Shining Force RPG session 15
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The stronghold of the birdmen is being assaulted by an unknown army... Surely Darksol's troops, but which greater devil... * Darton snarls, unhappy :P * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. * Kodah looks at the ground, still green around the edges <Chamolo> What's going on?! * Prince BlackHawk draws the Star Blade from it's sheath. It permeates with a holy energy. * Indigo frowns. * Kodah me does not notice the blade's power, too wrapped in other things.... * Kiwi meeps unhappily, whimpering at the scene... * Indigo prepares to summon an elemental. * Yogurt growls.. Who's attacking the stronghold?? * Lara stands by the prince as she readies herself to fight. <Narrator> One of the birdmen in the corner's eyes go wide and suddenly screams! <BlackHawk> You be careful, Lara. * Indigo turns. <Kodah> O_o <Lara> I always just take care of yourself. * Chamolo blinks. <Narrator> The woman clutches her child, screaming and pointing at Indigo! * Darton flexes his claws, wanting to hurt something... only question is, what? * Lara and BH nod at each other. <Indigo> Excuse me. What is wrong miss? <Chamolo> Indigo...? * Kiwi blinks, confused. <Chamolo> What's wrong with her? <Lara> What's up with Indigo? * Indigo looks serious for once, even preoccupied. <Narrator> The woman cowers, unable to speak.. <Kodah> Uh....? <Kiwi> Kiwi no know what happening... Kiwi scared... * Indigo frowns sharply at some thought. <Indigo> Miss? <Lara> could it be that the evil form of Indigo that Darksol extracted from her could be the greater devil that's attacking? <Kodah> Yet another situation, that is as clear as mud.... <Narrator> the door of the stronghold budges... <BlackHawk> Knights...try to hold that stronghold! <Chamolo> Lara, what are you talking about?! O_o <Lara> you remember, Chamolo.... <Kodah> Do mean that thing with the thing? <Chamolo> You mean....oh no... <Chamolo> O_o * Indigo goes over to the woman. <Lara> Darksol used some sort of machine to extract Indigo's violent personality and give it form <Indigo> What is the matter? <Narrator> The door breaks down, a pack of wolfmen going through the door, slashing, biting and snarling viciously... <Chamolo> But can he control it? <Kodah> Eep! <BlackHawk> Oh shit. <Chamolo> Incoming! <Lara> oh shit is right.... * Darton oogles... wolfmen... but he thought he was the only one... never saw another... <Lara> Darton, just fight... <Narrator> A black form flies through the door, floating ominously at the back of the pack... <Kiwi> Meeeeep!! O_O <Lara> oh great. * Indigo turns to it, preparing to summon an elemental again. * Kodah clumsily draws his blade <Chamolo> Who are you? *Points at the floating figure* * Lara surrounds her soulsword in holy lightning. * Darton whines in confusion <Narrator> a black mist fades, revealing the person's true identity... <Evil Indigo> Ahh... The Shining Force... This shall be fun... * BlackHawk readies himself to strike at * Kiwi runs to the back of the Shining Force, panicked. <Chamolo> O_o You were right, Lara... * BlackHawk readies himself to strike at the wolfmen. * Indigo goes to look at it. <Kodah> Oh geeze..... ^^;; <Lara> I guess the old instincts are still there. * Indigo blinks. * Darton gives Blackhawk a violet-eyed glare... <Evil Indigo> Wolfmen! ATTACK THE REMAINING BIRDMEN! <Indigo> You twin? I am Indigo Mysteria, a sorceress. <Chamolo> No! <Lara> not as long as we're here, Ready, Shining force? <Kodah> Not really ^^;; * Evil Indigo turns to Indigo... Twin? Hardly... *prepares a summon spell* <Chamolo> As ready as I'll ever be... * Darton snarls viciously. * Kiwi gulps. <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Indigo> It is like looking in a mirror........ <Narrator> ===== 10 wolfmen, Evil Indigo ===== * Chamolo whips out his staff and twirls it about in a defensive manner. <Narrator> == Erin can attack! <Indigo> Do not hurt her please. I must talk to her.... * Lara holds her sword ready to strike. BlackHawk prepares himself to attack, the Star Blade permeating with holy energy. * Kodah looks doubtfull at the prospect of talking things out <Lara> Well, I'll try not to kill her, but she's going downn. * Darton whines again... <Narrator> == Erin attacks evil Indigo <Narrator> == One of the wolfmen leaps up and blocks the attack! 18 damage on wolfman 1! * Evil Indigo cackles madly! Totally loyal to me... I love it!! * Darton just gets more and more confused... <Indigo> How did you win their loyalty? <Narrator> == Lara can attack! * Lara lunges at Evil Indigo, bringing the lightning enhanced soulsword down in a long arc. <Narrator> == Lara attacks Evil Indigo with a Sword combo... <Narrator> == Evil Indigo lifts a wolfman with a levitation spell and throws him in Lara's path... The Wolfman is impaled! 28 damage, Dispatched! 4 damage on Lara for the combo! * Darton whines again <Narrator> == Baine can attack! <Indigo> Please sister, stop this! You are hurting innocents! <Evil Indigo> I am NOT your sister! *snarls viciously* <Narrator> == Baine casts Katon lv. 2 on the wolfmen... * Darton whines again and twitches slightly... <Indigo> Ummm...then why do you look *exactly* like me, except for our clothing? <Narrator> == Most of the wolfmen are caught in the blaze... 12 damage each, except for 9 and 10! * Indigo gestures to her golden and blue robes. <Kiwi> Two Indigo? One enough, why two? * Evil Indigo snickers... Na´ve little girl.. You'll understand soon enough.. <Chamolo> I don't know.... <Narrator> == Indigo can attack! * Kodah hops away from a burning woflman * Indigo looks at her opposite and seems very sad. "I am sorry, but I cannot permit you to harm these innocents anymore." * Indigo summons Apollo to burn her opposite. <Narrator> == Indigo casts Apollo on Evil Indigo! <Narrator> == Evil Indigo casts Neptune to counter the effect! <Chamolo> Lookout! <Kodah> O_o <Indigo> Now how did I KNOW you'd cast Apollo... I wonder... :P * Indigo blinks in stunned surprise. <BlackHawk> Lara, where did that thunder magic come from? You were never able to use it before? <Indigo> You can summon the elementals too? All of them? <Indigo> Maybe we ARE twins... NOT!!! <Lara> I just learned of it... * Chamolo glowers at Indigo... <BlackHawk> We REALLY have to talk later. <Indigo> Please, think of all the lives you are sacrificing! * Indigo spreads her arms wide. <Chamolo> I hate to say this, but you are what some people would call "An annoying little snot." <Narrator> == Darton and Chamolo can attack! * Lara nods. * Chamolo strikes at a wolfman! <Narrator> == Chamolo attacks Wolfman 2! <Narrator> == Darton keeps his position. * Darton whines and looks indecisive yet vicious <Lara> DARTON, HELP US OUT HERE! <Narrator> == Chamolo's staff slams into the wolfman's arm, crushing it! <Darton> No. <Kodah> .... <Narrator> == 18 damage! <Darton> And if you say one more word I'll rip YOUR arm off. * Chamolo jumps back. <Narrator> == The wolfmen try and attack the birdmen! <Chamolo> Someone stop them! <Kodah> Hey! * Indigo frowns and stands between them. * Kodah tries to get in the way <Narrator> == BlackHawk beheads two with his sword! * Chamolo tries standing in front of a couple of wolfmen, knowing full well he's gonna ge whacked. * Darton does nothing.... he doesn't like this one bit. * BlackHawk strikes at the necks of two WolfMen with the star blade. <Kiwi> No! Nononono, wolf-things no do that! <Indigo> Please, you don't know what you're doing. My sister, please call them off. <Narrator> == The remaining wolfmen stand back, frightful... * Evil Indigo Snarls... You incompetent fools! <Narrator> == Kodah can attack! * Indigo approaches the evil Indigo calmly. * Lara and BH return to their positions at each other's side, ready to hit the enemy again with all they have. * Chamolo grins. We're geteting her... * Kodah charges at a wolfman! * Darton eyes the dark Indigo and snarls <Narrator> == Kodah attacks Wolfman 2! <Kodah> Yah! * Evil Indigo smiles at Darton teasingly... Will you join us? * Kiwi runs around in circles, trying to get a chance to whonk something. * Darton growls and bares his teeth <Narrator> == The wolfman is struck down easily, since he is heavily wounded... 22 damage! Dispatched! * Indigo puts a hand on the evil Indigo's shoulder. * Kodah leaps back into position * Evil Indigo bites Indigo's hand HARD! <Indigo> Please, stop this before any more are hurt.....OWWW! <Chamolo> Indigo! Nono! The good! <Lara> whichever Indigo is on OUR SIDE get over here. * Evil Indigo pulls away, grinning at her "GOOD" side... * Darton whines, still confused <Narrator> == Kiwi and Yogurt can attack! * Indigo goes over to Lara. * Kiwi fumbles, trying to get his helmet off, then throws it over the group's heads and at the nearest wolfman! <Narrator> == Yogurt pulls out a ring! <Indigo> I must try to reach her somehow. <Narrator> == Kiwi attacks Wolfman 3! <Narrator> == Yogurt uses the sleep ring on Wolfmen 8, 9 and 10... 8 falls asleep... 9 falls asleep... 10 is unaffected. <Narrator> == Kiwi's helmet slams into Wolfman 3's stomach HARD... 13 damage! * Kiwi jumps around happily! <Narrator> ===== Monster count: 7 wolfmen conscious. Evil Indigo. ===== <Narrator> == Erin can attack! * Baine grins deviantly.. <Baine> Lets make these puppies whine, eh? * Erin unleashes a rain of deadly arrows upon Wolfman 6 ! * <Narrator> == Erin attacks Wolfman 6! * Lara readies herself to strike once more...only this time, she isn't gonna combo. * Kodah slips on some doggie-doo * Darton snarls at Baine... * Baine snarls back :P <Narrator> == The arrows fly and land square in the wolfman's head! 26 damage, critical! Dispatched! <Baine> Want a piece of this? Huh? Huh? * Evil Indigo snarls at all of them! <Narrator> == Lara can attack! * Chamolo looks at Baine, just...looks. O_o <Narrator> == Lara attacks Wolfman 3! * Lara rushes at Wolfman-7, slashing with her powerful soulsword. She hits Wolfman-7 several times before finally leaping high into the air. A beam of light flashes off the blade as she brings it down upon Wolfman-7. * Indigo just smiles, walking towards her again and pulling out the personality shifter calmly..... * Baine notices Chamolo and waves, oddly. :P * Darton growls deeply in his chest, baring his teeth at Baine... "Want to go at this?" * Baine turns back to Darton. "You really don't scare me, dear boy. Don't even try." <Narrator> == The wolfman is literally split in half from the attack! 26 damage, dispatched! <BlackHawk> You've been practicing, I see. <Chamolo> Some of the things you say, Miss goodness.. <BlackHawk> I am impressed, Lara. * Kiwi widens his eyes. "No fight among ourselves. Fight bad people!" <Narrator> == Baine, Indigo and Indigo can attack! * Lara looks at BlackHawk and smiles... <Narrator> == Evil Indigo awaits Indigo's attack... <Narrator> == Baine attacks Wolfman 4 :P * Indigo frowns, placing the personality shifter in her robes and going through the motions to summon Apollo before summoning Atlas at the last moment. * Baine grins and leaps to a wolfman, driving AmeShi across it's chest and crouching low, bringing the sword back up again! * Baine mock bows at the wolfman and leaps back! <Narrator> == Evil Indigo summons Dao... * Darton snarls in fury... he made up his mind, it seems... <Narrator> == The wolfman is obliterated by Baine's fearsome attack... 32 damage! Dispatched! <Baine> Wicked. ;) <Chamolo> Not bad! <Kodah> That had to hurt O_o <BlackHawk> Nice hit, Ninja. * Baine twirls AmeShi casually and flashes a grin at Chamolo. "I try!" * Baine nods to BH ^_^ <Lara> Good hit, Kara. <Indigo> I wonder, did Mitula talk to you too? <Narrator> == Indigo's Atlas pounds at Evil Indigo... Her spell misses! 19 damage! * Evil Indigo snarls and falls back... * Baine blinks <Chamolo> We got her! We got her! <Lara> Good hit, Indigo. <Kiwi> Yayayayayay! <Narrator> == The wolfmen run away, following the evil Indigo as she retreats... <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Narrator> == Erin: 35 XP, Baine: 57 XP, Indigo: 0 XP, Chamolo: 18 XP, Kodah: 30 XP, Kiwi: 19 XP * Lara breathes a sigh of relief. <Kodah> That was quick O_o * Indigo sighs and sits down. * BlackHawk sheathes the Star Blade... * Baine grins and flips AmeShi into the air, the blade sliding into the sheath * Darton snarls to himself <Narrator> Two wolfmen lie on the floor, fast asleep... <Chamolo> Don't knock it, Kodah ^^ <Baine> That wasn't so bad. ^_^ * Kodah puts his sword away * Baine is in a happier mood than usual :P * Yogurt growls to himself.. <BlackHawk> You've got some good allies, Lara. Mind introducing them? * Darton has this inexplicable urge to maim something... <Indigo> I don't understand. She wouldn't listen.... <Yogurt> I CAN'T BELIEVE this is happening.. * Kiwi looks around... * Indigo looks and sounds almost sane.... <Lara> not at all, my Prince... * Baine leans on Cham's shoulder, grinning like the cat that ate the bird. ^_^ <Chamolo> Maybe the Evil Indigo is controlling the Wolfmen...but I STILL say the water had something to do with it! * Lara starts to point. "That's Kara Baine, Chamolo Wilcott, Kodah Emeriss, Indigo Mysteria, Erin Gallant and Darton." * Kodah waves at BH, a little overwhelmed, "Uh...hi" ^^;; * Chamolo nods. "Nice to meet you, Sir Blackhawk." * Baine pulls her mask down and nods to BH before hauling the mask back up. ^_^ <BlackHawk> Pleased to meet you all. <Yogurt> And what am I? AND KIWI? YEESH! :P * Indigo just wanders off to do some thinking after nodding slightly to BH. * Baine looks at Yogurt * Kiwi sniffles, hurt. * Darton is thinking and solidly ignores Blackhawk <Baine> Food. ^_^ <Lara> well, I keep overlooking you, Yogurt... * Chamolo laughs! ^_^ * Erin nods, but remains quiet. * <Baine> Yogurt and Kiwi.. * Yogurt blarghs and looks for a ring... :P <Lara> it has to do with your size and all...shorty. * Baine licks her lips :P * Kiwi looks at Baine with wide-eyes. "Kiwi no food! Kiwi coot turtle!" * Yogurt frowns... I hate this place... :P <Lara> Anyway, you all look like hell. There are cots nearby if you want to use them to rest up. * Indigo is now wandering around the courtyard and towards the gates. * Darton looks around for something to hurt. <Chamolo> Thanks for the compliment.. -_- * Baine grins at BH. "Gee...that was a compliment.." :P * Baine snickers and wipes a smudge of dirt off Cham's nose. * Chamolo blinks. "Um...thank you." * Yogurt pulls out a ring and moves towards the two wolfmen... * Kodah wanders to a cot and collapses on it * Darton 's eyes alight on... Baine... he considers this for a long moment. <BlackHawk> Just stating what I see. Please, acccept our humble (at best) hospitality for a while. * Darton notices Yogurt "What the hell are you doing?" * Baine eyes Darton.. <Chamolo> Thank you... * Chamolo plops on a cot. * Yogurt uses the ring... Trying to prove my theory, Darton... * Indigo mumbles something and sits down on a cot, pulling out a book and retreating into it. <Darton> what theory is that? :P <BlackHawk> Lara, you and I need to talk abour our little problem...the situation's gotten a bit worse than we thought. * Baine shrugs and saunters to a cot ^_^ * Kiwi pads to a cot and hides in his shell. * Lara looks at BlackHawk. "They're getting impatient, aren't they? I just knew it." * Yogurt uses the detox ring on the wolfmen... * Kodah looks at the ceiling, as if it had answers <Narrator> == The ring seems to have some effect... But it isn't conclusive... <BlackHawk> that's not the half of it, Lara. I've been stalling this as long as I can, now they want to set me up with the princess of New Galam. * Baine polishes AmeShi, sitting crosslegged on the cot.. :P * Darton sits down by the wolfmen, thinking long and hard... * Lara and BlackHawk walk around, talking about their little problems. * Yogurt looks at Darton... You wanna know what I think? <Darton> Yeah :P * Chamolo falls asleep, snoring lightly. <Darton> Is that so much to ask? <Yogurt> The river... A mind control poison... * Indigo reads then sleeps. <BlackHawk> if Darksol's forces hadn't attacked when they did, you wouldn't find me still single, Lara. <Yogurt> The only source of water for the wolfmen... They drank it... <Yogurt> That's why I always put them asleep... * Darton snarls to himself... <Yogurt> And never attacked them.. * Lara looks worried. "I know...and the Queen of Guardiana won't stand for OUR relationsip...what to do.." * Lara and BlackHawk look out a window, still talking. <Darton> ... * Kodah turns away from the others and curls up into a ball * Chamolo hears this. "Told you it was the river...*Yawn*" * Baine chuckles at Chamolo. <Baine> Shuddap and get'cher sleep, spunky. :P <Chamolo> *Yawn* Sure...*Zzzz* <Darton> And those insensitive bastards.... *gestures at the so-called Shining Force* didn't even try to spare their lives? <Yogurt> They didn't know! * Lara shakes her head. "Why in the hell are they pushing this UNWRITTEN LAW on you, Michael? It makes no sense." * Darton's upper lip twitches just a tad at the thought anyway. <Yogurt> And!... I didn't.. Know.. For sure.. :\ <BlackHawk> I wish I knew, Lara. I really wish I knew. * Kiwi snores in his shell... * Chamolo snores. <Lara> This is the ONE reason we haven't made plans to marry yet...and your mother will have KITTENS if she sees us know how she feels about me * Baine continues to polish silently.. * Lara and BlackHawk go to private quarters to talk... <Narrator> The birdmen go to the back of the stronghold, since the door is still down... * Indigo wakes up and looks around, her eyes shining brightly. * Baine is still polishing :P <Yogurt> Uhm.. Shouldn't we.. Like.. Reseal this thing..? <Darton> Reseal what thing? <Yogurt> The doors...? * Baine hmms <Darton> Not my worry. * Baine licks her thumb and drags it down the blade to test the sharpness.. :P * Yogurt grumbles.. Never your worry, you dumbass insult to wolfmen.. * Indigo looks at the doors with little interest. * Darton growls... <Yogurt> Oh growl all you want! You ARE an insult to wolfmen everywhere! * Chamolo mumbles something about peas and tupperware in his sleep. * Baine's thumb bleeds.. :P * Kiwi pops his head out of his shell cootly and blinks dazedly... * Darton puts a claw under Yogurt's chin and quietly says, "Do you wish to die or drop the subject?" <Chamolo>! Stop! Back... you... vile.... tupperware..... oh.. no... the... damn... pea.. zzzz.. * Yogurt pulls out a ring... Kill me and this whole place blows up.. <Darton> Like I care. <Kiwi> Meeeeeeeeep! O_O * Baine growls. * Yogurt glares at Darton.. Again... Insult to wolfmen everywhere.. * Yogurt slips on the ring and runs so fast, Darton doesn't have any time to react... * Darton snarls and backhands Yogurt with a paw. * Yogurt pulls off the ring, now far away of the team... * Baine chuckles.. <Baine> That was interesting, Darton. * Indigo looks at it all with something almost close to sanity. * Darton sits down and waits fpr one of the wolfmen to wake up * Baine sucks some blood from her thumb * Indigo just gets up and heads for the gates. <Narrator> ===== Cut Scene! ===== <Narrator> Darksol sits on his throne, looking down at Evil Indigo, utterly dissapointed... <Darksol> I give you a SIMPLE TASK... And you can't accomplish it! * Indigo Snarls... What could I DO?! If your STUPID devils stopped the Shining Force, I coulda destroyed Bedoe by now, but NOOOOOO! Too damn incompe....... *a dagger flies 1 centimeter away from her neck* * Dorak walks in... Watch your tongue, woman... Or you shall lose it... * Indigo glares at Dorak... What makes you think YOU can do ANYTHING to me?! * Darksol, mildly amused, lets this continue... * Dorak grins... Because you are weak... And I am not... * Indigo snarls and summons Dao to crush the incompetence out of Dorak! * Darksol dismisses the spell with a gesture of his hand... <Darksol> That was... Somewhat entertaining... * Darksol points to a shackled woman on the wall... Now... The person who tells me what can be done with this girl shall get the opportunity to finish off Bedoe... * Dorak quickly blurts out, "Couldn't we convert her as we did with the old Vicar?" <Darksol> No... Some energy's stopping me from doing anything... * Dorak grins... Then I shall bring her with me as bait... * Indigo sits in her dark corner, not wanting to get involved.. * Darksol nods... Then it shall be done... Take her... * Darksol removes the shackles with a hand gesture and Dorak takes her... * Dorak dissapears, Indigo in her corner, plotting revenge.. <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force is now fully rested... Lara walks out with BlackHawk, her face slightly flushed... * Kodah still looks glum <Lara> Uhm... Hi team... :) * Baine is not rested.... Actually, she was up all night polishing AmeShi :P <Lara> Everyone fully rested? :) * Indigo turns. <Baine> Sure...rested...yep :P <Indigo> Yes. * Darton was up all night next to the wolfmen in hopes that they'd wake up... he ignores Lara for the most part. <Kodah> More or less... <Erin> I'll be fine for another day... * Kiwi pokes head out of shell again... "Too early for morning... make morning later, like evening..." <Chamolo> You're sure chipper... <BlackHawk> Good... Lara tells me you came here to consult with Volcanon... * Baine grins evilly.. <Indigo> Oh, yes. * Baine taptaps on Kiwi's shell. "But you're my main course for need to be awake!" <BlackHawk> His statue has been inactive for 5 years now... * Indigo seems slightly distracted this morning, but tries to pay attention. <Kiwi> Meeeep!!! <BlackHawk> But... It is worth a try... * Kiwi retreats back into the safety of his shell. =) <Darton> I'll stay here. Gods scare me. * Lara hangs on BlackHawk's arm, grinning stupidly... Uh... Yeah... ^_^ * Baine chuckles at Lara * Indigo goes to Kiwi and picks him up. <Kodah> I'll pass, I don't think I have anything to say.... * Chamolo doesn't quite get Lara's mood, but he smiles at her anyway. * Kiwi meeps from inside his shell, making it sound so echoey and coot. <Indigo> I will go. I think I should talk to Volcanon. As I recall, I did try to summon him once. <Baine> So..Lara....did you guys use oil or maybe water? ;) <Chamolo> I'll go. <Chamolo> O_O Baine! * Indigo looks inside the shell. <Indigo> It's me, Indigo. * Chamolo finally gets what went on "You didn't... O_O." * Baine chuckles at Cham * Lara's eyes widen at Baine... That is NONE of your business, Baine! <Kiwi> It's dark inside Kiwi's shell. <Chamolo> She didn't...he didn't.....whoa...right on the battlefield? Isn't that a little rash? <Baine> I was joking, Lara. Y'know. Ha ha. :P <Baine> I didn't expect you to say.. :P * Baine glances at Cham. "Not really." <Baine> It could get you a rash, though. ;) * Indigo looks inside for Kiwi, then drops him in a pouch without thinking and goes to sit down. * BlackHawk shakes his head and whispers to Lara, "I see what you meant about the Shining Force, Lara..." * Chamolo arghs. * Baine sighs lightly. "Fine.." * Baine's face darkens and she goes quiet. * Indigo sits down, looking out of a window. * Chamolo is silent, hearing Blackhawks comment (Vaugely, but he sorta got the gist.) * BlackHawk whispers something to Lara and moves off... <Indigo> I wonder if she's okay..... * Baine mutters something acidic and kicks a bit at the ground... <Chamolo> She doesn't think very highly of us, does she? * Darton nods off, asleep, not having moved from where he was <Lara> BlackHawk's gonna lead us to Volcanon's statue... Let's go... * Baine shakes her head at Chamolo.. * Indigo blinks. * Chamolo follows Lara silently. <Indigo> Oh, okay. I wonder what happened to Mitula though. I think I need to talk to her.... * Baine follows too, equally silent. * Lara follows behind BlackHawk, checking out the goods... :P * Indigo speaks to herself as she goes, but follows. * Kiwi follows after a while... <Narrator> The paths of stone house many rooms, some occupied, others empty... * Darton sleeps where he is, still next to the two wolfmen * BlackHawk moves faster, seemingly not wanting to see any of this... * Baine mutters something.. * Indigo stops. <Indigo> I'll try to fix it with my magic. * Kodah lies back on his cot, looking at the ceiling again <BlackHawk> Indigo... Don't... * BlackHawk continues to walk towards the top of the stronghold... * Chamolo follows, his boots still making wierd sounds cuz they got wet :P <Lara> Uhm... Michael..? Slow down a little... * Indigo sighs, keeping the power ready as she follows. She even tries skipping a few times but stops and just talks to the air as she walks. * Baine is just silent * BlackHawk slows down and Lara catches up... <BlackHawk> The temple is just ahead... * Kiwi keeps following, not looking awake. <Narrator> Doors are carved in the stone in intricate patterns, light can be seen shining out of them... * Indigo goes to look in a door. <Baine> *mutters under her breath* Grand...more holy stuff for me to defile..wee.. * Baine eyes the door <Narrator> A birdman in the room cowers as she sees Indigo.. * Indigo goes over to the birdman. <Narrator> The birdman screams! Get away from me!! * Indigo just walks towards it. * BlackHawk groans, stops and goes to take Indigo with him... <Indigo> I'm your friend. * Baine flinches and looks at Indigo and the Birdman :P <Chamolo> Don't worry, it's just mistaken idenity. <Indigo> My name is Indigo and I.... <BlackHawk> Indigo.. Come with me. *takes her by the arm* Leave them alone.. * Indigo pauses as her sanity slips for a moment, then resumes. <Indigo> I.....haven't done anything wrong. * Baine looks a bit amused for a second, her eyes clouded. "Heh...evil twin...sounds like a soap opera kind of plot.." <Indigo> I really think I should go find her. * BlackHawk shakes his head and leads her out... <Chamolo> What's a soap opera? <BlackHawk> That... Look alike of you scared them enough... You're not helping.. K'mon.. * Baine blinks at Chamolo blankly for a second and then nods a bit.. "A really cheesy and slutty sort of play.." <Chamolo> Oh :| * Baine shifts her gaze to the ground.. <Narrator> The doors open as the group approaches... <Indigo> I guess I can try to summon Volcanon again first....then go look for her. If I can reach her inner goodness.... <Chamolo> Um...Indigo...Volcanon is male. <Narrator> A grand garden is seen... Beautiful flowers lining the perimeter of a grand and majestic temple... * Baine looks kind of depressed and eyes the flowers.. * BlackHawk points to the temple... There it is... Volcanon's shrine... * Kiwi looks around with shining eyes... * Indigo nods and starts gathering the silver-blue energy. * BlackHawk starts to walk away, but Lara stops him... <Indigo> I wonder what he wlll say and do. <Lara> Where are you going..? <BlackHawk> This isn't my place, Lara... And I have to defend the gates... I'll see you after you're done... * Lara nods and walks towards the shrine as BlackHawk leaves... * Indigo drops her power and follows. * Baine follows Lara, looking at the flowers still with a rare look of sadness (for her, anyways :P) * Lara enters the shrine... <Chamolo> You alright, Baine? * Chamolo puts a hand on her shoulder. * Baine flinches. <Narrator> Pillars of massive stone support the ceiling of the shrine, flames illuminate the grand palace, and a giant sized statue of a phoenix stands on an altar in the middle of the room... <Baine> Yeah. Fine. <Chamolo> That's good ^_^ * Baine looks around at the decorations.. * Indigo looks at it. <Indigo> Nice. <Baine> Just thinking, thats all. <Chamolo> About what? Care to share? * Lara stares at the statue... * Lara pulls out her soul sword and moves up to the statue... * Baine looks at Chamolo, eyes dark with sadness. "Its guys have stuff to do right now. Okay? I'll be fine.." * Baine nods a bit. * Baine follows Lara.. <Chamolo> Okay Baine.... * Chamolo sighs and follows the others. * Indigo follows. <Lara> God Volcanon... We are the Shining Force... We seek your council! *holds up the sword, gems facing the statue... * Indigo prepares to combine her power with Lara's and the gems. <Narrator> The statue doesn't respond... <Baine> Its like communicating with a mime.. <Indigo> Lara, perhaps we should join our forces? * Lara blinks... We... We came to Bedoe to see it in ruins! We seek your council! * Chamolo hms. Maybe I should ask it. I'm a priest, after all.. * Lara sighs and motions to the Shining Force to speak their own desires... <Chamolo> Please God Volcanon, we need you concil to defeat Darksol... * Chamolo gets down on his knees and prays, like a good little priest. * Baine glances at Chamolo and remains silent :P <Indigo> I...I wish to understand more about myself, and my opposite, and why Mitula seemed so fond of me.... <Narrator> The shrine shakes a little... <Kiwi> Kiwi wanna help... want fire god to help... Kiwi be good turtle so fire god help! * Baine remains quiet and leans on a wall <Narrator> The statue's eyes start to shine bright red and the shrine rumbles again... * Baine tries to blend in with the shadows, almost. :P * Indigo blinks. * Chamolo prays harder. <Volcanon> WHO SUMMONED ME? * Chamolo stops and lets Lara speak. <Lara> The Shining Force... I am Lara Mano... 300th generation Demon hunter... Rightful leader to the third Shining Force! * Indigo looks at Volcanon calmly. * Chamolo does likewise. <Volcanon> YOU HAVE THE GEMS... YOU ARE THE CHOSEN LEADER... BUT YOUR GROUP IS NOT READY... * Lara blinks... Wha... What do you mean? * Chamolo sighs. * Baine crosses her arms.. * Kiwi hides in his shell out of fear of the booming voice. "Eeeep!" <Volcanon> SOMEONE AMONG YOUR GROUP SHALL BETRAY YOU... UNTIL THAT HAPPENS, YOU ARE NOT THE SHINING FORCE... * Indigo just looks at Volcanon without any fear, just confusion. <Kiwi> Kiwi ready! It's just that Kiwi no like fight... * Baine mutters something.. <Lara> Who...? Who shall betray us? * Chamolo blinks. "Betray...?" <Kiwi> Not Kiwi... Kiwi good! <Volcanon> I CANNOT TELL YOU... IT WILL BE SOON... VERY SOON... AFTER THIS, YOU NEED TO RETURN TO THE ORIGIN OF YOUR ADVENTURE... <Indigo> Granseal? * Indigo thinks. "How did I....never mind?" <Lara> I... Shall I need to acquire the force sword to defeat Darksol? <Volcanon> YOU ALREADY POSSESS THE FORCE SWORD... * Lara blinks... What...? <Volcanon> YOU WIELD THE FORCE SWORD... IT ONLY NEEDS TO SUMMON ITS POWER.... * Indigo just looks on. <Baine> Lovely.. <Lara> ... I understand... <Volcanon> INDIGO MYSTERIA... COME FORTH... * Indigo looks up. <Indigo> Yes? * Chamolo just watches. * Indigo steps forward. * Lara steps down... * Indigo steps up to the shrine where Lara was. * Baine watches, concealed in the shadows. * Kiwi looks on worriedly... <Volcanon> YOUR DOUBLE... DO NOT THINK YOU CAN CHANGE HER... SHE IS PURE EVIL... A SIDE OF YOU YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD CONCEAL... YOU ALONE CAN STOP HER... * Indigo blanches, then frowns and nods sharply before sighing. "Yes." <Volcanon> KARA BAINE... COME FORTH... * Baine blinks.. * Indigo steps down. <Chamolo> Go up, Baine. Don't worry.. * Chamolo pushes her forward. * Baine steps up.. * Baine glances warily around. * Baine backs off a step :P <Narrator> YOU HOUSE FEELINGS OF GUILT FOR YOUR PAST CRIMES... YOU KEEP YOUR FEELINGS BACK... THAT IN ITSELF, HOLDS YOU BACK... LET YOUR FEELINGS FLOW FREELY... ONLY THEN SHALL YOUR BURDEN PASS... * Baine opens her mouth to say something and clamps it shut. * Chamolo blinks at Baine. <Volcanon> ERIN GALLANT... COME FORTH... * Baine backs off. * Baine goes back to the shadows.. * Indigo takes it all in. * Erin gracefully flies towards the statue, not caring for this at all... * Chamolo puts a conforting hand on Baine's shoulder. * Baine glances at Chamolo, eyes still sad and shakes her head.. <Volcanon> YOU DOUBT THE SHINING FORCE... DOUBT IT CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING... YOU NEED TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE GROUP... BY DOING WHAT YOU DO, YOU HOLD IT BACK... * Erin blinks and nods slowly, then steps down.. * Kodah peeks his head into the temple, looking around cautiously <Kodah> Hello? Anyone here? * Indigo turns. * Indigo thinks *So much for omniscience....* <Volcanon> KODAH EMERISS HAS COME... COME FORTH... * Lara turns to Kodah and motions for him to move up to the statue... * Kodah ulps and moves forward nervously o.o * Darton wanders into the temple cause he felt a summons of sorts and woke up... damn gods :P Always pushing him around :P * Kodah looks up at Volcanon's statue, and pales a bt <Volcanon> YOU... YOU ARE A POWERFUL INDIVIDUAL... YOU TRY AND DENY THIS FACT... HOLDING BACK YOUR FULL POTENTIAL... GUILT ABOUT YOUR SIBLING ALSO KEEPS YOU BACK... EMBRACE YOUR TALENTS... AND YOU WILL ACHIEVE GREAT THINGS... * Kodah looks around as if he's unsure of who is being adressed <Volcanon> DARTON... COME FORTH... * Kodah leaves the podium, a little shaken * Indigo continues to look at everything with wide eyes. * Darton glares at the big bird statue and reluctantly steps up into the spotlight <Volcanon> YOU LEARNED ABOUT YOUR HERITAGE TODAY... AND HAVE BEEN FOOLED BY DARK FORCES... YOU SHALL LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR ROOTS, BUT NOT ON THIS DAY... YOU NEED TO FOLLOW THIS THROUGH, FOLLOW THE SHINING FORCE AND HELP THEM... YOU WILL ACHIEVE PEACE AND TRANQUILITY AND RETURN TO YOUR RIGHTFUL PLACE AFTER YOUR MISSION IS DONE... <Darton> Who the hell wants peace? <Chamolo> Isn't that what we're fighting for, Darton <Darton> Maybe you are... I'm just along for the ride. <Baine> I'm here because I'm getting paid...or was O_o Wait a second! :P * Baine scowls lightly :P <Volcanon> CHAMOLO WILLCOTT... COME FORTH... * Chamolo ulps. "That's me..." * Chamolo steps forward. * Darton hurriedly gets the hell out of the temple. He doesn't like it around here. <Volcanon> YOU HAVE RESTORED YOUR FATHER... AND THAT MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF... BUT YOU STILL HIDE FEELINGS OF GUILT... LET THEM GO... EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT IN THE END... <Volcanon> AND STOP ACTING ALL INNOCENT AND ALL, YOU DWEEB :P * Chamolo blinks. "Um..all right..." * Chamolo steps down. * Baine manages a slight smile in Chamolo's direction. "That wasn't so bad now, was it?" <Chamolo> No...I guess not... <Indigo> *mumbling* I suppose you will not tell me more of Mitula then? * Kodah continues to start up at Volcanon, "B...big..." <Volcanon> MITULA SHALL TALK TO YOU HERSELF... ALL IN GOOD TIME... * Baine casts her gaze to the floor and sighs a bit * Chamolo supports Kodah. * Indigo nods and falls silent. * Darton has left the building! <Chamolo> Try not to pass out or anaything. <Volcanon> LARA MANO... STEP FORTH AND RECEIVE YOUR JUDGEMENT... * Kodah nods slightly, still transfixed * Lara blinks and moves up to the statue... <Volcanon> YOUR PENDANT... YOU'VE HAD IT AT YOUR SIDE SINCE YOU WERE BORN... IT SYMBOLIZES THAT YOU ARE OF THE AN.......... AN.............. <Chamolo> O_o A what? * Kiwi meeps? <Narrator> A giant black dragon smashes through the ceiling, crushing the statue of Volcanon! <Indigo> Eh? <Chamolo> .oO( Watch our connection die.....oh, or a statue getting crushed...O_O>> <Baine> Ah, fuck <Kodah> EEG! * Indigo looks up at the dragon. <Chamolo> -_- What the...? <Chamolo> That dragon! <Chamolo> We've seen it before! In Mitula's shrine! <Indigo> Doesn't this dragon seem familiar to anyone? * Indigo nods. <Indigo> Thought so. <Narrator> The dragon spits a fireball at the team! <Kodah> Not again o.o <Chamolo> O_o <Chamolo> Lookout!! * Baine draws AmeShi and tackles Chamolo, trying to get him out of the way O_o <Kiwi> MEEP! * Lara tries to use an egress spell, but it doesn't work! * Kiwi hides in shell! <Chamolo> Argh! * Indigo prepares to summon an elemental. <Kodah> Goodbye, cruel world -_- <Narrator> A field of energy blocks the fireball, dispelling it! * Chamolo shields his face....then blinks. * Baine erghs and awaits her fiery death.. <Chamolo> It...stopped...? * Baine blinks also <Kodah> Eh? <Kiwi> .oO (Meep?) <Narrator> A man in a great white robe floats down towards the dragon! <Indigo> Hmmm? <Baine> Geez.. <Indigo> Who's this? <Jeyer> RUN, DAMMIT! HE'S TOO POWERFUL FOR YOU! <Chamolo> Jeyer! You're alive?! O_o <Baine> Jeyer?! O_o <Kodah> J...Jeyer.......? But....I she.....and.....oooh.... o.o * Baine stands up quickly * Chamolo almost looks slightly disappointed...but you can't tell... <Indigo> How is this possible? * Jeyer summons a holy spell to repell the dragon! <Baine> Jeyer... * Baine's eyes focus and she growls :P <Chamolo> Baine! We should get out of here! <Narrator> The dragon snarls and spits a fireball at Jeyer! <Baine> You guys go.. * Baine narrows her eyes <Narrator> The fireball hits Jeyer full impact! <Chamolo> No, you're coming! The dragon will kill you! <Chamolo> ... <Kiwi> Meep... * Jeyer floats through the fireball, unharmed! <Kiwi> Meep! * Indigo blinks, picking up Kiwi. <Kodah> Can we go now? <Jeyer> Dark Dragon! Return to your hole! <Chamolo> If you're staying Baine, so am I! I won't let you face your death alone. So I suggest coming! C'mon! * Baine looks at Chamolo <Narrator> The dragon is holding a woman in his right paw, almost crushing her... * Baine looks at Jeyer :P <Baine> No....the dragon...someone in his paw.. * Indigo looks at the woman. * Jeyer casts a holy barrier around Dark Dragon! * Baine draws AmeShi once more. * Chamolo sees it too. <Indigo> I wonder who that is. <Kodah> ? * Chamolo tries to get a good look at the girl. "I can't see...the paw is almost covering her..." <Jeyer> Dammit! WILL YOU LISTEN TO ME AND LEAVE?! *Looks at the Shining Force* * Kodah looks <Chamolo> But the girl... * Chamolo grahs :P <Baine> Damnit.. <Chamolo> We better listen to him... <Jeyer> Darksol's gonna attack the main gates any minute!! GO!! * Indigo frowns. <Baine> Jeyer! You're makin' this hella hard, y'know!! Save the girl! We'll leave, alright?! * Baine grabs Chamolo and pulls him towards the door * Chamolo begins to pull Baine out, draggin her out for once. ^_^ * Jeyer holds the dragon in place, trying to get to the girl... <Baine> C'mon, guys! * Kodah turns and runs! * Indigo turns and runs. * Kiwi runs away! * Baine is dragged and blinks :P <Narrator> A tremendous explosion is felt behind the team as they run down the corridor towards the front gate. * Chamolo is thrown forward from the blast, sliding a few feet. "Whoaaaa!" * Baine flinches physically <Baine> Ach O_o <Chamolo> O_o You could feelt the vibrations... * Baine is also thrown, seeing as how Cham was draggin her :P <Chamolo> That had to be big... * Chamolo gets up and drags Baine again. <Kodah> Hamina O_o <Baine> B-but.. * Yogurt runs slowly, since his legs are so damn small :P * Baine hauls against Cham, trying to go back <Chamolo> Baine! C'mon! <Yogurt> heeelllpppperrss.... I'm soo slooow... :p * Indigo stumbles and keeps running. <Baine> But the explosion!.. * Indigo goes back for Yogurt. <Chamolo> Just go! * Kiwi hides in his shell and bouces away... * Chamolo drags her, like it or not! <BlackHawk> DAMMIT! I CAN'T HOLD THEM! * Baine's eyes darken and she lets herself be dragged <Chamolo> Don't worry, Jeyer survived things worse than this....he'll be fine! <Narrator> The doors are down, a large pack of wolfmen lashing at the guards, trying to Slim in! * Baine notices the wolfmen and growls lowly. <Kodah> Ayeee -_- * Chamolo pulls out his staff again <Indigo> Oh dear. * Indigo prepares to summon the elementals. * Darton is fighting them, but not happy about it at all... and doing a remarkable job of controlling his bloodlust * Baine hauls out AmeShi, smoke coming from the contact of her hand on the hilt.. <Narrator> The two wolfmen what were asleep earlier are in the corner protecting birdmen... * Yogurt blinks... See?? I KNEW IT! <Kodah> Hey....? <Chamolo> You're right...! <Chamolo> Then put the other wolfmen to sleep and let's go! * Yogurt pulls out 6 or 7 rings and passes them around... Use these! Quickly! * Kodah fumbles with the ring, trying to make it work * Chamolo grabs a ring, pointing it at a some wolfmen. "Kyaah! Take this!" * Baine slips the ring on and uses it.. * Darton grabs a ring from Yogurt and starts using it... he's experienced with these little things * Indigo puts on a ring and uses it. * Indigo is thankful that her trainig as a sorceress included magical objects. ^_^ <Narrator> A large field of crimson light surrounds the wolfmen... They all fall to the ground unconscious one by one... * Chamolo smiles and whews! * Kodah screws up and puts himself to sleep X_X <Yogurt> O_O * Baine kicks Kodah in the lower intestine <Yogurt> Dammit Kodah... How dumb are you? :P <Kodah> ZZzzZZzzz...OW! O_O * Darton tosses Yogurt his ring back <Baine> Wakey wakey, pretty boy * Kiwi meeps, confused... * Baine tosses Yogurt her ring back :P * Kodah wakes up, "What happend?" O_o * Yogurt picks up the rings and puts em back in his pouch... :) * Chamolo grins to himself. * Baine attempts to use this time to go back to where Jeyer was.. :P <BlackHawk> What...? * BlackHawk stares at the unconscious wolfmen... * Kodah stands up, still oogling o_O * Lara starts dragging the wolfmen into the stronghold... <Indigo> Apparenly, Yogurt was right. Sleep cancels the mind-control effect. <Yogurt> Not sleep... Detox rings... :P <Chamolo> Detox? <Kodah> Detox? Then how did I......uh....oh nevermind -_- <Yogurt> Poisonned people use the detoxification techniques to restore themselves... Since the wolfmen were poisonned with mind control agents, I put two and two together... <Chamolo> Nice thinking, yogurt. <Yogurt> Some were sleep rings... Some were Detox... ;) * Kiwi blinks. "What you talk about, dummy mascot-thing?" <Kodah> Great -_- * Chamolo ahs. <Yogurt> I no dumb, you Kiwi you! <Yogurt> O_O CURSE IT ALL! I'm talking like him! :p <Chamolo> Who? <Chamolo> Oh. ^_^ * Chamolo laughs! <Baine> Where's Jeyer..? <Kodah> ? * Kiwi hisses softly. "Kiwi no dumb! Kiwi smart!" <Narrator> A woman that looks about Kodah's age walks in slowly... * Indigo turns. <Chamolo> Who's that...? * Baine blinks.. * Kodah turns to look <Indigo> Hello. I'm Indigo Mysteria. Who ar you? <Narrator> She looks at Kodah and opens her eyes wide... * Kodah blinks <Nalya> K... Kod...ah? <Kodah> Nalya? <Darton> Who're you? <Kodah> Is that you? <Baine> Ah.. <Chamolo> Nalya? That's Kodah's sister! * Nalya goes limp, but someone catches her from behind... * Baine blinks.. <Kodah> Nalya! * Chamolo rushes over, ready to heal, if needed. * Kodah runs to her <Jeyer> Now now... You don't have the strength to walk all by yourself, my dear... :) * Baine gapes <Baine> Jeyer!!! * Chamolo lets out a small sigh. * Baine runs over to him ^_^ <Jeyer> Uh... Hi Baine! Bye Baine! *turns to leave mockingly* <Kodah> she all right? <Baine> NO YOU DON'T! :P * Jeyer turns around grinning... Heh... Nice to see you too, Baine... :) * Chamolo looks over her. "I think so. Just a little exhuasted." <Darton> Who's he? :P * Baine grins <Kodah> Nalya..... <Chamolo> Should I cure her, Kodah? Or would you like her to recover naturally? <Baine> I thought I killed you.....oh man.. ^_^ <Kodah> Please help her Cham <Chamolo> No problem. * Chamolo casts a healing spell over Nalya! * Jeyer goes dead serious... Do any of you know who that Dragon was? * Kodah looks at Nalya, "Don't know don't care...." <Darton> dragon? You telling me that black dragon thing came back? * Indigo falls into a deep sleep suddenly. <Baine> It was big....and mean.. <Baine> So I assume it's Darksol's.. * Nalya slowly opens her eyes and looks up at Kodah.. Kodah.. * Chamolo smiles. ^_^ <Kodah> Hey there..... <Jeyer> Dark Dragon... Is not controlled by Darksol... Darksol is its slave... * Baine blinks * Kodah takes one of her hands in both of his <Baine> Did you kill it? * Nalya sighs, holding her head... * Chamolo sighs. "So it revived..." * Jeyer snickers... I wish I did... Even I was no match for him... <Baine> Damn.. * Baine notices the white robes Jeyer is wearing. :P <Jeyer> Dark Dragon isn't revived fully... He is housed by one of Darksol's greater devils... And is still weak... <Baine> New look? :P <Chamolo> He's WEAK? He nearly killed us! <Baine> Nearly, Cham.. ^_- * Jeyer grins at Baine... Yeah... You can say that... :P * Kodah pushes some of the hair out of Nalya's eyes <Jeyer> Dark Dragon shall nearly be impossible to defeat... <Baine> Again...nearly.. <Chamolo> Nearly is the word, Jayer, right? :) * Baine leans against a tree <Baine> Jeyeerrrr... <Jeyer> If he gets the Gem of Zeon, he'll be unstoppable.. <Baine> Lara has the gem of Zeon. <Jeyer> I know... <Chamolo> How are you doing, Miss Nalya? You gave your brother quite a scare.. <Baine> Ooooh, boy * Nalya nods slowly... I'm.. Fine.. <Chamolo> Good! ^_^ <Chamolo> Let me know if you need anything. * Baine walks over and leans her arm on Jeyer's shoulder. "Welp....we just gotta keep the gem away from that nasty lizard." * Darton swishes his tail... all this means nada to him * Kodah chuckles a little, "You know Nalya, mom and dad are going to be made when you come home late" * Jeyer looks at Baine... "It's not that easy..." <Chamolo> You're leaving, Kodah...? <Baine> Maybe not. But we can try. * Chamolo blinks O_o * Nalya giggles... * Kodah stops for a second <Kodah> I....I....don't know..... <Chamolo> Well, I'd like you to stay, but we can't force you... <Chamolo> You're one of the sane one's around here! * Nalya sighs... Kodah... Let's go home.. I want to go home.. <Baine> Sure we can ;) We just won't :P * Kiwi meeps sadly... <Kodah> So do I do I... * Chamolo looks a little sad. * Baine thinks.. * Jeyer looks at Nalya... I can take you both home... * BlackHawk and Lara are away from the team, talking... * Kodah looks at Nalya for a long time <Jeyer> Do you want to go home, Kodah...? <Kodah> ......can I have a sec to think about things first? <Chamolo> Kodah.... * Jeyer nods and walks around the room, seeing the general damage of the whole place.. * Baine leans against a tree, thinking now.. * Kodah stays close to Nalya, talking to her quietly about many things * Baine runs a hand through her hair and looks around. :P * Jeyer helps the few disoriented wolfmen who woke up... * Darton waits for someone to say "let's go" * Baine looks curious.. * Yogurt says, "Let's go" :P * Chamolo leans against a wall. <Darton> Go where, then? * Baine attempts to get a look at Jeyer's wrists :P * Jeyer gathers the wolfmen together... <Narrator> Jeyer's wrists are covered by his robes... * Kiwi yawns and falls asleep in his shell. <Chamolo> Kodah...are you coming? <Baine> Hrm.. <Kodah> .... * Chamolo hopes he does. ^_^ * Kodah looks at Nalya, "Say hi to mom and dad for me, and tell them that I love them, okay Nalya?" * Chamolo smiles. <Baine> Wicked. We get to have Mr. Funky Hair in our little rag tag hero team. ^_^ * Nalya blinks and nods slowly... "I'm gonna miss you while you're away..." <Kodah> Me too, but at least I don't have to worry about now.....I hope o.o * Nalya smiles and hugs Kodah... * Kodah hugs Nalya back * Baine saunters to Cham and pokes him square in the forehead. :P <Kodah> You be good Nalya, no more adventures okay? <Chamolo> Ow! * Nalya nods half heartedly.. :P <Baine> Hah.. ;) Hey, Cham...whats it like being religious? :P <Chamolo>'s...well...constricting. * Baine looks genuinely curious :P <Chamolo> But leaves you with a nice feeling. <Chamolo> why? * Jeyer looks over at Kodah... So... One to teleport then? <Baine> Just wondering.. * Kodah looks at Jeyer, "Please take my sister home, would you?" * Darton yawns * Jeyer nods... Easily done... * Baine smiles slightly and rests on the wall besides Chamolo. ^_^ * Jeyer walks over to Nalya and helps her up... My lady... ^_^ <Kodah> Thanks * Nalya smiles and holds on to Jeyer... * Kodah eyeballs Jeyer for that remark * Chamolo eyes Jayer. * Baine looks at Jeyer.. :P * Jeyer nods to everyone and stares at Baine as he teleports away.. <Chamolo> ^^; * Darton shrugs <Lara> Well now... That was fun... :P * Baine shivers a bit.. <Kodah> My lady?......(growl) <Baine> Yeah...barrel of monkeys.. <Baine> Calm down, Kodah. I'm sure he didn't mean it... <Narrator> The wolfmen walk over to Darton and stare at him... <Baine> Well.. * Chamolo pats Kodah on the back. "I'm sure he meant nothing!" <Baine> Maybe they did :P <Baine> Err...he did..I mean...uh.. <Chamolo> Baine! :P * Baine groans <Kodah> Better not have...... * Darton looks back... <Narrator> One of them speaks up... "Who... Who are you? Where are you from?" * Baine leans her head into Cham's shoulder and makes mock crying noises :P <Darton> I'm from Tristan... my name's Darton. * Baine stops and hears the wolfmen talking. ^_- <Chamolo> Huh? <Narrator> The wolfmen gape... "Darton..? Tristan?! HE CAME BACK! THE CHOSEN ONE HAS COME BACK!" * Baine blinks <Darton> Chosen one? What the hell are you talking about? <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====