Shining Force RPG session 14
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<Narrator> ===== Session Start! ===== <Narrator> The Shining force was teleported away from the shrine of Mitula as the black dragon attacked... Vankarin left the party to head back to New Granseal with Chamolo's father... <Narrator> The Shining Force appears over a small lake and splashes down into it! <Baine> ACK * Lara executes a perfect swan dive. <Kodah> (blub) * Chamolo arghs and falls in with a hard slap! O_o Bellyflop! * Erin flies, avoiding the fall... * <Kodah> (sputter, flop) * Baine surfaces, sputtering and coughing.. <Kodah> (thrash, gurgle) * Chamolo comes out of the water, looking a little dazed. "Ow." <Lara> is everyone alright? * Baine reaches down and grabs Kodah by the collar, hauling him above surface.. :P <Kodah> (sink) * Erin looks helplessly at the others. * ^_^; <Erin> Yeah, I'm fine. <Kodah> O_o * Indigo gurgles and tries to summon Neptune... <Chamolo> Yeah, I'm okay. Where's Baine? And K-- Oh nevermind. <Lara> ok, the bank. <Kodah> What hapened? O_o * Baine grins at Chamolo and splashes him :P <Narrator> FlameStrike is nowhere to be seen... * Lara starts swimming to the banks of the lake. * Chamolo acks and playfully splashes back. ^_^ * Baine leaps on Chamolo and dunks him! ;) <Lara> by the way, what happened to FlameStrike? * Kodah looks around, "How did we get here?" * Chamolo acks and tries to get up! <Erin> No clue... * Baine lets up :P <Chamolo> Th-thanks! * Yogurt swims circles around everyone, as though he was walking through the water... * Baine grins and nods before diving and swimming to the banks.. * Chamolo looks around. "Where did Flamestrike go?" * Lara pulls herself up onto the pond bank. "That was interesting." <Baine> He's probably cooling off <Yogurt> Oh Flaaaaaaammmeeeeessstriiiiiiikkkeeeeeeee??? * Kodah dog paddles to the shore <Chamolo> Hmm..that sounds about right. * Baine chuckles at Kodah :P * Chamolo swims to shore. * Yogurt dives under water trying to spot FlameStrike... <Lara> from now on, Let's not try swimming in our fighting attire? * Kodah clambers out of the water with no finesse whatsoever <Baine> I dunno, I kinda like this. :P <Baine> Its fun for once. :P * Chamolo jumps up with a little more finesse than Kodah. * Chamolo spits out some water. <Kodah> Ugh * Baine chuckles :P <Baine> Welcome to land, sires.. :P * Kodah tries to wring some water out of his clothes <Chamolo> That water's cold! * Lara looks around, trying to visualize where they are at? <Baine> What'd you figure? A hot tub? ;) * Yogurt resurfaces, not wet AT ALL... * Chamolo shakes some of the wetness from his hair, and wipes his glasses off. * Baine looks at Yogurt.. :P <Chamolo> Well, no...but... <Chamolo> At least a tolerable temperature would have been nice... * Erin gently drops onto the ground, and tucks her wings back... * <Yogurt> No sign of dragon boy... <Erin> So what's the plan? * Baine hauls off her ninja mask and shakes her head quickly, her wet hair sending water everywhere.. ^_^ * Kodah unsheathes his sword so the scabbard wont shrink shut on it, and removes his leather belt too <Lara> Well, where the hell did he go to? * Baine stops and wrings out her mask :P * Chamolo narrowly misses being splashed! <Chamolo> Careful Baine! * Baine chuckles and grins at Chamolo. :P * Baine slips her mask back on. <Lara> We're not far from Bedoe, folks... <Yogurt> I have no clue... :P * Kodah looks around, then looks at Lara, "How can you tell?" O_o <Baine> Bedoe, hmm? <Lara> Landmarks... * Kiwi splashes around in Da water... <Kodah> What landmarks? <Lara> This lake is not far from the town of Polca. <Lara> and from there, we can get to Bedoe. <Chamolo> Excellent... ^_^ <Baine> Its about time to update our weapons, isn't it..? <Kodah> Uh....okay <Lara> just about... * Chamolo looks at his staff. "Didnt' we just...?" * Baine looks at her empty pouch.. <Baine> I have no items. :P * Kodah baps the side of his head to get some water out of his ears * Lara starts walking to the east northeast. "Let's get moving." * Baine makes a funny face at Lara's back and follows. ;) * Kodah walks, grumbling about his underwear riding up * Chamolo hmms. "Oh well...least I got a bath..." * Lara looks around. <Baine> Hah...get the last bits of oil offa yourself, Cham? ^_- * Chamolo hears a wet squishing sound in his boots "But my boots....ruined...sigh." <Chamolo> Wasn't it ink? <Lara> and my hair is now a royal mess... <Lara> oh no....what of.. <Baine> Ink, oil, same chemicals different animals :P <Chamolo> I think so... <Kodah> Covered in ink.....dumped in a lake....I did not sign on for that..... * Lara looks down and sees that her pendant is still around her neck. "Thank Mitula it's still there." <Baine> What'd you expect, Kodah? Dancing girls and wine? ^_- * Yogurt looks around... I wonder where the big fat doofus is... <Baine> I can dance...but you'd lose ability to walk.. :P * Kodah grumples a bit * Lara thinks to herself,"I thought I had lost that thing." * Chamolo gulps too "Dancing women?" * Baine chuckles at Chamolo. ;) * Lara snickers a bit. <Chamolo> What? What did I say? * Chamolo looks confused. O_o * Baine squeezes Cham's shoulder and chuckles some more as she lets go and does a forward flip. ^_^ <Chamolo> Wh..Wha? Whoa! * Kodah baps the side of his head a few more times * Baine lands gracefully on her feet and smiles. <Chamolo> Oh, OH! I get it now. Impressive! * Yogurt yawns.... * Baine grins at Chamolo and bows a little. ^_^ <Yogurt> So... What are we still doing here? * Lara walks along, humming a tune to herself. <Kodah> So how far is it to this place anyhow? <Lara> not far, Kodah... * Yogurt scurries about, looking for FS... * Baine straightens and cracks her back. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" ;) <Kodah> I hope not, I need to dry off <Lara> join the club, Kodah.. <Chamolo> Me too. * Lara looks to the Horizon. "Polca shouldn't be that far off". <Baine> I can dry you off. ^_^ * Baine flicks a finger and a small flame flickers on. ^_^ * Baine flicks a finger again and it disappears. ;) * Kodah wrings some more water out of his shirt * Chamolo walks along, quietly... * Yogurt blarghs... That big oaf can take care of himself... <Baine> You know what we need? A good battle.. * Baine raises an eyebrow <Kodah> We do? <Lara> not at this point, Kara... <Baine> Sure. Loosen up the old joints. ^_- <Narrator> The river flows along towards Polca... The waters seem darker than natural as the team advances... <Lara> I'd hate to see how these wet clothes slow me down. * Baine looks at the water.. <Baine> Hmm.. * Kodah checks his joints to see if they're loose enough <Lara> This is not right. I wonder what's going on? * Chamolo walks along, his boots making squishing sounds. * Baine saunters over and stops at the edge of the water. * Baine looks down into it.. ^_- * Chamolo hmms, wondering if he should walk barefoot. * Kodah looks at the water, "Is that normal for around here?" <Lara> No, it's not, Kodah... <Baine> Wonder if it tastes like Kool-Aid :P <Kodah> Oh <Lara> I've been here before. I wonder what caused this? Darksol? <Chamolo> I wouldn't try it, Baine... <Baine> Probably Darksol <Chamolo> I agree with careful.. * Chamolo hmms. * Chamolo wonders....and plucks a small piece of grass, and sticks it in the water. * Baine hmms and dips the tip of her boot into the water <Lara> something tells me that we're in for one hell of a surprise when we get to Polca. <Chamolo> Baine! Get your foot out of the water! <Kodah> Oh goodie, more surprises <Baine> My foot isn't in the water. :P <Lara> Kara, it could be acidic... <Baine> The boot is. ^_- <Chamolo> Still, get it out! * Chamolo looks stern, but not prissy * Baine blinks and looks at Chamolo :P * Chamolo pulls out the piece of grass...and looks at it. <Chamolo> Nothing....hmm. <Narrator> The water starts smelling somewhat funny... * Baine steps in the water. :P <Lara> This is not good at all. What happened to the water? <Kodah> Phew! <Baine> See? No acid. ;) <Chamolo> What's that smell? * Baine steps out of the water. * Chamolo holds his nose * Baine sniffs the air.. <Lara> I have no idea....but it is rather putrid. <Baine> Huh.. <Narrator> The smell of bitter fruit comes to mind... <Erin> I've never really cared for water... <Lara> why does it smell like percimmons? <Chamolo> Erin...water is water? * Baine wrinkles her nose * Lara covers her nose and mouth as she walks. <Chamolo> Maybe we should just move on. <Baine> This smells absoloutly lovely.. * Baine chuckles softly.. <Erin> Yeah, but I've never been a fan of it... If my wings get wet, it's really hard to fly. :( <Kodah> Compared to what? <Chamolo> You DO drink it, right? <Baine> Compared to the waste of the Clan members in the main river, Kodah.. :P <Erin> Yeah... of course. :P <Kodah> Oh * Lara just keeps walking to Polca. * Kodah holds his nose and follows <Lara> let's keep going, people. Our answers may be waiting in Polca? * Chamolo follows, still holding his nose. <Lara> this whole area just reeks of Darksol's influence. * Baine's mask filters most of the smell out.. :P <Narrator> The smell of cooking meat slowly takes over the foul stench of the river... <Lara> hmm? <Kodah> Uh..... <Kodah> Is that normal around here either? <Baine> Ooh <Baine> Meat <Lara> Now, THERE'S a tempting aroma. <Chamolo> Hmm....smells like a roast of some kind... * Lara follows her nose to the smell of cooking meet. * Baine drags Cham gently along. ;) * Chamolo is dragged. O_o <Kodah> Ooh....that smell...... * Chamolo mouth waters. "I'm getting's been a while since I ate.." * Baine sniffs the air again.. * Lara thinks she recognizes that scent... <Baine> Me too...but I can go without.. * Kodah keeps plodding along, not looking happy about this whole situation * Lara just follows the scent. <Baine> You know...a good smell doesn't mean a good thing... <Baine> It could be a trap.. <Narrator> Smoke can be seen over Polca... But it seems more like cooking smoke than anything else... <Chamolo> I know...maybe I'm just hopful tht is IS a good thing. <Chamolo> Perhapss it's a cookout? * Lara heads toward the smoke. * Baine smiles and pats Cham's stomach lightly. "Yeah. Perhaps." <Baine> You won't starve. :P * Chamolo smiles. * Lara picks up the pace. <Narrator> The village gates can be seen not far away now... * Lara heads into town. * Baine follows Lara and gazes at the smoke <Baine> Are these guys cannibals? ^_^ <Narrator> The smoke seems to be coming from the middle of the village... Flames can be seen jumping in the air as the team advances closer... <Kodah> Huh? <Chamolo> Cana...bals? <Chamolo> No way! * Baine shrugs. "Just a thought!." <Lara> well, at least no houses are burning...let's check it out. * Lara keeps walking. * Chamolo still hopes it's a good thing...or that Darksol isn't into cookouts... * Yogurt freezes... * Kodah follows allong, looking a little concerned <Lara> Yogurt, what's up? <Yogurt> Uhm... <Yogurt> This isn't normal... <Chamolo> what isn't? <Lara> maybe not..but we do have to check it out. <Kodah> No kidding * Baine raises an eyebrow * Chamolo 's face falls. <Yogurt> Palcon houses wolfmen... Protected by the birdmen of Bedoe.. <Chamolo> More trouble? <Kodah> Flames going that high says 'Bonfire' to me <Yogurt> And the houses are all empty... O_o * Baine patpats Cham on the shoulder and offers him some beef jerky.. :P <Lara> well, we'd better check it out no less. <Lara> come on. <Chamolo> Oh no...some type of plauge? <Baine> Plagues....lovely.. <Kodah> I hope not O_o * Yogurt grumbles, not liking this AT ALL... <Lara> just frickin perfect.. * Lara keeps walking into Polca. <Narrator> The square is quite close now... * Baine peers.. * Lara walks into the town square... * Yogurt suddenly yelps! * Lara looks around... <Kodah> Oop! <Baine> Yogurt? <Chamolo> Yogurt! What is it? <Lara> What is it, Yogurt? <Yogurt> O_O *gapes at the town square...* * Lara looks into town square. * Baine looks at the town square. :P * Yogurt points to the fire... * Chamolo turns towards Yougrt's direction. * Lara glares at the fire. <Narrator> Wolfmen surround the fire... * Kodah blinks <Narrator> They're on all fours, growling... * Lara runs toward the fire in the center of town. * Erin is in the air in a flash... * Uh oh.. <Narrator> In the fire, a humanoid form can be seen... * Chamolo blinks. <Kodah> Is this normal? <Lara> What the hell? * Lara looks at the human figure. <Baine> They're roasting someone..? * Chamolo feels sick. * Yogurt growls.. They wouldn't DARE.. * Yogurt charges in the square! * Baine runs after Yogurt <Kodah> Yogurt? <Chamolo> Yogurt, they wouldn't dare what?! <Lara> They're cooking a birdman. <Chamolo> Wait! * Chamolo follows. * Baine has AmeShi already drawn.. <Lara> INDIGO, PUT THAT FIRE OUT! * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. * Kodah looks at everyone running around, "Whats going on?" * Indigo blinks and casts a Neptune on the fire! * Yogurt pulls out a ring and uses it on 3 wolfmen! <Narrator> == The 3 wolfmen fall fast asleep... <Lara> that THAT'S taken care of... * Kodah , seeing that no one has answered his question, follows blindly <Lara> I wonder what happened here? <Narrator> The fire slowly dies down and the other wolfmen leap on the party! <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Baine> Look out! <Kodah> Eek! O_O * Chamolo whoas! * Lara begins to summon her bolt spell. <Narrator> ===== 6 wolfmen ===== * Baine does a backwards roll, avoiding one of the wolfmen as it lands near her head.. :P * Baine ends up standing by Lara. <Narrator> == Erin can attack! * Chamolo nearly gets swiped by one, but jumps away just in time. * Kodah scrambles away from a crazed wolfman, "What's going on?" <Baine> Lets show these mutts who's the boss, eh? * Baine twirls AmeShi.. <Lara> I'm on it, Kara.. <Chamolo> The water! It must have something to do with the water! * Erin quickly fires an arrow at Wolfman 1 !! * <Narrator> == Erin attacks Wolfman 1... * Lara surrounds her soulsword in holy lightning as she eyes a wolfman. * Kodah recognizes the warning signs of what Lara's about to do and backs away * Baine decides to try her new trick.. <Narrator> == The wolfman yelps as the arrows pierce his skin... 8 damage... <Lara> Kara, try your katon slash? * Baine nods at Lara. <Narrator> == Lara can attack! <Baine> It hurts, but hell, it works.. ;) * Lara leaps into the air with her lightning enhanced soulsword..bringing the blade down upon wolfman 1. <Narrator> == Lara combos Bolt 1 with the soul sword... * Chamolo watches, in awe. <Chamolo> Since when could Lara do that?! * Baine chuckles <Baine> Since the last battle, Cham. <Chamolo> Ah...okay.. <Narrator> == the Wolfman falls dead under the powerful attack! 35 damage! Dispatched! <Lara> all RIGHT! * Lara leaps back to safety with the shining force. * Chamolo all rights ^_^ <Narrator> == Baine and Indigo can attack! <Narrator> == Indigo summons Atlas on Wolfman 3... * Baine grins and points a finger at Wolfman bursts out of her finger and she leaps inside of the flames, rushing towards the wolfman. She hits him like a ton of bricks and embeds her katana in his leg. <Narrator> == Baine combos AmeShi and Katon on Wolfman 2... * Chamolo watches Baine, and glups. "Ow, that has GOT to hurt.." * Baine leaps back.. <Narrator> == Baine crushes the Wolfman with her attack, incinerating him also... 36 damage, dispatched! <Lara> that had to be painful. <Kodah> Owie..... * Baine grins a bit at Chamolo, her uniform smoking.. :P <Narrator> == huge gauntlets appear out of thin air and pound Wolfman 3 to death... 29 damage, dispatched! <Chamolo>'re on fire! * Chamolo tries to bat it out! <Baine> O_o * Baine gets batted. "Ow! Ow! Ow!!"" <Narrator> == Chamolo and Darton can attack! * Chamolo looks about for water, then realizes taht may be bad, so he just bashes a wolfman instead. ^_^ <Narrator> == Darton growls and stands his ground, not wanting to hurt any of his kin... <Narrator> == Chamolo bashes Wolfman 4... * Baine phews.. :P <Narrator> == Chamolo hits the wolfman HARD, crushing his skull... 26 damage, Critical! dispatched! * Baine oogles.. <Baine> Now thats impressive. * Baine nods. ^_^ * Chamolo jumps back, still feeling the force of the blow in his body. <Kodah> O_o * Chamolo smiles. "Whoa... ^_^" <Narrator> == Kodah can attack! <Kodah> Here we go! <Chamolo> I still got it! * Kodah sheathes his blade in ice, and leaps into the air! Kodah drives his blade deep into the enemy, "Ice Blade Stab Hyoretsuzan!" <Baine> Never doubted you lost it for a second, Chamolo. ^_- <Narrator> == Kodah attacks Wolfman 5... * Chamolo grins. ^_^ <Narrator> == Wolfman 5 is pulverised because of the powerful attack! 32 damage! Critical! Dispatched! <Narrator> == Yogurt and Kiwi can attack! * Kodah hits the ground and leaps away from the dispatched wolfman <Chamolo> Kodah, where DO you get all of these sword techniques...? <Kodah> Huh? <Narrator> == Yogurt casts a sleep spell of the remaining wolfman before Kiwi can hurt it... <Chamolo> That ice attack...I didn't know you used magic....or is that magic? <Narrator> == Wolfman 6 is asleep... <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Kodah> Uh....I dunno....they just come to me I guess ^^;; <Lara> Cool moves, folks... <Narrator> == Erin: 10 XP, Lara: 25 XP, Baine: 24 XP, Indigo: 22 XP, Chamolo: 27 XP, Kodah: 34 XP * Lara looks around town..."What in the hell happened here?" <Narrator> The remaining wolves are sleeping soundly and do not seem able to be woken up... * Chamolo twirls his staff about, in victory. <Kodah> .....? * Yogurt frowns as he spots what's in the fire.. <Baine> Let sleeping dogs lie. ^_- * Lara causes the soulsword to disappear <Baine> Or wolves, for that matter. <Chamolo> Beats me, but I know it has something to do with the water...I got a gut feeling. <Kodah> Now, would someone PLEASE explain what just happened? * Yogurt points to the fire.. They killed a Birdman.. * Baine looks for the water.. <Kodah> Who did? <Baine> Hmm.. * Lara shakes her head slowly.... <Chamolo> Why? <Lara> The birdmen of Bedoe protected this town.. "Why would the wolfmen just burn kill one like that?" <Chamolo> Maybe it turned evil...but that makes no sense... * Yogurt goes to the sleeping Wolfmen... <Chamolo> Those wolfmen were crazed... <Lara> let's get into Bedoe... <Lara> our answers may lie there. <Kodah> ..... <Chamolo> ...Right... * Lara walks on into Bedoe. * Baine blinks.. <Kodah> Uh....okay * Yogurt sighs and shakes his head.. * Baine looks at Lara and then at the wolfmen <Baine> But.. * Darton stays away from the Shining Force, mumbling to himself.. * Chamolo looks at Darton and shakes his head. * Yogurt moves away from the Wolfmen... Yeah.. Let's go.. * Baine sighs softly and tugs on her mask, following the others.. <Yogurt> We'll prolly get our answers in Bedoe... * Kodah gives up trying to understand....again...and follows glumly * Baine seems deep in thought <Narrator> To the north of town, the path to Bedoe is filled with dead corpses... * Lara picks up her pace, speeding up into a full run.. <Kodah> Not a good sign <Lara> come on, folks... <Lara> pick it up! <Narrator> Dead wolfmen and birdmen are scattered all over the road... * Chamolo feels the vomit rising again. * Erin maintains her silence... * <Baine> OH gods. <Lara> This is not a good sign, folks...COME ON! * Chamolo is hurrying ^_^ * Kodah's paces slows as he looks around at all the carnage * Baine stops despite Lara and prods a carcass with her toe before moving on.. <Narrator> The gates of the birdman's city lies ahead... Sealed shut... <Lara> What the hell? <Narrator> All the windows are barricaded... * Chamolo looks up. "Should we climb?" <Narrator> No entrance is left open... <Lara> no way in. * Baine runs a hand through her hair.. * Kodah feels slightly ill :\ <Narrator> Claw marks are all over the rock and the wooden doors... <Lara> hmmm..maybe the Gem of Mitula will get us in. <Baine> ....they killed each other. * Lara starts to concentrate on the gem of mitula on her soulsword.... <Chamolo> War? But why? * Chamolo then blinks O_o <Chamolo> Did someone poison the water, then blame the other for it?! <Baine> Water.... * Baine nods to Cham.. "That would make sense of this carnage." <Chamolo> I'm telling you, it has something to do with that water! <Narrator> Suddenly, the door to the birdmen's city slightly opens... And Lara hears a voice she recognizes saying, "Identify yourselves..." * Kodah continues slowly after the Shining Force, looking very dazed <Chamolo> ... <Lara> I'm Lara Mano of the Shining Force... <Chamolo> I'm Chamolo Willcott of the Granseal Church. <Baine> Baine of the White Lions Claw. <Lara> Wait a minute.... <Lara> I know that voice... <Lara> Prince BlackHawk, show yourself. <Erin> Chief Strategist Gallant, of the Shining Force... * Chamolo looks to Lara. <Chamolo> O_o <BlackHawk> What in the hell are YOU doing here, Lara? * Kodah finally manages to catch up with the SF, looking very green * Baine smiles softly at Kodah and pats him on the shoulder. * Chamolo just decides to be quiet and let Lara speak. <Baine> It'll be okay. You get used to it. :P * Lara rushes the prince. He catches her in his arms as the two embrace.."What am I DOING HERE?"Lara asks,"Why aren't you in Guardiana?" * Yogurt looks very blankly at BlackHawk.. Uhm... Can we, like, go inside please..? Please..? <Kodah> (mumbled)I don't want to get used to it......ever....... <BlackHawk> Well, Guardiana was attacked by Darksol's forces. <BlackHawk> Come on in. * Lara and BH enter the town. * Yogurt scurries in quickly.. * Chamolo follows quietly. * Baine chuckles a bit and follows after Cham. :P * Kodah follows, stil in his daze <BlackHawk> My father thougt he may be after the Star Blade an sent me away from the castle. <Narrator> The birdmen's town, once proud and large is now a refugee camp for the remaining birdmen... <Narrator> The doors close behind the Shining Force... <Narrator> Rumbling can be heard and felt... <Baine> It could be worse. We could be trapped in a Nancy Drew novel. <Narrator> The walls of the stronghold shake more and more...... * Kodah stumbles <Narrator> The children and women in the back shiver with fear... <Baine> Then again, I could be wrong. ^_^; * Chamolo pales. "What's happening...?" * BlackHawk looks blankly... "They're coming back for another assault!!" <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====