <Chamolo> Yes? <Baine> Want to talk about it? <Indigo> Anyways, you should lie down, and let me try my best, Mr. Lizardman. ^_^ <FlameStrike> Then you must have amnesia. You swore that you would serve me until the dead <Chamolo> About my father? What about him? * Darton considers swimming <Baine> About how you're feeling aobut him.. * Erin remains quiet... * * Chamolo shakes his head. "What is there to feel? I lost my father." * Baine looks a little concerned.. :P <Baine> Sadness.....anger... <Chamolo> Yes...sadness, anger...and I guess guilt. <Baine> guilt? <Chamolo> Lots of guilt... <Erin> When I lost my parents... that hollowness was with me for a long time... * Darton gets up and paces the length of the ship back and forth <Chamolo> It's my fault this happened to him. <Baine> Your fault? How so..? * Indigo shakes her head. <Chamolo> I should have given myself up in Yeel. If I did... <Indigo> I don't have parents.....that I remember. <FlameStrike> I know, Erin <FlameStrike> ... If you did, you would have BOTH been converted into demons. What do you think of that, Chamcham? * Chamolo eyes almost look a little watery. <Darton> ...huh? What are you guys talking about? <Baine> No!! Don't say that, Chamolo. Okay?. You did the right thing in Yeel.... <Erin> No, Cham... despite your loss now, you'll learn that there are other reasons to go on, even if you don't know them yet... <Chamolo> I don't know. I'm not postive when he was converted...but...I abandoned him when he needed me. * Indigo sits down, thinking, then summons the elemental of water to move the river along faster and carry them to their destination. * Darton stops near Erin, Baine and Cham, mildly interested * Indigo turns. * Kodah looks at Chamolo glumly, then looks back at the floor <Indigo> Well, you're a nice person Mr. Chamolo. Everything will work out. It is destiny. * Indigo smiles happily. <FlameStrike> Don't think you're the only one... My friends, my BROTHERS were turned into Darksol's minions... And for THAT Darksol will pay. <Chamolo> If there was some way they'd return him to normal, for me, I'd do it. That's my devotion to him. * Baine stays quiet... * Chamolo looks at FlameStrike, and then the others. "Yes...we all lost a lot, didn't we?" <FlameStrike> Yes, we did <FlameStrike> But we must go on with our life! <Erin> There are always things beyond our control, Cham... You're certainly not responsible for what happened to your father... * Baine looks at FlameStrike and shakes her head.. <Erin> I could do nothing when I was a little girl and my parents were slaughtered... * Chamolo looks at Erin. * Baine stares at Erin, wide eyed <Baine> Y-y...your parents were slaughtered...also..? <Chamolo> I heard that your parents died, but I had no idea they were murdered. <Chamolo> I'm sorry, Erin... <Kodah> .... <Erin> Dead... because of who my father was... * Indigo turns to Erin. <Erin> Even though he had long given up that pursuit... <FlameStrike> Neither could i when i was a hatchling, and my little brothers and my parents were taken away by Darksol to serve as Death Dragons <Indigo> Don't be sad, cute horsey. <Chamolo> How did you escape, FlameStrike? * Indigo walks up and pets Erin. * Darton is silent, leaning against the rail of the ship <Indigo> It will be all right. <Erin> Horsey? * Kodah wanders away from the others, towards the other end of the boat * Erin moves away from the depraved girl.. * * Baine gets a pale look and stands, heading to the railing... <Chamolo> Oh no.... <Narrator> The river seems to be getting rougher... And the wind picks up slightly... <Chamolo> You're not sick, are you Baine? * Indigo turns. <Indigo> I did it! I made the waters move! ^_^ <FlameStrike> I bit one of the minions on his foot, and he kicked me... I passed out, and he must have considered me dead, for i am here now... * Darton moves a bit away from Baine <Baine> No.. * Baine glares icily at Darton.. <Chamolo> ...? <Darton> What? * Indigo turns to Erin. * Baine sits on the railing, legs dangling over the side of the boat * Kodah leans on the raling and watches the water move slowly by * FlameStrike goes near Erin <Indigo> Anyways, these bad people are gone now, so don't worry. I'll give you a sugarcube if you cheer up. ^_^ <FlameStrike> If you wanna talk, i'm here... <Chamolo> * Chamolo can't help but chuckle. <Baine> Indigo, she isn't a stupid horse alright? <Erin> No. I'm fine 'Strike. <Indigo> Or a saltlick? * Indigo turns to Baine. * Baine is still on the railing, looking at the water with her back to the group <Indigo> But, she *looks* like a horsey. I wonder if she can be ridden...... * Chamolo twiddles the grass in his hand. <Baine> Don't. Even. Think. About. It. * Baine's words drip with acid.. <Erin> If you try and climb on my back, I'll put an arrow through your head. * FlameStrike turns to Indigo * Indigo shrugs and turns back to the water. <Indigo> Why? * Darton yawns <FlameStrike> TRY to ride her, and you will take an unexpected bath in the river * Chamolo falls asleep. * Baine stands on the railing, balancing. <Darton> I'm still bored... <Baine> So...where are we going again? * Chamolo snores lightly ^_^ <Indigo> Well, I'll aks Neptune to make the water move faster then! * FlameStrike takes a rope and ties Indigo <Indigo> Neptune, will you make the water go faster? <Darton> Nah... this thing'll fall apart if you do that * FlameStrike gags Indigo * Indigo makes muffled sounds of protests. * Baine walks the length of the railing, juggling AmeShi from hand to hand :P <Narrator> the waves of the river are getting abnormally large... * Darton considers playing a cruel joke * Indigo looks happy. <Kodah> .... <FlameStrike> Uhmmmm... either is that looney's spell, or it's the monster. <Baine> Its probably the monster. * Darton looks at Baine thoughtfully for a moment and decides against it * Erin spreads her wings and flies... not liking the feel of the ship suddenly... * * Baine glares once more at Darton <FlameStrike> Away from the railing, Baine! <Baine> Why? :P * FlameStrike joins Erin in the blue blue sky * Kodah looks over the railing into the water * Indigo takes the time to get free of the ropes and gags. * Baine is able to keep her balance still.. * Darton looks around, eager to kill things <Indigo> *mumble* Now, to make a REALLY big wave, and get there! ^_^ <Indigo> Neptune, please make the biggest wave possible! * Chamolo mumbles, still asleep <FlameStrike> Oh, SHIT! * Darton sighs <Darton> There goes the ship with a bigger wave than these... <Erin> Stupid girl! Why can't you leave nature well enough alone... damned magic! <Chamolo> sauce... * FlameStrike sweeps down on the ship, and takes the others with him in the sky <Indigo> Elemental of the water, makes this......flood stage, or better, a tidal wave! * Indigo looks cheerful. <Erin> I'm gonna kill her... * FlameStrike intentionally leaves Indigo on the ship <Darton> Kid... you're gonna destroy the ship * Baine throws a sock at Chamolo. * Chamolo wakes up...and then looks down.... <Chamolo> O_O What is going on?! <FlameStrike> Stop, Cham * Indigo rocks along cheerfully, singing a happy song. <Narrator> The waves splash over the railing, rocking the ship wildly <Chamolo> What? <FlameStrike> DON't make a move <Erin> Indigo is being stupid again, Cham. <Chamolo> ...oh. * Chamolo grumbles. * Baine blinks and falls over onto the deck <Baine> Ow. O_o <Chamolo> Baine!! <Erin> Yeah, that answers it all, doesn't it. :P <Kodah> Oof! <FlameStrike> So i had to take you up here * Erin picks up Baine. * <Chamolo> Well, bring me down! She might be hurt! <Chamolo> ...oh, Thanks Erin. * Indigo surprisingly keeps her balance, reading a book calmly. * Baine mutters curses.. * FlameStrike takes up from the ship EVERYONE excluding Indigo * Darton glares at FlameStrike * Indigo doesn't notice, just reading calmly. <Narrator> The ship almost capsizes, but stabilizes, and the waves subside... <Chamolo> We didn't move, did we...? * Erin works harder at staying aloft with extra weight... * I must say... I'm not used to.. carrying people. :P <Darton> Excuse me. I enjoy the sensation of solid matter under my feet... and I can swim anyway. * Chamolo sighs. "Well, that was pointless..." * Indigo looks at the waves. <Darton> In plainer words, put me down. <FlameStrike> Need help, dearest? <Indigo> Why did you stop Neptune? We need to get wherever we're going in a hurry! * Baine pukes. "Dearest. Guh." <Erin> Agh... again with this dearest crap... <Narrator> The river returns to its peaceful self... * Kodah hauls himself back up to the railing, looking slightly ill <Baine> Grand * Erin drops back to the ship. * * FlameStrike puts everyone down * Indigo stomps her foot. <Darton> Hmph. <FlameStrike> Crap? * Chamolo smiles as solid wood now is below his feet. <Baine> Next time ask first, FlameStrike. <Darton> Really. <Baine> Or I'll try to cut your tongue from your mouth. <FlameStrike> Next time drown, people... <Darton> I swim. <Erin> Give me one reason why I shouldn't plug you in the head, Indigo. <Indigo> *mutter* Why isn't she paying attention? <FlameStrike> Sheesh... you HELP them, and see what are the results... * Indigo looks at Erin. * Baine goes back to standing on the railing... <Chamolo> Because no matter how annoying she is, Erin, you shouldn't take a life. <Indigo> But....I thought horses were trained not to attack people...... * Indigo looks very confused. <Erin> You're sure Cham? <Chamolo> Sigh, yeah. <Darton> Horses don't talk kid... <FlameStrike> It's pretty hard to swim in waters like those we just had, thanks to this (bops Indigo on the head) idiot... * Baine closes her eyes and sings while walking the length of the railing. o/~ I've got a lovely buncha coconuts... o/~ <Indigo> Ow! <Darton> I manage, thank you much... * Indigo looks puzzled? <Narrator> Suddenly, the stern is pulled down by an unknown force, making the bow go at a 45 degree angle! <Indigo> I thought this was a special, talking horsey, but the only difference was that she could talk, other than that, isn't she a normal horsey? * Kodah flops over and rolls back towards the rest of the group * Erin is in the air in a flash! * What the?! * Darton digs his claws into the deck and is unmoved * Chamolo yells as he begins to slip to the end of the boat! <Kodah> Hey! <Erin> Everyone okay? * Indigo slides to the side, hitting the railing. * FlameStrike is caught off-guard and slams HARD onto the railing * Darton growls <Narrator> Giant tentacles are clamped on the railing, pulling the ship into the water... * Baine gahs and falls over the railing, grabbing it with her hand. <Baine> Shit O_o * Chamolo grabs onto a rope. "Here's our monster!" <Kodah> What is THAT?! * Kodah scrambles away from a tentacle * Darton drops to all fours, growling ferally * Chamolo looks worried.. "Those tenticles are too close! I can't get up!" <Erin> Aw hell... * Indigo goes over and pokes a tentacle with her staff. * Baine grunts and attempts to haul herself up.. <Indigo> Yum! Squid dinner! <Narrator> The tentacle lets go of the side of the ship and grabs Indigo! * Erin flies over to Cham, and tries to haul him up. * Where ya wanna be? I'm not good at carrying people... * Indigo blinks. <Kodah> Indigo! <Chamolo> Doesn't matter, as long as I'm away from those things! <Chamolo> Thanks in advance, Erin! * Darton leaps at the closest tentacle, ripping, tearing, and biting like a madman... err wolf... * FlameStrike uses the railing to power a jump and attacks the tentacle that's catching Indigo * Baine mutters, slumping on the side of the ship.. :P "I'm getting too old.." <Narrator> The tentacle smacks Darton away, unnafected. <Indigo> Oh, funny octopus. Now you put me down, and I'll put you in butter! * Kodah tries to grab Indigo * Erin gives Cham a short airlift to the stern of the vessel. * <Chamolo> Thanks...but those tenticles are coming closer anyway! * Darton yelps in pain and thuds on the deck, sliding towards the stern for a moment before he catches himself <Baine> *mutter* I think I'll just stay here. Its probably much safer. <Narrator> The tentacle squeezes Indigo, slowly crushing her... :P <Indigo> Ouchies! <Erin> Best I could do on short notice... * Darton snarls * Kodah starts hacking away at the tentacle <Indigo> You stop that at once, I COMMAND it! <Erin> Aw hell... I know I'm gonna regret this... <Baine> Then again...Indigo needs ^_^; <Chamolo> Yeah, we have to help her... * Chamolo pulls out his staff. * Erin knocks an arrow, and fires at the tenticle! * * Indigo digs the sharp end of her staff into the tentacle. * Baine hauls herself up over the railing and draws AmeShi. * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. * Kodah gasps as Erin's arrow grazes him <Chamolo> Kodah! <Erin> Sorry, Kodah! O_O * Darton holds out a paw and tries blasting the uncooperative tentacle with ice <Kodah> Ow * Chamolo prepares a healing spell for Kodah. * Baine draws the dagger that she used to kill Jeyer with.. <Indigo> Hmmm.....I wonder..... <Narrator> The tentacle holding Indigo throws her HARD on the deck. * Kodah keeps hacking at the tentacle holding Indigo, as if it helped :P <Indigo> Oof! * Indigo blinks dazedly. * Chamolo heals Kodah grazed arm! <Indigo> I.....wonder if octopi can survive on land.... <Narrator> All the tentacles pull down to the water, letting the ship go back to its original position... * Baine blinks at the sudden change of balance and falls over....again.. * Chamolo blinks. "Is it gone?" * Darton snarls in frustration <Indigo> That was odd. <Lara> too odd. <Baine> Someone doesn't like me...I swear... * Erin stays in the air... * Wary of the water below... * Baine mutters.. <Kodah> .....? <Darton> Damn it... <Indigo> Maybe I can have Neptune throw the octopus onto land! * Chamolo risks it and takes some steps closer to the railing. <Chamolo> I don't see anything so far... <Indigo> Then we can eat a big squid dinner! ^_^ * Baine rubs her head and stands slowly.. <Kodah> Where is it? * FlameStrike slams AGAIN against the railing <FlameStrike> *SLAM!* <Baine> Careful, Chamolo...don't wind up fish food.. * Darton releases his claws from the deck <Chamolo> I am....don't worry. <FlameStrike> Arrrrrrrrgh! <Kodah> Flamestrike? O_o <Darton> That was really annoying... <Chamolo> But I got to take a risk and look...Flamestrike is sort of spazzing out. <Baine> Flamestrike always spazzes out. :P <Indigo> What's wrong Mr. Lizardman? <Chamolo> As does Indigo. * Indigo looks concerned for FS. * Baine noddles <Indigo> I do? <Baine> And I do sometimes. ^_- <Erin> I can have a look see if you'd like, Cham... I'm not too shaken up... <Chamolo> No, I got it. <FlameStrike> Ouchouchouch.... Hey, wait... HOW DID YOU CALL ME? <Kodah> Oh boy..... <Baine> Oh grand. * Indigo blinks. <Darton> now what? * Baine sheathes AmeShi and sheathes dagger <Erin> K... if you need anything though Cham, just ask. :) <Indigo> Mr. Lizardman? What else? * Baine eyes Erin.. * Vankarin, who seems to be totally calm about the situation, stands next to Yogurt, who is the same... :P * Baine shakes her head :P * Indigo honestly doesn't understand. <Lara> on was Indigo. * FlameStrike takes Indigo and lifts her up by the neck <Kodah> O_O <Indigo> Ouch! <Lara> Flamestrike! Calm down. <Chamolo> Stop! <Baine> FlameStrike, calm down and let her the fuck go, you moron! she didn't know different, remember?! She's blank! <FlameStrike> DON'T DARE CALL ME THAT AGAIN! I'M A DRAGON! DRAGON! GOT IT??? * Darton thinks that he's going to see more fighting between the members of this crew than fighting monsters and evil... * Indigo lashes out with a foot on instinct, lodging her sharp boot-end in his retina. * FlameStrike slams Indigo on the deck and goes in a corner <Chamolo> And we were bonding so well earlier... * Baine buries her face in her hands and growls loudly.. <Indigo> Okay Mr....umm....Dragonman? Oof! * Kodah flinches awy from Flamestrike * Chamolo looks back to see where the octopi went. <Baine> Calm...think happy thoughts.. <Narrator> A tentacle pulls back over the railing quickly and grabs Chamolo! <Baine> Chamolo!! * Indigo gets up and shakes her head. <Kodah> Now what?! <Lara> CHAM! * Chamolo chokes! <FlameStrike> Augh! <Darton> It's back... oh joy... <Kodah> Oh man! <Lara> WHAT THE FUCK? <FlameStrike> CHAMCHAM! <Indigo> Hey Chamolo! <Erin> Cham! * FlameStrike jumps to the tentacle and slashes at it * Baine draws AmeShi and leaps at the tentacle! "Let him go, bastard!!!" * Chamolo is slowly being dragged off, losing air! * Erin knocks another arrow! * * Lara rushes the tentacle with her soulsword in hand. * Indigo summons Neptune to throw the octopus out of the water. * Darton leaps at it and claws madly again <Narrator> A giant form raises out of the water slowly, throws Chamolo back on the ship and spews ink on the deck. * FlameStrike covers his eyes * Kodah is nicely blackened now * Chamolo coughs for air. * Lara tries to shield her eyes. * Baine blinks and kneels by Chamolo. "Uhm......uhm....uhm..." * Erin fires at the tentacle, aimed far more carefully this time! * <Indigo> Ewww! <Lara> Kara, is he alright? * Baine has ink all over herself. :P <Chamolo> Can't breathe.... <Narrator> The arrow hits the tentacle and plants in it. * Darton growls when he sees the condition of his cape... it's black now... his fur was already dark grey, he doesn't care about that * Kodah wipes some ink off of his face O_o * Baine hesitates and slaps Chamolo lightly on the throat.. <Baine> Breathe, damnit! <Narrator> The octopus makes a loud shrieking sound! <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== * Chamolo gasps and coughs up water! * Erin knocks another... * <Chamolo> Thank--yo..u.. * Kodah fumbles for his sword, still strugglingt o get the ink off his face * Lara loosk right to the head of the octopus.. "Time to make some sushi." <Narrator> ===== Octopus, 8 tentacles ===== <Baine> big goon!! *slaps Chamolo in the arm* I thought you said you were being careful! :P <Chamolo> I was...but Flamestrike discracted me... * Indigo prepares to summon an elemental. * Baine then hugs Chamolo slightly and stands, drawing AmeShi. <FlameStrike> I'm sorry... i just can't hold myself <Erin> I should have been the one to go take the look... <Narrator> == Erin can attack! * Darton grins ferally, apparently he's going to have fun today after all <Baine> Alright, guys...lets kick some monster ass. <FlameStrike> Darton! Come with me! <Chamolo> I'm...I'm all right.. * Chamolo wipes the ink off his glasses. <Darton> wha? <Baine> You'd better be, Cham. :P * Kodah spits up some ink, "Ptoo!" * Erin quickly fires an arrow at Tentacle 1 !! * <FlameStrike> Come on! <Narrator> As you're all fighting, you see a green "something" tangled up in one of the octopus' tentacles... <Chamolo> ....? What is that? <Narrator> == Erin attacks Tentacle 1 <Lara> what the fuck is that thing? <Kodah> What's what? <FlameStrike> ?? <Baine> Hey!! Its Bill Clinton! <Indigo> I wonder that is.... * Indigo walks over to it. <Narrator> == The arrow lodges into the tentacle! 12 damage! <`Kiwi> Help! Kiwi no wanna be octopus food! <Kodah> What is everyone talking about? <Chamolo> It's....What IS THAT? <Baine> its Kiwi. Didn't you hear it? :P <Indigo> Hi hi! I'm Indigo, pleased to meet you Kiwi! ^_^ * Kiwi burbles as he gets pushed into the water. <Chamolo> Oh, I know it's Kiwi...but what IS Kiwi...? * Darton looks curiously at the green thing * Lara readies herself to strike. <Baine> A fruit...? <Baine> :P * Indigo grabs at Kiwi and tries to pull him up. * Chamolo ha has :P <Kodah> Talking fruit? <Erin> Maybe we'd better free him... uh... her... uh... it... <Darton> It's... a turtle... * Baine twirls AmeShi and grins ferally.. <FlameStrike> Darton, let's go and hit him where it hurts most! * Chamolo blinks, and remembers when Indigo did that him. <FlameStrike> So he'll let him go! <Chamolo> Ouch. * Darton growls "I want to make this thing suffer before it dies..." * Kiwi tries to chomp on the tentacle that's holding him... <Baine> No one messes with my comrades and lives. ^_- * Indigo grabs Kiwi's arm and just yanks with all her might. <Narrator> == Baine can attack! * Baine leaps to the tentacle and drives AmeShi into it, twisting it wildly! <Chamolo> Careful, Baine! <Narrator> == Baine attacks Tentacle 1... <Lara> careful, Kara. * Baine hauls the blade out raggedly and leaps back <Indigo> Here, let me help you Mr. Kiwi. <Narrator> == the tentacle is severed! 22 damage! Dispatched! <Baine> Careful? I'm always careful. *dangerous grin* <Chamolo> Kiwi, are you a he or she? * Kiwi tumbles onto the deck of the ship, looking dizzied... * Indigo helps him up. * Baine twirls AmeShi with a look that reads: Do not mess with me or you'll end up sterile via a stapler.. * Lara tightens her grip on the soulsword. <Kodah> What's that? * Kiwi doesn't answer, instead hissing angrily (albeit cutely) at the octopus... <Baine> Hey, Lara? Try and cut the tentacles off....I mean, RIGHT off....sever them... <Chamolo> ....I hear you Kiwi.... * Chamolo rubs his sore throat. <Narrator> == Lara and FlameStrike can attack! <Lara> I'm gonna try to take out the head of the snake.... <FlameStrike> GRRRR! <Indigo> Oh, you don't like the octopus, do you? Well, it's just a life-form, like us. <Baine> Poor Cham. ^_- <Narrator> == Lara attacks the octopus head. * Lara rushes at Octopus-Head, slashing with her powerful soulsword. She hits Octopus-Head several times before finally leaping high into the air. A beam of light flashes off the blade as she brings it down upon Octopus-Head. <Chamolo> I'm all right... * FlameStrike flies to the head and digs his claws where the creature's brains should be * Baine wipes a smear of ink off Cham's nose and chuckles a bit. "You're in desperate need of a bath." <Narrator> == FlameStrike attacks the octopus head. <Chamolo> So are you! Ha ha! <Indigo> Ewwww! You don't mash it, you COOK it! <FlameStrike> Say hello to your little brains, sunovabitch <Narrator> == the combined damage shreds through part of its head, blood gushing out. 24 damage. * Baine looks at her totally inky clothing. "Damnit...thats true...this is gonna be hell to get out..." * Chamolo wipes off a bit off gook off Baine's cheek. * Indigo begins to weep. * Kodah gives up trying to get the ink off of him, deciding to concentrate of the battle <Indigo> We're killing it! * Lara leaps back to safety with the shining force. <Baine> Thats the point, Indigo :P <Erin> Brilliant observation... <Indigo> But, it does not want to give up its' life-force.... <Baine> No, really? * Baine rolls her eyes * FlameStrike taunts the octopus, ready to receive attacks * Chamolo sighs. -_- <Narrator> == Indigo, Chamolo and Darton can attack! <Baine> Give me strength.. :P <Indigo> No it doesn't. * Darton grins and jumps at the head, doing his claw/bite thing <Baine> I was being sarcastic, Indigo! <Erin> It may not be wanting to give it's up... but it is wanting to take ours... * Baine sweatdrops :P <Erin> Hence, we are on the defensive. <Indigo> Well, maybe I can disable it a bit.... * Chamolo twirls his staff, dashing over to one of the tenticles! <Narrator> == Darton attacks the head. <FlameStrike> If someone can call the lightning, THIS is the moment! * Indigo summons Dao and orders him to smash down sharp rocks on the octopus's head. <Narrator> == Chamolo attacks Tentacle 2. * Chamolo strikes HARD! <Narrator> == Indigo summons Dao. <Indigo> Well, I could try next time..... <Baine> lightning? Argh...wish I had Jeyer's Rayjin.. * Chamolo rushes back! <Indigo> Maybe there's a spirit of the air.... <Lara> Right now, Kara, I just wish I could use magic. * Kiwi just keeps hissing at the octopus... <Baine> Wonder if fire will work.. <Chamolo> All I have is curitive magic. Sorry. <Chamolo> Fire against water? <Chamolo> I don't think so... <Narrator> == Chamolo bashes at the tentacle, crushing it! Critical! 27 damage! dispatched! <FlameStrike> No, Baine... <Erin> Wow... you don't even have Egress, Lara? A first in Shining Force history. :/ <Baine> Against the monster, not the water :P <Lara> No....Water is critically strong against water. <Chamolo> O_o * Chamolo smiles! <Baine> Hey....nice hit, cham! * Darton is digging his claws into the octopus's brains, blood flying everywhere, he's having fun... <Lara> Erin, I was never taught how to use wasn't part of my demon hunter training. <Narrator> == Darton slashes at the head, while Indigo's Dao drops heavy boulders on him. 28 damage! <Erin> Just an observation... I shouldn't talk... I've never been a fan of Magic either. :P <Baine> Fire magics were part of our Clan training.. <Baine> Along with other not very nice practices :P <FlameStrike> And improving magic part of my Dragon Warrior training <Indigo> But magic is wonderful. You can manipulate nature with it! ^_^ * Darton neatly dodges Dao's rocks as he leaps back to the boat * Baine decides AmeShi will have to do.. <Narrator> == The tentacles start to move... <Chamolo> Look out! Incoming! <Kodah> Eep! <Lara> oh boy... * Darton snarls ferally, practically daring the damn squid to do something * Baine grins and starts to taunt the tentacles. "Yoo hoo! Over here, big boys!! C'mon, you cock sucking monster!! Try me! Yeah!" <Chamolo> Sir Darton, please don't egg it on. ^^; <Lara> damn, Kara. * Baine makes a rude gesture at the monster <Chamolo> Um.. :/ * Chamolo whistles a funeral march. <Narrator> == Two of the tentacles reach for the head and cover the wounds... * Baine does the whole crotch chop thing at the monster. "WANT THIS?!?! YEAH!!" <Narrator> == the rest attack Baine, Chamolo and FlameStrike. <Chamolo> Ah! * Chamolo tries to defend! <Indigo> Please go away Mr. Octopus. We can call it even. * Darton is disappointed, almost... * FlameStrike tries to take a chance for a Counterattack <Lara> Chamolo, Kara! <Kodah> Look out! * Baine just grins... <Narrator> == Chamolo takes 10 damage, Baine takes 11 damage and Flamestrike takes 8. * Chamolo screams as he hears something in her arm 'pop'. <Kodah> Cham! * FlameStrike casts Aura level 1 immediately after the attack <FlameStrike> You can't beat us, bastard! HEALING ZONE! * Baine has a gash in her forehead and she rubs some minor blood away. <Narrator> == The healing succeeds... everyone gains 8 HP. <Baine> Much better. <Chamolo> My arm...he dislocated my arm...'pop' ahh...better... * Baine grins at the now fading scar. ^_- * Erin winces at the pop. * Ow... <Narrator> == The two tentacles remove from the wounds, which are fully healed. <Erin> Must hurt... <Lara> oh shit. * Darton snarls <Kodah> O_O <Chamolo> You...could say that.. <Chamolo> What?! <Lara> let's take out those tentacles. <Kodah> Um......cripes <Chamolo> Agreed... <Baine> See? told you we should :P * Darton then perks, thinking of the benefits to this... <FlameStrike> Cham, i can't do it anymore! Now stay BACK and heal us! <Narrator> == Kodah can attack! <Darton> Now we can torture it before it dies ^_^ <Chamolo> Right! * Kodah charges at a nearby tentacle! * Baine 's eyes darken to a red... <Kodah> YAH! <Indigo> Oh dear. <Narrator> == Kodah attacks Tentacle 3... <Erin> I like that Darton... torture... heh... * FlameStrike breathes heavily... * Kiwi just keeps hissing at the monster, not being able to do much more... * Kodah sheathes his blade in ice, and leaps into the air! Kodah drives his blade deep into the enemy, "Ice Blade Stab Hyorestuzan!" Erinholio! You will give me teepee for my horseyhole!>> <Indigo> Torture? What is that? <Kiwi> <hiss!> Bad octopus! <fft!> Try to make Kiwi into food! Kiwi no good to eat! * Baine sheathes AmeShi.. <Narrator> == The damage on the tentacle is extensive, but it still moves! Critical! 23 damage! <Kodah> Damn! * Baine draws the dagger and eyes one of the tentacles... <Chamolo> When did Kodah learn that?! * FlameStrike screams in a perfect Leona pose, but appears much more aggressive * Kodah hops away from it <Narrator> ===== Monster count. Octopus, 5 tentacles. ===== <Baine> Must've come with his hair <Chamolo> Heh. <Kodah> ? * Baine smirks lightly and twirls the dagger.. <Narrator> == Kiwi can attack! <Baine> I'm gonna see if I can rip a tentacle off....might be food for a week.. <Kodah> What's this obsession with my hair anyways? O_o <Baine> Its very sexy, Kodah. Seriously. It looks :P * Kiwi leaps up and latches himself to one of the tentacles, tearing at it madly, making (cute) "fft" sounds... * Indigo blinks. <Kodah> O_O;; * Chamolo humphs. * Baine chuckles. :P <Indigo> Kiwi, please get down from there. You'll hurt yourself. * Darton snickers and considers turtle soup <Baine> Not as sexy as Chamolo's hair, though. ^_- <Narrator> == Kiwi attacks Tentacle 3... <Chamolo> O_O; <Chamolo> Thanks...I think. * Baine alienates Chamolo some more.. :P <Narrator> == the damage done to it seems to destroy what's left of its energy... 7 damage, dispatched! * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> Wow. * Kodah never considered his hair as something sexy before O_o * Kiwi falls back onto the deck, panting... * Chamolo keeps blinking. <Narrator> == Yogurt can attack! * Yogurt fumbles through his pouch for a ring... <Baine> How does tentacle stew sound? <Chamolo> Disgusting. * Chamolo rubs his throat <Baine> Perfect. ;) * Kiwi blinks... * Yogurt groans, pulls off his helmet and throws it at Tentacle 4! <Lara> oh great...:P * Baine gets serious and looks at Chamolo. "...are you sure you're okay?" <Chamolo> I'm fine. Don't worry. <Narrator> == Tentacle 4 shrugs off the attack almost completely. 1 damage :P * Kiwi peers into the water and whimper as he sees his helmet floating downstream... <Baine> *mutter* But you keep rubbin' your damn throat... * Yogurt sighs... I'm losing my fighting touch... :p <Chamolo> It's...just sore..that's all. * Indigo smiles and runs to the end of the ship, reaching out and trying to snag the helmet with her staff. <Baine> All the same, I'm keeping an eye on you. Just in case. <Narrator> == Yogurt forces himself and whacks FS for no particular reason... 1 damage :P * Baine turns back to the battle, waiting her turn <Narrator> == Erin can attack! <Chamolo> Right. Don't forget, I'm a healer. I'll heal my throat when this is all done. <Indigo> Don't worry Kiwi. I'll have Neptune, the elemental of water, return your helmet. ^_^ <Kodah> Uh.... O_o * Erin unleashes a rain of deadly arrows upon Tentacle IV ! * <Narrator> == Erin attacks Tentacle IV :P <Kiwi> Kiwi want hemlet back... Kiwi sad... * Chamolo pets Kiwi * Lara readies herself once more to hit one of those damn tentacles. <Chamolo> How about this...when the battle's over, I'll take a swim and fetch it for you. <Chamolo> We don't want Indigo casting any spells. -_- <Baine> Baine doesn't li-...errr.... I don't like the idea of that, Cham... <Baine> What if you get eaten by a shark? :P <Chamolo> Sharks, in a river? <Baine> Sure. :P <Narrator> == the arrow, again, plants through the tentacle, but the sheer force of the arrow makes the tentacle explode! 26 damage! Dispatched! <Lara> it has happened, Chamolo. * Kiwi a teardrop forms and rolls down his cheek... (if turtles have cheeks) <Baine> Theres an octopus, isn't there? :P * Indigo clambers to the very edge and snags it with her staff, then brings it up carefully and returns it to Kiwi. <Indigo> Here. * Chamolo sighs. <Chamolo> Guess I won't have to. <Narrator> == Baine can attack! * Baine grins ferally.. <Baine> Hehe... <Chamolo> Who needs healing? * Chamolo pulls out his staff again. * Kiwi beams and puts it on, splashing himself with a helm-full of water in the process... <Kodah> Got a spell that removes ink? *pleth* <Narrator> == Baine attacks Tentacle 5. <Chamolo> Sorry. * Baine leaps at the tentacle and drives the dagger into it. She sits on the tentacle and yanks the dagger back and forth <Baine> Dooooo dooo doooo <Chamolo> Doo doo? <Baine> *yank yank* <Baine> Doooooooo.. <Baine> *yank yank* <Kiwi> Thank you!! <Chamolo> Uh, Baine, that's enough. -_- * Kiwi acts oh-so-coot. <Lara> Kara's enjoying this too much. <Narrator> == the tentacle takes 8 damage and throws Baine across the deck! she takes 5 damage as she slams into the mast! * Darton grins "I like your style..." <Indigo> Are you happy Kiwi? <Baine> ow. <Kodah> O_O * Baine slides dowwwnnn.. <Chamolo> Baine! <Indigo> Ouchsies. <Lara> you ok, Kara? <Indigo> Kara? <Baine> perfectly...fine...I...ow...head.. <Chamolo> Kara! <Kodah> That looked like it hurt * Chamolo looks at her, then starts chanting. * Vankarin stays away from the fight, almost completely ignoring it... * Baine wipes some blood off her scalp and stands woozily.. <Narrator> == Lara and FlameStrike can attack! <FlameStrike> GRRRRR! BERSERKER BARRAGE!!! * Lara rushes at Tentacle, slashing with her powerful soulsword. She hits Tentacle several times before finally leaping high into the air. A beam of light flashes off the blade as she brings it down upon Tentacle. <Baine> No the magic for someone else...I'll be fine...really... ^_^; <Chamolo> You're the one who needs it. * FlameStrike rushes into the middle of the tentacles, slashing at them all * Baine pats Chamolo on the shoulder and leaves a bloody handprint. :P * Chamolo 's eyes widen * Baine draws AmeShi and glares at the octopus <Chamolo> Sit down, and let me cure you... <Baine> But..I've gotta fight... <Chamolo> Don't push it! <Narrator> == Lara slashes at Tentacle 5, cutting it in half! 25 damage! Critical! Dispatched! * Baine blinks and sits as commanded.. :P <Chamolo> Good. ^_^ * Chamolo starts up his healing spell agian <Narrator> == FlameStrike hits the last 3 tentacles, causing split damage of 6 per tentacle. * Baine rubs her head and brings forth some more blood. "Cool!...its red...and stuff....then again, if it wasn't red I'd be worried.." <Baine> Its probably just some lameass cut.. :P * Chamolo cures anyway :P <Narrator> == Chamolo heals Baine, thus loses his attack. <Narrator> == Darton and Indigo can attack! <Chamolo> There... * Chamolo smiles. * Darton had his bloodfest earlier, he decides to encase a tentacle in ice this time around... he waves a paw idly and tentacle 6 is encased in ice * Baine feels better and stands. "Erhm...heh heh...thanks, Cham...I owe you." * Indigo frowns, then summons Dao to smash Tentacle 6 with sharp boulders. <Chamolo> No problem, you saved me earlier... * Baine picks up AmeShi. "Maybe I shouldn't sit on the tentacle again.." <Narrator> == Darton casts freeze level 1 on Tentacle 6 and Indigo casts Dao. * Darton grins and waits for the crystallization <Chamolo> Yeah... <Narrator> == The freeze spell hardens the tentacle while Dao crushes it to pieces. 29 damage combined. Dispatched. <Lara> now that's what I call a cool combo. <Indigo> Wow! <Baine> *mutter* Should've used your turn to heal that throat of yours. :P <Narrator> == The tentacles lash out at Erin. <Chamolo> I'm fine! Don't worry... * Erin moves to evade! * * Erin climbs high! * <Chamolo> Look out, Erin! <Narrator> == the tentacles clasp Erin's legs and pulls her down HARD on the deck. 6 damage :P * FlameStrike goes real berserk * Erin slams into the boards! * Ahh! <Chamolo> Eriin!! <Narrator> == The octopus attacks. <Indigo> Erin? * Kiwi meeps and runs around in circles... * Indigo looks concerned. * Baine jumps up and down, trying to keep the octopus from hitting the already wounded Erin :P * Erin is back in the air in a second... but one of her legs seems a little limp... * * Indigo turns to the octopus, staying out of tentacle range. * Darton just waits for his next attack, flexing his claws <Indigo> You leave the horsey alone! Mean octopus! <Baine> Hey!!! Slimy prick!! Over here!! You know, the ninja babe!! The one that has that dagger in your tentacle!! Come get me! ^_- * Indigo pouts. <Narrator> == The octopus uses the bubble blast technique... <Chamolo> Don't TAUNT it. <Kodah> Huh? <Chamolo> O_o oh no. <Lara> oh great. <Chamolo> Don't you people learn...? * Darton growls <Baine> Something tells me this was not a good move... :P * Baine wonders why she keeps fucking up! :P <Narrator> == Large bubbles are blown onto the deck, surrounding the Shining Force... <Baine> We're being attacked by bubbles? :P <Kodah> What's this? * Chamolo coughs and sputters! <Chamolo> Killer bubbles O_o * Darton tries popping the bubbles with his claws :P <Baine> Killer bubbles? Hah... :P * Baine pokes at a bubble * Indigo looks at the bubbles. <Indigo> Cute. <Baine> Maybe they're acidic :P * Chamolo tries poking them with his staff. <Narrator> == the bubbles suddenly explode all at once! They cause MASSIVE damage to the whole team! 10 damage on everyone! <Indigo> Oh no, just soap but wes. ^_^ <Baine> Frigg O_o * Chamolo is thrown back! <Lara> oh shit. <Indigo> Ouchsies! * Darton shakes his head * Kodah flops onto the ground * Indigo falls to one knee. <Darton> Ouch... that hurt... * Baine winces <Baine> Chamolo! Are you okay? O_o <Chamolo> Argh... <Chamolo> * Kiwi gets tossed up five feet into the air and lands back down on deck with a "THUD". "MEEEEEEEEEEEP!" <Kodah> Ow...... <Baine> Thassit. I'm healing you next. :P <Chamolo> No...don't.. * Indigo rolls Kiwi over. <Chamolo> I'm fine...destroy the monstere.. <Baine> Chamolo, shut up and let me heal you or I'll beat you up! :P * Baine sounds lame.. :P <Chamolo> Just fight the monster! * Kodah struggles to his feet <Narrator> == Kiwi and Yogurt can attack! * Chamolo looks up at Baine and sounds almost commanding! O_o * Baine narrows her eyes and hisses at Chamolo :P <Chamolo> ...sorry. <Narrator> == Kodah can attack :P <Chamolo> Please just do it.. * Kodah leaps up onto the railing and goes after Tentacle 7! * FlameStrike looks at the severely wounded Erin <FlameStrike> ERIN! NO! <FlameStrike> HEALING ZONE! * Baine softens. "Fine....don't get yourself killed...okay?..." <Chamolo> Okay... * FlameStrike casts Aura * `Kiwi hisses at the octopus, and tosses his helmet at it! <Narrator> == FlameStrike cannot cast Aura until his turn. Spell fails. * Baine turns back to the monster and twirls AmeShi, the blade's black flames flickering wildly.. * Indigo goes to catch the helmet. <Narrator> == Yogurt pulls out a ring, and uses it on the helmet. <Erin> I'll be fine, 'Strike... I'm not helpless you know. <Narrator> == The helmet turns into a fireball, burning tentacle 8 to a crisp! 34 damage. <Chamolo> I...I can heal her, FS...heal the rest of us! <Narrator> == Dispatched. <Kiwi> Bad octopus! Badbadbad! <fft!> * Darton's eyes are tinged with violet, normally ice-blue... he bares his teeth at the octopus, waiting patiently for his next opportunity to cause massive injury to the octopus * FlameStrike concentrates and harnesses his powers <Narrator> == Kodah slashes easily through tentacle 7, severing it. <Kodah> Ragh! <Narrator> == 17 damage, dispatched! <Chamolo> Is that it...? Or is there one more.. * Baine's eyes are deep red, the angry fire on her blade mirroring her anger at the monster.. * Kodah realizes there's no tentacle under him now and splooshes into the water O_o <Kodah> Agh!(blub) * Lara helps Kodah back into the boat. * Kodah flops back onto the deck and coughs up some water * Indigo goes over and hits his chest to knock water out. <Indigo> There you go. ^_^ <Narrator> ===== Monster count: Octopus. ===== <Kodah> Ow! Ow! OW! * Baine stands in front of Chamolo :P <Indigo> Is there still water in you? <Chamolo> Baine... * Kodah tries to get to his feet again * Chamolo coughs hard. * Indigo raises her foot to stomp the water out. <Baine> Just relax.. <Kodah> No, not anymore <Chamolo> I'm fine... <Indigo> Oh good. ^_^ <Baine> You don't sound it. * Indigo puts her foot down. * Kodah rolls away from Indigo O_O <Chamolo> Well, fine enough to fight. * Lara eyes the octopus head..."Now this thing is dead." <Baine> Fight, then. But I'm gonna defend you anyway. <Chamolo> As I will you. ^_^ * Darton snarls "I wanna kill it!" <Erin> The sooner we'd done with this... the sooner we can recover... <Chamolo> Ahem...uh.... <FlameStrike> No, he hurt Erin... He's MINE! * Baine grins slightly and eyes the octopus.. * FlameStrike is enveloped by a dark aura flame * Chamolo blushes and goes into a fighting position <Erin> Dammit FS! What the hell is with your protective fetish?! <Indigo> Maybe he'll run away you. <Erin> I'll be fine! * Kodah oogles at all the hostility erupting around him O_o o_O O_o o_O <Narrator> == Erin can attack <Indigo> I mean, we beat his tentacles.... * Erin knocks an arrow, raising her bow, and drawing it back. With uncanny accuracy, she unleashes an arrow at the head !!* <Narrator> == Erin attacks the head. <Darton> We tortured it... now we can kill it ^_^ <FlameStrike> It's a habit of us Dragon Warriors... <FlameStrike> To protect the ones we love <Narrator> == The arrow plants in his right eye... 12 damage! <Indigo> What is torture anyways? <Darton> Later, kid. <Chamolo> What we are going through...*Groan* <Narrator> == Baine can attack! * Baine grins ferally.. <Indigo> Oh, okay. <Narrator> == Baine attacks the head. * Baine leaps at the head and drives the blade of AmeShi into its flesh....right down to the hilt. * Baine screams in anger and trashes the blade back and forth! * Baine rips the blade out and leaps back! <Narrator> == The octopus shrieks and throws Baine off, again slamming her on the deck! 3 damage to Baine, 24 damage to the head! <Indigo> Ouch. * Baine lands on her face <Baine> ow.. <Chamolo> Baine! * Indigo goes to help Baine up. <Lara> Kara! * Chamolo sighs and begins to heal her again, unless FS helps him out ;P <FlameStrike> Don't worry, i'll think about it! <Baine> I'm getting very.....nnh....very angry... <Indigo> You have a habit for attacting pain. <Narrator> == Lara and FlameStrike can attack! <Baine> fuck off, Indigo :P * Lara rushes at Octopus-Head, slashing with her powerful soulsword. She hits Octopus-Head several times before finally leaping high into the air. A beam of light flashes off the blade as she brings it down upon Octopus-Head. * Indigo blinks. <Narrator> == Lara and FlameStrike attack the head. * FlameStrike screams "HEALING ZONE", casting Aura level 1, and then launches himself to the attack. A VERY wild and enraged attack <Narrator> == The aura heals everyone 9 points. * Baine feels a bit better, but she still limps... O_o <Kodah> Ah.....much better * Indigo feels better. <Indigo> Much better! ^_^ * Chamolo stands tall ^_^ <Narrator> == The combined attack of the two makes the head look like a bloody stump. 27 damage! <FlameStrike> Good job, Lara! * Kiwi hops up and down (ala FFT) and smiles cutely. <Narrator> == Chamolo, Indigo and Darton can attack! * Indigo sighs and summons Dao again, to give the octopus a merciful death by dropping boulders on it and crushing it as gently as possible. * Darton leaps on top of the octopus's head and digs in with his claws and teeth, ripping and tearing away.... when he dives off of the head, he's covered in blood and very pleased with himself * Baine stumbles back and notices the dagger near the octopus...the dagger she used to kill Jeyer, no less. "I should get that...." * Chamolo strikes at the octopus' head! <Chamolo> Take that! <Narrator> == Indigo casts Dao, while Darton and Chamolo attack the octopus... * FlameStrike falls on his knees * FlameStrike appears stunned <FlameStrike> Oooooooohhhhh... <Narrator> == Chamolo's staff is hit by a boulder during the attack, making it dig in deep into its skull while Darton shreds the other side. 34 damage! Dispatched! <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== * Indigo sobs. <Darton> That was fun... * Kodah blinks a bit * Erin drops to the deck of the ship. * Finally! <Darton> can we do it again? * Lara causes the soulsword to disappear. <Indigo> So the life-force is gone.....without his consent.... <Narrator> == Erin: 33 XP, Baine: 47 XP, Lara: 35 XP, FS: 57 XP, Chamolo: 71 XP, Darton: 95 XP, Indigo: 80 XP, Kiwi: 96 XP, Kodah: 70 XP * Chamolo whews... * Kodah puts his sword away * FlameStrike is still on one knee, breathing VERY heavily <Erin> Better than him taking ours, Indigo... <Baine> Not bad.. * Darton looks down at himself and finally notices he's soaked in blood and ink * Kiwi *sighs* and collapses on deck, panting... * Baine limps over to the dagger and picks it up * Baine sheathes it <Erin> We were defending... and there is never any wrong in not being the agressor... <Kodah> Falmestrike? Are you okay? <Chamolo> Anyone need healing...? <Kiwi> Kiwi no wanna do that again... Kiwi not food... <Darton> I'm gonna take a small little swim to get this junk off... * Indigo goes over and collapses near Kiwi. <Lara> Good fighting, people. <FlameStrike> No Kodah... <Baine> I think maybe FlameStrike needs it.. <FlameStrike> No <Kodah> Uh, Chammy? <FlameStrike> I do not * Chamolo heals Flamestrike. <Narrator> The bloody stump which was the octopus, slowly falls back to the murky depths... <Baine> Or maybe he just needs a good psychiatrist... :P <Chamolo> Done. * Baine grins * Chamolo turns and heals Kodah as well. <FlameStrike> The mages and healers use the winds of magic to power their spells... <Baine> Heal yourself, while you're at it <FlameStrike> I use MY OWN strength <Lara> I think old Flamestrike's about to go apeshit again. <Kodah> Actually I was thinking about Flamestrike, but..... <Chamolo> Not till everyone else is all right... * Darton dives overboard and underwater for a bit, and then surfaces and climbs the boat back up to the group, digging his claws in the wood * Baine chuckles <FlameStrike> And i depleted almost all of it <Baine> Stubborn man.. :P <Erin> I'll be fine. :) <FlameStrike> And, NO. I'm NOT gonna apeshit AGAIN <FlameStrike> :p <Chamolo> Anyone else... *pant* * Kiwi flips over on his shell and twirls around in circles... * Kodah tries again to free himself from the ink, without much sucess * Baine limps over to the mast and leans against it, watching the group. * Darton shakes himself like a canine when he gets back up, looking cleaner <Baine> This ink is gonna be hell to remove.. <Narrator> The ship seems to have been moved along during the battle... <Chamolo> Guess not.. * Darton growls <Indigo> I could probaly use a little, but later, when you are healed. <Baine> And it probably irritates the hell outta any cuts.. <Erin> I could use a long sleep though... I feel tired... <Chamolo> Oh...all right Indigo... <Darton> This ink shit stained my fur... not to say what it did to my cloak * Chamolo heals Indigo, then wobbles into a sitting posistion. * Baine looks concerned at Chamolo * Indigo goes over and props Chamolo against the mast. <FlameStrike> Sleep, Erin... i will watch over you... <Chamolo> Tired... <Narrator> Pacalon is seen in the distance... <Baine> Take a rest, Cham.. <Chamolo> Thank you, Indigo... <Kodah> How the hell do you get rid of this stuff? * Indigo smiles. <Chamolo> Kara.. <FlameStrike> Take a rest, all of you <Darton> Ehh, I might just do that... * Baine grins a bit at Chamolo. "Go on. No arguing." <FlameStrike> I'm almost in tiptop shape ;) <Kiwi> Kiwi want to thank you for helping Kiwi... Now Kiwi not octopus snack! ^_^ <Lara> we need to turn south southeast.... * Chamolo turns the staff to his throat, and heals it. <Chamolo> Better... <Indigo> Oh, you're welcome Kiwi. ^_^ <Erin> On second thought... maybe I won't sleep... at first, this protectiveness was kinda cute... but now... now it's a complete pain in the ass, and I don't think I'll stand for it any longer. <Lara> There's an alcove where we can partk the boat. * Chamolo half passes out from exhaustion * Erin wanders off... * * Baine tsk tsks :P * Kodah gives up and leans again the bulkhead, rather unhappy * Vankarin looks at the team, nodding his approval... * Lara takes the helm of the boat... <Baine> park the boat? :P * Darton climbs the rigging to the crow's nest to take a nap * Baine leans on the railing (whats left of it), watching the water... * Indigo goes and washes her clothes in the river, then collapses. * FlameStrike goes to Erin <Lara> it'll be a shorter walk from that alcove then from that town. * Chamolo is slumped against the mast, sleeping quietly. * Kodah watches Erin walk past without saying anything <FlameStrike> Uhmmmm... i'm sorry... <Baine> Hey Lara? Why are we going to the town, again? :P <Narrator> == The original cart... ^_^ * Kiwi keeps rolling around on his shell... you all can't help but getting cavities from the sweetness and cootness that you see. <g> <Erin> Go away dragon. If ever you thought there was anything between us, you are sorely mistaken. <Lara> we can stop at Pacalon or head directly to Keto.... <Baine> Pacalon? <Baine> Hmm.. <FlameStrike> Don't misunderstand me.... We dragons have always been a bit too protective... What? * Indigo is lying next to Kiwi. * Erin pulls out the silver ring from her Quiver, where she was storing it. * Here... find someone else to protect. * FlameStrike gets that "SHOCK!" look on his face * Vankarin intervienes... Or we can go to that lake... *points to a section of the map* * Erin turns away, to look out across the water... * <Baine> a lake? Sounds nice.. * FlameStrike flies away, without taking the ring * Indigo is on her face, dozing. <Lara> Vankarin, take the helm.... * Darton yawns from the crow's nest atop the mast * Vankarin yawns and moves up to the helm... * FlameStrike is soon out of sight * Baine turns and looks at Chamolo, then chuckling at how he looks like a child when he sleeps. "Big stubborn man..." :P * Erin takes the ring and throws it into the depths of the river.. * <Indigo> *mumble* Hey Kiwi. What were you doing in the octopus' clutches <Indigo> ? * Baine tears her gaze away from Chamolo and mutters again about big stubborn men :P <Lara> So...where to? Pacalon or Keto? * Kodah sits quietly leaned against the railing, occasionally wiping some ink from his eyes <Chamolo> mm.... <Baine> Better question, where are we least likely to run into trouble? :P <Baine> Pacalon or Keto? :P <Lara> you know our luck, Kara. <Baine> True enough.. * Vankarin makes the ship turn into a passage, diverting the ship from its original course down Pangoat... * Kiwi blinks cootly. "Where you going?" * Baine narrows her eyes and stares at Vankarin's back.. * Darton snores, anything but cute * Yogurt blinks at Vankarin... Dammit, Vankarin.. WHY? * Kiwi pouts. * Indigo is dozing. * Vankarin looks back coldly at Yogurt.. Will you trust me, rodent? <Kiwi> Hey, you listening to Kiwi? * Chamolo mutters something in his sleep, curling up a little. * Darton opens his eyes, notes the deviation in course, and eyes Vankarin for a bit before going back to sleep <Indigo> Hey Kiwi? <Baine> Why should he trust you? * Baine glares at Vankarin. * Yogurt growls, turns to Kiwi and mumbles, "This idiot is sending us to our deaths, prolly.." * Vankarin turns his back on the team, ignoring them... * Kiwi looks confusled at Yogurt's words... <Baine> Yeah...thats it...turn away...*mutters* old man.. * Indigo gets up.... * Vankarin mumbles.. Young and foolish.. All of them.. * Lara whispers to Kara,"You think he's trying to send us to our deaths?" * Kodah stands and leans on the railing, watching the boat move through the water * Baine whispers back. "Yes. I truly do." <Indigo> Well, it looks like we're going the wrong way. I'll just summon Neptune to put us back on course.... * Baine grabs Indigo. "Don't." * Indigo sounds sleepy. <Baine> Go back to sleep. <Indigo> But we're going the wrong way, right? <Baine> Yeah, but its on purpose. <Kiwi> Kiwi no even know who all nice people are... <Baine> We changed our route. * Indigo blinks. <Lara> What in the hell do you think you're doing, Vankarin? * Indigo turns to Kiwi. <Kiwi> Kiwi no even know where Kiwi going... * Chamolo is still asleep <Indigo> I'm Indigo Mysteria, a sorceress. <Kiwi> ... Kiwi scared... * Kiwi sniffles... <Vankarin> What's right, Lara... * Baine heads over by Chamolo and sits down by him, hesitant to wake him :P * Indigo falls down near Kiwi. <Indigo> Don't be scared... * Yogurt bahs... What YOU think is right, you stubborn fool.. * Kiwi sniffles and looks at Indigo with big round eyes... "In-di-go...?" * Indigo nods, smiling. * Vankarin turns around quickly and glares at Yogurt.. You have NOTHING to say about this.. You're just a bloody mascot.. <Indigo> That's right. That's my name. <Baine> *mutter* Maybe I should've stayed with the clan.. * Darton wakes up at the familiar sound of arguing * Kodah looks over to Erin, then walk over to her, "Excuse me? Can I ask you something?" * Yogurt growls and leaps at Vankarin's face! * Baine blinks <Baine> Grand. * Indigo calls to Vankarin "Hey! Why are we going the wrong way?" * Vankarin stands still. * Baine looks at Chamolo and then at the fighting.. :P * Darton looks down, apparently the dummies didn't agree to change directions... * Vankarin suddenly places his fingers together, casting a bolt of energy to hit Yogurt. <Baine> Should I wake him or not? Ah hell. I think we can handle it :P <Darton> What the hell are you idiots doing? * Indigo blinks. * Baine stands and eyes Vankarin. <Indigo> You know magic Vankarin? * Chamolo sleeps, pale faced. * Yogurt flops to the ground at Vankarin's feet. * Yogurt snores loudly. <Lara> oh great... * Baine growls softly. <Vankarin> I know some magic.. * Kiwi keeps sniffling... <Indigo> Well, don't blast Yogurt any more. He's nice! <Baine> Okay, Vankarin. What is right? What are you doing that you think is right?. <Kiwi> Kiwi scared... * Indigo pets Kiwi. * Vankarin pushes Yogurt into a corner and continues to navigate the ship down to the lake. * Kodah moves a little closer to Erin, "Um....excuse me?" * Baine heads towards Vankarin, arms crossed * Erin turns to Kodah. * Yes? <Indigo> We argue sometimes Kiwi. <Kodah> Can I ask you something? You seem to know a lot * Vankarin stays his back to everyone. <Erin> Sure, although I don't think I know that much. :P * Darton jumps down from the crows nest * Baine narrows her eyes.. <Kiwi> Oh. Kiwi no like arguing... <Kodah> Everyone keeps talking about us being the Shining Force and all that what-not. But, are we really? I mean...look at us.... * Kiwi pouts cootly. * Baine draws the dagger....she looks at his back... * Chamolo mutters something from his sleep. * Indigo pets Kiwi's head. * Vankarin says, "Try it, Baine.. Try it." * Chamolo then opens one eye. <Chamolo> Wha-? <Baine> Its very tempting, old man.. * Baine growls... <Kodah> I don't know much about the legends of the Shining Force.....but somehow I don't see this as it <Vankarin> Just like in your dream.. Kill.. Kill everyone.. * Baine goes pale.. * Chamolo stands up in a flash <Lara> and Why not, Kodah? <Chamolo> How did you...? <Erin> I have the same doubts, truth be told, Kodah... We're supposed to be... and if we really are, we can expect some really tough trials ahread to mold us into a legendary force... <Chamolo> Who are you?! * Baine drops the dagger and stumbles back as if slapped. "Shut up...SHUT UP." * Darton looks at Baine with a somewhat puzzled expression * Kiwi nearly purrs at Indigo's petting... <Indigo> Hmmm? * Chamolo raises his staff. * Vankarin snickers and ignores Baine... <Indigo> I want to be your friend Kiwi. <Chamolo> I want off this ship. * Baine blinks, eyes dilated and then slowly calms.. <Chamolo> You will drop us off at the next town...I...I don't like what's going on here... <Chamolo> And why are we going the wrong way? * Darton is beginning to agree with Chamolo... these people are insane, worse than he is... * Kodah looks down at the water below, "I don't just seems so wrong for us to squabble like this" <Baine> .... <Indigo> Something is wrong here.... <Baine> I'm gonna kill you. <Lara> you think we don't know that, Indigo? <Kiwi> Kiwi want to be Indigo's friend too, but Kiwi want to know where Kiwi going... <Baine> I'm going to mother fucking rip your head off.... * Chamolo puts a hand across Baine's chest. "Not till we get answers..." <Erin> I know... I try to avoid it... but it seems even I can't... with FS an' all... <Vankarin> Go ahead, Baine... I dare you.. <Chamolo> Don't! * Baine growls.. <Lara> Kara, NO! * Chamolo struggles to keep her back <Indigo> I don't know. Vankarin is behaving oddly, taking us somewhere we aren't supposed to be going. * Lara helps Chamolo <Baine> * Kodah doesn't say any more after Erin mentions Flamestrike * Darton's hackles rise and he growls at Baine and Vankarin... * Chamolo eyes Vankarin coldly. "Humph, And you call yourself a mentor...look at you..." * Vankarin utters softly, "May Volcanon forgive me.." * Baine draws AmeShi.. <Chamolo> What...? <Kodah> Um....sorry to bug you and all. I guess I'll go now * Kodah turns to leave <Indigo> Volcanon? That name sounds familiar.... <Erin> You're leaving, Kodah? <Chamolo> It's the god.... <Lara> Volcanon? * Baine calms slightly and takes deep breaths.. <Kodah> Yeah, you seem to have a lot on your mind I guess <Darton> Shit. * Chamolo now is afraid, of Vankarin. <Lara> holy * Baine then notices Chamolo's hand on her chest. :P * Kiwi gets up and runs around in circles. "Hey-hey-hey-hey... Kiwi no want fight..." <Indigo> Well, I can still put us on course I think. I just summon Neptune and..... * Indigo picks up Kiwi and pets him. * Chamolo pulls it back. <Chamolo> Don't kill him <Erin> There's always alot on my mind... but can anyone else say they don't? People pratically burst with emotion, no matter who they are... <Baine> Why shouldn't I? <Lara> at least not yet. <Chamolo> But I want to know what's going on? * Baine mutters... <Baine> Sure... <Baine> Why not.. * Darton bares his teeth, snarling, and leaps onto the mast, climbing back up to the crow's nest * Vankarin groans.. You want to know what's going on..? * Baine sheathes AmeShi and goes to lean on the railing. <Chamolo> Yes, I think we have a right to know. <Chamolo> Don't you? * Indigo nods. * Lara nods. <Baine> Obviously he doesn't. <Indigo> Yeah, they're right. This is weird. * Darton looks down, listening closely * Vankarin turns towards the Shining Force... * Kodah chuckles and looks back at Erin, "Yeah, just look at this group. " <Vankarin> I'm defying the God's will... To aid in our quest... <Chamolo> And what is his will? <Lara> do WHAT? <Darton> The two conflict. <Kiwi> Kiwi wanted to know where Kiwi going for long time, now... * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> Is that bad? <Chamolo> You're going against god...? * Kodah turns back to Erin, "Does the fear ever go away? I mean, when you're fighting and all?" <Erin> Truth be told, Kodah, I think the real Shining Force will be called by destiny, not paid for their services by some king... * Baine grumbles... " he had a good excuse...." <Erin> The fear? No, not entirely anyways... there's always doubt... <Erin> but that doubt is what keeps heroes from being reckless... <Indigo> Well, maybe we can talk to this Volcanon or whoever. <Darton> Now I see why we're going to Bedoe... <Lara> I doubt it, Indigo... * Vankarin looks at the team, not knowing how to say what needs to be said... And suddenly says aloud, "We're going to revive a Goddess..." * Chamolo mumbles. "But what was his will...?" * Darton mutters to himself <Chamolo> ! <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== * Darksol stands in front of a cage, staring at a little shape in the corner... <Darksol> Shall you cooperate? <Indigo> N..No.. I don't feel.. Complete.. I.. Can't.. <Darksol> You shall.. Just join me and you shall... * Indigo stares at Darksol, a flicker of evil passing through her eye. * Indigo gets up, walks towards the door of the cage... * Darksol opens the door, letting her out... * Indigo stares up at Darksol, grinning evilly... * Darksol looks down at her, grabs her temples and casts a sleep spell... Now now... Don't you be getting any ideas, my dear... * Darksol takes Indigo in his arms and brings her to the altar room... * Darksol starts to summon something... torches light themselves around the altar... <Narrator> A dark form appears over Indigo... <Narrator> The dark shape slowly seeps down into Indigo, reforming her clothes... * Darksol cackles evilly and watches the transformation take place! <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Vankarin stands in front of the Shining Force, and awaits the questions about the revival of a Goddess... * Baine raises her hand. :P <Chamolo> You mean Mitula, don't you? <Darton> But Mitula's alive, isn't she? <Lara> tell me something. How do we revive a godess? * Kodah leans on the railing next to Erin, "How can you stand it? The fear I mean. I try not to let everyone know I'm a coward at heart, but still......." <Baine> Does the goddess look like Barbie? ^_^ <Vankarin> ... Yes... Mitula.. <Indigo> Mitula? Why does that name seem familiar somehow? * Indigo unconsciously pulls out the personality-shifter, studying it. <Chamolo> Um...more like her best friend, Baine. :P <Vankarin> And no, Darton... A part of Mitula died in the sealing of Zeon... <Chamolo> But why? * Baine blinks and wonders vaguely what Chamolo knows about Barbie anatomy <Erin> Fear doesn't necessarily mean someone is a coward... everyone has fear... It's just instinct to be afraid... everyone has that, except fools and madmen... * Chamolo grins at Baine. "I have a little sister. She plays with Barbies all the time." * Darton goes cold... * Lara just listens. <Indigo> I feel that something connects me to Mitula..... <Vankarin> We need Mitula's wisdom to go on... <Kodah> I don't know, some of the people here son't sem to be afraid of anything <Baine> she as cute as her brother? * Baine grins <Chamolo> She looks pretty different. <Indigo> Maybe I can help reach her..... <Chamolo> I'm only her stepbrother... <Chamolo> Dark hair, green eyes. Cute. You'd like her. <Baine> .....I've never had much of a way with children.. * Darton blinks * Chamolo shrugs. <Erin> Just because someone doesn't show fear doesn't mean it's not there, either... * Vankarin turns around and looks at the cliff face in the distance.. <Indigo> If I can summon spirits, surely I can try to reach this person.... <Chamolo> do you plan to revive the goddess? <Lara> Didn't I just ask that question? <Vankarin> I... Don't know... <Chamolo> Heh. Sorry, too busy talking about Barbies, Lara. ^_^ <Baine> Barbies...hah. ;) * Indigo walks up to Vankarin. <Indigo> I....think I have an idea. * Kodah leans down and watches the water go past, "The gods know I'm afraid of a lot, that's for sure." * Baine hauls her mask down and stares at the sky. <Erin> So'm I... <Kodah> You? <Baine> Nice day... * Vankarin looks at Indigo... <Kodah> I can't picture you as being afraid of a lot <Erin> I mean... I never speak up... not until the very last... not unless I'm forced... until then, I never seem to make a stand... * Darton sits down in the crows nest, thinking deeply upon what Vankarin said <Vankarin> Uhm... How? * Lara looks over the water and thinks about several things. <Kodah> Why do you suppose you're that way? <Baine> Wonder if we "heroes" get a vacation time? :P * Baine grins a bit <Chamolo> No, of course not ^_^ * Vankarin looks back to the cliff face and sees the "gate".. <Baine> Darn...I wouldn't mind relaxing... <Indigo> Well, gods and goddesses have great spheres of influence with the elements of nature and magic. If the powers of the four elementals were conjoined, then conceivably she could be restored. <Baine> Did I just say Darn? Eesh... <Kiwi> Kiwi hero! Kiwi smush enemies into Kiwi food! * Kiwi bounces up and down. * Baine looks at Kiwi. <Baine> So cute. :P * Darton looks at the gate and wonders if the mast is short enough to fit inside <Vankarin> In theory, Indigo.. In theory.. <Erin> It's my understanding that we are the sums of our parents and our experiences... I guess it's 'cause of that... * Indigo smiles at Kiwi. * Baine sounds almost totally human... :P <Kodah> Huh..... <Indigo> It is better than nothing, and maybe this device can help. * Indigo holds up the personality-shifter. <Baine> I think maybe I should lie down.. :P * Jeyer's ghost wedgies Baine and dissapears :P * Chamolo just sits and watches the sky. <Erin> Not the greatest reason, but the best I could come up with. :P * Baine squeaks <Indigo> I feel that whoever Mitula is, she's important to me for a personal reason..... <Baine> kIlL tHE MImEs!! * Kodah smiles a bit at that last remark <Kodah> you remember reading about.....people like me? In one of your books? * Vankarin nods at Indigo... Ok... * Lara just keeps silent. <Erin> People... like you? What do you mean? * Vankarin suddenly blinks and runs towards the anchor release! <Kodah> You know....only half human...and all.... <Indigo> One problem: We need another sorcerer or sorceress. I can only summon two of the four so far. I do not know how to summon the elementals of air and fire. <Baine> Uh oh. I get the feeling theres something wrong now. :P * Vankarin drops anchor! * Kiwi blinks cutely. <Kiwi> Meep? * Chamolo blinks. "Whoa." <Lara> oh much for my trance. * Indigo looks ahead. <Erin> I can't say I've ever been too concious of non-humans, myself... I'm not human either... <Narrator> The anchor falls to the water, lodging at its bottom... The ship continues along for a few more feet, stopping directly in front of the gate... <Kodah> I mean, what if my devil blood takes over...and makes things <Chamolo> Nice. ^_^ * Baine yawns lightly and frowns at her little slip. * Darton looks in front of the boat <Darton> Now what? <Baine> What? Did we hit a whale or something? :P * Vankarin walks over to the bow and stands in front of the gate, thinking... * Erin sighs... * I dunno... it might not happen. I hope it doesn't... but if such a time comes, what'll happen will be decided then, and not before. What would you want done? * Kodah looks at Erin with a blank expresion, "Do?" <Kodah> What do I want...done? <Narrator> A large energy field blocks the passageway into the lake area... * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. * Kiwi meeps, really confused. "What that?" <Baine> Huh.. <Baine> Maybe we can blast it open? * Chamolo hopes we don't need anymore holy blood or anything <Erin> Yeah... I mean, it's you after all... what happens to you should be important... kinda like a will, sorta... * Vankarin shakes his head... No... Some other way... <Kodah> .....I.....I have no idea * Indigo frowns and summons Dao to smash the thing. <Lara> don't ask me. <Narrator> == Dao is summoned. <Baine> Well. Uhm. <Narrator> == Dao heads towards the gate and suddenly phases out. <Baine> O_o <Erin> Something to think about maybe... I don't have a will either... but I don't have anyone to worry about... <Baine> Grand. * Indigo blinks. <Indigo> What was that? * Chamolo blinks. * Kodah suddenly looks really glum * Vankarin thinks long and hard.. * Baine shrugs and goes to sit by the mast.. <Erin> I didn't mean to bring you down... Admittedly, I tend to think on less-than-happy thoughts... * Vankarin blinks.. <Lara> what is it, Vankarin? <Kodah> You're lucky you know, not having someone to worry about * Darton sits in the crows nest, watching the show <Vankarin> Lara! come over here... <Baine> Why don't you say Open Sesami? :P * Lara walks over to Vankarin. * Vankarin points to the soul sword... The gems... They might unseal the gate... <Erin> I suppose there are both advantages and disadvantages to being alone... I wonder if anyone can really be without worry with either... <Lara> excellent idea. * Kiwi hisses at the barrier... <Kodah> What do you worry about? * Lara concentrates all her power through the gems on the soulsword..... <Narrator> The gems on the soul sword start to shimmer... * Indigo looks on in awe. * Lara keeps up her concentration... * Kiwi meeps curiously... <Narrator> A small beam of light forms from the gem, hitting the barrier! <Erin> Right now... mostly trying to live up to the legacy my father set... and that if I stay alone, maybe the end of the Gallant line... the name is gone for sure... my father really wanted a boy... but he was good not to hold it against me... <Chamolo> Whoa! <Narrator> the barrier fades a little, but returns to full strength after the beam stops... * Chamolo talks, after being silent for so long! <Chamolo> ...that didn't work.. <Lara> oh cripes... <Kodah> Oh.... <Baine> Your grasp of the obvious is astounding. ;) * Vankarin groans... We need more power.. * Chamolo wonders if he really has to give holy blood. O_o <Chamolo> Do you need someone who is affilated with the goddess? <Baine> Or another sword? ^_- <Lara> Vankarin, what about the holy power in Guardiana's star you think that, combined with the gems would work? <Kodah> You don't have any brothers or sisters do you? * Indigo just steps forward and puts her hands on the gems. <Indigo> Maybe I can do it.... <Erin> No... just me... <Kodah> I'm sorry to hear that <Vankarin> What...? How would we get Guardiana's star blade?! <Lara> The prince carries it. <Indigo> Who is the prince? <Erin> No... it's certainly not your fault, or my fault, or even the fault of my parents... <Vankarin> I know that! But the price is so far away... <Erin> There's no such thing as blame... only responsibility... <Lara> Indigo, let's try to combine our strengths to break the barrier. <Kodah> Who was your father? I don;t know much of anything outside of Roft * Indigo nods. "Okay." * Kiwi yawns cootly and falls asleep... * Lara holds the soulsword out, gems facing the barrier....she concentrates all her power through the gems once again. <Chamolo> You know, our church prays to Mitula...let me try as well.. * Indigo focuses all of her power through the gems at the same time. * Chamolo places his hands on the gem, concentrating * Baine watches, eyebrow raised. <Narrator> The same beam is created, but stronger... It hits the barrier again, but it doesn't dissapear... <Lara> darn.... <Lara> let's ALL try it for once. * Vankarin sighs... More power... Everyone... We need everyone... <Chamolo> .... * Baine blinks. :P <Erin> He was a tactician... the greatest strategist to ever live... Will Gallant... he retired years ago... but that wasn't good enough for some... <Baine> But I'm not very holy.. ^_^; <Baine> in at all. :P <Lara> Still...come on, Kara. <Kodah> Huh? I don't understand. WHy wasn't it good enough to be the best? * Vankarin concentrates on the soul sword and the gems... * Darton climbs down from the mast... "I pray to Mitula..." * Yogurt stirs.. <Baine> Gah... * Lara starts to concentrate again.... * Baine closes her eyes and concentrates... * Kiwi curiously looks at the sword and concentrates on the pretty gems... * Yogurt blinks.. Oh bloody hell.. He brought us here.. * Indigo focuses her powers. * Darton focuses his strength <Baine> . o O (Ooookay...try to think of good things...bunnies....horseys...running rivers...naked Cha-...NO!!! Warning, warning!!! Bad thoughts!! Oh, shut up! Aaaargh!! :P) * Chamolo looks at Baine oddly. <Erin> Revenge I suppose... I mean, if one man were responsible for the downfall of an entire rebellion, your rebellion, wouldn't you want more than his retirement? I'm guessing that's why he's dead now... but I can't say that's the truth... <Kodah> Oh.... <Vankarin> Kodah.. Erin.. We need you with this... <Erin> I dunno... it may seem kinda petty compared to your problems... but it's filled my entire life... I wonder what'll happen if I ever find the truth out... * Vankarin screams these words to lure them to the bow... * Baine opens an eye and notices Cham looking at her. "What? What? Do I have some leftover ink on my nose or something?" <Chamolo> Hehe. ^_^ No. * Erin looks up. * Guess we're needed... <Kodah> I guess <Kodah> Thanks for talking to me, I guess I needed that * Baine sticks her tongue out at Chamolo and squishes her eyes shut. :P <Narrator> Light forms pure and strong around the soul sword... * Chamolo grins * Baine retracts her tongue and continues to concentrate <Erin> No problem, anytime. I enjoyed it... There's so few people to talk to here... * Vankarin turns to Erin and Kodah... Concentrate on the gems... Hurry... * Kodah walks to rejoin the group, "What gems?" <Erin> Concentrate? I'm not understanding... * Lara keeps her concentration going... <Vankarin> Send your energy... Your willpower... Towards the Gem of mitula on the soul sword.. * Indigo continues to focus her magic and power through the gems. <Kodah> * Chamolo concentrates... <Erin> My will? To a god I don't believe in? This is futile... <Baine> .....theres no place like home, theres no place like home. * Baine grins slightly * Baine clicks her heels together. :P * Erin tries to concentrate, although she's not sure what the hell to do exactly... * * Kodah thinks about the gems REAL hard, wondering if he's accomplishing anything <Narrator> The beam of light is strong and pure... Light gushes out of the soul sword and the gems, hitting the barrier, shattering it into millions of small luminous specs! <Baine> Not bad. ^_- * Kodah oogles, "What just happened?" O_o <Erin> No clue... <Baine> Almost like Carebears...without the cuteness... ;) <Lara> all RIGHT! <Darton> Hmmm... destruction... fun... <Chamolo> Yes! * Indigo gasps. * Chamolo grins! <Indigo> That was amazing. I never felt such power... <Kodah> I didn't feel anything...... * Baine walks back to the mast and sits down, leaning against it and closing her eyes. <Erin> Neither do I... I doubt we were really needed... * Kiwi coos in delight! * Vankarin turns to Erin and Kodah... What happened is that we gathered our holy energy to destroy the barrier... <Kodah> Really? <Erin> Some psycologial thing... our presence bolstered their faith possibly... <Kodah> I don't have any holy energy. I'm devil-kin, remember? <Vankarin> And since you two aren't really sensitive to magic, you didn't feel it... * Baine keeps her eyes closed. "Wow. I have holy energy?" <Kiwi> Kiwi holy? <blink> Kiwi green and cute but Kiwi no know Kiwi holy... <Lara> oh well...let's get going, folks. * Darton swishes his tail indifferently * Vankarin takes FS with him to raise the anchor... * Indigo is stumbling from the aftermath of the power. <Kodah> I don't understand any of this.... * Chamolo follows silently. <Chamolo> Gah, now I'm tired again <Narrator> The ship continues to move along, heading towards the mountain... <Baine> Eesh, least you got some rest. :P * Indigo slumps against the mast. * Kodah looks at Erin with a rather puzzled look <Indigo> E...Erin, could you not feel that power? <Narrator> As the ship sails through the gate, black clouds form over a large stone shrine to the south... <Kodah> No <Erin> Feel power? No... I can't say I really felt anything. * Baine opens her eyes and gazes at the black clouds.. * Indigo shakes her head sadly. <Baine> I get the feeling thats a bad thing.. * Indigo looks. * Darton shrugs and leans against the mast <Indigo> Or maybe good. * Chamolo looks up. Oh dear.. <Baine> No rest for the weary. :P <Chamolo> Black clouds are never good. * Baine stands * Lara looks to the shrine. <Indigo> Possibly the elemental of air. That elemental will be needed. <Erin> It's no rest for the wicked, I thought. :P <Kodah> Great <Narrator> A human like form can be seen taking shape... Several fire based creatures also form around him... And a large dragon, black as the night takes shape... <Baine> Naaaah <Indigo> Now, just to get the elemental of fire.... <Darton> Either way, we're screwed <Baine> Oh. Grand. <Lara> Yipes.. * Lara looks up. * Chamolo whoas. <Indigo> Perhaps the elementals of air and fire are here to aid us when we need them. <Baine> Damnit....why can't we fight ice based creatures? My magic won't have effect on these nimrods.. * Kiwi urks... * Darton grins... another fight, joy <Kodah> That's not a good thing is it? * Indigo just smiles and goes to sleep. <Narrator> The ship sails towards the shapes... As the ship closes in, Horester can be made out floating above the shrine... <Lara> No,'s not. <Lara> oh no... <Kodah> Horester...... * Baine pales and glances at Chamolo <Lara> Horester...over there. <Horester> Glad you could make it, Shining Force..... <Chamolo> No.... <Lara> always glad to oblige, will you hang around and DIE THIS TIME! * Chamolo sighs and shakes his head. * Horester grins evilly at Chamolo, trying to break his very spirit... * Kiwi hisses loudly! * Darton growls <Kiwi> BADbadbadbadbadevilevilbadbad... * Indigo is sleeping peacefully, unaware of what is going on. * Baine wants so very much to wipe that grin off his face.. * Chamolo closes his eyes, on the edge.. <Lara> someone wake Indigo up. <Horester> Ooooh but I shall do better, my dear... I shall take you down instead... <Chamolo> Stop this father...stop this... * Kiwi pokes Indigo... * Horester signals to the creatures behind him to attack... <Indigo> Hmmm? * Indigo mumbles, rolling over towards Kiwi. <Kodah> Eyieee..... <Lara> Yipers. * Chamolo stands to the back, pale. <Chamolo> I can't take much more of this... <Narrator> The horde flies towards the Shining Force, death in their eyes, evil in their auras... <Narrator> ==== Session end! ===== <Indigo> Now, just to get the elemental of fire.... <Darton> Either way, we're screwed <Baine> Oh. Grand. <Lara> Yipes.. * Lara looks up. * Chamolo whoas. <Indigo> Perhaps the elementals of air and fire are here to aid us when we need them. <Baine> Damnit....why can't we fight ice based creatures? My magic won't have effect on these nimrods.. * Kiwi urks... * Darton grins... another fight, joy <Kodah> That's not a good thing is it? * Indigo just smiles and goes to sleep. <Narrator> The ship sails towards the shapes... As the ship closes in, Horester can be made out floating above the shrine... <Lara> No,'s not. <Lara> oh no... <Kodah> Horester...... * Baine pales and glances at Chamolo <Lara> Horester...over there. <Horester> Glad you could make it, Shining Force..... <Chamolo> No.... <Lara> always glad to oblige, will you hang around and DIE THIS TIME! * Chamolo sighs and shakes his head. * Horester grins evilly at Chamolo, trying to break his very spirit... * Kiwi hisses loudly! * Darton growls <Kiwi> BADbadbadbadbadevilevilbadbad... * Indigo is sleeping peacefully, unaware of what is going on. * Baine wants so very much to wipe that grin off his face.. * Chamolo closes his eyes, on the edge.. <Lara> someone wake Indigo up. <Horester> Ooooh but I shall do better, my dear... I shall take you down instead... <Chamolo> Stop this father...stop this... * Kiwi pokes Indigo... * Horester signals to the creatures behind him to attack... <Indigo> Hmmm? * Indigo mumbles, rolling over towards Kiwi. <Kodah> Eyieee..... <Lara> Yipers. * Chamolo stands to the back, pale. <Chamolo> I can't take much more of this... <Narrator> The horde flies towards the Shining Force, death in their eyes, evil in their auras... <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====