Shining Force RPG session 10
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<Narrator> ===== Session start! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force now has a horde of monsters descending upon them... Horester stays in the sky... * Baine narrows her eyes <Kodah> Oh man...... * Lara eyes the monsters... * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. <Horester> Say goobye, Shining Force... <Chamolo> ... * Darton laughs "Bring it on!" <Chamolo> Not today, Father. * Baine growls throatily.. * Kodah fumbles for his sword * Horester snickers... <Lara> say goodbye to your life, Horester. Once we're through with your thugs, we're coming after you. <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== * Erin spreads her wings and launches herself into the air, so gracefully, that one would not suspect the deadly advantage she holds in the skies... * * Chamolo pulls out his staff numbly. * Baine looks at Chamolo, worried... <Narrator> ===== 3 fire elementals, 2 wind elementals, 1 black dragon, 6 wyverns. ===== * Baine eyes the monsters now and narrows her eyes... * Lara eyes wind elemental 1. "This fucker's toast." * Chamolo gulps. <Baine> Wicked, Lara. <Kodah> I don't like the looks of this..... <Baine> I've got the dragon.. * Baine grins ferally.. <Lara> just be careful, Kara. <Baine> I'm always careful *wry grin* * Darton laughs "I'll take the fire elementals if someone is kind enough to leave me something with some blood in it." <Lara> fine by me, Darton... <Chamolo> Hmm...the dragon looks powerful...maybe we should gang up on that, first. <Baine> I've got no problems with a team thing. * Lara flinches a bit...but remains undaunted..."What is this I'm feeling?" <Erin> I say we leave it to the end... don't underestimate the smaller enemies... their damage adds up... <Erin> ...quickly too... * Baine twirls AmeShi and the flames on the blade flicker angrily.. <Narrator> == Erin can attack! <Chamolo> Good thinking, Erin. * Kodah looks up at the flock of Wyverns nervously * Baine pauses in mid-twirl and seems to think something.. * Baine shakes her head and narrows her eyes even more, her eyes now a icy blue.. * Erin unleashes a rain of deadly arrows upon Wyvern 1 ! * <Narrator> == Erin fires at Wyvern 1. <Narrator> == Wyvern 1 dodges most of the arrows with uncanny agility... 6 damage. * Baine stops twirling and brings AmeShi to her, ready to attack.. <Chamolo> Be careful, Baine... * Chamolo sounds distant. * Lara feels something building up inside her..."What is going on here?" She shrugs it off and readies herself to strike. * Baine's warrior mask slips and she nods at Chamolo. "You too. I'll be there for you if you need backup." <Narrator> == Lara can attack! * Lara rushes at Wind-Elemental-1, slashing with her powerful soulsword. She hits Wind- Elemental-1 several times before finally leaping high into the air. A beam of light flashes off the blade as she brings it down upon Wind-Elemental-1. <Narrator> == Lara attacks Wind elemental 1... * Baine's eyes cool again and she stares at the dragon.. <Chamolo> Thanks! <Narrator> == the wind elemental staggers from the attack! 32 damage! Critical! <Lara> wicked.. <Baine> Excellent form, Lara. * Lara leaps back to safety with the shining force. <Lara> Thanks, kara. :) <Narrator> == Baine and indigo can attack! <Darton> Sickening, isn't it? <Chamolo> Nice! <Narrator> == Indigo casts Neptune on the fire elementals. * Baine leaps at the dragon and makes a sickening grunting noise as she jabs the blade of AmeShi upwards at the Dragon's chest... <Narrator> == Baine attacks the black dragon. * Baine hauls the blade out, ripping it back and forth... * Baine leaps back <Narrator> == The dragon's scales protect him from most of the attack, AmeShi dealing little damage. 1 damage. <Baine> Asshole. <Baine> Prick. <Baine> Shoe horn. <Chamolo> Oh my god... <Baine> Pig fucker. <Lara> Shoe horn? * Baine growls <Kodah> ?? <Chamolo> Shoe IS creative ^^; <Narrator> == Neptune pounds heavy rain upon the fire based creatures dealing MASSIVE damage... 26 damage each! <Baine> Don't mock me. :P * Baine grins a little :P <Chamolo> I'm not. I find that cleaver. ^_^ * Darton laughs... <Baine> Mmm...thanks. ^_- <Narrator> == FlameStrike can attack! <Narrator> == FlameStrike lashes out at a nearby Wyvern. <Narrator> == The wyvern is defenseless against the attack! 36 damage! Critical! Dispatched! <Baine> Hmm... <Lara> Good shot, Flamestrike. <Baine> Wonder if the Dragon would like some Katon tossed his way.. * Baine sheathes AmeShi <Chamolo> Heh. * FlameStrike leaps back to safety and nods at Lara. * Lara tightens her grip on her soulsword. * Chamolo waits for his attack. * Baine flicks her hair and grins deviantly, eyes glowing with battle lust <Narrator> == Darton and Chamolo can attack! * Darton raises a paw and his now familiar freeze spell lowers a fire elemental's temperature as the ice puts it out * Chamolo strikes out at a wind elemental. "Take this!" <Narrator> == Darton casts freeze on Fire elemental 1... Chamolo attacks Wind elemental 1. <Narrator> == Darton's freeze finishes off the fire elemental... 18 damage, dispatched! * Darton chuckles... two to go <Narrator> == Chamolo bashes at the wind elemental. 16 damage! * Baine whistles at Chamolo. ^_^ * Chamolo smiles. <Chamolo> That felt good. <Darton> Doesn't it just? <Narrator> == Kodah can attack! <Darton> I can hardly wait, myself... <Chamolo> Well.. * Kodah charges one of the Wyverns! <Narrator> == Kodah attacks Wyvern 2... * Kodah wraps his blade in flame and performs a rising slash against the Wyvern, "Dragon Flame Blade Ryuuenjin!" <Narrator> == The wyvern leaves his flank vulnerable to Kodah's attack... 29 damage! Critical! * Baine grinds her teeth and wonders if she can try something.. * Kodah lands on the Wyvern's back, panics, and falls off onto his noggin * Darton flexes his claws thoughtfully * Lara continues to eye the monsters... <Chamolo> Kodah! <Kodah> Oof! <Narrator> == The wyverns attack! <Chamolo> Incoming! Lookout! <Lara> oh shit! * Lara braces herself for the coming onslaught. * Erin flies a bit higher... * <Kodah> Eep! * Baine narrows her eyes.. * Kodah scrambles away from the Wyverns <Narrator> == Wyvern 2 and 3 lash out at Kodah, Wyvern 3 attacks Darton, 4 and 5 attack Lara and 6 attacks Baine. * Darton snarls, baring his teeth, suggestive of what will happen to the creature dumb enoough to hit him * Baine does a backflip to try and dodge <Kodah> Yipe! <Chamolo> Baine! Kodah! Darton! Lara! No! * Lara attempts to dodge... * Chamolo looks panicked. "I hope I can heal them all..." <Narrator> == Kodah is dodges one of the wyverns but is hit by the other... 8 damage.... <Narrator> == Wyvern 3 completely misses Darton... * Lara feels her rage begining to build from the strkes... * Darton smacks the third wyvern across its snout as he dodges * Kodah jumps over one swipe and gets pegged by the second <Narrator> == Wyvern 4 and 5 almost miss Lara, but hits her anyways, 8 damage. <Narrator> == Wyvern 6 manages to miss Baine almost completely. 3 damage. <Baine> Hah. ;) <Lara> that was pathetic. * Baine lands crouching.. <Kodah> Owie O_o * Chamolo smiles. "Not too bad!" <Narrator> == Kiwi and Yogurt can attack! <Baine> Don't mess with fire or you're gonna get burned, monster pricks.. * Darton grins at the third wyvern... "That one's mine after I get rid of the other fire elementals..." * Lara glares at Wyvern 4 . That fucker is mine. <Narrator> == Kiwi picks up his helmet and bashes at the wyvern that hit Kodah, while Yogurt uses a ring on it. * Baine draws AmeShi, eyes dancing with the thought of her turn... <Chamolo> That familar....hmmm? <Narrator> == a ball of lightning which was once Kiwi's helmet hits the Wyvern full force! 36 damage! Dispatched! <Chamolo> Yes! <Baine> Wicked.. <Lara> Cool moves. <Darton> Fun... <Yogurt> Yay! My ring worked! * Kiwi bounces around cootly! * Baine crouches some more, AmeShi drawn.. <Narrator> ===== Monster count: 4 wyverns, 2 fire elementals, 2 wind elementals 1 black dragon. ===== * Lara eyes Wyvern 4. <Narrator> == Erin can attack. * Darton snarls and begins concentrating on another freeze spell... the wyvern can wait * Baine smiles as flames start flickering around her... * Narrator << will dedicate this session to the memory of his Grandmother... >> <Narrator> == Erin attacks Wyvern 3. * Erin quickly fires an arrow at Wyvern 4 !! * <Darton> Hey! What the hell you doin'?! That one's mine, I said! <Narrator> == The wyvern can't dodge the arrows and is fully hit by them! 19 damage! * Kodah gets to his feet and shakes off the effects of the Wyverns' attack <Erin> Combat isn't for the glory of the individual, Darton. <Darton> Who says! <Narrator> == Lara can attack! * Lara rushes at Wyvern-4, slashing with her powerful soulsword. She hits Wyvern-4 several times before finally leaping high into the air. A beam of light flashes off the blade as she brings it down upon Wyvern-4. <Narrator> == Lara attacks Wyvern 4. <Chamolo> She says, apparently. ^_ <Erin> My father did... and he knew more than you could ever hope to know about battle... * Darton growls, mentally promising Erin pain the next excuse he gets to hit her <Narrator> == The wyvern is helpless against the attack! 39 damage! Critical! Dispatched! * Kodah looks at Darton and frowns <Chamolo> Leave Erin alone, Darton. <Chamolo> She's right. <Narrator> == The wind elementals attack! * Horester grins evilly... * Baine glares at Horester.. * Chamolo pales a bit when looking at Horester. "Why does he keep DOING that?" <Narrator> == The wind elementals combine with the remaining fire elementals... <Baine> Because he wants to un nerve you, Cham.. <Kodah> Uh....? <Chamolo> It's working. * Lara braces herself for the coming onslaught. <Baine> Understandable.. <Chamolo> ....oh great. * Darton snarls at Horester, cause he's a jerkoff :P <Narrator> == The combined elementals cast smoke screen... * Chamolo sighs. * Baine growls softly.. <Narrator> == a thick smoke surrounds the shining Force and the whole mountain area is now engulfed in it... Noone can see past their noses... <Kodah> O_o <Chamolo> Wh...where is everyone!? <Kodah> Hey! <Lara> this is gonna suck. <Darton> Who the hell cares... * Baine blinks.. * Horester cackles madly! <Chamolo> I care! I can't see any of you! <Darton> So? <Baine> Grand.. <Lara> Kara, Chamolo, Darton, Kodah, Erin, where are you? * Baine ponders and kicks lightly outwards. <Kodah> I'm not sure! <Lara> ouch! <Lara> thanks alot, Kara. <Baine> ah <Baine> Sorry <Chamolo> ...Darton...I hate to say this, but you're a little odd sometimes. <Baine> There you are. :P <Darton> ...Does it matter? <Narrator> Suddenly, a powerful circle of light appears through the smoke... * Baine backflips and lands on someone. ^_^; <Erin> Up here! Where're you? <Chamolo> AH! * Darton snarls "Get off me!" <Kodah> ?? <Lara> on the ground....somewhere. * Lara looks at the circle of light... * Chamolo voice fades out as he yells. <Narrator> It flashes, engulfs someone and dissapears again... * Baine narrows her eyes. <Kodah> WHat was that? <Darton> What the hell? <Lara> hmmm? <Lara> this is strange. <Lara> beats me, Kodah.. <Narrator> The smoke parts... Chamolo and Horester aren't anywhere to be seen... <Baine> ... <Baine> Chamolo.. <Erin> Aw hell... <Lara> CHAMOLO! <Lara> There goes our healer. <Kodah> ....CHamolo? <Darton> Why did I ever sign up with this crew... oh wait, I did something stupid. Again. *snarls to himself* * Baine snarls and her eyes do that whole angry red thing.. <Kodah> Chamolo?! <Narrator> == The Wyverns take the opportunity to attack during the confusion! * Lara feels her rage building starts to manifest itself as pure Chi power surrounds her. * Darton's ice blue eyes seem to turn violet... like violent... he's not happy right now, is he? <Baine> I am so ready to hurt someone... <Kodah> This is not good..... * Darton snarls wordlessly and flexes his claws, ready for whatever happens * Baine squeezes the hilt of AmeShi so tightly her hands turn slightly white.. <Narrator> == Wyvern 3 attacks Darton, 5 and 6 attack Baine * Lara feels a strange new power building in her as her inner strength grows.... <Narrator> == Darton takes 4 damage, Baine takes 6 damage. * Darton snarls and dives at the wyvern attacking him, ripping and clawing with mindless fury * Baine doesn't move. <Narrator> == Baine can attack! <Kodah> Chamolo?! Where are you?! <Narrator> == Indigo can attack! <Lara> someone take out those fire elementals. * Baine groans softly, almost painfully, as the flames leap into the air and fly towards the dragon... she leaps up and runs after the flames, following them...she ends up inside the fury of the fire....a human fireball...she reaches the dragon and drives AmeShi into it's skin. The flames from Katon burn the dragon and Baine. * Baine grimaces and stutters a bit as she leaps back... <Narrator> == Baine combos Katon and AmeShi on the black dragon... <Narrator> == The dragon shrugs off most of the attack yet again... 5 damage. <Narrator> == Indigo casts Neptune on the fire elementals again... <Narrator> == Neptune dispatches the remaining fire elementals... <Narrator> == 23 damage each! Dispatched! <Baine> Oh sure. * Baine mutters <Narrator> == The black dragon roars angrily and flies up over the team... <Kodah> o.o <Lara> oh shit... <Baine> Lovely. <Narrator> == Darton can attack! * Darton snarls, ripping and tearing at the third wyvern with claws and teeth <Kodah> .....that's a big <Narrator> == Darton attacks Wyvern 3... <Narrator> == the wyvern is shredded to pieces... 18 damage, dispatched! * Darton laughs, covered in blood for the second time today <Narrator> == FlameStrike uses Aura on the party... <Narrator> == The aura heals everyone for 9 HP... <Kodah> Much better <Narrator> == Kodah can attack! * Lara feels alot better. <Baine> Wheres Chamolo.. * Kodah attacks the Wyverns again! * Baine grinds her teeth and wonders if killing everyone would help. :P * Vankarin is standing on the bow, staring at the dragon.. <Narrator> == Kodah attacks Wyvern 5... <Narrator> == the wyvern is hit, cutting off one of his wings... 19 damage! <Narrator> == Monster count: 2 wyverns * Kodah slashes right through the wing, and his inertia carries him into a wall! @_X <Kodah> Ow...... * Kiwi and Yogurt run around in circles, not caring about the fight <Narrator> == Erin can attack! * Kodah extracts himself from the wall and gets into the readiness position again <Narrator> == Erin fires at Wyvern 5... * Erin quickly fires an arrow at Wyvern 5 !! * * Baine is quiet, looking almost sullen.. <Narrator> == The wyvern is totally defenseless, thus is pierced to death... 14 damage, dispatched. <Narrator> == Lara can attack! * Lara raises her hand to the skies as storm clouds begin forming over Wyvern and thunder can be heard throughout the area. Light rain begins to pour down. Lara then shouts, "Powers of the heavens...SHOWER DOWN!" Suddenly, bolts of pure lightning shoot down upon Wyvern. * Kodah moves closer to the group <Kodah> O_O * Kodah eeeks and dives out of the way of Lara's lightning blasts O.O <Narrator> == The wyvern is hit by the full force of the bolt! 10 damage! Wyvern falls to the ground, paralyzed! <Lara> Where did THAT come from? * Kodah coughs up some dirt and looks at Lara, "Watch where yer pointin' that stuff!" <Narrator> == Baine can attack! <Lara> sorry, Kodah...I have no idea where THAT came from. <Darton> Who cares... it's useful. <Kodah> Sheesh! <Narrator> == Baine attacks the last wyvern... * Baine leaps of the paralyzed Wyvern and drives AmeShi down into it.. * Baine twists and pulls the blade savagely <Narrator> == The wyvern has no chance of survival, of course... 28 damage, dispatched! * Baine grins and licks the blood off the blade.. <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Narrator> Lara: 35 XP, Erin: 45 XP, Indigo: 61 XP, Baine: 27 XP, Darton: 66 XP, Chamolo: 20 XP, FlameStrike: 25 XP, Kiwi: 48 XP, <Narrator> == The black dragon flaps his powerful wings and roars loudly! * Darton grins at Baine... he likes her style, too bad she's a bitch :P <Kodah> o.o <Narrator> == The black dragon spits a giant fireball at the ship and the Shining Force! <Lara> oh shit! * Darton snarls back at the dragon <Kodah> O_O * Erin evades! * <Narrator> == The fireball descends upon the shining force, with no escape in sight! <Lara> ABANDON SHIP <Narrator> ===== Cut Scene! ===== <Narrator> Inside a dark room stands Horester in front of Chamolo, grinning evilly... * Chamolo blinks <Chamolo> Father...what? <Horester> I give you the opportunity to finish me off, Chamolo... <Chamolo> ...what? <Horester> You have one blow... make it good... <Chamolo> Why...why are you allowing me to kill you? * Horester opens up his arms, awaiting the attack... * Chamolo pulls his staff up shakily.. * Horester grins and stares at Chamolo... Because I know you do not have the guts.. <Chamolo> ... <Horester> Make it quick, healer... * Chamolo shakes his head, his skin becoming sickenly pale. "maybe, but I know this is what my father would have wanted...I do this for him!" * Chamolo strikes at Horester! * Horester is hit fully by the attack and falls on the ground, blood gushing out of his head... * Chamolo falls to his knees... <Chamolo> Oh god.... * Horester stays down for a few seconds, then starts to laugh evilly and gets up... <Chamolo> ...W--what? <Horester> You are weak, Chamolo! * Horester's wounds start to heal themselves... * Chamolo shakes his head. "" <Horester> You were a fool to think you could kill me... Such a fool.... * Horester casts a spell on Chamolo... * Chamolo gasps and tries to resist it. <Narrator> Small blades of air glide around Chamolo, cutting him in several places! Chamolo drops down to 1 HP! * Chamolo screams, bleeding from multiple places. <Chamolo> Father...don't do this...there has to be some part of you that still knows me... * Horester cackles evilly! You cannot prevail against me, Chamolo! I am all powerful! <Chamolo> Maybe not, but the Shining Force can...and that doesn't mean I won't try! * Chamolo lashes out at him again! * Horester glares at Chamolo as he attacks him... <Narrator> The attack hits Horester in the face and sends him reeling... <Narrator> A pure, white light surrounds Chamolo. slowly healing his wounds... * Horester gapes... Wha.. What is this?! * Chamolo breathes heavily and prepares to attack again. "Now I father is gone...nothing but a shell...I have to stop you...." * Chamolo strikes again! <Narrator> The attack hits Horester again.... * Horester is now on his knees... Chamolo... My son! It is me! Your father... I'm back... There's no need for this... * Chamolo stops. "Father?!" <Horester> Put down your weapon, son... The evil spirit inside me has gone... * Chamolo still looks at him warily... <Chamolo> I...I don't know... <Horester> I am free again... *tears stream down his face* Please believe me.. * Chamolo thinks, then places his weapon down, but puts his foot on the weapon, so horester can't take it so easily. * Horester looks up at Chamolo and his eyes twinkle... I'm so happy... My son... Created of my own blood.. I'm so happy.. <Chamolo> ....your own blood....? <Chamolo> But... * Horester floats up, grinning wickedly, while Chamolo's off guard and casts another spell! <Chamolo> No!! * Chamolo curses himself for being a bloody idiot <Narrator> A dark mist surrounds Chamolo, paralyzing him... * Horester laughs darkly! I told you you were weak, Chamolo! So weak!! <Chamolo> I trusted you... * Chamolo tries to move.... * Chamolo moves...A WHOLE INCH! * Horester picks up Chamolo's weapon and walks back.... And that is where you made your mistake.. <Chamolo> What did you mean 'by your blood...?' * Horester pulls the staff over his head, like a club, ready to strike... * Chamolo shakes his head. "you're weak. Won't even fight fairly..." <Horester> You see, I am not your father... I don't know anything about you, really... Only that you are that weak man's son... <Horester> I only took your father's body... Not his memories... I am Shamadi... A raver.... *grins evilly and prepares to strike* * Chamolo blinks. "Then..then he's still alive...!" * Horester shakes his head... I wouldn't count on that, Chamolo.... *swings the club down at Chamolo's head!* * Chamolo looks up at Horester and waits for the end. <Narrator> Before the staff hits Chamolo, a bright and holy light pushes Horester back and slams him into a wall! <Chamolo> W--What?! <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The fireball is only 10 seconds away from hitting the ship... * Lara moves her hands in a circular motion as a portal opens up, taking the Shining Force away from the danger that threatens them. <Darton> ack, what the hell? <Narrator> Egress is cast, carrying the Shining Force inside the shrine of Mitula... <Kodah> O_o <Narrator> The fireball crushes the ship and burns it... <Narrator> The Shining Force sees a powerful glowing light holding Horester on the wall, and Chamolo on the ground, not moving... <Erin> Cham! <Baine> CHAMOLO!!! <Darton> Now what? <Kodah> Chamolo! <Lara> CHAMOLO! * Chamolo seems to be in a trance...looking at Horester being pinned to a wall. * Indigo falters and falls to her knees... Such... Powerful... Magic.. <Kodah> ?? * Baine starts to Chamolo <Lara> what the hell? <Baine> Chamolo.. * Chamolo doesn't answer. * Kodah sees Horester looking helpless and his eyes narrow * Baine kneels by Cham and looks at him.. "Fuck...what did he do to you..." * Darton grins at Horester "Not so confident now, are we?" * Kodah moves over towards Horester, blade in hand * Horester stands there, eyes opened wide, unmoving... <Baine> Horester dead..? * Indigo is on her knees and starts to glow... * Darton raises bloodstained claws and walks slowly over to Horester, ready to make sure <Lara> Indigo? <Darton> What's with the kid? * Baine places the back of her hand against Cham's cheek and looks worried... <Narrator> A powerful, commanding, yet holy voice echoes through the halls... "Stay back from Horester!" * Kodah looks at Horester with hate-filled eyes * Chamolo still stares ahead, looking at Horester. * Darton snarls, but does as he's told * Lara walks over to Indigo. "What's wrong?" <Baine> You heard the voice....back off from Horester... * Indigo concentrates deeply on the task at hand, blocking out everything around her... * Kodah does not budge * Chamolo snaps out of it, hearing the voice. "W-what?" * Baine quickly removes her hand and lets out a sigh of relief. <Chamolo> Baine? <Baine> You scared the hell out of me.. <Lara> Kara, get him away from Horester. * The light around Indigo changes form... Once showing fire, the other showing a cloud formation... * Chamolo moves his leg, and smiles, realizing his not paralyzed anymore. * Baine nods... <Chamolo> What's going on...? * Baine helps Chamolo up and away from Horester <Baine> Well...I'm not sure.. * Chamolo smiles at Baine. * Kodah shifts the sword in his hand, still eyeing Horester * Indigo summons the elementals one by one........ <Baine> Came here, found you freaked out and Horester on the ground...and now Indigo is doing something... <Indigo> DAO! NEPTUNE! HEED MY CALL! <Darton> What the hell? * Lara steps away from Indigo. <Chamolo> Sorry...I was paralyzed...and that light holding's almost's so bright... <Lara> As if this day could get any stranger. <Indigo> APOLLO! ATLAS! I SUMMON YOU! * Darton backs into a corner convenient to an exit... stuff like this scares him * Baine watches Indigo, continuing to support Chamolo.. "As long as you're okay, long as you're okay." <Lara> O_O * Baine wonders vaguely about Atlas and Apollo... <Narrator> The four elementals, fire, earth, water and air appear around Indigo... <Chamolo> I'm okay.... (Is really not since Horester kicked the crap outta him ^_^) * Kodah snarls rather loudly, and raises his sword in preparation to cut Horester's head clean off! <Narrator> == Indigo learns Apollo and Atlas summons! <Chamolo> Don't Kodah! <Baine> Kodah... <Lara> Kodah! Get over here! <Narrator> A powerful beam of light hits Kodah and throws him across the room! <Chamolo> Who is doing this...? * Darton remains silent... if Kodah wants to be stupid, let him be stupid :P <Baine> Argh....Lara....check on Kodah... * Kodah crashes into the wall and doesn't move much <Lara> I still have to wonder where I got the ability to cast magic. I never was able before. <Chamolo> It might be the holyness of this place, Lara.. * Indigo looks at the elementals and orders them by pointing to an altar... * Baine seems unwilling to part from Cham's feels good to be needed.. ^_^; <Narrator> The four elementals hover over to the altar... As they approach the altar, they are sucked into it... * Lara rushes over to Kodah... * Chamolo keeps on blinking. <Darton> Fun... <Baine> Wonder if I have some kind of healing potion.. <Darton> can we go now? * Lara kneels down and checks on Kodah... <Narrator> The altar glows... A human-like form appearing on top of it... * Kodah looks dazed and is oogling with great skill O_o o_O O_o o_O O_o o_O * Baine blinks at the form and raises an eyebrow. * Indigo moves towards the altar... holding her arms out... <Chamolo> Is that.... * Lara looks at Indigo. "What the fuck is going on?" <Chamolo> Mitula....? <Narrator> A trace of life energy is seen flowing out of Indigo and surrounds the human form.... <Chamolo> It can't be... <Lara> Mitula? That dead goddess? <Baine> She's obviously not dead.. <Baine> Or is she? <Lara> obviously, Kara. <Baine> I'm not very good with lore.. * Chamolo can't beleive this.... <Lara> she's draining life energy from Indigo and you think she's not dead? <Baine> How the hell should I know, Lara? <Lara> good point. * Baine's eyes flicker with slightly anger and she shakes her head. <Narrator> The connection between the two suddenly cuts, Indigo falls to the floor and the form on the altar shapes into solid form... <Chamolo> Indigo! * Darton edges towards the exit... * Kodah groans and struggles to stand up <Baine> I've got Cham....Lara has Kodah....Erin? Can you get Indigo? :P <Erin> Yeah, I figure. * Mitula's form solidifies and is now fully visible... <Chamolo> My IS her. <Lara> Holy... <Kodah> What happened? * Vankarin nods and smiles broadly... I was right.. * Baine looks kind of nonplussed. "Is this a good thing?" :P <Darton> She's not dead... I always believed it, but to see her with my own eyes... <Chamolo> Is Indigo alive...? * Lara checks on Indigo... * Kodah shakes his head and looks at the glowing figure, "And who's that?" * Vankarin walks over to the altar and helps Mitula down... Welcome back, Mitula... * Chamolo glances back at Horester. * Darton sneaks to the exit... he doesn't feel right in Mitula's presence, covered in blood like he is right now... * Mitula looks at Vankarin and blinks... Max...? Why are you here?! What did you do!? <Chamolo> O_O <Lara> Max? From the first shining force? <Baine> Max? :P <Chamolo> Did she just say...what I thought she just said?! <Erin> Max? I know that name... <Kodah> Max? Isn't he Vankarin? <Chamolo> How has he lived this long...? <Lara> got me... <Lara> maybe he was ressurrected. * Vankarin looks at Mitula and shakes his head... I freed you... With the Shining Force.. <Kodah> Who the heck is Max? <Chamolo> That could be... <Erin> But that's so long ago... * Mitula scowls... You shouldn't have done that, Max... Oh you really shouldn't have.. * Baine looks blank.. * Kodah looks really confused now * Mitula sighs and spots Horester... * Chamolo puts a hand on Baine's shoulder. <Chamolo> Goddess Mitula...can you help my father? <Chamolo> He is possessed by a reaver... <Mitula> Well well... Shamadi raver... I knew I was holding someone powerful, but you?? * Baine blinks at Chamolo and smiles softly before looking at Mitula some more. :P <Lara> Shamadi Raver? <Kodah> What's going on? O_o * Darton reaches the exit and once he's out of sight, runs like hell to get himself cleaned off * Chamolo is getting confused... <Lara> This is all too weird of a day... <Lara> what's next. * Mitula turns to Chamolo... I will free your father... * Chamolo looks beyond grateful. "Thank you...." * Mitula turns around and glares at Horester... Now Shamadi... What do you call yourself this time... Demion? Mekara? <Lara> could this day get any stranger? * Baine runs a hand over her chin... * Horester spits in Mitula's face defyingly... <Chamolo> He said he was Shamadi... * Mitula stays calm... * Mitula invokes holy powers... * Kodah looks beyond confused now <Narrator> A powerful glow surrounds Horester... * Lara looks kinda bewildered at the events of the day. * Horester screams at the top of his lungs! * Chamolo shudders. <Narrator> A dark mist evaporates from Horester, returning him to his old human form... * Chamolo smiles. "Oh thank god..." <Chamolo> Er...thank goddess...^_^ * Mitula dismisses the field holding Horester to the wall... * Kodah goes a step past beyond confused and is now in the realm of the completely disconnected O_o * Baine lets Chamolo go. * Mitula then turns to Vankarin... <Chamolo> Will he be all right? * Chamolo rushes to his father. * Mitula gazes at Vankarin and says, "He will be fine, Chamolo... Now, old man... What shall I do with you?" <Lara> do what? * Chamolo begins to cast healing spells on his father, hoping to awken him. * Vankarin snickers... Volcanon told me to follow the Shining Force... And I defied his will by leading the Shining Force here... * Kodah tries to say someting a few times, but can't seem to spit out an entire sentence * Baine watches Chamolo, hugging herself and smiling a little.. * Chamolo thinks .oO( Kodah should just smile and nod. ^_^) * Darton returns, no longer bloody, but a bit wet * Mitula gazes squarely into his eyes... That you did, Max... I am taking you off this mission... You shall return to new Granseal with the Vicar... * Baine blinks <Baine> Mitula? who'll guide us now, then? <Lara> Good question...we'll have to go to Bedoe, I guess. * Darton shakes himself off in the background * Mitula turns towards Baine... You have Lara Mano... She is your true leader... <Lara> OK...folks, we are headed to Bedoe, maybe a few answers could be found there. * Baine chuckles lightly and nods. <Mitula> She holds my gem and the gem of Zeon... <Chamolo> Take good care of my father Va--Max. <Baine> Don't mind me...I'm dense.. :P <Lara> if I may ask a question, Mitula, why is it that I just learned of my magic today? <Mitula> Because you weren't ready to wield magic before... You've proven yourself capable... <Lara> that answers alot. <Chamolo> And the white light...was that you, Mitula...? * Mitula smiles... Yes, Chamolo... That was me... * Kodah's random sputterings have ceased any resemblance to english * Baine looks at Mitula and then at the ground, a thought running through her mind.. * Mitula looks at Indigo, still passed out on the floor... Oh... Poor Indigo... * Darton walks up with the rest of the shining force and bows to Mitula wordlessly. <Chamolo> Thank you... <Chamolo> You saved both of us... <Mitula> You still have much to do... Both of you... I had to protect you... * Chamolo wonders what he has to -do- * Mitula walks over to Indigo, bends down to kneel by her... * Lara looks at the pendant she wears around her neck..then srugs it off..."She probably wouldn't know about it anyway. No one else did." * Mitula places his hands on her head and concentrates... A white light gleams out of her hands and caresses Indigo's head... * Baine rubs the back of her head and mumbles about how she shouldn't be in such a holy place.. ^_^; * Kodah finally gives up trying to understands and shuts his mouth with a dull snap * Indigo moans softly. * Mitula removes her hands and smiles... Rest easy, child... I shall be with you through your ordeal from now on until the end... * Indigo blinks and opens her eyes carefully. * Lara causes the soulsword to disappear... * Darton pokes Lara and asks quietly, "Can we leave now? It's an honor to see Mitula and all that, but all in all, I want to get out of here." * Mitula helps Indigo up... <Indigo> Who.... <Narrator> The walls of the shrine suddenly start shaking... <Lara> We can leave as soon as everything is finished up here...whenver that is. <Kodah> Um......? <Chamolo> Oh no... * Indigo looks closely at Mitula, trying to shake off the aftereffects of her summoning spell. <Lara> WHAT THE HELL? * Darton loses all his nerve and starts running out the exit * Vankarin groans... The black dragon! <Lara> The Black Dragon? <Chamolo> Oh didn't kill it? <Vankarin> He's still out there! * Indigo blinks and looks arond. * Chamolo looks at his father and panics * Indigo turns to Mitula. <Indigo> I believe we should go now. <Lara> Ok, folks out of the shrine NOW! * Vankarin walks over to Chamolo's father and picks him up... * Lara rushes from the shrine! <Kodah> Uh...okay * Darton is way ahead of Lara... * Mitula looks at Lara... No! I shall teleport you away... <Lara> Then do it... <Baine> Ugh. :P <Mitula> That dragon is too powerful for you now... <Chamolo> Thank you Vankarin! Take good care of him! <Baine> Teleportation.. ^_^; <Indigo> I've heard of that in legends.... * Vankarin nods and dissapears from sight in a white flash... * Indigo frowns. <Indigo> How did I know that? * Baine lightly places a hand on Cham's shoulder. "Kickass, is it not?" ^_^; * Mitula shakes her head... No time... *prepares to cast a spell* <Chamolo> It sure sure is... * Chamolo keeps on smiling <Narrator> White light surrounds the Shining Force... All they can see is white light, surrounding them and Mitula's voice saying, "May the Gods be with you, Shining Force!" <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====n do it... <Baine> Ugh. :P <Mitula> That dragon is too powerful for you now... <Chamolo> Thank you Vankarin! Take good care of him! <Baine> Teleportation.. ^_^; <Indigo> I've heard of that in legends.... * Vankarin nods and dissapears from sight in a white flash... * Indigo frowns. <Indigo> How did I know that? * Baine lightly places a hand on Cham's shoulder. "Kickass, is it not?" ^_^; * Mitula shakes her head... No time... *prepares to cast a spell* <Chamolo> It sure sure is... * Chamolo keeps on smiling <Narrator> White light surrounds the Shining Force... All they can see is white light, surrounding them and Mitula's voice saying, "May the Gods be with you, Shining Force!" <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====