Shining Force RPG session 16
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<Narrator> ===== SESSION START ===== <Narrator> The Shining Force is surrounded by approximately 10 wolfmen... they're all gaping at Darton... * Darton is wondering why they think he's something special... * Indigo wakes up and looks around blearily. * Baine raises an eyebrow.. * Chamolo blinks. <Kodah> Um.... * Indigo blinks and stretches, then looks at the wolfmen and Darton. * The wolfmen poke Darton as if he was an experiment... * Baine leans on AmeShi, eyeing the wolfmen. :P * Kiwi looks confused. <Kodah> Uh.... * Darton snarls at the pokings "Next one to poke loses the finger." <Baine> Mmrrmmm...The Chosen one, eh? <Baine> Makes him sound like a fruit basket.. <Chamolo> Chosen one at what? -_- * The wolfmen pull back, startled... <Baine> Chosen attttt...killing? :P * Darton glares at Baine <Kodah> Chosen? Who chose him? <Baine> Hey want a fight, I'll gladly oblige Darton. <Darton> Not me. :P <Kodah> And for what? <Chamolo> The wolfmen did, apparently. <Kodah> ^^;; * Baine smirks coolly, sadness still in her eyes... <Indigo> Perhaps the same force that brought us together chose Darton. <Darton> What ARE you staring at? :P I'm no chosen one <Baine> So he's a Chosen what..? * The wolfmen talk amongst themselves... * Kodah flops down onto the ground and once again waits for events to sort themselves out * Chamolo tries to listen in on what they're saying <Baine> Mmm.. <Baine> Lovely.. * Indigo blinks. <Chamolo> I can't hear them.. <Baine> Must be a wolf thing. * The wolfmen nod to eachother and look at Darton... "You cannot be Zylo's heir... It's impossible..." * Darton crosses his arms in front of him. "That's right. Now leave me alone." :P * Baine chuckles.. <Kodah> Zylo? Who's that? <Indigo> Zylo? <Baine> Not much for public affection, is he..? <Chamolo> Zylo! That name I have heard...he was with.... <Yogurt> Zylo was of the first Shining force... Tough wolfman... :P <Chamolo> I thought so. * Yogurt glares at Darton... Unlike *him*... * Kiwi blinks. "Kiwi confuseled. Kiwi no know what's happening..." <Baine> Now now, rat.. * Indigo pales. * Darton grins "You wanna see how tough I am, rat? I'll be glaaad to oblige..." * Baine smirks... <Kodah> How many descendents or persons otherwise related to the origiona; shining force do we have here anyhow? O_o <Wolfmen> We thought the chosen of Zylo's heritage would be... Much more... Stable than... You... <Chamolo> I don't think I'm related to anyone... <Baine> I'm descended from a farmer.. :P <Baine> A dead farmer.. :P <Baine> With a dead wife.. * Indigo frowns. <Chamolo> Then again, I'm an ... <Indigo> I'm not sure about myself. There's something....... * Chamolo looks down. * Baine pokes Cham. "Hey now. We're all 'family' here, eh? Nothing like friends to cheer yah up.." * Chamolo smiles. "You're right!" * Darton snickers... "Heritage is nothing. And I have words for anyone who abandons a little wolf cub, namely me, somewhere in Tristan." * Baine grins at Chamolo <Baine> isn't the chosen one.. <Baine> Now what? <Kodah> He's not the chosen one? <Wolfmen> You weren't abandonned... You were left in the care of a healer of our choosing for your education... <Chamolo> Healer...? <Chamolo> Hmm. <Darton> Ha! That bitch? * Baine quirks an eyebrow. <Indigo> Maybe find out who is the chosen one? That person may be able to command the wolfmen being misled by my opposite. <Kiwi> Kiwi chosen to be confused... * Baine juggles AmeShi from hand to hand * Kodah gets up and walks away, "Let me know when its all sorted out, my head hurts" <Indigo> If the wolfmen are taken from her control, everyone's life will be easier, and there will be less death. <Chamolo> I'm confused too.. <Baine> o/~ Roses are red, violets are blue...honey is sweet but not as sweet as you! o/~ <Chamolo> Baine? * Baine drops AmeShi and it hits her foot :P * Baine ows.. O_o <Chamolo> O_o <Chamolo> Be careful! :) * Baine picks it up and nods, grinning meekly :P <Chamolo> So, where to now...? * The wolfmen shake their heads... No... Chosen one or not, you cannot be accepted... <Baine> Thats what I've been asking :P <Chamolo> Heh. <Darton> Accepted? * Baine blinks.. * Indigo blinks, sitting down. <Darton> What the hell's that supposed to mean? <Baine> Accepted? hey now...thats kinda....cruel.. * Baine hrmphs.. * Chamolo sighs. <Wolfmen> You were to be the new leader of the wolfmen after the apocalypse... It is too soon... <Indigo> Apocalypse? <Baine> Apocalypse? O_o <Chamolo> A...a...apocalypse? * Darton laughs... "Leader? Me? You joke." * The Wolfmen nod... After the great destruction... <Baine> Heh.. * Baine sneezes <Baine> Ow. :P <Chamolo> O_o Destruction...? * Baine hmms <Wolfmen> We thought Zylo's ressources would be inherited into you... We were mistaken. <Baine> destruction.. <Indigo> What is the nature of this destruction? <Darton> I suppose so. Bye now. <Kiwi> Kiwi no like destruction. Kiwi like cootness and peace... * Darton turns his back and starts walking away * Chamolo shrugs. <Chamolo> Guess he's just not meant to lead....sigh... <Baine> Le sigh. :P <Chamolo> Heh. Le sigh is right <Indigo> Well, we have nowhere to go now. <Chamolo> Wait.. <Narrator> Wolfmen: The destruction brought on by the great Dragon... <Chamolo> Didn't Volcanon talk about a traitor..? <Baine> Great Dragon.. <Indigo> Dragon? As in the Dark Dragon? * The wolfmen nod... * Indigo frowns, the sanity waning and waxing in her eyes for several minutes. <Chamolo> Don't worry, we'll stop any cost. <Baine> Heh.. <Baine> Costs can run high among mortals.. <Indigo> It should be a simple matter with our abilities. <Chamolo> No kidding.. * The wolfmen blink... Who are you, of all people, to go up against Dark Dragon? <Baine> Indigo, you are a cocky half assed slut who needs to get a clue. ^_^ <Chamolo> We're the.... <Indigo> We're the Shining Force. * Indigo blinks. * Kodah yells from the next room, "Depending on who you ask!" <Kiwi> Kiwi is Kiwi! ^_^ <Indigo> No I am not! * Indigo turns to the wolfmen. <Baine> Then stop being so arrogant. <Indigo> I am Indigo Mysteria, a sorceress. * Baine crosses her arms and shakes her head.. * The wolfmen are speechless... <Chamolo> I'm Chamolo Willcott... * Indigo bows. "Well, an elementalist actually, but same thing." <Baine> Baine of the White Lions Claw. * Kodah leans against the door frame and grumbles to himself <Baine> Kodah, don't be so cheery.. * Baine flashes a great big smile at Kodah ;) * The wolfmen talk to themselves again and run out the stronghold quickly... <Kodah> (Baine)Huh? O_o * Indigo straightens, shaking her head and wandering towards the gates. * Baine chuckles * Chamolo follows Indigo, out of lack of anything better to do. <Baine> "Wash the angels from your head, won't need 'em anymore.." * Darton is standing by the gates * Baine follows Chamolo and Indigo * Kodah waits for the others, then falls in step with them <Chamolo> So now where...? * The pack of wolfmen run quickly to the town, not paying attention to the chaos around them... * Indigo stops and shakes her head, then wanders on past Darton for a few feet. * Kiwi pokes Chamolo and looks at him with wide eyes... <Darton> There you guys are. <Baine> Mmmm...anywhere except Hassan.. <Chamolo> Yes Kiwi? <Kiwi> ... Chammy know what happening? Kiwi no know and Kiwi confuseled... <Chamolo> Not really, except that Darton was suposed to be this big warrior, but he's really not... * Kiwi looks as if he's about to cry, judging from his shining eyes... <Narrator> A glowing ball of light can be seen coming from the middle of Polca... <Kiwi> Meep? <Chamolo> Hey...don't cry... * Indigo turns towards it. <Kodah> that normal? <Baine> Huh.. <Indigo> Pretty....... * Chamolo blinks... * Baine raises an eyebrow <Baine> Christmas early this year..? <Kodah> ^^;; * Darton notes it and mutters "Maybe we should be idiots and go there... be a good chance to kill something." <Chamolo> What's going on...? <Baine> Heyyy.. * Chamolo blinks <Baine> Kill...theres an idea.. * Yogurt blinks and grins... * Baine grins and patpats AmeShi <Chamolo> You know, we don't have to kill unlesss necessary.. <Kiwi> Kiwi no like killing... <Baine> Mmm...I used to thrive off killing, though... <Darton> Get over it, I like killing. * Baine runs a hand through her hair. * Kodah looks at the town off in the dstance, not liking that glow one bit <Chamolo> Maybe you do, but maybe that's why no one likes you *Mutters to himself* <Baine> Shall we go check it out, guys? * Baine glances at Chamolo. * Kiwi nod-nods! <Baine> Alright! <Chamolo> Let's go. <Darton> Sounds fun. <Baine> Seeing as how BH and Lara are off screwing, lets go! Chamolo is in charge! ;) <Kodah> Go? Where? *points* To that?! <Baine> Yes, Kodah :P <Baine> To the big beam of light :P <Chamolo> I' charge? O_o <Darton> Where else would we go? <Baine> Sure, cham.. ^_- <Baine> Unless you'd rather I was in charge and I got us all killed.. :P <Darton> Whatever, let's get going. <Kodah> Oh boy... ^^;; <Chamolo>'ve got a ...ehhe..point.. * Darton walks off in the direction of Polca <Chamolo> let's go! ^^; * Baine grins * Baine drags Chamolo along! * Kiwi goes to that big bright light... <Chamolo> O_o Hey! I thought I was le---urk! * Jeyer's echo spits on Chammy :P <Baine> You are! I enjoy dragging you, though.. :P <Chamolo> O_o You are...unique...miss say the least! <Baine> Unique, eh? :P <Kodah> o~Where are we goin'? I don't know. How do I get there? I an't certain. All's I know is I am on my way.... o~ <Narrator> The Shining force heads down the path of dead bodies once again... <Baine> Lovely.. <Baine> someone should clean these up.. * Chamolo turns green again <Darton> Why? <Chamolo> I hate this road... * Kiwi whimpers... * Baine chuckles * Yogurt skitters along quickly, knowing what's up in the town square... ^_^ * Baine doesn't seem at all bothered by the dead people :P * Kodah tries to ignore the bodies and keeps singing to himself <Baine> Someone could trip over a body and hurt themselves! * Baine tsk tsks.. * Chamolo sighs. Le sighs. <Darton> so? If they did that, it'd be their fault. * Baine flashes Chamolo a apologetic grin ^_^ * Baine continues to drag him! * Baine says in a high voice: "Oh, Ken! I'm having so much fun!!" * Baine snickers.. <Chamolo> My name isn't Ken! <Baine> I know that, Cham... ;) <Narrator> The wolfmen are in the middle of the town square... A large chest is the source of the light... <Baine> Ooh.. <Chamolo> That is quite a chest... <Baine> does it play music when it opens, too? <Kodah> Gee...that's normal ^^;; <Chamolo> Should we open it? <Darton> damn. Nothing to kill. <Wolfmen> This is our gift to the Shining Force... <Baine> O_o <Chamolo> To us?! O_o <Kodah> ?? <Kodah> Why? * Baine's eyes widen <Baine> Say what? :P <Baine> Why? <Baine> We didn't do anything! :P <Chamolo> Why...we thank you must humbly for this gift, but we can't accept-- * Indigo tries analyzing the chest with her senses. * Kiwi sniffs at the chest... * Baine pulls her mask down and eyes the chest <Baine> Hmm.. <Baine> Hell, lets open it! * Baine grins <Chamolo> I mean...can we accept that..? * The wolfmen walk on the side... <Darton> Christmas early, eh? <Kodah> ..... <Baine> Well..sure we can.. * Baine walks to the chest and attempts to open it! <Darton> Someone else open it. <Narrator> The chest's energy disperses, ending the glow... It opens easily... <Kodah> ? * Indigo prepares to summon Dao to smash it open, then blinks. <Baine> Wicked.. <Chamolo> What's inside, Baine? * Baine peers inside * Kiwi cocks his head curiously... <Narrator> A funny device and a golden claw are seen inside... <Baine> Eh.. <Baine> A claw.. O_o * Lara walks out with BH....both are grinning from ear to ear. * Baine picks up the device.. * Baine peers at it * Indigo tries analyzing it. <Lara> watcha find, Kara? <Baine> Is it an onion peeler? * Erin blinks... The Nazca cannon! O_O <Baine> ah.. <Baine> Too bad. <Baine> I've always wanted an onion peeler. * Erin flies over and takes the cannon... * Darton looks inside... "Gold claw? Not quite my style... but hell, I'll take it." <Chamolo> You can't be serious...THE Nazca Cannon?! <Kodah> The whozca whatzit? <Kiwi> N-a-z-c-a? * Erin inspects the cannon intently... <Lara> Hold on a second? THE NAZCA CANNON? The cannon of legend? <Baine> Heh...I'm sure Jeyer will be thrilled with our find.. <Chamolo> Apparently! * Baine looks back in the chest <Baine> C'mon...gotta be something else! * Chamolo flinches at the name 'Jeyer'. <BlackHawk> Let me look at it * The wolfmen look at Darton... That is Zylo's claw... You are not ready to wield it yet... * Indigo just nods. * Baine sighs :P <Darton> Never thought he had a gold claw :P <Baine> What a ripoff! :P * Erin, too absorbed by the discovery, doesn't hear anyone... * Baine grins, mask down. * Chamolo hms. <Baine> Ah hell...wonder if we could sell the chest for money.. ^_^ * Kodah goes over to Erin and looks to the NC, "I dont; see what's so special about it" * BlackHawk looks at the cannon. "I've seen pictures in the Guardiana library. That's the nazca cannon alright." <Darton> we get one useful thing and one piece of luggage. Thanks bunches. <Wolfmen> He built it after the Shining Force's victory... We never knew why.... <Baine> Hah, Darton! ^_^ * Kiwi awps... "Kiwi no know what Nazca-thing is. Kiwi confuseled..." <Lara> join the club, Kiwi. <Baine> Mmm....yep...Jeyer will probably be tickled pink.. <Chamolo> It's a big cannon Kiwi. Could make Darksol go 'boom'! <Kodah> ..... * Erin tries to use the cannon, but it doesn't seem to work.. O_o * Baine chuckles softly.. <Baine> probably need Jeyer to use it.. :P * Chamolo flinches again at the name 'Jeyer' <Yogurt> Yeah... Jeyer might help... * Chamolo flinches yet again, eyes down <Lara> well, maybe we should start back to Granseal. Remember Volcannon's words. <Yogurt> Cuz Jeyer's a Nazca descendant... <Yogurt> Jeyer's sure to help... * Chamolo really looks down now. <Yogurt> Jeyer Jeyer Jeyer Jeyer Jeyer Jeyer... * Darton reaches into the box and grabs the claw, looking at it a bit <Lara> YOGURT! <Lara> CUT IT OUT! * Baine notices Cham and playfully slugs him in the arm.. "Cheer up, cutie." <Chamolo> O_o What is so great about--oh nevermind. <Kiwi> Kiwi no been to Granseal in while.. * Chamolo smiles slightly. * Baine smiles at him. ^_^ * Yogurt grins... Jeyer.. <g> * Chamolo arghs and goes to strangle Yogurt! * Yogurt goes dead serious.. <Baine> Woogh.. :P <Lara> anyway, there's something I want you to look at for a second, Yogurt. I have had my suspicions about the Prince's sword. I want you to take a look. * Chamolo stops and ahems. * Yogurt hops inside the chest... O_o * Baine eyes Chamolo. "Kinda touchy, no?" ;) <Chamolo> Sorry, lost my head for a moment. *Cough Cough* <Kodah> ..... * Yogurt yells, "In a minute, Lara!" * Baine looks at Kodah. "Having fun with the dots?" <Chamolo> It's okay, Yogurt. You can come out now. <Kodah> Huh? O_o * Yogurt hops inside the chest, blinking... <Narrator> Erhm... * Baine grins and patpats Kodah! * Yogurt crawls out... Erhm... * Kodah is patpated and seems unsure as to how to react to that O_o * Darton attempts to put on the claw anyway * Kiwi peers in the chest... "What you doing?" * Yogurt blinks again... * Chamolo sorta walks off to the side, embarrassed at what he did. <Yogurt> Someone tap the bottom of the chest for me... O_o * Baine taps the bottom of the chest.. :P <Kiwi> Merp? <Narrator> The Chest emits a hollow sound... <Lara> hmmm? <Baine> Huh.. <Darton> Fun... what else we got here? <Baine> Hollow? * Baine looks at Cham.."Hrm...wonder whats got him razzled.." <Yogurt> Beats me... o_O * Baine unsheathes AmeShi.. <Yogurt> Someone break the bottom of the chest... * Baine drives it into the bottom of the chest! * Kiwi claws at the bottom... <Yogurt> O_o <Lara> this is mega weird. * Baine rips it back and forth, cutting away the bottom <Yogurt> That'll do... :P * Kiwi meeps and gets out of the way... <Kodah> Why would anyone build a chest with a false bottom? * Baine sheathes AmeShi again, grinning. <Baine> There! * Darton looks inside * Yogurt peers in the chest... * Kiwi peeks too. <Narrator> 5 pieces of cloth lie at the bottom of the chest... <Baine> Clothing? <Yogurt> Wha...? <Lara> what's this? <Baine> Is this Macy's? :P * Lara looks in the chest. <Kodah> ? <Kodah> That's useful... * Yogurt leaps in the chest and takes the pieces of cloth... * Lara picks up the 5 pieces of cloth. <Darton> Ehh, we got our little gifts, let's go. * Yogurt blinks... <Yogurt> This is weird... O_o <Baine> Well.. <Chamolo> Cloth..? <Baine> Lovely :P * Baine finds her fingers tingling.. <Narrator> One of the pieces of cloth has something drawn on it... <Baine> Heh.. * Baine looks at the drawing * Lara looks at the drawing. * Chamolo looks at it too. * Darton fehs. "Can we go yet?" <Yogurt> A drawing of the old Shining Force... And a.. Map... O_O <Baine> map? <Chamolo> O_o A map? <Baine> Of what? <Lara> a map? <Chamolo> Is it of our world...? <Kodah> ?? * Baine smirks wryly <Baine> Well.. <Baine> As fun as this is...can we go now? * Lara looks at the map.... * Yogurt blinks... <Chamolo> Yeah...but how can we get to Granseal quickly? <Darton> Let's go, damn it. <Lara> HOLD YOUR HORSES, DARTON... <Baine> Well.. <Narrator> Erhm... This talks about the Star sword... O_o <Chamolo> Get shot out of a cannon or something...? * Kiwi paws at Granseal (on the map)... <Kodah> So......what's the point? <BlackHawk> Star Sword? <Baine> a cannon? O_o * Chamolo shrugs. * Baine eyes Chamolo and feels his forehead :P <BlackHawk> Well, I carry the Guardiana kingdom's Star blade. <Chamolo> I'm joking! ^_^ <Baine> Heheheh...if you say so, boyo. ^_- * Yogurt runs up to BH... Yeah... I noticed that about you... :P <Chamolo> Who couldn't notice ^_- * Baine hmms and crosses her arms, removing her hand from Cham's forehead :P * BlackHawk draws the star blade from it's sheath.. <Yogurt> It... Just doesn't seem to be as powerful as the old days... O_o <Baine> Maybe it needs new batteries * Baine raises an eyebrow * Kiwi runs around in circles out of boredom... <Chamolo> Batter--ies? <Yogurt> Uh... No. :P <Kodah> Star Sword? ...............Is anyone surpirsed I don't know what that is? <BlackHawk> What? * Chamolo then feels Baine's forhead. * Baine chuckles.. ^_^ <Baine> All this feeling, Cham...tsk tsk.. ;) * Baine grins wryly * Lara is still hanging on BH's arm. "You're saying that the blade isn't as powerful as it used to be?" <Chamolo> Huh? * Baine stops grinning and patpats Cham's arm ^_^ <Baine> S'okay. ^_^ * Darton yawns <Chamolo> ^_^ * Baine whistles lightly, feeling oddly happy O_o * Yogurt looks at the sword... It's... Missing something... <Baine> Eh... * Chamolo just stands and watches the others talk <Baine> Maybe the drawing will give us a clue? <Lara> good idea, Kara. * Baine hauls her mask back up and again raises her eyebrow. ^_^ <Baine> Thanks..I can be smart when needed.. ;) <Kodah> Missing somethin? Like what? * Lara looks at the drawing. * Baine draws AmeShi.. <Darton> It's obvious... BlackHawk, give the sword to Lara who is going to put her two little rock things in the hilt :P * Kiwi hides in his shell... * Baine twirls the sword, the black flames roaring.. * BlackHawk hands the Star Blade to Lara. <Darton> ...can we go now? :P <Indigo> I shall join my power to that of the gems as before. * Baine sighs :P * Lara looks at the sword. "While I'm used to my soulsword, oh well." <Baine> I need a battle! * Baine taps her foot. <Chamolo> I don't... ^^; <Baine> Heheheh, Cham....just don't do the muddle bop.. ^_^ <Narrator> The star blade doesn't react... <Lara> hmmm.... <Kodah> Hrmph * Indigo summons her power, flinging it into the gems. <Baine> Heh. :P * Lara hands the blade back to BlackHawk. * Baine hmms for a second and pokes Cham with the hilt of AmeShi.. ;) <Chamolo> Ow! * Chamolo blinks. <Chamolo> Yes...? <Baine> Gee... O_o Brittle bones or wha? :P <Chamolo> No, you just...startled me.. <Kodah> now what? <Narrator> The wolfmen leave, taking care of restoring the village... <Baine> Ah...sorry...I have a tendency to do that.. :P <Lara> I think baine has the right idea. maybe this drawing has a clue. * Lara examines the drawing closely. <Darton> Hopefully, we leave now. * Baine grins at Lara before offering AmeShi to Chamolo.. ^_- <Lara> Darton, will you be patient for a minute...I'm thinking here. <Chamolo> O_O What am I supposed to do with that sword...? <Baine> Take it.. ^_^ Wanna see something! <Chamolo> ...okay.. * Chamolo takes it. <Darton> Patient? Me? You're asking the wrong wolf. * The black flames flicker out of existance. <Baine> Err.. :P <Baine> Cool ^_^ <Chamolo> O_o What...? <Kiwi> Meep? * Baine chuckles. ;) <Chamolo> Okay...what just happened? * Kodah leans against the ruins of one of the houses <Baine>'s just this thing...this sword... ^_^; <Narrator> The drawing consists of the Shining Force, surrounding the Star blade, a small fragment of its hilt which is missing... * Chamolo hands it back to Baine. * Baine grins as the flames flicker back to life. <Baine> Thanks. ^_^ <BlackHawk> A Part of the hilt... * Baine flips AmeShi into the air and it slides into the sheath without a sound.. ^_^ * Darton yawns, unimpressed <Baine> Well...we've discovered the problem....can we go now? :P <Lara> OK....I think we'll need a litle more counseling on this mission before we can face Zeon or Darksol. * Baine looks impatient. :P * Yogurt runs around the chest, totally bored... <Lara> Prince BlackHawk, I want you to do me a favor, OK? <Baine> Lets head AWAY from Hassan. ^_^ <BlackHawk> For you, anything. * Chamolo even looks a little impatient.. * Baine makes gagging noises :P <Lara> OK...go to Creed's, southwest of Granseal. arrange for us to have a meeting with him. <Lara> We'll meet you there after we've taken care of business in Granseal. * Indigo passes out. <Baine> "We're takin' care of business, everyday!" * Baine catches Indigo! <BlackHawk> I gotcha. You take care of yourself, Rhiannon Lara Mano. <Chamolo> O_o Sunstroke? <Baine> Must be a ditz spell. ^_^ * Chamolo laughs in spite of himself. * Baine slings Indigo over her shoulder <Yogurt> Rhiannon?! O_O <Lara> I always to, Prince Michael BlackHawk of Guardiana. You just make sure you get back alive. * Kiwi meeps, confuseled. <Baine> Rhiannon? O_o <Lara> It's my first name. * Baine chuckles.. ^_^ <Lara> Only the prince calls me by it. <Baine> This is the part where you kiss passionately, Lara :P <Darton> whatever... let's damn well go. <Darton> Do your kissy stuff on the road :P <Chamolo> I thought it was lara...oh well. ^_^ <Baine> Gods...I'm such a hopeless romantic.. ^_^; * Baine mutters and shakes her head :P * Lara and BlackHawk kiss goodbye and the Prince starts to walk toward the Southwest. <Baine> Alright! <Baine> Lets roll! * Chamolo nods! <Baine> Fight some monsters, save some towns, look cool....all in the life of the Shining Force.. ;) <Lara> OK... <Lara> off to Granseal, folks. <Kodah> So when do we start looking cool? * Kiwi follows. =) * Baine points at Cham's hair! <Darton> Right now we look... insane <Baine> C'mon...thats so cool.. ^_^ <Chamolo> O_o Huh? What's with my hair?! <Narrator> The Shining force leaves for Ribble in the south... * Lara just keeps walking... <Lara> Ribble is just around this mountain range. We can get to Granseal from there. <Baine> ugh.. * Yogurt points to the mountain... There's a path inside the mountain south of here... <Lara> then let's take it. <Darton> Lead the way... <Baine> Lets just stay away from Hassan...get to Granseal....kick some butt...yadda yadda yadda! <Yogurt> What's with you and Hassan, Baine? <Baine> Erhm...It's only THE base of the White Lions Claw.. <Lara> I've heard of that town....only rumors, though. <Chamolo> O_o <Baine> And my mercy makes me...uh....not liked.. * Baine grins meekly <Kodah> Oh <Chamolo> Yes, let's stay away from there ^^; <Baine> Not to mention I killed a fellow ninja :P <Yogurt> Erm... :P <Darton> Whatever... <Baine> So lets just sorta MISS Hassan.. ^_^; <Lara> I have to agree wholeheartedly, but how are we gonna get to Creed's without that buggy thingamajig, whatever it's called, that the second shining force used to get there. <Baine> buggy what? :P <Chamolo> We could find some way to fly... <Lara> don't ask me.... <Yogurt> We don't have a choice to pass through Hassan... <Baine> O_o <Baine> Oh no.. <Chamolo> We'll hide you, baine! * Baine blinks at Chamolo :P * Chamolo glances at her. "Some makeup and a nice dress might do it..." <Baine> A DRESS? <Baine> O_o <Kodah> O_o <Baine> ME?! :P <Chamolo> You want to get through there in one piece? * Baine uhms.. <Baine> Good point...but...ugh.. <Baine> A dress.. <Darton> nah... we'll use her as bait.. anyone stupid enough to attack us will die *grins with bloodlust* <Lara> you could borrow one of look like we're just about the same size. * Baine groans.. <Baine> Fine fine...but someone hasta carry my armor. :P <Narrator> The river's odor assails the Shining force again... <Chamolo> Don't worry Baine, it's just through the town. That's all. <Baine> Lovely....just what I needed...that smell! :P <Darton> ugh... that stench... * Baine blehs.. * Chamolo quietly plugs his nose <Baine> don't know these guys.. ^_^; * Lara covers her nose and mouth. * Kiwi hides in his shell. "Yeuck..." <Chamolo> Maybe, but I'll protect you, if need be... * Chamolo grins boyishly * Baine blink blinks.. O_o <Baine> protected? thats new..^_- <Lara> we'll all fight to protect ya, Kara. that's what friends are for. * Baine shrugs and sighs dejectedly. "If we must." <Kodah> Ayee.... * Baine looks nervous but keeps moving with the group.. ^_^; * Chamolo walks briskly along <Lara> anyway, we don't need to go to Hassan just yet, Kara...we have to get to Granseal first. * Darton follows along <Baine> Mmm...thats Brisk, baby! * Kiwi trudges behind the group... <Baine> Granseal! Right! Heheh.. ^_^; <Narrator> The cave is up ahead... Everything seems normal... <Baine> Huh.. <Baine> Everything seems normal.. ;) <Chamolo> But is it...? <Darton> Pity, that. <Lara> let's go in. * Lara walks into the cavern. <Baine> It never is, cutie.. ^_- * Baine patpats Cham and follows Lara! * Kiwi follows... * Kodah looks around, curiously * Darton follows Lara and all that <Baine> Two gold pieces say that we get attacked by a cave monster of some kind.. <Chamolo> I agree. <Chamolo> I bet 3. <Narrator> The cave is poorly lit and is a straight corridor to the other side, which can be seen... * Baine chuckles. <Lara> I'll take that bet and raise you 5, Chamolo. <Kodah> Nice place.... <Baine> Hah..I'll see your 5 and raise you 8.. ^_^ * Yogurt blinks... <Lara> what are we doing, playing poker here? <Darton> What money you guys have? :P <Chamolo> I bet 10. That's as high as I'll go. <Yogurt> Can anyone hear that rumbling...? <Kodah> I'm not taking that bat <Chamolo> And it appears I'm gonna win :D * Lara listens. <Baine> rumbling! Hah! <Darton> Oh goodie... something to kill ^_^ * Chamolo listens. "Yes, I do hear it!" <Lara> hmmm....I hear it alright. <Kiwi> ... meep? <Kodah> ......Great * Baine grins and draws AmeShi, blinking at the fact there is no flames.. O_o * Lara places her left hand to the inside of her right fist. "Sword of my soul,"she exclaims,"APPEAR!" Lara then pulls her hand from her fist as the mystic blade appears in her right hand. * Baine waves AmeShi up and down lightly.. :P * Chamolo pulls out his staff. <Narrator> rocks can be seen falling at the entrance of the cave... Large boulders... <Baine> Lovely... <Chamolo> O_o Oh no... <Lara> oh great. <Chamolo> Lookout! * Darton snarls. * Baine grumbles and suddenly the flames flicker to life :P * Kiwi looks around, hissing... "Who there?" * Lara starts running. <Narrator> The rocks tumble and fall loudly, blocking the passage! <Chamolo> O_o Oh no.... <Kodah> 0_0 * Baine arghs and grumbles. <Lara> shit. <Darton> Damn... oh well, what do we need to go back there for? * Baine crosses her arms.. <Baine> Alright.. <Baine> Now...see.. <Kodah> So what now? <Baine> I hate this.... <Narrator> More rumbling can be heard... <Chamolo> O_o More...? <Baine> We get so far and....ah, shit.. <Lara> hmm...maybe my bolt spell will bust that boulder. <Chamolo> We should get out! We might be blocked in totally! * Kiwi hides in his shell! <Darton> We probably should, yes... <Narrator> The rocks start tumbling outside the exit... <Chamolo> O_o I told you! <Baine> Fuck! <Chamolo> Run! * Baine runs for it! * Chamolo rushes outside! * Lara MAKES A RUN FOR IT. * Darton starts running, dodging the rocks as best he can * Kiwi runs!! <Kodah> Eeg <Baine> *pant* Jenny Craig has nothing on this! <Narrator> A boulder the size of a house rolls down as the Shining Force gets to the end of the tunnel... <Baine> Ah was Run-ahng! <Narrator> As the Shining Force makes it to the exit, seemingly free of harm, a large boulder, the size of a house lands square in front of the exit... * Chamolo barely misses getting hit with a boulder! <Baine> O_o * Kodah dodges boudlers as best he can <Chamolo> Oh dear lord...we're trapped... * Kiwi squeals to a halt! <Darton> that was close. <Baine> Holy freakin' crikey.. <Lara> maybe, maybe not... <Kodah> Not my idea of fun! O_o * Chamolo sinks down to his knees. <Narrator> The path is now almost completely dark... * Baine blinks at Chamolo.. * Chamolo then looks at his arm, which is slightly bloody. "I must have gotten hit by one after all.." <Baine> O_o * Kiwi's lower lip (beak?) trembles... * Baine kneels by Cham and looks at his arm. <Chamolo> It's okay...just a scrape. <Kodah> I hate caves..... <Baine> Don't waste yer strength. Hold on. * Kiwi sniffles... <Narrator> A dark presence can be felt coming from behind the Shining Force... * Baine takes off her mask * Baine wraps it around Cham's arm. <Chamolo> ....someone's here... <Baine> There.. <Chamolo> Baine... <Yogurt> ... Or something.. * Chamolo smiles. "Thank you." <Darton> This is too predictable. * Baine looks at Cham and nods.. * Lara starts to turn around. * Baine turns to look at where the presence is. * Kiwi starts crying... <Kiwi> ~Waaaaaaaaah!~ <Kodah> Oh man.... -_- * Darton leans against the boulder, examining his claws, making sure they're nice and sharp <Baine> Time to party, methinks.. <Narrator> A spider that takes up the whole corridor's width and height walks towards the Shining Force... <Baine> Oh gods.. <Baine> A spider.. <Chamolo> O_o * Baine shudders.. <Chamolo> <Lara> just great... <Narrator> ===== COMBAT ===== <Chamolo> Nice spider.... <Chamolo> Oh forget it. <Lara> thank heaven I'm not an arachnophobe. <Baine> Time to kick ass.. <Darton> I despise spiders... this one'll be a pleasure to squish like the bug it is <Kodah> Yuck! * Chamolo pulls out his staff! <Narrator> ===== 1 Giant spider. ===== * Baine shudders again * Kodah fumbles for his sword <Baine> Gods...gross.. * Baine shakes her head and draws AmeShi <Narrator> == Erin can attack! <Narrator> == Erin can't get up in the air, thus fires from the ground... * Baine smiles and feels a bit exposed without her mask..but doesn't mind.. ^_^ <Narrator> == The arrows zoom by the spider, not touching it... <Baine> Lovely. <Kodah> I repeat...yuck! O_o <Chamolo> This could be difficult.. * Baine narrows her eyes and raises AmeShi.. <Baine> Wonder if spider blood is as red as human... <Baine> Wonder if it tastes as sweet... *feral grin* <Narrator> == Lara can attack! * Lara raises her hand to the skies as storm clouds begin forming over The-Giant-Spider and thunder can be heard throughout the area. Light rain begins to pour down. Lara then shouts, "Powers of the heavens...SHOWER DOWN!" Suddenly, bolts of pure lightning shoot down upon The-Giant-Spider. * Kiwi steps away from the violent ninja... =) <Narrator> == Lara casts Bolt 1 on the Giant spider... :P * Baine twirls AmeShi.. <Narrator> == The Giant spider is hit full force by the bolt! 20 damage! <Baine> Careful with that arm of yours, Cham. * Chamolo nods. <Lara> that's the it with magic. <Baine> AmeShi is a magical sword...lets hope that counts. * Baine grins.. <Darton> I don't feel like using magic today... * Baine twirls AmeShi more, adding intricate weaving patterns with it.. <Narrator> == Baine can attack! * Baine snarls and twirls AmeShi in her hand, the black flames on the blade growing more and more angry. With a loud roar, she launches AmeShi at Spider and AmeShi imbeds itself in Spider's stomach. The black flames send agony through Spider's body. * Baine snarls and hauls the blade out slowly.. <Narrator> == Baine attacks The giant spider... <Narrator> == The giant spider staggers back at the attack... 28 damage... * Baine smiles coyly.. <Baine> Just a taste, you ugly little bug.. <Chamolo> Nice! * Baine grins and readies the blade again.. <Narrator> == Chamolo and Darton can attack! <Kodah> I never had a problem with spiders......until just now ^^;; * Chamolo bashes out at the spider "Kyaah! Take this!" <Narrator> == Chamolo attacks the Giant spider... <Narrator> == it receives lesser damage... 10 damage. * Darton dives at the spider, clawing and biting and that good stuff * Chamolo humphs and steps back. <Narrator> == Darton attacks the giant spider... <Baine> Heh...could be worse, could've healed it. <Narrator> == The claws don't have much effect... 13 damage.... <Chamolo> True... <Baine> o/~ Impale 'em to the left, impale 'em to the right, kick 'em in the nads, fight fight FIGHT! o/~ <Narrator> == the giant spider opens his mouth, ready for an attack! <Darton> damn... stupid bug <Narrator> == The giant spider spits an acidic compound on the Shining Force! <Baine> Oh fuck! <Kodah> Eeg! <Kiwi> Meeeep!! * Kiwi hides in his shell! <Lara> Yipes! <Darton> Eeyuch. * Chamolo yelps! <Narrator> == Everyone takes 11 damage! * Baine tries her best to block.....but a bit of acidic compound hits her chin and she screams O_o <Baine> Get it off O_o <Baine> Get if off!! <Chamolo> Ah! * Chamolo tries to wipe it off his cheek * Baine rubs like hell at the spot O_o <Chamolo> This stuff hurts! <Kodah> YOW!! <Kiwi> Meep! <runs around in circles, trying to shake it off> <Darton> ooow... and my fur is dissolving * Baine grimaces and feels the indentation of where the acidic stuff hit.. <Baine> Lovely.. * Baine shakes her head.. <Kodah> Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! <Narrator> == Yogurt regenerates himself... <Chamolo> How am I going to heal all of you... * Chamolo sighs. <Baine> Heal Darton first. <Baine> Then yourself. * Chamolo nods. All right! <Baine> Then Lara. * Baine grins and twirls AmeShi, ready for round two. ^_^ <Narrator> == Kodah can attack! * Kodah charges at the spider, rather annoyed by his recent experience! <Narrator> == Kodah attacks the Giant spider... * Kodah sheathes his blade in ice, and leaps into the air! Kodah drives his blade deep into the enemy, "Ice Blade Stab Hyoretsuzan!" <Baine> Hoohah.. * Baine groans lightly <Narrator> == Kodah's attack deals massive damage to the spider! 36 damage! Critical! * Kodah lands amidst some spider guts, and doesn't look happy about it <Kodah> EW!! * Baine blinks a few times.. <Baine> Damn.. <Narrator> == Kiwi can attack! * Kodah flops away from the spider, digging gunk out of his eyes and ears * Kiwi throws his helmet at the spider, trying not to look at the ugly thing! (The bug, not the helm =) * Baine stops twirling and leans on AmeShi.. <Kodah> I've been slimed! O_o <Chamolo> Kodah: We'll wash you off later! <Narrator> == The helmet gives the spider the final "Konk" it needed to die! 12 damage, dispatched! <Baine> Thank gods. <Darton> Feh... too short. * Baine groans. <Narrator> ===== Victory! ===== <Narrator> == Lara: 13 XP, Erin: 0 XP, Baine: 18 XP, Kiwi: 34 XP, Chamolo: 10 XP, Darton: 11 XP, Kodah: 21 XP * Chamolo whews! <Baine> If I'd had been hit one more time, I would've been a dead ninja.. <Kiwi> Yay! Yay! <hops up and down!> * Kodah wipes the gruk out of his hair <Chamolo> You killed it, Kiwi! =D Nice job! <Chamolo> Now how do we get out...? * Lara wipes the spider guts off of her pendant. <Baine> Grand..we're gonna die together in a cave.. * Baine mutters. * Darton yawns, with bald spots where fur used to be, and pokes Cham "Heal me, you blasted idiot." <Narrator> A loud yell can be heard outside the cave... <Chamolo> Oh! Sorry. * Chamolo heals Darton with his magic. ^_^ <Darton> Thaaaank you. <Chamolo> Who was that? * Baine hehs.. <Baine> Hey...maybe it's Jeyer...he can get us out. ^_^ <Kodah> .....yuck! I think I got some in my underwear! 0_0 <Chamolo> O_o In your what? <Narrator> The rock blocking the cave entrance is suddenly smashed into a million pieces, dust flying everywhere... * Darton shakes it off * Chamolo is hit with some dust! *Cough Cough* * Baine rubs dust from her face <Baine> Who..? :P <Kodah> O_O <Narrator> As the dust clears, FlameStrike stands at the end of the tunnel... <Kodah> Now what? <Chamolo> Flamestrike! <Baine> Oh...lovely.. <Kodah> ?? <Chamolo> Thanks for saving us. <Baine> Thought it was Jeyer.. :P <Kiwi> ..... <Darton> goodie... we got our dragon back... * Chamolo flinches at the name. :P * Baine watches Kiwi play with the dots <Narrator> FlameStrike: I thought I heard you getting inside this cave... <Baine> Yeah yeah...thanks FS.. <Kodah> ....? * Kiwi sighs tiredly. "Kiwi had too much action. Kiwi need sleep." * Baine stretches, grinning a bit as her back pops loudly.. <Baine> ohhhhh.. <Baine> so much better! <Chamolo> O_o That didn't sound good. * Baine groans with relief.. ^_^ <Darton> Let's go. * FlameStrike looks at the party... Let's go... Ribble is not far from here... <Chamolo> Right. Let's go! * Darton waves a paw... "Whatever." <Kodah> Fine, long as I can find an Inn so I can clean myself off :\ * Baine smiles and drags Chamolo along. ;) <Chamolo> OW! * Chamolo flinches and holds his semi-scraped arm <Baine> Fuck. <Baine> Stupid stupid ninja. <Chamolo> It's okay. <Baine> Sorry.. <Chamolo> No, really, it's all right... <Chamolo> Sorry I startled you. * Kiwi follows. * Baine looks at Cham and smiles a little. "Just heal. Need that arm, we do." <Chamolo> Okay. * Chamolo heals his arm and grins. "Happy?" * Baine chuckles <Baine> Not like that...but sure.. ^_- <Chamolo> Like...what? O_o * Baine gently removes her mask from Cham's arm.. ^_^ <Baine> Guess you won't...uhm..need this.. <Chamolo> ^_^ Guess not.. * Baine slips it back on and looks at Lara.. * Baine mutters "ditz" under her breath :P * BlackHawk shakes his head... I have to, Lara... <Chamolo> Let's go, Miss Lara... <Narrator> * Lara turns her back and walks off towards Ribble, following FlameStrike... <Baine> <<No thanks, Cham :P>> <Chamolo> << I thought so.>> *** DNW is now known as Kodah * Baine grins at Chamolo :P * Chamolo follows the others * Baine grabs him by the arm...gently. :P * Baine starts pullin' him along! <Baine> Heheheh.. ;) <Chamolo> Hey! O_o <Chamolo> Heh. <Baine> Hay is for horses.. ^_^ <Narrator> The Shining Force parts with BlackHawk and heads towards Ribble... <Narrator> The gates are seen up ahead... * Chamolo whistles. <Chamolo> Ribble...the toing hat dribbles...heh. <Baine> Whistle while you work...Hitler is a jerk...Mussolini bit his weinie, now it doesn't work.. <Baine> Uhhh..I mean...uhm.. O_o <Kodah> ..... <Baine> Dotty again, Kodah? * Chamolo coughs. <Baine> You really should get that checked out! <Kodah> Dotty? * Kodah looks himself over for dots * Baine eyes Chamolo. "Sick?" <Narrator> Two guards are posted at the gate... <Kodah> I don't understand o.o * Kiwi follows cootly. ^_^ <Chamolo> N-No ^_^ <Baine> You arent's supposed to, Kodah! It's a conspiracy! * Baine chuckles at Cham.. ^_^ <Baine> Guards...oh no. :P <Kodah> It is? O_o * Baine looks at the guards :P * FlameStrike nods to the guards who open the gate... <FlameStrike> As you can see, I've already been here... <Baine> o/~ He's got friends in low placesssss... o/~ * Kodah suddenly feels very insecure o.o <Chamolo> You've been here already, FS? <FlameStrike> I ended up here after the shrine incident... * Baine stops Chamolo reluctantly.. :P * Darton wonders exactly where Flamestrike has been and what he's been doing... * FlameStrike walks into town... * Baine trips and lands on her face * Baine calmly gets up again :P <Yogurt> Quite clutzy for a ninja, aren't you? :P <Chamolo> Why is flamestrike acting so..aloof? * Yogurt shrugs... * Kiwi shakes his head, confuseled. * Baine draws AmeShi and puts the tip at Yogurt's head. <Baine> What was that? ^_^ * Yogurt yelps! * FlameStrike points to the Inn... There... You've got rooms waiting for you... <Kodah> Thank goodness.... <Darton> I'll stay out here, thanks... <FlameStrike> Prepaid... Just tell them FlameStrike sent you... <FlameStrike> I have some... Business to attend to... I'll catch up with you people later... <Chamolo> Thank you, Flamestrike. * Baine grins. <Baine> Wicked. * FlameStrike runs into a nearby church... * Baine sheaths AmeShi * Baine looks at the church.. * Baine shakes her head. * Kodah runs to the bathroom to get cleaned, "Dibs!" <Baine> Hey! I need to wash my hair! <Narrator> The bathroom is already taken... <Baine> Argh.. :P <Kodah> Doh! * Kiwi meeps cutely and runs to a room... <Narrator> Someone is already inside, shower running... * Baine blinks. <Baine> Uhh.. <Kodah> Damit -_- * Baine followed Kodah, btw :P * Baine knocks on the bathroom door.. <Baine> Helloooooooooo??? <Chamolo> Someone is in our room....? <Narrator> A voice is heard... "Wha...? Oh!" * Darton wanders into the forest to go find himself somewhere more comfortable to rest... that lizard thing makes him nervous <Baine> Uh...why are you in our bathroom? ^_^ <Narrator> The water is turned off, and a minute later, someone walks out in a great white robe... <Baine> ! * Jeyer grins... Took you people long enough... :P <Kodah> O_O * Baine grins and tackles Jeyer! * Chamolo sighs loudly. * Jeyer is tackled and falls flat on his rump! <Baine> Hah! * Kodah gets knocked to the ground by Baine, "Wha?" O_o <Jeyer> Uh... hi, Baine... :P <Baine> Hi. ^_^ <Baine> Good shower? ;) * Chamolo sits on the bed, looking at Baine and Jeyer... * Jeyer grins... Nah... You weren't there... :P * Baine chuckles. <Baine> We could remedy that... ^_- <Chamolo> (quietly) I can't compete with that... * Kodah zips past Jeyer into the shower, "Like I said...dibs!" * Jeyer chuckles... Can I get up now? ^_^ <Baine> Erk...damn you, Kodah! :P * Baine nods and stands :P <Baine> Uh..Jeyer? why were you in the shower with your robe on? O_o * Chamolo gets up and coughs. "I-I need some air." * Chamolo walks quickly out of the room, outside * Jeyer gets up... Oh! BTW, Kodah... Your sister is so sweet... She gave me a tooth ache... ;) <Chamolo> << O_o>> * Baine blinks.. * Baine raises an eyebrow.. * Jeyer blinks... Uhm... Maybe cuz I put it on before I came out...? :P <Kodah> *from inside the shower*, "That's nice.....huh....WHAT?!" * Baine looks worried about Chamolo.. * Chamolo isn't even in the room >:) <Baine> Eh... <Kodah> *various grumbling and swearing emerges from the shower* * Jeyer plops down on the bed... Soo... What'd I miss while escorting the fair lady Nalya? <Baine> Ahhh.. <Baine> The usual.. <Baine> Monsters.. <Baine> Sex.. <Baine> War.. * Baine shrugs. :P <Narrator> Damn... I missed a monster? Aww... :P * Baine chuckles! * Baine sits by Jeyer and grabs his hand. ^_- * Baine attempts to look at his wrist.. * Jeyer pulls his hand away... <Baine> Damnit.. <Jeyer> Naughty Baine... * Baine blinks. :P <Baine> What..? :P I'm not allowed to be curious? :P <Jeyer> My wrists are fine... Stop trying to look at them... <Baine> But.. <Baine> I cut them.. <Jeyer> They're fine, Baine... Stop worrying about me so much... * Baine grimaces lightly and nods.. * Baine stands and frowns... "'re I's wicked and stuff...but how? It doesn't compute.." * Jeyer gets up... I gotta go meet someone... I'll be back in 15 minutes... I'll tell you then... :P <Baine> Typical male.. :P <Baine> Okay.. :P * Kodah steps out of the shgwer, looking much better now * Baine smirks at Kodah. * Jeyer walks out, whistling a song... <Kodah> Next! <Baine> Did you save me ANY hot water, Kodah? <Kodah> You're assuming I shower IN hot water then? <Kodah> I prefer mine cold actually * Baine groans and thwaps Kodah :P <Narrator> ===== Cut Scene! ===== <Narrator> Inside the church, which is empty of people, a large statue of Mitula resides... Holy relics on a table... In preperation for a marriage ceremony... <Narrator> From the corner of the room, a dark shadow walks towards the altar... <Narrator> Raising his staff, he crushes a holy vase, bashes Mitula's statue to pieces and destroys the holy texts... * Jeyer, happening to walk by, hearing the crashes, investigates... * Jeyer walks in the church as the person gives the final blow to a large mural which used to portray the holy weapons of the Shining Force... * Jeyer blinks... Ch... Chamolo?! What are you doing!?! * The person turns around, eyes red with hatred... <Narrator> He runs towards Jeyer, trampling him and running out! <Jeyer> OGH! Did anyone get the license number of that car?! *passes out <Narrator> Jeyer lies unconscious in the church, the defiled statue gazing over him as if passing judgement... <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== * Kodah goes to his room and settles down on the bed * Baine is showering.. ^_^ * Chamolo comes back in the room. * Yogurt yawwwwnnns... This is boring... I'm going out for some fresh air... <Baine> o/~ LAAAAAAAALALALALAAAAAAAAAA... o/~ <Chamolo> O_o <Yogurt> Oh... Hey Cham... Laters Cham... :P <Chamolo> Laters.. * Yogurt walks out... <Baine> o/~ My oh my, do you wanna say goodbye? o/~ * Chamolo sighs and looks miserable... <Baine> o/~ If you were my king, I would be your queen.... o/~ * Yogurt runs back in and yells, "JEYER!" before running out again... ^_^ * Chamolo moans. <Baine> o/~ Gotta steal from the rich when they don't know I'm coming... o/~ <Chamolo> Humph. Don't see what he has, anyway... <Baine> Ah, fuck! ouch! O_o <Baine> *thud* <Baine> Owww.. * Lara stays in her corner, mumbling about BH... <Chamolo> Baine? Are you all right? <Baine> Ergh...yeah...stupid soap! * Kiwi is blisfully asleep... <Chamolo> All right, just checking * Chamolo goes back to mumbling. * Erin snickers and burries her nose in her 2000 page book :P <Chamolo> Sure, he wears a nice white robe...but so do I... <Chamolo> But he's suave...handsome... <Kodah> ZZzzZZzz..... <Chamolo> And doesn't have the church telling him what to do... <Chamolo> I'm doomed.. * Yogurt runs in, panting! * Chamolo blinks. "Yogurt? What is it?" * Baine steps out of the bathroom, towel clad. <Yogurt> JEYER'S BEEN ATTACKED! THE CHURCH HAS BEEN DEFILED! QUICKLY! <Chamolo> WHAT?! <Kodah> Zzz....*snort*....guh? Wha? *blinks* <Baine> Say what...? O_o * Kiwi wonders what the earthquake's about and peeks in... "What ugly rodent thing saying?" <Chamolo> Someone had the audacity to...I'm there! * Baine tosses the towel away! * Chamolo runs out! * Yogurt whines, "Let's go, people!!" * Baine slips the suit on and follows Chamolo! * Kodah flops out of bed(onto his face) and follows * Yogurt runs out quickly! * Kiwi follows everyone, again, confuseled... <Narrator> The townspeople stand in front of the church, not daring to go in to see the defiled statue... * Chamolo mumbles. "How dare they defile a church...?" * Baine shoves people out of her way.. <Narrator> Jeyer is on the ground, someone tapping his face to wake him up... <Kodah> ....? <Chamolo> Jeyer... <Baine> Jeyer..? * Chamolo looks at Baine, realizing this will make her go nuts. <Narrator> A large bruise is seen on his head... * Baine doesn't go nuts.. O_o <Baine> Hmm.. * Baine rubs her chin. <Chamolo> Stand aside, please. I'll heal him. * Baine smiles at Chamolo. "Thank ya kindly, sire." * Chamolo casts a healing spell on Jeyer. * Jeyer mumbles and slowly opens his eyes to see Chamolo over him... <Chamolo> Are you all right...? <Kodah> What happened to him? * Chamolo adjusts his glasses, looking concerned. * Jeyer blinks and pushes Chamolo away! <Chamolo> Urk! O_o * Baine blinks. <Baine> Jeyer? <Chamolo> What is it? What's wrong? <Jeyer> You damn bastard! * Baine blinks again <Chamolo> O_o <Jeyer> How could you?! <Kodah> Excuse me? <Chamolo> Could I what? <Baine> Uhh.. * Kiwi meeps? * Jeyer gets up! <Chamolo> What did I do? <Baine> Yeah...what did he do? <Jeyer> I saw you! YOU were the one who smashed the statue! <Baine> O_o <Chamolo> WHAT?!?!?! <Baine> Chamolo..? O_o <Baine> Thats obsurd.. <Kodah> Eh? O_o <Chamolo> You...You've got to be kidding! <Chamolo> I was no where near here! <Chamolo> I would never defile a church. NEVER! * Jeyer shakes his head... I saw it, Chamolo... It was you.. You smashed the statue with your staff! <Chamolo> But I wasn't there! <Baine> No...this is couldn't be Chamolo.. * Kodah crosses his arms and looks critically at Jeyer <Baine> Someone must've used look like him.. <Baine> And used a staff.. * Chamolo looks around to the townspeople, panicked. "I wasn't there! I swear it to you all!" * Darton hears the commotion and shoves through the crowd on his way to the church "What's going... never mind." * Kiwi shakes his head... "Nononononono... not possible, nice man no do that..." <Kodah> Let's see....trusting Jeyer...of trusting Chamolo.....gee, big contest here...... <Jeyer> I have proof... <Baine> proof..? <Chamolo> Proof? * Jeyer points to the floor outside the church... Isn't that your herb bag? * Baine blinks. <Chamolo> Y-yes...but... <Baine> Impossible.. <Chamolo> Why is it here...? I left it in the inn... * Baine looks confused.. <Chamolo> I'm TELLING you, I didn't do this! <Jeyer> I don't know why you did it, Chamolo... But everything points to you... 5 people saw you running out of the church! * Kodah eyes Jeyer with extreme distrust <Baine> Has to be magics.. <Chamolo> Then it was an had to be... <Baine> didn't FlameStrike say he was going to the church? * Chamolo involuntarily backs up a couple of steps. <Darton> Now I'm confused again... <Chamolo> I didn't do this! <Kodah> Chamolo wouldn't do something like that...end of discussion * The bishop walks over to Chamolo... Do you have any proof that you were elsewhere? <Baine> Yeah. Chamolo is innocent.. <Chamolo> Well.... <Chamolo> I don't know this town very well...I went by a blue house..then some sort of inn. I just...wandered around...but it was just to clear my head! Not to destroy a church! <Chamolo> You've got to beleive me! <Bishop> And noone else has seen you but at the church... <Baine> Insane. <Narrator> The crowd is getting restless... * Baine shakes her head.. * Kodah puts a reassureing hand on Cham's shoulder, "I believe you Cham" <Chamolo> I didn't do this....I didn't.... <Baine> He wouldn't do the 9 hells!...He would not!. * Baine stomps a foot. * Chamolo looks pale and terrified. * Jeyer shakes his head.... Too many things point towards you, Chamolo.. It doesn't add up... * Baine grasps Cham's arm reassuringly.. <Baine> could've been magics.. * Chamolo glares at Jeyer. "I. Did. Not. Do. This." * Kodah looks angrilly at Jeyer, "You sure turned on his rather quick I see" * Baine sighs.. <Darton> I'm leaving... like anyone cares. <Jeyer> Sorry, but I *SAW* all the proof I need! And I didn't see any traces of magic! * Darton turns and goes back to the forest * Chamolo kneels before the bishop. "Please! You've got to believe me! I'm a priest! I wouldn't..." <Baine> Gotta be wrong.. <Baine> C'mon.. * Jeyer shakes his head... I wish I was, Baine.. <Kodah> (Jeyer)Sheyah. Sure you did * The Bishop looks at Chamolo... I have no choice... * Baine sighs.. "Stupid...this doesn't make sense...I refuse to believe it.." <Chamolo> But...! * Chamolo looks at him wide-eyed * Jeyer glares at Kodah... Forget this... I'm obviously not wanted here.. <Baine> Jeyer.. * Jeyer walks away... <Kodah> Great, he makes an accusation and then storms off. Nice guy * Baine growls. * Chamolo stands up. "What..what do you plan to do, Bishop...? You know I didn't...I've been framed!" <Bishop> Chamolo... By the holy church and the God Volcanon and Goddess Mitula, I hereby banish you from the church until you've proved otherwise... I shall send a messenger to Granseal to report this... <Baine> ... * Chamolo staggers back as if physcially struck <Baine> This is insanity!! * Kodah grits his teeth * Kiwi meeps! "Nononono! Not possible!" <Chamolo> I' longer..a..priest...? * Chamolo sinks to his knees. <Baine> By the 9 hells.. <Bishop> You have no right to call yourself a priest anymore... And you have 24 hours to leave town... * Baine growls.. <Baine> Thats stupid.. <Baine> I should.. * Chamolo sinks even lower. <Kodah> So that's it? No trial? No defense? Just wham-bam-justice on a stick?! * Baine reaches for AmeShi.. * Chamolo turns to Baine. <Chamolo> No. <Chamolo> Don't. <Baine> Chamolo.. <Chamolo> It's ...not worth it. He won't change his mind. * The Bishop turns towards the team... All proof points to him... That is the law... I can't do anything but apply it. <Baine> But you didn't do it. * Chamolo stands up, barely supporting himself. * Kodah grinds his teeth together, "Grrr....." * The Bishop walks inside the church... <Chamolo> This can't be can't.... * Baine helps Chamolo stand.."This is wasn't you.." <Baine> It was someone else.. <Narrator> The crowd slowly disperses... <Baine> You were framed.. <Kodah> So.....this is what we're fighting to protect huh? Suddenly my enthusiasm took a dive in the crapper <Baine> But by who.. <Chamolo> They don't beleive me...only you guys do... <Chamolo> And I'm...I'm worthless to the team now. <Baine> ! * Yogurt blinks at the whole situation... <Baine> no you aren't! <Kodah> ! <Chamolo> No...I am. <Baine> Don't say that.. <Chamolo> I've been banished from the church...therefore...I can no longer use the magics of a priest...the gods have looked down on me.. <Chamolo> I'm not even worthy to wear this robe...I no longer belong.. <Baine> You were wrongly banned.. * Kiwi meeps sadly... <Baine> It can be rectified! <Chamolo> It doesn't matter. Nothing matters anymore. Everything I cared about has been taken from me today. <Kodah> Excuse me, it seems to me that some dipstick priest looked down on you. The gods may think differently Cham * Baine runs a hand down her face..."Insanity...." <Chamolo> Then why didn't they help me? <Kodah> I can't answer that <Baine> Damnit...if I find out who framed you.. * Kiwi says softly... "Gods test nice priest?" * Baine clenches a fist.. <Kodah> The question is, are you going to stop doing what you've been taught to do? * Lara sighs deeply.. Let's go, people.. We can talk about this in our rooms.. <Chamolo> It's...all right Baine. better for you anyway. * Chamolo walks silently off. * Baine blinks. <Baine> Wh-.. <Kodah> Like hell he is! * Baine blinks again.. * Baine tries to form a coherent word :P <Kodah> RGH!! <Baine> Its not like that.. <Baine> Damnit.. * Baine sighs.. * Baine glances at Kodah.. <Baine> Could you find him? * Lara shakes her head and walks back to the Inn... <Kodah> Yeah, I will <Baine> Thank you... * Kodah heads off after Chammy * Baine stands there for a second.. * Baine murmurs.. * Baine walks back to the inn.. <Narrator> ===== Cut scene! ===== <Narrator> Inside the store, Chamolo stands at the counter, acting pitiful while buying supplies... * Kodah looks at Cham from the doorway <Kodah> Hey... * Chamolo nods slightly, and stuffs all of the items into a bag. * Chamolo turns around. "Oh...hey." <Kodah> Walk with me for a bit would you Cham? * Chamolo shrugs. "Sure. Why not?" <Kodah> Let me ask you something <Chamolo> Sure. Go ahead. <Kodah> Are you giving up? * Chamolo blinks. "I don't have a choice." <Kodah> Really? I find that very hard to beleive <Chamolo> No matter what I said or did to defend myself...I still got blamed... <Chamolo> And...and...I'm useless to the team now. <Chamolo> Humph. Who wants a heretic, I can't even call myself that anymore. <Kodah> So you're going to take the words of a blind priest over what's going on inside you? <Chamolo> But it doesn't matter! It's what they think! What the gods think! What everyone thinks! <Kodah> Are you so sure of what the gods think? <Kodah> Have they come down and told you that they're displeased? <Chamolo> Well, they didn't come to my rescue today...I guess it's a lot to ask...but I have been loyal and faithful! I've done everything they asked, and more! I've given up so much for my religion.. <Chamolo> <Kodah> Did you recieve any mail from Volcananon saying, "i hate you?" <Chamolo> But how can I be in the same place with Jeyer? He's convinced I did it. <Chamolo> Lara seemed to think I did it as well, and you know you've got a problem when your leader hates you. <Kodah> Pardon my french, but Jeyer's a pud. <Chamolo> Heh. <Kodah> And if Lara can't beleive in you after all this, she doesn't deserve to lead. * Chamolo blinks at Kodah. <Chamolo> Kodah...I.. <Chamolo> What if my power is taken away from me? Then what? <Chamolo> I'm useless to you. <Kodah> Have you tried doing any magic? <Chamolo> * Kodah pokes Cham a bit, "There seems to be more to you than magic from where I stand" <Chamolo> Huh? * Chamolo blinks. <Kodah> If you've lost your magic, why haven't you faded away? <Chamolo> No, it's not like that Kodah. <Kodah> Then help me out here <Chamolo> See...if a priest gives up his practice, for some reason or another, they just lose their power. No fading. <Chamolo> That's only with Wizards...I beleive. <Chamolo> The same goes if their kicked out.. <Chamolo> Like me... <Kodah> Why don't you try then. Call on whoever gives you your power. If this god of yours is worth anything, you'll still have it * Chamolo nods, a little sullen. "All right..." * Chamolo makes a small cut on his hand and points his staff at it, chanting <Narrator> The wound heals... <Chamolo> O_o <Kodah> See? <Chamolo> H-How? * Chamolo blinks in wonderment. ^_^ * Kodah grabs Cham by both shoulders and looks him in the eye <Kodah> Some people may have lost faith in you, but the gods have not, and they know you didn't destroy that temple. * Chamolo nods. "But the others..." <Kodah> Whatever the reason they have for not telling anyone is thier own <Kodah> Screw the others, if they don't believe you they can go hang * Chamolo nods. "All right..." <Kodah> Now, before we go back to the others, I want to see you smile <Chamolo> I'll...go back...but if the party no longer trusts me... <Chamolo> Smile? I can't smile at a time like this! <Kodah> You wouldn't want Baine to see you sad now would you? * Chamolo blinks. "No...No...I wouldn't." * Chamolo smiles weakly. <Kodah> There, see? You can do it * Chamolo nods. <Kodah> Shall we? ^_^ <Chamolo> Sure :) <Kodah> Great ^_^ * Kodah escorts Chammy back to the Shining Force <Narrator> ===== End cut scene! ===== * Baine is in the shower...again... :P singing....again.. :P <Chamolo> She sure showers a lot. <Kodah> Its a phase I think <Baine> o/~ Don't leave me with scars that no one can heal... o/~ * Yogurt yawns... She just likes the massaging shower head... :P <Chamolo> Oh... * Chamolo plops down on the bed. <Kodah> Try not to be overly concerned Cham, it'll all work out * Baine stumbles out of the bathroom, towel around her but eyes closed.. <Baine> o/~ Just don't leave me wounded! o/~ * Jeyer walks in the room.. <Kodah> Besides, if someone went to all this trouble to frame you, that says something of how important you are to us * Baine hears Jeyer and opens her eyes :P * Baine notices Chamolo! <Kodah> ....well. Look who's here. * Baine sorta run hops and ends up hugging Chamolo! <Chamolo> Hey Baine. <Chamolo> Urk! ^_^ * Jeyer glares at Kodah... Back off, ok? <Baine> You had me worried sick ^_^ <Chamolo> Sorry...I had to clear my know.. * Kodah glares back at Jeyer but says nothing * Baine nods and smiles reassuringly at Chamolo. <Baine> Glad you came back.. * Jeyer walks over to pick up his stuff... <Chamolo> Yeah...I guess so. * Baine blinks and notices Jeyer.. "Uhm...leaving..?" * Chamolo picks at his robe. "But for personal reasons, I don't feel I should wear this till I've proven myself...somehow." <Jeyer> What do you think?! *points to Kodah* Bagel boy won't make me staying easy! * Kodah doesn't even look at Jeyer * Baine offers Chamolo a shirt.. "Here...slip this on if you need to be comfortable.." * Baine eyes Jeyer.. "He's just cranky. PMS." ^_^ <Chamolo> No, I got new clothes. * Baine grins at Kodah. <Chamolo> Don't worry. * Baine smiles and ruffles Cham's hair. ^_^ <Baine> Things will work out, me... * Jeyer shakes his head and walks out... Oh... BTW Kodah... Yer sister? The best fuck I've had in a while... <Baine> O_o * Chamolo smiles... <Chamolo> O_o * Baine falls over <Baine> SAY WHAT?!? * Kodah hunches his shoulder and snarls * Chamolo sighs. <Kodah> Get.......out....... * Baine gapes * Baine picks her jaw up off the ground.. O_o <Chamolo> This was stupid.. Why did I come back? <Baine> No..Chamolo.. <Baine> Don't.. * Baine latches on to Cham's arm. * Jeyer steps out of the room... * Chamolo shakes his head. <Baine> I swear...if you leave me too..I will kill everyone.. <Chamolo> Baine! * Kodah seethes with barely supressed rage * Chamolo blink blinks. * Baine falters. "Kodah is a" * Baine lets Chamolo go and grins meekly.. :P <Chamolo> I wonder what my father's gonna say...? * Kodah starts counting backwards from 100 <Baine> Your father should love you for who you are...not what you do.. <Chamolo> It's more than that, Baine, a lot more than that... * Lara packs up her gear, getting ready to leave, not saying a word... * Chamolo curls up in a bed <Chamolo> I just want to die...argh.... * Baine growls at Lara.. * Chamolo puts a pillow over his head. * Baine sighs and strokes Cham's back. "Don't say that. Damnit. This is so fucked." :P <Chamolo> *mumble* <Baine> A-... <Lara> We have to leave... We only have a few hours left before we're forced out of town... * Baine mumbles... <Baine> Yeah yeah, Lara.. * Kodah finishes his backwards count * Chamolo gets up slowly. "Okay. Fine." * Baine chews on her bottom lip... <Chamolo> Least they didn't execute me...I was almost expecting them to. <Baine> o/~ Thank gods my thoughts are drifting through the air... o/~ * Baine pokes Cham lightly in the shoulder. "I wouldn't have let them." * Lara shrugs and walks out... I'll be waiting at the gates... <Chamolo> And Lara hates me...this is going to be a long trip <Kodah> ..... * Chamolo sighs and walks out the door. * Darton is by the gates again already... waiting for everyone else <Baine> Lara can go suck a cow's t-.. :P * Baine shrugs and drags Kodah along with her this time :P <Lara> Darton... Nice seeing you here... <Kodah> Is this what we're fighting to protect? <Kodah> If so I'd rather not * Darton shrugs * Chamolo sulks to the gate, meeting the others. * Kiwi and Yogurt arrive... * Lara counts heads... Ok... We're all here.... No.. Wait... Where's FlameStrike? * Baine narrows her eyes. <Baine> *mutters something* <Kodah> No idea * Chamolo leans against a wall. <Darton> why would I know? * Baine eyes Chamolo and ponders joining him.. :P * Baine decides that'd put her across as being too clingy.. :P * Chamolo looks like he wants to be left alone... * Lara shrugs... Dammit... Well we can't wait for him forever... <Baine> <<Same thing.. :P>> <Narrator> Lara: Let's go... <Baine> So lets go. Leave him here. <Chamolo> Yes...let's go.. * Lara walks over to Cham... And BTW... I know you didn't do it... I promise we'll straighten this out... ^_^ * Chamolo blinks. O_o * Baine grins a little. <Chamolo> Th-thank you... <Baine> Told ya so, muffin. ;) * Chamolo smiles. * Kodah smiles at that * Baine walks out.. ^_^ * Chamolo walks out, a little straighter * Chamolo then stops <Chamolo> Muffin? <Kodah> Now that's more like it :P * Chamolo shakes his head "Nah, she couldn't have called me that..." * Lara looks at the Shining Force, smiles to herself and follows them out of town... * Baine comes back, grabs Cham by the arm and drags him! <Baine> Hah hah! ;) <Narrator> ==== Session end! =====